Coronavirus Pandemic: Italy Confirmed Almost 200 Deaths In 24 Hours

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 2 comments

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    Source: MSN

    Italy has been ravaged by the outbreak of the coronavirus, now officially labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization.  Italy has recorded almost 200 deaths from COVID-19 in a mere 24 hours.

    Still fighting the virus, Italians have now recorded the highest daily increase in absolute terms registered anywhere in the world since the respiratory illness emerged in Wuhan, China at the end of last year. From Tuesday to Wednesday, 196 people died, bringing the total number of deaths to 897, the Civil Protection Agency said in a statement. Confirmed cases across the country rose to 12,462 from a previous 10,149.

    In response, the country’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, told reporters the government would allocate 25 billion euros ($28.3 billion) to help mitigate the impact on the fragile economy. Only a week ago, he estimated it would need just 7.5 billion, according to a report by NBC News.

    After an initial lockdown in the north failed to prevent the spread, the government on Monday banned all nonessential travel and public gatherings throughout Italy until April 3, halted all sports events and extended the shutdown of schools. –NBC News.

    Other than China, Italy has been hit hardest by this pandemic. China’s state media claims that the virus has “passed its peak” in the country and cases are falling.  They are crediting their authoritarian and tyrannical forced quarantine polices. According to Reuters, new coronavirus cases in Hubei province, which contains Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease that Wednesday was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, totaled just eight on Thursday — the lowest number recorded so far.

    China Is Literally Dragging People Out Of Their Homes And Sending Them To “Mass Quarantine Camps”

    “Broadly speaking, the peak of the epidemic has passed for China,” National Health Commission Spokesman Mi Feng said, according to Reuters. “The increase of new cases is falling.”


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      1. Good Day Everyone,

        The current rapid escalation of both new case and abrupt increase in the mortality rate in Italy is truly grim…my heart sinks within me on behalf of all those there who have lost loved ones; it is true tragedy.

        An observation here; Italy, Iraq and Spain are all roughly equatorial nations, hence ‘winterless’. The implication is that the onset of Spring in the northern hemisphere will likely not bring any surcease from this modern version of the Black Death of the middle ages. Were that not sufficiently grim, consider; we are already apprised in no uncertain terms, that COVID-19 infection confers NO subsequent immunity even IF one successfully survives an initial infection of such.
        Now, what are the probable implications of those two salients? The already identified ability of the virus to recursively infect host in tandem with it’s apparent ability to remain hideously viable in warm weather is – IMHO – uniquely singular and to my limited knowledge, unprecedented. Under the conditions specified, at least until an effective vaccine is available, there appears no significant natural limitation on it’s capacity to spread and continue to infect humanity at large.
        Simplified, that is to say that – absent an effective vaccine – we might see this continuing for an INDEFINITE amount of time…wholly open-ended in terms of it’s effective span of action.
        I cannot possibly overstate the significance of the foregoing. To wit, under these circumstances COVID-19 has, and WILL continue to access the human genome, further differentiating itself via mutation throughout.
        AS SUCH, the likelihood of the occurance of the virus executing full adaptation to the human genome must be considered to be – if not a certainty – the several orders of magnitude higher than anything witnessed in centuries.
        If anyone believed – for any reason! – previous to this time that things weren’t yet ‘getting REAL’ I strongly recommend that you rethink your position; it might mean the difference between life and death for you and your’s in the weeks and months to come.

        Be well, be SAFE and be Blessed…


      2. Why no comments? Censored? Do Feds already have too many commenters on RedList to round up?
        For Example: Whuhan virus would be good cover for Tyrant Govt to purge dissenters. When old Tom from across the street is rounded up at night by “wanna be warriors” in the early AM hours stealthily. It is reported that old Tom is missing “because of Whuhan virus”. In hospital. Then dies due to virus. Nice use of cover story for a Tyrant.
        Communist China CCP is now in purge/genocide mode, using virus as a cover for the deaths of dissidents. Yes it could happen here. Is it happening here?

        You folks might consider, Might be a good time to Not be where you are expected to be? Maybe there is reason the “theys” want everyone at home and readily available for round up? After the 911 false flag lies, mass shooter lies, and Beto Odork/Biden/Sanders communist saying they are coming for everyones firearms. Why would you then trust anything that comes from any politicians lieing lips? They even resealed the John F Kennedy deep state murder for mor years as classified. John F Kennedy waqrned us of what is happening on this very day. Listen to JFK’s “the secret societies speech.”

        Is this situation of the USA/World closing due to a Communist China Whuhan virus bio-weapon Real? Just another unending Fake False Flag? Does anyone here know? Do you believe the fear mongering media? They even lie about the weather. Literally. Temperature data has been altered.

        I found this video up on Youtube. Makes one wonder if something is up? Has it been going on for a while?
        23 Sept 2019 is the videos posted date. Likely made much earlier.
        Here is Youtube video title:
        “The mystery of North Korean “ghost ships” | Undercover Asia | Full Episode”

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