Database Shows What Military Equipment Your Local Police Department Has Been Stockpiling

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Headline News | 203 comments

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    There’s no doubt that domestic law enforcement agencies on every level have been ramping up their militarization efforts in recent years. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that it has prompted Senator Rand Paul to call for a demilitarization of domestic police departments. “The images and scenes we continue to see in Ferguson resemble war more than traditional police action,” notes Paul in a recent article.

    We know that the Department of Homeland Security has been buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, military grade rifles, armored vehicles, riot gear and a host of other supplies. But local police stockpiles have remained fairly hidden from the public, save for the brief peeks we get during mass policing actions like those in Ferguson, Missouri over the last week.

    But if you’re interested in what your local county has been stockpiling compliments of The Department of Homeland Security, a database from the military’s Defense Logistics Agency can help.

    The Law Enforcement Support Office, under the 1033 program authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act, helps local police departments obtain military equipment for use in their cities. As reported by The Detroit Free Press, over 8,000 participating agencies have taken advantage of LESO offerings from the U.S. military and DHS since the program’s inception:

    This law allows for the office to transfer excess Department of Defense property to law enforcement agencies across the United States and its territories.

    Since its inception, the 1033 program has transferred more than $5.1 billion worth of property.

    In 2013 alone, $449,309,003.71 worth of property was transferred to law enforcement.

    Simply choose your State and your County and you’ll have complete access to see how well militarized your local and county police departments are.


    Click here to launch the database in a new window for easier viewing.
    (Secondary Link to Database Here)

    You may or may not be surprised to find everything from mine resistant vehicles and grenade launchers to night vision goggles and high powered assault rifles.

    As an example of the heavy militarization efforts of domestic law enforcement agencies, The Detroit Free Press utilized the LESO database to see what Michigan police have been up to in recent years:

    A Free Press review of items transferred from the military since 2006 shows Michigan law enforcement agencies have received 17 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles or MRAPs, built to counter roadside bombs; 1,795 M16 rifles (5.56mm), the U.S. military’s combat weapon of choice; 696 M14 rifles (7.62 mm); 530 bayonet and scabbards; 165 utility trucks; 32 12-gauge, riot-type shotguns; nine grenade launchers; and three observation helicopters.

    James Quinn of The Burning Platform did a similar investigation into his local area and found that cops in his county of Montgomery, Pennsylvania now have a $733,000 mine resistant vehicle and a $245,000 armored personnel carrier. “I sure hope they will be able to clear all the land mines in my upper class suburban county,” notes Quinn.

    The U.S. government has long been war-gaming large-scale economic collapse scenarios and civil unrest simulations, leaving many Americans wondering if they know something we don’t.

    Use the LESO database above to find out what they’ve been stockpiling and what you can expect to see in your local neighborhood if the worst happens.



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      1. Local Law Enforcement.

        Giving SUV a whole new meaning.

        • Welp! RINO season has come and gone in Wyoming, and as in most parts of the country it’s not the politicans we should blame, it’s we the people that complain about them, and then run right down to the voting booth and put the same old encumbents back in office. All you preppers and patriots better not think for one minute that we’re in the Majority. Trekker Out.

          • Did anybody bag one?

            • i think that what happened in Ferguson is a tragedy, but it is truly a blessing in disguise. if it wasn’t for what happened in Ferguson all of the sheelpe that only follow major media would have never realized how militarized the local law enforcement have become. even cnn was forced to speak about how militarized local law enforcement have become and how they haven’t seen anything like that since they have been over in Iraq.

              while it is on everyone mind i say that it is the perfect time to call for the demilitarization of local law enforcement. or at the very least the stop or slowing down of it. instead of always disagreeing with major media we should learn to use major media when it works to our benefit.

              • You’re right, OGK. Had a guy (that I’d been warning for years about the police state) tell me Monday that I was right, and that he couldn’t believe how militarized the police had become.

                It’s takes some people a long time to wake up. Ferguson seems to be the coffee needed for many.

              • Your point is very important. I am 100% into non-violence, and the death of this young Michael Brown is a tragedy. (He appears to have been a thug, but I was pretty dumb at his age, too. Here is where some good may come out of this sad situation:

                a.) As you note, the sheeple are now aware of the militarization of the police. I have two close friends who are retired police (one a senior IL. state trooper) who are wonderful, constitutionalist, freedom-loving men), and want them safe. BUT, we do not need our police with with tanks, a billion or so hollow point bullets and – what the heck – give em a couple hundred Abrams tanks, an F-16 squadron and, hey! let’s thrown in a couple tactical nukes, just in case they are needed.

                b.) On the other side, it appears Mr. Brown was a thug, a robber, a gangsta rap wannabe, and a product of a black culture that has **no fathers around**. (Don’t worry… whites are right behind in this, and the fraud of gay “marriage” – where the average “marriage” – according to a study by Xiridou, et al, has freaking EIGHT outside sexual relationships PER YEAR (try that in YOUR marriage and see how long it lasts!) So, the sheeple see that this guy came from a bad family situation, may now have been high on pot, etc. Even more, vile,corrupt Fast & Furious Eric H and his crew feel constrained by their Al Sharpton race baiting politics to support the anti-gov’t, anti-police militarization side – *the very side all the other people in this corrupt administration are supporting.* So who wins? The police militarization side, or the race baiting, anti-militarization side? No doubt they’ll try to find some middle ground, but the horse may be out of the barn now for the fascist left, and a LOT of people from all sides, and all races, are NOT going to want police militarization, nor do they NOT want to see fatherless thugs running rampant. This MAY argue for people wanting to get back to what we used to have, and what the constitution mandates, a limited police force. It may also help draw attention to the fact that traditional marriage is critical to the survival of this (or any society), thus exposing the fraud of faux gay marriage.

                • ‘bad family situation’
                  that is a point of opinion, not a fact. not your family… you don’t know what he ‘came from’.
                  last time i checked when you raise your hands, it means ‘don’t shoot, i give up’.
                  he got shot anyway.
                  that is what should worry you…
                  to rationalize why and stamp it his fault.. well… no wonder the thinking is gone the direction it has…
                  hole up and hide?… then don’t complain of fear and fault… my thoughts, we’ll see if they remain.

              • I completely agree – tragic, but a blessing at the same time!

            • The County Mounties in my area got a
              new coffee machine and donut maker.

            • Like I have mentioned in Various articles. WHEN Massive SHTF, the DHS and LEO’s will be so over-whelmed by the 99% unprepared and masses creating chaos. Just look at the LEO resources are being sucked into the Ferguson Nightly Rioting of just a few square blocks. They Hoodlums are keeping this force quite busy as we can see. So if Martial Law is in place, I just don’t think the Government will have the resources to go out and go house to house confiscating guns. I believe LEO’s will be protecting main infrastructure from being burned down, like public buildings, Dams, utility companies, water dept, Nuke plants, City Hall, courts, the jail and police depts. This is where you place signs all over town saying free food at the Police Dept or Free Obama Working phone at City Hall. Use these rioters to our advantage by funneling their rampage at the DHS. You just better be well prepared with your Guns and plenty of ammo to defend yourself from these same Looters. Stay Safe and Let er’ Rip!!

              • When SHTF Ill be just sitting tight and staying right here at home,,
                the neighbors will be laughing at me wondering what the hell Im doing filling what looks giant hogwire baskets/walls full of dirt around my house,,
                Ill say raised beds, so they are 8′ high! I like growing stuff with big roots!

                • For as bad as the media is on this, they still don’t want to publicize that violence has spread to surrounding towns, like St. Louis. These are the words of another commenter living in St. Louis:

                  “My front light is on, and its blue. And yes, I do live in St. Louis, the most racist city in the world right now. Just so no one is confused by my statement or actions, Im cocked, locked, and ready to rock, because I have to be, not because I want to be. No where near a “protest” and got 30+ Black men setting off car alarms and throwing rocks, walking right in the middle of the street, stopping every car, screaming at the white people only, letting the blacks cross and recruiting. Have not had to load my weapon until I moved into this city, and now im glad I stocked up on ammo. Sad to say, but as I placed my legal fire arms next to every window, my wife, who is black/Asian mix(sexy as h$ll) says to me, ” baby, get your armor, im taking our daughter to the basement” … We called the police 190 mins ago. these “protesters” are still right out front, now with cars blocking the street, bumping the bass, throwing beer bottles, its a block party. Whats worse is that I can see the cops down the block, doing nothing.”

                  • F’ng disgraceful what is going on! Common sense is out the window for most of the population. Grievance merchants stirring up those without a foundation – easy prey – all of whom we need to avoid like the plague. No one is going to save the day – I sure don’t see any leaders of character; and for this family, the SHTF.

                    The crescendo is building and it isn’t pretty.

                  • Silver,do what you have to to protect family,but be friggin careful,I hope for you and the rest of the country that this while not forgotten or shelved becomes a calmer/take a deep breath situation for everyone,take good care of yourself and family and hope to hear from you soon on board in calmer times.

            • Hate to say it Old Coach. But the RINO’s kept on charging, they seem to be the ones the sheeple like, the incumbents. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • MT , The biggest problem is that the people that do most of the complaining , never get out and vote.
            Around here , the only people that show up to be counted are the old folks , and they will vote straight party lines every time.
            The so called “informed” voters dont bother , so we have the same rino’s back in office season after season.
            18% turnout ? The few deciding the vote because everyone else is too damn lazy . So be it..

            • Too Lazy or just don’t give a shit anymore.

              • MT

                I don’t know your county, but in Big Horn, they gave us more weapons than we have sheriff’s deputies (not counting non-combatant personnel such as jail guards, cooks, clerks, etc.) And a bunch of vehicles, including a mine resistant vehicle. That MRap used to be stored in the parking lot of the municipal building, but I haven’t seen it lately. They must have hidden it. There is a special meeting later this month to address citizen concerns about our militant police dept.

                BTW, I know what a .45 caliber pistol is, but what (how large and destructive) is a 7.62 mm rifle?

                Our election was yesterday and it looks like Miles Foley is our new mayor. He wants to stop the militarization of our police dept. Our current police chief, Brenner, is the one who thinks he and his officers are Rambo. Last year he actually arrested Foley and his partner because his liquor license had expired a few hours before and his new one was still in the mail. It was big news. What do you think the chances are that he will keep his job? I think he knew he would lose his job, so he is running as an Independent for Sheriff. He didn’t get enough signatures to be on yesterday’s primary ballot.

                • Everyone’s worried about those new toys the cops are getting, especially those MRAPs. Anyone who’s been in the military can tell you that equipment is only as good as it’s weakest points or parts and are always subject to countermeasures. Bulletproof vests to stop bullets, trauma-plates for high powered bullets, the list goes on. Some police departments are buying special lenses because people are using hand-held lasers (counter measure) against them, temporarily blinding the cops at night. High powered .5-1.0 million candle power hand held flood lights also wreak havoc on night vision along with those hand lasers. But my favorite cop toy is armored vehicle. It can only be used on hard surface roads and on fairly flat terrain. It can’t be used in tight spots, rough or soft roads, and where their vision is obscured (brushy or congested areas). Paintballs will blind them on the sides and they are subject to ‘tank traps’. Any small trench dug into the ground, camouflaged of course, and the wheels and axles get stuck when they drive into it rendering it a big hot box. And these are subject to ambush as well. They fill and empty their crews from one door in the back (choke point). Two shooters can set up a crossfire situation at the exit and again, turn it into a big hot box. They’d have to call for backup and air support. Like I’ve said before, when 1,000+ federal, state, and local swat teams can’t find one severely injured teenager going door-to-door near Boston, I’m not all that worried. They had all the latest ‘whiz-bang’ gear possible and they failed miserably.

                • The 7.62x51mm NATO is nearly identical to the .308 Winchester round. It is a common NATO round that guns such as the FN FAL, AR-10, and M14 rifles all use. It can fire a 147grain round at 2700+fps

                  • Thank you.

              • No one believes in the system anymore. I don’t. A reset must be had in order to do two things. 1. Bring the attention of the people back to reality and two bring the politicians back into line that they work for the people and not vice versa.


              • We really NEED all that military equipment. (sarc) Last week our local paper’s police reports included the following:

                A concerned citizen reported a dead squirrel in the street. An officer was sent to remove it.

                Two car vs. deer accidents.

                Loud music.

                Barking dogs (who had stopped barking by the time police arrived.)

                Dog at large. (Fortunately they were able to capture the runaway and return him to his owner without having to use those weapons.)

                Ambulance assist.

                Brush fire.

                Vehicle parked on the wrong side of the street. (The officer told the vehicle owner not to do it again.)

                The most serious incident was a masked man spotted in the town park who drove away in a green car. Police were unable to locate the man, the car, or the mask.

                Yep. We really need all that military equipment!

                • Yeah we want our MayBerry RFD back again. Maybe Sheriff Andy Taylor could talk some sense into these cities, of how to handle people. Its communication and talking not a SWAT Team busting down doors shooting dogs and throwing Flash Bangs in Baby cribs. And now that county in Georgia refuses to pay for the medical bills of that poor baby that got its face burned from the flash bang. And the LEO cowards keep stating they would do the same thing again if given the choice over a bag of pot. See where the disconnect from any rationality is here with today’s Psychopath LEO’s. Yes I would love to see all PD stripped of all their Military hardware. F-n Cowards hiding behind Tanks and MRAPS.

                • Park county next to us (which is MUCH bigger) only got 7 rifles.

                  • Once on the DLA website, where do you go to find your county???

                  • Mighty Mouse,

                    Don’t go to the link that says, “Defense Logistics Agency.” Go down a little farther on this page to the large box that says, “Click here to launch.” That doesn’t work for me either, but just below it there is a “Secondary Link to Database.” When I clicked on that one, I got a screen that box with a pull down list of states and counties.

                • I live outside of the second largest city in Illinois. There is no answer to the gang problem here which breeds the drug/prostitution/violent turf war problems that just get worse each year. Murders are up, violent crime is up….all that military equipment doesn’t seem to be putting much of a dent in the crime here. It’s a powder keg waiting to explode. Best we can do – prep, store, repeat. No Mayberry here!

            • Voting is useless. Things won’t change no matter who we elect.

            • The vote is rigged by vote flipping software. That is why they use the electronic booths now. DUH… Our vote no longer applies…

              • Barn Rat & Thomas P. Yeah Voting doesn’t count? Tell that to Eric Cantor. lol One thing guaranteed, if you don’t Vote, nothing changes for sure. Just VOTE Them ALL OUT. These embedded lifetime politician cockroaches need to go.

            • VOTE? WHY? vote for the lesser evil. There hasn’t been isn’t now and likely will never be a viable political ballot box solution. The parasites have learned to vote money & good from the public coffers. All the canditates are the same. Wake up quit being a denialist. Its over the USA is in decline. Voting is futile. PS ive voted in almost ever election since I was old enough. I missed a couple of school board elections. All voting does is give me the right to complain about the elected parasites.

            • Vote, shmote.. what difference does it make? Are the Crips and Bloods better than another maffia group? A gangster is a gangster is a gangster.

          • Most people just run their mouth , why should we as Americans run from our homes, we need to stand and fight. Show up to vote ,go to the open city meetings ,be seen and heard.

            • “Most people just run their mouth ”

              I’ve found most are armchair patriots. When I try to get people involved in fighting back I get a lot of talk and no action. This is why we no longer vote (its useless) and as far as going to open meeting, ain’t going to happen. With all the Libtards secretly hiding everywhere we are already on enough lists (ask anyone if they voted Ocommie they never admit it). The commie’s are more numerous than you my think. We believe only a war will change the direction of our country since they have killed God and returning to his moral authority is no longer possible in US.

              • The problem is that, if it is indeed true that they have “killed God” so to speak, any war will put you on the losing side of history. For it is still the will of the people that would rule after a revolution and that will will be atheist, not Judeo-Christian. That is unless you intend to install a theocracy to force a particular faith on the populace. Doing so would only lead to another revolt against the shaky, new government that would emerge after the war.

          • Mountain Trekker you couldn’t be more correct. I went to give blood the other day and the bitch that performed the draw I eventually found out was an ultra Libtard 100% OK with government snipers sent out against Americans.

            • I run into the same thing all the time, too. Just utterly IGNORANT leftists. But, if we can bite our tongues, we need to try to Socratically get these folks to think. Mostly it doesn’t work, but sometimes it does. I know MANY people who are ex-leftist/fascists, so it does work

          • Once again this is Mordacai the recovering prepper. Just was reading again about the curses put on those that rely on their own strength and false gods for their deliverance. This is a promise God once made to Cyrus. I often wondered about the old Christians and the widows. Will God forsake them? Or is He now inspiring many non believers to lay up caches for their future care. I must keep reminding myself that God is not the author of fear but of a sound mind. Philp tells us to think on whatsoever is good, etc., not focus on the negative. We are not of those that draw back to perdition…. We are in a spiritual battle. Our enemies are not these flesh and blood people but are spiritual enemies. God will not have people enter his kingdom that were saved through their own efforts.. Does this scripture indicate that God does in fact lead those who follow him to secret cashes?
            Isa 45:3
            “I’ll go ahead of you,
            clearing and paving the road.
            I’ll break down bronze city gates,
            smash padlocks, kick down barred entrances.
            I’ll lead you to buried treasures,
            secret caches of valuables—
            Confirmations that it is, in fact, I, GOD,
            the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.

            • Very good points. However, as you know, Proverbs talks about the fool not being prepared in several places. Paul talks about those not providing for their families being worse than infidels. Tell me, do you not go to work, and expect God to “just provide?” Do you have fire insurance on your home? When fall comes, do you not make any preparations for winter? Do you have zero preparations for those times that the electricity goes out after a storm? If you were a Christian in Germany and it was 1938, would you not make practical accommodations to the reality of Hitler’s ascent? And tell me, how do you think the $222 TRILLION Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff at Boston Univ says we have in unfunded liabilities will be paid off???? The reality is, that we need do to trust God – you are very, VERY correct there; but we also need to “row to shore” and we DO have “agency” as human beings. I really appreciate you keeping the CENTRALITY of God’s promises at the fore; however, I think this may be an incomplete understanding of the issue.

        • Just as an example of Waste of Federal Tax Payer Dollars. During the 2012 RNC Convention in Tampa, FL the City Received over $50 Million Dollars for security. $2.25 Million alone in security Cameras using facial recognition which has never been proven to work. The City Council officials were worried that after the RNC Convention that the cameras will remain and Tampa would become the SPY City forever. Yep sure enough the cameras were never removed. Here is part of an article that describes what Tampa Got for Weapons and after the convention they got to keep all of this Military Hardware. SO this too is a part of the Stockpiling of Military Gear. You would think after the convention Tampa should give the hardware back and pass it on to the next city holding a convention. This is all part of the MICM (Military Industrial Complex Mafia) Profiting off of Government Tax Payers fraud waste and abuse. And after all of this RON PAUL was banned for giving his speech at the convention. That is criminal against our Democracy.

          ARTICLE: What these cops don’t know is that no amount of whitewash can hide the dirty fact that in a time of recession, more than $50 million in federal taxpayer funds are being used to establish a virtual police state in downtown Tampa so that a few lucky Republicans, their corporate friends and courtiers can engage in what amounts to a giant pep rally and diamond-cuff-linked influence exchange at the expense of paralyzing the rest of the city, diverting local, state and even federal emergency services from real demands elsewhere.

          We’re told of course that the security risks involved in holding a major political convention require marshaling the expanse of our federal law enforcement and emergency resources via the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Secret Service, which is ultimately in command. This week, the Secret Service — which has plenty of recent experience with prostitutes — will oversee a convoluted web of state and local authorities, including up to 1,700 Florida National Guard troops, half of whom will be tasked with security and crowd control, according to reports.

          They will work with a team of 4,000 law enforcement and emergency personnel from Tampa and the surrounding jurisdictions. The police have been outfitted with millions of dollars in new communications equipment, “non-lethal” weapons, mountain bikes, SWAT gear, armored vehicles and uniforms. Some $2 million worth of new security cameras have been strategically placed throughout downtown Tampa. Afterwards, another $250,000 was spent on more cameras (thanks to the U.S. Department of Justice) for Sunday night’s “welcome” party at Tropicana Field. A nifty map of where all the cameras are can be found here.

          And don’t forget the police boats (including U.S. Coast Guard) that will “saturate” the area waterways, armed with “infrared cameras, skin divers and machine guns.” Meanwhile, helicopters like dragonflies will patrol the restricted air space ahead, providing another level of surveillance below. An 8-square mile security perimeter has been established around the Tampa Bay Forum, where the main events are being held, and you can be sure police are tightly restricting access to nearby buildings where other convention activities — happy hours, meet-and-greets, press conferences and forums — are taking place.

          Tampa ready for action
          As for drones, the government has vehemently denied an earlier report that United Drones would be providing unmanned aerial spy machines for the event, though the company promises it will be demonstrating its “ground vehicles” for all those liberty-minded Republicans during the convention.

          Although there has been no serious foreign or domestic terror threat or attack against any of the four conventions since 9/11, official security protocols demand that a spectacle this size — some 50,000 attendees, including delegates, political VIPs, media and merchants — be designated a National Special Security Event (NSSE). This apparently requires a massive, multi-level response that seems to get bigger and more intimidating with each passing convention.

          Full Article

          • You might be on to something. When Isreal was formed after WWII the british and US government gave them a lot of military war equip. the greedy Joos sold that equipt or their own enemies.

          • WWTI:

            Sure takes a lot of “protection” for most of the “dogs” attending that convention to feel safe, doesn’t it?

            If most of those people coming to Tampa for that Convention were true American patriots they wouldn’t need that kind of security.

            Who do those “big wigs” think they have to fear?

            You and I know, and most of the posters here know the answer to that. Their fear is that the public might accidentally awaken to the fact they are helping to dismantle this once great republic.

            At some point, in that “babble” we talk about, it says there will be an awakening, and then “woe unto them”. Hope we are both here to see it.

            Better buy rope now, as there will be a shortage of it in (I hope) the near future.

            • 550 Paracord or baling wire. lol

        • Militarizing domestic police could backfire on Jeh Johnson, Eric Holder and Obama (et al administration)

          Just like most of their plans.

          There are MANY oath keepers serving as 1st responders, all that war equipment may come in handy soon.

          I know many 1st responders, although competent, patriotic and dedicated, most are dumb as shit with regard Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros/Skull and Bones/UN/IMF/World Bank NWO globalist takeover. Clueless.

          Every effort should be made to educate and inform our first responders and military (while the decreasing numbers of military oathkeepers accelerates under Obama’s purge).

          That military equipment needs to be put for good use by patriots.


          The real story about ISIS:

          US fighter jets bomb ISIS artillery, ‘Washington only interested in splitting Iraq’


          ​ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op — RT Op-Edge –

          “soldiers handing over their weapons and uniforms peacefully to militants who ordinarily would have been expected to kill government soldiers on the spot.”

          “We are told that ISIS masked psychopaths captured “arms and ammunition from the fleeing security forces” – arms and ammunition supplied by the American government.”

          “The curious fact is that despite being on the US most wanted list since 2003, Douri has miraculously managed to avoid capture and now to return with a vengeance to retake huge parts of Sunni Iraq. Luck or well-placed friends in Washington?

          The financial backing for ISIS jihadists reportedly also comes from three of the closest US allies in the Sunni world—Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”

          “Key members of ISIS it now emerges were trained by US CIA and Special Forces command at a secret camp in Jordan in 2012, according to informed Jordanian officials.”

          “Very revealing is the fact that almost two weeks after the dramatic fall of Mosul and the ‘capture’ by ISIS forces of the huge weapons and military vehicle resources provided by the US to the Iraqi army. Washington has done virtually nothing but make a few silly speeches about their ‘concern’ …”

          Obama Asks For $500 Million To Equip Syrian Rebels As The ISIS …

 news/ 2014-06-26/ obama-asks-500-million-equip-syrian-rebels-isis-juggernaut-iraq-sprea ds

          … but just for the ‘moderate’ ISIS (so called ‘rebels’)

          •Did Obama purposely leave behind all those attack helicopters, tanks, military equipment and weapons when he US pulled our troops out of Iraq?

          Still Report #281 – Is Obama a Sunni?

          Egyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration

          by John Rossomando • Jan 3, 2013


          “An Egyptian magazine claims that six American Islamist activists who work with the Obama administration are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy.”

          Obama Releases 5 Of The Most Dangerous Taliban Commanders …

          • … get it yet?

          • CIA Director Alleged to have Converted to Islam said idea of Islamic Caliphate ‘Absurd’

            By Ben Barrack on August 18, 2014

            Two years prior to becoming CIA Director, during his tenure as Homeland Security Advisor in 2011, John Brennan stated emphatically that counterterrorism policies would not be based on a “feckless delusion” of an Islamic Caliphate, calling the idea “absurd”. Last year, in the weeks prior to Brennan being sworn in as CIA Director, former FBI […]

            Continue Reading

          • We will see, gdw, by how many green thumbs you get, how many here “get it”.

            1000+ to you for your truthful article.

            Once again the MSM is ramping up their rhetorical lies to pull us into WW3.

            Valerie Jarrett’s white house must be buzzing with AIPAC members, trying to figure out how to get the American public to “buy” into their scheme to obliterate anything left of the US and its constitution; get us involved in WW3, to bring about their One World Order through the UN. They can smell their victory.

            Get it yet?

        • What’s all this talk about high powered rifles? It’s not like there are low power rifles, which are safe!

          Just more BS to scare folks.

        • Bast—s just stole my SUV!! Was out of town, came back, discovered cops had given me a ticket June 30 telling me I had 30 days to remove my car (was parked on white line– which is legal parking place! No signs about the length of time you can park your car… I’ve parked it there many times and been gone for months with no problem!

          Anyhow, the damn towing company picked it up around July 30 and now they tell me they have “disposed” of my car. (Stolen it/sold it!)

          In the old days, they hung horse thieves because one’s horse was essential for one’s survival… when TSHTF, I will be the first to suggest we start doing the same thing to car “towing” companies, which come and get unsuspected person’s vehicles, charge a fortune to return it and in some cases simply SELL YOUR CAR!!

          This whole system SUCKS!!!!

        • cops preppng for dollar crash and nwo transition.

      2. Good information to know NOW…and later.

        I have personally seen desert Tan Bradleys and M-113 tracked carriers in areas where I have been.

        For an interesting view into the pictures of the equipment that is out there do an internet search using the below terms

        Sheriff M-113

        Watch all the images that come up. NOW…tell me this isn’t part of that ‘Security Force that is just as strong and well-funded’ that O’bungler crowed about back in July 2008. Go ahead… try.

        • A couple of generations ago police stockpiling would have been to safeguard against foreign invasion. Now……..well it is pretty obvious. IF the government was stockpiling to protect the country then the government would be encouraging the common citizen to also be stockpiling. Not with just firearms, but with plenty of food and supplies. There would be an elaborate civil defense system in place like what you see in countries like Switzerland. The government would be encouraging citizens to strengthen their neighborhoods and communities.

          Simple analysis, the government is stockpiling weapons to be used on their own people like some police state. North Korea, Iran, Cuba anyone. IF the government was our ally and friend then there would be signs of this. All I see is intimidation and strong arm tactics of tyrannical regrimes appearing everywhere. Police have to protect themselves against the total criminal scum. The way more and more police treat the good honest law abiding citizen is what is making this become too apparent the real agenda. Times sure have gotten ugly, something 25 years ago you would have thought only seen in science fiction movies. Why the 1% prepare, and then prepare that much harder for the total demise of humanity.

          • Y’know, the foreign invasion scenario doesn’t seem so farfetched, after I read that there’s apparently some jihadi wannabees, or maybe even real agents provocateurs slipped in over our open border with Mehicko, in Ferguson. One way to soften us up as a nation would be to ignite small civil wars, and the dry tinder for that is in the ghettos. We may actually be doing a good thing by prepositioning this light armor where it can be put in play quickly.

            I don’t for a minute think that the Halfrican has that scenario in mind, but it might play out against his expectations, if there’s enough Oath Keepers in the departments that are taking this stuff.

            Food for thought.

          • All this Military Hardware is not to protect you or I as citizens, this is to protect Law Enforcement and their personnel. Police have No obligation to protect your health and safety. They carry guns to protect themselves. The Public is their Enemy #1. Which end of the barrel do you more often see?

        • Good info article here.Next article should be one that shows how DHS dept has granted aprox 95% of ALL its several hundred Million dollars over the past few years now, to NON govnt. Jewish synagouges and other jewish owned orginizations!….Several online major webistes has had articles exposeing this fact. At least 95% of every single dollar DHS has for distribution to NON Govnt private orgs HAS gone to strictly jewish owned orgs and synagouges, for use in beefing up building and property security!

          Even though they represent less than 2% total population nationwide, jewish orgs gets over 95% of DHS Total appropriated Cash to give out as free Grants!

          I’d wager many other religious orgs that are NON jewish also ask for same type cash grants eh…I bet the others also have far greater population totals when compared to jewish owned or run orgs and synagouges eh.

          Maybe its due to total domination at every top level almost of jewish run DHS dept….

          • I see they let you out of your cell for some computer time there tg.

            • I see you have slithered up from the sewer for a little computer time, Anon.

              • granny, YOU are an EXPERT on sewer dwelling with your Nazi hero them guys. If there’s any justice in the world both of you would be flushed down the bowl.

            • ANONAMOUSE: Proves My infos correct in EVERY assinine reply he/she makes when following every post I put up here eh.

              Indeed in the past aprox 100 times anon replied to me or pissed off granny or JQP, every single time anaons reply is the Typical jewish whinney “victim” sort of reply that never ever provides ANY honest rebuke proof or info.

              Just be carefull there anonaMOUSE! be sure you do not get your Hookedshnozola nose so deep up your ass or some jews ass it gets stuck and impossible to remove it.

              Better you stick to just Kissing jew ass and keep that shnozola out of those asses eh, its what most of your type here does…The most experienced ones just kiss jewish ass and keep their noses out of it.

              • well tg, you’ve just proven your level of intelligence, congratulations! the fact is you and pissed on do nothing more than copy and paste from your favorite Nazi websites and try to tell everyone they are facts. Your BOTH the biggest fucking nutcases on this or ANY chatroom. If you can’t take the criticism, then you BOTH can shove it up your collective liver spotted old asses.

                • Cutting and pasting from my favorite Nazi site.

                  Oh, sure thing you comrade liar.

                  Jewish virtual library…….a tried and true Nazi website if I ever saw one.

                  However if you want any information on Hassadic Jews it is all there. Doubt it was written, staffed, or edited by any Nazis.

                  • Anon:

                    BTW, do you consider your attacks honest criticism?

                    You know you are a real coward. Dont see any of your attacks on WhoWuddaThunkIt, Jack O Hearts, etc. that seem to have the same opinion of the tribe that I do.

                    Try them on for size. See what a kind response you get from them. I will be waiting with bated breath. They will rip you a new ass.


                  • granny, you and them guys are the biggest cowards ANYWHERE in the world. You both hide on internet chat boards and spew filthy racist hatred. There’s a special place in Hell for you and your friends, enjoy it soon.

      3. 8 rifles in 6 years 5.56mm, 2 infrared aiming devices and a bunch of 2 way radios…I seriously don’t think my guys are much of a threat. The nieghbors are more militarized than my cops…its all good out here in the sticks.

        • Same sorta crap here, actually 0 in my county and were on an island, 3MRAP vehicles on Oahu, useless

          • same here on Kodiak . only about 60 miles from one end or the road system to the other . they have however purchased 5 rifles in the past 8 years . these boys got some catching up to do

            • Kodiak. And the Rifles are just to fight off the bears to get to the criminals. haha. Up there if you want to find your criminals go look at where the wood stoves are, as they will be huddled up keeping warm,..

            • And they probly would have been better off buying their rifles elsewhere! Cant imagine much use for M4 up there, maybe something in a .50cal but most critters including 2 legged just shrug off 5.56

          • LOL My county isnt even in the database for michigan.
            So i guess they didnt buy anything ?
            I voted down that millage for a reason. 🙂

        • Mine is 7 pages, including two helicopters and 5 grenade launchers. Urban areas will be a war zone. Sheesh.

          • orange co fl
            7 pages
            4 helicopters 3 grenade launchers and bunch of rifles and sights and 1 scooter?
            a scooter ?
            who in the hell gets a scooter

            • Thats the Police Commissioners rally mount lol.

            • Messenger or Recon

          • Can anybody tell me WTF Grenade launchers are for? Or are these the 37mm smoke grenade launchers mounted on SWAT Rifles? I picture these cannons mounted on 2 wheels pulled behind a jeep launching rockets miles away. Anybody have info on this?

            • WWD, just a guess but maybe they’ll kill bunch of folks and then use the Grenade launchers to pass baseball to the crowd as a PR showing the country the love that exist among LEO’s and their communities.

            • Nebelwerfer. 100×400 yard rectangular impact area, perfect for large free speech zones.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
              Comment ID: 3208592
              August 20, 2014 at 7:28 am Can anybody tell me WTF Grenade launchers are for? Or are these the 37mm smoke grenade launchers mounted on SWAT Rifles? I picture these cannons mounted on 2 wheels pulled behind a jeep launching rockets miles away. Anybody have info on this?

              Wild negroe rioting control.

          • My county has several generators, a “utility” truck (although at 25K cost it probably is), a couple of NVG’s and a crap load of 5.56 and 7.62 rifles.

            I know that the city that I live in has bearcat type vehicle. It was purchased a decade ago, during the 9/11hysteria, before this program came into full swing. They used to park it in the PD parking lot, but haven’t seen it there in a couple of years. It’s probably stashed out of sight in the Muni garage down the street from the PD.

            • Our county shows 0
              But i know they just bought a Bearcat 2 or 3 years ago and they buy M4 type rifles direct from manufacturers, but honestly live far enough away from the heavily populated areas that i dont care and hope they can handle whatever happens, i have my doubts just by sheer numbers

            • Our county is about the same except we have a tracked tank (no turret) instead of a bearcat parked in the PD parking lot. It has a broken track so I don’t think it will be much of a threat right now.

      4. I just looked up my state and town.


        Me thinks it is time to start religiously attending town meetings…especially around budget time. Thanks to that neat little lookup thingy above, I now have some serious questions.

        • I’d like to buy some of those .45 calibers for $58.00 each. Also 2 pages of rifles 556 and 762.

          • These .45 pistols. The standard sidearm is still the Beretta 9mm, nicht war? So, are these old, used pistols that have been hanging around since Vietnam? In what condition? Are the M16s worn-out obsolete junk from Desert Storm? I’m curious.

            • Coach,would gladly take a few of the older Colt .45’s,especially 70’s series!I do wonder before handed out as candy on Halloween if they go thru any armory for parts/tuneup ect.

      5. Our police department got a nice diesel emergency back up generator. I have no problem with that. The power goes out in big storms up here in the mountains.

      6. Um. The county I live next to and work in near central Indiana got 80 bayonets, 20 entrenching tools, 25K worth of night vision and dozens of 5.56 rifles. Good Lord.

        80 bayonets? Really?

        • hmmm,
          80 bayonets,
          what in the hell do cops need bayonets for???
          maybe they are thinking hog hunting??

          • I gots me a Bayonet and a Bayonet Lug for me’s rifle. When I runs outsa ammo, I slap on the blade and I stabs da bitches whens I sees the whites of de’ eyeballs. lol.

      7. WHAT IF:
        1: you are smart enough to prepare
        2: you are smart enough to see the truth
        3: you are smart enough to not be stuck
        4: you are smart enough to be able to survive with your family intact.
        5: you are smart enough to swing low
        6: you are smart enough to do all these things, are you going to be a part of the 5 million mentioned on those stones?
        I am becoming a big believer in that number for the sustainability of us on this planet in the long run.
        you can jew hate, or black or whatever, I really don’t see any difference. people are people, and we all use up what has been given.
        the oil that has been easily got, has been done. the rest will be fought for, one way or another.
        the only reason our population has gone so high is because of oil. and the depletion will be the lowering of us as well.
        it was a good ride, but we all pay the piper in the end.

        • I want to see the Blacks fighting the JEWS. Perfect City Wide Cage fight.

      8. as long as they need a state p.o.s.t. trained certified warm ALIVE body with working fingers to pull the trigger i’m cool with whatever the zog dhs traitorous lil’ piggies get.

        cause if they threaten my original U.S. Constitution BILL OF RIGHTS , I got something that’ll make them NOT ALIVE!

        so they can no longer USE THOSE now dead FINGERS to pull their triggers.


        • They’ve been threatening your Bill of Rights for a generation now.

          What have you done? Besides spewing Jew-hating lies, that is. How many of “them” have you made “not alive”?

          • “Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down.”

            ― Malcolm X

          • “The struggle for world domination will be fought entirely between us, between Germans and Jews. All else is facade and illusion.

            Behind our enemy England stands Israel, and then France, and then the United States.

            Even when we have driven the Jew out of Germany, he remains our world enemy.”

            – Rauschning, Adolf Hitler

          • Graf-you mean like the Jews destroying our 2nd Amendment rights? The Joo Rats need to be eradicated from our shores. Take Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, Polosi, Levin, Lieberman, and that other Joo loving Shill Graham and ship them out of the country.

            • Most of those you name already have somewhere to go, WWTI. Most of those snakes hold duel citizenship with Israelie, while pretending to care about America’s best interests.

              Just a little “aside”. You cannot believe in Jesus Christ and be a citizen of Israel. Supreme Court of Israel decision. So much for the Judeo-Christian bullshit being foisted on us from those false preacher/teachers that you support with your hard earned money in their collection plates.

              • As opposed to pissed on granny, the biggest god damned religious nutcase to ever post on the internet. Yeah, you’ve got a LOT of credibility you old hillbilly.

                • Proof positive that what I state is truth. You wouldn’t have your “commie red panties” in such a wad if it wasn’t the truth now would you, you little communist troll.

                  Most posters check to see if what someone is posting is truth, you small brained weasel.

                  Does Israel have a law that you cannot reside there if you believe in Jesus? Was it a Supreme Court of Israel decision? Check out jewishvirtuallibrary dot com for the Jews answer to that.

                  Is there dual citizens of Israel in our Congress and Senate? Put the question in your search engine. You will find that statement to be true; along with a list of who they are.

                  Your stupid frenzied attacks on me are part of the Communist manifesto. You have learned it well. “If you cant attack the message, attack the messenger”.

                  None of your blathering, babbling attacks will stop me from posting truths Anon…..

                  Somehow I feel I deserve a trophy from you, I have never been stalked by a communist idiot before.

                  • One of the very First things we guys learned back at aprox age of 5yrs old in Detroit was…”The ONLY good Kommie…IS a DEAD Kommie!” along with also…”I’d rather be dead than to ever go RED!”

                    This anonaMOUSE character sure seems to prove those older anti kommie slogans still hold the Same truth as they did back during the “Fraud” fake Cold war era eh!

                    ps: It took us all another 40-45 yrs to finally learn that the Major bunch of kommie leadership and inventors of kommieism were…jewish…Thats due to the massive hold and total control of EVERY means of info media and MSM TV/Radio/jewspapers and magazines nationwide in the usa that the same kommies jews possess ever since 1920’s with newspapers, radio next, TV soon as was invented…Hollyjewood has Always been a major propaganda outlet under total jewish control…They just used to use white actors to confuse folks…Today most white actors male and female has been replaced with jewish actors and of course the “Nobel Savage Blacks”.

                    Most ignorant whiteys never even notice that change over from almost all white actors into close to a total jewish actor dominated hollywood movies…TV’s exact Same too.

                    Get paper and pencil, view EVERY major tv news show on every channel you get…Mark down in Two collums how many whites in one collum VS how many jewish folks are on nightly, daily, 24/7 TV news shows…CNN & Faux tv may have the most of all stations shows!

                    A Normal days tv news shows has one show per hour usually, with each show haveing from 4-6 persons in seperate squares on the talmudvision set…ONE is usually a white or black person, with remaining 3-5 folks jewish.

                    MSNBC Stock market station is Loaded up with 5% whites, a few blacks now and then, and a whopping 95% jewish commentators daily 24/7…DENY That all you in denial here!…..Meanwhile these nation wrecker Khazars tribe reprsent a grand total of LESS than 2% total usa POP!

                    Prove That wrong anonaMOUSE you idiot kommie..

                  • well tg, all I can say to YOU and pissed on is THE ONLY GOOD NAZI IS A DEAD NAZI! Hopefully both of you will be institutionalized before either one of you freaks out and becomes dangerous to the general public.

              • Granny, please don’t tell anyone else that you’re a Christian.

                • Be sure to tell everyone you are a judeo-Christian Grafique; that way they will know you do not tell the truth.

                  • Says the biggest God damned liar on the planet! And no, you will NOT be getting the award you THINK you deserve unless they present it to you in the nutcase ward.

      9. The transfer of real estate ownership took place a long time ago. No one owns owns anything these days. Look at your deed. You are listed as a tenant. There is no property ownership anymore. Prove me wrong. We have all be had. Wake up Americans! Look up Allodial title. Do you have Allodial title for your property?

        • Tenant? I just did and I’m not. But then I have no mortgage. Did that just once. Never again.

          • Depends on your state what you are called. If you have a mortgage, be careful of states that use Deeds of Trust. What those are are actual deeds to the Public Trustee. If a mortgage company wants to foreclose, they don’t have to serve you with a summons and complaint; they just go to the public trustee and ask for the property to be handed over to them.

        • I own several parcels of land all bought & paid for. The word tenant is no place on any of them.

        • Yeah, Ideas Time, and they just came and stole my car too! Damn, this system sucks!!!


        Jaws of Loot.

        • A few questions for the down-voters:
          Do you believe the same people driving the MRAPs through your neighborhoods will be using these to peel your butt out of the car they just crushed while you were in it?
          Do you think these people will ask you for your safe combo, or where your keys are at? Or that they will believe that you have nothing in your safe?
          Have you ever seen a SWAT team fumble for ten minutes with a ram while breaching a door? I have.
          These jaws will shred your reinforced doors, windows, safes, and anything else you put between yourself/property and them with little to no effort.

          • I don’t understand why they’d red thumb you AZ. The truth is, LEOs have no other business with “The Jaws”, than breaching security. Peeling people out of wrecked cars is usually the fire dept’s job, not LEOs.

      11. Considering the negroe problems in Fergueson MO……this equiptment is not enough. I see no flame throwers, nerve gas, hand grenades,napalm that are needed for ghetto riot supression.

        • Slick one. The LEO’s know the Whole World is watching Furguson right now, so they are not breaking out the real tools they have hidden Just in Case, but you know they are handy if needed.

      12. My county (Jefferson, Colorado) had 10 pages of stuff that just scared the hell out of me. I’m afraid to see what Denver had listed. I have some serious questions as to why 90% of the gear listed is in the hands of local police.

        So much for protect and serve. They need to change it to enslave and punish.

        • They have all that stuff because when TSHTF that area will be one big death trap, I would bet its more for protecting themselves than for going after criminals or terrorist,

      13. Holy crap! I couldn’t count how many 5.56 rifles they bought for the low, low price of $120 or $499! (3 pages worth!) Plus, a mine resistant vehicle, multiple helicopters and oodles more goodies. Scary. Btw… does anyone know where I can get a 5.56 rifle for $120? I’d back up the truck.

        • Winston,

          I am not sure they paid anything for this equipment. I heard the feds were giving it away. They are reporting VALUE, not purchase price.

      14. 17 pages of stuff in my county.
        I stopped when I seen the listings for all the bayonets and knives…that was enough to give me a little insight

      15. I found the contributions to my county interesting, they obviously have more guns (5.56) but I deal in 7.62 Nato/308 and since my PBArmor is rated higher I’ll take my chances with my bigger rounds.

        Come and take them!

        • My county has two pages of 7.62 rifles.

      16. Well no sinister purchases in my area..however not everything is going to be on this list! I live in a farming county and we now have a swat team… There has only been 2 or 3 times this county may of needed a swat team in a decade. Kind of ticked me off, so I went to the Sheriff. I asked why do we need one, who is paying for them, where did they come from and what is his postion on gun control. Assuming he wasn’t lieing, he said donations pay for them, they are locals and we wanted a swat team so if something happens we don’t have to call in a team from somewhere else. I’m fine with that (if its all the turth), he said he belives in the right to bare arms. I admit if I was Sheriff I would of done something similar. I’d sit up a volunteer police or Cizten defense force, bring in ex swat, vets to train them, give them Armored personnel carriers. Then I’d arm them to the teeth with 223, 50cal, 20mm rifles… even if I had to pay out of my own pocket.

        • The sad thing is that rural places aren’t what they used to be. If you get a large scale meth operation or other drug cartel activity started in your area it may well take such a team to deal with it. After all, they look for locations with soft enforcement so that they can go undetected. Still, I don’t like it because I understand where it may lead in the future. If life has taught me anything it’s that if the infrastructure and technology are in place for something to happen then it eventually will happen. There are too many humans with little to no morals out there for it not to happen, statistically speaking.

        • The govt. Wants total control over EVERY aspect of our lives, they want to know about every move we make, where we are,where we go, what we do when we get there, they are watching and they are tracking you! (Cell phone, onstar, credit cards, now your cash!) they monitor your internet and probably are watching right now through your webcam! And don’t think for a second that they can’t watch you through the TV your looking at, they send a signal to your cable box, don’t be stupid enough to think they can’t receive one too! Those of us who don’t fall into line like SHEEP, are questioned, investigated, harassed, AND if that is not enough for these NAZIS, They WILL ULTIMATELY KILL YOU! Make NO misteak about that!! Our backgrounds are checked, our piss and shit are analyzed before we can even get work!!?? What the fuck is that, what the hell place is this that we are living in??? Does anybody on this planet besides me think this is a fucking disgusting and demeaning thing to go through as a human being? Having to have a bladder or bowl movement before being allowed to work! What would Thomas Jefferson or James Madison or the rest of our founding father think about that? Huh? How about we ALL refuse this degradation?! We should all be very well armed for what’s about to happen because the govt knows this house of cards they built is just about to fall down, they are not spreading all this equip, all over everywhere for nothing, especially the ammunition, the amounts and especially the types of rounds are very scary to me as an experienced and highly trained shooter, you do NOT train with hollow points or 5.56mm penetrators. You best be prepared, have your BoB ready, have your training up to date and your skills honed to a fine edge, We should be ready to deploy with our weapons and gear in the event they deploy with their weapons and gear against the CITIZENS of the United States. The FEMA detention centers, the police and military training togather for urban riots, open your eyes! It’s all right in front of your eyes. The enemy is at the gates. Some police departments have already started practicing on their citizens, every night on the news they have killed another unarmed person. Don’t tell me that they are out not out of control! Bottom line is, if you GIVE THEM THE EQUIPMENT, THEY WILL COME UP WITH A REASON TO USE IT ON US.

      17. Just think. It’s stuff our tax dollars paid for twice!

      18. The borders are wide open, Americas being invaded. Who and with what intentions are coming across? SISI, MS13, Mexican military. Rand Paul should focus on closing the borders, priority #1. The police with military equipment might very well be needed considering we have a federal government that’s failing measurably and making enemies globally.

      19. What the heck good is a real MRAP to a police dept.? Not talking about Bearcats, now, but real MRAPs with the deep vee armor plate hulls. Who in the USA is gonna have the makings of mines the size of what they are designed to counter? In the sandbox the Musloids get the stuff overland from Iran and China, but here? Limited internal capacity, hideously expensive to maintain, so heavy they can’t cross small bridges, (which means they’ll never get one near my BOL), etc., etc.

        • I also want to know why MRAPs are “surplus”. I mean, they are a fairly recent acquisition and I would have imagined they would be mothballed, not sold off. If nothing else this sounds like a gigantic waste of taxpayer funds to me.

          • the most important question asked here YET!!!

          • The US Government handed over thousands of MRAPs to ISIS. Good Job Skippy!!!

      20. Zionist censors enable war crimes

        By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, for Press TV

        During the past three weeks, a horrified world has witnessed accelerating Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Those crimes are enabled by the United States, Israel’s biggest backer on the world stage.

        Why does the US support Israel? Because Americans have been robbed of the freedom to think and speak freely about Zionism.

        The United States of America is supposed to be a bastion of free expression. The courts have ruled that even the most lurid and depraved words and pictures are entitled to Constitutional protection.

        … BUT YOU CAN’T EXPOSE THE TRUTH ABOUT illegal ISRAEHELL and the zio-jews killing off the Palestinians who are actually the real natural born citizens of the original Palestine(israel)!


      21. wow

        notice how no one is talking about the illegal alien invasion anymore.


        the zog cia nsa fbi sure are good at what they do.


        • Or the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, the WAR in Afghanistan, and who know how many other cover ups.

          • Dont forget what is going on in Ukraine also. Or our “great recovery”. Wow, my head hurts thinking about all the issues going on these days.

      22. Has anyone thought that maybe, just maybe your local police officer who you know has these items in his inventory, may be the one that stands between the Fed and you. If it is really a SHTF deal…you may be surprised that many will refuse to fall in line with a Holder run event. Has anyone researched what LEO’s did back in the Civil War(Or the war of northern aggression as its called down here). Just a thought to ponder….

        • Bob, trust but verify. At this moment I don’t trust any units since all are under ZIO control and their direction is to protect there self-interest only. Maybe there are few exception but none of these units gives a crap for regular folks like us.

        • I had the same thought. I feel that if TSHTF that a good amount of of the equipment now owned by the government’s various agencies would end up in the rebellion’s hands, if the rebellion stood for something that had mass appeal. It would have to be about a sense of justice that the ordinary American could get behind. Try making it about race, antisemitism or anything else that most middle class people find abhorrent and it will go nowhere and get no support. Just remember that any revolutionary movement must have concrete objectives. It’s part of why the Bolsheviks beat the Whites and Greens during the October Revolution of 1917-they had no real plans for after the war.

      23. Hmmm, $65K “Armored Truck” in my neighborhood (county). Wonder where it’s parked. Significant damage to front brake hydraulics with some cable cutters.

      24. Im from Montgomery Cty Pa.
        Ive been a county FF for 23 yrs and on the County hazmat team
        Ive seen the trucks.
        sadly I learned another truth….. these are on “loan” to counties by DHS..not given at all…..
        and for each vehicle there is a new member of the county office….a federal DHS goon. they find exchses and cool naming positions for them.

      25. Nothing too exciting bought in my county. Bought several 7.62 rifles back in ’06. Several Glock 40cal in 2013…..that’s it. Nice little tidbit of info this article brought. Thanks Mac.

        In Mesa, Arizona there is a teacher who just returned from Africa. She has shown signs of Ebola and has been quarantined in a hospital there until tests are complete.

        • Link please. Asap. I’m in Cali right now and am on a need to know basis. My son is still in AZ.

          • Sorry AZC, don’t have a link. Saw it last night on the mainstream news while waiting to see the weather. Now there appears to a suspected case in California according to Drudge.

            • Just remember that the answer will always be no until it can’t be. This doesn’t mean you should panic. It means that they are most likely dealing with an isolated case that is well contained at a hospital and they don’t want people to panic. It also means that now is still a good time to get some items put aside to deal with it in case it gets out of control. If it should become known to the public that there is an Ebola case discovered “in the wild” in the US, all hell will break loose. If you haven’t prepared by that time, it’s too late and you’ll have to make do with what you already have.

            • Thanks POp. I’m not to far from sac right now. I googled mesa as Ebola. Nothing, except… A bunch of house for sale on Ebola Ln. Lol.

      26. Don’t forget the missing airliner, when and where is that going to show up ?

      27. About all this militarizing of the police, here is my take for what it’s worth. At one point in time the police were feared greatly, why INTIMIDATION FACTOR. Now more and more people are starting to wake up to the fact, hey these guys put their pants on one leg at a time just like me. The INTIMIDATION FACTOR is quickly slipping away for them. So here comes all the heavy armament to bring back INTIMIDATION, you see IMHO they are all running scared. Remember back when people respected the law and law enforcement, well we now have way too many laws and law enforcement is drinking too much cool-aid (to keep them in line). Just think like them (law enforcement, government, etc.) there are more of them than us and they are waking up, so you see they have lost the greatest tool they had INTIMIDATION and now they are desperate to regain it. So for me; this no more than smoke and mirrors to put the fear in us, but this will not work unless we hunker down and say yes master whatever you say. If we stand up look them in the eye and say bring it on, in the back of their minds (now what do we do). It’s all about people waking up to the game; they know this all too well. Don’t give in to the INTIMIDATION FACTOR! Remember they don’t have the boots to last very long if they push it.
        Hey this is just me.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      28. Looks like Kootenai county, or Coeur d’Alene, picked up a mine resistant vehicle.

        Aside from that you need to go down by Boise, and nobody with two brain cells to rub together heads that way, to find more than a few rifles and some cold weather gear.

      29. QUESTION.

        If your are a Police Officer what weapons would you prefer to have against armed terrorist?

        Remember now we let go a TANGO from GETMOE NOT LONG AGO.

        He said I will see YOU in NEW YORK.

        Now back to the Question.

        A. PISTOL and SHOT GUN ?



        I have to give this one to LAW ENFORCEMENT.


        Bad guys are out there folks you know and I know it.

        Law Enforcement should have EQUAL or MORE FIRE POWER then theses people who they might be going up against.

        Remember L.A. when the police were going up against 2 guys with converted illegal AK-47S WITH BODY ARMOR, AND ALL THE POLICE HAD WAS SHOT GUNS AND PISTOLS ?

        Times have changed, the world has changed, and the LAW ENFORCEMENT needs to be BETTER ARMED.

        Remember we got people like ISIS, AL QUADA, coming over the borders dressed as MEXICANS speaking the language that are again HELL BENT ON KILLING US.

        Along with other NUT CASES out here that decide to FLICK OFF and go on a RAMPAGE.



        As I said before I am on the side of LAW ENFORCEMENT on this one.

        Thank you POLICE guys and gals for all that you try to do to keep us safe.


        Straight Shooter out.

        • But you must remember, terrorists cannot buy or posses firearms of any kind so that kinda negates your argument………
          I don’t care if they carry military weapons, I own them too. With what’s being allowed to cross our Southern Boundary Line, they’ll need something other than one bullet in their shirt pocket for their revolver. What I have a serious problem with is an often self righteous attitude displayed toward the civilian and their lack of knowledge regarding/outright disregard of a persons

          • POd Patriot

            I understand hole hardheartedly and, I agree.

            I am not for the Police misusing them against the public.

            I am just saying in the case of a NUT CASE that goes on a RAMPAGE, or your down right MAD DOG TERRORIST, or THUG

            Our Law Enforcement should be protected with the State of The Art Equipment to deal with this MATTER.

            I am not for a Armor Vehicle showing up for a PEACEFUL Protest and Gunships patrolling the sky’s for a High School Football game.

            Just for the SERIOUS stuff………..

            If they go into a HIGH CRIME area that the CRIMINAL elements have some HEAVY ARTILLERY I would want the Police to have EQUAL Fire Power too.

            How would you feel if your MOM or DAD, SISTER, BROTHER or Cousin that are in Law Enforcement go up against some
            BAD GUYS with a AK-47s AR-15s or SUB MACHINE GUNS ?

            And all they have is there .38 cal., .357 mag., 9mm, .40 s&w, or .45 cal., and maybe a Shot Gun ????????

            I would say the People that have sworn to PROTECT US are OUT GUNNED would you not say ?

            There is no CLINT EASTWOOD ( DIRTY HARRY ) with his .44 MAG.

            Be in there shoes……..

            As I said I am NOT for them misusing there equipment or for over kill but would you like to see the GOOD GUYS come home to there families ?

            And knowing your Police Dept. can PROTECT there own and US as well.


            I am very (disturbed) of the next story above.


            Straight Shooter out.

          • Correction: Terrorists cannot buy or possess firearms LEGALLY. Then again, they’re terrorists, so the law isn’t exactly the first thing on their minds. Guns aren’t all that hard to make. The only part that would be actually difficult to make for a Kalashnikov pattern rifle would be the rifled barrel. Everything else can be made with generic machine tools and a sheet metal brake. Bullets do not require a background check and so they are very easy to obtain legally.

      30. based on what im seeing in ferguson, the police need all the equipment they can get, the police and national guard should have been given the order to shoot looters on sight, arrest those that wont go back to their homes and put their asses in a fema camp, this isnt about rights or freedoms, its about looting, robbing, burning, put and end to the crap, no matter what it takes.

      31. I found it interesting that here in VA…

        My county: New Kent (sticks)
        A few rifles and a grenade launcher; nothing big

        A few rifles and misc things. Not a lot for the capital.

        Arlington: (essentially DC)
        11 PAGES! tons of night vision, .30 cal rifles, sights, scopes, bomb robots, on and on and on….

        That says a lot I think. Also interesting to point out last on the list for arlington…and mobile water purification truck. No theories, just interesting.

      32. My county has gotten vests,night vision gear,mop gear. With the drug problems(meth and heroin) in our area I would have expected more.

      33. just remember folks, Just because they have it, doesent necessarily mean they get to keep it

        many things have been taken by many others when the fun starts..

      34. The two departme4nt that I have worked for have only gotten a couple of M-4’s and MP5’s. One city got a Hum-vee and the other got a grant to get a couple Atv’s.
        Lager cities are getting the big stuff.
        Look at Missouri and you see why they do. The crowds are bigger that the Cops. They need something to turn the tide.
        Just think if they were using larger weapons or having fire fights with the cops. The cops would have to use armored equipment. To try and keep the peace. They are out numbered 10 to 1.

        I agree with VRF. 100%.


        • Coach,would gladly take a few of the older Colt .45’s,especially 70’s series!I do wonder before handed out as candy on Halloween if they go thru any armory for parts/tuneup ect.

          • Love my series 70 Commander!

        • All of these Military Weapons and hardware are “Force Multipliers.” meaning one LEO can create and inflict a lot of damage using these devices. Since COPS have little communication skills, they resort to Brut Intimidation and use of FEAR. That is one side of the equation, the other side is the supply side, meaning the MICM – Military Industrial Complex Mafia is making money for every unit they produce, so they are looking to spread they outlets for getting this hardware. Its a criminal activity to over produce, and why their biggest customer is the military, so as quickly as the Military can shed this hardware off to LEO’S they quicker they can get resupplied by the MICM to create a massive profit. And guess who get to pay for it all? Yep the Tax Payers. This is Massive Fraud Waste and Abuse of Tax Dollars. Just like the $2.5 Million Dollar Spy Cameras set up in Tampa for the 2012 RNC Convention. The cameras stay in place the the service company retains a fat yearly and costly contract to maintain the cameras. Wake up America we are being fleeced, and these COPS love their Toys. Its like giving FREE Crack to a Crack Addict. Another Great American Scam and Scandals by Criminals and TPTB.

      35. Damnation! My county officials are a bunch of slackers! All we got were two lousy helicopters. How many cops get to play with these? Not many. We need more fun stuff for the entire force. We need more trinkets and geegaws!

      36. We must trust that our local law enforcement use this equipment wisely. I have no trouble throwing everything into fighting crime. The criminals get far to much protection as far as I’m concerned. If this military surplus is used to control the population, then we need find the controller and act accordingly.

      37. The price on these things say value, not necessarily what was paid for it. I know for a fact that the MRAP my county SWAT was donated. I am pretty sure most of these were donated as well. The Lead SWAT guy I talked to stated that there were something like 60-100 decommissioned MRAPs that were being sent out throughout the country. The one that is in my county was from Joint Base Lewis McChord and only used for training. Unsure if all of them were in that condition. It is an attitude not of why they need it but one of why not. Because they can is their answer.

        By the way, since he is a talkative fellow, the engine through the radiator is the weakest point.

        *North Sound Metro MRAP

      38. We got lots of spare parts, air conditioners, office equipment, socks and underware, some guns and expensive medical stuff. Not as militarized as I first thought.

        However, after questioning our local recently retired sheriff/national guard quartermaster, he did say that our county seat was starting a swat team.

      39. One thing to look into and bring up at town/city/county meetings is the cost of maintenance of these items in regard to their “use?”.A county in the northlands did decade ago all go in town wise on a helicopter set up to take injured patients to hospital,in the middle of no where this made sense as just get patient to a place copter can land and said patient (s) get to a hospital quick,otherwise a long drive even if one way from local ambulance,time really in this case may be of essence,that said,keep a sharp eye on needs and costs9one major cost is locals now more beholden to fed and not their citizens.

      40. To see an example of pig mentality and identity, look at the pig on the Big Brother TV show. A police captain who has withheld his identity has ran the show using every other player to do his bidding. He has mastered the art of deception and everyone else is completely in the dark. This better than others thinking is what this pig police state is all about. America despises this covert TV pig.

      41. The powers that be need as much protection as possible when truth comes out. There is, as we all should know, much truth to be presented to the people. When that hits, everybody, and I mean everybody, all races, religions, political beliefs, poor, middle class, and even certain levels of the rich, will be beyond upset. And that’s exactly what they want to happen. They want you to kill each other, and you will.

        • Look at the situation in E. Germany. The end came for the leftist oligarchy when the military, during a peaceful protest, refused to fire on their fellow citizens. Yes, they DID fire in other previous demonstrations, and other places, such as Hungary in 1956. ***BUT it just takes one time that the mercenaries refuse to fire, and the whole leftist, fascist facade comes tumbling down*** You can have the miliary and/or the police with as many bullets and tanks as you want, but you MUST have the people to do the trigger pulling. If you lack that, you lose, period. Our job is to **educate and inform** these people that would otherwise be turned into mindless mercenary drones.

        • When SHF, I plan to protect myself and my family, but otherwise, where possible, as a Christian, intend to *help,* not kill or hurt, other people and the poor (not the welfare bums), particularly the mentally/physically handicapped and elderly. You have it wrong, IMHO

      42. European Union gonna go the full monty

        EU Advisors Advocate use of Military Against Strikes and Protests

        “To illustrate these “vertically asymmetric tensions,” Ries presented a diagram of social inequality. At the top are the transnational corporations, the “global fortune 1,000,” or the 1,000 companies with the largest revenue. He calculated that as a percentage of the global population they amount to 0.1 percent, almost 7 million people. He sees a much larger contingent among the hundreds of millions of the global population starving. They are right at the bottom of his diagram.

        For the inevitable social, economic and political conflicts which would emerge from this inequality, he recommended that the EU enter a “symbiosis” with the global corporations. The power of these companies “in the areas of technology and economy is constantly growing, while they are also winning influence in other areas. But they need the state and the state needs them.”

        With the financial crisis, the state had already fulfilled its part in the “symbiosis.” The population had been burdened with the banks’ debts, and the living conditions of the working class had been attacked and undermined.”

        merging of the state with corporations
        I think we call that fascism
        been there
        done that
        we know how it’s gonna turn out

      43. Houston Texas must be prepping for social unrest due to… climate change?? Oodles of “extreme cold weather” gear/clothing – including parkas and snow cammo?? and about a hundred bayonets. HUH?

      44. Very good comments on this post! I am 100% into non-violence, and the death of this young Michael Brown is a tragedy. (He appears to have been a thug, but I was pretty dumb at his age, too – though not stupid enough to physically confront police) Here is where some good may come out of this sad situation:

        a.) Sheeple are now aware of the militarization of the police. I have two close friends who are retired police (one a senior IL. state trooper) who are wonderful, constitutionalist, freedom-loving men), and want people like them safe. BUT, we do not need our police with with tanks, a billion or so hollow point bullets and – what the heck – give em a couple hundred Abrams tanks, an F-16 squadron and, hey, why not throw in a couple tactical nukes, just in case they are needed. We are NOT East Germany… at least yet.

        b.) On the other side, it appears Mr. Brown was a thug, a robber, a gangsta rap wannabe, and a product of a black culture that has **no fathers around**. Don’t worry… whites are right behind in this, and the fraud of gay “marriage” – where the average “marriage” – according to a study by Xiridou, et al, has freaking EIGHT outside sexual relationships PER YEAR (try that in YOUR marriage and see how long it lasts!) So, the sheeple see that this guy came from a bad family situation, may now have been high on pot, etc. Even more, vile,corrupt Fast & Furious Eric H and his crew feel constrained by their Al Sharpton race baiting politics to support the anti-gov’t, anti-police militarization side – *the very side all the other people in this corrupt administration are supporting.* So who wins? The police militarization side, or the race baiting, anti-militarization side? No doubt they’ll try to find some middle ground, but the horse may be out of the barn now for the fascist left, and a LOT of people from all sides, and all races, are NOT going to want police militarization, nor do they NOT want to see fatherless thugs running rampant. This MAY argue for people wanting to get back to what we used to have, and what the constitution mandates, a limited police force. It may also help draw attention to the fact that traditional marriage is critical to the survival of this (or any society), thus exposing the fraud of faux gay marriage.

        And of course, this is the hour that Al Sharpton and disgusting Jesse Jackson live for. However, I think – just like this scam about the evil, vile, corrupt, fascist Georgie Soros leftist indicting Rick Perry, **they have overplayed their hand** and the final result will be the opposite of what they wanted.

      45. Just a reminder, Mike Brown was a gangbanger until he was killed. He was a “Blood”. At 6’4″ and 290 pounds he wasn’t a little “sweet heart”. His face book page shows him posing with his glock and cash. He just did a strong arm robbery. He stole cigars. For those of you who are “squares”, those are for making “blunts”. Marijuana cigars. The police officer who shot him has a broken orbital socket in his face. I am against the current police state and big brother government, but this shooting is not the right case to take up the fight.

      46. In sum, *** who wins?*** The left’s police militarization side, or the left’s race baiting, anti-militarization side? There has to be an intense internal political struggle going on right now, and the frauds at Holder’s Dept. of Injustice must be seriously conflicted. No doubt they’ll try to find some middle ground, but the fascist left in power has a dilemma on their hands they can’t resolve. We need – through our writing and blogging – exploit this.

      47. WTF?? Travis county Texas has over 300 “Rifle 7.62mm” and over 400 “Sight Reflex”

      48. I disagree with those who say big gov doesn’t have
        enough resources to go house to house en masse or
        control martial law…the militarization of local
        police isn’t just a surplus disposal plan, they could
        sell the items to other countries as we already do.
        How ever, it would work (theoretically)for them to
        have all this weaponry pre-deployed, and then just
        station a small squad in each town to “reinforce” the
        police…the squad would already know how to use all
        the equipment and take high orders to small places.
        The other way this works for TPTB is they could just
        station one of the alphabet agency people they bought
        all those guns & bullets for, with the police as a
        commissar/political officer, to ennncourrrrage all the
        police to be good gov workers, while their families are
        “protected” like Red October & Dr Zhivago. Either way
        its not the country my family fought for, nor the one
        I hoped for my children.

      49. Awesome find, Mac. Thanks for posting this gem. My County (Kern CA) has only 2 MRAPS! It appears they have spent more on medical and emergency supplies than combat hardware. But then, our Sheriff still believes in serving the public. I live in the mountains above the County seat, and the local sub-station is staffed by local residents. I guess a MRAP would be useful when approaching a methlab, which we have more than a few of.

        • Or when a war breaks out then your police might be your local armed forces. Maybe Gander Mountain or Cabela’s your armory… if things break down, it’s not a stretch to imagine these weapons being used county against county and town against town. I note for my county the records are from 2006 and 2007. I conjecture we’d really be astonished if we knew what was handed out the last 7 years. My county didn’t get much in that timespan but the county next to me got some grenade rocket launchers and other stuff. I guess that county is already thinking about attacking us or something. Or maybe that’s a defensive armament. incredible. I don’t if they have training with all these things?

      50. I see it a little differently than the common person’s views here. I’m not so against the militarization of the police and I believe the people that don’t understand why police need some of the equipment they have is the result of a gross underestimation of the type of criminals that exist within our culture.

        Some people’s idea of criminals are just the petty random acts of rapist, murders, and thieves. People rarely acknowledge the fact there is rather large sophisticate criminal empires operating. Part of the misconception of their existence is due to the fact we rarely hear about these types of criminals on the evening news. But that doesn’t discredit their existence and it’s their sophistication that is reason why these groups are rarely heard of.

        From a preparedness stand point if you’re denying the existence of such groups that I suspect will emerge from the anonymous underground where they hide in a national SHTF situation than I believe you to be failing preparedness. One of the keys to preparedness is accepting the reality.

        Now the concerns with the use of the police is valid and that should be focus of the people’s concerns not the kind of equipment the police has.

        I also note that because the police has such equipment and not all this equipment is located on heavily fortified military bases and deployed elsewhere around the globe that in a total turning upside of the world in which the rule of law is thrown out the window that ordinary people could acquire such equipment. Some of examples of this is already evident like seen recently in the middle east where people over throw their government and “people” take control of the assets of the country.

      51. Shockingly, my county in NJ only received 2 pages of stuff, mostly 556 and a couple of 762. Considering my proximity to Phily and Camden I thought they would have been taking tanks, helicopters, and mraps. But we do have JB MDL close by, so that may factor in their plans as well.


      52. FACEBOOK is now getting federal money for their own Police Force. WTF!
        Read it for yourself –

        • It’s precisely why the CIA gave Facebook seed money in the first place. If you must have a Facebook account, be careful what you say and be careful who you friend: Big Brother is watching you.

      53. Whats the problem if the pigs are stock piling ammo
        you stockpile it and when the war gets going will
        have a BBQ

      54. Looks like Houston (Travis County) is preparing for social unrest due to….CLIMATE CHANGE?? Gobs of “Extreme Cold Weather” gear, and snow cammo?? Whole butt-load of bayonets too. (effective against zombies? My area got a sewing machine.

      55. Where the hell are my freebies…? I pay may taxes…

      56. In looking at every county in my state, it is incredible the amount of and types of equipment purchased…Looks like we’ve got two bridge erection boats….seems very useful for lasw enforcement… I guess with the purchase of All the extra weapons to go along with it… Our local law enforcement agency can help to re-establish transportation across the Mississippi River …..would that the the army corps of engineers job?

      57. Think about this….all that firepower being accumulated but no body bags. they are going to let us all rot in the street, or the elites know the police will not survive any assault on the citizens.

      58. To fight this type of equipment is almost impossible from a direct confrontation point. But to defeat any high-tech piece of hardware all you need to do is to destroy it’s support infrastructure.

        While an Abrams M-1 tank is well protected, a fuel truck that feeds it probably is not. As the food trucks that feed the people in the tank are likely even less protected. The list of support items that said tank needs is almost endless and most times are soft targets.

        This is how you fight a powerful weapon if it ever became necessary. Aircraft are the same way, you can’t fight a chopper to easily, but that chopper needs a lot of support to keep it in the air. Take away only one part of it’s needed support and it sits on the tarmac looking real impressive but never goes into the air.

        And while the US Military may have experience in “The Big Sandbox” with it’s infrastructure being attacked, it’s a good bet that local police and government have no real understanding of it.

      59. I’m curious to know about what this one purchase in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania listing is:

        RANGE FINDER-TARGET DESIGNATOR,LASER 1 Each $112,734.00 1/25/2012

        Over $100k for one laser range finder?
        Is this the type of thing they use for guiding smart bombs or cruise missles or something???

      60. OMG! Pima County S.D has got thru 1033: 455 nvgs. 151 rifles,75 SPORTS BRAS ,3 swords and scabbards, 2 snowblowers!!

      61. Pima County, AZ sheriff has got: 55 night vision goggles,75 sports bras,151 assault rifles, and 3 swords and scabbards. Way to go, Dupnik, you asshole.

      62. Disregard second post. Thanks. Dupnik is still an asshole

      63. EBR Parish, has received 9 pages of 556mm rifles, I assume M4 carbines, an MRAP, I guess for all those landmines on I10 or maybe I12, not sure. A few pages of 7.62mm rifles, assorted heavy gun trucks, and a few other pages of stuff used to
        Kill large numbers of people.

      64. I used to be able to find good information from your
        blog posts.

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