Daily Dose Of IRONY: Mexico Deports 400 Caravan Marchers For Entering Country Illegally

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Headline News | 41 comments

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    One of the biggest bits of news on all mainstream media channels is the caravan of illegal immigrants heading toward the United States border with Mexico intending to demand entry into the country. But from this big story comes a heavy dose of irony as Mexico deports 400 marchers for entering Mexico illegally.

    According to The Daily Wire, when the caravan crossed the Mexican-Guatemalan border, the group’s leaders praised Mexican officials for stepping aside and allowing them entry. “Refugee Caravan knocking down borders yesterday in Huehuetan! Immigration agents abandoned the post when they knew we were coming. The people celebrated this first little victory!” they said on Facebook.


    Before setting out on the journey, the migrants were organized into groups of 10 to 15 people, and a leader was designated for each group. Five groups were then banded together in what organizers call a sector. While there are organizers from Pueblos Sin Fronteras leading the way, much of the effort to get to the US border is in the hands of the migrants themselves. –BuzzFeed

    But according to CNN, in its statement, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said the caravan is mainly made up of people from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador and that around 400 caravan participants who did not enter the country of Mexico lawfully had been repatriated to their countries of origin “with the strict legal framework.”

    “Under no circumstance does the government of Mexico promote illegal migration,” it said.  The ministry said the circumstances of the caravan differed from those of previous years in that “the Mexican immigration authorities have proceeded to offer refuge in some cases, as well as other necessary protective measures.”

    The caravan set off on March 25 for a 1,900-mile trek and is expected to hit the U.S.-Mexico border by the end of the week. President Donald Trump hasn’t seemed to be impressed with Mexico’s attempts to stop the caravan either, but it looks like the laws in our Southern neighbor’s nation have worked in this instance.


    Mexico “does not make immigration decisions for the United States or any other nation,” the statement went on to say, adding that the respective authorities “will decide whether to authorize or not the entry of those who are part of the caravan.”

    The Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, did speak regarding NAFTA. He said that he continues to look for a resolution that will, ”benefit the development of the three countries (Mexico, the US, and Canada) that are negotiating with NAFTA.”


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      1. All it would take for DJT to get messico to not only pay for the whole wall but to also stop all cross border traffic would be to choke down the north bound border crossings to a virtual parking lot,,,, a week or so of that and the messicans would be begging for a solution,
        Its time to start growing, building, producing within our own borders, personally i would pay double for American grown or made before buying cheap foreign junk

        • After closer examination, 75% of the marchers were Holiweird Celebs. And Mexico did not want that trash in their County. So kicked them out. Gee just when America was getting Great again.

          • BREAKING NEWS!

            The other 1000 marchers were shot to death by american minute men.

            (I wish)…

            • Oh that would be marvelous. I hope all those shitskins just die.

            • It still might happen for real.
              The militia shall execute the laws.
              Last time I checked foreign invasion is still illegal.

          • How are these people eating? And drinking water? How are they able to walk 2,000 miles with little food? And WHERE are they pooping and peeing? God, we sure don’t want them in the U.S. What nerve to march all that way and expect us to take them in. I hope Trumps military will take care of them. If they are teargassed maybe they won’t want to enter here. Or maybe rubber bullets? If these get in then MORE will come!

            • Yes, the logistics of this so called ‘March’ are suspicious, to the point of ridiculousness. From the Federales letting them in to the Poo and Pee Pee Problemo (Port-a-Potties?). This was a setup from the get-go, and Trump knew it. It’s almost surely a Soros Operation.

              One author on Rense suggested that the scenario was going to play out with a mass charge and mock invasion, then a encounter with mean looking American troops. The Media would be all around and have a Trump-bashing field day. CNN would air it 24/7 for weeks, Schiff and Schumer would appear in high dudgeon on CNN demanding Trump be impeached.

              The Rense writer suggested the UN could then take up the matter, maybe not do anything militarily, but pass a resolution charging the USA with genocide, even if only a couple invaders were killed. The outcome of a successful ‘invasion’ is that the international community would accuse Trump of genocide. This was the likely plan guys.

              • Breaking news, from CNN. The March is still on it’s way to the border, with CNN in the buses. It will get to the border. The Mexicans are assisting the marchers. It’s a Soros-OP.

      2. That’s why we need the wall.

        • No wall needed if we just eliminate all the incentives for them to come here in the first place. Much cheaper too.

          • That’s very short sighted thinking, CrackerJack.

            Here’s why: Sooner or later, there will likely be another diabolically evil, White race hating, White race genocide obsessed, greasy liberal demonRat elected to the White House. Minus a physical Wall – that demonRat can easily put those incentives back in place, and order the US Border patrol to cease and desist in their efforts to secure our border. You know, exactly the way ObongoMugabe did when that White race hating bastard was spending his 8 years in office doing everything he possibly could to flood the USA will millions of non-white third world human leeches, so as to help give the diabolically evil demonRats a permanent, peacefully unbreakable, demonRat Communist dictatorship.

            So, we need that Trump Wall. And, while I am not usually supportive of the government using imminent domain to seize private property – I would be 100 percent in favor of them using it for the express purposes of building the Trump Wall. With property owners being appropriately compensated, of course.

        • A wall can be to keep people in too. There’s no substitute for self-defense.

      3. This is a win for Trump.

        Apparently the msm thought by showing this band of migrants, they would prove once and for all that Americans will either do nothing, say nothing, or get violent; all of the afore mentioned being a big mistake.

        Many people coming at once is a wake up call to previously ambivalent Americans.

        As others have said, an organized group like this was most likely bused in by greedy Corporations and/or charities who benefit financially.

        _ only white Countries have weak immigration laws, Mexico is the norm. Until recently, no Country white or otherwise, allowed people to come in without a proper visa and following protocol.


        • It is a real-life Camp Of The Saints event.
          And, when they cross the border, it be like opening a flood-gate. It will just be the beginning.
          Just another tool, another weapon, in the war against White people.

        • Yeah, try coming in from Canada even if you’re obviously a U.S. citizen! Then, it’s the Third Degree applied to you by the border goons!

      4. I’m retired so I have time to listen to streamed talk radio.
        One caller suggested our military occupy a narrow part of Mexico and razor wire off a buffer zone. Then guard that zone and prevent entry of anything not legal The Host asked what would the Mexican military do? Caller responded nothing they can do. It got me to thinking, we easily took out one of the larger armies in the world in short order twice(Iraq). So Mexico would be pretty easy.
        Agreed that would be an act of war, but they are invading us and destroying this country from within.

        • We are under invasion the only difference is they do not have AK-47s. This is a plan to reduce this country to 3rd world status. Pure & simple!!!!!!!!

          • Yes. In order to have their NWO the Globalists need to turn America into a Third World Nation and this is the PLAN! Then the guns go, then Tyranny comes and freedom of speech will be gone or you go to prison for speaking out. I don’t think we can win this.

      5. These would work cheapest in the slaughterhouses and lawn jockey trades.

      6. Mexico Deports 400 Caravan Marchers For Entering Country Illegally. Yes right to the USA.

        • Ha ha ha, probably huh? Put them on an express train!

      7. Mexico will pay for our Wall indirectly.

        By building the Wall and stemming the flood of Mexican illegals stampeding across our porous border and taking advantage of the Welfare system, our public schools, our health care, and our useless catch-and-release legal system…our nation will save billions of taxpayer dollars previously wasted on illegals.

      8. I have to wonder if we’ve still some Browning M2’s on M3 tripods laying around. Seems like maybe 4 strategically placed would work wonders on attitudes as they think to invade our country. What some 1200 or so coming this go-round? Yeah, about 4 is all it would take. Stop ’em at the border ….cold. Now that would send a message now wouldn’t it?

      9. Word has spread in these third-world countries that there is FREE education, FREE medical, citizenship for anchor babies, food stamps, and Section 8 housing as a reward for coming. What respect do they give us taxpayers for supplying all these goodies? They give us disease that we thought was eradicated, and crime.

        • Diseases…TB, Leprosy, Measles, oh, and bedbugs!!

        • Section 8? Can’t even apply online here north of seattle, been closed for years as the waiting lists were too long. Bet they would make exception for the illegals though! As for the regular citizen, tough luck.

      10. If the North American Union is brought into reality, then mass immigration as we see here will balloon to numbers unheard of only on surpassed what occurred to Europe from mass migration from Northern Africa and such.

        This is a key moment in our continuing as a sovereign nation.

        And, expecting a mass migration of Chinese from Canada some sources are reporting from The Vancouver area into Washington State.

      11. They may not look like a military force, but they ARE an invading army. If they are allowed to cross the border and enter the USA, then it is over. The USA and the rule of law is officially dead. Whether our nation survives now depends on what actions Pres Trump takes. This invading hoard will do to the USA what the invading hoards have done to the nations of Western Europe. Time to consider Mexico as a hostile nation. Time to take our troops out of other nations and deploy them on the border. Time to mine the border in addition to building a wall. Our survival is on the line. Also once those invaders enter, it will a matter of how soon and not if, for a race war to break out. The Hispanics and the blacks will unite to wipe out the whites. Doubt me? Just look at what is happening to the whites living in South Africa. War is coming.

        • Mexicans hate naggers too. Don’t count on them teaming up. Besides I have a lot of mexican friends and trust me they will be on OUR SIDE! No one will join team NAGGER…. Not even black people.

          • Well maybe the wiggerz will join but they need to be culled too!

        • That is right. They might not look like an invading army but they are indeed.

      12. sounds like an invasion i think the military should meet them

      13. This is the Cloward Piven strategy in full force. Flood the system, bankrupt the nation, then the bankers come in and take it for pennies on the dollar. This is the very same thing they did in Europe with the Muslims. NWO agenda.

      14. Mexico is caught between a rock and a hard place. Let them through and it is an act of war. Stop them and they are hypocrites on immigration. What should they do then?
        Besides these were Hondurans that were stopped by Mexico. If the USA would stop giving everybody illegal work and welfare less people would come to the USA.

      15. Here is an excellent video from a former border patrol veteran Zack Taylor. The vid is from a few years ago during the soetoro administration but it’s still gtg.


        This is a military operation make no mistake about it.

      16. Please stop calling them “illegal immigrants”
        They are not “immigrants”
        They are ILLEGAL ALIEN invaders.

      17. Its time to respond with lethal force.

      18. Put the military on the border with explicit instructions to shoot invaders on sight. Then build the damned wall and end NAFTA. And if Canada doesn’t like it – build more wall.

      19. I think the group will be under survelience. Its imperative that these illegals never set foot on The USA soil. The ICE and border control need to keep them bottle necked up at our border. Make them a real big problem for mexico. We need a wall. a moat filled with gators and crocks and a no mans land minefield. Then we need to go after the employers of illegals. and cut off all benefits to lillgals. And anchor babies should no be deemed as us citizens.

      20. This “caravan of marchers” sounds like a known invasion on the way. The Militia regiments of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California border counties would logically drill and be mobilized to re-enforce their road companies along the border to repel such an invasion and to counter-envelope the rear assaults by the invasion’s friendlies that come against the Militia. All the county Militia regiments of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California would have to mobilize to envelope the enemy’s friendlies’ garrisons, logistics and patrols already occupying those states, as well as guard against those from other bordering states (whose own Militias would need to conduct their own similar operations for their own same defense), to avoid the enemy’s friendlies’ rear actions against the Militia’s defense against the Mexican border invasion. Militia drilling for such a contingency would need to commence immediately.

      21. More irony:

        Muhammad Ali [Cassius Clay] speaks for racial purity:


        Hilarious considering that he was a mulatto. . .He was the coffee-colored ideal of the (((race- mixing communists))). . .he could sell himself as being “black” and get away with it. . .like so many other “blacks”- Thomas Sowell [a total liar on the genetic question], Walter Williams, and so many others. . .

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