DARPA To Put Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Detectors In Public Venues

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mass Private I at Activist Post. 

    Can you imagine living in a country that puts surveillance devices in every city and public venue? What would be the first country that comes to mind? China or the United Kingdom, right? What if I told you that the United States has joined their ranks?

    Recent news stories reveal that the United States is installing multiple types of surveillance devices in cities and public venues.

    A recent news release by the Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Homeland Security reveal that they are installing nuclear, biological and chemical sensors everywhere.

    The program called, “PReemptive Expression of Protective Alleles and Response Elements”(PREPARE) “addresses four major threat areas: influenza infection, opioid overdose, organophosphate poisoning, and exposure to gamma irradiation.”

    The Marvel Universe will be happy to know that our government apparently only wants one Incredible Hulk.

    DARPA’s news release, also revealed that DHS and law enforcement used handheld and fixed nuclear, biological and chemical detectors on INDY 500 race car fans.

    Did you catch that? DHS and the Metropolitan Police Department used handheld sensors to spy on race car fans in real-time.

    “Integrating our fixed and handheld SIGMA radiation detectors, which are now being deployed operationally, with ChemSIGMA sensors and DHS’s bio sensors on the SIGMA+ network demonstrated the networking of sensors for simultaneous, wide-area monitoring of multiple threats,” Wrobel said. “We’d like to thank the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department for their support in executing this demonstration. We look forward to working with them and other local, state and federal partners on future pilot activities to further refine the system with the goal of transitioning the capability to DoD and DHS users.”

    The Feds have been spying on race car drivers for at least five years,

    The Mobile Deployment Detection Program, or MDDP, has been supporting the Indy 500 for five years to augment the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s radiation and nuclear detection capabilities. (To learn more about DHS’s MDDP click here.)

    Feds plan to put DARPA sensors in cities and public venues across the country.

    “Data collected and lessons learned from the tech demo unit in Indy will be joined with data collected from around the country to support the design, development, and future deployment of the BD21 system to safeguard our nation against biothreats,” said Assistant Secretary, James McDonnell.

    If you combine DARPA’s detectors with TSA-PreCheck, facial recognition camerasHEXWAVEpublic transit full-body scannersZ-Backscatter vanspolice Knightscope robots,  Police IMSI detectors (Stingrays) Bluetooth detectorspolice license plate readerspolice digital watch networks (Ring doorbells), US Marine Corps Smart City surveillancepolice Opportunity Zonespolice drones, etc., the number of devices law enforcement uses to spy on the public is growing and that should scare everyone.

    You can read more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this article first appeared.


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      1. These devices are DNA sniffers. Also, Audio, cell phone, 5g, geolocation signal gatherering capability . Wake up.

        Just like your “cell” phone.
        It is NOT a phone. The true purpose is gathering geolocation, gps, audio, video, contact information, signal gathering of those next to you so as to ascertain your associations, associates, and location. Barometer to determin if you are exiting/entering a vehicle or dwelling. A cell phone is a “super bug” bugging tracking device.
        – – – – – – – – – – – –
        This info is censored.
        You have no right to know anything, unless if leftist commie NWO beast system monopoly tech bully approved by: gaggle-farcebook-twatter-youkook and cia approved. Stay in the dark you mushrooms being fed mass media drivel and government approved lies. Internet of things, AI, and 5g for you tech trendie goofs. Yes you will embrace the Beast tech system.
        This info censored.

      2. “Can you imagine living in a country that puts surveillance devices in every city and public venue?”
        NBC detectors in cities or public venues is a good idea and not spying. You cannot expect privacy in public places.
        What do in your home or in or on your property is private and should not be subject to spying by government agents.

        • Consider the large numbers of illegals entering America,who may or may not be bearer’s of exotic and incurable third world disease’s…bio scanners are a necessary precaution.

      3. In my experience, they are far more likely to criminalize milquetoast and boring people than active instigators.

      4. I wonder ho much the knob got paid to imagine that name…
        PReemptive Expression of Protective Alleles and Response Elements”PREPARE”

      5. All WalMarts now have facial recognition cameras in the checkout aisles.

        Speaking of spying…Heard this story the other day:
        The cops sent a neighbor a speeding citation for $60 along with a traffic signal camera photo as proof. He sent back a photo of three $20 bills. They sent a him a photo of a pair of handcuffs. He paid up.

        • Now that’s some funny shit!

          • Hillarious! (hoping this comment will remain.)

      6. So they spot somebody in a crowd with the flu. Then what?

      7. No matter what the NWO comes up with ; the diligent are one step ahead.
        So it has been written.
        Frankensteins monster was a myth; the spurn of technological encroachment will create a new breed of humans , like the world has not witnessed.

      8. comment censored by the tech monopoly overlords

      9. The question we should be asking is not ‘Why?’, but ‘Why now?’
        Yea, let’s keep dropping 121 bombs a day on them until they like us and seek Jesus.

      10. Off topic.

        I have read some things I will share.

        If you heat baking soda it turns into washing soda.

        Baking soda is a skin irritant because its ph is so alkaline, and it removes the acidic mantle which protects skin.

        But don’t throw out those “natural” underarm deodorants that turn your armpits red. They may contain baking soda, the main ingredient in many anti itch ointments, the perfect remedy for itching insect bites.


        • I have never heard of an “acidic mantle which protects skin”.

          Can you cite any medical references?

      11. People can always paint their face and dance to police state dictates if you want to remain among the living. Where is the truth exposed about 9-11 as promised as we are living in the aftermath of all out increasing treason.

        • That’s a good point. Most people choose to believe whatever the official government version says. One possibly good development is that lawyers representing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth actually got the Feds to convene a grand jury to review their claims. When that grand jury will convene, I don’t know.

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