Congressional Report: Ebola Bio Kits Deployed to National Guard Units In All 50 States

by | Jul 29, 2014 | Headline News | 261 comments

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    The Department of Defense informed Congress that it has deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams in all 50 states, according to a report published by the Committee on Armed Services. The report, published in April amid growing fears that the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus might spread outside of West Africa, says that the portable systems are designed for “low probability, high consequence” scenarios.

    Some 340 Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System (JBAIDS) units have thus far been given to emergency response personnel. The systems are “rapid, reliable, and [provide] simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens,” says executive officer for the DOD’s Chemical and Biological Defense group Carmen J. Spencer.

    The Chemical and Biological Defense Program has sharpened the DoD diagnostics portfolio by increasing the capability of our fielded system, some 340 of which have been provided to the Military Services.

    The Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System is a portable system capable of rapid, reliable, and simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens. By partnering with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and the Food and Drug Administration, we have made accessible additional diagnostic assays for high consequence, low probability biological threat agents for use during declared public health emergencies.

    This collaboration has facilitated the availability of viral hemorrhagic fever diagnostic assays for use during a declared emergency and adds previously unavailable preparedness capabilities to this fielded system.

    To address the need for a near term capability to combat emerging threat materials, we have already provided Domestic Response Capability kits to the National Guard weapons of mass destruction civil support teams resident in all 50 states.

    These kits provide emerging threat mitigation capability that includes detection, personnel protection, and decontamination.

    Full Congressional Report via POTR 

    According to manufacturer BioFire Diagnostics, the JBAID is capable of detecting a variety of infectious disease targets including Anthrax, Plague, Ricin, and various forms of influenza. The detection kits sent to National Guard units also include hemorrhagic fever detection capabilities, giving the military the ability to identify potential infections in as little as thirty minutes:

    The ruggedized JBAIDS is an open platform that analyzes 32 samples in 30 minutes and is deployed in field hospitals, mobile analytical labs, shipboard medical labs, food and water safety test centers, research labs, and other mobile scenarios.

    ebola kit
    (Pictured: Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System)

    The Ebola threat recently popped up on the global radar when an infected individual traveled via airplane from Liberia to Nigeria’s capital of Lagos, alarming bio-specialists who say it could just be a plane ride away from U.S. shores.

    As noted by Steve Quayle, Department of Defense planners had already taken steps to deliver the biodetectors to the National Guard before April of this year, suggesting that, while no infection of Ebola in North America has been confirmed, the military is already taking precautions.

    The military has response plans in place for national emergency events that could include anything from a pandemic outbreak to economic collapse, both of which could lead to civil unrest.


    Video Update (Provided by POTR)

    It is unclear how real or imminent the threat may be, but it is clear that a massive surge of Governmental spending and preparedness has occurred since Hemorrhagic H7N9 Bird Flu came on the scene in 2013 and those preparedness activities are accelerating as EBOLA has started to gain momentum in Africa.

    In that regard, spotting the field use of the biomedical equipment shown below is an extremely strong indicator that a Biodefense operation is underway. Pay special attention to the JBAIDS device shown below, its presence at any medical or field facility is prima facie evidence of a high risk medical event of disastrous proportion.


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      1. Seems like ‘THE PLAN’ is already in the works.

        This guy was on TWO different international flights and was headed back to the United States.
        The flight to Nigeria unloaded, some connected to their on-going international flights, the rest walked out into a city of 21 million people.

        In less than three weeks we’re going to know whether or not there’s a pandemic.

        • Not a case of “if”, but “when”.


          • It just keeps getting more wurser each day…

            • Wrong: You mean it just gets worse everyday? More Public school upbringing I see, eh? lol

              • I’m homeless on the first. Wife took kids and money. I can’t make the large rent and my gas got turned offAnyone in the Cedar Rapids want to take in a 34 yr old prepper for a minute?

                • Iowa, Wow the sucks. Didn’t see it coming? Just curious, but did your prepping cause the breakup? Its a tough place when one spouse preps and the other is clueless and fights it. I had a non-Prepper clueless friend also, the typical “dancing with the stars” Morons. Have not spoken to them since last Feb. No loss though, the guy is useless as a Man. He needs a swift Boot of Depussification kicked up his bottom.

                  • It wasn’t my prepping. She’s just mean.

                  • I’m in Oregon, or I would. That’s quite a hike, even on a good day…sorry.

                • I have stocked up on batteries and distilled water, and have 2 extra feet of silver wire.

                  Colloidal silver protects my family from anything the corp may create or deploy against us. Am I willing to bet my life on that? Absolutely.

                  For less than 30 bucks you can not only have all the colloidal silver you could ever need, but you have FULL CONTROL over the means of production.

                  The Bible says there will be many plagues, not just one. Colloidal silver keeps us prepared for any and all of them.

                  Iowa, can’t take you in but I bet there are a lot of foreclosures you could move into for while.


                  • I’m in the process of building a colloidal silver generator, as well as a water distiller that doesn’t use electricity. There are different plans on the internet and youtube. The problem is I don’t know which type of generator produces the smallest silver particles, or how to regulate a generator so it will. The smallest particles are the best because they absorb into the body instead of getting flushed out like the bigger ones do. Anyone out there have ideas on where to find the best plans for a generator and a distiller? I will be using 2 Canadian Maple silver coins, since they can produce enough silver for pretty much a lifetime, or so I’ve heard.

                  • Just curious. How does colloidal silver keep you from getting Ebola? Thanks for clarifying.

                  • You lost me at “The Bible says…”, unless that is part of your fiction collection to immerse yourself in a fantasy when other forms of entertainment cease.

                  • CBGB: I’m curious…why don’t you just by one? They come in electricity/ battery and not expensive. Good to know about the maple coins…aren’t our silver coins 99.99?


                  • Dr. M,

                    Colloidal silver will help your body kill off the virus IF you get it. You can be one of the 10% that survive it, most likely never feeling a symptom.

                    Of course, if you are an MD, you will not believe a word of it. Practical experience and personally witnessing amazing results with it on a variety of bacterial and viral conditions is what I base my opinion on.

                    If you doubt the power, the fact that the FDA has tried repeatedly to ban it should be all the proof of it’s effectiveness you need.

                • you werent prepared for that – live and learn.

                  • Ouch! Duly noted.

                  • PKLauLau,

                    I think I’ve got everything I need to build one version that I found online. It’s pretty cheap. I just know there are different ways of going about it and was wondering what version people on this site prefer. The generators I could buy online seem expensive by comparison. I’m watching every penny for prepping!

                    As far as silver coins go, I read that the Canadian Maples have the highest silver content out of most silver coins and are the ones recommended for making colloidal silver. One of the problems I’m working on now is how to get half of a coin in the water without the alligator clips that are holding the coin touching the water. Silver rods would be easier, but I’d need to buy more of them and I wouldn’t want to run out.

                  • Responding to aticle and the anti bible guys; good info, probably right in assessment of purpose and design. But these machines are not new, a forward thinking medical est/group/organization would already have somthing similar as might a hazmat team … available for a regeion “just in case” anyway and should. I know, thinking positive will not make it so…

                    And for the anti bible guys; just because you disagree with ones world view does not mean they are wrong or that all the information they have is bogus/hooky…if you research science (real science is sceptical, wants proof, will not hold too tightly to the conclutions based on correlations, will allow for multiple competing theorys, and will accept the simplest theory as the most likely) and have an open mind (allowing for other possibilities than your own world view (flat earth…)) you may find things different than you think.

                    In any event carry on as you see fit.

                • She was nice. She could have taken the money and left the kids. That would really put you in a bind. What did you do to piss her off?

                  • Most people who read Iowa’s post saw it coming but Ioowa did not. She always hated his race, just came to admit it.

                • Iowa: hang in there…something will work out….


                • Sorry to hear that Iowa. I’m not close to where you live. Your kids will know you had the foresight to predict when the SHTF and when that day comes they will admire you for it. Be the level headed adult and they’ll remember it. Do you have any relatives you could stay with for a while?

                  • Small clan, no.

                • Im an Iowa residence now. Would be nice to keep in contact with others close by with the same mind set

              • No wurserEST than the day before….LMAO

                • be careful, WhoWuddaThunkIt won’t wike it!!

              • CNN Reports: July 30th 10:41 EST -Now more than 800 Cases of Eboli in West Africa. Got to watch these westerly traveling winds that stir up hurricanes off the west coast of Africa, that travel west to the Florida area, and US East Coast. Living in Florida a few years back there was a reddish tinted haze in the horizon caused from African dust storms. So that African Air does reach the US Continent.

              • So now that its later October and multiple cases here in the US, how does it feel being such a dumb SOB?

            • wurser? lol

              • You wouldn’t recognize humor if it came up and hit you in the head with a Sledge-O-Matic.

            • What about food from africa? Coffee? Bananas? The list can go on. Scary stuff.

              • I’m to the point where I’m tempted to start wearing surgical gloves to handle my mail and boxes in the mail. I keep wondering who handled them before they got to me. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but if I got one of those bugs, I doubt I’d make it.

          • There will be no civil unrest if it strikes here.
            With everything else happening that the American
            people should be outraged about but do nothing,
            this will become just another milestone in the
            pages of sheeple history.

            • Tin foil hat alert:

              JBAIDS means Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnosis

              Having testers for Ebola is being proactive. Having testers that test for open boarder diseases and biological agents is reactive to the open boarders.

              My tin foil hat says that “JBAIDS” are for Ebola is a cover story to hide what the real purpose for their deployment.

              Think politics, open boarder diseases makes the president and his administration look as though they are endangering the citizens. Having an Ebola tester in the field and ready to use makes the president look like as if he’s trying to protect the citizens. Which story line do you think this administration wants to put forth.

          • Ausse – It’s not the case of “If or When” anymore, as it is “already here today.” Now it is a case of how to defend yourself against it. Let er’Rip!!

          • Hi Ready Down Under:

            If you get a chance check out Rappoports article on the US military involvement in Australia and also your government setting up a surveilance state like NSA. no more fake news dot com.

        • Too bad that all ADHD Obama can actually concentrate on is how to kill us off. As he lurches from disaster to another, he fixates on one sparkly new toy….how to finish off the Republic.
          Time to stay home and don’t even touch the mail.

          • I don’t think he has attention deficit disorder!! The old (curse word!) is thoroughly concentrated!!– concentrated on destroying America, Russia, and any other country which might be a nuisance to TPTB.

          • Well If you should get Ebola have a healthy looking friend or family member kiss, hug and handshake a liberal!

        • My elder sis lives in Nigeria – trust me when I say that Lagos contains a LOT more than 21 million people. If the virus breaks free of containment in Lagos then consider it having the same threat level to you personally as if it breaks out in London, New York or Los Angeles.

          The good news is that Nigerians are unlikely to be hampered by any pretence of political correctness in their efforts to control the virus on their own soil, and that the nation does have superb medical personnel to rival any Western nation of it’s own already on the ground and on the alert. We need to find the slivers of hope where we can when dealing with the fear this virus engenders in all thinking souls.

          Lagos is an advanced global centre of commerce with flights/ships to and from every corner of the globe daily. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and some of its Western and Eastern peoples have traditions of global education, pilgrimage and trade that stretches back to before the Crusades. (Some of those in the North still exist in an existence like those of the dark ages but non-travellers are frankly NOT our concern).

          In addition the role of the eastern part of the country on the global oil supply should not be ignored. A reduction in Nigerian oil output would have catastrophic consequences for a supply chain already suffering stress due to the situations in the Middle East and Ukraine. If the oil stops flowing the trucks stop stocking Walmart and the West melts down into Civil Unrest. Never forget the old adage that we are only 3 meals from anarchy. The Ebola outbreak doesn’t have to reach our own Western shores to cause disruption to our way of life. This is not the horrific end of days threat that Ebola itself poses to us but we should incorporate what happens if Nigeria’s oil supply to the west is disrupted into our plans.

 Another UK news link for you guys.

          • Yeah, and meantime, the lives of innocent Africans in the Niger Delta, for example, are destroyed so that BP can pump the oil from their wetlands, making the lives of the local people intolerable, poisonous, killing the fish, etc…. all so we might get the oil which powers our cars, homes, and commercial trucks with frozen supermarket food! what a crappy world!

          • Only roughly 1% of our imported oil comes from Nigeria.

        • “MIGHT SPREAD TO THE US”?? According to Sanjay Gupta, the doctor on TV, it is inevitable that the disease will spread to the US. He says, we can contain it though, when it gets here– block it from spreading wider, more prolific.

        • According to Sanja Gupta, the doctor on TV, we have little small cuts on our hands which we don’t know about, and Ebola virus (just a minuscule amount!) can infect us this way, if we are not careful! I imagine a time when we will all wear some kind of gloves when we go out… scary!

        • This is not accurate. I know everyone wants to think that ‘they’ are out to get us (and they are) but if any of you would take the time to look into this you would see that there are no Ebola Test Kits. They are right now developing them.

          What was deployed to the Nat’l Guard back in April was Domestic Response Capability (DRC)kits. Yes they have to do with disease containment and detection, decontamination, etc. but they do not specifically address the Ebola virus and there was not premeditation or forethought regarding this outbreak.

          With all the actual threats to us as a population, please don’t spread this type of misdirection on sites we rely upon for more accurate information. This is Alex Jones quality reporting-through-a-megaphone half-truths.

        • I believe the Administration under the deception of compassion is bringing those two Americans here to the United States so when there is a breakout of Ebola, they will blame it an accident instead of the truth that they allowed this disease ebola to come into our country through the southern border to cause a panic among the America people and for martial law to be called upon and then they will start moving people to concentration camps that they will call quarantine facilities and anyone that stands in the way will be sent there, then they will actually catch the disease and then die – this is the future of our country.

      2. Better kit-up…something wicked this way comes.

        • Don’t know how one would “kit up” for this; there is no cure except distance from others who are already infected.

          • Full face protection, full coverall protection and a designated decontamination area outside your home. That’s “kit up”.

            • The last bucket of fear before the announce Martial Law to keep everybody home before gun confiscation. When the Blue Helmets come knock at your door just put up you quarentin sign. Stay away. Bird Flu- Eboli.. 2 can play that game.

              • LOL! You do that, and you will be among the first to be whisked away to a camp.

                • I still plan to put up a note to “___________” that says I am out of food and have taken my gun and gone to visit “__________” in the next town/state.

                  That way, hopefully, they will think my house is empty (no food, no guns) and go somewhere else.

                • They won’t be whisked away, they’ll be burned down.

              • And miss an opportunity to shoot one of the Mofo’s?

                Shoot them thru the door

                • Sorry, BJ.

                  I don’t think my little revolver will shoot through my new door and security door. Besides, then they would know where I am.

                  Thanks for the red thumb. I gave you one too. 🙂

                  • Red thumb? I was actually just now your 2nd green thumb.

                    Everyone’s situation is different and God will do amazing cool never thought of things to protect those He chooses to see through what ever may come.

            • I wouldn’t put my trust in those precautions; those doctors wearing forced air moonsuits still became infected even with far more stringent precautions. If the Ebola virus becomes airborne then we are well and truly fucked.

              • From the pictures in recent news reports it did not look like they were wearing the moon-suit type of protective gear you assume. They had thin latex gloves and those lousy dust masks. And really, even if they did wear those while working, they could easily have contracted it from outside the decontamination area. That treatment facility was not sanitary at all.

                Like Joe said, kit up in real gear while also maintaining distance. I just this virus doesn’t decide to find itself other vectors to spread itself.

                • There are photos of the American docs in bio suits made if thick plastic. Local docs may not have it but they did.

                  • Vice President Biden’s Son Hunter Biden, was appointed to a leading Ukrainian Gas Company Board called”Bursima Holdings” So how does Biden’s Family Greatly Profit off of this? Why cut off all the competition by placing sanctions against Russia, Ukraine’s Largest Gas Supplier.

                    This SCANDAL Ranks right up there with Bushy Jr invading Iraq because Saddam Hussein threatened Bushy Sr.

                    The Truth always Prevails – Let er’ Rip!!

                • Ebola Reston is already airborne, but it is not yet fatal to humans. If one strain could become airborne, then there is no inherent reason why other, fatal strains could not also do so. One of the main reasons the Black Death had such high mortality was that it was spread by air through the pneumonic version of plague. Precautions can help, but in a full-blown pandemic it will not really matter what precautions one takes short of putting as much distance between yourself and others as possible. A several week period where an infected victim is asymptomatic would allow untold numbers of the healthy to also become infected.

                  • Hey Moon – so right about Reston, which luckily was not harmful to humans or the population of the USA would be about 25 million!

                    There is only one way to protect yourself from Ebola (or SARS, MERS etc) if they become airborne and that is simply isolation, and for a considerable time too – and that is many months, not just the incubation period of up to 3 weeks.

                    It is expected if Ebola breaks out of Africa it will hit Paris first and we SHOULD get some warning that it is on the march. That is when you should pull the trigger and put your pandemic plan into action. I expect, if one is prepared well enough, you could safely ride it out by bugging in in an urban setting but densely populated areas, high rises and the like are NOT the place to be.

                    As for myself, 2 kids and one grandkid, we are flexible and will see how the cards fall as staying put is our first option and preference. At all times though we will be ready to get out of the ‘burbs and isolate ourselves at the retreat at a moments notice.

                    We are not living like this WILL be the TEOTWAWKI but are monitoring carefully events as they unfold. One day it WILL be, I have absolutely no doubt about that. But realistically it could be a long way off or all hell may break loose tomorrow.


          • See National Geographic’s Doomsday Prepper “Pandemic” was not that crazy afterall. But if you prepare for it you are a terrorist or crazy.

            • I believe this New Season of Nat Geo Doomsday Prepper starts Tomorrow July 31 st 9pm EST. CHECK Local Listings TO BE SURE.

              • WWT ,
                It actually started last week but it usually shows the previous eposode before the current one.

                DHS got the memo last week about this threat they are going to deploy fever detection stations at the airports if this spreads outside of Africa as a precaution I would not want to be an airport screener if you see them wearing protective gear be alert.
                Rumor has it that this has mutated and become highly virulent .
                It is not Ebola Zaire it’s something new .

                It’s to big to cover up and we will all know if this breaks quarantine. Its going to be very had to ignore. I suggest everyone Obtain a copy , go to the library read “The Hot Zone ” by Robert Preston , it will give you some idea of what it may be like. Seems like all of this stuff , Illegal invasion , Economy Teetering on Collapse , destructive weather , bad politics , complaining about our so called “southern accents ” at work, is converging into one giant ” Charlie Foxtrot”
                It feels like SHTF eve .


                Semper Fi 8541

                • NB- Its been a charlie foxtrot ever since this illegal got elected.

                  HOOAH bro, stay safe!

          • stay out of crowds, if possible.

            even primtive warfare tactics involved lobbing dead/sick bodies infected with disease into enemy territory.

            • Yeah, Catapult diseased bodies into their compound. lol Sounds like a Walking dead episode.

          • It would be wise to stock up on what you normally eat so that for a couple of weeks it is not necessary to go out in crowded stores. If this gets going which is very uncertain avoiding contact with others will be very critical to not getting dead. Maybe they will throw a couple of these Nigerians in with the mix at the border just to see what happens.

            • Don’t buy cofee from Africa. Bananas in grocery stores inter mixing with other food. Infected people with a cut and it gets on the produce. I can’t count how many times I have seen finger nail marks in fruit.

              • …now that just makes me want to wear gloves to the grocery store…

          • The high fatality rate is due to the lack of supportive care in underdeveloped Africa. With IV fluids and supportive care people can do reasonably well. The old and young would be at greatest risk due to inability to tolerate dehydration and physiologic stress..

            Ebola is spread by droplets – blood, saliva, vommit, etc. You need significant contact to get infected; people are often exposed when caring for people with symptoms which can masquerade as flu.

            • Even with supportive care, Ebola mortality is 30-60%, as opposed to the 80-90% without medical support.

      3. This can be very bad if it spreads and gets out of control. You are basically a walking dead because of it’s HIGH 90% mortality rate.

        • The Georgia Guidestones

          1. Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.

          This could benefit their globalist agenda, the sick fooks.

      4. Your own kits: standard medkit, bleach, good face masks, gloves, goggles, trash bags, quarantine room (makeshift), and, OF COURSE, the ability to stay inside for at least a month.

        • An ounce of prevention to mitigate your exposure to public places, beats licking a pound of door handles.

      5. This is the end game; once a confirmed case of Ebola reaches our shores it will not matter whether or not it has been transmitted to others. The damage that a disease like this can do is not limited to just illness and death, it will most likely kill far greater numbers of people through the resulting panic and collapse of just in time delivery and infrastructure brought about by widespread panic and absenteeism.

        If it spreads and people abandon their jobs and attempt to flee it will not only spread the disease, it will shut down the economy that everyone else depends upon for their livelihoods. I doubt even martial law would be enough to restore order.

        We live in exciting times…

        • Maybe this will force Obama to finally close the Borders??? Nawww He be too stupid.. Now watch this drive everybody….

          • Obama lama ding dong will hide in their billion dollar bunkers with his filthy bankster buddies, the rest of us will live in a walking dead chaos.

          • Ah now here we have the event FEMA has been looking for!When there is an Ebola pandemic in the US they will then start taking you to the camps. If that shuck young brotha in the white house had a brain he would order no more flights to, or from, Africa.( As well no person from Africa should be admitted or readmitted into America). Next the borders should be sealed, especially the southern border. Finally an executive order issued to liqudate any and all illegals in or caught sneaking in to America. Naturally this wont happen,as dat bes rayyyyycist. God bless old America as new America wont be anything like the old one.

          • “Force bammy to close the border” LOL? He’s playing golf, again. This was all “timed” to come together—now. Could we get any more on our plate? I fear that we are about to find out. Good luck to you all, I’m still praying for everyone.

        • Perfect excuse for martial law and rides to Camp FEMA where everyone will be safe.

      6. Yea its like that feeling you get when a pig trap is full of pigs, and as you walk up to see what you have. Then they freak out and climb on top of each other and a few run off. Yep, 35 passenger’s that should have been quarantined got loose into a city of 21 million. Lets see last death was 24-25 of July. About mid August we should know where the pigs wandered so to speak. This is gonna get crazy fast if Ebola got out. It has a 87% kill ratio, so divert all flights to D.C.

        • Ebola Obama is the President’s half-sister. Ugly as hell, and mean as a cross-eyed snake.

        • Look how fast Aids spread. Why it spread faster than a pack of breading Monkeys. Blame the one dude that banged that first monkey.

          • Blame Dr Hilary Koprowski, the researcher who developed the CHAT oral polio vaccine and passaged it in a a broth of chimpanzee kidneys, some of which were infected with the SIV, monkey version of HIV. Him and his researchers then proceeded to administer it in large scale public tests around Leopoldville in the Belgian Congo, where the first confirmed cases started appearing in the years following. The accusation is so explosive and the implications so hideous, that the truth will likely never be revealed.

            • The Moon:

              You are right on about the vaccine. I am curious to know how many dumbed down Americans will run out and get their new Ebola vaccine. Also wonder how many unlucky servicemen and women will be forced to accept it like the vaccines they have to get now?

              With de-population part of the “master plan” can you think of an easier way?

              Your last sentence says it all. Big pharma and their ‘mad scientists’ would be hanging from trees if we were ever enlightened to what is put into these vaccines.

              Oh, I know there will be blowback about how medicine has erradicated such and such disease. Personally, I think cleanliness had more to do with it than vaccinations.

              But run right down and get the “newest” one out! But before you do study up a little. nomorefakenews dot com.

            • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress – This new strain of Ebola arose in a geographic area that had never before seen ANY strain of the disease in parallel with a WHO free measles vaccination campaign.

              The old adage “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” springs to mind. The locals are now avoiding Western medics like the plague – draw your own conclusions about their behaviour while remembering that we won’t be told one tenth of the truth of what is happening on the ground by our MSM.

              • Moon, POG, lonelone:

                See my post above about the Ebola vaccine for primates (still in moderation)…I did not check if the primates were in the same areas of Ebola outbreaks….


        • TRAINING FILM: Go to YouTube Type in “Doomsday Preppers – Pandemic Prepping”

      7. Fuck, I can hardly comment on anything these days.

        I mentioned this to my wife the other day as she is in the medical industry.

        She mentioned back to me this evening that this is very serious. If she brought this up tonight, it is because she did some research regarding it.

        She is the sharp end of the spear in her business and on God’s green earth.

        Please don’t fuck around with this, get ready.

        The monsters that are letting this shit happen must be dealt with mercilessly. You know who they are.

        Please…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        lms…over and out.

        • lastman

          While they foster the turmoil and death throughout the middle east and eastern they unleash another deadly creation from their own Pandora’s box..

          Hell ,Lyme disease and AIDS didn’t work as well as expected,so now let’s unleash a better one.

          It’s all so psychopathic beyond belief..isn’t it?

          I’m just too disgusted anymore to comment on a daily basis..


          • You guys are a joke. Nothing has happened yet. No wonder the left does not give a crap about preppers or anyone on the right. You all sound like retards.

        • Last Man, I would highly suggest to your wife to shower and change clothes at work before coming home. Do NOT let her come home wearing hospital scrubs that will be carrying all of these germs and bacteria she was exposed to all day. Also wash those scuba separate from your regular laundry, and isolated out in the garage, and not brought into the house. People need to get smart on these subjects. Think about how diseases can be transferred. I used to date this XRay Tech and she wold come over to my house and sit on my couch still in her work scrubs. I stopped dating her. I refuse to be exposed. Oh well. I am still healthy as a horse.

      8. The truly scary thing is that it happened in a major international airport as Ebola’s incubation period can take upwards of three weeks. So, anyone on that plane or who was in that area of the airport could be infected and not know. Who knows where they will wind up when it’s effects first start to show? Fortunately, it is not contagious during the incubation period but unfortunately it just looks like the flu until it’s too late. This could become a pandemic soon. We won’t know for certain for at least 3 weeks, when the carriers would definitely have become ill. Once it jumps from the bush to a major city and starts to spread it’s game over.

      9. Took them long enough to respond to this whole thing. They should have taken this more seriously when the virus was discovered the government either doesn’t care for its people or they are wanting mass die offs. I believe booth to be true.

        Stay prepared y’all

      10. this will be interesting…

        george soros the nazi SS traitor jew from WW2 is behind this with bill and melinda gates and w.h.o. world health organization, they financed it, and one of his george soros bio companies engineered this strain of ebola for population control.

        africa is just a test environment for it.

        the local africans on the ground in the affected ebola infected areas are killing whites attacking hospital staff in revenge for making them sick.

        it kills 60% within 3 days.

        “enjoy your ebola brought to you by the zog-neocons!”


        • Once again F-n Zionists. Like I said before the Host and the Parasite eating away at America like Stage 3 Cancer. This time Cancer is not fast enough. Bring in the Eboli. Just watch, “Lynch Mobs” make a come back..

          • Something tried to eat your brain but there was no brain only a this space for rent sign in your head. You have serious mental issues. Get help.

        • You are such a dumb A$$. Soros and the likes are liberal communist socialists and Soros himself is just in it for the money

          • Jimb: (off topic) Every time I see your name now I crack up re: your comment a few articles ago….

            “I love strawberry retarts” Best laugh I’ve had in a while…thanks


        • note: ebola can be transmitted through the air in human body fluids by sneeze, or sternutation and human waste . water droplets and blood spray from the host body . it is still viable and a threat as long as the moist water environment which contains the ebola exists.


          a hospital in Germany has agreed to accept an infected patient for treatment.

          He will be kept in a special isolation ward behind three separate air locks. The air inside the ward will be kept at lower pressure than outside, so none can escape – even though it is not believed Ebola can be transmitted by air.

          Doctors and nurses will wear complete protective bodysuits with their own oxygen supplies whenever in contact with him. The suits will be replaced and burned every three hours.

          • Germany wants its’ own Ebola bio-weapon. Now they will have it.

            • excellent point.

              BIG THUMBS UP!

          • sternutation = the action of sneezing.

            Thanks Puff, learned a new word today !

          • and everything that has been in contact with him will be incinerated inside the containment area?

            If they are taking the suits, body waste etc outside the containment area for incineration how are they insuring the integrity of the containment betwwen isolation and the furnace?

            Details, people.

      11. Maybe you have heard this before. The U.S. is helping Africa with it’s increasing death toll. So is England , France, and Australia. We are sending 3 million replacement Africans.

        • Mike (cactus) – we have a hellava lot of Sudanese “refugees” here in Aussie. I suppose we could send them back (although we would have to get them out of our jails first)!!!


      12. Just like our bodies have skin to keep the bad things out. A country should have a border to keep bad things out.

        noun: hubris Excessive pride or self-confidence.

        Just because we can jet around to the other side of the planet in 24 hours, doesn’t mean we should. Bacteria and Virii being what they are will gladly hop on board for a free ride.

      13. So is just anyone coming here from Africa let in, hoping there not sick? Why not block anyone from the suspected country from entering the usa or on any usa jet.
        Until our govt stops being a politically correct pus and stops letting in every immigrant, refugee, etc we are at a huge danger.

        • CHAD for President. Better than that pinhead we gots in the Whitie’ s House.

          • BTW/ Putin’s approval Rating is now above 80% in popularity. He wants to send Buckwheat his personal Thank-You!!!

      14. “PUTIN WINS AGAIN!”

        Ukraine has lost it’s nerve!

        the zog amerikan cia controlled ukraine army is “capoot” and fleeing the battle field in the ukraine in droves.

        from local ukraine papers…

        Minister of defence of Ukraine Valeriy Geletej reported to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that the ability of the Ukrainian army to the Donbass offensive exhausted.

        an official boots on the ground zog amerikan with n.a.t.o. allies invasion is maybe next in the ukraine.

        or the zog-cia will lose it ukraine nazi government coup momentum.



        • RTFP:

          Your statement that the “zog-CIA will lose its Nazi government coup momentum” is not quite correct. It is not Nazi’s behind the coup; it is a new generation of Bolsheviks that is behind the Zog-CIA.

          Seems most people on this planet have never been taught history. Anytime you see Zionists behind the destruction of our world; it is NOT NAZI it is Zionist Bolsheviks.

          Even the ‘supposed esteemed historian’, Glen Beck, cannot see past the second world war and the nasty Nazi’s. Ever see anything on his show educating you about the Bolshevik revolution in which a great percentage of the Russian population was erradicated? What would be the reason he skirts this issue?

          The lessons learned in the Bolshevik Zionist revolution in Russia is being loosed here in America. Might be time to read some history to see what evil really looks like.

          Not defending Nazi’s here; but we need to know the revolutions in Russia, China, Cuba, etc. were not led by Nazis. So why are all of us always calling our enemies Nazi’s? Brainwashed by the MSM, thats why.

          • That’s right granny, the joos are ALWAYS out to get you somehow aren’t they? Not defending Nazis? LOL! That’s what you’re ALWAYS doing!

          • i stand corrected.

            thank you for the history refresher.

            great post @pog.

            ***** 5 stars.


          • Thank You P.O.G. .

            ***** 5 Stars.

            great reminder who lurks in the shadows, really pulls the strings behind the ukraine crisis.


      15. Rain suit, n100 mask, face shield, rubber boots and gloves. Hell I am in Texas, kit up. If I put all that on in summer it would kill me from heat stroke. I gotta move to Alaska if it gets to the USA, and folks start dropping. This could get crazy fast. I have a bbq pit made from a pup joint of the Alaskan pipeline in 1976. Guess I could take it back to where I found it. 42″

        • Time to design and manufacture a “Full Body Condom.” And YES, it can come in multi-flavors, ribbed, lubed and with French ticklers attached; in case you were wondering. lol $19.95 ea, or 3 for $50. I will make a fortune selling it to the “Shark Tank.”


        VA Officials Will Get Millions of Dollars in Bonuses Under House-Senate Agreement

        A House-Senate agreement on how to reform the broken Department of Veterans Affairs will let the VA hand out up to $360 million in bonuses to its employees each year, even though the House voted just weeks ago to strip all VA bonuses through 2016.



        • Its an election year so dole out the bribes.

        • Puff Puff

          • i missed you baby.




      17. The perpetual state of crisis continues right on schedule. I can’t think of a better crisis closer to home for scum like Rahm Emanuel and his scum to sink their fangs into. One can only imagine what they would do during an Ebola national emergency.

        • I know what I would do if I had the good fortune to have one of them cross my path…

          • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,

            May your fortune remain good, and your luck remains properly zeroed.

          • The Moon, You mean have them cross your hairs.

        • YH

          Eat gourmet food and drink fine wine.

          • slingshot,

            >>”Eat gourmet food and drink fine wine.”<<

            I like what you're thinking! Life is too short. Treat yourself and family to the finer thing while you can once in while.

            As the bumper sticker says, "I'm here for a good time, not a long time."


      18. The flames of discontent fed by a faltering world economy and weak minds. Putin is a man with old Russian values and a Judo student. Which tells me a lot. He uses the opponents momentum against them. It is no accident if Ebola gets to USA. They will either blame war or disease for the crashing economy, or both. What ever happened to the Canadian vaccine about 5 years back? I read it worked on monkeys in a trial.

        • Ukraine -downed Malaysian Flight 17. This Obama Admin just keeps on giving. Since they lost the war on facts, they now claim that there is just too much fighting going on to get to the crash site. Well in reality, they don;t want to discover any facts since the Ukrainians Govn’t shot down the plane, so they then can claim well the crash site has been tampered with. Mean while all there are so many facts out that shows the Obama Admins is lying pants on fire. And still will all these facts, they are in denial and keeps trying to Pin and Blame Russia for their new Glory War. Well stand by as TPTB plots their next disaster roll out to frame Russia. Pres Putin Plays Chess, while Our Buckwheat Yells “King Me” playing Checkers.

      19. I bought 2 nebulizers and nano particle silver solution. Quick and efficient way to get into blood stream.

        • Burt

          Please post links/data per your recommendations (if purchased online)…Thanks much!

          • make your own colloidal silver at home, it is as easy as making espresso coffee.

            you just need distilled water , 18volts dc power source , electro alligator wire clips with wire , glass container and .9999 pure silver wire wands.


            … more

            • I have the stuff to making colloidal silver, and have made it before. I would not want to breath into my lungs. The nanao silver is much smaller and better absorbed. Colloidal is very good for topical use or taking by spoonful.

              • good point.

                it really isn’t necessary to inhale it as all blood in the body is circulated through the lungs eventually.

                topical and 1one once shot glass ingestion daily is good enough for me.

                if ebola reaches my remote area i plan to spray colloidal silver on my 3m face shield mask , wear it and treated gloves in public.


          • I bought an Omron Micro Air Nebulizer for $150 and an Ultrasonic Nebulizer from Ebay for $17. The Omron works on 2 AA batteries and is considered one of the best (the most popular anyway). The cheap one works, but for how long? It has been worth buying though. If it gets you through just one illness it was well worth it.

            • Burt: We have an ultrasonic too…if your water is super alkali, use bottled (I’m sure you knew that) because it will clog up the filter in about a month or two and stop the mist.

              After a few rounds of buying expensive filters…..we just took the filter cartridge out and it works fine (duh)….that was over a year ago. Thanks for the info on the battery one….


      20. shit. Stop shaking hands with people even if you know them. wash your hands…alot. If you suspect contact isolate yourself burn the clothes you where wearing and take a very soapy shower NOT A BATH. shit.

        • Yeah, as a single guy, that pretty much kills any sex life I once had. Lots of single women out there spreading their magical love. Especially the younger women in early 20’s, they F*c like rabbits, but carry the most STD diseases.

          • As a follow up. It has also been a fact that since the invention of Viagra and others penile growth supplements, that there has been an increase of STD’s in Senior folks. So no one is immune from STD’s – Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

            • don’t knock it…

              being “Asexual” might just save your life.

              a whole lot of unnecessary hassles stress disease , a life time of alimony and child support payments.


            • well…don’t be greedy, find one you can deal with and make sure she can deal with you too…its really not about love, I’ve been married to my best friend for 10 years.

      21. @all

        This is undeniable, it’s coming to a city near you.

        What on earth is going on right now?

      22. If this truly happens the dark ages are soon to follow. If this happened naturally that would be one thing, but this is a created crisis of Biblical proportion for the soul purpose of reducing the world population.

        I’ll do everything in my power to stay alive if for no other reason than vengeance.

        • ht tp://

          Punishment is more in order

      23. Get holy, stay holy, die holy.

        • Get smart, live justly, die righteously.

        • Padre, That’s a lot of Holes in your Plan to have to plug.

      24. I watched a fascinating NOVA special about ebola…its a bit dated, but very good. For one of the breakouts, one of the nurses got infected. The African doctors used blood from one of the survivors (with his consent) and transfused it to the nurse (with her consent) in a hail Mary attempt to save her life. The idea was to use the guy’s antibodies within her. It worked. She recovered.

        On another note, a researcher in Dallas I believe at UT Dallas has designed a drug that seems to be quite effective in monkeys. It is in the waiting game for approval. There are methods out there to fix this. It’s whether or not they will be made available in time.

        Another thing the NOVA special shared was that there are strains of ebola that are air borne, but just none that go human to human. However, there is a monkey to monkey….not too far evolutionarily to jump from there.

      25. yeah i got worked up but didnt speak up to some ol crusty guy walkin down the aisle at frys he was just coughin wtf cover ur mouth this is the begining of the end people in general are just shit its so sad i have kids and have always been on the eco side and im from upstate ny where hunters wont lay down arms i live in az now and all i see is filth

      26. Just watch Soros and Bill Gates foundation will come up with some Vaccine that will be forced onto every American to take. Except for the selected. Watch out for anything Free the Government offers you.

        • Read Clancy’s Rainbow Six sometime. Be similiar to that, only without the happy ending.

          • Excerpt from the book..”Under the Sign of The Scorpion”

            Thousands of Jewish conspirators came also from the United States. A
            total of 25 000 international “revolutionaries” arrived in Russia. Dr
            George A. Simons, the priest at the American Embassy, related the
            following about these events: “There were hundreds of agitators who had
            followed Trotsky from New York. We were surprised at the fact that the
            Jewish element dominated from the very beginning.”

            Lenin began publishing a large number of newspapers and periodicals, a
            total of 41, including 17 daily newspapers. The circulation of Pravda in-
            creased from 3000 copies to 300 000 in May 1917. It was given out free,
            also among the soldiers at the German front. The newspaper, which was
            financed by the Germans, propagated a separate peace with Germany.
            The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Richard von Kiihlmann, wrote
            to the Kaiser Wilhelm II on December 3, 1917: “It was not until the
            Bolsheviks had received from us a steady flow of funds through the various
            channels and under varying labels that they were in a position to be able to
            build up their organ Pravda, to conduct energetic propaganda and
            appreciably to extend the originally narrow base of their party.” (Anthony
            Sutton, “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution,” p. 39.)

            The United States Congress had declared war on Germany on April 6,
            1917. Among the people who had worked hardest to draw America into
            the world war were the bankers George Blumenthal and Isaac Seligman,
            the industrialists Daniel Guggenheim and Adolf Lewisohn, as well as the
            rabbis David Philipson (1862-1949) and Stephen Samuel Wise.

            The rabbi Isaac Wise (1819-1900), chairman of the B’nai B’rith lodge
            in Cincinnati, has explained: “Freemasonry is a Jewish institution whose
            history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from
            beginning to end.” (The Israelite of America, 3rd of August 1866.)
            Of course, billions were made on the First World War. President
            Wilson “promised” that this would be the last war in the history of man.
            The freemason Winston Churchill emphasised that if the Americans had
            not entered the First World War, peace would have been made with
            Germany and the Russian Tsar would not have been deposed. Then the
            Bolsheviks would not have been able to reach power either. {Social
            Justice Magazine, No 3, 1st of July 1939, p. 4.)

            B’nai B’rith and the llluminati wanted to create even greater chaos in
            Europe, which they succeeded in doing. At the international conference of
            Masonic Grand Masters in Interlaken, Switzerland, on the 25th of June
            1916, Dr David promised that the Jews, after causing great bloodbaths of
            Aryans, will take control over the whole world. (Oleg Platonov, “The
            Secret History of Freemasonry”, Moscow, 1996, p. 589.)

            The Bolshevik slogans were: “Peace! Bread! Land!” and “All power to
            the Soviets!” The same slogans were used at the Jacobin coup in France in
            1789, since the Jacobin slogan was: “All power to the bourgeoisie!”
            The Bolsheviks could act freely. Lenin himself admitted after his arrival
            in Petrograd that Russia was the freest nation in the world.

            The Bolsheviks organised several large demonstrations in May and
            June. Comrade Alexander Kerensky, meanwhile, wanted to set up a
            Russian revolutionary army. Freemasonry was legalised in Russia on the
            24th of June 1917. In the beginning of July, Trotsky officially went over
            to the Bolshevik Party, where he was immediately made one of the most
            important leaders.

            Soon to be Repeated in AmeriKa, by the Grandkid-Bolshevik’s now controling the ZOG-USA-Govnt.

            • So reading it in somebody’s book MUST make it all TRUE doesn’t it. You must have fallen off your bike and landed on your HEAD again,lol!

              • Anonymous:

                Your absurd, meaningless slanders are losing their efficacy…..

                Calling people “racists”, “bigots”, “nazis”, and all other meaningless MARXIST BUZZWORDS leveled against anyone who opposes the destruction of America and traditional western civilation shows just how damned ignorant and brainwashed you are.

                Spend your time proving posts that you disagree with are not true; you will then at least be seen as someone with more than half a brain.

                • granny, if the swastika fits, WEAR IT! the TRUTH of the matter is YOU are unable to PROVE any of your spewed sick venom. You copy and paste ignorant bullshit from the neo Nazi websites you frequent and try to pawn it all off as factual. You are INDEED truly mentally disturbed and a religious FANATIC.

                  • Anonymous:

                    Just more spew from you. Would like to see you go line by line on my articles to prove they are not true.

                    Cant do that can you?

                    All that is left is for you to attack me personally. You are the “kept” one anonymous, I feel sorry for you when TPTB no longer needs you as one of their stooges.

                  • granny, I’d LOVE to see YOU go line by line and prove they ARE true. I’d be willing to bet you can NOT do so.

        • The US Government can roll an entire Army across Iraq in 3 days, but they just can’t seem to get to the crash site of downed flight MH17 in Ukraine. Smell the Rat folks. The US Govn’t does not want to know the facts. And later they can claim the crash site was compromised. It is pretty disgusting watching our leaders continue to lie to the People, the world after they have been flat busted with many substantiated facts, that clearly say Russia had nothing to do with this shot down aircraft. Ukrainian Govn’t needs to be charged with Murder. The MSM needs to stop lying to the masses as well. You are all busted. After the facts have been presented and they still lie, just goes to show you who was really behind it.

          • Remember how long it took them to get to Benghazi

            • Kiev stepped up shelling near the crash site, just as the investigators tried to access the site.

              The west has been pushing sanctions on Russia, demanding that Russia puts and end to the rebellion…

              IMO, Russia needs to give the west EXACTLY what it demands — they need to go into Kiev and lay the coup to waste, and END THIS, once and for all.

              That would give the globalist elites yet another reason to piss their pants.

          • It was not a US aircraft. None of our business. Are you stupid or what? Not to mention that Obama could care less about a plane crash. he has golf to play and fund raising to go to.

        • WWTK:

          Exactly, so run right out folks and get your new vaccine that the mad scientists have come up with. By hell, we are the dumbest prople on the face of the planet if we fall for that.

          Read up on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their ‘vaccination’ plans around the world. Evil scumbuckets.

          Get Rappoports free emails on his information about vaccines, drugs, politics, gmo’s, etc. No advertisers to please so he is not afraid to tell the truth.

          nomorefakenews dot com

      27. “As noted by Steve Quayle, Department of Defense planners had already taken steps to deliver the biodetectors to the National Guard before April of this year, suggesting that, while no infection of Ebola in North America has been confirmed, the military is already taking precautions.”

        “..before April of this year…”

        Either this article is recycled from old news or we need to tell the gov’t that they missed the deadline already!

      28. IS THIS A FALSE FLAG ?




        THERE’S A MAN —— —— —— HINT !! DAWN OF THE DEAD



      30. IS THIS A FALSE FLAG ?


      31. ht tp://

        At approximately 12-13 minutes in Duff CLEARLY STATES that 911 was planned by and the weapons designed for taking down the Twin Towers in 911 at “Sandia Labs/Los Alamos” by “rogue groups”. He states very clearly 911 was planned at an American Lab. If true, this should be headline news.

        He also states that America was forced through NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL in 911 to accept an OVERSITE ORGANIZATION that he says “runs the United States”, the Department of Homeland Security, which Gordon says is run by Israel.

        • The Background of the First World War

          Here I should mention something about the background to the First World
          War. It was revealed during the trial of Gavrilo Princip and Nedelko
          Cabrinovic, the assassins of Franz Ferdinand (the heir to the Austrian
          throne), that the French Masonic organisation Grand Orient was behind
          the assassination plans, and not the Serbian nationalist organisation the
          Black Hand. This enormous provocation had been planned in Paris in
          1912 at 16 Rue Cadets, the headquarters of Grand Orient. Nedelko
          Cabrinovic revealed in court how the freemasons had sentenced Franz
          Ferdinand to death. He learned this from the freemason Ziganovic (it was
          he who gave the Jewish assassin Princip a Browning pistol). Princip was
          also a freemason. The sentence was executed on the 28th of June 1914.
          Everything according to the stenographic report of the court published in
          Alfred Mousset’s book “L’ Attentat de Sarajevo”, Paris, 1930. This
          information was later hushed up.

          What were the Grand Orient’s motives? I do not need to speculate here.
          It is best to cite Zionist sources. The Zionist newspaper Peiewische Vordle
          wrote on the 13th of January 1919: “The international Jewry… believed it
          necessary to force Europe into the war so that a new Jewish era could
          begin throughout the world.”

          The periodical British Israel Truth stated in 1906: “We must prepare
          our-selves for big changes in a Great War which faces the peoples of

          The Jewish periodical Hammer was unusually forthright just before the

          February coup: “The fate of the Russian empire has been staked upon one

          card… there is no rescue for the Russian government. The Jewry have

          decided this and thus it shall be.”

          Litman Rosenthal explained in the newspaper American Jews’ News on

          the 19th of September 1919 that the First World War was brought about

          through the intrigues of the Jews and that all this was planned in Basel as

          early as 1903.

          The rabbi Reichhorn in the periodical Le Contemporain proves that

          those plans were far-reaching on the 1st of July 1880: “We shall force the

          goyim into a war by exploiting their pride, arrogance and stupidity. They will

          tear each other into pieces. They will force each other out of their countries,

          which we shall then be able to give to our people.”

          At the same time, the plan was that the world war would diminish the

          success of the Germans on the international market, according to the

          historian Gary Allen.

          Karl Heise published the British freemasons’ map of Europe from 1888.

          The map presented the new national borders of Europe, which became

          reality after the First World War. (Pekka Ervast, “Vapaamuurareiden

          kadonnut sana” / “The Freemasons’ Lost Word”, Helsinki, 1965, p. 78.)

          His interesting book “Entente – Freimaurerei und Weltkrieg”, an analysis

          of the treacherous role of the freemasons in causing the First World War,

          was published in Basel in 1919.

          In the newspaper Truth, December 1890, a map was published that

          depicted the borders of Europe, which became reality in 1919. Three

          empires were gone. This was published as a satire: “Look what the

          opponents of the freemasons have come up with!” But in 1919, nobody
          was laughing any more.

          Above from the Book “Under The Sign of The Scorpion”

          TRUTH You wont be told of on ANY MSM-News nor on any “History Channel” documentary show…

          Notice the similarities from Jewish Intrigue in 1918 Russia, with Todays ZOG-jewish-Kommie Run AmeriKa?

          If not, you Soon will! Nothing has changed but the names to hide their jewishness, and what they call comminusm aka today its called “Zionizim”…Do Not be fooled!

          Gee wheres all them “blessings” americas supposed to recieve for all of its past 65 yrs of “blessing them jews”?….So far the last 50 yrs in AmeriKa proves the exact Opposite of blessings…More like Massive Curse after massive never ending Curses bestowed upon America and it’s White Founding Race of folks eh!

          Stay tuned, Diane Finestien, Joe Liberman, Bloomberg, Schumer, ET AL, and the rest of their evil jewish bolshevik-zionist kommies are certain to have more plans to destroy You and Your nation(usa),same as their
          Grandparent’s did in/to Russia and a dozen other eastern european countries over the course of aprox 70+ yrs of Rabid jewdeo-kommie Butcherizims eh!

          • If they’re out to DESTROY everybody, they’re not doing a very good job of it now are they? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Oh wait, that’s only if your sane, my apologies.

        • Run by Israel. You fucking retard.

      32. One way to take care of this problem: NUKE IT.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      33. Good Morning SHTF.

        How are you all doing today? Well, looks like a spoiler topic has hit the treads and might need a strong cup of java. So now they have these testing devices in all 50 states. Must be concerned but not too concerned for those who enter a porous southern boarder.
        Everything is fine till the first death from Ebola in the states. I expect one vector will be the emergency room at any hospital. Lots of homeless use. Many untrackable people.

        • And you think these Eboli kits sent to the Nat Guard, are to be distributed to the people? Bwhahahahahahahahahaha Think Again, They are for the National Guard Troops. Like the Soup Nazi, You get NONE!! Die B!tches!!

      34. You can bet your sweet butt that Obama, his minions and all the TPTB have their kits. It’s just another way to cull the heard without resorting to violence. Personally I would prefer violence.


        Time for them to go people

        this is another treasonous act.

        when they go against our rights its time to replace them.. when they go against our founding documents , its time to replace them

        “we have a REPUBLIC if you can keep it”
        and how you keep it is by getting rid of people who want to destroy it , or call it what it is not

        this is an internal threat to our country

        • ht tp://–politics.html

        • VFR- Scalia is a sociopath believing he is Greater than the Constitution which he took an oath to defend. Claiming “the constitution is dead.” Impeachment this ahole followed with public hanging is in order. He needs to be the example of what treason looks like to the rest of the Shills on the bench.. The Supreme court is not a true representation of the American people. 33% of the Sup Court are Jews and the Jewish population in the US is slightly over 2%. And that’s a fact jack!!

          • Oh im with you there ,,

      36. Sounds like the perfect bio-terrorim weapon. Several day period where there is no symptons but still spreadable to others. Could this be what Revelation speaks of 1/3 of manking being wiped-out?


          I wonder if the plan is to get rid of the population here.

          Replace it with the illegals that way with the powers to be will stay in office…………

      37. For some strange reason Business Teleconferencing has become quite popular.
        Seriously folks, consider all these foreign made Honduras T-shirts, Chinese, Malaysian, Taiwan manufactured products coming into the US and put on store shelves. How do you know they many have been injected with some growing pathogens, bacteria or diseases, especially in food products. chicken, pork, bacon, seafood? It is now time for a consumer “FULL PRESS” demand to only buy “Made in USA” Products.

      38. Nasty bug, up to a 90% fatality with the Zaire and Sudan strains, currently about 60% lethality now in west Africa.

        The incubation period of ebola is 2-21 days, and symptoms can appear anytime but commonly at 8-10 days as the person becomes contagious. Initial symptoms include headache, fever, sore throat, weakness, joint pain, and muscle pain. Then the hemorrhaging until dead. The ones who die from it are still infectious, including those that recover and the virus can still be transmitted by semen for up to seven weeks. The good news is ebola can be killed with bleach or chlorine and it hasn’t gone airborne yet so it’s still only transmitted by body fluids. It’s not likely to spread as effectively here because of modern sanitation and hygiene practices, better medical treatment, vigilance on infected persons, funerary practices don’t involve touching the dead, and we don’t eat bush meat or fruit bats. I won’t lose sleep over it just yet, but it’s being monitored closely and it’ll get my attention the moment it spreads to another part of the world. The biggest problems with contagious disease today is fast internationalized travel, international travel hubs like airports, the lack of travel restrictions to-from areas with outbreaks, lax immigration policies, high concentrations of people in cities and public transportation, and foreign medical personnel potentially being infected and bringing the disease home.

        When even doctors buried under all that hazmat gear are being infected, this is one virus to keep a healthy distance from at all costs.

      39. Off Topic…

        Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks – Trading Halted

        “No reasons given but Moscow Stock Exchange has just suspended trading with no reasons specified.”


      40. ht tps://

        remember this, because its the same shit they pulled at Sandy Hook

        another hoax is on the horizon

      41. ht tps://

      42. Just had to do it…Enjoy.


        I met her in a club down in old Soho
        Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola
        See-oh-el-aye cola
        She walked up to me and she asked me to dance
        I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Lola
        El-oh-el-aye Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola

        Well I’m not the world’s most physical guy
        But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine
        Oh my Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola
        Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
        Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man
        Oh my Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola

        Well we drank champagne and danced all night
        Under electric candlelight
        She picked me up and sat me on her knee
        And said dear boy won’t you come home with me
        Well I’m not the world’s most passionate guy
        But when I looked in her eyes well I almost fell for my Ebola
        La-la-la-la Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola
        Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola
        I pushed her away
        I walked to the door
        I fell to the floor
        I got down on my knees
        Then I looked at her and she at me

        Well that’s the way that I want it to stay
        And I always want it to be that way for my Ebola
        La-la-la-la Ebola
        Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
        It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola
        La-la-la-la Ebola

        Well I left home just a week before
        And I’d never ever kissed a woman before
        But Lola smiled and took me by the hand
        And said dear boy I’m gonna make you a man

        Well I’m not the world’s most masculine man
        But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
        And so is Ebola
        La-la-la-la Lola la-la-la-la Ebola
        Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola la-la-la-la Ebola

        • EPPE:

          “Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls”. You talking about our POTUS and Mooshelle?

          • I was reading the article at 2 am, and the song kept going in my head…. Sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my purpose…

        • Ebola Gay.

          Going viral now.

        • Eppe, I’ll never accept anyone else but SmokinOkie for comic relief here, you are the best. keep them coming.

      43. Typhoid Mary, meet Ebola Betty. Remember, O-bomb-us and Mrs O’leary’s cow both lived in Chicago. And, both of them shit where they ate. At least the cow didn’t intend to burn everything down…

      44. Someone sick enough to have Ebola probably isn’t going to be walking around much and is obviously going to look very sick. The problem is that people are not too bright when it comes to staying away from someone that is sick. Fortunately the hit from a sick person with Ebola would likely be in the 1 or 2 range, not an entire crowd. Again, the real horror is Ebola starting to become a respitory resting virus, this is the end of civlization.

        Earthquake forecast.
        The earthquake precursor activity is at an extreme level, as the Mid Atlantic Ridge is lighting up. Until August 14 there is at least a 90% chance of a major earthquake hitting. Each precursor earthquake does not have a past 100% ratio. The following locations are the ones most in danger of something in the low 7 range to high 8 range:

        -Alaska, especially Andranof and Kodiak Islands regions.
        -The entire Australian plate from Pakistan to Samoa, watch Java, New Guinea, Loyalty Islands, Fiji, Kermadec Islands and northern New Zealand the most.
        -Kuril Islands and eastern Russia
        -Greece and eastern Turkey to Iran
        -Entire Nazca plate, look at southern Peru and northern Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, Bolivia and far northern Argentina
        -Central America, especially Mexico and Costa Rica
        -Eastern Caribbean plate, Lesser Antilles to Venezuela
        -Central to Northern California

        I usually only give populated areas for earthquake dangers, but there is a good indication that a large earthquake is also ready to occur along the the Indian Ocean Ridge, the southern Pacific plate boundaries with especially around the Macquarie Islands region. This of course would only be danger to Penguins and other sea life unless it was large enough to generate a tsunami. There is strong evidence that something big is building along the plate because of all the precursor activity that has not been this strong since the 8.2 in Chile back in March.

      45. the chicago chapter of “We The People” are waking up…

        I think the Chicago African-Americans are going to kill Obama.

        “WOW!” and a “HOLYSHEEIT!”


        Chicago Inner City Blacks GO OFF on Obama Over Illegal Immigration “Worst President Ever Elected”

        Broke Party: Inner-City Blacks Abandoning Obama & Democrat’s Liberal Agenda


        • …now if they just don’t get blind-sided by hillary, they might get somewhere. I said it before, this is what we NEED to happen. THIS can put and end to the “racist” mantra, once and for all.

      46. Typhoid Mary, meet Ebola Betty. Remember, O-bomb-us and Mrs O’leary’s cow both lived in Chicago. And both of them shit where they ate. At least the cow didn’t intend to burn everything down…

        • @jaques

          very nice names. cheers!

      47. Just so long as they don’t hand out “Ebonics Kits”.

      48. Not to worry ….Obama is our savior. Grab the rug.

        • did you mean grab your ankles?

          • either way, you’ve got to bend over…

      49. “Someone sick enough to have Ebola probably isn’t going to be walking around much and is obviously going to look very sick. The problem is that people are not too bright when it comes to staying away from someone that is sick. Fortunately the hit from a sick person with Ebola would likely be in the 1 or 2 range, not an entire crowd. Again, the real horror is Ebola starting to become a respitory resting virus, this is the end of civilization.”

        On the other hand, I have seen extremely ‘sick’ people go to work, and out into the public…when they should have stayed home. Cannot count the number of times numbskulls came into work coughing and sneezing all over everyone. Hand sanitizer was our friend and we deployed it all over the office.

        As Be informed also stated- If this thing goes truly airborne…then it’s truly ‘game over’ for millions upon millions. As Malcolm in Jurassic Park said, “Life will find a way…” Death…will also find a way.

        Now… got preps? ;)If you need to ‘shelter in place’ you’ll be very glad you did.

        • i think the 2-21 day incubation period is very scary..
          one infected with it could almost be fully mobile and not look all that sick for more then two weeks

          think about how many people you come into contact with in 2 weeks or even 2 days.. than add how many those that you contacted in 2 days and how many they will contact in 2 days etc etc etc.. F u -kn scary

      50. ht tp://

        some good intel

        • “There is something both military members and the civilian world needs to understand: the DoD and its branches do not really, deep down in their hearts trust the average Airman, Sailor, Soldier or Marine.”

          • VRF:

            Your posts are spot on. Thanks!

      51. @ Socrates. Ebola goes air borne it is not only game over for humans, but it is game over immediately for the world economy and the infrastructure of the world. People just will not be going to man the electric power grids, the water treatment plants, delivery trucks for food and everything else to keep the country running, etc. This is not only because of people being too afraid to go outside their homes, but because of people actually being sick and dying.

        Ebola could do this, but some other high fatality type of virus could also cause out of control panic. It is only a mass fear episode away from everything collapses. The recovery from such an event is what would be very difficult because of the economy being so much in a weakened state. I tell you, this world is teetering on the brink, like a fighter in the 11th round totally beat up and staggering around trying to hang on desperately.

      52. Only Slaves need Permission from their Government to exercise a right.
        Stop asking permission

      53. ht tp://

        A Republican congressional candidate fled her interview with a major election-forecasting group after being asked why she believed global warming was a hoax and whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States, according to a new report in The Washington Post.

        In the Post, David Wasserman, the House editor at the Cook Political Report, detailed his strange encounter with the “frightening” and “fact-averse” Louisiana State Rep. Lenar Whitney.

      54. not stepping on your toes eppe, I found this and thought some might appreciate it .. your still the best jokster

        A guy is visiting San Francisco, and walks into a small store in Chinatown.

        He notices a small bronze statue of a rat.

        He asks the owner “how much”, and the owner replies “$50 for the bronze rat, and $1000 for the story behind it.”

        The guy says, “forget the story”, and buys the rat.

        As he’s walking down the street he notices two live rats following him. As he continues to walk, more rats start following him.

        He starts to get a little concerned, and heads for the waterfront. By the time he gets there, there are thousands and thousands of rats following him.

        He walks up to the end of the pier and throws the bronze rat into the bay, and the rats all follow and leap off of the pier and drown.

        The guy rushes back to the store and walks in. The owner says, “Ah!, so your back for the story”.

        The guys says, “No, I was wondering if you have a bronze Liberal?”

        • EXCELLENT ONE, I will keep that also, I wonder how Tex is doing with his list of jokes he is collecting…
          I am trying (if I get time) to collect SmokinOkie’s jokes on a Word document, My 3rd adopted mom got the one about Daniel the trainee, she said MORE, MORE MORE, so I guess I have my work cut out for me when I cannot sleep, which is rare nowdays….

        • VRF, that one is great. You have some talent there. I’ll accept any other jokes you have.

      55. This all kind of makes those coffins at the FEMA camps make sense now huh…..

        Quarantine/death camps? who knows…all I know is My family and I are locked and loaded.

      56. You know its interesting this is the time that WW1 STARTED

        Is this the same cycle starting all over again ?

        Was there not a bad President in charge back than ?

      57. Them Guys is back.. thank you so much

      58. Following the great success of WWI and WWII,
        Jewish power centres announced WWIII

        “Full Responsibility for the First World War, lies squarely on the shoulders of the International Jewish Bankers. They are responsible for Millions of dead and dying.”

        (US. Congress-Record 67th Congress, 4. Sitting, Senate Document nr. 346)

        “The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia , is going to become Reality for the whole world.”

        (The American Hebrew Magazine, 10. Sept. 1920)

        “By using the new atheist exile politics they [the Zionists] provoked and increased anti-Semitism in Europe which led to the Second World War … The worldwide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany, initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress …”

        (Rabbi Schwartz, New York Times, Sep. 30, 1997)

        • Elizabeth M:

          Seems the red thumb brigade cannot even tolerate real quotes.

          Never any discourse as to why a post might not be true; either name calling or just red thumbs with not a reason about why.

          Truth just does not set good with some people. Thanks for your post.

      59. can anyone suggest what we should have on hand if this hits this US? I mean I take turmeric and oil of oregano. What else is suggested?

        • 30 days of food storage, 30 days of expenses, N95 masks, bleach, gloves, what you will need to self-quarantine for 30 days.

          Without a host, meaning your body, the virus dies.

      60. As explained by Dean Anderson – columnist for Veterans Today – “Ever since the Rockefeller/Rothschild petro-monopoly discovered oil in the region (Middle East), there has been a resource war between regional nationalist leaders like Boumediene, Nasser and Mossadegh – who fought to retain oil profits for their people – and the Illuminati banking cartel, which has used oil to grease the wheels of its ever-expanding global capitalist enterprise. Israel has served as Zionist enforcer in the region, using divide and conquer strategies to overcome popular Arab anti-colonial movements.”

        History stands witness to Western and Zionist treachery. When World War I broke out, prompted by the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914, the British Empire chose to utilize its ever-increasing influence in the Levant and the Middle East to carry deadly blows to its then arch-enemy the Ottoman Empire. Eager to claim the natural resources of the region and raid Islam, British agents set out to use growing national sentiment to destroy the Turks from within, tearing apart its inner fabric.

        This method is currently in use throughout the Islamic world. Jews have sown sectarian strife across the region, setting one brother against another, in the hope their enemies will simply tear each other apart while they rip the reward of their evil schemes -complete control.

        World War I was step one; then came World War II, which saw the creation of the Zionist entity and the pillaging of one of Islam’s most sacred and holiest city, Jerusalem (Al-Quds).

        Ever since the Jews fooled a weak and exhausted post-WWII world community into buying into its so-called legitimate religious aspirations for a Jewish state on Palestinian land, Zionists have held the Islamic world hostage, having laid the cornerstone of the next battle to be had.

        World War III is a working progress, if only we were to open our eyes.

        Going back a few decades, one will stumble across a series of letters which Albert Pike, a well-known Zionist and Free Mason, wrote to his friend and fellow Mason, Giuseppe Mazzini.

        A somber character, Pike was described by his contemporaries as a Satanist, Occultist and 33rd degree Mason. He was the head of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, being the Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry from 1859 and retained that position until his death in 1891. In 1869, he was a top leader in the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

        His first letter states, “The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.”

        His second letter states, “The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about, so that Nazism is destroyed and the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.”

        In his third and most chilling letter, Pike depicted the future of our nation as a future marked by a Godless world in which Zionism is pit against Islam.

        Pike wrote, “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arab World) and political Zionism (Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue, will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion … We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

        Could have we become so blinded by Zionists’ lies that we cannot differentiate the truthful from the deceivers?

        As Islamic nations turn away in shame from Palestine’s tragedy for they cannot bear to see the reflection of their own cowardice in this people’s sufferings, we all should remember that Palestine is but the cornerstone of our own coming tribulation.

        Palestine is us and we are all Palestine

        • How many names is Them Guys posting under?


          • PKLL:

            Just one PKLL. Do you really think him so timid that he would need to hide behind any other name? Hardly.

            There are many other awake and aware persons who know the truth; regardless how painful it seems to a lot of people to face the true enemy.

            Americans have swallowed a big lie, PKLL, some are waking up to the truth of who the real PTB are.

            What is in Elizabeths posts that make you so nervous. Let your fingers do the walking, check out the names she has quoted in her articles, and you will find her posts are, much to your dismay, the truth.

            • POG: Nervous…not sure where you got that…dismay….not that either. Let’s just agree to disagree. My objection is the very long posts that tell me if I don’t believe what “they” say then I am stupid and blind. I would object to that whatever the subject was.

              Let’s just talk about getting ready for SHTF. That we agree on.


              • “The men the American people admire the most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest the most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

                H.L. Mencken

                • Exactly WHOSE version of the truth granny, yours perhaps? Whenever anybody disagrees with you they’re just red thumbers who don’t like the truth? You have ALWAYS been unable to prove ANYTHING on your posts, just copied quotes and articles from other sicko’s feebly pawned off as truth. TRULY pathetic!

        • Hey Liz,no to be disrespectful.., but speak for yourself. First of all, “we are all Palestine”.. ain’t me. Second of all, “…Palestinian land”. Palestine had no land. Israel is a Jewish God-given land. Third of all.. I will not waste my time battling with foolish people. Done.

      61. Warm up and top off the G-5.

      62. Emails reveal IRS official Lois Lerner called conservatives ‘crazies’ and ‘a**holes’ as Eric Holder comes under new pressure to investigate
        Lerner slammed right-of-center Americans in an email to a colleague in 2012, seven months before the tea-party targeting scandal broke
        ‘Maybe we are through if there are that many a**holes,’ she wrote, responding to a comment about conservative talk radio programs
        ‘We don’t need to worry about [illegal] alien terrorists,’ she snarked: ‘It’s our own crazies that will take us down’
        Lerner presided over years of alleged partisan discrimination against conservative groups that applied for nonprofit tax benefits

        • “It’s our own crazies that will take us down”

          YOU BETCHA! And we are legion.

      63. Uh…yeah. Remember that ‘Shelter in Place’ thing I just mentioned a few comments up?

        If Ebola Hits U.S., Even Healthy Americans Will Be Quarantined

        Posted on July 30, 2014
        Good luck with that feds. If Ebola comes here it is going to be mass panic.
        Check it out:

        With concerns growing over the deadly Ebola virus, which has killed 670 people in West Africa, preparations are already underway in the United States, where even healthy Americans will be subjected to forced quarantine in the event of an Ebola pandemic.

        Western governments are now issuing alerts to doctors to be on the lookout for symptoms of the disease after an infected Liberian man was found to have traveled through a major transport hub in Nigeria. The World Health Organization has called the outbreak the worst on record, while Doctors Without Borders says the situation is “out of control.”

        Back in April, the Department of Defense announced that it had deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams across the U.S. in readiness for any potential Ebola outbreak.

        The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has procedures in place to deal with such an outbreak backed by force of law.

      64. While it is somewhat strange that only one has put certain connections together, it is not totally unexpected that anyone else has…

        Has anyone considered that it may be here already?


        Border(s). Now that we have visitors/guests/refugees (and the odd insurgent or two or three or etc.) that have spread across half this nation…

        Something to consider…

      65. My guess is that they will distribute these kits to the illegal refugees first. After all, the have plans to evacuate them first in the event of a hurricane before issuing the evacuation order to American citizens.

      66. so when panic grips the city ,people will flee , to wherever they can get to –
        i’m glad i’m old and dont give much of a fuck

        • Ditto…..

      67. I should have been clearer when asking my question above. What herbal medicine do you recommend to have if the ebolia virus comes to the US? I think there is a person that knows a lot about herbal meds. Maybe he/she could answer

        • jack: check out naturalnews(dot)com and then google your fingers off for natural medicinal sites, lots out there….I think silver is the best bet but that’s me….


        • Thirty days may not be enough, certainly true.

          We’ll find out in mid-August if we’re going to have an epidemic on our hands.

      68. Sorry @smokey,,,, I think thirty day supply is not enough if this Ebola comes here,, I think more around 4 months, maybe longer, might be like a “flu wave” (s)…the first will infect the second wave (22 day lapse) then the second wave will infect the third lot,,,,,,, scary stuff here,,,
        My hubby and I laughed outloud at the news today, saying chances were real slim for the Ebola to hit the U.S,,,,,, really?? I believed they said the same about AIDS,, and now all 50 states have been delivered kits to each army base…..If your not stocked up, for at least a few months, do it,,, ,,,, scary times coming in at all directions

        • Thirty days may not be enough, certainly true.

          We’ll find out in mid-August if we’re going to have an epidemic on our hands.

      69. Sorry meant to say National Guard

      70. More than half Americans live within 50 miles of an International airport. It will spread like the virus at the end of the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

        This could shut down civilization for three or more weeks.

        I’m going shopping tomorrow, fill all gas cans.

      71. The CDC May have Found Just the Virus they have been looking for to CULL the population Down to Size… H1N1 Was a Non Starter and to easy to Thwart… Ebola Might be Just the Ticket the Curb the Population… I expect it to become the next super virus in the U.S. if the Government and CDC have their way…

      72. I bought a roll of 25 canadian silver maple leafs back in feb for the purpose of using them for plague protection. I wonder if just putting them in the mouth and sucking on them would work? I got enough for all the family.

      73. This will be a non event

      74. You have to see this free hour long video on the end of the world, the mark of the beast, Antipope Francis and how he fits in with these things, the true identity of the Antichrist and much more. It will change your life. Here’s the link to the video: The website that produced this Has the most important information you will ever see in your whole life. It is the only place to find all the essential information people need to save their eternal souls. Check it out now!

      75. The DoD has had these in place since and probably prior to 9/11 (2001)

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