Covid Related News: The Death Cult Delusions Infecting Our Times

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at The Daily Exposé.

    Covid injections affect our ability to think, promote cancer, possibly cause seizures and brain bleeds in young people, and are the cause of many cases of “died suddenly.”  Vaccinated animals in zoos are also dying suddenly. 

    Last week a tranche of documents relating to Moderna covid injection trials was released which, similar to Pfizer’s trial documents, raise several questions about the safety and liability of Moderna’s “vaccine.”

    Yet, without investigating any of these harms and offenses, the push for vaccines for anthrax and RSV begins.

    If we are to understand the genesis of the bioweapon kill-off done in the name of stopping covid, Professor Anthony Halls says, we require an understanding of the true nature of the villainy behind the 9/11 PsyOp.

    Do the covid vaccines affect your ability to think? One of the things that jumped out at the Midwestern Doctor was multiple cases of a friend’s parent in a nursing home receiving the vaccine, immediately undergoing a rapid cognitive decline which was “diagnosed” as Alzheimer’s disease, and then dying not long after.

    “As I began seeing more and more signs of cognitive impairment following vaccination, I realized that what I observed mirrored what I have previously seen with chronic inflammatory conditions such as mold toxicity, HPV vaccine injuries, and Lyme disease.”

    Note: One of the most common types of injuries from pharmaceuticals are neurological injuries which both impair cognitive function and create psychiatric symptoms. This places patients in a difficult situation of being gaslighted by the medical system.  Read more HERE.

    Covid injection causes seizures in young people: 22-year-old Youtuber Annabelle Ham, 36-year-old Miss India runner-up, and 10-year-old daughter of Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine Executive – all died of seizures. 14 seizure deaths were examined.  Read more HERE.

    Brain bleeds in young people: Liverpool, UK – 19-year-old University student, St.Catharines, ON – 35-year-old, Scotland – 36-year-old and more.  Read more HERE.

    Cancer virus found in covid injections: During an interview on The Alex Jones Show, Dr. Peter McCullough issued an emergency warning: “Besides variation in the amount of messenger RNA in [the covid injections], there’s contamination with cDNA.  These are fragments of DNA that come from the manufacturing process.  And one of them … is SV40.  SV40 is a known cancer-promoting segment of DNA.  And yes, they’re in the shots.”

    “SV40 turns on cancer genes in the human body. To make matters worse, the spike protein … impairs the tumor suppressor systems … What I’m telling you is: the shots promote cancer through SV40 and they inhibit our ability to fight cancer by suppressing the tumor suppressor systems.”

    The Alex Jones Show 14 July 2023 Full Show

    In memory of those who died suddenly: Lists of people reported to have died suddenly for the week of 10 to 17 July: United StatesCanadaMexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Suriname and BrazilUnited Kingdom, and IrelandFrance, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, and SpainItalyNigeria, South Africa, Israel, Ukraine and RussiaIndia, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand; and, United States and worldwide.

    “Vaccinated” animals continue to “die suddenly” at zoos throughout the world: 2 elephants; 2 giraffes; a chimpanzee; a black rhino; a koala cub; a sloth; a squirrel monkey; 5 meerkats; a fox; a deer; a python; a lemur; a Golden Eagle; a sea lion, a cheetah; and 4 lion cubs.  Read more HERE.

    The next billion-dollar vaccine deal in the USA: With revenues falling precipitously from sales of covid drugs and injections, it’s time for pharma to crank up the vaccine machine with a new market driver: vaccines for RSV. The three new injections were released almost at the same time for babies and adults, and an RSV vaccine for pregnant women is soon to be approved.  Read more HERE.

    The new anthrax vaccine Cyfendus: It doesn’t work.  The US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) admits it doesn’t work, the side effects are awful and it will probably cause birth defects, just as the old one did.  Read more HERE.

    Church members receive settlement over 2020 arrests for ignoring mask mandate: The city of Moscow, Idaho, USA, will be forking over $300,000 in a settlement with church members who were arrested in 2020 for ignoring a mask mandate during an outdoor “psalm sing.”  Read more HERE.

    An analysis of studies pertaining to face masks: A review of 77 mask studies, all published after 2019, was published in MedRxiv on 7 July 2023.  It concluded: “The level of evidence generated [by studies on mask effectiveness] was low and the conclusions drawn were most often unsupported by the data. Our findings raise concern about the reliability of the [Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report publications] for informing health policy.”  Read more HERE.

    Moderna trial skimped on autopsies and discounted serious injuries: A 13,685-page tranche of documents related to Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine clinical trials released Tuesday contains details about the deaths of 16 trial participants, the prevalence of severe adverse events and other abnormalities.  The documents were obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

    Also received were documents describing experiments involving mRNA injections in rats in 2017-2018, before the onset of covid.

    Dr. Meryl Nass, an internist, biological warfare epidemiologist, and member of the Children’s Health Defense scientific advisory committee, said the Moderna clinical trial data bear similarities to the outcomes seen in the Pfizer covid vaccine trials, and raise several questions about safety and liability.  Read more HERE.

    Where did the flu go? Was it viral or human interference that caused the ‘flu’ to disappear from the globe in 2020/21? Or was there a concerted effort to hide it?

    The ‘flu’ was reported to have largely vanished from the globe in 2020/21, only returning in 2021/22 and in some counties, not until 2022/23. Currently, there are two popular competing explanations for this. The first is that viral interference between SARS-CoV-2 and flu, where flu was outcompeted by SARS-CoV-2, lead to a collapse in flu rates. The second is that human interference caused reported flu rates to drop. Changes in flu testing, testing protocols and sequencing, and the partial demolition of national flu surveillance systems, may each have contributed to a reduction in reported flu rates, meaning that a form of observation bias may have hidden flu.  Professor Martin Neil weighs up the evidence.  Watch below.

    PANDA: Where did the flu go? | Prof Martin Neil

    Covid the psychological experiment: While the “vaccines” were the World’s largest medical experiment, and still ongoing, the methodology employed to gain compliance is the World’s largest psychological experiment. A Rapid Evidence Report released by the Scientific Advisory Group (“SAGE”) for Alberta, Canada, in September 2020, documents how to make the masses compliant and who to focus on.  It said: “The most promising strategies appear to be communications to increase knowledge about the pandemic and perceived threat of the virus.”  Read more HERE.

    Reflections on the “death cult delusions” infecting our times: We require an understanding of the true nature of the villainy behind the 9/11 PsyOp if we are to understand the genesis of the bioweapon kill-off done in the name of stopping covid-19, writes Professor Anthony Hall.  The study of the 9/11 and covid hoaxes are necessary building blocks on the way to assessing the high-level crimes being done by those inciting a war on climate change.  Read more HERE.


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