Crowds Boo DNC Officials, As Party Revolts Against Hillary: “They’re Angry, They’re Upset”

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    The DNC Convention is already ten times more interesting than Trump’s RNC convention last week, which went more or less smoothly.

    A Wikileaks dump on Friday officially exposed a mountain of corruption and scandal inside the Democratic party as documents show its chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other party insiders worked feverishly to ensure that Hillary would be the nominee and that all other rivals, including Bernie Sanders, would be suppressed.

    Now Schultz has been forced to step down and the Democratic party is having a hard time holding together the appearance of normalcy as crowds everywhere are booing and jeering.

    Not only was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, herself a Congresswoman in Florida facing re-election, booed off stage, but security had to escort her out.

    As U.S. News & World Report wrote:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the embattled outgoing chair of the Democratic National Committee, was forcibly driven out of her own state delegation’s breakfast Monday amid vocal and unwieldy protests by Bernie Sanders’ supporters. [Schultz] attempted to talk over a chorus of heckles and boos at a downtown hotel hosting the Florida Democratic Party.

    But the Florida congresswoman, who faces a newly emboldened primary challenge in her home state, could barely be heard over the ruckus.


    Police officers stood before the stage with their hands extended, acting as human shields between a chairwoman and her party… The officers swiftly surrounded her and whisked her out a side door of the ballroom as a crush of protesters and media swarmed.

    Furthermore, a crowd likely filled with Bernie supporters heavily booed Sen. Sanders after he urged them to vote for Hillary in the name of stopping Trump.

    It is clear that many of these people WILL NOT be simply shifted over onto the rolls for Hillary.

    It seems the revolution is ready to topple over Bernie who bent under pressure and endorsed the very opponent who worked those both inside and outside of the party to make sure their primary rivalry was never a fair fight. Apparently, their anti-establishment momentum is not as easily bought off as their former leader was.

    There are reports that many of these supporters are planning an open revolt against Hillary and her selected running mate Tim Kaine. And they have every reason to turn on the DNC and the ultra-establishment nominee-to-be.

    As The Atlantic reported:

    Presidential nominating conventions are intended to be carefully stage-managed shows of party unity, but Democrats so far seem to be in turmoil.

    Now, Bernie delegates are actively discussing the possibility of revolt. On Monday morning, Norman Solomon of the Bernie Delegates Network told reporters “the exact configurations of the protests are unclear, but it’s evident that a substantial majority of the polled survey delegates … want to participate in protests on the floor.” His group is talking to Sanders delegates to see what they want to do at the convention.

    “A Bernie delegate is a person who was elected by the people that support Bernie’s values. We’re here representing them. … People that are at home, they’re booing, they’re angry, they’re upset. They don’t want us to stop.”

    “Now that all these emails have come out, confirming that the party was colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign, it throws another wrench in it, and makes it  a little bit more sour,” said Amanda McIllmurray, who said she was with the Pennsylvania delegation. She added: “There’s been talk about protests both during Tim Kaine’s acceptance speech, and Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech. I adamantly support people speaking out, using their First Amendment right, and expressing their discontent.”

    Of course, it is this possibility of open revolt, and the wider threat of riots and unrest that led to security putting up a fenced wall all around the convention site.

    Is this the beginning of the end for a Nixon-like downward spiral for Hillary and her enablers in the Democratic party?

    Or will Hillary be catapulted into the White House with the clear knowledge of everyone in the entire country that she is indisputably, and without any doubt, completely and thoroughly corrupt?

    Is America ready for its first true dictator?

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      1. Yes, Wasserman you surely did and they latched onto your short hairs and you’ve been levied the price…AMF. However the evil one continues on even though she limps. Will she overcome this debacle? Only time will tell. It has cast some doubt, however this biatch is resilient and has weathered this many times. Don’t count this adversary down and out. To do so would be a chink in YOUR ARMOUR. Clad yourselves, and make yourselves resilient. Set your minds to victory and nothing less. Give them the blade!

        • I’m done with Donald Trump. This is the last straw for me. Colluding with the Russians to report what our media won’t? I’ll bet Bush is involved as well. Poor Debbie she is so misunderstood.

          (sarcasm off)

          I hate socialism!


          • Don’t understand????

            • It’s good to see this animal eating itself.

              • Menz: we all got to remember socialist dems are missing brain cells in the critical-logical thinking “section” of the brain. Hope this scandal trashes old bag Hillary’s chances. Probably will way it looks right now.

          • BigB, I like your sarcasm. I don’t have any sympathy for that kosher bitch.

            • BTW, it was interesting that a member of the ‘tribe’ would need a police escort from the convention. Wonder why? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

          • BigB: some people are leaning to Libertarian Gary Johnson. I do not trust gov. Pence, he sold out sometime back on these trade treaties incl TPP. He’s also pro Muslim resettlement here. Why the H would Trump want the job? Why not pack up and leave this country taking his immediate family? Anyone know?

              Maniac –out

              • Rumptard loves himself, that is it!!! He does not love this country. He is completely and utterly self serving as is BHO, Hildebeast, RNC, GOP, DNC and democraps!!!

                • Bernie Sanders proved that he puts THE ESTABLISHMENT/PARTY above the VOTERS when he kicked his shoes under hillary’s bed…fork him, he’s done.

                  • Bernie Sanders proved that he puts THE ESTABLISHMENT/PARTY above the VOTERS when he kicked his shoes under hillary’s bed…fork him, he’s done.

        • Who’s the next biggest Criminal besides Hillary? Yep Democrat Jew Pig Debbie Wasserman Shultz who was just canned for her criminality. Her DNC Emails that were hacked, disclosed, “criminal racketeering, and Election Rigging Fraud to fix State elections for Hitlery.”

          Maybe Trump can get the Mexicans to build a huge FEMA Camps for DNC political Criminals. Max Security, hard labor, breaking rocks for road gravel. And a big oven for the You know whos.

          Actually Mexico now agrees and wants to build the wall, they will sell massive amounts of cement and labor. It will be Mexico’s biggest Jobs program yet.


          • Yeah she was canned, then IMMEDIATELY hired by the hillary campaign!

        • Patriot:

          …Trump wants Sarah Pallin in his cabinet. She shoots bears. That should make for a safer America in Trump Country. And she looks good in a bathing suit. Which shouldn’t bother Trump in the least. Maybe it’s shallow, but I am so tired of looking at ugly people. Beauty is only skin deep. But ugly is to the core.

          • Damn, even the communists hate her lol. I can’t even imagine a more evil, wicked, psycotic, freakshow of a creature than that witch from hell.

            PO’d, I was refering to my recipe using malt extracts. I wish I had the cash to start up a legal distillery, I could hang out in the mountains and just make hooch all day lol. It would be like retiring because thats what I would do anyway 🙂

            • Genius, when someone even gets their own kind turning against them, the deck is definitely stacked against them.

              • Brave, true but…. in these times of absolute corruption and deceit, anything is possible. I say fuck them, I am going to do what I want and stay away from the freaks and if they want to force an issue with me…. we’ll HEEEEEEEEERRRREE”S JOHNNY!

                • You can stick your 9-5 living
                  and the color in your tie
                  You can stick your moral standards
                  cause it’s all a dirty lie
                  You can stick stick your golden handshake
                  You can stick your silly rules
                  And all the other SHIT
                  that you teach the kids in school
                  Cause I aint no fool!

                  Bon Scott, (RIP)

                • Genius, AMEN. I’m the same way.

                  • ?

          • Once Hobammy and his Ho exit the whitehouse for good, somebody is going to need use Industrial Strength Zyclon-B with a Dozen other types of the worlds strongest and best Disinfectants to fumigate it.

            Its going to take at least a full 7 day week of 24/7 ongoing spraying into every tiny nook and cranny to finally remove the abject stench after 8-yrs of the place full of monkeys and apes.

            Ever visit the Detroit Zoo? I Swear, no joke! if you take a ride on a Detriot Public Bus, the very first thing you notice is how that Bus contains the exact same stench as the line of various ape and gorilla and chimp/monkeys cages at the Zoo..You cannot tell any difference between those Bus’s Vs the Detroit Zoo…Both stink severely badly.

            I bet the whitehouse, especially upper floor rooms and the huge party room hall where hobammys constant 300+ invited negroe party peoples hung out in have a stench that has permeated into every Wall and carpet and celings.

            just like how fireplace or wood stove smoke permeates everywheres in a house, thats how the particular stench so indicitive of a cage filled with apes probably now smeels like in the entire whitehouse.

            if hillary is next occupant? Then they need Leave it as is! Since she so loves them typical savages, let her keep inhaleing that distinct aroma which no other race of people seems to have.

            I have gone to detroit homes in the past to do work on homes and let me tell you, many times you could tell it was a negroe house as soon as you stood outside on poarch to ring doorbell…And the instant they opened the Inner wood door, even with the outer storm door still closed tight, that stench would litterally Bowl you over!

            it was All one could do to Not puke right there while home dweller was still opening door…

            Just one more thing that sso different other than skin color as we always get told is only difference…Thats huge BS. Too many differences to list here.

            I bet the hobammys also really fucked up various portions of whitehouse and furniture etc…Them kind always wreck everything they come into contact with usually.

            Them fumigators crew teams better save some spray chems to clean out those Limos and Heliocopters etc too, maybe also do air force one plane while at it.

            if them cleaner crews open every upstairs floor window while they spray it all, I bet so many flys and cockroaches will fly out and scatter away the local DC Tv news will have breaker alert nerws of all a sudden DC Skies grew very very Dark like a storm cloud. That will be caused b millions of black flies exiting opened windows!

            • TG, you got that right damn…..

            • And what will it take to get all of that afro-sheen crap off of the furniture!

          • Christie, Palin, all the hosts on Fox, Colter…are all fricken rumptard lap dogs. They lick his boots and salute. Pathetic bunch of bullying ppl into submission. For so called winners, they are a bunch of absolute losers. They wouldn’t know a winning strategy if they stepped on it.

            What does this clown rumptard going to do that he hasn’t changed his mind on 8000 times. He is completely incompetent and will be more of BHO but using Russia as his advisors instead of the Middle East. This country is completely doomed regardless of who wins.

            Neither candidate care about the Constitution. Rumptard has never felt the need to read it, so I am not sure how you uphold or defend something you don’t understand. He doesn’t know setting policy. He is a dictator! His way or the highway.

            God has lifted his hand off of this country bc we have gotten so far away from HIM!!!

            Good luck for those of you voting for any of these jokers.

            I will vote my conscience, thanks!!!

        • so sick it all is, now creepy pantsuits has hired dws as campaign chairwoman

      2. Poor Little Debbie you sleep with those Clintons you get more than fleas. Democrats are much better than the WWE. They talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

        • I just love it when libturds and commies have disputes with each other. That disgusting j*w bitch is getting only a fraction of what she deserves. A j*w getting ‘j*wed’! What comes around goes around.

        • Yes, poor little Debbie!
          “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” Benjamin Franklin

      3. EVEN ON MSM TV THEY SHOWED SHE HAD A 68% DISAPPROVAL RATING… how could criminal cunt Hitlary get elected? Only by fraud elections

        • Unfortunately, you folks need to go back to paper ballots with the counting being done publicly and on camera. I don’t particularly like the outcome of our last election here in Canada (east went largely liberal and the west conservative), but I believe it was ligit – you can’t hack paper.

      4. 30,000 emails from wikileaks about 3 days before the election should cause a shit storm, just wishing.

      5. ••••••••. Finally. Some good news.

        • Not good enough news.

          I want to start reading about some of these political hacks dropping dead due to whatever.

          Better them than us.

          • Don’t be slack as men count slackness. The only way is if you make them be so. Don’t look about for help cause it ain’t a’comin’. Shit or get off’n the pot.

            • PO’d, funny you should say that lol, I named my stuff “liquid slacker” ha ha ha ha….

              • Genius, been using the Barley Malt for awhile now and ditched the yeast I was using for another better. Seen quite a difference too. Order it out of Texas.

                • PO’d, try using 1 part rye malt and 2 parts dark barley malt. Add a little corn sugar to the mix and see how you like it. What kind of yeast are you using?

          • I think liberals are susceptible to lead poisoning. Just look at all of the ones that died in Arkansas back when slick willie was governor. I guess he and the old battle axe figured if you can’t murder your friends who can you murder!

      6. “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”
        Genghis Khan.

        I could not have said it better. Democrats should be obliterated.

      7. Is there seriously even ONE intellectually or morally honest person out there that supports Hilary. One?

        Nah, didn’t think so.

      8. Hey! Nuthin’ a couple million dollars from few cattle futures trades won’t fix, right???

        Hilary: The Goldmun Suchs approved candidate!!

      9. I have this, ” Little Debbie Cakes” stuck in my mind.


        • Anon, LMAO! “Little Debbie Cakes”. Good one. Just make sure they’re not KOSHER.

        • Just remember, Little Debbie has a snatch, I mean a snack for you.

          • Jasmine, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one!

          • Jasmine

            Priceless. ROFLMAO x 2

        • Incogman website Beat you to it with Little Debbie cakes! A few days ago his article had a very funny photo of Jeb Bush with his bug-eyed look wearing a Little debbie cakes Hat and under tha photo is said “Little Jebbie Cakes”!

          That photo looked exact same as orig debbie cake ad photo but with jebbi bush face inserted instead, man I laughed my ass off when I saw it. Jeb looks like a cross between a whimpy sissyboy and a sissyboy faggot even in normal photos.

      10. BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Announced His Pick for Attorney General – Hillary’s Worst Nightmare!

        TREY GOWDY!!!

        Absolutely Priceless – LMAO

        • Absolutely fuckin’ priceless.

          • It really does not get any better does it. 🙂


            • Yes it does get better. Charles Manson as executioner.


              • WWTI: Every time some idiot lib kommie bunch demands feds release that israel dual/usa citizen Spy Jonathon Polard from his life in fed jail sentence…

                Somebody else need do a counter protest event and demand that if they release polard?…Then they better also release Manson too or else!

                They can supply Ol’ Charlie M with a couple “Stays sharp for ever Ginsu butcher knives! same as…Seen on TV!”

                He can then make the rounds of gated communities where all these nation wreckers reside eh…

                “FREE Charlie!” or else Keep Spy polard behind bars period.

          • IF TRUE, I might start to believe in miracles!!

        • Wish that was true! Old Hillary would be ordering her new pants suits in jail bird orange and lining up the girls for inspection.

        • FTW:

          •••. No wonder Hillary is having seizures. A little sympathy for the defendant.

            • Boyo, thanks for the video. the only thing better would be a video of croaking.

                • i got the biggest kick how the female flight attendant didn’t even flinch a muscle as the ole wind bag falls on her face…it was like ole hill was having a real challenge getting up those steps once she got to the top she was thinking to herself, oh wow holy shit i made it up her all by myself, thinking to herself, of the mighty feat she just mastered lost concentration and just tripped herself up. or just boozed up?

                  • Missed a full face plant by that much > <

                    • Drunk?

                      The video that pops up after the face plant shows Hillary in a “swimming suit”. I didn’t watch it as I was afraid I’d see her “strap on” equipment.

            • What….the F??

            • The demon was just trying to get out for a Drink!!

        • That would be so awesome if Trey was appointed as the Attorney General of the United States.

      11. They can all just vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson and boost that party to majority status, taking the wind out of the Democrat and Republican establishments.

        • Hmmmmm…the fake single issue pot smoking Trump bashing mush for brains Gary Johnson? that the guy you’re talking about. Is hell freezing over? Along with that Gun grabbing pissant William Weld…we might as well all get HIGH!!!!!

      12. In the realm of political crime, rigging an election for the highest office shakes the foundation of the nation. When that nation happens to be the USA it rocks the world. The moderating temperament of the body politic is removed from government and replaced with the exclusive will of the power elite.

        • Lots of people forget America is population wise the worlds third largest nation. While we have many poor, our poorest are far richer than any most other nations middle class. We have the means and the ability to show the rest of the world how to be as rich as we are.
          Let’s not forget what we should do, lead, but do not enslave.

          • I’ve seen true poverty abroad. There are no poor people in America.

            If you make more than $500 per YEAR, or eat meat more than once a week, or just have clean water to drink, or attended a school beyond the third grade, or even just have a pittance of money in your pocket, you are part of the 1% left likes to complain about.

        • Better dead than red.

      13. Hope and Change
        Turned to Fighting for Us.
        Then morphed to, Fighting Between Us.

        All you Bernie supporters better stop your antics or Hillary will give you her Death Star Stare.

        • No anon, she will cast a spell on them with her witch’s brew

      14. Notice how MSNBC Skewed the REAL News? They should be reported on.

      15. Ha! Had a dirty thought. Suppose Bernie gets the nomination
        at the DNC instead of Hillary. It can happen! Delegates can do it.
        And they thought it might happen at the RNC last week with Trump!

        What a dirty thought. Another one. Suppose this break down at The DNC was/is planned due to Hillary’s proposed medical issues? Who is that guy anyway for VP?

      16. Newsmax has a story in “Fast Features” about the ten best prepper sites.
        Congratulations, Mac!
        Maybe.. be prepared (pun) for a lot more readers and opinion of Newsmax has changed over time. Read the comments and a lot of them call it libmax now.
        Used to be a good alternative news source but now echos the globalists pov.
        But it has a lot of readers.
        Take out the space between the t’s.
        ht tp://

        • Oh god now a bunch of idiots (libmax) peeps will show up lol. Man your battle stations! I know a couple of them that listen to that shit and they are brainwashed neocon, wannabe conservative, pro israhell, hannity type, fools but make some good shine lol.

        • I’m confused.
          SHTF plan is not on the list.

          • rellik, it was #2 called “prep for shtf”

            • internet error, internet error,,,ooops, my mistake.
              rellik you are correct, it is not listed.
              sorry, Mac. Should have made #1

      17. Wish they would start tearing shit up and burning shit at that convention tv would be good then

      18. I get Newsmax Tv on my Dish network stations. And it is an almost exact copycat of the History/Hitler channel shows. Every day after a few news shows, it then reverts to constant hitler and nazis type shows and then repeats those shows again and again till aprox 6 or 7:00 am.

        I think it actually Is the same nazis shows history channel shows most every day…I aint watched more than 20 seconds of any yet so cannot say for certain. Sure looks like a total copy cat of history hitler channel though.

        And the news shows are very like Fox tv shows…90%+ khazar zios with a few shabozz goys as filler talker heads to make it appear all Kosher like.

        The Only place today to get real unvarnished accurate news of reality and world events etc is thru folks that are just regular average usa white guys, and that have done their homework on every issue. Thats real facts and truth news one can count on being honest and accurate.

        We have a few such guys Here at SHTF too for your reading pleasure!

        • Them Guys, ever been to Jeff Rense’s website? He also tells it like it is. Very interesting site and one of my favorites.

          • Yes I have gone to rense site many times. He is one of the Few jewish guys tht actually speaks truth and never hesitates to out one of his own when warrented.

            His wife, that are now divorced, used to post reply infos at incogmans website forums. According to her Jeff Rense earns aprox $400,000 per year just from his website!

            But his site is also about the very first info type site to come online over 20 yrs ago so he got a head start so to speak.

            Check out his sites info on General George Pattons Diary excerpts on how america fought wrong enemys/peoples in WWII….Patton spoke truth and never was PC about his views. Yes much great insight info at his site Braveheart.

      19. Karma has just taken a little nibble out of ole Hillary butt.

      20. Hillary is dying. Not long for this world. She has a blood clot between her skull & brain. She has conjestive heart failure and the beginning stages of MS. She could drop dead at any moment. Its her unbridled hate that keeps her alive. It is gratifying to see that KARMA is visiting the Democrat Convention. That stress will hasten her demise. Pretty soon we can party and sing Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead.

      21. Hillary supporters are revolting!

        😀 AHHH see what I did there? Yeahhhhh… LOL

      22. Hillary just does not look physically ready for the job. She may be old but she is in very poor physical condition for her age. I have seen 80-year-olds run up mountains; it is possible to be very fit as a senior but you have to work at it. The pant suit is the clue: once you start dressing with elasticated waistbands and wear lady blazers tailored to hide your enormous gut and butt (think Angela Merkel), then you are running on empty.

        Michelle Obama’s speech did not unify but divided. Many just do not buy into the angry black narrative we hear so much about these days. Many will just be saying to themselves “not happy with the world as it is? Then build something better and stop just trying to get things through violence”. She also looked like a man in a dress.

        • Well….he is. Dude looked like a lady……

          • Funny! Not only a man but a fat man: what happened with all that organic eating? Organic KFC and McDonald’s more like it. You don’t get a butt like that with your sleeves rolled up gardening in the hot sun. You get a butt like that from eating junk and watching lots of TV.

        • Frank Thoughts, some think she is a man in a dress

      23. One of recent articles at incogmans website has a small photo that shows a side by side immage of, at Left side shows JFK and his wife Jackie exiting air force one plane…At Right side of photo it shows Michelle Hobammy exiting air force one plane…Both JFK and wife look impecable and dressed as proper examples of good solid white folk that respect their positions as us prez and 1st lady.

        While hobammys wife was dressed in blue jean cut off shorts, no socks and tyical beach sandels, with a man’s type shirt that is too large a size and hangs over her frame. With shirt tails all hanging out untucked into shorts pants. Man oh man what a contrast between the two immages!

        That negress and her very sloppy dress attire looked like a typical Detroit scumbag doper headed out to buy more Crack! How the fuck can so many libs and especially white libs in usa be so damn stupid to not see thru this crap?

        Amazeing just how truely stupid so many can actually be and Remain that way for life too! It is a travesty I tell you.

      24. The talking heads on PBS wrapped it all up last night by pretending that Bernie unified the party. Sanders was just pretend opposition for Billary from the start of this entire debacle, an lndependent, what a moronic joke. The cast of known crooks in the audience, mainly slick willy, were disgusting. After watching bits of both freak shows I arrive at one conclusion, that this whole shit show is all fake BS attempting to placate the dumbed down masses who really don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Vote and give your consent, don’t vote, it doesn’t matter. Both candidates are puppets who will double down on the status quo to keep the warmongering nightmare police state advancing. Not a real human emotion from either side. Suckered again, played like retarded fools.

        • Spot on aljamo!

      25. Quote from article:

        “I adamantly support people speaking out, using their First Amendment right, and expressing their discontent.”


        What if they don’t “support” a right? They can pound sand and get the heck out of what’s left of this cesspool country.

        What an absurd statement…

      26. The Australian government news station- ABC,showed the clip in which the whole crowd cheered when Bernie Sanders announced his support for mrs Clinton .. All independent news sites, show the crowd booing….until recently, all news reports here, showed Mr Trumps, less than flattering sound bites…. No real mention of msr clintons corruption… The manipulation is mind boggling.
        No mention of the tens of millions of AUD (dollars) “donated” to the Clinton foundation , which by all accounts seems to have been embezzled … This is OUTRAGEOUS. No one here seems to give a shit or is ignorant of the fact… The systematic “dumbing” down of a once great country and the supposed unbiased Government MSM.

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