Congressman Urges Protection for Power Grid: EMP Attack “Could Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt”

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Aftermath, Headline News | 277 comments

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    When it comes to an EMP attack, the question remains “when” not “if” the SHTF. Few other scenarios hold as much potential for disaster and disruption to the lives of everyone in society. At a moment’s notice, 300 million Americans could be made instantly desperate – and even likely to die in the aftermath. A single event could easily be enough to take down the power grid and render inoperable all the computers and electronic tools that individuals, businesses, banks and governments all rely upon.

    Arizona Congressman Trent Franks recently reintroduced a bill intended to provide better security for critical infrastructure, with particular emphasis on the threat posed to the power grid by an EMP – which Rep. Franks points out could occur either naturally from a solar flare or by way of a targeted man-made weapon.

    In reintroducing the bill this week, Franks said, “The Department of Homeland Security has the specific responsibility to secure the key resources and critical infrastructure in the United States, to include power production, generation and distribution systems. Yet thirteen years after this job description was enacted, our nation’s most critical infrastructure — and the systems that more than 300 Million Americans depend upon every day for basic activities — are still vulnerable to large scale blackouts.

    “Anyone who understands how critical our power grid has become in modern America to feeding our families or keeping our children warm will understand why this act is so crucially important. The Critical Infrastructure Protection Act will enhance DHS threat assessments for geomagnetic disturbances and electromagnetic pulse blackouts which will enable practical steps to protect the vital electric grid that serves America….”

    The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resulting from an extreme solar flare or a targeted nuclear blast has the power to single-handedly wipe out the electric grid, and permanently disable nearly everything hooked up to it, from computers to electronic devices and much more.

    Back in September, Frank layed out the consequences of an EMP attack:

    Our entire American way of life relies upon electricity and electronic technology. Our household appliances, food distribution systems, telephone and computer networks, communication devices, cars, airplanes, factories, power plants, bank ATMs, even water and sewage plants could potentially grind to a halt without it. Moreover, while much of our critical military hardware is shielded against EMP, our military relies upon our largely unsecured civilian grid for more than 90 percent of its electricity needs in this country without which it cannot affect its military mission.

    According to experts, including Dr. William Graham, who was the White House science adviser during the Reagan administration, an EMP attack over the continental United States could render 70-90 percent of our population unsustainable.

    Rep. Franks is urging legislation on the basis that Homeland Security is charged with protecting America, yet unable to do so. Failing to guard against an EMP means a threat to civilization itself:

    “Passage of this legislation will help the United States prevent and prepare for such an event by including large-scale blackouts into existing national planning scenarios… Most importantly, it requires specific plans for protecting and recovering the electric grid and other critical infrastructure from a dangerous EMP event.”

    Continuing, Franks said, “There is a moment in the life of nearly every problem when it is big enough to be seen by reasonable people and still small enough to be successfully addressed. Those of us across America live in a time when there still may be opportunity for the free world to address and mitigate the vulnerability that naturally occurring or weaponized EMP represents to the mechanisms of our civilization. This is our moment.”

    However, it is unclear whether or not Frank’s legislation would be practically effective in protecting the grid, nor is it clear whether or not it will become law. A previous version of his SHIELD act passed the House but stalled in the Senate.

    Franks echoed the sentiment of former CIA director James Woolsey, who warned that an EMP “could bring our civilization to a cold, dark halt.” As Forbes notes:

    Congressional studies quoted by Woolsey estimate that two-thirds of the population would die of starvation, disease, exposure or violence related to social breakdown in the first twelve months alone.

    And to make matters worse, we would never even know what hit us, because we would have no means to investigate, to say nothing of respond. Just darkness.

    What can you do about the potential coming collapse of civilization?

    “Island yourself” from the central grid… that’s former FERC chief John Wellinghoff’s advice to individuals – preppers if you will – for surviving any grid downs that could occur from an EMP, a cyber attack or other event powerful enough to interrupt the highly vulnerable primary grid.

    People are beginning to understand that they need their own onsite capabilities to island themselves from the grid. That’s because the grid’s external vulnerabilities will continue to be a problem until we do have substantial amounts of distributed generation. I have a solar photovoltaic system that provides 100% of my power needs. I am looking into how I can island myself off the grid. But it is not just me, the military is moving toward micro-grids at all of their bases because they understand the vulnerability of those bases to outages.

    In the longer term, Wellinghoff hopes that distributed grids will become a major component of the solution – decentralizing power production at the local and regional level so that system-wide destruction of the main grid would not interrupt local power service. Likewise, targeted attacks on hundreds or thousands or distributed grids by an enemy could occur, but would be unlikely to derail all the power at once.

    These distributed grids could generate power through any practical means – conventional sources of natural gas or coal, they could use solar, wind or newer methods of renewable energy… the point is that they are independent and scaled to individual communities (or even individual homes):

    The key is that they are located within that particular sub-region and can run even if the there is some cascading failure throughout the main grid. Solar is a good example. If everyone had solar panels on their respective roofs then we could adequately disperse power generation in such a way that it makes nodes practically irrelevant. It is easy to hack into a node and cause it to malfunction but it is basically impossible to hack 10 million solar power systems.

    Preppers can take special note here: when major figures in government, science and national security are sounding the alarm over the threats of an EMP attack and the looming failure of the grid, it is high time to make a back up plan:

    That is, make preparations to survive with no power or electricity during a short or long term disaster, make plans to protect major equipment or backups with a faraday cage, and, if possible, make or adapt plans to generate at least some electricity using off grid or ‘distributed grid’ networks.

    Without picking any favorites, solar may be the most practical option for individuals at this point in time, though solar panels can be quite costly. Anything else that works is also a good option.

    Nevertheless, be warned that this could literally happen at any moment. Extreme space weather may be capricious and occur without warning, while those who would benefit from sowing chaos and disaster over the civilized world – or those who seek to gain power in the aftermath of disruptions to ordinary life – could unleash an electromagnetic pulse that would effectively pull the plug without any given notice.

    Are you prepared?


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      1. here’s an idea, rather than protect the grid how about we kill anyone who would think about destroying it. You kill enough of them they will get the message.

        come back?

        • mecca dc London… all glass…from orbit of course. 😉

          • Is there a Government Political EMP going on?

            In the brief span of less than a week:

            o FCC approves ObamaNet aka “Net Neutrality.” Wham!

            o BATFE bans certain .556 bullets for AR-15’s. Wham!

            o RINO Boehner Congress funds ObamaAmNasty for illegals. Wham!

            “The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

            • EMPs: “Enemies Masquerading as Politicians.”

              • Wow. The Obola EMP hit in 2008.

                Conservatively made Faraday cages got blown to smithereens. And now the land is filled with walking Obama-zombies.

                • And if you made a movie about it no one would be believe it possible.

                  • Why are we worried about an EMP now? It already hit …… Can’t you see the darkness?

        • You use a sledgehammer to kill flies?

          Kill people in masse?

          You nuts?

          • He is “King Krazy”
            So the name pretty much implies….

            • OK WTTI is back, Sold the city property bought the BOL. On the land for 6 days now. Have most of my preps. Posted no trespass signs. In the 80’s today. Oh pulled the trigger today and bought 500+ Oz of silver at $16.14 and burying it in pvc. Just getting camp set up and smoking a good cigar and drinking a glass of Cabernet wine. I can hear the dear but have not seen them yet. F-it I’m here and locked and loaded. Oh open carry on this Florida property. WWTI

              • WWTI, welcome back.

                • WOW , DK ,
                  Agenda 21 on steroids.
                  Thanks for the heads up.

                • @DK

                  They’ve already infiltrated my area and just in the last few years. I like how gov and media still try to say there’s 10million of them. More like 50 million. They outnumber blacks almost everywhere you go, so add that up. Welcome to multiculturalism, we will never get rid of them now and they will never assimilate. Its very frustrating when the problem is so obvious but nobody seems to know what to do or give a shit about doing anything….Only in America

              • Did you not say silver was going to $4 an oz? And you bought at 16?
                I hoped you had gone away for good.

        • We would have much more freedom if the grid was destroyed. That is where the powers that be derive much of their influence over us. As long as my rifles work, I’m fine.

          • For consideration:

            Everybody else’s rifles will be working as well, and there are more of everybody else than there is of you.

            Live by the sword, die by the sword.

            It may prove useful to modify your primary survival strategy.

            • This would be the big push of the reset button I’m waiting for…

              Same shit, new day.

            • What your point? Everyone’s rifles work now.

            • That’s it – assume the worst!! The rifles are for food and protection.

            • “Live by the sword, die by the sword”

              that generally only applies to those who seek such or use as a means to a nefarious end.

              self-defense and defense of others is not nefarious.

              • “Live by the Sword, die by the Sword?”

                That’s why he has a RIFLE!

          • Your rifle may work but you can still be out numbered by more men with more rifles. National Geographic did a movie called American Blackout. They imagined a ten day blackout and it wasn’t pretty. However, I doubt repairs can be done in ten days.

            • American Blackout was only intended for the simple minded people [sheep]. Notice the show was all based in a mega-city, I highly doubt the people here reside in such a place. If so, then they should have the means to know what to do when a situation arises.

              • I’ve seen ‘American Blackout’. I knew it was a bogus scenario when they claimed to have repaired the grid in only 10 days. Once the grid goes, I doubt if it ever comes back.

                • We’ll be back to railroads, stage coaches, and riding horseback. With a little hi-tech gadgetry left over.

                  Hmmm, actually sounds pretty good to me…

                  • There speaks a Hi-Tec gas-guzzling dreamer. They’re still being used as the norm presently.

                • Maverick,
                  it is not a matter of if we loose the grid, it is HOW we loose the grid and how many of the large transformers are lost. they are custom built and mostly from overseas now and take a couple of years to build if all the parts are on hand. so along with that and what else that ma be a long time repair , we could be looking at many years before it could be repaired IF at all. would depend on how any other countries were or were not impacted! YUP, I used to work in that industry.

                  • For the privileged few, the grid will be back up pretty quickly, if it even goes completely down to start with. The elites have been spending their big bucks to prepare for this. Their systems are protected against much more than OUR grid is. They’ve spent a lot more money on THEIR grid than they allocated for the govt to spend on OURS.

                    Bet on it.

                    As usual, WE will be the only ones left in the dark for any length of time.

                    • sixpaxk,
                      ALL the military bases over the last few years have installed backup power systems to be able to run all the important parts of the base, most of these systems are solar systems, and the money came from the stimulus money! YUP watched them install on the two bases where i worked!

              • One major reason I Faraday cage important electronics, such as portable radio, flashlights, batteries, my power inverters, I even have an extra laptop faraday caged underground w/ software backups so if there were an EMP-style nuclear attack or natural EMP, I would still have some things that would work off-the-grid using solar panels.

                I highly recommend ALL preppers look into Faraday caging an at least having one backup solar panel in the garage.

                • Killcen, I also ‘faraday’ the electronics I want to save. I use a metal trash can [home depot for $25] with packing bubbles for insulation [the ups store or fedex for $15]. Also, stocking up on batteries for those electronics is a MUST. I’m looking into a small solar charger setup also.

                • Killcen,

                  I have made several really great Faraday cages out of old discarded commodes that I have found lying around in various places. As you know the ceramic of the commode is a great insulator. I simply cover the toilet with chicken wire to allow the EMP induced currents to be shunted to a ground rod connected to the bolts on the toilet base via a metal strap. When the EMP hits the contents of the toilet are safe. When the threat of the EMP has passed, then an added benefit of the whole thing is that it can be used as a regular shitter and pisser with just slight modification.

                  • Stillson. As a side bonus, if you have home full of these the raiders will leave you alone.

            • one of the most realistic portion of American Blackout wasn’t metro city based ….

              the so-called prepper in the movie bugged out with his family – plus one – a brainless leftist boyfriend …. who promptly broke OPSEC to the unprepared rural sheeple that turned raiders ….

              lots of Hollyweird just like the majority of PAW movies – but they do get the occasional 100% correct ….

              • IW, I had to laugh at ‘American Blackout’ when I watched it. That scenario was so bogus it’s pathetic. “One Second After” and “Lights Out” are much more realistic scenarios.

          • My thoughts exactly. Once the grid is gone and most electronic devices everyone will be on a level playing field. Then the People can “Take out the trash” in D.C. and around the country. That is the best way to rebuild a country and the world.

            • The problem is the Chinese and Russian electronics will STILL be working. That’s why they’re planning an American blackout (which is an interesting name given the current “president” and his love for America).

          • OK WTTI is back, Sold the city property bought the BOL. On the land for 6 days now. Have most of my preps. Posted no trespass signs. In the 80’s today. Oh pulled the trigger today and bought 500+ Oz of silver at $16.14 and burying it in pvc. Just getting camp set up and smoking a good cigar and drinking a glass of Cabernet wine. I can hear the dear but have not seen them yet. F-it I’m here and locked and loaded. Oh open carry on this Florida property. WWTI

          • I would have to agree, hate to be captain bring down but at this phase of the game, a grid down scenereo is probably the best thing we could hope for, at least it would level the playing field a bit.those who have acquired basic skills will survive those who didn’t won’t, rioters and looters will felt with by both sides of the fence and then retake the government from local up,,,, ohhhh how I pray for an EMP, lol


            • Better hope not, we will all die as th nuclear power plants melt down simultaneously.

        • I’m all for strengthening our power grid. But I’m more for finding ways to shield it than I am for putting DHS in charge of “protecting” it. What the hell is Homeland Security gonna do? NOTHING…just more gov’t agency takeover and control, at least that’s what this sounds like to me.

          • Its one more excuse to expand the budget of an already bloated government,

          • DHS is rather incompetent as it is now constituted. We DO need to protect our power grid from EMP attacks, and I understand the figure of 2-3 billion dollars is what it will take. Unfortunately, that amount of money is earmarked to pay for the Social Security benefits to illegal aliens and other freebies they’ve been given via Executive Order by the current Obamafuerher.

            • TPS, the saddest part is that this could have been done back in the Bush Jr. era when it would’ve been cheaper, but no, they had to go and bankrupt us paying for those stupid wars in the Middle East. Should’ve also been spending to upgrade our whole infrastructure, but that won’t happen, either.

              • Braveheart, gotta agree with you on this. Think of all the infrastructure retrofits that could have been done for our nation had we not been in 2 unfunded, 13 year wars to the tune of $4 trillion dollars. Kinda makes you sick, huh….

            • I think a lot of the bloat in govt agencies is them taking money in the front door and shuffling it out the back to black ops and other covert uses. I think they just weather the criticism, because they know we can’t really do too much about it. It’s easy to accept the explanation that govt is jist ‘bloated’.

          • Acid, I agree with you all the way about any type of double standards.

          • Dude all your best posts don’t have profanity. Ever noticed that? I give this one thumbs up.

            • Reb. You’re attempting to control AE by applying peer pressure. Not cool.

        • You do that Champ, lead us all into a suicidal trap.
          That would kinda defeat the purpose of living, wouldn’t it?

        • I tend to agree with you wholeheartly!

        • Congress is too busy supporting Obama’s illegal alien amnesty to do anything that would actually help protect the American people.

          Screw Congress.

          Hope they all come down with a debilitating fatal disease.

          • whatever harry has…it may not be fatal, only time will tell, but it sure looks debilitating. . 🙂

        • what’s your plan for killing a solar flare?

          just curious.

        • Please, tell me and the world how to kill a massive solar flare with our name on it!!

        • Are you going to kill the sun to?

      2. Tired of this scenario. Whatever happened to Major Ed Dames and his killshot.

      3. A EMP sounds to me just what we need because A.I is much more advanced than people know and is being used to take away our control.

        Do we realy need CCTVs watching us 24/7 and just how much fun is the internet when the NSA with its freinds from Microsoft are watching your every move.

        The Turin test have been broken and no one asked “we the people” if we should allow these machine to become top of the food chain because the system is broken.

        • Top of my local news this morning was a story about “iron man” suits for the military.
          I dont think they care about us owning guns anymore.

          As you say Mr Smith , they are siezing control through AI and this is gonna be bad long term.
          We will probably nuke ourselves .

          • I’ll drink to that. On a lighter note, picked up some more mags from Joe Bobs. Good company to deal with. They were here in two days. I had them taken apart(no xtra cost) and sent as repair kits cause here in the PROMD, I can’t have thirty rounders. So its my little FUCK YOU to Annapolis since they fell asleep to my speech I gave there when they decided we need a license to purchase handguns.

        • I’m kinda funny I guess. I like running water, air conditioning, top rate hospital care and abundant food (too much of that actually).

          Anyone hoping for a catastrophe to reset anything is out of their mind.

          • There is absolutely nothing like a real good dose of normalcy bias to put someone to sleep. You do have a valid point though.
            I hope you take some time to think outside the box, it may save your life.

            • I am 100% off grid now. No power no bill, no problem.

          • [top rate hospital care]

            Seriously, what country do you reside from?
            In America, healthcare has very little to do with care, but has a whole lot of focus on making money.

            • beats the hell out of the alternative: dying of dysentery and pulling your own teeth without anesthetic. I’d take the current American health care system over the current system in say, Congo any day of the week.

              • i’m told the va can be quite good.

                I know a number of vets who say it’s first class.

              • I’m a very lucky SOB having survived 3 MIs of which two were with Vfib (its very dark over there). Yes I like electricity and good medical care and I had 1st rate care. How long that continues can be debated but it worked so far in the US.

          • That and poo that magically disappears.

            Kiss that goodbye, and there’s the real problem.

          • BHAAAAA….that’s a good little sheeple!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Something passed the Turing test?

          … noooooo 🙂

          That’s impossible.

          Well heck man, all hail my new robotic overlords if that’s the case haha.

        • Still using Microsoft? Those systems are full of federal backdoors,
          check out , download a linux system for FREE! All the software is free as well, and #1 Linux Policy: NO BACKDOORS ALLOWED, EVERYONE ALLOWED TO REVIEW SOURCE CODES TOO!

          Bill Gates is a fascist. Please don’t support Microsoft.

          BTW, I’m using Xubuntu right now:

          • Killcen: Linux Mint 17.1. It just works. Every time. Has never crashed, and no viruses, malware, spyware, nothing.

            Xubuntu is another outstanding distro. Again, it just works. And, if you stay off the terminal, you really cannot break it.

            I think it’s something like this: “To err is human. To really mess things up, you need the terminal…”

            Loaded onto an SSD drive in an 8 year old laptop. Boots in 20 seconds and shuts down in 5. New systems running Windows 8 aren’t as fast.

            I just wish I could load it onto my iPhone. Waiting for the next generation of Ubuntu phone. iPhone will go in the drawer.

      4. I was checking out steam engines as a possible source of power production.
        There is not enough sun around here in the winter months for solar to work. But because i burn wood 7 months of the year i could easily produce steam for power and it also lets off steam which could be captured for heat.
        Check out, bob browns steam engines , cool stuff.

        • @hammerhead,
          I too have thought about steam, but decided against it for these reasons
          1. needs a lot of attention , constant monitoring, or the whole thing goes KAPLOWEY!!!
          2. they are noisy, just wouldn’t want that calling card.
          I know you were leaning that way because of the wood furnace, so what’s a few more cords of wood, but really the constant monitoring would be too much.
          similar situation here with your heat set up, but remember, even that wood furnace has a blower motor, and if it doesn’t kick in, could burn the shack down pretty easily if lose power in the middle of the night.
          i am leaning more towards solar, not enough to power the neighborhood, just enough for the essentials. can be grid tied, and set to automatically kick in when needed.
          i did pick up an old wood oven/range last year off craigs list, they were still popular up here up until about the 50’s, so you should be able to find one fairly easily for a few hundred bucks. don’t know how ‘code’ it is anymore, but thinking of just tapping into chimney which is already for wood burning furnace. just waiting to put in stone flooring in kitchen first.
          plus, its a good alternative heat source.
          more snow on it’s way today, so break out the sleds.

          • DB-
            I have an outdoor wood boiler set as well as an indoor wood furnace .
            I already produce hot water and a small boiler is all that is needed .The whole set up would run in an unattached shop.If a 3 hp setup generats 1500 watts then i could charge battery banks and not run it all the time.
            But there is still alot of research needed .
            Thats why i,m goin down to see one run personally before i plunk down the cash .
            Solar is a non starter here in michigan most of the year , but i have a small setup that works well in the summer.
            Just cant have enough alternatives.

            • Hey fellow Michigander, where you at (general)? We made the move 4 years ago from Metro Detroit to a Farm in the Northwest, some miles north of m-55, one mile east of Lake Michigan. Best thing we ever did. We have 40 acres of prime land (at least for this area which is normally all sand.) Just far enough away to make it out of the way but still close to a little civilization.

              BTW, we are offering to a very select few, a reasonably priced bugout location for “rent” to park a camper at the least and utilize the facilities when it all comes crashing down. If you are a “regular” here, one of the good guys (not a blatant racist, jew hater, etc) and are interested, contact Mac for my email address or leave one here and I will contact you

              • 40 acres of prime land, mostly sand?
                Nothing prime about that, what are you going to grow, cactus?
                Racist, Jew haters..etc.?
                There’s none of that here, there’s nothing wrong with Jews, it’s the Zionist that most of us oppose. Huge difference between the two. Maybe you are one of those that is stuck on political correctness, I and others just call it for what it is. Unfortunately, many Patriotic people have been Liberalized and they don’t even know it. Hopefully you have a decent amount of land that can grow a large garden, sandy soil/mix does not do well for normal crops.

                • Idiot, I Said prime in am area that is often Sandy. READ thouroughly before making stupid comments

                  • Actually, I did read your post thoroughly. The only thing prime about your area is the real estate. Once you pointed out your location, it all sounded too familiar with me. From what you described is Manistee County, and I have family members that own a cottage on Portage Lake. You bought Prime Real Estate, as in value, you did not buy Prime land that is suitable for growing, that is what I was referring too. Beautiful location and area, hope it works out for you. Please take back the Idiot remark, that is what liberals do when they feel like they have been cornered and have nothing else to offer.

                    • Nope, you’re still an idiot. My land grows some of the best vegetables and fruit you can imagine, just like the rest of the farmers in our area. If you really had a clue about that which you speak you would understand.

                  • Hand purses at dawn gentlemen!

                  • You invited someone, unknown to you, off the net to contact you? ALL real preppers/survivalists NEVER invite a stranger to their “bug out” location. Nor do they share what they have stored. And you call someone else an idiot? Oh the irony.

                    • You weekend Rambos and your “opsec” crap gets WAY out of control. Again, read thoroughly, “If you’re a regular and you contact Mac, who I have conversed with for years in private, and he gives you an email of mine (with absolutely no link to me except for a secondarily routed IP address) and after conversing we decide to meet at some neutral location then I may or may not let you come see my place”

                      I offered a bugout location, not the keys to some fortified compound, my M1 Abrams, and a map of my land mine locations, IDIOT. I offered a place to put a camper in the middle of very low populated area where you will have no problem feeding yourself off the land, have fresh water and be way too far from civilization to have much worry of invading hordes (and most people around here could live a life off the grid without begging/robbing from their neighbors also.) No one is going to go out of their way to hatch some scheme to “take us over” or put us on their list of places to loot, WE ARE JUST A FARM!!!

            • Check this out HH. They make them down in the D. I also have a wood boiler. I keep coming back to this. Steam or Stirling? Run a hot zone off your wood boiler into the hot side of a Stirling.
              You get rotational energy for a generator.


              • THANK YOU ! M2245TH

          • What about a wood gasifier hooked up to an ICE teed off your outdoor furnace stack?

            • “ICE teed ” ?
              Not sure what that is …
              Gasifiers are pretty damn complicated and require running a gas engine.
              I guess i,m trying to get away from that.

              • @ hammerhead…

                ICE: Internal Combustion Engine (a generator?)

                teed: refers to a “tee” pipe connection.

                Yea, it would require quite a bit of tinkering to make it work. Didn’t know you wanted away from engines. Since you burn wood outside, I thought it might work.

                • JRS –
                  I know a guy who tried the gasifier thing and it just seemed like a big pile of junk waiting to break and required constat tinkering.
                  But it does work .

          • DB, Wood ovens are great! We have one that heats a 4 bedroom house. I put a small fan behind it to circulate the heat. Problem around here is people think an old burned out stove is worth it’s weight in gold. We have a Bakers Choice wood stove, it is simple, basic, and works great. They are about 1700 new.

            Did you get a chance to look at what I posted for you on the arizona article? For the money you have budgeted you can have a pretty nice system that will last for years. For backup power all you need is a 2000 watt generator to operate the built in charger when it’s cloudy. Usually it only takes an hour or two to fully charge a battery bank.

            Ebay has DC 24 volt well pumps that will pump up to 230 feet using only 4 amps. 1- 175 watt panel will run it. Not a lot of pressure but it will fill a tank at about 1.5 gallons a minute.
            Let me know if you need any more help with your system.. 🙂

            • Here’s a trick I used to do. Before my off grid solar system was big enough to run the refrigerator 24/7 I would put a bunch of those blue ice packs in the freezer during the day when I had enough power then turn the fridge off at night and put the ice packs on the top shelves of the fridge. This kept everything plenty cold until the next day when I would simply repeat the process.

        • ERRR – MIKE Brown steam engines .DUH,
          Senior moment ?

          • Yea, try googling bob browns steam engines,,,, ya get porn and a virus if your using windows

            • YIKES 1 Sorry KULA

            • Navy surplus might have a steam driven pump used for bilge pumps and lube oil pumps from decommissioned ships. I used to run a few in the engine room…decades ago.

            • Windows??? Anyone here still using windows? I done told you not to do that!

              • IKR, when I mentioned that I had been using macs since the early 90’s one of my co-workers asked how you reboot one when it crashed. I said “I don’t know I’ve never had one crash.”

                • What’s really cool from a money standpoint is that I’m using a 2006 macbook pro (wireless of course) as my main link to the world/internet. A two year old PC is only good for a boat anchor and my 9 year old laptop is still decently fast.

                  Though I must admit 100gb isn’t much memory these days. . . thinking about buying a new mac desktop.

                  • Rebel: Please, before you invest the money in the Mac, consider a new PC running a version of Linux. Better than Apple, INFINITELY better than Windows. Software is open source, and with very few exceptions, free. I can do everything I did with the Mac or Windows on Linux, and have only paid for two software programs… a scanner program and a PDF editor. Everything else is robust and easy to use. Find someone locally who uses Linux, ask to try their system. Save yourself about $2,000, and stock up on food and ammo (or a good ham radio) 🙂

                    • Or get the version that’s installed on a disk or USB drive and boot it up on your current computer. Nothing gets installed on your computer, but you still get to use the software.

                  • Steam is difficult on a small scale but the prime mover technology is relatively simple.

                • Once you’ve had Mac, you never go back! Lol

        • I think it’s mike brown. Price is too high for a 1hp engine.

          • beat by a second 😉

          • I,m heading down to talk with him about the 3HP model later this year.
            I really think it would be a good fit for my situation.
            But they are pricey for sure .

            • Mike’s an extremely interesting guy.

              Get him to go into some detail about his life’s story if you can, he is definitely not ordinary.

              Only problem I have with his steam engines is that they are of a small nature, a useful curiosity more than something that is fully useful for powering homes or small farms and such.

              • If his claim of 3 HP and 100,000 BTU of steam output is true, then it will surely power up a battery bank in an emergency.

                I look forward to meeting him, someone else told he was an interesting due as well.

      5. Well there might be more concern than just the power grid..

        “Before this week is up, we’ll be deploying a battalion… to the Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces for the fight that’s taking place,” stated US 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander Colonel Michael Foster said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC on Monday..

        and the 173rd is not a training battalion

        but a combat battalion 1000 troops..

        Yeah, this will go real well won’t it?


        • POSSE-
          I didnt see your post, and posted same thing.
          But i added a link to Zero below.

          I cant believe all the crap going on right now.
          And i saw on Drudge that the POTUS wants to take “unilateral” executive action to raise taxes !
          WTF ????

          • “a cold dark halt” just might be in order should this situation escalate any further..

            As psychopathic as they are..I never ever thought they’d be this insane to poke the bear with a sharp stick..bad enough Vicky Nuland et al started this crap with the coup and installed their banker crony as pres in Ukraine

            On another psycho news feed..

            Bush and Clinton are wooing Goldman Sachs for financing their respective campaigns…ughh

            need any more proof that wallstreet runs the damned world??

            enough already for the start of a new day..


            • And Ted Cruzs’ wife works for Goldman Sachs in Texas….She was a CFR member; you don’t get more “insider” than that.

              The Cruz family is part of the DC insiders, a fact I would like all the Glen Beck supporters to ask themselves as well as their guru Beck why that “small” piece of info has been overlooked by the Blaze.

              Tripping over themselves in their support for Cruz.

              • POG, Beck was a neocon shill when he was at faux news and is still a shill.

                • Maverick: Agreed. I cannot listen to him any more… he flip flops like a trout in the grass.

                  It always disappoints me how someone can have good ideas and morals, then they capitalize on this and turn into the very thing they rallied against when they started. I don’t lament the fact he has gotten immensely wealthy from his craft, but I think the sincerity is gone, and has been for awhile.

                  On the EMP issue… solar panels should survive an emp, but the electronics may not. Probably should have a good collection of replacement components, sealed in a faraday cage, and the knowledge to replace them after the storm. Hopefully some of the simpler appliances will still work (like the refrigerator and the well pump) so you can have clean water and fresh food.

                  You still want to stock up on salt and chlorine bleach.

                • Maverik, Not to mention he is a mormon elitist. The top of the mormon empire are illuminati. The bottom tier regular mormons are the nicest people you could know but also the most brainwashed, dumbest fookers I have ever seen. And I know a LOT of mormons. If ever any religion was more full of shit and provable bullshit it’s mormonism. These sheep NEVER question anything, it’s pathetic as it gets!

                  • Follow the angel MORONI ha ha ha, it’s right in their face.

                    • Oh and do a search for mormon magic underwear lol.

                    • Right on cue about the goofiness of Mormonism. Just the story of Joseph Smith finding Gold Tablets in the woods, but was told to keep them hidden from others, but go ahead and spread the message. Well, at least you recognized the silliness of Mormonism. Now you know how an Atheist feels about Religion, does not matter the belief system, we all see religion for what it is. Man made fictional stories.

                  • genious-
                    I thought Rommneys “majic underwear” was a BS thing.
                    IT really does have roots .
                    I looked it up , sure is silly .

                  • Glen Beck is a Mormon? Interesting, never knew that about him. He looks like someone I got into a fight back in the 4th grade and I won.

            • Possee, I have to agree. That cold dark halt may just be the ‘reset’ we need to take this country back.

              • Maverick,
                I second the reset! only thing that is going to return our country to the people!

      6. I’ll bet all those illegal’s that H.L.S is allowing in don’t care about electricity, hell most never had it. Maybe that’s why they want them here in the first place.. Most Americans can’t live with out power and will die off, hence no one to control. Enter the new sheeple..

        • double face-palm

          Those of you that think they want us all dead are stuck in a bad acid trip. The fed has made record revenue from taxes every year for the past several years. They’re not done with this cash-cow by a damn sight.

          Do you think a bunch of illegals are going to be able to sustain the luxury life we’ve been giving our POLs for so long? Fuck no! They’re only here for one reason… to sway the vote.


          Figure it out you stupid sheeple: There is NO left or right. Choosing one side over the other will get you precisely squat.

          • Those illegals will have jobs. They will become Obama’s Civilian Force. To keep their legitimacy as a citizen, they will be forced to become the New Brown Shirts of AmeriKa. unfortunately for these sons of bitch’s, they will be slaughtered by the thousands everyday if it came into play.

      7. OT-
        US forces to be deployed in Ukraine:
        ht tp://

        More good news, UGH

        • yeah hammerhead…

          this does not bode well does it???


          • Might be the time to lay up some extra diesel fuel and gasoline while the price is still relatively down. We get into a shootin’ match over in Ukrap and the prices will skyrocket. Shipping will most likely whoa up even more if it expands. (thinking food)

            • POd-
              You bet fuel goes up!
              500 gals of off road diesel just delivered yesterday, and 200 gal gas coming today.
              I think i will keep these tanks full and not letem run down this year .

            • PP…Buy a couple of mules..You will be ready.

            • I had a terrible sweet tooth last night and scrounged through the pantry. Deep in the recesses I found a 1994 quart of Bartlett pears. They were wonderful. Don’t be too quick to toss out your older canned goods. No, we don’t ordinarily keep canned goods for that length of time.

      8. Would solar panels hold up to EMP? Its nice to have backup power but do you run into the same problem? Before I invest in it I want to make sure I’m not still going to be out in the cold.

        • @jim in va.
          good question, genius might know the answer to that one. i would imagine if it was grid-tied it would at minimum blow the fuse in the inverter. so have a couple extras on hand.

          • any diodes would be fried

        • The panels themselves would probably hold up, but the inverters and any controls might not.

          Anything with solid state electronics in it would be fried.

          • Would a six foot long, in the ground, solid copper ground help protect your solar in an emp event?

            • I’m fairly sure that unless it’s in some sort of faraday cage, it will be vulnerable.

              EM fields induce current in components and even if its not alot of amperage, small solid state components like circuit boards cant handle a lot of current anyways.

              I believe I read somewhere that a moderately strong flare can induce around 50,000 Volts per square meter. For a 1-2V circuit board that’s a bit much.

              • Faraday cages don’t need to be solid. You could, at the expense of efficiency, build a faraday cage around the panel system using some type of chain link fence or mesh. I don’t know how big the gap needs to be but I’ve seen videos that demonstrate up to an inch horizontally and several inches vertically would be enough to create a non-resistant path around an object.

                (I’m not an electrical engineer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.)

                • Make a small grounded cube out of simple metal window screen wire and try to get a radio receiver or transmitter to work from inside it.

                  RF is electromagnetic radiation the same as an EMP pulse is.

                  EMP is not as difficult to deal with as it is usually presented to be, and the grid itself is vulnerable as a whole but parts of it will remain functional and other parts will be restored in short order. It won’t be as freely available as it is now, but power will be available to some extent the same as it is in almost all the underdeveloped countries, possibly for only a few hours a day and restricted to vital infrastructure functions only.

                  If war breaks out, restoration of power will be a low priority for most of the country and non essential (rural and non farming small towns among others) may not see it return for many years.

                  The electronics in your car or truck may present a problem -even modern diesels are computer controlled- but you can greatly reduce the threat there by simply keeping the vehicle grounded. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a spare computer for your vehicle (which can be done dirt cheap if you just buy a bad one from a junk yard and repair it, it’s usually just leaky capacitors that cause the problem). Most ECM computers are fully metal cased and as long as there is no attached wiring to deliver a voltage spike to it (your vehicle wiring harness) they should be EMP proof as is but I’d still make that screen wrap and put them in a grounded storage situation in case it was close up to where it happened.

                  FWIW, if you’re in a heavily affected area with many disabled vehicles don’t be driving around for a while, you’ll be a target for someone wanting it.

                  • Great stuff Sharon. I think you can get a grounding cable from pep Boys or Advance for about $25. Been meaning to do that for awhile.

                • I used standard chicken wire in my cardio-ekg-stress treadmill room in my clinic. I covered the walls floor to ceiling and sandwiched it between two sheets of sheet rock on all four walls. I had driven a standard ground rod into the ground before I poured the slab floor and wired the chicken wire to it.

                  This made a perfect magnetic field-free room. I learned this from the head of the department of physics at our university.

                  Faraday friendly

                  • Hmm, interesting,
                    That would be an easy way to line a garage, didnt realize that chicken wire was sufficient, stainless screen would propably work too then,,,

            • I don’t think so….it is only a ground for lightning strikes….EMP goes much further. You can also use an old microwave oven as a faraday cage, I believe

              • And take the magnatron tube out and put it in a grounded metal tube for a directed energy beam (maybe idk lol).

        • Biggest problem I see with solar panels for a lawless situation is they make nice targets.

          Think about stop signs and abandoned cars and appliances in rural areas.

          • Perhaps surrounding your array with bare wire connected to a 50,000 volt ignition coil would help deter that lol.

        • Have a spare set of blocking diodes in a metal box and you are good to go.

        • Jim, Solar panels would not be affected in an emp. The only electronic components in them are diodes. However, your controller and inverter might be affected. Keep spares in a metal garbage can wrapped in bubble wrap if you can. Grounding your array to it’s own seperate ground rod might help some too. Install a lightning surge protector also.

          • Even if the diodes in the panels somehow were damaged you can just bypass them with a wire jumper. Most charge controllers have diodes built in that do the same thing. That is if you have a spare that is protected.

            • Genius / interested others>

              Industrial supply houses sell “static-bags” for delicate circuit bds / components of various sizes…these will work better than an extra layer of protection while inside your faraday garbage can. I use ’em for my critical comm units & other stuff!

              …and per jumping out the diode…be sure to disconnect the panels to prevent “backfeeding” at night!

              • Hunter, 10-4 on the static bags I will have to look into them. And yes you will have to disconnect your panels at night if your controller doesn’t have backfeed protection. Thanks for the tip!

      9. I think we need protection from politicians more than any other threat we face.

      10. The only thing that can save America from itself is a power grid down situation…The coruption so complete and the dictatorship so unrelenting, you have to cut the technological knees out from the under the out of control psychos tht driving this country into the grave.

      11. Keep hearing about EMP but where is it. My electric still works fine it goes out in my area and an army of linemen show up it’s back on in a day. It doesn’t bother me the only thing that bothers me is no hot water thos is hard to do without.

      12. We’re all going to die. Think about it.

      13. Here’s a crazy thought.

        Try prepping to exist without electricity all together.

        I have.

        • Mr.G, Yep good point. Learn to make ethanol to use in alcohol lamps and cooking. You can buy a 5 gallon still setup on ebay for 200 bucks that will work fine. It has the mashpot, thump keg, and worm and is stainless steel. Stock up on sugar too lol. 🙂

      14. Learn to live in the dark.

        As we have discussed before the “main transformers” are made in China, Think they would be sending some of those to us in a pinch. Doubt it.

        If you have placed gear in metal containers that are insulated (cardboard) on the sides all over. Remember to METAL tape the closure seams. Gives better protection.

        Oil lamps, Kerosene lamps, candles and chemical lights.
        Moving on to campfires and for wood burning 55 gal barrels, wood stoves, charcoal grills.

        By percentage. What do you think the threat level is for an EMP Problem?

        • As we have discussed before the “main transformers” are made in China, Think they would be sending some of those to us in a pinch. Doubt it.

          China is more dependant on our dollars than .gov is. You’re damned straight they’d be sending us some transformers. They’d be up shit creek without a paddle without consumer USD’s pouring into that country by the billions.

          Think for a couple of seconds before you post this crap. China will help us until they think they don’t need us any more. That day is a looooong ways away.

          • Billy Hill.

            Your posting crap.

            Why in the hell is China building up its gold reserves.
            Moving to be independent with other countries to offset the petrol/world reserve dollar. Ever heard of BRICS? China has gone through more shit than this country ever will. They don’t need us.

            • I didn’t say they were our friend, I said they will help us ’til they don’t need us any more.

              If you’d pay a little attention to what I wrote you’d know this.

              They’re still making most of their money off the good ‘ol American suckers (yourself and myself included, you almost can’t buy goods not made there any more).

              They’re a long ways away from being able to survive in their current capacity without USD’s. If we lost power today they’d be scrambling to get us transformers tomorrow.

              But alas, ignorance is bliss.

              • Billy Hill
                Ignorance is bliss. China a Communistic Regime at its choice, that they could do right now, stop all imports to the USA. They have been off setting our reliance on their cheap goods by trade agreements around the world. Wonder why they are building a larger Panama Canal.Also the Chinese have major installations on both sides of the canal now. Just to do business with the USA? Yes, I agree there is plenty we get from china in manufactured goods. They are expanding their Navy in the Far East and that missile Launch off the coast of California was a wake up call. Not afraid to go to war ( SunBurn, Anti Carrier Missile) but they need our consumption of their goods. So could they survive the current capacity without us. Depends how much offset. This country has killed thousands of their own people and the tank would roll on any uprising. China doesn’t have to do squat. They could tell us to Fuck Off right now and would not give a shit.

                • China would be broke within a month if they “cut us off”. Ain’t gonna happen. Not for a good long while yet. Give it 5 to 15 years and things will be different. But for now you’re on crack if you think they can “cut us off” and it won’t ruin them.

                  • Billy Hill.

                    O.K. Time will tell.

        • That’s where we are in planning. we’re going w/o power and setting up heating and cooking with a wood stove. The other problem we face is me instilling in my family’s mind that biffys are OK, really. The looks I get are priceless…cheers

        • I like your , we can handle it attitude. My husband and I have been off grid for one month shy of three years. We have a quality life. Cell phones, tablet for internet, husband has tv for his trash viewing, washing machine, kitchen appliances such as blender, meat grinder for burger, shrink wrapper, microwave used when generator is on. We put 3,000.00 into main setup on roof. We also bought a couple (3) of smaller setups from harbor freight. These each cost between 139.00 and 200.00 each. They are set up to power key lighting areas in the house for evening and early morning use. We are early risers so winter mornings put the most use on them. Our chest freezer is hooked to main system on roof. Keep it outside so the weather keeps it colder. We have propane kitchen stove, hot water heater, and frig. If propane becomes unavailable, we will use woodstove in LR for cooking. Even now, at times , we will heat our bath water in large stock pots and carry to tub. We many times share the water. Have 2 cisterms holding 5000 gallons. Water is delivered by truck. Have smaller holding tanks receiving water off roofs. Good for baths, gardening, watering goats and chickens. Our recent purchase was a wood mizer sawmill.Besides being able to get permit to do firewood cutting, you cam get permit for pole cutting. I think the limit is 10 ft long. These make usable lumber. Some of our ideas are better than others. We just dont let ourselves give up.

          • sound great, but what would you do if water couldn’t be delivered? I want to be off grid too but have to wait for enough money saved for a windmill, transfer switch, and battery back up.

            • There are several ranches nearby with wells. A friend has told us we can get water at their place. 14 miles away a canal. Was told by another neighbor that her large horse could make the trip in a day. We are hoping for an early payoff for one of our alaska homes which could finance a well. Cost would be 25,000.00 up in our area. High desert, 4200 ft.

        • “If” an emp scenario becomes a nationwide event and “if” transformers are needed; the only “us” receiving those units from China, or anywhere for that matter, will be the elites and municipalities.

          Power would be restored from the the main operating centers, and outward to the centers of the wealthiest dwellers, aka country clubs, and such.

          “living on the edge”, of existence and countrysides would not see electricity again for months or even years.

          We prepare for those types of events and for small scale battery charging by solar. If those solar/battery arrays are not viable, then so be it; cause we have prepped for living without juice.

          The “b’s” have it. Bible,beans,bullets……..

          • One more thing to think about…the importance of having MULTIPLE smaller solar units. Bringing them into a safe building each night. I recall our church purchasing a well pump for a church member in Africa. He relayed to us the fact that he always hid it under the floor of his house each night so it wouldnt get stolen.

      15. I have a good variety of hand tools that don’t need electric. People will figure out how to live without electric it is possible to live a low tech life. I do it and am fine with it. Probably make the world a better place. I have kids that will help do chores like split wood work in garden take care of animals. Wife will help too. If you are by yourself it’s gonna be a hard life to do all these thing alone. More help means more work done. Electric is a modern convenience it’s not a nesessity to live I know people who live without it because they raid to pay the bill and it was turned off. For them it was hard at first but as time has gone on they have adjusted. I’m sure it’s harder but when you have no choice you will find ways to heat and light your place.

        • A question: If you “do it” (meaning live without electricity) how are you posting your post?

          Or do you mean you’ve thought about it and aren’t actually doing it, an armchair exercise of sorts?

          If the grid actually fails and there is no electricity, your biggest threats to survival will be things like cholera, dysentery, pneumonia (consider that the average cowboy in the old west died young of pneumonia, not gunshots the way the movies make it look) and other infectious diseases -even what we currently consider minor infections from minor wounds- that are no problem at all now, have you made plans to deal with them?

          It isn’t like you will have a functional city pharmacy or hospital to conveniently visit for a cure.

      16. There is no law that says I have to buy electric most people automatically do though. You gotta have sewer and water though it’s code around here. I don’t see how you could live without it. But electric it is possible .

      17. ONE SECOND AFTER by William R. Forstchen
        ON THEIR OWN by Joe Nobody

        Sites like SHTF remind me to re-read these two books.

        Thank you, Mac.

        • If you like those the Holding Their Own series is another good one.

          • Going Home series by A.American. My copies have been worn out by other people borrowing them. 🙂

          • Agreed. I really like Joe Nobody. I have some on digital, but I have a paperback of the Holding Your Own WROL strategies. But every time I read a prepper type book, I end up repacking my get home bag, my 3 day bags, and campsite bags, etc. Whew!

        • Ben, I have both “One Second After” and “Lights Out”. Both scenarios are very plausible. One Second After was a hard read emotionally for me The saddest part was when the guy’s diabetic daughter died. That’s when I laid down the book and I couldn’t pick it back up for another day.

          • If you were bothered by that, you are gonna have a hard time WTSHTF.
            Experts say 90% will be dead in 90 days.

            • Notsogreat, that was ONLY at the time I read the book. I will handle whatever comes along in post-SHTF to the best of my ability. Doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. And yes, I believe 90% will be history in 90 days.

          • I hear ya. I get invested in some of the characters in the many SHTF novels I read (and re-read). I got a little misty eyed when they gave their dog to the neighbors to eat.

          • Yup, it was very sad when she died. Dying in combat after living a worthy life isn’t sad, but a helpless child dying despite the dad’s best efforts made me cry too (I didn’t let my wife see, as far as she knows I’ve never cried).

      18. I’m really curious if anyone would be able to tell me, would a all aluminum horse trailer be considered a faraday cage? I guess Im not sure what all metals work for them?

        • Wendy, I don’t think so, unless it is COMPLETELY sealed. I am not an expert, but it seems what I have read (and there are a lot of varying opinions out there to be sure) is that the metal needs to be able to block the wavelengths of the emp. The shorter the wavelength, the smaller the opening it can get through. I think fine mesh wire screen will work pretty well, but most horse trailers have windows. If you seal those, with aluminum sheet metal or at the very least a fine mesh screen, that might work.

          Please note that I am in no way an expert on this, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I highly recommend additional research. Someone here will set me straight if I’m off base. They might even call me a name or two… 🙂

      19. emp’s are not as devastating as you think.

        the farther away you live from ground zero with physical mass like mountains , valleys and extreme weather formations the more likely your electronics will survive.

        if you are caught in a emp strike zone just head for the nearest under ground garages , military depots and corrugated steel garages to get/ acquire a unaffected vehicle.

        you can also easily pre-stage and emp shield the gear and electronic vehicle parts you need to keep you vehicle running and produce your own power.

        i’ve a complete portable solar power system with 15dc battery , converter and laptop stored in such a matter.

        it will allow me to cook , siphon gas and water and access my backup shtf emergency library.

        and it all fits in a metal shielded coleman cooler.

        you are only limited by your imaginations.

        * steam power and wood gas fuel generators are something i suggest you all look into. after an emp attack these will take the place of power grids and plants.

        • Pw… I have wondered about steel buildings for a long time. My “garage/farm shop” has steel siding on both the outside and inside as well. That would be two layers of steel for the energy to get thru. The panels are not grounded, but could be. It seems to me it would almost be a 40′ x 48′ faraday cage. Do you know of any studies on that?

          Add to that a grounded “job box” inside for the backup equipment as you mentioned. Looks like it should work…

          • you need to complete the Faraday circuit by mounting metal screen to your ceiling and connecting it to your steel walls then 3 foot deep ground rod it at two outside opposite corners.

            i attached examples… you can also separately ground your machinery bodies inside the garage for further protection of the machinery internal electronics.

              • Re: LDSPrepper Thanks for a great video.

                You mentioned CFL light bulbs as your choice for after SHTF. The fact of the matter is ANY of those sorry things that I have checked using my Amp/ Watt usage meter shows them using as MUCH or MORE watts than regular light bulbs plus the output is PATHETIC !

                If you want MUCH lower wattage and nice light check out the LED “Corn Light Bulbs” found on EBite and Amazon. They cost about $3.00 each but the power consumption is VERY LOW and they last a looong time.

                Somebody sold the Consumers a pile of crap on those CFL’s

                You can buy that tool at Home Depot or Lowes for about what you paid for your metal trash can. Go around your house and check how much power your TV/ DVD game console is using even when it is NOT turned on. You can quickly do a test on various kinds of light bulbs. My corn light bulbs only use 6 WATTS each ! They are 27 leds. It takes two of them to make a nice amount of light. Corn Bulbs can be purchased with many more leds in them and in Warm White (my preference) or Bright White.

                • Not to mention the CFL bulbs emit a lot of radio interference and emf in the 23K hz, range. Then there is the mercury issue if one breaks and they are lousy in cold temps.

            • Thanks for all the help and the links! I think this can be done…!!

              • hd your welcome , my pleasure as it helps me as well thinking it all through.

                it definitely worth your time, effort, considering it would save you 10’$ of thousand$ of $$$ in possible loss.

                and it protects you from the more likely to happen natural emp/ electronic interference anomaly due to weather and the sun as well.

                good luck hd.

          • Good link for more info.

            What I found to be most interesting was that the Northeast Blackout of 2003 was said to be caused by trees.

            ” It is estimated that the one-day blackout cost $7–10 billion in spoiled food, lost production, overtime wages, and other related expenses inflicted on more than one-seventh of the US population.”

            If trees could do this, imagine the possibilities from other causes.

            Europe had a similar outage in September, 2003.

      20. We can just live like the pioneers did in the 1800’s, candles wood and the good book

        • And with about the same population density.

          Modern population densities require modern infrastructure.

        • I own such an independent electrical island and also a slide rule and a ribbon typewriter. I explain to youngsters about the pre digital days of telephone booths and party lines where there was then also a nosy neighbor listening in. We called her Nanny. Her gossip was dangerous. We engaged in the use of metaphor. When you heard the click of her phone line cutting in, you couldn’t talk of anything of consequence so you just said, “Nanny is here, bye, call you later”. Why is it always the boot that evolves? Evolution has turned the old boot Nanny into Nanny State, the bastard mistress of Uncle Sam Inc. They currently reproduce at the rate of 0.001% of all live births. They seek 100%. But this is old math, probably best forgotten, like our founders principles and warnings.

        • People usually didn’t live past 50 in the 1800’s.

      21. DHS and “the free world” used in the same statement.


      22. has their generation-1 7W portable solar panels on sale for $26. Has a direct USB out for phones and battery packs. Or add the Guide10 pack and re-charge AA, AAA batteries. Tynergy also makes rechargeable CR123 batteries that come with a 12V charger so those can be recharged from that as well. Add a 10,000 maH USB battery pack to the mix and you have it all covered. With that setup can charge your smart phone, tablet (through the battery pack) the battery, anything that runs AA, AAA like radios, flashlights, headlamps. Then CR123 for weapons lights, or more powerful flashlights. Even if the grid goes down could keep all your essentials up and running for just over $100!

        I have no affiliation with Goal Zero, just like their products for small portable solutions. Ordered a third 7w panel to tuck away in a faraday cage.

        FreeShip5 for 5% off and free shipping.

        • As if the internet and cellphone towers will still be functional after an EMP attack……

          • yep, but those pre-1980’s cars and trucks will run like a charm though, if there is an actually use for them that is.

            • And I’ve got mine, jack!

          • Smartphones and tablets can hold a lot of useful books. You can have an entire library in your pocket or bag. You don’t need the internet or cellphone towers to read books.

          • Who said anything about using the phone to only communicate? I have wealth of information stored – 5 years worth of archives, hundreds of manuals, dozen of books.

            Ever think about morale? Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to music, watch a movie, play a game once in awhile?

            That’s a pretty slick setup for around $100 to keep not only your phone and tablet going but all your other small electronics. Throw those in a faraday cage and you have some good insurance.

      23. On 9-11, Israeli Mossad agents were arrested filming the Twin Towers. They said on Israeli TV that they were SENT TO RECORD THE EVENT. The traitorous Cheney regime (that had Bush the Stupid safely in Florida reading My Pet Goat to children) promptly shipped them and the other 100 Israeli terrorists and spies arrested on 9-11 and shortly thereafter back home. The leader of that terrorist nation is now trying to usurp control of this nation. As bad as Obama is, I would jump for joy if a patriot put a slug into Bibi’s lying mouth. Enemies behind our gates from false-flags-are-us-Israel and their globalist allies here are the major threat to our grid. We still owe Israel a nuke over Tel Aviv for the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. Never forget,never forgive.

      24. DO YOU KNOW .. WHAT IST THE WORST.???. YOU GUYS NOT EVEN GET THE TRUTH WHEN IT BITS YOU IN THE BUTT..If you did nothing more than watch TV untill now… now they come and kill you .. what will you do???

        read this please!!!

        There is overwhelming evidence that Hitler did not
        want a European war. He made many attempts to convince
        Britain to join Germany in the destruction of Communism,
        the Soviet, and re-unification of Aryan Europe. But, the
        ILLUM INATI — nottheEnglish people control Britain.

        In America, the Polish Ambassador, Count Jerzy Potacki,
        complained that American radio, film and press were “almost
        100% JEWISH controlled,” and they “clamored for war
        against Germany” Th^ wanted to exacerbate the Polish
        Corridor dispute with Hitler, which he was negotiating.
        Potacki identified the “Americans” behind this campaign as Herbert Lehman, JEW, Governor of New York; Bernard
        Baruch, J EW, advisor to the President; H enry M organthau,
        JEW, Sec’y Treasury; Felix Frankfurter, JEW, U.S. SupCrt.
        Rabbi Steven W ise. They acted, Potacki said, as defenders of democracy but were “connected by unbreakable ties to inter-
        national JEWRY.”

        Following the declaration of war against Germany
        (WWII) an ominous pause developed. Both sides haunted
        by ghosts of WWI waited, hoping for someone, something
        to prevent another blood-bath. Up front the “enemies” frat-
        ernized. David Irving (Church/7/’sl/l/ar), documents the PM ‘s
        frustration with the “Phoney War.” He sought blood, and
        glory— and he had promises to keep. H is advisor. Professor
        Frederick Lindemann, “German” JEW, proposed that the
        British initiate terror bombingof civilians. This proposal was given “top priority by the British Government.” Hitler, who
        had inveighed against air campaigns against civilian targets, would be forced to retaliate.

        Prime M inister N eville C hamberlain stated that “America and the worid JEW S had forced Engiand into war.”
        |AMESFORRESTAL,U.S. Sec. H ay.,T he Forreial Diaries.

        InJtJdiy, “Churchill’s War”, went badly for Britain. On
        cue ChamWeizmaiaJEW, ZIONIST, thelLLUMINATI
        point-man, once again slithersontothesGene

        We managed to bring the United States into the First
        World War and if you tow our iineover Palestine and the JEWISH fighting force, then we can persuade the JEWS of the United States to drag the United States into it again this time.
        WEIZMANN Letter to Churchiii, Weizmann Archives, Tei

        JEW success is measured by the number of crosses
        marking Aryan dead in battlefield cemeteries stretched across
        the globe.

        Get the picture about this souless and heartless creaturs…and to you know what..the only brave guy who tried tu get rit of them .. they vilified and you Brainsurgents pay now for your owne demise. Idiots … sorry, cant say nothing else

        With this glimpse, denied us by the M ED I A, of the
        ILLUMINATI’S order-of-battle, i.e, the POWER OF
        intertwining of MARXISM/LIBERALISM/JUDAISM we
        are now better able to understand the HOLOCAUST
        HOAX in context. L’INFAM LIE!

        • Sure sure sure now James, everything you say is absolutely true, but what I want you to do no is just relax so these nice nurses can give you a sedative,ok?

        • Weeeeeeee. Wackjob.

        • Ah yes. The hourly anti-Jew diatribe on SHTF. Yawn.

      25. undamental Truths
        “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.”

        “If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind. And thus the adoption of such a law would provoke chaos in the structure of the greatest organism that we know, with the result that the inhabitants of this earthly planet would finally disappear.

        Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

        – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

        • The British don’t use crosses for marking they’re war graves, they use arched tombstones but that doesn’t slot into your Jew hatting scam too neatly does it. Wonder what will be written on your gravestone! Hmmmmmm?

          • Who’s gonna bother to go to his funeral, much less pay for a gravestone? Better to let his remains feed the maggots.

          • James Von Brunn Grave Stone Inscription:

            After all of stupid things he has said,
            James Von Brunn here lies dead…
            He hated the Jews
            And he posted his views….

            As he burns there in hell
            He will notice the smell
            Of his own ass afire
            Like an old burning tire….

        • Hitler was as nuts as you are. He disliked marx because he was a jew, thats it. He made no correlation between marx’s socialism and National socialism, even though they were paternal twins. Hitler also ignored the fact marx was a self hating jew, blaming them for the ills of the world just like hitler. Communism and Jews were Hitlers bogeyman used to give the german population a common enemy to rally together to fight. Otherwise, Hitlers political ideals were almost identical to Marx. He just used the industrial giants for his war effort.

          • not everything Hitler did was bad. The Autoban impressed Eisenhower so much he copyed it for our interstate highway system. the volkswagon was ok too. and if he had been 100% successful in getting rid of the joos we would be better off today.

      26. I figure a steam engine gives me evertything I need. work energy to run a generator. steam to give me heat and distilled water for drinking and garden. The simplest design is a propane tank or better yet an air compressor tank which has your pressure relief valve included. Then used a compressor head for your mechanical energy. The only drawback it is energy intense. Hmmm. A turbo charged rocket stove with extra air afterburner??? I think I need to find that piece of 3″ stainless pipe for the afterburner part… Off on another project.

        • great post!
          thank you!

      27. Never waste a crisis. Use it. Ask yourself, what could you do to TPTB if they couldn’t see you anymore?

      28. Life after any major collapse will likely revert to a mid to late 1800s level…low tech but with some odd high tech things thrown in.

        As Ive alluded to here over the years,I live that way now,so any hit we take wont really effect my “back to the land” lifestyle….Its okay to plan ways to have some hi-tech things available but folks who want to have a decent level of life ought to make sure they have enough of those things that can work without the intregrated world we live in(and possess the know how to use them)…in other words as “stand alone” as possible…things that functioned well in our grandparents world…no idea should be deemed unreasonable or unusable in a persons world but have the basics covered before going off and adding any system or device that you cant support on your own,otherwise its gonna break at some point and to whatever extent youve come to depend on it you are crippled! be safe! REB

        • Nope We will not revert to 1800, We will skyrocket to the stone age. there isn’t enough folks with skills & know how to support a 1800,s type society. In the 1800,s you still had the rule of law. Court,s judges, Commerce ect. We will lose all of that. It will be a Root Hawg or die. Survival of the fittest meanest and just plain lucky. And maybe the lucky will be the 90% who die?

          • Hey Old Guy,good to hear from you!…you could be right I havent seen this scenario from the other side of it yet so I can only speculate like anyone else on what will shake out from this event…certainly alot of death and destruction for sure but I tend to think itll be a bit better than the stone age.
            Alot of folks will die no doubt but many wont( sometimes its the ones who we think will who dont) “technology” be it simple or even somewhat more complicated will survive on some level…most things never completely disappear once they are created… thus the mixed 1800s scenario I alluded to.
            As far as the rule of law goes there were many places where it was basicly lawless but folks still lived there,they would likely make it on some level and the normal course for people is to re-establish what theyve known so some of those things would survive at least on some level somewhere.
            (heck I reckon theres places now here in this country without much law and folks still live there, even in DC 😉

            Again, you may be right I just hope that somehow we can survive and rebuild something resembling a free nation using the best from all that we have known…be safe and warm! REB

      29. Both Biblical prophecy and the Illuminati plan state that Israel is the key. The Third World War is planned to begin when Israel goes to war against her Arab enemies. Then, and only then, will all the other elements begin to occur and they will do so in rapid succession. The plan is to have one disaster following another in such rapid succession that, before people can mentally and emotionally handle one disastrous news event, they will be hit with another. It is also accurate to say that until ALL of the elements for WW3 are in place, the plan will not commence.

        While it would be naive to suggest a specific timeline for the events leading up to and including World War 3, we do know that the plans for World War 3 are well advanced, and our leaders involved in this secret plan are waiting only for the right signal before all-out war begins.

        I think we will get WWIII., because of this stupid, bastard people who are in power!

        • Of course Israel is the Key. Their the ones that have been disrupting the Middle East, and they will get their big War. It will be our sons and daughters fighting again in another war for Israel. Their soldiers are not gonna fight the big one, they will be sitting at home defending the war monger Benjamin.

      30. with this .223 /5.56 ban , seems like history repeating its self.. well folks will it repeat itself or are we just going to take it up the a$$?

        yes ive already heard the ” well i dont see you doing anything” argument..

        this isnt an” I ” thing,, its a F#4Kin” WE” thing !

        • Amen

      31. “an EMP attack over the continental United States could render 70-90 percent of our population unsustainable.” …leaving LOTS of property, land, homes, etc. for those who actually do survive. Always a bright side 🙂

        • Leslie Anne says:

          An emp attack…..”…leaving LOTS of property, land, homes, etc. for those who actually do survive. Always a bright side.”

          More likely is it would leave LOTS of property for “those who actually….” ARRIVE! Not a bright side with that.

          We think illegal immigration is bad now, just wait till the word gets out that houses and properties are sitting vacant in every state.

      32. I met a Navy vet who was on a destroyer off the California coast during Project Wigwam, the nuclear depth charge tests. He said the lights on the ship flickered for a few seconds after the detonation several miles away. There are also non-nuclear and mini-nuke powered EMP devices intended for the battlefield, with localized effects. These are far different from the H-bomb (1.5 Megaton) of the Starfish Prime high altitude test that created a massive EMP and a new radiation belt, and is the usual case-study for an EMP weapon. The globalists are not having much luck using the U.S. and Israel to finish conquering the world for them, so I don’t think they are ready to use a big one here. For the prepper, the power-line protectors used for PC’s are effective high speed switches that will protect against induced current coming down the power mains. I had one smoke after a lightning strike that exploded the transformer in front of my home. The PC survived, but my unprotected TV literally exploded (capacitors splattered over the picture tube).

        • Agree: the utter pussyness of today’s war-fighting generation and lazyass, multi-culti civilian population means the NWO can’t successfully get anything off the ground. Look at the failed wars, the numerous attempts to bomb Syria/Iran that never come off. All of it is fizzing out like a wet dynamite stick.

          I would be more worried about social breakdown and degeneracy. Humanity going backwards intellectually. I think that is a bigger threat. We have growing portions of the population from various groups with IQs scrapping the low 60s. These people can barely hold down a fry cook job let alone invent the next generation of technology. These are the people who couldn’t think their way out of a wet bag and need 24/7 nursing from the welfare state. They will leach off the productive people until there are not any left and society crumbles into a dystopian nightmare of vicious gangs fighting in the cities.

          • The purpose of these wars is not to win, but to extend them. There was never intentions of deliberating these people from terrorism, only to promote the ongoing crisis to keep the WAR ON TERROR thriving. This has been the new foreign policy that has been enacted since 9/11. This is the globalist agenda. Syria/Iran a threat? Seriously? Ahh, come on man, don’t buy into that propaganda. Ask yourself, when is the last time Iran attacked another country?
            It’s been over 200 years, can anybody else in that area say the same? Syria hasn’t done anything wrong, Assad did not gas his people, this has been proven FACT.
            Only reason why Iran has been getting a bad rap is because they are not in the chain of the Rothschild Banking Cartel. Iran and Syria do not want to play along with the NWO.

            The fact that you seem concerned why the US has not attacked Iran and Syria says to me that you are completely clueless to the consequences if such actions where to take place.
            1. The United States Military could not defeat these two countries.
            2. Game changer, Russia gets involved.
            Russia is the wild card, if we attack those two countries, well then we are certainly are going to be fighting 3 nations and that sir, is fucking suicidal.
            It all comes down to, we don’t belong over in the middle east screwing around with other nations. Yet, we take our marching orders from Israel. Whatever Israel says, we do. This is how America operates now.

      33. Don’t see an EMP ever happening. Sorry it’s a nice fear theory but highly unlikely to happen. I’m not prepping for shit that is so unlikely to happen stop believing the bullshit people. I gotta get stocks in gun company’s survival food company’s and all this other shit too. This is where the $ is at. Buy this and that you need it to survive it’s easy for someone to get confused and buy shit they don’t need. You already have survival covered. You have a place to live food to eat medical insurance these are what you need to survive. If you don’t have it you are a pauper get a job bum. This shit about the grid going down is bologna they have replaced the poles in the high tension wires from wooden poles to heavy steel the grid is being improved around here. I don’t think they are rebuilding it and keeping the vulnerability there. All of the poles along the road the trees are being cut back so they won’t fall on the lines new poles for ones that are old. Maybe out in rural areas the grid is questionable but not in the suburbs. I have a generator for 15 years and have used it once for a few hours. Have a snowblower and haven’t pulled it out this year and the snow in the NE has exceeded the record. Every nuke is accounted for believe me the govs of the world cannot afford to be careless with this. Terrorist use guerrillas methods they make IEDS it’s what they have access to. all nuclear material is regulated and accounted for. If an EMP happened it’s our gov who did it to crush our rights. I never loose power here I’m gonna say it’s possible but not really something that will be long term a generator is fine. Forget solar panels and battery’s they do not have the balls to run your house. Windmills are expensive. Making faraday cages is dumb if the grid is down how are you gonna power devices. Don’t get too caught up in this. Thumb me down if you want whatever. Your better off getting some decent camping gear if you don’t have it. Think about your physical needs first.

        • I’m glad you live in that magical land where the electricity never goes out.

          I suppose the transformers there last forever and don’t blow up on occasion like the ones in my neighborhood. One blew up a couple of blocks from my house last week. The electricity was out for a few hours of bitter cold. Mine didn’t go out, but our lights flashed.

          I also suppose no one there ever has a car accident taking out a power pole as happened in my neighborhood just a few weeks ago. I suppose you’ve never had a hurricane, tornado, or ice storm take out the electricity for days or weeks at a time.

          • So Arc, how will a faraday cage be of use in your given scenarios? Prep for power loss but focus on the essentials. We can survive without IT and other electronic “labour saving” devices. “”BzZzZzZzZzZzZz!””

            • You evidently didn’t read my message. I was rebutting his claim that his power never goes out. I didn’t say a word about Faraday cages.

              • You evidently didn’t read Ass hats message thoroughly before leaving your put-down comment. BzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ!

      34. I just checked my email for the past two days and found the following solar alerts for yesterday, March 2:

        1:43 AM — M1.0
        4:56 AM — M1.2
        10:47 AM — M3.8
        2:44 PM — M4.1
        9:00 PM — M8.2

        What are the odds of 5 flares in a row, and each one is greater than the one before? The last one was almost up to X class.

        • The odds are 100%.

          The sun has been around for many years and I imagine it has happened before and will happen again numerous times.

          The odds of a massive flare hitting the earth is rather small. Not zero, but small, some large ones have hit us before. Most in earlier history have probably gone unnoticed because they simply didn’t have any observable effect on us at the time they hit.

        • A great site to check out is The sunspot responsible for the flares you mentioned, 2290, is rotating out of a geoeffective (earth directed) position. Check the site out. It also has info on the sunspots on the far side of the sun and the estimated time before they potentially could effect the earth. That is more science then I have written about since seventh grade. And I got a C for the class. My teacher would be proud…

      35. It is not as bad as the hype says. I have lived through mass power outages many times in my life. Just do three things and you will be okay:

        1) Get rid of your wife/girlfriend if you cannot stand her physical presence (she is obese, ugly etc.). People pass time by having a lot more sex when they are not distracted by electronics. Make sure you are living with a hot woman.

        2) Make sure all your appliances are energy-saving and do not depend on much beyond a fridge.

        3) Get a solar power system and use that to run the mission critical appliances: fridge, computer, lights.

        Cook with gas, f#ck when its dark, read during the day, sleep longer hours and get up early. Life goes on:)!

      36. If there is a major Power Down event, You guys think you will be living 1800s style, but that would not last long. China and/or Russia would be swooping in pretty fast. Think
        more Red Dawn.

      37. Obama is trying to “Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt”…

      38. Our power grid is already protected (from man made weapons) in the most motivating way possible.

        Fry the grid, you fry the power for the cooling systems to the spent rod cooling tanks of 300 nuclear reactors. All of them. Simultaneously.

        And game over for you. Us first, obviously, but there isn’t a hole deep enough for you to hide from that one.

      39. How is solar immune from this?

        I mean my apologies for my ignorance, but wouldn’t an EMP just fry your solar power system?

        I mean unless you plan to buy it, sit on it, and deploy it after the fact… which… wow the payback period’s toast.

        • A solar EMP doesn’t have the high frequency component that a nuclear EMP has. So the solar EMP sets up high currents in long wires, electric lines, telephone lines, any long copper cables. It will fry anything attached to them.

          If you have a solar panel setup, solar EMP probably won’t affect it if it is not tied to the grid. If it is tied to the grid, I would keep an extra set of electronics stored in a Faraday cage in case of nuclear EMP. I have an entire setup stored away.

          In the same way, a solar EMP probably won’t fry your smartphone, but the towers will be down and your phone will then be an expensive e-reader.

          I wouldn’t want to be holding an old-fashioned land line telephone when either kind of EMP hit. It’s also dangerous to use one of those phones during a thunderstorm.

          The payback period wouldn’t be toast. It would be impossible to calculate how much it would be worth to have a little electricity when nobody else around had it. You could make a fortune charging other peoples’ batteries, cellphones, and tablets. Or you could just keep it to yourself.

      40. Obama, also will bring our world to a cold, dark, halt. He is as big a threat to this country as well as an EMP strike on the U.S.

      41. Franks right have a lot of sex with women passes the time get vasectomy first don’t tell women about it and tell them you love them. Your all set it works good if your in good company forget about your energy problem. I just love a tender bird.

      42. Lord! EMPs, CMEs, ISIS, Nibiru, Nephlim, Aliens and the Illuminati! Sheesh, I have had it with all the Fear Porn, it was entertaining for awhile, but it is clear this is all fantasy. Lately I cannot make up my mind which is worse; the Lame-stream Media or the fear induced, so called, alternative media that has been preaching the same crap going on over eight years now. You would think, statistically, if something was going to happen it would have happened by now, even a broken clock is right twice a day. So many of these “stories” have been regurgitated year after year, and yet, nothing. At what point to we start remembering “the boy who cried wolf”? At least in that instance the village people finally ignored the boy and eventually a wolf really did attack. And yet, these “wolf” stories keep pouring out and the village idiots keep come running (myself included). I know I will get flame bombed for this comment, but is there at least one other person out there that understands what I am saying?

        • Van I know what your sayin I for one just wish something would happen anything economic collapse solar flare emp terrorist strike whatever even a dammed sale at Maceys I’m ready for a change!!!

        • @Van

          I’ll help you out. EMPs and CMEs are not fantasy. They have happened before and will happen again. Nibiru, nephilim, and aliens are fantasy. ISIS and the Illuminati are kind of in the middle of things to worry about, as in they’re not likely to show up at my front door. I would worry about natural disasters and financial disasters more than anything else. They happen to someone every day, and you can prepare for those disasters.

        • Yep,,,
          Definitely see the same stuff over and over,
          For the most part its just entertainment, some other sites have some useful info,
          Personally i like survivalblog and readynutrition
          Lately just come here to rant and relate,
          I sorta look at prepping as an individual thing,
          For me its just prudent to try and be as self sufficient and have backups, because i live on an island in the Pacific, so we are susceptible to all manner of natural and man made disasters and everything we utilize pretty much comes from somewhere else,
          It can even be a hedge against personal disasters,
          Anywho, just take in what is useful to you and leave the rest, that or make an all out mockery of it!

          • Kulafarmer.

            “Redundancy” Yep, I have about 100 flashlights. different sizes and lumens. They’re everywhere. ;0)

      43. This is why i have prepared. This was Ex Cia guy Dr James Garrow discoverd from hit trust worth sources. We would have been hit by suprises by non other than you know who and you can listen to this.

        I lost bladder control after listening to this. We better keep preping. Thats how bad things really are.

        Bug our bag-check
        Failure of civlility manual-check
        all other stuff-check.

      44. Van, I understand where your coming from. There must be some innate reason you came to this site, or like me, to many others. For me it is wanting to have some “insurance” for my family, that I can provide for them as much as possible regardless of what the universe throws our way. I am constantly questioning myself in this regard, and will admit that I do at times wish I could go back eight years ago and put my head back in the sand. Unfortunately, I can’t. I agree, these sites do tend to provide “fear porn” (a term I dislike), but I would prefer to read and educate myself on the “what if’s” rather then be caught, like the majority of the population would be, uninformed and unprepared. The wealth of skills I have developed are being passed on to my family; to me this is a pretty good legacy, and I go to sleep at night grateful for that. Hang in there. I feel your frustration believe me. You have options, avoid these sites and plug into the entertainment mainstream; or try to separate the wheat from the chaff. I have learned a lot, mostly from the comments, then I could have learned from tuning back in to “their” (tptb) version of the world. I don’t know if the aliens will invade, if Planet X is real, or if an EMP (Flare or nuclear created) will ever occur in my lifetime; but I do know the reality of this world, and things can change in a second (12/7/41-9/11) etc. Learn my friend. My granddad always said “they can take everything away from you, but they can’t take away your education.” Again, stay alert, when it’s time for the starting gun to go off, regardless of the reason, you won’t be surprised. Take care.

        • Its the “what ifs” that get you thinking,
          How will our family fare?
          What will we need the most?
          Will we be safe?
          Will we be able to stay safe?
          What are the possibilities with our comunity?
          What are the worst case scenarios?
          What will our reaction be if any of the worse case become reality?
          On and on,
          Gotta live life too though, but i gotta tell you, the more time goes by the less i want to wander from home, even seemingly innocuous runs to town etc are becoming an excercise in patience and a huge relief when i make it home.
          All the people driving while glued to electronic devices, etc etc
          Today it was some guys smoking crack outside the place i get packaging supplies from then one of them having a full on fight with his girlfriend or whatever,,,
          I got no faith in humanity anymore

          • I concur…sad aint it?

            • It truly is sad, on so many levels.
              Goes against my nature but i am constantly reminded of the crap that society has degraded into.

      45. If we can get through the scary unknown about shtf I think it will be exiting time in our lives. So much of our lives are dictated by work appointments church grocery shopping I mean not that this is bad just routine. Flying by the seat of our pants as my mother put it can be fun and exiting. I know someone my age shouldn’t think this way. Do you ever say I wish something exiting would happen. Seems like a woman’s emotions ha. I’m not an evil person I don’t enjoy others suffering. But some excitement is always fun. Like the adrenaline of a gun fight and no one gets hurt maybe. I will share a story about one night leaving nightclub with a buddy to go to a party. Well we saw this car on i95 south bound crashed into the cement wall in the high speed lane when we passed it we saw pieces of flesh in the road and then saw a man in the road all twisted with his intestines out like a pot of spaghetti. My buddy says stop the car there is somebody in the road so I stopped. Me and him buzzed good ran across the highway with cars dodging us and my buddy was trying to stop cars from running this guy over anymore. This was dumb of us to do we could’ve been killed by speeding vehicles this ambulance shows up checks the guy for a pulse nothing dead so they throw a sheet over him. Before any police showed up we got in the car and left we did not witness it happen so we couldn’t give a statement to troopers. That’s why we left that was about ten years ago. It was exciting and tragic at the same time. But my buddy and me really rose to the situation to try to keep this guy from being run over more. Was very dangerous and stupid for us considering the guy was dead. We put our own well being aside to try to help someone we didn’t know. My buddy has kind of a fucked up life I’d say. But I would fight next to him any day. I still see him around town. I don’t remember the date it happened the spaghetti is what I remember I’m surprised I didn’t vomit. But my heart was pumping hardcore. I got other crazy stories they come to me from time to time. Anybody else have faces of death type stories or just crazy experiences. I’d like to read about them.

        • Urgh. That’s awful. Not surprised you have flashbacks about it. Just wondering whether you can eat spaghetti?

      46. I”ve been mostly lurking recently and I just can’t get the fencepole out of my ads here….

        Someone or more posting on this board have either gone off the deep end directly stating probable intent to initiate engagement with TPTB or…

        They’re govt trolls playing along trying to entrap folks on this board. Careful how you word stuff folks. A little bad grammar could find you in that warehouse in shitcago.

        • Funny how we really arent all that free eh!

      47. Since were back on this EMP bullshit MAC when it all goes to SHIT I plan to take what little I need to survive AR ammo knife plenty of matches about 2000 and head to the swamp where will provide many meals some of it taste like shit but it wont kill you millions of people lived before THE P-POLES went up and they will when they come down because FAITH RULES OVER MATTER an none of this BULLSHIT MATTERS SWAMPRATT OUT……

      48. Hey Mavrick you ready for this hardcore winter storm that’s about to kick our ass this kind of weather is what its all about screw the EMP

      49. Everybody want heaven-
        Nobody want dead

      50. I did not read all the comments so I do not know if this was mentioned. Please look up “Wood Gas Boilers”. We can use wood smoke to power gasoline engines, even car and truck engines, to power generators or whatever. This is not new technology- it was used extensively to power cars and pickups after WW 1. Specific plans available online from a guy in Washington state, maybe oregon… I bought a set(book-s). Look at Amazon or Youtube for links. Hope this helps> Mike from N. Mn.

        • My plans for wood-gas generator reported in Mother Earth News. Issue 71 updated version.

      51. We’re already desperate by depending on and going along with Big Business’ elitist economy. Chasing the rich man’s dollar that you will never be allowed to have only keeps you running his treadmill to power his machine. Self-reliance is the real escape from the rich man. Of course, he’s gotten his government to outlaw your self-reliance and to brand you a “terrorist” “lone wolf” if you are self-reliant. Tell us something new!

      52. Genius in March wrote: Ebay has DC 24 volt well pumps that will pump up to 230 feet using only 4 amps. 1- 175 watt panel will run it. Not a lot of pressure but it will fill a tank at about 1.5 gallons a minute.
        Let me know if you need any more help with your system..
        I would like to discuss with you further as I have a well that is at 400′ deep and has submersible pump. Not sure how these deep well 24 v pumps work. Went to ebay but didn’t get a lot of info. Said you were willing to help. My email is [email protected]. Thanks for making contact.

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