COVID-19 Exposed The Truth: Laws, Rules & Regulations Are Futile, Humans Were Born Free

by | May 27, 2020 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    The one good thing to come out of the COVID-19 panic is the increasing awareness of the general public.  The scamdemic has exposed the futility of most rules, laws, and regulations, as people have found out they don’t have to obey any ruler or politician because they were born free.

    Regulations that needlessly restrict liberty, reduce innovation, and reduce Americans’ access to care are being suspended all over the country, and not because politicians woke up and decided to cede some power.  Instead, Americans have decided to disobey the laws into nonexistence. People are finally figuring out that ink on paper cannot control them useless they allow it to.  Since March, Isabelle Morales of Townhall has compiled over500 such examples of regulations that are nothing more than commands to the people the government wants to enslave. These regulations are being suspended in order to provide relief for care providers, hospitals, businesses, and citizens during the coronavirus plandemic.

    Governors and other politicians recognize that the mere enforcement of these rules and laws places a heavy burden on some of the most important markets in the United States. Hence, their suspension is deemed necessary in these times of hardship. Ultimately, none of these regulations should have been created in the first place. Under other circumstances, the effects of these regulations go unnoticed because the strength of the market covers the government’s tracks. –Isabelle Morales of Townhall

    Often, the markets will survive in spite of regulations, however, people are beginning to realize these rules were not created in their best interest, but in the interest of the state. Once people disobey in larger numbers, they will fully awaken to the fact that they’ve been controlled for their entire lives.  The fact that these regulations should have never been created in the first place, is a moot point. What’s important is that people are finally realizing that the government isn’t there to help them and protect them. It’s there to control and manipulate them, with the help of the mainstream media, of course.

    The only way out of this has always been, and will always be civil disobedience. It doesn’t matter how many rules, laws, or regulations, the government creates or eliminates because free people operate solely on their own morality. Free people already know they have no obligation to obey a command, especially ones that violate their individual God-given human rights.


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      1. This article is B.S. pure B.S. the problem with people believing this and saying civil disobedience is a must because this lock down is a conspiracy blah blah blah, simple Effing Mathematics the more people exposed = the more AMERICANS die of this disease. 100k and counting have died. the flu in any given year does not kill as many this fast like this disease does. The thing that pisses me off is that all these so called patriots will infect innocent people who are only trying to live their lives. This disease is no joke if you die cause you want to die free then YOU die don’t infect ME and get me killed!!!

        • Brooklynez, Lock downs don’t work. According to your Governor, 67% of all new cases are people that were in lock down. Why? Lock down for long periods diminishes the immune system. Plus those people on lock down aren’t getting vitamin D from the sun, so if they’re not taking adequate supplements of vitamin D, they are at greater risk of getting the virus. There’s more but time and space are limited.

      2. The scientific method requires that the same standards, tests, test rates would all be used in determining COVID-19 infaction and survival rates in various countries. Countries are using a wide variety of different tests, different standards, and testing different percentages of populations in their countries, states, and local governments in their responses to the coronavirus.

        That is not a scientific method of study, and there is not a scientist on earth that would claim that it is.

        That is not to say, that everyone should be forced to do the same thing as far as tests used and percentages used. That
        would also be stupid. Different countries and localities have different needs. It is not for someone like Bill Gates to determine what each country must do.

        Countries and local governments also have strong political and financial motives to respond or act one way or the other, using the shut down as a fall guy for their own political or economic failures which in many cases caused the countries and politicians to need a fall guy to place the blame on to begin with.

        Viet Nam claims that it has not had a single corona virus death.

        Measuring countries by coronavirus statistics that are all using different tests, test percentages, and treatments is a policy of insanity!

        Many countries can not even provide food, water, and shelter for the healthy, let alone squander funds away on a scientific quest of one up manship, and America happens to be one of the countries that is no longer has the luxury of such scientific and acedemic frivolity.

        Wake up America!

        As my seventh grade English teacher used to say ,
        “Stop the kabbitzing and put the trinkets away.”

      3. Buy you really don’t care , over 100,000 dead and climbing from this illness in 3 months , you are sad person.

        • Can you give me this figure, as a percentage.

          Also, without getting paid for ventilators, resuscitations, and specific diagnoses.

        • You are gambling, based on a blackbox process, the right of the state to memory hole you. When the paper changes color, some Taco Bell Academy dropout is going to have you railroaded.

      4. Anonymous, most of the deaths are attributable to old age and/or other causes. The true numbers will never be known. Financial incentives to the medical community have destroyed any rational scientific inquiry.

        LIES, DAMN LIES, & Covid-19 Statistics (Sorry for the change in the original phrase Benjamin Disraeli & Mark Twain) have been used to obfuscate the actual tally. Of the expected 3-million deaths likely to happen in the USA this year, will Covid-19 even be in the top 10 causes?

        • Though the death of these virus victims is unfortunate let’s put this virus into the perspective it should be. The average age of a Corona virus victim is greater than the average life-span age of the average American.

      5. Constantly complaining about muh tyranny is fine by me. But, I doubt many will join your “rebellion”. Too many are dependent on .gov largesse.

        What I object to, is those who cry the loudest on one hand, yet accept the government dole with the other. Did you accept the stimulus check? Unemployment check? Bonus unemployment? PPP loan/grant? Are you on SS? Medicare? I would wager most on this board at least got the stimulus. They should stop complaining lest they be seen as hypocrites.

        • Anonymous, I think you’re confused. SSI, Medicare, & other benefits I paid into for a lifetime have nothing to do with my ability to criticize a Tyrant. Learn the difference between earned benefits & “the government dole.” I”ll be 150 years old before the SSI contributions are repaid to me. My wife will never receive SSI.

          • Learn yourself. SSI is a program for poor people who don’t qualify to get any, or not enough, regular SS to live on. It is a welfare program. Social Security is a separate program based on lifetime earnings.

            There is no money in the SS trust fund. Congress spent it. They put in some “special” pieces of paper called bonds that they will have to borrow money for to pay for when they come due.Your SS is now a “pay as you go” plan that comes from others who currently pay payroll taxes. See, they call your contribution a payroll TAX because it is not a savings account. You depend on the “tyrants” to pay for your SS dole and the courts have ruled that they can change it whenever they wish.

            The only benefits that are not government dole are those you managed to squirrel away yourself…out of reach of the government. Their propaganda has worked well on some.

            • I’m sorry for your physical self-description. You still seem to have trouble connecting the close linear dots. The money taken from my pay checks for a lifetime constitute the money I paid into social security. Your problem with idiots in govt. that wasted the money is a different issue.

              Your efforts to change the subject from the poorly handled propaganda for the plandemic are noteworthy, but the distraction is just that.

              • Sure, you paid SS and Medicare taxes all your life and so did I. But don’t be fooled into thinking you paid that in to be used for yourself. The SS tax and Medicare tax you paid in was used by the older people, perhaps even your own grandparents or parents. The SS and Medicare the .gov pays for us is taken from payroll taxes of the younger, still working people. It is a pay-as-you-go system. It is government dole. It is the same as the taxes we paid in was used for welfare dole.
                All government programs involve stealing from one to give to another. All government programs are “dole”…whether you think you are entitled to them or not.

                So you need to hope the younger people continue to work and pay for you. It seems that Trump is calling for a payroll tax holiday so that is no sure thing either.

      6. You’re telling me, people are born into a certain status.

        The Bible uses the expressions, foreordainment, predestination, known from the womb, and from foundations of the Earth.

        Most are tares, except for a select few on the narrower path.

        “Free people already know”

        Most are incapable of self reflection.

      7. Humans are not “born free”, they are entirely dependent on their parents and those who remain at the adolescent level, lacking self-discipline and respect for others, have no right to exercise the liberty of adults. The wild “youths” looting and torching the major US cities right now are perfect examples.

      8. You cannot legislate Moral or Ethical Behavior. And You can only Police and Tax a People to the exten that they allow you too. Eventually it becomes unbearable and the populace revolts. Its happening. Folks are refusing to blindly obey the Laws and like meek little sheeple let the police enforce those laws. Its gonna be quite the adventure!

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