COVID Vaccine May Not Work Against The New “Mutant” Strain

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    Britain’s transport secretary has warned that the COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out may not work properly against the mutant variant of coronavirus first found in South Africa. So, do we all get to be injected with another rushed vaccine?

    We really all should have known this was coming. Now Big Pharma can force more concoctions in our arms and rake in billions of dollars in the process while people suffer the devastating side effects of these things.

    Speaking on Friday to LBC Radio, British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said there was concern amongst the scientific community as to whether the vaccines produced will offer protection against new virus strains, according to a report by RT.  The South African variant is worrying the experts because it may be that the vaccine doesn’t respond in the same way or doesn’t work in quite the same way,” Shapps said. “This South African variant – this is a very big concern for the scientists.”

    According to a laboratory study conducted by the US drug maker Pfizer, their Covid-19 vaccine still demonstrates efficacy against a key mutation in the highly transmissible new variants of the coronavirus discovered in the UK and South Africa.

    The study by Pfizer and scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch, which is yet to be peer-reviewed, suggested that the vaccine was effective in neutralizing the virus with the so-called N501Y mutation of the spike protein. –RT

    At least 1.3 million people across the United Kingdom have received their first dose of either Pfizer or AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

    The country has big plans to immunize 13.9 million people before mid-February. The media insists infection rates are soaring in these winter months and lockdown measures are ineffective at containing the new “more transmissible” virus variants. An estimated 68 million people live in the UK.

    It sure looks like someone is going to come up with yet another vaccine…


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      1. These evil people truly have no souls or conscience!As you mentioned,we should have seen this coming.So,the evil bastards will roll out even more rushed,dangerous,DNA altering “vaccines” on the masses.All for a virus that 99.7℅ of people overcome.Is their any common sense in our world anymore? I will NOT be taking any vaccines at anytime from these psychos! Like you have said before,none of this bullshit has anything to do with our health – absolutely nothing!!!

      2. Nothing will work on the mind virus except common sense. The vaccines are the culling mechanism.

      3. I recently read the following quote somewhere and thought it might be appropriate for any mask wearing sheep who are using hand sanitizers,avoiding human contact,and who are scared of their own shadows.Goes as follows: “Life itself is a disease with a very poor prognosis.It lingers for years and invariably ends in death” Carl Jung ?

      4. Who is “we all”? Millions of people are and will REFUSE the vaccine. I have a vaccine for these pukes and they aint gonna like it. 100K+ doctors and med workers are warning against it but you won’t hear about it on faux newz. Ivermectin is the cure and is at the local farm/ranch store cheap. In the greatest information age in history, people choose to be as ignorant/stupid as possible!

      5. It is so funny how there is supposedly this raging “pandemic” going on and yet I don’t see dead bodies all around me.In fact,I don’t know anyone who has told me they have this phony 19. I wonder how people ever died before this covid thing was invented,oops,I mean found and isolated.? Since it seems that people only die of the covid nowadays,I guess no one will ever die anymore if it ever goes away.Yes,of course I know it will never go away because this is the the most powerful and indestructible virus in the history of the Earth.I have even heard rumors that not even kryptonite or nuclear weapons can defeat this formidable virus! At least we have a DNA altering,poisonous cocktail from the Bill Gates of hell at our disposal.That should help us out a lot!!!???

      6. No doubt it is A. Fucci straining to blow shit around the world.
        Just listening to him talk you can tell, raspy voice all that shit stuck in his throat. Probably has mutated “Covid poo-poo 22”.
        I think anyone WHO listens too this shit spitter or any of the pig committee will probably catch “Covid poo-poo22”. I think most of Nancy pants Piglosi and the pig committee already have it. I hear the shit oozing out of their mouth. Elbulleheal

      7. An mRNA vaccine involves the genetic reprogramming of DNA. It’s only called a vaccine, because the term enables the manufacturers to be exempt from liability.

        Expect to develop severe autoimmune disorders in 3-5 years after being jabbed with the diabolical brew. After that, you can still be a good product for big pharma and your behavior will be possible to influence through 5G for another 10-15 years (unless you are a loose cannon or a useless eater), would it not be for the excruciating pain your condition will keep going.

        Also, the concoction will probably cause infertility in some (not everyone will receive the same poison) and contain a kill switch developed for you in person (adjusted to your DNA acquired at the time of being “tested”) that can be activated as needed through 5G.

      8. Now we have reports of yet “another new strain” in Japan.Blah,blah,blah.Don’t the evil bastards behind this nonsense ever stop? More and more “mutant strains” will be “discovered”?to keep the false narrative going and push the deadly, I mean “helpful” vaccine on us.After all,we must keep all the masked sheep afraid of their own shadows.???

      9. That’s how viruses work especially when they have inserts that give them gain of function. And this virus has an HIV insert from the NIH sent over to Wuhan virology labs.

        It means we become like computer software needing constant updates. Having fun yet??!!

      10. You guys like to only hear what is in accordance with your ideology. You guys start with the conclusion already made, then no matter what kind of information or knowledge to be brought to light, your mind is already made up with the ideology that feeds the hate you carry inside.

        Good news is that a real leader will be in power to teach you that the common good comes before your false entitlement. What have you not got, and still play the constant victim to use as excuse to spit out your poison.

        I know this comment will very likely be censored because you guys don’t believe in free speech, all BS bunch of fake entitled imbeciles.

        Biden will put you guys in line and save the country from ignorance and traitors trying to destroy our democratic republic. Your president Biden is coming to save Americans and America.

        • CB – Do you actually believe the comment you just made? Are you saying everyone who makes a comment has the same ideology? Most who leave comments will not agree with everyone else about everything posted, just like comments posted on statist sites, that’s human nature. Are you then saying people who leave comments on this site aren’t human? At least no one is trying censor anyone else as you apparently prefer. The fact your comment wasn’t censored as you believed it would be is proof. Nothing personal, but you don’t know what free speech is, you believe free speech is only that which you agree with. Otherwise, as you said in your comment, we are all imbeciles.
          As for your hero the new prez., his vision of saving America is to initiate an even more statist, authoritarian gov’t. Maybe that is what you want. He has stage 2 dementia and isn’t even bright. He will be a figurehead by which the real power brokers (nameless and faceless people) will decide policy and make all the decisions.
          I have warned there are some provocateurs on this site who want to discredit us, are you one of them?

          • “I have warned there are some provocateurs on this site”

            And a couple of them stick out like a sore thumb.

        • There is no functional difference between pleasure and the chemical mechanism for addiction, between confirmation bias and learning. Prejudice is besides the point (and oftentimes entertaining). Abstract thinking, painting with that broad brush, making generalizations. The medical book expects people to do this, by their mid teens.

      11. paraphrased —
        COVAX will not work against the new mutant strain (of leftists).

      12. @Confirmation Bias,oh yeah – you are so right.Our wonderful energetic incoming president will save us all! Joe Biden is our Savior.The man will perform so many kind acts and is the miracle we have all been waiting for.Thank goodness for Joe!This man is undoubtedly the chosen one to save our country.Other world leaders are dying of envy knowing we have honest Joe on our side.May God bless him and the incoming president,er,I mean vice president as well.?

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