Congo: Ebola “Bungle in the Jungle” a Planned Mishap

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    Malthusian theory holds that depopulation (or zero population growth) is a necessity to control a species (namely humanity) that reproduces and consumes natural resources without limits. This is a “New Age” mantra adopted early on by Communists as far back as Marx and Lenin. The ball has been carried successively by Edward House and Woodrow Wilson, and further exacerbated by such “gems” as Kissinger, Bill Gates, Al Gore, and so forth. Much of the public and almost all of the youth (a recent poll taken showed young people prefer Socialism to Capitalism) have fallen for this mantra.

    The “problem” for them is how to push it along quickly: war is one answer, and disease is another.

    There has been another outbreak of Ebola in the Congo, with WHO (World Health Organization) estimates as many as 1,500 people have been exposed to it. The Daily Mail has a good article on this that was posted on 8/17/18, titled to that effect. It is a good read, as it summarizes with brevity the parameters of the disease itself.

    This is how they’re “setting the stage” for this planned “mishap” tied in to the recent outbreak. Read this excerpt very carefully to see the hidden agenda:

    The World Health Organization said on Friday [8/17/18] that at least 1,500 people had potentially been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu region, where fear of local militia is preventing aid workers from reaching some areas. But it is expected more people to become infected and could not be sure that it had identified all chains by which the virus is spreading in the eastern part of the country beset by militia violence. The region is haunted in particular by the Allied Defence Forces, a Ugandan Islamist rebel group blamed for hundreds of civilian deaths over the past four years.

    Now this is setting the script: the valiant doctors and aid workers are unable to break the flow and transmission of the disease because of those pesky Islamic rebels…the militia, to be specific. In addition, don’t forget to expect “more people to become infected!” We have had more than a few scares over the past couple of years with elaborate precautions to transport Ebola-infected patients into the U.S. for treatment: a preposterous action considering the potential for a release into this country.

    When those patients were here, do you think that Ft. Detrick, Maryland, where the U.S.’s primary biological weapons research facility is located…do you think they received any blood samples from these patients?

    You bet your bottom dollar they did. Read “The Hot Zone” and “Devil in the Freezer,” works that chronicle events with diseases such as Ebola, and Anthrax respectively regarding accidental releases and protocols of nations regarding biological warfare. A few years ago they resurrected frozen viruses in the Arctic region, amidst the protest of several scientists who (prior to being “muzzled”) argued about the potential lethality of these viruses even if not weaponized. No matter. Smallpox has been eradicated except by governments and their laboratory storage facilities: biological warfare and all of its associated researches, treatments, testing, and drugs (backed by pharmaceutical firms) is big business.

    Regarding Ebola, a documentary was released in 1996 by NOVA, entitled Ebola: The Plague Fighters.” This graphic but excellently made film shows an outbreak of Ebola in Zaire in May of 1995 and the almost nonexistent medical conditions in the country, coupled with the ineffective actions of foreign doctors and aid-workers. Such squalid, primitive conditions, lack of facilities, and ineffective treatment exist in Congo today virtually unchanged from twenty years ago as shown in the documentary in Zaire.

    If a government is going to release it, the disease (in this case Ebola) is still not as lethal as they need it to be. Rest assured, they’re all working on ironing out these “glitches” in order to follow the plan that originated with Thomas Malthus. We are seeing a controlled laboratory experiment proceeding in China regarding surveillance there: a total surveillance system that will be tested on their citizens and then adopted (and adapted) by other nations for use on their own citizens.

    Conditions are perfect for this type of “lab,” as China is a controlled Communist country and the technology is high enough to be perfected as the society is already compliant and under complete governmental control. This kind of “lab” would not be feasible in African nations where power and running water alone are in short supply and cannot sustain all of the infrastructure needed for the surveillance grid-state in China.

    For testing of biological weaponry, however, African nations (especially those such as Congo and Zaire) are perfect for the release of created viruses and other tailor-made bio weapons. Sound farfetched? Consider the releases of Bacillus subtilis by the U.S. government to “test” the spread of microorganisms in civilian mass-transit facilities such as subways and buses just a few years ago. Consider all of the times the government has tested nuclear and biological weapons on soldiers and civilians.

    Africa is perfect for them to take existing diseases and structure them for even more lethality. When the time is right, quarantines could be ineffective and permit passengers that are infected to board aircraft and spread the disease in the course of travel. Or they could simply transport an infected patient and allow the disease to escape from quarantine and controlled lockdown.

    If you doubt this potential, you have only to read about Bill Gates and his lovely wife’s belief in depopulation as a means of “fixing” the planet. This is the same Bill Gates, by the way, who (with a consortium of investment firms and tech start-ups) plans on placing 500 satellites into orbit to enable real-time monitoring of every inch of the surface of the globe…sometime next summer.

    Ebola is a serious disease, but what is even more deadly and more serious is the group of people and moneyed interests that wish to form a global government. They have the political connections, the money, and the alliances to effectively alter every facet of a nation and even to destroy it militarily. No heinous action is outside of their reach.  Ironically, all of these people…all of them…believe that depopulation is the only way to accomplish this “utopian” global governance effectively.

    These oligarchs and controllers view those not in their company and of their ilk as less than insects to be crushed, and at the most to be their slaves and servants. Depopulation is their goal, and a deadly disease would enable it without culpability. This Ebola outbreak is more likely a “planned mishap” in a laboratory with human beings as the test subjects. The results of these experiments may eventually be used against unsuspecting populations to reach the end-state of global rule, minus a few billion lives or so.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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        • The one thing big governments love is black projects.

          • Notice how this ebola and diseases never happens in Brussels or Tel Aviv, or London or Washingshit DC?

            Although London bans guns then there are knife attacks, so they ban knives, and now there has been Acid Attacks. How they gonna ban car battery acid?. Oops they will to force the public on cattle trains to the prison camp.

            Hint, Never accept a free Train Ride. Any thing free like Vaccines will kill ya. I think they want us all dead so they dont have to pay us Social Security Taxes.

            • I meant SS benefits. Just get as far from these controller psychopaths and totally off their greedy control grid.









      1. “These oligarchs and controllers view those not in their company and of their ilk as less than insects to be crushed…”

        The problem is that some insects bite back.

      2. Yahooie, there’s MORE than a few insects that can and will bite back. Anyone who comes to ‘bungle in my jungle’ is playing with fire. You play with fire, you get burned.

        • TDR and Yahooie, just remember I’m on your two’s side. The problem is that it is futile to think you can put a bullet in a virus. In fact, the farther away you can get is really the only answer. Shoot a carrier? Best not get one drop on you. The only possible solution would be isolation. That may be the only good purpose you could put your firepower to – to keep them at a distance. A long long distance.

          • Heartless, good points. My point is that any strangers who show up at the BOL or my neighboring relatives’ properties will be presumed to have evil intentions toward us and will be dealt with accordingly. No telling what they’ll have if anything.

      3. The “controllers” need slaves to work the mines, the factories, etc. and to build/tend to the robots when they take over. The Nazi accomplishments in technology (decades ahead of US) was only possible with slave labor. You cannot kill off all your workers. Ridiculous. Who would serve the Illuminati their martinis while they lounge in the Bahamas -?

      4. Always be prepared to shelter-in-place for a minimum of 90 days….if a pandemic breaks out, civil unrest, financial collapse, EMP, etc….Please plan & prep for this likely (inevitable or imminent) event.!!!!

      5. The requirements for a deadly diabolical virus:
        1. Ease of transmission. Cough droplets or skin contact.
        2. Latency. If the disease kills the host in a matter of hours or a few days, easier to quarantine compared to one that shows no symptoms for days. Makes quarantine very difficult if disease has a chance to spread before it is detected.
        3. Lethality. But only if it first has a chance to spread via #2 critereon above.
        4. Stability. The “ideal” pandemic is achieved by a virus that is “stable” so that it can not mutate to a more benign form. For example, even if it achieves greater ease of transmission, it does not “help” if the virus is becomes less lethal. This is a counter intuitive explanation, as the “goal” or “success” of any virus is to spread to as many people as it can. This acheived by a “balance” between transmissability with or without as much concern for lethality. A virus doesn’t necessarily want to kill its host. It would rather keep it alive for as long as possible so that it can infect more people. But in this case, in seeking its use as use as a biologic weapon to depopulate the earth, the microbiolgists want both transmissibility and lethality.
        5. A reservoir, such as a different species, where the virus can hide undetected so that it can bide its time for its next emergence.
        6. In other words, the transmisability of the flu via cough droplets, the latency of HIV, the lethality of hemorrhagic fever combined with the optimum amount of genetic stability vs mutability: Too much stability in the genetic code and it is easier to make a vaccine or for the body to develop natural resustance. Too unstable and it mutates to a less lethal or transmissable form. It is a very narrow range of parameters to be useful as a self perpetuating, “infect and forget” biological weapon, with many compromising variables for weaponization to overcome- thankfully.

      6. The idea of depopulation is not entirely without merit.
        Eight billion people could become trillions of people.
        So let’s say for arguments sake that overpopulation threatens
        to destroy mankind. What would sane people do to prevent it.

        Create a painful disease that causes unfathomable suffering,
        and kills indiscriminately? That seems to be the solution of
        a sadistic moron.


        • Democrats need mindless useless eater sheep types to vote for them.

          Like the Dems campaign mottos. “Keep Hope Alive”, “Hope and Change”. Because nobody would vote for their true agenda. “Keep Oppression Communism and Enslavement alive”.

      7. This is only one front
        The second is the uslim invasions.
        This century will see some catastrophic events
        Be armed – be prepared – Its coming

      8. it’s alright by me…

        Hey! Where is Biggles!

      9. Evidently these plans are in the works and cannot be reversed. This silent killer solution does not fear an armed public. Purely evil demons called men rule the roost called Earth. So the pinnacle of reality is to enjoy life because it is very short where enemies beyond comprehension lurk.

        • Im sure when they brought those infected to the U.S., they scraped enough tissue to grow enough of the ebola to wipe out the number they have in mind.

      10. We need a big culling of people on this planet. Anyone that thinks we can keep populating without consequences is naive.

        • Yes, and they can start with all liberals, faggots, and niggas. That would be a very good cleansing. Make Earth Great Again.

      11. Epidemiologists are so detached from reality because in their desire to learn about the characteristics of disease and how it spreads, they think they can control it. Meanwhile, let’s be honest…it’s just another weapon albeit one that is impossible to control.

        What a bizarre marriage: scientists/physician/researchers who most often could make far more money healing others (at least in the non-administrative roles) couple with the military who dream up having unimagineable power that nearly cannot be stopped or defended against.

        Germ warfare was outlawed for a reason. These weapons turn back on those who develop them.

        Now they pretend to just do research because every other nation does likewise. The least expensive weapon of mass destruction is CONTAGION.

        If you look back at Ebola, there are many cultural effects that magnify the danger like dietary issues, funerary rites, poor santation, the movement of people, and lack of medical survelliance on air travel. Because some of these folks would eat bats and cling to bodies and prepare the dead by hand, lots would get exposed. They draw water from the same wells and sanitation is poor in burial of their dead so it can pollute their well.

        The military actually began cordoning off the victims homes finally due to fomites as relatives would go in and grab items which were contaminated. And when that failed, they cordoned off the village directly sometimes seperating parents from children.

        Honestly, you wait for it to burn out by restricting travel. That is just about the only way to stop it.

        And if that happens in an urban environment, then cordoning kills as restrictions in travel halt the flow of food, water, and medicine as well as within the interior of the cordoned area, anarchy happens due to panic.

        This puts a huge responsibility on those who provide medical assistance, those who do humanitarian servces, and those who maintain rule of law. They are often the healthy people on the inside risking their lives as they can’t come out… yet are exposed.

        If you can find it, the Belgians several years ago did a very fine tv series on what would happen with contagion in an urban center called Cordon. It was very accurate as the writers did their medical homework as well as researched emergency management mitigation. There are ten episodes. It’s arguably better than any other dramatization. The BBC ran it as a five part series and it thus entered into the awareness of anyone interested in epidemology in America.

        They made an idiotic American remake that was so hopelessly mired in political correctness that is was mocked…even by the critics.

        • In the last 72 hours, first the number of patients rose to 55, and then 105 in the last 24 hours. A physician has also caught it.

          These are bad signs of lack of containment. I’m interested in epidemiology and I’m watching it.

          There is a group of medical personnel and interested folks who monitor these kinds of events and they are called flutrackers. Anytime you want the latest valid information, they usually have it as they are hypervigilent.


        • We have not removed any articles from the site.

          • The elite will let the disease ou but they will all have recieved the antidote.
            They will be protected. you will be dead

      13. Malthus was an Anglican cleric, not a New Ager or Communist. He said that some (presumably, natural) catastrophe would bring the population into equilibrium with agricultural production. His proposals dealt with food security. How was this ever a controversy.

        In my generation, my town has replaced orchards, cereal, and cattle pastures with McMansions. They cemented-over natural springs and sell the water to foreign countries. Sustainable model, or no?

        Stuccoed, architectural elements are made of literal styrofoam and return to nature in 5-10yrs. They give the impression of a gated community but moved the ghetto, out here (with police reports and crime scenes, to match.) Uncompetitive pricing that noone literally expects to work off, in a human lifetime.

        Where water once ran, and there were lots of cattle. How can this be overstated. Is it physically possible.

        The only mathematical possibility is collapse. It can be explained from a rightist perspective, or apolitically. Past civilizations have collapsed this way.

        Several pockets of people, in this mess, have issues with plumbing, sewer, and electrical. A smell comes from the manholes, from a distance, and from the utility poles, many of which have rust.

      14. Malthus didn’t foresee the effect of transportation to allow overgrowth beyond carrying capacity. In effect, rural areas are leached of resources by the urban centers in America.

        And there is the weakness. With Just in Time manufacturing and inventory controls, these rely upon rapid transportation to get what is needed to where it is needed. Primarily it is done through shipping, trains, barges, then trucks. Some is done by air but that is the most expensive.

        Because these come piecemeal, then any interruptions have a cascading effect. And our enemies would target transportation networks to kill as many civillians as possible.

        And our military likewise is dependent on this supply chain.

        In 3 weeks, there is insufficient chlorine and the water supply is compromised. That is why this is ALWAYS the red flag to watch for. If anything is about to go belly up, city planners for the water supply will order more.

      15. Math just does not work: blacks are the biggest population makers but are the worst workers in the world and the most troublesome and violent. They also have contributed the least to science and technology and have yet to produce a single quality international company.

        That means they can’t create the wealth to support themselves. Most depend on foreign aid or, in rich countries, on welfare.

        For humanity’s sake their numbers need to come down or the world is screwed. If we don’t do it, China will.

      16. AL GORE??? Give me a break!! The poor old soul TRIED to wake you dumbshits up about global warming and he’s been trashed ever since!!! Now, on top of everything else, you want to accuse him of genocide??!! Sometimes I wonder why I visit this stupid site!! Actually, I know why… my dear old sister (materialist!) recommended it… geesh!

      17. Like the wise Jews who TRIED to wake up the dumbshit Jews about Hitler but they were laughed at, ridiculed and abused by the ignorant Jews who refused to believe their beloved country do something like that to them… as they rode off into the breeze on the long rows of trains… and even when they were about to enter the gas chambers, they still talked pleasantly to the Nazis guarding the doors… still believing in Hitler’s goodness… until they entered the gas chambers and the gas came down and they ran for the door– which was locked, of course, and then they realized the truth… that’s how you people are– believing in the goodness of the fossil fuel industry– the most well paid bunch of crooks ever to exist!

      18. Like the wise Jews who TRIED to wake up the dumbshit Jews about Hitler but they were laughed at, ridiculed and abused by the ignorant Jews who refused to believe their beloved country do something like that to them… as they rode off into the breeze on the long rows of trains… and even when they were about to enter the gas chambers, they still talked pleasantly to the Nazis guarding the doors… still believing in Hitler’s goodness… until they entered the gas chambers and the gas came down and they ran for the door– which was locked, of course, and then they realized the truth… that’s how you people are– believing in the goodness of the fossil fuel industry– the most well paid bunch of crooks ever to exist!!! Duh!

      19. Yep, I agreed with this topic at first– when you talked about the elites planning genocide– I AGREE 100%!!! However,
        AL GORE??? No way, JOse! Sorry, that’s ridiculous!!!!!

      20. I saw this movie years ago, never forgot– about all these thousands of people, being scooped up by this enormous machine and trashed, buried- as black helicopters above supervised the task.. I think they were getting us used to the idea of seeing humanity as ants, etc.—very sad!!

      21. With all their planned mishaps, be they AIDS, ebola, lyme, Legionnaire’s disease or whatever, they can never kill as many people as they want. These scumbags are usually fingered while their plans go up in smoke.

        We know who you are!

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