Crisis Looms? Global Debt has Swelled By a Massive $57 TRILLION Since 2007: “The figures are as remarkable as they are terrifying”

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Headline News | 210 comments

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    Global debt has jumped by $57 trillion in less than a decade, a number unimaginable in practical terms. That’s 17 percent — nearly one fifth — of the world’s GDP.


    The number has climbed significantly since the last economic crisis for most entities  government, companies and household budgets alike — making the prospect of another financial nightmare all too possible:

    The figures are as remarkable as they are terrifying. Global debt – defined as the liabilities of governments, firms and households – has jumped by $57 trillion, or 17pc of global GDP, since the fourth quarter of 2007, which was supposed to be the peak of the bad old credit-fuelled days. In 2000, total debt was worth 246pc of global GDP; by 2007, this had risen to 269pc of GDP and today we are at 286pc of GDP.

    So what, exactly, is going on in the global economy? The one big lesson from the bubble days was that we had too much debt. Yet fresh figures from McKinsey examining 47 of the world’s most important economies show that the situation has become worse rather than better. In net terms, there has been no deleveraging – in fact, economies have levered up further.


    Companies and people are much more likely to go bust, taking banks down with them. A low-leverage economy inevitably does better in a downturn than a high-leverage one.

    As the New York Times reported, this means that things will have that much more gravity the next time that the music stops:

    [D]ebt plays an outsize role in creating boom-bust cycles across the world and through history. High debt increases the amplitude of economic swings. To think of it in terms of the corporate metaphor, high reliance on borrowed money may not affect a company’s level of output in theory, but makes it a great deal more vulnerable to bankruptcy.

    That’s what makes a new report from McKinsey, the global consulting firm, sobering. Researchers compiled data on the full range of debt that countries owe — not just their governments, but corporations, banks and households as well.

    The massive size of this debt can hardly be overstated, and not only is this financial weight leveraged across more entities than ever before, it is making nearly everyone on the globe potentially more vulnerable to collapse than ever before:

    Only Argentina, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Romania and Israel saw their overall non-financial private and public debt ratio fall since 2007.

    Meanwhile, even places like Canada, typically well adjusted and stable, are showing signs of shaky ground with unsustainable levels of household debt that rival everyone but Greece, which is now engulfed in turmoil over debt once again:

    Alarm bells sound over ‘unsustainale’ household-debt levels in Canada

    Canadians, in fact, have taken on so much debt in the years since 2008, the jump in the country’s debt-to-income ratio is second only to Greece, the report found. The household debt referred to in the report includes mortgages and is based on data to Q2 2014.

    The conditions for crisis are potentially even worse than they were last time:

    “A number of countries in northern Europe, as well as Canada and Australia, now have larger household debt ratios than existed in the United States or the United Kingdom at the peak of the credit bubble,” the report said.

    If these numbers show us anything, it is that virtually no one learned the lessons of the gaze at total financial apocalypse.

    As we know from Greece’s current crisis, and the one that came before it, totally out of control debt is a teetering domino ready to knock down any and all others lined up to take a blow and continue the path of destruction.

    All too few governments or households took preparations to shield themselves from dangerous levels of leveraged debt, and instead have made themselves all too vulnerable to another leveling, if one should come.


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      1. As OhBama submits his New $4 Trillion Dollar Budget. More for the Military and his Free Shit Army.

        • That’s nothing compared to the $1.6 quadrillion derivatives debt bubble just waiting to pop. It’s another reason the EU is terrified that Greece walks, followed by Spain, Italy, Portugal, all claiming bankruptcy. That would set off a chain reaction and then we would realize that EVERYBODY is bankrupt.

          • I think the BRICKs are setting up the conditions that brings about the reality of a bankrupt west. The west has been hiding the real data with money printing, false economic data and price manipulation. When the truth is revealed and the sheeple are forced to deal with reality we will see the long forecasted SHTF scenario. Hang on, I think 2015 is the year for the reckoning.

            • Apparently the ‘sickos’ can say whatever they want in the guise of ‘freedom of speech’ at SHFTplan.

              I was always taught that with rights come responsibilities.

              How pathetically SAD that discussions about current events and prepping have sunk to this level. It is NO WONDER so many people have left.

              I am really disgusted. I find it pathetically SAD that responses to a list of “37 Things You Should Stock but Probably Aren’t” include this.

              ChickenTwerk says:
              Comment ID: 3326813

              February 5, 2015 at 11:26 am

              where you gonna stuff all that shit if ya need to move? up your big ol’ ass?…dont be stupid.

              Then another post:
              ChickenTwerk says:
              Comment ID: 3327045

              February 5, 2015 at 3:44 pm

              you think in a crisis you’ll be able to sit all nice and comfy for months to knit and play cards before a posse comes by and takes everything you got? better be fit and healthy enough to run like hell with all that junk, coz they’ll want a nice fit and healthy woman like you to have fun with and sew some new zippers on the pants they wreck in excitement, getting turns on that fit and healthy booty.

              bit harsh? that’s reality fool.

              • Don’t pay no mind to the trolls. You do realize there is such a thing as paid trolls, right and some of even Govt sponsored?

                • Maybe she’s a government honey comb. Don’t trust what you don’t own

                • it’s funny that you shit-for-brains call people trolls when they call you out on your stupidities or don’t agree with you and your cliques.

                  i may not be all nice and kind towards such stupid posts, but at least there’s truth instead of ignorant bs.

                  • You, sir,are just another cynical “know it all” who contributes nothing that’s useful, and can only build himself up by tearing others down. You don’t have any original ideas, and you’re not interested in trying to correct people by showing them a better way. No doubt because you yourself don’t know of one. In short, you are as useless as a shit flavored lollipop.

                    Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

                    • @ IMPCALGI
                      “In short, you are as useless as a shit flavored lollipop.”


                      And with that, after a number of years reading SHTF and commenting at times, I’m out of here.

                      The new people on here have no respect for their fellow human beings and talk like thugs.

                      A lot of the older posters have already left SHTP, the only regret I have is, I didn’t leave sooner.

                      So to the old timers on here good luck if you stay.
                      And to the new people/thugs posting on this site….let me say this in your terminology …….
                      G O F U C K Y O U R S E L F

                    • another shit-for-brains god-head with an opinion just as mine, and a mod no less…

                      your post should garner a few +1s from the cattle.

                    • Just ignore them. Not worth the electrons m

                  • Waaaaa you call me name waaaaa.Don’t like what we talk about go away..

                    • Ghostrighter…some of the old timers can now be found on other websites. There are other websites where people respect each other, give advice and ask questions. The disrespect and vulgarity and immaturity by the posters allowed on this sight is intolerable. I’m truly suprised that ky mom and satori are even still here. They are the most helpful and insightful people here.

                    • Hey ghostwriter, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

              • Chicken twerk will be the first one to knock on your door looking for help. I think he is Acid’s brother.

                • wrong and wrong…

                  i wont be knocking.

                  stealth, force and numbers will take anything…especially from a cooped-up little family of dumb-dumbs and limited fire-power and the few that will actually be able to wield it.

                  board up? no problem…hope you like fire.

                  • Chicken Twerk,

                    Even if you disagree with KY Mom’s kind-hearted suggestions, it’s wrong to personally attack her. Just dispute the substance of her post without attacking her character.


                    • if she or others view them as personal attacks, then it’s not my problem if they see it as such because of close-mindedness or 1 track thinking.

                      sometimes it takes brutal honesty to wake up ignorant fools.

                      however, egoism doesn’t always allow a narrow-minded fool to think of other possibilities as being right, because their views are absolute…

                      in any case, she acted like a true woman who threw a fit because someone opposed her views and called it for what it was…idiocy.

                    • also, if i personally attacked her in other posts…she returned the favor with this post, rendering her no better than i.

                    • F.S. Ky. Mom
                      Don’t waist your time with this troll.
                      PLEASE DON’T FEED THE TROLL!

                  • ChickenTwerk, you want to try that on my place, just bring your stupid ass on and you’ll see how lethal I can be. Also BYOBB [BRING YOR OWN BODY BAGS] for yourselves. Just another POS attacking good people here for no good reason. You want to offer prepping/survival tips, OK, we’ll be glad to listen to them, AS LONG AS YOU ACT RIGHT TOWARD PEOPLE. That’s what this site is about and we act in a civil and respectful manner toward each other instead of showing our asses. It’s OK to disagree about certain thins just as long as you act right about it. You com across like some US govt. thug and for all anyone knows you could very well be one. Well, none of us here bow down to ANYONE’S thugs and we have no use for them. Except for maybe target practice.

                    • Braveheart,
                      The more likely scenario is that chickenshit won’t dare to take you on; ditto for many others here. He’s a bigmouth behind a keyboard… so he’s far more likely to try that shit with someone he THINKS will be ‘easy” to take out. Unfortunately for him, thinking is not his strong suit, so his last thought will likely be “fuck, I just got shot by an old lady…dammit, it sucks being a moron.”

                  • You won’t be knocking because you’ll still be hiding behind your keyboard.

                    • Look impcagi, EVERYBODY on this site ” hides” behind their keyboards, that includes you and shit for brainsheart, who are you trying to kid, yourself perhaps?

                  • “sometimes it takes brutal honesty to wake up ignorant fools.”

                    I see the brutal part, but not the honesty part. You appear to have nothing of value to offer. You should just leave. We care about KY Mom. You, not so much.

                  • One thing CT, Your supply of stupidity and arrogance is awesome

              • We should thank Mac for allowing these trolls to post. It is important to be reminded of the thought processes of these infant (or possibly paid) trolls, so we never let our guard down. CT will be one of the first when THSHTF to run screaming to the gangland thugs, and be willing to do whatever they want, even prostitute himself, sell his own sister, engage in the most vile of behavior in order to save his sorry backside.

                You won’t see true conservatives engage in the despicable behavior that this clown is so proud to spew.

                I’m working on a comparison piece that demonstrates the differences between these liberals and sociopaths. Hint: there aren’t any…

                • it’s funny that the lot of you want to run to Mac as soon as someone opposes you and your cliques…

                  it’s also funny that the lot of you advocate freedom of speech, but won’t allow the same courtesy to anyone else who would oppose your views.

                  if Mac wants to bend over and listen to the whiners and let you babies dictate the direction of this site because you’ll throw tantrums if he doesnt…then that’s his decision, but it won’t silence the fact that you’re nothing but whiny hypocrites.

                  • KYM SAID:
                    “I was always taught that with rights come responsibilities”.

                    I could not agree more.
                    Personal attacks are not the same as challenging someones opinion on a given subject.
                    Ad hominem simply put.

                  • my dearest chickenshit,
                    I’m not running, not anywhere. I’m right here. I am 100% an advocate of free speech, and I wipe my ass with your ridiculous so called opinions. At the end of the day, nothing that you do or say matters, and it affects my life not at all.

                    • affects you enough to chase my posts, and that’s good enough for me 😉

                  • Hey chicken. Stay off the Meth before your teethys fall out. It will be my pleasure taking you worthless pricks out in WROL..

                    • wtti, who in the world do you think would be afraid of your shriveled old ass hiding in the swamps? You couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag there liver spots.

                  • I do advocate freedom of speech, CT. however, I do not advocate freedom of ignorance and stupidity. Stop posting

                    • I’ve decided CT must be a young teenage male, more or less, child. Wants attention, needs spanking. Best to ignore him. (IT)

                • I agree. I think the single best preparedness article I’ve ever read was on and was by a looter stating what he looked for and would do post SHTF. It came with disclaimers from JWR of course but was chilling nonetheless.

                  Should you be more worried about the sheeple or Rhambo without a farm post SHTF? Some of the wannabes and evil ones scare me more than the fat, lazy, stupid, helpless ones who will just bleet for the government to save them.

              • awww did you lose sleep over what i said? grow up dimwit big-uns…

                also like someone said to that post, you failed to include some of the most important items to that list such as anti-biotics and soap…

                it’s no surprise that only an idiot would rather collect junk than actual necessities during a crisis.

                have fun sewing buttons during shtf dumb-dumb.

                • and btw…people didn’t leave because of trolls…trolls can be ignored…they most likely left because they got tired of hearing nonsensical/obvious and redundant posters such as yourself and the usual clique of asshat know-it-alls/knows-fvck-all, who just post for +1s.

                  • I cannot disagree. MOST people do leave for that particular reason. It now takes me only a minute or two to SCAN the comments because a bunch of the long-time posters haven’t had anything new to say in years. WWTI, durangokidd, and a few others are the ones worth reading because they provoke thought. Well, most of the time. The whiney, offended, indignent types are best skipped via “selective eyesight.”

                    A fair amount of long-time posters are intolerant “look-at-me” arrogant jerks who have a very low opinion of others. These people know who they are, even if they do not admit it. That is why I hardly post anymore, and have “selective eyesight” in regards to the comments section.

                    I await some schmuck who uses the “selective eyesight” idea against me. Fine. But heck, get an imagination.

                    One more thing, there are many people on this site who give you the impression at they prep so much that I am forced to ask this…. Why are you here? Go prep! Stop talking about it. If you want people to notice you, start a frickin’ Facebook page…..

                    What?………….awaiting moderation……………yet again.

                • ChickenSh*t,

                  No sleep was lost over your ignorant comments.

                  If you had actually READ the post or went to the provided internet link, you would have KNOWN that this was an ADDITIONAL LIST of items people should be saving.

                  This list was of items that many might not have considered.

                  • umad? if it did affect you, then there would have no need to dwell on it…so stfu.

                    and don’t care to read any links you post because it’s the same tired ass nonsense you usually post…i and many others dont have time or interest for your redundancy, no matter how relevant you try to make it…some of us actually have common sense and the memory not to need to read things a million of times over…durrrr.

                    now get back to the kitchen, you’re more useful there, leave the talking to the men.

                    • Regardless of your opinion valid or not, you’re an ass…

                    • Chicken,

                      You’ve told it as it needed to be said brother. You’ve pissed off the clique of ignorance who dwell on this site daily to hear themselves flap their lips over and over about the same old tired doomsday crap because hardened arteries can’t remember anything more than 24 hours at a stretch.

                    • @Colorado Doug

                      be that as it may, honesty sometimes need to be brutal.

                      in a shtf scenerio, who would you rather pair up with…

                      someone with a sense of strength, pride, direction and who’s brutally honest and knows what’s needed and the means to acquire them to get by…


                      a whiny useless know-it-all that runs to others like a crying woman coward when they don’t get their way or their views opposed, that has nothing of real value to contribute except for junk and obvious and non-helpful statements just so they can have a sense of relevance.

                      no need to answer(coz i’m just a troll apparently), just reflect on what the best case scenario would in the event of a shtf.

                    • “Leave the talking to the men”, says Chickenlittle.

                      Did you forget, oh, Chickenlittle, that men are doing all the talking in the present global scene and we are all about to be destroyed— as a result of men doing all the talking??!! think about it, numbskull!

                    • Chickenshit needs to move on.

                    • Chicken has the classic little dick syndrome. Bashing women and those who provide useful tips. All chicken has provide to me is, and confirms why I stocked up on lots of ammo. WWTI / Sheepdog.

                  • 10 Thing to gather during SHTF….. HURRRRRRRRRRR

                    1. Nutella
                    2. Cheesies and Pepsi
                    3. Butt Scratchers
                    4. Computer with Solitaire
                    5. Hair Iron
                    6. Candies
                    7. Playing cards with kittens on them
                    8. Coffee and Cigarettes
                    9. Christmas Socks
                    10. Hand lotion and Lube

                    • Lots of time left. 🙂

                  • I for one appreciate ALL your postings KY Mom. You’ve been a grate help to me. THANK-YOU. xXx

                  • I normally never comment on this site. However, I have always enjoyed your post and at times have learned more from your comments than the actual articles. Keep it up! When your attacked this harshly than you must doing something right.

                  • KYM..seriously, just ignore him. I dont even glance at these types of posts anymore
                    As you know, many sick people on the internet. Don’t waste your time

                • wow, you’re hoping that people lose sleep over your disconnected babbling…. that’s some incredible ambitions you have there. Poor baby… your momma never loved you and your daddy left before you were born, which is why you’re the pathetic, scowling punk at the back of the detention room. Too useless to do anything positive, too much of a wuss to be an actual villain.

              • Just a thought… If ever the S does HTF and total anarchy is the norm then I don’t think you or certain others on this site would be able to handle it judging by your response to a few hard hitting words from ChickenTwerk… Best work on that weakness if you want to survive the impending DOOOOOOOOM. Good luck.

                • Nailed it Be Real, impcalgi is one of the fiercest keyboard warriors you’ll ever be likely to run across and he’s probably hell on wheels when it comes to doling out red thumbs.

              • The harsh reality KY Mom is that these creeps will be out there in post SHTF looking to prey on anybody and everybody so take it as a wake up call and be prepared to blow his balls off with your shotgun when they come a knocking. Better to know now and be prepared.

                • Not sure I’m a good enough shot to hit something as small as his balls. OK if I just try a COM shot?

                • when the f*ck did this get to springer, outi too many other places to visit ill drop in from time to time love ya bye FM 3-39 yall

                  • ack I meant TM31-210 tango zulu out 🙂

              • Clearly Obozo’s Army is out in force (most likely sponsored by the morally bankrupt Soros!)to disrupt the conservative blog sites. It’s a lot like shutting down conservative voices in Twitter. They just can’t handle any truth or any ill words toward their “god”, Obammy. This is one prime example to ignore them and keep sharing ideas. Besides, in a collapse situation “nature” will take care of the foolish! 🙂

            • The financial world is still controlled by the western financial mob which is why you are seeing the Ruble getting pounded. It’s essentially an economic war against Russia.

              Be weary of the BRICS. The entire globe is interconnected. It used to be when the USA sneezed the world caught a cold. Now when anyone sneezes, others get a cold which is why the world is watching GREECE at the moment. Brazil is an economy in trouble, so is India. Russia is heavily dependent on energy exports, China has it’s share of problems including a much larger shadow banking system, more debt and an economy that is still reliant on exports. Look a the China numbers and they have been down for some time and what has kept their FUDGED GDP looking good is all the ghost cities and factories being built.

              The BRICS system is a reflection of the western financial system. If they were to take over it’s NOT going to be an entirely new economic system. It will be based on the West’s financial system and it will be BAU part 2. Very little will change.

              • Rodster, I just want to point out that I would rather have a ghost city than more Federal Reserve Notes!

                During a currency crises or inflationary “episode” real/hard assets are a sound investment strategy.

                • When the ILWU goes on strike. 57T will just be a number. The country will come to a grinding halt.

                  Live Free or Die…no amount of money can buy this

            • Yeah, debt is getting to be a problem: China and Japan much worse than the USA. I’m thinking its time to take out a LARGE line of credit and buy gold; then pay the line of credit off with my basis when the price of gold triples.

              Look for the sliver lining folks. 🙂

              • But , DK , I would need credit and a way to pay that note until PMs shot up.
                Just my point of view.
                And how much is that credit gonna cost while waiting?
                I think its gonna be a while yet.

                But you idea IS valid .

                • I got 200 ozs of silver and 2 ozs of gold today. I don’t think the low has been hit yet though. I read a good article today that gave a good argument for shorting silver and gold ??

                  I don’t care if it goes up or down…..I just keep buying for long term in addition to putting $10’s in #10 cans.

              • DK, I’ve thought about that..a lot. It’s tempting, but I keep ruling it out because I really, REALLY hate being in debt of any kind. I sort of think that its not so much who wins, but who doesn’t lose; know what I mean?

                Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

            • First off; the article is WRONG!! if 57 Trillion is 17% of world GDP that would say world GDP is 250 Trillion. It’s not. It’s closer to 60T. If He doesn’t know that what does he know?

              • Do you really think the US economy is >25% of global gdp? That would put US about !/4, Europe about !/4, China !/4, and the entire rest of the world (including Japan, Russia, and Brazil) at only 1/4.

                Sorry 60 trillion is too low.

            • The BRIC’s are hanging on for dear life. They are not “setting up” anything. They will be the first flushed down the drain.

          • Rodster, when this debt bubble bursts many Billionaires are not going to be able to afford a loaf of bread (ex. any currency collapse in history!)

            Invest in Food!

            • LMFAO!!! Justice you know nothing about money and even less about billionaires. These guys and gals are insulated from complete insolvency by legal entities that hold their assets and pass the profits through to them personally. If any particular entity goes bust, so what?

              That’s the way the LAW works. 🙂

              • Yes, one of many reasons why corporations should not be allowed after the reset. Partnerships? Sure. Corporations that allow looting, anonymity, and evasion of responsibility? No way!

                • Not every billionaire is intelligent enough to avoid the Courts. Take the Brazilian Billionaire Batista for example.

                  He just had his Lamborghini repossessed.

                  Smart enough to make a billion but not smart enough to keep it. LMFAO at that moron!!! 🙂

              • DK –
                I wish i had your faith in the rule of law.
                I really do .

                • Did anyone else notice that Obama whats to let all of the new immigrants (illegals)file back taxes to get tax credits for their kids (child tax credit)?
                  What is it five yrs back?
                  So they get a refund for NO money paid in ?
                  And all the other free bullshit credits they can find?
                  I am tellin ya ,this guy wants to bury us , and he’s doin a damn good job so far.

                  • Hammerhead, I saw that and wondered WTF? Immigrants are TAX EXEMPT unless and until they become naturalized US citizens. The only tax they pay is a sales tax when they buy something. They DON’T pay FICA, SS, etc.

                • Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.

                  Put your energy behind the American Constitution and demand that it work for you!!! That is not faith. That is execution.

                  Justify the faith of our Fathers. 🙂


          Why is it that when I post important shit no one watches it but when I attack some moron for his idiot statements you stupid old people pile on top of me?


          • Because it’s difficult to have a serious conversation with someone who still sits in a high chair?

          • Etch Acid, it’s because so much of what you post is offensive and mean that I have just come to expect everything you say and post is that way.

          • Wow. The result of going off the limitations of the gold standard. It’s greed gone wild. It pays to live within your means.

            Like spaced-out druggies who can’t stop the habit. Or maybe like some poor schmuck with $2,000 in the bank who has over $1M in debts but he’s scared to stop and pay back and live within his means, so he keeps borrowing. Or juggling with three delicate glass balls and eventually you’ve got 27 going and don’t dare let even one fall because they’ll all go crashing.

            Think the people in “control” are freaking out much? They’re like a hamster on a dizzying wheel – terrified of the ride but more terrified to stop.

            Hard times ahead? We have no idea how bad things will be when this thing blows.

          • don’t cry about it, attack right back and stand up for yourself.

          • Why? Tribal groupthink.

            Also, your profanity and scatological remarks do not help.

          • Errrrrrrrm… Coz nobody gives a fig about your dumbass foul postings. Or is that just me?

          • Acid, I’ll say this only one last time. If you would conduct yourself in a more civil and sensible manner, we would be more inclined to have a debate with more you. But when you keep showing your stupid ass to everyone here, just what do you expect? You do post some good prepping tips on occasion, and we appreciate that. But the way you conduct yourself causes people to question your credibility.

            • OK- Prepper tip of the day – Cotton balls with vaseline make great fire starters. I was going to make up a batch today, but I ended up just cramming all the cotton balls up my mud hole to keep the poop in. 😉

          • Acid; The pharmacy called…your meds are in along with the mail ordered straight jacket.

          • There is an old tale about a child that cried wolf. Apparently you never read it.

        • Will anyone be pissed off if I just say we are all debt slaves to the jews. And they set up the anti-defamation league to beat down anyone who voices an opinion.

          I just got done reading a big book on WW2.

          So how does a broke shitty artist become a leader of a nation?
          Simple, the jews extended credit beyond repayment, then took family farms and homes. Later, all the German’s were homeless, starving, living under a bridge. Then they guy pulled them all together and kicked ass.

          It wasn’t because of the man…it was because of the bad conditions that were created.

          So the jews setup their own fall. back in the day.

      2. I suspect, Mac, that economic collapse was part of the design for ultimately taking totalitarian control of the entire world.

        There was but one “fly in the ointment:” Someone had secretly taken possession of the design of a force more powerful than world leaders.

        I will post that story below.

        • I suspect you are right OM and there is no turning back. Time for getting prepared is shrinking. Not saying it will happen this month or even next because the powers to be have their own time schedule. We have absolutely no control of the when only with the hereafter and I am not to sure about that.


        • Let it come. Some of us are mad as hell and have some plans of our own.

      3. The debt crises is bad enough, but eventually there will come a time when money as we know it will be essentially worthless, the real thing to worry about is when the credit system breaks down, then the Dreck will hit the fan, because , goods will not be shipped and services will end, the economy will shut down. At which time economies will revert to a very localized barter system, for those in food producing regions surviving will be a struggle as the value of barter items vis a vis food is established, at first food will be traded for labor, seeds or fuel, later perhaps gold and silver. In the non food producing regions in the FUSA and eleswhere most people will starve to death.

      4. As noted on Steven Goddard’s blog, Kuroda’s Secret Foils UN’s Plans to rule the world:

        For fifty-seven years, from 1945 until 2002, world leaders did not know who held secret plans for building atomic bombs [1].

        The nuclear geochemist that had the atomic bomb secrets, Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda, was not interested in building atomic bombs, but in exposing information forbidden to the public after 1945.

        In 1960 Kuroda assigned a research project that would reveal the “Top Secret” world leaders hid from the public after WWII: “The Origin of the Solar System and Its Elements.”

        The technical basis of Kuroda’s “Top Secret” is explained on page 3 of a recent paper [2]: The atomic nuclear structure inverts at ~150 amu (atomic mass units).

        The nucleus of atoms lighter than ~150 amu has a core of n-p pairs with extra neutrons on the nuclear surface.
        The nucleus of atoms heavier than ~150 amu has a core of neutrons and n-p pairs are on the nuclear surface.
        That is why atoms heavier than 150 amu emit pairs of n-p pairs (alpha particles) from the surface.

        Neutron repulsion increases in heavier atoms, making fission increasingly likely.

        Neutron repulsion causes cores of planets like Jupiter, ordinary stars like the Sun, galaxies and the cosmos to emit neutrons (that decay into H-atoms) and/or fission [2].

        Forbidding public knowledge of the Sun’s pulsar* core allowed world leaders, the UN’s IPCC and worldwide National Academies of Sciences to frighten the public about a gas (CO2) that permits plants and animals to thrive in mutually beneficial harmony on Earth. CO2 is, in fact:

        An essential food of plant life
        A waste product of animal life
        *Earth is located exactly 1 AU (astronomical unit) from the pulsar that made our elements, birthed the solar system, sustained the origin and evolution of life, and maintains contact with every atom, life and world in the solar system . . .

        Controlling the climate of the entire solar system, a volume of space greater than the volume of 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth’s.

        Society’s challenge now is to retain benefits from seventy years of UN’s planning and to eliminate deceptive tyranny in UN’s implementation of Agenda 21 [3].

        – Oliver K. Manuel


        1. BBC News, “Atomic plans returned to Japan,” News Front Page, World Edition (3 Aug 2002).

        2. “Solar energy,” Adv. Astronomy(submitted for on-line review, 6 JAN 2015): See page 3.

        3. “United Nations Agenda 21″ (1972)

      5. Why are they terrifying? Not scared here. Yahuweh owns it all 🙂

      6. How long till you inform us dimwits of your inside knowledge Mr Know it all? The empty vessels make the most noise! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

        • If only you knew who you speak of Story reader, if only you knew. 🙂


      7. Less than 3 weeks and I close on selling my overpriced City Property, and will be 100% debt free. Have my Remote Florida BOL on a private road picked out and paying cash and going off the grid, solar for power and private well for water. I’ll own half of a Fresh water Natural pond spring on one side of the property loaded with fish a new neighbor says, and that pond feeds into a canal out to a river. I know SixPack wanted to hear that again. ha. Doing the best I can and this can’t come soon enough. The neighbor also said he will sell me 3 more lots adjoins to my few acres at the end of this private road. I get first dibs on that, So it comes to about 5.5 acres and 3/4th of the pond. I want to buy and secure the whole area and gate it off. the Peninsula is surrounded by State Forest and swamps. Can’t wait to get out of the City Trap before the Big Collapse. My Realtor up there made a comment a few weeks ago and said, “I guess this is the area where the Hoards will try and come to get out of the city.” lol So a hint of a new friend prepper as well who is on board and awake.

        • Still envious WWT.


        • WWT, I believe you live in FL. Is the story about Florida making ODG living illegal? It was an article on ODG magazine reporting this and just wanted to be sure if it is accurate since you live there. Thanks.


          • BigB. Thx. On the other lots I am going to build some cottage cabins raised off the ground on stilts. Rent them out to fellow preppers and may build a mini community.

            Stoltz that off grid lady was in the city of Cape Coral flushing waste in her toilet and not paying her water sewer utility bill..

            • Thanks WWT for the clarification.

        • I’m envious WWT. As long as the big top Caldera in Montana stays quiet you’ll be fine.The big nasty would cover almost everything downwind all the way to the east coast, or so I’ve read.Keep your powder dry.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt, congratulations!

          I respect you for putting you money behind you convictions. I think the worst thing would be to believe something is going to happen but lack the conviction to follow thu.

          It sound like you have a pretty sweet setup!

        • howdy NU naYbER. I LiekS two go vizitIn yoo.REel/ soowN,wee wil bee rite naYbERly too yoo yool seE

        • Beware the mocassin dens. One of my ancestors fought with the Seminole Indians. They led the Spanish into the swamps, and the mocassins swarmed the horses and riders

          • poor horses…

        • Got good fishing in that pond?

          • Yes Six I was told some good crappies and it is a fresh water spring pond.

      8. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst…………BBB=

      9. There is not a darn thing we can do about it. We know it is coming, and lot of us have yelled it from the roof tops. Some have listened and some have not.

        To the ones that have listen KEEP PREPPING AND PRAYING! to the ones that have not, (I just wasted my time tipping this) start today or die an terrible death in a few short days when the bubble burst.
        They have never told the truth. 57 “T” it is more like 257 “T”


        • Amen Brother. Heading to Costco to restock. Then headed to the gun store to restock. Then headed to the feed store to restock. Got wood, propane, & coffee beans. And a manual grinder for the beans. No point in wasting generator fuel to grind coffee beans 🙂

          • I don’t even bother with electric bean grinders.

            • Tools, man! I can have breakfast made in the time it takes me to wind 500 turns of the manual grinder. Plus, the electric grinder makes a great alarm clock for the rest of the family. No sleeping through that racket…

        • Alex Jones says the whole thing will come crashing down any DAY now! Gary North says Satan’s army gathering for Armageddon! Prep like there’s NO tomorrow, because there ISN’T!

        • I got a big surprise a couple of days ago. Found a steady supply of 22lr in a little store in Western Wisconsin and the owner says he has no problem on getting more. Stocked up and he has plenty of hardware for the serious minded. Keep your powder dry SGT.

          • ONV-
            You’re a lucky guy.
            I havent seen a 22 in years it seems.

            • Cause I bought em all.

        • Don’t worry Sgt. Dale I’m confident Brian Williams will ensure the sheeple get the truth.

        • Good day, Sarge. Going to a gun show this weekend along with getting some other prep items. I still believe SHTF will be sometime this year. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL Braveheart

          • RBH & ONV.
            We had our gun show two weeks ago and I stocked up. Now I have to stock up again just load a bunch of rounds up. (mm and 45ACP. Going to start on my 308’s and my 223’s. I’m hoping to get a bunch of things in the mail in the next few days.

        • …and half of those employed are working as travel agents for Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama!!!!

      10. The only upside to this is that tis a world issue,not just the US.As the walls fall will be world wide,hence,many countries that might like to take advantage then of say the US will also be in shambles dealing with their own messes.The really big issues then will be keeping fingers off of nuke triggers and in most countries bringing off line in a sane way the nuke plants,the rest will just be ugly but the plants melt down world wide or nukes start flying,well,a few may survive and envy and eat the dead.

      11. It is a sick and twisted game they play with the lives of others. I never understood those driven by the desire to have more, insanely more, while impoverishing others in the process.

        • It used to be called “sin” aka “originsl sin.” those terms now are completely passe – interesting Lee the reality is as relevant as ever.

          • I never fail to be amazed at some of the grammar here. Test, tell me you are spoofing with “interesting Lee”.

      12. A lot of U.S and world debt is derivative debt and the actual (real) total of all owed is probably close to a quadrillion by now with that factored in.

        If you’ve studied the prophecies you understand this and know why it is happening, where it is going, who is directing it that way, and for what purpose.

        If you haven’t you should.

      13. Oh Maaaaaaaan… I’ve been reading ALL your posts for quiet some time now and there’s nothing on offer here but total crap… you’re a bunch of sad sack paranoid defeatists… Get a friggin’ life you bunch of sad… Very sad deluded people. Life is for living not for dreading. Choose life.

        • Sorry and disappointed, them thar’s a fightin’ words! Life is fer dreadin’ ever thing thar is to dread, dontcha knows that? Y’all keep talking like that and we gots some here who’ll a fill ya up with LEAD NUTRIENTS!

          • Jesus H. Christ, who are the 3 numbnuts who gave my post a thumbs up? Are you so fucking stupid that you can’t tell sarcasm without somebody telling you in advance? And these are the people who are going to repopulate the Earth after shtf? Jesus, what’s the point if the next chapter of the human race is going to start out with an IQ of 40?

            • LOL. Americans do not understand sarcasm Angry Prepper….especially those in the South/Mid-West.

        • There is nothing like a huge case of Normalcy bias to keep you sedated, from what I read of your post Sorry and Disappointed.

        • Sorry and Disappointed, your moniker sounds perfect for you. You are ‘sorry and disappointing.’

        • So why are you still here? Many of these people will still be around while you are going door to door looking for food. when you get to my door…keep going.

        • Preparedness it’s meant to be one of the most life-affirming things you can do. Doing this allows you to live a life free fear and dependency. You have it partially right but it’s like being partially pregnant

          • D’oh!…Is that you Ned?

        • Sorry $ Dissappointed:

          Don’t shoot the messenger.

          Life is also for paying attention to what’s going on in the world in an objective manner.

          Lots of these articles are saddening, but its reality.

          One day not too far from now, these current days will seem like the good old days.

          • Thanks for your courteous reply Bob. best wishes to ya.

      14. NOT (IF) ***WHEN***
        When you tickle the dragons tail sooner or later your gonna get Dragon bit.
        This has all been planed a long time ago and the end game is upon us. After all who would work for money that has NO value in other words (work for free) at say waste treatment plants, water treatment plants, power plants even Nuclear Power plants. Even IF we don’t have a terrorist attack, derivatives explosion, stock market meltdown but all that will come in due time (it’s part of the plan to take down America and the world too.)
        See how you can survive at home FREE at:

      15. The world economy is collapsing. The political leaders will need to deflect the peoples hate to someone else. War is inevitable.

      16. Sitting outside on my porch one fine summer evening, i noticed a distant flash of bright light, but no sound. Weird. Then “poof”, suddenly the lights/TV inside went out. Thinking the main breaker went, i went to the front yard and realized that the entire block was out. Well, just another power outage. How long B4 it turns back on i wondered. But it wasn’t long before i & everybody realized their cars wouldn’t start, radios & cell phones didn’t work, etc… Turns out that the US grid system, and virtually all electronic devices had been fried by 4 to 6 sub-orbital atmospheric atomic bursts. Probably fired from Iranian and/or N. Korean scud-type missiles launched from off-shore merchant/cargo ships. I don’t have to go into the horrors of a complete collapse…..”Your world will end not with a bang, but with a whimper”. Prepare accordingly. It’s imminent.!!!!!

        • J –
          Was Brian Williams there to verify your story ?

          • No, but I think Hitlery might have been attacked at the Sarajevo airport… right after her miraculous cattle futures trade went thru

            • Gosh, I hope she didnt get disentery like Williams did in New Orleans while watching a dead body float past his hotel window ,on a street that never flooded.
              Horrific just horrific.

            • She never forgot to thank Vince before he shot himself twice.

              • Just think Brian williams makes millions reading his script of bullshit everyday. I almost laught at the nightly news propaganda bashing Putin and end their nightly episode with some smily face military hero story. All BS and thats why they advertise drugs between each bs news report. You got a problem getting your dick hard just stop drinking the municipal Floride water. Problem solved.

                • YA , No kiddin,
                  The nighly news ….brought to you by Big Pharma .

              • Especially for shooting himself in the left temple with his right hand. Just try that (with an unloaded gun please) and you’ll see how much Bill and Hill have to be thankful for.

      17. Ok, I know this sound silly, but I have a question about all this, if everything falls apart all at once financially world wide, what happens to all the homes ect that are financed? Banks will fail ect…would most of the modern world be evicted for non payment? Heck, the banks are still in the process of repossessing homes from 2008 all over around here. Would it be a currency reset? Would it just be millions kicked out of their homes ? I don’t see county sheriffs passing out foreclosure notices when they would be going through the same as everyone else. I know if your place is paid for this wouldn’t effect you as much. Just throwing that out there. I know being self sufficient is extremely important, and getting out of debt is extremely important, But the thought of a major economic collapse is very real and millions and millions of people out of work would be worse than the Great Depression, but something that catastrophic just boggles my old brain. Prepping and praying. Stay well all!

        • forclosure Is the least of the problems. The banks will be broke. However there is still death & taxes. In Arkansas after two years of non payment of taxes. Real property escheats back to the state. and the state disposes of it usually by auction sale. The banks don’t care the loans are guarnteed by the Federal government. Look a Detroit to see what happens in a monetary collapse. However If wholesale a collapse happens we wont have any reset. We wont revert to a 1800,s lifestyle. We will skyrocket to a stone age existence. Gangs & warlords will govern. It will become a no holds barred Root Hawg or Die survival of the fittest meanest & lucky. 90% will die the first year

          • The banks are never broke as long as the FED has the power to control the American currency.

            All bad debt would be unloaded into Resolution Trust Company II and the balance sheets of the banks will be clear.

            That’s the plan. Smoke ’em if you got them, then smoke ’em when they come for your house. 🙂

            • In a if everything falls apart monetary collapse the fed will fall apart also.

            • Agreed that they never run out of money. They just run out of the value of money.

        • hard to kick fully armed people out of their homes if they take it seriously , because at that point who gives a shit about what the banks want … right?

          • I wanted to get a deadbeat famiy to move out. So I got a court order to have the electricity turned off. the moved. we bulldozed the house and pushed it into a big hole.

        • I’m thinking survival would come first, so wherever someone is living, that’s their house…my guess is that there would be a bunch of squatters, as gangs roam around looking for supplies , but it’s first come, first served, and ya better have means to protect what God gave ya! 🙂

          • God gave ya. Hate to shake you God never gave me anything. I worked saved and bought mine. No such thing as free. No matter what no matter how bad things become. The ten commandments still apply. and fully half deal with taking or coveting that which doesn’t belong to you. The laws of karma will still be in effect. If you don’t hold a recorded deed and a paid off mortgage it isn’t your property. Squatters don’t have any rights. No legal rights. No moral or ethical rights.

            • OLD GUY-
              Like i said to DK above , you got more faith in the rule of law than i do.
              I own property , outright, i got papers to prove it.
              But what if nobody cares ?

            • In some places, squatters have more rights than you think.

              ht tp://

              • Yeah, I think these laws were put on the books not to protect homeowners per se , but more of a tool for the banks at repo time .

        • Well, if I was on the CitiBank committee, and I knew in America alone I held 10,000 mortgages when the economy collapsed, I’d have two trains of thought real fast:
          1) do I really want to piss off 10,000 homeowners with equity in their homes by kicking them out to the streets leaving 10,000 vacant homes to be plundered by homeless and gangs???
          2) and more importantly, do they own matches???

          • 10,000 mortgages for Citi? Probably well over 100,000 +, easily. Then you can add on the other lenders on MERS and they cannot possibly assimilate the inventory after the next crash: which is why some owners in possession during default stayed in their homes for two and three years before eviction in the last roundup.

            Shadow inventory; homes under water but not in foreclosure, (meaning more is owed than the market value of the property) is well over 5 million units, I’m sure. I would have to google for the exact number.

            The banks cannot afford another crash which is why they keep propping up the markets at the end of the day.

      18. The Baltic Dry Index is down again today. 564. In spite of being at all time lows. China stopped importing raw materials. And speaking of WW3. Yesterday both CNN and FOX obeyed orders from the Ministry of Propaganda and got real petty about Putin. Not Russia. Putin. CNN said Putin was out of control. He is destroying everything. Then at the same exact time FOX said Putin had Aspergers Syndrome but they said they couldn’t prove it. Then the talking head accused Putin of being crazy because he took his shirt off while riding horseback in the summer. They’re really reaching. Full court press is on for war in Europe. Murder another 50 million white people. And people are so stupid that they send their kids to sign up for it.

        • Beg pardon, but my granddaughter has a mind of her own…it wasn’t my choice. I just have to pray protection over her the same way I did our son….he’s a veteran now, after 6 years of hell…

        • BDI…ppffttt patooey! The Dollar still being printed. The Europeans and the rest of the east can’t buy enough of FRNs.

      19. “Meanwhile, even places like Canada, typically well adjusted and stable, are showing signs of shaky ground with unsustainable levels of household debt that rival everyone but Greece, which is now engulfed in turmoil over debt once again:”

        Good. It represents the politically correct socialist culture of Canada.

        After all, 4th wave feminism (SlutFeminism) was spawned in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

        Canada is a Marxist country with a faux conservative culture. The Queen owns everything in Canada.

      20. Somebody owes somebody a lot of money.

        That’s all it is.

      21. lots of folks owe lots of others a lot of money that cannot payback

        • Sorry old guy, that was supposed to be a thumbs up, not down!

      22. The world’s “smartest” countries are stupid. What an oxymoron, but it speaks the truth in volumes.

      23. The low price of oil has caused over 3% of us oil based companies to go bankrupt. An analyst on CNBC the other day said that if oil stays below 60 bucks a barrel for 2015, then another 21% of those companies will go belly up. Bad. Very bad. 100’s of thousands of Americans will be out of work. North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas etc. Also over looked is the fact that these companies were highly in debt. The banks and hedge funds are on the hook for that debt. 1 trillion worth.

        • Much of that oil debt will be refinanced from existing cash flow wherever possible, since banks prefer assets that generate positive cash flow. So the old bank with the non performing asset will be taken out by a new lender and a new loan.

          That’s the “magic” of fractional reserve banking.

          The assets of the marginal producers will flow to BIG OIL, and the peanut shells left over will be foreclosed by the lender, like homes, then packaged and sold to new entities and vulture funds.

          That’s the process. This isn’t “collapse”. Its restructuring. 🙂

        • Prophet. I say Fuck the Oil companies that have been Raping Americans at the pump for decades. Its time they get their greedy asses handed to them. These asswipes pump our domestic gas and sold it overseas for a profit. Did you get a check for your cut of the pie? Hell no all you and I got was threetimes priced gas at the pump.

      24. 1 trillion in bad oil debt. 1 trillion in bad student loans. 1 trillion in sub-prime auto loans. The lowest percentage of people with full time jobs in history. I wonder if any of this will be bad for the economy. You think?

        • Obviously, it ended up being good for the globalist’s economy, for ours, not so much…

      25. Put your head between your knees and kiss your @$$goodbye!

        • Speak for yourself 88

          I have things to do, and I’m sure most others here do as well.
          Cower if you like, you’ll fit right in with the rest of the “sheeple” in AmeriKA.

      26. $57,000,000,000,000 is nothing, watch this.
        $57,000,000,000,000,000 there now we have more to spend. See how easy that was.
        And it won’t even cause inflation. Why you ask? Because I don’t want it too. That’s why.
        Your friendly neighborhood central bank

      27. 57 trillion? I don’t think that’s a worry for us here in the states. We are the cleanest dirty shirt.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but…

        According to the latest BLS statistics, didn’t Obama’s “middle class economic” strategy just create 40 quadrillion new jobs last month?

        Didn’t average hourly wages just go up to $100 or so an hour?

        Aren’t consumers pants draggin’ the ground with pocketfuls of coin from gas savings?

        It’s all rainbows and skittles from here on out “folks”.

        The voices in my head ARE real.

      28. ht tps://


        but why? who are they hoaxing and why? whats the purpose for this?

      29. What ever fate befalls us (the FUSA), it will be one of our own making. I have zero sympathy for my fellow citizens. I tried to sound the warning, but they prefered to believe the lies,because it stroked their egos. The gods of the copy book heading will have the final say.

      30. most things in life are difficult… This one is not… BUY gold and silver…and PGMs

      31. Dr Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston Univ
        said a few years ago that the total unfunded liabilities if you counted everything in the US alone was 222 trillion dollars. without massive massive massive growth there are only three ways this can be paid back: raise taxes cut services or print money. There are no other options. make your choices accordingly

      32. ever sit back and count all the people you work with and deal with on a daily basis that you know are dead people walking?

        because you know their views on guns , are not in line with our constitution , and their views on whats really going on in this country are aligned with the MSM, and their views on being prepared are tainted with belief it will always be like it is now or somehow better and they don’t need to stock pile foods or survival needs , or flat out have zero skills to survive and wont even try , severely overweight , lack of skills, blinded by media ,medical issues , cant cook, have no marketable or barter-able skills etc…..

        I see a lot of dead people every day from all walks of life , and talking to them really solidifies the possibility

        • I’ve had to stop talking to them….didn’t want to blow opsec…

          • I just keep it low key I dont talk about what im doing or not doing I do it for my own opsec to see who will be the greatest threat to me or to themselves when the curtain goes up on this charade

            sometimes I dont even have to talk to them,, all I need is to watch them , and Im a pretty quick judge of what type they are

            • I still know some that believe the reporters of MSM.. Like NBC’s Brian Williams RME

              once you lie like that nothing you ever said will have any credibility ,and nothing you say after will either,, and in my book they all lost credibility a long dam time ago

              bought and paid for shills, and trolls

              • Williams is just another Walter Mitty wanna be, who wants to be a hero but doesn’t have the guts to really be one.

                He is someone who would never knowingly put himself in the line of fire for anything except a free lunch.

                This is the kind of scum we have in positions of power in this country who want us to do as they say, but not as they do.

                Leadership is set by example.

              • Enemy of the State

                Brian Williams is well aware that he spreads falsehoods virtually every time he opens his mouth giving exception to the weather, but not its cause. When you play with the facts so much and so often lying is normal. His embellishment of personal reality is a natural outcome of being submerged into the world of deceit.

          • I’m done talking to anyone about it.

            Anyone who can look at what is going on in the world, and not figure out that it’s about to hit the fan, in my opinion deserves whatever happens to them.

            Sick of talking to people and getting the deer in the headlights look in return.

            Fuck ’em all.

        • Enemy…..a big YES, see them everyday!

        • They’re usually so fat that they are in a scooter or leaning heavily on the shopping cart. They don’t even walk much anymore since most places have a drive-thru.

      33. when things finally break loose there will be a great cleansing of society

      34. Breaking News: Federal Reserve has just installed and turned on new printing press’s. These new press’s only print zero’s to go on the back of the debt numbers.

      35. Ya know, people been talking bout crisis looming for a long long time now. Never seems to get any closer. The one tell is how officialdom is gunning up. They got seed vaults, they got dumbs, they got freeze dried, they got tons and tons of ammo, they want to take away our body armor, they want to ration medical care, they are taxing us no end, they are poisoning the air with chem trails, the oceans are being pumped full of radiation, they fluoridate your water, they want to take away your vitamins, they are burying the people in debt, they are jacking your jobs and the cops are killing anything that moves and stealing everything that ain’t nailed down, they are droning weddings, false flagging towers, crushing the value of precious metals, gmo-ing your food, they are watering down your culture with millions of illegals that don’t care about your heritage, all while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

        Makes you wonder who’s in charge don’t it? Sad thing is all that can be done is to make yourself ready while watching all the crazy mofos keep on screwing things up. Too bad the sane among can’t somehow get off this f’n rock.

        Lots of barney bad asses talking jive but have yet to meet a single human immune to mortality. No one gets out of this place alive because everyone has an expiration date.

        Screw the bozos, live every day to the fullest extent possible enjoying it while you can and quit worrying about the stuff you can’t control. Take care of yourself and your family and let the rest go. It’s way too late to do anything about it. The game is already lost.

        • You sir nailed it and win the internet tonight

        • ” Too bad the sane among can’t somehow get off this f’n rock.”

          Where exactly could they go?

          The FAA: Regulating business on the moon

          ht tp://

      36. Yes, I believe a financial and economic reckoning will unfortunately occur in the near future and it will greatly affect our lives, some worse than others. But it is obvious by reading many posts on this site a lot persons want it to happen. I don’t know why for certain, only that they want catastrophe and they want it now. It will be bad, even real bad, but there will be not be a total social collapse mad max scenario so many crave.
        It is wise to prep and be ready for any situation, and am doing so myself. The worst probable aspect of the coming trouble will be hunger which will cause large numbers of people to do about anything to anybody to eat. Even so, by definition it cannot last more than a few months because by then those who did not have sufficient to eat would no longer be a threat either by starvation or eliminated by those they tried to steal from.
        I talk to many preppers, most believe they will come out unscathed. This is false. Actually, we will be the targets. Though we do not discuss our preparations, ultimately it cannot be protected forever from everyone who is in need. There is no doubt attrition will take out many preppers. The only way to increase one’s odds is to be part of a well organized like-minded group because of the variety of necessary skills, and protection may be required from troops, local gangs, and predators.
        There could also be small scale local epidemics though not necessarily highly dangerous. Sickness will be mainly caused by undiagnosed illnesses such as for example; influenza, or cancer, strokes and heart attacks, or most likely food poisoning and child- hood diseases.
        There will not be foreign troops invading us, as other countries will be suffering themselves, even worse. There will not be a nuclear WWIII. There will not be tens of millions of innocent citizens forced in concentration camps. Though it will be difficult to say the least, most of society will carry on.
        The crisis would eventually resolve itself within a generation with no intervention anyway. But speaking for myself; what I really fear is our government using a crisis to effectively and permanently change our country into a suffocating, rights-deprived, impoverished hellhole.

        • We will quickly revert to a stone age existence. 90% will die. Who will be left to keep the nukes from melting down? Its the members of your so called well organized like minded group that will be your worst threat . Every group soon resorts to bickering & backstabbing. look at how siblings fight when their parents die. Very few can pass the foxhole test. society wont carry on it will collapse into gangs -tribes- clans. You will see the very worst behavior.

          • Could you please share your data or information and organized thinking so we can all see how the scenario plays out as you assert. My opinion is based on rational observation and historical precedence and what presently exists. All through history societies have faced far worse situations (wars, famines, epidemics, natural disasters) yet survived, recovered, and flourished. Progress always eventually prevails, the most worst and powerful dictators, criminals, diseases, lousy social conditions, and on and on are eliminated. No catastrophe in the history of the world reduced human population by 90%. I agree, there are a lot of bad people out there, and frequently they win, but not for long. If it were otherwise we would still be living as Hobbes said; “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short lives”, instead of the level of civilization, knowledge, and technology we currently enjoy.
            I will agree with you, anything can happen but is doomsday for humanity likely to happen-no. Yes, people, tribes, nations, etc. do bicker and fight and backstab, and can continue for a long time, but if that is the dominant rule we would definitely still be in the stone age. Those who cause these bad situations and conditions to occur will have their moment, then eventually pass off the scene. It is in no one’s interest or desire to allow total collapse, not even the bad guys, except maybe a few fruit cakes out there.

            • We are in the beginning stages of an End of an age Earth change. We are experiencing a Magnetic pole shift. This allows flucuations in the magnosphere that allow space weather & solar winds to reach the earth. The magnetic shift also affects plate techtonics. that’s why we are having so many earthquakes , volcano eruptions & other clatyclismic events. The goverments know what is in store. Why do you think places like Mt Weather exist? Let the goverment free bees & stipends end ny you will see just how quickly society falls apart. he extinction protocol & glowbal disaster watch websites hade good info. Time will tell. And maybe we wont hve long to wait?

      37. The way I see it is this. The average person is carrying debt so say your $20000 in the red and you barely make your minimum payments the last thing anyone trying to get out of debt is gonna do is spend$ on more junk .that got them there in the first place. But if this happens to too many folks the economic recovery stagnates orders for thing fall off. The banks and the gov get nervous and loosen up the purse strings and raise the credit limits for people. Then they can’t afford the minimum anymore which is where we are at now. So look out for more bankruptcy filings. I’m not sure but I think your credit is done for 8 years or so. So these people are not buying anything they cannot afford. Gas went up 10 cents a gal the past two days back on the way up. It’s used as a source of revenue for the gov. I was an oil man and all the big storage facilities for oil sit on federal land . So big oil and gov are facing us all. They play with the price of the barrel and when they can’t do it without looking greedy they raise the fuel tax . When the crisis hits people should attack the banker and elites it’s their fault your family is going to suffer. They take this responsibility lightly it don’t affect them. I can’t stand the suits that’s what I call them. They are playing with our existence. Us good ole boys won’t be smiling if our family suffers and we are all strapped.

      38. the worlds GDP is 87 trill so i doubt 57 trill is 17%!

      39. Wrong, the worlds GDP is around 70 trillion ( 70.000 billion ) US$. So, the reported increase in debt corresponds with about 80% and NOT 17%. Note that the US economy turns around 17 trillion and represents about 25% of the worlds GDP, multiply by 4, 68 – say 70 – trillion.

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