Could This Be the Beginning of a Flu Pandemic? 100 Reported Feeling Ill on Flight, 19 Confirmed Sick…So Far

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    At least 19 people have been confirmed sick after a plane landed at John F. Kennedy Airport Wednesday morning with many more on the international flight reporting feeling ill.

    The plane was quarantined until the passengers and crew were checked and cleared or sent for treatment.

    Here’s the latest update from NBC New York:

    Emirates Flight 203 from Dubai was quarantined on the runway for hours after many of the 521 passengers and some of the crew reported feeling ill on board the flight. The cause of the outbreak has not been confirmed, but a Jamaica Hospital spokesperson says multiple passengers and crew treated were experiencing headache, sore throat, coughs and fever.

    According to New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s office, 19 people were determined to be ill – 10 of which were taken to the hospital. The remaining 9 refused medical attention. Reports on the exact number of people on the flight vary, but all sources say there were over 500 people on board. As many as 100 passengers reported feeling ill and were said to have coughs and high fevers.

    While the illness has yet to be officially identified, it appears to be a flu.

    Passenger Erin Sykes told NBC New York that some passengers were sick before they even boarded the plane. “When they were standing in line to board, people were coughing,” she said. “People were not covering their mouths.”

    Sykes Tweeted about the flight:

    One passenger called the flight the 'worst' one ever in a tweet 

    Hadi Nadimi, another passenger on the flight, said, “The gentleman sitting next to me said that he said he saw a lot of people, before we sat in the plane, lot of people were coughing and people were like spitting into napkins and stuff. So it was iffy from the get-go.”

    The flight landed around 9:10 a.m., and Port Authority Police, ambulances, fire trucks, and CDC officials were waiting in a staging area to check passengers.

    The CDC gave passengers a form to complete:

    A few passengers also tweeted about the flight. Larry Coben wrote on Twitter that passengers were being asked to fill out a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention form (pictured)

    Passengers who were sick were not allowed to continue with their travel plans.

    Some of the passengers reportedly had been in Mecca, where there is currently an active flu outbreak.

    Hopefully, this is not the beginning of a pandemic flu. Time will tell.


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      1. Stop eating at those Chicom buffets.

      2. Family Guy Ebola Chart

        Stop Drinking Camel Urine, World Health Organization Says

        Flu is a catchall term. We don’t whether they have MERS, Donavanosis, etc.

        I think that modest people, in good, social standing, would tend to choose the travel plan that avoids gate rapists and other kinds of culture jihadists, out of uniform.

      3. Swear word. !!!!


      4. Thanks Mac.

      5. Well, that’s just dandy. Who were the 9 who refused medical treatment? Issis anthrax carrirers?

      6. HAHAHAHAHA. So they just let everyone else go on their way – after filling out a form !!!!!!!!

        WTF. It is CLEAR that they are trying to spread it worldwide.

        This should be a quarantine event if ever there was one.

        **3 MONTHS**

        • Well,
          The CdC is a gubermint agency,,,, that says it all
          Inept at the least

        • Some of the sick passengers were quoted as moaning something that sounded like “aloha snackbar” just before they vomited. I guess they must have got some bad food at the airport before they boarded the plane.

      7. Much like the measles at Disneyland, this will just be a push scare to get those flu shots.

      8. Stay away from all crowds as much as possible. If you can avoid flying then avoid it. Never take any kind of vaccines. Stay away from hospitals if possible. Nowadays some people get sick in a hospital faster than anywhere else.

        • Had to get sewn up in the local hospital a while back, my doctor was a chinese guy from NYC, he said to try and not touch anything as much as possible because it wasnt very sanitary,,,
          The surgeon said that,
          Sorta freaked me out, worse yet he reiterated that the next morning,,,,

      9. The only entertainment on the flight consisted of videos of campaign speeches by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They should have anticipated the reaction and stocked more barf bags!

      10. I read that effects from the Spanish flu , were a blue skin coloring that in the end a black person couldn’t be distinguished from a white? The name Spanish flu some say, might be a diversion. From Ww1 after 2. Years? Some say up from our southern border, Spanish America. If it’s better for the left., it’s been widely published?

      11. What happened to the law that passengers coming from
        foreign countries have to be quarantined before the
        flight and checked medically before boarding a plane
        to the US?

        If there is no law they should make one. It used to be
        you had to get vaccinated before travel to another
        country. I don’t care for that myself, but they SHOULD
        TAKE TEMP, examine eyes, ears, nose and throat.
        They kept sick people from entering ELLIS ISLAND
        by sending them back. Maybe they were smarter back then.

        CDC is not our friend, they are just more high paid
        govmt dead weight.

      12. It seems like the CDC would like to label any disease that comes along as the flu nowadays. My doctor said I caught the flu back in January. The worst symptoms lasted a month. I still have a tiny bit of residual congestion. Flu…my ass. After the worst symptoms were gone I could only perform 10 pullups when I used to be able to perform 24 of those puppies. I just got back to doing 21 pullups yesterday. I lost 15 lbs. from the flu. Yeah right. Not only that the quote unquote flu zapped my vocal cords. I used to be able to sing. Now my voice is alike a broken keyboard. I can’t hit the right pitch or timbre anymore. The intensity is gone as well. The flu. Yeah right.

        • andrew James Same thing happened to me, but last November, I didnt go see a DR because it started out like a cold. it was a cough, with slight fever, then it stopped, then it came back a week later, it was a cough again, like a tickling in the back of my throat? Havent lost my appetite but I am eating less, which is why I think I lost a few pounds, but last spring I heard about the flash light test, a man in Fl, if you live where the chemtrails are sprayed heavily, like he does, and here in WC WI we are too, but right as it begins to rain, at night, step out in the clear, shine a good flashlight straight up at the level of your eyes, and watch. I was shocked, in fact once I showed my Husband, the non believer, he is now a firm believer. It swirls down like a snow storm of dust. (Aluminum) I do believe this is why I cant shake what ever is wrong, I feel great for a month and it comes back. I laid a cushion over a pipe in the back yard to dry, forgot about it, it was 2 wks later I picked it up, in the day time, and the sun was coming thru the tree branches in the back yard, just one beam, caught a ton of this as I shook the cushion, little tiny glints of chem trail dust. Oh you can see it like, after a heavy rain, go look where sand has been flowing in a gutter to the street drain, you will see the tiny particles of aluminum, glinting in the sand. Truth!

      13. Already seeing the flu here. My son and his girlfriend have it and now so do I.

      14. Y’all should watch the various 1918 pandemic documentaries as you may pick up tips based on history and how they coped and what their routine was like, and adapting, or how they buried the dead, or cared for neighbors.

        In essence very healthy got slammed with it versus the norm of elderly and babies getting it. So you had lots of soldiers living in crowded conditions acquiring it.

        It dramatically affected Native Americans and Hispanic Americans and higher than normal levels of infection occurred in African Americans.

        The biggest issues we would have today is the average city dweller think having a pantry is abnormal, when in history, just about all country people put up canning in order to preserve their garden harvest. A larder was essential and general stores had some items but were tiny and catered to wealthy folks wanting some specialty item not produced locally.

        Even wealthy folks would have a servants’ quarters and gardens and so putting up food was very normal. It had to be that way in case they had guests or a big party. Nobody could just go out and buy food unless they went and bartered with a neighbor for a ham or some guy was a fisherman and let folks know he had caught a mess of fish.

        So now, people would be sunk because social distancing was the most effective tool to stop contagion in the three waves around 1918. So near immediately groceries and drug stores would be closed because they would be vectors of transmission with perhaps 5-10 carriers inside infecting others. A cashier would be very prone to becoming a carrier as she might see 300 people a shift. Make sense?

        That means you’re SOL because you need gasoline, or can’t go to work, so no paycheck, etc.

        And the credit card companies would get very nervous because can people pay their bills? After all, the natural inclination would be to run out a charge the limit and so, what if they can’t ever pay?

        At the bare minimum, a prudent husband and wife should have 2months ordinarily. Otherwise you’re impulse buying and that is the most expensive and wasteful way to buy groceries.

        Having an inventory seems extravagent at first when you’re newlyweds. You eat less expensive dehydrated food and some canned goods. Later that can change, but not at first.

        What youcan’t do is waste food or supplies as your budget is tight. This means scribbling the dates with markers to ensure you are properly rotating. That means planned recipes a week in advance…versus impulsively deciding what to cook.

        And that means the kids have chores like thawing meat, or fish,or poultry into the refrigerator to safely do it…and there is nothing fast doing it this way.

        It means your kids know how to make bread and dice up veggies and know how mix up starchy foods like potatoes or pasta, etc.

        They understand what spices go together. How salty and sweet and savory and bitter combinations make a delicious meal and how presentation is an aspect especially with a dessert.

        And that means they know what vegetables and fruits and wild edibles are in season and so inexpensive to save money.

        Now, if you can’t manage this, then how will you feed your family if the contagion lasts three months? You won’t.

        Meanwhile you have to have common sense about medicine and alternative treatments, and be CALM which is nearly absent in a lot of families.

        Husbands have to be very calm because worry is contagious. When Dad is worried, the Moms and kids worry something fierce. Dads are calm when adequate supplies are around plus weapons and adequate ammunition.

        Part of this is maintaining safety and security and that means altering normal patterns, limiting contact, locking up, and watches. Now,one fella can’t do all the watches because he’s going to get exhausted and a sleepy guy watch is no security at all.

        You most likely incident is FIRE. Some dingdong will burn too many candles or spill parafin oil. And BURNS. Someone will touch hot objects and get terrible blisters. And under SHTF situations, either a housefire or a burn infection can result in mortality.

        What if mom and dad are sick? It happens easily. This means cross-training. You better ensure you know medicine and cooking and your wfe can shoot and stay up 36 hours if she has to.

        • This is gruesome but if a pandemic hits, the funeral homes will not accept clients. Military personnel may come retrieve it, but this is iffy and very low priority.

          What you would do is either pre-dig the site…if warm enough, or if winter could suddenly happen you insulate some site so it doesn’t freeze, or otherwise a very grim temporary storage in a barn or woodshed. This affects the North obviously from Maine to Montana.

          To protect yourself, you gear up and you put the ID cards in a glass jar near the top to make identification easier. And write down details of the event and put it inside the jar.

          Burning is safer but you won’t have the fuel.

          • Improper storage or disposal of infected bodies can lead to secondary diseases cropping up.

            • Yes. There is a position written on it, from a infectious disease and or military perspective, but it’s been a decade since it was published.

              The body really does have to be six feet under and sanitation as a result of drainage possibly contaminating wells as well as vermin issues are aspects.

              Under SHTF situations you have complex issues as growing crops by beginners, potential livestock, seperation of solid and liquid wastes, encouraging normal breakdown versus the well and biosand filtration. All of these things also have respectful memorial and spiritual elements. Then doing in such a way to facilitate the grieving process.

              It takes genuine leadership and organization and planning as maybe this is happening in a small town in a very dynamic way with a potential for many of the events happening suddenly and so doing it fast but thoroughly and with the least effort as it very difficult work.

              In an urban environment you ideally incinerate but that never can work in a full blown pandemic. Fuel is a big problem and it takes coordination with morticians who already have cremation equipment. But each takes time and they may be overwhelmed until it’s impossible. You end up with earth moving equipment and bodybags, so that can turn into a logistics and sanitation nightmare.

              Under cold conditions where the ground is frozen in the North, it’s a very dangerous situation from public health considerations. This happened in history.

              The 2008 H1N1 pandemic generated a lot of discussion on this topic but was kept quiet.

            • Mass Casualty Management or Mass Fatality Management
              You have military and civilian responses as aspects of pandemic preparedness for each state and the nation.

              Every state has a repository of electronic documents. You additional have Congressional Reports position papers to determine allocating budgets.

        • I believe it was the 1918 flu that appeared to drop out of the sky. Even some cut off communities had been infected.

          A lesson that air transmission can get you even if you are in self imposed bugout exile.

      15. Y’all should understand how slow as molasses medicine is when compounded bureacracy. What happens is when a patient is sick, they don’t know if it’s a cold, the flu, or a bacterial infection. They assess based upon a very limited time of about five minutes.

        Now the presentation in a patient can vary greatly in a child,in a stouthearted mom who doesn’t want to complain, in a whiner, in a normally healthy guy who is bewildered,or agitated, or a mental patient,or elderly, etc.

        On top of that, there are notmany rapid tests to determine the contagion. It has to be swabbed, bagged, sent off to the micro lab, cultured, then the test logged, and then checked by the physician.

        Meanwhile the numbers skyrocket. Thllis means harried medical personnel and very irritable often screaming patients and family members.

        And maybe 75 % don’t have it, but are exposed while being treated for something else.

        This is why rapid testing would save America a fortune because otherwise the wrong treatment or drugs are being used based on an educated guess.

        Now with this event, one theory is it’s Yersina! That’s PLAGUE. I honestly shouldn’t tell you that, but that is a rumor.

      16. Your red flag moment is when this happens.

        A hospital is getting so slammed, that the infection control personnel determine it would be wise to erect tents out on the lawn and triage there. In other words, a RN will divert the most likely patients to the tents so other patients don’t get the contagion.

        Stage 2
        Next, medical personnel don’t go home as doing so may infect their families PLUS they are short on staff as some get sick and are being treated themselves.

        Stage 3
        Governors close bridges between states.

        Air travel is halted.

        Stage 4

        Stage 5
        Everyone is told to get off the roads so only designating trucking, emergency vehicles, law enforcement, and military are using them.

        Stage 6
        Looting and rioting.

      17. A failed, B celebrity was on the plane.

        This is getting far more believable, for some.

      18. I think it is criminally negligent to let ANYONE from that flight disperse into the general population without some testing and likely needed quarantine time, given that so many were clearly sick or ‘not feeling well’. 100 people in the “sick or not feeling well” category is CLEARLY a statistically significant number and bears careful investigation as to the cause.
        Once again, another example of systemic failures to adequately protect the public. And THIS is why we ALL need to, within our respective resources and abilities, prep for emergencies.
        And to those who say “I can’t afford to prep” I say this: MOST of us have unneeded expenses we could cut from the household budget such as cable TV or other expensive habits that could be either eliminated or cut way back. There ARE exceptions, but MOST people I have encountered who say “I can’t afford to prep” are using this as a way to shirk their own personal responsibility. Even if it’s only a few dollars’ worth of canned goods and an extra gallon of bottled water purchased at the grocery store each week, MOST of us can do SOMETHING. And over time those “drips” ad up. FWIW

      19. When the contagion is respiratory and phlegm producing, then severe coughing happens as the patient desperately tries to get a clear unobstructed airway.

        Here is how greatly magnify the inhaler. If you go to the ER, the first thing they will do is put you on a breathing treatment. Look for blue lips and nails.
        I don’t know why most folks don’t know how to do it, but it might save your loved one’s life.

        Remember that percussive therapy video I posted and the osteopathic lymphatic pump technique. That also saved lives in 1918. Otherwise the patient was drowning in their own fluids in the lungs.

      20. they couldn’t all come down with the flu so it’s chemical/

        • Good point!

        • Not necessarily with novel viruses. In history, rapid onset did occur several times with various infamous events like the Black Death and the 1918 Pandemic. Often in less than 24 hours it struck down ordinarily healthy people.

      21. The latest details (one hour old) are 100 had food poisoning.

        Additionally 19 had confirmed influenza.

        Monitoring. It’s weird to have both plus the flight from Dubai and passengers visiting Mecca, likely for Haj, plus 9 refusing medical assistance. And a current flu outbreak in Mecca.

        Too many weird coincidences.

      22. When they do rapid testing, it is less accurate. You have four or five outcomes.
        1. Positive
        2. Negative
        3. False Positive
        4. False Negative
        5. Inconclusive due to a variety of reasons

        So this really muddies the waters. It means better testing to confirm coupled with clinical data and autopsies. Then this is collated often haphazardly to state medical offices in morbidity and mortality reports. Then these finally get to the CDC and then some are tossed as they are done improperly or are incomplete.

        All of which skews the biostatistics data making a real epidemiology nightmare. It’s often garbage in/garbage out.

        You have to realize that patients often die of secondary infections while initially hospitalized for something different so the public health officials can fudge on what happened so as to not alarm the public.

      23. Seems more then interesting , the timeline of the Fatima warnings and the Spanish flu.

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