Death Of The U.S. Empire Is Inevitable

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Headline News

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    The total and complete collapse of the United States empire is inevitable. It will fall under the weight of its own military-industrial complex and overtly totalitarian control regime. The U.S. ruling class is showing no desire to try to “fix” the financial destruction that is well underway.

    The U.S. has military superiority over all other countries, but control over larger ruling classes such as that of Russia and China is quickly waning. However, the U.S. is still in control of the world’s oceans via critical sea lanes, with garrisons on every continent, a network of alliances that covers much of the industrial world, the ability to render individuals to secret prisons in countries from Cuba to Thailand, preponderant influence over the global financial system, about 30% of the world’s wealth and a continental economy not dependent on international trade.

    But the cracks are showing. The support of Ukraine has done untold damage to the military-industrial complex and its ability to “respond” if aggressions ever occur.

    Most people in the slave class can see that the rulers are destroying the society they still have the nerve to call “free” through the economic prison erected around everyone.

    So, if such a phenomenon is overwhelmingly viewed negatively but isn’t being amended, then perhaps it’s not merely a failure of policymaking but rather something deeper – something more endemic to the very fabric of the capitalist economy. It is of course possible to lay the blame for this state of affairs at the feet of the current crop of cynical and power-hungry elites and to stop one’s analysis there. But an examination of history reveals recurrent instances of financialization that bear remarkable similarities, which invites the conclusion that perhaps the predicament in the American economy in recent decades is not unique and that the ever-rising power of Wall Street was in a sense preordained. -RT

    Back in November of 2023, The Guardian reported on the U.S.’s eventual collapse as well.

    In recent years, the idea that the United States is an empire in decline has gained considerable support, some of it from quarters that until very recently would have denied it was ever an empire at all. The New York Times, for instance, has run columns that describe a “remarkably benign” American empire that is “in retreat”, or even at risk of decline and fall. –The Guardian

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