Dead On Arrival: SOPA Shelved Indefinitely, Obama Succumbs to Pressure, Issues Official Veto Threat

by | Jan 15, 2012 | Headline News | 145 comments

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    Amid significant pressure from tens of thousands of internet users and major web behemoths like Google, Facebook, and Reddit, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is, in its current form, Dead on Arrival:

    Misguided efforts to combat online privacy have been threatening to stifle innovation, suppress free speech, and even, in some cases, undermine national security. As of yesterday, though, there’s a lot less to worry about.

    The first sign that the bills’ prospects were dwindling came Friday, when SOPA sponsors agreed to drop a key provision that would have required service providers to block access to international sites accused of piracy.

    The legislation ran into an even more significant problem yesterday when the White House announced its opposition to the bills. Though the administration’s chief technology officials officials acknowledged the problem of online privacy, the White House statement presented a fairly detailed critique of the measures and concluded, “We will not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.” It added that any proposed legislation “must not tamper with the technical architecture of the Internet.”

    Though the administration did issue a formal veto threat, the White House’s opposition signaled the end of these bills, at least in their current form.

    A few hours later, Congress shelved SOPA, putting off action on the bill indefinitely.

    Sourced From Washington Monthly via The Daily Sheeple

    Sponsored primarily by purported free speech advocates that include democrats and republicans alike, the SOPA would have fundamentally transformed the internet as we know it today. As Daisy Luther writes at Inalienably Yours, the bill was nothing short of  a direct attack against the first Amendment and the right to free speech:

    On closer inspection, the legalese in the bill has the potential to eviscerate free speech….and like NDAA, without proof…only with suspicion of “wrong-doing”.  It’s all about copyright infringement.  If you tick off the powers that be, and you’ve quoted someone, somewhere, saying something, you may have infringed on their copyright.  As a defendant, you are not even present at the legal proceeding allowing “them” to shut you down until you prove yourself innocent.

    How do they shut you down?  Search engines are required to remove you from their listings.  Internet Service Providers can be ordered to block access to your site.  Advertising networks and payment providers can also be forced to cease doing business with you.  This continues until you are proven INNOCENT.  Wait – I thought it was innocent until proven guilty….oh….that was “before” the NDAA.

    Source: The Internet: The Last Bastion of Free Speech 

    While this bill of goods was being sold to the American public as a way to reduce online piracy originating on foreign shores, in essence the legislation would have made it possible for any organization (with the financial assets and access to attorneys to do so)  to target web sites (foreign or domestic) using excerpts, quotes, and videos without express permission of the authors or producers of such content. Furthermore, any web site linking to suspected copyrighted content would be guilty by association for fascilitating the infringement.

    By linking to and excerpting Daisy’s article above, for example, this particular web site, and anyone who republishes this article, excerpts it, or pulls a link from it, could be shut down on the service provider level until such time they prove their innocence. (*Note to DHS, et. al.: Daisy has given us permission to reprint her article or portions of it, and the excerpt from Washington Monthly has been reprinted under Fair Use to advance understanding of this political and Constitutional issue*)

    The scariest part of the legislation, as Daisy points out above, is that due process would have been eliminated (just like in the NDAA), forcing internet providers, search engines and ad networks to simply shut down a web site(s) based on just the complaintant’s accusations, leaving those web site owners who were shut down to deal with the fallout with costly legal expenses and lengthy court battles.

    You may recall that in 2010 the government shut down 73,000 web sites in exactly this manner. Though the owners of the  majority of the targeted sites were not technically infringing copyrights, some were linking to other sites that did, making them an accessory.

    Even more alarming is the ability, under legislation such as SOPA, of the government to control the flow of information across major internet providers. Articles or videos criticizing political figures or policies could easily be targeted, as they were in October of this year when the government moved to shut down rogue publishers of critical content .

    What it boils down to is that SOPA was an attempt to put the power of information back in the hands of an elite few who are rapidly losing the ability to control what the masses are reading, hearing and seeing. Alternative news and ‘extremist’ information was the target (and still is).

    While we applaud President Obama (yes, we agree with him on this move) for formally issuing a veto threat, we remain skeptical of his motivations. This being an election year, the last thing the President needs to be dealing with along with the economic crisis and tensions in the middle east, is the protests of millions of voters who would have undoubtedly taken to the streets when access to their favorite web sites like Youtube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter were shut down because of alleged SOPA violations.

    Moreover, we aren’t one bit convinced that this veto was done in the interests of free expression, as the administration may claim. In November, the President issued a similar veto threat about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which allows for the detention of American citizens determined to be threats to national security and public safety on the domestic (U.S.) battlefront. He flip-flopped on the issue just a couple of weeks later, and signed the bill into law over New Year’s weekend to complete silence from the mainstream media.

    It is our view that SOPA, in one form or another, will return with a vengeance.


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      1. That’s good news for now!!!

        Go Packers!

        • Gotta like those Giants – Eli’s coming, are u ready?

          • 3 Dog Night said “Eli’s comin” and they didn’t last very long either!

        • Sad that most people that thumbed you down don’t get your humor and sarcasm. Light thinkers!

          • I hear ya Rich, It’s lonely at the top.

      2. Congrats Daisy your hard work will be rewarded.


      3. “It is our view that SOPA, in one form or another, will return with a vengeance.”

        Of course it will, either a new bill or just buried deep within the bowels of another bill.

        • RWS
          my suggestion to the congress is to not bother thinking of that.. that wont be neccesary… will it now?

        • My view is that a lot of people will pick up arms if they mess with the internet in the wrong way. This was just a trial run to see how the opposition would react to the idea. Apparently, the reaction was very strong.

          The PTB also understands that those who are awake were awakened by the internet, and their “law” would most likely result in more than civil unrest and a few scattered protest.

          For most, the internet is the only freedom left, and even that is virtual freedom. By shutting down this last illusion of free speech, too many would probably be awakened to their true state of slavery.

          They certainly can’t have that. It would result in millions of additional awakenings, and bring the guns of the awakened to the front lines.

          • Really now? The majority of people didn’t protest when NDAA was passed and won’t protest when SOPA or another variant passes. People are sheep. They’ve been pacified by the media and mainstream society. They will b*tch and moan and in the end it will still be another law in the books. It will take something obscenely horrible like another Kristallnacht, sadly.

            • Anon, basically when it is too late (ref.Kristallnacht).

            • There’s allot of people out there that did not even know about the NDAA or even heard of it until now, due to the so called Media that only tells the people what the powers that be wants the people to know.

      4. RON PAUL 2012

      5. POWER OF THE PEOPLE !!!!

        This needs to be a continuing trend for the people of the United States or the masses will hit the streets and violence will become the norm.

        The Powers That Be… are now thinking twice about the concerns of the citizens. But this will only last for awhile until we are a sleep again. 🙂

        • yes eagle dove
          this past few days something has changed since that iranian scientist was killed.. i think alot of sheeple and TPTB have had a wake up call.. and know they are facing an inevitable .. change… but their is still a few insiders and elite who havent got the memo… we are literally sitting on a potential turning point in human history.. with a little luck.

          • Eeder; as you mentioned “turning point” ; I agree whole heartedly, 2012 looks like the year where things will come to a head…, it will either be a war with Iran or a economic collapse in Europe, or both.
            TPTB have their plates full and just don’t know how to really swallow all this. But.. they were the ones that went to the buffet of politics and over loaded their super sized plates and we regular people are left with the tab. UHHHG!!!

            • EAGLEDOVE
              yes, i hear you and dont disagree.. however i think that if we just all come to the conclusion this is inevitable… and let it happen.. i think it could be shocking to many just how much better things can be…. exhaustion has caused us all to lose hope to one degree or another… but we could well be on the verge of a refreshing out with the old, and in with the new…. have some faith as hard as it is to do that for some.. i know many are in very bad shape…. it can get better…. it can get worse… but it can get better.

            • to eeder
              I hear you too, but I must say only this:
              things will get worse and worse, there is no hope, there is no future. only hope is that when the end game starts, tptb would have miscalculated their numbers. anyways, we’re in for a very very very tough ride. war with Iran (it is not if, it’s when, and it is soooooon) then automatic EU crash, dismemberment and political turmoil, then economic crash of US, then riots, then intercountry wars, overall chaos, and finally total collapse of the civilization. hopefully we’ll be spared NBC, but I put no stock in hope!
              prepare like there’s no tomorrow!!! stay safe!
              John has a large moustache, John has a large moustache

        • Eeder., I do hope it gets better.

      6. The People win one!!!! Hooray!

      7. I think maybe SOPA is going to sleep because these guys know that the RON PAUL wave is beginning to overtake them and they cant keep the muzzle on much longer…. these people (TPTB/NWO) have no bloody idea of what to do… i can feel it and i have good intuition…. i feel that we could be on the verge of a breakthrough to freedom, fairness , REAL change…. heck, even hope…. we must remain vigilant…. the next few months are crucial…. we must keep the pressure on TPTB/NWO and tell them firmly we will not tolerate any further erosion of our basic human and constitutional rights… and their rights and responsibilities in serving in government… i feel we can brek through… we must all keep prepping too, they could turn, or we could easily have very disastrous natural disasters… which would potentaially make this all for naught anyhow.. but we cant control most of that.. we can control what we humanly can control…. i think these people are scared as can be of what Ron Paul and some of these protest groups can do to them.. and the status quo… thats all its about .. they are afraid of their medicine.. which is good for them and the sheeple… lets get back to common sense and a little decency

        • “we will not tolerate any further erosion of our basic human and constitutional rights…”
          Although I guess that would be a start, how about we just return to the Constitutionally guaranteed Republic, with all the rights, responsibilities and benefits that the founders intended us to have.

          • ABSOLUTELY countryboyseein
            you get no arguments from me on that one!
            MAKE IT HAPPEN GUYS!

        • I view SOPA as Obamas “kill switch- lite.” He doesn’t want us to think he has his internet kill switch, it would sink him in November, not just yet anyway but when the time is right. Hummm lets think.
          What was it Rohm Emanuel said? Never let a catastrophe go to waste. Wait till Israel busts a big cap over Iran, BOOM! There’s your catastrophe. Then he just sneaks his SOPA bill in under the radar and we none the wiser. This bill is coming, they ALL want it. It aint over yet sheeple.

        • This is what scares me about Ron Paul.

          Not him personally, I like him…

          What scares me is that he will have all of Congress and the Senate against him. He won’t be able to do shit.

          Which is fine… I’m not saying don’t vote for him. Vote for him, we need the message sent. I just wouldn’t expect a whole lot at first, or maybe for even his entire term, but it might start setting a positive trend.

          What worries me is people won’t recognize that.

          And when they really DO vote for something that is decidedly not business as usual… and nothing happens…

          Some folks are going to be rather… upset.

          Like… yeah. Like Egypt upset. On steroids.

        • Wait, do you here it coming?

          The next false flag event in America!

          Huge loss of life.

          America once again is put to sleep.

          Can America actually get past the fear to SEE the deception?

          Think not. History proves this out 100% of the time.

          Best of luck to all mankind and (HOPE and CHANGE) the humans whom perpetuate this disappear for all time.

      8. This is the first good news I’ve heard in a while. However, before we celebrate, please consider the false victories of the NDAA sections 1031 and 1032. These petty threats from the White House mean nothing as pointed out at the end of this article. We should be cautious since I suspect the bill will be renamed, moderately reworded but do the exact same thing. Then, when the smoke clears and the coast is clear, they’ll sneak the shit through next Christmas when nobody is looking. How many times have we seen that play? Hmm, that would be every year!

        Stay alert, keep hounding the bastards and never give in.

        • i think maybe they should just not think of that and in addition they should SCRAP THE NDAA ….. NOW!

          • They are not going to do that. Both parties can benefit from it.

            • hammerrun
              oh yeah… well i dont care… i think they need to scrap the NDAA .. like by next sunday would be acceptable…. im not sure what they think they are pulliing , but it really needs to cease.people that just say things like you regarding things like this tend to be 50-70 year olds…. never conceiving that things must and will change…. the status quo is not acceptable…. at all… it needs to change… SOPA going away , for now, is a good start, but we really need to see the NDAA repealed to say that accetable changes are taking place.if not, i fear, we will see escalated problems at home and abroad…. and i dont mean small problems… they will be very large problems most of us dont want to conceive of. you know, it really ticks me off when humans create problems like this when we have such a fragile life and very real possibilities at all times that are completely out of humans control… stupid! and we all go along with it…. give it up.

            • @ eeder;
              You completely missed my point. I, in “no” way have any intentions of caving in to this SOPA bullshit. No, no, no, no!!! I know what it is and so do you as well as the others that read here. The Obama-quo needs that change shit he was yapping about. What I am saying is that there are factions in both parties that wash each other’s gentile. McCain is the dirtiest friggen RINO in the friggen group. There is a pile of shiteaters in both parties, and they all rub each other’s butts once out of camera range. While we are on said subject, I had a thought. Why in the world are the Republicans hand Obama, Mitt Romney? This cat is a wimp. Obama will make him look stupid. Truly he will. This guy is a slimy sneek, he has no pride and don’t care what he says as long as he gets what he wants. Nobody will or wants to vote for a weak dumbass, hell I wouldn’t want to either. If Paul was in there, Slam Dunk!! He wouldn’t get away with that with Newt Gingrich. Gingrich would eat him alive!! I feel what is happing here is that; there is no race for the presidency. The Republicans want the Senate and Congress and the Democrepes can have the White House. It has been agreed and arranged.

      9. The lesson here is that the people CAN actually be heard if they yell loud enough. We have to apply relentless pressure to keep this momentum going. This shows us that our power does still exist.

        As a few people have posted, we have to remain vigilant cause those folks are sneaky. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be revisited because the internet will be the home of the next Revolution and “they” know it.

        • it already is daisy… if we keep the pressure on maybe they will go away… never take it for granted… NEVER! thats what happened to get us into this mess.. at some point the pressure started to go away and they started implementation… we have power… i dare TPTB/NWO to turn back again… BE ON THE GOOD SIDE OF AMERICAN HISTORY AND KEEP THE GOOD PATH TO FREEDOM. I HAVE FAITH Y0U HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO IT. YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING. IT SHOWS YOU HAVE JUSTNESS AND RESPECT. YOU CAN STILL BE ON THE GOOD SIDE OF HISTORY. WE WILL KNOW THAT YOU DID THE RIGHT THING… YOU HAD THE COURAGE… YOU SAID NO TO EVIL……
          LET US PRAY!

          • eeder, you have a lot of heart…

            • just me
              well for christs sake guys, if you have rollen over and given up when the irons hot.. you have no one to blame but yourselves…. NO ONE…. dont whine a bout barry soreto or newt or mitt or any of these thieves.. if you cant take a couple of strikes while the irons hot,.. you arent a prepper… youre a bloody coward….. stand up for whats yours and damn well demand it.

          • “if we keep the pressure on maybe they will go away”

            Would you walk away from your printing press and the presumed ownership of all people and property everywhere?

            They will not either. They will have to be driven out by DEADLY force, the stolen property seized and returned to the People, and the bloodlines killed off.

            It is only about 12 families and the corps. they control. Yes the People can do it, but will they?

        • I’m not so sure about that Daisy, in the traditional sense anyway. I can’t remember an outcry greater than that which rose up against Obamacare, and in the end they did what they wanted. We as a nation are fast approaching a crossroads which will define our future and our children’s future. I’m not so optimistic considering the complete lack of leadership demonstrated by our political elites. Most of the country is not in tune w/whats going on. I’d liken it to the blind leading the deaf.

      10. My opinion is we start at scrapping the NDAA, then we get on to discussing why exactly the PATRIOT ACT is still in effect and how this protects anyone and who it is that benefits from this bill.. and why we need this for , as Newt Gingrich said, for the rest of his life and beyond.
        we want to know what you are doing and why…
        we want to know what the federal reserve and the central banks of the world are doing and why.
        my thoughts are this is where the discussion with the people should start…
        whats so unreasonable about that?




        • it seems like many of you on here have a will… guys when you gain an advantage.. you have to take advantage of it while you have it… i understand many of you ae weary.. however, we must actually apply more pressure NOW!

      13. Keep watching… The whole thing will be back painted a prettier color.

        • bill
          JUST SAY NO!

      14. I am glad that SOPA has been “indefinitely detained”, I still have concerns about NDAA.

        Maybe some of the patriotic leaders of the United States military will use NDAA to detain the 530+ tyrants in D.C., reaffirm the sovereignty of the States, reaffirm the Soverignty of the People, and call forth delegates for a new Constitutional Convention to get this great nation back on track.

        Kill the power of the FRB, the IMF, and realign our actual finacial responsibilities to other nations and the world. We need to reclaim our stolen wealth and put foot to ass to all responsible.

        To the military that represents the constitution and the people: ….make it happen…make me proud…

        …be safe…..stay the course…B

        • How cool would that be, to see NDAA used against those who created it?

          I would, however, hope that they were given a fair trial and due process after they had a little time to worry about their creation bitin them in the butts!

          • Hi Daisy….I agree….try ’em in a common law court…find ’em guilty…then hang ’em….easy-peasy.

          • i will be happy enough to just see the NDAA quietly removed.. my offer to the powers of the western world stands.. and this is a good start… withdraw, quit, step down in a timely manner and allow restoration of law to be re stored. If you do the right thing… just because you passed an unlawful piece of legislation or had an earmark or whatever.. ok.. you were under pressure… you can basically be pardoned and smiled upon for doing the right thing and quitting… HOWEVER, people who have committed blatant crimes…. such as JON CORZINE… you must answer to these crimes… you must pay a penalty for your crimes….
            Just dump the NDAA NOW!
            lets discuss the PATRIOT ACT… than we can get on to discussing the many hundreds and thousands of unlawful pieces of legislation that need to be addressed. this is reasonable.. this is fair.. this is just… have the courage to do it!

        • Doubt that, but its some good wishful thinking.

        • i have huge concerns about NDAA… so lets pressure these turds until they get it…. alot of you are gutless.. you could learn something from nina orket… the british govt just withdrew a bill of some sorts that was unpouplar….. guys, gals… come one…. stand the hell up and TELL THEM NO!

        • “and call forth delegates for a new Constitutional Convention to get this great nation back on track.”

          The Constitution is fine just like it is. Why give the PTB an opportunity to rewrite it.

          The Constitutions must be enforced, not changed.

          • The Constitution IS a fine document, I agree…but:

            We need to repeal the 14th amendment:

            We are not U.S. citizens, except by choice or contract. Many people are only us citizens because they entered into unknown contracts ,ie, drivers license. birth certificate, voters registration,etc.

            We are Sovereign, natural born Citizens of the several states, with inalienable Rights before and preceeding the Constitution, that are reflected in the Bill Of Rights.

            We need to repeal the 16th amendment:

            Taxation by enumeration only. This is another private law that we inadvertantly contracted to.

            We need to repeal the 17th amendment:

            The Right of the states to elect senators through each state legislature to ensure the Sovereignty of the several states.

            We need to repeal the 26th amendment:

            The right to vote at eighteen should be available to all Sovereign Citizens, not to us citizens alone. This is just another way to make you a federal citizen by contract and make you subject to federal jurisdiction.

            Lastly, on more of a personal request:

            I would like to see the second amendment rewritten to end the alledged confusion of what it says…something along the line of ” Don’t touch my f*****g guns, what part of shall not be infringed don’t you understand “. Maybe written in a gentler tongue….maybe not.

            Restrictions to the commerce clause, common law as the law of the land again, not UCC, all contracts clearly stating “This Is A Contract”, no departments or agencies unless outlined in the Constitution or added by amendment.

            Term limits for all high ranking positions, no federal jurisdition in the states unless outlined in the Constitution or added by amendment,and constitutionally reinstate posse comitatus.

            I believe that the new constitution would need to be ratified by the Sovereign Citizens AND the states, not written and put into play like the current one.

            Whew…sorry, got on a offense intended..thanks Mac for the space-n-place to add my two cents (pre 1982 of course, lol)

            ….be safe…..stay the course…B

            • BA: Point of order; OUR rights are UNalienable, but I make that mistake myself; or use to make it all the time.

              I finally decided I needed to check it and get it right.

            • DK +1 on UN vs IN…thx for havin my 6…..B

      15. We have won this battle, but the war rages on. Clearly his veto threat is an attempt to get re-elected. Look for this to be introduced again in another form in the next legislative session when he has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Yes, much to my dismay I believe that he will be elected for another term even if he has to take us to war with Iran. I expect the second half of this year to be much worse than the first half so use the remaining time to adopt a standard of living that you can sustain independently.

        • I THINK RE ELECTION WILL be impossible if ron paul is running…. i think this is more than that

        • i really dont think re introducing this is a very prudent idea… do i make myself clear or do i need to describe further?

          • crystal

        • Ron Paul is like abstinence before marriage. A good idea and everyone would be better off, but few people have the discipline to do it. Those on entitlements will vote in their own short-term best interest and anyone who wants to attend college or works for an elementary school, high school, college, or university will not vote for someone threatening to dissolve the Department of Education. Why risk their current gravy train for an unknown outcome? If we are at war with Iran, his statement that they are not a threat will be used against him even before they accuse him of being a Libertarian pretending to be a republican.

          I don’t like it any more than you, but his campaign is one of an ideal, not one of a president. I am not going to comment on this again until I remind you of this when he concedes.

          • well, i know there outcome… they will either lose their job due to a number of reasons, or they will be payed whellbarrows full of cash , which will amount to nothing.. or even worse , there will be no jobs or life in a post nuclear world….. as opposed to stability? think about it… sometimes the goodies youre given are poison.. and they will kill you…. if they are smart enough to educate, what do they not understand? ITs for their own good…
            RON PAUL 2012

          • Pastor, it is more important that the Ron Paul message get out and awaken as many as possible than it is for him to be president of a corrupted corp.

          • I work for a school district and have been behind Ron Paul for well over 2 years now and will NOT turn back!

      16. Don’t worry. The SOPA fascists will be back again.

        Unfortunately for them, we’ll be ready… again!

      17. this is part of why mitt romney made the concession speech on cnn a week or two ago… and went on about his wife and her multiple sclerosis.. and how it has been in remission….. he is going to conveniently have to give up …. how obama even tries to debate against ron paul is beyond me….. he cant win… i can almost see obama giving up as opposed to trying futily to debate against ron paul….. lets be honest… he cant win a debate with him. what s his argument…. to the libtards… more war? more war on drugs? oh and communism as opposed to commen sense…. im convinced that barack obama would look so foolish trying to debate against ron paul that it scares everyone……

        • “this is part of why mitt romney made the concession speech on cnn a week or two ago… and went on about his wife and her multiple sclerosis.. and how it has been in remission…..”

          Whachu talkin’ ’bout Willis? I googled everything I could to get info on that…. nuthin”! Please back that statement up with a link ? I would pee myself with JOY if that wiener gave up! Here’s how I see this 2012 pres race– I’ll WRITE Ron Paul’s name all over my ballot if I need to, and I hope EVERYONE else does the same. The primaries should be held on ONE day, tally the votes, and announce a winner… THIS way, no minority state such as Iowa or N.Hampshire or media whores can influence the sheeple!!!!! I am SOOOOO Damn tired of the media WHORES that I can PUKE! Fox news included here!

          • LRD
            well than i guess it was just a sneak preview on wolf blitzers situation room about 2 weeks ago…. look again.. or watch for more in the future…. yes he did .. dont tell me he didnt.he didnt actually concede…. but if you heard him you would know.. not surprised you cant find it….it was probaly a sneak preview of more to come


              yeah- just found this link on youtube… you forced me to endure 14 minutes and 34 seconds of the most vile, benign crap CNN can produce— FOR WHAT???!!! Which planet do you reside upon? NOTHING in that so-called interview expresses Romney’s desire to concede. WTH?

            • LRD
              you are a moron really…. i dont f-ing care how long you went and looked.. yes cnn is ridiculous.. however i do watch occasionally to see whats going on… and it is certainly different lately…. think man think! if you watched the same interview i did… it absolutely was ridiculous especailaly than two weeks ago.. wehn romney supposedly had a massive lead, that he would indicate any weakness…. but it was a lie.. and the iowa caucus was rigged too…. paul was on his way to a nice little victory and they knew it couldnt happen thus stuffing for santorum and romney…. i heard a concession speech.. romney still talks like hes not the candidate….. i think he will drop out and i think it might be because his wife gets “sicker” and he may damn well endorse ron paul… a long shot.. yes…but …. tell me why romeny talks so weak when he has a 20 point lead in the polls? think about it.

      18. maybe this is all planned ndaa and sopa so that Obama looks like the winner to get the alternative type people and some liberals and independants to vote for him. think about it, Gas prices should drop when we get closer to election and lies about the economy to win his votes before he tries and ram down obama care and make us all pay. The nice thing about that is they thought that the protestors were clogging up the courts just wait until 25 millon plus people clog up the court system on how obamacare is not a law.

        • obamacare is doa in a ron paul administration…. states will be allowed to choose what they want….and the people.

      19. I have so many people tell me they won’t vote for Ron Paul because he can not win. IF all those people would vote for him just because they think he is the best thing for our country he would win. I personally feel he is our only chance IF we have a chance at all.
        Thanks Mac.

      20. war with Iran has been delayed. Obama just took a step back from issuing more sanctions. Somehow he figured out that most americans didn’t want another war…Right now.

        Plus SOPA being shelved = plus for the people. However, we are still down by about 100 points.

        • yes rachel
          but momentum has now been gained….. no one wants anymore of these fake wars… ever! …. this is huge

        • Rachel: War with Iran has not been delayed. Its right on schedule. Its just not scheduled yet. Give it a couple more months ….

          and it will be right on time.

          • durango kid
            you better hope it doesnt come… because it wont be good for anyone on this earth… watch the nukes fly…if it happens .. we are all toast.

            • No nukes eeder. Not this time around. This is not WW III. It will be very messy but it will still be a regional war while it lasts.

              If used by US to protect OUR troops and interests in self defense against Iran, tactical nuke effects are short lived and last for about 30 days.

              China and Russia sit this one out and the other Arab States WANT the US / Israeli coalition to take out Iran.

              The King of Saudi Arabia is not only cooperating, but has demanded OUR intervention against Iran.

              Regime change to make the world safe for Crony Capitalism.

      21. Does this mean we can have Internet available to us when we are detained indefinitely under the new communist laws of the land?

        • dan, if you dont give up , we can get rid of the communist laws…just keep exposing them buddy

      22. I think at this point ANYTHING that comes out of this administration needs to be shot down..figuratively and literally

        • VRF
          this man needs to keep doing this and head for the exits…. no shots need be fired…. i am counting on the leaders to do whats right…. its a challenge guys….. you can be on the right side of history!

      23. abolish all of your illegal acts and quit with honor!
        this is your destiny!
        it is great!
        it is your destiny….

      24. Nothing this administration has passed or reinstated in our laws are legal or binding.

        this administration is fradulent, false..and therefore in my eyes and hopefully the rest of this countries population.
        This government is null in void

        it has not proven to be for the people, but it has proven to be against it..therefore in its simpleist terms it is no longer A Government of the people, for the people.

        Hell , were not even sure if the POTUS is an American citizen(some of us maybe) , and He hasent proven otherwise
        act after act against you as a citizen
        act after act agaist our form of government (Republic)
        act after act agaisnt the Bill of Rights
        act after act against the Constitution of this country
        act after act of economically busting of a Nation and its people.
        Sounds like all very agressive tactics of a demolition of the American, and their country..time will tell if they bit off more than they could chew

      25. Obama also threatened to veto the NDAA. This is meant soley to quell any opposition and “calm the masses.” He will sign it (like he did the NDAA) quitely and without fanfare. Never trust a politician.

      26. Aw…if this passed I was going to start my own internet. Porn would be FREE to all. ha

        • How Amerikan…

      27. Let him VETO it, congress will still override him.

      28. “flip-flopped” is a very nice way of saying he f*ckin’ lied…again.

      29. F*** Obomination lying traitor pos.

      30. Well It didn’t take me to that video. Told you I am bad at the computer.

      31. I smell a rat
        A clever rat
        But still a rat…
        This isn’t over by a long shot.
        They can’t help themselves,
        It’s in their nature.

      32. He is a weasel indeed, but he has been great for my holster business. Change was promised and delivered, just not what anyone could have imagined. The only one who loves what he has done is the one who doesn’t have to pay for it with money, work or military service.

      33. It appears barry is playing the old “good cop/bad cop” game with us….no way he is for our cause…he just knows he wont get reappointed prez if he shows public support for much more tyranny before Nov…hes a liar and he wont change his stripes…

      34. looks like somebody droped the SOPA in the white house shower

      35. obunger is blowing smoke in our ears.I can hardly wait for the next suprise.I bet he’s got something up his sleeve ,like giving away more money to another muslim country,that we don’t have to give.He’s got way to much power,and sure don,t deserve anymore.Sure i am glad that he didn’t sign the SOPA bill.

      36. Ron Paul won the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll this weekend. Lookout it up . Then post it
        On every blog that you visit…& get others to look it up. The lame stream media
        Is not covering it so we have to do the PR work. Tell everyone you come in
        Contact with !
        Montgomery County Texas

      37. It’s a historical misperception that “the Founders intended us to have” a basketful of rights. The Founders were the power elite of their day. Almost all of them were shockingly elitist by today’s standards. Even the most libertarian of them by today’s standards (Jefferson, Mason) were horrified of “the little guy” having any rights. The Bill of Rights was added as an afterthought because men like Mason insisted on it. Ask the white indentured servants, black slaves, women, American Indians, non-propertied free whites, and non-christians in most places what rights they had even after the Constitution was ratified. Few or none. What the Constitution is actually about is subordinating State sovereignty to the national government AND enshrining an elite in power over us, forever. Parting thought. Our liberty comes from our capacity to reason, make choices, and act on them. Liberty is EVERY human’s birth right. One may or may not be a theist. Our Father up there in the sky somewhere isn’t the source of our liberty nor is any piece of paper. If YOU aren’t determined to live free nobody and nothing will make you free.

        • With respect, I have to ask where your allegations come from…you list Jefferson and Mason(George?)as elitists who were against common men having rights?
          First of all both Jefferson and Mason were ANTI-federalists…meaning they opposed the constitution that replaced the Articles of Confederation…many of the founders opposed it on the grounds that it would be called an enumeration of rights and be used to remove and limit rights held by the common people if those rights we not listed(it appears they were correct)
          Other anti-federalists included such notables as…Patrick Henry
          Samuel Adams
          George Mason
          Richard Henry Lee
          Robert Yates
          James Monroe
          Mercy Otis Warren
          George Clinton
          Melancton Smith
          Arthur Fenner
          James Winthrop
          and others,

          As to all persons not having all equal rights under this constitution I wont argue that…no nation anywhere at anytime even today has everyone being treated completely equal but for their time they did a hell of a job of moving in the right direction!
          As far as the constitution subordinating states to a national govt… there is a tread of truth there but to say that was the original intent would be hard to prove historicly speaking,after all there is a 9th and 10th ammendment and no, the Bill Of Rights wasnt an afterthought…it was a stipulation by these men who opposed the federal constitution who insisted on it, they would not support final passage if they did not get a bill of rights,doesnt look to me like they were trying to keep the common man down.
          You cant read Jeffersons papers and the others(even some of the pro-federalists)and honestly conclude that they in any way were trying to keep the common people from having alot more rights than any basket would ever hold!As to the souce of our rights I wont argue about that many(Iincluded) believe that all rights come from God as our birthright…if you dont thats fine…and you are correct in stating that “If YOU aren’t determined to live free nobody and nothing will make you free.” you are correct on that one! 🙂

          • Anti-Federalists worried, among other things, that the position of President, then a novelty, might evolve into a Monarchy. Articles of Confederation vs. Federal Constitution? Fear of an Imperial Presidency?

            History, written by the victors… even in the case of early American history and early American politics.




            Some people believe slavery would have ended in the South within 10 to 20 years through legislation (had we skipped the Civil War, 600,000 dead, and the 100 years of civil strife created by the war). Nobody ever talks about the anti-slavery movement in the south or the many thousands of free blacks in the South at the time of the Civil War. Who needs states rights or a 10th Amendment to counter Federal powers anyway?

          • Where do my statements come from? @ George Mason, reluctant statesman, Rutland;
            George Mason, forgotten father, Broadwater; @ Thomas Jefferson, writings, Library of America; @ America a narrative history, 8th ed., Tindall and Shi; @ Founding Fathers, 2nd ed rev, Bradford, foreward by Kirk; @ The politically incorrect guide to the founding fathers, McClahahan; @ the Anti-Federalist papers, around here somewhere; and A People’s HIstory of the United States, Zinn.

            The Federalists were all set to sign off on the Constitution without any mention of rights for the little guy. Except Mason and a few others objected. READ WHAT I WROTE before you jump in to lecture me. That is, if you can read.

            George Mason was a curmudgeon. He was not a hail fellow well met. He would have been horrified if his gardener wanted to discuss political philosophy with him; he’d have been happy to discuss how to improve the wheat yield. He was an elitist.

            For someone who professed various rights for all, which he largely borrowed from Mason, and both largely borrowed from Locke, Jefferson owned slaves all his life. Had every opportunity to practice what he preached but never got around to it.

            The Articles of Confederation worked just fine for thirteen sovereign states. They couldn’t get much done which tremendously safeguarded individual liberty. When the elitists wanted to have an excuse for a standing army, or reward the plutocrats of the day, or impose taxes, they needed centralized power to do that.

            Sorry to burst your bubble but society in the pre-Independence day was stratified. The average person lived in a deference culture socially and politically below the elite. Relatively few people cared about separating from Britain; it was mostly the “chattering classes” of the day making that happen. This myth that it was a classless society full of elite sorts eager to let the guy behind the plow govern is just that … a false myth. I”ll save you some time. That’s from Zinn.

            I stand behind my statements. You, REB, are cool. But some of you others need to learn to read.

            And about your sky father as a basis for liberty. If the dictator says, “your claim to liberty is specious unless you demonstrate god exists,” and all you’ve got is …. “but , but but three billion of us believe in it…” you’ve got nothing to stand on.

            However, even the dumbest dictator agrees that human beings are real. That we have brains. Minds too. That we make choices that we act on. Freedom doesn’t need supernatural defense. Reality works just fine.

            Millions believed the world was flat until a few scientists and explorers proved it wasn’t. Millions believed the sun revolved around the earth. Why His Holiness the Pope said so. How dare you contradict the Holy Father, you heretic. Little problem. It wasn’t true. The earth revolves around the sun.

            Some of you need to read something other than wiki. When you’ve done some serious reading I”ll answer you individually.

        • ANON6.8: You are the only person with a historical “misperception”. But it will serve you well in a FEMA camp.

          While the Founding Fathers were indeed the power elite of their day, and many had motives other than personal liberty for Independence; the Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, as adopted, are pretty clear.

          You may want to reread them and refresh your memory which has obviously been dimmed by time and public school.

          As for OUR Father in Heaven, not only is HE the author of OUR liberty, but HE is the source of Life itself.

          The pity is not that you do not know where your liberty comes from, but you do not even know that you are a Spiritual Being first and a human being second.

          It is OUR true nature as individual souls.

          It is the most elementary and fundamental understanding of ourselves, possible. If you do not know that, you really know nothing of consequence because all understanding of the world We live in and OUR perception of it, flows from that fact.

          • douchebag kid, see my comment immediately above yours. You need to read some Zinn as an antidote to the court history, the “official version” you’re recalling from high school.

            You want to cite sources or do you want to shut up?

            • ANON 6.8: I am not repeating I anything learned in school, or the “court history”. I have been out of the body. I know my essence as an individual is as a spiritual being and not as a human being.

              Try it.

              It will give you a whole new perspective and it will answer all of the fundamental mysteries of life.

        • Anon6.8 Does it not say in the Declaration of independence that,
          “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”
          Was the Declaration of independence not written 11 years prior to the Constitution?

          As REB already pointed out, the Bill of rights was placed in the constitution as a set of rules the Government was not to violate.

          I agree that liberty doesn’t come from a document, government, or a politician.

          The constitution is not and never was a perfect document, but how we got from there to today lies not in fault with the document nor those that drafted it.

          The fault lies in complacency of the people, we were warned from day one to be on vigilant guard, unfortunately many generations failed to stand watch.

          • @ RWS III
            The D of I was full of flowery language about the “rights of man.” Do some serious research in books that aren’t court history, the official version, to see what rights indentured servants, American Indians, non-propertied free whites, women or non-christians had. In fact, they had few or none. The aristocracy wrote the laws and were the judges. Were always the creditor and seldom the debtor. An (American) aristocrat could get away with doing to a commoner what would have a commoner seriously sanctioned if done to one of the swells. As an antidote to your high school history I suggest a daily dose of Zinn for a week or two. Nugget: by 1700 fifty families owned most of what was worth owning in Virginia. And duh, they governed too. What rights do you think the common person had interposed with the aristocrats? The rich running the government changed not at all after the Constitution. The franchise was expanded gradually but who owned the government didn’t change. I like the flowery language just as much as you do. But what floats my boat is knowing how it really was. Zinn tells that. The court histories don’t. The court histories are intended to get the masses to compliantly go along with how things are.

      38. Dear leader also said he wouldn’t put his robosighning,john hancock forging, bitcha$$ sig on the ndaa. Who in their right mind actually believes him, and trusts what he says now? Some of you better take a chill pill (your meds) and stop doing victory dances, because it is only half time. Trust rides in on a turtle, and leaves on a space rocket. My trust of this government, and what they say is riding shotgun on voyager one out of the solar system, when v1 returns to earth, I will trust what they say!

      39. Nothing is by accident..
        it is all by a grand design.
        be careful in celebrating a supposed victory from one battle that none of us fought in the first place.

        it placates us in to a false sense of victory when tptb are maneuvering in their favor..not ours..

        we are all being played like a game of chess and we are all pawns in the game..
        they spend millions figuring us out and manipulating every piece of news..
        If the legislation is even in discussion..then the actuality of it is already in place.
        Do not forget who invented the internet..

        They are easily 25-50 years ahead of us in every move..


      40. yeah… and he’s going to veto the NDAA and it’s”indefinite detention” provisions too. He said so.

        But… that’s NOT what he did… he signed it.

        Anyone who relaxes their vigilance to the protection of their fundamental rights, because a politician said they would “do this or that” is a complete fool.

      41. There is currently a six month delay by the U.S. and Euro for increased sanctions against Iran (sale of oil). Iran has returned a threat against neighbor Arab countries from increasing the production of oil.

        Things are starting to warm up. The increase in temperature might turn sand into glass but I fear for the loss of freedom of speech on the net.

      42. No way he shelved this thing, this was a false flag / wag the dog event. Thay was a information gathering event for TPTB. From the last event to now, I am sure they have adjusted their numbers as more Sheeple who have woke up begin to make themselves notice. Keep a vigilant eye out for the newbies, they need our help…

        God Bless America

      43. @possee,

        It is with pleasure that I meet your acquaintance on this field. I understand that the “claim” of being pawns to all that are here. Yet, I feel there are many other players that are very knowledgeable of the game. Collectively we can work together, without fear of what needs to be done and share with kindness, truth and love. THEN, JUST SLAY THEIR ASSES IF THEY GET IN THE WAY.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all Beware!

          And yours as well..

          The average folks out there have no friggin clue as to what’s going on behind the veils before them..

          And neither do we..

          Some of us just have had a peek or 2 over many years due to family in high levels of intel and state dept positions that (without stating facts) let a bit of info escape to us.

          That being I can not doc anything stated to me over the many years ago.
          I can attest that what was told over 40 years ago is all coming to light as the norm now..

          The entire global economy is rigged at the get go..period.
          Stock mkt is a software based system that operates 24/7.

          Depressions/inflation/recessions etc are all manufactured to keep the sheep under control..period.

          When the taxpayers(not protestors) started questioning the feds back in the late 60’s..the gloves came off..recession started and stay at home moms did the American dream..and it’s been the same ever since..

          The last words ever told to me, and my late Dad, were this..

          “If the Americans ever knew even 1% of what’s really going on..there’d be mas hysteria..”


      44. Daisy,

        Glad to see you back and I know you’ve been busy at your site –
        Great material and like you, spot on! I will love to help. Let me know how I can send factual info for your review.

        So much for being nice as it is now time to discuss our topic and the latest adventures of – Our Liar ‘n Thief.

        Before you read further, understand that as an American Citizen, Christian, father and grandfather; I detest lies, liars and thieves. Just think of the number of people in Washington that fit the bill. If you don’t know, make sure the kids don’t hear or see this one:

      45. Y’all misunderstand Barack Obama or was that Barry Soretoe; anyway here are some reasons why we as good old Americans, ain’t Seeing Eye to Eye:

        SOPA – a Constitutional Crime: The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) is a typical socialist power grab camouflaged with the banner of protecting intellectual privacy. Violations of Intellectual property rights are already handled by many civil laws and penalties. So why would Obama want to push this? Because it gives him the right to pull the plug on any website instantly without a court order. How better to shutdown conservative websites? Beyond that, it is a violation of the freedom of speech – but since when did the Constitution matter to Obama. Could be why Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and YouTube are against the Act.

        NEWS FLASH!!!! The new and easier understandable version of SOPA just released by Y’all Beware, Now stands for SOCIALISM OVERRUNS PEOPLE in AMERICA. We believe in Telling It Truly for Today And Tomorrow or TIT for TAT.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Its name was Stop Online {Piracy] Act. We want to sustain online [privacy]. I doubt the people pushing SOPA would have been so bold as to state their true intentions.
          But unless you’re being sarcastic let’s call the thing by its name.

        • What does “not to sidecar with” mean, Oldcrow01?

          I thought you were slamming Paul but when I read the forum post it was quite well thought out and very pro-Paul.

      46. It’s not the same thing as NDAA.

        Well… yet.

        NDAA is kind of “boil the frog”, at least until some trigger event occurs where it’s enacted on a broad scale. At that point there ain’t gonna be much point in complaining if you want to be doing something other than breaking rocks for a living.

        SOPA is messing with people’s entertainment. Heh, sick that people value entertainment more than personal liberty (of someone anonymously “else). It’s also messing with personal liberty but that’s not what got it vetoed.

        I agree, this is an election year thing.

        But it might be more than that. I mean in the sense that you can threaten to arrest “other people” (of COURSE you personally have nothing to worry about… wink)… but if you threaten to mess with how almost everyone spends a quarter of their working hours and almost all of their free time, people are bound to get pissed.

        Why do it, anyway, if they’re just gonna FEMA us? I mean, what’s the point? By that time they aren’t really going to have to worry about freedom of information…

        Hmm… that really makes me wonder. Actually. I dunno, maybe failing to crack down on this, in their warped minds, makes it more likely they’ll FEMA us? I mean if they could zombify us in our own homes there wouldn’t be much of a need, right?


        I think I need to sleep, I’m getting weirder than usual.

      47. keep prepping…
        but alos keep this conversation going….. tell barry and all of these thugs… NO! and if they disobey the day will come that they will rue… its destiny at this point…. it is unstoppable really… unless we all roll over…. TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR LIES ALWAYS!
        Ron Paul 2012


        • haha…

      49. “…that would have required service providers to block access to international sites accused of piracy.”

        Accused? *ACCUSED*? You know, regardless of how crappy we’re treated in this fracked up police state, the majority of Americans realize that one of the very basic principals of freedom is “Innocent until proven guilty.” SOPA goes against that. Essentially governments all over the world just want to be able to pronounce you “GUILTY!” and have you be that way. They don’t care about justice or truth, those inconvenient things are just a nuisance to them. If you speed, they want to pronounce you a danger, give you a ticket and have you pay. In the end, its all about paying and re-appropriating your income to support them when they say so.

        I would say “Good Job!” to the Obama administration, but, I know that they did this for selfish reasons. Had this been the beginning of 2009, they would have singed it in a flash. But, since we have an election coming up in 10 months and since the memory of Americans seems to be about 12 months, they nixed it. Essentially, because we’re this close to an election, even all the lobby money from the Criminal Bastard Class (in this case, the lobbyist clan) could not override the will of the public.

        Ron Paul would NEVER vote for this kind of thing. This is why big government hates him. He can’t be bought and he can’t be swayed from our founding principals. They say SOPA is shelved and may come back with a vengeance? Not if Ron Paul gets elected. He’ll bury that beast so deep they won’t have a machine with a long enough boom to dig it back up!

        • You are correct. Every new law is intended to consolidate power and money into govt. hands.So many laws are pre-emptive laws.They “presume” you are going to commit a crime so they pass a law finding you guilty before the fact. You mention speeding as one. How about DWI? You are guilty of committing a crime before you do. How is drinking and driving a crime against anyone? I don’t condone it, but it was never a crime until you caused property damage to someone else, then they tacked it on along with other charges.What crime is being committed by sleeping in your vehicle while intoxicated? The war on drugs is another. What crime is being committed here? You are allowed to do whatever you want to your body ( but you must suffer the consequences). When you infringe on other’s rights is when you should be held accountable…never before.

          • JRS good points. I’m sick of victimless crimes. This deer season I got a ticket for failing to have the tag on the buck I killed. So I paid the state to buy the tag, called the kill into the department of natural resources like a good little citizen, but because I forgot to take the take out of my pocket and put it on the deer, I broke a law and got fined.
            WTF If I had done this years ago I would have just gotten a warning, but the states hurting for money so its go out there and bring in some revenue boys.

            And as far the crime being committed in the war on drugs is by the Federal government. Where in the constitution does it say they have the power to regulate what we put in our bodies?
            Whether its smoking a plant or drinking raw milk,who the hell are they to tell me what I can and can’t put in my body. I don’t drink milk of any kind and I don’t smoke pot, but if I wanted to its my damn right.
            Where in the constitution does it state they have the power to ignore states laws?
            Several states have legalized medical marijuana, they regulate the growers and the dispensaries, yet time after time the DEA comes in and raids these people, make arrest seize assets and destroy the product, when the state says its legal.
            Same thing with raw milk and a host of other things.

        • You guys are right on the money!

          “Victimless Crime” is a contradiction in terms. “Dry Swamp”, “Wet Desert”, etc, etc. You can’t have a crime unless you have a victim.

          How can they do this to us? I know how and its all lawful. I won’t go into it unless one of you asks me to but it has a pretty simple explanation. Anybody want to know why you can be arrested for, essentially, pre-crime activity?

          • NetRanger, your under arrest for the future crime of stealing Mushrooms #10 cans, lol

            • This person is: Guilty. GUILTY! *GUILTY*AS*CHARGED*…


              No! Wait!

              “Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits.”

              The law you quote only applies to “persons”, sir, and I am a man, the spirit dwells within me and the blood flows. Ha! You’re done. I’m free.


            • Ha! I wish it were that simple.

              If they followed the law, it would be, but, they don’t so, sometimes “persuasion” is necessary.

      50. Good morning. I Read in the local tribune, an article that stated. They are currently working on a new bill for a nationwide internet tax. On both the state levels,as well as federal.So my best guess is,They just do not have all the players lined up yet!!!,Once this is accomplished,they will have COMPLETE control of all the sellers on the web.Remember,once they have the taxing structure in place, both on the federal level, as well as the state then all current federal and interstate commerce laws can be applied. and there you have it have it.Now!!! we can pass SOPA,we got the money part out the way.

        • In Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 4:

          “No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.”

          If they charge me tax to export something from another state, I will file a civil suit. They tell you this so when they pass it and you’ll accept it. Refuse to pay it. Its not lawful.

          • Good point…but don’t get me started….Ok you got me started.
            No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed… therefore the patriot act and NDAA are null and void by the Constitution.

            Got Militia?

        • Id like to place an initial order for 535….and I would also like a free shareware program with that order available for free downloaded by all NON office holding Americans along with a tutorial on positive politician training procedures.

          If the pilot program is affective, we can place additional orders as needed for every public office holder.

          • Mandatory healthcare?-ZAP. Oh, inside trading are you?-ZAP. $100,000 on alcohol a year polosi?-ZAP ZAP. Land deals-ZAP. Laundered tax money to family and friends-ZAP!! Lying again are you?ZAP!

        • That’s not surrender, that’s called exiting with a plan…and the plan is they will be sending those troops into a new conflict, most likely Iran.

          Or perhaps (but probably not)the US government, opened up a history book, noted that although A’stan has been occupied several times throughout the millennia they have never been conquered, and finally realized we cannot win there.

          Or perhaps (but again probably not) they took a look at the fact that since the days of Vietnam, every conflict we have engaged in with maybe the exception of Iraq 1 the first gulf war has been irregular warfare (guerrilla warfare insurgencies), yet we go at it with a mix of irregular war-fighters (IE Special Forces) and conventional military. Thus we fight a war with two styles or sets of ROE.

          SF tries to win the hearts and minds of the non combatant civilians to turn their support away from the combatants so you can defeat their will to fight, while conventional troops destroy villages and piss on the corpses of the combatants giving more will to the non combatants to support the combatants and maybe take up arms themselves.

          That’s like eating a cheeseburger, large order of fries and a super size coke with one hand, while you pop diet pills with the other….they don’t work together.

          Final point, we should never have been there in the first place, to bad it has taken many lives and mucho tax payer dollars to get to an exit plan….also to bad that plan most likely entails a new war….cause war is a racket, and the USA is the raining champ.

          • Wow… FDR and Truman bombed the Japanese and Germans into unconditional surrender… Bush and Obama bombed the Taliban into an exit plan. Something smells, and it doesn’t have the scent of victory.

      51. Is hannibal is at the gates?

      52. What they will do is include SOPA secretly in other bills that is totally unrelated to it. They have done it before and they will do it again.

        • some are keeping a close eye on them though…. i dont think it would be prudent.

      53. keyword. here is export. I used to purchase my auto parts from a supplier that did not charge ill tax.Then they started to charge ILL TAX.and when I called to protest they told me that it was coming from a warehouse in Ill.W

      54. HIT THE WRONG KEY!!! The rest of the story is, it came from an Indiana location.So !!!they just ran the purchase through a clearing warehouse in ILL,to collect the taxes.and the reply to my protest,Was this, Sorry sir that is just the way it is in your state.any company that has a warehouse or office is subject to taxes regardless of wear it is shipped from. sneaky,sneaky sneaky.

      55. Great News but as was stated in the article SOPA will Return and with a Vengeance. SOPA offers far too much opportunity for a power hungry government to just ignore especially since it’s a power grab tool that can be sold as being for something else. When you add to that the money and desire behind the bill from those in the entertainment industry who desperately need to control everything so that they don’t have to change their business model and evolve with an Evert changing world in order to stay competitive, the combination guarantees the bill is only on hiatus and far from being put down for good as it needs to be.

        The only way to ensure SOPA by another name and acronym does not come sneaking back for another sneak attack on our freedoms and liberties is by electing to the office of the president someone who believes in freedom, free speech and the liberties outlined in our constitution. Only one candidate fits that description but we are told with great frequency and stress by the media that he can’t win. The truth is he can’t be allowed to win because if he does all the kickbacks and other goodies the crooks in government get will come to an end and the crooks will do everything they can to ensure that does not happen.

      56. Obama and the other Progressives have had their souls removed to make room for more EGO.

      57. Thank you Anonymous!

      58. It’s just delayed…

        Lamar Smith Says SOPA Markup To Resume In February — google it.

        The police nanny state can go get stuffed. Locked and loaded here. Big J out

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