Dear Santa: Super Cool Last Minute Gifts: “Everyone Needs a War Hammer”

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Do you LOVE America?


    If you’re like me, Christmas is days away and you are still trying to figure out what to get for loved ones and friends.

    Here are some things that just might blow them away this year (or keep them in mind for birthdays and random acts of kindness).

    Some might not arrive in time for Christmas, but these are so cool that the recipient will be ecstatic when they open their gift box.

    (You can also check out additional gift idea lists at my wife Tess’ web site: A Very Prepper Christmas: Gifts You Can Really Use and The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide For Preppers and Prepper Inspired Stocking Stuffers)


    Give The Gift Of Unobstructed Site

    As a an amateur drone fanatic, I can’t tell you how much fun flying one of these things can be. And what you’ll quickly discover is that a quadracopter doesn’t just provide hours of entertainment, but can also act as a significant force multiplier in an emergency. When they first came out, drones were quite expensive, especially if you wanted a unit that offered real-time viewing capabilities. But with their rise in popularity and increased manufacturing competition, you can now acquire a pretty decent drone at an affordable price – even with real time video feedback. When it comes to drones they’re something here for everyone and in various price groups depending on your needs.

    If you’ve never flown a drone before, be prepared to learn by trial and error. It doesn’t take long – maybe half an hour – to learn the basics, but for first timers, I’d recommend checking out a beginner unit (especially if you have trees, power lines or tall structures in your immediate vicinity). And don’t worry, most beginner drones are resilient. We’ve crashed ours plenty of times (and at high speeds, I might add) and they bounce right back.

    Beginner Drone: The Ares Ethos QX130 (Scalable to your needs with easy battery swap and USB Camera)


    This is an RTF (Ready-To-Fly) unit and comes complete with everything you need right in the box.

    The Ares Ethos is highly recommended for anyone who wants to check out what quadracopter drones are all about. The Ares is somewhat scalable so you can add some really cool attachments like a USB Camera, a winch, and even a water blaster (currently out of stock). I would strongly recommend at least a couple extra battery packs. Each one gives you roughly 5 – 7 minutes of flight time and trust me, you’ll want to keep flying when the first pack runs out.

    The Ares Ethos does not require a Wifi network and uses standard 2.4 GHz transmitter.

    The Ares Ethos is fun to fly both day and night (it has some under carriage lights that even makes it easier to see at night at higher altitudes – plus it’s really fun freaking your neighbors out because all they see is a UFO).

    Check out the Ares Ethos at for just $99 !


    The Bad Boy: DJI Phantom 2 with First-Person-View (FPV) Live Streaming System


    For more experienced fliers and those who want real-time video feedback, check out this bad boy. It’s significantly more expensive than the Ares Ethos above, but the specs are out of this world for a Ready-To-Fly amateur unit.

    The Phantom links up with your Wifi network and gives you real time video. And, the Phantom solves the problem of: what happens if it goes out of range of my Wifi connection? Traditionally, you’re super drone would take a nose dive. But with the Phantom, it has an automatic system that will switch your control from Wifi (using your Tablet or Phone as the controller) to a standard RC transmitter.

    It’s the best of both worlds. And if we’re talking real-time force multipliers in an emergency, the Phantom will give you the visibility you need, well above the danger so that you can make split-second decisions based on actionable intelligence.

    Click here to see what you get with the DJI Phantom Ready-To-Fly Kit

    (Note: If you are concerned about charging your drone and WiFi units in a situation where the grid is down, keep reading and check out the portable solar power packs below.)


    Rapid Access To Your Gun When You Need It Most

    Gun safes are great. Bio-metric gun safes are even better. Should you ever need your weapon in a self defense situation your time will be very limited. Having a gun safe that opens in under a second is critical.

    Check out the BARSKA Biometric Safe.


    The BARSKA is affordable and highly recommend with over 700 four-star reviews.

    You can pick one up today at


    Power When You Need It

    My son and I hike in the backwoods of the Sierra Nevada. Something we always have on us is a solar power pack. It can be used to recharge batteries for flashlights, GPS units, and phones.



    In a situation where the power grid has gone down such a tool will be invaluable. You’ll not only be able to keep your electronics powered and operational, but you may be able to barter batteries or even chargetime for other supplies.

    A mini-refrigerator to store medications, a quadracopter drone for surveillance, your night vision scopes – all will still be able to function even if the electrical grid has collapsed.

    The Apollo 6 Mobility pack is the way to go if you want to stay lightweight and portable. For heavier duty charging and power needs check out the Apollo 36 – it’s a bit more bulky but it’ll do the job for the higher end electronic appliances and can keep your appliances powered on demand with an included high output lithium powerpack.

    Check out these awesome portable power units from our friends at Endless Sun Solar.


    Everyone Needs A War Hammer

    Well, maybe “need” is too strong a word, but pretty much anyone who opens a gift box and finds this thing inside is going to be pumped about having it.


    The Warhammer gets its inspiration from the medieval battlefields of Europe. Forged at the world renowned Cold Steel factory and forged with 51/50 steel, not only is it just a really cool tool to own but it’s one that will instill fear in anyone who may attack you. I realize that preppers are already well armed, but hey, you can never have too many self defense implements.

    Check out this intro video from the Cold Steel testing grounds, where every War Hammer is made to deliver a decisive blow to its target:

    And just in case that video didn’t convince you, here is the Cold Steel testing team putting the beat-down on pretty much anything they can get their hands on:

    Specs and Ordering Information For The War Hammer


    A Quick List Of Some Other Cool Stuff

    As you may have noticed, most of the gifts I listed will make any guy a happy camper on Christmas or birthdays or pretty much any time of the year.

    My wife Tess has some other great gift ideas over at her Ready Nutrition web site. Definitely check those out if you are still looking for some stocking stuffers or “the big” gift.

    Here are several more items worth checking out:

    Silent But Deadly: Barnett Jackal Crossbow – Full Package (5-star reviews for this beginner crossbow priced at just $235!)


    See At Night: Night Vision Monocular By Night Owl Optics (An excellent Genearation 1 unit priced at $150)


    You Can Trust Your Life To It: Hiker Pro Katadyn Water Filter (A must have for your backpack. Light and extremely portable)


    Eat well, even in the middle of nowhere: Jetboil Zip Cooking System (This is propane/isobutane powered — if you are going into the deep wilderness for days or weeks at a time consider the BioLite Wood Burning Portable Stove)



    Prepare For Any Disaster

    I’ll shamelessly plug Tess Pennington’s book. She’s my wife, so full disclosure there, but I am certain you’ll find this to be one of the most valuable reference tools you’ll ever own.


    Tess based her book The Prepper’s Blueprint on a free web series she developed over a year-long period called the 52 Weeks To Preparedness (you can still access this for free directly at her web site).

    But, as several reviewers at noted, Tess’s book is one that you need to have in your personal library. It’s an affordable gift loaded with tons of actionable information and preparedness lists.

    Order your copy here and you should still be able to get it by Christmas


    Some more gift ideas:

    A Very Prepper Christmas: Gifts You Can Really Use

    The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide For Preppers

    Prepper Inspired Stocking Stuffers


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      1. Is there some way to attach the “Warhammer” to the quadcopter? Now THAT would be a great present!

          • Mac, that war hammer is definitely a cool item that braveheart will look for. On gun safes, I do have a couple; one for my long guns and one handgun safe. When I go to bed at night, I remove my handgun along with one of the loaded mags I also keep in it, lock and load, and place it on my bedside table. in the morning when I get up, I unload the pistol and place both it and magazine back in the safe. If I’m ever faced with a home invasion, I won’t have time to go into the safe and load up before the attacker can reach me so I already have it out, loaded, and ready. Any other way will just get you killed. My safe is NOT biometric; that’s something I can do without. On a nightscope, I already have a ‘walmart special’ I bought way back in 2002 for $100 and still works well for me.

            • A double bitted axe. Good for chopping wood
              or anything else that gets in your way.

              • My Kimber 45. Good for chopping bone and anything else that gets in my way.

                Hey there OutWest!! I went by your place this morning at 5:30. Thought about stopping in but didn’t want to set off your alarms. Last time that 12 gauge almost took my head off.

                • Naww, I’d recognize that goodlooking face anytime.

                  • I have some time off here over the holidays. What time does that fancy restaurant open for breakfast? My treat!!!

                    • LOL! ARThurs on the Bay opens at seven AM.
                      The other purveyors of exquisite cuisine
                      have taken their summer booty and left for
                      a more favorable clime in the southern half
                      of the country. Good to hear you’re still
                      alive and kicking, my friend.

            • I worked in a body shop summers in high school. We had a BFH (big freaking hammer) that could straighten a bent steel car bumper and frame rails. Now that was a war hammer, I loved it, and would dearly want one just like it in a SHTF situation, it would be a real door opener and wasn’t that heavy.

              Beware biometric safes. They have warnings that they don’t work well for people over 50, and people with certain skin conditions. With age your skin changes and they become unreliable. For young folks with small kids, they are the cats meow. Scan fingers from both hands multiple times, clean, dirty, dry, moist etc.

              • Plan twice prep once, I’m with you on the biometric safes. My handgun safe has an electronic lock powered by 4 AA batteries but it also has a key lock for backup in case of any problem with the electronic part. I’m not buying biometric anything.

                • Hot tip, I have a couple small electronic combination safes. I use Lithium AA batteries because they last forever, they have a ten year shelf life, and I’ve never seen one leak and ruin an appliance.

                  The small hotel sized safe downstairs bolted to a wall inside a kitchen cabinet gives me a place for my wallet, car keys and a small self defense lead dispenser. A lot of people don’t realize there is likely more money in vehicles sitting in the garage and driveway than in jewelry and valuables in the house, those spare keys need to be locked up. It’s also a handy place to keep computer passwords. I’m shaking my head at people who have a cheat sheet of computer passwords to every bank and retirement account they have sitting unprotected under their computer keyboards in most cases. And the printer is also a photo copier, and they often have lightly supervised contractors in the house.

            • If you need INSTANT access to your firearm, you should look at the Bedside Defender if you think seconds count, which the DO!


          • Merry Christmas everybody!

            I own some of these helicopters. They are insanely fun, addicting, and expensive to repair. Fair warning!

            • Town,sounds like you could use a 3D printer for X-mas,rebuild all those crashed body parts!I would have loved one for the old gas powered model cars/4×4’s when I was a kid.I could have used a large one to replace the plastic fenders on dirt bikes I seemed to keep twisting/breaking ect. as a kid!

              • I am in the market for a 3D printer. Do you have experience with a particular unit?

                • Mongo,have no personal experience with them though have done a bit of research/reading on em.I guess the first thing you need to do is figure what do you want to do with one/what sizes of product you will be making and what material.These units are changing daily and getting less expensive for smaller/home use ones,you can get big ones that will actually work with metals though expensive,perhaps a group buy if you want something bigger.The smaller ones using plastic as “food” for lack of a better word to make items need to be researched to see cost of “food spools”,like printers would say the cost is usually in the supplies more then the unit.You end up with one down the road share your findings,good luck!

          • Dear Santa… I have been a good boy… (not a nice boy)……. he he he he …..

          • We put a laser on a drone ( and it is proving an effective weapon for close-range combat. We can deploy in the field and use the cloaked drone to move towards, close and kill the enemy with stealth. We have started to deploy in Iraq and hope to have some good results soon. It also has a pulse weapon that can crumble human targets and/or blast their hearing and create disorientation. We also have a microwave, radio frequency transmitter that can manipulate human behavior. In field trials, we managed to get Taliban to engage in oral sex with each other, and even had them engage in male rape (we filmed this and then played it back to them as a propaganda weapon). We also have a range of nano insects with lasers that can be used in rooms etc. to harass or harm targets. Examples of use include diplomatic parties, business meetings, or pool parties.

            I think a better collection of xmas presents would be the following:

            Integrity: Most people could do with this gift.

            Discipline: 100 sit-ups, 60 push-ups, three times. Do it now!!

            A trouser belt: Getting sick of seeing young men with their pants dragging on the ground.

            Some polished, leather shoes: Ditch the sneakers and wear the shoes once worn by real men: black Oxfords.

            • I’m with ya on everything but the shoes. I prefer good leather, steel toed boots myself. ACME or even Doc Marten’s for everyday wear. There’s nothing wrong with a good tennis shoe, I’ve got a steel toed pair myself.

              • Steel toe boots are great and de rigueur for city life (you can put the boot in if you are attacked: your legs are way stronger than your arms in a fight).

                I think men should re-discover ‘real’ clothes: tailored, well-crafted clothing and real shoes. A baseball cap and jeans is great for casual wear but not all the time and certainly not in the fashion for baggy and hanging off your ass (a code from US jails which means you are signalling to the other inmates wear you take it in a relationship).

                Too many youths dress like slobs and half-men: I hate the fashion of perma-youth.

                • “Too many youths dress like slobs and half-men: I hate the fashion of perma-youth.”


            • The only way I wear dress shoes is with a pair of Dr. Scholl’s footpads in them. I’ll either have something comfortable on my feet or nothing. I usually wear boots anyway.

              • If I were to wake up and be named King for a Day, one of the first new laws that would enact would be to make it legal to shoot anyone who ordered you to put on a suit and a tie.

                Anyone who has the sick and mentally twisted desire to order another human being to tie a noose around his own neck so as to ‘look pretty’ does not deserve to live.

                • I agree with you about neckties; but remember they started out as a hard silk knot at your throat. It stopped sword thrusts, strangling cords and other evil things.

      2. Oh to have an unlimited credit card that you never had to pay back…
        Wait, is that not our government???

        • I know, right?!

          They get multi-billion dollar Supersonic Aurora jets… we get a $99 Drone.


          • Plus, WE get to pay for OUR drone, AND theirs too. Wow what a deal.

      3. Mac, Condor, JQP, POG, Genius, Hunter, Braveheart, dave in Idaho, Kula WWT, and many others who I can’t remember their names (please forgive me for that), Regardless of daily crimes, corruptions and bloodshed all over the world and in our own country through the hands of the evils running the show, I want to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May God bless you all and bring health, joy and happiness to you and yours. Each day I learn from each one of you and many other awaken and good souls on this site and I am grateful for that.

        Stay strong since the good always prevails the evil.

        • Stolz, same back to you and all here.
          BJ asked earlier about a gift to give that was something that one still has. In ’75, I got a wrist rocket slingshot, have 2 now, but get extra rubber and pockets. Still have some glass marble ‘dough rollers’ they put under railroad tracks. Now they can be set up for arrows.
          Just a toy I have kept for 4 decades…

          • @Stolz,
            Enjoy time with those you love.

            Thanks for the tip, I like it.

            @dave in Idaho,
            What IYO is good night vision? And which book was people on here talking about this last week. Everyone said (including you I think?) that it was hands down the best prepper book out there.

            • Preppers blueprint is a good entry level book. No book is great without the hands on experience. 3rd Gen night vision…about 2500$ and up. The rooskies make alot of what is available. Not worth it to me. There will be some available if the S really Did HTF.

          • That was eppe above, phone messing up.
            Superpowers… Good read.
            ht tp://

          • Got a single shot, used .22 rifle, in 1966, still got it. Old Remington 510. Wish I could be buried with it. A true old friend.

        • S.V.
          Merry Christmas to you and yours. And my you have a great New years.

        • Happy holidays Stolz and all of you here at shtfplan! Looks like the new year is going to be exciting to say the least. Keep yer powder dry cause you may need it. 🙂

      4. Oh to have an unlimited credit card you never have to pay back…
        Wait, is that not our government???

      5. Cool stuff but avoid the Barnett crossbows,know a few folks who got em and broken limbs ect.Wicked Ridge makes a quality crossbow at a fair price and all their lines are just stuff used on the higher end 10 points from the year or two before,own a wicked ridge and love it and priced at the lower end for quality crossbow.Enjoy the holiday times no matter what you do/celebrate ect. with friends and or family.Warchild would love to find a ACOG as a holiday gift this year but will not hold my breath,will buy myself the 40 th Anniversery Warchild Album with all sorts of extras including clips from the movie Tull was to make that was to go with album/soundtrack/what have you.That and as long as my body basically works and no more folks leave this life too early in the near future will be a fine holiday for me,enjoy the holidays all!

        • I have that exact Barnett Jackal Crossbow, and I have never had a problem with it. The only thing I do not like about it, is that it is not balanced well and is top heavy – other than that, it is a wicked piece of equipment.

          Drones? Not a good investment, at least in my area. Good or bad intentions of using this equipment will be dealt with a lethal dose of Buckshot. If it’s in my airspace, the motto is “if it flies, it dies”. I can’t emphasize it any better than that.

          • Tony, I believe the same thing about drones. If one gets close enough to my home, it will suffer an “accident”.

            • I won’t disagree with that and the privacy implications… My thoughts from a preparedness standpoint in a SHTF scenario, however, are that it is Much easier (and safer) to send a drone straight up 100 feet to get a bird’s eye view than it is to send people.



              • Mac this is exactly the use of drones we are using. Great way to view your property for all kinds of threats. We live where calling 911 means maybe they’ll show up in a couple days so the help from a drone can be invaluable. On the other hand drones from others will make great targets. Flair is a great way to locate them if anyone’s interested.

        • I have a Barnett Quad 400. I’ve put hunting blade tips on all of my arrows, except for 3 I use for target practice and other experiments. I love my crossbow.

      6. I did not know that Tess was your wife. Awesome bud.

        Merry Christmas to you both, and Thank You!

        • Thanks Scout! Right back atcha!

          Have a wonderful Christmas week y’all!

      7. Prepper tip

        8 Uses For Wood Ash

        1. You can make a ‘dustbath’ area in the henhouse for the hens. They love it and it keeps the mites off them, as well as providing needed minerals. They will not be losing feathers due to mites or mineral deficiency.

        2. You can use the finely sifted ash to keep bugs off your garden plants. It also adds minerals to the plants.

        3. Sprinkle some around the tomatoes to keep cutworms away.

        4. Filter the ash by pouring water through the ash and straw and collect it in a bucket. This can be added to oil or many different fats to make lye soap. You can add sage, rosemary, mint or lavender to make different soaps.

        5. In a grid down situation, you can use it in the outhouse in place of lime as a drying agent to keep down smells. It can also be used to cover a dead animal that is beyond being moved. It helps prevents the spread of disease.

        6. Hide tanners use the lye made from ashes to tan hides.

        7. The ashes can be used as a desiccant for keeping seeds dry.

        8. A lye made from ashes is used for processing corn called nixtamalization. Nitxamalizing corn makes it easier to grind, more flavorful, and more nutritious.

        • Very interesting… thanks

        • I don’t understand this in #4

          “Filter the ash by pouring water through the ash and straw and collect it in a bucket.”

          • You want the stuff the water leeches out of the wood ash, not the ash itself. So you let water percolate though the ash, and collect the resulting liquid (strong base, so be careful with it).

            • I guess this, per usual for me, is something I would have to see to understand it.

              • It’s an, OLD soap recipe. Take white wood ashes place is wooden container, add water till full. Drain water into more ashes continue until water will float an egg Stir in melted beef, pork or chicken fat. The Lye makes soap. The water has Hydroxides in it from the ash. You can find exact methods on U Tube. Myself, I’d just rather buy soap.

                • When there’s no soap (or anything else) to buy from Big Business when S does HTF, knowing how to make EVERYTHING you need out of what God, the Personality of Nature, has provided will be vital for your, and your loved ones’ real survival– instead of expecting to be able to go the store and buy anything or, expecting that SHTF will blow over, that it will have wiped out the communist Democrats and everything will go back to good ole fascist (corporatist) Republican notions of normal. ALL of their authoritarian ways of “life”, Democrat or Republican, will be gone!

        • You can also add wood ash to pine sap, which makes a sort of primitive epoxy.

          • Dried pine sap makes some of the best fire starter out there.

        • Sorry ky mom, that was supposed to be a thumbs up!

      8. I’ve told my family that all I want for Christmas is beef jerky, ammo, and $20s.

      9. War Hammers (nadziak) were used in Poland between XV-XVII century. Duels with nadziak were forbidden by King, they were too deadly.

        • Interesting yes, useful, eh. This kind of stuff is why we are considered nuts by most people. We gave up this stuff 700 years ago. I can buy 300 rds of ammo for the cost and just shoot him. You may be Mr tough guy but My 9MM and a few boxes of ammo will keep me alive a lot longer than a hammer.

          • Until you run out of ammo…
            I have several thousand rounds for each firearm I own, but I also carry a big Cold Steel Spartan “pocket knife”, have a “corn knife” I forged from 1090 stainless steel that makes most machetes look like flimsy toys, a hand pick hammer, and a spiked mace I welded up from a concrete spike and some large timber nails. I may be considered a kook, but if I run out of ammo, I’m still not going to be someone that anyone would want to mess with… cuz I lop off their legs with that corn knife, tenderize them with the mace, and enjoy myself a long pig roasted ham.

            • Just how many fights do you expect to win with a hammer? One of Box of ammo will win against a lot of guys with a hammer. If the hammer costs $50 I can get 300 shells. Bring on all the hammers you want. Interesting but stupid.

              • A good survival “War Hammer”; Will open locked doors, quietly take out a person you surprise, and deal with someone armed with anything short of a gun.

                It’s like a good tomahawk, it’s a tool that still has a place in combat. Many US special forces soldiers carry tomahawks as survival tools, silent weapons, and weapons of last resort.

      10. I use the katadyn water filter all the time, pumping from creeks amd small springs when hiking. First gen night vision IMO is useless, or pretty close to it. The drones would be shot down in my area because everyone likes to shoot… hell, these locals probably have a recipe to eat one…. they eat anything that had a pulse.

        • Dave, I also have one of the old Micro filters Katadyn used to make and is not bad. Last summer I bought a couple of Sawyer water filters. I tested them out at my cousin’s BOL in north GA back in Aug. when I went there for a supply run. One part of her land borders on a creek. Those Sawyers gave me some of the best-tasting water I’ve ever had in my whole life. I highly recommend the Sawyer filters. I still have the Katadyn with 2 spare filters I’ll keep as a barter item. That will be invaluable in any post-SHTF scenario.

        • @dave,
          I would of thought that water in the high streams wouldn’t need filtering?

          • @ BJ how would you know I was not up stream pissing in it like the deer, moose, grizz, wolves, elk, etc? ggerms buddy.

            • Didn’t hurt those 200 years ago 🙂

              Must just be a modern day preference….LoL

              • Sorry but you are wrong. Yes, they were a little more resistant but Dysentery was a top ten killer 200 years ago. Bad water killed far more than Indians.

                • I was only being a smart ass somewhat. I knew dysentery was a real problem….but I wouldn’t of thought it to be a problem up where dave is.

                  • Dissentary is what killed the majority of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Not the holocaust Ovens Jews like to expliot for charity money and sympathy. If people would just do the research instead of believing everything liars tell them.

                    • And it makes exactly how much difference if the Nazi killed then by gas or disentary or firing squads?
                      I admit it was only 3 million Jews, not 6 as they clam, but who cares, they get little slack now because of something 60 odd years ago. You however, are fixated and foolish.

                    • Yeah, like the Nazis would put “genocide” on the phony death records they kept. Kind of odd, isn’t it, how thousands of prisoners would die of dysentery and tuberculosis every day, but no camp guards?

                      Are you seriously trying to tell us that?

          • BJ, there’s no such thing as really pure water anymore. Snowmelt is lightly contaminated with smog particles, remote lakes and streams are lined with recreationists, old mine works leach heavy metals into the streams, etc., etc.

            By the time you get downstream to a roaded area with lots of streamside access, farming, and buildings, you’ve got a good load of contaminants already, and it builds exponentially every mile or so downstream.

            Most of it won’t make you sick, but it’s going to put a stress on your filtering organs to deal with it.

            • Smokey, spot on comments. Whenever I go into the great outdoors, no matter the reason, I take along a canteen and a water filter. BJ, water filters are ESSENTIAL for survival. I always get my water from a RUNNING SOURCE such as a creek, river, etc. NEVER get water from a pond. None of the filters on the market can filter out everything from pond water. pond water will make you sicker than a dog.

            • FYI. I was told that the Katy filter got clogged up when used by the firefighters during forest fires by the melted wood sap that got into the streams. It is always good to wrap a coffee filter on the pre inlet filter if possible. Another reason 2 is one.

      11. Same shit…new day

      12. I wish Santa would bring all of these things to you all.

        All I want for Christmas is a mew Prez. (the soon the better)

        Well if I can’t have that I want 1,000 Rounds of 38’s 357 mag, 9mm, 45ACP, 45LC, 44Mag, 7.62X25, 7.62X39, 7.62X54R, 7mm, 8mm, 6.8mm, 30 Carbine, 223, 30-30, 30-06, 308, 300 Win mag, 35 Rem, 35 Whelen, 410, and last but not least 12GA. I’m I asking for too much?

        • the only time you can consider carrying too much if your on fire or in water over your no.. yer not asking for too much

          Merry Christmas

        • Sarge, Just ordered 12 box of 50 rds 44 mag 300 gr (per previous recommendations by yourself, Kula and dave in Idaho). Shipping was free but my wife told me I won’t get anything for the next 5 Christmas after seeing the invoice. LOL.

          Darn these 44’s are expensive.

          Merry Christmas Friends.

          • Stolz:

            A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love your truthful posts…..

          • Buy a Lee Turret press Kit (300$) and a reloading book. The cost to reload on average is 1/5th of buying new. For instance…ONE 20 round box of .500S&W Magnum was about 60$. I pour my own and reload for about 10$ .50 cents a round.

          • SV
            Try to get good enough to take a head shot. No meat loose. Also if they take off running they make the meat taste a little more wild.
            Good Luck and have a GOOD TIME.
            Have a Merry one!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I’m reloading .44 Specials for 23 cents each. .44 Magnum can be reloaded for just a few pennies more per round, for the additional powder and the initial cost of the larger brass.

            Do look at a simple reloading press, if you just do one or two calibers. A Lee Classic press, (two is better), digital scale, gauges, two sets of dies, calipers, and some other small stuff will set you back about $300, which will amortize out to zero in about 1,000 rounds of large pistol ammo. Rifle ammo zeros out in even less.

        • Good luck Sgt. on the 35 Remington. They are not to be had anywhere at the moment. Maybe after hunting season. Can’t even find reloading(brass and bullets) either.

          • @ Jim … Natchez Shooting Supply… .358 200grain hornady bullets box of 100…38$ in stock as of 10 seconds ago.

            • Dave..I’ll give it a look..thanks! Thanks to sgt. too!

          • Yep, the only place I have seen 35 Rem. brass is gunbroker for a premium price. Have you guys reloaded .357 bullets in your 35 Rem brass? I’ve been doing that for years on my plinking loads. Although they are .001 undersized, they perform very well. I’ve loaded 158 and 180 grainers for use in my 336 SC. Most manufacturers have gone away from the 180 grain bullets, but I think Swift still makes their A-frame hollow point, and speer used to carry a 170 grain gold dot.

            I’ve never tried it, but some folks are forming their own 35 Rem out of 308 brass. Looks like a lot of work, ain’t got the time.

            Sgt. Dale: we had a brief discussion a long time ago about powered case trimmers. If you don’t use one, get one! Bought a little crow gun works trimmer for my 308 and it is super nice. I think the most variation I have seen was .002″ case to case. I wish I would have done it sooner. Chucked it up in an electric drill and made a wood support stand for it. Wicked fast and accurate way to trim brass.

            Take care

            • Whenever you use a HCL pistol bullet in a rifle, you should crimp on a gas check as the increased velocity will lead up your barrel. Im sure BB Stacker does this.

          • Jim
            I’ve gotten most of my reloading stuff off of Gun Broker, and from Midway.

        • i pray for person who tries to break into your house Sgt

        • I already have most everything I need or want. But I sure woukd like to see world peace and civility restored and death to the psychopath war mongers.

        • .35 cal projectiles are great to have around for Post-SHTF reloading. 35 REM is a great round loaded with handgun bullets and 9mm projectiles can be used in a pinch. I even use .358 and 35 Mag round loaded with inexpensive bullets to “stay sharp”.

        • I think I got all that except for the 35 and the 410. Bit more 3006 and 22 might be a good idea.

      13. Obama said, “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States.” ala NK and sony’s interview movie

        In 2012, after a terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama administration scrambled to get YouTube to remove “Innocence of Muslims”, a movie which the administration said sparked the uprising which killed four Americans, including Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens.

        Days after the attack, the Los Angeles Times reported that Obama administration officials had contacted YouTube to request that the video website take down the movie, which many Muslims found offensive.

        wait til someone makes a movie about him being assassinated lets see him say hell yeah lets air it..this guy is such a 2 faced hypocrite

        • Good point about NK and Obungler’s quote

        • EotS
          If a tin horn state like N.K. can kill the First Amendment. What would the UN with 105+ tin horn states do to our Second Amendment?
          I hate to keep bring this up, but this could get bad!
          What a terrible thing to get for Christmas!

          PS. Target rich areas!

          • Sarge, the UN will never be able to supply enough troops to do gun confiscation. “Hey little feller, that sure is a purty blue helmet you’re wearin’. Here, let me ‘ventilate’ it for you.”

            • Already asked the taxidermist if he could mount antlers on Blue helmets. Said he’s be happy to

          • The Movie the Intervies is nothing more than a Garbage Hate movie funded by the Jews who run Sony. I hope the entire movie company is destroyed. How about a movie taking out the NetanYahoo and the Kabal?? Now that would be a best seller that tops all lists.

            • The harping anti-Jew stuff just makes you sound kind a-thunk-a-nutty….

              Some need a demon for which to blame the ills of the world, and assimilating them all into one tribal structure is easy, but intellectually lazy.

              The enemy is those who would take our freedoms and subjugate us to serf status in our own country regardless of class, or ethnicity.

        • all i want for xmas is something akin to that hot russian babe in the dating add up top of the page…she’s back again. Dear Santa, it doesnt have to be her, but something close will do…i’ve been good

        • As a British politician once said, “you can’t say anything about Muslims because they will kill you.” And so, they have made public policy around that, and imposed wide-scale censorship on the population when it comes to anything Islamic. They already have bent for a friend.

          We need a Western politician to have the guts to go on the TV, and stare into the camera and say “F#ck you Muhammed and f#ck your God-foresaken people and your sh#tty countries. And if you want to do something about it, you know where I am.” And if they do something, round them up and deport them. And bomb them from above until the problem goes away.

      14. NGO is going to cancel their latest production named: ” Life of the Ape in charge”. White house told them it was avery offensive.

      15. I would say that everyone get a WAR HAMMER because that will be the full auto weapon of choice in the next world war after this one!

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      16. Merry Christmas to all my fellow SHTFrs. I have a great time reading all of your posts daily. Stay safe and enjoy the time with family and friends!

      17. Can anyone comment on the Barnett Jackal Crossbow, cited above, relative to taking down deer? I’m sure a lot of crossbows *can* take deer, but would this be a good basic one, and would it do a reasonable job of taking deer? It is durable?

        • Test,the Barnett Crossbow certainly can take down a deer if one has the stalking skills/practice ect.,you get the point.I early on mentioned didn’t like the Barnett,Tony seems to think his is great so personal choice there but certainly with the right bolts/tips and practice tis a effective and almost silent way to take down a deer as is a bow.As for Barnett durability have had 2 friends who had broken limbs on em(no,they were not dry fired)but do your own research and reviews on em.I paid about 500 for my Wicked Ridge but got a lot of extras with it/bolts/case/scope/hunting tips ect.,well worth the money but hunt at moment eithr bow or rifle depending on time of season,feel very confident would take down a deer or for that matter a person though hope would never come to that.The thing I like about my Ridge is the cable pulls built into back of stock and retract when not in use,nothing wrong with pocked pulls just more convienient,best of luck with whatever you go with.

        • It will work, but the Pope says it’s illegal to use a crossbow on Christian deer, have to restrict it to infidel deer.

      18. looks like the bankers are going to get your politicians to dump the derivative debt pool on the american taxpayers, after the politicians allowed the bankers to screw the country, why in hell aint you talking about this, i dont think americans give a shit about anything any more this is why americans are being dumped on all the way around, enjoy your end what you have left

        • Bull,folks do care and many have got their monies for most part out of bank accounts and markets for most part.The vice pres. of fed reserve(damn theives!)said straight out that bank bail ins were inevitable for the US in a speech believe to imf.My dad who was a top finance guy and got out when it became a whole ponzi scheme said to me he also thought inevitable,so,folks do the best they can to protect their assets by getting out to a large degree from the game,others too broke/in debt to give a rats ass!

        • Other than hunt them down and kill ’em, what else can we do, but keep as much of our money out of their hands as we can?

          I leave nothing but a few cents in my account every month. I’ve been prepping for years. I have PM reserves. I can physically protect myself and mine.

          All I want for Christmas is Peace on Earth…if I can’t have that, then I’ll take a night vision monocular.

          • Six. Take a look at IR infered. Thermatic sensing. A heat signature is a dead givaway. To counter IR signatures use camo emergency blankets. Not only hold the heat in but the heat going out. Something to use when the drones and choppers are looking for patriots defending America. Buy the cammo blankets not the gold or silver shiny king. Look on Amazon. I bought 3 of the camo ER Blankets.

            • I can walk right past any infrared motion sensor with just an umbrella to shield my heat signature.

              The good motion detectors used in comercial burglar alarm systems also use a self emitted radar signal. Very hard to fool!

      19. i work at sony dadc should i send my id badge to N Korea pres and ask him to autograph it and return it

      20. My go-to gift for a while now has been a silver eagle oz. in one of those round plastic holders- a 2014 ASE can be a memento of the year, & maybe even worth a hunnert bucks someday soon. Or when you are getting out of Dodge you could give it to the ferryman (when you get to the other side).
        -cheers all

        • My gift to older kids who seemed to have all the toys they need used to be a silver dollar, silver Liberty, or a 1/10 ounce gold Liberty (when they used to be under $35).

          No one ever said they didn’t like it, and I could be done with a good part of the shopping in about ten minutes.

      21. Excellent post. Drones are an extremely important tech. Those who think they will don a backpack and disappear into the brush when SHTF may find themselves in the same position as Afghan wedding parties. I had a large remote controlled plane many years ago. It was a four engined B-17, that carried a model rocket I could launch on command (launch controls courtesy of a Hughes engineer). There are many sites on the Web where one can obtain CAD drawings for drone parts (to import into a 3D printer, another important tech) and the electronics and software for the advanced user. These are essential for OPSEC, communications, and … use your imagination. I am taking Mac’s suggestion of a cheap model as an intro. I just ordered the Ares to put under my tree.

      22. DEAR SANTA,




        I could go on and on.

        PLEASE SANTA this is a BIG ONE.




      23. Gosh, Mac, this article with the War Hammer brought back warm memories of the SLEDGOMATIC!

        Gallagher used to demonstrate the SLEDGOMATIC when he would SMASH watermelons, and more.

        I think I’ll get me one of each this Christmas. 🙂

        Merry Christmas, everyone.

        And don’t forget to say Happy Birthday to Jesus this Thursday, because in a short amount of years you all are gonna be seeing Him when He puts His FOOT down on all this evil!

        – the Lone Ranger

      24. PD,@ first have to see a cool/mean looking tool,then found out not one piece/full tang,would trash it in a day as a contractor.As a legal tool to keep in truck for emergencies,well,could see that working!

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