Consequences of Economic Collapse

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    The following article has been contributed by Reginald Kaigler, an outspoken Libertarian who has been warning about the dangers of our current economic, fiscal, and monetary policies for several years. You can watch Reginald’s regular video updates at the DEMCAD Youtube channel, or visit his web site for news, commentary and preparedness tips.

    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Many of our readers are preparing for what can only be described as the unknown – a whole host of things can go wrong. We know that the economic outlook in America and the world is bleak. The only answer from politicians and economic masterminds who sit behind the curtain is to borrow and spend more of the taxpayers’ money. The US dollar will inevitably weaken, and likely crash, over the course of the next half decade. Manufacturing in America will continue to decline for some time. Millions more jobs will be lost. The consequences are already apparent to anyone who is paying attention: a fed up citizenry, rising property crime, organized mobs of looters and thieves, record level food stamp participants, and a government that is clamping down on everything from small business to personal liberties, to name a few.

    We have postulated numerous theories of how a collapse of our fragile system could occur including scenarios man made and natural – from large scale solar storms and earth shattering earthquakes, to rapid currency meltdown and a third world war. All of these scenarios are possible, with some more or less likely than others. In the article below, Reginald outlines some of the key elements we will witness in a depressionary-style economic collapse that happens over several years as opposed to an overnight collapse. Civilizations past have all experienced their own form of collapse, most of them falling off the planet over many years and decades. We view this type of breakdown as one of the most likely – a system that falls apart slowly, with progressing violence and volatility. We will see it get worse, day after day, month after month, year after year, until we no longer recognize the America of our youth. Like the other scenarios mentioned, the best way to prepare is to stock up now – that includes preserving as much wealth as possible now, storing food for when prices reach unmanageable levels, and learning trade skills that can be used in an economy where barter becomes a leading mechanism of exchange.

    Consequences of Economic Collapse
    by Reginald Kaigler

    For the last three years, I’ve been warning my viewers on Youtube about the inevitable collapse of the U.S. Empire. I’ve discussed how the U.S. government is so far into debt that it can’t even pay off the interest on it’s debts. Like all dying empires, the U.S. has over-expanded in Asia with unnecessary wars of greed, spent more than it can ever pay back, degraded into extreme corruption and devolved into a systemic ponzi model.

    The state governments have massive amounts of pensions that are underfunded, many cities can’t even provide basic services (such as education, fire protection and law enforcement) and the national economy has lost its manufacturing prowess. Essentially, America has transported into a ponzi economy where everyone uses credit cards to buy cheap junk that is made in third world countries. So you see why I believe that this is fundamentally unsustainable. This economic model of largess spending will collapse, which begs the question:

    So what the social consequences of an economic collapse?

    I live in the most dangerous city in America: Flint, Michigan. It is a former automotive powerhouse that has been economically devastated by the exodus of General Motors and the overall trend of de-industrialization. Flint is one of the poorest cities in America. I consider it to be a less black, but smaller version of the second most dangerous city in America: Detroit, Michigan. Both cities have experienced a major decline in its auto-industry, the massive white flight, epic crime waves, a collapse of its tax base, drastic population decline and a breakdown of basic services. Recently, Detroit, announced that it was closing half of its schools and cramming 60 students in a high school class.

    When the money and resources disappear, human behavior changes. The dynamic shifts. Most people go into survival mode and every decision centers around oneself. Many people stop thinking about community and start viewing neighbors as competitors. A general sense of anger and apathy seeps through the community and transform the way residents interact with each other and the system that they perceive as their enemy.

    I can’t tell what will definitely happen, but I can use my experience to give you an educated guess.

    1. Shock
    Most Americans were shocked when they heard about the sinking of the Titanic. The normalcy bias makes it almost impossible to imagine the system collapse. People assume that just because the lights are on today that they will be on tomorrow. When the baby boomers see that their life savings are gone, many will choose to end their lives. Other will walk around in a daze. Many uppity 40-somethings who have been conditioned to believe that their life is only worth what they make, will kill themselves and their families.

    2. Backlash Against the Government.
    If the dollar collapses, the food stamps benefits will not be able to keep up with rising food cost. The underclass (poor) and working class will feel abandoned. After watching Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and other Wall Street entities collect their tax dollars through a series of bailouts, the poorer Americans will violently attack a system that they perceive as screwing them over for the “big guys.” That “Too Big To Fail” mantra won’t go over so well when people are struggling to feed their kids, pay rent with a social security check that is losing its value. I expect riots and turn overs of federal and state government buildings.

    3. Violence in Communities
    Gerald Celente said it best, “When people lose everything and have nothing to lose, they lose it.” Do you really think that people are going to be content when the power company cuts off their lights. The poor will demand extreme tax increases of the rich and upper middle class, while the criminal class will exploit a weakening police presence. I expect to see a dramatic increase in murder, forcible rape, burglaries, assaults and robbery.

    4. Class Warfare
    The working class and poor will not only blame the government and Wall Street, but the rich. The shrinking middle class will become a target of class warfare. The upper class will try to play the middle class against the working class and poor.

    5. Police Crack Down
    Did you hear about that Iraqi War vet who was shot 60 times by a SWAT team in Tuscon, Arizona in an apparent drug raid? The only problem is that they didn’t find any drugs. SWAT first claimed that he shot at them, but his gun was on SAFE. So they are now saying that he pointed his gun at them. Afterward, the SWAT team refused to let the paramedics into the house for over an hour. I assume he was already dead, but why did they behave in this matter. Jose Guerena, 26, was only the one of many police victims. So I fully expect the police to get very aggressive after the politicians put pressure on them.

    6. Backlash Against Police
    There will be a call for “law and order”, but the police will go too far. They will kill too many innocent people and the heightened state of anger in the black (and poor communities) will lead to an epic backlash. Criminals will target cops and their families, while the angry masses remain silent. Recently, a Miami cop was caught waving a gun in the face of a law abiding citizen after his buddies shot a suspect to death in his car. The idiot cop pointed his gun at the citizen (holding the camera) and his family. It was the type of thug behavior that is becoming increasingly common from the law enforcement community. Now ask yourself, do you honestly think that the police are going to alleviate the tension by sending an angry community over the edge?

    Think about it, you’ve lost your job, your house, your wife’s respect and now these cops who have been disrespecting you all of your life are pointing a gun at you.

    Super criminals: No, I’m not talking about Superman’s Doomsday, but when you have millions of highly educated young people facing a bleak future with few economic opportunities, you end up with a new class of criminals. Traditionally, most criminals have been pretty stupid, but when you have people with degrees in chemistry, physics, accounting and engineering, you’re going to end up with smarter criminals.

    7. Depression and transformation of Culture
    Some men will turn to drinking. It’s no accident that Flint gets a lot of domestic violence calls. Some men will turn to drinking. It’s no accident that Flint gets a lot of domestic violence calls. Alcoholism, drug use and domestic violence will likely soar. I also expect the declining marriage rate to drop at an even faster pace.

    Disclosure: I don’t believe that a man should get married. There’s nothing that marriage offers that he can’t already get. Plus, the divorce and family courts will screw him over in a big way.

    Nevertheless, many women will not be interested in marrying a poor or working class man. And frankly, more men will fall into this category. Moreover, less men will want to get married because they will feel that they have little to offer.

    8. Black Market and Bartering
    As the dollar dies, people will not only look to bypass the Federal Reserve, but skip the bureaucracy and taxes of government. People will use Swiss Francs, gold, silver and local currencies to by cost effective items on the black market.

    9. Federal Government Becomes Irrelevant
    Simply put, it makes no sense for people in fiscally sound states such as Utah, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas and Vermont to continue paying for a federal government that feeds resources to unconstitutional wars and falling states such as California. Sooner or later, many people will question why we need a union. So I expect a block of states to attempt to break away from the union. This could lead to a civil war or a revolution. But the last possibility maybe the most disturbing.

    10. Rise of Fascism
    The Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act were just the beginning. Now, the Supreme Court has declared that the police can enter your home without a warrant as long as they believe that you’re destroying evidence. So what’s stopping the police from lying? So much for the fourth amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizures. We already have corporatism with the government bailouts of Wall Street, all we need now is extreme nationalism, militarism (the ever expanding war on terror) and an enemy. I think the TSA has been it very clear who they consider to be the enemy. Not only do they have the power to examine you through a full body scanner, but if you refuse, they can molest you and your family via pat down.

    So there you go, this is what I think will help when the system collapses. Please share your thoughts.

    Republished with permission from Reginald Kaigler.


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      1. Facism is already here. Homeland security was Step #1. We’ve traded security for freedom.

        Regarding point #9, I believe civil war is imminent. We are too diverse in our viewpoints to survive intact as one nation. I hope the divide is peaceful and “civil”. I hope I live on the right side when things divide up.

        Another alternative is for the federal govt to lose 90% of it’s power & return that power to the states. Then, if you want to live in socilist/communist Hell, move to California or New York. If you want maximum freedom & low taxes – choose a more freedom minded-state. We stay under the United States umbrella but each state offers something different.

        • *I meant traded freedom for security*. Dyslexia today I guess.

        • I couldn’t agree more Mr. Blutarsky. Today, Tara Servatius reported on American Thinker that the TSA has begun raids far beyond airports. They now target bus and railroad stations (8000 incidents) in order to keep us “safe” and that’s just the beginning. Loss of freedom doesn’t happen overnight. It creeps in the door on the heels of complacency. Police brutality, on the other hand, enters boldly under the guise of “serve and protect”. Baloney! It’s nothing of the kind, but a shameful display of bullying and power grab when it is not backed by our Constitution’s 4th amendment. All of this will become everyday occurences once the SHTF. Thanks for breaking it down Reginald and God Bless all Americans that will prepare and fight the coming onslaught.

        • Yes, in other words go back to our founding principles: a union of separate states, with the federal government only having those powers specifically spelled out in the constitution. In other words, about 3/4ths of what the federal government now does will no longer be performed unless the states want to do it for themselves. Gee, what a novel idea. Oh wait! They alread thought of this is 1787!!

          Going back to our original founding ideas is our only hope, besides a miracle from heaven. Of course, as a Christian, I believe that our constitution was a divine inspiration directly from God.

        • Yes, we need to make the corrupt federal government less “powerful”. I think we need to wake up the people able to kick down our doors first. IRS, FBI, Homeland Security, police. Until we can get these folks to wake up, we’ll always be living under this boot.

      2. Don’t forget uncollected garbage and people washing much less often. It’s going to get smelly out there, folks.

      3. I am already seeing most of 10 things listed

        if not all of them in some form .

      4. I agree with your statement regarding California and New York. Those two states have the most jobs and opportunities compared to the rest of the U.S., despite the ridiculous cost of living and taxes. This is why illegals specifically flock to Cali and NY. It’s at a point where its unsustainable, ready to implode.

        • Those states USED to have lots of jobs, but California’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country. The reason so many illegals flock there is because of their generous welfare benefits to all who want to suck as the government tit.

        • I think you meant to say that those two states have the most jobs and opportunities compared to the rest of the US *because* of the insane cost of living and taxes. No sane person would want to move there.

          Seriously – I’ve lost count of the number of job offers I’ve flat-out turned down because they’re in California. It’s the one place where someone would have to demand and get $150k/year just to maintain the same standard of living that one can get right now in Oregon for $75k (which is substantially less than I make here), or in Arkansas for $45k.

      5. I think I am seeing some of this now. It’s presenting itself as displaced anger. People lashing out. Their response to something that seems to be only slighly irritating generates a response that is way out of proportion to what seems normal.Just a few examples a women at a convience store sobbing her eyes out openly crying outloud, the thing I found strange was that no one appeared to notice no one cared though the store was full of people. The slightest irregularities at work are generating some crazed responses, more yelling Technicians throwing tools, swearing and displaying a total lack of concern that they are acting the way that they and are not concern about the consequences. The owner of the business seems totally dazed and confused, when presented with a problem his reponse is almost irrational, its like he is throwing a temper tantrum toward the person who informed him of the problem. Logic and reasoning seem to be taking second place to venting.It appears to me that people are at their wits end and are already taking it out on others and I believe that it is only going to get worse.

        • This is true, people on short fuses everywhere, especially in the workplace. I quit my job over it. There was no way I was going to take any more abuse if I didn’t have to. It was mostly in the past year.

        • There is a “quickening” in the air. You can feel it like a cool breeze on a hot night. Yea…there’s something coming all right.

      6. All of them, alone or combined plus the ugly face of Mrs Merckel. 🙂

        The following video shows a patchwork of clashes with the police. There is a dog called loukanikos who participates in every single march, clash, beating, or bitting.
        Loukanikos means sausage or hot dog. Hillarious…

        Be safe everybody. Don’t lose your faith. I’ll tell you once more:
        In every function there is some unstable factor. In what we live today, we humans can make the difference.
        The dawn will come. But first we have to face darkness. But don’t you fear or hesitate my dear friends.
        We are prepared. We know it’s coming. That makes us different.

        • Argh – meant to post the slideshow link here 🙂

          I agree perfectly that the dawn will indeed come. I just want to be well out of town before the darkness hits. 🙂

      7. prep in privacy…

        follow the law and stay within bounds until the boundaries are no longer recognizable….you’re not allowed to break the law so long as the law has the resources to break you…

        know who your capable friends are….let useless relationships drift away or you’ll wind-up having to feed or fight them…

        Don’t fool yourself….it’s going to come-apart; you focus (at the minimum) should be on surviving 2 to 5 years of violent economic and social chaos like the Yugoslavian breakup.

      8. I agree fully with the article!There a number of books from a Author who is a citizen in Argentina who has VERY concrete advise that we can all use in the times to come.Serious hardcore,nitty-gritty in your face experiences and WORKING solutions(if you can describe them as such) to the perils of the Sun setting on The American Empire and life in America perhaps in the future.The only thing I would add is that I believe EVERYONE needs to get a group of “odds and sods” of like-mindedness(yours may be more “guns and self protection” and less “let’s stay close each other to help maintain a mutual hope in God” as mine do. Each way chosen has it’s benefits and downsides)to have a common group-vision on how to cope with the fearful times ahead.I don’t doubt some states may try to be more independent of the Feds,What that causes will remain to be seen.Much depends how far the UBER-RICH and the corporations want things to contract.They almost always win.They always do in one form or another.The Goldie-Saksas collect their own “taxes” on all of us as middle-men.They will do what they do best,put extreme self interest above the common good of the country as a whole.
        Just wonder what they’ll use for excuses when they meet God.If you don’t believe in God,it might be quite simple.
        Sorry if I overstated my thoughts.
        Best to All

      9. My wife and I are retired in a small southern town too near a small city (pop. 250K). We’ve stocked up for the “Big Bust” and are prepared physically for whatever. What I find most difficult is mentally crossing off friends who refuse to see the light and prepare, at least to any significant extent. They are good people but I know they will be dead weight later. I am a Vietnam vet (101st Airborne)and I’ve seen a lot of killing and hungry people gone beserk. What can I do to prepare people who just won’t listen? I don’t. It’s difficult to let go. But I must.

        • I know exactly what you mean, only in my case it’s family. I’ve talked and talked to no avail, all I get is a blank stare. It was very frustrating because they will agree that bad things are coming but do nothing to prepare. I say was because I’ve stopped trying. Now, a real-world bug-out situation could arise due to the nuke plants on the flooded Missouri River. May sound extreme but it’s a possibility I’m preparing for. Deep down inside I know that, should that possibility become a reality, they won’t be ready. When the balloon goes up, I’m leaving. My wife and kids come first. Sad but that’s just the way it is.

        • I also get the blank stares from my family. It doesn’t stop me from trying to be prepared. Lately though, I have another concern about those relatives. China now offers rewards to those who ‘help’ them. When SHTF and the local government starts helping themselves from those with supplies for the betterment of the community I believe that those same family members would throw me under the bus out of resentment and what ever else that goes thru their idiotic minds. I prep much quieter and store most behind false walls. Let them take what they think see 😉 Something to think about.

        • I know what you’re saying. I use to send out emails to all of my contacts for the upcoming collapse, and about 90% were cricket sounds. I was begging them to buy silver (physical). I have a millionaire uncle that could have easily doubled his net worth, but no matter what I sent him as far as news, he really didn’t care. As far as hard times, I have only tried to wake up 2 people that I thought would listen. They believe but are too broke…can barely pay their day to day bills. I have a years worth of food for one person, a couple of guns, silver, a great water filter, a “dependable” car, and a friend that owns so many guns, he could start a small army. A “small” town of 250K? That about 249,900 that will want you to feed them when the SHTF. I don’t think we have that many people in my COUNTY, and I still don’t feel safe due to ignorance. Sir, thank you for your service, and I wish you and your wife good luck.

      10. “Disclosure: I don’t believe that a man should get married. There’s nothing that marriage offers that he can’t already get. Plus, the divorce and family courts will screw him over in a big way.”

        I don’t necessarily disagree with this article on one scenario of what may happen in America, but the statement by the author quoted above turned me off to his overall logic on everything. He is severely jaded and negative in his thinking.

        • And how do we know anybody will have THAT many beers?! When the SHTF, there’ll be NOTHING to buy!

          And what divorces?? There’ll be no law and order!! There’ll be no divorce courts!

          • LOL

        • Dunno… I much prefer being married. You do get quite a few benefits, mostly legal and tax-wise (which is largely why the whole gay marriage thing is such a contested issue. When I point out to gay marriage advocates that they can get the same things via power-of-attorney+private incorporation, and do it for way cheaper than a typical wedding, they tend to get all huffy, but that’s another story 🙂 ).

          Yep – divorce courts can screw a guy over. OTOH, most states recognize common-law marriage (especially when kids are involved), and that gets automatically invoked once you’ve co-habitated for 3-5 years in most states. I think only Utah and maybe a couple other states do not recognize common-law marriage.

          Long story short, in most places if you just shack-up, 3 years later and you’ll still get screwed over by the courts if she decides to kick you to the curb.

        • Do you know what the word jaded means?

          “Tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something.”

          I’ve never been married, so this word doesn’t apply. Moreover, you seemed to be focusing more on me than the overall message.

      11. When the collapse happens, Americans wont have to deal with glorified cunts on TV no more.
        The bitchez can rest in peace!

      12. I think we can count on the PTB to attempt to stave off the inevitrable as long as possible. The US citizenry has short memories and from my experience a complete unwillingness to research anything done in the past. Hence the PTB will play a blame game. Has anyone read a copy of any of the Congressional Records? The key to obfustication is to bury the most damning acts in a mountain of paperwork. And because few read and the MSM is unwilling to report on anything that will interrupt the advertising revenue stream, nobody will realize just what is happening until it is too late.

        I mean vitually nobody. The few folks outside of MSM lack the time to wade through the mountains of superflous paperwork. Yah, dibs and dabs will leak out, but not the real meat and potatoes.

        If things escalate too fast, look for gov’t backlash in the name of preserving the union from radicals and homegrown terrorists. Failing to impose strict controls on the citizenry will permit attacks against the elected. Unfortunately the mobs will be completely lacking in common sense and sweep everyone up in their midst with join them or join the rest in death. This has to be avoided. Get away, stay away and never participate in mob actions. Recall, the north went to war against the south. If something happens once, you have absolute proof it can happen.

        Patton said something to the effect that, “Being a hero is not dying for your country, but making the other fool die for his.” There will be no shortage of fools to engage in mob mayhem. It will be ugly as a mud fence dobbed with tadpoles. If you participate, be prepared to suffer and quite possibly die. The trick to living to an old age is to avoid activities that have a high probability of net negative results.

        Every country that has collapsed went through a period of instability with large numbers of deaths. But every one of the stabilized at a lower level after a relatively short period of time. In every case, there was a distinct paradigm shift. Better or worse is all about a person’s point of view.

        If we can shift back to strict Constitutional interpretations, the small businessman might come out better while the drones will be far worse. If we shift towards more totalitarian, look for protracted violence and the eventual demise of the union. Class warfare will be the only game in town with the oppressed laying seige to the privledged class. Please note: privledged class is not always the upper class. Many of them will be wiped out financially. Most people spent beyond the limits of their income and carry high debt loads. The privlidged class will include many of you due to your accumulated wealth. Yes Dorthy, a stockpile of food is accumulated wealth and hunger is a powerful motivator.
        Hmmm, reckon the Missouri and Mississippi river flooding might result in higher food prices? Stress the system enough and those on the ragged edge go off the reservation. Now add in bad weather and wildland fires. Yah, it just keeps getting better and better. The Katrina mess still isn’t over. Some more will have nothing left to lose and will lose it. Maybe we can hold out until another season’s crops are in. I sure hope so.

        If oil jumps up in price, all bets are off. Our system only works as long as food deliveries are on time. The shortage of credit can effect the same result. Already here in my area, credit problems have resulted in intermittent gas deliveries. Granted it was the unwillingness of the store to electronically process credit cards, but the time lag resulted in COD. The store has since gone electronic, but good credit takes years to develop and and past cash flow problems seem to last forever on a credit report.

        Good article Reg and thanks for posting it.

      13. Number 10 is a blatant lie – or a statement from a very ill informed person. The statement “Now, the Supreme Court has declared that the police can enter your home without a warrant as long as they believe that you’re destroying evidence.” is WRONG. This only applied to the INDIANA state supreme court and has NOTHING to do with the USSC. Its ignorance like this that spark a civil war – warranted or not. The lawmakers in that state are working to “fix” it anyway – not that it make a difference… bread and circuses… they do it all the time with “wrong address” raids… No government looks at the law and thinks it applies to THEM – only the underlings…

        • Yo Sketch, you may want to put a check on that ignorance thing because you’re showing yours. Kentucky v King, argued before the USSC Jan 12, 2011 and decided May 16, 2011. Check and mate.

          • true that. my bad.

            • You sound like a stand-up guy, hope I didn’t come across like an @$$. If so didn’t mean to, just the way I say things. Keep your power dry and watch your six.

      14. When the “collapse” eventually occurs, due to sudden earth changes that precipitate that collapse, the gangster banksters, CEO’s, uber rich, and executives of major corporations, will find themselves THE MAJOR TARGET of the teaming, unwashed, ILLEGAL masses that they encouraged to invade America to undermine and destroy the Middle Class for their financial benefit.

        What goes around, comes around. Payback is a MF!

        • Lets hope so. The idiot illegals in this country are too stupid to understand that they are nothing more than pawns for the NWO. All they care about is what can I steal next and when is the next check for my FREEBIES.

          ….and then there is MS-13 to contend with.

        • The super rich all have a bail out plan. I’m sure their private jets will fly them to their tropical island homes and they can live off their foreign bank accounts.

          They won’t stay for the chaos that the rest of us are forced to live with.

          • If America was to have an economic collapse, the rest of the world would probably go first so those rich bankers would have no one to produce food,ele or fuel for them on their island retrests., they’ll be setting there with a very dry martini with no one to stir it, they’ll die there up to their asses in silver and gold.

        • Don’t kid yourself. Anybody with two nickels to rub together will be a target for the starving masses — illegals AND legals.

      15. Mr. Kaigler, all your points make for deep thought.
        #4 Class Warfare actually won’t happen, that is what is happening as we communicate. During the melt down we’ll have the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have nots’. The meltdown will throw almost all levels of society into the same pan. Granted, it will begin slowly but after supplies run out, most will be on equal footing; in need. This time frame becomes the real distribution of possessions(wealth if you like).
        #s 5 & 6 are the really scary ones. Law enforcement will become targets by the lawless. The Cops will develope a shoot first mentality and react, not to protect and serve, as an invading army; spoils/plunder.( See Katrina)
        There are probably many of us that have pondered the possible outcomes and reactions of people. I believe it is safe to say, that the weak will become the first victims ( elderly,handicapped,children,etc.).
        Remeber: we’ve never had, in history, a self governed people that have had their freedom removed and replaced with anarchy.

      16. Wanna know how bad it is going to be? Go to your local Walmart after 6 PST. The Welfare Visa Cards are fully charged. Walk around and watch, how many of THEM are Prepped? When there is no money in the card ,it wont take THEM long to go absolutely fracken bisserk

        • Beware the golden horde, when the cities begin to empty as those that have not begin the search for those that have.

        • The welfare crowd is already going berserk!!

          Have you seen the local news lately? Robbings, shootings, brawls, riots, domestic violence, murders for $75 in cash, teen theft flash mobs. They are doing that while they still have their “obama money”.

          My only hope is that they are so broke they can’t afford gas and they destroy each other down in their own communities. And, eventually they’ll run out of ammunition for their guns.

      17. The economy HAS NOT and WILL NOT collapse in the united states as we have safety nets and one being our ability to print our way out of trouble which we have been doing for many years now and will continue to do ! DO NOT listen to the doomtards that sell reports and have sponsors on their websites and also ask for donations , that tell you the economy is going to collapse and buy this or buy that from their website in order to prepare ! My track record is flawless !

        • Are you being sarcastic? You said “My track record is flawless.” Isn’t that what the captain of the Titanic said, just before that iceberg thingy happened? And, besides, right up until that moment, his record was ‘flawless’ too!

          • Point of Order: Capt. EJ Smith was previously involved in a minor collision (ironically, as captain of RMS Olympic). He was put in charge of Titanic’s maiden voyage as a last hurrah before he retired (it was supposed to be his last trip).

            OTOH, your point still stands… hubris is an evil mutha.

        • WOW!! What drugs/alcohol are you consuming? Listen, Rich, these banksters cannot do things overnight. They gotta kill us by a thousand cuts. You can’t move trillions overnight. Why can’t America’s economy collapse? You have most of the world ready to shove the U.S. Dollar to the toilet, and when that happens, the party is over. Not to mention not buying our bonds, notes and bills (our debt). As far as your track record “flawless”, why didn’t you post a way for us to read your incredibly “flawless” record?

      18. First-timer here. Found you on
        Now us white folks are finding out how cop-thugs have treated you blacks for the last 100 years, esp. the last 50. Great insightful article. Thanxs Reg.

      19. Rich,

        You will be one of the first ants to be stomped…


        • Oh I know……eewwwwwwww…..I’m scared !!!

      20. Please Note*** Due to a change in local ordinances, persons simultaneously enrolled in SmokinOkie’s Marraige Counseling Service and in SO’s Tactical Shooting School may no longer take both courses on the same day. We apologize for any inconvenience.

        Interesting article. Most of his 10 points are already happening to one degree or another. But I have to disagree with part of #7. He said “There’s nothing that marriage offers that he can’t already get.” Unless he’s referring only to material things, then that’s just not true. Being married or single, each offers many intangibles that the other doesn’t. And he said “…many women will not be interested in marrying a poor or working class man.” That begs the question: why do people get married? Granted, a few marry only for money or status (trophy wives, Anna Nicole, half of Hollywood) but most of us, if we do marry, do so for love. Whether the love, or the union, lasts is another matter, but that usually was our motivation at the start. He is right about the rest of #7 though. And I appreciate his disclosure in the comment. Can’t say he didn’t tell us.

        • I was told by reliable sources that Anna Nicole did indeed marry for love.

      21. I kinda have to agree with RICH here. He has a good point regarding the Fed firing up that magical printing press to save the world over and over again.

        • In all fairness to Rich, he may be right in that the can just keeps getting kicked farther and farther. Can the US keep functioning when we reach 20 Trillion debt? 30T…50T..? Maybe so. As long as most people keep believing in those federal reserve notes we’ll have at least something of a functioning economy. It just baffles me that nobody wants to state the obvious- we have more debt than we could ever repay! And at some point the zillionaires who hold the debt are gonna quit lending when they see they’re getting repaid with inflate-o-matic dollars worth lots less than the ones they lent. Maybe it will take a while for that to happen. When it does, the game is up. In the meantime, I’m not complaining that it hasn’t crashed yet…just surprised it’s gone on this long. Plus, like harry says a couple comments below, for lots of Americans, the economy HAS already crashed.

          • Thing is, it’s just meaningless numbers at that point.

            Like the old saying goes: “One death is a tragedy. 1 million deaths is a statistic.”

            I suspect folks think the same things when it comes to economic matters.

      22. That Marine was probably concerned for the safety of his family. The police (more than likely) did not identify themselves. The police cannot be trusted, EVER. They are all liars and bullies, and people with severe spousal abuse, emotional, and control problems.

        Look up Master Security doors for doors and windows which will keep the police outside of your home while you secure your family from their violent and unlawful raids.

        As with many things in life, this Marine was obviously a far better man than the scumbags that gunned him down.

      23. Great read Demcad, I’ve been in a prepping mode for years now. I hate to say it, but I think they can keep kicking the can down the road for a lot lot longer. I’m kinda getting sick of waiting for something I know will eventually happen. I fear I will be old and out of shape, telling everyone 20 years from now,, See I Told You..

      24. Rich is a Moron, for many americans the Economy is already dead, only the top 35percent or so are doing any good, most are already in alot of trouble. He has not been hit by it yet, but we will all feel it real soon if not already.

      25. Thats what I’m saying too, they can keep kicking the can down the road for a while. It is only until China & Russia has had enough and intervenes or big natural disasters come into play and throw everything off course.

      26. “I fear rivers over flowing.
        I hear the voice of rage and ruin…
        OH THERE’S A BAD MOON ON THE RISE!!” some CCR for your asses >:D

      27. Digi it is already starting, go to You tube and look up 35 hooligans Las Vegas and watch what people who still get bennies are doing. It will open your eyes.

        • dude, thats old news! You have brought up that story about 10 times in comments on this blog,!

      28. there will be violence along ethnic lines also! count on it!

      29. Kevin that happened the beginning of this month, Old News?? Ethnic Lines are not as big a deal as haves and have nots.

        • the weiner story happened same time,thats as old as old gets(in 2 ways, as destraction from real news, and 2 weeks is now a lifetime with the amount of information we get on the net). I hope YOU are right about the ethnic lines deal, but (i believe) people tend to tribalize in ruff times. Even the tribes of of natives of n. america came together to fight a common foe, and most of them were in open warfare with each other for centuries, they did unspeekable things to each other, as we do, and have done for centuries in war(WE being ALL mankind). Want to ask you one thing, would you be more comfortable and safe around people who look like you and speak your language or surrounded by people you cant understand and look different???

      30. There was a swarm robbery that took place in NYC’s Greenwich Village area about a month ago at a Dunkin Donuts, involving around 12 to 15 people.

        • Should we expect any different behavior? We have been stripped of our right of self defence and to protect our property. If all these shop keepers could open up with a street sweeper, and protect themselves and their property, these type of actions would stop, BUT if anyone did that they would be up on murder charges, and lose everthing. Soon these type of robberies are going to start happening everyday, everywhere, and probably not even make the “news”

      31. Totally put this blog into disrepute by his comment on marriage. While the rest of the article was good, this observation was utterly ignorant. Marriage, just off the cuff, does a LOT of things for men. It settles them down; it teaches them more compassion than would otherwise be the case; it creates a secure home for children, with the complementarity of the sexes – as designed by nature – providing the most optimal situation to have children reared; women can often stay at home and do home schooling, rather than have their kids sent to socialism propaganda factories.

        The list goes on and on and on. Basically, the writer is advocating an environment which leads to the very situations he decries. Google “Dan Quayle was Right” by Ruth Dafoe Whitehead if you want more detail.

        Interesting notes, but very unthinking comment about marriage. How sad someone writes this way!

        • You know, I guess it depends on how a person defines marriage…

          To me, a marriage is defined as: a man and a woman are joined in a holy union under God and their friends and families acknowledge the union.

          By that definition, the local, state, or federal government are not a part of the picture. When we fill out papers and send them it to the government to have that union “legaly recognized” by said government so each party can have the “legal benefits” of marriage is where they come in.

          Marriage, in my opinion, has nothing to do with government. Well, unless of course, you are looking at it from a “legal” perspective, which in a SHTF total colapse, may not mean a lot.

      32. I’m seeing the crime come to my community, which is one of the most prosperous counties in America. The talk of when the SHTF, is dominates what my neighborhood community talks about.

        I think when it gets here, I’ll be amazed I didn’t do more to prepare. We know its coming, but yet part of me still wants it not to. However, I am so disgusted with this nation and its military conquest of death across the globe, that I know we will deserve what we get.

        I am also disappointed in the churches in my community, who continue to preach a prosperity gospel. May the sheep stay asleep. To him who has ears,let him hear.

        All I can say is I won’t be caught with my pants down.

      33. Goldielocks and the Three Deceptions

        Once upon a time there were three bears (endangered species, federally protected) who lived in a house in the woods (national park, entry fee $8 per person). There was a Mama Bear (stay at home mom, with internet business); a Daddy Bear (social security disability check); and a Baby Bear (home schooled, no ritalin). They sat down to lunch one day and Daddy Bear said “This (organic) porridge is too hot! Let’s take a walk while it cools off.” So they did.
        While they were gone along came a little girl named Goldielocks (peroxide job, naturally brunette) walking through the forest and saw their house. Casing the joint thoroughly, she picked the cheap door locks (made in China, $12.99 @ Wal-Mart), quickly disbaled the alarm system and began to ransack the place.
        She found the Daddy Bears stash of weed in a frisbee under the sofa, Mama Bears mad money in the flour canister (women are so predictable), and Baby Bears allowance stuffed in his sock drawer. As she gathered her booty she heard a noise outside. She froze. The doorbell rang (customized ring with Paul McCartney’s song ‘Let ‘Em In’)
        Peeking out through the curtains she saw that it was only a couple of Jehova’s Witnesses (white shirt, thin black tie, black slacks. kinda like Mormons without bicycles). She remained absolutely still. After a few minutes the JW’s stuffed a Watchtower magazine in the screen door handle and left. Returning to her burglary (4 outstanding warrants, in 3 states) Goldielocks saw the bowls of porridge on the table. She tasted it, liked it, and promptly ate all 3 bowls. Feeling a bit queasy from the feast, she grabbed the loot, crammed it in her backpack (100% cotton, ordered from LLBean with a stolen Visa Card) and headed for the door.
        She made it only a hundred yards down the trail before she collapsed. Just before she lost consciousness she saw through her blurred vision what appeared to be 3 bears standing over her. One was talking into an over the shoulder microphone. “This is team leader, perp is in custody, all units move in.”
        As one of the bears put handcuffs on her she saw the ‘JWs’ pull up in a black van (2011 Dodge Ram, 4WD). One was saying to the other, “Spike the porridge and it gets ’em every time. She even went for the oregano in the frisbee, what an idiot!” The last thing she heard was the sound of a helicopter.
        Four days later she awakened, bruised and bloody but able to think clearly. Where had she been, what had happened? She wondered if her boyfriend (just an associate, no sex involved) had tried to make contact, or if he even knew where she was. Then a stout woman in camoflouge (name was Doreen)looked through the bars at her “Welcome to Club Gitmo, you maggot!” and started screaming at her in a strange language. Goldielocks wasn’t sure but she thought it was Arabic.(or Farsi? She wasn’t sure, is Farsi a language or a Mediteranean cheese?)

        4000 miles away, a man in a dark gray suit (custom tailored in Hong Kong, $1800, size 42) took a call from Washington,DC (district of criminals, main portal to Hell). He said “No, I assure you Mr. Secretary, we had no assets in the forest at that time. No, sir, none of our spooks even fit her description. As far as we’re concerned, she’s theirs to keep. Let her stay in Gitmo. Yes, sir. Thank you for checking with us.”
        Later that night (Tuesday), Goldielocks looked back at the hole in the outer fence of the prison just before climbing into the boat (inflatable, high speed electric powered, twin props) and said under her breath, “Those SOBs have crossed me for the last time. Organic label or not, porridge is off my list. I am NEVER going under cover for the Food Safety Administration again!”

        • I’m gonna have to leave the light on now while I sleep. Thanks alot SO!

      34. Note from Bilderberg conference:

        Plan is working exactly as designed.

      35. Speaking from experience, having gone through this in the 90s, you need to be ready to survive a year or two.

        The breakdown period will be its worst in the first two years. After this point, human behaviour changes, people will set up work-around systems and the international agencies will start to exert more and more control, bringing order to the chaos.

        Your goal is to get through the first two years with your health, wealth and sanity. The secret is being busy. Set out very strong and useful personal goals to pursue during this time. This is critical for your mental and physical health. The people who are going to go down – and this tends to hurt men the most because they lose it when they lose their status – are those who have always looked to the system to give them goals and purpose. Men will turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and many will die very sad deaths, either in violence or from substance abuse.

        So, set very strong personal goals (like teaching yourself to be a doctor, taking up the sciences, becoming a musician and starting a band): something that is hard and all-consuming and expands your mind and skills. And make this the focus of your days. People around you will be cracking up, whining, fighting, bitching, screwing each other over: your job is to stay sane and focused.

        This will set you up for when the system comes back online. Unlike many others, Jack, the gnarled alcoholic former accountant, or Jim, the disabled fromer NFL player who spent the past two years mired in self pity and crack, you will be mentally and physically fit, and you will have a new purpose and skills ready to sieze the opportunities.

      36. The Marine stood and faced God,
        Which must always come to pass.
        He hoped his shoes were shining,
        Just as brightly as his brass.

        “Step forward now, you Marine,
        How shall I deal with you?
        Have you always turned the other cheek?
        To my Church have you been true?”

        The Marine squared his shoulders and said,
        “No, Lord, I guess I ain’t.
        Because those of us who carry guns,
        Can’t always be a saint.

        I’ve had to work most Sundays,
        And at times my talk was tough.
        And sometimes I’ve been violent,
        Because the world is awfully rough.

        But, I never took a penny,
        That wasn’t mine to keep
        Though I worked a lot of overtime,
        When bills got just too steep.

        And, I never passed a cry for help,
        Though at times I shook in fear.
        And sometimes, God forgive me,
        I’ve wept unmanly tears.

        I know I don’t deserve a place,
        Among the people here.
        They never wanted me around,
        Except to calm their fears.

        If you’ve a place for me here, Lord,
        It needn’t be so grand.
        I never expected or had so much
        But if you don’t, I’ll understand.

        There was silence all around the throne,
        Where the saints had often trod.
        As the Marine waited quietly,
        For the judgment of his God.

        “Step forward now, you Marine,
        You’ve borne your burdens well.
        Walk peacefully on Heavens Streets,
        You’ve done your time in Hell”

        Semper fidelis


      37. I would add that we are allready living in a collapse that began 2007.

      38. Covington: You are right: it is a slo-mo collapse for people in the UK and US. They are going to boil that frog just enough so it doesn’t scream when it expires.

        Many people are still stun-bunnies. Who would have thought we would have seen the worst bank runs in modern history, be engaged in multiple and protracted, record-breaking overseas wars, be experiencing the highest rates of immigration in the history of western nations, and currency depreciation of a minimum 30 percent, possibly a lot more.

        And all of that was just the opening fan fare: wait until the symphony really gets going. Think 1812 Overture.

      39. Excellent post, DEMCAD!

      40. 2 billion taxpayer dollars a week just in Afghanistan alone. Billions more in Iraq,Libya,Yemen.How much more money and American blood will the Muslims suck out of us. How much overpriced oil will the Muslims suck out of us. A dollar to push the oil out of ground and a hundred dollars out of our pockets. The Muslim and the racist cult of Islam is the cause of our economic destruction. Until the cancer of Islam is addressed by the civilized world the Shit will hit the fan. All of your prep will be worthless against a billion Muslims ready to slice off your heads and rape your women.

      41. Hi again everyone!
        False flagging using the Jehovah’s Witnesses!
        What a hoot!She shoulda known they were fake(ties used by male J.W.’s are rarely thin nowdays,take note.Their shoes,however…Sisters(female J.W.’s) are the mainstay in their “house to house ministry” thru the week.Shoulda been a tipoff right there.Too bad she didn’t read the issue on crime.Or the Awake article on Moral Breakdown.Great story!!Lightens up the atmosphere around here!
        Best to All

      42. Some of you mentioned not being able to open the eyes of your family . You are not alone . Sadly we have become a nation of cowards and liars . I also have family members that would sell their own mother if to help themselves . I also have family that are to scared to face the truth and continue in their Lie . Disaster is imminent . It amazes me how right Gods words are . If you do not believe quit reading now. an honest judge will not be found . it will be as it was in the time of Noah , and the Romans, Son will turn against father and daughter against mother. Sad is it not ? I have never had wealth in material things but am filthy rich with family and friends. I have quit trying to warn them as they have been warned and that is enough. To my dismay I am sure when things go bad they will try to depend on me . I am sorry if you do not bring something to help the situation you are not welcome.
        To the person who posted the Marine poem I hope it applies to soldiers as well, as I am not an evil man but have done evil things and hope to walk heavens streets even if I have to scrub toilets with a tooth brush

        • Still to this day I have a fondness for tooth brushes…We may end up scrubbing together…if so I have a joke or two!

          From what I understand, the Marine that wrote the above poem was killed in combat I did not know his name.

          P.S I’ll be nice if I just make it to the Happy Hunting Grounds, for I am Cherokee and there I would be the happiest.

          • Thank You ,at the moment sure could use a joke,as every where I look all I see is bad news , crazy selfish stupid people , etc . yes the happy hunting grounds sounds good to me as that is where I feel at home

      43. Did you see the Mexicans massing and waiving Mexican flags in several Southern California cities last night while rocking cars and blocking interesctions after the Mexican home team had won? This will give you an idea of the mentality here: Los Angeles is a city where people riot AFTER their team WINS (i.e., surrounding business area looted/trashed after LA Lakers Game at Staples Center last year).

        If you live in Los Angeles you might want to review some of the fiery videos of the 1993 Rodney King riots in several neighborhoods to get a feel for what it will be like when TSHTF. The National Guard even brought in tanks in the streets at that time!

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