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Court-Ordered Audit: Dominion Voting Machines Were DESIGNED For FRAUD

Mac Slavo
December 15th, 2020
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The American public has largely already lost all sense of the illusion of choice in the aftermath of this fraudulent and phony election. It is not getting any better either. A court-ordered audit of voting machines in Michigan has determined that the Dominion machines were specifically designed for fraud.

The court-ordered forensic audit, carried out by Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), found that Dominion systems in Antrim County, Michigan recorded a shocking 68 percent error rate while tabulating votes. The report noted that the faulty software far exceeds the “allowable election error rate” of 0.0008 percent set by the Federal Election Commission, according to RT.

Shockingly, the auditors claimed that the widespread errors were a feature, not a bug, stating that the voting system “intentionally” generates a high number of ballot errors which can then be used to manipulate the vote tally.  “We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

The preliminary report also found that there were attempts to tamper with evidence. The analysis revealed that on November 21, an “unauthorized user unsuccessfully attempted to zero out election results, the auditors said. The report also found that all security logs from Election Day, and the days prior to and after November 3, had mysteriously vanished.

State officials (the ruling class) viewed the audit differently. In a statement, Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson slammed the report as another in a long stream of misguided, vague and dubious assertions designed to erode public confidence in the November presidential election.” The officials also described ASOG, which has participated in other lawsuits challenging the election results, as partisan,” and said the group lacks the expertise to audit the voting software, reported RT. 

The mainstream media and social media giants are still trying to use censorship and “fact-checkers” to propagate the public into somehow believing that Joe Biden won this election fairly.

The Electoral College formally designated Biden the winner of the 2020 selection race on Monday, but Trump has not yet conceded and continues to make the case that the election was rife with fraud.  There are still ongoing investigations as well.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: December 15th, 2020

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    1. Mr_Yesterday says:

      Repeat a lie often enough, it eventually becomes the truth.

      Dems did not win legitimately, but they won none the less.

      Boycott every company whom gives to democrats. It is your only non violent solution which means anything right now.

      Over the longer term, it is essential to demand paper ballots, printed in USA, with improved security features.

      They’ve been stealing the vote for decades.

    2. James says:

      Why are we not reading about this on Newsmax, Breitbart and the Daily Wire?

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      As I have previously pointed out:
      Where Trump went wrong is that he was completely aware of all of the sheninegans taking place with both the massive absentee ballots mailed to all registered voters in states and with the voting equipment that was being used, and his legal team was also totally aware of this, but knowing that an incumbent president winning re-election during the worst economic catastrophe in American history would be highly unlikely, they decided to let corruption overcome the election process and then scream foul play in order to have congress decide the outcome of the election, and that reeks like hell too!

      Trump allowed cheating, and then claimed to have lost the election because cheating took place. I do not doubt that cheating took place, and I do not doubt that it was done by both parties. We do not know if Biden still won, and Trump supporters deleted the votes to claim that it wiped Trump votes out. Just because cheating took place, it does not mean that Trump won. Nobody knows this. Anyone that claims to is lying. 

      This is much worse than The Great Depression. Corrupt and unhealthy instutions, corporations, and individuals were saved 
      at the expense of honest, healthy businesses and individuals in this instance. The institutions,( including the stock 
      markets, ) corporations,  and individuals that destroyed America have a survival mandate at the expense of the individual. and small and medium sized businesses. All of the bars, restaurants, hair salons, gymnasiums, garden centers, and other businesses that America voted with their wallets to support were mandated to shut down! So much for free markets! So much for capitalism! So much for freedom! Success is a criminal offense as far as the retarded losers are concerned! Success that people voted with their hard earned cash to support! The retards have sought revenge! 

      And then there is this:

      As Cold As Ice The Kiss Of Death

      Today on Sputnik’s Critical Hour, regular misophobic hypochandriac guest,Dr. Jehan “GiGi” El-Bayoumi, professor of medicine and founding director of the Rodham Institute at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences stated that they really do not know if the vaccine is safe or works, but did confess that vaccines do not prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, they just reduce deaths according to her, except that the death rate for those who have tested positive for the virus is below one tenth of one percent, and the vaccine is supposedly 60% effective for one dose and in the 90% effective range for two doses. It doesn’t matter to her though, because she is not getting the vaccine for a while. Fifty million people including front line health care workers and nursing home patients will be the first large scale experimental victims of the project. Additional regular Critical Hour guest and Dr. Yolandra Hancock, a board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist will not get the vaccine either, even though she works in a hospital as a physician because she, like most if not all hospital physicians are contracted entrepeneurs and not employees of the hospitals,  (which anyone who has ever looked at a medical bill from a hospital quickly realizes,) so she is also waiting for the results of the large scale experiment that injects polyethylene glycol into people, which is the main and active ingredient in anti-freeze. Maybe people should read the anti-freeze label warnings to serve as a possible vaccine side effect list. Cats frequently die from drinking it if it leaks from cars. For some reason they have a form of pica that causes them to drink it. 

      Dr. Jehan “GiGi” El-Bayoumi also said that it is better to keep the remaining stock of 50 million doses rather than giving 100 million people one dose, because Pfizer may not give the government or hospitals another 100 million doses, and then the front line health care workers and nursing home patients would not get to have their second dose, and she really wants to make sure that they get two doses even though this disease is so life threatening that it required the entire country to be shut down and prohibited people from celebrating holidays and other freedom of assembly, and even though nursing home patients exercise the right of freedom of assembly far less than the rest of the population with the exception of prisoners. The second dose is supposed to be administered after three weeks of the first dose.

      The CEO of Pfizer does not want to cut in line for the vaccine, that he developed in his misphobic hypochondria that he believed the virus was so life threatening that everyone should be forced to stay in their home with a mask and shut the entire country down.

      Donald Trump pushed the vaccine through and even threatened to fire the FDA if they did not immediately approve the vaccine, but he is not going to take the vaccine, and is not even going to make sure that Ivanka, Donald Jr., Baron, Jared, or Melania get it either!

      But PBS reports:
      Aides to President-elect Joe Biden have been discussing when and how he should receive the vaccine and have been working to establish plans to boost virus safeguards in the West Wing to keep the 78-year-old Democrat healthy. – PBS

      Predictive programming aka Satanic Cabala and veiled mafia threats, TIP Transition Integrity Project from the acclaimed academy Georgtown University referred  to the Blue candidate as corpse.

      Anything that is editing RNA and uses nanotechnology, which this does, polyetheline glycol ( the main and active ingredient for anti-freeze which freezes at -50 degrees farenheit, squalene shark liver oil, fetal tissue, monkey tissue, and mNeonGreen, which is a bioluminescent derived from sea invertebrate that will invade cells and glow green when held under a blue light, supposedly if infected with covid, is playing with fire! Not to mention that it must be stored at -94 degrees faranheit, but can only be done so for 30 days according to Pfizer, or refrigerated between 35 and 46 degrees farenheit for 5 days. And, it doesn’t even work! It is not even effective! It was tested for a reduction of symptoms. They claim that it is 94% effective, but less than a tenth of a percent of people that tested positive are dying, most likely from the flu, which happens every year anyways, as sad as that may be, the flu can be fatal for the elderly if they are bed ridden and have multiple diseases, particularly heart disease and diabetes, as well as other respiratory diseases or condidtions. So, I would not recommend this whacked out Josef Mengela style pseudo-science shot in the arm to anyone anywhere! 


      What’s next for our foundation? I’m particularly excited about what the next year could mean for one of the best buys in global health: vaccines.

      — Bill Gates (@BillGates) December 19, 2019

      Thank you Neil Clark and Sputnik! Too bad Sputnik radio show hosts are pro lockdown, masking, distancing, vaxxing propagandists though! 

      Washington Post:

      The FDA action came after White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Friday told FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn to be prepared to submit his resignation if the agency did not clear the vaccine by day’s end, according to people familiar with the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss what happened.
      Meadows’s threat followed months of efforts by FDA scientists to try to ward off President Trump’s importuning on the vaccine and keep the review process apolitical and transparent in hopes of boosting public confidence in the shots. The FDA already had planned to clear the vaccine Saturday morning, and accelerating the authorization to Friday night was not expected to change the delivery timeline of the first shots.

      But while the vaccine enterprise has been impressive, its credibility has been repeatedly threatened by Trump, who for months pressured the FDA to authorize a vaccine before Election Day and, when that did not happen, bitterly accused the agency and Pfizer of deliberately orchestrating delays to harm his reelection prospects. On Friday, he continued his criticism on Twitter, calling the agency “a big, old, slow turtle,” adding, “Get the dam vaccines out NOW.” – Washington Post

      I believe that the vaccines contain nuclear material.
      The covid vaccine project warp speed was also being referred to as the Covid Manahttan project. Once the process of nuclear fission starts, it cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed through cooling, which is employed in nuclear power plants and waste facilities. Is it a coincidence that they are calling it The Manhattan Project, which developed nuclear weapons, rather than targeting a country, targeting “undesireables” or wealthy individuals for their assets to feed the deep state referred to as The Blob, or as Ray McGovern calls it, 
      MICCIMATT ( military industrial complex congressional intelligence media academia think tank ) a giant parasite consuming everything in its path? We are talking about the same people that were responsible for 9/11. There is no low that they would not consider stooping to. They prove it daily. And why would they want to continue paying for people to be in nursing homes or on social security? As far as they are concerned, that means less for them! 

      This would not be the first time that the “medical community”,
      “univerities”, “U.S. military”, and “government” have illegally forced nuclear “experiments” on the population. It was done in the 1940’s through the 1960’s in radiation “experiments” illegally performed on many people including pregnant women and new borns without agreement, knowledge, or consent.

      From Sputnik:
      Pfizer’s vaccine must be stored at a temperature of minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, according to Reuters, because the vaccine uses synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) to prompt the body’s immune system to respond against COVID-19. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the drug company designed suitcase-sized boxes packed with dry ice to keep its vaccine doses at the required temperature.
      All inactivated vaccines require refrigerator storage temperatures between 35°F and 46°F (2°C and 8°C), with a desired average temperature of 40°F (5°C).

      If it is synthetic, what is the reason for the temperature of -94 degrees? Many things are synthetic, and none of the things that I use that are synthetic haved to be stored at -94 degrees! 

      A virus requires a host. All viruses in vaccines are in effect inactive since they do not have a host.

      The vaccines could cause a nuclear explosion if they contain nuclear material, like millions of tiny little pipe bombs. They must be emptied by the military into a hazardous waste site. States and medical facilities must refuse to accept the shipments of vaccines.

      Now people will end up sick or dead because of Donald Trump insisting on the FDA authorizing a deadly vaccine with many other potential side effects that have yet to be disclosed, and are not even understood, since it is so experimental and the long term effects of this vaccine are a complete unknown! People only have one body! Don’t gamble with the only one that you will ever get! You can’t just go and get an entire body and brain anywhere. They just aren’t on the market. And if you somehow manage to, it will be somebody else and not you anyways!

      And this:

      The claim that Trump has not started a new war is an illegitimate claim, because Trump has tried to incite Iran, Venezuela, and possibly even China and Russia into war, with the assassination of Al Quds General Soleimani, and the repeated assassination and coup attempts on Maduro, even inviting self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guaido to the White House! Just as the United States provoked the Pearl Harbor attack because Roosevelt knew that Americans would not support going to war unless there was an attack on U.S. soil, and just as Bush43 allowed the 9/11 controlled demolition to take place and blame it on “Muslim terrorists” like the Kashogi family that has been in the CIA for decades! So, Trump is not a peace president. Trump is a terrorist, and so is Biden. 

      I will not support, appease, or negotiate with terrorists.

      Here are some other things that peace presidents do not do that Trump did:

      A.) Abandon the INF treaty
      B.) Abandon the START treaty
      C.) Abandon the JCPOA
      D.) End The Open Skies Treaty
      E.) Call a virus The Kung Flu and say, “it’s not your fault that you have the corona virus, it’s China’s fault.
      F.) Sanction anyone that supports economic competitors
      G.) Try to bring the death sentence back in vogue
      H.) Try to start wars on false Trumped up charges
      I.) Sell WMDs to other countries that have a history of invading other countries
      J.) Try to call treaties between Arab nations and Israel that ignore the immense suffering of the Palestinians caused by Israelis peace deals!
      K.) Permit the nation to be held in house arrest over scientific fraud to cover up for financial fraud that destroys the lives of millions of victims of financial and scientific fraud!

      Having said all of that, I still do not support either candidate, and I do not support Harris either! Trump was one of the worst presidents in the history of this country, and anyone that looks at what has happened under Trump’s watch cannot honestly say that the majority of Trump’s policies were good for America. The majority of Trump’s policies were good for Israel and good for the stock market, but the stock market is not limited to American investors. It will unfortunately probably continue under Biden and or Harris too. 

      Neither candidate has the power to face reality. They are both pathological liars and they are both terrorists and are guilty of treason, and so is Harris.

      Andrea Iravani

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        I see that the low life retarded hacker is still hacking my posts! The above comment stated To claim that Trump is a peace president because he has not started a war is an illegitimate claim, prior to the hacker changing it violating many class one felony laws! Scum like that belong in prison! Make America great! Throw the low life hacking anonymous psychopaths in prison where they belong! It must suck being such a fucking loser that hacking my posts is even on your list of things to do! What a worthless, pathetic, insignificant, incompetent, waste you are! Do the world a favor and kill yourself! You could buy a term life policy and stage an accident. Any children that you have would be better off without you! They have a very high probability of ending up in prison, because you are a psychopath which is both hereditary and influenced by environmental factors, and psychopaths frequently end up in prison! Many people play baseball, basket ball, foot ball, hockey, and soccer, but the overwhelming majority do not end up on prodessional teams! So if you think that you will be one of the lucky psychopaths that strike it rich and die with their reputation in tact, the odds are not in your favor!

        Andrea Iravani

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Mrs Sputnik for that useful information

    4. willyard says:


      China has gained quantum supremacy anything is possible including stolen elections as you now see
      everything from your banking passcode/pin … to the launch codes are at risk.
      The CCP couldn’t resist blathering about recent achievements including the Chang’e 5 lunar mission but know where to draw the line when discussing quantum capabilities.
      When did I warn about the dangers of China gaining QC supremacy?
      just after the Hawaii false missile alert…. laughing now kung pow
      forensics are the joke