Coronavirus Outbreak: Millions Quarantined In Italy, Members of Congress Self-Quarantine

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 5 comments

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    The coronavirus is continuing to spread rapidly around the globe. Members of Congres have imposed a “self-quarantine” in addition to Italy quarantining millions of people in an attempt to stop the spread of this infection.

    World stocks tumbled overnight with investors bracing for the economic fallout of the epidemic, with a shocking all-out price war adding to the anxiety around this outbreak.  Preppers have historically been called “crazy” for stockpiling food and water and items necessary to survive situations like this one.  But time and time again, history also proves that those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not.

    As politicians begin to take this virus seriously and self-impose a quarantine to prevent contracting it, Italy has taken more drastic measures to try to stop the spread. And in Italy, some 16 million people remained in quarantine after the government announced a lockdown in Lombardy and other northern regions.

    Members of Congress are becoming increasingly nervous about coronavirus, and there is growing pressure on the establishment to take steps to protect lawmakers (who impose the deep state’s agenda). Suggestions include potentially recessing for a period of weeks, according to two Democratic congressional sources said Sunday, as reported by NBC News. 

    This is becoming a very real economic and societal event. Markets are dropping everywhere, and elitists are considering hunkering down in self-quarantine so they don’t the virus.

    Our suggestion is to make sure you improve your handwashing technique, boost your immune system, and prepare for the possibility that you may need to go on a self-imposed quarantine on your own in your home.


    Many items are selling out, such as face masks, and 30-day emergency food supply kits.  Even short-term food supply kits are selling out. This is the time to do an audit of your quarantine supplies and first aid kits to ensure you’ve got what you need in case this outbreak strikes in your area.

    Will A Face Mask REALLY Protect You From The Coronavirus?

    Face masks can be effective if worn properly.  Although they still aren’t a 100% effective means of preventing an infection, they can be up to 80% effective when fitted to the face. Make sure you’ve chosen an N95 or better mask.

    The point is that if the elitists are quarantining themselves, we should probably at least be able and ready to do the same.

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      1. So congress is thinking about self quarantine.

        I posted on here a few days ago about AIPAC boasting that 2/3 of congress had attended this year’s conference including Pence, McConnell, and Schumer. Infected people attended and congress was sent a memo by AIPAC to alert them of exposure. All Israeli residents who returned home after the conference were ordered into quarantine. Why weren’t congressional attendees ordered into quarantine?

        The US government…alway’s a day late and a dollar short. The US has become a third world country. The epidemic is out of control while they stand around diggin’ their ass.

      2. Normal fatality rates for the flu each year are 20,000-50,000. Not panicking, already have necessary supplies. If nothing else, maybe personal hygiene will improve in the country. I thought I’d seen a lot of fear mongering on other sites but this one is “Corona”.

      3. Mayhaps the Vatican is concerned Mr.Karma has come a callin.

      4. Interesting cartoon for short term food supply kits. Not quite sure what that cartoon has to do with prepping, emergencies, coronavirus, or food, but it is certainly looks like someone with an identity crisis. Very funny, line drawing for silhouette with shading for caucasian facial features, strange posturing, and Chinese writing. I guess that that pretty much sums up the “pandemic.”

      5. Maybe the Itallian congress are self isolating for other reasons, like havng to explain the economy to the public.

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