Cops Attempt Gun Confiscation Without Warrant, But One Man Didn’t Allow It

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Headline News | 125 comments

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    Police in New Jersey have officially crossed the [thin blue] line and literally attempted to confiscate guns from an army veteran without a warrant.  But it didn’t go as planned, because  Leonard Cottrell Jr. refused to comply with the orders of the cops.

    Eventually, all gun confiscation will be carried out by the police; who of “don’t make the laws, they just enforce them,” and Cottrell found this out the hard way.  After serving two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom overseas, Cottrell found himself at end of the state’s tyrannical oppression and gun elimination scheme.

    According to The Daily Wire, two police officers were given orders to go to Cottrell’s home to confiscate his guns.  The order followers complied, and “because [Cottrell’s] 13-year-old son had made a comment at school about the Millstone Middle School’s security, and the officers wanted to confiscate Cottrell’s firearms as part of an investigation,” reported. But Cottrell disobeyed and defied the orders of the police.

    Cottrell legally owns a shotgun and a handgun (not quite a cache of weapons by any stretch of the imagination) but based solely on comments made by his 13-year-old son, police demanded all his guns.  According to the report by The Daily Wire, Cottrell says that his wife let the officers into their home and let them search their sons’ room where they did not find any weapons. But the search didn’t end there. The officers then made attempts to try to take his firearms, which “he has all the correct permits to own.”

    “No one from the state was going to take my firearms without due process,” Cottrell said, according to  According to New Jersey law, signed into lawCottrell’s disobedience is “illegal.”  Democrat Governor Phil Murphy a bill that makes it incredibly easy for law enforcement to confiscate firearms without due process and for seemingly any reason the state deems.

    Cottrell said that his son is also very upset by the situation. The teenager did not do anything wrong and the entire situation is being misconstrued and blown up. “He didn’t do anything wrong, and he doesn’t understand why it happened — he was just having a conversation with nothing as far as threats,” Cottrell said. “It shouldn’t have blown up the way it did. But he understands it happened, there are consequences and there’s fallout from his actions.”



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      1. gets worse every hour…

        • “Police in New Jersey”

          That is all I needed the read, the first four words in this article says it all.

          • JS, that one word POLICE spoke volumes for me. Regardless of WHO tries confiscation, they’d better forget about it if they want to live.

            • But, the enforcers have many legs up on the people just by the enforcers’ existence. They, the enforcers, are an overly-armed (meaning them being armed at all) enemy massed at the people’s gates. The enforcers can only enforce because the society lets them have their junk they can enforce with. This is why the red Indians lost the Indies to the Europeans– who did it to the Indians but didn’t have it done to them by the Indians. All of us, the People, are now the “Indians”.

            • Paranoid much? I guess if there was a lunatic with a rifle roaming your neighborhood taking potshots at your precious pooches you would not call anyone, but lie in wait like a brave little soldier and take potshots back?

              Typical beefcake American. GUNS GUNS GUNS

              • What they are discussing is the right to life and liberty something your retarded joke omits. Guns save lives and protect the citizens against tyranny something even fags like you get to enjoy.

              • Yn-Drag88 —

                Don’t forget KNIVES KNIVES KNIVES !!!

                We like THEM, too!

                Now, isn’t it time for you to scurry off and sign a petition or march in a rally or something…?

        • NOW sue the cops that did this for every dime they have! If a judge fucks it up then the only recourse is the 2nd and by God we are getting real close to having to use what the framers gave us to restore the republic!

          • I know all the libs out there are going to go nuts over this but the founding fathers put the 2nd amendment in the constitution as a means for the people to use to protect themselves against their own government in the event it ever become a tyrannical government! New Jersians need to ask themselves if that applies……

        • Try that in AZ…cant wait…

      2. Keep your mouth shut. And make sure your kids understand this, too.

        • Amen, brother.

          • Shoot, Shovel, and shut up.

            • Amen! We the people make the laws!

        • I’m glad dad didn’t have to waste anyone, but someone eventually will.

          • He has all the correct permits to own the firearms


            I thought the 2nd amendment was all the permit I needed.

            I am glad I live in Texas. You don’t need shit to own a gun.

            I bought my first gun when I was 16 years old. It was a marlin 22lr.

            I told him I was only 16 and he said, “Son, if your big enough to put the money on the table, your big enough to buy this gun.”

            I love Texas.

            • Lotta big talk there John.
              In Texass when you qualify for a CC it is for a specific weapon, not whatever you fell like carrying on any particular day.
              As for your 2nd Amendment comment, if ownership of a weapon passes from one person to another, they both have to appear before a FFL holder and do the paperwork and background check. A person can’t simply sell or trade a firearm to another person without the paperwork.
              So much for your BS bragging about Texas. I’m glad you live there too.

              • Wilson….let me educate you on certain states like Texas and Ohio, where I currently live. Now, follow the simple reasoning you Lib; if both citizens are residents of the same said state and neither are felons, (that said state is assuming you wont sell a firearm to a shady or suspect person), then it is perfectly legal for 2 citizens of that State to sell or trade firearms with one another. Sorry you either live in a commie shithole blue state or are completely ignorant of certain state’s firearm laws. Ask me how I know? I work for a licensed FFL dealer as my second job and perform many NICS background checks weekly. But, if I deem it necessary to sell one of my personal firearms to my cousin, or trusted friend that lives in the same state (this is key!), then I am perfectly within my rights to do so. It is personal property, plain and simple, which I know you Libs have a problem with….

                • Just have to give my two cents worth
                  I live in Ohio and you can sale a Long gun to any person Face to Face even if they live in a different state As long as the gun is
                  legal in there home state and they are not a felon
                  Has to be face to face no mailing it
                  I called the ATF in Columbus and that was what I was told
                  long gun only

                  • my 2 cents worth, wanted to purchase a double barrel 410 for my grandson. Gentleman at the FLEA MARKET wouldn’t sell it because I was from N. C.. This was in Ohio. went back and bought the stock, my brother in law bought the barrel.

              • WTF?

                First of all, in Texas, one handgun permit covers ALL carried weapons, no weapons are recorded on record.

                Second, there is ZERO requirement to appear before an FFL holder when gun sales are private party, estates, or anything else. Only when you buy a gun from a gun dealer is an FFL required.

                This is why everybody is pissed off at the “gun show loophole”. It is because no FFL is required for private party sales.

              • Wilson, you are 100% wrong. You clearly know nothing about Texas gun laws.

                • Texas or where ever, if the law enacted goes against the defined law of our constitution (the clearly stated 2nd) then it is null and void at inception. Will we have to shoot the tyrants (that includes SCOTUS assholes) that try this shit eventually, YES. But the founders knew this and that is why we have the 2nd.
                  Shoot shovel and shut up!

                  • So that’s how Scalia ended up dead in Texas.

                    • Scalia got shot by one of those fancy CIA “Heart Attack Guns” No Trace of the shock. Notice how quickly they cremated the body before any legitimate autopsy took place? WTF and who was in charge of that coverup incident? Murder USA, Who’s next? Carry daily folks.

                    • Wilson, I noticed you didn’t own your failure in correcting another poster all the while being completely wrong and uneducated about the subject topic. Typical of your type.

                    • Scalia had his throat slit by a 13 year old “boy toy” at the ranch, because the child didn’t like the extremely rough sex that Scalia liked to impart to his victims. That’s why he was cremated and had his cause of death listed as a Heart attack. Good riddance to another pedophile asshat.

              • You have to qualify for semiauto and/or revolver in Texas.

                If you qualify for semiauto, you can carry any semiauto you want.

                If you qualify for revolver, you can carry any revolver you want.

                If you qualify for both, you can carry either.

                I will omit the commentary on your intelligence that I would dearly love to include.

                • False. That rule changed years ago.

              • Had to make this just to let you know that you are one of those morons that thinks they are so right about everything, but in all actuallity are full of sh!t! Lot of big top from a moron Wilson. I am thankful for the internet, thanks to people like you. Back in the day, you could say whatever and people had no way of fact checking. Those days are gone, wanna know what? Wanna be, know it all, asshats are slowly dying and fading away, just like you soon. Please inform us of more laws and regulations that you supposedly know so much about. And just in case you didn’t get it, your a moron.

            • Best post I’ve read in a loooong time. Well said!

            • JS, last time I checked the 2A is all we need. In TN you don’t need shit to own a gun either.

              • Look on govdeals under firearms and tenn. is the only state that lets you purchase without being a dealer.

            • It’s ALL YOU NEED MY FRIEND…Come to AZ sometime…taste the freedom..k

          • Menzo, I’m also glad to see Dad come out of that in good shape. And yeah, eventually someone will get wasted trying to take someone’s weapons.

          • I recognize the name Menzoberranzan from a good book I’ve enjoyed. Thumbs up to you : )

        • If you have guns and teens, make sure you are friends, I mean best friends with them. Keep them from hanging out with liberals.

          I know that’s tough, Schools force feed CNN/Progressive ideology 24/7. Make them “Repeat after me, if a cop asks about my guns, say…” Keep in mind a teens natural duplicity, and that if PO’d he may use that info against you. It’s crucial to head that off at the pass by being the kids best friend.

      3. It’s bad in this country when the cops themselves break the law, in violating the rights of the citizens whom they are ostensibly protecting and serving. The law dogs here in Texas have a different attitude, (most of them) and I suggest that the good citizens of New Jersey demand better policing and better attitudes from govt. towards them. Amendment Four sounds like it is on shaky ground there. Don’t let your rights slip away!

        • Sean, good points. LAW ENFORCEMENT PROTECTS AND SERVES THE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled on this matter many times. Protecting citizens is NOT even part of a cop’s job description. Collecting revenue is their primary function. In the LE academies the recruits are brainwashed with the same anti-public mentality that federal LE has been brainwashed with going back to the Reconstruction/Post-Civil War era. They’re taught that they’re above the law just like prosecutors and judges and they don’t have to follow the same laws that we CIVILIANS are expected to follow. Even the military has the same anti-public mentality. Cops don’t give a shit about crime or victims of crime and the military doesn’t give a shit about we the people either. I’ve had relatives in both LE and military so I know what I’m taking about. Both institutions just basically use people, especially the military. NEVER TRUST ANYONE IN ANY UNIFORM OR ANYONE WITH A LAW DEGREE, PERIOD. THE SYSTEM IS JUST AS BOGUS AS THE DAY IS LONG.

          • You’re right, there, Braveheart! They are all uniformed Mafia. There’s no difference in any of them. The people are the only good guys with weapons. The people, the Militia, are the only real army. The people are their own police–but only of themselves, not over each other or anyone else. That’s what the Second Amendment is meant to mean: amending the “supreme law of the land” and “Commander-in-Chief of the Militia” stuff out of the Constitution. The elite Big Business Federalists had that stuff in there to stave off any more “Shay’s Rebellions”. The people demanded that “supreme law of the land” stuff be amended out of the Constitution by the Bill of Rights or else they’d not join Alexander Hamilton’s new Federalist Union (empire). Hence, the modern elites’ interpreting the Bill of Rights out of the Constitution dissolves their Union, since that violates the terms of the states that joined under that condition.

            • Anonymous, agreed. The Bill Of Rights is the only legitimate law I live by. Everything else is null and void.

      4. “But One Man Didn’t Allow It”


        He didn’t stop shit, the cops didn’t act the typical jackboot and try to murder the entire family.

        • I agree he didn’t stop anything. No cold dead hands or cold dead cops.

        • His wife let them in.

      5. That “just to be clear” pic is going to chafe the imbeciles on the right since there’s not a police state action they don’t support.

        The imbeciles on the right LOVE jackboot policing and pretend there AREN’T hundreds, if not thousands of videos of cops breaking the law, murdering people, home invasions etc.

        ‘Oh well, mistakes were made, it’s a dangerous job’.

        No it’s NOT. Not even in the top ten most dangerous jobs in the country.

        Thank an idiot on the right when this comes to fruition.

        • Oh my, did you run out of your medication?
          With this incoherant rant as an indication, I presume your institutionalized, do not your keepers monitor your online activities? Here’s the fix; lay down now, eat several more tide pods, binge watch the ‘view’ and try to come up with a better line of reason

          • Oh my, did the sophist get sand in its vag over the truth smacking it dead in the face.

            Back on your back, servicing fat old men where you belong, moron.

            • And thanks for proving me right, stupid.

          • Now tell me about the failed, idiotic war on drugs and the damage that’s done to the 2nd amendment, that you dont support. that somehow ISN’T the police state of the right.

            You’re blisteringly stupid, and you don’t even know it.

          • Ever hear the one about the Mississippi State Trooper that pulled the two black guys over for speeding, when he walked up to the car he reached in and slapped the driver up beside the head and when the drive said what did you do that for, the Trooper said, the next time you get stopped you have your driver licenses and ins. ready when the Trooper gets to you door, then he walked around the car and reached in and slapped the passenger up beside the head, and the passenger said hey man what did you do that for, and the Trooper said because you wouldn’t have been a quarter mile down the road and you would’ve told the driver, I wouldn’t have let that MFer do that to me. I think the passenger kinda reminds me of half the people on this site, if you know what I mean. Trekker Out

          • Risky Business, I challenge you to interact with some cops and come back here to tell us about the experience. IF YOU LIVE to talk about it, that is. I can promise you that any attempt at gun confiscation is RISKY BUSINESS [PUN INTENDED, WHAT THE HELL] LOL!

        • The “people on the right” know it will be the police that come for their firearms. Do you suppose they believe a horde of flower-bearing hippies will come to demand their guns? That’s the problem with the situation. If one stands his ground, it will be a face-off with law enforcement folks. Uniformed goons who try to steal someones property will cause an armed conflict. People will die and the media will portray the dead victim as a terrorist. The police who decided not to do the right thing and chose the route of following orders and murdering another man will be hailed as heroes.

        • NB, good points. I had 3 relatives in LE who quit after seeing some things that really disturbed them. One of the is a retired state trooper with 24 years service who truly regrets ever being a cop but he actually served with honesty and dignity. He was totally against civil asset forfeiture and refused to steal anything from anyone under “color of law”. He was one of those fortunate few who never even pulled a weapon on anyone. He has always said if he had it to do over he would’ve done something different for a living.

        • You’re correct there, Nunya!

        • I won’t say you are an idiot but your assault on logic rates right up there with the “best” of them.

      6. Don’t move to New Zealand.
        Cops there have the right to enter your house without permission to see your guns.
        If you do not comply with the storage laws for guns and ammo they can take them away!

        • I went to NZ and spent 8 weeks there. It was a great vacation. I stayed at hotels and private homes. They were very curious about US mixed signals. They recognized CNN and BBC fake news.

          NZ is a very racist state, you aren’t moving there if you aren’t white or have a sh!t load of cash.

          Amazing how racist they are, There were lots of EU women escaping muslim persecution.

          They have a nearly non existent crime rate, total gun control, but they let no minorities into their country. Especially Africans.

          I met several natives, but they were way smarter than the minorities we seein the US.

      7. As a Cop. I wish that the LEOs that went there would have read the Bill of Rights before going or even left the station.

        This law is a violation of the Bill of Rights, and should be taken to the Supreme Court.

        Again as a Cop I’m sickened by the NJ law Enforcements acts. Damn them!!!!


        • You are a good man.

          • Menzo, Sgt. Dale is one of the FEW HONEST cops left out there and they’re not going to be around much longer.

            • Brave.
              Sgt. is hanging it up at the end of March. 34 1/2 years is enough. And I’ll be 65 years old on Jan. 31St.


              • God bless you Sgt.
                Thank you for your long years of service.

                Thank you for being here for us, and representing the millions of honest LEO’s whose voices are muffled by fear and oppression.

                Breaking the blue wall is no simple feat, but you have restored my faith on many occasions. Yes, I will be careful. I could tell you stories, as could you.

                Since you have announced your retirement, may I just say than you, and pray you continue strong for years to come. This is the happily ever after part of life.

              • Sarge, congratulations. How’s your land search coming along?

        • lol, I’ve had several interactions with cops that don’t give a shit about the Const.

          I’ve had evidence manufactured against me for a fireworks conviction (about 2000 dollars in fines and probation).

          Had someone try to kill me and my son, intentionally running me off the road and then coming at us. I would’ve been within my right to kill the guy and I would have, had I been armed at the time. I instead tried to kill the guy by running him over to get away from him. I got charged for the aggravated vehicular assault because I wasn’t local. Several more thousands of dollars before it was dismissed outright.

          There was that awesome Jaywalking ticket. Yup jaywalking.

          There’s the imbecile that unsnapped and almost pulled his gun on me as he went into a red faced rage because I told him he was wrong and full of shit.

          I’ve had a jackboot straight up tell me that us plebes are guilty and a probable danger to his life UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. HTF does that happen?

          And then there are all those stories of cops murdering people and dogs with a warrant for someone else’s home. Oh well, dangerous job, mistakes and all that pap.

          There should be a corrupt cop publicly hung every week.

          • NB, let them make some serious attempts at confiscation and a certain number of cops won’t finish their shifts alive. Let that number get high enough and hopefully cops will wake up and smell the coffee. All that brainwashing they’ve been given will get them killed for no good reason.

            • The cops are all backed up by the military. That’s the real and only reason the standing military is there. All the foreign enemies are Deep State created and sustained to be excuses for the standing military’s existence–that includes all the historical ones. The Second Amendment abolished the standing military and made the people their own military. The government-supremacist usurpers say they’ve interpreted that and the rest of the Bill of Rights back out of their Federalist Constitution and made it once-again the “supreme law of the land”, though. They’re confiscating one at a time, so as not to trigger all those perfect, supposedly crowd-insensing “one-too-many” thresholds they know you’re waiting out for. They can do that as long as they’ve not had their own toys taken from them.

              • Anonymous, backed up by WHOSE military? Most of the US military is overseas so that would have to be “UN Peacekeepers”. Those blue helmets will make great targets. Deep State has also created Antifa and Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter, funded by George Soros. Plenty of enemies foreign and domestic. Target-rich environment when the time comes.

          • Exquisitely said!, Nunya.

          • Used to be “To Serve and Protect.” Now its
            Harass and Abuse, revenue raise and brag about their pensions. LMFAO!@.. Way too many bad egos hiding behind a badge and a gun out there these days. And when they clearly did not do their jobs, they all protect each other from any complaints. F-n Cockroaches, every last one of them. They are all on the take. Lying Sacks of shinola. Well you know what? Karma’s isa de’ Biotches.

            • SHTF /Grid down for years,, will be the Big equalizer in todays societies. Most will die within 30 to 60 days out. Then turf wars, and tribes form in the concrete dusty jungle called City where the oxygen level will be low and IQ’s Lower.

        • I know of a situation in NJ, where a homeowner returning home, was waved at by a perfect stranger sitting on the side of the road. The homeowner is putting his personal items into a safe and taking out personal protection, then the door bell rings. They say to their wife, WTF is this guy a stalker?

          They answer the door and are greeted by a man who is selling solar panels, who cares, he just got access to a private home illegally. The homeowner asks to see his license to solicit required by law. He refuses, wash rinse repeat, wash rinse repeat. Door slams in salesmans face. Police are called.

          Police show up at homeowners door. Apparently salesman may have seen printing of homeowners firearm, and complained to police. Homeowner is now a potential criminal in NJ.

          Luckily salesman is willing to not file charges, as long as he can walk for soliciting without a license. NJ flexible law enforcement at work, admitted criminal walks for not filing false charges.

          Essentially in NJ, everything firearms related is illegal, until your life is in danger, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Then NJ’ has a castle law to protect you, up until the moment you are in your home and your life is threatened. You have no protection or recourse.

          Don’t count on any legal protection in NJ, my friend didn’t, nore will you. In NJ the second amendment is meaningless and hated by all liberal judges.

          • Well here in FL we have these NIgs door knocking once a week. I started answering the door, no shirt on and gun in my waste band. The look in the spooks eyes, priceless, an they never came back again. And these POS are on my property. Well that’s the city for ya.

            We have no Bro problem out here in the country.

            • There were these two guys– real creepy looking, white trash– who kept pestering my sister– harassing her, flirting and making gross remarks… they followed her to her truck (she lives in Florida) but they saw her pit bull in the front seat (ha! ha!), turned even whiter!! and hurried away!

      8. 1)Fuck the cops.
        2)Never ever let them in your house.
        3)If they try to take something by illegal means. Make them pay.
        4)Have a beer, and re-load.

        • skip the beer – it might affect your aim. Just do the reloading, check sights, strengthen your position; or do as taught, shoot …. move to a new location.

        • I would never let a policeman in my house now. Not because I fear gun confiscation, but because of body cams.

          Body cam footage is public record.

          Do you want someone seeing the inside of your house on an officer’s body cam?

          Maybe a noisy neighbor making an open records request after seeing police at your house?

          • JS, you just brought up an interesting and important point. I’d say it’s a safe bet cops would have those body cams ON going into someone’s house. It’s an extra reason to keep cops out of your home.

            • DB; If cops are wearing body cameras when entering your home it isn’t strictly for their protection,it’s also because they are surveying what’s in your home..Don’t think for one second that the video footage taken while inside your home isn’t reviewed once they leave your premises ..NEVER allow a cop(s) in your home without a search warrant,and even then they must specify what the warrant is about BEFORE entering your home,and/or property..Unfortunately the vast majority of citizens don’t understand their legal rights and will gladly allow cops into their home without asking a single question..When a cop tells you that you have the right to remain silent you better listen to what he just said,and keep your mouth shut,because everything you say WILL be used AGAINST you in the courtroom..The ONLY things you should ever say to a cop if being arrested are;Why am I being arrested? As well as I want my attorney present immediately..Don’t say another word..The more you talk,the bigger hole your digging for yourself,because cops will play mind games and manipulate the hell out of you until you end up contradicting yourself,or worse,admitting guilt…Stay calm and wait for your attorney to arrive before saying another word..

              • Elkhound, you stole my thunder but that’s OK. Definitely extra reasons to keep cops out of your home.

        • Ya gotta have a locked security gate at your driveway entrance and no trespass signes that say “VIDEO Recording”. They will never be able to cross your property line without a warrant. Keep cameras and microphones at your gate, if you have any conversation with one of these LEO’s. You can surely count on they are recording you as well. I had one Trooper ask me if he could come onto my property to look at my vehicle and I said NO. F-em. Come back when you got a warrant. And first you need probable cause. Never seen him again. You need to know your rights and the law, and not be taken advantage of.

      9. Any LEO who swore to uphold the Constitution and protect against all enemies, foreign or domestic, then tries to seize weapons is just as traitorous as state officials post Civil War trying to seize the weapons of the freed slaves and African American veterans of the war!

        • The U.S. Secret Service said Thursday that schools around the country should establish teams to evaluate potential threats and encourage students to report troubling behavior.

          There was an article on fox news website talking about the #WalkAway movement.

          Apparently the liberals, democrats and progressives have launched this movement called #WalkAway that targets family members who are not democrats.

          If the family members can’t be brought into the fold, then the #WalkAway movement gets the democrat family members to reject and break ties to the non-democrat family members. Party over family.

          Sound familiar? Didn’t the Hitler Youth have something similar, turn your non-Nazi believing family members into the Gestapo.

          • John,
            This is painful. got your facts all messed up. Please go back and read about the WalkAway movement and get things straightened out before you post.

            ht tps://

          • JS, the Hitler Youth did those things in Nazi Germany. Young commies did the same thing to their anti-commie families in the Soviet Union. In Cuba, in the Castro brothers’ first year in power, Castro supporters turned in anti-commie relatives. My wife’s relatives who were murdered by Che Guevara were betrayed by Castro supporters in the family. Her family was one of thousands of families divided by politics. To this very day the surviving relatives who made it here refuse to have anything to do with the Castro supporters in the family who stayed behind and aided and abetted the commie regime. They’re pariahs. They don’t exist as far as my inlaws are concerned. I don’t even want to meet them. If the #WalkAway libturds approach me I’ll only give THEM ONE CHANCE TO WALK AWAY BEFORE WASTING THEIR STUPID ASSES.

          • Rather than being at war with too-big-to-fail establishments, they would just fail (and fail…) if you were to walk away from them.

            While I am not involved, at the corporate level, per se, I would not be offended at people, who participate at arm’s length, as a cynical investor. My respect for these social institutions is platonic (if that much) like Don Sterling’s ‘respect’ for the LA Clippers.

            If I decided to have kids (maybe even more than a third world invader) we’re not going to that. Sorry, not sorry. I have seen it, from the inside, as a student, and as a rare volunteer. It is stupid, improvident, in decay, penitential, and meant to keep you that way.

            I don’t mind if you leverage that. Don’t let it leverage you, imho.

            If you’re one of those kinds of people, who needs this, to assign meaning to your life, go ahead.

      10. There are much better states to live in other than NJ. Just saying.

        • Unless you are a mob boss or a democrat.

      11. Rule #1 never invite them in. Rule #2 video everything.

        • Rule #2 …see Rule #1 if no warrant is issued. Warrant needs to be spelled out what they are looking for. That is it.

          • Police rarely ever get a search warrant. 95% of police action is on-view arrest and on-view searches.

            Usually, is a search warrant is issued, an arrest has already been made.

            Different for the Federal System though… Arrest is usually the very last thing that is done.

            If the police really wanted to take this person’s guns, they would have brought the warrant with them, they already new he had guns because he has New Jersey Gun Permits.

      12. The cops must have known they needed a search or arrest warrant to enter the house. If they asked for his weapons as part of an investigation, then its perfectly legal. But without that warrant, there wouldn’t be anything they can do. NEVER invite cops into your home….you can speak to them quite freely thru the screen, Or you can go outside and talk to them. Once you let them in, they still need a warrant to search…..AND, you have the right to stop them (or anybody) with deadly force if they try to force their way into your home without that warrant.!!!!

        • You are always free to consent to search, except in California immigration cases. California made it a criminal offense to cooperate with the federal government.

        • Careful, going out on your porch allows them to arrest you without a warrant (for whatever reason). Stay inside, talk to them through the screen or window. Don’t go out to meet them, don’t invite them it.

      13. The communist states of New Jersey, New York, etc. do not know the definition of simple words. “May not be infringed” means the idiots running your state may not pass any laws intending to remove your personal firearms. This God-given right is not optional. The snowflakes and other libtards that don’t want to take the responsibility of owning a firearm may exercize that option. Leave patriots alone – you don’t want to endure the repercussions for trying to “infringe” on our rights. Semper Fidelis.

        • “May” means maybe, not shall.

          • John Stiner, well said. I stand corrected as I misquoted that phrase within the 2nd Amendment.

            “shall not be infringed”.

        • Cranerigger, good post. No one wants to endure repercussions from me if they try anything stupid.

      14. The English language is full of words with multiple meanings; for example, the word “blow” and the words “blow up”. Read the above article. Those seemingly harmless words could have been twisted and made out to be a threat.

        Everything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law. You may refuse to talk. It is your right. Be polite. Just say, “Excuse me, I’m busy”. And shut the door.


        • When you hear a knock on the door and the police are outside, they will generally tell you why they are there. Otherwise, they will just nicely say, “May, I come in?”. And you, will naturally either open the door or ask “why, what’s this about?”. Which the latter would be appropriate. The police must then tell you from outside your door, which gives you the opportunity to ask, “Do you have a warrant?”. If the answer is “no”. You excuse yourself, and close the door.

          I’ve spelled this out for you because you need it. Maybe not you, but somebody out there. I don’t think you are stupid. I think it is a natural mistake that too many people make because they never gave much thought to the idea: “What should I do when one or more police men or police women show up on my front door?”

          _. Maybe you could practice with everyone in the house.

          _ I doubt this subject is taught in the classroom

          _ Scarier yet, what if the cultural Marxist teachers do teach your children how to answer the door when the police arrive!


        • Blow up, Blow Job, Blow Ass…Blow what else?

      15. You can have all the guns you want in Shot Jersey. Just can’t COW. Parasite State.

      16. I am an aware Republican who knows that if you support Donald Trump (who owns primary residence properties in NY and NJ and knows about the police state) you are supporting this type of abuse of power “policing”. Because he does.

        • Support the war on drugs? Policing for revenue or records?

          Then so do you.

      17. The Constitution died after the inside job 9-11 with passage of the Patriot Act which was drawn up in the years prior to 9-11. OK city blown up by the Feds also, inside explosives attached to core columns. The takedown was reported a half hour before the event, yeah OKC. McVeigh was released from the Army only to go into special operations off the books and was by no means the lone perpetrator. Think they’re going to back off now?

      18. CHECK the New Jersey roster for the Truth Keepers >>>>> be willing to bet at least half the coppers involved in this fiasco are TRUTH KEEPERS >>>> willing to bet ….

      19. My property perimeter is completely fenced with Hog wire fencing with barbed wire at top and bottom. I have cattle, pigs, Mule, Donkey, and dogs, you get the picture, I don’t want anything getting out or in. There are two gates, both have “no trespassing” and “beware of dogs” signs.
        Cops can’t just walk up and knock on my door. They have to have to be investigating a criminal complaint or have a warrant to enter my property without my permission. My wife is under strict orders to never give ANYBODY permission to come inside the perimeter, unless we know exactly who and what they are.
        They can stand at the gate (the house is 50 feet away)and talk or call us on the phone.
        This really cuts down on unexpected visitors. We don’t get any.

        • I also live behind a locked gate. It would be difficult to come and knock on my door. I did keep a really mean bull. But I became worried about him getting my wife & grandkids. No one not even me could go out in the pasture if he was there. I had to place sweet grain in a corral and when he entered pull the gate shut with a long rope.

        • I just have a little townhouse. No one comes inside unless there is a very valid reason, e.g., furnace repair, etc. People I don’t know are spoken to on the front step or I don’t answer the door. Much of this is for safety reasons since I am the sole resident. If it’s important, they caller will leave a card telling how to contact them. If it’s not, they leave their flyer and move on. Friendly neighbors might call over the fence, but most keep to themselves.

      20. What I have learned between 2013-2018.

        Just for argument ass sake.

        From what I have heard in my neck of the woods here is Texas, is that the democrats are planning to make sure that they get into office after governor Abbott’s term is up to begin enforcing gun confiscation. All I can say is good luck trying that here. Most Mexicans I know support Donald Trump especially in Texas, because they have jobs, and are making money and if you try to disrupt the Texas economy, the Mexicans in the higher income brackets that are educated have told me, that they support Trump and will join the whites and liquidate liberals asses in the streets. There is and old saying that says, don’t mess with Texas.

        Then again? or is this the real situation.

        This should be taken very seriously. As you shitty liberals see, you have got your ass some serious fucking problems in my state. Good luck to you if your allowed to fake Texas elections. Like my source told me, that when the chi-coms attack Texas, they are going to literally ask themselves what the hell have they gotten themselves into, and the Obama faction was not impressed with the fact that Texas won the war games, and the UN and chi-com military had to withdraw troops. So there you have libtards, more power to you. Mouth can talk shit but piss of this state of Texas, and you will pay a heavy price since you all pulled that shit in Dallas against the cops a few years ago. Texas cops are wide awake now.


        Texans will fuck you liberals up.

      21. It boils down to a couple of things. Is someone willing to die trying to take a citizens guns? Is that citizen willing to die trying to keep them? It may happen that we get to find out first hand?

      22. there is coming a time in this country that a police officer must not enforce the law

      23. Let me tell you what happened to me a couple of years ago, in my middle sized So. Fla. town, concerning COPS !
        Very early one morning, just after sunrise, I was jogging down the side walk, separated from the beach by a section of seagrape (trees or bushes ?).
        An obvious vagrant emerged from the seagrape, blocked my way, and demanded I give him money. Wearing only shorts & sneakers, I told him I didn’t carry any with me. At that point, he started to stick his hands in my pockets. We struggled. Immediately, I heard a police siren behind us, and the assailant took of running away down the sidewalk. A cop got out of his patrol car, and I starting yelling for him to stop the assailant. Without looking at the fleeing assailant, he cop directed his attention to me and shouted “Don’t move !” I kept shouting at him to chase the assailant, and he kept shouting at me to not move. It was obvious that he was seriously overweight, and in no condition to chase anyone. When he approached me, I told him what had happened. He told me that he had seen 2 men in a struggle, and just stopped to break it up. I told him I was trying to stop the man from robbing me, that’s why we were struggling. I told him, What was I supposed to do in that situation ? His reply stunned me, and you won’t believe what his reply was. “Call the Police.” I just looked at him in disbelief. HE WAS THE POLICE !
        Our Police in action ! Next time you’re in trouble, just call the Police.

        • Yeah, my daughter called the cops when a burglar came through her window and stole her purse… she ran out in the hallway. An hour later, cops showed up… great help!

      24. Please note that all LE and politicians who disregard our inalienable rights, commit crimes and abuse the constitution are being catalogued in a very large file. This file is being held by thousands of patriot groups across the county. Everything they do and associate with is being catalogued. This is insurance when the SHTF for real in the reset.

      25. Old Guy, that day is coming sooner than any of us think. Attempted confiscation will get someone killed. You can bank on that and collect the interest.

      26. I wouldnt let them in because I keep cash and silver in my gun safe. I dont trust cops as far as I can throw one,even though my son is a state cop. Im sure they would say I got the money and through some illegal activity and confiscate it.

      27. I have never had a bit of trouble from deputies in the county nor state troopers (who are especially professional). The deputies are almost always local veterans who think of themselves as sheepdogs protecting the herd from sociopaths. Local police police are far less professional and not very noble minded but are big fish in a little pound who expect respect.

        On the other hand, I once had a completely out of control rogue cop in an urban area on a power trip who hassled me. They are entirely different species because of what they routinely witness.

        One bad experience out of nearly six decades on the road is very good odds.

        I tell you what. Go on a couple ride a longs and ask some polite questions and buy them a beer afterwards and they are liable to spill their guts as their profession interferes with their homelife as husbands and fathers and their church life. After doing that maybe you’ll be more understanding. It truly costs them to work that job when they see destroyed families from abuse and drug addiction and drunk driver accidents and unsolved rapes and murder.

        I agree, some overstep and you should shut up and don’t say nothin’ and never invite them in.

        Meanwhile, they sorely need dependable sincere Christian friends. Maybe that is your ministry and just as vital as prison ministry.

      28. 1) police = policy enforcement
        2) policy enforcement = Business rules
        3) Business rules = Policies
        4) Repeat to 1

      29. So what was the end result? How did the gentleman get the cops to leave without incident? This is a lesson for all (all but the people who are seeking a fight…YOU WON’T WIN! Maybe an engagement but not the battle.) How did he get the Police officers to exit his home without escalation?
        Not every police officer will back down when you sight the constitution or even ask for a then for a warrant. This just tends to anger LE as you are questioning “their perceived” all powerful authority over us. If any incident can be resolved without force or even with the use words it should be studied and used as a positive lesson learned for the multitudes of law abiding citizens nation wide.

        • re cops “all powerful authority” . . .

          The basic philosophy of the last century [and this one], in the political sense, is called statism. Supported [rationalized] by German philosophy, mainly German Idealism. A big shot German Idealist named Hegel asserted: “The State [government] is closest to the divine on Earth.” [Note that no proof was offered, as none can be]. Hegel is claiming that The State is God.

          The government’s nearest contact point with the people is the cops. If government is nearly divine- it can do what it feels like doing- THEN COPS ALSO ARE NEARLY DIVINE AND CAN DO WHATEVER THEY FEEL LIKE DOING.

          Then folks like the Clintons are nearly Divine and can do whatever they feel like doing. And they did! Those blowing up some buildings in 2001 were doing the work of The Lord. . .

          btw German Idealism can also be called German Irrationalism- it is hardcore anti common sense. . .

      30. You’re assuming:

        Self defense is a godgiven right, in nature. Not only a human right, but seen in lower lifeforms.

        — or —

        Military service, taxes, permits, and the secular color of authority, make ownership more credible.

        In this case, having subdued a foreign country, by force, they later act as police, there, disarming the civilians.

        In their retirement, these same skills are considered useful, domestically, where a praetor is a different, social caste than a plebeian. So, vets like Cottrell, are first to get hired as police.

      31. Well, what exactly happened?? the article doesn’t say! Did the cops pull their guns?? Details. Please. Makes me suspicious, wondering if really happened!

      32. ‘The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

        But the Common Core teacher be sayin and the class history textbook be sayin that:

        “The Second Amendment – grant citizens the right to bear arms as members of a militia of citizen-soldiers…”

        Dat boy’s daddy not be in da military no mo so he gotta be givin his guns to dim pooolice who gonna pile em up til da Russans and Chinese come to take our stuff! Then they gonna be given em back so I can be protecting myself from those bad boys by joining up in a government militia! My mama says I gonna be lookin good in them military fancy clothes.

        In the mean time I gonna be given my gun to da pooolice and gettin a grocery shoppin certificate for it. Gonna get me some cakes and candy and a killer videogame where I be practicing kickin China and Russia ass!

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