Coronavirus Outbreak Alert: Food Prices SKYROCKET In China

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 10 comments

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    Food prices have skyrocketed in China amidst the ongoing coronavirus outbreak plaguing the country. Food prices are soaring more than 20% according to government statistics released Monday.

    China’s consumer price index (CPI) spiked 5.4% compared to this time last year, the country’s state-run media organization Xinhua reported, citing the National Bureau of Statistics data released Monday. The CPI is the main barometer for inflation levels.

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    All of this could easily spiral out of control especially if this outbreak continues its rapid spread and begins to impact other countries. Imagine a country addicted to food with large enough people making a run on grocery stores (like the United States.)  It could get really ugly really quickly.

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    Food prices climbed more than 20% compared to this time last year — up more than 17% from December, according to Xinhua. Pork prices rose a staggering 116% compared to last year, and vegetable prices more than 17%.

    Many attribute the soaring pork costs also in part to the outbreak of an African swine fever in China that disrupted the pork industry in 2019.

    A Carrefour supermarket in Shanghai was fined last week by city regulators for price-gouging after its lettuce surged to nearly eight times its regular prices amid the outbreak, the Wall Street Journal reported. –ABC News

    It probably wasn’t price-gouging either, but supply and demand that’s at play here.  Food supply is low due to decreased production during the outbreak, meaning scarcity makes it more valuable and therefore more expensive.

    The rising food costs in China come as its National Health Commission said Monday that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is more than 40,000, and the number of deaths from the disease in mainland China is more than 900. As productivity continues to diminish in the face of the raging outbreak, the price will continue to go up.


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      1. Even if this corona virus never in reality becomes a major health threat to Amer. citizens you can bet it may be exploited by gov’t and big business in some way. Remember what many officials have said in the past – never let a crisis go to waste, and we all know officialdom contrives false flags to influence public opinion.
        If the virus does become a serious health threat domestically in the US, officialdom may not allow public disclosure of its scope or range so as to prevent the people from acting independently of gov’t control. But if it’s not, they might say that is it is bigger threat than what it really is so they could require everyone to be vaccinated, or certain rights can be suspended, or direct gov’t agencies to take control of all distribution of consumer goods, or that freedom of movement is suspended. Likely, we would see a few beneficial measures mixed in with their other over-reaching actions to make their decrees more palatable. Only a fool would believe officialdom or count on them to do the best thing.
        I am no expert and my opinion is no better than anyone else, but I believe this virus is not a serious health threat to our society, but may be exploited by gov’t.

      2. Since the popular farmers markets that over half of the population prefers to use, rather than chain stores have been shut down in an effort to stop the spread of the virus, since live animals are sold and slaughtered on site, and half of the original 98 coronavirus victims were at a farmers market, this inflation is the result of a supply chain disruption. Whether the farmers market vendors will be able to sell their products to chain stores in the future is unclear to me at this point, being unfamiliar with compliance regulations of the chain stores and Chinese government. They would have to start jumping through hoops to meet requirements if chain store and government regulations are anything like they are in America.

        North Korea has suffered 5 fatalities which they are keeping secret and cancelled their yearly parade.

        If any country is particularly vulnerable to a large epidemic, it would be North Korea, because of the extreme poverty and lack of ability to meet medical needs as a result of draconian sanctions imposed on it by the rest of the fascist world, which is totally evil and barbaric!

      3. Sucks being a communist eh? Too bad so many morons want the same thing here. But then if you look at it, we are almost there already. The planet needs a great culling so it’s not all bad esp. for china.

      4. Food prices are up. When the Hann have nomfood the mandate of rule is lost. It almost happened in 1962 under Mao. He did not have to deal with a weaponized virus or with the new arrival of Swine flu.

      5. The Chinese will eat anything. This crisis is only a crisis if you imagine them eating a Western diet (eating KFC, shopping in supermarkets etc.).

        The reality is this: give a Chinese person a bowl of rice with some fried insects and a chilli and they would be happy. The Chinese can put up with more suffering than Americans.

        China is also sitting on top of a game-changing emergency money maker: Chinese p#ssy. Stop using their beautiful women to make plastic crap and switch them to the global pleasure economy keeping men with money happy.

        Africa is a new frontier full of big men who need servicing every day. Want to eat? Learn to suck: it has worked this way for most Asians.

      6. People worry about the United States going to war with China. It looks like China may be driven to it`s knees by an army you can only see through a microscope.

      7. Stillwater62.

        Excellant point.
        Been saying the the world could explode as a result of a pandemic
        than the collapses of economies, food shortages etc that leads to war.
        Governments will not allow their power to evaporate without a fight

      8. This is why they try to avoid panics.

      9. Please have some compassion. Isn’t it possible the reason the Chinese eat unusual things is because they are starving. The proud government may just be hiding the food scarcity issue. With a social credit system in place, this may be genocide.

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