Creative Prepping: 5 Everyday Items That Do Double Duty in an Emergency

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.

    Let’s cover a few tools that you can carry and some of their subtle uses…not necessarily the uses for which they’re designed. You want things that are convenient to carry and usable, yet not for everyone’s eyes. Most of the time when a severe emergency or survival situation arises, you’re not going to have the time to go to your handy toolkit and pull out everything you need. You may have to improvise and also use what you have on hand.

    We know about multitools, especially Leatherman’s, Gerber Multi-Tools, and folding knives. We are going to cover some you might not have considered, as well as listing some things you can carry that have multiple functions. Let’s do it!

    Survival Card Tool 0.5

    Yes, that is the name of it, made by Ultimate Survival Technologies. You can order this one at or pick it up in a big-box store for $3.00. It has 11 functions: Knife, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, hex wrench with 4 positions, direction indicator, 2-position hex wrench, lanyard hold, saw, groove-wrench, and can opener. All of this stuff is on 1 tool, in the size and shape of a credit card and made of stainless steel…real steel, the kind that a magnet sticks to. It comes with a little plastic sheath. I advise keeping the sheath, as it’s pretty sharp and can potentially cut your wallet if you shift around with it. Also, you may want to cut the back panel off describing the functions…with a diagram…put into the pouch along with the card tool to help you until you’re familiar with it. Tuck it in your wallet until you need it.


    Carry a small magnet with you…the “extra strong” variety, approximately the same size, and shape as a “button” battery. The magnet can be used for many things. Verifying that an object claimed to be stainless steel actually is, for one. Also, for testing any kind of jewelry or coins to find if you’re getting gypped. In addition, the magnet can support something, such as a map or chart you may need to reference on the go. You can affix it to something you may need to mount on an object made of metal. You can magnetize a needle and make a compass point out of it by rubbing the needle on the magnet repeatedly (a field-expedient method). You can also detect counterfeit money with it. Real currency has iron fibers within its ink, and it will move a bill that’s folded in half (in an L-shape) with one-half vertical and the magnet moved close to it.

    Grocery Store Vegetable Produce Bags

    When they come off the “roll,” they are folded into a long strip/piece. Separate them and refold them as an “accordion.” These bags can be placed into a wallet and kept for when needed.  Need to not leave a print? The bag can help you. Also, inclement weather? Place your piece inside of it, and then back into the holster. The bag will keep moisture and debris out of your weapon, and if you need to you can fire with the piece still in the bag with no ill effects. A multitude of other uses can be found quite easily for these bags.

    Paper Clips

    Very useful as a potential expedient fishhook, as a “probe” for some type of small object under your skin or in your flesh, a cleaning implement/scraping tool for a weapon…the list is endless. You can tuck one of these inside your hat liner or inside of your wallet. You can also escape cuffs with one of them, although you’ll have to practice. When you wish to test it on yourself, have someone around to help you if you’re not successful.

    Safety Pins

    These little guys are worth their weight in gold when it hits the fan. They can also be used as probes for splinters and foreign debris under the skin, as a fishhook, a fastener to temporarily repair or patch an article of clothing such as a tear or a busted zipper or snap. Read more about the multiple uses of safety pins and SHTF emergency. They can also be sterilized with a flame to lance a boil or cyst.  Make sure and obtain multiple sizes, and affix these to pocket flaps, hats, shirts, or whatever articles of clothing you are wearing all the time.

    One thing I wish to stress is that you should not just gather these items. You should practice employing them in the manner that I’ve outlined here. This is just scratching the surface. You can make covers for binocular lenses out of plastic lids, turn a nylon stocking into a scope cover that cuts down on glare for your forward objective lens, or use the stocking as a field-expedient substitution for handcuffs or flex-cuffs. Only your imagination limits what you can do. We welcome your comments and what you may wish to share with others on this topic. JJ out!


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      1. Has anybody here ever caught a fish
        with a safety pin?
        I’ve had a Gerber multi-tool for ever,
        that card thing is so-so.
        Paperclips picking handcuffs,
        once they use the second lock
        position, is no good.
        You are better off killing the cop
        before he cuffs you.
        As far as Magnets for compasses,
        If you don’t have a compass by now
        what use are you? If the world is that far gone,
        sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
        There is another star to the north that never
        For survial stuff,
        how do you make yeast for a bread machine
        from scratch?

        • Take a potato and cook it in a little water until it disintegrates, add tiny pinch of sugar. Set whole pot on window sill until it looks terrible and stinks. You now have a sour dough starter yeast. Take some of the glop and add flour, pinch of sugar, until sort of solid, keep moist in old leather bag under your shirt and you are now an old sourdough.

          • Thanks!
            I tried something similar,
            but I only used flour per internet
            My wife a professional
            chef, refused to try to make
            bread with the yeast I made.
            I’m not generally
            allowed in the kitchen.
            My specialty is rice, beans and
            franks, AKA jail food.
            I’ll give it a try
            with the potato.

            • totally made me day. rice beans and franks, sounds good, add a little tomato.

        • Nope, never caught a fish using a safety pin. This is the same guy who suggested we learn how to run a “trout line” What lb. test is he recommending for that “trout line”

          • Panther- the term is “trot line.” It works. I use 12 lb monofilament, as you can catch bigger fish even in small creeks. I have lost a few fish, but most won’t break the line.

        • Killing a cop ?? Really ??Are you an American??

          • cops are nothing more than armed thugs, given a license to kill and victimize by the goobermint. Gooberment is the ruling elite that demands your compliance to their will or they send the thugs to make you comply.

            “Freedom” has never existed, as it is a concept diametrically opposed to the creation, and continued use of ANY central government at all levels.

            Americans lost what they never actually gained in 1776 the moment they substituted a federal govt. for the ass-kissing shenanigans under the crown. The fed govt. was simply a substitute in telling people what they can and cannot do.
            “American” is a title one who is subservient to the PTB uses to declare their slavery….

      2. A really good knife is the ultimate multi tool.

        It is a weapon against predators of many kinds.

        It is the best tool for cutting up a meat carcass.

        It is a can opener.

        It is a garlic press.
        Smash garlic piece with your knife.
        Remove the paper cover.
        Add salt and olive oil while sliding the knife until it blends together.
        Apply to bread, etc.

        A knife will cut rope, paracord, or a thread.

        A knife can be heated over a fire and used to close a wound.

        A great knife is your best, most important tool.


        • Don’t let your knife blade get too hot in a fire because you risk ruining its HT/Temper.
          One thing I refuse to skimp on is my knives.
          I only buy knives from respected brands that are made from powdered steels.
          CPM-3v steel is arguably the best all-around blade steel.
          CPM-3v is second to none in toughness,has phenomenal edge retention, and isn’t all that difficult to resharpen.
          Compared to conventional steels,CPM-3v steel is on another planet.
          Compared to 98% of PM stee

        • “A knife can be heated over a fire and used to close a wound”

          Be careful not to overheat your blade over a fire because it can ruin its HT/Temper.
          If I was looking for a knife(I’m not,I own 57) I would get a fixed blade made from CPM-3v steel.
          CPM-3v is second to none in toughness,has phenomenal edge retention, and decent rust resistance.
          Although there’s a few steels that have slightly better edge retention than CPM-3v,they are nowhere near as tough.
          CPM-3v is as close to perfect as blade steels get.

        • My mind is the most important tool and the ultimate weapon in any situation.

        • Honeypot I have to agree with Anonymous on heating a knife blade over a fire to cauterize a wound. Definitely harmful to the blade cause it would have to be cherry red hot to close the wound.

      3. You can use the curb or sidewalk to open cans, just takes a little patience and time.

        • Betcha I won’t find you opening a can of beans on a Frisco or L.A. sidewalk curb.

          • Nope, I wouldn’t you are correct.

        • I got nothing against a good carbon steel blade. They just require a little more care than S30v steel (Benchmade Sibert bushcraft) than others and are easier to keep a sharp edge. Strop your edges and that edge will be even better.

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