Crazy Dashcam Video: Cop Crashes Into Armed Thief, Sends Him Flying Into The Air

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Headline News | 96 comments

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    The following shocking footage out of Arizona was captured on police dashcams and shows suspect Mario Valencia walking down the street carrying a firearm. Police were trailing the suspect who had allegedly been on a crime spree all morning and had stolen a rifle from Walmart earlier in the day.

    As police move in on the suspect he discharges his firearm, leading two squad cars to slow down. One officer can be heard providing details as the incident unfolds, warning others that the man is armed, locked and loaded:

    One round just went out… into the sky… it’s definitely unlocked now… he’s definitely loaded.

    Have units be prepared… stand off, stand off… the gun is loaded… stay off.

    As he slows down another patrol car can be seen speeding into the seen from his right, striking the suspect and sending him flying.

    “Oh, Jesus Christ – man down,” he screams as he realizes what happened.

    This was the scene from a first-person perspective:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    The following footage was taken by the dashcam in the car of the officer providing incident details and shows a different perspective:

    While it’s not often that you see a police officer slam his vehicle into a suspect, the fact is that the man was armed and had already shown that he was prepared to fire his handgun with total disregard for public safety. Moreover, he had been tracked by police throughout the day for crimes he’d allegedly committed.


    (Pictured: Officer Michael Rapiejko slammed an armed suspect with his vehicle)


    (Pictured: Mario Valencia spent two days in the hospital following the incident)

    The man survived his injuries. He was arrested and charged two days later.

    KOLD-TV reports that an investigation supports the action of police:

    ‘This was a dangerous felon who’d been on a crime spree throughout the morning.

    ‘He’d just stolen a weapon, loaded it, was not obeying commands from officers and was walking toward occupied businesses .It’s a busy time of morning, a lot of employees at work.

    ‘We had to take immediate action and make sure he didn’t get inside those businesses.’

    With all of the negative press for police departments recently, especially with videos depicting the total lawlessness of some police officers, this one seems to show that the public was served and protected.


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      1. i got five bucks that says the dude crossed illegally and is waiting for obama amnesty

        now we get to spend $50000 a year housing and feeding him in prison

        Rapiejko, next time you decide to hit a guy with your car slam on the damn gas and save the taxpayer some money

        • No, Sherriff Joe doesn’t spend that mucho per prisoner. Other states could learn a lot from him.

          • Id hit it!

            Hit it harder so we dont have to pay for this idiots recovery.

            • My only complaint with the officer is that he didn’t throw it up into reverse and finish the goat. Guess when he hit that wall it might of jarred him some. Fine job officer.

            • Looked like an old shot of an Evel Knievel move where the stunt didn’t come off as planned. I love acrobatics!

            • Agreed, should have squished him flat.

            • Only regret is the body work the car will need…and rebuilding the wall.

        • so THAT’S where the two good cops in america are!…nice!

          • 🙂

        • Mario the flying hooligan really went far, They need to book mario for leaving the scene of an accident.


          Old people,

          For years you’ve been telling me to support our troops and troopers are my best protection. You can have them. I hope your children’s homes get invaded and you can call the pigs to come to their rescue.

          Me, well, methinks God made man and woman, and Sam Colt made them equal.

          Unless I am groping your daughter.

          God, I love being the bad boy.

          • just when I was gonna give police an attaboy and a little praise I clicked on acid’s first video. Please everyone watch it and tell me we are not living in a police state, we are fukt unless we start fighting back aggressively and without compromise, ideally we should start by demanding these occupying forces should not be patrolling our streets, and if that don’t work…..well…. you figure it out. Watch the way they treat this guy, the way they just make shit up, the way they’re circle around him but also stand back a few paces. It’s like watching interactions of soldiers with Iraqis. Look at the gear, one guy demands he not point the camera in his direction because apparently they make weapons that look like cameras…..What weapons? IED’s in Iraq? Please just watch the video and tell us we are not now considered the enemy and living in an occupied country (all be it only partially, for now). This will continue to grow if we allow it.

            Please everyone watch acid’s first video. I would also like to hear everyone’s take on it. I’ve not even got to the second one yet and my blood pressure is already through the roof. God help us.

            Btw, like I was sayin at first though, good move on the cop, nice clean hit, sort of a good hard graze, just enough to where in court he could say it was an accident if he has too 🙂

          • AE:

            You are not a “bad boy” you are a PIG….

          • Acid, don’t try that shit with my daughter unless you want a dose of 00 buckshot.

            • brave, you don’t even HAVE a daughter. Christ, what a dipshit!

        • I got $10 bucks that some sympathetic liberal judge will let this turd sue the cop and the city that ran him down and receive millions……

          • I’ll take that bet Stan. Pima County is liberal, but with the exception of Gabbie Gifford, her husband, and a few others; most notably those associated with La Raza, they know the difference between criminals and citizens.

            The Court appointed Attorney is already screaming “excessive force”, but hey, that’s what she is paid to do to get her client a shorter sentence.

            Not gonna happen. 🙂

        • Unfortunately the worst educated cops in action again. This could have been solved in a totally different matter.

        • Wow. I all but guarantee that nothing will come of this. The officer will be cleared and said to have “acted properly.” Far from being there to protect citizens, even from themselves, the police now exist and operate so as to remove any threat. Whether the threat is posed to the individual themselves or others is irrelevant. They simply act to take the threat out as quickly as possible.

      2. Well,that’s one way to save ammo!

        • That makes me want to put a huge steel pipe bumper on the front of the truck 🙂

      3. 9mm 115gr. slug, Large Ford 2500LBS. The car was more than likely heading to the junk yard. I can’t see a better way to send it off to the happy junk yard in the sky.

        Wrong thing to shoot at a squad car. So SOB will sue the cops for wrongful injury.


        • Good morning, Sarge. My only complaint was that the officer didn’t finish off the possible illegal alien. Now that’s another scum our tax dollars have to support. Otherwise, the officer acted appropriately.

      4. Yall might like this, posted on the last article, still in moderation, so enjoy….
        Bless all here…

        ht tp:// Excerpt: More @ link
        You’ve had a survival blog for 4 years and your spouse doesn’t know.
        Your family does not know there’s a case of Dinty Moore stew hidden in the basement
        You stand around the office water cooler laughing with your buddies about all those tin-foil hat wearers – but you have your own roll of Reynolds Wrap at home.
        You’re an anonymous poster on Infowars.
        While you were supposed to be grocery shopping, you were checking out escape routes out of the city.
        You’ve got a Swiss Army knife on your keychain that looks like a roach clip, instead of a roach clip that looks like a Swiss Army knife.
        You’ve read The Turner Diaries with a flashlight under the bed covers, so now you think you know what’s coming.
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        You’ve asked a survivalist group to try to convince your spouse that prepping is a good idea.
        Your family thinks you’ve become a religious fanatic, but every Sunday morning you are really taking trips into the wilderness.
        You tell your wife the gas mask you bought is to spark up your sex life – you’d rather have her think you’re a pervert than a prepper.

        Read more: ht tp://

        • He will come out of the closet as a hero when jade helm goes live:)

        • Thanks eppe; i needed that, got knee surgery coming up and the old horse ain’t what he used to be. No more “run through the Jungle” No more want to be 18 again. My wife says I’m still full of it but she still loves me. Love the idea of the gas mask but I think It might freak out my wife. Cheers.

          • Freaking out the wife….reminds me of an old trucker friend that was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, back in 2005, when insurance companies began covering cost of CPAP machines and the masks,filters,hoses, etc.

            He drove for a large company that required him to use the device in his truck when he was off-duty and sleeping.

            He told me about one occasion whereby he had just got his CPAP all hooked up and was about to drift off when there was a knock on his truck door. He ignored it, and about ten minutes later once again knock, knock , knock.

            Pissed off he pulled the hose from the base of the machine, which was still attached to his mask with about three feet dangling, while the mask was still attached to his head, and opened the truck door.

            A shocked and surprised lot lizard began stepping backwards away from the truck and fell on her ass. He says she got up and ran like hell since she apparently had never seen such a device and thought the driver was some sort of wierdo.

            The way the little old trucker told the story was even funnier than the lot lizard falling backwards on her ass.

            i was about to fall on my own ass, because of laughing so hard.

        • EPPE
          Thanks for the laugh!
          My wife was like the guys wife, until she saw Jericho and The Road. She also started seeing the thing I was trying to point out to her.

      5. Now that’s funny!!:-)

      6. “…man down”…

        • If the link n AE’s comment is legit there is no hope for humanity.

          From that link I went to endalldisease dot come. Read the article on Big Mac’s. You will never brag about being able to eat a $1 hamburger again.

      7. So it’s OK to write off a patrol car, so long as you are stopping a threat? Let’s see, price of a couple of rounds through a rifle as compared to the price of a high powered car = NO PROBLEM. It’s only public money. Besides they can grab your money or possessions at any time and call it “forfeiture”, right?
        And NO I didn’t reed that he had actually shot anyone, so he wasn’t an immediate threat.

        • It’s a lot cheaper than the lawsuit that would follow when an errant round fired from a police officer struck an innocent bystander or kid. People like you crack me up…the guy already robbed a store and was firing rounds into the air. You really think that was going to end well?? If they had shot and killed him you would have been screaming police brutality. If they didn’t shoot him or run him down and he killed someone you would have been saying the pigs are useless. Come back and join reality. Sometimes cops actually do the right thing. This was one of those cases.

        • “….wasn’t an immediate threat.”

          Are you serious?

        • KD, the guy had already committed some other crimes including stealing a rifle. Walking around with a loaded rifle in public and shooting straight up in the air is not normal behaviour. This is where Newton’s Law Of Gravity comes in. What comes up has to come back down. What if one of those live rounds had struck a child? While I can agree running over the suspect with the car is unconventional, it was effective and put a stop to the suspect’s BS. Personally i would have 2 quick shots to the head myself. Most likely another illegal alien our tax dollars will be supporting.

          • Additionally…..running the guy down did not endanger the lives of innocent bystanders.

            Most people assume that when a cop pulls the trigger, he never misses. Nothing could be further from the truth.

            Case in point….the recent murder of the man in S. Carolina by cop. The officer shot 8 times at a range of less than 50 feet. 5 rounds out of the 8 struck the guy as I understand it. So….where did the other three rounds go? They could have easily struck another person.

            And there was a police involved shooting in NY, City sometime back, where at lease one innocent bystander was struck by police bullets.

            I’m not criticizing cops here. It’s just the way things go when the bullets start flying. Firing a pistol accurately is not that easy….especially in a stressful situation.

        • gotta wonder what your priorities are dude???

        • KD, gotta wonder what your priorities are dude???

          • I’m still baffled by KD’s comment…so a guy walking down a street who has just committed a robbery, stolen a rifle and fired a round off is not an immediate threat?! Man…I wanna live in your magic kingdom. Someone shows up in front of your house doing that and you tell me then if its a threat. The fail is strong in you.

        • KD

          That’s about as immediate as a threat gets. I gotta give him props on it. Though I understand what your sayin, he could’ve tried to do it with a little less property damage, but hey when the time is right, why worry about a little fender damage, and a few mailboxes.

        • Logic and common sense doesn’t factor into this situation, the cops had it all under control! 😉 YEEEAAAHHHHH RIGHT!

      8. “Sometimes having a badge an bein’ a lil’ cray cray is a good thing!”

      9. judge, jury, executioner

      10. I am so proud to say it happened in my backyard. I LOVE Arizona

        • Solus lupus, I know exactly where this attack happened since I lived in that area until 99. The school is only a half-block from that store and they have trouble there all the time. Maybe time for another Michael Brown?

      11. Cops: Black Son’s lie for being late home leads black mom, friends to savagely beat black homeless man with a hammer , club and a foot stomping.

        Homeless man is now in a drug induced coma.

        Anyone else seeing a trend here?

        • chimps on a rampage!

        • Chimpout.


          There are Thousands of Cases of Black on White Violent Assaults, Robberies, Rapes and Murders that go unreported by the Mainstream ZOG Media.

          Homeless people are easy targets for Feral Blacks and other Predators.

        • Typical black BS.

      12. Glad fuckin criminals getting taken out. I don’t want to pay to support them in jail then have some judge let them out so they can rob or hurt someone else. Car makes a sweet battering ram. It’s like that game grand theft auto where the cops smash the shit out of you.

        • Negroids beat him, knock him out and then wonder why he is laying on the ground knocked out. Typical Negro Low IQ. Bunch of Fugging Mental Midgets.
          See White Man…These Negros just caught a suspected Mugger but instead of holding him for the Police, they deliver Mob Justice. They have the same Mob Justice planned for You, your Wife and your Children. Only difference is that Justice for Whitey will be far more Brutal and Severe. Just look at all of the Blacks murdering White South Africans (Dutch Afrikaners) and the epidemic of Black on White Violent crimes and Murders in Amerika.


        • After watching this, like I have always said there are some VERY GOOD black folks out there.

          • …bet crackhead won’t be attacking any old ladies on that block again…

        • Why oh why don’t people shoot video in landscape vs portrait?


          • If you turn the cellphone sideways to shoot the video in landscape, it will be sideways when you post it. I have seen lots of videos posted like that. You have to turn your head sideways to view them.

      13. Why do the majority think that what this cop did was OK?

        The police ARE NOT entitled to administer physical punishment on anyone period. Their only mandate is to use the minimum force necessary to restrain an individual and take them into custody.

        The way the constitution spells it out is that it is our judicial system that administers punishment….not some Judge Dredd Cop.


        • Cellar, for once maybe the majority has a modicum of common sense. Maybe you would suggest that after this fine fellow got through doing all of the target practice that he desired, he might be invited to appear before a magistrate at his convenience to see whether he had misbehaved or not. Are you kidding me. And by-the-way what is minimum force, for taking an armed thug. Trekker Out. Brown Lives Matter!

        • CS Its ok, there’s more pouring over the border everyday. He won’t be missed. Next!

          • CS, it did not look like the gentleman was going to surrender without incident. If you had been there how would you have handled it? I don’t see this as a cop in the wrong .

            • There are no dead cops, no dead bystande3rs and the perp lived to appear in court…I’d say this is an improvement over recent incidents.

        • In this incident the perp clearly displayed on camera in front of multiple witnesses – INTENT, OPPORTUNITY AND CAPABILITY to be a deadly threat to the general public at large!

          DEADLY FORCE is authorized under such circumstances.

          A motor vehicle used in such a manner is considered DEADLY FORCE!

          The piggy’s actions fall’s within his USE OF FORCE policy options in how he could of handled this dangerous situation without causing injury to himself, other officers and the general public at large.

          And he ‘contained the danger’ to just that immediate area, where using high powered firearms and a few hundred of rounds to take down the perp in a housing area could of caused unknown injury to multiple civilians and police and property damages in the 10’s of thousands of dollars in the immediate incident area.

          the cop did good and right on this one.

          his cray cray actions saved lives!

        • Please name for us the minimum force you would like to see used on an armed robbery suspect who had already fired his LONG GUN indiscriminately into the air? BTW…that round had to come down. What if it came down on your kids skull? I bet you would sing a different tune. Tasters are limited to 25-35′ feet for deployment. Getting that close to a guy with a long gun is suicide. Get a grip on reality.

          • CJ,

            The role of the police plain and simple is to restrain the individual and bring him/her in to be processed by our justice system. It is not their role to administer physical harm to an individual beyond what is necessary to restrain them. Plain and Simple.

            Now, if our justice system says If one is an Asshole like that fucktard was, then they will stand on a spot and be hit with a Dodge Charger with a full blown hemi on board, going 70 miles an hour, then fine. So be it. But note that the justice system says that, not the unilateral actions of a single individual.

            99% of the issues with police and government officials has to do with unnecessary force. Police and government officials MUST act within a limited range. That is what we pay them for. No one said being a police officer is easy. That is why they get enhanced pay packages better than most.

            And for further note, our system is NOT about minimizing risk to police, it is about minimizing risk to “we the people”….whether bad or good.

            If you want to eliminate all risk to police, then you get the beloved police state. If you want to minimize risk to “we the people”, then you get what is outlined in the original constitution.

            • Very well stated, but I doubt most here will get it!

            • The police are charged with investigating crimes and bringing people to justice. When those people forcibly resist the police are to use whatever force is necessary to overcome that resistance. As far as minimizing the risk to the people this was a shining example of minimizing the risk to the people. The only person who was going to get hurt was the armed felon who was shooting in public. Had they shot at him and missed (a high probability that not every round fired would hit the intended target) innocents could have been hit and killed. You still didn’t answer the question. What action would you have taken in the same situation? You are quick to lob complaints at the police for their handling of this situation but have offered no safer or reasonable alternative to the action they took.

      14. The predator was armed with a rifle. Was a clear and present danger to officers and to others. The police car gave the driver some cover and some concealment. The predator needed stopping. The officer stopped him. What’s the problem?

        I”m being somewhat facetious, and somewhat serious. Pedestrian had fired shots. Was a danger to others. Needed to be stopped. Was. Let the armchair whiner chorus say what it will.

      15. Zero Hedge: 330 Million Citizens & Only One Democrat Interested In Being President

        • Copperhead:

          Seems she is the only “crook” that has the ability to squeeze $2B (yep, billion) out of her supporters to fund her campaign. And OF COURSE, those who donated only expect a nice ‘thank you’ card in the mail….

          Once again, running for a job that costs billions to obtain while the job only pays thousands. OH YAH!

          Her top campaign managers were Obama’s campaign managers. Birds of a feather.

          However, she IS running on a platform to support the middle class. No one explained to the public she means the middle class of billionaires; “not middle class Americans, for God’s sake”, get real….

          AIPAC has already selected your next criminal president to tear down what the Obama administration might not have finished on their way out.

          The OWO/UN can SMELL their victory……

      16. I would have loved to see the cop pull up next to the Illegal Alien (who was armed by Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” gun running plan) and just gun the criminal down.

        One less Future Demonrat that way. By Hitting him with the Police Car, he let the scumbag live to sue the Police with his lawyer, Moishe Weinsteen. Dead scum cost nothing to house, feed or pay settlement to.

      17. How has no one mentioned that the cop is a dead ringer for Willem DaFoe?

        • I had to go back and look, but he really is!


        meanwhile in europe…

        The ‘Awakened’ Euro Tax Debt Slaves are Revolting during a live ECB t.v. press conference!

        ECB President Mario Draghi Attacked By Protester Screaming “End ECB Dick-tatorship”

      19. Pretty sad this is condoned and acceptable.

        • It’s more acceptable than an innocent bystander being gunned down in his own yard.

      20. Just execute these pieces of human wetback filth or force them to do life w/ hard labor. Deport the rest of the 25 million illegals (including the “dreamers”). Militarize the border. Force Mexico to pay reporations in the form of (1) barrel of oil per day for every illegal alien still undeported in the country. Problem solved.!!!!

        • It wouldn’t be the internet without the obligatory “kill all the brown people” guy.

      21. Ole !!! I love this.

      22. “You can’t go back Bob.”

      23. I am no way “served and protected” if any police officer or his supervisor or his department believes it is justified to hit anybody with a car, when that person has not aimed his weapon at anyone but himself, certainly not any police officers. Mario Valencia was probably high on drugs, and he was certainly dangerous to himself and others. But I agree with his lawyer. He could have been killed. He committed no capital crimes, and a death penalty was not in the cards. Furthermore, the police cruiser crashed into a wall, not knowing if there was an innocent bystander on the other side. I believe the public thinks life is a movie, and no longer understands the law, or their own rights. That includes so-called ‘law’ enforcement. This is my first and last visit to this website.

        • Then hit the highway Mr. Highway (waves bye bye)

      24. “The desk clerk said he saw it all real clear
        He never hit the brakes and he was shifting gears”

        Gotta love it, gotta just freakin’ love it.

      25. Hypocrites R us. Maybe he was just force vaccinated. Maybe he was on withdrawals from missing his SSRI’s. Maybe he was dealt a low blow by the establishment. Maybe he had just had a swim in the Pacific or eats a lot of sushi. Maybe pre crime assessment and summary execution of man and beast is wrong. Maybe due process is useful after all.
        I find that both the beserker cop and any who justify his actions to have willingly adapted to a life without due process. I do not judge but this kool aid tastes shitty. The people lost more here than the price of a cruiser or this mans well being. Something never missed until it is needed. The truth and what guarantees it.
        We are in the post Constitutional era. In the future, while begging for a Bill of Rights, may your Oligarch be benevolent.

        • Thanks, Pops…

        • Grandpa:

          Read the next SHTF article about our wonderful justice system and then get back to me.

          • It pisses me off too Gran. Through and through, the corruption that is but summary execution is a whole different level. I want to hear the follower police man’s story. We all know what the beserker cop was thinking. If they are both right then cops can never be wrong. Don’t need no justice system then. So it decays, the likes of which you speak.

      26. I home the officer had his seat belt on.

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