Corrupt Texas Cops, Judges, Attorneys Kidnap Child

by | Apr 25, 2011 | Headline News | 31 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    You think your first amendment protections are safe? Thing again.

    Texas grass-roots candidate for Attorney General Barry Cooper and his wife had their home raided and their son removed from their home on charges stemming from his pro-marijuana legalization activism and his recent attempts to expose corruption in law enforcement and the war on drugs. Mr. Cooper is a former narcotics officer and founder of the Never Get Busted web site.

    The State specifically cited, as a reason for taking their child Zack, that Mr. Cooper and his wife are “unsuitable and create an environment where the children believe the government is out to harm them.”

    After hearing Mr. Cooper’s story, we have no doubt that you’ll be as outraged about this as we are. And if you’re not, then you may want to re-read the US Constitution and consider whether or not what you’re teaching your children could one day be used to deem you an unsuitable parent.

    We share Judge Napolitano’s views on this matter and support full prosecution of all parties involved. This is the United States of America. If they can do this to Mr. Cooper today, they can do it to any one of us tomorrow.

    Hat tip Activist Post


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      1. I wouldn’t get caught alive wearing that hat.  Just say no, no I won’t wear that hat.  I think I’m going to throw up but the PM roller coaster is too much fun.  Hats & shoes tell a lot about a person.

      2. Comments…..i am first, mushroom is my god! they care about the children!

      3. This looks like a gross abuse of power. It is unconscionable that in today’s day and age one of our our states would use Gestapo-like tactics to try to force compliance. What’s next, are they going to freeze and seize his bank accounts until he gives in and stops exposing the corrupt shmuks who are making money and getting powerful from their exploits? Nevermind, I know the answer…sheesh.

        What makes me throw up into the back of my throat the most is that Mac is absolutely right, if they can do this to him, I can just picture what they can do to anyone. Think Nazi Germany.

      4. Negative ghost rider.


        Reminds me of the article I read last month exposing a judge–who was caught, prosecuted, and given a jail term–for accepting kickbacks for giving juveniles sentences in juvenile detention facilities for small violations.
        hmmmm, maybe his children/grandchildren should have been given same sentence to prove a point??

        What $$$$ amount was the incentive for ruining those children’s lives??

        God—where do these credents fit in the scheme of things?

      6. This story pretty much removes any doubt that the police would not be on the side of the American citizens if the SHTF. 

        Does anyone know where John Galt is?  I would like to join him.

      7. who is john galt?

      8. Just the tip of the ice burg people..this is a view of how things are going to go, and how things are going to get out of control and how they are going to jackboot all of us eventually , unless you succumb to their tyranny..
        I think its time we start setting them up..all of them..FBI, CIA..local and state police..

      9. Just another great opportunity to re-establish our rights under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. I love it when the PTB overstep their authority, and step in the shit! Eventually they will get the message, but all the more reason to engage your government or be enslaved by it!

        The good people of Texas will not allow this to stand.

      10. Comments…..This has been going on and escalating for years; Child ‘Protective’ Services with the Department (destruction) of Family Services has blackmailed and gone after any family that does not follow the state party line.  Socialism?  We’re already here.  Nazi’s?  Already in charge.  “Teach the children quietly, for some day sons and daughter, may rise up and fight while we sit still’…. We’re allowing it to happen.  All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing – it’s WHY Hitler, Stalin, Mao were able to murder so many with so little backlash from their own. 

      11. Comments….I can’t remember who wrote or sang the song with the “Teach the children quietly….” verse.  Anyone know?  Oh, and we’re still sitting…

      12. Comments…..Sounds like an enchanted moment straight out of the Buford Puser files.

      13. Unbelievable!  While I don’t agree with Cooper’s pro-marijuna agenda, I believe he was well within his rights in educating his child on his beliefs about right and wrong.  If the White Supremacist groups are allowed to teach their children to hate, and are protected by the Constitution, this just reeks of a political tactic.  Maybe his opposition thought that he was doing a little too well in the polls.

        Who’s next?  It could be any of us who dare to oppose The Powers That Be.

      14. Comments…..farmer- it was the “grateful dead”….and it is a fantastic song that perhaps will be considered “prophetic” regarding situations we have with kids today.

      15. @Farmer- the song is ‘silent running’ by Mike and the Mechanics. Mike Rutherford, who played with Phil Collins in Genesis, had a hit with it in the ’80s. Couple of good versions on youtube- one with lyrics. Great song. This outa be the Resistance anthem.

      16. I agree with Daisy and Fed Up on this one.I don’t use “drugs” and don’t approve of them.But having said that,what they did in Texas smacks either a early form of Nazism or the “Good ‘ol Boyz” doing their thing to prevent someone from exposing them.I doubt that the parents in question deserved this treatment,no matter what their views were.Of course this IS the state where local officials lied about the extreme levels of toxins in the drinking water and STILL are failing to do anything even when the truth comes out.I have a question.What or whom was directing these people in the nefarious deed they decided to do?
        Best to All(from someone who now officially lives in one of the “15 worst cities to live” by our friends at Forbes mag.Just lovely,really really lovely.)

      17. Didn’t Texas kidnap a bunch of LDS children a while back ? Look what happened after that , all the kids returned. What the hell is going on in texas ?
                  Word to the wise NEVER EVER trust any cop at any level or Lawyer or Judge . They all serve the State.

      18. Comments…..civil defence flies over my house on a regular basis SS troops lock and load where is freedom not in the


        where is free dom not where i live civil defence planes fly over on a regular basis looking for pot i dont grow ass holes

      19. Comments…..we want our money back enough robbing from the poor people we want our money back we want our money back we want nour money back

      20. Comments…..I am a farmer you wqant food better get used to high prices because we are taking over the USA beg beg beg

      21. Zack is with his natural father.   Enough said.

      22. I used to live in Williamson County… this is 100% the way the police are in that community.  They are over zealous testosterone junkies with little regard for anything other than their own power trip.  While I don’t agree with everything this guy is doing and/or teaching, I totally believe the stories about abuse of power in this pathetic little town of Georgetown Texas.   The police and sheriff there are pure evil!  PURE EVIL!

        • I’m not saying you’re wrong about Williamson County, but if you lived here in Georgetown for the last two years… The new police chief has really turned that dept around. really kicked people out and began a grueling 10 month hiring process and screening to get less good ok boy hot heads and more professionals.

      23. I own my body, what I choose to put into it is my choice, not the government’s.  Drug regulation is not a power granted to the federal government by the constitution.  That should be enough.  The fact that the war on drugs is immoral, unwise, economically unsound and a total failure on every level should not matter.   Every wonder why a constitutional amendment was required for the federal government to regulate alcohol but drugs regulation is possible without one.

      24. Anyone been in Judge Terrells Court: Brooks County send a message to [email protected]

        Is there anything on USA soil which has not been contaminated by corruption?

      25. I have had 15 years of corrupt Judges, corrupt attorney’s, corrupt FBI agents; corrupt law enforcement and there not being any government agency in Collin County or Dallas County “who will even let me report my home being broken into and evidence stolen as it relates to the biggest money laundering enterprise taking my identity. While attorney’s, FBI, law enforcement, DEA, judges DA’s and every other law enforcement agency that I contacted prevented my reports from being of record; and 3/4ths of my evidence was stolen due to a break in of my home (again, I was not allowed to report the theft of evidence); fraudulently created documents were filed of FBI, court, police, IRS, bank, and other public records in 197l 1989; 1995 to 2011. Two of my computers were compromised and more fraudulently created documents filed of FBI records by FBI agents, ex Judge Mark Purdy, attorney’s, DA’s, and police. I have written every government agency that I think to write. I’ve gotten zero help. Nothing but the run around. I’ve told by the DEA to “just go on with your life”. I would go on with my life “if a drug money laundering enterprise seen with Bill Clinton on U Tube” would stop at any time over the past 15 years of preventing my reports while falsifying documents; breaking into my home; taping into my computer; preventing my reports from being take; would stop. It was planned by the largest drug enterprise to take my identity and if I found out as I did; then, the corrupt good old boy network of FBI, attorney’s, da’s, and law enforcement in Dallas and Collin County would prevent my reports and file fraudulently created documents as the FBI, bank, DA John Roach, police,attorney’s, cpa’s, ex Judge Mark Purdy and associates of drug money launder Amy Ralston Pofahl Povah have done from 1987 to now, Jan. 2012. How bad is the corrupt good old boy network of collin county? it is this evil. When attorney’s and judges are involved in organized crime tied to a drug lord; then, there are no government agencies anywhere that will even let a citizen report any of this and if you let any of them know about evidence; then, evidence gets stolen. Gov Rick Perry has done nothing to help; no government agency in Texas does anything but ignore, delay and pass the buck and ultimately cover it all up by fraudulently creating evidence from 1987 to now, Jan. 9,2012

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