Crypto Currency Calm Before The Storm: “Governments Are Studying It To Find The Means To Take Control Of It… And You”

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    The United States (and the world) has been using the worthless fiat federal reserve note that is not backed by any true tangible asset.  The only backing is not even the “full faith and credit of the United States government,” because the government is too far in debt to have any credit.  Faith disappeared a long time ago: our faith in elected officials as public servants.  Instead, they serve themselves upon the labors of the public, and the public services them, in every sense of the word.

    Cryptocurrency is an illusion.  The new “shell game” is to replace one illusion…the fiat currency…with another illusion, the “bitcoin.”  Russia announced last week several measures to “deal” with the Cryptocurrency…first, by issuing a Crypto-ruble.  If you read the fine print, the Russian government is moving in to tax and regulate it, at a rate of 13% on trades for profit, as well as “Crypto-Rubles” that suddenly appear out of nowhere.

    It won’t affect the Black Market as much, because 13% is going to be paid to turn a blind eye to the billions of rubles being stolen by the Russian Mafia and oligarchy alike.  The gimmick here is for the government to take a chunk out of it: for now.  The reason “now” is being used, is that eventually they’ll shift gears, pass legislation, and eventually outlaw private trading in it that is not government-sanctioned or government-approved.

    A government is only concerned with perpetuating itself and maintaining power.  The most basic way it does this is by controlling the currency of the nation, regulating it, and taxing the citizens.  In the United States, it has been reported by several sources that JP Morgan Chase is going to embrace Cryptocurrency.  Europe is well on its way to establishing a “Euro-BitCoin,” and China has recently relaxed some measures regarding it.

    This is the calm before the storm: the governments are studying it, and studying the masses to find the means to take control of it.

    The gullible masses are playing right into their hands.  The problem with Cryptocurrency is not just in the fact that it is backed by nothing (a fool’s errand before it has been started), but there is no privacy.  None.  If the governments control and monitor all electronic and computer media, then there is no such thing as privacy regarding electronic currency.  This will be the death of cash, and thus the death of any privacy for citizens.

    There will be no hiding from the taxing authorities.  All the accounts will be monitored: taxed on any growth, and every single penny accounted for.  The government will know what work you do, for how much, and how much “Crypto-currency” you have in your accounts.  All electronic, nebulous, unbacked garbage.  How about a nice “glitch” where suddenly, your entire account falls to a zero balance?  That “glitch” can happen anytime.

    No, the politicians and the oligarchs will have gold, silver, real estate, mining rights and contracts, and ownership of every utility and municipal function upon which the public is dependent.  Eventually the Crypto-Dollars will be handed out sparingly to “exchange for food, clothing, and to pay their bills,” and the whole thing is designed for one thing:

    To keep the population at a starveling, subsistence level while those in power own everything, and them as well: Ruled by the politicians and oligarchs, fooled by the press and the religious pulpits, and killed by the enforcement arms of police and military.

    In 1910, the meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia took place leading up to 1913.  It was then that the framework for the transfer of the power of the U.S. government over the nation’s currency to the federal reserve was established.

    “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s letter to Colonel Edward Mandell House,

    Fmr. Advisor to President Woodrow Wilson    November 21, 1933

    The aim is global governance.  The Cryptocurrencies arose out of a desire to use something other than the dollar and other failing fiat notes not backed by anything.  The irony is that the Cryptocurrencies are the vehicle for the globalists.

    Once each nation has its Cryptocurrencies in place, they can “align” them, and virtually abolish all economic buffers and barriers…which will come crashing down just as the illegal aliens in Europe and the United States are destroying the borders, language, culture, and societies.  The whole thing is trumpeted as a recourse, but it is nothing more than an extension of an Alinsky principle “organizing the organized.”  At the right moment, the governments will swoop in, regulate, and tax these Cryptocurrencies.

    Once cash is eliminated, hard assets such as gold, silver, and other resources will be simple to control.  Where did you obtain that gold?  How did you obtain it, and is it in our records?

    The power lies in the receipt, the payment receipt showing where you obtained that product and how you obtained it…all based on POS (point of sale), the electronic monitoring of every expenditure at the register.  The “successful” employment of Cryptocurrency will mean that the people have been completely duped and have handed all privacy into the control of the government.  Once they control everyone economically, they will use that control to seize other aspects of daily life that are not regulated.  They’ll know how much you make, where you work, and how much you have available.

    Or what you think you have available, because in the blink of an eye, they’ll make your Crypto dollars disappear, and you’ll have no recourse, just as they have no accountability.  If politicians steal money now, while cash still exists, think of how much they’ll be able to steal when everything is done electronically…when all the bankers and oligarchs are under their control/in a symbiotic-parasitic relationship and they can pass any law they wish.  Cryptocurrency is a scam that will eventually lead to the final enslavement of the U.S.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Welcome to Slavelandica bordered by Slavexico to the south and Islamnada to the north.

        • Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants and debt is the money of slaves.

          • Cryptocurrency is just one tool.

            Just as a Schmidt & Bender scope is not the right tool to hammer a nail, gold and cash are not the right tools to move value offshore.

            “… there is no such thing as privacy regarding electronic currency.” Arguably true for unmixed Bitcoin, but not true of Monero, Zcash, or DASH if done properly!

            • Crypto currencies are backed by Nothing. Worse than paper fiat currency. Just one click of a hacking mouse and Poof you just got robbed. Now go find the perpetrator. Good Luck,. Grid crashes and Poof you just lost your entire wealth. And the Powers that wanna be, will blame it on the Russians.

          • Before the computerized trading of virtually everything gold, silver and the like were everything you stated. Unfortunately technology has afforded the controllers to determine what is and isn’t money. Assuming that its declared illegal to use as money you can buy a side of beef from the local farmer but try getting medical care with it. You can’t purchase land, a home, virtually anything new and much what is used. They won’t accept gold for your property taxes so regardless what you have you default.

            The issue is that due to technology their reach is too far and grip too strong.

            • tracking not trading

              • Cash is beautiful
                Credit is grand
                But gold is the money of the big boss man!

                • Genius, I don’t see anything grand about credit. I’ve lived my whole life without it and most people swear up and down you can’t survive without it. I’m living proof that you CAN. I wrote the book on it, LOL.

                  • Just think how much better you could be living if you did have credit. Like Buying a house or property that appreciates. Or a good vehicle you can drive instead of dumping money into an old heap every month fixing. Tell us after 60 years with no credit, what is your net worth?

            • Hey Kev2 Update. A few states now accept Gold as payment for Taxes. I think its AZ and ID or Nevada you can use Gold for Paying Taxes.

      2. History always repeats itself due to the ignorance level of people. This has been going on for years! Next will be another revolution.i know I know same shieet different day

        • It is not the ignorance of people that causes history to repeat itself. It is greed and power lust that causes history to repeat itself.

          For every Hitler and Tojo in History, there are thousands more waiting in line to take their turn.

          • You are correct and why do history classes repeat but their contents revise? I am expecting attacks on the crosses and monuments in Arlington to go next because people like Soros have butted into that line to interject their version of what I call suspended reality. Too bad there is only one true version, the reality of greed.

            • 14 MORE DAYS! Got plenty of ammo?

              • What happens in 14 days?

                • Antifas alleged attack on us. Nov.4th.

                  • Ahhh that’s right, forgot about that. Still need to co-witness my red dot, guess leftists will work as good as paper for that 🙂

                  • Genius, I’m still stocking up for that one.

      3. Crypto Currency is no different than a credit card, but you pay ahead with crypto, instead of getting a monthly CC Bill. Got Physical Silver 1 Oz Rounds? When they pull the trigger and crash the US Dollar, its real money that will get you what you want. The Grid crashes or you get hacked, Poof, Gone,..Its was all an illusion SUCKERS!! Wanna Play again?

        • The Crypto Currency is just a fraud, a pyramid scheme, nothing more.

          The desirability of this pyramid scheme is that it can’t be policed.

          Except in China.

          • If china can, then so can all other corrupt governments, like the u.s. congress.

            • Cryptocurrency is backed by ummm, wait, errrr, uuhhh, hmmmm, nothing?

              Fed reserve notes are backed by the full faith and credit of the US Govt.? HAHAHAHAHAHA, thats a good one!

              Silver is backed by thousands of years as real money. Not to mention it’s hundreds of uses.

              • Wait, the dollar IS backed by something! The full force and psycopathy of the US Military! God bless them troops!

        • If the grid crashes we’re all fucked anydamnways. In PR they found out cash on hand was
          more valuable than gold or silver. Yep. The worthless federal reserve note was still in bigger
          demand than pm’s. Hard to believe, but true.

        • This is all b.s. . Why? As all server traffic is ultimately controlled by the government of the nation the server resides in, all digital ‘anything’, currency included is controlled by that same government. Now, if a digital currency database resided in some nation that had no government; then and only then, there would be a possible free system. Until then – which now does not exist – there is not such thing as a currency beyond governmental control.

          • Wait for it…. here it comes…. BIT TALMUD!

        • da crack is making you paranoid

        • ” its real money that will get you what you want”

          Assuming its illegal outside of mom and pop operations and they they sooner or later have to replenish inventory their stash of gold and silver can’t be used. You can substance survive but everywhere you turn the walls will close in.

          The problem is the system has the power.

        • I meant to say Crypto Currency is no different than a “Prepaid Credit Card.” You pay them to get a more phony vehicle to carry your wealth. I’m not playing that game of sucker fraud.

      4. Governments love Crypto Currencies. They keep a record of everything you have ever done. What more could they ask for?

        Whats even better you can track people from sources. Want to know who supports the NRA just look at their donations, no warrants needed.

        Want to know who owns what wallet? Take down a few exchanges for some IRS reason.

      5. WTF are the Amish going to use? They will not use an online currency if they ain’t online.
        Are we going to pay our property taxes with ShitCoin? Really?
        Are we going to buy a friggin loaf of bread with cryptos? Death of cash? Really?
        You want to know who’s going to be the big users of ShitCoin?
        The same idiots that swipe a debit card to buy an overpriced cup of Starbucks.
        I think cryptos are going to lure the masses in until everyone trusts it.
        Then there will be some type of event that wipes away all the wealth.
        Then all Hell breaks loose. Don’t trust it. Don’t trust it. Don’t trust it.
        Alternative to banks, my ass. It’s a scam that was hatched by the banksters to go cashless.
        First- private cryptos. Then- state cryptos. It’s a scam to take us down the cashless road.

        • I live amongst the Amish in Upstate NY. They are pretty much a self sufficient community and only need modern medicine (too a limited extent), petrofuels and someone who will buy their goods. They are a pretty hardy and self sufficient lot, but still rely on a bit of technology. Good people. They will fare better than most.

      6. Must see. Mark Dice . Video .

      7. What a bunch of morons. You all including the author are clueless about cryptos.

        • Please enlighten us then minimus….

        • Waiting for your explanation, Kenny Boy. 3…….2……..1……..

      8. Not to worry we the engine of the planet,the ones who work hard,play hard,and shoot straight will come up with something else to use for value transactions.l do not think it is about control or taxes or even prediction of revolutions.
        I think that this is about the control of inventions. The control of technology and the spreading of knowledge. I am not talking about the garden of Eden but look at history and see that all new technologies have been used to gain freedom. Freedom from control (what ever form that it takes) and after Time the control takes it back and it will change to a new form if it has to.
        We spend to much time on the NWO and not enough time on why it or who what’s the control. Many are going to think God and the devil or Ying and Yang but it is time to look past this. We need to look at why it keeps coming down to group vs the individual.
        Why is it only good when individual is a hero when he is saving peaple or a enertainer. Why the war on the lone cowboy why the war on the individual? Is it possible that the individual is the true unit of life and when we moved from Hunter gathering to small farming community’s we kept that. But as community’s grow the individual be came a permanent part of the community and not free to leave. Maybe that is the core of the prepper movement the ability to come and go as you the individual pleases. We all jump on it’s control but what is it they are trying to control.
        I think under all of the school indoctrination,media hype, and the fair share tax,and God sees you is the fear of new ideas and inventions or new tech and apps.
        Just my thoughts

      9. Digital currency is the fiat of suspended reality.

      10. You keep tuning in for more so there must be some real content in his articles.

      11. JJ’s contributions here help stimulate critical thinking. I don’t always agree with his analysis, but I do appreciate his input.

        The real issue here is one of managing risk, and particularly counterparty (CP) risk. Risk is everywhere; so is CP risk. Unless you’re living in an impregnable fortress there will always be some external threat or internal vulnerability. Jeff Berwick believes that “the two greatest threats to mankind are the State and Central Banks.” These also tend to be the last “management groups” to get sacked. From this viewpoint, as long as either exists, there will always be CP risk – even for physical possession of precious metals (PMs).

        There is no escape from the need to manage risk, because even the act of ignoring it presents its own risk.

        In this context there are four basic elements of risk management: 1) threat assessment, 2) vulnerability assessment, 3) risk aversion, and 4) incident mitigation. The first two elements define the cutting edge of survival.

        Risk is a complex mix of components that can individually change at the drop of a hat in a chaotic environment. You may very well end up embracing CCs because of what’s on your individual risk management palette. Your initial assumptions and operational realities will influence this process. Removing CCs at the outset from the list of possible support resources may deprive you of a useful alternative, and presents a risk of its own in the bigger picture. (Note especially the recent experience of Greece and India.)

      12. Lol anti coin posts are being removed. What bs.

        • No they’re not.

          Feel free to post your views on coins/cryptos, positive or negative.

      13. I simply don’t care. We save all of our change. pennies nickles dimes and quarters. Maybe it will be deemed to be worth something? Our SS Ponzi check is a digital deposit. as long as we can spend that on bills why worry?

        • cyber-satans, crypto-satans, paper-satans, all backed by the full faith and credit of… Satan!

      14. Stacky stacky stacky…….

      15. LOL! Jeremiah with all due respect, you show a very poor understanding of not only what is money but even less understanding of what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are. May I suggest that you read the following before making any more comments on cryptocurrencies:
        Mises on Money

        The Internet of Money

        Best Regards,


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