“Cryptocurrency Has A Steep Learning Curve” – Here’s What Every Cryptocurrency Investor Needs To Know About Avoiding Scams, Using Wallets, Common Transaction Problems And More…

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The team at Original Crypto Coin (OCC) is hosting live cryptocurrency education events. If you are not familiar with OCC (ERC20 Token), we encourage you to give this incredible idea a look. Unlike most cryptocurrency projects, there was no Initial Coin Offering or pre-sale for these tokens. All 56 billion tokens were airdropped absolutely free directly to users who requested them. As you can see, the intention is to educate new users and to create an ecosystem utilizing OCC, without putting people in a position where they stand to lose their investment. Its value will grow organically over time as more and more individuals and businesses begin integrating OCC into their apps, wallets and payment systems. 

    If you are new to cryptocurrencies or simply want to learn more about the benefits of OCC we encourage you to visit their website

    If you’d like to learn more about cryptocurrency, join Original Crypto Coin’s #CryptoEdOCC live Twitter/Telegram chat about Using Gas on the Ethereum Blockchain on April 11th. The event, which will be held 9:00-10:00 pm eastern time, will explain what gas is, how to set gas prices to save money on transaction fees, and how to troubleshoot common transaction problems.

    This is the first event in the #CryptoEdOCC series, which aims to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency basics including smart contracts, choosing and using wallets, avoiding scams, and other frequently asked questions asked by OCC community members. Each session will be led by a team of OCC admins armed with educational content and helpful graphics to explain the day’s topic.

    According to OCC Co-Founder and event coordinator Kristie McNealy, “Cryptocurrency has a steep learning curve which OCC is dedicated to helping people tackle. We learned a lot about the places where people get stuck during our airdrop, and we’re turning that knowledge into practical learning events.”

    Original Crypto Coin (OCC) is registered as “low profit” L3C corporation in the state of Utah, USA. The project’s stated mission is to educate people about using crypto currency through a combination of articles and educational events including virtual chat sessions and an annual blockchain education conference.

    To join the live event on 4/11, follow @OrigCryptoCoin on Twitter or join the Original Crypto Coin Telegram channel. There will be time for live Q&A, along with a chance or participants to win OCC tokens!


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      1. You do not own anything that you cannot physically protect.

      2. 7.62 – you got it right. Seems I read once about ‘you shall not be able to trade with some special mark or something’. That’s what it is all about deep down. Digitize every transaction and make it impossible to do business or live your life without every nuance of what you buy or sell being recorded. Bit-idiots – you think you’ll be somehow exempt from that? Nope. I’ll stick with things I can hold in my hand. Tell ya what Bittsies, try using some video game firearm versus one of my real ones. ‘Bout the same deal.

      3. If you Don’t hold it you don’t own it. Electronic Bit Coins (Or other) are the same.

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