Cybersecurity Expert John McAfee Issues Warning About Those Cell Phone “Presidential Alerts”

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    With the push of a button and at the direction of President Donald Trump, a “Presidential Alert” was sent to all cellphones across America at 2:18 p.m. ET yesterday.

    The message was the first test of what many are calling the “Presidential Alert” system, a new way to notify Americans across the country of national emergencies.

    Here’s what it looked like, in case you were one of the few who didn’t get the alert, or you don’t have a cell phone:

    A 2015 law called the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Modernization Act limits the scope of what can be considered a valid emergency alert:

    Except to the extent necessary for testing the public alert and warning system, the public alert and warning system shall not be used to transmit a message that does not relate to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster or threat to public safety.

    The idea for this system was sponsored by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and signed into law by then-President Barack Obama.

    Despite the wording of the message, this is not a presidential alert system, explains Law & Crime:

    It is a Wireless Emergency Alert system set up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to allow government officials to swiftly send information to the American public in a time of crisis, specifically terror attacks, natural disasters, or other public safety threats.

    The alert everyone got this week was not sent by Trump, despite the misleading title. It was sent by FEMA as a test of the system. In the future, the president will have the ability to send messages, as will other officials from federal, state, tribal, and local governments.

    On its surface, the system appears to be a harmless way to reach US citizens in the event of an emergency.

    It’s no secret that we are all being watched by the government in various ways – there seems to be no way to fully escape Big Brother’s prying eyes these days.

    People are so used to being spied on now that many are shrugging off the possibility that the system is more invasive than it appears.

    Cybersecurity expert John McAfee is not one of them.

    In a Tweet, he explained that the alert system is just one more way the government is invading our privacy:

    People responded with questions…

    Speaking of McAfee, he recently announced he will be running for president in 2020 as a Libertarian. In a Tweet posted yesterday, he introduced his campaign manager:


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      1. Even without backdoors (and, McAfee would be in a position to know) it’s still an example of milieu control.

        It turns off, when they don’t want you talk.
        It listens.
        It says what they want you to hear.

        • This article loses all credibility by calling John McAfee a cyber security “expert”.

      2. Meh. John is smart…but he’s also the one that said he would nosh on his own genitals on live TV if Bitcoin wasn’t at or near
        $1 million by 2020. I’m a bit skeptical.

        Of course, I’m also a bit skeptical that the feds can’t already control our phones, national test/system or not. If I’m going to have a seriously confidential conversation with someone, my cell phone will certainly not be in the same room with me, nor will any Alexa or similar device.

        • It doesn’t work. As soon as you turn it on you get the alert.

      3. And since you can make a 911 call from even a nonactivated phone they have access to it too. My nonconnected phone, that I use a a Web browser on WiFi only and to store data got the alert yesterday as well. So basically anything you have with a cell chip in it that is turned on, they can locate and track.

        • Not necessarily so.

          I have a non-activated cell phone, and it hasn’t received a thing in over 3 years. I just checked, and there was no emergency message.

          I use it to play games and occasionally to play music or access the web via wifi.

          How, exactly, would the cell network even know about the phone to be able to address it? Wouldn’t it need an active phone number?

          • All cell phones by law, even if not active must be able to dial 911. Maybe some old ones don’t, but everything that I have will. Now if the SIM card is defective or removed, it may not. I know my phones even though not activated, still got the message.

            • Does your phone have a phone number?

              Mine hasn’t had one in a few years. The one it had is probably being used by someone else by now.

              Anyway, my phone is a smart phone, but it didn’t get the alert.

          • I have a TracFone and haven’t activated it for a month or so–haven’t been anywhere–didn’t need it.
            I have no alert either.

        • i keep my phone in airplane mode almost all the time (i use wifi and rarely make voice calls) and i didn’t get the alert at the time, or when i turned it on when i needed to look up something while in my car.

      4. you mean John Mcaffee who quit cybersecurity in the 90’s, murdered his neighbor in Belize and fled to Guatemala John Mcaffee..?? publicity stunt for his next presidential run.

        • Yep, that’s the guy.

      5. I don’t have a cell phone. My wife don’t have one. Cell phones do not even work where I live.

        • My husband and I don’t have cell phones either, and no one can get service at our residence. It is peaceful in my world.

      6. Christ, we are ALL Doomed folks. . .read the writing on the wall it seems.

      7. Cellphones (your electronic LEASH you willingly wear) and 5G technology….you just don’t know what you have. The microwave emitter in your hand and the high powered directed emitters on the towers.

      8. My telephone won’t stop talking to me . lol .

      9. The up side.

        All those empty retail stores will be put to good use by FEMA.

        ??? ?


      10. If Q is right, and a “white hat” and the trump admin is not the best con job the elites have ever pulled, then the use of the alert system to by pass social media censorship is a brilliant move. And under the circumstances, i would say necessary. Dangerous, of coarse the whole thing seems like frodo trying to destroy the ring.
        Some questions: the elites are doing really stupid stuff. they are behaving with desperation. unhinged. we know they are inbred. we know they are pedo nut cases. look at hillary falling all over. podesta, all of their could they be falling over themselves stupid and at the same time put up Trump as a con? I am not buying that.
        I am more convinced that Trump is a real patriot and there is a “white hat” crew in the gov. and military that are in a civil war with the black hats. The bad actors we have all been following for years.
        what the fuck does John McAfee have to offer? who, inside, would support him? And why on earth would anyone serious about politics even consider running on the libertarian ticket after Mr “what is aleppo” made it clear that the entire libertarian platform has been compromised and ruined?

      11. Q the plan to save the world
        look it up.
        watch it.
        13 minutes
        if it isn’t true, we are all fucked.
        If it is true, freaking amazing stuff is going to be happening soon.
        keep your powder dry anyway.

          • Maybe, I’m being too literal —

            The narrator is going back and forth, between saying that high profile arrests would be too alarming, to giving the midnight knock to some people, to arresting famous celebrities.

            At 11:03-11:11, The (coup) Plan is being carried out by military and US partner states, presumably, the conservative arm of globalism. When liberals recommended intervention and martial law, that was considered a nightmare scenario, to conspiracy theorists.

            At 12:00-12:05, they needed your online records, where everyone, including you, is on the permanent record.

            Alot of libertarian concessions are being made. You’re probably not a pedovore captain of industry, so hoping they have bigger, worse fish to fry.

      12. I feel slighted that I never received the message..NOT.

      13. So why didn’t I get my alert?

        Do I rank so low on the totem pole I don’t merit one?

        • My old flip phone didn’t get the alert either.
          Smart phones aren’t looking all that smart to me.
          I’m happy.

      14. I predict in the future those 5G towers seem to get bird shot by 12 gauges often and nearby cameras get paintballed then .22 ‘d..

      15. Maybe that’s the key–husband and I both have flip phones..his is activated, no alert. Mine is not activated, a TracFone, no alert.

      16. No alert here.
        Doh! Ah, maybe I should get one of those cell phones. Maybe even like Bart!

      17. Obama worked on this to perfect it and change it “fundamentally.” It is now operated under a federal program instituted before Trump became President. I received unnwanted text messages on my cell phone from Lyin’ Ted Cruz during his campaign. I did not support him, did not sign up for them and I never gave out phone number to anyone but my immediate family. Spent a lot of time trying to get rid of them, to no avail. So I did some research and learned that Cruz used an analytical program he bought from Carly Fiorina for $500,000 from his political PAC and that his program worked very similar to obama’s presidential alerts system. We’ve always had a presidential alert system in place, but obama added those lovely features of privacy invasion which he so loves.

      18. Presidential alerts are to warn you of any national emergency and if you need to stay home while swamp people are arrested that are pedophiles or terrorists such as those who caused 911 that live in the country. Al;so so that the President can explain to you what is going on. You need not worry if you are not a New World Order terrorist. If martial law is required , it will be for only a few days .Store lots of food etc meantime in case of emergency. Democrats plan big protests and riots if Kavanaugh is OKed.

      19. McAfee would be in a technical position, to know about back doors, and I think this is an example of milieu control. The cultic control of access to dissenting opinions.

        They shut down the phones, to prevent demonstrators from planning, to prevent movies and concerts from being pirated, or to provide bandwidth to first responders (instead of your family, during an emergency.)

        idk why not, during jury duty and fake, fishing expedition traffic stops. There are actually lots of places, where they don’t want people using phones, formally.

        Informally, it could just be turned off for whistleblowers, as well as turned on, to spy on political opposition.

        The 6th plank of Marx’ Communist Manifesto includes centralization of communication. Where is this, in the science book. Is that a necessity, to transmit a signal?

        You can pay and pay, for this thing, privately. It only says and does what the state wants. You’re making people cover the cost of a transponder and propaganda regurgitator, which I prefer not to have with me, at all times.

        If they gave one of these units to every American, if they explicitly told you how it must be used, and said that you were legally required to have with you, on your person, 24-7, would you resist.

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