Crisis Investing: Americans Are Not Prepared For The Collapse Of The Dollar: “There Will Be Riots”

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    dollar-collapse-thThe majority of the American people think the economy is stable and the world is at peace. But even a precursory review of geo-political news makes it clear that there is a major power struggle and paradigm shift taking place. According to New York Times best-selling author Marin Katusa, the chief global strategist at Casey Research, it is only a matter of time before China and Russia exchange and deploy their dollar reserves, at which point the U.S. dollar will come crashing down.

    Watch the following incredibly insightful interview from one of the few people in the world who really understands how current geo-political machinations will lead to economic and financial consequences that will reverberate for decades to come. Moreover, Katusa explains how to prepare yourself for nothing short of a financial apocalypse when confidence in the U.S. dollar is lost. On that fateful day Americans will be in shock because they could well see the price of their cost of living triple in a very short period of time – that means food, energy and other essential resources will become unattainable for many almost overnight.

    “I ask you, what would the average American be doing if the cost of their standard of living just tripled? There’ll be riots.”

    There is a vicious correction coming for the dollar and other financial instruments. Time for action is limited, but there are numerous strategies you can implement to not only preserve your wealth, but grow it in the midst of crisis:

    (Watch this interview at Future Money Trends)

    That a currency collapse is coming should be a foregone conclusion, yet most people simply don’t want to believe it. But, even if there were another financial emergency most Americans think that the government will be there to help them. Of course, this notion is simply unrealistic, which means that America will very quickly devolve into an environment plagued with riots, violence and looting.

    As Katusa notes, the Russians are going through their own currency collapse right now and many of them understand that the collapse of their economy has been engineered by western bankers. What’s different between Russia in crisis and America in crisis is that the Russians have spent the last three decades dealing with one problem after another, so they are much more resilient when it comes to mitigating the immediate impact. Americans, however, have enjoyed decades of booming stock markets and prosperity, so when the inevitable meltdown finally does occur most won’t be ready for it.

    In his book The Colder War, as well as in the interview above, Marin Katusa notes that the world is already involved in a major conflict. Americans simply haven’t realized it. But the Russians get it.

    The average Russian in Russia truly is behind Putin and believes they are at a war… a different type of war… both a physical war, a traditional war, and a currency war, an economic war. With not just NATO and the EU, but also catalysts, driven, pushed, motivated by the U.S.

    As I state in my book, the Russian people are used to difficult, difficult times. Look what they’ve gone through in just the last 25 years. They’ve seen the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1998 they’ve seen an absolute default. They’ve seen horrible conditions. And today, as bad as that is, it’s nowhere as bad as it was during the collapse of the Soviet Union…

    So has the average Russian bought gold? No, but I will say this: has the average American bought gold? No.

    But the Russian people are much more resilient in times of crisis than I would say the average American would be. If the tables were turned, I ask you, what would the average American be doing if the cost of their standard of living just tripled? There’d be riot.

    Not just riots, but complete pandemonium as people scramble to acquire critical resources before they run out. And as evidenced by recent actions by Russia and China, and continued efforts by our central bank, this is the likely end-game.

    Crisis investing first requires admitting and accepting that there is a problem. Next we need to understand the problem, something Marin Katusa explains succinctly in his interview. Finally, we need to know what action to take and how to deploy our existing assets so that we are not wiped out when the winds shift.

    And be assured, the winds are shifting. Are you ready for the storm?


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      1. I’m putting all my money into cheese!

        • food – check. (including boat loads of dehydrated cheese!)

          guns and ammo – check.

          medical supplies – check.

          gold – check.

          evac plan – check.

          hopefully it won’t come to this

          • The dollar is not going to “collapse” folks. It will still be accepted after EMP and even if Yellowstone blows. It is backed by the most powerful MIC ever constructed.

            It will only be worthless after total nuclear war; not the limited nuclear war designed for Europe and the Middle East. 95% of US would be dead in the event of total nuclear war anyway so we wouldn’t need dollars.

            In another financial meltdown, all bad assets will be placed into Resolution Trust Company II and disposed. Hedge Funds will go broke. Money Managers will go broke. The poor will still be with us and they will be broke too. The middle class will also be broke.

            BUT, the balance sheets of the banks will be CLEAN and business will continue as usual. That is just the way it is, unless you get busy and change things. 🙁

            • Delusional kid, WHY do you still bother to post your inane drivel? You haven’t a dram of cred, yet continue to pretend you know something.

              You don’t.

              • Breathial, are you saying these fear mongering stories on here are credible?, they’re the same stores every year with different titles and some of you suck them up like you don’t have a clue about what’s going on in the world.
                PS, the dollar may collapse some day, but good old pre 64 American silver coins will never collapse.

                • Do you know how valuable is copper? Guess what our good old everyday coin (the stuff everybody just calls “change” and throws away for those worthless paper “dollars”) is made of!

                  A cent is actually worth what currently ten paper “dollars” are commonly accepted as being “worth”. It’s said that in Brazil, during a money devaluation, that the people used their coin while the paper money was recognized for what it is–nothing.

                  It happened in the U.S. during the Era of Hard Times (1837-). Of course, GOVERNMENT (by others) will declare (war on the people who have) hard, cold cash as being “illegal”, and possession or attempting to trade with it made a felony, etc. (their excuse for war against anyone attempting to freely trade with each other). Roosevelt II did that with gold (TOTALLY un-Constitutitonal to do so).

                  There are so many declarations of war (“laws”) against the people’s individual liberty–no wonder the people are on a self-defensive war footing. But, don’t expect a “fateful day” when “everybody” will know and recognize and act in unison to oppose tyranny. Tyranny will come after you, individually, one at a time, like a lion after a chosen victim, with the rest of the herd just watching and munching their cuds.

                  They will cast you as being “isolated” and “mentally imbalanced”, and “a danger to the public”, or “charged with a ‘crime'”, etc. It will all sound so good, drum-beaten by their mainstream media. The people will applaud the police/military who storm your house to “arrest” (capture) or, (at least attempt to) kill you and your loved ones for actually or claimed-to-have-been “resisting” “arrest” for your “crimes” (i.e. for exercising your individual liberty to just live freely and let everyone else do the same).

                  If you win that first battle, then your war will have begun but, don’t expect any, certainly not many comrades-in-arms to rally to your cause. They’ll lap up what the mainstreamers tell them about you and be on the side of your enemies too. That’s how it’s been, so far.

                  • Well stated.

                    • Nickels are worth more than their face value.

                      They are the best bargain in US currency right now.

                  • A penny is copper washed zinc since about 1982.

                    • That is why you stack pre 1982 pennies….and nickles too, 75% copper and 25% nickle. Until they debase the nickle too.

                  • REPORT FROM SHTFPLAN.COM:

                    White House Preparing Military Response If Diplomacy With Russia Fails: “Lethal Defensive Weapons” and Other Options Being Examined

                    AND FROM ZERO HEDGE:

                    (Don’t remember headline exactly but basically, Putin is threatening us back… saying they will not stand by idly while the US brings military equipment to the Ukraine. Putin said this will have dire consequences…)

                    So, they both are threatening each other. Who is right? well, if Russia had instigated a coup in Canada and installed a Russian puppeteer, we here in the west would be angry as…whatever!!

                  • If they tell Americans to turn in Gold again, it will indicate an absurd level of fear in our government. When last the government confiscated gold, we actually did operate on a gold standard, we do not operate on a gold standard now, and this government only recognizes gold as a commodity, not a currency. So none of the reasons or justifications for a gold grab apply anymore.

                    The amount of debt and insolvency of this government is vast compared to the pitiful amount of gold people would turn in. The very wealthy have their Gold stored in other countries who I suspect would not open their vaults to be raided by foreign governments! The negative press this government would generate confiscating a few tens of millions of dollars in gold, vs the cost of collecting it borders on stupid.

                    There are much more lucrative public properties to be plundered, like retirement accounts, 401 accounts, insurance policies, real estate! Imagine if the government simply said we now own 10% of all real estate and you have 15 years to pay it off, or they institute a 10% tax on all insurance payouts, or just take 15% right off the top of every funded retirement account in America. Now we are talking some significant money, that could really take a dent out of the Gov debt.

                    Searching millions of American homes and safe deposit boxes for gold would cost much of what they’d gain just to do it. There’s just not enough gold out there in the hands of American citizens. It’s the big reason they dropped the gold standard, there just isn’t enough physical gold to run a decent sized country, let alone the world economy.

                  • too bad there ain’t much copper in pennies any more…

                    • There is great wisdom in your observation. Ancient Rome adulterated their currency by diluting silver coin with copper and lead.

                      If this government, this regime ever demands our silver or gold, it is pure theft, nothing more. The US dollar is no more connected to gold or silver. This government publicly declares gold and silver are just commodities like oil, corn, aluminum, steel. If this government demand citizens just give them Gold and silver, they are publicly admitting they are just common thieves.

              • Every paper currency in history has failed, meaning the ones in existence today will do the same. It’s a broken logic that never worked in the first place, and history keeps repeating itself.

                “The greatest lesson of history is that we never learn anything from it.”

                “As a dog returns to its vomit, so the fool repeats their folly.” Proverbs 26:11

                All fiat currencies are backed by belief and all fail – period.

                • You are 100% correct, I don’t buy into the “fear porn” but by using history as a guide a fiat currency collapse or reset WILL happen it just a matter of “when” not “if” it happens. Keep in mind that on average republics only last about 250 years or less depending on when they go to using a fiat currency. Rome eventually got to the point they wouldn’t even accept their own currency for tax payments. Most people don’t realize that the problems of 2008/09 were never fixed or remedied. TPTB merely put band aids on the problem.

                  • You can mark August 15, 1971 as the final nail in the coffin of the so called American Republic.

                    Four decades later… this zombie is still animated.

                    But not for long!

                • YMWW: Yes, I agree, every fiat currency “folds” eventually. And so will the dollar. But not now. Not anytime soon.

                  The transition between fiat and metal backed money and back again to fiat has historical precedent. As long as the Stars and Stripes fly over this country the dollar will be its currency; whether it is fiat or backed by gold and silver.

                  USA! USA! USA! 🙂

              • Breathial: Great retort. You destroyed my comment totally!!! LMFAO!!! 🙂

                • Well, douche-nozzle kid, you act like you’re a top expert in economics and finance, world affairs, geopolitics and the law.

                  Of course, you’re constantly contradicting yourself, a fact which many others have demonstrated. Then, because you’ve contradicted yourself by trying to be on every side of EVERY issue, you then try to claim credit for being right. It’s like saying “it will rain tomorrow” and ten minutes later saying “it won’t rain tomorrow,” and then claiming credit for being right.

                  You’re a fraud, plain and simple. The only remaining question is whether your idiocy is a natural result or if you’re paid to be so stupid.

                  • You got it EXACTLY right B…the DicK has been talking out of both of his assholes since this site was conceived, This story he’s coming, next one he’s going, he is so confused he probably can’t remember which med he is supposed to be taking at any given time. Whats most hilarious is he thinks everyone here listens to /worships him except for his old original nemesis “Clark”. He thinks anyone who calls him out is “Clark” just using different usernames, LOL!!!

                    DK is a douche, king of his fantasy world outside his moms basement. He is not worth a second of stress, never has been.

                • BTW it would appear the majority of posters recognize your full of BS, judging by the number of red thumbs you get.

                  Just sayin… 😉

              • Its called the Durango Utopia Mental Brigade
                Also known as DUMB.

            • Well well well….

              It does appears that the banking institutions/money lenders have survived for thousands of years…wars, pestilence, disasters, empire collapses. etc etc..have yet to deter them..

              Somehow or other they always rise to the surface once again.

              Just more evidence that shit really does float to the top.


              • Agreed, the global banksters will be around for a bit longer, as the “money changers” that they are.

                The difference being the “almighty dollar” will be called something else and it’s value will be worth far less than we know it to be today.

                The gold and silver, that many, like dk and old70, praise as the only stable unit of barter, will someday also become so devalued that people will throw it into the streets because it brings nothing but headaches and torment.

                I refer to God’s own words as to when it happens, just prior to and during the great tribulation hour.

                Eze 7:19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it (gold and silver) is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

                Refer to statement…. “neither fill their bowels”.
                A direct reference to the gold and silver investements becoming even worthless for barter for food items.

                So, each has to make their own decisions and accept the results/consequences, of those decisions, when it comes to putting dollars into hard assets, such as PMs.

                Beans, bullets, batteries (rechargable), and barterable items would be my priorities.


            • @DK “The dollar is not going to “collapse” folks.”

              I tend to agree with DK on this one for one particular reason. If the US dollar were to collapse it will take everything with it and it would be financial Armageddon. The banking system put in place has made it the foundation for all global currencies (Martin Armstrong tends to agree with DK re: the USD).

              Take the $USD out of the picture and it exposes the rest of the fiat currencies as even more worthless. Irregardless of China’s stash of gold, there isn’t enough gold available to backstop an infinite growth economic system which is what we have been using for over a hundred years.

              The only thing that could replace the USD could be a move to a global basket currency back by gold but that would mean austerity for the 99.9% on the planet.

              • A while back, I read that the IMF and WB are planning a world wide currency reset. I am trying to find the link or the articles related which I saved on my old computer.

                Supposedly, there are 190+ currencies which will “reset” and the IMF Special Drawing Rights (currently, US dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound-Sterling) will change. Does anyone have more information on this?

                • I used to have them as well, can’t find them either. Christine LeGarde has spoken many times in cryptic tones about a coming RESET. The most recent was a Youtube video about a year ago and it took place during a WB conference.

                  • When the dollar is “replaced” it will be replaced by digital currency the accounts of which cannot be “hacked” with a quantum computer system.

                    Its coming. But not yet. 🙁

            • @ durango

              In one sense you are right, but in a wider and more important sense, you are utterly wrong. You are correct in assessing that the dollar will not collapse due to external pressures, even a major war. You are also correct in assessing the absolutely unscrupulous and just plain evil manner in which the ruling powers will bankrupt so many others so that they may stay afloat.

              Where you are wrong is in believing that these bankster policies will have no consequences for them… because of COURSE they will. Let me make use of an historical analogy, the Hapsburg Empire, which was once the ruling power of the world, just as America is now. The Hapsburgs not only held the territory of the Holy Roman Empire — present day Germany and north Italy– they were also the ruling house of Spain and controlled all the Spanish colonies. With the the avalanche of gold and silver they plundered from those lands, the Spanish seemed unstoppable, and thee Spanish dollar — known in pirate lore as “pieces of eight”– seemed destined to be the world’s currency forever and ever amen. What brought down the Hapsburgs was not their idiotic and never ending wars — sound familiar?– and it wasn’t even the fact that despite the mountains of gold and silver pouring in, they STILL had to borrow huge sums of money from German bankers — again, sound familiar?– and it wasn’t even the privateers flung against their treasure ships by the English, nor the defeat of their mighty Armada. No, what brought them down was their society was sick, and controlled by short-sighted, selfish men drunk with dreams of their own glory and convinced of their own personal infallibility. These men despised the very notion of learning how to build things and make stuff, so the society they controlled stopped doing that. Again, does this sound familiar? These men lived by the production and manipulation of money; AGAIN, DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? The society they set up not only looked down upon innovation as somehow plebian and “beneath” them, it also crushed any possibility of a thriving middle class — there were grandees and their flunkies, peasants and their animals, and slaves who had nothing; but a middle class as we conceive it there was none.

              In short, this society choked to death on the money changing they so worshiped and gloried in. And Spain is now a backwater, one of the “poor boys” of Europe. Think of it Durango: do we not live in a time and place just like that? I say to you that any nation which rewards banker scum with no jail time for anyone after an absolute catastrophe like ’08, yet sics the cops on two boys trying to make some money shoveling snow is DOOMED.

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

              • IMP:

                Spot on post….Great analogy! Exactly what is happening to us NOW….

              • IMP:

                Spot on post….Great analogy! Exactly what is happening to us NOW….

              • Give that man a cigar.

              • You’ve described society as it’s always been throughout history, now is no different from then when it comes down to fundamentals, societies don’t change because people don’t change. One form of government falls and it’s replaced by another that will also fall in time and be replaced, meet the new boss, same as he old boss. Be thankful you have lived in a time which has offered the greatest standard of living ever enjoyed n history because that’s one thing that actually can change.

              • impcalgi: “Where you are wrong is in believing that these bankster policies will have no consequences for them… because of COURSE they will.”

                If only that were true.

                Having said that; let me point out that the NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. 🙂

                • dk says,

                  “Having said that; let me point out that the NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards.”

                  I call bullsheet on that, because you can’t eliminate something , or anything at 500 yds. or even 50 yds., if you can’t see it.

                  The NWO crowd is steered by the powers of darkness.
                  Those powers of darkness can take mutiple hits from a 50 cal. auto machine gun, and keep a stepping without missing a beat.

                  Besides that, who in their right mind believes anybody has enough balls to attempt a hit on TPTB. Nobody will gather enough of an army to take out a tenth, much less a majority.
                  Just another keyboard billy badass, blowing smoke.

                • As they say, “nothing new under the sun.” Everything repeats and as you can see just on a routine shopping trip, the fast erosion of the dollar, we aren’t far from the charade hitting the wall.

            • @DK is right.

              As long as people keep buying into the idea that when someone says….

              If you do this for me, I’ll give you this coin thing…and with that coin thing, you can then go and get what you want from that guy over there just by giving him this coin thing……

              Nothing is going to change.

              People don’t realize that everytime they go to work, and accept payment in dollars, or they withdraw their social security funds from their bank, that they are agreeing to keep the insanity going.

              It’s never going to change….until someone offers a different solution….and a majority agrees with that different solution.

              • “If you do this for me, I’ll give you this coin thing…and with that coin thing, you can then go and get what you want from that guy over there just by giving him this coin thing”

                How’s that fundamentally different from:

                “If you do this for me, I’ll give you this CHICKEN…and with that CHICKEN, you can then go and get what you want from that guy over there just by giving him this CHICKEN”

                or different from:

                “If you do this for me, I’ll give you this leather satchel that I made…and with that leather satchel, you can then go and get what you want from that guy over there just by giving him this leather satchel”

                Silver, a chicken or a leather satchel, as long as you can get that you need with it, it has value.

                • Today, people sell dirt, rocks, plants and bottled water, air and gasses. We sell pretty much anything we can get our hands on, that somebody else will buy. Perhaps one day we’ll see:

                  “If you do this for me, I’ll give you this bucket of dirt…and with that bucket of dirt, you can then go and get what you want from that guy over there just by giving him this bucket of dirt, or you can grow a tomato plant in it.”

            • ZERO HEDGE: Putin warns US– “supplying weapons to Ukraine will have dramatic consequences!”

              US doesn’t mind issuing ultimatums to Russia– Obama thinks he is king of the road… now let him get it back in his face!

            • if u are smart u will become a KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATE

              Kele 808-371-2443

              the reluctant prepper

          • I have #10 cans of freeze dried cheese in my survival supplies.

            It has a short shelf life once opened, without refrigeration, I wish they sold it in smaller cans. I’d buy a couple cases.

            I can’t even imagine the look on the families face, after eating various freeze dried foods for some time, to produce a fresh cooked Pizza in front of them! I’ll have to have the camera charged and ready for that moment!

            • Re: “Survival” Cheese

              I have Bega/Red Feather (REAL! not powdered)canned cheese & butter in my preps. Good stuff. MRE Depot has them on sale every now and then.

              I’ve also heard about Cougar cheese from but haven’t tried it yet.

              • Thanks for the name. I’ll definitely add some to my pantry. There are also many aged cheeses that keep just fine, as packaged, no can! I think I need to open my horizons!

                So, why does the government require a two year shelf life be stamped on 15 year old aged cheese?

                I saw million year old “Pink Himalayan Salt” in a gourmet cooking store, it had a two year expiration date stamped on it as required by federal regulation……. Our tax dollars at work!

              • redfeather butter is good stuff , i have used it and highly recommend for a storage item.
                Thanks for reminding me i used it and didnt replace it.
                oops .

            • toss the cheese and get some read food for your preps, why store something to put in to your body that it doesn’t need.

              • because it taste so good. geeze…..

              • old70, you need to store some enjoyment too. Fun food, not just beans and rice. I keep a bin full of freeze-dried ice cream too, just for boosting morale and enjoyment for those coming times. All beans and no cheese makes life suck.

                • Yeah Like Prep with a Big Box of Chocolate. Guaranteed to get you layed Post SHTF, as women will be climbing the walls and do most anything for their chocolate fix. Hey just saying this is real World stuff we are dealing with.

                • I agree. Know what I have a huge stock of ? Lollipops? Ever hear of one of them going bad? Bugger me, if I have to scratch out a living and fight for my life at some point, I’d like some root beer pops to keep me from going startk raving mad, thank you very much

                  Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

                  • LOL,The wife thought i was nuts for packin in a 5gal bucket of Dum Dums !
                    I no longer feel alone.

                    • Dried cantaloupe, apricots and pineapple slices, and bulk milk chocolate. I have some of that stuff in my preps.

                    • Hey sixpack, I know dried fruit can last a while, but I think chocolate doesn’t keep for too long real well.

            • Have any of you ever eaten freeze dried food. It tastes like CRAP! I will not buy freeze dried. There are many other forms of long term food storage. It does not do any good to buy food that you don’t want to eat.

              • J Stiner, You say that now about dried food, wait till you are really friggin hungry. You would eat the soles off a dead mans boots if it meant living or dying. Freeze Dried food is very light weight and will provide a ton of meals and calories if traveling by back pack. What you gonna do, carry 20 Lbs of bloody steaks in your satchel? People like you that have no clue and diversified will be the first to die. Your Greed for your tummy will kill you. When hungry you may enjoy shit on a stick. I will easily take Mountain house food, its is tasty and pretty good.

                • WWTI, I have some Mountain House in my preps and it’s the ONLY freeze-dried food I found that I like. I’ve sampled the other brands and they SUCK. I’m getting some more Mountain House soon. And don’t even mention MREs to me. I tried one once and threw it up.

                  • I’ll bet if you haven’t eaten for three days those MREs will be pretty good. Better yet so long as you still have good food those MREs might make good for barter, maybe even good enough for a blowjob.

              • Have you tried adding water? I hear that makes the freeze dried food much better.

                • Bingo!

              • I spent 30 years climbing mountains and have eaten lots of FD food. If it tastes bad try another brand, though that said there are some things that just should not be freeze dried. I found that when I was burning 4000-5000 calories a day, there were lots of foods that taste much better than they do when you just open them to sample them. FD is very well suited for a bug out bag. Try FD green peas as a snack right out of the bag – almost as good as FD shrimp cocktail.

                I have FD stored to supplement the bags of rice and beans, and I think they will make good barter items.

                • We try different brands and flavors every time we go hiking or camping. We have found a few mountain house flavors and such that we really like. A few have been not so good, but when you’re camping and it’s 25 degree mornings (with more than 5 kids) a hot anything is pretty good.

                  So we stock what we liked; and of course we are always comparing FD to hardboiled eggs with S&P, granola, and peanut butter with whatever.

                  We might be biased though because our kids actually like ramen noodles and would eat it anytime I let them. I despise stuff like that and have to limit their intake of processed crap.

          • On day one, they will ALL be taken away.

          • Important: Pay close attention to the Wind Direction. Go to this resource map and find the closest Nuke Plant to where you live. Zoom in to the map and see how much fall out can reach your area. The Static Map just reflects the winds back in March of 2011, but as you can see these Nuke Radiation Plumes can travel hundreds of miles.

            Web site –

            Click on Resource tab go here for the Nuke Plant Fallout Map.

            Now for a Real-time Radiation Map that updates every 60 seconds as to the amount of radiation being emitted from each Nuke Site facility. Go to this map.

            Save these links on your cell phone and also download your local weather info map for the “Wind Direction and Speed.

            During a Nuke Disaster Meltdown, you want to go away from the down draft of a Nuke Fall Out Plume. You want to be in the upper windward side not the down wind side.

            Prepare with a 30 Day Potassium Iodide supply for each family member and also for pets to fill your thyroid gland with healthy radiation so the bad radiation cannot penetrate your Thyroid. This is a handy site for Potassium Iodide Pills for humans and Pets.

            Be the Hero of your community, and know the threats in your area. No matter how prepared you think you are, you may need to Bug out due to a Nuke Facility Disaster Meltdown. Nuke facilities only have a 30 day supply of Diesel Fuel to run the generators that keep the Spent rods cool in the cooling pools. In a societal collapse how many Nuke Plant employees abandon their posts, or fail to get resupplied with more diesel to run the generators. If the spent rods don’t stay cool they begin to melt down like Fukishima.

        • could not download what i wanted, probably to long, basically say after the bad guy are gone, good guys are still there, that is a nice thought

        • SO. Have you not heard of wallets!?

        • Don’t forget popcorn.

          • NBC’s Brian Williams says the Economy is the best it has ever been and suggest Americans just keep on spending, and get your free vaccine shots ASAP. Bwhaaaaaaaa

            • Fired from NBC, liar liar Brian Williams will probably now get hired by CNN. Or better yet, Hitlery’s spokesman. Perfect fit.

            • Brian …………………….who …never heard of him lol

          • Yeah well. THEY WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO HOOK MISSION CRITICAL SYSTEMS INTO IT. Originally. Like I dunno… nuclear power plant control systems and shit?!

            God in heaven, 1970’s 9″ floppies are a better idea.

            As I recall reactors ran just fine in the 1970’s…

        • President Obama knows what he’s doing. He if he didn’t he would not have been re-elected. Thanks Mr. Obama for guiding us in this dark time!

        • So where can you get dehydrated cheese at a good cost?

        • Well its time to defund and defang the Phony DHS- Go F-yourselves. The DHS has not stopped a single terrorist attack. The DHS which is run by Jews, is a Big Fat Parking Lot for Politicians families and friends to hold positions with big pay for doing absolutely nothing but harassing Americans and degrading our freedoms. The GOP is now halting and not voting or passing the DHS Budget funding Bill because of Obumer’s illegal Immigration Bill.

          Good, Let the DHS crumble and dissolve.

          • WWTI, DHS doesn’t even have the manpower to take on we the people. They couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

        • thanks Satori~

          everybody should read this article and view the video therein.

      2. No, many Americans are not prepared, nor are they preparing. We can lead a horse to water but we can’t make it drink. I talk to people and if they don’t listen then I move on. In the meantime I am doing what I can to prepare and I hope you all are doing the same.

        • @Wilson,
          Every sack of beans, can of fruit or vegetables, box of ammo, etc. is one more sack, box or can that I’m ahead. Being out of debt put me way ahead and allowed me to focus on storing and stacking.
          All You’all be safe out there!

          Nice to hear from you again Smokin’!!!!

          • Revelation 6:6
            And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see you hurt not the oil and the wine.

            In those days a couple pennies, also called a denarius, was commonly a days wages for a man. It speaks of a day where the world is starving.

            In ancient Israel the water was mostly not fit for drinking so they drank weak wine, if they could afford it. Olive oil to dip your bread in or cook with, was a luxury for the rich.

            Hot tip, healthy oil in your diet in a SHTF situation is a must, and could mean survival. A lot of wild game is low in fat as are most vegetables, you need healthy oil in your diet. Olive oil sealed in a bottle only has about a year or two shelf life tops. I keep my supply of olive oil in my freezer, where it has a virtually unlimited shelf life, the clock on its expiration doesn’t start again until I defrost it. It will turn white in the freezer, but return to its normal color at room temp. As I use it, I add a new bottle to the freezer (it’s oil and shrinks when frozen so glass bottles are fine). The day the SHTF and the freezer fails, I have at least a one to two year supply. I purposely buy smaller bottles to avoid it going rancid after opening. A large bottle of pepper corn seeds in the freezer are also a wise addition.

            People in N Korea have been reduced to eating bugs and grass by their wacky leadership. Take some grass, grasshoppers, sauté in your secret supply of olive oil, with a little salt and pepper, and you’ll thank me. LOL!

            I have one half of one shelf in my freezer set aside for long term survival foods that would spoil at room temp before I could normally use and rotate them. By using the freezer, I can store more, rotate them, and they never go bad. I use them and never need to discard any of it

            One exception, I keep powdered milk on hand, the kind sold in a ten pack of foil packs. If I don’t use it within a year, it gets discarded by sprinkling it in the garden as fertilizer. It’s actually cheaper than bone meal! I could freeze the powdered milk like I do the oil, but it’s really good fertilizer!

            Hot tip #2 freshly purchased packages of dry goods like flour, corn starch, potato buds, powdered milk, etc; place them in your freezer for one week. It kills many critters that get in from the fields, or during packaging or handling. This can double the normal shelf life, and improve the flavor, since dead bugs don’t poop, and don’t multiply.

            • ptpo, I too keep the evoo in the freezer. Wasn’t aware that it shrank however. Good info!

            • I agree with you, dead bugs don’t poop. I really had to laugh though. I needed that, thanks.

            • Freezing loaves of bread works pretty well. When 2 for 1 specials occur.

            • Olive oil is wonderful as a condiment only, not heated. It isn’t stable at high temps. Coconut oil is stable at very high heat, so stock up on coconut oil for cooking and baking. I buy mine in bulk, gallon containers and use it for everything.

              Use olive oil, unheated to dip bread and to make salad dressings.

              • I fry with olive oil all the time and have had no problems with it. Coconut oil is too expensive.

                • To an Italian there is only two types of oil, Olive and Motor.

                • You likely wouldn’t notice.

                  By heating virgin olive oil to over 200 to 250oF, you are running the risk of creating oxidized oil that can do your body more harm than good.

                  Coconut oil is the oil of choice for cooking because it is nearly a completely saturated fat, which means it is much less susceptible to heat damage. And coconut oil is one of the most unique and beneficial fats for your body.

                  I buy mine from Tropical Traditions. it is much cheaper to buy it in bulk. Additionally you want to make sure it is Certified Organic.

                  • That may be true about olive oil but generations of the Italian side used it exclusively and fried with it without obvious harm. My ancestors almost to a person lived to 70 over 100 years ago having been born in the 1840s.

                    We’re they using the non virgin verity?

                    • When I sauté things in olive oil, I also add small amounts of water and a little salt. The oil and salt let the water get hotter than boiling, but not a lot. I’ll keep adding water a tablespoon or two at a time. Water controls and prevents the temperature from getting high enough to damage the oil. I time it so the last of the water just boils off as it’s done cooking.

                      Warning, never add water to hot oil unless you want to get burned. Always add the water while it is below its boiling point.

                      I do cook with coconut oil and keep my extra stores in the freezer as well. The current open container is kept in the fridge. I’ve been cooking with it for about a year and am now used to the flavor. It took a little while to become a custom to it.

            • Sadly, using your domestic freezer to kill bugs is a myth, like so much else on the Innertubes. Temps required to kill most insects are in the -5 to -20 Fahrenheit range, and the domestic freezer never goes below zero, IF it even gets that cold. Mosquitoes must be even hardier, since they thrive in interior Alaska where temps drop below -50 at times.

              • Does it take as much cold to kill unhatched insect EGGS, as it does the insects themselves?

              • Killing bugs by freezing.
                Human body mites are designed to eat starches and cellulose. I visited my grandmother once and found the down pillows to be sacks of dead mites and their poop. With no humans around regularly to sluff off skin for them to eat they turned to the down in the pillows. When the down was gone they died.

                Mites and their eggs are easily killed by freezing as are many of the natural worms found in flour processing plants. To be sure you could just re-freeze your starch based foods about once a month for about a week, to make their lives really miserable and extend the shelf life of those foods dramatically.

                Be aware that mites as most insects don’t have digestive systems like humans, they in fact use simple enzymes to digest complex starches and cellulose. Humans react poorly to these insect digestive enzymes. These enzymes are often the basis for human allergies, because these enzymes attack the cellulose of the cells in our bodies, lungs, sinuses. So allowing them to grow in our food makes our food not only unpalatable, but toxic to many of us. Thus I suggest freezing, which does in fact, kill many types.

                The worst thing that can happen to my perennial plants is to have multiple freeze defrost cycles in the spring. Those kinds of cycles kill the plants, those cycles can be used to kill insects as well.

          • All You’all

            The difference between y’all and all y’all is plural. Nice to see someone get it right. 🙂

            • “You can lead a sheep to knowledge, but you cannot make it think” 🙂

              • You can lead a herd of sheep to a church and they will never think for themselves. They put “Everything into Nothing,” and “Nothing into Everything.”

            • Word fascist.

          • Mordecai, same here, debt-free and continuing to buy and store all that I can. I’m even ahead of some other preppers out there. Take care and keep prepping.

        • To be truthful, I don’t really care what the majority of Americans do. Fully half of them ,US, are dumber than average. Anyone want to argue that point?
          Average isn’t all that smart. Anyone paying attention has had over 5 years to get ready. If that isn’t enough, well I suppose an engraved invite wouldn’t be either.

          • I have family that see it but they won’t prepare much at all. Their kids need all that “Under Armor” clothing and named brand everything to impress everyone. After they shop they are too broke to stock up. My brother in law said he wished his wife would stock up and have a pantry. Well, what’s stopping him from doing it? I just don’t get it. I needed to vent a little.

            • Well- My family is the same. Actually alienated my only brother- sadly. Do what you do and if you live within walking distance of them, well, you know already to expect a knock on the door. Nuf said.

              Per the article- YES! By all means, buy lots and lots of gold! Perhaps I’ll trade you a half-eaten can of beans (or 2 shotgun shells….maybe) for a double hand-full of them some day down the road if all this comes to pass (what the article predicts).

              “There WILL be riots”. Really? If you can see the future so clearly, how’s my stock going to do tomorrow? LOL
              Seriously, think Maslow’s tree of needs. If we actually sink that low, you’re going to need more than precious metals to continue to eat, sleep or whatever. Actually, I think they’re right but only because I don’t think it’s going to be that bad. I have full faith that the banksters have a plan for “what comes next”. I also have faith that plan will screw me and enrich them. I trust in that!~

              If I’m wrong, please let me know where and why. Tact is appreciated. Thanks

              • With your attitude of “Holier than Thou”, I have no interest in giving you any information.

                • YoMommy, I believe his comment was sarcastic humor and NOT “holier than thou”. You could do with dialing down the faux moral outrage a bit, yourself. Humor always helps.

              • The key to any investment portfolio is balance. While high risk investments might give high yield, they also might vaporize.

                Gold and Silver have been used as money and retained their value for all of recorded history. Thus PMs will remain a hedge against collapse and have never gone down in value to zero.

                Of course sitting on top of a pile of gold coins as you starve to death isn’t a good strategy either. You probably want to have a firearm to defend that pile of gold too, and some water to drink while on watch, and the list goes on.

                • Bingo!

              • For the zillinth time, Gold may be helpful during the bad times. It’s primary purpose is to help you reestablish afterwards. That’s why the bankers want it so badly. If all you have is $1300 bucks, don’t buy gold. Get food and ammo etc. but I intend to be rich on the other side and all you people who don’t like old can work for me, maybe.

                • Exactly correct.

              • My brother prepped for the worst by buying a second set of golf clubs just in case their not available after a collapse.

        • Wilson, hopefully the people who aren’t prepared at all are the bottom feeders who have been living off the system anyway, maybe it’s time to hit the rest button, cull the herd so to speak. the big question is, will the survivors remember who and what got us to this point and will the put a stop to them before they get started the next time around?.

          • @ old70

            Many of those so-called “bottomfeeders”, that you would like to see snuffed out, have innocent little children that have no one else to turn to.

            I guess in your mind, they are a drain on society also, and you would like to see them gassed like “over populations” of dogs and cats.

            You are a poor excuse for a human being in my book.

            • I can be anything you want me to be while your hiding behind your key board, so take your book and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s mostly Jesus freaks like you that are bottom feeders,

              • Yea, I hear you, old fartness.

                When Jesus returns, I’ll be sure and float on by you and wwti, and ask; “where are the freaks and fools, now?”

                You boys will be getting your boney asses prodded by the Illuminati in hell, if you don’t have a change of heart.

                Have a good trip.

            • Lol, reminds me of a video montage of Hillary and a bunch of libtards saying “it’s for the children.”

              Please don’t forget that many people are kind and just and will help out deserving people, especially children, of their own free will.

              Ever noticed that most hospitals have religious names? They were originally started by charitable organizations like the church for poor people to get care. Doctors made house calls to people who could pay and the poor who couldn’t went to hospitals.

              The key to this is free will. If you, the government, or anyone else try to force me to agree with you and pay it is no longer charity and I will resist.

            • Sorry, but I’m tired of supporting the bottom feeders and their scads of kids.

        • You are so right, Wilson.

          I dare say that 90% or more of the 18 to 30 year olds even know what ISIS stands for, what tribulation hour means, or what the National Debt is.

          They don’t have much of a clue about American history or even care.

          Their only concern is about what or who is doing somebody else or the current music and movie trends, and their i-pads/phones or equivalent.

          There are too many of the liberal indoctrinated, pc followers, that don’t give a shit which way the country goes, as long as they have their creature comforts and a credit card.

          When shtf, many of those will go into deep depression and commit suicide. The funeral homes and graveyards will be hotbeds of activity. A big demand in undertakers, and ass wipers, will give job security to those fields.

          “Line up and sign up, to wipe the cold dead asses of those that lived a delusional lifestyle. The bodies keep coming and the shit still flows, so get your license as a professional, dead ass last, butt scrubber for the local morgue….today!”

          • WoW, talk about poor excuses for human beings, turn in your swastika Hermann..

          • That’s a load of crap piss/wind. There are a lot of good young people today who go to work everyday and care about the future. You paint the majority of them as the way you want to view them, through your jaded old eyes and because they aren’t like you. How does it feel to be oh so perfect in every way, and of course YOU never enjoy any creature comforts do you? Climb down off your cross please, sanctimony is a particularly annoying trait in people.

            • There are a lot of good young people, and i never said there wasn’t.

              There are just many more of the type i described, than the type you described.

              I ain’t judging anyone, i’m just calling it like i see it.
              God will do the judging and sorting out.

              Who are you? A sheep or a goat? Look in the mirror and tell me what you see.

              • Piss/wind,

                I’ll tell what I’m not, some bitter, sanctimonious old man who pulls statistics out of his ass and try to pawn them off as facts. Where the hell did you get that 90% figure from? Because that is the one you want to hear? Jesus Christ, you aren’t judging people? We must be reading two different posts than because that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing. Of course you never said that there aren’t any good young people, you felt in your big old religious heart of yours to exclude a whopping 10% of them in your scathing critique of todays young people. No wonder people are turning away from any kind of organized religion in droves, it’s because of extremely opinionated people like yourself who like to dictate from on high about who’s going to heaven and who isn’t, anybody who doesn’t measure up to your standards must be doomed to the molten lake of fire, Please!

              • is that the same God that hung around while Hitler murdered 6 million and caused another 45 million to die and the same God that was there when Stallion murdered 30 million of his own people?

          • I agree. I have a farm offering $2 an hour more than minimum wage as well as free food to take home. We are on our 8th hired hand in 2 years. The younger generation has no concept of “working hard” To those that say “Oh but there are many younger kids willing to work” send them my way. I find they are too connected to their i-phones and texting to work. I work off farm at a technical job to pay for the farm and the labor. I am in my mid 40s. I have yet to encounter a “kid” that can keep up with me on the farm. And for those saying “Well you grew up with that”. Nope. We purchased the farm 6 years ago leaving a large city behind as we left our jet-setting life behind as well. My wife and I both grew up in the city. We took classes, talked to people and researched alot. We now have a working farm which I call our vampire baby that sucks green blood which is why I work off farm to provide for it. Our farm is diversified. Animals and vegetable production on 50+ acres. We learned it all in the last few years. So… from my experience with the youth…. they are pampered, weak willed, entitlement mind-set, wusses. Before you trounce me… come live my live for a few weeks and learn what hard work is. pussy. Trying doing chores every single day with pnuemonia (according to the doc). Sucks but animals need fed and the wusses… todays youth… are at home with a cold.

            • Zombieland

              Oh you poor baby you, doing all those chores and hard work with pneumonia [ according to the doc}. I never knew I would have a chance to talk with a real live martyr! It must be soooo hard after working the farm all day to spend the rest of your time up on the cross there isn’t it? Your story sounds like just that, a made up fantasy. Right, me and the wife were former jet setters who now find fulfillment in growing alfalfa! And can’t find anybody to work as hard as me either. If any part of your story is true,{ Doc thinks it isn’t}, the only thing I can see is you should be raising a bumper crop of self pity, you can fill your silos for years after one growing season. Next time try a story that has at least some semblance of credibility.

      3. I welcome the riots…. because this sitting and waiting for the masses to wake up is excruciatingly painful. There needs to be a renaissance…. an awakening…. with people finally taking a stand for what’s right.

        • I’ll be watching those riots on tv from a distance . . . no wait I don’t watch tv now and don’t plan on starting.

          I did however sell my first half gallon of raw unpasteurized milk from our grass fed organic jersey cow. We’ve been getting enough extra eggs (organic, pastured of course) to sell a few dozen and now enough extra milk to sell a little and we made butter today for the first time too.

          If inflation keeps up we might start selling the lambs we raise (wow is the meat good) and charge more for milk and eggs. The fifteen fruit trees I planted last year won’t be too long. The carpathian walnuts I planted are likely to be another decade before we get any nuts but you’ve got to plan long term with short term contingencies.

          Seriously start trying these things now. Our rabbits were a total fail and I have no idea why (I assure you it wasn’t from lack of effort on the boys’ part). Chickens were really easy though since the chicken tractors I built kept them safe from the pests that ate all the neighbors’ chickens. Milking isn’t that hard, even by hand, but I’ll be darned if she didn’t kick that pail over a few times or crap, step in it, then step in the pail.

          It’s really fun learning these things now since we have plenty stored up and I still have a great job in town. You can laugh at my mistakes when there’s no pressure really if I fail.

          Please start learning these things when it’s still ok if you miss a 500 yard elk shot. If you don’t know why it’s funny that I successfully started 10 hills of zuchinni last year I encourage you to start learning now.

          • That IS funny…10 hills you must have been stacking them like firewood and everyone you know would cross the street when they saw you coming to avoid getting more free gifts.

            • IKR everyone at church avoided us for quite a while.

              • AHH How do you pasture an egg?

                • You pasture the chicken who will lay it.

          • Rebel in Idaho, got to tell you that marinated lamb on the grill is what I love to eat. Good on you. I’m gettin’ ready to order some new chicks (RIR)) as the others are waning in the laying department. They’ll make some fine broth or ground up frozen dog food. I plant a lot of zuchinni and summer squash. Here’s a good recipe to use that frozen squash come winter.

            • thank you for the recipe. i have new dehydrator and will try the recipe this summer.

              giggle giggle 10 mounds of zuchs 🙂

            • Thanks PO’d and grandee for the recipes.

              Still lovin’ the chili-mac from your recipe, grandee.

              PO’d Patriot, if you are like us and have way more squash and zuchinni than you can use, do what we do with it as a different twist on fried potato cakes.

              I grate a couple of squash or zuchinni, and a large potato. I use about two or three cups of pancake mix, either the just add water, or add the milk and egg, varieties.

              Mix up and pan fry patties/dallops, in canola/and or, olive oil. Wifey loves them.

              I have begun grating sweet potatos when they are on sell and freezing them in bags. As a good tasting, nutrional twist on hash browns, i mix in a handful with the freshly grated spuds, and fry.

              I have begun freezing some of my grated squash to use in the potato cakes recipe. Been freezing chunks of squash for years to add into soups/stews and pot pies/casseroles. Tried canning some a couple years ago by adding pineapple juice to bring up the acidic level to make them safe. It works, but they become so mushy that the only thing they are good for is adding to a smoothie drink. Pretty tasty, but not hardly worth the expense unless you really like smoothies.

              • Sweet Potato Smoothie

                1 c. cooked/cooled/mashed sweet potato
                1 15oz can mandarin oranges-drained/frozen
                1/4 c. grapefruit juice
                1/4 c. honey
                1/2 c. Silk vanilla soymilk
                1/4 c. vanilla yogurt
                1/8 tsp pumpkin pie spice
                Place all ingredients into blender and whip together. Enjoy.
                Also good as a frozen treat (think soft serve ice cream)

                • Zucchini Patties

                  2 c. grated zucchini
                  2 eggs beaten
                  1/4 c. chopped onion
                  1/2 c. all-purpose flour
                  1/2 c. grated Parmesan cheese
                  1/2 c. shredded mozzarella cheese
                  salt to taste
                  2 Tbs. vegetable oil

                  In bowl combine all ingredients EXCEPT oil.
                  Using small amounts of oil, heat in skillet. Drop zucchini mixture by heaping tablespoonfuls in oil. Cook on each side until golden. Enjoy.

              • I plant extra squash and cukes each year to help feed my hogs with.. They love fresh veggies!

            • Try this for 6 lamb chops:
              2 tablespoons Olive oil
              1 tablespoon Rosemary
              1 tablespoon Thyme
              4 cloves garlic minced
              2 teaspoons sea salt (or himilayan)

              Braise chops on all sides and let marinate for 30 minutes.
              Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
              In cast iron skillet on stove sear each side for 3 minutes then transfer skillet to oven for 20 minutes.

              You will not be disappointed.

            • PO P:

              That is a great website. Thanks!

          • REB-
            RE; milk cow
            Once she is in stall , put a rope across the stall in front of her hind legs , this will prevent her from stepping forward into the bucket.
            It dont need to be crazy tight or strong , if she feels it against her leg she wont move foreward.
            Hope this helps some .
            If you try rabbits again, keep the buck separate most of the time , he needs a rest too !:)

            • I was thinking about using a board for that very thing. We’ll try the rope.

              Thanks for the tip.

              • The board will make her nervous as her feet touch it , and she will jump .
                Thats not prediction , thats experience , ouch .

              • Plant a few 4″ wooden posts into the ground about 2′ apart and attach them to the roof of you milking shed for stability. Build a back stop from plywood connected to the 2 posts at a 45 degree angle at the bottom and 2 horizontal support from the post to the plywood at the top. Drill a hole close to where her hawks will be one on either side. Use thick Velcro shackles (can get them at home depot for cheap)and figure a way to attach them using rope going through the holes and shackle eye and a small boat cleat attached to another 2X4 going across to back of the 2 posts. Wrap the Velcro shackles tightly around her legs just above the hawk then tighten the rope and tie off the the clete. This is what I do and I haven’t lost milk since I used this technique.

          • Rebel in Idaho,
            how far do you think organic food is going to go after TSHsTF and do you think anyone will care if their potato is organic or not long as their belly gets full? the farm down the road from us went organic in their mind. they spread the same manure, fertilizer, spilled the same oil and grease on the land as we did for fifty plus yrs yet their land is supposed to be organic because they took a few samples out to the county and had it certified. in my mind our land will not be organic again for probably five hundred yrs if we stay off of it and neither will theirs, the only difference between their land and ours is they can get ten bucks for a pumpkin from the city slickers and we get five, but we sell more and we don’t have to sneak any trucks in during the middle of the night to unload them.

            • OLD70 –
              The difference between your nieghbors “organic land ”
              and your place is that the nieghbor paid for a government certification for the privilage of being called organic .
              They can enjoy their enslavement having the government pokeing around all the time.

            • We don’t worry so much about the “organic” label as we do the healthy and sustainable part. While we are obviously buying things that aren’t local while we can, our long term goal is to be able to live on this farm without much outside inputs.

              We don’t use store bought fertilizer, we compost, we NEVER use glyphosphate (Round-up), we use animals for weed control or burn the ditches (thinking about goats for this). Instead of insecticides we use friendly insects like lady bugs, and chickens. We’ve started “insectaries” or plants that attract useful insects to eat aphids for example.

              We rotate pastures, chicken tractors following cows and sheep, to minimize risk of animal disease. We plant garden crops with a buddy system and use merigolds and onions as natural insect repellants.

              Read anything by Joel Salatin and you’ll get the idea. Our food is not only healthier, but it isn’t as dependent on inputs from petroleum products. Our goal is to be able to continue the farm if the grid goes down.

              You’re right that the label “organic” isn’t so important and often misleading. The idea though is to eat better and of course to be able to continue to do so.

              Some of my neighbors do laugh at me sometimes and ask if I’m about to go hug a tree 🙂

              • Tell them you do hug trees—as arm loads of cord wood on it’s way to the stove/fireplace.

          • Maybe your rabbits fail were Bruce Jenner bunnies.

          • How, pray tell, does one milk a chicken? (couldn’t resist) ten hills of zucchini will definitely keep the neighbors at bay as well. As for me, I LOVE zucchini bread and zucchini itself. Might have to go with only two hills though.

        • Many feel people will riot when they wake up, I don’t think so. People will riiot when they stop getting free shit. There will be no great awakening folks. IMHO the people already “awake” are about it. The majority just don’t care, they really don’t. I think there are many folks that do see what’s happening pretty clearly but as long as they get theirs they could care less. I see this group as the biggest threat in a SHTF scenario, as they will be the ones who failing to get theirs will try and take mine. Anyone living within 100 miles of any major city better have a lot of ammo and MANY hands to pull the trigger if these folks ever get cranked up.

      4. I am ready. I mean I want to see it collapsed. So many places and people to visit and to give them my love.

        • SV. WOW… Are you… The messiah?

        • believe me, you don’t want to see a collapse, after the first yr you’ll see things that you never thought were possible, some people just think this is a police state now, but what is coming will make the German SS look like choir boys, then you’ll have thousands of other thugs running loose who will take what they want, there’s 310 million people here that we know of and they aren’t going to vanish over night.

          • Overnight no, 30 days-big cities gone, 90 days-mostly gone, 18 months, 2 winters yes, gone. Police state: I don’t think so, how they going to pay them?

            • they’ll take what they want, plus they’ll get land just like the soldiers who fought the British did.

              • Old 70 is right, it won’t take long before people wishing for the ” great reset” will be singing a different tune entirely, at least to themselves if not publicly. You think it’s bad NOW, jut wait until your great reset happens, you’ll be wishing it never happened, unless you enjoy a 15th century lifestyle and perhaps fighting for your life on a daily basis. I’ll pass thanks.

                • There is definitely going to be a reset.

                  It will be a reset of the spiritual kind.

                  Those that aren’t spiritual will be in a very dark place, wishing they hadn’t made fun and threw slanderous comments around about true christians.

                  The only reset coming is one of Biblical proportions and not a flesh man-made one, either.

                  • Piss/wind

                    If ” Heaven” is made up of nut cases like you, I’ll pass. What you really need is mental health counseling, look at your claims ” they’ll regret they tried to make a fool of ME on by God!

      5. Those who have invested in skills, life’s daily necessities and honest money have little to fear. Some of us understood the FRN is worthless a long time ago. The mid-term exam will be given soon. Those who prepared will do better than those who didn’t.

        • I’ve recently invested in sewing needles of all kinds. I have curved upholstery needles, darning and craft needles, leather needles and so on. I have lots of different threads, including unwaxed dental floss and fishing lines of all types. 100 lb test spiderwire works very well for sewing denim, leather and other heavy materials.

          I can sew just about anything. I even have sutures.

          In anticipation of future eyesight issues and poor lighting, I have some easy-thread needles with a slit in the eye, all you do is pull the threat through the slit and it’s threaded.

          I can also knit, crochet and macramé.

          But I’m so seamstress or tailor, I just have a few useful “hobbies”.

      6. Eh,
        Wont matter to me,
        Dont have much, dont want much.

        • I wish we had more people thinking like you Kula.

      7. We don’t need no stinkin’ money…just more preps!

        • NFJT. Would you like to know why money stinks? Checkout the first post at top of page!

      8. Picked up another two cases of food today. Running out of real estate in the basement.

        • People should build in more hidden spaces, in their homes. A cursory search of your home should reveals some stored foods. A deeper search should find more. And incredibly deep search should still leave a lot of supplies undiscovered.

          • I’ve been considering a false wall.

            • Darn, I’ve been contemplating digging a whole “wine cellar”, deep and strong, with a hidden entrance, but where do I put all the dirt?

              I could take up jogging with hidden bags in my pants to drop the dirt, like in the movie stalag thirteen!

      9. For the last seven years I’ve been putting up on thing or another. Every time I go to the store I buy a little extra, a box of ammo here a few cans of chili or a couple cans of tuna. It adds up and now I,m doing OK. I could always do better and I’m putting away for family and friends that will likely show up on my doorstep someday. Yea I wish I had an extra $200,000.00 laying around, CostCo and Sportsman’s Warehouse and Lowes.

      10. Same old story…I have been reading this same crap since 08 and still things are rolling on…business is good, still earning six figures, and I see no real impact in the area I live. At some point all of you chicken little’s have to ask, are you being played? The prepper industry has made many millions of dollars by keeping you afraid and paranoid. I am done..I bought in and I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and now I will have to spen the next 10-20 years trying to rebuild my retirement fund…. To hell with all of it…I’m out, time to accept that things will work themselves out and when you all look back you will all wish you had not bought into the hyperbole. Good luck, no longer part of the fringe….

        • It makes me question your judgement if you preps haven’t at the very least been a hedge against inflation. You spent how much and have to rebuild your retirement fund?


          My preps are my retirement fund. As soon as I can afford to quit my job in town I’ll “retire” and live off the farm.

          What did you buy that you can’t either eat it or sell it for at least close to what you paid for it, if not a profit? Did you buy .22LR, firearms, and optics? These can be sold so easy if you need and at a decent profit if you took care of the firearms and stored the ammo properly.
          Are you telling me that the food you bought costs less today and was a bad investment?

          Or maybe you’re like me and need to vent about all the money I’ve “wasted” on life insurance?

          • Ok..maybe. It’s been a long winter. I guess I am tired of wondering if a am crazy…Seems like all the things I have been thinking would go awry are still plugging along. I guess I am tired. Turned 50, worried about an uncertain future, and fell like I have invested a lot of money and more time and mental energy, to wake up every morning and see the same people doing the same stupid things yet everything seems to stay status quo. Land, pond, solar, food, weapons, ammunition,security,tools,fuel,animals….etc..etc. it’s a new day here I go again.

            • If you were in Greece, Ukraine, or one of the 50% unemployed young people in Spain Italy, France etc you wouldn’t think we had been wrong the last 5 years.
              It’s hit a lot of places, Venezuela. Argentina, now hitting: Brazil, Yemen, Syria, Libya several others. Yes I’m impatient. but I can wait.

            • I’m plenty thankful for every morning that I can wake up and say — “it’s a new day here I go again.”

              Uneventful days will be forgotten, bad days will eventually pass, but the best days I’ll remember forever.

            • You’re not crazy and getting old sucks. At least my hair has turned grey but hasn’t turned loose (mostly).

              Comparing the world financial situation now to 10 years ago is a pretty stark comparison; just try to imagine 10 years from now. The problem is that while I’d like to think I’m 20 years wiser in that comparison I can promise that I’m twenty years older physically.

              Remember that things slide slowly for quite some time before they collapse rapidly.

              At our age perhaps you like to listen to Whitesnake “Here I Go Again” for inspiration? I still do.

          • Some years ago, my wife and friends thought I was NUTS, for stocking up on .22LR and .22 Magnum ammunition. I have more than enough come what may. When the .22LR drought hit, I did not worry a bit. Listened to those same friends whine and complain that they only had part of a box left. The story in the Bible of the Ten Virgins and the Bridegroom come immediately to mind when extolling the virtues of being prepared. For those who are not biblically inclined, being as prepared as possible, is long-term insurance. I prefer to not gamble on “the house”, I am the house, therefore we make the rules we live by.

        • Just Me, like the old saying goes. Its better to have it and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it. Wise prepping is not really all that costly, I just bought another flat of 12 cans of sliced carrots, total cost $8.12 so if I bought 10 flats of various canned goods thats $81.20, and a month or so ago I bought corn, green beans and sweet peas for 50 cents a can, thats $5.00 a flat, at that price I could have 120 cans of food for the price of a carton of smokes. There’s no reason for anyone to not have some food stored. If you simply throw it away 5 years from now it was pretty cheap insurance. I drink juice pretty often and it comes in nice plastic jugs, wash them out and refill with water and stick them in the basement or garage and you have a clean water supply. Everyone should prep to some degree, whether for a months worth or a year, thats up to the individual. You can be fringe or grasshopper or some where in between. Trekker Out. Not Telling Where I’m At!

          • There is a fruit juice called “Langers” that I drink regularly. The jugs are thick with a heavy plastic handle. They fill them with pasteurized (hot) juice at packing, so they can take 180 degree water.

            I also use these jugs for popcorn, beans, small macaroni and stuff like that, to keep the bugs/ants out of my food. If I want to make popcorn, I grab the jug and pour some out.

            These are the jugs that I fill with what I use on a daily basis, so I keep them filled out of my bulk containers. It’s easier to handle a gallon jug, than a 50 pound bag or 6 gallon bucket.

            I don’t need to label them, because I can easily see what’s in them.

        • Got any AK’s you want to sell? Sounds like you no longer need all that truck. Then you can throw all that retirement money on top of the bed, roll around in it and giggle some. Oh I know, I get weary of the wait too but then I become busy and move on.

        • Just me now, no more alias..
          you’ve convinced me that you’re no longer prepping, just hope that you’ve convinced the people around you and convinced yourself. A real prepper never stops, but he does try to throw people off his trail and get under the radar. I’ll bet you even gave away all you weapons too.

        • @JustMe,

          Everyone has a limit. I think, and it is only my opinion, that to be a prepper and live a fulfilling life you have to set yourself some limits. For me that was a basic two year prep plan. After I got that set up it only takes minimal effort to maintain. Not to say that if I see some thing that catches my eye I don’t pick it up and throw it in the pile. 🙂

          I just go about life now like any other ignorant ass.


      11. FDR said and any reasonably astute person can agree with the statement, “Nothing in politics happens by accident”. With that in mind its obvious that the Presidency certainly comes under politics. “Presidents aren’t elected they’re selected”, was another statement that reinforces this.

        With the above in mind why Obama? Was Obama Care that important? What specific purpose does he serve? Maybe being black he has a better chance of pacifying the more violent prone groups that would be first to riot in the event of a collapse. Maybe knowing that the collapse is coming they passed it over to, “The black guy”,to take the fall. It wouldn’t be because of racism but rather a good ploy to divert attention while a good piece of the public say, “What the hell did you expect with HIM in charge”? In essence a scapegoat. Lets face it the stage was set decades ago for what is going to happen.

        • “Road to Serfdom”

        • The more the Administration touts recovery and good times ahead the greater the blame in the minds of the body politic regarding fault in the event of a collapse. Bragging implies ownership and this Administration loves to brag.

          Like the inflation of the 1970s when both labor and management were blamed, the real culprit, deficit spending on guns and butter went right over the citizens heads.

          The Bankers will be snickering in the shadows.

          • Kevin2:

            You ask several questions pertaining to “why Obama” in your first post.

            You answered the question yourself in your second post:
            “the bankers will be snickering in the shadows”.

          • Kevin2:

            In your first post you ask the question “why Obama”.

            You answered your own question in your second post:

            “The bankers will be snickering in the shadow)”.

            (This may post more than once…in moderation? first try, 2nd try disappeared into thin air?)

            • They got their fall guy. They intentionally selected a President with so little experience, that he could be readily portrayed as an incompetent in the eyes of the people in event of an economic fall. The public, having someone to blame, never realizes that he does not skipper the ship and so maintains the illusion of self government.

              Yep its a replay of, “Blame it on Hoover”.

      12. welp, I reckon I should be living each new Spring like it’s my last one anyway…

        When the levee breaks– will I hole up and just postpone the inevitable?
        Or will I live my finest hours, behave like an honorable human, and in the end ‘enter my house justified’?

      13. Checklist:
        ear rings..check
        hair brush…..check
        car insurance….check

        Signed Bruce Jenner

        • hmmm… Heard he had a tranny problem in that accident.

          And I see there was a black Hummer involved. Seems to run in the family.

          • JRS! Dang it! Your comment made me inhale my coffee!!!

          • “black hummer”, huh?

            a capella or crescendo?

      14. LETS SEE






        THE PLO?

        HEZBOLLAH ?


        Shiites MILITIA ?


        THEN THE RUSSIANS KING 2 23-24










        IS THIS NOT GOOD ????????

        KEEP YOUR RADAR UP………………


        ECONOMICS, RELIGION, OR BOTH ?????????????????????

        • According to Phillips and Axelrod, their comprehensive works catalogue 1,763 wars in human history. Out of that total, 123 wars were fought specifically over religion. That’s less than seven percent. Out of that seven percent, a little more than half were fought because of Islam.

          So if less than seven percent were fought in the name of religion, I’d be more inclined to believe economics. And, economics appears to be what is pushing the current conflict.

          • “economics appears to be what is pushing the current conflict.”


        • We could go along way to retire our “debt”, by cutting off ALL foreign aid of all kinds, immediately. Our “allies” are and never have been “our friends”. It’s time to get realistic about how the world has become. None of our allies should get any “aid” for free. Time to cut of our funding for the UN, since those rat bastards hate us anyway. Screw them. They aren’t worth another penny nor another drop of American blood. Mexico “needs aid”, screw them, they need to build a HUGE fence along their northern border with the Estados Unidos. Once the fence is completed, we should tax ALL bank wire transfers going south of our border for building OUR southern Border Fence. We don’t need “electronic surveillance” we need an old fashioned razor wire barrier all along the border that makes it damn difficult if not fatal to try and cross over. We need an immigration plan that exactly mirrors Mexico’s immigration plan along their southern border, hey, if it’s good enough for Mexico, its good enough for me.

          • That foreign aid is peanuts when compared to the value of all the government influence and military bases we get out of it. These dictators we support often for their domestic audience say very unflattering, even threatening things about and to the US. Actions however are far from the rhetoric.

            Maintaining the USD as the world reserve currency is priceless. Paying off dictators, kings and laughably democratically elected leaders is a very small price to pay to maintain king of the hill status.

          • I agree, but…
            What is the difference between ‘foreign aid’ and ‘welfare’ within America? Both bribe the recipient thugs to not ‘act’ out. Eliminate both.

        • Wars are started over resources, whether it’s gold, mining rights, water, land or broke governments looking for an out, it’s always about resources on the bottom line. It’s always about taking something from somebody else, even their freedom.

          The only profiteers are the banksters who instigate and then fund them for a massive profit.

          People are so stupid.

      15. Hello,

        Just wanna let you all know… its global… Here in holland there are estimated 50000 people thinking of the problem of water, food or elektra for when this is gone… These people are preparing in holland for SHTF. The rest of the people are just the sheap and trust the western corrupt goverments. Europe is going to fall. Right after when the USA collapse. Its all connected. For myself … i teach people for the upcoming danger. Almost everybody said…. WHAHAHAHAHA youre nuts…. Well thats said i am only talk about this topic to people who are intresting in this… otherwise i leave them be. i believe the system/structure/sociaty has to collapse, its inevitable… this is going on for ages… sociaties are coming, flurisch, and perisch. time after time…. this time is no different. see roman empire, napoleon, mayas, inca’s etc… This time when we are rebuilding it. It will be without a monetaire system.

        i wish to all the people that are preparing to be kind to those who needed. lets not make the same mistake again… lets handle from the heart and love. only then we can make a sociaty that will work.

        peace too all… and lets just wait and see what will happen.


        • You hit the nail right on the head.

          Well done.

        • Hi

          I live in uk andd looking to connect with likeminded people in uk/Europe.
          With regards to SHTF. most sites I read are us based and would like to ask if you are able to provide any links for uk/euro communities.

        • Willkommen to SHTF…thanks for your input on Holland. One day I hope to visit, I heard it’s beautiful….but right now, prepping takes priority…I don’t see how this can go on much longer….

      16. I’ve told people of the coming shit storm and when they don’t believe it I just put up a round for them because I know they’ll be back looking for handouts and there will be so much chaos to take the time to do anything about it. I don’t see another way to look at this I will make decisions quickly . Preps equal options get some and be ready do people really want to go bothering people to get a can of soup or something any interaction with people is gonna be risky if folks are desperate for food. Worry about he things you have control over forget about the rest.

      17. Riots ! You bet because they owe us a pension and old age medical care for all the taxes we have paid into the system but all we are getting is the bins being emptied once a month and the pig police in the UK are all to be isued with cattle prods (Tazer guns) because a home grown terroristed killed someone in the army.

        Well call me stupid but are we the people not allowed to protect ourseleves against these so called terrorists and the police state, nevermind someone trying to break in to your house.

        Hitler’s SS would have loved the toys being given out to our pig police today and they need to be stopped before we are all marched off to camps.

      18. I am on the board for a major national non profit organization. A large component of our ministry is giving out food boxes to the needy. This usually includes the working poor and sometimes homeless people. At this point with the economy we give to anyone who asks. We typically give out between 80-120 food boxes a day. The boxes have enough food for a family of 5 to live on for a week.
        Most of the funding for the food program comes from FEMA. FEMA has a budgeted amount nationwide that they give to a handful of non profits specifically for food distribution for the needy. Most food banks get their money from this fund.
        The budgeted amount of money we have received over the last several years has continued to decrease. Last week we were told by the FEMA rep that we will receive one more installment in the next couple of months, and then the fund will be terminated- NATIONWIDE! Guess where this money is being reallocated to? Homeland security!! The FEMA rep told us that directly.

        They told us that the money that was budgeted nationwide for FEMA for food distribution that funded most food banks, and other non profits that feed the poor was being redirected to homeland security and that these organizations will not be getting money in the future. The director in charge of our non profit looked at me and said “this is on purpose, and will start food riots.”

        Food banks supply a large amount of food that many non profit organizations rely on to help the needy. Can you imagine what will happen when these major food distribution centers nationwide have no money to buy food to distribute to the organizations that provide food to the poor?

        I thought you would be interested in this information that came straight from the source. Feel free to share it however you want, if you want.

        There is power in the Blood of Jesus!

        (You be the judge taken from Steve Quayle Q Alerts)

        • @ Copperhead

          Interesting that they’ve got money to mow the people down but not feed them.

          In Spring of 2012 Gerald Celeste was predicting that Americans would be scrounging for food rather than Christmas presents by the end of the year. When that didn’t happen everyone gave him the Bronx raspberry.

          I’ve volunteered at food banks in my area. His timing was off but eventually his prediction will be spot on..

          • Congress needs to defund and shut down homeland security altogether. Redirect THAT money to feed the poor for now. Before that money is gone, they need to have a plan in place so they won’t need to feed so many poor in the future.

            Then I’d start scrapping the NSA data collection/storage centers. The NSA would no longer operate withing the United States for any reason or excuse. Anything here on American soil would be the jurisdictions of the FBI and state and local govts…terrorism included.

            I’d return the opium fields in Afghanistan to the afghanis and get the CIA out of the drug business.

            I’d defund Israel and the other countries that are still sucking off the American bribery teat.

            I’d close about half of our foreign military bases, beginning with those in hostile countries. Same thing with embassies, which are also just secret CIA look-out posts and arms trafficking routes anyway.

            Bottom line is, if it was up to me, I’d salvage this country and save us billions, by simply getting our nose out of everybody else’s ass, including and especially our own citizens.

        • Thank you Copperhead, for the heads up! You better believe it’s gonna start food riots!

        • And this kinda shit is why all food banks should be local.
          Communities , groups , churchs need to pull together to do this work themselves.
          Government dependance is just that.
          Our local food bank takes no money or goods from the state or federal government , just runs on donated goods and space as well as a small army of volunteers .

      19. I just read something in the morning paper that ruined my breakfast
        Republican legislators,who now control EVERYTHING in my state
        are pushing yet ANOTHER tax increase
        we already have one of the highest gas taxes in the nation
        but apparently it is not high enough to suit them

        first they gave us a TOKEN decrease in the income tax
        instituted dozens of other taxes or significantly raised some existing ones
        eg. the tax on electricity was DOUBLED

        meet the new boss WORSE than the old boss

        I just have to laugh when I hear people say elections change things
        for the worse

        tax and spend Democrats
        TAX AND SPEND Republicans

        • The biggest problem i see is the professional politicians,
          We have that here, is the reason our county and state are so fucked up,
          There is a house seat opening up and there are about a dozen names vying to replace the ill incumbent, almost every single name is a retread from one or more seats in the past,
          People just dont get it

      20. All I want to do is pay my bills. I can eat little food.

        • You deserve better, grandma.

      21. The single largest and most damaging change taking place in America is, in my opinion, the vast swath of young Americans — an entire generation or more — who are learning that the office of the President of the United States of America can be used to habitually LIE to the American people.

        Never before in our history has the presidency been so inexcusably and reprehensibly trashed through being used as a pulpit for blatant, bald-faced, conscious LIES. Lies that are being exposed right and left. Lies that have become so common that they are now the butt of jokes.

        THIS is the damage that Obama and his Communists have wrought. The damage to our institution of the presidency of a free republic and the damage to our young people who know, truly and in a practical sense, of no other president beyond Obama. The cynicism it is teaching them is beyond quantification in its harm to the nation.

        And the final strike is that no one is doing anything about it. No punishment has been forthcoming. Nobody has done anything to stop it. No rectification has been made.

        The lies just keep coming and nothing is done to stop it or punish it.

        The Oval Office, for God’s sake, is the pinnacle of freedom — God given freedom — that so many of our sons and daughters have fought and bled for. And it’s being utterly trashed.

        And no one is doing anything about it.

        • It is not only Obama. George Washington was a slave holding distilleries. Thomas Jefferson had a black slave mistress with a whole gang of children with her. James Buchanan was gay. Martin Van Buren was owned by several interests and was the first career politician. Jfk was a who’re-mongerer who solicited the help of mobsters repeatedly to kill Castro. Richard Nixon was the biggest liar of all. Reagan ran up the biggest deficit and was at the heart of Iran-contra. Both Bushes were crooked as dogs hind legs.

          Politicians are crap, always have been it would then stand to reason that if you are the top pol, then you are the biggest piece of crap.

          • Hitler killed millions, so did Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Ho, Castro, Putin has Journalists murdered and supports Dictatorships like Red China, North Korea, Cuba, and Iran…..etc.

            My point is that not all bad politicians are American.

            • No, that was NOT your point as anyone who can read your rant can easily ascertain. Your point was that Obama is the worst and biggest liar who has ever been the US President. I merely pointed out other stellar examples of shit in office.

      22. To me the real spot to keep an eye on seems to be between Russia and us, with “things” ramping up monthly?

        It also seem to fit into my understanding of the Biblical Prophesy?

        I believe Putin knew what he was saying when he invaded Georgia and told then President Bush, “The War has Begun”.

        I find it concerning that folks who rant about how biased our MSM is, will believe “anything” that appears on RT as Gospel. As if the FSB/KGB hasn’t ever heard of propaganda!

        Watch out fur them hogs.

        • The problem with that is the facts,
          And i have a problem with the US stance,
          The US has no business meddling in the affairs of Ukraine or any other country for that matter.
          Eastern Ukraine is primarily ethnic Russian
          This was all part of Russia at one point in time,
          The fact that the US assisted in installing a new leader who has since started shelling eastern Ukraine speaks volumes about the garbage we are dealing with in our country.
          These POS assholes would shell you or I if we spoke too loudly against them, you can count on it,

          • Where did you get your “facts”?

            Why do you accept the “facts” about the U.S., but not about Russia? Have you read the writings of Alexander Dugin? Are you aware that Russia openly plans on taking control of all of Europe. Which they have put into print.

            Are you 100% certain that the U.S. was behind the Revolution in the Ukraine? Prove it!

            Are all revolutions bad? Wasn’t the U.S, set up through a Revolution?

            Are the Ukrainian people not allowed their own Revolution?

            If Russia so determined to stop the immorality of “The West” why aren’t they sending Mission Workers, not “volunteers” from Russian Spec. Ops. into Europe?

            Like most Libertarians, you’re just an American Hater, Useful Idiot, and dope smoking dolt.


            • Fuck you

              • I agree with you Kula, but there are lots of people who try to make themselves feel better about themselves, by slinging as much shit on others as they can. The only way they can ever be a good guy, is if there’s no competition left for the title. This anonymous is clearly one of those people. He CAN’T believe Russia is only defending itself, because then his country would have to be the bad guy…his country can’t be the bad guy without taking him down too.

                I too am able to put bluster and govt programming aside and see things from a different point of view. Whether I like the way the Russians/Syrians/etc… want to live or not, I believe in their right to live as they choose without interference from other countries. This is the same view I have on Ukraine and the whole middle east.

                As long as they’re not bothering me and my country, it’s none of my business what they do…but if they stick their nose in MY business, I’ll send it back to them in a heart-shaped box.

                That’s how I see it. It makes propaganda irrelevant.

            • Anonymous

              tell all the kids at the FAUX News Network hey !

              and remember

              Mr Hannity likes his shoes spit shined and extra starch in the boxer shorts
              and be sure and pick out all the red M&M’s
              you know how he hates those

              • These are the people who are fine with our county being awash in ILLEGAL ALIENS,
                They are fine with working one day in every 3 to pay taxes,
                They are fine with being groped at the airport in exchange for “safety”
                They are fine with paying billions and billions to countries that hate the US.
                DOMESTIC ENEMIES

            • @ Anon(ymous Hasbara) —

              The regime in Washington has made no secret of its ultimate goal: regime change in Russia and ultimately breaking up the Russian Federation in order to plunder its resources.

              To that end, FOR DECADES it has steadily advanced NATO bases toward Russian borders in violation of solemn agreements.

              It has surrounded Russia with ABM sites while ridiculously proclaiming the deployments were directed against “Iran.”

              It has sponsored Chechen Islamic terror attacks in Russia, including Beslan. Google “The Chechens’ American friends” and take note of who they are: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, etc., — do these names ring a bell?

              It ignited the Georgian war by using its US proxies to murder Russian peace keepers in S. Ossetia in 2008.

              It spent billions overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine. Just search YouTube for “Nuland fuck the EU” to hear any one of a number of videos featuring the leaked recording of Israeli dual-citizen Victoria Nudelman (wife of Iraq War neocon Rober Kagan), lately of the “US” State Department, as she discusses Amerika’s installation of a new post-coup “Ukrainian” puppet government, also composed of Israeli dual-citizens, with the Israeli dual-citizen Geoffrey Pyatt, the then-“US” Ambassador to Kiev.

              Shouldn’t this suspicious preponderance of Israeli dual-citizens start ringing the alarm bells of all thinking Amerikans, in light of the wonderful gift such types have already given us in the form of the Iraq War? This time, we are not talking war against a bombed and blockaded basket case like Iraq.

              In closing, Anon(ymous Hasbara), I second Kulafarmer’s eloquent rebuttal to your drivel: Fuck you, and (I might add) fuck off. Be sure to take your degenerate Commie Pussy Riot bitches and that ugly lesbian whore Masha Gessen with you, and shove them as far as you can up John McCain’s ass, using your head as a battering ram.

              • @ Ahab

                Perfect example of a Russian Troll. How are “things” in Moscow now that you are all broke (again). Too bad/so sad.

                Still can afford Vodka, I bet?

                Keep up the FSB line about how Russia is the “Bestest Place Ever”. As your new Great Leader said, “The Fall of the Soviet Union was the biggest tragedy in History” RIGHT?

                • @ Anonymous Hasbara —

                  Ha, Ha, Ha! That made my day. If only I WAS in Russia (but St. Petersburg would be more my kind of place, not Moscow). But almost anyplace else is better than the Third World, decadent, Black and Brown infested sewer called Zionist Murka, land of the People of Walmart, Mulatto music, the “Reverend” King, menorahs on the White House lawn and the Kardashians.

                  Tell your Mossad supervisor to check my file — as I stated many times here, I’m a CENTRAL EUROPEAN born and bred in JYC (Brooklyn, actually) and there are many more like me, all over the former American Republic you and your tribe have destroyed and ROTTED OUT from the inside. Not everybody in Murka is a brain-dead idiot hopped up on HFCS, Reba Macintyre songs and Jay-zus. We who know the score on YOU people have long memories.

                  Now that the TRIBE is leading Murka and what’s left of West Europe toward WAR with Russia, are they distributing Kosher iodine Tablets in Tel Aviv? Or is radiation just for the Goyim, on both sides, who the learned elders have decreed shall die in the coming blaze of nuclear fire?

            • Anonymous….GO AND FUCK YOURSELF.

          • Kula,
            Does Russia/China have any business meddling in Cuban affairs, or Vietnamese affairs, or Polish affairs, or Eastern Germany’s affairs?

            If we can’t trust our media, why do you assume that we can trust another countries?

            • I dont trust any of them,
              We have no business meddling in other countries affairs. Period.
              I dont give a rats ass what other countries do, but the US needs to take care of its own house for a change

              • So in other words, you don’t know shit, so STFU!

                • Same to you fucker,

                • How’s life at POX News? Does O’Reilly still enjoy a good loofa bath with you?

                  Hey look, Chris Christie is in the green room. Get in there and make him feel special!!!

              • I agree with KF and wish the US government would stop trying to police the whole world. We shouldn’t have our army in over 100 countries and certainly shouldn’t be paying to defend Germany, Great Britain, S. Korea, Japan, etc.

                Eliminate the Army completely during peace time. Canada isn’t going to invade us, Mexico already has, and anyone else doesn’t have the sea transport capacity to get past our Air Force or Navy to land an army.

                What eastern Ukraine does isn’t my concern and I wouldn’t trade 1 dead American for who gets Crimea. Did we suffer any when Vietnam fell to communism? What do I care if China and Japan argue over some rocks in the SE pacific? Some guy we don’t like is running Libya or Syria,or wherever? Who cares?

                I’m for non-intervention. There will always be tyrants and bad places and it isn’t our job to save the world. We should lead by example and be prepared to defend ourselves. Nothing more.

                • The US Military deployed across the globe is the keystone that holds the USD world reserve currency / oil peg together. This allows a huge reservoir to dilute the ever increasing supply of new money which maintains the US economy.

                  The Military Industrial Complex is a side beneficiary of the above convoluted prostituted global economic arrangement.

                  • Both of the beneficiaries in your point are bad and should be ended.

        • @ Them Hogs

          I share your focus on what might happen between the world’s leading warmonger and Russia. Ebola was an exercise in mass disinformation and to the best of my knowledge ISIL doesn’t have missile submarines targeted here.

          What isn’t FSB propaganda is Russia lost 20 million civilians and 10 million soldiers in their Great Patriotic War. The US total was @ 425,000 worldwide. Our homeland was untouched. Russia was wrecked at least as badly as Germany. That war is ancient history to most Americans. Something we think about once or twice a year. But it’s in the present day consciousness of everyday Russians.

          Yes, there’s a FSB. There’s also a CIA. One of them is aggressively fucking with people around the world, one of them isn’t.

          • @John_Allen

            Gee, I would think that the Russian Citizens would be much more concerned about the 60-80 million people murdered by their government than WW2? Or maybe their lack of a Free Press since Putler took over?

            Funny how masses of people are just trying to break into Russia to live because it’s soooo great there! No wait that’s the USA.

            Silly me! (sarcasm)

            • @ Anonymous

              Your pal Alexandr Dugin could have given Hitler lessons on how to be a fascist. According to Wiki, someone in the Kremlin and the Russian military listens to him. Burden of proof is on you that they consider him more than a crackpot whose father was a colonel general and thus a member of their elite.

              Cite your source for the “60 to 80 million people Russia murdered in WW2. Most civilian casualties Amerika inflicted in WW2 were accidental but some were policy. We’ve been among the most blood thirsty on the planet since.

              You need to take your meds if you think the Amerikan press is any more free than the Russian. The lame stream media is nothing if not a mouthpiece for USG propaganda.
              Believe whatever you want to, I really don’t care.

              The Amerikan middle class has by policy been gutted for a long time. Pedro crosses our unguarded border because even our minimum wage is better than anything he can get at home. Pedro might arrive to scrub toilets and die with a tradesman’s license or a law degree… no thanks to our increasingly totalitarian government.

              Pedro is mostly welcome here because big business wants him to depress prevailing wages and the statist progressives believe with some justification that he will vote their way.

      23. Guess What Happened The Last Time The U.S. Dollar Skyrocketed In Value Like This?…

        the US dollar is actually quite strong at the moment
        and world reserve currencies don’t just change over night
        it generally takes decades for this to happen
        remember the pound sterling ?

        what we can expect is that the looting of the 1% will continue unabated,the flow of wealth from the bottom to the top will continue and even worsen

        our standard of living will show a steady rate of decline
        hamburger at $4 a lb will be a fond memory

        more and more people will fall out of the middle class
        and into the ranks of the working poor,barely able to feed and house themselves
        each generation will be poorer and poorer

        we could have a black swan type event that will crash it all quite quickly
        but that may or may not happen

        what we WILL have is “the long emergency” as Kunstler puts it

      24. 46,000,000 on food stamps, average benefit of about 260$ that is close to 12 billion dollars a month
        Sheesh, now thats a lot of spam,,,,
        Were screwed,

      25. Take care of homeland FIRST. The borders should have been closed years ago. Checking who comes in is important. World piece will never happen. So, war will go on for us. We just need the right tough leader.

      26. It’s not going to be done away with . The dollar will just become a digit in your account as it is now on your monthly statements if you have an account . sure other countries may try to leave the dollar but it WON’T take it down, the only thing that’s going to go away soon is the PAPER . Period . We will all use a I.D. card with an chip or you can have it implanted at first for convieniance . you will buy ,sell, trade ,make investments , all will be electronic transfers .Plus just think how much less exposure they’ll be with NO contact with paper money …it will cut down on passing germs. We are the order of the ages so just get used to it , you’ve been a part of it all your life anyway and you were happy wasn’t you ? quit crying ,go back to work,eat your sandwich for lunch and talk about something important like , have you called your mother today just to say …mom i love you , thank you and dad for my raising !

        • Pass on the just getting used to it,,,,
          Resist till the end!

        • I agree! I have been working on this and it is about going digital and quick. The infrastructure is in place and the beta testing done (mostly in Sweden). We will wake up one day soon and the President will inform us about the need to make the financial system more secure and stable. He will then describe the transition to an all-digital, global system.

          “I have asked Congress to facilitate this transition; not because it is easy, but because it is necessary. So, along with our bipartisan allies in Congress, I will issue an Executive Order as of tomorrow that will ensure all citizens have access to digital wealth. There will no longer be poverty, as everyone in the world will have a minimum income. In order to transition to this new system, all citizens must turn in paper currencies and gold and silver. The penalty is 20 years in prison if you do not do so. Finally, I would like to address all of you personally. The world is undergoing massive change. We can flinch from this and live in fear; or we can be bold, brave. When the call is made, Americans have always been brave. When we needed to take down al Qaeda, we did it. Now, we must take down ISIS, Russia and China – and we will do it. In order to also eradicate global poverty, the Globo will be your currency, my currency, the world’s currency. God bless America; God bless the world. I will now turn over the lectern to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.”

          “Tank u werry much Mistah Prezident.”

      27. Sorry peace. Not my day. The computer did it.

      28. The destruction of America continues. Illinois now issues drivers licenses to illegals. Illegals can use the matricula card to get a drivers license. The TSA says that people from Illinois will now need more than a drivers license for ID to board an aircraft as the Illinois license will no longer meet the minimum requirements for legitimate ID. You see a matricula card issued by the Mexican Consulates in the US are not legitimate ID’s because anyone get it and you can have more than one in different names. The Mexican government doesn’t even recognize the cards as legitimate in Mexico. Only the stupid Gringo will take it.

        • So what exactly is the point you’re trying to make here. Is it we should all be depressed because there’s nothing to be done other complain about it? I that’s the case, why bother to even bring it up?

          • JT, the point is, it’s info. Show up for your flight and they might not let you board. Get it?

      29. Your only real wealth is what you know how to do.

        Anything else can be seized and taken away from you.

      30. Kevin2:

        You ask the question “why Obama?” in your first post.

        You answered your own question in your second post:

        “The bankers will be snickering”.

      31. I can see a silver lining in rioting, sounds strange but there is.

        As I see it the riots will start in the big cities. This will give us folks that live out in the country time to get better set for them coming out of the cities. Like getting the group together and moving to BOL. Or just prepping the site that you are going to Bug in to.
        This might just give you more time to stock up on things that you might be short on.

        If it does happen there is nothing we can do about it. So get ready it is on it’s way!


      32. The problem with the collapse theory is “they won’t let it happen”. We know there is a problem. We see it, taste it, smell it but they simply won’t let it happen. As long as they can use your money i.e. bank accounts, 401k accounts etc. they will continue to live on top of the pile.

        Only when you’ve had enough of their crap will something happen.


      33. “Americans Are Not Prepared For The Collapse Of The Dollar: “There Will Be Riots””

        LOL! Hell, boys-n-girls, most Americans aren’t even prepared for their favorite inane TV show to be cancelled, let alone a REAL problem. Is this comic relief? It seems like it.

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