Crash Indicator: Mom and Pop Take the Plunge Back Into Stocks For Fear of “Being Left on the Sidelines”

by | Apr 11, 2013 | Headline News | 187 comments

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    Americans are scared.

    Their concerns aren’t centered around the possibility of an economic collapse, another down leg in the real estate market, continued deterioration of the labor market, or a US dollar currency meltdown.

    With markets at all time highs and financial experts around the world predicting a turn-around in the global economy, a lot of “Mom and Pop” investors who experienced major losses in personal investment funds and home prices during the crash of 2008 are starting to worry, but not for the reasons you might think.

    What’s on the minds of many Americans who have sat by watching Wall Street mavens and traders walk away with huge gains over the last four years is that they aren’t getting a piece of the action.

    The market’s record-breaking spree has raised a new fear in many American households—dread that they are missing out on big gains.

    When stock prices collapsed in 2008, the bear market wiped out half of the savings of Lucie White and her husband, both doctors in Houston.

    Feeling “sucker punched,” she says, they swore off stocks and put their remaining money in a bank.

    This week, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index pushed to record highs, Ms. White and her husband hired a financial adviser and took the plunge back into the market.

    “What really tipped our hand was to see our cash not doing anything while the S&P was going up,” says Ms. White, a 39-year-old dermatologist in Houston. “We just didn’t want to be left on the sidelines.”

    Ms. White and her husband, Mark Villa, a reconstructive surgeon, are joining other individual investors in overcoming their fears after watching stocks recover all the ground lost during the financial crisis and more.

    The story goes that a wealthy financier named Bernard Baruch was having his shoes shined one fine morning in 1929. As the final rag and polish were being put on his leather Oxfords, Baruch’s shoeshine boy, aware of his Wall Street reputation, began sharing stock tips and providing him with a financial news summary of the previous day’s events. Legend has it that Baruch promptly returned to his office, called his firm’s senior broker and ordered him to sell everything. The broker, no doubt shocked, questioned the decision.

    Baruch reportedly replied, “when shoe shine boys are giving out stock tips, it’s time to get out.

    Whether it’s buy recommendations from cab drivers and shoeshine boys in 1929, real estate agents touting never-ending home price gains in 2007, or friends and colleagues discussing all time stock market highs and economic recovery in 2013, there is often ample warning that markets may be acting irrationally.

    While some Americans remain concerned about the possibility of another recession, depression or full-on economic collapse, there are a lot of folks out there who can no longer sit idly by watching Wall Street institutions and traders make out like bandits while their money loses purchasing power to inflation.

    They see 15,000 points on the Dow Jones or a 10% rise in their condo price and assume the recession is over and the boom cycle is back in full swing, never taking the time to consider the machinations that have made it possible.

    They see government reports claiming the unemployment rate is under 8%, but they fail to understand that the calculations don’t include millions of Americans, some estimates suggest as many as 23% of the working population, who are no longer counted by modern day statistics formulas.

    They see mall parking lots full of cars, but they have no idea that some of the largest retailers in the country are reporting year-over-year sales declines and that American savings rates are dwindling.

    They see European finance ministers in Cyprus seize up to 40% of private bank deposits, but assume that whatever is going on over there is too far away to affect anything here in the United States.

    They see $17 trillion of national debt, but have no idea how much money that really is, the fact that the arithmetic proves we’ll never pay it back, or what the implications are when we can’t make good on our debts.

    They see their friends, colleagues and family calling their financial advisers and jumping back into stocks without realizing that insiders and institutions are divesting their positions.

    Most people have no idea that the government has not only war-gamed economic disaster scenarios and the civil unrest that would follow, but that they are actively militarizing law enforcement agencies across the country to deal with such events should they come to pass.

    The shoeshine boys and mainstream pundits are out in force, espousing the benefits of getting back into stocks and ensuring that you don’t miss the next wave up.

    When average individual investors start plunging back into stock markets in droves, especially at historical highs, your Baruch alarm bell should be going off.

    “Taxi drivers told you what to buy. The shoeshine boy could give you a summary of the day’s financial news as he worked with rag and polish. An old beggar who regularly patrolled the street in front of my office now gave me tips and, I suppose, spent the money I and others gave him in the market. My cook had a brokerage account and followed the ticker closely. Her paper profits were quickly blown away in the gale of 1929.”

    -Bernard Baruch describes the scene before the crash of 1929

    It’s time to get out.

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      1. I put my cash under my mattress so I can get the extra 10% dividend.

        • So I guess the the “new”adage in stocks is buy high and sell … Oh Wait

          • 1) Figures don’t lie but liars figure; still applies.
            2) The hipe and high numbers are so banks and big investors can recoop their previous years of loss.
            3) Banks lost bundles of money in the housing plunge.
            4) Like gambling, the house always wins and in this case it is the banks. Sure you’ll get a few winners which keeps more people trying their hand at winning.
            5) Obama Care and his taxation plans are about to rob everybody. He wants to elliminate tax deductions (all of them) starting a one level of encome and working down to the ones that don’t qualify for earned income credit.

            • As long as the QE is in effect the market will probably keep going up. Won’t know until the fat lady sings as to what one should have done.

              • That’s right. And also the prices on everything else! Guns, Butter, and health insurance!
                So, a new viscous cycle seems to have formed where you have to be making more and more to stay afloat. Restaurants keep jacking up their prices. Tire stores too. Have you seen the new $20? It has “$100” on it!

                My thought is many people will HAVE to find an alternative way to trade because they simply are not getting the massive raises needed to survive in the QE/FRN/BoJ/etc moneydebt printing scandal.

                The market? Somebody here pointed out “up on thin volume”. Not sure but that darn thing looks like its going to shoot the moon. If the chart tea leaves are correct about that then it would mean FRN is going towards zero. Makes sense to me actually. Stock will be woth more and more FRN’s as FRN’s are worth less and less. Heck, ice cream man yesterday had prices _starting_ at $3!

              • The ungly truth is that those within the elite are getting exactly what they want, by getting the retirees and others with some cash flow to take their savings out of non producing bank accounts and putting them into the stock market. When the time comes, crash it and take away what they still had available. they do not want you to have anything, because you do not deserve to live in comfort. They want to be the supreme rulers without any chance of someone knocking them from their throne.
                The game has been afoot for sometime, but things just seem to be getting closer to collaspe time.
                yes, they can drag this out for years, but the longer they wait the less chance they think that they can acheive total domination.

                B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
                Do not register anything of tangible value.

            • Bohemian Grovers no doubt making a killing again and American’s will lose in the long run when it crashes. Obama is a marxists trained by his real father Frank Marshall Davis.

              Anyone here needs to google obama’s real father because he was a commie that almost made us lose control of Hawaii. The question isn’t where’s obamas birth certificate; its who is his real father.

              Also Bohemian grove made me lose all faith in our government. They tell the public they are Christians and then go out in the woods and make moch satrifices to a 40 foot owl all while dancing around in the woods naked. Sounds like some great leaders right?

              Little off topic; but I want to educate my fellow preppers of whats to come because I’m sure we’ll get 8 more years of libs with hilary who is also a commie marxist.

              GOD bless and buy more bullets!!!

              • I’m fairly certain they’ll install clinton next. They’ll paint her as the opposite of the communist black guy and people will fall at her feet, expecting to be saved……………PSYCH!

            • Same trap. Same idiots trying to jump on the same bandwagon that is on fire, only to get burned up. Too stupid to see the smoke and smell the odor of burnt garbage. Can I ask everyone this one? Why are not people jumping on the bandwagon of preparation and storing up for tomorrow in physical everyday needs? Prepping is a stable and CHEAP way of securing someone’s future in comparison to losing someone’s shirt and wearing a barrel.

              There is no wonder that most preppers/survivalist feel the absolute need to remain well armed. When 99% of the population has their heads buried in a mound of manure, in total denial of anything happening, when something happens, they will come for what those have stored for. EVERYONE just remember that your sacrifices for your families matters, and everytime you share something with someone that behind your back laughed at you, condemned you, called you names, and most importantly took NO EFFEORT in preparing, you dwindle your own family’s survival time a lot.

              I hate to be so cynical and cold, but these a holes don’t deserve sympathy or compassion when they have the money and resources to prepare, and yet they choose to blow money on useless chinese crap or into these asinine stocks. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice- the idiot that jumps into the stock market. Have you protection ready ALL preppers/survivalists, you are going to need it to secure your lifelines against the zombies that expect you to feed them first and your families second.

              • The “Dow-Jones” illusion can, and will dissolve…literally any day now. The troll Bernanke is running out of FIAT ammo to continue to prop up this “recession/depression” is not only over, BUT the D-J is at historical “highs”. As in you must he “high” to believe this ridiculous crap.

            • Banksters: “They took the bait. Almost time for a culling.”

          • fool me once shame on you ,fool me twice shame on me ,sorry no compation here ,why dont they just invest in some leather and a few whips , a lot cheaper

            • Remember the 1970s hair band, Great White, and their big hit, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Babe), with the beautiful Bobbi Brown? That’s how I feel about our government. So far, we’ve been gnawed on pretty thoroughly.

              • yea ,liked there rendition of zepplins “babe im gonna leave you” i dont know about the gnawed ,i feel more like the last time i got a prostate exam

              • If I was a guppy in a pool full of sharks, I’d prefer to stay out of the curent.

        • I call BS.

          Mom and Pop aren’t putting crap into the stock market. It’s all Bernanke Dollars, so a few idiots are being trotted out in effort to make mom and pop want to jump back in.

          They can’t tell the truth and say the gains are caused by Bernanke Dollars, so they decided to go with the “follow the crowd” propaganda technique in effort to get people to feel bad if they are not in the market making all those digits.

          The only thing left trading in the stock exchange are robots skimming off the top every trade Bernanke Dollars can make.

          • Actually mom and pop are getting hook, line and sunk right back into it. All the major investment companies are using the rising stock markets as a leverage point of sale to coerce people who aren’t in the market to get in and not miss they’re chance to be a part of the historical highs we are seeing today.

            I know this bc a dear friend of mine who worked for me for years and who I pooled money with and traded Forex for years before Frank Dodd knocked us out went onto work for Metlife and he told me that’s exactly what they are doing. He told me only a handful of people there like him were selling people to buy stocks of agricultural, mining, aux/aug etc to hedge against another 08 style collapse. He also urged physical ownedship of pm’s. He told me they were always ridiculed and laughed at for beleiving what they did.

            Funniest part of it all was he told he a couple times a month Goldman Sachs would send somebody in and would give the whole sales floor a giant pep talk about this recovery and the dow to 20000 so everybody better get on board and not sit this out and To also forget about pm’s because of a strengthening usd.

            Its a complete farce and is outright criminal.

            • Goldman Sachs has told its clients to short gold, pushing it down, and saying that they expect and end of year price of about $1428 per ounce.

              Back up the truck!

              Gold will explode when war breaks out with NK AND Iran. When it spikes sell your basis and bury the balance in the backyard.

              Never a better time to buy. Unless of course your basis is $300 per ounce. 🙂

              • +1 DK. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!

              • Another point on which we can agree DK.

                I’m watching it go down and wondering when the best time will be to start buying heavily.

                Once the banksters can’t push it down anymore, it’s going to blow through the roof.

                • Of course….there’s always bitcoin. 🙂

            • Some people never learn. Hard to feel sorry for them, just open the window on the 44th floor for them.

          • GC, Bernanke’s dollars are covered by our incomes and soon to be 401Ks, IRAs, retirement funds, etc.. He isn’t the gambler here, we the people are. Those that elected this gov’t of non representation.
            The hidden tax: Federal Reserve.

          • This has happened many times before, high finance banking
            and high rollers in the stock markets are merely creating a
            sucker’s rally to wring one more wave of wealth transfer, before the mathematical certainty of collapse kicks ass.

          • I get 3 calls a day from stock sharpies who try to tell me this market is the best thing since night baseball. I’m not believing a word. I do have family in NYC and my niece married a guy who works for Goldman. He said to get out now since the derivatives are gonna blow and the longer it takes the worse it’s gonna be when if does blow up. Funny how a bank now but they don’t have a single branch or ATM.

            My bank manager is a fishing buddy and he’s retiring as soon as he can. He said people’s deposits are up for grabs if the banks really want them and most people don’t know that. It’s all in the fine print nobody reads.. He wants out so he has nothing to do with stealing depositors money when things get that desperate. Funny how everryone agrees its gonna happen, just not when.

            If you think about it, Gods plan for us has been turned into a derivative and by the same money changers that caused Jesus all that trouble. History rinses and repeats but that doesn’t rhyme and were too stupid to see it. God and Jesus both say get your money away from the money changing criminals and tucked safely away in your mattress or under the spring house.

          • Nope – Ma and Pa are back in. FIL is back in. All in. He’s a day trader and lost his shirt in 2008. He has the same exuberance about the market right now that he did in 2007 and is singing the praises of Obama on the economy, the fact that the economy is turning around and how the DOW is soaring.

            The average Joe doesn’t care if the Fed is printing money and doesn’t understand how the Fed works or how monetary easing works… They just want their piece of the pie.

            • Know someone who recently refied and double down on the market. Called him yesterday to tell him to exit but he won’t. Called other buddy who has made and retained about $250K over 20 years… he’s all out. Like I think, he said he doesn’t want to wait for the top.

          • Because the fed is dumping 85 BILLION a month into bonds and keeping the 10yr well under 2% it forces those that can crush others with their check book to go directly the the market to make more than a dime on the thousands they have in savings. To keep up with inflation the Dow is the only place a player can make any money. This is all scriped to MAKE people funnel their money into the market. It’s logical and it’s working. There will be no warning when the fed stops buying bonds only a immediate bank holiday like on a Friday close. Some sort of emergency or false flag over the weekend and it’s over.
            By then it will be to late to pull your money out. It was a fixed game years ago but sloppy, today it’s a fine art run by simple programs to exact the last cent from “mom’s & pop’s”. FOOD IS A WEAPON: buy some now before “hording” more than a weeks worth is outlawed the same as high capacity magazines. Don’t game with the big boys if you can’t afford to loose & you will loose it all. Everything you invest in from now on should be barterable and useablexample… buy a used car for $1,800 from some desperate and sell it for $3,600. It might need a detail and take a couple weeks but worse case you have a car to give to youe kid’s or barter it off for food in a pince.

            • Does anyone else think the timing of the bitcoin crash is, well, handy? People have nowhere else to go, but to where their nose is pointed…

              • Bitcoin is controlled by two guys if you don’t count the imaginary Japanese man who started it. The founders own ( control) over 50 percent ). Nothing is backing the bcoin. This brilliant idea may land more than a few people in prison. DO NOT get involved in this crap. As for the “handy” crash, bitcoin is beyond volatile and has gone to almost zero in one session and has fluctuated beyond crazy on several sessions. DO NOT BUY.

          • Well, stated.

            personally I can’t see any reason for the stock market to be behaving they way it is! So risky and in fantasy world.

            Especially when you consider the PM market and how much it is varying…

            Locked and Loaded it ain’t far away!

        • LOL, so I guess you meant -10 percent for inflation.

        • This is a great time to buy stocks… of companies that are mining gold for $300 an ounce….

        • Instead of cash you should invest in real tangible items such as gold, silver and land. Silver has the best return and is $26 an ounce today.

          • Yes!! PM has been and will be around for a long long time. Silver and other PM’s are commodities and not for the whimpy. Up and down they go, but they will always have value. They are not based on two guys with a math trick.

      2. I’m worried.

        I’m worried that I won’t get all of my stocks and mutual funds out in time before the crash. It will crash, and it will hurt.

        I have cashed in two mutual funds and two whole-life policies. Can’t do anymore cause of taxes. Will do some more later this year and early next year, assuming we have a next year.

        I will keep one mutual fund and one life insurance policy.

        Debt reduction and investing in my business, not theirs, will be my next big pay raise.

        Good luck to all.

        • I invested in a larger gun safe.

          It holds some of my assets.

          …be safe…..stay the course….BA.

          • LOL, the last gun I bought I had to disassemble and ‘cram’ into my safe. My buddies keep recommending I get another safe, but I really dont know where the hell i’d put it.

            • The Gestapo will take your safe, big or small……….make your own hidey-hole for your arms and ammo

              • @B&C:

                Agreed Sir.

                That is why it only holds some of my assets.

                Some are relocated off site.

                Some are hidden in plain site.

                Some are carried 24/7.

                ….that whole eggs in one basket scenario…

                Best to you and yours.

                ….assess, aim, attack, repeat till complete….BA.

            • Living room? ’cause you know the wife wont allow it in the kitchen.

              • Long story short. I cant put it in most of my house because there’s a floor under it. I had this one upstairs and I started to notice some lag in the floor and then started having nightmares of it coming thru the ceiling while we were at dinner (It was sitting right over where my youngest son sits at dinner). oooffff. That shizzle made my skin crawl.

                LOL, my wife would go APE if I put it in the kitchen. She already moans about what a small kitchen it is.

                • …but then she’d have a VERY stable microwave stand…

        • Left on the sidelines? OMG!

          They are going to be left on the sidewalk.


          • That’s what I was thinking. What little wealth they had left after the 2008 crash is now going to be lost as well. Anyone, except for Eisencrap, can see what’s coming if they will only open their eyes. Reading SHTFplan helps!

        • Folks should learn not to touch the stove when it’s hot

          • These are people who, when asked “Why do you keep hitting yourself in the head with that hammer?”, reply “Because it feels good when I stop!”

        • Get it out now. Don’t worry about the taxes. If you lose it all in the stock market you won’t have anything left. That should be the bigger concern. Not the tax consequences.

        • Take the tax hit and get your money out pronto. Seventy-five percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing. Yes, I’ve acted on my advice.

        • Why invest in IRA’s RRSP’s 401(k)etc.? You become part of the problem when you do this because your money that is invested in these paper pyramid schemes are used to help other people’s big corporations/businesses grow (often into ‘systemically important’-too big to fail entities). Holders of these paper investments are lucky to receive a pittance for a return on thier investments – table scraps, if they had not been crashed or confiscated outright, Ala Cyprus.

          Better to invest in your own business and have control on directing your own money in growing it and actually seeing and collecting on what is rightfully yours. Use your business, invest in it, and deprive those Wall Street vultures of any chance to stand on your back and make money off of your efforts! This is exactly what they do to you when you entrust your money in their pyramid schemes.

        • Same here. Cashed in the 401K back in 2007 (just in time!) and only have one IRA left. Buy silver. It has the highest return and it will always be worth something. Paper money is only good to wipe your “you know what” with when the SHTF.

      3. Feel sorry for what’s going to happen to these folks. Never take advice from stock market cheerleaders. They will leave you high and dry, every time.

      4. I’ve been out. I saw the writing on the wall….and I know nothing about stocks and investing. I just have good common sense.

      5. I got out of stocks and into rural real estate, precious metals, and ammo in 2009. My investments have appreciated considerably and I can sleep at night.

        • Right on! That is what we did starting in 2007.

      6. Been out for a while. My prediction… they let it get to $15,000 before crashing the dollar. They specialize in arbitrary and psychological milestones; easier to sensationalize and it seems more significant to the uninitiated.

        • @HH, I pulled everything out about 2 years ago and agree with you! Last time was 14,000 and they need to make it bigger this time.

          There is NO explanation why it’s so high besides our BFF Benny!

          • It’s a giant house of cards. The trillions of FRN’s added to the money supply had to go somewhere. It’s an ages-old scam… getting people to trade things of real value (like their time and freedom) for green toilet paper.

      7. ‘There’s a sucker born every minute’

      8. “What really tipped our hand was to see our cash not doing anything while the S&P was going up,” says Ms. White, a 39-year-old dermatologist in Houston. “We just didn’t want to be left on the sidelines.”

        Too late at the high! Same story is about to happen to them AGAIN! Wake UP!

        • The good dermatologist going to get popped like a zit.

          • Pimple-popper MD!

      9. They have been trying to get Mom & Pops back in since April 2010. This is the ultimate sucker rally, once Mom & Pop are back in the big boys will be cashing out.

        I’ve been feeling the “left out” urge since I pulled out. Just go lay down till the feeling goes away.

        Remember possession of your assets is the only safe option right now, but playing it safe has risk too.

      10. This reminds me of my paw-paw, he used to say, when everyone’s selling it for a nickel, keep walking, (talking about flea markets in Wva), and look for it for a penny. Paraphrasing, but the points the same.

      11. I never thought about a life insurance policy of being in danger of course my husband and I both have one , are we in danger of losing the paid up policies if all goes down??

        • Term life policy

          • yes

        • mallard,

          You are in danger of losing it all. Your paid up life insurance policies are denominated in worthless fiat currency. The pay out will be the same. First life’s necessities then a medium for preserving your wealth would make fine priorities. Bernanke & Co. busy themselves debasing the dollar. Several nations repudiate it as the world’s reserve currency. When the nations that make what we buy demand to be paid in gold it’s game over.

          • We first go to war.

        • Life Insurance?
          That is a LIE, it’s DEATH insurance and anything more than the cost of the funeral is money thrown away.

          • If you have to leave something to your progeny, then you didn’t do a very good job of raising them.

      12. I bailed in Feb of 07 and only dabbled back in and swiftly out several times with very selective stocks with the exception of a Canadian Gold fund PHYS since that time. I lost a lot of gain but the, “fool me once same on you, fool me twice shame in me” repeated over and over in my mind as I seen a “recovery” appear without legs to support it.

        The market post crash is more like a movie set than reality.

        • I have a buddy that put it differently. He said “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and i’ll cut your f’in head off!”

      13. Drs White:

        Wall Street must love you guys. The quintessential chumps who buy high and sell low.

        Yes, I sold out in October 2007 at the high, but have never got back in, (yeah, I missed this run up) but I have no intention of ever getting back in until this system has been burned to the ground.

        Stay with your conviction.

        My next $7,000 -10,000 long term investment? Hmmm, maybe a pallet of solar panels now that the market is flooded with them and costs are down to $1.00 a watt. I’ll just stash the pallet in the garage and in about 5-10 years, I think I’ll be glad to be near self sufficient as far as energy goes when I see that the government/inflation/Wall Street has taken away my ability to pay my utility bills.

        • Don’t forget inverters, wire,( and if off grid ) batteries, charge controllers, disconnects, and so on.

          A pallet of panels by themselves is useless.

          • Is it truly a good time to go solar? I’ve been checking since 1997 and never saw the pricing seem to be worth the hassle. Maybe solar water heater however. Is it worth it now?

      14. Few know the history of Wiemar Republic and Zimbabwe right before they destroyed their currency via over inflating them. They were both, in their day, the fastest growing stock markets in the entire world!

        Got God, Grub, Guns & Gold?
        Panic Early, Beat the Rush!

        – Shane

        • I found that kind of funny, cause last spring or late winter I went into a panic mode and started buying ammunition. That when on thru summer and I was starting to feel a little dumb and nutty for doing that. Now I’ve got a nice supply and well, you know. I’m one of them that don’t do the stock market, just pay the bills and then see whats left over. Its getting a little harder as time goes on…..
          have a wonder nite Stu OUT

        • Shane
          My brother and I have a similar saying its put your money into the three B’s Beans,Bullets and Booze. To go along with the three B’s I purchased a portable sawmill for our eighty acres of woodland that we own. I also have a small machine shop.
          I believe these hard assets will take us a long way when the bottom drops out. I can produce lumber,manufacture and repair items in the machine shop and live and hunt on our land. The stock market has no bearing on what i will do when the shtf. Even if you get out now and bury it in the back yard what is that going to get you when it falls apart and nobody will trade any food for dollars. Hard assets and skills emphasis on skills. Even if you have no hard assets skills can be traded for food.

      15. Could be the reason why gold has been going down. Converting gold for cash to put into stocks, just what the government bankers want. If more people ride the trend then expect gold to drop as more Mom and Pops get back into the market. As I write this it’s making sense to me why the market has been going up while there’s so much hurt still on the street and the threat of inflation and a dollar crash. The master manipulators are trying to separate you from your PM’s.

        • Reason gold and silver are down is due to massive, criminal selling of paper gold and silver, for which there is no possible chance the actual, physical metal will ever be delivered. This incredible stupidity allows China to stock up at lower prices.

          If you want ACTUAL gold and silver, you will find the premiums over spot to be as high, or in some cases ( like 90% US silver coins ) higher than they have ever been, reflecting the true amount available.

          • TnAndy

            You are right. What a surprize it will be when GLV and SLV are paid off in Fiat. Was it a hundred paper to one on each bullion ounce?

          • Agreed. I went to the largest volume in the western end of my sparcely populated state today. Only pre-1933 US gold and old European gold available. Premiums on the US were higher than on gold eagles or maple leaves, but I figured the recent price dip compensated for them. Bought what wasn’t outrageous. If it isn’t available, it is underpriced. Did get silver maple leaves for $31 and was glad for that. The owner said he has had 40 ounces of gold on order, but doesn’t know for sure when they will come in. I know he will base the price on what spot was when he ordered them. Probably pay just as much as I did for the classics. Rather have the cool, old, collectable stuff anyway. The fiat was sitting doing nothing but depreciating. The metal will only fail to appreciate if the federal government gets its act together. If you trust Obama/Pelosi/Reed do not buy metal.

            The last time I bought stock was GM right before the feds decided bankruptcy laws were no longer binding on them. Lost it all. I figure I get better odds from slot machines, and the nice ladies in short dresses bring me unlimited free alcohol as a bonus.

            • Reminds me of 2007 when I went in heavily short the homebuilders. I didn’t see that helicopter full of taxpayer money flying into their HQ’s. Never went back in either other than a few 401K which I got since then and cashed out with 10% penalty two weeks ago. Looks like I missed a week or a month of possibly runup. 🙂

      16. These are the same folks that helped collapse this country in the first place by their greed and gullibleness. Let them think they will profit in the lies of super wealthy. They lost it last time. let the dumb unto death loose again.

      17. I also feel that these guys are hell bent on a mental figure of DOW 15,000. They are pushing and pushing with no real fundamentals. Yes, some of these companies are making good PROFIT right now. Problem is, it is so isolated amongst themselves. The companies are leaned out, robotized, part-timing, etc. The main street people are no longer in any unison with the companies that represent the number of the DOW. It’s a big disconnect. America itself is down. Some companies are up. Once these economic realities take hold full force, we will be a stone’s throw from DOW 6000 again. Mom and Pop will get hosed again. Left holding the bag as the professionals walk with the money. Buy high, sell low. We all know how this ends. Just when, that’s the only question.

      18. Guess who going to be holding that empty bag with the hole in the bottom
        I’ll take this to the bank (lol), the rug is about to be pulled out from under the Sheeple bigger than SH-T.

        Keep the FAITH

      19. Fantastic News from

        Social Security concerning Pensions and Benefits

        نور اگر رفت سايه پيدا نيست نقش ديوار و چشم خيره
        ما نقش سايه دگر نمي دان نور اگر رفت سايه. ر رفت
        نور اگر رفت سايه پيدا نيست نقش ديوار و چشم خيره ما نقش سايه دگر نمي دان نور اگر رفت سايه. ر رفت ديوار و چشم خيره ما نقش سايه دگر نمي دان نور اگر رفت سايه پيدانيست نقش ديوار و چشم خيره ماسايه
        ديوار و چشم خيره ما نقش سايه دگر نمي دان نور اگر رفت سايه پيدانيست نقش ديوار و چشم خيره ماپيدا

        نيست نقش

        If I hear anything else, I’ll let you know.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Don’t forget, read it right to left. Translation: not another inch (it depends on the period placement).

          Watchman, enjoyed the wit and sarcasm.

        • “If you can not find the light went shadow eyes and stared at the wall.
          We can not wait to don the role of light in the shadows if shadows disappeared. The left
          If you can not find the light went shadow eyes staring at the wall and we can not wait to don the role of light in the shadows if shadows disappeared. We went to the wall and staring eye shadow role again dan do not go light on the walls of the staring shadow Pydanyst Masayh
          We can not wait to don the shadow of the wall and staring eyes light if the light went Pydanyst the wall and staring eyes Mapyda

          It is not the role”

          If Persian is your native tongue and you are living in Iran, I recommend evacuation soon! Just saying

          • I was wondering what shadows on the wall and staring eyes have to do with SocSec?

        • watchman, looks like a chicken’s been scratchin’ on your keyboard.

      20. Poor mom and pop.
        I heard Shep Smith on Fox the other day spout some nonsense about “getting back in this market” … and “everything is NOT terrible, look at this market…”

        Think Fox and the MSM aren’t propaganda mouthpieces?

        As Piper goes and opens up the safe, lifts the heavy bag of old/new coins “ah yup… still there.”
        Amazing that the paper markets haven’t been able to do much more than flatten the gold/silver curve, while screaming the death of the gold bull… yeah right.

        • Fox is the Stalinist commies right hand.

        • I just got one of those 1Troy oz silver indian head nickels, it’s nice to look at. Also, my mom and pop would tell ’em to go jump in the lake if they were alive—they never bought into bullshit.

      21. Saw the writing on the wall in mid 2008 and took the plunge. Cashed out 401K when DOW was at 12600, invested in gold at 850-920, some palladium and silver. Wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole, unless of course I was willing to pay the extra $$ to obtain the stock certificate- so I own it, not DTCC aka Cede and Co (street name) no thanks. If you can’t hold it and defend with your —–(fill in you favorite gun), you don’t own it.

        I really don’t know which way the market will go– logic would dictate it would go down- US folks selling to get out before year end before taxes went up– didn’t go down, market should be beginning to decline because of Baby Boomers and ERISA withdrawal requirements- 6% or so a year, unless changed, people needed money to live on who have lost job, etc. but

        with the risks of bank bail ins, the dollar looking a little better than the euro and yen- people have to put it somewhere. Some people used to leave a lot of money in the brokerage accts in cash since it was supposedly insured by SIPC– MG Global changed that idea. The Fed is still generating 85 billion a month, Japan is printing, China is printing….

        Who knows? I think we will see some pretty hearty inflation, followed by deflation.

        • Howdy CL,

          “The Fed is still generating 85 billion a month, Japan is printing, China is printing….”

          Yes, Japan…an economy only 40% the size of theUS is printing….at $200 Billion a month. Yes, that’s what I said…$200 BILLION.

          China is FURIOUS over this…the ‘chum’ is in the water. REMEMBER, Japan NOW owns more US treasury’s than even China does…1.2T vs 1.05T…our hands are tied by this state of affairs since ANY response on our part will alienate one or the other and therefor set the stage for “Bond-pokaplypse” when the aggrieved party begins a mass selling of our Treasury’s on the open Market which WILL lead to our monthly auction FAILING.

          Quoting Barnhardt here,

          “If you can’t stand over it while holding an assualt weapon…you DON’T own it.”


          • JOG….

            Basically just say it like it is–USA is Done!

            A healthy economy does not require money printing to balance the books….

            A healthy economy does not have a currency earning zero percent interest….

            A healthy economy has a GDP ahead of inflation….

            A healthy economy does not have massive debt….

            A healthy economy has people working, not collecting….

            USA has cancer and it is not seeking any treatment anytime soon….

            Prepare for the funeral. Obit in tomorrows paper.

            • Game, Set and MATCH UG!

              Friend YOU ARE ‘Nose-on’ here!!!

              We, all of us here, the ‘regular folk’ can SEE in our own lives what the consequence of profligacy are…Bankruptcy, life in-the-gutter, a skid-row existence… WHY GOD, Oh Why can America NOT see where this WILL go?

              This, of late, was for me the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’…for a time I THOUGHT that “Mon and Pop” Americans had LEARNED and were stoic in thier refusal to re-enter the RIGGED GAME that is owned lock-stock and barrel by the ‘Corporatocracy’ …alas, such is NOT the case. There Will be a ‘Great Wailing andf Gnashing of Teeth’ soon….I can no longer even find even an iota of compassion for those now who yeild to the sentiment that ‘the grass is greener on the OTHER side of the fence’…

              Good Lord!, The ODDS are BETTER in ‘effin Vegas!!!

              HOW LONG AMERICA…How long will you be decieved by those who LIE through thier teeth?; those who would sell thier own Mother’s and Daughter’s into prostitution so that only they would have a greater STATUS. The mentality of all such is SICK…and that illness will be thier END. Be therefor IMPOVERISHED…BY THY OWN HAND…Neither I nor mine will suffer the Fate that such as those have Selected for themselves.

              And WHEN they are GONE…we who REMAIN will RE-BUILD this WORLD…NEW AND CLEAN and no longer TAINTED by THOSE.

              My departure is now carved in STONE, safety and goodness awaits Me and Mine. Look to yourself Friend…and to NONE other in the days to come….the awesome ‘leveling’ which follows will be EPIC; the Stuff of LEGEND…a tale of Horror told for a thousand generations of Men.

              Stay the course Friend…I wil see you on the other side of this that comes…if only He is willing.

              “As Ye sow…SO SHALL YE REAP.”


              • If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, you can bet somebody else already owns it.

          • JOG-

            Hadn’t had much of a chance to have a coherent thought, no less a chance to type one up with spring break this week.

            Absolutely on the printing.. Its mind boggling but in a bizarro way with everyone printing it creates less volatility in exchange rates and lessens capital flight because of it. Even though the dollar is trashed and the Chinese is now a net seller of Treasuries their currency is still pegged to it and has to print, as does Japan to maintain a peg of sorts that doesn’t make their exports too expensive as to hurt their economy any more than it already is.

            I heard the other day that the latest Asian alliance was not only bypassing the dollar for trade amongst themselves (using their currencies) and they wanted the US to accept Treasuries as payment for imports.

            As you stated and others, the action is in the bond market, not the stock market. We are going to be in a world of hurt when interest rates double to —4% off the blended 2% we got now on all our debt. Heaven help us if it every gets to the 5 or 6 % that it was 6 or so years ago..

            Keep stacking, keep prepping and most of all keep praying..

            • Good Afternoon CL,

              My apologies for not replying to you post above sooner…the Solar thing has ‘ratcheted-up’ over the last 24 hours and when it does I am tasked thereon rather stringently.

              The BOND Market!…I lay in bed at night with cold sweats over THAT. You, clearly – and some few others here as well – fully grasp the nature of ‘compund interest …MOST do NOT! Therein lies the pit as it were, as YOU well-know. Once there occurs ‘some event’ that forces the FED to raise inrterest rates the issue of compounding will force the nearly instant demise of the crooked game they are running. I am not sure how long or how closely you monitor what gets posted here…suffice it to say that after CAREFULL consideration of ALL that I see now, that my final contingency planning is in ‘activation mode’.

              I WILL not be here anymore in a little over a month….I had hoped to stall that into the mid-summmer; that is no longer an option in my estimation. Safety becoomes now the regnant, overwhelming concern…and time is growing very short as I see it.

              The “EVENT’ will occur – certainly – as the US loses the effective club of being the Global Reserve Currency …which as you point out IS being engineered RIGHT NOW.

              Don’t hesiatte to ‘shout out’ to me at any point …I’ve monitored your post and it IS plain that you’re one of the ‘smart cookies’ here….something I value and treasure more than ANYTHING else. Therefor, “Well-Met”,
              a pleasure to make your acquaintance “M’Lady”…


              PS: I’m an old fogy-type…I hope my excess formality doesn’t offend your “sensibilities”. *sheepish grin*

      22. Predator or Prey …

        The world is populated by simple minded honest fools and corrupt criminal predators .

        tis’ a shame the later is always the winner in the eternal struggle of humanity .

        Predator or Prey the choice is yours !


        • You, of course, are throwing in with the criminal predators, and will end up the same as they did. Where, now, are the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Persians, the Romans, and the Axis? What makes you think you’ll fare any better? Prepare to be welcomed to the same food chain as they were, criminal.

          • ” Don’t Hate the Player , Hate the Game !”

            I am only what Society created me to be … ;0P

            ” A sick selfish greedy Society Creates it own Dark Monsters !”

            V for Vendetta

          • * you forgot to add to your list the germans the british the french the AMERICANS !

            your a fool and will soon be prey .


          • Also, where are Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, Rachel Corrie, Yassir Arafat, Osama Bin Laden, Hugo Chavez, and Guy Fawkes? (Hint: they’re all in the same place.)

            • Workin’ for Arab parasites,
              She served Palestine’s worst anti-Semites.
              She got in front of the big bulldozer;
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              Catch a whiff of sleaze, she weren’t no rose!
              Get out the spatula, hold yer nose!
              Don’t ask me what’s cookin’; you don’t wanna see
              How she’s been spread across their kleptocracy!

              You got a dead slut in the middle of the road,
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              And she’s gone to be with Satan!

              Well, we got a bad play by Alan Rickman,
              We got Ahmadinejad’s whore, Miss Sheehan!
              We’ve got some dingbats who came from the moon:
              Iranian nukes’ll send’em back real soon!

              You got a dead slut in the middle–
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              What a slut!

              You got it! She’s dead, she’s in the middle–
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              Stinkin’ of hot brimstone!

              All over the road… Raspberry flapjacks!
              Oh, Darwin’s solution!
              She’s dead, she’s in the middle,
              And she’s stinkin’ of fire and brimstone!

      23. It will be the bond Market this time, then every thing else will follow! They planned this collapse, however they never rehearsed it! Once the gun bill has passed, they will have legal grounds to do whatever they want! The gun bill is the trigger! Brace for impact,and be safe! Steve.

        • Gun laws, bills, statutes, decrees, executive orders, etc., are unconstitutional.

          Makes it easy to shoot the commie bastards.

        • Steve,

          I like the way you think. About the gun bill — they can pass whatever laws they want. Authorizing them to steal from us. Authorizing them to disarm us. Comes the point where free people say, “F your law.” And back it up with force if necessary. So no, they can’t just do whatever they want to us. Unless we are so spineless as to let them.

          • The biggest threat to that A6.8, is your neighbors. Watch very closely how they paint the numerous incidents in the msm these days of random police actions against radical preppers, extremist, anti-g’ment whackos, etc. No new world order has ever succeeded without the citizenry reporting on each other. Even with the tech grid today, it still takes “good citizens” (sheep) to inform on those that would pave the road to freedom.

          • Absolutely! I am merely stating their plan!They can write all the laws they want ,however they cannot write reality or rather the outcome!

          • Nothing will change until middle class white people turn the Dancing with the Stars off, gather their gun up and march on Washington DC and NY City… and take the Country back.. I don’t think its gonna happen…

        • Stinky Steve.

          The Dow, NAS and S&P will surpass their ATH of 2008 to get the remaining wealth.
          Gun Bill will pass. Then they will raise interest rates to collapse the bond market. Easy as one,two,three.

          • Your right! their falsely keeping gold and silver prices low to manipulate the bond market! As long as everyone sees low precious metal prices,…There is no need to panic! These are the same Idiots that tune into and Belive Mainstream media!

            • I plan on getting as much pms as I can while prices are low.

      24. Just read an article not two hours ago saying all the tech insiders were SELLING. “Mom & Pop” are about to get their butts handed to them again… People never learn.


      25. Buy high, sell low.

        What could possibly go wrong?

        I think it’s supposed to be… buy when even YOU think you’re insane for doing it because the stock appears valueless, sweat like a pig and worry yourself sick, sell when… once again, you think you’re insane for doing it because it’s in the process of going up up up (and has been doing so for a while, that part’s kind of important).

        If you’re doing it right, you’ll never feel good about it. It will give you a fragging ulcer.

      26. The stock market is not “investing”, it’s a gamble and a crap shoot. The financial advisers live in big houses and drive fancy cars; the lowly investor might walk away with a few peanuts. I used to work for a regulator, I’ve heard horror stories on both sides. Some advisers do unauthorized trading, churning, discretionary trading, or they upgrade you from low risk to higher risk without your knowledge even if you’re a retiree. No investment is guaranteed, but if investors lose money they blame their adviser, of course it’s never their own fault; investors sign documents while not understanding things. You can’t go into this unless you are savvy and use some “mad money” that you can afford to lose.

        “Know how to make a million in the stock market? Start with ten million.”

      27. So they lost half their wealth and swore off the stock market and put it in the bank. Why didn’t they buy PMs? Unless they didn’t say because of opsec. So now they’re gonna willingly lose the other half. That Barnum cat, he sure did have folks pegged. Ah well, its their money and I couldn’t give a rats ass. I got a few remaining rows of taters to get in the ground before it rains tomorrow. Have a lovely evening all.

      28. If you pass a hustler hawking 3 card monte or a shell game you know the game is rigged. You can choose to play just to try and figure it out or you can walk on by. Probably this is true for most who choose to play the stock market casino. Unfortunately, this family has pensions and 401ks tied up in this mess. The 401k cannot be cashed unless you lose your job. The contributions have been stopped. The pensions are another sad story as they will no doubt tank when this blows up. The fund has already been declared in “endangered” state. You used to get one credit for every year’s employment. They have dropped it to 3/4 credit for every year. I don’t expect it to be there at retirement even though the dues get paid and one dollar an hour is deducted for pension benefits.

      29. If it sounds too good to be likely is…sounds like an attempt to get the desperate and the greedyto run back to the trough to see if they can get some this time…problem is its still gonna be slop…if youre lucky.

      30. Just got back from Florida. The larger cities (Orlando, Charlotte, NC) are empty in the downtown areas. There is no retail stores open- most buildingas are listed for rent, lease or sale. The mom and pop places are long gone and now the large bussinesses are doing the same.

      31. Looks like I’ll be calling our insurance and cashing in, they are not that big just enough to get the job done, and no I will NOT be putting it in the bank as you all say if it isn’t in your possession they it really isn’t yours.

        I have been reading this site for over 2 years and making notes and I have become a believer you are my go to place for info. I realize you have to use your own common sense along with the advise but i’m sure glad I found you all.

        Just for the record I was in a Walmart in AR yesterday and low and behold ther it was a place in the store called “The Preppers Corner” what did they have there?, well there were cans of everything from chicken, baked beans, hamburger helper, veggies, pasta,pancake mix, all put up in multi packaged amounts of these items so I whipped out my calculator and by buying the multi pack the savings were quite nice. Maybe someone is at last paying attention. Hope so, it would be about time.

      32. Easy now, I need someone to buy all that im now selling.In order to sell I need someone to buy. And that’s what a market is. So please enter in at your own risk.

      33. GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM!!! Propped up with fiat FRN’s.
        Brass and lead went up 300-400% in the past 4 months. What do you think is happening?? The PTB are scamming the Sheep. There is no recovery. The markets are being propped up with monoply money. Buy preps…It’s coming folks, get out of the market. It may seem that the easy money will never end in this bull market, but when it crashes, it’s coming down hard.

      34. The Bankers say, Gold is going down, then why are they buying as much gold as they can get their hands on.

        Stocks and bonds will crash, we just don’t know “when” it will happen.

        Become your own Central Bank, do what the banks are doing.

        Buy “PHYSICAL” Gold & Silver! NOT Paper!

        Do NOT use bank deposit boxes, they are NOT safe!

        • @ john. yes!!! if gold was not that important,why would they be asking cyprus for there gold reserves.This has been there (mo) throughout the world,issue useless fiat backed loans to struggling nations,and then get hard assets back in gold. rob and repeat!!!

      35. Grim News Indeed…

        It is likely that future Historians will look back to April of 2013 and regard it much as we reagard the Fall of 1929…as the beginning of the end-gane for that era.

        The story of Benard Baruch is well-kmnown…and telling. Up and to this point the invested crowd, spear-headed by the “Talking-heads” on CNBC daily, have had NO good path out of thier “investments”…the ‘exit’s’ were locked and bolted since inasmch as if any of those CHOSE to extricate themselves from thier positions it would have been the case that the laws of suppply and demand would have tanked the market; thus the abyssmal volume we have seen for endless months…rest assured that ALL such have lain in their beds at nights slathered in cold sweat, PRAYING to thier ‘God’ waiting for the axe to fall before they could exit…

        …Not anymore, not with “Mom and Pop” getting back into the markets. THIS is THE “BAD sign”.

        Does anyone, anywhere really beleive that a market already at historic high’s still has ‘leg’s to run’ much further? IF you or your parents are attempting to re-enter this market I ask the question, “Why?” Those already there have secured the ONLY possible profits therefrom…you WILL be left HOLDING THE BAG when this begins the downturn which is already nascent today, which is seen in EVERY possible, beleiveable metric which underlies all that we see.

        GET OUT…GET OUT OF IT NOW!…Before you are ‘Consumed’. THIS is your final warning Folks…THE FINAL Warning. Those who swim with sharks WILL be ‘fishfood’…

        This level of GREED has but one final result, you know this…May God have Mercy on all those who hazard themselves now…the Market WON’T. Elevate your prepping to the highest possible level…it won’t be long now…


      36. Sooooo, what are the hot stocks of the day? Anyone know off hand.

        • Any gun or ammo manufacturer.

        • Remington, Hornady, etc..forbes actualy had the nerves to call it the next bubble along with gold, calling it a far less reliable investment than bit coin….and we all know what just happened to bit coin

      37. History ALWAYS repeats itself. Buyer beware!!!

      38. What goes up, MUST COME DOWN.
        No I am not a stock broker, investment banker etc. This advice is for free. Take it for what it’s worth. The smart money is STILL buying gold, Governments, Central Banks, Major Investment firms and ALL the major players are out of the stock market, they are buying gold and silver. That should tell you something.
        Follow the money NOT the crowd…
        Remember some very big bets were placed that the stock market would crash/collapse by the end of April, were not quite there yet, but almost. Still time to wipe out a few more suckers… P.T. Barnum (my great great uncle)once said “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

      39. I was dealing with BAD financial advisor in 2007/08. But changed jobs in 08, so wasn’t able to rollover $$ until Jan 09. Perfect timing. Rolled everything over and dove in mid Feb. I just cashed out all but 20%. I have a few long term picks I’m gonna ride as long as I can, but the rest is in cash and PMs. Make too much to cash out of IRA. Will lose my neck in taxes. So I’ve starting buying little positions in the aftershock investors fund. Fund is managed to beat the bubbles, moving in and out of commodities, PMs and currencies. Well see how that plays out. The goal of the fund is wealth preservation. I’d rather pay my land off, but I refuse to pay obummer wealth taxes.

      40. Help me understand this. Unemployment at high levels, tens of millions unemployed or underemployed, millions have completely dropped out of the workforce, workforce participation the lowest in decades, disability participants at an all time high (I could have looked up the exact stats here, but you get my point). How in the hell is the stock market booming? What is the driver? Some common sense is saying that it isn’t the “mom and pops” like this article alludes to. Lots of people have no money to invest and just barely subsisting on one income while the spouse looks for work or had fully left the work force.

        I know a little something about the economy and the flow of money, but none of this is making sense to me — how and why is the auto industry booming? how and why is the stock market doing so well? All this when are supposedly so bad? Either the talking heads on tv and in the newspapers are lying and purposely distorting the statistics to paint the economy as bad, or unemployment and welfare the best gig going, and I ought to be collecting so I can get into the stock market and buy me a new car!

        • Please watch Ann burnhardt on YOUTUBE and you will understand it all.

      41. I love the smell of Napalm.

        Can’t remember which movie that was in?

        • Apocalypse. David Duval.
          I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.

          • Robert Duval. David Duval golfs for a living.

          • I think you mean Robert Duvall. David Duval golfs for a living.

            • @ shifty,

              OOPS, I got it now…+1 to shifty! 🙂

              Knew it was a Duval…just got the WRONG one!


          • Apocalypse Now…Apocalypse is an entirely different movie about an asteroid.

        • Howdy Ug, slingshot,

          Yep, slinshot ‘got it’,

          ….an eerily appropriate quote under the circumstnce Ug….


          • JOG

            Yes, again I stand corrected. Happens more everyday. Ask my wife ;0) I am enjoying reading your posts . Keep them coming.

            • Howdy slingshot!!

              OOPS..sorry for ‘mangling’ your handle in the above 😉

              How goes it in your ‘Neck ‘O the Woods’ Friend? Umm, no intent to correct on my HIT it dead-on…and Yes, it will be “The smell of Napalm in the early morning” rather soon now I expect. The Damn sharks have been locked-in to their positions since nearly last summer …THIS is WHAT they have been waiting for…’stroking’ the market at every turn; holding out to “Mom and Pop” how they were missing out on the “Great Rotation”…THIS is thier ‘exit’. It comes now…soon.

              Oh…and I ALWAYS follow your’s too Friend….a fair fraction of your ‘up-thumbs’ come from me!!! 🙂 “Great minds THINK alike”, No? 🙂

              Take care Bro!!


              • JOG

                Doing fine and hope the same by you. Although I do get aggitated wondering why people do the things they do, I rest assured in my preps. I still encourage others to prep and they are coming around. Old man wasn’t as crazy as they thought. Working on Pick 7.
                I am also looking for that, “Go To Ground” event. May be slow but I’m ready.

        • It was Apocalypse Now. The actor was Robert Duvall.

          You smell that? Do you smell that? Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for twelve hours. When it was all over I walked up. We didn’t find one of ’em, not one stinkin’ dink body. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like … victory. Someday this war’s gonna end.

          Best scene in the movie IMO

      42. Yes,

        Beef and Chicken!!!


        1. Radio was invented; Cub fans got to hear their team lose.
        2. TV was invented; Cub fans got to see their team lose.
        3. Baseball added 14 teams; Cub fans got to see AND hear their team lose to more teams.
        4. George Burns celebrated his 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th,70th, 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays.
        5. Halley’s Comet passed Earth… twice.
        6. Harry Caray was born… and died. Incredible, but true.
        7. The NBA, NHL and NFL were formed, and Chicago teams won championships in each league.
        8. Man landed on the moon, as have several home runs given up by Cubs pitchers.
        9. Sixteen US presidents were elected.
        10. There were 11 amendments added to the Constitution.
        11. Prohibition was created, and repealed.
        12. The Titanic was built, set sail, sank, was discovered, and became the subject of major motion pictures… the latter giving Cub fans hope that something that finishes on the bottom can come out on top.
        13. Wrigley Field was built and becomes the oldest park in the National League.
        14. Flag poles were erected on Wrigley Field roof to hold all of the team’s future World Series pennants. Those flag poles have since rusted and been taken down.
        15. A combination of 40 summer & winter Olympics have been held.
        16. Thirteen baseball players have won the Triple Crown; several thanked Cubs pitchers.
        17. Bell bottoms came in style, went out of style, and came back in style.
        18. The Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Florida Marlins have ALL won the World Series.
        19. The Cubs played 14,153 regular-season games; they lost the majority of them.
        20. Alaska , Arizona , Hawaii , Oklahoma , and New Mexico were added to the Union .

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman. The Chicago Cubs fans need to don some new attire, it is called the old paper bag over the head like what New Orleans Saints fans use to do. Remember the “Aints”?. Better yet stop wasting their money on embarrassing themselves at Wrigley Field, paying for over priced ballpark tickets and all the other crap that goes along with it, and start using that money to purchase some supplies. Chicago and Illinois will be one of the first areas to go to hell when SHTF with vengeance.

        • Outstanding list dude! I’d like to add the indian head penny was replaced by the lincoln cent.

      44. Reposted…


        Current Solar activity,

        At this time the solar output on the 1.0-8.0 Angstrom passband measured at the NOAA GOES-15 monitors exceeded the C-class level…this is the continuous output/emission level …NOT flare related. As such the liklihood of additional mid-level flaring is increased, I would expect that this evening’s NOAA assessed probability’s for M-class flaring will reflect this and will probbaly be in excess of 30%. It is the case that – historically – a sustained level of output at or above that of C-class almost always is subsequently followed by additional solar flaring.

        Is IS worth noting that a GRB of the smaller magnitude variety was recorded on the 8th at roughly 22:00 UTC. There does appear to be a well-founded correlation between the occurance of such and subsequent increased solar activity; such was definitively the case during the Fall of 2011 and Spring of 2012 during which such weas seen to be a very regular occurance. This relationship is not currently quantified in any significant wise but is only a noted, observed fact. It is to be noted that the solar output prior to that event was at or below the B-4. level continuously and that within less than 12 hours post-facto began a steady rise. Additionally, the 0.5-4.0 passband as monitored was flatline bordering on immeasureable (bottom of scale) before the fact and became energized with notable frequency thereafter.

        As per the Cooking Mom ( 🙂 ) – Kudos thereto!, it will be the case that the arrival of the lead edge of the ejected solar plasma will be seen to commence on the 13th. The ‘plane-of-sky’ velocity as per NOAA’s estimation is ABOVE 1300 km/sec. Though this is not extraordinarily rapid as such things go it is the highest such recorded since last spring.

        Updates to follow as warranted…


        • Solar Addenda,

          Another, much smaller C-4.0 just occured. Though such is of no real consequence at that level it is noteable that since the Spring of 2012 the character of Solar Flaring subsequent to that time differed from that preceding. To wit: A predominance of the Flaring observed before the Summer of 2012 was abnormally composed of ‘LDE’ type emissions…that ceased in the earliest part of the Summer of 2012 and has NOT neen seen – vitually ar all – in the period since. NOW, since the GRB which I noted occured on the evening of 8th we are seeing this type of behaviour again…Long Duration Flaring. Why is this important?

          As is the case with all phenomena in nature, the WORK done by any process is an issue of BOTH the impulse appied/observed and the DURATION of the impulse. Those here who are familiar with Hewton’s Calculus will recognixze this as simply the ‘area under the curve’. It is therefor the case that even a flare of smaller magnitude…extended over a longer time is seen to produce a total ‘effect’ – ie, Work Performed – which can easily equal of exceed that of a much larger Flare when it is the case that the latter is of short duration …ie, a “Spike” type flare event.

          I do roundly here apologize to all the reader’s as I DO slip into ‘jargon’ somewhat too frequently … hopefully the occaisional verbose explanantion (as above) will serve to clarify things satisfactorily.

          Keep an eye on things Y’all…all things Solar DO appear to be ‘waking-up’. Time will tell…


          • @JOG,

            “I DO slip into ‘jargon’ somewhat too frequently …”

            Really, not that I ever noticed. Frequently I will quote some thing you have said just to see the reaction on others faces. In fact I have worn out in the last year or two a really good Webster’s Dictionary.



            • JOG, you know I was teasing, right? I am and always have been in awe of your knowledge and vocabulary. In fact as I saw you state in a previous post that you would be going through California in the future and that I was hoping I would have the opportunity to meet you. If that is agreeable then I will get you my email address through a mutual poster.


              • BigB,

                Brother…I would NEVER be ‘offended’ by the true thoughts of those who are my Friends…I welcome such ALWAYS and – as I am unfortunately possesed of the Robin Willims Gene myself – am NEVER offended by the “Lawful Exercise of Humor” !

                Night falls soon I fear, Brother. Ig it should be the will of the Him who is above me I will see it throgh to the far side….I hope – with great fondness – to meet you there…if not then I will see you Beyond…

                Imagine That…that Day when Smokin’ and You and BI and a multitude of others here ALL meet – excuse me, I’ve go to ‘wipe’ here! – WHAT a DAY that will BE!!!

                Take care Friend…and Yes, “Friend” I name Thee.


                • God be with you as well my friend no matter where your travels take you. Know well that you have made a difference and the world is a little better for your contribution.


      45. Robert Duval playing Col Kilgore.

        “I love the smell of napalm in the morning; that gasoline smell, smells like, smells like, victory”.

      46. I’LL SETTLE THIS..

        You buy some investment and Uncle Sam know’s about it.
        You sell it…you get taxed.

        You buy silver and gold with cash…
        Zero record.

        Then…those who also want to keep thing on the quiet…will pay cash for
        the metals later… THIS MEANS….ILLEGALLY…. ZERO TAX.

        You cannot do that with stocks.

        If we are in a cashless society one day…
        Then you can barter the silver for a used car.
        Yeah…the dead boomers will be leaving behind many nice toys for us Genexers.
        Sorry boomers…you lose.

        There you go.

        Obama cannot steal or tax it.
        If they ban pms.
        Then I’ll melt down the silver into a nice bumper…paint it then take a trip to another land to sell it off.

        I also think when the cashless society hits…the underworld will want silver.

        Lastly… in 30 years…silver will be near extinct as far as mass markets go.
        With it’s electronic use…it will command a high price.

        • All the gov has to do is make bartering or trades in silver or gold illegal. Or the gov makes silver and gold illegal to posses all together.

      47. Fine, don’t post my comment. Whatever.

      48. Bernanke has sent a clear message that you either play his game by getting into stocks and real estate or starve.
        (Or live off of whatever principal you might have.)
        He’s essentially a Mafia lord that dictates ultimatums to neighborhood shopkeepers.
        You either dance to his music or watch your standard of living sink by the day.
        And yet this crap is advertised as the “envy of the world” by the propagandists that promote crony capitalism as healthy economics.
        “They hate us for our freedoms.”
        Yeah, the freedom to manipulate world markets and the freedom to create money out of thin air and have other nations accept it for their goods.
        It’s a sweet deal for sure, but one that depends on a fraud that can be perpetuated forever.

        • BK: Just Chicago’s way.

          Keep the FAITH

      49. On this ship of fools, we have a Mad Man at the helm. I hear the sound of surf crashing over the reef in the night. No sounding of the bell nor course correction. It is only time that separates myself from disaster.
        The Captain orders, Let go the top sails!


        I love it that all the boneheads are buying stocks.

        Keeps metal prices down.

        Later…hyperinflation will transfer their wealth to me.


        Don’t do gold…that’s the bankers money…and they might do a 1933 on you.
        Silver….they cannot touch it.

        Good luck everyone.

        My prediction..
        In in 25 years I will be a little old man.
        I’ll have my bed, my tv and laptop.
        Also.. I’ll have the safes with many silver coins.
        There you go…. a humble retirement.
        Screw all that RV shit and second home.
        I just need God and the basics and I can be happier than a billionaire.

      51. Hello, North Korea..
        I’d like to order one of your nukes.
        Does it come in red?

        That’s all this is….. marketing to sell nukes to Iran.

      52. The high stock prices and low value dollar..when it all collapses….the wealth be transferred to those who own metals.

        History will repeat.

      53. I’ve been laughing at this thought and I’m joking but I’ll share it with you all.

        We are the gun owners.
        Yet all these unarmed liberals are trying to control our lives.
        Good luck with that.


        At some point the govt. will tell you …you need to register or turn in your shotgun.
        I’m counting on you all to NOT comply and hid the thing.

        Some day when the UN brings in the reds in blue helmets…you’ll need to dust it off to take back our country.

        • When it’s time to hide it it’s time to use it. Be kind of difficult to use it ifn you had to dig up the tomato plants and de-grease it first.

      54. I just feel so festive…young Eisen…
        lets dance with the kiddies….

      55. I keep my money in the tank on the toilet. You might say I am “flush” with cash…..

      56. In case his hasn’t been posted yet…

        This is unexpected…NOT!!…just the ganme at hand Folks…remember, “How does the MI-complex ‘sneak past’ Sequestration?”

        Bsiness Inider is reporting the folowing, circa 6:30 PM,

        “US Says North Korea Has Learned How To Fit A Nuke On A Missile.”

        Remember the ‘Guns vs Butter” analogy from high school econ 101?

        They’d sure like to convince everyone that it were otherwise, but
        NK IS a country that is literally STARVING and they have succeeeded
        in doing what no other has…PLEASE. The article does go on to say
        that the ‘estimation is that the device would be low reliability’
        and that of course is Corporate Mil-speak for ‘leading the Sheeple.’

        REMENBER…”Left Hand Right Hand, Left Hand Right Hand” Tain’t
        nothing but NY ‘Three-card Monte’ Y’all…Keep Watching…CLOSELY.
        IF, ‘something’ does happen I guarantee it WON’T be NK’s doing.


        • I think North Korea is just a distraction for something else in the works.

      57. Keep in mind that the same people who are jumping back into the market for a 2nd crash probably voted for Obama a 2nd time. You can’t fix stupid!!

      58. I have an excellent sound investment for Ma and Pa, AND the other 99% that just don’t get it. Instead of “throwing away their money” on some stock that has about the same chance as winning it big on the “true imbecile’s games” (namely scratch off lottery tickets) how about this one? Go out and get your family some serious good tasting survival food; freeze dried, dehydrated, or just good old fashioned canned goods. How about making sure that their family doesn’t go thirsty when the water pipes are shut down. How about a pallet’s worth of bottle water, or a large storage unit for water. How about a nice water filter instead of making that weekly trip to the ball park? How about investing in some everyday necessities, like having your family not have to use leaves to wipe their backsides because there is enough toilet paper.

        I look at the above ad for Ready Store above, it has a drawing of a squirrel. The squirrel has more sense that 99% of the people by instinct or whatever, the squirrel stores up food for later. The squirrel that people mash in the street all the time and don’t even slow down to avoid hitting deserves more respect than 99% of the population. Think about that, an animal that people make into squirrel fricassee all the time has more coomon sense than 99% of human being right now. That is truly what low level of pathetic ignorance 99% of the population has slithered down to.

        I have seen the common fool blow $200 like it was Kleenix on pure jerk merchandize or cheap entertainment. Not just once a while, but every week. You know what $200 will buy in life sustaining supplies. You can get about 50 cases of water for this. At even 24 bottles per case, this means 160 gallons of water, neatly packaged to be put in some corner. At 1/2 gallon per day, this provides a family of 4 with enough drinking water for 2 and 1/2 months. All for just one “sacrificed” weekend or one less chinese junk toy.

        For that same $200, someone can go to some place like Sam’s Club and get 100 cans of chicken. That is enough food with protein for the same family of 4 for almost a month. They could with an additional “sacrifice” get 200-300 cans of fruit and/or vegetables, depending on where they shop. That is a lot of food for giving up a little. It is not even funny to discuss just how much food, water, and other supplies someone can get by not taking an idiot’s chance on some wrong stock.

        It is the same fool’s notion that someone at the bottom of the pyramid can get rich, yet they pass up the opportunity to provide what is CHEAP in comparison for their families. Then WHEN the situation arises, “DUH, I dum shuld hav lispened to all thum prepper folks by golly”. So much deep regret is coming to the 99% that have called the 1% alarmists, chicken littles, and other very undeserved names. Deep regret to the 99% that could have saved themselves by spending pennies on the dollars that were wasted on nothing tangible.

      59. Kind of interesting to look at:

        It says the U.S. is at DEFCON 3. IF this is true, the U.S. has not been at this level since the cold war, I think. Wonder if this has more to do with the Middle East and Russia and China than North Korea.

      60. That is exactly what o’bama wants. he wants people to chase the bubble so his buddies can sell high, drive the price down low, so his buddies can buy low and then all the lemmings will kill themselves, which o’bama and his “green” environmentalists would love because there’d be fewer of those foul CO2-spouting entities on earth.

        • Whoops, I forgot to say that what people SHOULD do is to buy old silver coins. They are at a very LOW point (cheap) and should rise, probably at least doubling. Plus, if SHTF it will be much easier to buy a loaf of bread with an old silver dime than an ounce of gold.

      61. BE SAFE!

        Put your savings into “PHYSICAL” Silver & Gold.

        Do NOT use a Bank Safe Deposit Box, they are NOT safe!

        It’s not IF but WHEN will stocks & bonds crash.

      62. @BI, I have been thinking about this since Mac posted this article and now about 18 hours later this is my thoughts:

        Everything you say is true. But just because it is true not everyone is able to believe it. Older people and I say older because the people we are talking about are most likely retired and still in charge of their financial situation. They were born with the morals and ethics of the era that when you saved, bought a house, retired with a pension you were entitled to a safe and secure retirement.

        Hard to argue with them as they watched their parents do it and everything worked as it was supposed to for them. Then came, unless you were in a union or worked for federal, state, or other entity that paid a pension. the “new form of retirement savings in the form of 401K’s IRA’s and the like. Personal financial advisors like at Edward Jones et all. A new industry was born.

        Then like everything else some one some where figured out a way to manipulate that new form of retirement using what was once the game of the elite, the stock market. Has never been the same since. To compound the problem you had the housing bubble which destroyed what most people believed was up to that point an unheard of loss of security and savings.

        When the housing bubble burst people had already lost in the stock market and had learned that if they don’t touch it, don’t cash out it will come back. The same thought process was and still is (and this is what I do for a living) that if you stay put in that house there will be a correction just like in the stock market and that house will regain it’s value. On that hope they have robbed Peter to pay Paul (mortgage payment) using whatever they have left in savings, credit and retirement accounts.

        This, the re-entering the stock market, is a last ditch effort to get back to a sustainable retirement. A last roll of the dice with the last chips they have to play. Poor bastards. It is a rigged game they are playing. The house always wins.


        • BigB,
          99% of my thought process is in the very camp you depict…
          Your post, this post, should be mandatory reading…
          So simply put and incredibly well stated!!!! wow!

      63. The reason the stock market is so high is because it is totally fake. End of story. If it were real silver would rise at the same rate as gold. Now, if two doctors are stupid enough to throw their money away again, so be it. Last time I checked, corporate media doesn’t let the general public in on when to get in and out of the stock market. In fact, if they tell you to get in, get out fast!

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