Consequences To Expect If The U.S. Invades Iran

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.

    Let’s be honest, quite a few Americans love a good war, especially those Americans who have never had to bear witness to one first hand.  War is the ultimate tribally vicarious experience.  Anyone, even pudgy armchair generals with deep-seated feelings of personal inadequacy, can revel in the victories and actions of armies a half a world away as if they themselves stood on the front lines risking possible annihilation at the hands of dastardly cartoon-land “evil doers”.  They may have never done a single worthwhile thing in their lives, but at least they can bask in the perceived glory of their country’s military might.

    This attitude of swollen ego through proxy is not limited to the “Right” side of the political spectrum as some might expect.  In fact, if the terrifyingly demented presidency of Barack Obama has proven anything so far, it is that elements of the “Left” are just as bloodthirsty as any NeoCon, and just as ready to blindly support the political supremacy of their “side” regardless of any broken promises, abandoned principles, or openly flaunted hypocrisies.  No matter how reasonable or irrefutable the arguments against a particular conflict are, there will ALWAYS be a certain percentage of the populace which ignores all logic and barrels forward to cheerlead violent actions which ultimately only benefit a select and elite few.

    They do this, though they rarely openly admit it, because of unbalanced and irrational biases which drive their decision making processes.  In the case of the wars in the Middle East, the common public argument boils down to one of “self defense”.  “They are coming to get us!”  At least, that is what we are constantly told.  And I’m sure that some Americans out there truly believe this.  However, in their heart of hearts, others instead relish the idea of imposing their world views and philosophical systems upon others, even if it means using cluster bombs and predator drones.

    Some people simply hate Muslims, for one reason or another.  Some people believe that war will bring with it economic gain.  Some are so afraid of what they do not comprehend that they only feel secure by attacking it.  Some believe that the U.S. citizenry is morally obligated to become entangled with governments like Israel’s, and support them without question as if they are infallible, though they are often just as corrupt as the governments we are directed to despise.  And yet others (for religious purposes), actually clamor for Middle Eastern destruction in the desperate hopes that their version of biblical prophecy will be vindicated.  Ultimately, most Americans who support continued destruction in the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter, do so out a selfish need for private absolution and elevation, not out of a sincere sense of patriotism, and not because nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or Iran present a legitimate danger to their safety.

    These men and women have invested their very identities into the mechanizations of collective war.  They will not be swayed by evidence or honorable arguments.  Any criticism of the actions of the collective will immediately be treated as a personal attack on their individual character, causing their minds to shut down completely.

    As far as Iran is concerned, I am not here to convince the war-drum pounding zombie hoards infesting the mentally impotent sewage soaked wastelands of my country that their rationalizations for raining laser guided death on the third world is a “reprehensible thing”.  Given their impenetrable biases, which I listed above, that would be a complete waste of time.

    I could, indeed, point out how in 1953 the U.S. and Britain overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mossaddegh, because he refused to allow global corporate interests to exploit his country’s oil resources.  I could outline how the forced CIA installation of the Shah in Iran and the creation of his secret police led to the torture and murder of thousands of innocent people.  I could list similar covert activities over the past 100 years or so, in countries all over the world, which have created the now universal disdain the third world has for the U.S. government.  I could even show them a PBS special from 1987 which effectively details this history and warns of what is now going on today.  The kind of mainstream news coverage that networks currently blacklist honest and daring journalists for:

    But what about all the nuclear talk being shoved down our throats lately?  Doesn’t this supersede any historical concerns between Iran and the U.S.?  What if the terrorists get their hands on “the bomb”?!

    On this issue, I could easily interject the fact that countries supposedly hostile to the U.S., like North Korea, have long had nuclear capability, and certainly the means to use infiltrators to deliver that technology, yet, we haven’t sent the Western war machine after them.  I would also set the record straight by mentioning that the ONLY country in the world that has used a nuclear weapon against another is the U.S.  I could educate these people on the exposure of secret Israeli nuclear weapons programs since the 1970’s, and the fact that Israel even attempted to illegally sell this technology to Apartheid South Africa: 

    I could try to clear the air by reminding the uninformed that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently admitted that Iran has no nuclear weapons capability.  And, that this fact was repeated by an Iranian nuclear scientist, Sharhram Amiri, who defected to the U.S. in 2010 with the help of the CIA in the hopes that he could be used to disseminate propaganda on “secret” nuclear weapons programs in his former homeland.  Instead, he only reinforced the assertion that there are no such programs:

    With the CIA made to look foolish, they have now decided that Amiri is “peripheral” to the Iranian nuke programs, and is no longer a solid source of information.  I could follow by pointing out how decidedly convenient this is…

    What about all the similarities between the lies on WMD’s in Iraq and the rhetoric against Iran today?  What about the disinformation put forward by the IAEA and its cadre of foreign policy yes-men?

    What about the fact that back when Iran was run by our own puppet leader, the Shah, an iron-fisted sociopathic dictator, we were more than happy that the country was developing nuclear power plants:

    Sorry, but sharing this information with the warmongering percentage of our American culture is futile.  None of this data means a thing to them.  For these people, it’s not about facts; it’s about foggy perception, uncontrolled emotion, and false identity.  Understanding the situation only complicates their pursuit of the next collectivist high; that frenetic freak frenzy that takes hold of a population and makes them swarm like mad bees, or hungry piranha, poisoning and devouring everything in their path.

    With this in mind, the only recourse I could possibly think of to wake them up to their philosophical and moral folly is to expose them to very real and debilitating consequences they will face in their everyday lives in the wake of expanded conflict on the part of the U.S.  That is to say, you may hate Iran, you may hate Iranians, you may despise Muslims, you may be driven by a childish need to live vicariously through the exploits of your government, or, you might actually believe the hype that Iran is in league with Al-Qaeda, that they really are after nuclear weapons in a diabolical plot to harm Americans, and you might truly believe that Israel is that “beacon of freedom” in the Middle East and that all its neighbors must be pacified for the sake of democracy.  At bottom, whatever your deepest intentions, and whatever you might think, this is irrelevant in the face of the inevitable costs of war.  If you support such a war, here is how it will affect you when it breaks loose:

    Exploding Oil Prices

    The U.S. has had a ban on Iranian oil imports since 1979, however, Iran still supplies about 5% of the global oil market.  This might not seem like much, but Iran also has the means and ability to shut down the Straight of Hormuz, which is one of two major petroleum choke points in the world.  Around 17 million barrels of oil per day are shipped through the Straight of Hormuz, or about 20% of all oil traded worldwide.

    In 2006, during the last major Iran war scare, experts predicted gasoline price increases in excess of $10 a gallon if Iran was invaded.

    This would devastate the U.S. economy, which is already hanging by a thin thread.  Iran has announced this past weekend it will cease all oil shipments to Britain and France in protest of their support of economic sanctions.  This alone is causing oil to spike today.  A global energy crisis will financially decimate average citizens who will have their savings sapped by extreme price inflation, not just in gasoline, but in all goods that require the use of gasoline in their production and shipping.  If you like this idea, then by all means, support an invasion of Iran.

    War Domino Effect

    In January of 2010, I wrote an article for Neithercorp Press entitled “Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War”.  In that article, I warned about the dangers of an invasion of Iran or Syria being used to foment a global conflict, in order to create a crisis large enough to distract the masses away from the international banker created economic collapse:

    In 2006, Iran signed a mutual defense pact with its neighbor, Syria, which is also in the middle of its own turmoil and possible NATO intervention.  Syria has strong ties to Russia, and even has a revamped Russian naval base off its coast, a fact rarely mentioned by the mainstream media.  Both Russia and China have made their opposition clear in the case of any Western intervention in Iran or Syria.  An invasion by the U.S. or Israel in these regions could quickly intensify into wider war between major world powers.  If you like the idea of a world war which could eventually put you and your family in direct danger, then by all means, support an invasion of Iran.

    Dollar Collapse

    Make no mistake, the U.S. dollar is already on the verge of collapse, along with the U.S. economy.  Bilateral trade agreements between BRIC and ASEAN nations are sprouting up everywhere the past couple months, and these agreements are specifically designed to end the dollar’s status as the world reserve currency.  An invasion of Iran will only expedite this process.  If global anger over the resulting chaos in oil prices doesn’t set off a dump of the dollar, the eventual debt obligation incurred through the overt costs of war will.  Ron Paul has always been right; it doesn’t matter whether you think invasion is a good idea or not.  We simply CANNOT afford it.  America is bankrupt.  Our only source of income is our ability to print money from thin air.  Each dollar created to fund new wars brings our currency ever closer to its demise.

    This combination of disastrous economic policy and disastrous foreign policy has actually been used before.  Great Britain once sat in the position of economic authority that the U.S. sits in today, and the pound sterling was once considered the world reserve because it was required in the global trade of oil, just as the dollar is now.  However, British intrigues in the Middle East, and more specifically in Egypt, led them into extreme debt.  In the 1940’s and 1950’s, international banks led by America and France threatened to dump British Treasury Bonds in response to their efforts to dominate Middle Eastern oil.  Does any of this sound familiar?

    This ultimately led to considerable devaluation of the pound.  In 1967, the death blow was finally delivered when Prime Minister Harold Wilson artificially reduced the British exchange rate by 14% overnight!  Meaning, in the span of a single evening, British citizens lost 14% of their buying power, and every product they went out to buy the next day would cost them 14% more.

    It would be practical to mention that the move to destroy the British pound came right in time for the implementation of new programs for the construction of the European Union, and the Euro, the new supranational currency which would later become the standard.  The EU and the Euro never could have come about while the Pound Sterling remained a world reserve.  Just another amazing coincidence I’m sure, and one that couldn’t possibly have any relation to what is happening to the dollar in 2012, right…?

    So, if you like the idea of losing 14% or more of your buying power overnight, and having that financial loss blamed on the tides of war, rather than on the corporate bankers who actually created the mess, then by all means, support an invasion of Iran.

    Civil Liberties Destroyed

    Do you like being able to walk down the street without having to suffer through constant pat-downs by low wage brain-dead cretins in blue gloves?  Does it make you feel good to know that if you are ever arrested, whether you are guilty or not, you are guaranteed by law to receive a fair trial by your peers in a civilian court with a lawyer by your side?  Do you enjoy taking a long drive with the family without facing check points, and predator drones constantly overhead every time you put the top down to feel the wind in your hair?  Don’t get too comfortable, folks!  These “luxuries” will soon be a thing of the past, especially as the U.S. financial situation deteriorates and war escalates.  Think of all the new threats the elites in our government can use to rationalize the usurpation of Constitutional protections when war with Iran, or Syria, or Russia, or China, or all of them at once, breaks out.

    The term “terrorist” will take on a whole different dynamic.  Great national dangers often facilitate broader definitions of who is and who is not an “enemy of the state”.  Crisis gives wings to legislation like the NDAA.  In this kind of despotic environment, no one, even those citizens who support the state in nearly all of its enterprises, is safe.  Maybe you love the idea of war with Iran, but at the same time, hate the idea of having a TSA goon manhandling your wife or daughter in a train station or on a street corner.  Good luck with that.  Speaking out could be treated as disruption of national security measures.  Off to the gulag with you!

    The “greater good” somehow always entails the dissolution of civil liberties for the common man.  Invariably, the establishment in power favors no one, save a highly connected few.  Being pro-establishment does not necessarily protect you from a government given free reign to do whatever it pleases in wartime.  In the end, everyone is fair game.

    If this is the kind of America you want to live in, by all means, support an invasion of Iran.

    If You Can’t See The Big Picture, You Can’t See A Thing…

    The relentless drive for war in the Middle East is not about “spreading democracy”.  It is not about terrorism.  It is not about oil (at least for the most part).  It is not about Israel (at least, not the Israeli people).  It is not even about corporate profiteering by the Military Industrial Complex.  War in the Middle East is about changing the way our country and our world operates, culturally, socially, financially, and politically.  War opens doors to social re-engineering that could never be accomplished otherwise.  War creates fear, panic, rage, and allows dystopian fallacies to reign supreme.  War, unjust and dishonorable war, makes countries weak, and ripe for violent change.

    Iran is not a threat to our way of life, and never has been.  But, war in Iran could easily upset the core of our entire country, and leave us wayward strangers in the land we were born.

    While much of the rhetoric of preemptive invasion that America has been awash in these past few months is carefully crafted and disseminated by government entities whose intentions are far from honest, its effectiveness is mute without the helping hand of a thoughtless subsection of the public.  Every decade or so, a new generation of idiot spawn comes of age to be willingly sacrificed on the chopping block of globalist conquest.  This new decade brings with it the promise of not just more of the same, but perhaps the most costly tithe to the gods of war ever made in our country’s history.  This is not our fight.  This is a fight we are being conned into undertaking for the profit of others, and thus, it is a fight we cannot win.  Perhaps when the blind mobs of this nation feel the abrupt sting of their foolishness in their narrow day-to-day existence, they will finally understand…

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. wow

        • Hey what’s not to love…

          “A muslim man can have sexual pleasure with a little girl as young as a baby. But he should not penetrate her vaginally, however he can sodomize her”
          — Imam Khomeini, the top Shia authority, Tehriro vasyleh, fourth edition, Qom, Iran, 1990

          “We will soon see a new Middle East materializing without America and the Zionist regime”
          Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quote

          “As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map,”
          Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quote

          “Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury,”
          Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quote

          “Iran is ready to transfer nuclear know-how to the
          Islamic countries due to their need.”
          Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quote

          Yea, Let them build the nukes…

          • You are missing the point:

            A war with Iran will destroy the United States. We are already bankrupt. We are already spread too thin. We have already made too many enemies who will take advantage of the distraction if we go to war in the Middle East.

            It doesn’t matter what inflammatory statements you can drag up out of context… The danger of a war with Iran is greater than the danger from a potentially nuclear armed Iran.

            • Sure, I don’t think so? They’re government is not so nice. They were blowing up our troops in Iraq. Imagine what they would do with a nuclear weapon? Poor Israel or America. Get it?

            • I wish more people realized this…

          • From European American (for some reason my posts aren’t being posted under that name, Mac)


            Another prime example of how the Israel/US propaganda machine (PsyOps) molds the minds of people like you “delphmr”.

            “The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been attributed to threatening ‘poor little Israel’ by stating, quote: “Israel must be wiped off the map.”

            Well, what did he mean by that? Nothing, because the statement was intentionally mistranslated from Farsi to fan the Zionist war propaganda against Iran. No one in Iran made such a statement – NO ONE – it’s just another Zionist Tel Aviv-UK-US lie to try to start a war.

            The full, actual VERBATIM, correct Ahmadinejad quote, translated directly to English from Farsi reads”

            “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”

            Now, read that again.

            Did you get it now? Can you see the ENORMITY of the LIES you are being fed around the clock?”

            THis is why I have a small arsenal of weapons. If the SHTF I want to protect myself from people like you, delphmr. Weak minded people who believe exactly what they are told.

            • Oh yea, I stand corrected. They like Israel, America, and don’t deny that the Holocaust happened. The don’t stone women in the name of Islam or hang gays. They don’t follow the Law of Hodoud and whip women 74 times if the don’t wear the “Islamic Hejab” in public. They never allow husbands to beat the crap out of their Wives. They are a model society.
              Thanks for setting me straight “European American”.


            • delphmr,

              Look, there are plenty of reasons to dislike musloid scum. The PSOSMAR (Political System Of Slavery Masquerading As Religion) is easy to hate. They, however, want to invaded the world. Good enough. We should defend ourselves. But, that is not what this is.

              This is picking a fight to our detriment. Stupid. Imperialistic. Arrogant.

              This is not about what they say or what they do, this is about distraction so you will forget about the massive clusterfuck Kenyan Obastard has made of the USA by destroying the economy and setting up, essentially, a police state.

              You have fallen into this and the government says “THANK YOU!”. They have created another dedicated fan of war. Oh, did I say the double you word? I meant “Police Action”, sorry.

              WE NEED RON PAUL! More than ever, we need him. If they threatened us and attempted anything, well, you’d need a glass cutter to get at the oil then. But, wise heads of state everywhere know what sabre rattling is. But, OUR heads of state see defense contractor and private security contractor lobbying dollars and, as such, want to engage immorally. A second incentive you could say. Distraction, circuses and greed. Two agendas that are hidden from those who just want to go to war.

              Ron Paul would put an end to this stuff. Is it any wonder they’re trying to keep from having the Texas primary?


              Ron Paul would put the end to their defense budget. The neocons on the left and the right don’t want this.

              And you, delphmr, are supporting them. You are being lied to so as to support a hidden agenda.

              Appropriately, I should say: Sucker! but surely you’ve figured that out by now, or, are you just so hell bent on war with the muzzies that you can’t process this information?

            • Oh, one thing I forgot to ask, do you go after every person and beat them up because they don’t like you and don’t do things like you want?

              That is what you are insinuating that the USA should do.

            • NetRanger,

              No. I don’t “beat them up” because they don’t like me and don’t do the things I want. I beat them up because they threatened my life. I take away their ability to kill me by taking out their weapons facilities.

              If someone threatens to kill you once they get a gun do wait until they can pull the trigger?

              That is what you are insinuating that the USA should do.

            • You should read “Walid Shoebat”. He is a ex Muslim terrorist. He now lives in America, and speaks the truth about Islam.

            • How is this translation better exactly. Did he then add, “but the Imam is just crazy and I don’t agree with him, I love puppies”. Seriously, i’ll take weak minded over filled with anger.

            • @Delphmr, I wonder if you can point to the surahs in the Quran that tell Muslims to do those things? I tell you – you cant! The reason is they are not in there – but what you have been doing is standing quite in the hope that America will keep you safe from the “Islamic Terrorists”, Muslims, like Native Americans and other ethnic minorities have been telling the people of America that there is much danger in a government that does such things to minorities. So now with the NDAA signed you still are too blind to see that Muslims were not your enemy – you own government is!

              I can tell you right now, when they ask for your papers to simply move in your own neighborhood, being an ISlam hater will not help you!

          • delphmr,
            You should have written this article. Right on the money.

            • delphmr,
              how many wars and occupations has been STARTED by the US, how many STARTED by Iran?
              Did you know in 1953, we overthrew their democracy and put a leader in power that killed and tortured iranians but allowed western nations to profit from their oil fields until the iranians overthrew him in 1979?
              You do know we supported IRAQ, in the Iran/Iraq war and supplied iraq with weapons?
              Do you think iran wants a nuke to use on us or as insurance that we will leave them alone…hmmm who didn’t have a nuke… iraq, libya (where are they now) who does.. pakistan, north korea
              Can you afford $10 gallon for oil/gas?

          • delphmr
            lets also talk about the terrible things you and your beloved zionists say and do. the killing. the stealing.the brutality. the drugging and raping. lets talk about it… you are a son of a zionist bitch. go to hell you mother fucken faggot.

            • Stay Classy.

          • Israel is the center of white slavery in the Middle East. The Jewish Mafia abducts hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and Slavic woman from Eastern Europe every year but the main stream media is controlled by the same people who protect the crime bosses and plants delphmrs throughout cyberspace to deflect attention from their crimes.

        • this author is a tool. Both sides have evil people running the show.Iranian leadership most certainly does want to come get us (a global sharia caliphate)They are insane cultists who believe in the coming 12th imam (the christian antichrist), that is a fact, they say it all the time, its not a made up fantasy story from “Neocons”(who are just as leftist as communists and shariaists) That being said, the evil on”our” side will take the threats from the evil on their side, and use it to their advantage to secure their agenda.
          This Brandon clown is being as much of a simplistic absolutist as the rest of the useful idiots out there.

          • Im not Shia, but the 12th Imam is not the Christian anti – christ. Please do your research before you spout such profanities.
            The 12th Imam will lead them (Muslims) to unite, in arrival of who they think is the true messiah (Jesus Christ).
            Jesus Christ, who is the true messiah in both Islamic and Christian texts, is who both religions eagerly wait the arrival of. To go a little deeper, they both belive Jesus will rule the world from his birth country (modern day Israel/occupied Palestine)
            Lets remind of a history im sure you are well aware of, Jesus was a Jew yes, but they did not believe him, cursed at his blessed mother, and sought to kill him. THEY still eagerly await their messiah who (according to the Talmud – although orthodox jews will know its a lie) has NOT yet come.
            The ANTI christ, will IMPERSONATE Jesus (ie, he must resemble him to get everyone on his side) – so he must create the greater state of israel, re build the temple, and proclaim himself to be God.
            Sound familiar? Or are you one of those guys who the author is talking about…just caught up in emotion and ignoring facts…


            • OK Anon, that’s fine until you go more than 1 millimeter deep and discover that the Christian Jesus, and the Muslim Jesus have nothing in common but the name. Muslims deny that Jesus is the son of God and that he was crucified and rose again. Those believing in one will revile the other. Muslim Jesus will be subservient to the Mahdi when he comes.

              Peace to you as well

            • I don’t know why I can’t reply to Dave below, hope you read this though mate. I do enjoy a healthy debate with people who think clearly without emotion.
              Today, the muslims and christians have a different opinion about Jesus. But please, lets not forget that the Bible has been translated from Aramaic to Hebrew to Greek and then Latin. Lost in Translation comes to mind.
              I read alot about these matters because I know that somewhere down the line, they were all the same. I have faith in that. I just believe we humans corrupted and perverted the course and pages of history.
              The Muslims, upon their initial persecution in Mecca, some fled to Abyssinia, where the King Negus, held a council to see what it was they spoke of, and whether or not they were to be giving protection or not (keep in mind this was a lot closer to the time of Jesus Christ rather than King James New Testament) – he arrived at the conclusion, and pointing with his staff, proclaimed that the differences were no more than a foot apart.
              True in what you have said, that Muslims deny those points. Yet, so did Early Christians, in Jerusalem for example, the Greek Orthodox still have original scriptures in which no mention of Jesus being God are made. That all occurred during the Iconoclastic period in which the Romans decided at the Council of Nicea, that Jesus was Divine in order to continue painting him.
              Thats the divine part. Don’t forget Jesus knelt down to pray to his Lord. That is all though, a topic that will never end until the truth is revealed, so I dont expect you to believe on me on it, rather search yourself.
              The crucifixion is the major concern, because people at the time obviously saw what was in front of them, their eyes could not lie, Muslims however, believe (as it was revealed later to them) that Jesus in fact rose before his apparent crucifixion and that God replaced him with another person.
              As is the point of him being son of God. Muslims believe that God could not have begotten a son for it will lower his status to that of mortals, instead he sent his holy spirit through the Angel Gabriel and sew it into the Virgin Mary.
              As for your last point, that is also misguidance, the Muslims believe that Jesus will return ‘his arms on the wings of angels, his hair dripping in purity’ – and will meet those who have retreated at the Grand Mosque. The Mehdi will ask Jesus to lead the prayer, but he will say ‘no, you have lead the people till now’ – after which, Jesus will be the commander and king, destroying the Anti Christ, and ruling the world, Mehdi included : )
              They cant believe Jesus will be subservient to him, it contradicts Islam, because the Mehdi is not a prophet, just a leader.

            • read it. you will not believe your eyes. unless you are already brainwashed.

        • “Some believe that the U.S. citizenry is morally obligated to become entangled with governments like Israel’s, and support them without question as if they are infallible, though they are often just as corrupt as the governments we are directed to despise. And yet others (for religious purposes), actually clamor for Middle Eastern destruction in the desperate hopes that their version of biblical prophecy will be vindicated.”

          Any one want to step up and tell Francis they are sorry, loose their pride and admit the “tide it is a changing.”

          Didn’t think so, I’ll stop back by sometime and read all about the…

        • The essay is excellent, and frightening.

          Much more frightening still are the warmongering posters here with blood in their eye, foaming at the mouth with their lust for a fight. Man, what a scary crew.

          I wonder just how many of our resident tough guys will put their own children on the front line of the battlefield they covet.

          Anyone care to give me odds?

      2. Mac…thanks for always showing us the REAL news!!

        • default yet?

      3. For the sake of global sanity, hopefully Russia and China will keep the US/Israeli cancer out of Iran.

        If Paul/Napolitano were in charge, think we’d be even considering this madness?

        • European American,

          With all the respect,

          China: Invaded Thibet, supresses Mongol tribes in its northern borders, executed thousands during the Tien-an-men revolution, supresses its own population for over-production and “development”.

          Russia: Invaded Afghanistan, executed millions of the Soviet nations, not to mention the Catyn tragedy in Poland, protects drug dealers all over the world.

          So why and how Russia and China are going to save us from the “cancer”?

          God bless.

          • Manos

            With all do respect, I’d call China and Russia, at this very point in time (2012) in the evolution of human kind on the planet, the lesser two of the three evils.

            “So why and how Russia and China are going to save us from the “cancer”?”

            What other stop to the insanity? You tell me, Manos. How does anyone stand up to the biggest bully on the block?

            God bless.

            • I agree with European American, bad peace is ALWAYS better than a good war.

            • I know what you mean.

              My opinion is that us, the people are going to save the world.

              Not the governments, but us.

              Be safe.

            • Manos, you are a wise man.

              It will be the people. The governments are corrupt. That is what government is: corruption and violence. Peace cannot come from that, but, in this case one storm front pushing the other out to sea may be a good thing.

              I never thought I would be in Russia and China’s cheering block, but, in this case, I think I must be. What we are doing in the Middle East is evil. We need to get out and leave them alone. The USA has become the bully of the world, picking fights where fights are not necessary.

          • I think he means they’d act as a deterrent…

        • Once again, it goes back to how big our governement has gotten, something our founding fathers never intended to happen. Also, our government is not our government, it is the government of the Fed and all of those fat cats that own the Fed. They dont care about us, just how this is going to help them. They have a reason for going to war, whether it is to send us over the edge and wipe out a majority of the people on this planet, or to enforce more of a control on us. This is a great, yet scary article Mac. Stay safe, be blessed, and keep prepping.

          • Bingo, Manos! It’s true. If we leave ANYTHING to the ‘trusting’ powers of ANY government, it will end up raped and looted like every other program, institution, action, and most importantly LIBERTY that they are supposedly intending to help and protect.

            Who here can name me ONE government department where we can stand back in awe, and marvel at the stunning job they’re doing? How about they way they balance the books efficiently and effectively while providing outstanding service? The answer: NOT ONE. Why on earth would we EVER let any government take over this situation? Not on my watch. Thanks Manos!

            This is Gold Leader standing by.

          • Agreed, Jim (another Jim). It is the Fed calling the shots while using our government to carry them out. The US has had a de facto government since 1913, and they do not work for the people. They work for the bank, the Fed. US military are in Iran for banking purposes, to hand their central bank over to the Rothschild dynasty. If the US people were to successfully abolish the Fed, you can bet the bankers would turn other nations against us for doing so.

        • European American,

          So you think my country is a cancer. Your statement is ignorant. Maybe you could go to Iran and be there to greet the 12th imam (AKA the anti-christ), when he comes out of the well. You have no idea what we are dealing with, but you and the whole world will soon, if Iran has their way.

          If you could go back in time, would you have stopped Hitler before the holocaust? Now we are talking about Iran, eradicating the infidels, (that’s us and Israel) is the only purpose in their lives. They have to be stopped.

          • “So you think my country is a cancer.”

            Only if it spreads it’s dis-ease to intentionally corrupt the well being of another sovereign country.

            “Your statement is ignorant.”

            Hmm, then would it be correct to assume that the majority that gave me a thumbs up are ignorant too?

            “Maybe you could go to Iran and be there to greet the 12th imam (AKA the anti-christ), when he comes out of the well.”

            Seems like religious fanaticism, along with an insatiable appetite for expanding our EMPIRE, is what got us in our dis-ease mode in the first place. Personally, I don’t want to go there, to Iran. I don’t care for their landscape and system of governing, What they do there is none of my business. What they do in America IS my business.

            ‘You have no idea what we are dealing with, but you and the whole world will soon, if Iran has their way.”

            Too late. America has already had IT”S WAY, done the damage, America IS the criminal over there. And Violence begets Violence. So, what ever comes back to us, if one believe in the Golden Rule, is directly related to America’s actions.

            “If you could go back in time, would you have stopped Hitler before the holocaust?”
            I don’t have to go back that far. How about the Iraq war and the couple million of civilians that were slaughtered? Or what we did just last year in Libya? How about the NATO (American) genocide there?

            “Now we are talking about Iran, eradicating the infidels, (that’s us and Israel) is the only purpose in their lives.”

            Do you blame them? The Pimp and the Whore do whatever they want to whom ever they want.

            Regarding your religious babble, Major…

            Religion is like a penis.

            It’s fine to have one.
            It’s fine to be proud of it.
            But please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around.
            And PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my throat.

            “They have to be stopped”
            Yes, bring the troops home, NOW!

            Vote Paul/Napolitano ’12/

            • Euro A,

              You write and write and write, yet you say nothing of value. You are quite boring.

      4. They cannot invade Iran…
        They can only bomb it.
        That’s all they can do.
        If they do invade they will face the fiercest resistence ever because Russia and China will supply arms from the Caspian Sea and that will be nothing like Irak and Libya or Afgahnistan which were either landlocked or surrounded by ennemis. All they can hope for is a collapse of the regime but they will fail there too. There will be no Security Council resolution about Iran.

        • Since the goal is to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon, bombing it should be sufficient. The difference between other countries having it and Iran is their belief they must usher in the 12th Imam by attacking the little Satan (Israel) and the great Satan (U.S.).

          Unlike North Korea, Iran has the will to act. While the conclusion of this article is within reason, who here does not believe that we are not going to suffer them even if we do not prevent Iran from getting the ability to attempt what they say they are going to do – use a nuclear weapon in an act of faith that will bring about the era of the Imam Mahdi?

          I am not looking forward to war, but believe that kicking this can down the road will result in greater future consequences for us. Suicide bombers are just the beginning.

          • agree 100% prepared pastor.

          • @Prepared Pastor, I can’t understand why you got all of those thumbs down for your statement. Is it because the people that disagree with you do not believe that that is what the Muslims want? Is it untrue that they want to usher in the return of that Imam from their actions of major war?

            • I will tell you why all of the thumb downs – because pastor sounds like just another brainwashed stooge that bush manipulated so easily with his lies

              Don’t listen to Glenn beck.

          • I also agree 100%. If able, Iran will use the weapons they create. Contrary to the Ron Paul crowd’s beliefs, there is Evil in this world that needs to be PROACTIVLY dealt with. Also, 9/11 was not an inside job.

          • No need to kick the can any longer, “pastor.” Let’s get the global bloodbath started in earnest and attack iran today.

            Be sure to place you children on the front line first, ok? I trust you will want to walk your tough talk.

      5. It won’t be a U.S, vs Iran war.

        It will be a Christianity vs muslims war; and it will be fought inside our cities, inside our neighborhoods, and above all, under the tolerance of our governments.

        • Roger That! I was there in 1983 and it has been a festering boil on the butt of the world ever since….It really is time to lance it.

        • Manos, I beg you not to go there (religious war).
          Please don’t encourage an already trigger happy audience.

        • ~manos~

          Your right! It will be a Christianity vs Muslims war…yet I find it very odd, that in this country, its always the jewish neo-con hawks & their manifold (front) think-tanks & shabbaz goy influential butt-buddies in congress/lame-stream-media, who’re clamoring the loudest for blood & war!
          They control the govt here & damn near everywhere else. That’s how/why the term “ZOG” came about.

          FYI…ZOG = acronym for “Zionist Occupation Government”

          My question to you is….

          Once the dust has settled & possibly billions have perished…what tribe do you think will be waiting in the wings to claim ownership over the debris…..AND the survivors?

          HINT:….their Rabbi’s have openly boasted of it!!!

          • Well played Gunsmith. War with Iran will bring what war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and all others have brought. THE DEATH OF MILLIONS OF INNOCENT “BROWN PEOPLE” who have no malintent towards Israhell or the USA.

            The only “agressors” in this farce are the Likudnuts in Israel and the “Christian” Zionist fundamentalist “Israhell first-right or wrong” numbnuts in this country…sponsored and inflamed by the ADL/AIPAC/SPLC and other ZIONIST lunatics.

            I have a simple idea: Let the Likudist Zionist in Israel and the “Christian” Zionist fundamentally insane jackasses in this country send THEIR children…along with themselves to “fight this holy war”. In other words, PUT UP OR SHUTUP!!!!!!

            Iran doesn’t need to build any nukes, they bought them years ago…not for offensive purposes, but for a deterent to the insanity that is aligning against them now. Israel FIRST right or wrong…because ‘god’ said so. Well I just got of of “god-skype” and ‘he’ said those that support that position are full of “angel dust”. PROVE ME WRONG!

            • Eloquently expressed, G & Y.

              Why anyone would give either of you a thumbs down is a reflection of how impressive the “ZOGs” Program is.

            • ~Yental~

              *(quote)—I have a simple idea: Let the Likudist Zionist in Israel and the “Christian” Zionist fundamentally insane jackasses in this country send THEIR children…along with themselves to “fight this holy war”.—(unquote)*


              LOL!!! Your idea would likely clean up the gene pool in both countries.

            • A “clean gene pool”, what an invitation to finally enjoy a swim once again. I honestly believe that possibility can exist if the “pool cleaners” I’m reading on this site are persistent and sincere.

              And the “ones” that I am following and in agreement with…ARE SINCERE. I continue to plan for the day when that “pool” is open to all for a “pool party” the likes of which none of us alive today have yet to witness first hand. Gotta have hope…or good intentions will wither on the vine.

              Here is a “cheer” to celebrating that day/party in our lifetimes. Salute.

          • Ah yes, the always effective Jewish conspiracy argument. You would think that a new group that is on the one hand claimed to be inferior yet on the other hand claimed to be behind everything in the world would take their place at some point out of sheer lunacy boredom, I was hoping for the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Mimes cause that would be something I could get behind, but its always the Jews behind everything. Because they sure showed their arch criminality during WWII.

            What a bunch of crap.

        • All due respect, I have a hard time accepting this, Manos.

          Many people claim the US is not a “Christian” nation, and as such cannot be involved in a war that is religion-based. If China were to defend Iran in such a war, where would they fit on the relgion scale? As I understand, they are neither Christian nor Muslim. As I understand Israel, they are not a Christian-based state. In fact, they openly mock Christianity on jewish television.

          The one item that might give support to the idea that it’s Christian versus Muslim is that the globalists goal is to eradicate both, to open the door for Luciferianism. Even atheists will lose their place, as atheism is but a tool to help further the globalists goals. Once those goals are achieved, atheism will be thrown out along with Christianity. Personally, I see the globalists failing at their goals, since there are too many variables, but I don’t see them going down without a great big fight.

          • If the religions are thrown out, then atheism is thrown out, what is left? Why?

          • And why is it that these bird-brained schemes of globalism, multiculturalism, and attacking muslim countries always serves the interest of these sheenies. Please. CUI BONO, moron. Their handprints are all over the place.

        • ~GodsofOld~

          Thanks much for the link. Thumbs up to you!

      6. Manos…how are you and yours? Well I hope.

        I agree with your words, but I think it has been going on for a while and is just set to get worse.

        Mans inhumanity against man never fails to sock me.

        Take care my friend

        • Burt,

          What’s happening there?
          My buddy in Ireland is telling me that immigrants are slowly leaving U.K. and Ireland.
          Is this correct?

          Take care

          • Ireland definitely yes, the country is sadly failing, I have Irish friends that have moved to England.

            Here in England the mood is wrong, I have mentioned this before in other posts, it is like we are all waiting for something to happen but we are not sure what it is. People are far more subdued, wary if you know what I mean. They say inflation is dropping….no way, diesel is going up day in day out, now up to about $10.80 a gallon, basic foods going up all of the time.

            Some foreign nurses have left the hospital and returned home, Indian friends have moved to New Zealand and Austrailia as they cannot afford to live here. In London a small apartment is about $1800 a month to rent, here in the Midlands, central England a very small family home is around $1250-1600 a month to rent, wages cannot keep up. Many Eastern Europeans are going home.

            In addition civil liberties are getting eroded all the time, there are rumours that ALL calls, emails texts and Internet are going to be monitored in real time, CCTV in residential areas is increasing by the day, a police friend tells me they are expecting a summer of discontent this year, and that plans are already set to knock it down hard and fast.

            Life is changing but it creeps up and most just accept it. It makes me very nervous I can tell you.

            Take care

            • Burt,

              I wonder if Orwell predicted all that and wrote his “1984”, or if leaders of the world read the book and implemented-imposed Orwell’s vision.
              It’s scary though.
              As for the control on e-mails and stuff, i read it today in some anti-government site. In any case, Athens is full of cameras. They already have recognized most of the “anarchists” from the sunday’s riots.
              A British friend wants to leave from Heraklion and return to U.k., along with her family. Her parents live in the Isle of Wight, and life is a bit decent from what she claims. But there is no future for her here. She is unemployed since 2007, and her husband lost his job last week.

              What a weird times!

            • Manis, could be either or on the Orwell thing, neither would surprise me.

              Thing is with Greece, my understanding from a friend, Panandreou, a nurse, is that a great deal of the Greek problem was caused by over inflated prices for military equipment from France and Germany.

              I know it is easy for me to say because I am not living with the problems you are, but if Greece takes the money and then tells the troika to take a hike, reverts to the Drachma and devalues they will be so much more competitive than they are with the Euro. Also, tourists will flood back as they will get far more for their money and have a holiday in an amazing country. Iceland pulled it off in spectacular fashion and are now investment grade again. I know it would cause difficulties but it is harder to se how it cold be worse than it is now.

            • Burt and Manos. Tens of thousands of Irish pouring into Australia. It’s like a modern day boom from the 1860s and 1880s. A modern day Gold Rush, but it’s not gold their after, it’s a job. Everywhere you go, Irish, Poms, Scots, Kiwis and ……. Americans??!! And Canadians too??!! Not just professionals either. We’re talking labourers, painters, factory workers and cleaners. You name it.

              Irish friends on the weekend were telling us that pubs in Ireland were closing their doors at the rate of two pubs, every three days!!! Yet here in Aussie I went to my local (Irish bar) on the weekend. It was packed to the rafters with Irish and Pom males out numbering the females by about 12-1 female??!! Probably more?

              The small town my Irish friends were from (1500 people) had lost 76 men to Australia in last 6 months alone and many of them have bought out their wives and kids now too.

              I work on a building site. We’re building 2500 apartments in 11 blocks on this one site. To see everyone turn up in the morning at 7am to start work is a site to behold!!

          • Poles are going back to Poland.

            • The anticipated “Pole shift”?

        • Burt!!! I’m so glad to see you – I was getting worried about ya! Is all well there in England?

          • Hi Daisy

      7. Kinda get the impression that the author of this article is against war. (sarc)
        I get that, but what happens when the school yard bully throws the first sucker punch?

        • The kids in the yard unite and kick his butt?
          Or they don’t (hey, bully didn’t punch ME) and bully knocks them out one by one?

          • When America backs down from threats, we are saying
            “come and get me”
            We have NEVER said that which is why they don’t pick fights with us. (yet)

            with the exception of the Cuban missile crisis
            which was a truce….Cuba wasn’t worth that fight.
            Again, goes to show you can’t trust Russia.

            • Wow. Just wow. Lie back, breathe in a paper bag and take no action. Someone in a white coat and an IQ above 65 will be with you shortly.

            • Does invading other countries mean “we don’t back down”?
              We’ve been a world bully for so long, that we can’t imagine being anything other than that.
              We can’t see that right now we are a giant on clay legs and even smallest push will send us crushing down.

        • (From European American)

          “what happens when the school yard bully throws the first sucker punch?”

          Like when Israel pretended to be Egypt and killed 34 Americans and wounded 170, that kind of a sucker punch, Sandy?

          • European American, it’s not just your name, can’t thumbs up you either.

            Really am going to bed now.

            Night all

        • What happens when the US is the school yard bully and just SETS UP the other country to look like they threw the first punch?

          That’s the most likely scenario.

          We are all but invading their country. We are imposing sanctions on them because they don’t want our dollar. We are CALLING THEM ON because we hope they will throw a punch so we can go in with “shock and awe.”

          The worst part about it is that the mainstream media will spoonfeed propaganda until most Americans feel that we are “defending liberty” again.

        • Sandy, you bring up an interesting question.

          But what if the bully never threw the punch, and we were simply led to believe he/she did?

      8. WW3

        Iran is weak and we will DESTROY them. They will wish they never barked up the wrong tree.

        • BS.

          YOU are weak and it is destroying YOU.

        • It’s easy to be cocky from across the ocean. Are you personally going to war? Bringing your family along?
          I have a feeling that you’ve never tasted war. And you don’t appreciate how lucky you are that you didn’t.

          • Very well put Zen Monk, something I doubt the “bang the war drum” crowd thinks about.

      9. European American,

        If it wasnt for the United States there would be no Europe and dont ever forget that.

        • Thank you Tony for sharing with the public how massively brainwashed Americans have become.

          PS If it wasn’t for Europe, there wouldn’t be an America.

          • If it wasn’t for Colombo we wouldn’t have had a great detective show in the 70’s.

            • Lol

            • Don’t forget “Beretta”!!

            • Mannix

          • We don’t have a European Month.

          • America was here way before any other country INVADED it..

            Tell the REAL americans that there wouldnt be an america if it wasnt for europe

            Im sure all my 1st Nation American Indians and relatives would love to hear that story

            • VRF, you’ve missed the point.

            • Now now let’s play nicely lol

              We all started off together in a ditch somewhere in Africa. We grew up and spread out and hunted woolly mammoths and all that.

              Then the politicians came along and ruined it all. Funny how they never fully evolved from primeval slime like the rest of us did.

              Just for the record I am neither American nor European so I cannot take sides here lol

              Take care

            • You might have, I didn’t.

            • My relatives didnt start out in any ditch..and if they did it was what is now called North America

              I am neither European Or American..Im 1st Nation Chippewa And Souix

              And as far as Im concerned, Im not represented by this invasive government, or any of the persons seated in positions of such.

            • Zen …LOL ..I know

              Im just pushing buttons

            • Then hint next time 😉

            • “America was here way before any other country INVADED it. Tell the REAL americans that there wouldnt be an america if it wasnt for europe”

              I believe that’s an oxymoron.

              The land where “America” now resides, was not America until it was declared that by the invasive species that came from Europe. I think your “1st Nation American Indians and relatives” would be insulted if they heard you calling them the first “Americans”, imho.

          • You could reverse that last sentence, too. Regardless of the possibility that WWI and WWII was manufactured…if the US didn’t intervene the whole of Europe would be speaking German.

            • Pearl harbour brought America in, not a love of Europeans. It is said in Europe, that is Europe not Britain that Americans had auditory problems. Europe blew the bugle in 1939 America heard it in 1941

            • Wow… this is subject for a whole other topic.
              I’ll just say this: Just because we showed up on time to grab a piece of the pie, doesn’t mean we baked it.
              You want to know the truth – do your own learning, don’t rely on propaganda.

          • ~Burt the Brit~

            Perhaps you descended from “Australopithecus Kalashnikov”…but I damn sure didn’t!!!

            • Dunno Gunsmith, thought I came out of a ditch in Africa same as the rest of the human race

              Take care

          • Your right European American,

            We beat the shit out of you when you tried to steal our country.

            • Do you live in Vietnam, Major? We did take a beating over there, trying to spread “Democracy”, but so did Vietnam. An ugly, worthless war. Should have never happened. Or do you live in another country that we Americans got the “shit kicked out of us” trying to steal? Enlighten me, please. Where you be? Comprende usted?

        • europe was a civilization long before america was trodden on by european feet. if there were no europe, there’d be no america.

          what rock did you crawl out from under? nevermind, i don’t want to know. just go back to it and stop gracing us with your stupidity.

        • Seriously, Tony?
          Where do you think your ancestors came from?

        • Yes there would. but the Germans or the Russians would own it. What” THEY DO: oh well

        • “If it wasnt for the United States there would be no Europe”

          I find it hard to believe an entire continent would vanish without the corporation known as the United States.


        • Ah, I think you mean if it wasn’t for America AND!!!! Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, The Gurkhas, Russia, the Free French from her colonies in New Caledonia, Morrocco, Algeria and a few other non European countries ….. That also fought (and in most instances, for twice as long) as the United States, to give Europe back to the Europeans. Obviously Tony ….You forget this point. There were 12 major ground Campaigns fought to beat the Germans, Italians and Vichy French. America participated in 5. Please don’t forget that.

      10. Not sock…shock, sorry long shift tired now lol

      11. Mac, active duty military and veterans are marching on the whitehouse in support of Ron Paul today.

          • @Mac..thx for the link…I hope they brought rope for 500+..jusy sayin’

            • ~Bad American~

              …..rope for 500??? Gawd…is anyone selling tickets to this event?

              Let’s buy some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dang! Why didn’t anyone tell me. I can tie the best knots you’ve ever seen!

        • I know several active duty military who support Ron Paul.

      12. I just don’t get it. Iran is our natural ally. The Iranis hate the Arabs, they’re *not* Arabs, they’re actually the descendants of the original Aryans, the same folks who gave the world Sanskrit, etc. They’ve got Muslim, Christian, Baha’i, Zoroastrian, Jewish, etc believers there, they’re not a Taliban-type monolithic Muslim theocracy.

        Our treating them like a Taliban backwater is what’s allowed extremists like Imadinnerjacket to get into power.

        • you’re not a domestic terrorist; you’re a domestic jackass.

          • The lesser of two evils…I’d rather be a jackass then ignorant. The Persian leader calls for NWO. That’s scary in itself. People discredit these people so much, even though they were once a world power. Their technology was second to none. Amazing how far they came with sanctions. If this country had sanctions from China, most people (great %) would be in the streets flipping out. Maybe that should be the first start in cleaning up the mess. The UN sanctions Chinese products to America. Everything would ….? You guess.

        • They hate us more than we hate them.
          Hate is a very powerful driving force.
          They hate Israel enough to want them extinguished.
          We’re next.

          • They can’t do dick to us, and don’t want to. They hate Israel because Israel wants to wipe ’em out.

            What do you think those two blue stripes on the Israeli flag are? They represent the two major rivers in the Middle East, all land between ’em to be Israel. And then to expand from there of course.

            They only hate US because we’re controlled by Israel.

          • Actually, Sandy, unless things have changed, the Iranian people love Americans. Most places you’re treated like a rock star so I have been told. But, their government hates us because the people are more western than they like. The government and Imanidiot want the populace to act more musloid.

            Its like out government. We don’t hate Iranians for the most part we simply dislike what their governments do.

            I’m an equal opportunity defamer: I hate what government does. I don’t care if its American, Iranian, Chinese or Israeli. The anti-Midas is upon them.

            I wish we could round up all the Iranian, American, Chinese, Russian, Israeli, etc, etc, etc, government officials. Give them a choice of an AK, an AR or something else, send them all into a FEMA camp 20 at a time and let them battle it out. It would cure a lot of problems in the world. Put some web gear and an M4 over Kenyan Obastards shoulder and send him in there. Let Imanidiot grab an AK and let him and the Kenyan go at it.

            If it happened like that, there would be a lot less wars. Its easy to say “Sick ’em!” when you haven’t got a dog in the fight.

            • You are very correct! They want freedom and they are nice people.

            • net ranger
              most of these useless twats couldnt handle a bloody water gun.they are useless parrots and parasites,these people shouldnt be employed at all. they are useless and we all let them away with it by buying into their continuous soap operas. i say put them in a room and lock it. do not give them any guns. or anything else. that would be the best justice.the governments of the world are completely and totally out of control and must be brought to their knees before they drive us all to poverty and extinction.

          • No one hates the US. But it is a very good statement for the Govt to put out, to help brainwash everyone into believing that your backs against the wall because “everyone hates us”
            What an irresponsible statement. To bad countries didnt try to promote peace instead of threatening war all the time.

        • Well, they used to be our ally when it was convenient for us.
          Now we want their oil. All of it. Cheap.
          So now they are an enemy.

      13. 25 Years ago i reached the conclusion that organized crime runs this country, 15 years ago i reached the conclusion that nothing will ever change as too many like it that way, 5 years ago i reached the conclusion that the majority are too stupid to live, in 5 more years i believe that there will no longer be a USA as we have known it,there is nothing to be done when the majority are to stupid to live, you cannot fix stupid.
        Job, Chapter 5
        I have seen the foolish taking root: But suddenly I cursed his habitation.
        His children are far from safety, And they are crushed in the gate, Neither is there any to deliver them:
        But man is born unto trouble, As the sparks fly upward.
        But as for me, I would seek unto God, And unto God would I commit my cause;
        He frustrateth the devices of the crafty, So that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.
        He taketh the wise in their own craftiness; And the counsel of the cunning is carried headlong.
        They meet with darkness in the day-time, And grope at noonday as in the night.
        But he saveth from the sword of their mouth, Even the needy from the hand of the mighty.
        So the poor hath hope,
        In famine he will redeem thee from death; And in war from the power of the sword.
        Thou shalt be hid from the scourge of the tongue; Neither shalt thou be afraid of destruction when it cometh.
        At destruction and death thou shalt laugh

        “All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.”

        Noah Webster

      14. Mankind/Earthlings must fulfill their destiny as it is written…there will be war! It is written! Get in shape physically, mentally, and spiritually cause the artical above is just a taste of how it will effect our daily living… so cheer up the world is falling apart right on schedule!

        For we wrestle not against flesh and blood(Iran, China, Russia…etc) but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephe:6:12

      15. Too bad the war mongering bible thumping bitties & neo-con middle east computer comando war pimps cant or will not read this or understand it

        sad isnt it

        • So if I thump my bible that makes me too ignorant to understand the meaning behind this article?

          thump, thump,thump

          God said to protect Israel.

          …and though my German ancestors may be rolling in their graves, so be it.

          • “God said to protect Israel.”

            When happens to your programmed belief system when you find that God may never have said that? Will it shock you at your core? Will you ever see anything the same again? Or, are you too consumed by fear to let that happen?

          • “God said to protect Israel”
            well, there we go… this is exactly the attitude that gets hate towards Americans from around the world.
            Imagine a God – all seeing all powerful omnipresent, creator of life death universe gravity and all the other nice and wonderful gizmos. and the he/she/it goes and creates human. then human has sons and daughters, they have theirs in turn and lo and behold, whole of the planet is populated. then suddenly this omnipresent and all powerful being decides that this small portion of these children of his/hers/its are the only ones that are his truly. so he tells them – you are my nation, all others can be slaughtered enslaved etc… basically they can go to hell…
            and there comes one small child from other “nation” and says… well, God chose them, maybe if I slave for them well, God just might let me into the Heaven too… but in order to do that, I have to kill my other brothers and sisters. Oh well, what man wouldn’t do for a piece of Heaven!
            thump thump thump on!
            aren’t you Wittenkiend by some chance?

          • ~Sandy~

            *(quote)———-thump, thump,thump————-(unquote)*


            Let’s try that again, shall we?

            —–knock, knock, knock…hello Sandy! Anyone home?—–

            In case your pastor neglected to fill in the blanks relative to biblical history/chronology, please allow me to present the data you lack in order to achieve “understanding”!!!

            Per the Old Testament….

            1.) Israel was a man (aka Jacob). GOD liked him so much that he changed his name to “Israel”

            2.) Israel(aka Jacob)…had 12 sons who grew up & formed families/tribes. Hence the 12 tribes of Israel….see the tribe of Dan, the tribe of Levi…etc…etc.

            3.) In the Old Testament, there never existed a COUNTRY called/named Israel!!! That chunk of real-estate was known as Judea, Galilee & Samaria.

            4.) They were a stubborn bunch & incurred the Creator’s wrath once too often!

            5.) The word “Jew” doesn’t appear in the bible until, the Book of 2nd Kings. Where its used in a disparaging light/manner.

            Fast forward to modern times…..

            1.) The word Israel is used to illegally denote the above chunk of real-estate. Its still NOT a country…its a Criminal Enterprise!!!

            2.) The bulk(+85%) of the so called jews residing therein are atheists! While 97% are of Ashkenazi(khazar) ancestry & possess ZERO percent “Abrahamic DNA”…

            3.) ….in other words, they are of the synagogue of satan…which Christ warned us of in Revelations!!!

            4.) The Ashkenazi/Khazar’s are impostures!!!!
            They have hijacked the birthrights of the real sons of the descendants of Jacob(aka Israel), by adopting his name & employing it to disarm Christianity!
            “Twisted Scripture” isn’t a rock band….its a psyops tactic, writ large!

            5.) ….and now they’re drooling at the prospect of a war bordering on near mutual extinction between the Christian West (predominantly Caucasian) & the Muslim world (manifold races)!

            6.) FYI…the NWO is entirely their construct/idea. Ditto, for their experiment in communism, which “merely” cost 250-300 million lives!!!
            ….yeah, Karl Marx was of Khazar ancestry as were those who financed Lenin/Trotsky’s little adventure in Russia!


            You know folks, once upon a time I was convinced that the wicked/ungodly schemes of the nefarious tribe would ultimately come to nothing……….because historically, they always overplayed their hand at some critical juncture in the past.

            But of late, I worry much!!!

            Because they’ve managed to stampede a majority of my(our) civilization into believing that they are indeed the “CHOSEN ONES of GOD”….& I/we are obligated to consign our progeny to bleed & die for them…in wars they create merely for our own GENOCIDE!!!

            —I ask everyone here…..WHO BENEFITS FROM THAT—???

            • You be kicking some ass with “their own” feet. I’ve got an “ear-to-ear” grin that may last till morning. Hats-off and salute to someone with the ability to articulate fact vs. fiction. EXCELLENT!!!

            • Yee! Haa! That snapped 100s of pieces of information in place in less than 1 minute. Gunsmith! Thank you VERY MUCH for that little diatribe.

              You know how it is, you see something and you know something just isn’t right and you just can’t quite assemble it all in your head. YEAH! Now I got it. 1, 2, 3!

              You da man!

              I read that and it all snapped into focus. Hey Mr. Bruno! Take a read. This is what we talked about over a year ago. There has to be a way to pull the rug out from under these evil bastards.

            • BRAVO! one who repairs, modifies, designs, customizes, or builds firearms.

            • Excellent Gunsmith….I fear most Americans don’t know that there was no “Israel” before the end of WWII and that Orthodox Jews for the most part reject Zionism.

            • Whoa! I just learned why the Arabs want to wipe out the Israelis! Its because they are THE KHAZARS! Its like a thorn in their side and has been for over 1000 years.

              Wow! The hatred of modern day Israel by the Arabs has NOTHING to do with Judaism directly and modern day Israel has little to do with what we read in the Bible about the 12 tribes and so on and so forth. Its because the Khazar royalty converted to Judaism and then took over Judaism. The Khazars had been wiping our Islam for years. In the 700s or so they converted to Judaism and then hijacked it, just like Gunsmith says.

              The Arabs hate the Khazars, not the Jews! But they’re hiding behind Jewishness.

              HOLY SHIT! The REAL Jews are the Palistinians!

              …a little history will take you a long way. Wow, my eyes have been opened.

              Oh, man, my support for Israel has been way, way out of line.

              I wonder if the Arabs realize this that just smacked me in the face. Wow, just a little bit of study and the whole middle east conflict stuff comes into crystal clear focus.

              Oh, no! God is going to be really pissy about this when the time comes. Yikes! Lightning rods up! I see a lot off glass in our future.

            • Thanks, Gunsmith….you be one of the few that understands WTF is going on.

          • Thank God the Earth is flat, the Universe revolves around it, and it really is still the 5th century.

      16. bwaaaaaahahaha ;0) told you nwo goyim irs debt slave suckers of this two years ago… ;0P and you attacked me. ;0P

        great article… so ummmmmmmmm when does the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION START??? I’m sooooooooo EXCITED! ;0)

        Got yourself a .45-70 , BIG TREE and loooooooooong rope ???

        no ??? well you might wanna do so or you’ll miss the BIG PARTY on MARCH 8TH 2012!

        It’s Amerikan Martial Law Day here in the Ole’ Fascist USSA!

        He or She who Citizen Arrests… an “Tar and Feathers” the Most NWO CFR AIPAC Congress Critter NWO Fascist Traitor’s – WINS! His or Her Life Long FREEDOM! TAX FREE! ;0)

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare for Martial Law! Then Revolutionary CIVIL WAR! Nows the TIME to FIGHT for YOUR FREEDOMS! NOW!

        ;0P pssszzt da’ NWO!

        • Someone help me out on this one. Why March 8? What is going on then?

          • No idea but if you find out let me know.


          • the feds are interrupting the net to eradicate
            a Virus,or some such shit.

          • On March 8 the government is taking down the DNS servers that it installed last year to stop malware known as “DNS Charger Trojan” the possible effects on the Internet are anyone’s guess.

          • 8th of March is usually known as the womens day. If he refers to American Martial Law Day, there might be a lot of husbands who would agree.

          • March 7th and 8th is the Jewish Feast of Purim. Google that for more info. “Coincidently” on the 8th the FBI is going to shut down certain Internet Hubs.

            Expect a “blackout” for Alt media on news from the Middle East. LSM however will report the war on schedule.

            And in its own way.

            • Gold star, DK!!!

              It seems like the US government enjoys taking part in the celebrations.

            • ~DK~

              You nailed it, sir! Thumbs up!

        • ninao….where you been hiding?

          • @all i’ve been hiding from zeee’ DHS Zionist German’s… i was a PATRIOTIC FREEMAN EXTREMIST bad boy again… said bad things about a certain people who like to mass murder defenseless brown people in the millions as part of their archaic false religion.

            ;0) i’m happy to see everyone is STILL IN THE FIGHT FOR YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEED FREEDOMS!

            SEE YOU ALL ON THE LINE! Fighting against NWO… ;0p pssszzt da’nwo!

        • The vast majority have absolutely no understanding of the potential significance of the MARCH 8 sub-plot. Glad to see you are still “paying attention” nina.

          March 9 could be rather “blank”. We shall see.

          • March 8th load all internet spyware to all servers and reboot, March 9th take control of all computers world wide…..

            • Gotta love the RT.I had checked my IP to see if it was one of the infected ones. It wasn’t but I don’t have the link with the list of IP addresses. If you have it maybe you could put it up so people on here can check theirs.Thanks

            • JRS,

              I thought i saved that link but i can’t find it. I’ll see if my daughter saved it. Its sad that we have to go to RT for our news because our MSM is a bunch of lying SOB’s. I hope all is well with you.


        • sup my crazy MF buddy. I hope all is well with you.

          • @dps ;0) you me bro… i’m chillin’ oilin’ my .45-70, sharpening my scalpin’ blade… just awaitin…

      17. Great Article!!! You guys are Awesome

      18. Excellent assessment by Brandon Smith.
        Mac, thank you very much for posting this article/essay.

      19. Freedom is always under attack. It is amazing that we have lasted this long. We are a stubborn people. The borg collective is only possible with mind control. They are making the embedable computer chips. Propaganda does’t quite convince everyone. But computer chips in the pain center will make us all docile. Scientists build viruses for fun, they built gmo food, Harp exists, they dump poisons in drinking water, and they are working to perfect the emplantable computer chip.
        Can freedom survive the mad scientist and totally insane shadow government? Not if we never give up.

      20. This is starting to get FUN!

        • This is a momentous moment Rich……..I agree ith you

          • itch you two.

            • Told you I was tired.

              With you, but talking of itches…..

            • I’m the Queen!

            • Your s douchebag …..why do you keep using my screen name ????

      21. Yeah, let’s return to the good ole days of the 1930s when we, with our stellar WW1-vintage armed forces, sat back and watched Hitler invade Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, France, etc. It took a massive invasion at the hands of the Japanese to wake us up and face reality.
        Imagine where history might have taken us had Ron Paul been president.

        Yeah, let’s return to a second-rate military. Who needs to worry? There will never be another Hitler. I mean, what are the chances? Iran? Nah, their just bluffing. They won’t invade Czechoslovakia…oops, I mean Israel.

        The Constitution is not a suicide pact. Wars are not fought with wooden ships and muskets any longer. A proactive foreign policy is not something to debate. It’s an absolute must in the world we live in today. Ron Paul just doesn’t get it, and that’s a shame because his domestic agenda has so much hope.

        • Hey Ed, how bout you learn the real history behind WWI and WWII…then come back and tell me Ron Paul is wrong on foreign policy.

          Ron Paul gets it….hopefully one day soon you’ll get it as well.

        • Ed, bear in mind that the sound bites you get from the MSM are *NOT* Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Actually, had Ron Paul been president he probably would have applied pressure (diplomatic *AND* military) to various places and WWII would have been PREVENTED.

          The whole thing was mainly to get us out of the depression, anyways. The more I learn, the more I learn that most of modern (post civil war) America is a lie built on lies. The problem is, Ed, you believe them *ALL*.

          Its not your fault and I forgive you, but, please, try and pull it together and get a clue.

      22. Not going to happen. The US lost the war in Iraq, and is cutting an running. The US us losing the war in Afghanistan, and is negotiating to let the Taliban back in power. Supply lines are cut in Pakistan due to US mismanagement of that theater. The US is downsizing its forces at a rapid clip, forces that were already far too small to handle the two previous wars.

        The US simply lacks the capacity to invade and occupy Iran. It has no contiguous border with safe supply lines to invade from (Iraq & Afghan). It lacks the capacity to invade from the sea. Air strikes simply won’t work.

        The president may try air strikes to save his campaign, but it might backfire with his base. He lacks the military muscle to do anything else.

      23. this is a very interesting document on that CIA COUP. It looks like that “Democratically Elected’ government was a direct result of a rigged election. The US response a direct re-action to Soviet machinations during the Cold War

        Its a shame that no one studies anything but revisionist history anymore. quite a shame….

        • ~Rogan~

          Thanks for the link/homework assignment!

      24. Too many world leaders with big mouths and little pr–ks. Time to get rid of the pack of em.

        • You’ve come far pilgrim.

        • Sounds like a plan JRS, what do you want me to do?

          Seriously, you know it doesn’t matter what country, or the name of the person, politicians are a different species to the rest of us. They recognise others of their ilk across the miles and flock together as an insidious mass.

          They only fight with others of their type if that person decides he wants to be the gang leader, or he decides mot to share what he has with the other members.Slightly different circumstances could have seen the Iranian team having tea in downing street and getting free tickets for a show.

          It’s very like watching small children in the schoolyard, sadly it doesn’t stop when the bell rings.

          Take care

          • “…flock together as an insidious mass…”

            I have never in my life seen a more appropriate phrase describing politicians. Burt, you get my gold star for today!


            BTW, not to be insulting to the rest of the Brits on her, but you seem quite astute. I think Brits of your ilk have been coming out of the closet, so to speak, lately. Are you guys waking up over there like we are here?

            • Oh I pray they are Netranger. Problem here is arrogance.

              Go abroad on holiday and your average Brit expects to be spoken to in English, to have things just like they are at home….but with sunshine. Most do not appreciate the culture and way of life anywhere but here on the rock.

              Same with all these world issues….”nah, this is Britain, can’t happen here”

              Now, just once in a while you here the word hope…as in “I hope it doesn’t happen here” a subtle change but there never the less.

              I think most of my countrymen are in for great shocks in the future, sad but true as the wake up rate is not fast enough.

              Our politicians have sold us out in favour of open borders and political correctness, all under the guise of keeping Europe as our trading partners, they have relied on the lack of historical knowledge that tells us we did well before Brussels made our lives difficult with regulations and laws, we did very well actually.

              They move on and blame Soros for breaking the bank of England without mentioning the fact that their blind with and stupidity allowed him to do it. It is everyone’s fault but those who flock in Westminster.

              The insidious mass needs to be cut out like the cancer it is, only then will the new, undiseased tissue begin to grow.

              Most of us on here know that our days are numbered, that when the excrement meets the blades we will be the new enemy because we are those people that did not listen to the crap put out day after day, we if you like, are the new resistance, we will be considered dangerous to the flocks plans, a fly in the ointment.

              We are not advised by our government to prep in any way shape or form, not advised to keep so much as a bottle of water to hand in case of emergencies…after all this is Britain, what could possibly go wrong ?

              Just by the by, anyone notice that we are just Britain now, not Great Britain, that the Union Jack, our flag for hundreds of years is now just the flag? Amazing how these changes take place and nobody questions. Bit like global warming becoming climate change when they realised we are not warming at all.

              Well that’s it, morning rant over, thanks for listening, and Netranger, thank you for my star, I will wear it with pride.

              Have a good day

          • Great post, Burt the Brit.
            Almost everything you said applies to the US as well.
            Arrogance blinds people…

            • Thank you Zen.

              I get a bit mouthy sometimes but it is pure frustration, it is nice to be able to say my piece without the lambasting I get if I say it in my own country…but just because I am English does not mean I believe it gives us the monopoly on acting like arrogant prats, say it as you see it was what I was raised to do, sadly it sits badly with most folks lol.

              Oh well they say truth hurts

              Take care

      25. Iran has already threatened the US and Israel with annihilation. They’re working on nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad has said that US and Israel must be destroyed before the coming of the 12th Imam. Nuclear deterrents don’t work against someone willing to make his whole country a martyr. I’m not saying we should INVADE Iran but their nuclear capabilities should’ve been destroyed before Bush left office. If we don’t do this we could see Washington DC getting nuked. Iran is allied with Russian and China. This could get really ugly.

        • Stop using your toothpaste immediately!

          • Stop looking at yourself in the mirror.

          • JRS,
            That was funny!!!

        • Correct! The Non-interventionism crowd giving the thumbs down are the ones who will think its our fault when then the bombs drop.

          • And you and your’s propose what? To carpet bomb the world, so you can feel safe? Or maybe, just bomb it every 10 years, so you can feel cozy-safe?

            Will you be happy when another million American veterans have had their lives ruined because of your religious delusions, and/or your thirst for other people’s oil?

            Have you ever served in this country’s military? You sound like so many chickenhawks who would’nt dare, but think SOMEBODY has to. Or are you just another dim goyim, who grovels, and sucks up to his masters?

        • Barn Cat, thank you. That’s the point, but apparently
          everyone thinks that the U.S. is sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong again. So maybe we won’t be attacked with a nuke, let’s see how paying $10 a gallon for gas feels. Feels like an attack on our finances to me.

        • …and there is a downside to seeing Washington DC getting nuked?

          Well, OK, there are some actual people there. But, it would be kind of like the biggest cleansing event in history.

          No, I am not kidding or joking.

          • “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

            Marcus Tullius Cicero

            • People like you know treason well.

            • JustMe;

              Right… I’m the traitor… Not the guy who said he wants DC Nuked!

              Little things affect little minds.

        • MSM loves people like you, BC. You probably also buy what ever the advertisers are selling.

          Do you even know what you are saying or did you just take notes while watching Fox, CNN, ABC, …?

      26. We’ll only need to bomb them with graphite streamers and a few “deep imploding ones”. Their navy, now there’s a DEEP story.

      27. No more nuclear weapons. Not Iran, not Canada, Not Saudi Arabia, Not Switzerland, Not Eygpt, Not Ireland, Not Syria, Not Mexico.

        There is no love of war and hate of Muslims, just a need to reduce Not expand nuclear weapon capabilities.

        If Iran acquires nuclear weapons, it’s neighbors, whom it doesn’t get along with, will also acquire nuclear weapons. Pandora’s Box will be opened and no one will be able to close it.

        North Korea insisted it had no nuclear weapons and had no intention of making any it the same way as Iran when it was actively building them. Now they have them and can give them to anyone they want. If you are for Iran having nuclear weapons, list your home residence, so someone can move right by you and developed any kind of WMD.

      28. I am knackered, time for bed.

        If it all kicks off whilst I am asleep…it was nice knowing you.

        Take care

        • Thank you for your posts! I very much enjoy commentary from other perspectives, other countries.

      29. Iraq didn’t have nuclear weapons when the Israeli’s hit their reactor. Syria didn’t have nuclear nuclear weapons when the Israeli’s hit their nuclear reactor, and the Iranians will not have produced a first strike capacity before the Israeli’s attack their nuclear sites.

        Top off your gas tank. I did. I do.

      30. If I were a 1%’er I’d be rooting for WWIII.
        Like the convenient 911 hit on the Pentagon accounting office, or the SEC Investigations in the Twin Towers, there would be two upsides for global thermonuclear war…

        1) reduce population and

        2) destroy the evidence of my crimes.

        we MUST prevent this Madness.

        we have no choice.

      31. The big bully in the M.E. is Israel. Poor little Israel, having to bomb and assassinate at the drop of a hat, poor little Israel having to kill off more Palestinian farmers and kids…..

        Cut of all US aid to Israel and the troubles (after a brief bit of commotion) will stop. Problem solved.

        • Willis Carto, the one time head of Liberty Lobby, & the Spotlight newspaper which was the first to publicize the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was tarred and feathered as an anti-semite because he believed in Jeffersonian populist principles including NO FOREIGN AID, and NO FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS….and opposed US Taxpayers dollars to the largest recipient of US Aid.. Israel – at the time (1992 – TEN Billion a year)

        • ISRAEL IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT HAS TO HAVE ARMORED SCHOOL BUSES!!! So many of you people are so blinded by Satan with hatred for the Jews that you can’t see the truth.

          • You’ve been hanging out too long with the farm animals in “the Barn”. Those Zionists love Goyim like you.

            Read a Talmud lately, goyim?

      32. I want others opinions on this as well:

        I think this is all by design. This isn’t about Iran getting nuclear technology. In my opinion the cia and mossad could have killed every scientist long ago. This, I think, goes much deeper than just a nuclear weapon.

        I think we will have limited war with Iran, but I think that the war will only be a way to implement other programs worldwide by the elites. 9-11 got us the patriot act and dept of homeland security, doesn’t matter how the war ends. The damage to the u.s. is done. We will never get back the freedom we lost without taking it (I think we will have to violently take it back). Imagine if tomorrow we are attacked again “by terrorists”? What other programs will the gov want to enact for “our safety”?

        I have to ask myself, why now? Who is going to be able to exploit the situation to gain something they would otherwise not be able to?

        I have a really bad feeling about this. Not for the war, but for a huge expansion of repressive governments.

        • Anyone who is LONG on oil futures.

          “If you want justice seek the truth, if you want the truth follow the money”

        • Just think a war with iran means extremely high gas prices, inturn we are totally dependendant on our government for food, transportation, and other very important things, maybe Iran is just an excuse for the government to win the war on it’s citizens(US)! Forget stocking up on gas by ammo and food because you might not want to be out on the road folks!!!

          • Buy don’t by

          • ~DD~

            Amen brother! Thumbs up!

            On the flip side, those idiots up in “Sodom on the Potomac”, fail to consider the prospect of……unintended consequences.

            • Blowback is not just a method to operate autoloading firearms actions.

        • Yep I go along with that

      33. What we really need to ask ourselves is not if there is a war with Iran, but what we can do to morne the passing of Whitney.

        Changing the national anthem to one of Whitney’s songs is a start.

        We should also change the capital from D.C. to Houston, Texas.

        The immediate banning of bathtubs is also required.

      34. Sandy:

        God allowed Rome to destroy Jersuleam, the tempel in 70 A.D. So after that time where is it stated in the bible for any other
        nation to protect Israel?

        Lets have a little less thumping and a little more reading. Not listing to your weekly Preacher but the word of God.

        Israel is Babylon. Irael is the whore. I don’t believe God really expects anyone to protect the whore. In that he called
        his people out of the Whore.

        • Michael: the Bible clearly states that the the “whore”, the mother of harlots, is a city that sits upon seven hills.

          That city is Rome. You are delusional.

          • I concur. The Whore is the reformed Rome.

      35. When will you idiots realize that war isn’t happening and its just a lot of muscle flexing ?????

      36. God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael, the archangel, found him, resting on the seventh day.

        He inquired, “Where have you been?”

        God smiled deeply and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, “Look, Michael. Look what I’ve made.”

        Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, “What is it?”

        “It’s a planet,” replied God, and I’ve put life on it.

        I’m going to call it Earth and it’s going to be a place to test Balance.”

        “Balance?” inquired Michael, “I’m still confused.”

        God explained, pointing to different parts of Earth.

        “For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor.

        Over here I’ve placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people.

        Balance in all things.”

        God continued pointing to different countries.

        “This one will be extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice.”

        The Archangel , impressed by God’s work, then pointed to a land area and said, “What’s that one?”

        “That’s Virginia , the most glorious place on earth.

        There are beautiful mountains, rivers and streams, lakes, forests, hills, and plains.

        The people from Virginia are going to be handsome, modest, intelligent, and humorous, and they are going to travel the world.

        They will be extremely sociable, hardworking, high achieving, carriers of peace, and producers of good things”

        Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then asked, “But what about balance, God? You said there would be balance.”

        God smiled, “Right next to Virginia is Washington , D.C. Wait till you see the idiots I put there.”

        • ~Bill~

          LOL!!! That’s a good one!

      37. I think Iran will do what it’s going to do.I think our line is been draw in the sand.Israel I believe has the real story of what’s going on.The Black market is feeding Iran with item’s from syria and russia.This has been going on for a long time the supply has been coming in by truck’s and horse’s and by foot across the border’s.Israel has been watching it hasn’t forgotten.This has been going on since the 1970’s and intill today.The stuff we see on the media is but a speck of what is really happening.There is more than Israel to worry we need to worry.

        • Ha, ha, ha….. that was hilarious. Tell us another joke, Uncle Moises.

      38. Obama fancies himself as FDR. “Enemy” to big business, a man for the “common man”. Here to pull us out of an economic crisis. He probably falsly believes that it was WWII that ended the Depression.

        I see us being involved in another “obama kinetic military action”. Likely without Congressional approval (again).

        A side note to all of this. The Iranians & muslim extremists are nuts. They believe the second imam is coming in 2012 and they need to wipe out Israel and shed the blood of the infidels. They plan to do this with or without war, so watch your back.

        The results of a war, outlined so eloquently in this article, seem very likely. Scary stuff.

        • You too, Uncle Yitzhak. Tell us another funny one.

      39. Mike-I’ve thought it’s by design for years. There are just too many things that restrict us. The SmartGrowth plans in of themselves, are exactly the same in hundreds of towns, globally. One world governance with local governments of appointed officials. Not my idea of a good time, but since these plans are global, one would know that they’ve been working on it for years.
        As far as the World Theater, I have no idea what’s to come, or how it’ll go down.

      40. I found this article to be offensive and biased. The U.S. will never invade Iran, we will let Israel do that. We will stay in the background and apologize for Israel’s behavior.

        In my opinion, Iran IS going to have a nuclear weapon soon and Israel knows that they will use it. If Israel does not take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, then Israel is doomed. Ahmadinejad is not crazy, he is a religious fanatic who believes it is his honor and duty, to bring forth the 12th imam. Our own dear leader probably wants to usher in the 12th imam because he is a semi-secret muslim. Two thirds of the world population will have to be destroyed in order for this to occur, and Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth, as well as the United States. This is what they believe and are willing to die for.

        You can not compare this to any other time in our history. The mainstream media is only concerned with how this would affect the election. Sick bastards, with their heads in their asses. God help us all.

      41. All this bitching at each other, WOW no wonder we are in the shape we are. Americans against Americans. What a f–king shame. I’m wondering who took the time out today to at least have a moment of silence with our Vets to honor the fallen brothers. How many of you watched as our brothers turned their backs to the white house? Its just sad we take the time to post here but we don’t take the time to stand with our soldiers. Today they marched upon the white house and not one of the MSM stations covered it. As I read all the post and all the hate it makes me wanna throw up. No wonder the world hates us, we can not even be united for 1 hr of the day to back the 1 man that might save this country. ” Ron Paul”

        • RT had some great coverage of the veterans at the monument and to the White House on the tube tonight. Also some good coverage of RP and what he thinks about the MIC. Things you don’t see on MSM boob tube

        • Morning DPS

          It is difficult to get a true picture of your politics as other than the fact most of your politicians, like ours, are lying, scheming cheating bas@@@ds, the system there is so different from ours.

          Having said that it is easy to check out the hopefuls and I have to say Dr Paul is, in my opinion, the only one in the line up who actually says anything when he speaks.

          More foreigners should take an interest, the leader of the US can and does make a difference to those of us in other lands.

          I feel Ron Paul is less likely to prostitute himself to get his own way than the rest of them.

          It’s morning here so have a good day

      42. If you really want to know why will go to war its simple, 1 word.. PetroDollar. Follow the money.


      43. Something is wrong Mac. I don’t have my 5 vote down limit.

      44. I was hoping someone or many can tell me why so many hate Jewish people . I am seriously asking this question that I don’t even know a Jew or know of meeting one.

        • If you really are seriously asking, I’ll give you my serious answer. 2 words: brainwashing and propaganda.
          People are told who to hate and who to like and they just obey. Critical thinking is a rare thing nowadays.
          Most of those who claim they hate Jews, Russians, Arabs, people of other religious believes, blacks, gays, or just anyone who does not think EXACTLY like them, most of the time, never met any of the people they hate.
          They were told to hate them and they do. What we don’t know or don’t understand we tend to fear. And fear can be easily turned into hate. People’s believes are manipulated. Ask them WHY they hate and they will not be able to give you a definitive answer other than repeating something they’ve read or heard.
          Sure, there are some people that have personal reasons to hate (whether real or imagined is another question), but they are in minority, most haters just carry around preconceived notions.

          • And some people simply are too ignorant to grasp “Hate the sin, love the sinner.”

            Some of us simply hate the creed (Judaism) and the behavior the creed inspires (genocide, usury, perpetual war, materialism, slavery, pornography, organized crime, etc.).

            We love the sinner enough to tell them the truth (that Judaism leads to eternal death of the soul).

            The real Jew-haters are the ones who tell them, “Everything is fine, keep doing what you are doing.”

            • And some people are too arrogant to see outside blinders.

        • Daniel, morning.

          For the record I don’t generally hate people, that is too stronger word for my everyday usage.

          I dislike many, I intensely dislike some, I hate oppression in any form.

          There are people of all creeds colours and religions on my intensely dislike list.

          Some just are so blinkered that they blame a particular group for all the ills of the world. Maybe their is justification in this, maybe there is not, it would be wrong to say my opinion counts more than theirs.

          I have learnt in many many years of dealing with the public at large that judging by colour or faith is not the way to go.

          None of this answers your question though, sorry about that.

          Have a good day

      45. This harebrained article and the associated idiotic comments have reaffirmed my belief that most of the world’s human population needs to be promptly eradicated. A much anticipated Middle East conflagration that will hopefully expand into a worldwide thermonuclear exchange, as well as widespread biological and chemical warfare, is as good a place as any to initiate this long overdue elimination of the human scourge.

        Prepare all you want, but you people aren’t going to believe what happens next — not even while it’s happening. Enjoy your pitiable lives while you can, they’re not going to last much longer. Good riddance!

        • phobos,

          Aaaawww whats the matter did the 1%ers throw you out of the club? So you decided to come here and piss and whine about how you thought you were better then all of us..Poor you dude I hope you are getting right with god soon because from where I sit you new home will need lots and lots of a/c
          Now piss off pal……


        • I think you should be eradicated first in order to show the rest of us how it is done.

          • The Culture of Death enthusiasts of abortion, contraception, and sodomy are already showing the way to oblivion. Their view won’t past more than another generation or so.

          • The Culture of Death enthusiasts of abortion, contraception, and sodomy are already showing the way to oblivion. Their view won’t LAST more than another generation or so.

      46. All I know is it is very scary to think of Iran with nukes. I do not want war. I don’t know what the answer is. But America does not need to back down from doing the right thing in any situation based just on the cost alone. That is what is wrong now – too many people voting based on their own pocketbook rather than what is right or wrong. I cannot agree with this article. I really respect Ron Paul, but cannot agree with his foreign policy either.

        • “All I know is it is very scary to think of Iran with nukes”
          Even scary to know that Israel has nukes. It’s scary that ANYONE HAS NUKES!

          “I do not want war.”
          Vote for anyone but Ron Paul and you are voting for WAR.

          “I don’t know what the answer is”
          Bring the troops home and let Israel sort it out for themselves.

          “But America does not need to back down from doing the right thing in any situation based just on the cost alone”
          You’re right. Don’t back down; bring the troops home, now.

          “That is what is wrong now – too many people voting based on their own pocketbook rather than what is right or wrong.”
          If they voted based on their pocketbook and not based on their stupidity, they’d vote for Ron Paul. He’s the ONLY one that can help bolster the pocketbooks of responsible Americans.

          • ~Euro-American~

            Exactly! Excellent analysis! Thumbs up!

          • European American, you did indeed answer her every question.

            Ron Paul could temper his “anything the market will bear” economics, but otherwise… thumbs up.

            No chance they will allow him to even be in the puppet show, much less win.

      47. A few thoughts on this disscussion(from various sources)and myself….

        Non-interventionism,(not isolatioalism) whereby a nation seeks to avoid alliances with other nations in order to avoid being drawn into wars not related to direct territorial self-defense, has had a long history in the United States.
        Non-interventionism on the part of the United States over the course of its foreign policy, is more of a want to aggressively protect the United States’ interests than a want to shun the rest of the world.

        March 4, 1801 inaugural address: “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” JeffersonGeorge Washington’s farewell address is often cited as laying the foundation for a tradition of American non-interventionism:

        The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. Europe has a set of primary interests, which to us have none, or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves, by artificial ties, in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities. Washington

        I dont claim to know all the answers to these questions but I do have some horse-sense and several things seem obvious….for one Ive no love for islam it is an evil political psuedo religion that freemen anywhere ignore to their own peril…that said these mousy third world excuses for nations like I-ran are no threat to us in the way they are being presented to be by the powers that be!They are no threat to America but are a very real threat to the powers that be and they be the ones calling for war!

        American policy is Jeffersons policy….the powers that be are not American,they are federal and globalist and corporate…our nations power and wealth are not governed by those founding principles they have be hi-jacked by these controllers and sadly the world and many of our own can not see that this coup worked…WE are not in charge of this machine…but WE ultimatly will have to get in control or destroy it before they provoke such a backlash/worldwar that WE end up paying the penalty for THEIR sins!

        We as a people should (A) be such a good example of goodness/greatness that the res of the world would envy to emulate us,rather than want to attack us…(B) we should be strong enough to deter any attack and make it clear by word and deed that to attack us is to cease to exist…plain and simple!

        As regarding Israel…Ive no interest in it one way or another,its stated in the Bible to pray for the peace of Jerusalem…that those who bless Israel will be blessed ect…BUT,theres a big difference between praying/blessing them and going to war for them at their whim…people especially Christians need to think this through…its one thing to help a frien or fmily member out in a fight if theyre jumped by some punks for no reason but outside that youre asking for trouble,besides its questionable as to Israels true friendship towards us….

        America is unique amoungst nations theres never been one like her and if she fails theres likely to never again be another…for all our faults real or percieved we as a people have been an asset to this planet and its peoples…this Republican experiment was ridiculed from the start but when it showed promise and didnt die TPTB declared war on it,they have been at war with WE the PEOPLE and our experiment ever since…I for one do not believe this American experiment with self government and self determination to have failed,but our enemies are many and determined and we must be awake…we must realize liberty is a delicate bloom and subject to either fading or withering….its time to look inside and back back inside to our nations core values and founding…time to reject those who reject and despise liberty and to embrace those who share those things….stop allowing others to control our nations wealth and power,allowing them to rob us and chain us and then blame us…our best days are only behind us if we as freemen and women allow these bassturds to beat us because in any fight with any of these NWO pricks we can win,question is do we want it bad enough?

      48. I wonder if the pulling troops out of Afghanistan and the budget with lower military spending are an appeasement to some of Obama’s backers who oppose his continuing support of war. These actions are convenient now because some future event will cause the US to “have to” go to war. Obama can play it as “I would have chosen peace but I was forced into war”. Isn’t that from the FDR playbook, too?

        When we end up in war with Iran, it is very likely that we will see widespread cyber attacks. I doubt the gas prices and related effects will be the only impact on us. If Russia and China become involved, they may easily start out with cyber attacks (maybe I should say escalate cyber attacks) and I suspect the American people will start seeing some of the effects of war first hand.

        I hope we don’t have a future in which we look back and wish we had not awaken the sleeping giants.

      49. if your believe that iran doesn’t want a nuke you have your head in the sand.

        • Do you blame them? Who started it? As if America and Israel have some special privilege to collect thermonuclear weapons and threaten anyone they please. How many countries has America attacked recently? How many has Iran attacked? Do the math.

          • America and Israel do have a special privilege when it comes to nuclear weapons, they are the only responsible and humanitarian countries with power. If the cess pool in the middle east had a nuke, we would not be on the computer right now. We would be dust in the wind. The muslim extremists want us dead because in their eyes, we are satan and it is their job to eradicate us. End of story, this article stinks.

            • “America and Israel do have a special privilege when it comes to nuclear weapons, they are the only responsible and humanitarian countries with power. If the cess pool in the middle east had a nuke, we would not be on the computer right now.”

              LOL, travel to Palestine, Major. Israel “humanitarian”? The most greedy, self serving, piously self righteous, satanic country in the solar system, who uses their nukes to blackmail America to do their dirty deeds.

              “The muslim extremists want us dead because in their eyes, we are satan and it is their job to eradicate us”

              As the insurgents who methodically decimate entire villages, leaving depleted uranium in their wake, I’d say they are right at calling the aggressors “Satan”.

          • ~Euro-American~

            You know, your phrase…”do the math”…got me to thinking about numbers & debt…& eventually the dollar being the worlds reserve currency.

            Then off I went upon yet another tangent…where/why the dollar isn’t backed by precious metals…

            …when suddenly it hit me……..the dollar IS BACKED BY NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!!!

            …explains a lot doesn’t it?

            BTW, good post!

      50. My ass hurts!!! Had some internal rhoids banded.
        Gross…but before the SHTF goes down…you folks better get all your medical shit in order while the system is still up and running.

        GITTER DONE.

        ps. colonoscopy was no big deal…great drugs, didn’t remember a thing.

        • Especially the teeth. Poor orally hygiene can lead to a massive number of maladies.

          • Europeans know all about rotten teeth. They still have them. Why is that in this day and age?

            • You need to be not so morose, Major. Show us those pearly whites; it’ll make you feel better.

        • Up yours!

      51. Deut. 28

      52. I think the real question is: How many more american soldiers do you want coming home in boxes? How many more american solderis do you want missing limbs? how many arab and Isreali civilians do you want killed? How many more arab and isreali civilians do you want with missing limbs?

        the true cost of war is not measured in money or religion but in suffering. the world has suffered enough. it’s time to find peace with Iran. not war.

        • Great idea Rachel, but it will fall on deaf ears. Iran is scheduled for “regime change” this year.


      53. Rachel,
        I could only give you 1 thumbs up sorry,

        “Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals then through a force of arms.” Ron Paul

        “War is never economically beneficial except for those in a position to profit from war expenditures” Ron Paul

        And 1 of my Favorites

        “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes up short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.” THEODORE ROOSEVELT 1910

      54. ” I would also set the record straight by mentioning that the ONLY country in the world that has used a nuclear weapon against another is the U.S.”

        This is a good example of “Normalcy Bias”.

        Everything YOU see is NOT everything there is.

      55. The article seems sound and well thought out – however you lot in the comments scare the hell out of me. Iran surely has problems with repression and religion, so we better bomb them? Yeah of course its the USA’s job to sort everyone out and tell them how to run shit, yeah. That attitude of ‘god given’ right to throw your weight around the world and assuming that maiming and killing continually is your privilege because you are Christians. Oh yes isn’t Christianity progressive… only because years of social struggle and science have forced it to be so. Given time and civilization (not being bombed back to the stone age) the people of muslim countries may do the same. But you will make death and hate and pain and then there will be only war. Your ‘end times’ won’t end, they will be a living nightmare which your children must live through.

        • Thanks, NinaO. 😉

      56. as an iranian to those americans that say iran killed our sodiers in iraq ! so let alone all the western backed terrorism directly or indirectly,that kills innocents.youre media tell you that you are superman of iraq and fighting for freedom! but what the reality is that Saddam was one of west’s alleys that was eqquiped with chemical weapons by west to kill iranians and iraqis citizens and innocents,you mean any nation in the world that defend itself in it’s own country is a terrorist!? do you really think that a barbaric person can hijack planes and … in sep11 without any aid in the middle of your country!? even in iran they cant do such things! al-ghaeda is iran’s and all the mideast nations enemy already .didnt you see that it is child of saudies radicals alley of mean all the Nato 10 years seeking a mite in mountains !? and killing him without any court!? i think the cancer tumor that killed 3000 americans are as near as somewhere there in US.a racist group that US sacrifices everything for it and you americans really should be afraid of it!

        • Maes,

          Take a class in Language Arts. Your in lala land.

          • Take a spelling class it should be “you’re”.

            • Seriously? A grammar lesson?

          • Major Realist,

            Take a class in spelling and grammar. It’s “you’re”.

      57. here is what might happen:
        March elections in Russia. Putin gets reelected. massive protests and turmoil in Russia, partly instigated by NED and partly by Russian frustration. this will happen because there are no real candidates to oppose Putin and it is by design.
        Syrian rebels will intensify “rebellion” with supplied weapons, just as Syrian regime will intensify crackdown with other supplied weapons
        while Russia and Syria is being taken out of equation USS Enterprise will get a full load under her a$$ (of course other possible false flags might happen instead of Enterprise, but this is most probable)
        Boom and USA goes to war against Iran…
        history does not tell us what happened next…

      58. The US government has a hand full of sources for revenue; treasury bill sales, petro-dollars, income taxes, and credit from the federal reserve (printing money). We do not have a GDP (we don’t produce) and we run a huge trade deficit to facilitate the US dollar as the world reserve currency – a position that cannot be sustained for the long term. The current world wars engaged in by the US are for stabilizing these revenue streams required to support an exclusive “life-style” – not support life itself. Compliance by other nations, resulting in the extraction of material or labor wealth, is managed thru regime changes and very brutal and antagonizing sanctions – none of it related to a nation’s religious or political orientation. The US doesn’t care about “the Lord”, or “Allah”, or “Jehovah”, or democracy, or rights – that’s the wool they hold over our eyes as a diversion from the truth. The truth is that US leaders lie, cheat, steal, and kill – and they hocked our wealth to communist China to finance their brand of “democracy”. If you still think that intervening in and killing little browned faced peoples around the world is about defending the US democracy, then the wool is still doing its job and the blood of innocent people is on your hands.

      59. Europeannotamerican is a good name for you. Why do hate Israel? Iam trying to get answers of why people hate Jews. As for usa we are the bastion of freedom and tolerance if you want go and spew anti Europe over there and see how long you last. My family has slaughtered 100s of European trash so I am free to kill more like you. If and when the caos starts. I will be prowling for antiamericans like you to torture and kill. I will be sitting on the sidelines helping unclesam to eradicate you and muslimes. A matter of fact how pathetically ignorant your comments are. It has made Israel my friend and I wish I was Jewish now.

        • Daniel how dare you spew your vitriol in such a manner?

          Who the hell do you think you are threatening to kill quote “people like you” what kind of people are you referring to Daniel?

          Because you are not getting answers you feel justified in saying you wish to torture and kill people…you are sick Daniel, very very sick.

          You say a few comments have made Israel your friend, great, go there, convert if you feel that strongly about it but have the decency to keep your vile rantings in your sick little mind.

          In England threats to torture and kill can get you into big trouble, in America it can get you shot, you do hide your ip address don’t you? Oh I hope you do, there are some very very intelligent people on here, as vile as you are I would hate for them to find you.

          Now, piss off before you say something you will very likely live to regret.

          I really mean this….take care

          • ~Burt the Brit~

            Grrrrr! Snarl!

            Get some Burt!!!

            Kudos & a hardy thumbs up to ya!!!

        • dear wanabe torturer and killer of antigovernmentalists
          you are so dead in near future… and what is strange – I don’t feel sorry for you at all.
          by the sound of your comment I presume you’re the korean schmuck that wrote here some time ago. my answer is the same as then – watch your step when SHTF, you’ll be screwed some major way.
          my only regret is that I won’t get to see it.
          “My family has slaughtered 100s of European trash so I am free to kill more like you” – says it all about you wanabe… you’re the one who is able to torture the weak and helpless, come and try something your size, stop bothering squirrels

          • I so want to rip Daniels balls off and stuff them down his throat.

            • I would do it gladly too, the problem is that this pubescent wanabe torturer has none… 🙂

        • @ Daniel

          We’re you directing your comment to me? If so, maybe I can answer some or all of your questions.

          “Europeannotamerican is a good name for you.”

          If you say so.

          “Why do hate Israel?”
          I don’t.

          “Iam trying to get answers of why people hate Jews.”

          I’m not sure if I can help you, but, my girlfriend is half Jew (father was) and I don’t “hate” her. We have our moments. Sometimes she annoys me and sometimes I annoy her. We were both raised in dysfunctional families as kids, but, hey, who wasn’t? So, I’ve got some garbage I’m still carting around. But Love can melt even hard rocks, so we always get past our petty issues.

          “As for usa we are the bastion of freedom and tolerance if you want go and spew anti Europe over there and see how long you last.”
          Are you an American, Daniel? How many days have you been here? Are you “Legally” here? I’m a 13th generation American. My ancestors came over in 1632. One of my Great, Great…Grandfathers was a Brigadier General who fought along side of George Washington during the AMerican Revolution. Not sure what antiEEurope spew is? Do you?

          “My family has slaughtered 100s of European trash so I am free to kill more like you.”
          Am I suppose to be impressed or sorry for the “European trash” that met your unfortunate fate? To tell you the truth, for some reason, I feel sorry for you.

          “If and when the caos starts.”
          Yeah, let me know when “caos starts” too. Not sure if I should be nervous, scared or excited, whatever that means.

          ” I will be prowling for antiamericans like you to torture and kill.” ”
          Wow, I guess that wouldn’t be me, but with all the mayhem our military is creating around the globe, you might be busy for some time.

          “I will be sitting on the sidelines helping unclesam to eradicate you and muslimes.”
          Who or what is unclesam and muslimes? is that some gooey creature that lives in the ocean with big teeth and bad breath? Whatever it is, be my guess, go for it. I might even help you.

          “A matter of fact how pathetically ignorant your comments are.”
          Sometimes I do lack couth in my delivery. I’ll work on it. Thanks for the heads up.

          ” It has made Israel my friend and I wish I was Jewish now.”
          Tell me how much you like the Talmud, Daniel. Have you been circumcised yet. I hear adult circumcision is a pain, Oy Vey!

          • You put that so well E.American…quadruple thumbs up

            • For some reason I am awaiting moderation…must have been naughty lol

        • I regret I replied to your post earlier.
          You need professional help. The sooner, the better.

      60. Remember back in the 1950’s when Iran had a democratic government? What happened? The US government overthrew them. It’s not about democracy. It’s not about freedom. It’s not about terrorism. It’s not about nukes. Pakistan has nukes. N. Korea has nukes. The US government supports terrorism. Remember the KLA? We trained, armed and financed them. Then we bombed Serbian civilians in support of the KLA. Then we took part of Serbia and gave it to the KLA. We still have 2 large bases in Kosovo, in order to keep the KLA in power. Then what’s it about?

        • It’s about Global Hegemonic Empire. And you can’t do anything about it.

          • Agreed.
            And all the talk about other countries are “out to get us” is a lie. Show me another country acting like an empire. There are none. Only US.
            Wake up, people. You are tricked into believing that it’s us against them. In reality, other countries just wants to be left alone, but we keep sticking our nose in their business.
            All for our interests only of course.
            We’re the Master of Intrigue and Manipulation.

      61. This is a lose/lose situation. If you want to be honest and really explore this issue you will write a similar article titled “Consequences to expect if the U.S. does not invade Iran”. Iran will get nukes and Iran will use them on Israel. Two nukes will destroy most of Israel’s infrastructure and kill most of their citizens. They will still have the ability to retalliate and will undoubtedly reduce Iran to a smoking radioactive pile of sand. If any of Israel’s nieghbors is foolish enough to join Iran in this they will enjoy a similar fate. It is unlikely that would be the end of it. It is likely that other belligerent nations will take advantage of the chaos to prosecute their own wars of aggression possibly even against the U.S. To take no action, grasshopper, is to take action…

        • You would not only have to “not invade Iran” – you would have change your foreign policy to leave all the other occupied territories, give people control of their own resources, stop supporting Zionism and any other culture/race bigotries, and abandone the practice of pre-emptive strikes (which is just thuggery anyway). Treat people like you want to be treated. Israel is not defensible for many of its actions; it is essentially a western client in the middle east – do you think they’re within the target sites of the arab world for no reason??

      62. Well, if we lived in a fair world, all countries either should’ve gotten rid of nukes or permitted to have them.

        The way it looks now is as if US is in charge of granting “permissions” to countries wanting to have nukes. Some countries receive it and some don’t. The reasons for permissions are based on our interest only.
        That’s what WE call fair (sarc).

        • Zen Monk: In an ideal world there would be no nukes, but now that Pandora’s Box has been opened, someone has to try and close the lid.

          It seems appropriate that those who opened the box should have the responsibility of trying to keep the lid on it.

          Should Armenia have nukes? How about Chad? Mozambique? Ah, maybe Yemen!?

          In the real world Iran has a right to nuclear weapons. In the real world WE have a right to prevent them having them. Reality is sometimes messy with hard choices that must be made on a moments notice.

          This is one of those moments.

          • I agree with you about keeping Pandora’s box closed, but I am questioning the methods used to achieve this goal.
            Our foreign policy is based on “our way or highway” attitude which doesn’t get us far.
            This is a very sensitive issue and it requires diplomacy, not military intervention.

            P.S. I personally would love to live in a world without nukes.

      63. Dear Sirs,
        The Japanese, the Pentagon, the Chinese etc. know who attacked Japan on March 11, 2011. They have no intention of harming innocent Israelis to retaliate for the actions of their leaders. The specific individuals responsible for this attack, people like Benjamin Netanyahu, J. Rockefeller, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Rahm Emmanuel, Paul Wolfowitz, the pope etc. know that they will not be on this planet for very long.

        Benjamin Fulford

      64. Basically a good article, up till the very end where it says that the warmongering is not about Israel. Oh, it is most definitely about imposter Israel. It always has been.

        Now I have NO love for Islam, nor Iran, but Iran is what the us Government has made it to be. Iran, and EVERYONE ELSE should be left alone. Of course, they won’t be…

        • Good words, Stophel. Consider the brutal, inhumane leaders that the west installed, armed, and financed as mercenaries to their will. And now that the currency wars are crushing local mid east currencies, those leaders responded with plans to issue new, more stable, gold back currencies, and break the bretton woods yolk – a threat to western revenue streams – all now deposed, if not killed. New management to come. And what about Israel – wielding the law to crush, abuse, and outright kill the non-Jewish, indigenous people in the name of Zionism.

      65. Supercavitating torpedoes (aka underwater missiles). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      66. I couldn’t care less. I started in the last few years to run a little ‘test’: I had thought things were getting really violent and out of control and would mention this to friends etc. Most would laugh and say I was listening to the nuts. So I stopped talking about what is happening and stayed with day-to-day media gossip (Rhianna’s butt etc.).

        The more crazy things get the more I see women assuming powerful positions. When I was younger I was led to believe women do not like war and if they get power, there will be peace. Following on this, my ‘test’ involves taking my conversational lead from the women I talk to. If they mention how bad things are, we talk. But, as is usually the case, their talk revolves around media gossip, office gossip, day care gossip etc., then I stay there.

        In my own thoughts I think “oh, well: let it burn baby, let it burn because things must OK because most women seem to think things are OK.” And then I just go back to work and pay my taxes. Rinse, repeat.

      67. what to expect?

      68. This article misses the elephant in the room. The most dangerous warmongers are in Tehran. If Ahmadinejad and his buddies wanted to stop the war preparations in their tracks, they would simply “invite” their TV to broadcast daily “Blueprint for Truth,” their high schools to quiz kids on it, their mosques to preach on it, and their architects and engineers to review it. Soon the warmongers in DC and elsewhere would have other things to worry about than a war in Iran.

        The real enigma here is why Ahmadinejad, like Gaddafi and Saddam before him, seems to prefer to risk his job, his cushy retirement, and his life, rather than spill the 9/11 beans.


      69. I have not heard descriptions as in depth on Rand Paul’s position and find it interesting. I read with great interest on how we are being misled by our government.
        No surprise our govt. lies to us for whatever interest they take and don’t want us to know. I also know of our country’s not-well-thought-out decisions on who we team up with. Our government has been despicable, and is only getting more corrupt.

        I don’t have any problem with people who are Muslim.
        I have conducted business at their property and where I work. There are customs/rules they live by that we consider strange and some illegal.
        Yes there are extremists in every religion, however it appears there are more extremists in the Muslin religion then in any other and their extremism is also more violent then any other. The violence was perpetuated in the old testament times and continued during the crusades. This is a clear reason to be fearful of some people practicing this religion because they still practice it today.

        Something else to consider is the Twelvers. Muslims who believe the only way to bring the return of the Twelfth Imam is to create total Holocaust in a war with Infidels. Read the Old Testament, Revelations, and it has some parallels.
        Now, I don’t know this to be fact however I have read that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a twelver. I would love to know for sure. It would settle my mind a great deal to find it is not true.

        One more thing to consider. The Koran does state that to protect themselves and their religion, it requires them to lie when interacting with Infidels. It is also required they should kill Infidels.
        This is important to know when you, as a non Muslim ask, about their beliefs or plans.

        Oh yea I have read the Koran. Before any one talks about what is in the Koran they need to read it in the order it was originally written and remember that where there are contradictions, the most current Surahs supersede the prior.

        To be accurate, not all Muslims act on all the commands in the Koran, but neither do Christians on the Old Testament.

        I cannot imagine anything good coming from a war with Iran, however, I hate to think what will if Iran really is what they say.

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