Cyber War Against U.S. – China Involved In “The Greatest Transfer of Wealth In the History of the World”

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    We are at war with China. Most Americans don’t realize it and high level government officials will not admit it publicly, but the Chinese are actively monitoring and compromising critical components of our nation’s infrastructure including water and electric utilities, military assets, and commerce.

    While bullets and missiles may not be flying over conventional battlefields just yet, soldiers on the digital battlefield are no doubt engaged in conflict. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos reports on the latest infiltration, which involved some three million accounts being compromised at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

    There’s a war going on every day that you may not know about and today we learned a lot more about it.

    China striking at the heart of our economy. Iconic American companies like Ford and Google – the Pentagon too.

    Spies from China have also infiltrated the computers of America’s largest business organization. One with millions of members and they’re stealing corporate secrets worth thousands of jobs and billions of dollars.

    In September the Wall Street Journal reported that cyberspies from Russia and China “have penetrated the U.S. electrical grid and left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system, according to current and former national-security officials.” In October DHS Deputy Undersecretary Greg Schaffer warned that there have been intrusions into essential infrastructure systems, and the same day we published this report we learned that the U.S. military’s drone fleet was infected with an unknown virus.

    And while China is actively working to gain access to data and even control physical elements of our private, public and military networks, they have also been taking direct aim at our economic, financial and foreign policy, as well as intellectual property.

    ABC News continues:

    For more than a year, hackers with ties to the Chinese military have been eavesdropping on U.S. Chamber of Commerce officials involved in Asia affairs, authorities say.

    The hackers had access to everything in Chamber computers, including, potentially, the entire U.S. trade policy playbook.

    “The Chinese have attacked every major U.S. company, every government agency, and NGO’s. Their attacking the Chamber of Commerce is part of a pattern of their attacking everything in the US. If you’re working on U.S.-China relations with an NGO, government agency, you can be sure the Chinese are reading your emails and on your computer,” Richard Clarke, former White House counter-terrorism adviser, told ABC News.

    At one point, the penetration into the Chamber of Commerce was so complete that a Chamber thermostat was communicating with a computer in China. Another time, chamber employees were surprised to see one of their printers printing in Chinese.

    You stack all of that up and I think there’s a case to be made that this may be the greatest transfer of wealth through theft and piracy in the history of the world and we are on the losing end of it,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

    Overall, the U.S. is hemorrhaging economic espionage to the tune of $250 billion.

    “This is a national, long-term strategic threat to the United States of America. This is an issue where a failure is not an option,” said Robert Bryant at the National Counterintelligence Executive.

    Source: ABC

    By all accounts, our systems are under attack. These intrusions are not being initiated by loosely knit groups of hackers. The sophistication of the attacks, that they originate from China, and the fact they target critical components and nodes of the entire infrastructure of the United States, strongly suggests these activities are state sponsored. Considering that the average Chinese citizen can’t even access a blog that is critical of internal politics or policy due to heavy monitoring and restrictions by the Chinese government, we find it hard to believe that the thousands of attacks against the United States are not being directly controlled by the Chinese military. If China wanted to stop hackers, they should have no problems doing so on their networks.

    China, of course, denies the allegations, and we have found no reports of hackers originating from China ever being arrested for these activities. Yet another indication that it is the Chinese government and military that is behind the infiltration.

    Piece by piece, node by node, the Chinese are mapping our systems. They may already be dropping trojans, viruses and malware onto these systems, just in case this warm-war ever goes hot.

    Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy recently warned that a cyber attack targeted at our electrical grid would be devastating. Similar to an EMP detonation over US airspace, a coordinated attack on our grid could potentially lead to domestic casualties of 90% as critical transportation, food, water treatment, power generation and law enforcement infrastructure crashed.

    This is a serious threat, and one that if executed quickly and with brute force, could reportedly take down our entire country in less than 15 minutes once initiated.

    In the event of a serious disagreement with China, say over resources in the middle east, monetary policy or trade agreements, the first shots to be fired may not involve ICBM’s. They may focus directly on the computer systems like those that make commerce and the American way of life possible. The target will be the US population and the mission will be maximum confusion, chaos and panic.


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      1. And our government is still trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights and pass laws to throw its citizens in prison if we dont like how they are all a bunch of screw ups..,,,Nice

        I wish they would get their heads out of their asses and get to fuckin work on the real threats we face

        • VRF,
          Yougot the first thumbs up from me,these people can’t even spell hard work.


          • I hear ya,
            and thanks DPS..i wonder how long it will be , until i get a thumbs down?

            • Its shouldn’t take long bud. Lots of new dumbass trolls here lately.

            • heh heh

            • Dammit, I got one too, I think its just somebody in the disfunctional family jacking around..


            • Hhahahahahaahah there it is

            • VRF

              I am not an American but I totally agree with you. Maybe anyone who does not should be invited along to one of the camps, or detained under the “arrest a citizen act”

              Take care x

          • I had to give ya both a thumbs up. I need to be spraying “Dumbass Repellent” on the site to protect every conservative from the trolls.

            • I agree. BTW, will you sell me some of that “DumbAss Repellent”?

            • *shudder*

              Please don’t call me the “C” word.:)

            • C word being “conservative” to the dirty minded folks that thumbs-downed me!

            • That’s why I thumbed you down Daisy. Don’t be such an insult to us conservative female gender.

            • Anonymous, just because I don’t want to be grouped with you, doesn’t mean I’m insulting you. For cryin’ out loud – relax. We’re all here for the same reason!

            • I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Marxist school teachers have some of their classes trolling these sites for credits.

            • Relax? I’ve only had 3 espressos & in my cycle. Don’t tell me to smell the flowers. I’m a florist.

          • Sure they can work transferrng our $$ to their pockets..*grins*

            You would think there would be a ZERO tolerance of hack attacks, because instead of lobbing an artillery shell or missile at us, you are doing it via virtual world. It is a declaration of war and we should treat it as such..

          • Already here in big cities. They can also listen in on conversations on the streets.

            • They won’t find much in our urban areas except a bunch of people sitting around smoking crack and killing each other.

        • VRF , we can thank tricky Dick for providing the rope whith which to hang ourselves by normalizing relation’s with them. We should have left China the isolated backwards country they once were, instead of giving them the key’s to the Cadillac.

          • I remember when he did that. I thought it was a terrible idea trying to make friends with a communist nation that hated us. It’s taken them this long and several politicians later and nobody seems aware of the fact that we should stop buying from them and making them stronger.

        • And California just bought all the steel beams for the new Oakland Bay Bridge from China. Trusting them to create a bridge that has to withstand a 8.0 quake and last a hundred years!!

        • A friend of mine (retired All-Pro NFL’er) who has many friends in the military told me that there are 10,000 Chinese geeks working everyday to hack into this country’s military computers, and we have a few hundred
          “counter hackers” blocking their attempts. China (and Russia) are our TRUE enemies, not Iran and the other piss ant countries the USA has been attacking and wasting billions of dollars on.

          • all the billions of dollars r not wasted in vain. remember that dumb ass. our soldiers gave their lives for this country. u dont know anything dumb ass retard. we americans are getting everything ready in case of war. we need all the resource available to keep our freedom and land from those whom want to detroy it. u a sissy dont know nothing little girl, its chess not checkers.

        • No doubt the Chinese are spying on us. And we’re spying on them. In fact, everyone is constantly spying on everyone. I spent years at NSA, tell me about it. But the overall tone of this article is incendiary, alarmist and a drum beat for war. I don’t like it.

        • You seem to forget we don’t have a government anymore. It’s a financial / corporate oligarchy based on the old Venetian fuedal oligarchy. It’s the Roman Empire reborn. You can nickname Obama Nero.

      2. All governments are the same corp, funded by the same crooks, with the same goals.

        America needs enemies for World War, so the Chinese and Russians are being brought into the mix as “hackers” that can be blamed for whatever the corp does here to the power grid and internet.

        • great point GC

        • “As of December/2010, the United States owed China $1.164 trillion.”

          Is somebody trying to get out of paying what they borrowed? Is that being responsible?

          If someone borrowed from you and owed you “mucho dinero”, and payments were slow or non existent, would you be pleased? And if those same people who borrowed from you claimed that you were a trouble maker and started accusing you of questionable activities you did not perform, how would you feel? Or maybe, you were sick and tired of them reneging and you started to harass them on the phone and internet, who’s the bad guy?

          I don’t trust the motives of the Chinese but the motives of the US Government? There’s no comparison.

          • Good point EA!
            remember what frenchies did when they owed “mucho dinero” to Mr Gaddafi? yea, you guessed it 😀 they bombed the crap outathem…

          • Do you think that mexico should be asked to repay the Americans for taking in their citizens, feeding them, schooling them and providing them with medical care?

            • Apples and oranges… why compare?

            • fuck you joe, u retard, dumb redneck racist nazi. mexico is our allied and its not only mexicans crossing the border. go to school,check a map of the world.there is south americas and central americas. did ur parents not love or teach u anything, maybe they dropped u on ur head. Mexico is going to be our right hand power punch when we have any type of invasion. dumb ass….. ur parents really must not be proud of u.

        • Gods Creation,

          My take is this. We have enough “real” problems to worry about than to add China and Russia to our mix of problems. On top of this, we are told that planet X might kill us and, if it doesn’t, then the solar flares in 2012 might get us. And, Calif may soon fall of into the ocean and our sun is in its last stage of life (the yellow life) and may nova and burn us up in less than a million years and let’s not forget about Yellowstone’s super volcano that is overdue to erupt. And what about the Mayan calendar and all the fear it’s generating for 2012.

          Crazy, crazy, crazy. I believe the “powers-to-be” want us to focus on problems that may or may not come to pass (and probably will not happen in our life time). While we are distracted, they will commit devious things to further their hidden agenda. My take is to watch what they are doing. And, one of the things they have been doing for the last two years is to buy up almost all the MRE food supply. So, guess what? I’m buying MREs (among other things).

          • Crazy, crazy, crazy.

            Indeed. This may be the battle cry of our era.

        • The Red Dragon is just flexing a bit of new-found muscle. No-one “needs” to provoke China, they take the long view, and will act in any way that benifits them. And there is nothing anyone will do that will stop them.

          China, like muslims, illegals, and our Owners, see US as a very free lunch. Nothing will be done to prevent the continual weakening of Amerika’s core. Perhaps this is the excuse they will use to lock down the web.

        • What do you expect when most of our high tech gear is made in China?? Of course they would make “modifications” to any computer chip, phone, etc. Wouuldn’t you if you could? Only makes perfect sence. regard, James
          We are so screwed!!

          • It is the greatest war in the history of the world.

        • “1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3”

          Romans 13:1-3

          • 3) For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended.

            When those who do right are not free from the fear of the “one” in authority, the authority was not established by God. It is, in fact, His enemy.

      3. So let me get this straight, we are under attack and being monitored by the Chinese. They are watching our military, power and our financial systems, right? Is it just me or are the Chinese just being used as out of convince? I guess the Obama administration will blame the Chinese if our economy crashes. Sounds like a pretty covenant excuse to me. I am going to stand by my prediction that we are going to be hit here in this country before next July. This ruthless fuck will do anything and everything to get a second term. If anything happens, look at 1600..

        • Our economy will grow by leaps and bounds. Things will be better in short order. By September/October 2012 we’ll be in a full blown recovery – the main stream media will tell you so – in order to re elect Mr. Obama.

      4. If China determined war with the US was necessary all they’d need to do was “EMP’ us from a cargo ship off the coasts, plant evidence blaming Iran and North Korea to which we’d nuke in retaliation, and in 3 months they could land troops here to “help” out.

        With Iran/NK not needing any kibble and 75 to 80% of America dead they could put the “US” to work as farmers for their massive population and lower their food cost.

        • The Chinese launched one off the coast of California in 2010 and we didn’t even see them coming! Worried?

          • Steve: That wasn’t Chinese. That was from an Israeli sub that had passed through the Panama Canal to practice a missile launch against Iran.

            Note the distance from San Diego to the Northern Pacific.

            • Joel Skousen says it was a Chinese sub.

            • I’m not making a political statement here folks, Just telling you where that missile came from. China doesn’t even have a Blue Water Navy.

              Israel has at least 3 nuke subs that they bought from Russia years ago and refurbished.

              Intelligence reports showed one of those subs passing through the Panama Canal a couple weeks before that missile incident.

              It was a highly classified exercise with the full knowledge of American military.

              Did you see DHS or DOD panic about it at the time? LSM dropped the story faster than a NY minute.

              1+1 equals 2. Get a clue.

        • Mad Assured Destruction applies to all the major powers including China.

          • MAD only works when you know who fired on you. If China managed to use large fishing vessels with North Korean registry to launch a few EMP’s that contained an “Iranian” signature some scientist “finds” the retaliation would be against NK/Iran.

            Look at the benefit to China. No more wacko Iran or North Korea to worry about, and a US food supply for their billions of people. When 270 million American’s perish in one year we can still grow crops to feed half a billion or more – Chinese. Their troops will come help us……if you know what I mean.

        • Doesn’t Iran supply much oil to China?
          -I don’t think they’d blame Iran.
          Can’t we all, just, just get along?

      5. This article is spot on, if perhaps even a bit understated. I know of actual, real attacks on computers and interconnected systems which have and are occuring on a regular basis. The vast majority of these attacks are from China; although some are from Russia and a few middle eastern countries.

        The propietary data available on corporate networks is truly staggering… why invent something if you can steal the plans ?

        Even our drone fleet has been compromised by stealth programs inserted into the millions of lines of code necessary to operate them.

        This is very real; not maybe, not possibly, but of a certainty.

        • Yepp Sam and then those sneakly little bastards build the chips for our defenses, oh but we forgot to tell smart americans about the backdoor in that chip..Kinda sounds like the chinese resturant, ( You order sh-t You eat sh-t)


          • ~DPS~

            Good point! Your theory goes along way in explaining the recent cyber command high-jacking of that recon drone over Iran, as the bulk of the US military’s IC components are now of Chinese mfg……….”back-door indeed!!!”

        • Agreed on one point Sam not Sam IF they are from China; but does that necessarily mean from a Chinaman??
          Would it be a first for this govt. with its intricate agencies to deceive us??

      6. Dear China:
        Dh and I need a larger S.S. and VA check each month..



        • ditto

      7. While it’s clear that China would probably love to gain a competitive advantage by obtaining U.S. corporate secrets (i.e. industrial espionage), the leap to widespread “economic espionage” seems less tenable with our current relationship. Don’t forget that China is our largest foreign creditor. If you’re a creditor, do you wish for your debtor’s financial situation to go into the shitter? Obviously not. China wants nothing more than for us to continue buying their products while they climb the “value chain” as quickly as possible. They would love to comparatively win out, and surpass us economically sure, but they don’t need/want to see us crash and burn in the process.

        • I agree with you. This is likely just another false flag to try to get some legislation passed that will restrict our use of the Internet.

          On the other hand, if the government is stupid enough to tie all our infrastructure and military secrets to the same system that I buy eBay crap from, they deserve to get hacked.

        • Recall China has seen fit to impose a serious restriction on child births for population control – now going on 20 + years I believe and of course they still grow. The point you make is a good one – we are their market place. With out the US who will buy the goods their people produce? However another question comes to mind – when is it going to be impossible for them to feed their population? What will be more important – feeding them – or having them work to make children’s toys for America’s holiday season?

          When it becomes more critical for them to feed the population then make it work – watch out.

        • You are assessing China with western measurement in your mind. that is great no-no. they think completely differently. read “Phantom Soldier” by some dude (to lazy to search now). those little, polite, narrow eyed people are not like you or your buddy Joe. I mean, damn, even I think completely differently than you do… You can’t understand Russians let alone Chinese! if they decided that accumulating USA debt was a way to down your country then that’s what they will do, all the while smiling politely and nodding their heads like mandarins. if they decided that destroying your infrastructure by cyber attacks is the way to go, then that’s what they’ll do…

          • Giurza – you are 100% correct. They do not think from a western perspective.. they are not short term oriented but are very patient and very long planning. They are happy to “take” as much as we will give; then also happy to “steal” as much as they can get away with. Once the “host” has been sufficiently weakened by the parasite, it is not only easier to kill; but also easier to live without.

          • Good point, Giurza.
            People in the west trust MSM too much. Still unable (or unwilling) to do their own research and form their own opinions.
            If one wants to understand how the other culture thinks, one should invest some time into learning, not blindly believe the talking heads on TV, most of whom are very ignorant and just love to hear themselves talk.

        • LOL…sucker…

      8. The Chinese wrote the book on the art of war. Hell, they did not even bother to disguise the title. If their spies are this obvious you can be sure your head is under the desk, your pants are around your ankles and you are about to feel the rough end of the pineapple.

        Or perhaps “their” spies are really yours, setting up yet another excuse for your military industrial complex to suck another few hundred billion out of your economy and into their private accounts? Now there is the worlds biggest rort!

        A quick and dirty review of the history of both would suggest the latter had far more form, and a much greater motive. The Chinese already own the USA. Why fight for it?

      9. A clever computer jockey can make his/her “trail” lead back to any place they want to. If China is smart enough to hack all of our systems, does it really make sense that they aren’t smart enough to cover their tracks?

        FALSE FLAG.

        • Superb point Daisy ! BO & Co. must think we are all followers….HIS foolowers. (Well that last word was a typo, but I kinda like it that way!)

        • Daisy,

          No say its not true ABC,NBC,FOX,CNN,CSPAN,CBS,MSNBC would never lie to us. Have you ever noticed that all lying agency’s just use intials.
          Hmmm sound to think about.


          PS yes I stuck in the house again bad weather 🙁

          • Don’t forget the CIA, FBI, ATF, DHS………….etc!

            • Chinese Inteligence in America! simpsons dun got it right!

            • But, what about DPS? lol

          • DPS, are you implying that SHTF plan is also lying to us?

            Not being serious, had to stir the pot a little. Merry Christmas DPS. 🙂

            • Eagledove,

              Now thats some funny sh-t sprayed a little drink out my nose on that one.. Merry Christmas to you too.


          • Highspeedloafer,

            I know right, thats it ya’ll are on to me.. LOL


        • Or Daisy, let’s take this one step further–create a Cyber War, a false flag, to create a ‘need’ and justification for further funding of the Homeland Security??

          • Yes – and the “need” to crack down on the internet – the last bastion of free speech!

      10. According to an interview with Benjamin Fulford by Sean Morton on “Strange Universe”,
        in 1994 a 50 year accord struck in the “Bretton Woods Agreement ” between the Chinese and the shareholders of the Federal Reserve System came to completion in 1994. China sued and won the case to have their money returned by September 12, 2001.

        200 hundred tons of their GOLD disappeared from under the WTC on 9/11 (after digging for a month “for victims remains”). All operations stopped when the GOLD was found and the rest of the remains were scooped up in bucket loaders and dumped at Fresh Kills.

        The Federal Reserve no longer had the GOLD to repay their debt and what was there under the Towers was never going back to China.

        1998 is when they obviated “The Glass-Stegall Act” of 1933 and began to create fictitious Banking Instruments, i.e., the time bombs to implode the American and European Banking Systems known as CDO’s and CDS’s and hide their guilt and greed.

        In 1997, “the Project for a New American Century” cooked up the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, now we know why this was orchestrated.

        The “Black Hat Generals” in the Pentagon is taking orders from the men who sign their IMF paychecks… Henry Kissenger, Frank Carlucci, Paul Wolfenson, Timothy Geithner, James Baker, Donald Rumsfeld, Zbigniew Brezezinski, and George Soros.
        They all have secret accounts at the Vatican Bank and this includes the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, and Obama as well.

        They are driving us into WW lll and Martial law to hide their Thievery and Murderous Criminal Behavior in the rubble. They are psychopaths. (Read “Political Ponerology” by Dr Andrew Lobaczewski.)

        They are thieves and Satanists, and along with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, are marked for eradication by the Chinese and the US Governments forces who still wear the “White Hats”, if they do not desist. There plan is hide out in bunkers or in South America while the rest of us lob Nuclear Missiles at each other.

        i fear that with this news breaking, they might attack Iran any time now to erase the history, prosecution and distract the American Public from any chance to exact justice on these MONSTERS.

      11. Perhaps they are monitoring our infrastructure to be more like the U.S. themselves, as China intends to be the superpower of the 21st century.

        America, in turn, is resembling 20th century China more and more every day.

        Gotta even out the playing field if there is to be only one government in the world!

      12. I still say the little bastards can”t drive worth shit!

      13. Hmmm was sitting here thinking about this,so here it goes.

        ABC reports the Chinese have been hacking our technology, mean while the country watches as our dis functional government fight over a 2 month or a 1 yr bill that will allow them to steal even more from us. Now while we are watching all that then boom we decide to strike Iran’s gas plant. Hmmm kinda sounds like I have heard all this before..


      14. When the government points over there I find it wise to look over here.

      15. The reasonable consequences of global economic collapse will be WWIII. The traps are being set so they can be sprung when the cash cow called America runs dry. Not only will we be fighting a conventional war, we will also be dealing with the loss of our infrastructure. Prepare now by adopting self-reliance in the areas of water collection and purification, food and energy production, and other vital systems.

      16. I know that I’m not in a position to touch this topic, but I wanted to discuss it nonetheless.
        it’s about Ron Paul. I have great opinion about him so far, and it seems that most of you do too. but…
        there are several facts that might destroy your hopes of better future even if you get him elected.
        If he get elected then one of two will happen:
        1. If he tries to implement all the things that he says he will, he will be assassinated. Period.
        2. he might well get burned out because of the constant uphill battle. even if THEY let him live, he will never accomplish in today’s system. the system is already SATURATED by said people who will stop at nothing to have their way.
        third possibility would be to get him change his mind, but I doubt that Mr. Ron Paul would go down so low. however, in our part of the world there is a saying – every man has his own price – the question remaining is only about the sum. (money, power, safety of his children/family, anything else)
        so don’t get your hopes up, because you’ll be disappointed. and I’m not saying this to insult you, or get you depressed. I’m saying this because our people have gone through such trepidations of expecting a better candidate, and now clear minded know that this will never happen.
        I remember when Obummer was elected. I said to my missus – look here Honey, if he does what he has promised to do, he’ll be dead dead dead by the 2010… but we all know how that turned out and how he kept his promises 🙂
        the same will be true with Dr. Ron Paul.
        If any change would come, it will be only through bloody revolution and it will require sacrifices by the nation. all the nations in Western World are long past the point when simple election would have changed the course of events. right now it is no longer possible to change the system by playing along system’s rules.
        brace for impact, because we all are in for a ride of our lives – either we take up arms and fight for freedom, or the system will eat us alive, us and our families.
        I have no hope for Lithuanian people, we are too complacent and too broken by soviets to even imagine an armed revolution. You however, still have the Independence War alive in your national memory! You still have people holding Constitution and Declaration of Independence in high regard. and you still have your 2nd Amendment!!!! if you wait until system decides to take away your guns, you may find yourself in the situation described in “Turner’s Diaries” when nobody took action in the face of national disarmament.
        even the thought of relegating the responsibility of righting the country to one man should be aversive to you all! you should not say – elect Ron Paul and hope for the best. you should say – elect Ron Paul and defend him with your lives!
        having said that, I must also admit that I do not believe that Ron Paul will be elected… oh, you know, in the words of Heinlein “blowups happen” in voting machines 🙂

        • Giurza,

          The “Powers-to-be” have already been chipping away at our 2nd Amendment which gives us the right to bear arms.

          Examples are cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington DC.

          Also, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled to uphold the 2nd Amendment by only a vote of 5 to 4 (which, by the way, hasn’t changed anything in the aforementioned cities). My concern is why wasn’t their vote 9 to 0? Also, should one of the conservative Justices leave and be replaced with a liberal one, guess what, the vote reverses 4 to 5 and we lose our right to bear arms.

          Also looming is the UN’s Small Arms treaty which, if ratified by our leaders, would override our 2nd Amendment. By the way, the UN has been trying to get us to agree to this treaty for years and years but people like John R. Bolton is and our great President, Ronald Regan was against this treaty. Unfortunately, people in power like Obama, Cass Sunstein, and Hillary Clinton support this treaty (which doesn’t surprise me but is of a great concern to me because once we lose the right to bear arms, we lose our freedoms and choices).

          • Richard,
            I agree with you on all these points. USMARINE ask awhile back what it was going to take to get the people mad enough to take action. I think about it now and would have to say when they start tring to take our guns it will be the shot heard around the world. People are waking up fast.


            Personal weapons are what raised mankind out of the mud, and the rifle is the queen of personal weapons. The possession of a good rifle, as well as the skill to use it well, truly makes a man the monarch of all he surveys.” Col. Jeff Cooper,

            • DPs – I hope you are right and we will resist when they try to take our guns. However, what no one knows is how many will fight back when our 2nd amendment is taken from us and we are ordered to turn in our guns. Will it only be a few brave men and women or will it be in large enough numbers to make Washington back down (like probation).

              And another important question is what will our armed forces do – will they shoot us or will they refuse to shoot us? I’m asking this because, although some may have enjoyed it, I believe many German soldiers didn’t want to do what they were ordered to do with the Jewish people, but they followed orders at the expense of human decency and compassion. And, we know that our government soldiers shot students (kids, for God’s sake) at Kent University. I was a college student at the time of this unbelievable act of total evil aggression and I still think of what happened at Kent University that day.

            • Richard,

              Very good questions and we can not know for sure who will stand up and fight. But I can tell you what I know from talking with my step sons, (Both are army rangers) I have had the great honor of throwing partys for them and their friends. And all them I have talked to will stand with the people.They all are very smart and see whats going on, they fight for us. Remember their oath. Foreign and Domestic.

              Merry Christmas Richard,

          • They can have my guns…every damn one of them. They just have to take the bullets first.

            • Tango Charlie – I love it! Do you mind if I use your phrase from time to time?

          • “The “Powers-to-be” have already been chipping away at our 2nd Amendment which gives us the right to bear arms.”

            Richard, the Constitution and 2nd Amendment gives you no rights. It is LAW that protects your rights, but ONLY if YOU enforce it.

            Any right you have came from God. Any right you lost was because of your own refusal to protect it.

            I have all of my rights from God, and they remain intact. They will be protected should the corp ever come calling claiming a greater authority than the Almighty.

            Regardless of what law the corp passes, it has no bearing on my rights because my rights do not come from the corp.

            • Gods Creation, one of us may be confused. When I talked to our “rights” by referring to our Constitution, it should be understood (as is stated in the constitution) that these rights come from God. I didn’t get into it that deep because the Constitution already says that.

              As far as me enforcing the LAW, I don’t agree that only I can enforce it. In fact, I can’t enforce it but can only use the law. Enforcement of law is executed by the police.

              One more thing. You say your rights (in the Constitution) come from God. Using God’s Word (the Bible), not the Constitution, tell me what you think are your rights received from God as these rights relate to your actions on this planet.

          • enough is enough,

            Reading this definitely should be a wake up call to everyone. Yet, so many are unaware and don’t care.

            FEMA Document on the Coming Lockdown Quickly Pulled Down


        • giurza, Ron Paul is a follower of libertarian economic doctrines: von mises, von hayek and so on. If you talk about revolution, you know that, in a revolution, a new class seize the power. A revolution is out of question with Paul. Every US president MUST sustain bourgeoises’ interests, and Paul’s economic foundations are of course bourgeois by definition: market, free enterprise, banks, gold, money. It doesn’t matter if big corporations or state bureaucratic powers or little/middle size businesses will rule the country: capitalism’ laws are all the same, the surplus-value mechanism is the same and it inevitably ends with overproduction, inflation or deflation, unemployment, protectionism, imperialism, fascism and war. With Paul or whatever president, US will get only a counter-revolution helping to survive the crisis to workers’ expenses. A revolution is mandatory of course, because after this crises is over, other bigger and bigger are already looming and the path toward a civil war or a global war is inevitable; the revolution has necessarily to be a proletarian and worldwide revolution, so workers’ class seize the power and abolish money, banks, wage work and markets. The main instrument to prepare this way is to forget illusory democracy, parliaments, elections, etc and set up a centralized proletarian party spreaded on territory. And prepping is really good, but only if seen as a mean to survive and coordinate with other workers and families, not as a stand-alone strategiy. All other choices are a waste of time.

      17. $250 billion a year in espionage? Peanuts! Illegals suck US dry for $300 billion. The hydrocarbon industry gets a trillion dollar subsidy from the American taxpayer every year!

        Then of course there is the Federal Reserve System! Read that OUR gold reserves have been pledged to the FED as collateral on the debt that they have created, for US, to them!

        LMAO! Peanuts my peeps, peanuts!

        Look at it this way, every Russian and Chinese hacker keeps three assholes at DHS Cyber Squad in Chantilly Virginia so busy, they do not have as much time to spy on US as before!

        Every cloud has a (semi-precious) silver lining! 🙂

        • durango kidd, you’re right. I was studying the financial statements of the U.S. Treasury Department about two years ago and I came across a footnote on their balance sheet which stated that the gold owned by the U.S. Government is being held as an offset for the Federal Reserve who is holding U.S. gold certificates.

          It certainly sounds to me that the gold actually belongs to the Federal Reserve who has no way to store all that gold, so they allow the Treasury Department to keep it safe in Fort Knox. Boy, are we, the people, screwed. The only “real” assets are the assets that are primarily owned by Americans. I’m sure that these assets will be taken away from us one day. Sort of like communism, you can use the assets but you can’t sell them because you don’t actually own them.

          I’ll have to repeat myself from a previous comment, we are screwed.

        • They will leave when they are made to feel “unwelcome” by ordinary citizens. The US government (at every level) WANTS them here. I’m sure that with you living in AZ, you already know all that, and use large quantities of duct tape to keep your head from exploding every time you hear about the “poor immigrants” just here to pick lettuce (and commit the violent crime Americans won’t).

          Unrelated, but in a few days Christmas candles will be marked down a bunch. Don’t care much for scented candles, but if the lights go off I can live with a huge problem like scented candles (lack of pizza delivery could send me over the edge).

      18. We shipped these Ba$tards all of our jobs, manufacturing equipment & the patents to make all the products that we used to make. The political class, global elite, corporations, and banksters have SOLD “We The People” out with their goal being drain us of our wealth and make us a third world country. No wonder China is coming in for the kill… as the average American citizen is busy watch football/Dancing w/the Stars to realize what in the hell is going on. Not me…. I am awake, pissed off, getting prepared, and ready to fight “The New World Order”….. Bring it on!!!!!

      19. Let me see. ABC reports there is a problem with China hacking our computers. So he has a good excuse to throw the switch.

      20. RID: Technically, WE still own the gold. It is only pledged as collateral to the Federal Reserve.

        90 million gun owners in America stand between the Federal reserve and OUR gold!Lock n load!

        WE created the Federal Reserve, WE can end it.

        KILL the FED! Erase the debt !!!!!!!


        • That gold could vanish faster then you could say Corzine and you would never know it or damn sure find out where the hell it went.

          During WWII the Manhattan Project needed an electrical conductor for use at Oak Ridge Tenn in a Uranium enrichment (238 from 235). Copper was vital for the war effort and the Nazis had spies watching where strategic materials were going. They decided to use silver from the US mint and loaded up the trucks at night. Thousands of tons of silver were melted into wiring, bus bars and the like. The President signed the orders and the Secretary of the Treasury carried it out. No one knew a damn thing about it including Congress and Senate.

          The way the gold market has been manipulated I would not bet any of it is there.

        • No DK – it is not collateral – the Federal Reserve holds the gold certificates which are legal tender and are fully redeemable in gold; meaning, the Federal Reserve can request the gold any time they choose to do so. I will type the exact wording of the balance sheet footnote on this site and you can then “re-assess” your opinion but it will be after December 26 because my copy of the US Treasury’s financial statements is in my other home in another state.

          And, no, I never said we were doomed. I said we were screwed – there is a difference, surely you understand the difference?

          And, you can type your “90 million have guns” on every comment space and you can play with your lock-n-load all day long but as far as getting rid of the Federal Reserve, you’re delusional – it will not happen!

          Some facts about the Federal Reserve:

          1) They are unelected and privately owned.

          2) They are entirely independent and operate outside of the US government’s jurisdiction.

          3) There is no accountability nor oversight of the Federal Reserve by anyone including Congress.

          4) They control our currency and our monetary policy.

          5) they answer to no one except the people who own them.

          6) They have never been audited.

          7) They have devalued our currency, resulting in a loss of our purchasing power, to the tune of 93 to 97% (depending on who you want to believe) since 1913.

          8) They created and control the fractional reserve banking system.

          9) Their existence and operation is unconstitutional because the Constitution prohibits the coining/printing of money outside of our government and the Constitution has to be amended to go off the silver and gold standard (which never happened – Nixon did this under an Executive Order in 1971).

          No one understands the evil Federal Reserve and the damage they do to America better than Ron Paul and that is why he wants them to be audited and wants to get rid of them; but as I have previously stated, that will not happen.

          • What the heck? How did the happy face replace my typing of the number 8 after I clicked on “Submit Comment”?

            There should be no happy face associated with the Federal Reserve.

            • RID: Happy face equals Chinese hacker! Yes I would like to see the exact wording.

              The Federal Reserve is a creation of the US Government at the behest of the GB’s. WE created it, WE can kill it!

              (Actually an audit WAS performed for the first time ever this year, which is why WE know that Bernanke actually loaned $16 trillion during the bailout).

              If WE can demand an audit WE have the power to disband it. As far as the gold is concerned, Congress has the power to retro actively change any law; that is how the Savings and Loans were destroyed by the GB’s back in ’87.

              The GB’s have violated the terms and conditions of their banking franchise. Its time for the American people to demand their demise.

              They should consider themselves lucky to escape with their heads still attached to their shoulders.

              KILL THE FED!!!!!!!!

            • durango kidd

              We (the people) didn’t create the Federal Reserve, Congress did. Therefore, “we” cannot kill it. The Federal Reserve is not going away. Our money may go away but the Federal Reserve will not.

              I’ll tell you what, durango kidd. If I’m wrong and the Federal Reserve is abolished “by the people” AND the printing of our currency and our monetary policies are placed back into the hands “of the people” through the U.S. Treasury Department, I’ll give you $10,000. You have my word on that.

          • Every country that plays the game has their own version of a central bank, or federal reserve. The real play is that they are all subservient to the bank of international settlements (BIS), headquartered in Switzerland.

            If a given country doesn’t become a member and dares to practice financial sovereignty, then they are refusing to become a debtor nation and that will get them the short shaft.

            That’s what happened to Libya and Iraq anyways. They also dared to sell their oil in something other than dollars which is a total no-no. And that’s why Syria is next.

            All of our institutions including the defense department are subservient to the international banking cartel, they all serve the same .01%, and we are all screwed.

            If we try to fight back they will just threaten to bring it all down again, and we will have to rescue them with another TARP bailout program.

            • Another bailout and WE confiscate the stock and resell the banking franchise to new investors.

              Any banker that runs his bank into the ground and pushes it over the cliff to collect the insurance should not pass GO, but go directly to jail.

              “Detained indefinitely” to coin a phrase.

              Just saying.

          • lets just elect john f kennedy, he will get rid of that awefull fed reserve by issuing united states notes! oh waite, hold on, its comming back to me, I went to public school. He was shot and killed by a lone nut, shot from behind. “his head seemed to move violently forward” dan rather( NO DAN his head was blown violently BACK, and his brain blown on the back of the car,). “THEY” controll the media, “THEY” controll the flow of information, and “THEY” can get rid of ANYONE, ANYTIME. When all these countries around the world want all their gold back, look for a mushroom cloud over new york, thats where the gold is.

            • Kevin: Then maybe the people need a “black ops” team to level the playing field.

              Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

            • Its like my daddy use to say: “If its good enough for Jimmy Hoffa, its good enough for the Gangster Banksters”.

              If a few of them turn up under the end zone at Giants Stadium, maybe they will get the message.

              If not, there are two end zones at every stadium.

      21. The Israeli’s rob us blind as well, military secrets, trade secrets, banking scammers like Madoff who usually fleee to their safe haven in the viper nest called “Israel” before our guys can catch them.
        Just don’t hold your breath waiting to hear those stories on TV though.

        • ~Dave~

          RIGHT! China’s spying / cyber-hacking is amateurish compared to that criminal enterprise known as israel…

        • Dave,

          And I guess they stole all those jet fighters (like the F-16s) and tank engines, and artillery systems, and armored vehicles, and and Cobra attack helicopters, and Apache helicopters equipped with the Longbow Radar system, and how about the U.S. air-to-air AIM9 sidewinder missiles and the Python 3 missiles?

          Funny, I heard that our government sold them to Israel.

      22. Yeah, while I wouldn’t be surprised that China may be really doing this, I am also very distrustful of anything that gets deliberately leaked into the mainstream. Why? Well, this could just be yet another psi-op to predicatively program the American sheeple to accept an internet shutdown. During such a shutdown, the Chinese could easily be blamed. Then when the internet comes back online, we’re switched over to Internet2, which would be heavily censored and scrubbed.

        So, I have a damn hard time trusting anything anymore. I’ll just wait and see.

        “Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.” William Cooper

      23. You make it sound like the United States has been some kind of global angel.
        If there’s any country, ever in the history of the world to cause as much damage, corruption and destruction of values, it’s the US.

        China is simply playing in the same sand box as the Americans now. Get used to it!

        • Agreed, the US is just the latest version of the Roman Empire.

          The Romans had metal, roads, scorched earth strategy and later Christianity. Then they fell and Britain became them with their Navy and the world’s reserve currency. Now we have the nukes, and you guessed it the world’s reserve currency.

          It gets better when you realize that these three countries all have giant obelisks in separate sovereign cities within these countries; Vatican City, the City of London, and of course good ol’ Washington DC (our obelisk is called the Washington Monument).

          • Washington monument factoid: 555 feet and looks nothing like him.

          • Vince,

            I agree with the Roman Empire Therory, It happened before it will happen again. if you get a chance watch this video it will explain alot.

            Its call 2210 the collapse and well worth watching. (Thanks again Daisy for pointing it out)


      24. I would say that we have to stop looking at the world in terms of nations, in terms of ‘us’ vs.’them’ based on nationalities. Rather ‘Us’ are the people who are not the elites and ‘Them’ are the people who are the elites, no matter what nationality is listed on their passports. So the enemies are not the Chinese people or the Russians, or the Iranians, they are all elites, whether they run Washington or Beijing. The Chinese elites would just as easily kill a billion of their own people as they would a million Americans. And the American elites would just as easily kill a 100 million Americans as they would 10 million Iranians. Nationalities do not matter to the Intelligence community; whether the CIA or Russian Intelligence or Chinese Intelligence or ISI or Mossad or Indian Intelligence, they all work together to bring about the NWO and destroy all nations in the process. So the ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mindset based on nationalities is a powerful tool of the elites to keep people focused on foreign enemies when the enemy is right in the midst of us.

      25. Also whatever damage the Chinese or Russians or other so-called Cyber-boogeymen can do to us, I’m sure the Americans can do a million times worse to them. So I believe all these Cyber-boogeymen stories are Psy-ops designed to deflect attention from the real culprits that sit within our own Intelligence communities. When the Cyber-attacks do come, as I’m sure they will, they will be launched domestically but blamed internationally just as 9-11. The best hackers work for the NSA, period. And 10 years after 9-11 I’m sure DHS etc. would have made our Waterworks and Electrical grids firewalled so thick that not all the computers in China would be able to put a dent in them, if that is what the DHS wanted. But if they are vulnerable, then it is because someone somewhere wants them to be vulnerable! Use your head folks when reporting such propaganda and don’t be misled by cover stories that are going to be conveniently rolled around (like Oswald) when the time comes and all the talking heads will be parroting the same tale of the big bad Russo-Chinese hackers and how we need to go to war with them! There are NO CHINESE CYBER-BOOGEYMEN HACKERS but the threat of Cyber-attacks is very real! Now go figure out who will carry out these attacks. Think 9-11!

        • Agreed. The us military invented the internet, ALL PROGRAMMERS LEAVE A BACK DOOR!!!

      26. This is truly a brainwash.
        What do you expect if you will leave your house with keys in the door?

        This will never happen if correct security measures were implemented. I am a professional network security consultant.

        So, that means one of the following:
        1) Secret owner “allowed” to steal disinformation.
        2) There was no secret to hide.
        3) Security personnel was totally unprofessional or even not hired.

      27. ALL our problems come from OUR state dept and OUR congress….backed by the FED…all else are distractions to confuse and divide the sheeple…OUR news sources (MSM) not this one are part of the noise.and distractions…..We have failed Mr Franklin in not keeping our Republic…and it will be a mother fucker to get it back…but try we must..and along the way…many will perish..including the evil doers that have placed us in such a position…God bless this Republic…Semper Fi

      28. Chinese researchers publish “How to attack the U.S. Power Grid : Cascading Failure of the entire system”


      29. We can’t have China steal our products to build them in China and sell them back to us, we need American companies to build their products in China and sell them back to us.

      30. What amazes me is how gullible everyone is.
        Really, you take the information spoon-fed from you by the government as gospel? How quickly you forget….

        To the point; The government already is on the issue and has teams they dispatch to investigate these so called ‘intrusions’.

        It is interesting to note that the last supposed Russian intrusion was found by our government security group to be a complete hoax.

        How many more hoaxes will be used and misreported to lull you into submission is your choice. I chose none.

        If you want the truth, simply ask those of us that design these systems, which you apparently fear.

        • Well said,this is all groundwork propaganda,there just documenting all the so called attacks,so that they can justify the new laws,that are going to be put in place next year. So do not be alarmed!!!It is for your own good and the good of your community. Guess what? We get them back,sometimes we let them in,to look around and send them home with loads of bogus Intel,back doors,worms,Trojans,Suxnet projects and all sorts of great gifts that can be used year round by our spooks.Merry Christmas to all.

      31. And then the NEXT shots WILL be with ICBM’s, launched from hardened silow with independent power, as well as nuclear submarines.

        Go ahead, pull our plug if you enjoy living in the land of radioactive glass.

      32. I hate to be the none hysterical one here, but some times I have to do it. Way back in the day I used to be a computer security officer in the Air Force. We had a pretty heady set of rules and guidelines that had to be followed and implemented for securing computer systems. Now over time we have gotten lax, allowed things that in the old days would never be allowed, and a false sense of security developed as we deployed more exotic methods for separating sensitive, classified, and imbedded systems from “risks”. See back in the old days we would never have allowed any system as sensitive as those described to be “on the network”. There was physical separation of these systems, access to these systems were controlled, and not so much as a floppy disk went near them without scans and approvals. Anything that went into these areas never came out as all access was controlled. Now fast forward to today where we put everything on the network, and think that our firewalls, and encryption devices and other toys are going to protect these systems is pure fantasy. It is time to go back to the hardened mentality of physical separation, physical control, and dedicated communications networks that are point to point with no external access if that is what is required. Remove the access from outside influences and their job just became 1 million times harder. This problem can be fixed much easier than letting the nukes fly with China or Iran or whoever… We gotta get tough, smart, and take a plan from the old playbook and learn what computer security is really all about. We have gotten lazy and complacent, now it is time for all of these departments and military to get on the stick and figure out what is critical and go back to separation of systems, and controlling access. It is the only way to limit the damage if an intrusion is successful. Think of these systems like the Battlestar Galactica, no network systems on board this ship! LOL

      33. Greetings Everyone!
        China hates the USA and Western Europe?
        With everything going the way of Detroit here,I doubt the Chinese are in any better shape(they just paper it over and smile).What little get out from there they are about as ruined as a place to live us here.They hold the almost worthless paper of everyone else and make the goods at starvation wages.When we go “bankrupt”(coming soon to your locale) the “supply chain” will break and they will be stuck with all those “unsellable goods”.We all win and we all lose(just the prepper folks here will lose less so!).
        Just my thoughts,
        Best All
        (even the Fed spooks reading this,far less so to the Communist Chinese spooks running amok)

      34. For your own protection there are many good means:

        the last two are actual hardware firewalls.

      35. Check out the “The trillion-dollar lawsuit” which is perfectly provable and on public record.

        This puts puts matters into a completely different perspective.

      36. I don’t doubt that someone in China might be hacking into whatever, but it’s OK because President Bill Clinton was caught red-handed selling sensitive military techno to the Chi-Coms for campaign contributions. 55 people either pled the Fifth or fled the country. Trent Lott and the sorry-as-gully-dirt Republicans let him off because they were so guilty of so much themselves.

        The hard thing for me to believe is that any participant of this site would even take notice of ABC lies. I sure as hell don’t trust ’em but as far as I know, no Chinaman has ever lied to me; my own federal gubmut has never told me the truth, not even once! I fully expect TPTB to kill the grid in 2012. After a few days of spoiled food and no AC most Amerikans will be volunteering to join up and go to war against the fucking Salvation Army or anyone else that Our Dear Leader points his finger at.

        • Truer words have never been spoken. The only ones who won’t be fooled are the ones who are awake. Watching how the walking dead react should be entertaining.

      37. Dear all,

        I wish you have the happiest Christmas of your lives.
        May our Lord Jesus brings a better life for those in need.
        It’s time to give and take. We must show our love and compassion to every human being.
        But just in case, lock and load. Have the chamber full.
        We may be sensitive, but we are not stupid.
        I will be in western Crete until Tuesday, to celebrate Christmas with very close and dear friends.
        I hope all the best for all of you.

        Merry Christmas.

        • Merry Christmas Manos to you and your loved ones. May God’s blessings overflow your cup, and his hand keep you and your family safe.

        • You too manos! I shall have you and yours in my mind and prayer during Christmas!
          ya’ll others too! have a nice, quite Christmas, spend it with your families and be happy like there’s no tomorrow… because there ain’t one!

          • Giurza,

            You too my friend.
            May your family is healthy, and Lord gives you strength to fight for them.
            My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
            We must never forget who we are and what is our past.

            Be safe man

        • Manos

          God bless you to my greek brother, I hope and pray that you and your family have a merry Christmas.


          • DPS,

            Many many thanks,
            I always enjoy our converations, and i really wish that all people in this site, could meet sometime.
            Maybe if the war with Iran erupts, i will be lucky enough to fight on your side.
            Stay safe DPS, and be strong and healthy, for your family.

            Merry Christmas

        • I hope your holiday is blessed with happiness and peace, Manos. Hearing from you always brightens my day! Merry Christmas!

      38. First they created the German threat ww1
        Then they created(and financed) the Hitler threat
        Then they financed the communist ww2
        Then they financed the vietnam threat..covering the golden triangle cabal
        Then they created and financed the muslim terrorist threat for the next 25 years..

        Now the Chinese.?.

        Who’s next on the list..Russia..again?

        enough of the smoke and mirrors..

      39. Looks like Peking duck for Christmas is in order (ala the red rider BB gun movie 😉

        Merry Christmas and a “Happy Family” special new year to all.

      40. Why don’t they just use ubuntu or some other linux based computer o/s for their computers? KISS

      41. Not that it isn’t happening (like we’re not doing it, too), but this appears to be more “fear-mongering” from those who would take our rights away so they can control the internet. Try commenting, or even getting this slant on what’s going on from sites like SHTF, if that happens.

      42. Just alittle story for you children,


        There once was a candy maker who wanted to make a candy that would be very special for Christmas. He decided to make a candy cane because he knew he could include a lot of signs and symbols to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

        He began with a stick of pure white hard candy. He used white as a symbol that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary who was always so pure and holy. He made it hard and crunchy to symbolize the solid rock on which the church is founded.

        He bent over the top of the candy cane to make a hook like a shepherd’s staff. He remembered that Jesus called himself “The Good Shepherd” The candy maker remembered too that the first people who come to worship Jesus at the manger after he was born were shepherds. Then the candy maker looked at his candy cane and thought it looked a little plain. “It needs some color,” he said. Something red,” he thought. “That will give it Christmas look!” So, he began to stain the white candy cane with red stripes. First, he put on three thin red stripes. You see, he remembered that Jesus went through terrible torture before he died and was whipped across his back. The candy maker decided that the red stripes on the candy cane would remind everybody that Jesus shed his blood for us when he died on the cross on Good Friday.

        The candy maker was doing well with his candy cane. He had a lot signs of Jesus in there but he wasn’t satisfied. Then he began to pray, “Dear Jesus, help me to make my candy cane show the true meaning of Christmas.” Then suddenly the candy cane slipped from his hands. It fell upside down on the floor. When he looked, he noticed that the candy cane was no longer a candy cane, but it was the letter “J”. It stands for “Jesus.” Jesus is really what Christmas is all about.


        • Damn, what kind of heartless bastard gives a thumbs down for this story? Inquiring minds want to know.

          Oh, and Merry Christmas to all you SHTFanians! (or is some of you celebrate alternative holidays, happy Festivus, Hannukah, Quanza?)

          • Some Atheist, probably. People who practice that (non)religion are often quite fanatical.

          • Beefcake, I believe it was one of those, what do they call themselves? Let’s see, oh yes, a “nonbeliever” which is an oxymoron because they are believers – believers in nothing after death. I call them the “walking dead”.

            • I see one of the “walking dead” gave me the thumbs down. Ask me if I care!

        • Too Funny, I mean really a thumbs down for the candy cane story


          • Somebody will be or has gotten lumps of coal in their stocking this yr.

          • Probably a anti-gun liberal atheist troll that voted for Bo.

            • Or the Grinch!

          • maybe a dentist…

            • I was thinking it’s a banker who believes their bonus was too small and has been drinking too much and wants to kick ass but is too afraid that they will be kicked back so they’re hiding behind a computer and giving good people the “thumbs-down” but they wish they could give us the middle finger instead and stuff our socks with poisoned candy and steal our silver and gold!

              Darn, my fingers don’t want to stop typing, I think I’ll go get a beer and find a banker to kick.

        • Thanks for sharing this with us. I’ll share it with my kids
          to remind them it’s not all about the presents.
          Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

          • Sandy,
            You very welcome and I hope ya’ll have a great Christmas


        • DPS – that’s a beautiful story – thanks for sharing!

        • This analogy, one I had never heard before, is a great one. Next year, I will once again have those red and white candy canes on our Christmas tree, as reminders of the true meaning of Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

          • BC,

            Thanks buddy, I would ask if you have kids to pass the story along so it will not be lost.

            God Bless you,

      43. Why am I not surprised that no one has mentioned that
        China & Russia have been prophesied to come against us in the book of Revelations? As written in Amos, the famine in the end times is for the word of God, not food.
        I’m not saying we should lay down & take it from them but regardless of WHO is behind any such attacks, maybe it’s part of God’s plan so as to fulfill things that must happen. Just a thought..

        • It is God’s judgment upon a fat land filled with slothful people who would rather sit on their behinds all day, sip beer and eat chips and watch football rather than spend half an hour a day trying to understand their world and their existence. They are guilty of all the crimes of their government since they have been given the responsibility of keeping evil in check; a responsibility that have fully abrogated. They were supposed to be the guardians of Justice and Equity, of Truth and Righteousness but they have given themselves wholeheartedly to sin and shameful abominations; abominations that would make even Sodom and Gomorrah blush. Their sons and daughters have given themselves wholly over to whoredom and their pastors and teachers to filthy lucre. Their princes (Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Judges) thrive on bribes and gifts, selling their souls and their country to the highest bidder.

          Isaiah 3:9
          The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

          Isaiah 59:4
          None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.

          Therefore The LORD God will not only allow evil to come upon such a nation, whether it be through China or Russia or projectiles from Space hurled upon the land, He will order these nations and peoples to come against Big Apple Babylon and then will the fat people realize that it was not about football or Dancing with the stars or whatever new drug they were being fed to keep them hypnotized, it was about Justice and Equity and Truth and Knowledge and Understanding. Sadly by the time they do understand, the understanding will be too late to save them.

          Amos 3:6 Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?

          Lamentations 3:37 Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?

          Without God commanding evil to come upon America, no power in the Universe can bring evil upon America. So you foolish Americans, look in the mirror, stop looking at all the Goldstein boogeymen out there that your Big Brother leaders want you to keep your eyes focused upon. The peril for you is not the ‘Red Peril’ but your own apathy and sloth and ignorance…Wake Up! The World needs you to be Good and Upright, beacons in a land of darkness where hell is set to break loose like never before seen in history!

          • Thanks, I was just about to question readers about that very same thing.

      44. Hey, what about Major Kong?

      45. LOL! Asking the Chinese Government to crack down on hacking is like asking Napolitano to help secure our borders or like asking Holder to stop the ATF from selling guns to the cartels.

      46. A cyber war is not even half of the equation. There are troops on the ground already in the Good ole U.S. of America. They are coming accross the borders both legally and illegaly. Also our freedoms and liberties are under attack in the Governmental processes. All three branches have been inflitrated through the voting processes. At last count there were between 6 to 8 million Muslims Imigrated here legally. More on the way. Now when 911 happened how many of them were cheering also. You want to see change in this country the political process needs to be reformed before its too late. The imigration process needs to be reformed. People who imigrate here should not be allowed to impose their culture upon citizens that are born here.
        OUR legislaters should not be allowed to produce a bill in washington that even Hints at circumventing the U.S. Constitution. If the Federal Government had to pay off its debts and balance its budget what do think would happen. If the federal reserve had to back its money printing with something tangible what do you think would happen. The real biggie is this. All this has happend before its just that the names have changed. The Nation that forgets GOD in its day to day doings is turned into HELL. Unless we get back to what the Constitution and the principals that founded this country in the first place that is were we are headed. WAR is HELL. We could allude to any number of topics with any number of comments that may be posted here. Over the last century or so the World of Man on a global outlook realizes that the Government of the US can be changed through the voting process and that is what is also happening. For Now.
        .Best Regards


        • Many come here as “refugees”. If granted refugee status here they are each eligable for $2700 per month from taxpayers. That does not include housing assistence, free medical, free education, etc.

          • Good Grief! And to think that said refugees are receiving more than many U.S. senior citizens who have worked very hard all their lives and contributed to their own Social Security and Medicare. Recently, I posed this question (among others) to Sen. Tom Coburn – R-OK, and guess what, in his reply, he addressed every issue but that particular question was ignored. When I wrote back to ask why he had ignored my concerns regarding illegal aliens draining the S.S. and Medicare funds, I found that his email address had been closed to me. Obviously, the Senator either had no answer, or chose to ignore the question. Will I vote for him again? What!….Do I have STUPID written on my forehead? NOT !!!

      47. We live in a soft dictatorship here in the USA. Oppressive over-regulation and enforement. How soon will it be until the feds enact the real dictatorship? The next big crisis?

      48. consider the source of the article, George Steppen-on-us-alot. Sounds like the PR is priming us for a flase flag to blame on China. cause god nows how sweet and innocent our government is.

      49. If China wants to destroy this country, they don’t need to go to all that trouble. All they need to do is to repatriate all the U.S. debt they are now holding. That would lead to runaway inflation which would destroy this country within a year without firing a shot or setting off a bomb.
        Prediction: In the future all wars will be economic. Traditional war is too costly in terms of both men and money.
        Economic warfare is much more effective and decisive.

        For decades the U.S. government has given us a people or a country to hate. Right now it is terrorists of all kinds. If it can continue to do this, it can continue to increase its power over us and our private lives. As one person said “If you choose safety over freedom, you will have neither.” The so-called “Patriot Act” is an Orwellian plot to repeal the Bill of Rights. It says that you are assumed to be a terrorist until proven otherwise. There are many more people killed in traffic accidents than in terrorist attacks. The best reaction to this overly intrusive law is to boycott the airlines.
        The Privacy Act says that you no longer have any, and so on.
        All of these high-sounding laws have the opposite aim of what the title says.

      50. Mr. Orwell would never have come up with anything so perverse. Even HE would not approve of the groping of 8-year-olds in search of explosives or weapons.

        It IS, however, a plot. So was the 09/11 incident. Which led to the Patriot Act. No true Patriot would act that way.

        Why are truely sensitive defense department documents still being communicated ‘on-line’? And if they must be, why are they not at least tripple encrypted?

        Each time a server is connected to, it ‘knows’ it. It also ‘knows’ by whom. Surely tracing can be done to ‘catch’ the hackers. They ‘Catch’ us doing 46 in a 45, why not those who are intent upon our destruction?

      51. Anon beat me to it…if the mainstream mediots are saying “we are at war with somebody, we just can’t see it”, then that is what TPTB want us to think. While it may very well be true as there are interests (China) who are not part of the NWO scheme but think The U.S. is, it is safe to assume the globalists want a war between both countries to bring BOTH countries into line… I trust NOTHING that comes out of the mouths of the likes of snuffleupagus…

      52. durango kidd-you made the claim that China doesn’t even have a blue water navy. That hasn’t been true since about 1985. Google China’s carrier and learn something.

        • David James: I know all about China’s carrier. That is a recent deployment for its maiden voyage.

          Its one thing to have a single ship purchased from the Ukraine, its another to have a battle group and project your power 13,000 miles away.

          Another ten years for a blue water navy.

      53. For relatives who stay too long (or illegal aliens)..

        We wish you weren’t living with us,
        we wish you weren’t living with us,
        We wish you weren’t living with us,
        We’re not happy you’re here!!

        Good riddance to you and all of your kin….

      54. It’s pretty obvious this is a piece written by someone who wants to spread more fear and disinformation about the enemy outside our gates. Pay attention to the one that runs this country we live in!!! All his sources are mainstream media crap. Yeah, the big ATTACK on our water supply a few months back ended up being an employee of the water company who was checking in remotely. His office even publicly stated this fact and the msm still ran their completely bogus uncorroborated story that we were remotely attacked by Russia I believe. Wake up, it is all disinformation to keep you in fear!

      55. This is the kind of crap article that will get SOPA passed in this country. Who do you truly work for mr. Salvo?

      56. Just a short note…
        read:Bank Of America Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives On U.S. Taxpayers With Federal Approval article at Blasklisted.Why worry about Asians when the Feds are letting this FUBAR happen to our banking system?

      57. If what you are saying is true – what’s it feel like to be at the sh…… end of the stick for a change??? after all , this is the kind of thing the US is engaged in for decades, together with just about every other country.
        The lunatics in high places may not realize or don’t care that they are
        playing a deadly game, because they seldom become victims
        in a fullblown altercation – it’s always the ordinary Joe who’ll pay with his life, willingly or not, for the arrogance of his “leaders”!!!

      58. Merry Christmas Everyone! And to all a good night!

      59. Nixon again.
        He has “opened” the door to China.

        Now we have smaller fish like Feinstein’s husband Blum doing lucrative business with China.

        Probably too late – we lost our backbone from the 1950-s.
        What is left are “social victims”, wimps and crooks.

      60. This may well be happening as a false flag event. Whenever the name Frank Gaffney, of the Center for Security Policy, is mentioned, my red flags go up.
        From Wiki:
        Along with a number of figures who later assumed leading positions in the George W. Bush administration, Gaffney was one of 25 signatories of the June 3, 1997 “Statement of Principles” from the Project for the New American Century, an educational and political advocacy organization whose stated goal was “to promote American global leadership.” The Center for Security Policy (CSP) is a Washington, D.C. think tank that focuses on national security issues. The Center was founded in 1988 by Frank Gaffney, Jr.. The CSP advocates neoconservative and policies based on a philosophy of “Peace through Strength,” which “is not a slogan for military might but a belief that America’s national power must be preserved and properly used for it holds a unique global role in maintaining peace and stability.”
        Since 1990, the Center for Security Policy has recognized individuals for devoting their public careers to the defence of the United States and American values around the world. Those extraordinary individuals are the “Keepers of the Flame.” The majority of awards have gone to senior military figures and Republican politicians. A notable exception to this pattern is world chess champion, Garry Kasparov.
        2011 – Howard McKeon, U.S. Congressman from California, chairman of the United States House Committee on Armed Services
        2010 – Gen. James T. Conway, Commandant of the Marine Corps
        2009 – Dick Cheney, 46th Vice-President of the United States of America, former Defense Secretary
        2008 – Gen. Jack Keane, Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army
        2007 – Senator Joe Lieberman, of Connecticut, chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
        2006 – Duncan Hunter, Congressman from California — Chairman, House Armed Services Committee and Those Who Serve
        2005 – Senator James Inhofe, of Oklahoma, and the Heroes of the Homefront
        2004 – Gen. Peter Pace, Future Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
        2003 – Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense, future President of the World Bank
        2002 – Gen. Richard B. Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
        2001 – James Schlesinger, former Secretary of Defense, former Secretary of Energy, former Director of Central Intelligence
        2000 – Floyd Spence, U.S. Congressman from South Carolina, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee
        1999 – Gen. James L. Jones, Commandant, US Marine Corps, future National Security Adviser
        1998 – Donald H. Rumsfeld, former and future Secretary of Defense
        1997 – Christopher Cox, U.S. Congressman from California, future chaiman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
        1996 – Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
        1995 – Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States
        1994 – Jon Kyl, U.S. Congressman from Arizona, future United States Senator
        1993 – Malcom S. “Steve” Forbes Jr., Publisher of Forbes Magazine
        1992 – Senator Malcolm Wallop, from Wyoming
        1991 – Garry Kasparov, World Chess Champion
        1990 – Caspar Weinberger, former Secretary of Defense
        Prominent members
        Jack Dyer Crouch, II, former Deputy National Security Advisor
        Monica Crowley, talk radio host
        Douglas J. Feith, former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy
        Frank Gaffney, Project for the New American Century
        Caroline Glick, American-Israeli journalist for Makor Rishon and deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post,
        Richard C. Hoagland, author and conspiracy theorist
        Linda Moulton Howe, contributing correspondent to Coast to Coast AM
        Laura Ingraham, talk radio host[4]
        Richard Perle, former chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee and United States Assistant Secretary of Defense
        James G. Roche, former United States Secretary of the Air Force
        Listed CSP members on the Council on Foreign Relations membership list includes:
        Monica Crowley
        Douglas J. Feith
        James G. Roche
        Hillary Clinton admitted that she gets her marching orders from the CFR. The New American (Pacific) Century espoused by Hillary is similar to the PNAC policy in it’s goal to spread American mercantilism. As Tony Cartalucci pointed out, the policy could just as easily been penned by Neo-Con policy makers. Indeed, the Trilateral Commission has an article posted on it’s website, Bridging Asia and the Pacific: Japan’s Role in Reinforcing the US Pivot, by Hitoshi Tanaka, that says, “President Obama also recently made a highly pub-licized trip to the Pacific. In Honolulu, at the APEC Summit, he heartily endorsed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).” The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a brainchild of the Trilateral Commission and furthers their goal of a Pacific Nation. Get the pdf here:…..thwick.pdf

        • red flags indeed.
          My spider sense was off the charts.
          I think this author is channeling Eugene Mcarthy.
          Sir(articles author), you are a fear mongering puppet. you have been used like a $20 ho.

      61. Well thank God you nutballs are on this China thing. I feel reassured.

      62. We have only to ask one question. Is the US not doing the same to the Chinese as well?
        Grow up, any nation worth its salt, would always attempt to find out how the other nations, particularly a powerful one like US, work.
        This is not a balanced article and only incite hatred and distrust, possibly building the mood for a physical war.
        US fear to be overtaken as a super-power. In almost all spheres the country feels the competition with most likely for US to lose its edge for a very very long time.
        The only advantage now is US military and weaponry advantage. And this perhaps is the last card to do China in.
        I fear the article springs from the mind of someone who has evil intentions.

        • Right on brother.
          Just look at the people being quoted.
          It’s all planted propaganda and the articles author just swallowed the B.S. hook,line, and sinker.

      63. Newsflash. just today Japan has just agreed to use a currency other then the USD for business between them and China. Russia and China previously made such an agreement between themselves.

        This is a crack in the armor for the status of the USD as the worlds reserve currency. Take note of the timing when the market is closed.

        Oh yes, 2012 is going to be real interesting.

      64. I dont believe any of it.
        It’s all propaganda planted by the fear mongers and
        “reported” by the talking head puppets of the media, who by the way are bought and owned by the corporate/industrial military complex to keep the sheep fat fearful lazy and grazing.
        Just look at all people this article quotes; DHS under secretary, head of counterintelligence, a counter terrorism adviser, a Senator, the center for security policy.
        These peoples lives and $ come from fear and if there is none then they create it to keep & increase their jobs/positions.
        Even if these things did occur they were most likely perpetrated by the people being quoted here.
        What better way to create a crisis that will give you more work and credibility than to create it yourself and make it look like outside forces are after us…oh the fear.
        We need an enemy and there is not one around so,
        like a good advertising campaign we create a perceived demand and the lambs will follow all the way to slaughter.
        “We” are the threat.

        • first thing that’s made sense so far…foicus on something else and that is what will be available to ponder….we maybe the threat so we sure as hell is the solution…

      65. Oh boy! Another war to get hysterical about. This is so much fun … Up next – monsters appearing under our beds!

      66. Two websites for Americans: United States Patriots Union, uspu, and oathkeepers. Military, peacekeepers, and citizens please sign on and pass around. These sites are run by American patriots who will uphold their oaths to obey the Constitution and protect the American people. Every military person, retired or active duty, every peacekeeper and every citizen should be a member. Our cops should be on our side instead of following illegal orders to arrest Americans and violate our 2nd Amendment rights.

      67. Well, how convenient. The Russian Mars probe (PHOBOS-GRUNT) lost contact on November nine, two thousand and eleven. Neither the Russian Space Agency or the European Space agency were able to re-establish contact so as to fire the rockets which would take the probe out of lower orbit and on it’s way to Mars.

        Lo and behold this probe has on board seven point five metric tonnes of highly toxic hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide chemical fuels. Should this explode a few thousand feet above the earth, it would cause a non nuclear electromagnetic pulse.

        At present no one knows whom actually has control of this probe but it is expected to fall on or about January nine, two thousand and twelve conveniently somewhere over the land mass of the central united states of america.

        Funny how this cyber bull shit is coinciding with this space threat.

        When will you take up and once and for all rid our lives of the sociopaths that all have been led to “believe” are doing all this for “our” benefit?

        The above scenario would also knock out much of the grid alleviating the powers that be population problem.

        Look within to identify the enemy. YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED PUPPETS!!!!!!

      68. i think humanity is digging so fast her grave as it depends more and more on ultra sophisticated cyber means in all her economic educational and political relations between all nations .I wonder how our ancestors were living when there was no computers at that time? the life was better surely,with sincere feelings with less job crisis as the factor of the <> was the only means to could you know what is written in a letter taken by a factor in a train miles and miles away and delivered to your adress.?I agree that life always should go forward but we should create again a physical system to communicate ,work and deal,going in parallel with our computerised life as we could survive to any destructive cyber attack which will destroy everythings in few seconds .

      69. China sees that USA has only one chance for economic survival and that is it must level the playing field for its private enterprise employers especially manufacturing. USA must eventually tweak free trade agreements and/or implement tariffs on goods sold here but made with cheap foreign labor. Businesses worldwide that sell goods and services here must be encouraged to make it here using financial penalties. China is preparing for that eventuality and planning its retaliation.

      70. Fxxx

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