David Hogg Reddit Post Celebrates Mosquitoes Killing “Billions” of Humans

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com

    In a 2017 Reddit post, ‘March For Our Lives’ gun control activist David Hogg celebrates the fact that mosquitoes kill “billions” of people as being “great for the environment”.

    Another user on the site asked the question, “What is a positive reason for mosquitoes to exist?” to which Hogg responded, “They kill humans, billions of them, which is great for the environment.” The post was made eight months ago.

    Although the entry was posted under the pseudonym ‘davisgreen111’, the account almost certainly belongs to Hogg. The poster refers to himself as “David Hogg” in one post and another post links to a video from Hogg’s personal YouTube channel. Another post confirms that he lives in Parkland, Florida.

    Another post also links to a story about Hogg’s father, former FBI agent Kevin Hogg. In another post, ‘davisgreen111’ makes reference to his dad being an FBI agent.

    According to the World Health Organization, mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than one million people every year. There are 300-500 million cases of malaria every year and a child dies from malaria every 30 seconds.

    The Reddit post conflicts with Hogg’s public image as somebody who cares about saving lives. Some would also construe the remark as racist given that mosquito-related deaths disproportionately affect non-white people living in poor third world countries.

    In other posts, Hogg repeatedly discusses his inability to get a girlfriend and in one instance refers to girls as bitches.

    Infowars reached out to Hogg for a comment but has yet to receive a response.

    Fox News host Laura Ingraham lost numerous sponsors and could potentially be forced to resign over a tweet in which she said Hogg was being whiny over getting rejected by colleges.

    Will David Hogg face any consequences for celebrating the deaths of over a million people a year or will the mainstream media completely ignore this story?

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. He is lower than a maggot!!!

        • And what’s more, no maggot would ever eat any part of him. Because there’s some things even maggots won’t do

        • Agreed, Sgt!

          Every time I look at his pathetic pencil arms, I just wanna snap em like toothpicks!

          Classic beta male pajama boy ?

          • Why even give him a forum? Just my opinion. Trekker Out

        • It’s a shame the little punk snowflake wasn’t closer to the action that day in Parkland.

          He’s just another hypocrite leftist.

          If he thinks reducing the population is so great, he should volunteer to be one of those he thinks should be eliminated…..to save the environment of course.

          I must admit….the environment would be much better off without shreds of human debris like David Hogg.

      2. But….but….but…..David Hogg loves the children. That d-bag and his parents are a cancer to the planet. Deep state much? I think so.

      3. Hogg and the rest of the antigun lobby need to be VERY VERY CAREFUL what they wish for. Someone will end up celebrating THEIR demise. It won’t end well for the antigun lobby.

        • So far, the opposite seems to be what is happening.

          • Oh?
            Is that why more Ar and Ak platform eifles have been sold in the last few weeks than ever before?

            • Nailbanger, it looks like David Hogg and the rest of those stupid kids will become good gun salespeople. Every time anyone from the antigun lobby mouths off their usual BS they hope to discourage anyone else from buying guns or scare us into voluntarily giving up what we already have. But the exact opposite occurs every time. We ain’t giving up shit.

        • TDBh, I think you just predicted that little Hogg insect’s end. Someone eventually is going to swat him flat. And to be honest, I will not shed a tear. The best I’d go towards celebrating is a heartfelt – “oh well, he’s gone, no great loss (and actually a small improvement over the whole of things)”.

          • Heartless, I’m still at the BOL until this weekend. This morning I had a picture of Hogg and that stupid lesbian Emma Gonzalez on a target. I emptied a whole 25-round mag from my 10/22 into their images. At least I was able to let off some steam and still smiled, LOL.

      4. This kid has a head full of Parrots.

      5. Now if only we could get these Mosquitoes to bite liberals.

        • Now that you mention it, mosquitoes especially go after high blood sugar and those people, who don’t smell like the outside — those who are least resilient.

      6. The Hogg persona is a crisis actor and “useful idiot” of the deep state crime network.

        • According to Bezmenov, radicals are no longer allowed, in the normalization stage.

          • I don’t think we’re at the period of normalization yet. They’re still in crisis mode.

      7. Since mosquitoes disproportionately kill more third-worlders than first-worlders, we can assume he is also racist.

        Shame, racist mosquito-lover!

        Why are we still talking about this kid?

      8. Just another POS libtard,
        Hogg needs to have an accident

        • Nailbanger, AMEN to that one.

        • Why is that little faggot still breathing?

      9. “Hoggs”, what an appropriate name. I’m guessing his father, supposedly also going by the same name, “Hoggs”, is a name changer.

        The fbi aka Feebee, well it’s just a game, isn’t it.

        It’s intended to keep you scarred to death. These dip shits want you afraid of even a little bitty mosquito.

        Look up what herbs and oils repel mosquito. Then use them in the evening during high mosquito infestations. Get rid of water pools where mosquito lay eggs.


      10. #littlehitlerbastard

        • Totally Wrong!
          What you see and experience is the OPPOSITE! This is the evil JewWorldOrder Hitler warned is against. Why don’t you understand this?

      11. “In other posts, Hogg repeatedly discusses his inability to get a girlfriend and in one instance refers to girls as bitches.”.
        Any girl with two brain cells to rub together would give this narcissist little prick a very wide berth

        • ZW, any girl who wants Hogg is super desperate. So he calls girls bitches and wonders why he can’t get one? Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix #stupidlibturddavidhogg, LOL.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart, LOL so true.

          • I do not know of any female of the non-prog type that would even be interested in a kid with 7″ biceps and a misshapen head

      12. MO mo les e mosquito just let me eat my burrito. Flying blood sucking injectors kill a million a year? I hate to swat a mosquito on my leg filled with blood. They cling to the open window screen at dusk in droves trying to get in for a meal. But crickets are more annoying chirping like a bat out of hell. Search and destroy mission.

      13. Then, guns should be good for the environment.

      14. That mother fucking HOGG so deserves to HANG!!!! Wake your asses up people!! When is enough, going to be enough with ALL of this garbage and destruction of civil rights and liberties? I am ready to go on the offensive – we have to stop the shit once and for all guys.

      15. Danger, ALERT, ALERT – WE are under full assault and our rights are being trampled upon!!!! Now is the time for ACTION.

      16. Hogg is a wanabe……they will soon back away from this rube. He will be a ball and chain around the necks of the left.

      17. David Hogg is one of “The Boys From Brazil”……Hitler’s clone

      18. I will never cease to be amazed at the scope of stupidity of some so-called Amerikans, they follow George Soros and Michael Bloomberg like a group of Lemings into the sea. These two must be so proud of the ‘people’ that their money has boughten them. Seems to remind me of a Avocado and toast eating Judas, who all must have the same hair cut, with a little beard and most notably sport ‘tats’ that look as though they were done in a prison environment. All in the name of individuality, how, pray tell can you be an individual when you look as though you are dressed to attend a Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany meeting with David Hoog leading the pack of wolves and dogs (sorry to all real dogs).

        Today, they want to take away your guns, yet with the coming economic collapse and yes it is coming, they will be the first to demand that you protect them from the ilk that makes up their own platform, their baseless group of Quislings.

        It appears that the time is rapidly approaching for all good Americans to rise up and let their voices be heard, Enough of this madness, Yes, there is near constant flow of despicable excuses for what we know as human-beings, who have fallen through our societal cracks of our system. Yes, we must all work to stop this flow of senseless gun violence, yet we must do so without violating the rights of all good Americans who do not seek to do harm to themselves nor others.

        So how do we arrive at such place where we begin to address these problems…certainly not with a group of spiteful, hateful young people at the helm.

        Recently, David Hoog was quoted as saying ‘that mosquitos are good for mankind because they kill billions of humans and spare the environment.’ Do you want this obviously mental disturbed young person to possess a firearm, I certainly do not, moreover would you desire to have this same young person rule over your life.

        It appears that perhaps 98% of all senseless shootings are done by Millennial’s to Millennial’s, yes, perhaps we need to address to root of this problem. Yes, it is Millennial’s, I my humble opinion 98% of them are in need of mental health counseling for a vast number of obvious reasons.

        Simply banning handguns and rifles will not solve the problem, in the book, “Lord of the Flies,”they didn’t have guns to utilize, yet they found numerous ways to seek out violence and the domination of their fellow man (children actually).

        I for one do not wish to live on this ‘Island of Flies’ that this current group of gun bashers
        would have us do. Something tells me that THEY would end up ‘Lording it over us all’ in the name of peace. A piece of this and a piece of that, mostly your freedoms in the name peace.

      19. The Lions just sit and watch as the Hyena’s keep irritating them. And one day, GROWL it is over.

      20. Hey everyone, let’s be nonviolent here, ok?

        Not to excuse his prejudice(s), let us first let’s recognize that this young man got pounded with propaganda (new world order/globalist nonsense) for years and then bought it hook, line, and sinker. OR, he was brainwashed against his will.

        Second, instead of making threats against him, why not research what makes young people like him so vulnerable to propaganda?

        Third, let’s recognize that like the Batman movie theater shooter whose father (and grandfather) worked for DARPA, this young man, too, has a father who was employed by the government (the FBI).

        Lastly, however fantasy-based, harming or doing away with young Mr. Hoggs does not do away with the potential darkness that can “afflict” other young people, the same way that doing away with guns does not extinguish the evil in men’s hearts that can manifest in even more destructive ways. (Hitler is a prime example.)

        I get that many here are outraged at Hoggs, I understand that. Your feelings are valid.

        But unless we learn to take the energy behind our disgust, contempt, and anger and channel it creatively to speak truth to weaken and then stop the darkness so that others (including adults) don’t fall under his misinformed sway, we risk becoming part of the crap we deplore and despise.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “I have met the enemy, and he is us.” – Pogo

        • Hitler did nothing wrong.
          Your bad writings about Hitler is a brainwashed lie, just as you refer to in your other writings.

      21. This little bunk bitch and the rest of his wuss bag male companions are the reason Russia and China are kicking their chops! In 20 years they will take this country without firing a shot. These cowards will look for safe spaces and therapy pets when they roll up on our shores. The men who graduated in late 80’s to early 90’s will be so old they won’t count on us giving them much of a fight.

      22. This little punk bitch and the rest of his wuss bag male companions/generation are the reason Russia and China are kicking their chops! In 20 years they will take this country without firing a shot. These cowards will look for safe spaces and therapy pets when they roll up on our shores. The men who graduated in late 80’s to early 90’s will be so old they won’t count on us giving them much of a fight. They better plan on staying out of one West Virginia hollow is all I got to say….

      23. I mean, they’re not wrong. Humans are horrible for the environment haha.

      24. Davisgreen111 is one of the listed and identified names used by Internet Research Agency. In other words the Russian troll farm.
        You guys will believe the dumbest things without even checking.
        This username, along with almost 3000 other usernames was just identified a few days ago. Now and there’s a website anyone can go to verify.

      25. Hay, get this kid,baby, a brown cap, shirt, and brown draws to play out the part with his raised fist.Hitler and the left will love it.

        • You don’t understand anything. Hitler has nothing to do with this.
          It is the OPPOSITE; Joos Are in charge and they are behind this. That raised arm is a commie fist! And as you should know; the Joos are and was behind communism.

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