Congresswoman: “We Need Analysis of How Christian Militants or Others Might Bring Down the Country”

by | Jun 19, 2011 | Headline News | 132 comments

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    Texas’ most embarrassing Congressional representative and member of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), says that we need to be looking broadly at the threat faced by our nation, namely analyzing how Christian militants and “others” could undermine our laws and bring down our country:

    What I’m saying is that as we look to be informational we should include an analysis of how Christian militants or others might bring down the country. We need to look broadly, do we not?

    The issue is whether or not their intent is to undermine the laws of this nation, and I think it is clear that is the case.

    While we’re at it, let’s look at, analyze, and prosecute all of the “others” who would threaten our nation and undermine its laws, starting with:

    • Illegal immigrants who enter the United States without permission and undermine our laws by doing so. This poses a serious economic, as well as social threat that could, arguably, be responsible for bringing down our nation from a financial standpoint. Incidentally, Congresswoman Lee is not only a supporter of immigrant amnesty and an immigration lottery, but is fully enabling the undermining of our immigration law.
    • The private Federal Reserve which has undermined our currency for nearly 100 years and has no realistic transparency over their operations. Ms. Lee has withheld her sponsorship for The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011, which was introduced by Rand Paul earlier this year. Ms. Lee also cast a “nay” vote on the Federal Reserve Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, making it clear that while Christians may pose a threat to the rule of law, out of control monetary policy with no oversight is just fine and dandy.
    • The banking conglomerates that have orchestrated one of the largest financial swindles (and continue to do so) and subsequent meltdown in the history of the world. They pose a threat that not only undermines our laws, but the very economic foundation of the United States. While it may not have stopped the financial collapse, The Glass Steagall Act provided regulatory control over speculation and large leverage limits. The act was repealed in 1999 by passage of the Financial Services Moderation Act, thanks in part to Sheila Jackson Lee who voted “Yea.”
    • Dirty Congressional representatives willing to undermine our laws through enabling, and perhaps being directly involved in, voter fraud as has been suggested of Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee in her very own district – Congressional District 18. If there’s one thing that could undermine the rule of law in our nation, it would certainly be falsified voting records and failure to check identification of voters.
    • More Dirty Congressional members involved in illegal use of taxpayer money for personal gain. Taxes are supposed to be paid in order for the government to conduct the peoples’ business. The laws of this country are undermined when elected representatives use this money for personal gain or personal vacations. In the case of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, she’s been known to use public funds (against house rules) to have a government vehicle and chauffeur bring her to work, a trip distance of approximately one block. Most recently Ms. Lee utilized public funds to attend the funeral of Michael Jackson, a completely personal affair.

    If we’re going to be investigating Christian militants and others who are responsible for undermining the rule of law and posing a threat to this country, the agencies responsible should do this in concert with investigations that include analyzing upper echelons of our government, Congress, corruption in law enforcement (on all levels) and financial conglomerates.

    Sheila Jackson Lee would be a great place to start.


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      1. another negro who wants to use liberal cover to bring down the “white” man.

        • yet your right. I cant figure how she seems to stay in office. I guess a lot on negros like her just because of her skin color and they are so stupid that don’t even realize that she is trying to take away your freedom. Go ahead black that voted for her just because shes black. I hope when you dont pay your manditory health insurace and say you have no money that they take you to prison some sense will be in your head to vote for someone that cares. I dont care if you vote any color but dont screw the people and let this stupid bitch remain in office

        • Wow the NWO has you by the balls my friend. Way to fall into their trap of racism. Try to understand the bigger picture, Wordoc.

          • Preston’s right.

            1958 just called. It’s in Little Rock and it wants its meme back.

          • This is a part of the picture. It has and it always will be. The other part of the picture is that it doesn’t matter what color she is, she’s still a dumb ass politician.

        • Everyone here should send their thoughts directly to Ms. Lee. Her email address is:

          How typical of a piece of monkey crap like her to point fingers at patriots trying to straighten out this screwed up country. The country is screwed up because of exactly HER kind of people and policies. What a piece of work she is!

          I will remember her when November 2012 comes around. Even Mickey Mouse would be an improvement over a piece of work like her. My campaign donations will definitely be going to her opponent.

          • just E-Mail a link to this thread

            • I like it!

      2. What a TOTAL bullshit distraction.

        There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
        — Henry David Thoreau

        Christians, Muslims, et al… GIVE ME A BREAK!

      3. I watched this and emailed it to my pastor yesterday. Even though this is to be expected and to only get worse from my understanding of God’s word, it still shocks me and makes me shake my head and fist when I see it

      4. Well, it’s pretty clear that Christians don’t believe in the teachings of Jesus–you know, no usury, no killing, turning the other cheek, etc. etc.–so I think it’s perfectly justified to question their motivations, right along the others noted here. As bad as it is, and as morally repugnant as it is, the Federal Reserve came AFTER the Inquisition.

        • CHIC(K)EN OR THE EGG

          And what came just before the Inquisition?

          Another famous betrayal of a country by its Jews took place in Spain. In his History of the Jews, Vol. III, p. 109, Professor Graetz relates: “The Jews of Africa, who at various times had emigrated thither from Spain, and their unlucky co-religionists of the Peninsula, made common cause with the Mahometan conqueror, Tarik, who brought over from Africa into Andalusia an army eager for the fray. After the battle of Xeres (July, 711 A.D.), and the death of Frederic, the last of the Visigothic kings, the victorious Arabs pushed onward, and were everywhere supported by the Jews. In every city that they conquered, the Moslem generals were able to leave but a small garrison of their own troops, as they had need of every man for the subjection of the country; they therefore confided them to the safekeeping of the Jews. In this manner the Jews, who but lately had been serfs, now became the masters of the towns of Cordova, Granada, Malaga, and many others. When Tarik appeared before the capital, Toledo, he found it occupied by a small garrison only, the nobles and clergy having found safety in flight. While the Christians were in church, praying for the safety of their country and religion, the Jews flung open the gates to the victorious Arabs (Palm Sunday, 712 A.D.), receiving them with acclamations, and thus avenged themselves for the many miseries which had befallen them in the course of a century since the time of Reccared (The ‘miseries’ which the Jews claimed prompted them to treason was explained by Professor Graetz. King Reccard ‘the most oppressive of all was the restraint touching the possession of slaves. Henceforward the Jews were neither to purchase Christian slaves nor to accept them as presents.’ (History of the Jews, Vol. III, p. 46)) and Sisebut (The ‘miseries’ of King Sisebut was that he was annoyingly determined to convert them to Christianity. History of the Jews, Vol. III, p. 46)). The capital also was entrusted by Tarik to the custody of the Jews, while he pushed on in pursuit of the cowardly Visigoths, who had sought safety in flight, for the purpose of recovering from them the treasure which they had carried off.

          Finally when Musa Ibn-Nosair, the Governor of Africa, brought a second army into Spain and conquered other cities, he also delivered them into the custody of the Jews.” (History of the Jews, Professor Graetz, Vol. III, p. 109; The Iron Curtain Over America, John Beaty, pp. 194-195).

        • He also said “I bring a sword”.

          I say pull out the f#cking thing and start cleaving!

      5. Most typical black female Democrat politician with some power. She looks in the mirror and only sees herself and what she wants to see.

      6. Good news! Rep. Lee is one of the few congresscritters that the rest of the planet considers to be a foaming-at-the-mouth nutcase.

        I fully expect her words to be soundly ignored after about a week of talk-show chatter.

        • Yeah, her(Lee) and “Kerosene” Maxine Waters are soul sista’s! Speaking of Waters, nothing more was ever said about her and her husbands banking scandal, along with her being censured by Congress. Guess that conveniantly went away.

      7. What a stupid bitch.

        • you know, I was trying to think of what to say..

          this pretty much sums it up

        • Who is stupid? Her or the people who keep electing her?

          • A little of both, but it helps that her district is either largely unaware of what she actually does, or her competition is hated even more than she is.

      8. Congress….congressman/ congresswoman

        doesnt that explain it?

        every last one is seriously disconnected

      9. Just wait til repugs get back in power, then you will see them demonizing all groups that are Not Cshitstains, Hypocrits all of you. Thank ====== Im an Athiest, dont have to put up with all your stupid control systems, fake ass religions.

        • Spoken like a college freshman after his first Marxist political science class.

          • with a few too many drinks with his Marxist buddies as well

            • Harry is a shit stirrer!

        • Harry,

          We don’t go bashing your religion so stop bashing ours.

          …and anyone that denies “atheism” isn’t a religion, well, just go out on the net and listen to their rantings. I rest my case.

          • It seems in the last year or so there I have seen more preachers of atheism than I ever have of any preacher of any religion, ever.

            These athiests are zealots. I wonder if they realize that they are worse than any religous fanatic pushing ideaolgy. Please atheist, get you fkn agenda out of my face.

            I kind of hate preachers of any kind, please STFU!!!

            • Dunno how to say it, but that’s been around ever since Usenet (the old newsgroups, eh?)

            • Right on Everyman! I’m sick and tired of athiests pushing thier agenda on Christians too. They sound like a bunch of nut cases. I dont push my religion off on anyone, but if they had any questions I’d be happy to do what I could to help answer them.

              All I get from athiests is how “delusional” anyone humble enough to believe in a power higher than themselves is!

      10. Clap! Clap! Thank you Rep Sheila Lee for making us black folk look bad yet again! First those Christian militants are in minority and does not represent Christianity. Second why can’t gangs be called domestic terrorist. My cousin lives in Brownsville(an area in Brooklyn) things are so bad that she cannot walk at night because gangs will rob you if they see you. She had a friend get shot two summers ago by some bloods because he wore a blue shirt thinking he was a crip. He did not even live at that area let alone associate with gangs. . Black,white,Latino,Asian gangs are domestic terrorist because they cause terror in the hearts of citizens. Why won’t this bitch call for an analysis for gangs and they have done to America? They are trying to bring the country down. Oh yeah I forgot because if we did you,Jesse Jackson,Sharp ton and the other race baiters will cry racism. You do not care about America Sheila,you do not even care about your own people so shut the fuck up! Sorry for the rant.

        • +1, right on

        • No need to be sorry about the rant… it’s dead-on. 🙂

        • Agreed. This is not the first time this moron has stuck her foot in it. I wonder how jerks like her continue to get elected also.

      11. Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas. Important people are always called by their three names.

        • That and notorious killers

          • I knew somebody would finish that out.

        • Two last names generally spells arrogant troublemaker.

          • Typical. “We must investigate anyone who disagrees with me”. She is one who give black people the name ni**er. Sad because I have white relatives who should be wearing that label. The word “cracker” does not have a negative enough connotation.

            Makes me have second thoughts about Texas.

      12. Banksters are the Gangsters, they own everything, they fuel everything, this criminal Govt is the problem, not the ramdom guy on the street.

      13. shes not worried about the country…shes worried that these so called militants might take out the government.

        congress could give a shit about this country, isnt that evident?

      14. Christian Militants is an oxymoron.

        An oxymoron (plural oxymorons or oxymora) (from Greek ὀξύμωρον, “sharp dull”) is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms.

        • Maybe they’re really Christian Muslims.

      15. Swarm Of 35 Hooligans Rob Las Vegas Convenience Store!

        LAS VEGAS – Caught on camera, a mob of young folks bombarded the Town Stop comfort shop on Sunset Street and Pecos Road and stole in merchandise. “It became a feeding frenzy,” said Town Cease operator Jon Athey. “They were in the retailer for a few minutes and 30 seconds… It is a quite frightening issue.” Athey says the crowd darted in and snatched several items from the store. “Beer to jerky to candy bars to soda, whatever hit their fancy… potato chips,” he said. Athey says this tactic is known as a “swarm”. After 42 decades in the comfort keep company, Athey says this crime stands out. “This is the biggest a single I’ve actually witnessed,” he explained. If you walk into a convenience shop, you anticipate every single transfer to be recorded on camera. Surveillance cameras in every single path, nonetheless, didn’t stop this crew. “Now, you happen to be seeing droves swarming in the front doors – correct right here – as quick as they can arrive in,” Athey mentioned as he watched the surveillance video clip. “You can see them milling all around by the beer doorways. Now, you might be going to see them commence deciding on products they’re putting in their coat pockets. They are placing it down their pants.” The crowd commenced strolling out without having to pay, only to return. “Here it is, two minutes into the deal. They are all coming back for seconds,” Athey stated. Seconds later, they grabbed more beer and the clerk’s cell telephone. They then rushed back again out the doorway. “We ended up blessed no one was harm,” Athey explained. Athey states the clerk followed his training. He hopes …

        Thursday, June 2nd, 2011general
        TAGS: Convenience, Hooligans, Store, Swarm, Vegas

        25 Comments to Swarm Of 35 Hooligans Rob

      16. I think she’s juts looking to find someone to blame…when she should be looking in the mirror

      17. “Texas’ most embarrassing Congressional representative and member of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)”

        New York had Anthony Weiner.
        Florida has Corrine Brown.
        Massachusetts has Barney Frank.
        California has Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi.

        Do you see a pattern? Only one has been proven to be a man.

        • I crack myself up sometimes!!!!!! Jane, that was a double post.


            • I’m a triplet… We’ll tag team em.

            • She’s at an extended weekend shock treatment…she’ll be here later to give you an electrifying jump 😉

            • LOL…Y’all have me laughing…AGAIN!!!! See Jane…see Jane rant…and rant…and rant!! You trolling Zionists should be ashamed of your selves 😉

        • We’ve got Dick Lugar!

          • Gad, what a name. Sounds like a serious medical problem of a certain appendage.

        • Let me guess…………It was Pelosi.Right??

          • We have a winner. You are correct.

      18. Who exactly are these militants? Pro-lifers? Homeschoolers? Definately threatening (not).

      19. Texas most embarrassing Governor in the country Rick Parry, Wants tsa nazis to grope innocent citizens (slaves), gives gardasil to young girls killing many, a nwo lackey if there ever was one. Louisiana had David vitter, Idaho had Larry gay Craig, Arizona has traitor Songbird JOhn McLame, Massachusetts had Mitt Obamacare Romney, No one knows if any of them are men.

      20. The country is not at risk from militants of any kind. The corp, on the other hand, is creating more risks for itself every day.

        • I think the dims are looking hard. They will find a few and exploit them to make their point.

        • Isn’t it great, GC?! We get to set around and watch this ugly beast slaughter and skin itself. All we have to do is stay our of its way and manage to feed ourselves as its in its death throws.

          Unlike a legitimate corp, FedCorp didn’t have a very good business plan, I guess, for continuity.

          …which reminds me: They keep talking about C.O.G. (Continuity Of Government)? Well, I think they don’t REALLY know how to spell it. I call it C.O.T. as in Continuity Of Tyranny. But, it can’t continue because it is killing itself.

          • Just wanted to say – Love your comment!

      21. I don’t think we need to worry about anyone listening to her.

        Somewhere, deep in the heart of Texas, there is a village that is mission their idiot. …and she must be the PRIZE idiot in all of Texas!

        Sorry, Texans, I love your state but SHE IS YOURS!!!

      22. If it weren’t for the Christian militants Rep. Jackson would be a slave not a US Congresswoman.

        • I’ll vote for that!

        • WOW, so true.

      23. First you hate them. Then depend on them. Then you’re traditionalized. Next morning you wake up and you’re a democrat liberal with something sticking up your butt. Then you commit suicide because you don’t know how to survive.

      24. IKE is probably looking down and saying something like…

        “I told you all about these fear mongers. I tried to warn you to beware of them. I told you that the MIC would create whatever imaginary enemies they need to sell you all the weapons to make them as rich as possible”.

        Yes Sir, Dwight D. Eisenhower triid to help us, help ourselves, but we ignored his warning… and viola, look where we are. 12 billion per month spent in AF…. all of it borrowed from China. History is repeating, France bancrupted itself this same way back in the late 1700s….. nothing here is new……

        And here today is another POS fear monger preaching hate and worry about some boogie man thats gonna get us. They dont even try to come up with new tactics. Why would they? We keep falling for the same old tricks, everyfkntime.

        We are so stupid. We had the greatest country of all time, and we handed it to China. 30 years ago China was nothing, a backwater, but today they are the richest on the planet. We gave them that status… We should all be ashamed that we allowed this to happen…… and now, any day now the whole fkn thing is goinmg to collaspse…. exactly as planned.

        Humans as a species are failure. We all suck. We had the chance to make this world better. We have the money and technology to feed evryone, to make this planet a utopia… but nope…. we seem compelled to ruin all that is good.


        Always accuse your adversary of whatever is true about yourself.

        The Disinformer’s Gambit – the Tactics of Disinformers
        In the game of chess there exists a term; which describes a maneuver, a stratagem, and a ploy; using different pieces working together, to accomplish a secret purpose. This is called a gambit.

        Those who hope to build totalitarian control over freedom loving people, also use many gambits. BUT, the chess player has the advantage of always knowing which pieces are on the other side.
        Those who would defend liberty have no such luxury. The most treacherous player in the gambit is the false patriot.

        The false human rights activist will present himself as a defender of liberty, BUT he will spend most of his time attacking the defenders of liberty, under numerous pretenses.

        The false human rights activist will attempt to re-direct attention in every direction EXCEPT at those, who are building tyranny.
        The false human rights activist will attempt to re-direct attention to an entire race, a religion, a large group with a few problems, or even against freedom activists. This is essentially the very old military strategy of the creation a “decoy to draw enemy fire.” The ultimate success of this deception is to cause defenders of liberty to “fire” on non-combatants, or even to “fire” on their own friends, and allies.
        In addition, the false human rights activist will neutralize the efforts of the defenders of liberty. The false patriot, like every other player in the gambit, will neutralize the efforts of the defenders of liberty by:
        1. Deceiving the defenders of liberty into supporting hoaxes. Any time that a simple request for evidence results in vitriolic personal attacks, or an attempt to censor, with no attempt to address the issue, you can be sure that you are dealing with a hoax.

        2. Dividing the defenders of liberty into fighting each other by creating strife among patriots.
        3. Deceiving the defenders of liberty into creating class struggle by promoting ethnic hatred.
        4. Attempting to waste the time of human rights activists, by forcing them to respond to personal attacks, or endless debate about trivia.
        5. ABOVE ALL: Accusing the most effective patriots of being false opposition.
        Always accuse your adversary of whatever is true about yourself.

        It is VERY simple. Those who spend their time fighting tyranny, are freedom activists.

        Those who spend their time fighting freedom activists are working for the advancement of tyranny.
        If you will study the tactics used by the FBI COINTELPRO program. THEN you will recognize FBI COINTELPRO immediately.
        Take note of the following paragraph:
        “The FBI COINTELPRO program was initiated in 1956. Its purpose, as described later by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, was “to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities” of those individuals and organizations whose ideas or goals he opposed. Tactics included: falsely labeling individuals as informants; infiltrating groups with persons instructed to disrupt the group; sending anonymous or forged letters designed to promote strife between groups; initiating politically motivated IRS investigations; carrying out burglaries of offices and unlawful wiretaps; and disseminating to other government agencies and to the media unlawfully obtained derogatory information on individuals and groups.”
        If you understand the meaning of the tactic “to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities” you will understand that the person who is most likely of being a Fed, is the one who involves patriots in activities that have no effect on those who are building tyranny, and activities that will destroy the credibility of the patriots.
        Those who are building tyranny would love to convince people that we are all a bunch of paranoid nuts, so that we will we unable to warn people about the building of tyranny.

        • Oh Jane, we can tell this is you.
          You silly girl, just post under your name, it is OK. 🙂

          • Who dat,

            Seems like a lot of effort and such a waste of time for you to write such a long posting, hehehe. I’m not even going to bother to read it.


            • 🙂 Gooder, it is great to see you “hehehe”,
              laughter is always a good thing, keep on smilin.


              true words were never posted.

            • @ who dat,

              You didn’t say you were kidding, but you were lying the whole time UNTIL you got caught. YOU ARE SO DISHONEST. See my posting below.

            • Oh JANE…. dishonest, dathonest, whonest, boohonest hehehehe… lighten up, have some fun.

        • Hello Jane.

        • cia has 875,000 people(mercs)on their payroll right now! how many do you think are out of country?How many are in country? That is the question. Also accorn,moveon,naacp,southern poverty law center, associated press,kkk,democrat shills, and republican hacks!, cnn, fox, msnbc,abc,nbc, cbs….and on and on and on….. DAM, thats alot of federal paychecks goin out!!!!

      26. 3 Shill Tell Tale Signs:

        1. Dividing the defenders of liberty into fighting each other by creating strife among freedom activists. (This is often called “infighting”, but it actually comes from a person, who is working to build tyranny.)

        2. Attempting to waste the time of freedom activists, by forcing them to respond to personal attacks, or endless debate about trivia.

        3. ABOVE ALL: Accusing the most effective freedom activists of being false opposition.

        Enough said.

        • Jane did you miss your multiple personality meds today??….that’s going to cost you another round in the shock chair

        • Hi Jane.

        • So Tarzan, Jane and Cheeta walk into a bar…….

          • Roflol…~GASP~…ROFLOL…oh please stop!! I can only laugh so much in one day!! Again..thanks for the entertainment, Who dat, Anonymous,BJ…what a team!!! 😀

            • What a bunch of SOBs. This site is about awareness of disasters which are happening around the world today and TROLLS ARE TURNING INTO A TRASH SITE.

              TROLLS react to my postings by going into a rage by attacking me with personal insults and name-calling, using multi-postings.

              Some of them constantly use perverted people like Jerry Springer and other Hollywood low-life’s to attack people. I can’t believe they have to bring in my name to get attention, so people will read their crap and discredit people and disrupt this site.


            • Dear SmokyMtnLady,
              YOU are awesome, I love that smile on you 🙂 and you have a great laugh :). Have fun, cuz fun is a good thing to have… while we still can.

              Dear Jane,
              OMG woman, just freekin relax.

              Time is short, it could all end tomorrow, and we could be fkr than fkd. So why not try to have some fun while you still can, things are too fkd yet, but tommorow, who knows… see the light, smile at it.

              Come on Jane, stop acting like ANYONE is stopping you from doing anything. Facts be known, the more people have fun with it, the more worked up you get… and the more you post… so really we are helping you spread the word.

              Nobody is stopping you from doing anything. You will post what you want, no matter what anyone says, no one can stop you. It is just that you draw so much attention to yourself, what do you expect?

              OK, let me get my ear plugs for the rebuttal 🙂

              Blows a kiss at SmokyMtnLady, what a gal 🙂

        • Also another tell tale sign is when they accuse others of that which they themselves do…..see Jane

      27. We have a lot of constitutional rights you stupid bitch. You stand up for those rights and we might listen to you.

      28. I realize this is a minority opinion on this blog, but I think she made a good point. George Bush is one of our most prominent Christians.

        He told us God told him to invade Iraq. He told us the invasion of a county that had never attacked us was a Christian “crusade”

        How many people have died because of his actions? Would our county be in deep debt if he had not listed to imaginary instructions from above to engage in endless war and instead minded our business ?

        • If Bush was a Christian, he was Christian in name only. No true follower of Jesus Christ would attack a country for no just reason. If he had actually read and understood the Bible, he wouldn’t have drug us into the war in Iraq or helped so much to destroy this country.

      29. First you Worship their fake good, then you depend on that fake god, then you are a Republican Conservative Bible beater with a Crucifix up your butt, Then you attack women who are legally having an abortion, then you commit suicide, because you are a fucked up religious Schitstain Looney!!!!

        • Geeeez enough with your fkn preaching, just STFU you douchey troll. You make no sense.

          Take you preaching elsewhere.

      30. I guess I have one more thing to say. Here is where I found the above information:

        And lastly, true Christian that have the Holy Spirit in them would NOT, I repeat, would NOT act violently. If someone reading this now believes they are Christian, but think they would or could kill someone then you are not a follower of Christ. And if you are with other people who are encouraging you to be violent, BEWARE, they are NOT who they say they are..the bible is very clear on this issue. Get as far away from these people FAST as you will be judged.

        • I guess King David wasn’t a man after God’s own heart after all.
          Armageddon is going to look funny with all the saints and angels sucking face with demons and unGodly humans instead of splattering their brains and gutts all over the place

        • We knew you weren’t done yet Jane.

      31. Anonymous wins!

      32. USA Loses everything

        • And you get a bullet right in the left eye, and
          then two bullets in the forehead, then you die, you POS.

      33. As it turns out, it seems that the new TNT TV show “Fallen Skies” is more about collapse than it is about humans fighting aliens from outter space. It may be worth taking a look. I am sure they will be reshowing the heck out of it.

        Watching it tonight reminds that my greatest worry about collapse is how quickly men turn back into animals.

        • Turn back? There wasn’t much milk of human kindess in man from the start. All the killing going on in the world today, you don’t need a collapse to revert back to being a predator. We need to wrap our heads around that perspective, and just maybe we’ll live longer.

          • Yeah, I guess you are correct. You know the pathetic part? Humans are a failed species, we suck.

            Humans have it all. We have all the advantages, the brains, the money, the tech and what do we do? We blow it, again.

            We wrecked Atlantis long ago, we wrecked the Roman empire, we wrecked the Aztec empire we are wrecking America, the greatest society in human records, and what do we do AGAIN? WE WRECK IT.

            Man wrecks everything, we are a failed species. We suck. If there is a higher being, looking down at us right now, I could understand them/him/her/it thinking that man does not deserve to exist anymore. I can understand them/him/her/it deciding to wipe us out, and start again.

      34. Sheila Jackson Lee underscores that if we were to adhere to the US Constitution, political correctness would not exist.

      35. This dumb ass woman is a trained Communist agent. The only thing that USA will have left when the economy collapses and SHTF are the Christian Militias! They’re going to be the only force left that is prepared to defend what’s left of USA. This woman wants that last line of defense destroyed.

        She needs to be hung for treason.

      36. If it wasn’t for the welfare state, people wouldn’t mind illegal immigrants much, if at all

      37. The usa is a fallen giant, it has been destroyed from within.

      38. You lookin at my man….
        What you mean no more chicken mcnuggets…
        Hello 911, my crack dealer shorted me $10…
        No you can’t have my pancake syrup…

        These are the type of people we in the real world must be on guard for.
        Look at u-tube and every violent act caught on camera is perpetrated by one of Lees color.
        Perhaps the christian militants should begin culling the heard.

      39. You lookin at my Offshore Bank Account
        What you mean no more Bailouts for Billionaires
        Hello 911, the Bankers Lied and now took my home and ruined my credit forever
        No you cant have Healthcare, Unless you pay us to kill you with dangerous pharma drugs we acquire with the blood of our duped soldiers who think they are protecting our freedoms, while they are securing the opium in Afghanistan to give to Big Pharma.

        These above types are the ones to be on guard for, they have caused all the problems in the world and now are going to take it out on all of the innocent, Sheeple, Used to be Citizens that are becoming Slaves, Look at the TSA for proof of Slave training.

        • You had all the health care you wanted before. Problem is you didn’t want to pay for it. So the government gave it to you for free if you showed up at the hospital. That wasn’t good enough because others had it better. So now we will all have government health care. The government doesn’t give anything to anybody unless they take it away from somebody else first. You know who I trust less than a Republican politician? A democrat politician “follower”.

      40. I am not exactly sure the posting you are talking about is about, and clearly it’s not mine.

        I don’t have any liberal or conspiracy theories (solar flare or Massive Brown Dwarf ELEnin comet) to sell to sheeple.

        There are one million trolls out there, and it could be you (who dat ) or anyone of you.

        The world can not keep up with you guys and your propaganda. Give it a rest, will you.

        • @ Who dat,

          You are a lying, sneaky and underhanded liberal.


          You fraudulently accusing me of posting something that was all yours, and not mine. What a sneaky and underhanded liberal!

          Who dat, you’ve tricked people into reading your crap by using my name or what other tricks. Because people would not read it when they see it’s your name.

          • Huh? I dont understand, please extrapolate.

          • Who dat, since you can’t seem to comprehend what I’ve been lecturing you on. This will help you more, stupid ass.

            What a bunch of SOBs. This site is about awareness of disasters which are happening around the world today and TROLLS ARE TURNING INTO A TRASH SITE.

            TROLLS react to my postings by going into a rage by attacking me with personal insults and name-calling, using multi-postings.

            Some of them constantly use perverted people like Jerry Springer and other Hollywood low-life’s to attack people. I can’t believe they have to bring in my name to get attention, so people will read their crap and discredit people and disrupt this site.


            • come on JANE, now you are just copying and pasting, dont get lazy on us. I could grasp it the first time, copy/paste wont help.

      41. i watched it as a child, when all of our industry was shipped over seas because of costs and lazy workers in the usa… on company by one and job by job all gone. today’s youth don’t work hard, have no ethics and it’s going to get worse. i’m angry that all of the jobs are gone now, but even angrier that the parents of this generation didn’t instill more work ethic into these kids of today…

      42. Ms. Lee has been in office since 1995. A perfect example of why we need term limits.

        Greedy, lazy, uneducated, entitled people continually elect her and we, the US citizens, are stuck with their poor choice.

        If you do not pay taxes or you accept free govt entitlements such as food stamps, welfare, public housing, govt cell phone payments, utility payments, medicaid, etc. then you should have no vote.

        Representation without taxation is tyranny!!!!!

      43. I find the content of Rep Lee’s character to be somewhat lacking.

      44. what about radical muslim groups,this country is going down the drain real fast!

      45. Why not some analysis on how Wall Street is bringing down America?

        • Yes, Wall Street represents a real threat to the US.

          More US citizens have died from bee stings than from terrorist attacks since 9-11.

          • Do you mean the bees are terrorists? Holy cow! Are they muslim bees? We’d better get a few congressional committees looking into this muslim terrorist bee thing.

            • Don’t forgrt about the government contract for the beekeepers, anthropologists, and translaters (arabic and bee). Oh, I almost forgot about the doctors and mental health workers to deal with the bees wellbeing and emotional stress.

      46. So much for moderating the political discourse.

      47. She is the perfect example of why free men in this country used to have to (be smart enough) own property in order to be able to vote. When you hand our democratic process over to a regional majority of under-educated, reverse-racist, welfare addicted blacks….Shiela Jackson is exactly what you’re going to get in return.

      48. One good thing….WTSHTF and the economy / and the uncle-shugga multi-generational government benefits gravy train grinds to a halt…and when whitey is no longer able to afford to buy their drugs and sex….

        a third of black America will die-off within a couple of years because of diabetes and already existing health issues, their dependence on federal money, food and medicines that will no longer be there, their inability to refrain from killing one-another, by attacking prepared whites and being mowed down…

      49. Unbelieveable, I hope she doesn’t miss the boat back to africa, maybe there she could be happy.

      50. lee is working for the 50 million illegal criminal aliens, She wants blanket amnesty for all who broke our immigration laws.
        Lee is fighting for amnesty for all the illegal criminal aliens in all our prisons.
        close to 1/3 of all people in prison are illegal criminal aliens.

        seems to me ,Lee is in need of a trial for treason.

        amnesty = treason!

        California spends billions for taxpayer dollars funding the illegal criminal alien invasion each year, is it and wonder California is crashing under massive debt.

      51. Talk show host Michael Berry in Houston started reading from the list of Sheila’s campaign donors. He went through the As and the Bs. About 80% of them had muslim names and most of them weren’t even from her district.

      52. Leave me alone lady I am sick of your freeloading kind and your name calling, Homeland security says I and people like me are possible terrorists because we are Veterans , I get called a hater because of my values, a militant because I believe in God , Last time I checked I was a hard working American a US citizen . Had I known some people like this before I would have never put my life on the line for the likes of them

      53. What the Hell is this your comment is awaiting moderation thing ?

        • Aw that ain’t too bad. Everytime I post I have to go into a room and pee in a cup. Looks like your next.

      54. Bush left the borders open for 8 years, started two unwinnable wars, laughed at katrina, lied about 911 if there ever was a person who should be tried for treason, it is that Sellout SOB!

        • Spot on!

      55. This women is an asshat…

      56. if this piece of democratic…work… speaks for the blax and hispanix dragging this country’s economy and culture into the sewer….

        I’m buying more ammo and seeking a mutual-defense militia to join….

      57. This gal is an utter shame to have in the House of Representatives. She is a shame to Texas, and a shame to the nation. Christian Militants? It wasn’t “Christian Militants” who brought down the World Trade Center. This buffoon needs to be recalled from the House. All she is attempting to do is smear good, Christian Americans by referring to them as a threat.

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