Court Outrage: Judge Lets Black Armed Robber Go Free… But Hammers White Victims for Racism

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Headline News | 142 comments

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    olustevensThe victims of an armed robbery are outraged after a Kentucky judge let a convicted home invader go free, only to be lambasted by the court for racism in their victim statement.

    On March 21, 2013 two armed black men entered the home of Jordan and Tommy Gray. Their 3-year old daughter was watching television. The men held the family at gun point and robbed them.

    The case should have been straight forward. In fact, one of the men has already been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

    But Greg Wallace, who pleaded guilty to the robbery, made off much better than his accomplice. And many believe it is because of a statement given to the court about the effects the robbery had on the victims’ young daughter.

    Jordan Gray told the court that her daughter was experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder over the incident and that every time the little girl saw a black man she was terrified. The experience, according to her parents, made it difficult for the little girl to interact with African American friends, and has affected some relationships with family friends.

    “This incident has had the most impact on my daughter.”

    “She is in constant fear of black men. When we are running errands, if we come across a black male, she holds me tight and begs me to leave. If (she) is playing in a room and I walk into another, she freaks out. It has affected her friendships at school and our relationship with African American friends.”

    The statement was offered to the court in good faith, but Judge Olu Stevens didn’t see it that way. Instead, he vented his frustration at the parents for racism, while letting the armed home invader go free.

    But when Wallace was brought up for sentencing Feb. 4 in Jefferson Circuit Court, it was the parents, not Wallace, who suffered Judge Olu Stevens’ wrath.

    “I am offended… I am deeply offended that they would be victimized by an individual and express some kind of fear of all black men,” he said.

    “This little girl certainly has been victimized, and she can’t help the way she feels,” he said. “My exception is more with her parents and their accepting that kind of mentality and fostering those type of stereotypes.”

    The Grays were not in court as Stevens denounced their statements and granted probation to Wallace, whom he said deserved the opportunity to redeem himself.


    “It troubles me greatly what this statement says,” he said at Wallace’s sentencing. “I would want to make that part of the record, I am offended by that.”

    “If the perpetrator had been white, would they be in fear of white men?” he asked.

    “It’s not going to affect what happens here,” he said, but “I’m going to make this part of the record.”


    The response from Jordan Gray was what you might expect given that it seems the Judge took more time to scold the family than he did the criminal who threatened them at gunpoint.

    “If holding a little girl at gunpoint gets you probation, then our system is flawed,” Gray said.

    The court’s release of Wallace was met with heavy criticism almost immediately but that didn’t stop Judge Stevens, who took to Facebook to defend his actions (or lack thereof) by claiming that the victim’s statements had no impact on his decision to set Wallace free.

    “Do three year olds form such generalized, stereotyped and racist opinions of others?”

    “I think not. Perhaps the mother had attributed her own views to her child as a manner of sanitizing them.”

    “As for my “wrath”, I had none. I leave wrath to the Commonwealth’s Attorney and others disgruntled by the ultimate decision. I did not criticize the child. I cautioned the parents against racial stereotyping

    (His Facebook post has since been removed as of this writing, presumably because the Judge realized the idiocy of his statement)

    The outrage from the public was evident after Stevens’ post and many took to Twitter:

    Wrath or not, the fact that Judge Olu Stevens set a convicted criminal free, and one who literally could have killed the family during the commission of his crime, while castigating the victims of said crime is ridiculous. One can only surmise that his obvious anger towards the victims played some role in his decision to set Greg Wallace free so that he can go back out into the world and “redeem himself”.

    It shouldn’t be long before Wallace is back in court, however, because anyone who would hold a 3-year old at gun point should not be walking the streets. Let’s just hope that no one ends up dead the next time he decides to kick in a peaceful family’s door and put a gun in their faces.


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      1. Judge Olu Stevens is clearly ZOG filth. Death to the ZOG!

        • Can’t follow the zog filth stereotype in this case, but it is clear that racism is more about whites seen as anti-black than the other way around.

          The politicians and legal system workers are making sure the “race card” is played wherever possible.

          TPTB do want a race war so they can further along their agenda through another civil war, here in America.

          Things aren’t looking better and people aren’t getting smarter.

          What we are witnessing is the current trend of the results of the “Dumbing Down” of America.

          • Passin, there’s no WHITE racism out there. It’s BLACK racism that is the real issue. The real reason the perp was set free was because he and the judge are the same color. That judge doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Maybe that judge needs to have an “accident”. As for the perp, it won’t be long before he does something else and hopefully he’ll get the “Michael Brown Treatment”. If he had tried to get into my place, that’s what would have happened to him.

            • A few years ago one of our (white) neighbors (on anticoagulant medication) was getting his head bashed against a truck bumper by 4 (black) attackers who had jumped him after he yelled at them to slow down after almost running over his wife and 5 year old daughter while they were racing through our neighborhood. The victim suffered permanent impairment of his memory and intellect. My oldest son and I intervened and the thugs ran, but our identification and testimony resulted in capture and convictions.

              The (black) judge gave two of the perpetrators…. 90 days. Two went free with nothing.

              • JQP, that’s an obscene perversion of justice.

                I do salute you for the courage to intervene, and for the courage to testify.

                God bless you.

                • IKR the audacity of that judge to sentence those two misunderstood and well qualified minorities to 90 days in jail! Look, if two can’t be forced to wear chains again why not the other two? Almost ran over someone means they didn’t actually run over anyone or it wouldn’t be almost now would it? There goes whitey yelling at them for something they didn’t actually do. Cultural differences in resolving these disputes over white aggression must be respected.

                  Ok, sorry I’m kidding of course, we moved to Idaho to get away from this type of nonsense.

                • Speaking of which- doesn’t anyone here live in Kentucky? It is well past time that certain atrocious decisions get set to right.
                  There is no bluster here-only cold, hard truth. If this were my 3-year old, my wife or even a neighbor or friend’s family–there would be a reckoning and neither the perpetrator or this COMPLICIT judge would remain unscarred—–enough said.
                  Can’t believe there isn’t one Kentuckian here with a set who will ensure proper justice on this loathsome thug and the racist and complicit judge.

                  PS: And when this piece of trash who would point a gun at a 3 year old child commits his next atrocity–and he will without doubt– the judge OLU, should be tried as a co-conspirator as he set him free to “redeem himself” for failing to get away with his current crime…..

              • Oh my god!

              • JQP, kudos to you for stepping in and saving the man’s life, but those 4 animals should have been ‘ventilated’.

                • braveheart,
                  yup should have removed the parasites so they don’t spread there thinking processes

          • Go for it. It would be an 11 minute war.

          • I would agree, that it certainly does “appear” that several political elements in society are desiring to see “ethnic cleansing” of all kinds happen here in the USA.
            The turds that elected this “judge” deserve the sentences and “judgments” he hands out. Anyone can see that this mope doesn’t believe in the justice system, and is gaming his state, to seek “higher office”. He’s well qualified to be another political representative anywhere.(unfortuantely)

          • Here in Florida we have the Castle Doctrine backed-up by the Stand Your Ground law so that anyone foolish enough to break into a home here may never see the inside of a courtroom. Like the Dirty Harry song says, “No trial, no reports to file; go ahead, make my day”. Years ago I happened to be in the prison ward Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH) in Miami and saw a young man handcuffed to a wheelchair. I asked the cop what he had done and was told that this was the young thug (on the local news) who had broken into a home armed (a repeat felon) and was shot by the homeowner. The homeowner had shot the young fellow with a large caliber pistol and shattered the leg to the point that it couldn’t be saved and had to amputated just below the knee. Now JMH is one of the best trauma centers in the country and they couldn’t save the leg. Well, “Hoppy” got of lucky because a lot of the home invaders only make it to the morgue.

        • FS, I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that the judge is even a member of the NAACP which ALWAYS stands up for black criminals.

        • A black judge …..

        • You’re going to see more of this preferential treatment as this nation falls apart. As long as you are white, you’ll be victimized and it will become more and more accepted. I hate to say it, but there is a new era of racism acceptable in the streets. If the crime is perpetrated against a white man/woman, the harshness of the penalty will look a lot like those dealt out in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the deep South, when white men hurt black men: Barely a slap on the wrist. I’m not saying this is just. I’m just offering an accurate depiction of what to expect. With that said, your ONLY PROTECTIONS, ARE TO STOP BEING PUSSIFIED VICTIMS; AND START CARRY A GUN EVERYWHERE. NO EXCUSES. SHOOT THESE EVIL MEN DEAD WHERE THEY STAND AND RID THE WORLD OF THEIR LIES IN COURT AND THEIR REPEATED OFFENSES.

      2. If those parents can’t get justice from a racist judge, then maybe they need to seek justice outside the court room.

      3. What can one expect in this whacked out world???

        • It’s obviously the little girl’s parents’ fault she’s scared of black men. Not the black man that put a gun to her head.

          It’s also her parents’ fault (along with S&W) that she’s scared of guns now, not the man who held the gun to her head.

          And it’s also the parents’ fault she’s scared of ignoramuses in black robes, not the ignoramus in the black robe.

          You people are so blind. Maybe the ignoramus in the black robe can wake you all up one day….

          • US, I like your sarcasm.

          • Good thing it wasn’t a swat raid gone haywire. Who would she fear then?

            • She SHOULD fear all those companies that make black die and paint…not the SWATters.

        • F n..gas. They ain’t us, never will be. Prepare accordingly

      4. doom fix for the day !

        Will a volcanic eruption destroy humanity? Scientists warn that world must begin preparing for explosive global catastrophe

        ht tp://

        “The world is woefully unprepared for a massive volcanic eruption that could kill millions of people and destroy much of modern society, a leading group of scientists have warned.

        In a new report on the risks posed by natural disasters, experts at the European Science Foundation concluded that large volcanic eruptions posed the greatest risk human survival.

        They calculated that there is between a five to 10 per cent probability of an explosive eruption large enough to cause huge numbers of deaths, alter the climate and poison the atmosphere occurring by the end of the century.”

        • My explosive diarheaa could cause a catastrophy.

      5. This racist judge would not be saying these things if he didn’t feel protected by the current racist climate being fostered by obama and eric holder, this pathetic judge needs to keep those feelings to himself considering it had nothing to do with the home invasion itself, maybe he should have addressed those “feelings’ to the criminal who invaded the victims home and caused their daughter to feel fear about a black adult male who threatened her and her parents. I hope those parents go out and purchase guns and train with them so they can take care of their family and not worry about a racist judge letting a black criminal off with probation.

        • I suggest a “compromise”.

          Take the kid away from the parents, put her in foster care, jail the parents, and give the perp more state assistance.

          (Also known as: how our “justice” system presently works 90% of the time)

        • He certainly wouldn’t be saying these things if he was subject to the next election cycle or a limited term.

      6. Now when this Black Man kills his next victim, hope the Judge is held accountable!

        • Only if the next victim is black, if he kills a white person he will be excused and most likely get probation again, the judge will save his outrage for the people giving the victim impact statements.

          • It’s whitey’s fault for getting in the way of this upstanding citizen’s bullet.

        • With this judges attitude he is bound to be elected to a congressional term. Fits right into the mindset in DC.

          While trying to look up info up about him; some of the links had already been removed. Amazing how fast the internet can be scrubbed.

          • Howdy, Granny. The perp obviously got set free because he and the judge are the same color. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? {SARCASM}

            • I worked in the corporate world in middle management. I could give examples of affirmative action all day that Would make you angry enough to start the war now. It is why I quite my 6 figure job at Toyota/GM. The plant is now closed thank God. Probably isn’t any better though, its now Tesla.

              • AHH you guys were making the infamous “ToyLet”s?

                (Chevy re-badged Toyotas… you know… the kind Chevy never fricking carries PARTS FOR!… 9_9)

                Seems like a really great deal because it’s basically a Toyota on the cheap. Just pray you never need to service it.

              • Was that the Nummi Plant in Fremont CA? I knew a line manager there when it was the GM Fremont Plant. He said the Monday after home Raider games was infamous for workers either not showing up, or coming to work so loaded they should have stayed home. He became a probation officer when the plant closed, and remarked that his new clients looked the same as his former subordinates.

        • I hope they rob the judge.

        • Judges in ALL fifty states are given “qualified immunity”(or close to it)so that their “judgments” cannot be criminalized nor can they be liable in civil court, for the actions of those whom they SHOULD have incarcerated.
          About the only recourse the electorate has tom is carefully monitor these idiot judges and publicize their secret works/deeds so that these cockroaches can be illuminated for what they truly are. Show the rest of the world, how truly corrupt these pukes actually are.

          • TPS, let’s see the judge suffer from a home invasion and see what kind of song he sings afterward, IF he lives to talk about it.

      7. I wonder if this racist black judge would have let an armed white home invader off with probation???

      8. [Court Outrage: Judge Lets Black Armed Robber Go Free…]

        There’s a thing called “street justice”.
        If this guy has any smarts at all, he should be watching his back from now on. I have a feeling something bad is gonna happen to this felonious robber in the very near future.

        • AW, the robber and judge both are equally vulnerable to “accidents”.

          • You are absolutely right!
            Somebody needs to have a dash cam and run these fuckers over and over until they stop moving. This would be a video worth saving and make a screensaver out of it for my ‘puter.

        • In Kentucky, it’s called “Southern justice”. In days gone by, it involved a strong rope and a high tree branch. We may see the “night riders” ride again if this keeps happening.

      9. Holy Bat$#!t, It really is true ! The truth will set you free ! We still have an incredible interpretation problem in this world !(in a backwards world where good is bad and bad is good) The whites were at fault again ! A blind man could see that huh ! It doesn’t matter who you know as much as who you look like ! It’s a nightmare,Wake up your neighbor!

      10. Maybe the family should have found a white judge to hear the case since not only does the family have to fear a black home invader back out on the streets but they also have to fear a black judge who let a black home invader back on the streets, their little girl now has good reason to fear black adult males since her family was robbed by one and the other under the guise of a judge failed to administer justice.

      11. This “judge” has a chip on his shoulder. His racism and hatred will never sit him free, it will only grow. Years down the road he will be looking for people to tell his story to,and they will laugh at him, probably behind his back,and he will never achieve satifaction.

        • Over my 70+ years I’ve run across maybe half a dozen of his type. Two standouts were cops who went into L.E. to “get back at the cracker man”. Another was a lawyer. We had him in our faces for about a year after we prosecuted a black employee for stealing from the company. Lawyers of course spend half their waking hours hoping to become judges.

          Then there’s the politicians……..

      12. Let us hope the bastard home invades again and he is met by 3 rounds of 12Ga. 00 BUCK.

        This judge show be removed from court. To base his finding on because the white folk are afraid of black folk.

        Is this Different laws for the Black than White folks. Home invasion in Illinois is a Class X Felony. 25 to life.

        • Home invasion is a death sentence in my home ,, dont worry about no 25 years .. its life — theirs

          • EOTS, same here. Great minds really do think alike.

            • Right brave, your great mind being sharpened to the point of razor sharpness spending 33 years as a security guard!

              • Anon, long time no hear from. How’ve you been? Let me clarify something for you. When I started in this business in 1982, I started at the bottom just like anyone else. I first got into management, low-level, in 1990. In 1998, I was promoted to a mid-level management position with a company vehicle and a couple of other perks. I’m now in a senior management position with an office and the same perks. I WORKED for everything I have ever had and will have later. Yes, I have 33 years worth of blood, sweat, and tears invested in where I’m at. I’ve paid a lot of dues already and still have a few more to pay. I don’t have any regrets or any apologies to make to anyone. I got to where I’m at THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY, THE RIGHT WAY. On home invasions, I meant every word I said about it being the death penalty at my place. Decision is final and there are NO APPEALS.

                • Maybe all you say is true brave, but it’s also an indisputable fact that your company has paid you chump change for 33 years. You say you get paid an annual salary of 45k per year. Now, that would be REALLY good for a 40 hour week for sure. But, you say you’ve got to put in anywhere from 60 -70 hours per week to make that kind of money. They have been fucking you over forever, regardless of any type of promotion you may have received. BTW, promotions are illusory, it’s just a way of rewarding your work with no extra money, instead they give you a meaningless title.

              • Anonymous I represent that, you calling my Cuz a chump. There are alot of people in this country that don’t make 45k a year. And a damn lot more that ain’t shot nearly as many people as he has, at least on the keyboard. And the only guy that is tougher than my Cuz is Acid Head.

          • Enemy:
            I like the way you think, plus it will save the tax payers a lot of money.
            The LAST thing I would ever want to do is to drop the hammer on some fool, but if he/she was trying to hurt my family and loved ones, It would be a good way to meet your maker around here also.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • Sarge, I predict the perp will invade the wrong home and get the “Michael Brown Treatment”. The judge needs to be looking over his shoulder from now on.

          • Braveheart:
            I hope they break-in to a home with the same training I have. ONLY STOP AFTER THEY STOP MOVING. (shooting that is), I don’t care what color there skin is. I bet that would send a message to that mope judge. He is one rasist S.O.B. and should be kicked out of office.

            • Northern Reb, let that same judge suffer from a home invasion. I’ll bet the outcome of that would be interesting.

        • SGT. Dale:

          I tune in to CNN for about an hour a day just to see what the Commies are up to.

          Seems to me, after scouring the whole United States daily, CNN can only come up with “cops killing blacks”.

          My question to you SGT is….are there NO killing of white men, either daily, weekly or maybe monthly or stretching it, yearly?

          Seems not a word at CNN. But lets be truthful here, cops killing white guys probably wouldn’t keep an audience interested for 2 minutes…if that. And further, at CNN white lives don’t count anyway.

          THE TRUTH:

          Can’t help start a race war if white cops are killing white men, now can we? Nothing to see there….

          • P.O.G.
            I not a racist. Just to let you know.
            #1 Cops do shoot white folk. The dumb ones that attack or point guns at them.
            Yes there are some bad cops that shoot unarmed people to, but that was not the question.

            #2 By percentage white folk get into less fights than any other race with the cops.

            #3 The Black folk that get shot MOST OF THE TIME are the turds that attack or point weapons at the cops. Again I know that there are bad cops out there, but that wasn’t the question.

            I hope I answered it!

            • SGT:

              My question was:

              Is there ever a white person wrongly killed by cops in America?

              By watching the commie news network you would think this never happens as I have NEVER seen a report from them on this matter.

              So, apparently if it is taking place it does not see the light of day on CNN…..only seems important if the cop is white and the victim? is black.

              Didn’t ask you if you were a racist….why would you need to throw that in. Do you think by answering a POG question someone would think you were racist?

              • Randy Weaver’s wife?

          • More whites are killed by cops than blacks. Cops think twice before shooting a black person.

          • Pissed off:
            I just looked up the stats of officer shooting percentages and can only find 2012’s
            Blacks shot by cops 31%
            whites shot by cops 52%
            Hispanics shot by cops 12%
            This is from the FBI so don’t tell me that there is something racial going on with blacks being shot by cops
            If anything it just plan stupidity that get you shot.

            • Northern Reb:

              My point exactly. We hear NOTHING about whites getting killed by cops…..only thing that makes the news is white cops shooting blacks. White on white….can’t start a race war with that news.

              Truth as I see it. Cops should take a month long sit down vacation everywhere, all at one time. See how that works out for all of us.

              • Granny:
                Can you say SHTF??? That is what would happen. That would serve TPTB right.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

              • Sounds GREAT to me granma! I’ll have NO problem protecting myself and my family. And won’t have to worry about getting any chicken shit traffic violations that are used to feed the beast of our own oppression too! Hell, we might find out we fire 80-90 per cent of them and get along great. Good idea on your part!

        • And exactly how do you remove a judge ” show”?

      13. Anyone want to guess the judges political affiliation, my money is on liberal democrat.

        • Joe, you hit the nail right on the head. Add black racist to that and you win the qewpie doll.

        • If Eric Holder had a brother, he’d look like this judge…

      14. I wonder if the judge would have given him probation if it was the judges house he invaded?? Would he be deserving of rehabilitation then??

      15. Ya , So , I got to take a shit. What’s your point judge?

      16. The worst part is that the parents mentioned these fears because they were horrified that their little girl developed a bias. They were trying to communicate to the judge that the crime was made more terrible because it gave their daughter a prejudice.

        Their reward for being upset about their daughters induced bigotry against blacks is a slap in their faces by a black judge.

        It seems whatever one does, it will never be enough. At some point people are going to give up trying.

        • One would seriously HOPE people will give up trying.

          I gave up trying circa 94 or so.

          I mean… come on now really? There’s a point to all of this anymore?

          Though I will tell you what, it’s fairly simple to use the court’s own prejudices against it. Really easy actually.

      17. I really would like to see the up&down thumbs thing.
        Why are they gone?

        • Hi stu – we had to remove the thumbs because of a security issue. The only way to secure them so they can’t be compromised is to require user ID’s for those who ‘vote’ using the thumbs – this is hopefully coming soon with some additional features and benefits for registered users.

          Thanks for your feedback,


        • The problem I have with any thumbs up/down device is that it doesn’t communicate importance, only the degree of approval.

          There are bad messages that everyone should see and good messages that border on cliché.

          I’d rather see an eyeballs scale. One eyeball for boring, five eyeballs for exceedingly important.

          • Voting on what the readers can see just isolates all of you even more. Most people on this site dont want to read anything that doesnt agree with their world view. This site is mostly just a place to socialize. Just make a rule: all comments restricted to pro christianity and hoarding food.

      18. Racist judge pure and simple.

        • And paranoid, too.

          The parents were actually expressing their worry that their daughter had become bigoted but the judge was so eager to find racism that he completely missed the point.

          • No he got the point.

            They’re white, he’s not. That’s the point.

            • From now on, every single white person who goes before this judge, should loudly refuse to have this judge hear their case, and demand another judge, because “THIS JUDGE is racist.”

              The phrase to use is “I do not believe I can get a fair trial from this racist judge.”

              If enough people do that, the presiding judge will eventually get the message.

          • This young girl will probably grow up to being racist towards Blacks and Black Judges. Not because of bad parenting, but because of being exposed to a bad culture.
            The System is working well on it’s division techniques between Race relations.

            I suppose the New America will be “stick with your own kind”
            Each State or group of States will be segregated from one another, but under the umbrella of Federal Power.

            Oh forget it, we pretty much already have that now. It’s in the disguise of being called Communities, but without boundaries, much like our open border policy that we have in place.

            • Yeah, but isn’t that sort of like the original intent of the constitution, to regard the states as expressions of particular communities’ preferences but all cooperating under the federal government?

              The problem we have now, IMO, is that the federal government has obliterated any sense of community except that of some big-brother continent-wide progressive “utopia”.

              • Totally.

                Let’s leave race out of it for a moment and delve into the land of COMMON SENSE…

                Time was, someone breaks into your house and sticks a gun in your face, they’re straight up guilty (if it’s proven).

                Now it’s like ohhh but we caaaanttt he’s just a poor disenfranchised (insert whatever the fuck here).

                Why do you think no one wants to be around anyone else?

                I mean I’m not just talking race here either. Being around other people is seriously hazardous to your health thanks to all this BS.

        • Steve
          How can a black judge be racist? Blacks are not racist. Just ask Jesse or Al they will tell you!!!

          • Hey sargy, aren’t you the SAME guy who once posted here that EVERYBODY is a racist to some degree? You can’t have it both ways.

            • …you do understand the meaning of SARCASM right?

      19. Superior Defense…Dead thugs tell no tales, regardless of what color their skin is.

        1. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings/situation.

        2. Erect effective barricades to block easy entrance to your house, Augment with E.W.S. to give ample time to react.

        2. ALWAYS have a firearm on ALL adults while at home.

        3. Shoot thug(s) before crime can be commenced.

        4. Call worthless cops to cart thugs bodies’ off…(Only if unavoidable)

        The only effective deterrence to crime is a very real possibility for prospective criminals to lose their life committing such an act…

        • Best comment of all.

          It’s called the “second” people and if it would not already be compromised everyone would be prepared for this type of situation and we could ditch the thug blue mafia.


          * Remember the 3 S’s

          1.) SHOOT
          2.) SHOVEL
          3.) SHUT-UP!

          * DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES – The number of individuals that can keep a secret = ONE(1).

          * Ensure you wear gloves, leave no trash, cig butts, personal property, dna or hair behind, wipe area and everything you touch clean with bleach, rip up blood stained wood and carpet-burn it and retrieve the bullet from the corpse.

          * Destroy the weapon used.

          * Remove Finger tips, eyes and teeth, either wipe down unclothed corpse with bleach(burn corpse clothing, property and shoes) ; or burn corpse in remote area if time available.

          * Bury body deep in the woods, 10 miles min. from home(most killers operate within 5 miles of home), bury 5 feet deep with layer of rocks(to deter animal digging) a foot under dirt surface, in a clump of bushes, replant some bushes , dried leaves , grass on top of buried body.

          * Dump a few bags of lime on the corpse to accelerate decomposition and cover dead scent.

          * Wipe tracks clean every 10 feet with light diesel fuel spray or mace to deter tracker dogs.

          * Buy new shoes and ties for you and your vehicle, change and dump the old shoes and tires a few towns away , separated in different locations on your own immediately.

          * Don’t leave a paper receipt, credit card or security video trail of your doing’s!

          * Move corpse abandoned vehicle to a remote area a few towns away, wear gloves, remove plates , vin # wipe down with bleach and burn vehicle.

          * Burn all your clothing , shoes , equipment and gloves used during cleaning. Destroy the gun, bullet or weapon used!

          * Keep your phone turn off and the ‘battery removed’, leave phone at home while cleaning.

          • Oxygen bleach on DNA contaminated surfaces and if burying, dismember the body on a tarp and pulverize the skeleton the best you can if you have the time. It makes it less recognizable as a corpse than a complete skeleton. When burying, do so between 0300-0500 and at different remote locations. Store the parts in bleach and in a freezer until you buried them all but do it quick.

          • Yeah I woke up the other night and had to go to the john and I happened to look out the window and there was a muslim sneaking through my neighbors garden, and out of nowhere my neighbor appeared and whacked him over the head and then dug a hole and buried him. So I went back to bed and my wife said whats wrong, your shaking something terrible, and I said that SOB neighbor of ours still has my shovel.

            • North Georgia,

              I hears what your a’ sayin there bro. Them muslims is a’ terrible carrot thieves sho’ nuff. Has your cuz ever lost any of his carrots to muslims?

      20. There just could be an EMP attack coming to an Iranian town near you, soon very soon. When the attack of any kind happens TWAWKI will change and nerve go back to the way it was. IMHO this is the year to end all years.

        • don’t base your life on that.

      21. I knew it it’s white folks fault their kids are scared of crack head nigs. I totally understand why a little girl is afraid of an ape. The judge is racist and should be removed for violating white folks civil rights. I’d guarantee this isn’t his first civil rights violation. Seems white folks don’t have civil rights. I’m so fucking tired of this bullshit. Once my door is kicked in it’s a double tap of 357 and I’m gonna be pissed they broke my door and someone’s gonna clean the blood too. I ain’t touching nobody’s blood. Now I gotta get a hotel room for my family. What the fuck.

      22. Next time Shoot the F_cker and avoid the courtroom. An armed Intruder is Free Game! Hint, Hint!

      23. Note my utter. And complete. And total. Lack of shock.

        Yeah because this never happens in Commiefornia.

      24. Aaaand the judge is black.

        … didn’t see that one coming a fricking parsec away…


        Blacks aren’t racist. Nooooooo. What do you mean? You racist b*stard.

      25. Payback. Payback in spades.

      26. Not relevant to the current article, but saw this and wanted to share… pretty good reading…

        ht tps://

      27. There’s nothing worse than a bad cop or a bad judge. THEY are supposed to be some of the FEW we ought to be able to trust. Neither color of skin NOR comments by parents should allow a criminal with a gun robbing a family to go free. This is despicable and needs to be stopped !!!!!!!

      28. What goes around, comes around. Old clique but still true.

      29. Time to reread those HISTORY books about post-civil war “reconstruction”.
        There was a naughty book called “the Turner Diaries” also.

      30. the blacks are their own worst enemy.

        a angry white backlash is coming soon for the blacks in zog amerika.

        soon the whites will organize as the word gets out of blacks committing reverse racism and white individuals and groups of whites will start attacking the black community as whites did up to the 1960’s!

        online white supremacist groups are already talking about it.

        now it’s only a matter of time.

          • solus, welcome to Obamas’ America.

          • At least he called them “animals”.

          • On average blacks will rape white women over 50’000 times a year. The reverse isn’t true and some years is zero. Of course the FBI stats I’m referring to consider hispanics white if they’re the perpetrator and still the amount of blacks raped by whites is practically zero.

            See Jared Taylor’s “Color of Crime” for way more facts and details than you can stomach.

        • Damn! You have come up with a very good justification for killing all Democrats. If things don’t improve then kill all Republicans.
          I like it!

      31. if it has to be done right, do it yourself!

        *Star Chamber* the movie.

      32. Where on Gods good ole earth do we find retards like this. The judge let the criminals thugs on the basis on and alejid racist comment. The fact of the matter is that black thug criminals invaded their home. You going to let them go on a comment that is a fact. Trust me when i tell you this. Our founders did not make the 2nd amendment for the hell of it, it was with good reasoning. Had this happen in my area of town, the victim would be going to a grand jury after killing those two no good pieces of crap, mennace to society. Last year two black men came to my place demanding that i open the door that they were looking for someone else, i grabbed my phone, they were beating down the door, demanding that i open it. Thug bastards had tatooes on his face, neck, forearm, and is a dread lox. I was on the phone with my buddy Rick, told him two black thugs are beating down my door, “are you f.,,k… kidding me, no, this is real, stay on the phone, as i tripped over my couch, alomost breaking my azz in the process, looking for shotgun that wasent even loaded. I didnt even have time to call 9-11, i cocked and loaded, told them by the door that if they forceable enter my unit, i will blow them the f….. away, that i am calling the cops, luckly for them they decided to leave right away. i was caught off guard, with no warning. No casualties this time. Lucky me. In this case, those thugs busted into a home, held the people at gun point, tramatized thier daughter, and the judge is calling the daughter and her family racist. One of the local cops should have been in the area to open fire and riddle those punks azzes with lead. Oh no, the judge lets them go. I cannot belive the crap i am seeing, and hearing, can you believe this. Had Zimmerman teamed up with Darrel Wilson been on the side walk, by that house, you would have seen justice served. You wait till post shtf commenses, those thugs will not be getting away with this type of Bs, i can gaurantee it. This is whay scares the crap out of me, if shtf hits us, that senerio will be miltiplied by 1000. No your going have, no food and water… a literall hell o earth.

      33. I would stand up and say, “Your Honor I’m not a racist, I’m a realist and I along with everyone else I can see that your letting a violent criminal free to commit another crime because of your hatred of white people”; “I’m not the criminal, he is”.

      34. I was hoping for a squad car to run over da Judge. Remember,
        Black folks are special and wonderful.

      35. As a side note most black criminals prey on other blacks. Statistically there is a very high probability that this guy will kill another black.

      36. At this point, calling the police is a waste of time at best and a genuine threat to your survival at worst.

        Handle these things privately. Their “justice” system is not your friend.

      37. Don’t you wish all the black people go back to Africa?

        America would be America again without all the mud peoples.

      38. I’m a bit curious as to the political leanings of the white family. It would be just desserts if these two parents were Obama voters.

        • What kind of ignoramus would say something like that? Someone that voted for McCain?

          Jesus help us from heartless lunatics.

        • Let me put it to you this way, if they’re the type of people that think that spilling their innermost thoughts and feelings to A FRICKING JUDGE is going to end anything other than abysmally, I can tell you already what they are. Only a liberal can be that godforsakenly stupid.

      39. I am deeply offended,too judge. That you let your personal feelings guide you in your decieson. I remember several posts ago I reccomended just taking care of business yourself. Anybody convinced? Also, my grandmother was assaulted by a black man,ieft her with a dislocated shoulder. Scared of blacks ever since

      40. I am deeply offended,too judge. That you let your personal feelings guide you in your decieson. I remember several posts ago I reccomended just taking care of business yourself. Anybody convinced? Also, my grandmother was assaulted by a black man,ieft her with a dislocated shoulder. Scared of blacks ever since

      41. Poetic justice if the acquited broke into the judges’ home and terrorized the judge’s family.

      42. THIS is WHY I have a Glock 22 40 Cal.

      43. Why, are we shocked/surprised/outraged that this “judge” actually verbalized what we know is true?
        he can (and did) get away with it, because no one holds the Organizer-in-Chief “accountable” for anything, much less his continued race-baiting he engages in consistently. For a man who was elected by his acolytes to “heal” the country, he’s done far more to Balkanize this Republic than anyone/thing else.
        This IS the “Obama Legacy”-racial animus.

      44. As for the beach incident, it’s really a no brainer as to what they are going to do, once shtf comenses..if these animals are commiting these types of assaults and this is not even war, it’s spring break, then what in hell will the Chinese invaders and the UN do once they get here….its highly disturbing that those thugs are getting so our of control to literally do something like that in front of people everywhere. The chief is right, they are animals. Hopefully he does not get accused of racism for his comment.. my scientist buddy knows what he is talking about, this calapse is going to be a really serious one with a population of 316,000,000. This is going to be something else.

      45. Ain’t no different than a white ultra liberal. The only thing that would concern me if that were my family is, “Where do I hide the body”?

      46. Somebody get those parents gift cards to the local gun shop, gun range and next concealed carry class so they won’t have to be lambasted by a black judge taking care of his homeboys.

      47. “The wicked accept bribes in secret
        to pervert the course of justice.”

        Proverbs 17:23

      48. I blame the elites, they didn´t have the courage back then to tell the j**s to back off and stop bringing those animals to america,I guess it wasn´t good for “business” just as it is not good today to deport mexicans. An old man with a moustache who was from Austria was right.

      49. We don’t have too many black people where I live. We don’t have too many white people either. Most anti social people end up disappearing. Maybe they flew to the mainland? We have wild pigs, deep gulches, and a (thankfully) very few incompetent cops. Big plus is, everyone knows where the local judge lives, when he drives on the road, where his wife shops, and where his kids go to school.
        Maybe that is how you can get some justice?

      50. God Protect white americans, they are gonna need all the luck in world in the coming war against subhuman animals, cattle at best, to the hell with the jews and the coloured.

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