Coronavirus Alert: Massachusetts May Soon Look Like Italy

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 7 comments

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    The state of Massachusetts may soon resemble the current crisis in Italy. The coronavirus pandemic continues to haunt the Italians, and those living in Massachusetts could be next.

    Boston is one of the major coronavirus outbreak clusters in the United States, along with Westchester County, New York, and Seattle, Washington. In Boston, it all began with a February 26 meeting at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf hotel, near the tourist mecca of Faneuil Hall and overlooking Boston Harbor, according to 

    There, about 175 executives met from around the country, then unwittingly spread contamination across the city and, likely, around the world. Ironically, they were from Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Biogen, whose very mission is to develop drugs. Since then, COVID-19 disease has been spreading.  It’s infecting people from that conference through the Boston metropolitan area of 4.9 million people and beyond. The city now reminds modelers of how matters unfolded in hard-hit Italy, whose hospitals have been overwhelmed.

    “Massachusetts is smaller than Italy,” said Sam Scarpino, an assistant professor of network science who heads the epidemics lab at Northeastern. “It has about 100 cases. There were 159 cases in Italy two weeks ago. That’s where we’re headed. We’ve got to move now and decisively prepare hospitals, work remotely and ramp up testing.”

    Of course, testing doesn’t stop the virus’ spread, it only lets health officials and the patient know what they have contracted.

    The virus has led to fatalities primarily of older people or those with other health problems.

    Prevention is the best way to prepare for this virus.  If you do happen to get it, self-quarantine for as long as possible.  Governments and health officials cannot stop the spread of this virus.  It’s up to us to take care of ourselves.

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    Face masks are selling out everywhere, especially the ones that are known to be effective against viruses. Do your best to get the highest rates respirator (N100) and make sure it fits snugly to your face.  Wear it in public if you live in an area experiencing an outbreak. The incubation period for this virus can be quite long (5 days, according to recent research) which means those already infected can spread this disease for almost a week before they even show symptoms.



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      1. These masks and filters are all coming from China if they arrive at all.

      2. This is outrageous! This was hosted by Biogen on the coronavirus and the attendees were shaking hands, hugging each other, and there was a self-serve buffet as well as food trays that people were picking food up off of?!

        This sounds like a deliberate effort to spread the virus by Biogen and the healthcare sector, which all of them would profit from! What another fucking coincidence! Also in one of the most populous cities with a high percentage of frequent fliers because of colleges and businesses!

      3. Anyone know why Alt-market is offline?

      4. 3/13/20 The National Guard announced Friday that it is deploying 1,000 troops across six states by the end of the day as part of the national response to the coronavirus pandemic.
        A statement said that as of Friday morning, 400 Air and Army National Guard personnel were present in six states — Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, New York, Rhode Island and Washington — having been requested at the direction of their respective governors.

      5. My guess is that Portland, Oregon is going to be far worse than Boston. Portland isn’t the whole-foods-portlandia-crunchy granola utopia that it’s been fetishized to be. It’s a real city, with real problems.
        It’s a crowded place with bad weather, drug problems, lots of people experiencing homelessness, an intense housing competition, and dead-end job market. Covid-19 is going to decimate Portland.

      6. Let’s not forget Berkshire county where at the hospital in Pittsfield 70 employees are in quarantine and there’s 9 people who have the covid-19

      7. On the 12th the markets were done and we are all dying in poverty. On the 13th no mention of cratering markets. Tired of this site’s bullish!t.

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