Dark Web Rising: McAfee Founder To Launch New “NSA Killer” Privacy Device

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Headline News | 231 comments

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    Their tentacles are everywhere.

    If it’s plugged into the internet there is a near 100% chance that the National Security Agency is monitoring it.

    So how does the average American get off the control grid?

    According to well known anti-virus software founder John McAfee the answer is simple.


    Rather than connecting to the telecom sponsored (and government integrated) internet, we bypass it completely and connect directly to each other’s devices in a peer-to-peer environment using what is essentially a distributed network architecture.

    He’s been working on the new device, dubbed D-Central, for several years but has recently sped up its development in light of revelations that the NSA is tapping the digital interactions and personal correspondence of virtually every American citizen.

    The new “NSA Killer” will, according to McAfee, make it difficult if not impossible for the NSA to tap into personal communications like they do today because the device would operate in what is known as a “dark web” and allow an individual to completely obscure their identity.

    McAfee says with D-Central there will be no way for the government to tell, “who you are or where you are.”

    The gadget, which McAfee wants to sell for less than $100, would communicate with smartphones, tablets and notebooks to create a decentralized network that couldn’t be accessed by government agencies. Specifically, it would create a small private network that would act as a “dark web” where users could communicate and share files privately.

    The device would have a wireless range of about three blocks and those in range would be able to communicate with each other. McAfee has reportedly been working on the gadget for a few years but has accelerated development in recent months given the NSA leaks.

    At present, he said the design is in place and they are looking for partners to help with hardware. A public prototype is expected to be ready within six months with the current device said to take a round shape with no display. This of course is assuming the project isn’t shot down by regulators before it’s ever released.

    Via The Daily Crux

    If true, the promise of a $100 NSA-Killer device that crushes the trillion dollar surveillance state is quite appealing and one that Americans will likely respond to with open arms should it become available on the free market. We say “should,” because there’s already talk that the D-Central privacy device may be banned in the United States because it could potentially be used for nefarious purposes.

    Of course with that logic we should also ban telephones, computers, credit cards, and pretty much everything else, because criminal elements will always adopt emerging technologies for their enterprises.

    The obvious, but unspoken, reason for such a ban would, of course, be that the government would lose the ability to monitor, and thus control, the American public.

    According to the Future Tense Central web site McAfee’s new device will be available March 22, 2014.

    Decentralize. It’s the only way to go.


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      1. How do I take out a policy on him?

        • Wow, a device that allows you to communicate with other devices for three blocks!!!!

          Whoopie. We are saved.

          There is nothing on my neighbors cell phone that I want to see. This is not an anonymous internet folks. It’s wireless Napster that works for three blocks.

          Maybe I am missing something, but I see no purpose for the device and see no way that it can allow you any privacy in internet use.

          Maybe the neighborhood will buy a unit and hook it into the internet so instead of droning the house it is in the corp mercenaries will just decide to take out the block.

          But then again, maybe I am missing something…

          • I could give a Rebel yell for three blocks…..C’mon!

            • I wouldn’t want be the first guy on my block to spend $100 on this device. I am not an IT guy, but I took a couple of Cisco classes years ago.

              If your signal runs through the Internet it can be intercepted. If it can be intercepted it can be decoded. These devices will just manifest a different signal maybe making it even easier to ID you with new NSA “hunter/Seeker” technology.

              Quantum computing will eventually provide an “unbreakable code” because it produces a single unique ID each time and breaks the message down into separate, packets that can be uniquely routed.

              If you are really “terrorist” you can pass messages at your weekly Lodge meeting. then of course there is always the NFL Stand by code where everything is encrypted using teams, players, and points.

              It drives the NSA crazy!!! 🙂

              • I have found that NO device is available that cannot be broken into someday and figured out. The Chinese do this all the time with the best guarded computer systems in the entire world. Right now if you could take the modern technology with you to 25 years ago, back then you could break into every single system no problem. This is why I just know whatever I say on the internet is viewed and then analyzed, F them. If I say something I mean it, and again F them. I speak honestly and enjoy that First Amendment right to do so and they know I will do so even after they try to burn up those rights.

                I fear anyone that thinks that they have some infallible firewall that the government can’t break into and see what they are saying. The government might even launch a program for this purpose alone, to nail a bunch of people on conspiracy charges that feel that they can talk freely and openly about what they will do IF. This could just be talk, but the bad guys that are the government are looking for anything to take away what little freedom you have. Don’t trust any protection that says it can make you safe from prying eyes. It can be hacked, and it COULD just be a set up. Remember, THEY want to control you, and the worst thing anyone can do is ever let their guard down.

                Don’t ever fall into their trap, and they have plenty of them for anyone that cherishes the Constitution and Freedoms thereof.

                • Oops they got me,
                  Conspiracy to grow and sell Kale!
                  Freely expressing disdain for the gubbermint
                  See yall at levinworth!

                  • @ Kulafarmer. I know this sounds amusing, but the government and their true plans for control of all of us is really not. Right now we enjoy being able to speak freely, but if there is some mass terror attack, war, collapse of the society, huge natural disaster, BO you can bet will use that executive order pen to make sure our freedoms are as limited as possible.

                    If you were trying to trap someone into making some sort of verbal or physical mistake, yes even with their prepping, you would try to get the person’s guard down as much as possible. A false feeling of security is one of the most efficient ways of doing this. Ugly, but that is exactly what a tyranny government is all about.

                    Most preppers/survivalists are right now doing absolutely nothing illegal, that is now. Again, let there be some sort of catastrophe and that which was perfectly legal now might not be in the future. These MF’s in true hell holes around the country that hate freedom for example these a holes have tried to make it illegal to store more than a certain amount of food and other supplies in their home based on health and code enforcement crap laws. Imagine all those that will all of a sudden be considered criminals that have their, right now legal, firearms after the government ATTEMPTS to destroy the 2nd. Amendment. Imagine all those that think a certain means of communication is safe to discuss with their trusted friends and family all about those post SHTF disaster, that are now illegal. See what I mean about trusting any form of communications that anyone tells you is safe.

                    Then there is the post SHTF life in which all forms of any talk against the government is reason enough to try to take you away. Tyranny governments are the beast and this is why I am really serious about this issue of not trusting any firewall of communication safeguards.

                  • If you want to be under the radar then you must live your life as though it was 1950, yep that is about the only real way to not be tracked through electronics. No computer, no cell phone, no electronic communications and no banking. The only problem with this is that you will be targeted as a potential domestic terrorist because one of your friends or neighbors will call and report your suspicious behavior because they are concerned about you.

                    There is no real answer so simply live your life in a moral and decent way, if you believe in God then you are good to go. Let the chips fall where they may, by the grace of God I move forward until HE says my days on this earth are over.

                • *sigh*…

                  Okay, here’s the sitrep from someone who does work in IT (–>this guy<– ):

                  No code is unbreakable. This much is true. However, the breakability relies on two things: time, and mathematical acumen.

                  A single unique 4096-bit ssh pub/priv keypair (generated by the latest patched version of openssl), protected by a 26-character passphrase can be broken… in approximately two years. With about 300 Core i7 CPUs all working on it. Don't ask how much disk space you're gonna need for the rainbow/brute-forcing tables.

                  But yeah, it can be broken. By then, it's hoped you would have changed your keys at least 2-3 times.

                  Therein lies the rub… sure, anything can be breakable, but it costs time, and money. Stuff the encoded bits into something innocuous (look up "steganography"), and then it becomes a question of first discovering that there might be something encrypted in the image/song/video, then trying to shake out the encrypted bits from the media bits, and then cracking the encryption.

                  …now push your message out as a torrent file of some popular song/video/pr0n/whatever, push it out over an overseas proxy, and suddenly you'd have a damned hard time even telling who originally generated the thing, let alone what it might contain.

                  Dude, by the time someone busted all that, whatever the message contained would either be moot point or past history.

                  PS: Infallible firewall? Umm, no. There are many other ways of generating something in a totally anonymous fashion, then popping it out over a public wifi from the parking lot of some McDonalds near some random airport far from home.

                  • @ Odd Questioner. The government is not about to tell anyone what advanced systems that they have. I don;t even want to know what weapons they have ready to use in a world war. What I have found out about computers and the cyber world is NOTHING is as it seems to what we are told. The quantum leaps in technology continue to surprise everyone each year. Every single bit of anything any of us communicate on the internet can be observed with any form of encryption. We are talking about much more sophisticated systems that cost billions, and these enemy foreign countries hack them all the time like there was no protection in them at all. You tell me that some $100 system is going to be the answer to protect what you talk about over the internet or other means of communications, when the best minds in the business can’t keep Russia or China out of the U.S. cyber world. IF THEY want to know what you are talking about THEY will intercept what you are saying. That is the sad truth about evil.

                  • What if I said I had a code that I believe could not be broken without the key, regardless of mathematical acumen, because it relied on totally random symbols, not a math code. How would I prove that to you?

                  • The untimeliness of breaking 512 encryption used to be a problem, but the power of the NSA computers has dashed that hope. Their Crays can break heavy encryption by BRUTE FORCE, with speed that is mind-boggling. You only need to look at what amount of data they’re taking in, from the entire world, to figure that out.

                    As far as locating you, if it’s wireless, it can be triangulated. period. Remember, Google is in trouble right now for hacking people’s wifi as they roam down streets. NSA has access to satellites, that can pinpoint virtually anything, anywhere, within one square foot.

                    Not to mention that they’ve already got profiles on most of us, so they’ll have a much narrower area to search if they really wanted to find someone.

                    I’m no McAfee, but I doubt that any device that operates on a wireless range of 3 blocks is useful for much—we might as well use homing pigeons with notes tied to their little feet.

                    If someone can come up with a device that operates on something besides a detectable radio frequency, broad or narrow band, THEN they might have something.

                    Until then, I wouldn’t risk my freedom on it.

                  • There’s a bridge for sale located in a desert somewhere….

                  • Be informed

                    I guess that’s why many of us here say
                    everything we can while we can, no matter
                    how outrageous or far fetched it seems.

                    If they’re coming to put a bullet in our
                    head for speaking the truth, we better
                    talk fast and loud, for the time has drawn
                    nigh for those of us whom the bell tolls.

                  • Well, this all boggles me–I’m still amazed at junk mail capabilities!!!:-)

                • AMEN BI

                  speak free and speak loud ,we cant start hiding behind rocks to say what we feel ,lest we become like the german people ,afraid to speak openly that they might be taken away in the night by the NSA …….i mean SS

                  • Just being here makes us “enemies” of the state. Yeah so what. To a degree what the They can do or not is mote, since more than likely they have being spying on us long before we were even made aware of that fact. I take it as a given that there is a file on me at some .gov agency (or agencies).

                    So let me send this warm greeting to them all: I pray for the death and damnation of all enemies both foreign and domestic. Repent while you have the chance. It will suck to be you when you stand before the Judgement throne of God. My life belongs to my God to use as He sees fit.

                  • Unfortunately, the stockpiling of firearms and ammunition and the governments dispersion of same says volumes of their intent. This is the way it will come down. A civil war in this country AGAIN, but not North vs: South, it’ll be Gov’t vs: people. Be ready

                • BI, Thanks for the post. You are right on target. Why are folks not more worried about all the electronic medical records that is being forced on to the health and medical care establishment? In spite of HIPPA laws it appears anybody with an interest can hack into these sites. Confidentiality is gone, even in the doctor’s office! HIPPA cannot protect you after the cat is out of the bag. There are a lot of skeletons in everyone’s closets and ‘dirty linen’ that will soon be hung out to dry in public. Caveat Emptor!

                • You are correct. The first rule do communications security is to assume there is someone trying to monitor you. The second rule is that there are no security measures the cannot be circumvented or broken given enough time and/or resources.

                  What I am given to understand is that this device is nothing other than a router for a local network and works over the air instead of running CAT 5 or fibre between computers. And that means the equipment involved is still radiating and therefore are still subject to intercept. It is just a matter of the equipment deployed for the job.

                  And should that little private network be connected to the Internet in any ways, it is still vulnerable. It will just take more time for the analyst to figure out who’s who.

                • Once you realize you can’t hide from these SOBs the only logical conclusion a thinking person can come to is that you must stand up to them- as I said before coordinated non synchronous, asymmetrical, non violent acts of civil disobedience on a large scale basis is what is needed.

                  And unfortunately the next somber conclusion that the logical thinking person comes to is that it is better to die free than live as a slave.

                  There are a lot of people that may not be talking so much about it but are thinking hard about the state of things in this country. Talked to a neighbor of mine yesterday who is like minded and like me she has already had conversations about the possibility of enslavement (especially us white people) with her elementary aged children as have I.

                  Before I had a kid I would have never that I would be having conversations about with a 4-6 yo about how corrupt govt and corporations and how you can never trust them and that if he remembers just one thing it is better to die free than live enslaved.

                • Good point. After all. McAfee has made millions on his ideas. I can’t believe that they won’t take away his money for this slap in the face.

                  Beware all. This may be a set up. Thanks (be informed)

                • off topic, sorry.
                  Hey BI, if you check out Lew Rockwell today, there’s a story about Yellowstone earthquakes and a looming super volcano that’s under the park. This will mess up the NSA in Utah for sure………….;0)

                  • roger

                    I’m reading a book right now called The Yellowstone Conundrum, by John Randell. It was free at on point. It’s about the end results of the Yellowstone volcano eruption. Pretty fun reading. I wouldn’t want to be in the area if/when it did go.


                • Absolutely. Any device can be cracked given time. The idea of quantum computing is pretty cool, but it is far in the future. Not only that, but that sort of technology will not be released to Joe Sixpack first; rather, the various spy agencies will get it first.

                  I went to a lecture recently, where the fellow made a general statement that the information which he was privvy to indicated that Quantum Key Distribution was less secure than is popularly thought. He implied that there was a better decryption technique available. This technique probably has something to do with what is called the “man in the middle” attack, where a third party impersonates one of the two communicating parties. The Quantum Cryptography article on Wiki explains this without too much math.

                  Today, as much information is being collected as is possible on various parties who may communicate with one another. Since the on-line relationships betwen these parties are also being collected, tabulated, and analyzed, it seems likely that they are also being risk prioritized.

                  For example, Bob and Carol might be disgurntled ex-NSA employees who could pose a threat, whereas Ted and Alice might be junkies at the local crack house. The amount of interest in their communications would be vastly different, and impersonation would be easier in one case than another. I think all this data collection is being done so as to attempt to prioritize any threats that the apparently hidden power structure to come might fear.

                  The only silver lining I can speculate about is that there cannot be but one group of hidden players vying for power. Sadly, there is no way that I can tell if the good guys or the bad guys are winning.

                  I totally agree with your stated strategy of speaking your mind. I have taken it a step further, and do not hide behind anonymity. The downside of this is not only do the dark forces inside NSA already have my number, so do the extremists in this country. For example, I was recently berated by a Roman Catholic woman for not properly worshipping Jesus Christ per her interpretation of Church ritual. So I’ve got American RC’s aiming at me from one direction, and musloids aiming at me from the other. Kinda hard for NSA to get in a clean shot.

                  Not only do you have to watch out for the government, whether “ours” or “theirs”, you also have to watch out for ordinary people, who feign offense at your opinions honestly given. Not at all sure how this will play out.

                • It’s a matter of risk–Is your information important enough for the NSA/DEA to come after? How secure do you want your information to be?

                  The need to be more ‘secure’ (More complicated, harder to implement and less likely to be used protection.) dictates how much security you will put on your system. If you’re trading grandma’s apple pie recipe, probably not much. If you are sending details of the first really effective home plastic surgery device, a lot. And you are going to fire people who don’t use it.

                  It would take millions of years, using current technology, to decrypt an AES encrypted file, making it useless to anyone who wants the information to use as actionable intelligence. Therefore they go after the human factor–passwords, which are much easier to crack. Using 32 character randomly generated passwords, you are increasing the chances it will be not cracked to almost nil; unless they are willing to spend all their computer resources and crypto people on it.

                  Yes, eventually, given enough computing power, money, and personnel I can break anything. I imagine a 32 character long, randomly generated password would make it much more difficult. The permutations of a said password number would be in the millions or billions. Making ‘brute force attacks,’ even with hash and rainbow tabs, are really effective against 16+ character long, randomly generated passwords when you are looking for contemporaneous and actionable intelligence. Add one off cipher pads (each file/message) and you force whomever is trying to break the passwords to repeat everything with with each file.

                  Increases in computing power, even to the quantum level will not change the security ‘race.’ One side my be able to use the advances in technology to gain an advantage for awhile. The other side will be breathing down their necks. And, it will go down forever.

                  A NFL player code would be easily broken by observing patterns and a group of completely common words. (If this sounds bogus, the germans used the Enigma machine, which was, supposedly, so secure there was no way to beat it, during WWII.Turning beat it with pattern matching. Not only that, in the pre-microprocessor world of WWII, managed to break the ciphers using analog based automation.) It presents absolutely no way to password protect it. I would bet, on the same day the NSA is trying to figure out ciphers for every other country for in the world an still break it in about 5 minutes.

                  My motto is, never give an inch. On the other hand, people love to follow false flags. It’s a game, play it by your rules, not the NSA’s.

            • The first person to use it will be Obama

            • The first person to use it will be Obama

          • I believe it will operate similar to packet radio for hams, except there probably would be encryption. Look up packet radio and see how that operates.

            • I can’t believe that anyone actually gives a rat’s ass what the NSA can do. I know what they can’t do: catch a 29 year old contract worker who downloaded every important file they had right under their noses. Not a long time trusted employee, but a contractor. He then walks right out of their office, hops on a plane and travels to the other side of the world with this info. No proper vetting, no monitoring of his activities either through live surveillance or computer algorithms with alarm parameters, and no travel restrictions/warnings for folks with this type of access. That’s like guarding Fort Knox with only a screen door and an asthmatic Chihuahua. NSA stands for Nothing Secret Anymore, but this includes their own secrets (Snowden). They’ll be hacked again just like they hack everyone else. Move on folks, nothing to see here.

              • Manning isn’t too shinning an example of the military/NSA being able to control their own, either.

                It is amazing there is so little protection from the people who ‘watch to the watchers.’ An indication of the impotence of the gov’t in stopping it. The government fails to understand about the basic realities of the Internet, including what is on the Internet is forever. This is the one time in history that they cannot kill enough people fast enough to to prevent the spread of information.

                I love the Internet and the responsible patriots who do not keep silent about the treason the government commits. (As in most human endeavors, the weak point is always the human factor.)

                The really important part is that, the information the government has gone crazy about, has has had no effect whatsoever. The NSA hasn’t stopped building, or closed, its data center in UT. At this point, they look like bullies who are exacting revenge because someone ruined their game and embarrassed them.

          • Stop using this crap…write a letter, have an actual conversation with someone, learn to survive without being a slave to the internet and smart phones. Time to go old school.

          • Well, if enough people saw the potential in this type of product such that there was one of these devices every few blocks all around the country then presumably the issue you’re talking about would not be an issue anymore.

            The data would bounce from phone to phone, avoiding cell towers, satellites, and VOIP internet usage. It would have to completely avoid using any of Z.O.G.’s physical infrastructure though.

            Sadly, you’re still faced with each communication from one hub to the next being susceptible to eavesdropping techiniques specific to wireless data transmission.

            Not sure if it can be made Z.O.G.-proof.

            • Zionist Occupying Government? Are you kidding?

          • Well, obviously the primary use of the device would be at you home computer…granted, for other devices like your phones and tablets, it would be rather useless.

          • Yes you are missing something. Look up “token ring” networks as opposed to the ISP “hub and spoke” style. As long as people within 3 blocks of each allow token ring connections, in effect everyone becomes an ISP, traffic could be routed uniquely for every single packet. It’s an ingenious idea and let’s hope enough techies and geeks buy into it so that we sheep can follow (just like we did with the internet).

          • Yes you are missing something its called TOR, block to block LOL

          • I think you are missing something. I understood it to mean that if you connect with someone three blocks away and they are on the standard internet then you have an anonymous link. It is not the simple process you described. The odds that anyone is intercepting and decrypting billions of random wireless signals is remote. What is much more likely is the use of traditional servers to track web visits etc.

        • He’ll be dead before that product sees the light of day. The NSA and FISA will make sure of that.

          • They need a “living scapegoat” for awhile. When whomever they blame it all on is no longer needed–if he is lucky–they will give him a couple of hundred thousands bucks, dump him on Terra del fuego and tell him to never talk about it again.

            Or they will just kill him. Or do both. And I doubt they will give him a choice to what happens.

          • I’ve got 10 to 1 on a car crash…

        • He’ll be Breitbarted in short order.

        • Other more stable people are working on much better projects than this. If you want to understand new tech and figure out WHICH new tech is likely to succeed…look at the people who are running the projects.

        • Unrecontrucued Southron-

          You wont need to take out a policy on him.

          The GOVT will line his pockets SOOOOOOOOO Deep that all the info will be going thru them…
          somehow they will buy this guy off.

          THIS will NEVER Happen.

          It aint as easy as “If you build it they will come”

          McAfee is a scumbag anyway, and I’M sure he can be bought.

        • The only nefarious group that is endangering our American Way of Life is the NSA!

          I don’t want to pay for their “protection services”. I didn’t agree to their installation and I certainly didn’t agree to pay their bloated salaries and have them watch me sitting on the toilet or masturbating.

      2. Why dont hackers like anonymous just hack all the government shit and destroy it?
        Seems like that would be much more effective.

        • I would imagine our benevolent masters already have people in place at Mcafee or wherever with all of the knowledge to defeat the new system.

        • Good point buddy

        • Good point buddy

          • RT TV News last nite and again Today had another Expose’. This one is a documentary that Shows the Actual Internet “Talk-Backers Trolls” operating for PAY.

            The Location of these college students Paid to seek out websites and Twitters messages etc and to post many “Likes” on all Pro israel twiters or webite articles, and also to Register as a site poster person and post State sanctioned Propaganda that always is PRO israel, Pro jewish, and always Bash all messages or articles and posted replies that expose any Facts or Truth regarding issues on israel and jewish issues etc.

            They are All Paid By the State of and Located IN the state of Israel. RT tv news shows the Proof solid 100% for the “Naysayers” here who refuse to believe they are doing Paid trolls from israel.

            RT news interviewed a few students in israel and asked their attitude on this. All but One were very excited to join and get paid to be professional Trolls touting propaganda that always shows israel and all of its jewish supremisist ways as a great thing, while bashing folks who expose them with truth that shows the exact Opposite.

            Only ONE Guy I saw interviewed was against it. He says all israel has been doing for several Decades now has been to waste tons of cash on such propaganda type projects, and his opinion was why don’t israel officials Begin to change their bad/evil attitudes and agendas etc, and if israel as a Whole and its people as a whole would act better and Treat others(palestinians) Better, then other nations and peoples would see the changes for good and no paid trolls posting propaganda Lies will be needed.

            RT Vidoe made in Israel shows Rows of cubicle type stations with a computer, a side “short wall” at each side to seperate and one paid troll website poster at each Station. It looks like one huge long desk with several dozen computer stations along it with equal number persons manning a computer to disrupt, add propaganda, add Lies, and tout all issues israel and jew as wonderfull and innocent Victims(so whats new right).

            Nice to now see Proof and be Vindicated after so many fools have refused to believe that this was going on, and that the culprits are israeli jewish persons doing it.

            This new Official state of israel act against usa websites, and Americans who partisipate on such websites, must be More of the Past 50 years worth of “Karma” Blessings being returned to Americans for all of that 50 past years of so much “Bless jews” stuff we keep being told is a Must do for Us if we want God to Bless Us and America eh?

            From My Seat and perspective, when I analize the Past 50 years of daily/weekly goings on across america nationwide. it would seem to me that as far as “blessings” go, america has Never been so Lacking in being blessed, when compared to Prior to 50 yrs ago.

            I am wondering if just Maybe somebody got their wires crossed on all that bless jews, bless israel mandate so promoted by so many pastors today and christians alike.

            If They call the Past 50 years of america “blessed” by God as a karma type return for their blessing of israel and jews?….I rather Hate to see what any Curses shall be like if they ever stop all that false doctrine of blessings.

            • You probably won’t win many friends here or elsewhere for pointing out what you have, but truth is truth. This has nothing to do with our Jewish neighbors (unless they’re Zionists) any more than one should condemn Baptists because Bush was a PTB tool.

              But when you look at the power structure in American today–finance, media, social education etc.–one has to be blind not to detect the vast, vast over representation that Jewish people enjoy. And no, it is not because they are better educated and work harder. Palestinians and Koreans are just as competent but I’m trying to think how many of them chair TBTF bank boards, central banks or media conglomerates.

              When you point this fact out–and in NO WAY condemn the average Jewish American–you will see the Zionist reaction in spades. It will try to smear, deflect and obscure the obvious. It’s to our shame we buy their BS.

              Every Christian who attends an “Israel First” congregation should think long and hard about the deception being played on them. Do you really think the God of Abraham is on the side of those who use white phosphorous to shell civilians? If I was in a church like that, I’d walk out and never look back.

              It is slowly becoming more acceptable to at least question the righteousness of Zionist overtures and the Christian apologists who support them. Slowly, it is becoming known how we’ve been taken for a ride by those who try to cover the blood on their hands with Joseph’s coat. Don’t fall for it.

              Celebrate those Jewish friends who are caring, considerate and sweet, like I do. But never confuse them with the likes of the Zionist leaders and the western harlots who support them. They are as different as the average American and the parasitic whores who infest the US government today.

              • zionist? is that someone who supports the right of the state of Israel to exist? Zechariah 14

              • It must be stated explicitly that while not all Jews are Zionists, not all Zionists are Jews. The motives of some of these non-Jewish Zionists, e.g. Lord Balfour and General Smuts, are at least open to question. From the beginning of the Zionist movement, some of the most articulate and fervent Zionists have been Christian clergymen, especially “fundamentalists,” who hail Zionism as an important “religious” movement and welcome it as a fulfillment of prophecy. They also, and significantly, serve the cause of Zionism.

                One of the basic aims of Zionism is aliyah, the immigration to the Zionist state of Jews from all countries. Nevertheless, during the past few years hundreds of thousands of Israelis have outgathered themselves from the Zionist paradise, and American Jews have “voted with their feet” and have chosen not to be ingathered. These Jews recognize that the Zionist state is in fact nothing but a giant ghetto.

                Instead of being able to render assistance to Jewish communities in other countries, American Jews have been mobilized to concentrate on helping the Zionist state, making the USA the real and major source of Zionist power and influence. The Zionists, true to the nature of their movement, rely on technical superiority and on a forbidding military deterrent – provided largely by the USA – for their security.

              • Definition of Zionism: an organization of Jews whose goal is to create a nation for Jews.
                Definition of Judaism: Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud.

                • And your point is?

                  • His point is under his tinfoil hat.

              • It’s hard to imagine that the Chinese Communists are also Zionists.

                • JohnFornaro: The zionists jews invented communisim and Began it First in russia 1918. After bolshevik jewish kommies in russia and ukraine and poland and a dozen Other eastern european nations Mass exterminated over 150-200 Million mostly whites and christians in Those countries, they Later, the kommie jews, went to teach Chinese how to do and be Kommieizim.

                  And the USA Fed govnt Played a huge role in assisting the kommie jews Teach it to Mao in the late 1930 to 1940’s era. We may not like it but it is the way it is. Most americans are just now in last decade leraning of all this stuff as it was suppresed massively in america.

                  • Hmm, I must have been absent when they taught about this in grad school… The grad school where I earned my Ph.D. in modern european history.

                    Or you are making up things as you go along.

                    Trust me, folks, none of the tripe he is talking about never happened…

                • It’s hard to imagine that the stereotypical ‘Chinese communist’ still exists, or that anyone still believes it ever did.

                  What blows peoples’ minds about the existence of the State of Israel? And/or why do they care what they do…

                  I read a fictionbook that had something to do with a ‘dome’ that appeared out of nowhere and covered the US and Western and Eastern Europe. The only thing left was Seattle. On the other side of the world, Israel assessed their position. Then proceeded to nuke everyone that was even a vague threat to their continuing existence. This seems strategically prudent for any country caught in Israel’s position. I am sure a lot of anti-Zionists would claim it was a Zionist plan to take over the world.

                  BTW, I forgot what the name of the book is, but it was a better book, by a factor of 10; than Stephen King’s attempt in the Dome…

            • It sounds like a bunch of crap. Unless you’re a mindless Jew hater or a Muslim you know that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and they fight terrorists too. Any Christian or conservative should be on the side of Israel.

              • Barn Cat: Stay in the Barn until you die. Your IQ level is not sufficient enough to post comments. Read the above letter from a Jewish Rabbi you Dumb %$$#@.

              • Eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear.

                HEAR! kitty kitty!

                • Barn Cat: Is This what You mean by Mindless HATER’S?

                  “Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.”
                  — Samuel Roth, “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

                  “What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew’s) religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!”
                  — Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.

                  “The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.”
                  — Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919.

                  “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism (Communism) itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”
                  — The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1919.

                  “In everything, we are destroyers — even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief… We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.”

                  — Maurice Samuel “You Gentiles”, pg’s,152,155,147

                  they ADMIT they Are KHAZARZS!

                  Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

                  — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3 (the writer is obliquely referring to the true history of the Eastern European Ashkenazim, or Khazars).

                  PATRIOTIC JEWS?

                  “The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.”
                  — The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.

                  Jews SEEK PEACE? NO! Never! say the Jews themselves!

                  “The Jewish Question is being discussed by statesmen in a way more acute and compelling than ever before in the history of the world. They can do whatever they want, but the nations of the earth well never be able to get away from this question. The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.”
                  — London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939

                  WWII:Who Started It? Jews did!

                  “We Jews are going to bring war on Germany.”
                  — David Brown, President of American Hebrew, in 1934, quoted in Edmonson’s I Testify, page 188.

                  “World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.”
                  — Joseph Burg, an anti-Zionist Jew

                  RACIST? SUPREMESIST’S? Whiteys OR JEWS!?(Read below)

                  “…The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists…

                  …Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”
                  — Noel Ignatiev, Jew Harvard professor and founder of “Race Traitor”

                  “We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.”
                  — Dr. Kurt Munzer, “The Way to Zion.”

                  ZOG-INSIDE The, WHITEHOUSE? ABSOLUTLY!(even worse today)!

                  “The Roosevelt Administration has selected more Jews to fill influential positions than any previous administration.”
                  — Brooklyn Jewish Examiner, October 20, 1933.

                  THE REAL,TERRORIST’S! Jews ADMIT It is So!

                  “Terrorism and ‘revenge’ were…to be glorified as the ‘moral… and even sacred’ values of Israeli society. . . . [T]he military symbol was now Unit 101, led by Arik [Ariel] Sharon. …The lives of Jewish victims…had to be sacrificed to create provocations justifying subsequent reprisals. … A hammering, daily propaganda, controlled by the censors, was directed to feed the Israeli population with images of the monstrosity of the Enemy.” (right jews Kill their Own jews, and Blame Others!)
                  — from the dairy of Moshe Sharett, Prime Minister of Israel, in Livia Rokach’s “Israel’s Sacred Terrorisim”
                  p. 44 (1980). Rokach’s father was Sharett’s minister of the Interior and had access to inside information. She was later found dead in a hotel room in Rome under mysterious circumstances.


                  “Political Zionism is an agency of Big Business. It is being used by Jewish and Christian financiers in this country and Great Britain, to make Jews believe that Palestine will be ruled by a descendant of King David who will ultimately rule the world. What seclusion! It will lead to war between Arabs and Jews and eventually to war between Moslems and non-Moslems. That will be the turning point of history.”
                  — Henry H. Klein, “A Jew Warns Jews,” 1947.

                  WHAT JEW RABBI Thinks about GENTILE-Non jews!(not much!)

                  “As for the Goyim… Zalman’s attitude (was): “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.”…If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA…” “…If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”
                  – Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh in “Jewish Week,” the largest Jewish publication in the United States, April 26, 1996.

                  EQUALITY? Jews and Gentiles EQUAL? NO WAY Says Jews!

                  “We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own….”
                  — Ari Shavit, an Israeli columnist, reflected sorrowfully on the wanton Israeli killing of more than a hundred Lebanese civilians.
                  (from the Israeli paper Ha’aretz) in the May 27, 1996, issue of the New York Times.

                  CHRISTIANS! JEWS FOR JESUS CHRIST?! See what jews claim!

                  “One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the Crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle the job. If I’d had charge of executing Christ, I’d have handled it differently. You see, what I’d have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed him to the lions. They could never have made a savior out of mincemeat!”
                  – Rabbi Ben Hecht

                  JEWS RUN AMERICA! Says JEWS!(jews want to Mix talmud with usa govnt!)

                  “The U.S. has no longer a government of goyim [Gentiles], but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels. Perhaps the aspects of the Jewish religious law connected with the term ‘government of goyim’ should be re-examined, since it is an outdated term in the U.S.“
                  — The major Israeli newspaper, Maariv, “The Jews Who Run Clinton’s Court” on September 2, 1994.

                  BIBI NETANYAHU: ON, Evangelical CHRISTIANS! who so BLESS such Scam JEWS as Him!!

                  “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now…”
                  “I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.”

                  — Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Bibi just happened to be in New York City on 9/11 and London during the 7/7 subway bombings.

                  “[Shimon] Peres warned [Ariel] Sharon Wednesday that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and ‘turn the US against us.’ At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres, saying ‘every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.’”
                  — Kol Yisrael (Israel Radio), 3 October, 2001 (IAP)

                  WHAT ROLE Does the USA-PREZ, Play and for Whom? jews!

                  The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.”
                  — Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton, at the meeting for Jewish Leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities on March 18, 2008 (Jewess Ann Lewis is sister to Homo Congressman Barney Frank).

                  Gee! for a group who’s Total World Population remains around an almost INSIGNIFICANT, 14-Million Total, these swindlers and scammers and Liars/destroyers of Christianity everywheres, sure do get around eh?

                  AND: Some Delusional Evangelical’s think, God wants Them to Bless such evils and wrongs done so OFTEN by this very TINY portion of the worlds entire peoples? Wake Up!

              • Kiddy….I had no idea that Al Queda was Christian or conservative. Last I heard was they were being supplied and trained by your buddies in Israel. Darn Kitty….you are really the lowest form of life.

              • Definition of Zionism: an organization of Jews whose goal is to create a nation for Jews.
                Definition of Judaism: Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud.

                • JayJay: Heres Their Own definition and from one of their Most famous expert Rabbi!

                  “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

                  “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!

                  From All I found on “Anti-Zionist” Jewish folks, they have a website, and they have aprox 8000 Total usa members. ADL has them listed too I think, and in a not nice way.

                  Mainly as a whole, and yes theres Always “Exceptions” but by their own words and rabbis words, there really is no or not barely any difference between jews and zionists. There are Gentile-Zionists also. Enabler/supporters like joe biden etc…But regardless if called orthodox-conservative-reformed-torrah-talmudic-zionists-etc etc.

                  The main bottom line is they mostly all adhere to the Talmud teachings. Even most atheists types were Raised tamludic judiac. If you Read some of the tamludic teachings you can get an idea what that belief is and how it contributes overall to actions and attitudes etc.

                  I know a few jewish folks that are wonderfull folks. We all likly do. But I never yet asked any what side would they take if say israel went to War on usa?

                  From a carrear of 25+ yrs working for and withn their buisness’s and Homes on a Monthly basis I got to know quite a few jewish folks over those yrs. Many were very nice persons. Some were not so nice. Every group is that way. But If I had to Bet of which side “Most” will take if the choice is between israel and america?

                  My bet based on experience that most people never experience unless they too work for them and work Inside their homes on a reg monthly basis to sepnd alot of time around their group, is that a majority will side with israel. No other race or group sticks together good or bad as they do. Is that good? I do not think so when its about bad or wrongs done or being done.

                  I like white folks alot being white myself. But I am the first one to reject bad whiteys. From my experience you wont see that too often with the jewish group folks.

                  Also I think a vast difference exists between a jewish desrie to live in israel again, and Political Zionizim.

                  The Political version is definatly Communisim and they are who invented it. The name cahnges but kommies do not.

        • I thought thats what they were planning in November.

          • One can only hope!

        • Because Anonymous IS the government, the same way Al C.I.A.eda is.

        • Because military/govt sites are much more secure than corporate sites and systems. can’t really say more than that in a public discussion.

        • To physically erase couple of billion petabytes of data would take forever to, even to the government standard of 7X write over.

          On the other hand, unless you could, somehow, manage to use the government’s systems against itself, for a long time, without anyone noticing, it would be extremely difficult to hunt/seek the specific data you’re looking for to erase it. And the millions of relevant connections, and the backups, and the backups of backups…

          Besides the information is, probably, somewhere out there on the Internet. And, in this environment would, probably, be considered by the government to be treason…

          What you suggest would not be practical.

      3. While I admire the concept and the man’s intentions to helping us preserve our privacy, I doubt if the device ever sees the light of day being announced so prematurely. the feds will find some way to prevent it from ever reaching the US market. McAfee should’ve waited until his prototype was ready for release before making his announcement. I think he just blew his OPSEC on this project right out of the water. Whoever can come up with such a device and successfully test it and get it on the market, I’ll risk a few bucks to try it.

        • If nothing else, giving advanced notice will give them time to be sure they can subvert it…if they can’t subvert it, they’ll force him to give them keys to backdoors—failing that, he will not live long enough to see the device go into production.

          • Or McAfee’s goal is to make sure there is an alternative reason out there for the backdoor they’ve put in it… Everybody, even crazies that live out in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica, have a price.

        • Brave. You and the rest of the morons here are suckers. Mcafee, when not faking heart attacks and fleeing countries to avoid murder charges makes money from fear. You thrive on gloom and fear. He is so full of shit and selling a product to fools.

      4. Except for visiting here on a borrowed PC I don’t have any real electronic trail out there…been considering for a while just dropping off the web entirely…just going dark/Galt/JOG whatever you want to call it…likely wont for a while yet(I like this site and the net does have a lot of answers to various questions…) but then like I said before I don’t have much out there…certainly not a Facebook page or anything like it…no cell phone ect…point being if we didn’t use the electronic systems of the past decade they(NSA)wouldn’t be anywhere as powerful as they’ve become….if the tech went away,alot of this BS would too…

        • It’s not our fault for enjoying the available technology — it’s our fault for allowing the govt to get such a strong grip on that technology, and then using it against us, using laws we never thought anything about, when they were first written.

          It’s our fault we didn’t believe the conspiracies before they got too powerful for us to stop.

          • I agree…Im not blaming people…tech is neither good nor evil in and of itself…good people use it for good and evil for evil…:(

        • They can identify you by your logins and passwords. Even if you go to the library they know who you are.

          • Do Not worry barn kitty, You shall Never be ID’d as long as you continue to store Your Head Us some zionists Ass! Facial recognition Must be able to See your Face, after all right? Ok let’s All watch todays tv news shows to see How Many Blessings america will recieve Today after all that massive blessing of jews and israel being done non stop by deluded enangelicals eh barn kitty.

            • OMG….Them Guys. A perfect answer for an idiot. LOL.

              • Tactical: It is very Ironic that a few such as barn cat, sigi, not so much, et al, others I do not now recall their screen names of, are First Up tp Bat and denounce such info posted by several of us guys here. The fools call us vile racists, jew haters, antisemites etc.

                Yet regradless how much proven documented factual true evidence we supply, they always reject admiting They are whos wrong, they Never appoligize for vile name calls, and they never, ever post ANYTHING that even Remotely refutes what our info states or proves.

                Can anybody just picture such types sitting on some JURY deciding YOUR Fate in a serious crime charge that You are Innocent of?!!….With such closed minded attitudes as some here possess, for Any innocent of crimes charged with persons, it would Indeed be a Fearfull experience to face such uninformed, stuborn, closed minded fools eh!

                Like picture if You had no choice but to shoot a black or Jew in self defense!! Barn Cat, Sigi, Not so Much, all would say GUILTY as Charged while closeing their Ears to all remaining testimony that proved You innocent of all charges!…With such folks in america we indeed do reside in a fearfull time and nation!

                “And the time will come, when some will KILL You like they want to Kill Me, believing they are doing a Service to God by Killing You” Jesus Christ, around 33CE era.

                Compare Christs words with todays jew/israel Firster enabler-defenders No Matter What wrongs are done!

                They Will Kill You thinking Gods gonna bless the Hell out of them if to Kill You somehow remotely assists to bless jews or israel!….These type fools outta JOIN USA Fed ZOG-Govnt! They’d be right at Home there with so many jew zionists running usa fed gov!

                Sorry for so many rants but their crap just Pisses me off that they are so Lame and stuborn of Truth.

                • Well, here’s something to ponder….did you ever consider that this isn’t the right forum and time or place to rant about this? Why do you never stay on topic? Maybe we’re all just tired of your excessive fears.
                  If you were to maybe show cause and effect for the specific topic being discussed and how these people are responsible it might be more cogent.
                  For example, how are the Zionists responsible or in any way related to McAfee’s device being discussed?
                  It gets sooo old and repetitive and PREDICTABLE that we don’t even need to read your posts anymore. I know I personally just skip them anytime I see them.

                  • Kittyhawk….if you are pointing at Them Guys’s comments….by all mean bypass them. However don’t tell the rest of us what to do. Do you know why? Because if more Americans understand the RC of the problem, we may have a chance to have a normal country. The right way to cure cancer is to remove it and the historical knowledge and sharing by Them Guys will help to educate the uneducated ones including myself. If you want to remain uneducated that’s your purgative. LOOK AT THE BIGER PICTURE.

          • I have some rules,one of which is I never go to the library…and as Ive said before I know they know who I am and where I am…don’t really care about them as long as they leave me alone and stay outta my way…

        • Do you use credit cards? Do you use store loyalty cards? ATMs? Is your daughter participating in any IX athletics underwritten or policed by the feds? Does your vehicle have OnStar–whether you subscribe to it or not? Are all your employer’s records in analog form? Do they write checks to you and you don’t deposit them? Do you pay taxes? Do you purchase, at retail, any firearms that require a BATF form 4473 to be completed before the purchase is complete? Do you buy water, electricity, LNG ‘on the grid’ from companies that sell these things and have to maintain records or report to the gov’t? Etc.

          I can get to you through these things, and more, that have nothing to do with PC’s or cell phones. And most of them are public record…

          • my point is simply that the tech has been misused by TPTB to create a control system…that a decade ago what they are doing wasn’t really possible and that if anything happens to the tech they’ll neutered…..and in regards to your list of questions the answers are all “NO” except one and Im not telling which…but its a minor one…Im fully aware that they know who I am and where I am…last thing Im gonna do is worry about that…like Ive said here for years aint no amishman got anything on me… 🙂

      5. I don’t worry about the NSA.

        They haven’t found any intelligent statements from me anyway.

        • Really Ugly

          All they would have to do is dig out
          my old high school records to confirm
          I’m a no brainer, a matter of public
          record. No opsec there.

          • Hiding out in the open!
            Nothing to see!

            • Outwest: they aint checking school records to find smart ones. What they do search for is White Males who own firearms, reject voteing dems,and reject too big fed govnt. They search for white women also that fit that description. But white Males are at the very Top of list they are after and against. Even if they have no firearms.

              • Them guys,
                You bring up a VERY scary PROGOM , this is what the soviets did to the refuseniks in the 1970’s
                The Regime currently in power has no Regard for anyone not of their ideology . Take it from one that knows , I am currently furloughed from work it’s amazing most of us in DHS have been furloughed the media is lying its not 800,000 furloughs it’s 4 milllion including contract workers. the ones that remain are considered essential are mostly of the Leftist / Statist political bent or the favored minority ethnic status.
                I really think our GREAT LEADER will create a crisis then complain we do not have the man power to control it , then bring in the FOREIGN PEACE KEEPERS, then it’s game over.
                The date to watch Is the 17 th October when we default on all the debt, which will happen .
                All the asshats have to do is declare a state of emergency we all know what that means
                Can you say NDAA. Do not plan to be at home when this starts have a secondary RP ( rally point) form a phone tree or radio net to warn others, organize. TPTB will disband and replace your current PD ‘s with REGIME FORCES and institute a round up of potential adversary assets.
                Go FREEFOR, if they plan to start a war let it happen.

                Let them find empty towns when entering , LET THEM FIND ETERNITY WHEN LEAVING.

                TPTB cannot be negotiated with, it shows no remorse and it will never stop till it achieves its objective.

                This has happened before and it will happen again . When a Goverment lies to its people it is a Goverment drifting to war.




                NO MATTER WHAT

                Semper Fi 8541

                • Night Breaker: You Are a Good Man and Patriot. That they laid you types off in such massive numbers, is likly to go aganist them if they attempt what you described.

                  God alone know the real future. But Hs did give us glimps of it in His words the bible. Along with todays many fine websites filled with prior hidden info is causeing multitudes to awaken now. It may be harder than they ever imagianed to do that to americans. I am already in Northern lower Mich area. I go another 25 miles and I will be backed up to Lake Huron, or if go farther north my back be at Canadas borders!

                  I am finished with “White Flight” did that since very young in detroit areas. its time to FIGHT not flight!

                  Hope I am wrong. Do not think I am. Stay Safe and Please Keep Us here Posted from your vantage inside!

                • Frankly brother, I am so tired of paying for you.

                  I am appreciative of your service and realize that you have been living a lie also.

                  But I am really fucking tired of paying for you and have absolutely no fucking simpathy for your plight.

                  We have 2 businesses and no one has ever give an flying fuck about us…and we are still here.

                  Hopefully you will stand with me when we send these bastards back to hell on fucking fire.

                  Only then will we be able to reconcile our difference.

                  Free man to Free man.

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      6. Fucked up times…

        • Iowa, I hope you clean your mouth with some soap before you lead your bible study.

          • Iowa, I hope you clean your mouth with some soap before you lead your bible study.

            Because Jesus taught that “forbidden” words are evil? I must have missed that Bible verse.

      7. John McAfee, you magnificent bastard!

        • John McAfee just increased all our and our children”s tax burden to support the new
          ” DONSAKP ”
          ( Dept. Of NSA Killer Protection )
          Thanks a heap load Mr. McAfee.
          Miss DeeDee

      8. I think there may be better cheaper ways to keep your identity and your location private or anonymous. Google it. I think unless you’re a real deviant there’s no reason to freak out about it. It’ll all be over soon enough anyway and much of what we think or thought was important will become meaningless and soon forgotten.


        • Are you ready? ……The only pandemic that is going on is the spread of libs and commies.

          Maybe we just change the name and call it cancer. SOB’s

      9. Call me the Napster. Tell me what money is.

      10. Before you jump on this product you might look up John McAfee. He has been involved in some shady stuff and has an arrest record. Look before you leap.

        • In the current political environment an arrest record may be his number one selling point. Just saying. 🙂

          • Agreed. I’m not into following good little lemmings, anyways…I already know where they’re gonna go.

            • Last I heard of him, he was living in Belize, surrounded by assorted high powered weaponry and girls of questionable age; he was suspected of manufacturing drugs and was wanted for questioning in the murder of a fellow expatriate neighbor and there was something in there about killing dogs. Anyway, he was an international refugee for a while and eventually let back into the US. My question is, at what cost? Hmm. Anyway, he is also a former Lockheed employee AND he has written several books on yoga, so if the his expatriate shenanigans aren’t damning enough, perhaps this will be. Sounds like a squirrelly dude to me.

        • Good point POG……My other concern is a newly developed business between Michael Chertoff and Mr. McAfee….. I assume positive intent on McAfee’s part but Chertoff???????? NO WAY.

          • Tactical: Back when Chertoff was head of DHS under Bush jr, I read in some article that his name “Chertoff” is Russian and means Son of Satan or son of devil, do not recall which now? Am leaning towards son of Satan.

            Perhaps one of our russian friend/preppers here can assist in deciphering his name as I do not know if that was true or not?

            One thing I Am Certain of: If you go by looks and EYES? Hes definatly if not a “son” then related in some way to satan! His deep dark black eye Sockets are an exact Match of Mayor Bloombergs! The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul!

            • Indeed correct Them Guys. He has made a fortune by making faking terrorist and come up with the tools to control his made terrorists. Eyes are the door to inside and these folks they all share the same satanic eyes.

          • Tactical:

            Anything involving the zionist Chertoff is way beyond suspect.

            • Amen POG.

            • While looking up info on Chertoff I found this post:

              “Chertoff is a heinous, vile, despicable, evil, power hungry, satanic, wicked, Christ killing, blood drinking, Palestinian child murdering, usurious, cadaverous, hook-nosed, Khazarian, Talmudic, Kabbalistic Member of the Tribe.”

              Decided I didn’t need to look any further……

              • Pissed of Granny: Thats Just from his Grade School files!

        • I’m not a saint and I’ve never been one or claimed to have ever been one and I’ve never played the part of one. I use to be reckless, a land locked sailor, a bar room brawler and I do have an arrest record, nothing beyond a boy having fun and the law not understanding, I never did anyone any harm that wasn’t game to it and I never committed a felony. That isn’t who I am now or how I identify myself. An arrest record can mean many things, youthful exuberance or a slime bag, I’d like to thing that the law not understanding my youthful exuberance was a matter of their over reaction to a free spirit. These days, they would have shot me then asked questions. To say someone has an arrest record isn’t saying much other than you’ve been a goodie two shoe and have live an uneventful life, sorry for your boredom. Look into the detail and then comment on the relevance of their arrest and if it applies to the subject.

          • Maybe someday, we’ll actually allow people to turn their lives around, and live down their past mistakes.

        • I thought McAffee was hiding out in S. America, hiding from murder charges.
          That’s the skinny I got anyways.

        • in the past a arrest record usualy meant a specific type of problem and a possible (bad person) now days you cannot go by that alone as with all the crazy laws they have enacted ANYONE might have arrest record and still be a very un-standing person, you would really have to KNOW all the circumstances to know! POWER to the people take our country back

          • OOPs UP- standing person, cannot spell this time of the morning!

      11. Off topic:

        They are taking donations for truckers fuel for the DC convoy. Just sent my donation. Can’t be there so this is the best I can do.


        • Indeed GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS THOSE TRUCKERS. My only concern is the cops opening fire on them since lately they have been very trigger happy with the law abiding citizens screaming for their freedom.

          • Tact.
            I hope my fellow Officers feel like I do, and will do everything they can to help out the Great American TRUCK DRIVING PATRIOTS!!!. I know that if I was in D.C. I would do what I could to help!!!
            I know that there will be some Dip S^&T cops strutting their stuff. I just hope and pray they are the minority.

            As far as this new tec. stuff. Wed civilians are 30 years be hind. Gov. already has away around it. YOU CAN BET ON THAT!

            • Amen Sgt. Dale.

        • Thanks POG. We’re still on for the 11th thru 13th. Gaining some momentum, but still many in our industry who are clueless- not only about the strike (rally, ride, economic shutdown, whatever) but also about the true state of affairs in this country.
          Sadly, there’s still so many folks asleep in America. I’m only one voice, but I’m still using it to try and reach them. Talked to another half dozen recently at our terminal. Only one had heard of the coming action. How in the world they can know so little about what’s happening in their own profession just baffles me. Guess video games and the NFL have occupied all their available brain cells.
          One other funny note- Four times now I’ve asked the managers of truck stops if I could use their PA microphone to make an announcement. When I tell them what it’s for,(to basically bring their business to a stop for 3 days) they refuse! So I just turn and announce it at the top of my lungs to all the customers anyway! So far, I haven’t been escorted out by security 🙂
          If anyone is interested in helping us- a good place to start your search is ‘ride for the constitution dot org’
          You’ll find lots of info and links from there. And, PLEASE, don’t buy ANYTHING on Oct. 11th, 12th, or 13th!

          • Smokin!!!! What ya thinking!

            If trucking stops, America stops!


            You are thinking.

            Good job. Absolutely no purchases oct 11-13!!!!

            no gas, no eggs, no bread, no oly. Do it !!!!

            I think the trucker effect on America will raise more heads than the Government shut-down.

            • Thanks Ugly, and a pat on the back for your comments below about gardening.
              And, to those who say this strike won’t make any difference- I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: No, it won’t bring the country to a standstill. It won’t effect any immediate changes. It won’t even have full support from America’s truck divers. But we HAVE to do this!
              This is merely one battle. There will be more. And we must never stop fighting. No matter how small or local the battles. No matter how hopeless it seems. Our nation… our way of life, is under attack on all sides. If we ever stop fighting, then we’ve lost.
              Our way of life is worth fighting for. Your family, your life is worth it. Never stop fighting the bastards who want a one world Godless communist utopia.

              • Amen Okie…Im with you!

          • I read that the American trucking assotation said that they will have no part in the protest, and will contimue to haul freight. Patriots should get together in their local areas and drive their cars on interstates and state highways at 15 mph. Turn the highway into a stop and go parking lot. Lets see how much freight gets delivered then.

          • SmokinOkie: Stay Strong! When you least expect it maybe the Lord shall provide you with someone to sit in the passenger seat and work the CB-Mic to Reach Out with Truth to other truckers!

            Someone perhaps that is rather Outspoken, like Me for example! and unafraid to tell truth and reject all forms PC. Bet that would awaken a few drivers across american roads! His CB Handle could be “WAZ”=Warrior Against ZOG’s!

            Good Mornin USA Truckers! Its time for the Daily WAZ report updates! Live from Smokin Oakies cowboy Caddylac!

          • I won’t; don’t need anything; stocked to the hilt.

      12. Did you know that you-your computer is being/attempted to be hacked 30 times per hour?

      13. No sense playing spy vs spy with these people . dismantle the nsa and hang the bastards

        • You got it all wrong; Hang the bastard, then burn it.

      14. Three Blocks,
        From where I sit I can’t see a house for at least 2 miles.
        Not sure it will do me much good. Or anybody else for that matter. But IF it comes out which I do so doubt, there will be a ton sold. My only question is “who will he have to kill to build it.”Oh wait ,that’s right he only kills neighbors!!

        • His “device” reminds me of an ad for a sure-fire, double-your-money-back cockroach killer, guaranteed to kill every single one it comes in contact with.

          When it arrived, you opened it up and got a pair of 6 inch wooden blocks and 1 sheet of instructions…

          “Place each roach on block A and, strike hard with block B…”

          • Sixpack: I call Very Pointy-Toe Cowboy Boots, cockroach Killers! Because you know how late nite when you go to get a snack from fridge, turn lite on and Thats when if you have any roaches, you will see them. When the smart cockroaches always make a beeline run for the Corner where two kitchen cabinets meet so you cannot stomp them right. Well next time wear Very Pointy Toe cowboy boots and you will be able to kill even the roaches hiding in the corners! Pointy toe boots fit like a Glove!

            Pointy Toe Cowboy Boots, best cockroach Killers ever invented!

      15. What a load of %@?!

        There IS no way to decentralize anything transmitted either by wire or wireless. Isn’t John McAfee the guy allegedly wanted for murder or some such? Can you say plea bargain/revoked sentence? Anytime someone tells you they have something the feds cannot get to…it’s usually the feds saying it.

        Case in point- Recently in Syria a new ‘Secure Skype’ application popped up almost out of nowhere.
        “Talk to your friends without the evil government listening” they said. The actual people who made the application were in fact, the government and they used the app to track and locate the very people using it to ‘hide’. *CLICK* BOOM! Thud.

        Also people need to check out the story Anonymous just did on the Apple Fingerprint ID on the iPhones. Turns out big brother get your fingerprint when you scan it…even though it is supposed to only be ‘stored’ locally on the phone.

      16. Like I’m suppose to believe a corp that my communications are safe and secure, yeah right.

        Off topic:
        We’ve had a lot of rain lately and it has the rivers running muddy, as soon as it drops and clears up a little I’ll post up a crabbing trip to the mouth of the Columbia River aka the graveyard of the pacific, well maybe not as soon as it clears up, I have a house warming party to go to this weekend and one more trip to the forest for more mushrooms. Razor clam season is now open, that’s a kick in the ass for those that have the forager’s gene. In the fall the clam tide is at night and you need to take a lantern along with you. The first time out is a big eye opener, the beach is lanterns as far as you can see north and south and limits of 15 each are easy.

        • Addendum:

          With Fukashima radiation, we wont need lanterns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • An Interesting Essay here.

            They were members of the Frankfurt School, formed in Germany in 1923. They were the forebears of what some proclaim as ‘cultural Marxism,’ a radical social movement that has transformed American culture. It is more commonly known today as ‘political correctness.’

            ‘Cultural Marxism’ and ‘critical theory’ are concepts developed by a group of German intellectuals, who, in 1923, founded the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University. The Institute, modeled after the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow, became known as the Frankfurt School [1]. In 1933, when the Nazis came to power in Germany, the members of the Frankfurt School fled to the United States. While here, they migrated to major U.S. universities (Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis, and California at Berkeley). These intellectual Marxists included Herbert Marcuse, who coined the phrase, ‘make love, not war,’ during the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations

            By promoting the dialectic of ‘negative’ criticism, that is, pointing out the rational contradictions in a society’s belief system, the Frankfurt School ‘revolutionaries’ dreamed of a utopia where their rules governed [2]. “Their Critical Theory had to contain a strongly imaginative, even utopian strain, which transcends the limits of reality.” Its tenets would never be subject to experimental evidence. The pure logic of their thoughts would be incontrovertible.

            This, of course, is the concept which led to the current fetish for the rewriting of history, and the vogue for our universities’ law, English literature, and humanities disciplines — deconstruction.

            Critical theory rejected the ideal of Western Civilization in the age of modern science, that is, the verification or falsifying [4] of theory by experimental evidence. Only the superior mind was able to fashion the ‘truths’ from observation of the evidence. There would be no need to test these hypotheses against everyday experience.

            The Frankfurt school studied the ‘authoritarian personality’ which became synonymous with the male, the patriarchal head of the American family. A modern utopia would be constructed by these idealistic intellectuals by ‘turning Western civilization’ upside down. This utopia would be a product of their imagination, a product not susceptible to criticism on the basis of the examination of evidence. This ‘revolution’ would be accomplished by fomenting a very quiet, subtle and slowly spreading ‘cultural Marxism’ which would apply to culture the principles of Karl Marx bolstered by the modern psychological tools of Sigmund Freud. Thus, ‘cultural Marxism’ became a marriage of Marx and Freud aimed at producing a ‘quiet’ revolution in the United States of America. This ‘quiet’ revolution has occurred in America over the past 30 years. While America slept!

            What is ‘cultural Marxism?’ Why should it even be considered when the world’s vast experiment with the economic theory of Karl Marx has recently gone down to defeat with the disintegration of Soviet communism? Didn’t America win the Cold War against the spread of communism? The answer is a resounding ‘yes, BUT. We won the 55-year Cold War but, while winning it abroad, we have failed to understand that an intellectual elite has subtly but systematically and surely converted the economic theory of Marx to culture in American society. And they did it while we were busy winning the Cold War abroad. They introduced ‘cultural Marxism’ into the mainstream of American life over a period of thirty years, while our attention was diverted elsewhere.

            • PART II: Frankfurt-Cultural Marxisim in America.

              The vehicle for this introduction was the idealistic Boomer elite, those young middle-class and well-to-do college students who became the vanguard of America’s counter-culture revolution of the mid-1960s — those draft-dodging, pot-smoking, hippies who demonstrated against the Vietnam War and who fomented the destructive (to women) ‘women’s liberation’ movement. These New Totalitarians [5] are now in power as they have come to middle-age and control every public institution in our nation. But that is getting ahead of the story.

              The cauldron for implementing this witches brew were the elites of the Boomer generation. They are the current ‘foot soldiers’ of the original Frankfurt School gurus. The counter-culture revolution of the 1960s was set in motion and guided intellectually by the ‘cultural Marxists’ of the Frankfurt School — Herbert Marcuse, Eric Fromm, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Wilhelm Reich, and others [6,7]. Its influence is now felt in nearly every institution in the United States. The elite Boomers, throwbacks to the dangerous idealist Transcendental generation of the mid-1800s, are the ‘agents of change,’ who have introduced ‘cultural Marxism’ into American life.

              William S. Lind relates [8] that ‘cultural Marxism’ is an ideology with deep roots. It did not begin with the counter-culture revolution in the mid-1960s. Its roots go back at least to the 1920s and the writings of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci [9]. These roots, over time, spread to the writings of Herbert Marcuse.

              Herbert Marcuse was one of the most prominent Frankfurt School promoters of Critical Theory’s social revolution among college and university students in the 1960s. It is instructive to review what he has written on the subject:
              “One can rightfully speak of a cultural revolution, since the protest is directed toward the whole cultural establishment, including the morality of existing society

              … there is one thing we can say with complete assurance. The traditional idea of revolution and the traditional strategy of revolution have ended. These ideas are old-fashioned

              … what we must undertake is a type of diffuse and dispersed disintegration of the system.”

              This sentiment was first expressed by the early 20th century Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci.

              Gramsci, a young communist who died in one of Mussolini’s prisons in 1937 at the age of 46, conjured up the notion of a ‘quiet’ revolution that could be diffused throughout a culture — over a period of time — to destroy it from within. He was the first to suggest that the application of psychology to break the traditions, beliefs, morals, and will of a people could be accomplished quietly and without the possibility of resistance. He deduced that “The civilized world had been thoroughly saturated with Christianity for 2,000 years…” and a culture based on this religion could only be captured from within.

              Gramsci insisted that alliances with non-Communist leftist groups would be essential to Communist victory. In our time, these would include radical feminist groups, extremist environmental organizations, so-called civil rights movements, anti-police associations, internationalist-minded groups, liberal church denominations, and others. Working together, these groups could create a united front working for the destructive transformation of the old Christian culture of the West.

              The FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES! Did Hobammy get schooled here?

              By winning ‘cultural hegemony,’ Gramsci pointed out that they could control the deepest wellsprings of human thought — through the medium of mass psychology. Indeed, men could be made to ‘love their servitude.’ In terms of the gospel of the Frankfurt School, resistance to ‘cultural Marxism’ could be completely negated by placing the resister in a psychic ‘iron cage.’ The tools of mass psychology could be applied to produce this result.

              The essential nature of Antonio Gramsci’s revolutionary strategy is reflected in a 1990s book [10] by the American Boomer author, Charles A. Reich, ‘The Greening of America.’ “There is a revolution coming. It will not be like revolutions of the past. It will originate with the individual and the culture, and it will change the political structure as its final act. It will not require violence to succeed, and it cannot be successfully resisted by violence. This is the revolution of the New Generation.” Of course this New Generation would be Reich’s elite Boomer generation. And the mantra for these New Age ‘foot soldiers’ of the Frankfurt School prophets, would be ‘have the courage to change [11].’

              The Frankfurt School theorized that the ‘authoritarian personality’ is a product of the patriarchal family. This idea is in turn directly connected to Frederich Engels’ ‘The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State,’ which promotes matriarchy. Furthermore, it was Karl Marx who wrote about the radical notion of a ‘community of women’ in the Communist manifesto. And it was Karl Marx who wrote disparagingly about the idea that the family was the basic unit of society in ‘The German Ideology’ of 1845.

              • Final PART III: Cultural Marxisim ATTACK on MALES! in USA!

                ‘The Authoritarian personality,’ studied by the Frankfurt School in the 1940s and 1950s in America, prepared the way for the subsequent warfare against the masculine gender promoted by Herbert Marcuse and his band of social revolutionaries under the guise of ‘women’s liberation’ and the New Left movement in the 1960s. The evidence that psychological techniques for changing personality is intended to mean emasculation of the American male is provided by Abraham Maslow, founder of Third Force Humanist Psychology and a promoter of the psychotherapeutic classroom, who wrote that, ‘…the next step in personal evolution is a transcendence of both masculinity and femininity to general humanness.’ The Marxist revolutionaries knew exactly what they wanted to do and how to do it. They have succeeded in accomplishing much of their agenda.

                But how can we claim the ’causes’ of the breakdown of our schools, our universities, indeed, the very fiber of our culture were a product of a tiny group of intellectuals who immigrated from Germany in 1933? Given all of the special-interest groups involved in these activities, how can we trace these ’causes’ to the Frankfurt school? Look at some of the evidence.

                As an example, postmodern reconstruction of the history of Western Civilization (now prevalent in our universities) has its roots in the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School. This rewriting of history by the postmodern scholars in America has only recently come under attack. Keith Windschuttle, in his book, ‘Killing of History,’ has severely criticized the rush to ‘relativism’ by historiographers. What is truly astonishing, however, is that ‘relativism’ has largely supplanted the pursuit of truth as a goal in historical study.

                He quotes other postmodernists, mostly non- historians, who [13] “…reinforce the proposition that truth and reality are primarily authoritarian weapons of our times.” We now recognize the source of this postmodern assault — the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School who became experts in criticizing the ‘authoritarian personality’ in American culture.

                He observes that evidence has takmen a back seat to inventiveness. He thus cuts right to the chase — the inventions of postmodernism, which are cutting successive generations of Americans off from their culture and their history, evolved directly from the ‘cultural Marxist’ scholars of the Frankfurt School.
                How did this situation come about in America’s universities? Gertrude Himmelfarb has observed [14] that it slipped past those traditional academics almost unobserved until it was too late. It occurred so ‘quietly’ that when they ‘looked up,’ postmodernism was upon them with a vengeance. “They were surrounded by a tidal wave of faddish multicultural subjects such as radical feminism, deconstructed relativism as history and other courses” which undermine the perpetuation of Western Civilization. Indeed, this tidal wave slipped by just as Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School had envisioned — a ‘quiet’ revolution. A revolution that could not be resisted by force.

                HOW USA SCHOOLS GOT SO BAD!

                It is of interest to note that the ‘sensitivity training’ techniques used in our public schools over the past 30 years and which are now employed by the U.S. military to educate the troops about ‘sexual harassment’ were developed during World War II and thereafter by Kurt Lewin [15] and his proteges. One of them, Abraham Maslow, was a member of the Frankfurt school and the author [16] of ‘The Art of Facilitation’ which is a manual used during such ‘sensitivity’ training. Thereby teachers were indoctrinated not to teach but to ‘facilitate.’ This manual describes the techniques developed by Kurt Lewin and others to change a person’s world view via participation in small-group encounter sessions. Teachers were to become amateur group therapists. The classroom became the center of self-examination, therapeutic circles where children (and later on, military [17] personnel) talked about their own subjective feelings. This technique was designed to convince children they were the sole authority in their own lives.

                WHY YOU SHOULD CARE! Yes YOU!!

                It is important to realize that this movement, ‘cultural Marxism,’ exists, understand where it came from, and what its objectives were — the complete destruction of Western Civilization in America. That is, these ‘cultural Marxists’ aimed to destroy, slowly but surely from the bottom up, the entire fabric of American Civilization.

                By the end of World War II, almost all the original Frankfurt School members had become American citizens. This meant the beginning of a new English-speaking audience for the school. Now the focus was on American forms of authoritarianism. With this shift in subject matter came a subtle change in the center of the Institute’s work. In America, authoritarianism appeared in different forms than its European counterpart. Instead of terror or coercion, more gentle forms of enforced conformism had been developed. According to Martin Jay, [18] “Perhaps the most effective of these were to be found in the cultural field. American mass culture thus became one of the central concerns of the Frankfurt School in the 1940s.”

                Marxixts Merge With usa LIBERALS!

                Since the 1940s, subtle changes appeared in the Frankfurt School’s descriptions of their work. For example, the opposite of the ‘authoritarian personality’ was no longer the ‘revolutionary,’ as it had been in previous studies aimed at Europeans. In America, it was now the ‘democratic’ who opposed the ‘authoritarian personality.’ Thus, their language matched more closely the liberal [19] “…New Deal rather than Marxist or radical..” language. Education for tolerance, rather than praxis for revolutionary change, was the ostensible goal of their research. They were cleverly merging their language with the mainstream of liberal left thought in America while maintaining their ‘cultural Marxist’ objectives.


                One of the basic tenets of Critical Theory was the necessity to break down the contemporary family. The Institute scholars preached that [21] “…Even a partial breakdown of parental authority in the family might tend to increase the readiness of a coming generation to accept social change.” The ‘generation gap’ of the 1960s and the ‘gender gap’ of the 1990s are two aspects of the attempt by the elite Boomers (taking a page out of ‘cultural Marxism’) to transform American culture into their ‘Marxist’ utopia.

                The transformation of American culture envisioned by the ‘cultural Marxists’ is based on matriarchal theory. That is, they propose transforming American culture into a female-dominated one. This is a direct throwback to Wilhelm Reich, a Frankfurt School member who considered matriarchal theory in psychoanalytic terms. In 1933, he wrote in The Mass Psychology of Fascism that matriarchy was the only genuine family type of ‘natural society.’

                Eric Fromm, another charter member of the Institute, was also one of the most active advocates of matriarchal theory. Fromm was especially taken with the idea that all love and altruistic feelings were ultimately derived from the maternal love necessitated by the extended period of human pregnancy and postnatal care. “Love was thus not dependent on sexuality, as Freud had supposed. In fact, sex was more often tied to hatred and destruction. Masculinity and femininity [22] were not reflections of ‘essential’ sexual differences, as the romantics had thought. They were derived instead from differences in life functions, which were in part socially determined.” This dogma was the precedent for today’s radical feminist pronouncements appearing in nearly every major newspaper and TV program, including the television newscasts. For these current day radicals, male and female roles result from cultural indoctrination in America — an indoctrination carried out by the male patriarchy to the detriment of women. Nature plays no role in this matter.

                But in terms of destruction and disintegration, Critical Theory absorbed by the ‘change agents’ and other social revolutionaries has led them to declare their intent to restructure America. As they proclaim, this means their activities have been directed toward the disintegration of the traditional white male power structure. As anyone with eyes to view present-day television and motion pictures can confirm, this has been largely achieved. In other words, Critical Theory, as applied mass psychology, brought forth a ‘quiet’ psychic revolution which facilitated an actual physical revolution that has become visible everywhere in the United States of America.

                It was the destructive criticism of the primary elements of American culture that inspired the 1960s counter-culture revolution. As the name implies, this false ‘spiritual awakening’ by the idealist Boomers in their coming-of-age years was an effort to transform the prevailing culture into an inverted or opposite kind of culture that is a necessary prelude to social revolution. Now that these elite Boomers are in positions of power in the United States, they are completing their work of destroying every institution that has been built up over 200 years of American history. Their aim is to destroy any vestige of the Anglo-American path [23] taken by Western Civilization in forming the unique American culture.


                Most Americans do not yet realize that they are being led by social revolutionaries who think in terms of the destruction of the existing social order in order to create a new social order in the world. These revolutionaries are the New Age elite Boomers, the New Totalitarians [24]. They now control every public institution in the United States of America. Their ‘quiet’ revolution, beginning with the counter-culture revolution of their youth, is nearly complete. It was based on the intellectual foundation of the ‘cultural Marxists’ of the Frankfurt School. Its completion depends on keeping the American male in his psychic ‘iron cage.’

                The confluence of radical feminism and ‘cultural Marxism’ within the span of a single generation, that of the elite Boomers (possibly the most dangerous [25] generation in America’s history), has imposed this yoke on the American male. It remains to be seen whether or not he will continue his ‘voluntary submission’ to a future of slavery in a new American matriarchy, the precursor to a state of complete anarchy.

                If we allow this subversion of American values and interests to continue, we will (in future generations) lose all that our ancestors suffered and died for. We are forewarned. A reading of history — it is all in mainstream historical accounts — tells us that we are about to lose the most precious thing we have — our individual freedoms.

                Written By:
                About the Frankfurt School
                Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson CDR USN (Ret.)
                Copyright August 1999

                Numbered Footnotes/Documentations are at website of:

                http frankfurtschool dot us /history dot htm

                • What TG—you trying to elbow out the trolls, by not leaving them any space to troll?

                  • TG is a troll- off topic and hijacking the thread.

                  • Sixpack: I did not know these threads end after so many posts. Plus I thought with so many replys that sound like they are written by children, and are just repititious mentions of how they so hate hobammy or fienstien with snappy one liners stateing mainly the same verbatim.

                    That perhaps a few will actually Read and Learn what is the main causes of americans troubles. Phys preps are a good thing indeed. And with so many here posting how if any ‘enemys” come to swipe preps they plan to take severe action etc, it may be swell info to actually KNOW who and What the true enemys are and think like.

                    Folks like SIGI for exmple and Barn Cat et al. They always critisize my posts or call me vile names. Yet when I post total unquestionable Proof, like Khazar DNA Proof solid, for Sigi…Does he even reply or Admit he was wrong? NO. Does he or the other few foolish ones here Ever even Try to post a few sentences to offer Their Counter proofs, to validate Their asinine replies of constant Doubt? and Constant rejection of My proofs? No!

                    I guess they are quite content and Happy to Remain in their personal “Iron Cages”& warm-Blankets of falsehoods they refuse to re examine, or to consider that Just Maybe what they were taught by schools or Preachermen was not entirely the factual Truths eh. I guess I was mistaken thinking something posted with a little more “Meat” on the bones so to speak, may entice their shallow appetites.

                    Sorry sixpack but I cannot always be right eh. At least I tried to educate the deluded ones amoung this fine group.

                  • TG, they don’t “end”, but after so many hours of reading, most people give up. I try to read every post (except for trolls) but when it takes an hour or more to read through them, my eyes get bleary.

                • Boomer this and boomer that was unnecessary. Being born in a certain range of years is not the problem. People I went to school with are like us. I think the place is more of a problem. Most of the education problems originate in California. The ones in charge at the state level here have to follow the latest educational fads from California even though it can be shown that California’s education system is near the bottom of the heap. You talk about stuff that started in the 1920s and 1930s. There were no “boomers” around then. Even in the 1960s, there were no “boomers” controlling anything; they weren’t old enough. Even at UNC in the early 1970s, most people were normal. I knew a few “flower children,” but the ones I knew are normal people now and not involved in any of this stuff. I don’t think age has anything to do with how the elites act.

                  In other words, I automatically discount anything I read that focuses on my age group as being a problem.

                  • Archivist: either you failed to read it entirely? or Mis interpreted what he wrote on “Boomers Gen”. He is Not saying every or all of the boomer gen. He specified it was the very eliete selcet few that TODAY have stolen control of america in the major areas of fed govnt and Universities etc and of course TV major MSM media’s.

                    Example: persons like John Kerry famous for his anti nam berkly protesting days and acting like a usa version of Tokyo Rose during the nam war. Most of the folks today running the usa into the ground, and stealing everything not bolted down, bankrupting the nation and overturning it into a kommie hell hole Are of the Earliest boomers group age bracket. Thats Undenyable archivist.

                    He wasn’t speaking of boomers all. Only the Upper wealthy and middle class college types of leftists. Back during the 1950-60’s era for middle class folks to attend college, for Most anyways, they had to be Upper-Midle class. Not the reg avg boomer class folks like most of us are and grew up as.

                • Well Said Udder Contempt. Them Guys is playing a major part educating me and hopefully many other readers including the ones who purposely thumbs down his posts. The fact is simple: You can’t fight the historical truth and use corruption to spread lie for ever for something that never took place but the mankind is being taken hostage for it.

                • Udder Contempt: Am glad you liked my posts and also glad to see another here who is definatly wide awake on even the untill recent times, well hidden important infos such as Frankfurt kommie subversivs etc.

                  I especially agree fully with your final two sentences on being effective in fighting this Cancer unless we see and know it etc…Thank you.

                • I have a link at home to a really interesting video that goes right along with this perfectly! When I get home tonight after work, I’ll post it.

        • Right on Rick…I’m picking and stashing several varieties of winter squash today and into the root cellar they go. Time to clean up my garden a bit…still have fresh lettuce, new spinach and arugala on the way.

          Carrots and beets are soon to be mulched/covered to be harvested fresh during the next 6 months.

          Have all my tomatoes/peppers in the garage in a continuously ripening way…will have fresh tomatoes for several months yet…am going to make spaghetti sauce and chili to can/freeze.

          Lots of apples in my orchard ready to pick and store.

          Also have an elk to pick up soon.

          Enough for now…better get to work.

          God bless you brother…the best part of all this is that we share this bounty with like-minded people.

          That is how the planet works.

      17. To Smoopa, Thanks for your reasoned response to my comment on yesterdays article. We may not agree on the issues but a respectful exchange is always appreciated. (and I really do love the redwoods, no sarcasm there!)

      18. When I saw the article’s headline I thought, “NSA killer?” Cool! What caliber? Where can I get one? Are they small enough for concealed carry?
        Then I read the whole story. What a let down. Guess I shouldn’t jump to conclusions…

        • U.S NAVY: Our Future ADMIRALS CRYING!(Note 17 from above article).Femminizing the US Naval Academy!

          17) Editorial, “The crying of the admirals,” The Washington Times, 3 November 1995. The U.S. Naval Academy has added female ‘role models’ to the faculty. In August 1994, the Academy placed a new emphasis on conflict resolution and consciousness-raising. “As ‘Lean On Me’ started playing, Master Chief Liz Johns gave the plebes her final orders: stand in a circle, sway to the music, sing along, and hug. From the circle came the sharp sniffle of sobs. The future admirals of America were crying.”

          Amazeing…Just, Amazeing “transformation of america” eh.

      19. Well this is just a new turn on an old problem. McAfee,s virus protection isnt very good but then what is? on a lighter note i was down to see ol doc today to get the monthly bp check( i call it he dont ask an i dont tell an we have a couple shots while we bs about everythin) so when i left i was right close to the beer store so i stopped to get 1. About that time a truck came by an our local Barney Fife came flyin out of the hidin spot pulled the truck over then jumped out without puttin the cruiser in park. The next thing i saw was Barney lookin at the driver while the crusier was tryin to eat the rear bumper off the truck.Meanwhile the driver is lookin at barney who by this time is back in the cruiser throwin the transmisson in reverse an procedin to tear the front off the car with the radiator steamin. So after all the excitement, it was waaay to much for me to handle, watchin Barney try to explain to the boss what happened without laughin so its back to the ranch. Never a dull moment in Hicksville Wildman out

        • You just made my day, Wildman!

      20. This is our first year raising turkeys. We have three white breasted turkeys and their names are Thanksgiving, Christmas and Practice. Two are Toms and the hen has been laying eggs. When cooked the eggs are lighter in color than the free range chickens that they cohabitant with but the taste isn’t much different. Looking on line, the nutritional specifications are that turkey eggs are higher in cholesterol than chicken eggs. Free range chicken egg are suppose to have one third less cholesterol than factory eggs. I wonder if turkey eggs have the same quality if they’re free range.

        • Brings back childhood memories of when my Dad worked on a turkey ranch. We used to split 2 eggs between all four of us kids.

        • Jerry Clower said either you’re born with high cholesterol or not, so it doesn’t matter what you do. My cholesterol is normal no matter what I eat. I don’t check anything for cholesterol.

          My father said he was filling out an application that asked how much he drank. He said that he wrote in “I don’t measure it. I just turn it up and drink.”

          The free range birds probably get more good exercise than the cage-bound egg factories.

        • I eat a lot of turkey eggs…just a bit thicker than a chicken egg and of course bigger…I find that if they free range just like the chickens their yokes will be a much deeper yellow…more of an orange actually…more carotene and such…at least thts been my experience over the years,good eatin eh?

      21. Obamma &@/-)(;7 care$&;/->#% Sucks &:-:&$(,ass”%#~<€

        • Already in time to watch the new “Un dollaro bucato” (Dollar Stuck), a film that shows what makes bankster & politicians!


      22. You old people should go see the Gravity movie. That’s some SHTF there.

        • Good to see that you haven’t changed.

          We will be ok without watching anything.

        • Eisenkreuz ….I don’t know what is the age range for you to mark people old? Let me know and if I am in the range, I’ll certainly will watch the movie.

          • Tactical: Pelosi Looks Old no? Well if you guys want to see a cool Photo-Shop of Nancy Pelosi that will make you Laugh your ass off? Go check her photo out, scroll slightly down a bit to 2nd article at home page of website of incogman dot net !!!

            Beware! Incogman and his post commenter’s post very UN PC articles and post replies!…Some may even call them racists etc! so what, facts Is facts, truth Is truth right.

            The Pelosi photo is her sitting in a babershop type chair getting her FACE Fixed! by her face cheecks being widely Streached kinda like a quick Plastic surgery on the fly job! Funny as hell! the article there are good too.

            Many articles shows photos and info of Many whites attacked by African savages and raped and killed etc that never are shown on Any MSM tv news shows. Its good to know of these truths too I think. Hope you enjoy Pelosi photo!!!

            • Them Guys….I was laughing really hard looking at her picture. Awesome site and thanks for sharing. I send it to all of my family and friends.

              • Tactical: Somehow I figured You may appreciate that Pelosi Photo eh! PS: a side benift to all off this info we learn of is if you invite family and friends over for christmass or a reg avg party, and when its Late nite and you wish they’d finally get going and call it a nite and leave etc…I found a very quick method to totally empty the crib in Two minits flat, even with 100 guests in house.

                Just wait for a short Lull in conversations…Then kinda loudly blurt out a question similar to “So has anybody Else noticed how Many Zionist jews and African Blacks are now running american fed govnt”?!! Or now running all major MSM tv etc!!

                I swear, first you will hear a deafening Silence while everyone there inhales a deep breath and Holds it in!

                They all freeze in place with no body parts moving besides their Eyes, which now are Darting fast side to side, awaiting for somebody else to make the First move or sound!…Once a person moves or says something, everybody at once will Profusly Thanks You for so swell a party time and instantly ask “So where Did You put Our Coats as we are so tired and Must be on our way!”

                Caution must be used Tactical! Do NOT attempt this at all if you Every again desire to be invited to Their parties or have them retrun again to Your next party!

                Once done, you can set your watch to it as it takes Two minits Flat everytime! Probobly due to its as long as they can hold their collective Breaths.

                After done you will be like the Maytag Repairman, loonliest man in Town! heh heh heh…Devious no?

        • Oh, great, it’s you again, running down the members of my community. Did you get kicked out of the MSM sites or something?

      23. It’s basically a mass market version of the ‘pirate box.’ A 802.11x access point and a tiny attached computer server.

        I can see high school/college age people having file sharing parties.

        The MPAA/RIAA can’t block this.

      24. Men,

        As Red-Green stated, ‘Women may not find you handsome, but they might find you handy’.

        We need to be handy. This includes the garden.

        I have a 24’x 24′ garden spot that is designated for tuber crops only. By tubers, I mean potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. They are very easy to grow and the yields are high. There is enough tubers that could easily feed a family of 4 for almost the entire year.

        I take care of the tuber garden.

        We have another 24×24 garden spot that my wife takes care of. In that, we have lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, etc.

        In addition, I have 16 fruit trees in my back yard. We have apples, pears, and plums. They produce much. We dehy some and also let the neighbors have what they want.

        And another spot is berries that produce buckets full. We freeze those.

        My house is on a 0.41 acre lot. I have a 2000ft2 home with 14 aspen trees and a large yard as well.

        Thus, there is much more ground if need be.

        It is amazing how much you can produce in the little areas of our 0.41 acres that we have as fruit trees and gardens.

        As days go, these garden areas start to have more meaning.

        • What do you do with your jeruselem artichokes?

          • Kulafarmer: Perhaps you are supposed to “BLESS” them too?

          • Kula,

            I eat them as with any tuber crop. I usually boil them as you would with mashed potatoes. They claim you can eat them raw, but I have not tried that yet.

            I’m not sure with Hawaii, but in Idaho I planted them as tuber-seed in October. You don’t need to plant anymore after the initial planting because they grow like a weed after a couple years.

            For potatoes, I obviously get some Burbanks from farmers here locally at harvest. But in my garden, I use the Alpine Russet and the Classic Russet. They are very easy to raise, especially organically. You will not eat a better tasting russet (other than the Burbank) than the Classic Russet.

            The Jerusalem Artichokes were hard to get for 2 years. Everywhere I looked, whether locally or on-line, they were sold out or unavailable. I finally got some online thru Johnny Seeds.

            Anyway, good luck.

            • I grow jerusalem artichokes in a large flower pot back behind the carriage house…I’ve had them for a couple of years and haven’t really eaten them, but they are so hardy and spread so aggressively (and they look like a small sunflower) that it seemed like a handy thing to have in my back pocket. Just in case.

              I just harvested 30 lbs of classic russetts, La Rattes, and All Blues from three rows of potatoes with maybe 8 hills each in them. Plus an additional 10 lbs of La Rattes and All Blues that volunteered from ones I missed last year. This is the 3rd year I have planted from the same stock, and each year they just seem to get better, where conventional wisdom says you should buy fresh seed potatoes each year.

              My husband helped dig the potatoes, and yes, I found him to be both quite handsome AND quite handy.

            • Thank you Ugly and Mama Bear,
              I just finished harvesting my first planting of the sun chokes
              We tried them raw, not so good and sliced and steamed, tasted like artichoke hearts.
              But my market pays me 3$ a pound for em so that was the main reason for trying them plus the fact that they regenerate forever, they are a member of the sunflower family, did you notice the blossoms smell faintly of chocolate?
              We have potatoes that have naturalized on our farm, come up all over the place, are a nice thin skinned slightly yellow fleshed potato, deeeelicious!!
              Planted another tuber near the sun chokes,
              Yacon, aka peruvian ground apple, they also did real good, actually taste nice raw in salads and sloughs, and can cook like a potato too, also a real hearty annual that will regenerate from pieces of the base if the plant,

        • Ug, we’ve found that turnips are a pretty good crop, the leafs can be eaten and are better nutritionally than spinach and can be harvested early in this cool climate. The turnip can be cooked with potatoes for mashed potatoes and they add a very nice flavor, they can be eaten raw with vinegar or with out. I’ve used them in a mixed vegetable canning.

          Parsnips will stay good in the ground until you harvest them, even if you are harvesting them in the winter so storage is no problem.

          We have some nice size planter boxes with herbs in them. One box is medicinal herbs and another is flavoring herbs, many are multi purpose.

          This year I purchased some fishnox, my 28 year old son came down with an ear infection and has been using the fishnox, it has helped. I found out about fishnox and other antibiotics through a homesteader web site, the stuff does work.

          • Rick,

            Thanks. I bought a seed variety pack and turnips are in them. So I will plant them.

            I also have a very small area for medicinal herbs. You know, they are good. I have the mint, echicae?, hyssop, catnip, and a couple others. During summer, I will pull 4-5 leaves and eat them. I am amazed how quick the effects are. Your mind and sinuses and other stuff just feels better.

            Keep fishing!

            I fished off of Newport about 10 years ago. Hired a fisherman to haul us out in his boat. Caught many Red Snapper. Good time. Stayed at the Shilo on the shore.

          • Rick…I’ve grown turnips before, but they always seem to have a bitter taste. Is this just me? lol

        • Ugly…That’s a lot of fruit trees…are they dwarf?

          Apples are, in my opinion, one of the best fruit trees you can plant. Can’t stand store bought applesauce…tastes like baby food…but I canned a bunch of Rambo applesauce and boy is it good.

          I’m getting my fill of apple crisp and apple pie in the last couple of weeks.

          I took all the cores and peels and cooked them off…now I have two gallons of apple wine brewing and will try to make apple jelly out of the excess juice.

          • JRS.

            I planted them when our house was built 12 years ago. Twelve (12) of the trees are in one area of about 35×35. They are dwarfs or semi-dwarfs. We can pick about 85% of the fruit at ground level.

            The other 4 trees (2 plums and 2 pears) are at the back of the lawn, by the fence. I need a ladder for about 50% of the fruit, thus they are definitely semi-dwarfs. We are a person to prune them each fall, or every other fall.

            My house sits on a lot of about 150×150. We bought this place, brand new of course, just a few months before housing prices started to go crazy around 2001-2002. The House, the lot, and all of the landscaping cost around $160,000. We put around $40,000 down from the sale of our older home.

            In the early days, we used the lawn clippings as compost. The leaves were used too. But after a few years it became too much, so I have quit that for awhile. Our ground is fertile because of all the compost. Each shovel full has about 40 earthworms.

            Its work after a days of work. But it is fun as well. My wife does most of the work.

            • Sounds like you’ve done well…congrates on all the hard work paying off 🙂

        • Way to go ugly…what a maximum use of minimum space.

          Living in Idaho, you should be able to get potatoes very close and for next to nothing…i realize that most are probably grown with “stuff” that you don’t want in your tatoes…

          I can buy 50lbs of organic for $16…I could grow them here and have developed a place to plant them but currently I just buy them as our businesses “that we didn’t build” are doing very well.

          Thanks for sharing your info…I also responded to Rick in Oregon above about things as he is a like-minded man of the earth.

          God bless you too brother…and brother Kula as well.

          • lastmanstanding.

            This area is quite rich in agriculture. I believe that 25% of the USA spuds comes from this area. I have estimated (probably an over-estimate) that about 450,000 people live here from the American Falls area up I-15 and Hwy 20 to Saint Anthony. Each person could survive with 300 lb of potatoes and several bushels of wheat. That would not even dent the supply that leaves this area on a daily basis.

            If and when shtf, we would have to be complete idiots to starve. But, there are idiots everywhere. Never under-estimate the potential stupidity of a human.

            • …or just plain laziness.

          • Yea, i love that one, businesses that we didnt build,
            Thats why im moving towards a subsistence lifestyle, since i didnt build it i guess i shouldnt make any money off it so will be slowly getting the farm wipped into shape!
            But i didnt do it, government made it possible?

            • Fuck that cs.

              I’ll win…he will lose…and it will be painful.

              For him…I honor the earth…she will not let me suffer in any pain.

          • Just got a bushel of sweet potatoes for $15. Can’t beat that anywhere and home grown.
            Last year I kept them in a closet with no light.
            They lasted till June. 8 months. Not bad.

        • Back when I did a Farm/Garden program on a local radio network and a internet ag spot I tried to tell/teach people that you can raise a lot in a small space and many people tried and did just that…always enjoyed that type of teaching…but there were always those(usually overeducated types) who would always argue about how hard it was and how I was misleading people and getting their hopes up about raising their own food or at least some of what theyd eat…I figured even if they raised a carrot that was one carrot they didn’t have to buy and one carrot the corporate ag people lost a sale on…to me that’s a good thing…been thinking about getting back into that stuff…just didn’t have the time and doing all the work for free so it didn’t pay me to neglect my farm to try to help teach others…but with winter coming on perhaps Ill do some of it again…they want me to…we’ll see…any how congrats on what you’ve built and I hope it will inspire some here to at least try!

      25. if the facists set up wireless tapping devices on every block McAfee can be over ridden and still put under surveillance

      26. I have always felt that owning many acres was not necessary to feed you and your family + having leftovers, Ugly you have just proved my point wonder now what excuse some of my family members are going to use now that they can’t have a garden because their property isn’t big enough. Their problem is they are lazy and would sooner sit on the porch and sleep then tend a garden, trust me they get no freebies frome mine wonder what they are going to do when SHTF comes around.

        On TV the other morning they did an interview with a woman about being employed by the federal gov. and she said that she would just have to make her weeks worth of food stretch for 3 or 4 weeks, wonder if she can make it stretch for months maybe years. How can people only have, buy food for only 1 week and have no backups, and to top it all off she had 2 children and a husband.

        • Amen mallardhen…You go girl.

      27. hmm.. don’t know about the viability of this project considering the NSA and other governments around the world monitor and collect all internet and phone calls/data and can decrypt most if not all given sufficient time.
        A 3 block radius is too small to be useful in reality.
        Maybe we should go back to ham radio and send encrypted data streams world wide that way.

      28. Graduation Ceremony

        Whenever one of my student drivers finishes training, I have a little ceremony for them. I take them out to dinner at a nice restaurant, leave them with a few items they might need, then back to the terminal for a last-minute walk through on their solo truck. Then a handshake (or a prayer) and off they go.
        Benny, a bright young man of 22 and a fine driver, was my favorite. He was so naïve and yet, had such a great sense of humor. We had a blast together, constantly laughing at ourselves and each other!
        I told him we call the rest areas ‘pickle parks’ because they were originally built for the guys driving harvest trucks from the cucumber fields. He would have kept believing it too, if I hadn’t busted a gut a couple days later as he related the story to somebody on the cb! (we really do call them pickle parks but I don’t have a clue why)
        He paid me back by posting my cell number on a dating website. When my phone began ringing off the hook he’d just look at me and snicker. I tell you, the kid has a great sense of humor! I finally started answering the phone with “Henderson’s funeral home and crematorium. How may we help you?” in my most somber voice. Problem solved!
        Back at the terminal, and after dinner, we were loading his gear into his solo truck. I gave him a box with all the usual stuff I give to new drivers. He opened it and went over each item like Christmas morning…
        “Wow! A new motor carriers road atlas! Thanks okie. Hey! 2 new pairs of gloves? And a Flashlight? Thanks!”
        Then he pulled out a thick book and read the cover, “What’s this? Low Veracity/High Acceptability Explanations Of Shipping Delays. What’s that?”
        I looked at him with my best wise old mentor look, ‘It’s a reprint with a new title. It used to be called 1001 Mostly Believable Driver Excuses For Why I’m Late. Use it wisely my young protégé.’
        Then I reached into my pocket and solemnly held out a small laminated card, ‘And now, grasshopper, the peace-dee-resistance. Since you will be driving in and out of southern California a lot, this is the one item you will rarely use, but never want to be without.’
        He took the card, holding it carefully, reverently, like it was a piece of the Dead Sea scrolls or something.
        He read, “Spearmint Rhino? What’s that?”
        I explained, ‘The address is on the card. There’s no truck parking so take a cab from the truck stop in Ontario. NEVER go there unless you have at least 24 hours to layover before driving. And ALWAYS stash half your money in the truck and leave it before you go.’
        “But, what is this place? Is it a drive thru wildlife park or something?”
        ‘Not exactly. There is a certain element of wildlife but, not what you’d expect. Let’s just say… you might enjoy the scenery…’
        He turned the card over, “What’s these names on the back?”
        ‘That, my young friend, is the most important part. It’s the names and numbers of three very reliable bail bondsmen in Fontana. If I were you, I’d put a couple of them in my speed dial. You just never know…’
        Ben called me a few weeks later, sounding kind of hung over, “Okie, I got a big favor to ask. I lost that card you gave me and I…uh, I… well, could you give me those numbers again? And the address of that Peppermint Giraffe place?”
        I went into my best 100-year-old zen master routine, ‘You are not the first to travel this path, young grasshopper. You shan’t be the last. I foresaw this day when you were but a sapling. In preparation thereof, you will find that I affixed a second card. It is on the next to last page of your Driver Excuse book.’
        Then, losing the accent, and reverting to a Marine drill instructor, I said, ‘And Ben, STOP posting my number on those damned dating sites! It ain’t funny no more!’

      29. Omama and wife will be leaving WDC in a couple weeks for another $100 million trip to Kenya–with no pilot.

      30. Those whom don’t think that a beast government can see everything someone is communicating, I would like them to look down at their keyboard. Basically a keyboard is the means of telling the computer to exercise a command. After that command has been inputed you begin to form a message. The idea behind the protection is to make that message as difficult as possible to decipher. Here’s the problem, you are still FIRST typing a letter, a number from a PHYSICAL means of communicating with the computer. Each letter you type has a signature energy code to the computer’s brain.

        If a spy wants to figure out what someone is trying to say, do they bother with trying to unjumble the finished message or do they go directly to the source of the original input of commands? Yes, you bet the government can back feed the information directly from the computer’s hardware to a site of their choosing as long as the computer is connected to some outside source. Forget the breaking some encryption, when all they have to do is send a computer instructions, a command of their own, to give them what individual key you type in each and everytime, which they are only about 105 or so of them. This is a back door approach to bypassing the difficult means of trying to unscramble a finished message.

        Now people will say, my anti-virus would pick up such a malicous program that would tell another computer what hard ware on another computer is being used. Yeah right. You are talking about the best and most insidous brains around. Again, forget about the software part of the computer, the computer still must have a physical means of commanding it. That is what a hacker could and probably uses to gain control of what is being said. The physical world is still quite rudimentry. This is thinking outside the box, and you know full well these characters do this all the time.

        One more issue is the fact that the government only cares about what they consider trouble makers. That is me and practially everyone on this site that has a free thinking mind. They could care less about someone that is more interesting if miley cyrus is going to make another ride the giant dildo music video with full frontal nudity than anything else in the world. It is the people that still value the Bill Of Rights and freedom that they watch like a hawk. That really narrows down the resources necessary to monitor the citizens. Aside from all of this, know you are being watched and never let your guard down to anything on the market that claim invulnerablity, because they is none. They can backdoor any marketable product on the market too easily. Everything is viewable if they want to see it.

        • It’s called a “keylogger” program, and most anti-virus software is rewritten to ignore it.

      31. BI, et al.

        There IS one way, and only ONE way known to communicate securely online.
        That method has been around since WWI, and has never been successfully cracked without access to the key pad/file… keys and crypto, are a mathematical problem… but, there is ONE that is not, it is totally ‘real world randomized’.

        Its called; One Time Pad.

        In the internet age, the weakness and the problem with it, would be.
        1. Private key, has to be copied to both ends…
        2. To copy it, would require both recipients to use two alternate forms of internet connectivity… (ie, get the keys at McD’s wifi, and encrypt/send messages from home. But, NEVER NEVER get keys and send message from the same IP…)

        I wrote a program to handle this, but, nobody knows me from adam… and the trust factor among us is nonexistent.
        I learned crypto in the vietnam days, when I was wearing the green baggy skin and black feet of No Such Agency…

        All decryption systems, have two levels, and even back then, the mainframe facilities were mind blowing. Today what would take a million years to decrypt, simply takes a million processors working the same problem ‘stream’.

        However, the ‘recognizer’ streams, are looking for keywords. So, don’t send key ‘words’… send steganograpy or plain ole paint images, where the message is a picture then encrypted via OTP, and then, sent embedded in another photo…

        It can be done. The issue is TRUST and misconceptions of technology.
        We don’t trust one another, we are just fair weather friends passing in the stream of bytes in the night.
        Maybe people would be willing to use something if they paid for it, instead of me giving it away as a gift… hmmm, but, that would require me to clean it up and make a ‘product’ out of it… anybody interested, I can take another look at it.

      32. To hell with this!

        If I’m going to spend $100 on some internet doohickey to get around the NSA…I want it to be a hunter/killer app that detects the spying…tracks it back and burns out every device within 100 feet.

        Get a couple million people to buy into THAT and the NSA is back to crayons.

        I’ll keep my money until then.

        • OPO
          I agree. I want something that tells me that they are scanning me, and tell me where they are at, so I can pay them a visit!!! I will just remodel their house, and all their toys.
          You can’t block their stuff, because they already have a patch to go around your devises.
          Use you $100.00 to buy metal, (silver or Lead). Buy food and water. For the dark days that are coming!

      33. There is virtually no chance that privacy will not usurped in such a system. If there is an electron flowing,it can be intercepted, copied and sent on it’s way.

      34. Three blocks? My tin can phone will reach almost that far. No encryption needed.

      35. “The device would have a wireless range of about three blocks and those in range would be able to communicate with each other.”

        It sounds pretty useless. You can bet that even if it works, there will be backdoors built into it. I’m sure the NSA will use threats, intimidation, or blackmail to get what they want.

        • Thus the issue of TRUST.
          If you trust Msoft,Google, or any of the other large corporations, or even McAfee, they are all beholden to the gubmint to maintain their bank accounts in good standing…

          Think about it.

          • PS:
            Here’s Dan Morgan with a good write up on One Time Pad, that, you can implement YOURSELF, without any computer aids… good for radios and such…


      36. Who is going to pay to hook the device up to the internet because it will be the credit card holders name they come after when illegal activity is suspect and all the blame will fall onto the person that is paying for the service, good luck. Now if they build a device that transmits for three city blocks, allows any user to hook up to it and allows all users to browse allowed content from each other and also pairs up with other same devises which would extend the range even further you could go on and on but I wouldn’t be the one responsible for hooking mine up through a internet service provider.

      37. they fucked up

        never..never reveal your plans, don’t talk about it prior to implementation… just do it.

      38. It’s not so much about encryption, and the range of an individual device is augmented by its becoming part of a mesh of identical devices. They say it doesn’t have “identifiers”, so does that mean it doesn’t have an IP address or a MAC address? Does it even communicate over TCP/IP? Is it a hybrid that uses a proprietary protocol to communicate within the ad hoc mesh, and that can also connect to an 802.11 WAP when desired?

        However, McAfee said he wasn’t foolish enough to create an entire new internet as reports have previously suggested. Instead, his idea revolves around a small screen-less device that is able to be dropped into a bag, or even a shoe. D-Central creates a miniature network with a range of about three blocks in a city environment, or about 400m in more rural areas.

        It runs in two modes, a private network that employs its own encryption, but also identifies everyone that is participating. The second mode, however, provides more anonymity.

        The second mode allows users to drop files into a public area, while simultaneously making requests for other files. D-Central users’ networks mesh together as the user moves, and if any file request can be honoured, it is sent to the appropriate user.

        However, none of the devices have any identifiers, and users cannot be tracked.

        “Since the networks are invisible to each other and in constant flux, there is simply no way to tell who is doing what, when or where.”

        McAfee also plans to have nodes with internet connectivity in each major US city. However, visibility of communications are again limited to these nodes and are protected with encryption. Once it reaches the individual networks of those carrying D-Central devices, he says that user anonymity is again restored.

      39. sorry O/T

        The government is showing us their soft underbelly. They are scared of large armed groups that don’t seem to have much use for the law. The Stasi are actually scared to pursue large groups of possibly armed citizens. Take for instance large Biker groups, like the one in NY that had a run in with an SUV, The cops are not going after them . It should bring comfort to many who realize once this country deteriorates just a bit more that there will be more free and untouchable groups that the cops are afraid to mobilize and hunt down.

        People , its time to band together and squash these parasites on our republic and our rights!

        get your team together now so that when the time comes you will have security against the lawless law enforcement that is out killing innocent people left and right..
        cops are scared little pussies, and what happened to that lady in DC is proof

        Outlaw VRF

        • I saw that video of the SUV…he was out of control…maybe road rage?

          OTOH, we not only have shutdown in DC but shot down also. DC statist thug pigs had no problem murdering an unarmed post partum stressed woman in cold blood.

          And before you police lovers get all wound up go watch the video and tell me there wasn’t a better way to resolve this. Ever hear of spike strips?

          Appears those civilian practice targets they’ve been using paid off…or maybe they figured there was a diaper bomber in the back seat…pffft

          And the teevee is parading them around as heros. Makes me want to throw up.

          • Agreed. Cops used to try anything first, to prevent lethal force, unless fired upon. Now, they pull their guns immediately and start shooting.
            This situation in DC was appalling, and, revealing.
            Why do you think they’re being all hush mouthed about it?
            Its obvious they screwed the pooch.
            Freaking heros my butt.

            • yep, and if they were so afraid of a “bomb”.. than why were they standing so close to the car while shooting into it? don’t add up

              also , cars can seem to be out of control for many reasons,, diabetic shock behind the wheel( ive seen film of this and its scary as hell),, stuck accelerator pedal( it looks like a Honda) ,, scared of getting killed by a pussy cop with a chip on his shoulder( happens every day) ..the possibilities can be endless , yet no excuse for gunning them down in cold blood.. them pigs are dam lucky that baby is still alive.
              yes they have less lethal ways to deal with this, so why kill her?
              im beginning to think they are being trained and told to kill first, we will make up something to cover for your act of gross negligence or out right murder, so don’t worry bout that

              • Seems these days you are not allowed to have an “incident” like a seizure or a heart attack around any law enforcement personel or any govt establishment…to have the misfortune of such is to risk being beaten or killed because it seems the new breed of enforcer hasn’t got a clue except to inflict harm…sad…

        • Agreed VRF! We need to all remember that we are the many dots, the government is a tiny dot in comparison!

        • Per the news here, at least one of the bikers is under arrest for criminal assault, the biker in the front of the SUV, and about a dozen more are being questioned. Also, might have the number wrong, but 23 bikes were confiscated.

          So the police are definitely going after them.

      40. *****MERS CoV UPDATE*****

        Saudi reporting 6 new cases

        Saudi lifts MERS infection toll to 136


        “The fact that Saudi Arabia accounts for the overwhelming majority of cases and deaths has raised concerns about this month’s annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, Islam’s holiest sites, which lie in the kingdom.”

        the hajj is the perfect way to spread MERS around the globe
        fortunately its not yet readily transmissible

      41. It is disgusting that they would treat these WW2 Vets like this. They are doing this on purpose. They know thousands are being flown in by charities in the next few weeks.

        Yet…The WW1 Memorial has just a small sign.

        Wired Shut: Barricade at WWII Memorial Reinforced

        “On Tuesday morning, seven National Park Service employees were seen erecting and tending to a barricade around the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C. One NPS employee was operating a forklift. There usually aren’t any NPS employees working at the World War II memorial.

        A couple hours later, when an Honor Flight of World War II veterans arrived, accompanied by Democratic and Republican members of Congress, the fences blocking the memorial were easily moved away, allowing the veterans to enter.

        But the barriers are still at the memorial, and they’ve been reinforced.”

        The Weekly Standard

        • Amen.
          This is all about pain, and how much pain the Dark Caesar can inflict while calling the Tea party ugly names… its obvious the Dark Caesar wants this shutdown. Never has a president not negotiated on the budget, its his obligation under the constitution.
          Are they setting us up for a treasury default and dollar crash?
          Wouldn’t surprise me.

        • KY, I really really hope this one backfires on them. Now I read that they are wiring the gates with barbed wire to make them harder to remove.

          Disgusting. These men sacrificed so much and this is THEIR memorial. I applaud the men & women who are standing up to these petty people and removing the barricades.

          Again, I’m disgusted by what they are doing…


        • Nothing new. In Los Angeles, the VA hospital land has been occupied by the rich, with Brentwood Academy squatting on Veteran’s land. Vet’s are locked out of their own land, and sleep on the sidewalks, while the rich walk their dog’s on said land. The moneychangers will soon steal it all, I imagine.

      42. IF Mcafee does make such a device, and it actually works like it’s supposed to, the government will simply make him an offer that he CANNOT refuse! They will not allow themselves to be shut out of the surveillance!

      43. Whatever your activity, the govt. is free to identify you as a threat, or not. Unless you live alone in a cave, our govt. has some sort of file on you. This fact does not concern me, what concerns me if they try to detain me for something non-criminal which I do or say. The idea that my communications on the Internet are allegedly private I also never believed. Therefore, whatever I write I assume is available to anyone seeking the info. I do not stay away from controversy on the Net, but I make very sure I never imply, suggest, condone, endorse or support anything which would trigger an interest by those monitoring. Using common sense security precautions is usually enough and should I need to communicaate something sensitive I make very sure it can’t be accessed by the big ears in the sky. Let me give you some examples of what I am speaking about. I think we can all agree this web page and reader comments are monitored by DHS. I think we can also agree that DHS has a database of everyone who is posting on this site by at least name, SSN, city, bio info, criminal record, etc. Being fully aware of this, some will post details about their stash of weapons, some legal, some not so legal, discuss tactics in the event of a public uprising and some even dicuss their bug-out retreat. While I realize that a lot which is posted is just wishful thinking, these brain surgeons are making themselves and their family a target. “I have enough guns, ammo, rocket launchers, tanks…” and God knows what else is information which DHS can use to secure a search warrant or in the event of marital law as a reason for detention. So don’t be surprised if your secret bug-out location is raided or you get a visit and Uncle Sam wants to see your armory. “But I was just kidding…” is not going to work because you will have become a target. No fly travel restrictions and all the other methods by which to control you will be applied, even if you were nothing more than a wanna-be. Discuss topics in such a way that your point comes across, but refrain from disclosing information essential to your survival in case of a collapse. If you assume everyone out there loves you as much as your ex-spouse does, you will do just fine.

      44. I can see that our political system is at the stage of uselessness. The shutdown has done nothing to favor either side yet it is being used as a tool for both to see if they can obtain a goal with no winner on either side. The losers will of course will be the people that have to somehow pay for this fiasco. Nothing is real anymore and we need to break from this system that is in collapse. Unfortunately the normalcy bias will continue until we do collapse and the real power struggle begins between the elite for control of the population and resources.

      45. It’s called the Deep Web you fucking plebs. Do you people still use flip phones?

        • Not yet but I plan to upgrade in the next year or two.

      46. Here is what you can do while we are waiting for this device: Encryption on file to be posted or emailed:

        You do your encryption on a stand alone computer that is never connected to the net or ant LAN or network. This is so the program used to encrypt as well as the key are not accessible to anyone but you. The encryption method I would use is to character shift each character with a character from a text file with all white spaces and punctuation removed. How can you decode an encrypted file when the encryption key is as big as the file. use a different key file for every file you encrypt. The recipient has the same files on their stand alone computer. They received the files from you at an earlier date on a memory stick in the mail. The key files could be encrypted also in case the package is “inspected”. Files that have been encrypted or need to be decoded are transferred to and from the stand alone computer with a memory stick.

        My program is called CYPHERF and the code (borland c++ 3.1 for dos) will be posted on before its news some time in the near future.

        Have fun

        • Nothing new.
          You have just described; One Time Pad.
          Very few will trust you, not knowing how technology works.
          But they will trust somebody ‘famous’, or the msm…
          Go figure…
          I recommend submitting to a third party analysis and publication of results.

      47. If you want to live “off the grid” take a look at the Gene Hackman character in the movie Enemy of the STate. There’s your first basic steps.

        or buy some land in south eastern New Mexico……

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