COVID Jabs Are Weapons Of The US DoD’s “COVID-19 Kill Box”, Researcher Says

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Rhoda Wilson at The Daily Exposé under the title: Covid Injections Are Weapons of the US Department of Defence’s “Covid-19 Kill Box”, Researcher Says

    During the covid era, public health has been militarized.  They are using public health language and public health laws to carry out a military campaign.  As such, Katherine Watt has prepared a template for a ‘Notice of War Crimes’ for Americans to issue to healthcare providers who are promoting or using the products known as “covid-19 vaccines” but are actually Department of Defence (“DoD”) bioweapons.

    During a Zoom press conference in January, Watt discussed the legal framework used for the emergency use rollout of the bioweapons being marketed as “covid vaccines.”  “I would not call them [Department of Defence] DoD vaccines. I would call them DoD weapons,” she said. Adding that using legislation they are constructing the walls of what they call the “kill box.”

    The “kill box” is a military term used to describe a three-dimensional area reference that enables timely, effective coordination and control and facilitates rapid attacks.  Describing the covid-19 kill box, Watt said:

    “What the DoD and the World Health Organisation intend to do – and have gotten quite far in doing but have not completely reached their goals – is to set up the entire world as their geographic terrain; their target population as all the people in the world [and] the duration of their campaign as permanent.”

    Legal Walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box, Katherine Watt, 24 January 2023

    Katherine Watt is a paralegal, legal researcher, and writer.  Below is Watt’s 15-minute statement at the press conference. Slides relating to her statement can be found HERE and a list of her extensive research resources with links can be found HERE.  You can watch the full 3-hour press conference, which included four other researchers, HERE.

    Further reading:

    Following her research, Watt has prepared a ‘Notice of War Crimes‘ to be given to healthcare providers and health insurance providers in the United States.

    “If you have been promoting or using products known as ‘Covid-19 vaccines’ on patients since December 2020, you have been participating in fraud, mass murder, and war crimes, because medical countermeasures (MCMs), covered countermeasures, and prototype products are DoD-contracted bioweapons intended and effective for injuring, sickening and killing recipients,” the notice begins.

    The ‘Notice of War Crimes’ is written as a template for people to issue to their healthcare and insurance providers. It respects that vaccinators may not have understood their participation in the fraud, mass murder, and war crimes and states: “I am now informing you; you have now been given notice.”

    It demands the vaccinator cease and desist from committing further criminal acts and immediately close the provider’s vaccination and immunization programs.  It also notifies the vaccinator that the person submitting the notice will refuse to participate or submit to further vaccination as well as informs the healthcare provider of the intent to prosecute if attempts are made during future visits to their facilities to administer injections.  It also notes what is required if a healthcare provider intends to restrict access to medical care:

    “If you intend to restrict my access to medical care, today or during future visits, due to my refusal to participate in, aid, or abet the commission of crimes, notify me immediately, in writing, of the terms and conditions of such access restrictions,” the notice states.

    The notice briefly outlines points that include:

    • The “global chemical and biological warfare program to sicken, injure and kill targets” using lethal bioweapons being fraudulently labeled as marketed and promoted as “covid-19 vaccines.”
    • In 1996, Congress and President Clinton passed legislation arising from the Nuremberg trials and the Nuremberg Code, to protect Americans from war criminals committing war crimes.
    • The causal relationships between Department of Defence (“DoD”) bioweapons injections, and target injuries and deaths, were known to DoD and Health and Human Services officials, and to contract manufacturers, in Spring 2020.
    • Thousands of healthcare providers have observed severe adverse effects (morbidity) and deaths (mortality) experienced by targets of DOD bioweapons since the covert attack on the general public began in December 2020 – yet the criminal enterprise continues because vaccinators continue to participate in it.
    • Recording and/or submitting ICD-10 data regarding refusal to submit “vaccination,” will expose unvaccinated persons to digital theft, digitally-blocked access to banking and financial transaction services; and resulting harms including joblessness, homelessness, and hunger.
    • The use of CDC-recommended ICD-10 Z28 codes aids and abets crimes under laws prohibiting fraud, coercion, theft, extortion, and related financial crimes.

    You can read and download the full ‘Notice of War Crimes’ HERE.


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