Cop Caught on Tape Extorting Driver for Fundraiser: “Buy These Tickets or I Take Your Car”

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Headline News | 110 comments

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    It seems the no-pressure sales method wasn’t working.

    Instead, a Philadelphia cop was caught on camera using the threat of force to insist that two guys he pulled over during a traffic stop buy tickets for a fundraiser to support the families of fallen first responders.

    The driver and his friend were essentially given no choice but to fork over some $30 to buy tickets for the police effort after the office claimed the vehicle was “unregistered” and threatened to seize it.

    It was a threat tantamount to extortion… but I guess it was all for a good cause. The police officer encouraged the trapped buyers to take their “sweethearts” and support the local department.

    Check out the shocking video:

    The AP reported that the officer, caught on tape, may be prosecuted or put on leave:

    Officer Matthew Zagursky embarrassed the police department and may have committed a crime, Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.

    On the video, the officer asks: “You and your friend got any money to buy these thrill show tickets? Either you buy these or I take your car. ‘Cause it’s unregistered. Ten bucks each, man.”

    The uniformed officer balks at the driver’s plan to buy just two tickets, and the driver ultimately agrees to give the officer $30 for three tickets.


    “That’s totally inappropriate, and it could very well be illegal,” Ramsey said. “He tainted a cause that I think is certainly one that I think we should all be proud of.”

    Beyond the cutesy nature of wiseguy cops harassing the driver into a purchase he likely would not have made otherwise, it is a classic example of using the police state apparatus to rob people with the color of law.

    Between license, registration, insurance, broken tail lights, speed traps and reckless driving, the sworn-thugs have plenty of cover for intimidation and revenue collection.

    Whether in an illegal scheme like this one, or a legitimate but predatory traffic scheme, many police are used as armed robbers, transferring the money of citizens to the state (or to themselves) under the threat of further trouble.

    The problem underscores the issue of abuse of power that is rampant throughout the system.


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      1. extortion by cops


        just like in a third world country !!!

        • And they want us to turn in our weapons? It’s awful now, imagine if we were all disarmed. Today, dirty cops will pick and choose who they think appears weak. I have never desired and salivated to take someones life, but pushed in this manner, The 7.62×39 hollow points that are always there and pointed in the correct direction would fly. All I can say is I wouldn’t turn myself in and more would certainly follow. They sure are pushing for a war with us all.

          • Zero
            7.62×39 H.P. are junk unless you are using American made. Euro made H.P they just cut the tips off of the FMJ’s and the still have the steal cores.

            What I have found works best is the 123/123gr. Soft Points. 155Gr soft points are ok but the 123/4Gr. work better. I have used them on Deer, Ground Hog, and Coyotes. Just my opinion.

            • I disagree but we all have our preference. The Russian brass cartridges are my favorites, but I have all kinds. Any of them will penetrate the level IIIA vest and I will aim for the face as well as center mass.

              • Just as side note, the junk 7.62×39 will easily blow someones brains out.

              • Self defense from scum. What else?

          • Zero, I,m with you all the way on that. I’m not giving up anything either.

            • BH I’m glad someone else will stand up. This country is already defeated because there are so many cowards out there. Whomever is messing with me is going to shit their pants before they die because I am ready.

          • The gubberment has been quite successful at controlling the language, note the narrative of “Turning in our weapons” as though the weapons really belong tothe gubberment anyway.

            • No doubt Hugh, turning in our weapons is laughable.

        • Satori, that cop was wrong to extort money from those guys. while the cause is a worthy one, he should’ve just asked if they were interested in the tickets and it might have been different. Had that cop tried to pull that stunt on me, there would have been a fight. I don’t play the extortion game even if it’s a cop trying to do it.

          • Don’t worry Brave! The video is an obvious ” false flag” , a phony, It’s designed to ” git” our guns dammit!

            • McDonald’s can go f$&@ himself. I don’t touch their so-called food anyway.

          • the cop was just kidding. He didn’t mean to EXTORT. of course our local ass stain cop dale, WOULD GIVE HIM A WHOLE DAY OFF!!!

            • It is incredibly obvious this cop was joking.
              I dont normally defend police, but if you cant tell
              The difference between a serious tone and a half hearted
              one, you shouldnt be deciding whi the enemy is.

              The cops are the enemy. This dude is just a wiseguy.
              This isnt even newsworthy

          • Our own government extorts from us everyday in many ways ! and no doubt the police state is well past out of control in many ways. The militarization of all police and fed agencies is completely wrong and on steroids since BHO and crew came along. You cannot tell the difference between some police forces and our military to include armored vehicles ? That is NOT protect and serve by a long shot ! And our gov at every level, is simply far to big and intrusive in every aspect of our lives !

            There are so few people willing to speak any truth at all ? much less live it ! When our government can use various agencies to harm its own citizens that do not agree with illegal policies and actions , it is time to stand up and call it what it is TYRANNY and be willing to take necessary actions to stop that Tyranny ! Many have been deliberately harmed by this regime with their use of tyrannical actions via many different gov agencies and that is completely wrong and cannot be tolerated any longer ! Consider all the conservatives that were seriously harmed by Lois Lerner and the IRS ? That is just one of many tyrannical and illegal acts against our own citizens. We do not even know of all the bad acts they have committed and people they have seriously harmed and caused BKs or massive legal fees or just messed with indefinitely ! And likely never will know every event because they cover up everything and operate with malice via various methods of intimidation and coercion. They are defined by their actions and in fact they are simply criminals to do such things ! I am sickened our country has fallen this low in ethics and principles and still congress does almost NOTHING, because Boehner and crew are still in power. We need to clean house and get rid of all the criminals and traitors !

            There is a lot we can all do and it is all at my site FREE. See the “Citizens take back America” page and the “Cognitive Dissonance/Normalcy Bias” page . Here are links to both pages.

        • Satori

          First you trade with the second and third world unfettered by tariffs. You loose your industrial base along with the well paying jobs that supports the middle class. Your standard of living significantly lowers and you slowly start to adopt the behavior and social norms of backward nations. Corruption and police state tactics inherent in the third world become not only increasingly acceptable but institutionalized.

          • Kev
            you are 100% spot on
            that’s how its gonna play out

            • It already is ? in spades, but not because of other countries actions. We did this to ourselves or at least allowed the elite control freaks to do it to us ! Time to stand up and say enough ! There is a lot we all can do to defeat these maniacs.

      2. What the fuck do you fucking retards see in Donald Trump? The man is a fucking flake. In 2012 he supported amnesty. In 2008 he supported SINGLE-PAYER healthcare. Further to the left than fucking Bernie Sanders.

        Another self-important, attention-seeking, self-righteous, bratty, obnoxious little shit. It’s called POSTURING. It’s called HISTRIONIC PERSONALITY DISORDER.

        Anyone who wants to get “tough on…” whatever.


        • Acid, I agree about trump. He’s also a close friend of the Clintons. This whole deal sounds like a replay of the 92 campaign with H. Ross Perot. All he did was split the repub vote so slick willie could become pres. same show, just different political scum this time. In the end, trump will get ‘trumped’.

          • Trump is just a distraction—circus for the slaves.


            Jesus did NOT keep the traditions of the “Oral Torah,” the man-made traditions of the Talmud and Kabbala, the same man-made traditions pushed by Judaizers then and now, the same man-made traditions that they insist supersedes God’s Law.

            Sunday worship by Christians was established while St. John the Apostle was still alive in the first century A.D., two centuries before Constantine. Recall too that it is Peter and his successors who were given the keys to bind and loose by God Himself (Matthew 18:18). With that authority, the Church changed the day of worship (1) to emphasize that the Old Law was fulfilled and replaced and (2) to honor the weekday that the SON was resurrected.

            If you really oppose SUN worship, oppose this: SUN worship, Birkat ha-Hammah.

            Ezechiel 8:16-17 specifically damns it as an abomination in the eyes of God, but they continue it to this day:

            • I never EVER said he kept any man made thing. He fought against the pharisee minded rabinical oral torah. He however did keep and guard His commands in THE TORAH….you seem to be confusing the two. Torah is from our Elohim Yahovah…oral torah, talmud and the likes are man made and added to His word…which is forbidden, against Torah and is lawlessness.

              ORAL TORAH = evil and man made tradition
              TORAH = Righteous instructions to be kept and guarded FOREVER

              Yahshua did not come to bring a new religion or replace His father. Yahshua is NOT Elohim….He came IN His Father’s name….it’s called AGENCY.

              Birkat hachamah is a Jewish blessing that is said once every 28 years. “Blessed are You, LORD, our God, King of the Universe, maker of the works of Creation.” This prayer is recited to YHWH thanking Him for His glorious Creation.

              What was being done in Eze. 8:16-17 is exactly what Christian congregations do every year at Easter, i.e. Easter sunrise service (evil pagan junk). They mistakenly believe that Yeshua rose from the grave at sunrise. They throw out the 20th chapter of John that clearly states that Mary went to the tomb early, while it was still dark (this is indicating that she went on Saturday afternoon rather than Sunday morning by the phrase “early”.) Remember the sabbath day ended at sunset and they were in a hurry to finish His burial preparations.

              There is nothing in Matt. 18:18 about any successor of Peter. Yeshua is speaking to Peter and not a successor of Peter and makes no mention of a successor, period.

              • “[Jesus] did not come to bring a new religion or replace His father.” Straw man. Nobody said Jesus came to replace His Father, only to fulfill and replace the Mosaic Covenant because the Israelites had voided the Mosaic Covenant>

                “Behold the days shall come, saith the Lord, and I will make a NEW covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Juda: Not according to the covenant which I made with their fathers, in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt: the covenant which they made VOID, and I had dominion over them, saith the Lord.” Jeremias 31:31-32

                God damned the sun worship of Birkat ha-Hammah (Ezechiel 8:16-17) and the Encyclopedia Mythica documents the connection to Baal worship, the worship of a demon—and you call that a “blessing.”

                • I personally didn’t call it anything, blessed or otherwise.

                  I suppose if you want to remain greekified and read their versions and interpretations….so be it.

                  • BJ said: “Birkat hachamah is a Jewish blessing…”
                    And BJ said: “I personally didn’t call it anything, blessed or otherwise.”

                    As to “greekified”(people knowledgeable about this subject use the term “Hellenized”)— The Greek Septuagint (translated in about 250 B.C. with the official participation and authentication of the Sanhedrin), the New Testament, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Peshittah (a Syriac translation from the 2nd century A.D.) agree on the translations. The Masoretes “Hebrew Bible,” a late POST-Christian fraud written mostly from about 700-1000 A.D. (AFTER Christ) is rebutted by TWO PRE-Christian sources AND by TWO early post-Christian sources.

                    Yes, I am most happy to trust the originals and to reject the fraud.

                    • Roth has great research and proof that the primacy is Aramaic, and in fact Matthew was written in Hebrew, AENT.ORG. Nehemia Gordon also has awesome information here, I just pray he realizes Yahshua is Ha Mashiach But Roth points it out the best IMO. And I know all about Hellenized….I like greekified better 🙂

                      Yes it is a jewish blessing, not because I said so, but because they say so, or “according to them.”


                    • So, why did you say “blessing” and then deny you said “blessing”?
                      As for your references, It took only a few seconds for a good laugh—Your first source says, “There is now four published works….” Your source uses a singular intrasitive verb (is) for a plural complement (books) of the pronoun (there).

                      Your first reference can’t even compose a correct grammar school sentence, but you cite him as an authority on translations of ancient languages into English.

                      Tell us another funny one.

                      Your second reference obtained a “Not found” error message.

                    • The point at issue is whether the Greek or Hebrew OLD Testament is authentic, not whether Matthew (or his scribe) wrote his NEW Testament Gospel in Hebrew or Aramaic.

                      At least FOUR lines of evidence point to the authenticity of the Greek Septuagint (OLD Testament_, leaving the “Hebrew Bible” (OLD Testament) exposed as a POST-Christian fraud of the Masorete rabbis.

                      Who is surprised?

              • (1) St. John the Apostle lived to about age 90 and wrote the Apocalypse late in his life. He died in approximately the year 100 A.D., so St. John saw Pope St. Peter, Pope St. Linus, Pope St. Anacletus, Pope St. Clement, and Pope St. Evaristus. St. John spoke truth to power his entire life, the only Apostle who did not abandon his Lord, and yet, though he was able and aware, St. John said NOTHING against the successors of Peter.

                (2) St. Clement’s letter in about 95 A.D. exercised his papal authority against a troublesome faction in Corinth. The Corinthian Christians respected and obeyed papal authority then and after. St. John who walked with Jesus accepted papal authority in Peter and Peter’s successors.

                (3) St. Mathias was elected to succeed Judas Iscariot, just as Linus, Anacletus, Clement, Evaristus, and many others have been elected to succeed Peter.

                (4) Jesus, God Himself, founded ONE Church (singular in Matthew 16:18), a visible Church (Matthew 5:14, 18:15-17 et al.), commanding that ONE Church to govern (Matthew 16:18), sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23), and teach (Matthew 28:19-20) ONENESS doctrine (John 17:11, 21).

                (5) An invisible church cannot govern. A non-hierarchical church cannot govern. An invisible and non-hierarchical church cannot assure oneness of doctrine.

                (6) Scripture says Scripture is valuable (2 Timothy 3:16) AND Scripture says to obey both the written teachings AND the oral traditions taught by Jesus and the Apostles (1 Corinthians 11:2; 2 Thessalonians 2:25, 3:6, and 2 Timothy 2:2).

                (7) Though the power was given first to Simon Peter, consistent with Apostolic Tradition and to fulfill Jesus’ commands, Peter had successors, legitimate successors, and that is why St. John never resisted or spoke against Peter’s papal successors.

                (8) In the ungodly chaos of over 30,000 Protestant sects with conflicting, mutually exclusive doctrines, we see the fruits of denying the papacy, a complete failure of God’s commands of governance, teaching, and sanctification. By their fruits, we know Protestantism. (Matthew 7:16)

                • Yahshua came in His name, it is called ‘agency’ and is not Elohim Himself….that is a false man made religion and the trinity is based on ancient pagan junk….more pagan junk.

                  And Yahshua did not establish a circe (church), more lies from Hasatan

                  • We have all that on your say so? …from the guy who said “blessings” and then denied he said “blessings,” the guy whose expert on translation can’t compose a grammatically correct sentence, the guy who expects us to take his word over Jesus, the Apostles, the Early Fathers, and even the corroborating evidence from pagan authors?

                    Ha, ha, ha……. tell us more funny ones.

                    Maybe you’ll get lucky when you tell that one to Jesus at His Judgment Seat. Maybe He will bust out laughing so hard that He’ll send you to comedy school instead of Hell.

                    • To John Q Public and BJ:

                      “Allah will judge between them concerning that about which they differ…”

          • Trump will influence a significant enough percentage of votes to either:

            A. Run as an independent putting a Democrat in the White House and courting favor with them.


            B. Abandon the campaign just prior to the Republican Primary and endorse a Republican which under the circumstances will win the Presidency and courting favor with them.

            Trump has no intention of becoming POTUS. He has every intention on helping number one Donald Trump.

        • I agree Trump is a snake in the grass, but he has (inadvertently?) got the ‘anchor baby’ conversation started out loud.

      3. Hope that guy gets fired for this.

        But if he does there will be another department just waiting to hire him.

        Even those held accountable aren’t really held accountable.

      4. Power

      5. Well, that’s how they do it in Nigeria and other countries… for real! Guess was only a matter of time before it spread here.

        We all learn from each other. Nazism from Germany, domination/control from China, and the others learn democracy from us.

      6. In Mexico you can either “pay” your traffic fine at the time of being pulled over OR…not sure of the other options available.

      7. “I was a highwayman, along the coach roads I did ride,
        sword and pistol by my side. Many a maiden lost her baubles to my trade, many a soldier shed his life’s blood on my blade, the bastards hung me in the spring of ’25, but I am still alive”…… He ain’t nothing but a highwayman in costume. Kill him.
        BTW, that was part of a song sung by Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson
        Hcks: the last verse(Johnny Cash) is for you ‘ol boy.

      8. Hey! Is that Sarge???

        🙂 J/K.

        • No, you fagfucker it is not. Go ride your balony pony somewhere else you inbred.

          • LMFAO!

            You mad, bro?

            • Oh yeah, he mad bruh.

              He’s PISSED OFF!

          • PO. you sure are tough hiding behind a monitor when you are not kissing Dale’s ass or sucking up to the cops….boot lickin shit stain.

            • I’ll take PO’d Patriot and Sgt. Dale over a useless troll anyday.

          • PO’d Patriot
            Thanks man for sticking up for me.
            What this guy did is WRONG. If I was his Sgt. I would have given him a day with no pay to think about what he did. All people do dumb things and this was one of them.
            Thanks again.

            • Pig,

              How about FIRE HIS DUMB ASS so he has time to think.

              Do you ever think like that?

        • BH
          No I live in Illinois. I’m better looking than him.(LOL)

          • Sarge, I know I’m better looking than any troll who comes here. LOL

            • You’re right brave. Women just LOVE that hard wrinkle look that only years of being a paranoid boozer can achieve!

              • Anon, at least I,m not some Obama-supporting troll. If I was anything like you I would have trouble living with myself.

            • Brave:

      9. “…embarrassed the police department and may have committed a crime.”

        Of course, the statist gov pigs are the only state sanctioned criminal gang with the seal of approval to rob and kidnap under the color of law. The only time there is “embarrassment” is when the light of truth is shown on them.

        Their crimes are against the people’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        • well. he didn’t shoot either one of them. wrong color?

          • A
            I have a question for you!
            Why isn’t the shooter in VA. crime not being called a hate crime. Here is why I ask.

            1- Black shooter, White victims.

            2 Gay guy, Straight Victims

            If it was the other way around it would be a hate crime!
            Why the double standards?

            • Sarge, the reason is some black crap called political correctness.

      10. I just bought a dash cam and it’s up and running…and it records audio, but it’s more to video the idiot drivers that almost head-on into you on these country roads..we almost got taken out by a fricken ambulance a while back, so I bought one. $70. and worth it.
        If you’re interest go to dash cam talk dot com and check it out. (G1W-C)

        • Buy a radar detector.

      11. There is a way to deal with cops, it is called “Qui Tam”. Title 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law. Can be used since the regular prosecutors won’t do anything.
        This allows for a citizen to prosecute and collect
        part any fine collected.
        This what “whistle blowers” use against the Government.

      12. I notice it’s city cops more and more. Our sheriff’s deputy is way to lazy for that.

      13. The cops in the movies Serpico and American Gangster have nothing on Philadelphia’s narcotics strike force which was twice disbanded for corruption. Interestingly having homes at the very expensive Jersey Shore drawls no suspicion from their fellow officers and internal affairs. The FBI both times caught them.

        This pillar of integrity will not loose his job. Indisputable evidence from video and audio recording is no match for the acceptance of official corruption inherent in that city.

        • Kevin: Maybe the video we call evidence, they call a training film. Teach the honest cops how to loot legally, right.

      14. The corrupt U.S. Attorney General, the pure evil puppet peace prize winner Obama and most of law enforcement are fine with these tactics. After all the cops are the first line of defense in protecting the criminals running the show.

      15. RIP Warchild Tsunami.Off topic but perhaps time to change moniker.Warchild as regulars know was me favourite Tull album(favourite band).I was living with me mum when came back from West Coast decades(actually 16 years)ago when she adopted a little Siamese kitten that was motherless.He was a little terror roaring around the kitchen and a large dog and named him Tsunami,then,was just listening to Tull and said”Warchild Tsunami”!Though only 8-9 pounds was Alpha male to the core,saw him chasing deer thru picture window and laughed at his delusions of being a mountain lion!He died today and once again am busy on job (which I would leave)but also house sitting a bunch of pets for friend,they are counting on me and thus yet again cannot be there in person for me mum!I will catch up with her next week,to her,the dog and cat ARE her children and to me Warchild was a brother in arms,her dog and cat in 6 months and she lives alone,we will rebuild with some new young ones for her to love and care for but just sucks cannot be there now!I really am thinking now in year and a half lost so many,yet again though not human lost another friend and in many cases was better then many humans I met.I hope me dad and all the friends who have died in last year and a half are there to meet him as they all knew Warchild!

        • Awh. Sorry Warchild. I hate when the pets leave us.

          I was raising a scissor beak chick this spring. It thought I was its mother. Chick snuggled under my neck at bedtime and cooed to me. Died in my arms. I cried for two hours.


        • R.I.P. Tsunami.

          Sounds like it was an awesome cat.

          • Thanks Grand And Billy,and Grand,though adopted you were the little chicks mum,you gave it a good life even if short,so many of us and critters die alone/friendless,makes me sad and angry,we just try and do the best we can.

            • War child, sorry to hear about your pet. I’ve been through the same thing and know the feeling.

        • My condolences to you and your’s hard losing furry friends…

        • Maybe change it to Aqualung.

        • WD
          Too bad about your pet. They are like family after awhile.

          • Says the cat killer… More pizza please!

        • You definitely have my sympathy. I have loved and lost many furry pals (almost all to old age, BTW). The most recent was my 13 yo kitty to breast cancer. She was a character and my guard cat. Yes, she would go after anyone who messed with me. Heck, I had to introduce repairmen or she wouldn’t let them in.

          Our pets leave us with wonderful memories and it does hurt when it’s their time to go.

          Take care, Warchild.

      16. Man it is great seeing all the cop hates on here.

        I can’t remember when any one of you gave any advice on how to prepare for the shit that is coming. If you have please enlighten us.

        If you respond to this with negativity I’m not going to respond back to you. I will respect you if you respect me. A good clean debate is all I ask. If not I’m not going to waist my time.
        I’m going to use it checking on reloading specs for 5.65/223 62Gr.


          • BH
            The only to get me pissed is if you do something to my Wife, Mother or Daughters.
            Its ok I get it all the time. No apology needed.

            • Daughters… dammit.

              I’m happy and sad for you at the same time. I have boys. I’m SOOOOO glad I only have to worry about 2 little dicks instead of 200 or so.

              • When my girls would date I would have a “1911” on my hip when I asked them what time are they going to be home. Only one time one came home late and they had a good excuses. They were helping some folks that where in an accident. I got a call from a Trooper before they got home.

      17. Sarge,expect it as cops used to raise more revenue in leaner times/steroid using ones flash bang babies and have nerve after to say still would run the raid same again even though they broke law as no was trained in their use/cops continue won’t break the blue wall against bad ones and cops will not together stand up against dumb laws,till then see the hate will grow,unless also trained as say emt/firefighter ect. would never want a cop in a bad situation,have seen personally them make a bad scene worse,and,I know and am distant friends with a few,they actually agree with me but are in a tiny minority.

        • WD
          I’ve had to work with the STRIOD sucking bastards and I didn’t like it. That was one of the reasons I retired from the PD. was working for.

      18. Where are the cops on this site, saying anything? Not defending or criticizing! To those of you who are, this video shows why there is much disgust, distrust and reason for failed Justice! Oh, you were a good cop routine?

        • Nels
          Did you read any of my posts?
          This guy is a turd and should be disciplined!

          • Sure did! My comment targets those who frequently defend actions of ‘police’ officers, so where are they now?! Respectfully, sarge.

          • Just read some more, I thought you were a surge in the Marines or Army! This piece of meat should be strung out to dry! I agree!

            • Nels
              I wasn’t that lucky. Bad left knee kept me out of the military. Just a lowly cop.

              • Personnally I couldn’t classify ‘you’ as lowly! Other scum bags like the raffle salesman, Yes! Being a mathematician, all, never and every are words which inspire thought provoking questions and inquiries and raise my eyebrows. Thank you for your service because it seems you were true to yourself and the public (only you know that).

      19. Oh,load for 79 grain,get the most out of 1/7 twist and some weight!

      20. Like everyone else I’ve had both good and bad experiences with cops, however mostly good. But good/bad experiences goes for doctors, teachers, mechanics, and so on… because EVERY single profession has it’s share of assholes.

        There is not one occupation or profession that is all good or all bad and doesn’t have a percentage of incompetent, morons who lack common sense…. well, except maybe for bankers, politicians and lawyers = mostly all bad.

        Off with their heads… bring back the guillotine I say.

      21. Cop stops you, you ask him “Don’t tell me, you stopped me because you want to sell me tickets to the Policeman’s Ball?”

        Cop replies “No, the police don’t have balls”

      22. Just an observation
        Every time I see a state cop with someone pulled over
        They have the occupants out of the vehicle and they are going thru it
        Every time
        Can’t tell me they have a search warrant every time
        For all these so called random traffic stops ?
        Not buying it

        Wonder what they “use” as their probable cause that is backed up by oath or affirmation
        The games that are being played out there in a suppressed economy by the revenuers
        Are pushing the boundaries of their purpose
        Respect is earned , and when so much if it is lost by their own actions
        It takes way more than they will ever have to get even half that back
        This current batch doesn’t have what it takes to really be a public servant
        So they are opting for public tyrant instead
        It’s so much easier and it’s going right along with the selfishness of the people and the times
        So ,… Really no surprise to me how this is developing

        • Enemy – It’s designed to instill fear and not just in the car’s occupants who were ordered out of the car, but those who are driving by, thinking and knowing ‘hey that’s scary, one day that could be me.’ They want us to be fear-based so we’ll feel even more powerless.

      23. Dmonic has been cleared of Agency ass clownry. Welcome to the board Dmonic.



        • hcks,

          We’ve already checked with DMONIC and he’s dancing in the streets with total joy about your decision. He wants to know if you’ll save a seat for him on Niburu when it comes around next April. We have advised him that you’re probably saving it for Dave Hodges but anything is possible. Remember our secret code now, ” oobie oobie”.

          The Agency Azz Clowns

          Somehow managing to keep posting despite hcks’ ban on us

          Shtf’ers, don’t you just love it.

      24. “Clowns to the left, jokers to the right, stuck in the middle with you.”

        All joking aside FIRST STATE TO LEGALIZE WEAPONIZED POLICE DRONES – NORTH DAKOTA!!!!… coming to your window soon.

        Assaulting a drone will be the same as assaulting a police officer. I suspect they decided to start the roll-out in North Dakota since it’s a smaller population, mostly rural and therefore this roll-out is just a test for other areas.

        Like I said, coming to your window soon!!!!

        • That will be challenged in court.

          • Whom do you think the courts/jewdicial system will back? In other words, whose side do you think local politicians, judges and the legal system will side with? HINT: Not Us!!!

      25. So what do we all see in Acid Etch??? A freak show with little credibility. You are pretty clueless about Trump. Do you even have a real job Acid? Besides chaining your slut boys to the wall for jollys?. You already said Bernie was your F-n ZOG hero. That pretty much sums you up dipstick.


        • What I see in WWTI.
          A lonely mean-spirited nasty person.
          How very, very sad… Pathetic.

      26. Its only a few bad apples…….

      27. “”””Officer Matthew Zagursky embarrassed the police department and may have committed a crime, Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.”””

        so when isn’t extortion a crime, just when cops aren’t doing it?

        • old75… and lawyers. So, not just cops, lawyers too… when they extort money from clients for “services NOT rendered.” Happens every day. And every day they get away with it.

        • different rules for cops as they are above the law. they think they are the law That’s why a lot of good people dislike them.

      28. LOL, this guy will be given a medal by the mayor! The police are now the mob!

      29. Buy me coffee and doughnuts or I’ll shoot you in the face!!!

      30. It is always important to have a recording device with when dealing with the gestapo.

      31. Martin – LOL…so funny… yup, or here just outside NYC, “Hand ova some free cawfee and doughnits and no one gets hurt, ahright?” (hand sliding over gun).

      32. Policeman should lose his license, be fined, and have to find a new job.

        Proper duties should have been to issue a ticket for the unregistered vehicle, and if the driver had other warrants or issues, possibly been arrested.

        Video clearly shows extortion, end of story. No way to defend this.

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