COVER-UP: New York Physician Assistant Says She Was Forced To Stop Reporting COVID “Vaccine” Injuries

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    A former employee at United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) in New York has come forward with claims that she was instructed to lie about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” injuries in the emergency room.

    Deborah Conrad, a physician assistant, told “The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast” that upon observing a flood of Fauci Flu shot adverse effects at the ER where she worked, higher-ups told her not to report them to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), the official government vaccine injury database.

    Conrad had worked at UMMC for 17 years prior and never experienced anything like this, at least not that she talked about with Attkisson.

    Among the jab side effects Conrad witnessed but was not allowed to report on, were “heart attacks, cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias of the heart, blood clots, [and] pulmonary emboli.”

    This flood of vaccine-injured patients started occurring in January and February right after the initial wave of Americans took the shots as part of Operation Warp Speed.

    Early on, Conrad says she saw “just a few patients” with these symptoms. She immediately reported them to VAERS. Once a whole lot more people started coming in, however, Conrad got concerned.

    She proceeded to notify her “administrative leaders of what was going on,” only to be told back by a female superior that she “didn’t really feel there was a whole lot to worry about.”

    Eventually, “the emergency room started catching on” to what was going on, and Conrad’s colleagues started “giving [her] patients to report.”

    When Conrad approached UMMC’s administration a second time, they were harsher with her, accusing her of “overreporting” on things that had nothing to do with the injections, she was told.

    Rather than tell the truth, Conrad’s bosses wanted her to lie in order to “support the vaccine effort”

    While it is certainly possible that not all of the patients Conrad saw were damaged by the injections, it should be noted that VAERS only captures a tiny fraction of all vaccine injuries, to begin with.

    A 2010 study, in fact, found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries” ever even make it into VAERS. So if anything, Conrad’s observations were underreported, and her superiors were complicit in the coverup. (RELATED: The American Medical Association (AMA) is also complicit in training doctors how to lie about vaccine-related injuries and deaths.)

    Attkisson has been investigating this kind of thing for many years, by the way. She used to work at CBS News, only to later depart from her position thereafter discovering many “cover-ups” concerning the revolving-door relationship between the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Being one of the few in media these days with an actual conscience, Attkisson started her own thing and now brings to light stories like the one told by Conrad, which blow the lid on Big Pharma and Big Medicine criminality.

    As for Conrad, she discovered the same criminality on the job at her workplace, where leadership “absolutely refused to do any reporting” about covid injection injuries and deaths.

    Instead, Conrad was told that no matter what she was observing about the jabs causing harm, she must “support the vaccine effort” in order to get “vaccines in every arm.”

    Conrad says she was also continually indoctrinated with the lie that all vaccines are “100 percent safe and effective,” which is obviously not true.

    “That’s just … ridiculous,” Conrad told Attkisson. “Because nothing is 100 percent safe and effective.”

    What ultimately happened is that Conrad was fired from her job for creating an “atmosphere” that was “uncomfortable” for her bosses, which were determined to toe the pro-jab line.


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      1. So what? This is happening ALL OVER the country. Been going on since the beginning of this farce. No more colds, no more flu, EVERYTHING is a covid death. Hospitals paid to kill you, media paid to instill as much fear as possible, All of them sold you down the drain for a bowl of soup. Just like your ratfukk neighbors are going to do also. May your death be exciting!

        • G – Please help us understand the rationale in the last sentence of your post. Don’t quite get your desire to invoke upon readers to have an exciting death. If you defend this statement you must believe it’s okay. If that is the case then you should be happy we may wish upon you the same!

          • He is expressing his cynicism of hopelessly brainwashed people that don’t question what they are told.

            • ^^^ THIS ^^^ and the fact that these people will rat you out for a sandwich.

        • Genius nails it again. “Lies, damn lies, & statistics” attributed to Benjamin Disraeli & Samuel Clemmons have been used to sell the public on draconian rules by Tyrants. A financial incentive to medical professionals & facilities to label any death as Covid-19 – what could possibly go wrong?

      2. I’d rather amputate a limb myself then go into a deathcipital. For profit medical care is the devils work. It’s always been about the money and never the patient. Take supplements, drink green tea, get plenty of exercise and eat right. Stay the hell out of the hospitals! A pit of vipers and thieves the lot of them!

      3. … What do you mean so what? Every whistleblower that comes forward is a strike against COVID-1984.

        Reliable, creditable witness are critical to winning this fight. There’s no other way.

        Mass vaccine injury is impossible to hide and justice must be encouraged at every turn.

        Globalist Socialism isn’t going away on its own. Like the National Socialists of Germany, the only language they understand is force.

        … Force of law, in this case. COVID-1984’s willing administrators don’t deserve their jobs, perks, or pensions nor the respect of decent society.

        They put a Final Solution on the table, not us. But we can make them eat it.

      4. ” Every whistleblower that comes forward is a strike against COVID-1984.”

        Only if they’re heard by the majority of people, or at least a significant part of them.

        If you mention this to the average guy on the street I’m guessing you’d be hard pressed to find any that know anything about it unless you just get lucky about who you are asking.

      5. Liberals always support each other and thus we have scum supporting scum and we the people suffer! This is enough cause to justify removal of any liberal in any office of power at any level civil or fed.

        • Easier said than done.

          Getting rid of one usually just results in a replacement that is the same to carry on with the agenda.

      6. THis is living proof great societies and nations fall into corruption fascism and despotism to the complicity of it’s citizens; whether it be ignorance, greed or corruption.

      7. The Health Ranger said 4 military soldiers decided to take the vax and went in together for the shot because they didn’t want out of the military from forced mandates. 3 out of the 4 soldiers died from the vax within a couple weeks.

        It has been said we will lose our military numbers down to 4/5 of what is it now due to the vax mandate, and there will be a draft implimented including women and forced more vaxxs. Since the people are too stupid to stop this demicide, they get what they deserve by serving Satan.

        • As tempting as it is to write off people for the ugly way they think, remember they are still human beings.

          Most civilized cultures develop some form of Redemption philosophy. Its a defense against the hate virus setting off a social cytokine storm and destroying society.

          Punish the wicked, definitely, feel angry sure, but writing the COVID compliant and COVID complicit off in blind blocks with no compassion and driven by spite places one among the wicked.

          Avoid being emotionally conned into committing the same crimes they did under a different guise or pretext, by avoiding the hate and fear that blinded them.

          Drafting women seems more to fill specialist jobs and harness psychological traits more women than men excel at.

          Women won’t be refilling the ranks. With future wars needing fewer soldiers, killing a few off early saves on benefits just as driving them to suicide did.

          AI and drone tech is what’s replacing male soldiers.


        This is the link for the Freedom of information act forced release from the FDA on the phizer research data. There are 38 pages so far and the last 8 pages are the possible adverse side effects.
        It’s it disgusting and will make you sick to your stomach. Please tell any and all this must stop now! If you donot want to access my link, anyone with any search skills can find it on an alternate search engine other than Goolag. Please spread the word this is horrific! Big pharma is making a 1000 dollars a second!

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