CONFISCATION: Panicked Europeans Rush ATMs as Leaders Move To Seize Funds Directly From Bank Account Holders

by | Mar 16, 2013 | Headline News | 940 comments

Over the last few years political and financial leaders in Europe and the United States have implemented policies, regulations and bailouts costing global taxpayers trillions of dollars with the promise that these measures would lead to economic growth and recovery.

What happened in Europe today is yet further proof that nothing they’ve done has fixed the underlying fundamental issues surrounding the events that led to the crash of 2008.

For those who don’t believe the government is prepared to take extreme measures that may include the seizing of retirement accounts, cash savings or even gold, look no further than Cyprus, the latest recipient of bank bailouts.

As of right now, citizens of Cyprus are scrambling to withdraw funds from their bank accounts after the EU, with agreement from the Cypriot government, announced they will decimate funds held in personal bank accounts to the tune of up to 10% of existing deposits.

You read that right.

The European Union has made the determination that the people of Cyprus are now responsible for the hundreds of billions of dollars in bad bets made by their government and bank financiers, and they are moving to confiscate money directly from the bank accounts of every citizen in the country.

Restrictions have been imposed to stop people emptying their accounts or moving their money out the country after the Cypriot government announced that up to ten per cent of deposits will be seized and used to bailout the island’s crisis-hit banking system.

The deal with other eurozone finance ministers is the first time that ordinary citizens’ deposits have been directly raided in this way.

One furious expat said: ‘This is plain theft. I’d love to hear someone explain to me why it isn’t.’

Under the deal, all bank deposits over €100,000 will be hit with a levy of 9.9 per cent. Those with smaller savings will pay 6.75 per cent.

The move sparked panic and violent protests yesterday as crowds desperately tried to withdraw their money at cash machines. 

‘Why would you risk putting your money in Greek, Spanish or Portuguese banks after this?’

British expats were stunned by the news, with many left high and dry by the restrictions on accounts.

Cash machines had been working, but many ran out of notes because of the panic withdrawals.

But financial experts said the raid – designed to stop Cyprus crashing out of the euro, potentially destroying the currency – would send shock waves through the eurozone.

If savers in other troubled nations fear their accounts might be next, they could withdraw their money and spark a catastrophic run on the  banks.

Source: Daily Mail

They’re calling it a “tax.”

As Market Ticker’s Karl Denninger notes, “Like hell that’s a tax.  That’s direct confiscation of the funds of people who did nothing wrong!”

It should now be obvious. There is no recovery. There never was.

No matter where you live, your government is likely preparing measures to deal with the coming financial and economic collapse. This means they are going to be coming for anything of value that they can get their hands on.

If you have the majority of your net worth allocated in bank accounts, money market funds, retirement plans, stock markets or the host of other ‘safe’ assets recommended by your financial adviser, then you are playing Russian roulette.

And in this version there’s a bullet in every chamber.

When they come, they will take everything they can.


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    1. Unreconstructed Southron

      Bankers stealing money. Next you’ll tell us politicians are fixin’ to lie.

      • Cowboy45

        Avoid the rush.
        Panic Now!

        • brinkz

          Until these criminals are stopped, they will escalate their crimes. Bank CEOs addresses need be public and that public need pay them a visit at home. Otherwise, kiss everything the depositors own, goodbye.
          Charity donations to the mega, colossally rich

          • John Q. Public

            Nuremberg 2

            • jerrytbg

              I with you John…
              These excuses for humans need to be held accountable…

              • BadAmerican

                …crisp 10 dollar bills……

                Thank you Mushroom……R.I.P.


                • REB

                  I remember when Mushy was probably considered about the most “radical” guy on this forum….he liked to pull some of our strings but nothing he advocated or talked about fell to the level of alot of these new troublemakers who like nothing better than to insult and degrade others here and rather than contribute to the conversation they instead detract from it…guess I might say I kinda miss ole Mushroom and his #10 cans of crisp new $10 bills….leastways they had some use/value in a SHTF scenario….just sayin!

          • JustMe

            “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered. ” – Thomas Jefferson

            • 41MagMan

              Jefferson was a brilliant man. He foresaw the world of hurt that banksters would create for all of us if they were allowed to do so. They have been so allowed… by the politicians they have bought. Because of this, they are now treated as a special class of citizen. They can literally do no wrong. Anything they do is forgiven and papered over. This is how a nation devolves from being a nation of laws with liberty and justice for all, becoming a nation of men with obscene profits and absolute control for a few and abject misery for the many.

              • JustMe

                “I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”- Thomas Jefferson

              • MaxFubar

                We the Sheople, in order to form a more desperate union, hereby elect the greedy, rich, crooked opportunist to be the leaders of our country for until the next revolution, when the sheople have awoken, and realized their mistake, and start another revolution, hereby, starting back over from scratch, until the next group of future crooks we elect to represent us and ruin our country for the next 270 years, or revolution, whichever comes first.

                Major Snafu

          • Eisenkreuz

            They only publish the addresses of gun owners who have done nothing wrong.

          • KenBob

            Amen Brother! Right along with all 425 congress-critters, lobbyist and the members of all super PACs of the likes of Karl Rove, etc.

        • 230 JHP

          A couple of other items about this:

          1. It was done on a Saturday, Monday is a holiday. Hmmmm like a 3 day bank holiday weekend? International money transfers cannot be processed to get money out of Cyprus until Tuesday. Depositors, especially Russians, are screwed.

          2. All accounts had the tax “sealed off”, in other words, electronically taken (stolen), from the accounts to prevent people from draining the accounts before the tax was imposed.

          3. The action was taken on Saturday and the leaders of Cyprus wouldn’t be meeting until Sunday to approve the action. Clearly the International Monetary Fund, IMF (International Mother F*****s) are running Cyprus.

          4. When I read advice from the experts like Jim Rogers, or others like Simon Black, to have money, or physical gold, in foreign banks, I shake my head in amazement and disbelief. This story out of Cyprus is why.

          I don’t know if this was a onetime tax, or if the tax will happen every time someone makes a deposit. The bankers and politicians made sure to get their money first. It can happen here, “there’s no place left to go”.

          • Gods Creation

            “”I don’t know if this was a onetime tax, or if the tax will happen every time someone makes a deposit.””

            I doubt there will be very many deposits in the future. These type of bank thefts can only happen once before the affected people catch on.

            • 230 JHP

              True that.

              • KY Mom

                The banks in Cyprus are now closed until Thursday.

                Drudge Report

                • YH

                  KY Mom,

                  I see the latest spin the media is putting on The Great Bank Theft of 2013 claims Cyprus banks are all laundering Russian mafia money so a 10% “tax” is a good thing and the mafia won’t complain about it.

                  First, stealing from the mafia, any mafia, is generally considered extremely unhealthy for anyone caught doing it. Second, who launders more money than the Federal Reserve? The Fed is the largest money laundering operation in the world! Lastly, to claim that all or even a majority of Cyprus account holders are involved in criminal activities is intellectually dishonest in the least, and worst it’s an outright lie.

            • OutWest

              Do the banks themselves? have anything to say about this?
              Wouldn’t this be a form of bank suicide….?

              • Little Owl

                This has happened before (the Weimar Republic) and will happen again. In the 1940’s the Germans woke up one morning to discover that each and every one of them has only 48 DM in their bank accounts. Every single bank account had been emptied and 48 DM put in it. There was nothing they could do about it.

                The German government had secretly printed new money and all old money became illegal. If you had any of the old notes at home you had to take them to a bank to exchange them for new. Obviously the new was worth much less. BUT the government did not issue new coins (they are too expensive to mint) and assumed that most people only have a handful of coins at home.

                Personally I think we are going to see a run on European banks come Monday, and riots in Cyprus on Tuesday when the people go to the banks and can’t get their money back.

                I did read that the EU wanted Cyprus to take 40% from the bank accounts. I suspect the only reason they didn’t was because of the anarchy that would have followed.

                • The Old Coach

                  The Weimar Republic was swept away by Hitler in 1933. Who is teaching history these days ? ? ?

                • JustMe

                  That happened in the early 1920’s, not the 1940’s…

                • Little Owl

                  The Old Coach, you are absolutely right, it was the 1920’s! That’s what comes from posting a comment whilst trying to get the kids in the car to go to school!! My mistake. All the best.

                • lora

                  This is why I hate the money system, it is a weapon they use to “control” the rest of us.

              • jerrytbg

                It only means this part of the “change” is upon them…
                Most of europe is next…then it’s our turn…errr…
                I give it 6 to 8 weeks… at most…

                I’d love to eat crow on this…
                If I have to…Please add garlic…


                Does anybody really know the lyrics?

                For the harmony… and the future of man…

            • cara

              Many people have no choice but have their payroll automatically deposited into a bank. So they would not be able to remove their funds until the bank had “taxed” that deposite each time if that is what is set up.
              Where I work everyone must have their paycheck autodeposited to their bank of choice. No one gets a paper check or cash of any type.

              • Antonia

                My company did away with Direct Deposit, but pays the check cashing fee if our employees cash the check at the bank.

                • Grey Owl

                  A casino will cash your paycheck 🙂

                • KY Mom


                  There are many people that are paid by direct deposit and have no say in the matter.

                  It is my understanding that the majority of people in Cyprus (and the EU) are paid by direct deposit.

                  I have been told that most people carry alot less cash on them in Europe, as compared to the US. They are accustomed to ATM’s being available and the stores take bankcards.

              • Bob

                As the USonomy grinds downward, they force more and more of us “under the table”.

                • Gods Creation

                  Bob, under the table and beyond their control is where freedom is.

                  I like keeping everything I make and making my own Laws….so I’ll see you there.

            • BK

              However, you must factor in direct deposit …

          • Anonymous

            Does my memory serve me correctly ? The Greek haircut started at 21% and ended up at 90% ?? Could well be that further ‘ Taxes’ be imposed in the future , that is if you are stupid enough to leave your money in a bank in a bankrupt country . Spain next to impose ‘taxes’ ?

            • YH

              Anon. That’s correct. The Greek bond holders (97%) who were dumb enough to go along with the EU/IMF bailout plan took a 90+% loss on their bonds, except for the British bond holders of Greek debt (3%) who refused the EU plan and received full payment when their Greek bonds matured plus interest after the others morons took their haircut. All we have to say is no when they come for our savings and retirement.

          • 41MagMan

            If this is not an absolute warning to get our money out of these GD banks, I do not know what would be. Them taking ALL of it? They will, given the chance. We HAVE been warned.

            • Anonymous

              Watch the ripple efect in the u.e. Spain next…

            • YH

              Yes, we have been warned, all the way back to when the U.S. Constitution was signed. But how many are listening.

              • mike

                Certainly not the ones paid to uphold it.

          • bugfy

            You need to invest in durable goods that last and are sturdy and well made so that they will last a long time. Thinks like hammers and digging bars, bags of nails. Do you have a good screwdriver? It’s a really good idea. Maybe two screwdrivers. A bag of rocks isn’t a bad idea and will last.a long time because God made them except for the bag maybe. Stop buying junk from ChinaMart, even bags. Of rocks. There screwdrivers are crap also so buy those somewhere else.

          • Not so Much

            “4. When I read advice from the experts like Jim Rogers, or others like Simon Black….

            It not that they were wrong, its just that if you chose a European bank, you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

            Stop calling it a tax. It’s not a tax, it’s a bank heist.

          • Crazycowboy

            I think I’m gonna go back to the safest bank,without any interest but mine,in my Mattress…!

          • Jim6Pack

            Let’s say they decide to do something like this here in the US.
            Today, you should empty your bank accounts, leaving only what is needed to cover outstanding checks.
            Great. I’m covered, right?
            Cancel my direct deposit, now I get a physical check.
            Is the bank going to charge me a “fee” or “surcharge” to cash my check?
            There’s no way I can get my employer to pay me in cash.

        • Unreconstructed Southron


          And not.

        • Julie

          I’ve been telling people for quite a while to freak out now. Then when TSHTF we’ll hopefully have our wits about us while everybody else is panicking and going out of their minds. Be proactive!

        • tayronachan

          @Cowboy45, classic, lol

        • Anonymous

          That’s priceless. I mean it made smile.

        • Mike the Gardener

          I laughed out loud on your comment, even though it really isn’t funny it is very serious.

          Stay calm, buy a good fire proof safe … and store some valuables away for when you may need it.

          • Cede or Bleed

            Nah. Forget hiding your valuables in a fire proof safe that just sits in you house for all to see. The government will probably confiscate it when they come pounding on your door, come round up time. Air tight container and bury it in the garden. Don’t give the slimer’s anything!!

        • Anonymous

          Bank Holiday- now it gets interesting!!

      • SterlingSilver

        The sad truth is that by using Federal Reserve Notes, you agree to the terms set forth therein by the Federal Reserve Bank. The Central bankers monopolize the monetary system and control the underlying events. If the people would simply start to move away from Fed notes (debt instruments with the built-in ability to rob our wealth through inflation) their power would diminish to the point of insignificance. As long as we use their money, they’ll control the economy, military, politicians, and us. Period.

        • JustOneGuy

          @ SS and ALL,

          SS, you ARE absolutely correct, your analysis is ‘impeccable’.

          See now what CAN be done…to any of you here reading this. Think not? Consider then with what ease those who control the system as it is currently consisted – a DIGITAL Abomination – could all the more easily vanish ALL that you have worked for, for so very long.

          I have a THOUGHT…GET your money out NOW, put 20% of that MONEY under your pillow, put the other 80% in gold. Use whatever you must to get your preps in order FIRST then divide as above…money, FRN’s will still serve a purpose in what comes, for a time. You WILL need that when ‘IT’ comes. Good Luck, may the LORD Bless and Keep you All, EVERYONE of you…


          • brinkz

            When they devalue it, whether its under your bed or in their bank, its gone. better purchase alternatives to PMs too, because they will make it illegal to own or cash in.

            • JustOneGuy

              @ Brinkz,

              Friend, the issue NOW is this; the very things we see in the first ‘crack’ in the Dam that the Bankers constructed so long ago, By that what I mean is this; VERY soon THEY will lose control of the system…you can’t change Human nature…by fiat, by decree or otherwise.
              It’s not about what they can or cannot do NOW…it’s about WHAT the world will revert to when they are no longer the guiding force involved…my recomendation stands.


              • Kulafarmer

                Wait to see if there are bank runs in other eu nations, that will be the real mess and beginning of SHTF

                • JustOneGuy

                  Howdy Kula,

                  Yes indeed, we are ALL waiting with ‘baited breath’ to see what tomorrow brings…

                  …and watching to see just how MANY of the EU ELITE get assainated by the Russian Mafia in the coming weeks …THOSE BOYS do NOT play around…


                • BigB

                  I don’t want to a be a “I told you so” kinda of guy.

                  On the 1st of this month I did tell you all that the SHTF already. Stuart Varney on Fox business just had a guest who stated he didn’t see this ever happenong in America.

                  However on Drudge El-Erian was just quoted:
                  Despite assurances from European officials that Cyprus is “exceptional” and the measures are “unique”, El-Erian said the Cyprus bailout has driven investors to demand higher returns to hold risky assets.

                  Exceptional – Unique. Sure.

                  Get your money out and into tangible assets now.

              • bugfy

                This is divine providents JonG. The. Heathens are getting a haircut from the terrible swift sword of The Lord. As God said to Heracles in Romans 3:96:”go fourth and handle my Sword of divined retribution so the heathen may tremble at the site of my rod”.

                • lilybug

                  no such verse in Romans no heracles or such a quote in God’s word.
                  Long time lurker first time poster. Do not add to God’s word Rev 22:18-19 a warning you should heed .

          • RickE.

            @JustOneGuy, Just try and remove a substantial amount of money from your account! First of all they’ll tell you that they don’t have that much money available for you to withdraw. (over about $6,000). And, that they need to keep a certain amount of money for merchants, etc.

            Second, I have been treated like a criminal for requesting large amounts of cash withdrawals.

            Third, if you consistently withdraw large amounts of money, they will fill out transaction reports to the IRS and/or DEA, especially if you withdraw near $10,000. “Structuring” charges levied against one is another onerous possibility.

            Some tellers will even ask you WHY you’re withdrawing large amounts of money if you do it regularly.(once a week).

            You CAN buy gold with the money by way of transfers, and that is what I am going to do next.

            • JustOneGuy

              @ RickE,

              I feel for you Friend,

              Let me help you out here. In the current schema ANY bank may require that you give them up to SEVEN days notification before withdrawing any sizeable accumulation of funds…this is simply ‘the way of it.’ HOWEVER, they CANNOT legally refuse you once such notice has been given – by you to them – and the fixed period has elapsed.

              Also, NO…this is not a ‘NEW’ thing…these regulations have existed for a very long time. It is simply the case that most People do NOT read the fine print on thier initial agreement with the Bank when they open an account. Get your money Brother…Ann Batnhardt has been SCREAMIN’ about this for the longest while, “If you can’t STAND over it with an ASSUALT Weapon…then you don’t OWN it”….after Corzine (and OTHERS) possesion is no longer 9/10’s of the LAW…it’s NOW 10/10’s of it.

              Good Luck Brother


              • RickE.

                @JustOneGuy, hey thanks for your input! I’m trying to get it incrementally, but it’s been difficult due to the discouraging harassment that I’ve encountered.
                They seem to forget that it’s OUR money, not theirs. Take care, and thanks again!

                • 41MagMan

                  RickE… Is your account with a bank? If so, you might get better service from a local credit union. We have one and it is really good. They don’t have a lot of cash on hand, so when I need $6-8k, I let them know and 2 days later they call me up to say that the cash is available. No biggie. Their main vault holds a lot of cash but their branches do not, so this is how they work it. No teller there has ever asked me why I wanted the money. Unlike banks, most CUs KNOW that it is our money and not theirs.

                  I did have a discount broker ask me once when I requested a $50k withdrawal if I would mind telling him why I was withdrawing the money. I said, “Yes, I would mind” and he backed right off. I should have said that it had nothing to do with him, his company, or their products and services. That was likely why he was concerned.

              • Wyomer

                Checking accounts are DEMAND accounts, you can demand and get all of your money any time (not necessarily in cash). All other bank accounts are DEPOSIT accounts subject to the redemption terms you signed. Might be three days might be three weeks but they have your money by the terms you signed when you opened it.

            • JJsan


              Amen! I went to my credit union and withdrew some cash and they told me any withdraw over 10K had to be reported to the IRS… I couldn’t believe it. Then I bought a little commuter car, cash, when I saw the price of gas going up. The dealer then hands me a credit check sheet. I told them I am paying cash and no credit was required. The dealer manager then comes out and tells me that it is a new DHS/IRS law for cash purchases to combat terrorism…. I could not believe what this idiot was saying. I wrote my name and that was all, but he said that was sufficient since they had already made a copy of my driver’s license for the paperwork….


              Keep your powder dry,

              • kaynine

                @jjsan (ofac) part of the treasury dept.
                Office of foriegn assets control,checks to see if your on the imposed santion list.
                There is no cash limit,all sales of any kind or amount,are subject to this law.
                the only way to get around that is to buy from a private party.

                • JJsan


              • RickE.

                I hear you! Also, $10,000 and over gets reported to the DEA as well. You should have seen them get out the transaction report papers when I wanted money for a purchase of a new 4WD pickup! I needed a cashier’s check for the purchase.

                They said nothing, but I recognized the paper she had just grabbed from before. I’m sick of NO BANKING PRIVACY!!

            • MaxFubar

              Yep! Exactly, precisely, and to the point!
              But will not the govt. make gold ownership illegal, and make you turn it in to them for their revalued price, just like FDR did in the 30’s? I mean, Uncle Sam is not gonna go down without a fight!

              ‘Don’t ask what your country can do for you! Ask what you can do for your country”….John Fitzgerald Kennnedy

            • Tom

              Sure ; another way that “they” can track you.

            • BigB


              I am a small buisiness guy as I imagine you are as well. I deposit on a regular basis each week and have a standing agreement with my bank that on every Friday I will need a cetain amount available in cash. It is always there for me.

              I used to have the same problem you are describing. I too would be asked what I needed with so much cash. I tell them it is for day laborers. I have also told them I need it for weekends of debauchary, wine, women and drugs. That did not go over well so I went back to the day laborers. 🙂

              Hope that helps.


              • RickE.

                EXCELLENT BigB.!! Except that I work for myself in the stock market. I could use the debauchery, wine, women, and song though!! Still, your suggestion gives me some really good ideas, thanks!

          • Ugly

            Just remember this as I have posted before:

            Bank Account today– 1010110010100101010100010110
            Bank Account tomorrow– 0000000000000000000000000000

            Don’t panic, but readjust your accounts according to the risk you are willing to take.

            At least my seeds will grow.

            • Tom

              Ok! We hear you loud and clear!
              All you smart people out there, so what are we to do besides stash food, bullets, bandaids, money, silver and gold?
              Can you help us simpletons out with strategies to use please?
              We all have some money in the bank and some in our retirement funds. What do we do with that?
              Please provide R E A L solutions.

              • Highspeedloafer

                Can you borrow against your retirement fund? That would be a good start. Otherwise it sounds like you are doing a good job. But, don’t panic.

              • Ugly


                Nobody can tell you what to do with your finances. All we can do is state what we are doing and then you can decide.

                Ugly’s List:
                1. Getting debt down. I am making extra payments on some stuff. With debt down, I can live cheaper and better.

                2. Have some cash on hand. How much? That is up to your comfort zone. Yes, you take the risk of theft or fire. But if things continue as they are, you are taking a risk letting someone else hold your money too.

                3. Buy tangible stuff that is needed, such as 6 month food storage. Or solar laterns. Radio.Extra jackets, boots, sleeping bags etc.

                4. Buy some physical precious metals. Silver will not make you rich, but it can be used as a hedge against inflation and a devalued dollar. Silver will never go to zero, but the dollar may.

                5. Keep enough money in banks as in checking and savings that could keep you solvent for 1 year. By solvent, I mean paying your bills even if you lost your job.

                Hope that helps some.

                PS. I am cashing in some of my mutual funds and life insurance policies, slowly. By slowly, I mean for tax purposes. But I am keeping one mutual fund and one life insurance policy. I have played the game too long to quit 100%. Still have to take some risks; we still live in a dollar society.

                • slingshot


                  Good Game Plan.

              • Willow

                If your retirement account is in a self directed IRA you can purchase real estate but it has to be a hands off management of the property. Caution, real estate may go down another 10 to 20%…just saying.

              • Aluminumati

                You could stop all contributions into your retirement plan. Why put money in which you might not get back?

          • MadMarkie

            It’s NEVER a good idea to put ALL your eggs in ONE basket. Now, where have we all heard that one before? Try to ‘spread’ what assets that you have around as much as possible so that they are never all grouped together in one place at one time. This is what the 1% do ….. and they have all OUR money!

            There is a very good reason that they are called “banksters”, they are in every sense of the word bankers who act just like gangsters.

            If you ‘own’ it on paper; there is absolutely NO guarantee that it, whatever “it” is, actually belongs to you and will be available to you when you desperately need it.

            In the early stages of any collapse the banks are going to close and the ATMs are going to run out of cash. Merchants will probably still be accepting cash but not credit or debit cards, even is the systems are ‘up’. You will need “cash-in-hand” to purchase any last minute items still available for your family.

            Every individual and family has a financial ‘rhythm’, even though most are not aware of it. Money comes in during certain times of the month and money goes out as bills paid and expenses are met.

            Print yourself up a calendar for the year, by the month, and set up a simple balance sheet. Some bills, car payment, rent, utilities, insurance, etc. will be due on the same day of each and every month. Mark these on your calendar. Also note paydays and anticipated amounts of income on the calendar.

            For a period of at least one month, on a daily basis, record every penny that you take in and every penny that you spend as well as what the money was spent for. It really doesn’t take very long for a pattern to appear.

            Waste and needless expenditures will become very apparent, very quickly. How much is that big latte grande every morning costing you each month on a daily basis? How much could you save bringing your lunch from home, as opposed to eating out every day, and bringing a big thermos of coffee?

            Stick half of your savings into your ‘cash-stash’ and put the other half into your preps. ALWAYS try to keep the bare MINIMUM in your checking account; just enough to avoid bank fees and pay your bills. A Savings Account? Paying < 1% a year?? I rather think NOT!!!!!

            God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

            • JustOneGuy

              Howdy MM,

              Good points all, I would add this;

              When ‘IT’ comes there WILL be a predictable pattern to what we see. AS the Banks get ‘pressured’ they will initially respond by first lowering the frequency with which they ‘refresh’ the ATM’s thinking that THIS will give them a ‘little Breathing Room’ predictably, this WILL backfire in thier faces…as the perception becomes ‘the banks are OUT of MONEY’ in the eyes of the general public. The reason for this is simple…they are constrained very closely by the existent regulations – much as the rest of US are – and while they MUST execute with precision on a whole host of levels… reliably, it is the case that there, they can simply use the rationale, “Well, OUR driver’s just coufn’t GET to those ATM’s that quickly…”…see how that works?

              At that point, before the situation has become “The Sum of ALL Fears” in thier minds, it will be the case that THOSE with actual cash will – prudently give the economy a REAL shot in the arm as they begin buying up EVERYTHING in sight…’flushing-out’ thier preps…whether they are preppers or not! After THAT is when things will begin to go south…rapidly. The options available to the Banking caste then become very limited, very quickly. This is where things like true capital controls will begin to enter the picture…not too long after THAT is when the government will be compelled to enforce a bank holiday here.

              Bear in mind that in this WONDERFUL electronic, Binary world the issue of installing capital controls is NOW only a matter of a programmer at the FED sitting down and executing a FEW key strokes at a computer terminal…it’ll be QUICK when it happens.

              Best of Luck everyone…the ‘Handwriting is – in fact – NOW upon the wall…


            • Jeff

              Just a little sidenote to make a point about critical thinking. I have also read about Russian mafia money being quite prevalent in Cyprus banks.

              Isn’t that money laundering? Isn’t that a crime? Why aren’t these banks being prosecuted?

              See the point is, everything is a lie now. Everywhere you look is the same. Now – ask yourself again, could it ever happen here?

              I have not seen one comment in the last two days that has brought that up. This entire planet is screwed.

              Bless you all

              • JustOneGuy

                Howdy Jeff,

                On the NOSE Brother! ‘Tis been this way since the EARLY 90’s, Cyprus has been a ‘money-laundering haven for all such since…especially Russian MAFIA money. The extent to which this is BROADLY known (outside of here in the WEST) is utter. Arguably that’s why a pissant lil place like Cyprus HAS a banking sector AT ALL…once again though I say that those Russians ‘do not play’….there’ll be BLOOD over this before it’s done. I wouldn’t put it past THOSE to ARRANGE for Lagarde to have a FATAL accident in the near future…as well as several of the high-end of the Cypriot government in addition to….


          • JJsan


            I couldn’t agree more with you on most of what you said except the gold issue. I love precious metals, but if the US and the world goes back to a gold standeard, then the US Govt will make it illegal for citizens to own gold and they will seize it like FDR (everyones favorite socialist and savior before Obama) did in the 30’s:


            I like silver because it is too numerous (hopefully) to try and confiscate. But I think once they try, there will be an uprising and they know it. I forget where I saw it, but there was an old saying,

            Gold is the currency of monarchs,
            Silver is the currency of gentlemen,
            Barter is the currency of free men,
            and DEBT is the currency of slaves!

            Keep your powder dry,

            • 41MagMan

              Millions of Americans refused to go along with EO 6102. Instead, they buried their gold and only brought out a few coins when needed. Under EO 6102, people could keep $100 face value in gold coins. AFAIK, no one was ever arrested, searched, or had their home searched by Feds looking for gold. EO 6102 was primarily aimed at the banks because they were hoarding gold and exacerbating the deflation that was occurring.

              Another interesting note about EO 6102 was that it was telegraphed about a month in advance. This game wealthy Americans plenty of time to remove their gold from the US and put it in Europe, England, South America, and various other locations before EO 6102 took effect.

              • JustOneGuy

                Thanks 41MagMan,

                I’ve noted your post here many several times…they are always on point and brimming with good info. I TAKE it that you’re a History buff…some several I remember have alluded to things previous that most would not know. Excellent, “Those who do not remember History ARE Doomed to repeat it.”, No? 😉


            • JustOneGuy


              Howdy JJsan,

              I like the moniker, kinda like I like ‘Satori’ here as well! Anyhow, Silver is not a bad choice…neither a good choice either. No one knows what will fall out if things ‘go South’ as it were. As regards the assertion that the GOV will come in and compel us to surrender it – fat chance. THAT only worked in an era where the People YET had some respect – deserved or not – for the Government. As you have PROBABLY noticed, here, in a time when People are broadly talking about pure, open defiance of any governmental restrictions on the firearms – which are ONLY things adter all, albeit USEFUL ones! – WHAT do you think is REALLY going happen when goons from the GOV stop by to say, “I’m here from the goverment…to pick up your GOLD”? Hark, …I hear the sound of HYSTERICAL laughter in the background…

              You suggestion is historically valid based on what HAS happened…it does not, however, mean that it IS going to happen AGAIN. The Bankster’s which have ran everything for century’s are NOW clearly identified in the mind of John Q Public and frankly, the hatred which is seething just below the surface in the mind’s of same is about to go ‘Krakatoa’ …BOOOOM!

              Nice ‘jabberin’ at you!


              • JJsan

                Hi JOG,

                To tell you the truth, I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen. What if people are starving, then gold and silver are worthless if no one recognizes them as a form of currency. If you have a good water filter, that would probably be worth its weight in gold then… and never forget lead. I am a student of history, and what I have seen is that history always repeats itself. The parallels between Osavior and Hitler are frightening. But I think that the PTB have learned from the mistakes that the NAZIs made and are trying to make sure they don’t follow a 1000 year Reich into little more than a decade.

                As far as any form of confiscation, I don’t think that anyone will go door to door for anything. Too dangerous, for police or even the military. I don’t think people are as naive or stupid enough to give up gold or any PM if ordered too, but I do think the Govt will simply make things illegal and try and get the new “restricted” items over the course of a generation or two if possible. I agree that the respect for the Govt is at an all time low, with Congress having an approval rating of somewhere around 9%. The country, and the world, is a powder keg ready to explode.

                I don’t want to rule the world, just my house…. LOL

                Keep your powder dry,

                • JustOneGuy


                  Howdy JJsan!

                  “To tell you the truth, I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen.”

                  ABSOLUTELY, it’s all just pure guess work…nobody’s EVER seen anyhting like what we’re positing here to happen. At least, NOT on this scale…

                  IF this does become “The Sum of ALL Fears” then there’s some easily understood ramifications to this…some of which you mention yourself. The level of the “Fall” approaching is what’s germaine to the situation. IF they can – somehow – find a way to ‘deflate’ this idiocy it’d be ‘a hard row to hoe’ for sure, otherwise it will be beyond conception…BAD.

                  Think about it: No more manufacturing, no commerce, no JIT delivery of needful things…

                  In that circumstance you literally have to plan to acquire everything you need for about 20 years – other than food -, which you’d be COMPELLED to grow…there isn’t any realistic way to store so much – since not only would you have to survive the ‘Fall’ itself but also the period beyond that – probably a gerneration of Man – till things got back to something resembling society, civilization. In this I offer two words that sum it all up (as being the targets you’re trying to hit, “Toolage” and “Knowledge”. If you lack either you won’t make it long-term.

                  The fabrication of toolage – to modern standards is impossibly difficult…without MODERN toolage, Eh? The knowledge part of things is a bit more expansive inasmuch as anything you might need to do you would require – APRIORI – the knowledge of. To be sure, some simple things you could learn as you went along…but they’d neccessarily be those types of knowledge that aren’t life-and-Death critical…ALL such as that would lead to…a bad end, to say the least.

                  As far as the confiscation thing I this point they are beginning to be PRESSED very hard as the Castle starts falling apart around them…desperate people do STUPID things, Eh? Well have to wait and see on that one…either way though…IF we don’t CHOOSE to cooperate with thier lunacy then, simply put, it’s game over. Furthermore I THINK they KNOW this alraady. The Europeans – servants of the extended Rothschild family, and little else as they aren’t permitted any real arms – are in a slightly different boat than are we…I think that’s why they tried ‘floating’ this over there first. They’d have a hell of a time trying that – as a start – over here. Anywho, Too-do-loo Friend!


            • MaxFubar

              Lol…You might keep your powder dry, but buddy, there will not be a dry eye in the house. Cause when Uncle Sam takes it all, it’s all over but the crying.

              • JJsan


                Good point….. sniff

                • JustOneGuy

                  @ HHsan and Max,

                  Ummm, not quite…

                  As far as similarities between the two..there are some, but in Germany it was the case that there existed a homogenous population which had been utterly beaten down by the auterity of the reperations imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, Yes? HERE OTOH, we have a HUGELY polarized population – one half for, the other half rabidly against – such that any attempt to ‘smooze’ the “Body Americana” is simply doomed to failure. That impies that the ONLY method that the PTB might use which would have ANY possibility of success would be direct coercion of the citizenry…and we ALL know exactly where that would go…American Revolution II

                  Too, it is the case that the GOV can make anything it want’s to illegal…won’t make one damn bit of difference inasmuch as the Prople are actally starting to ‘wake-up’ to the pure truth that this entire scenario is just simply a massive PONZI scheme designed to benefit the Oligarch’s and the collaborators therewith. WHEN they started that there’d be so much ‘back-flash’ that they’d effectively be unable to ENFORCE any such on the populace at large….too busy with a civil insurrection…country-wide. That’s WHY it is imperative for eveyone to ‘back-up’ (like backing up a hard drive) thier lives to something outside the FRN’s in use now. So long as THEY control the masses through those there can be no effective resistance to thier edicts. WITH that as a ‘fait accompli’, prefacto…they’re SCREWED.

                  Remember always that they have no power which we – by our assent, in a very real practical sense – do not yield to them…participation in the FRN system is JUST that. Also, if they piss us off enough, what ARE they going to do when 100 Million People simply ‘turn-off’ the ‘machine’, quit producing, quit doing anything which assist them in perpetuatiing the current control paradigm? WE are the POWER Y’all…NOT them…WE are the ones who can turn it off.

                  You might recognize this from Frank Herbert’s “Dune”,

                  “He who can destroy a thing, controls that thing.”

                  If we refuse to participate in our own screwing there’s not one damn thing they can do other than kill a few people to make examples ot of them….AND THAT will be THIER end in short order…THE HUNT WILL BE ON…for THEM!

                  Truly World, WROL….think about it.



          • tony x

            Rev Lindsey Williams was told that when the Euro tanks, you have two weeks in the US to get out of all paper.He said that bonds,FRNS,stocks etc would be worth the paper that they are written on.
            Get herloom seeds, canned foods, ammo( if you can find it) etc.BIBLE.know where there is water …………..iodine……..silver will be good barter item,but silver is bulky.Gold ids better to store.ditto

          • Tim

            WHat is a FRN?

            • Anonymous

              Federal reserve notes,cash,or paper money.all the same junk.

            • Its Not Me

              Federal Reserve Note

            • Jasmine

              FRN = Federal Reserve Note, the paper money in your wallet, look at the top of a dollar bill and you’ll see it printed there.

            • tony x

              federal reserve note. They come in demoninations of 1 , 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 “dollar” “notes”
              They are circulated in the United States and else where.
              A FRN ( Federal Reserve Account Unit Derivitave) Or FRAUD, is called a DOLLAR BILL. A real dollar is one ounce of silver.

        • vincero

          and what do you suggest people use other than money?


          • Foreigner


            These bright sparks created their own currency.

            I have seen Americans do this too.

          • Heretic Historian

            Vincero, the mind is the first prison you must escape.

          • MaxFubar

            This country’s first currency was tobacco. John Rolfe and Pocahantas capitalized on that currency. Rolfe grew the feces out of tobacco, and it was in great demand back in Europe, kinda like Crack is today. But now they want to take tobacco away too, by taxing the feces out of it, and making it hard to smoke in public. Marbles may not be a bad idea, just as long as they are made from gold or silver!

        • Gods Creation

          “The sad truth is that by using Federal Reserve Notes, you agree to the terms set forth therein by the Federal Reserve Bank. The Central bankers monopolize the monetary system and control the underlying events. If the people would simply start to move away from Fed notes (debt instruments with the built-in ability to rob our wealth through inflation) their power would diminish to the point of insignificance. As long as we use their money, they’ll control the economy, military, politicians, and us. Period.”

          That was so good I couldn’t quote a part of it, so I pasted the whole thing so it can be read twice, and hopefully understood and acted upon.

          • MaxFubar

            I think the colony’s here in the US tried that one back in the 1760’s, and King George did not like that, so he sent a bunch of soldiers to NYC ports, and started a revolution. Fortunately we won,so We now celebrate that occasion, on the 4th of July every year by popping off a bunch of firecrackers.

            • Gods Creation

              If you believe the official version. The banksters won and the British left is a lot closer to the truth.

        • Heretic Historian

          Sterling speaks great wisdom. Every time I hear someone say that “they are stealing from us”, I want to laugh. It is their useless paper, it was their idea. They can’t steal from themselves. The mistake we made was that we attached “worth” and “value” to the fiat currencies by giving it our freedom and our energy. We agreed to the terms (albeit hidden) when we agreed to use the currency. Every FRN is a unit of debt itself… a loan. It was never ours.

          • MaxFubar

            Correct! But we are born into this system of debt slavery. Once you get your ass slapped by the doctor, and a 9 digit SS# tagged to you for the rest of your life, you are nothing but govt. property.

            “Slavery has not been abolished, it has just been modified”….Anonymous

        • Brian

          Use current US coin. It’s made by the mint and issued via the Treasury. Its debt free! It’s all we’ve got at this point.

          • tony x

            What would happen if we all started paying our taxes in pennies?

        • Anonymous

          What would happen if our glorious gov just said to the fed, hey thanks,but were not going to pay you back jack shit……we will take it from here……could we still use the same money that’s already being used..?

        • Infidel

          They’ll never allow that to happen.

          • Anonymous

            Why not ,what the hell would the fed do against our military, nothin

            • jerrytbg

              What you’re missing here is that they are two sides of the same coin… 😉

        • Jomidax3

          SterlingSilver, you are correct!! However, there are too many people on the dole in the US and the money they are spending isn’t THEIR money so they don’t care. They’re led around by their welfare checks and the promise of more benefits without the benefit of having to get their asses off the couch and work for it so they’re going to do what’s easiest…which is NOTHING! Meanwhile, the rest of us are gearing up for something really ugly coming around the bend. It’ll be a bit like Noah and the Ark….a cleansing, if you will.

      • Gods Creation

        “”When they come, they will take everything they can.””

        That’s why I have nothing they can take.

        If you still have savings in bank, you are an idiot. They can take everything attached with the SSN I was fraudulently issued long ago, and they will get NOTHING.

        For Gods sake people, QUIT USING THEIR NUMBERS. That is how they attach your funds and make them theirs. You are, after all the corps employee and THAT NUMBER ALONE IS ALL THE PROOF THEY NEED that whatever you have belongs to the corp.

        Quit doing business with them, unless you ARE a business without choice. If you keep your money in a bank and lose it all, don’t come crying to me.

        • stacey

          How can you not do business with them?

          • Padre

            Avoid playing the game, by following the governments example. Don’t use savings as operating funds, use lines of credit instead. No one is going to tax your line of credit after all… Keep your profits separate, hidden, and in intrinsically valuable units, including but not limited to metals, that are not easily found and confiscated.

            • Anonymous

              Very sound advice!

            • Bob

              I think they only got a fraction of the gold in the 30s. They would get less today.

            • jerrytbg

              “No one is going to tax your line of credit after all…”

              I always thought interest payments were in fact a tax…
              I guess I’m just dumber than sheetrock…talking to myself… 🙂

          • Gods Creation

            “””How can you not do business with them?”””

            A better question would be “How can I continue to do business with them knowing what they are doing to the future of my family and country?”

            The banksters themselves should be all the proof you need that when there is a will, no matter how evil, there is a way. They have even convinced you that you can not get by without them.

            • Anonymous

              The new name banksters not gangster?

              • JustOneGuy


                Apropo…isn’t it?


            • Stevo

              No, that’s not a better question; it’s an unhelpful deflection.

              What can be done to remove oneself from the system? No one is incredulous at your claims that they’re untrustworthy, but most people have no idea how (in what manner, by what process) to do anything else.

          • FedUp47

            Just don’t do’s that simple. Pay cash for everything. I haven’t done business with banks for years..I refuse. When they started their nickel and diming BS which soon became more and more dollars BS I quit having anything to do with them and haven’t missed it a bit. I pay cash for everything and if I can’t afford it I don’t get it. But they don’t get my money either! Ha!!

        • Facebook Page

          You don’t need to bury yourself in the bunker yet. But I have to agree its time to separate your wealth from the system. I started a full pull out a while ago. Had plan on leaving some in the market to play with like craps. But from what I see it all ready rolled the 7. (I not talking about emergency last min $ in checking account YET)

          • Eisenkreuz

            I pulled all my shit out in 2008. I only left enough in the accounts to write checks. My broker told me not to time the markets. I just laughed.

            • Not Timothy

              I bet that was a really tasty Big Mac you were able to purchase with your proceeds.

            • grippentrog

              You say you are 28 and a student. You then talk about having a broker when you were 23? You then pulled everything out of the pretend account and laughed at the broker. If you are so fucking smart, why didn’t you leave it in and pull it out now, when the DOW is at 14000? So in short, you bought high and sold low. I think your broker laughed at you. Oh, by the way, you are full of shit. You make most of what you say up. You forget your lies. Your view of raping women is fucked up. You make me sick.

            • Heather

              And if you had left it alone you’d have all your money back now….

              • Eisenkreuz

                I didn’t have much in the market. And I used it for something more important.

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah,to pay your physciatrist!

              • Wyomer

                Sorry Heather, you got it backwards. He pulled his money out so he has all his money. Had he left it in he would have his investment back but still no money, just a bucket of bits.

          • Odd Questioner

            The solution is balance.

            Always have enough on-hand and at-home to handle a global SHTF event. The rest you can do whatever you want with: Put it in the credit union (fuck banks), stocks, 401k/IRAs, whatever. Blow it all off at a whorehouse on a weekend to remember if it makes you happy.

            Point is, as long as you have enough set back at home to snap up any last-moment (of civilization) deals, handle emergencies (e.g. the transmission blows up), and the like? Shove the rest into paying off any and all debt (including that mortgage). After that? Well, who gives a damn? It’s just money. If you’ve reached that nirvana where you have all the preps you need, and own the land free/clear, then the rest doesn’t matter.

            Even if the government took every penny from every bank account over $10k, it won’t be enough to save them (and the sufficiently wealthy/intelligent will have their money stashed overseas anyway). IMHO, consider it a parting gift – I’m working towards a day when money as the typical suburbanite knows it will cease to exist.

            • durango kidd

              This is primarily a tax on the Russian Mafia
              (and a few Chinese) who are hiding hundreds of millions of dollars in Cyprus.

              The fun starts when the EU goes after Catholic Church property and accounts in Italy that funnel $10 billion pounds of British Pound Sterling Drug Money every year.

              The Russian mafia will accept it as a cost of doing business without Putin. The Italian Mafia will get nasty.

              What does Manos say?

              • JRS

                I’m thinking the EU won’t be able to get near the Church’s wealth. Vatican City is a sovereign “nation state” and not subject to EU regulations. I believe this is also why the Church forced celibacy on the priesthood several hundred years ago. This gave them complete control over the property rights with no spousal or heir arguments. After all, it’s all about control and money and not actually about any Higher Power. Of course, I suppose I could be wrong.

                • John Q. Public

                  I will be the first to note the evils of ChurchMEN and the Church freely admits that celibacy avoids inheritance claims, but it is truly ignorant to claim that clerical celibacy (wickedly violated all too often) is “not actually about any HIgher Power.”

                  All you “Bible believers” should read and believe Matthew 19:12, 1 Corinthians 7:7-8 and 32-35.

                • Observer

                  You are wrong, very wrong.
                  To the contrary, they will go after them.
                  Not yet but soon, certainly they will go, rob them and destroy them for good. Read Revelation 18. There is described their end.
                  Will be fun.

                • Anonymous

                  So dead on,Jrs…richest organization” private” in the world…….puts bill gates to shame! ……if it wasn’t about money,just god,would there be any starving people in this world?……why do priests and fathers drive Mercedes !….when they vow to give to charity ….all BS

                • John Q. Public

                  Before you get to the Book of the Apocalypse, JRS, you should read and believe
                  Matthew 15:14:

                  Let them alone: they are blind, and leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the pit.

                  The Protestant teaching that every man is his own Pope is risible.

                • The Old Coach

                  Yes, they will eventually loot the Church. It worked for Henry VIII. His marriage status was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to motivation for his break with Rome.

                • Eisenkreuz

                  Make the damn Catholic Church of Satan give back all the gold from the Jew’s teeth.

                • Odd Questioner

                  Thanks for the giggle, but…

                  The Vatican doesn’t have near as much scratch as most folks pretend to know about.

                  Start here:

                  ~$1.9bn of net worth is some serious money (maybe triple it when you add global properties), but no matter what credible (and at least somewhat verifiable) estimate you can come up with? Well, let’s compare it to…

                  Microsoft (~$250bn)

                  Apple (~$416bn)

                  Exxon Mobil (~$407bn)

                  As youo can see, if you want to follow the money (and therefore power), you need to know where to look… and trust me, not even the most fevered tinfoil-inspired dreams of clerical global money/power can compare to corporate wealth.

              • OutWest

                I fear the silence of Manos is a bad omen……

                • Its Not Me

                  I was just going to say the same thing

                • Not Timothy

                  I think he just tired of the blog. So much fighting, less prepping lately. It’s hard to read it in comfort and I imagine would be even harder if you were dealing with SHTF crap.

                • possee

                  Manos was doing okay last time we communicated.

                  They were harvesting their olive groves and preparing as always..

                  Last email..
                  Sent: Friday, February 8, 2013 6:05 AM
                  Subject: Hey guys


                  Are you ok?

                  We heard on the news that a storm is heading towards your area.

                  I hope you are prepared.

                  We are still alive and strong.

                  kisses from Greece.


            • Makati1

              Ah, but there is enough trillions in the 401ks and the other retirement mutual funds, etc. They will soon be targeted and then the bank accounts. You own nothing in today’s world. The Fed has a collar around your neck and is about to yank it hard. Are you prepared?

              • Wally

                Coming soon to a town near you.

              • JustOneGuy

                @ Makatil,


                These SHITS will go WHEREVER the ‘Money’ is to save thier WRETCHED ASSE’S Think Not…THINK AGAIN, HERE in the good ol US of A as WELL…


                • brrrrrrrp

                  What do you idiots think the 2700 street tanks and billions of bullets are for???WAKE UP

                • Facebook Page

                  The “tanks” are for our marines. Check the facts. They were there a month ago. But 16 used one dont make for a great conspiracy theory

                • Facebook Page

                  The “tanks” are for our marines. Check the facts. They were there a month ago. But 16 used one dont make for a great conspiracy theory

                • Not so Much

                  “The “tanks” are for our marines. Check the facts.”

                  Ummmm, check your facts. I’m pretty sure 17 of them were for the Corps and the rest were for DHS.

                • WhosOnFirst

                  well they can leave my three dollars alone!

              • Elite Banking Scum

                This is why Obama passed the NDAA lock your ass up forever bill and they are stocking ammo and staffing fema camps.

                All the ira and 401k will be taken.

                Long ago an old business man told me to only put the min. amount to get the employer match. He told me to buy rental property…and not own too much of it… better to have quality than a big mess. “BE CAREFUL HOW MUCH YOU PUT IN THAT…IT’S A GOVT. PROGRAM AND SURE AS SHIT…THEY WILL FIND A WAY TO SCREW YOU. BUY REAL ESTATE AS YOU FULLY CONTROL IT. AT THE END OF YOUR LIFE..MOVE ALL YOUR ASSETS TO SILVER.”

                WOW….This guy was right.

                Those were his exact words.

                • Bullets math....


                  My new sport is hearing of all the boomers dying off…
                  They ran up huge debt and are now after our retirement accounts.

                  They all bought huge rvs from inherited money while their kids lived off of credit cards.

                  Good bye to that generation…

                  Clinton.. “I didn’t inhale”.
                  Liers too.

                  Clinton should have said that he was high when he was banging Monika.
                  I would have had more respect for him.

            • Bob

              In the event of a bank run, credit unions will be no different than a bank.

              • Facebook Page

                Worse they keep even less on hand

                • howdy doody

                  I’ve had no problems withdrawing funds at my credit union. But, if I withdraw over a certain ammount, they do like a days notice as they don’t keep over a certain ammount of cash on hand. Plus, they never ask me what I’m doing with the money, and they never try to persuade me leave it in the bank.
                  But, I do feel that when everything goes sour, they will close their doors like everyone else. In these difficult times, I think that everyone has to find what works for them, as in a balance between keeping funds in a bank to pay bills, and keeping cash at hand. There are no easy answers.

              • MaxFubar

                “Read my Lips! No New Taxes!”….El Presidente de Bush de Whacker

            • Gods Creation

              “”Even if the government took every penny from every bank account over $10k, it won’t be enough to save them””

              Even if they took 100% of all savings, investment, and income, it would not put a dent in the so called deficit.

              They CANT pay anything anyway, there is no money.

              I have a solution. All they need to do is get one Man to sign a Promissory Note for the full amount of ALL federal reserve note denominated paper in the world and discharge it.

              The paper debts are worth nothing. Money is created on the securing of a promissory note to pay it back through the banking fraud system.

              All it would take to balance the worlds books and harmlessly destroy the derivatives bubble is ONE signature from a Man on a 300 Trillion dollar P-note.

              That would leave nothing but the actual physical FRN paper notes in your wallet, and there are really not that many of them.

            • MaxFubar

              Own! That is a joke! Nobody owns nothing but their soul. Stop paying taxes on that land, house or car, and see who ends up with it.

              “Give your belongings to the Man! but let God have your soul”….Amen

              • curious

                Max- read Matthew 22:17.. “Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?” Also, Matthew 19:23, 24…. Then said Jesus unto his disiples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
                Do I think it’s wise to worry about this subject?— NO! This, or any government has absolutely ZERO control of me

          • Foster Grant

            If one looks at the current situation OBJECTIVELY, there is absolutley no reason to stay in the money system and plenty of reasons to get out. The risk you take by staying exposed to outright theft is growing daily while the interest you earn in those accounts doesn’t even keep up with inflation, has zero chance for outsized capital gains and even more importantly, support the structure that is killing us all.

            Take you money out of everything you can, put it in gold and silver and just sit on it…don’t trade in and out, don’t worry and don’t look at it. You are much more likely to be able to keep what you have while kicking the elite in the head when you exit the system.

            Just do it. Now. There is no longer any reason not to.

        • Be informed

          And they would have us believe that everything is going fantastic because the stock market reached another record high a couple of days ago. You have all these people jumping on the bandwagon not wanting to be left out for the easy money. I think we already had the same rush around 2008, and a lot of people ended up in the poorhouse because of this. You right now have the same people that lost their shirts using credit AGAIN to jump into the stock market to this time make a killing. Just like the rampant gambler that just knows that the Vegas streak of bad luck will end and they will make their money back and then some. Same trap, same results.


          • Horse'sass

            The stock market run up has been based on very thin volume, so it doesn’t take much buying to raise the price. Insiders selling at near 50:1 ratio last month compared to buyers. Translation: greater fool, (also known as the retail buyer, or formerly known as the “saver”).

            The way I see it, since the government is ramping the stock market so vigorously and consistently, it must now be really worried about the bottom falling out. Otherwise, it would have been content to let the markets languish several hundred points ago.

            • Be informed

              @ Horse’sass. Exactly, the people jumping into the stocks are exactly the ones that CANNOT afford to lose. The “professional” stock players are not in for the long term, that explains the low volume. It reminds me of the scratch off lottery tickets that destroy the ignorant. They rig those tickets to give out just enough back that the desperate person then goes and reinvests in more tickets, then wins back $2 or so and re-purchases more tickets and finally loses. They had that thrill of winning, so they buy some more, maybe $5 or so, but enough to keep the game winning and the fool losing.

              Some states have decided to sell ONLY lottery games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, etc. because this INSTANT gambling sensation of winning gives a person the “fever”. The stock market is rigged right now as such. The stocks go up and up, and someone sees that their “worth” as increased. It is difficult for them to get out when it goes down, as the stockbroker will tell them it is only a correction. For real estate this correction never stopped and people are bankrupt because of it.

              That point is that someone cannot win a rigged game in the long run when they just cannot get out when the getting is good. This is why precious metals that you can hold in your hands are really the ONLY answer to security with money. Food, water, and other necessities are the ONLY answer to what will save a person when SHTF hard and continuously. Unless someone is some expert in playing the markets in which they win if they go up or win they go down, no one should be in them.

              I say that security is worth way more than speculative high risk profit. You can’t lose with gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. as long as there is still a functioning society. You can’t lose with storing up what you need for your very surivival of your physical body, period.

              • WARFACE

                Be Informed..I closed out my accounts about 2 years ago and went all-in on physical Pms. It pisses me off the way that the PM market is manipulated but it just goes to show how desperate the government is to keep the value of the dollar up. I wanted to say that if people really knew what was happening behind their backs/right under their noses, that we would be out on the streets with laterns and pitchforks but I caught myself before saying it. In these times you would think people would be tucking in a bit but it seems like people are spending more wrecklessly than ever. Like its a status symbol that they have a job and you don’t so watch me spend my money and I hope you are jealous!
                I enjoy your posts and this post reassures me that I will be ok in PMs. I might not be making any money but I know I will be ok when it hits the fan.

                • The only thing left..

                  Real Estate rental property.
                  You become your own elite.
                  You get the net income of your tenants…about 20%.

                  Real estate..that’s all that’s left for the avg. guy.

                • Shootit

                  The key is you did not loose any of your PM. You still have x ounces. Just like ground an acre is an acre is an acre. You give me 6 oz. of gold and you can have my acre of ground. We must get over tying it’s value to a FRN.

                  Two key things to look at to get a true sense of the market. CPI & BDI (Consumer Price Index & Baltic Dry Index) Today these Indexes are telling me/us that the market is a giant BUBBLE. Something crappy is going to happen and your PM, Guns, Bullets, Food, Farm ground, Water, will jump in value vs. FRN. Once the FRN collapses the CORP. will be looking to come after your stuff. Why do they want to know so much about you?

              • don't tread

                This article is a precursor to what may soon happen in the Americas. The false sense of security of a large volume in the stock market, has the sheeple blinded.
                They will keep investing and thinking payoff down the road. The problem with the high volume, is that it is propped up with debt dollars by the Fed.

                When, and not “if”, the funds stop coming from the fed; the people left holding paper will most likely be left holding next to nothing. The banksters and corporate whores will have already scoffed off with their futures.

                A well informed and seemingly smart economics/investment advisor, said last week; “I see a steady rise to about 1500 on the market, and then comes the correction. Anyone not getting out at that time may be seeing their funds in the range of the bear market of 2008, about 6000. If you took the gamble, and got in deep at that time, and get out soon, you will have made a bundle.”

                I see too many with greed in their eyes, that will hold off until it is too late. Then we may see a tax and block of all accounts to keep everything from crashing; so they will say. I say, the crash has already happened and most are too blind,stupid, and greedy to do anything about it.

                My investments are all tied up for a SHTF scenario, and no bureaucratic bozo is gonna fuck me out of my stuff. We are prepared for the long haul.


        • JayJay

          GC…anyone with money in ANY bank after the regulation that makes banks entitled to your deposits IF/WHEN they defaults, deserves to lose all they have intrusted that bank with.

          • JayJay


          • Facebook Page

            They deserve it. Bullshit. You suck for wishing that on people.

            • Bob

              Saying people deserve it may be harsh, but we HAVE all been warned. The banksters and their conspirators in the courts have told us EXACTLY what they have in mind.

              • Facebook Page

                Your being a dick too.

            • Kulafarmer

              If they steal your money, they need to get torched. Then go after the execs.

              • JustOneGuy

                Ahhh, a MAN “after my own Heart”

                Howdy Kula…was gettin worried about ya! Hadn’t ‘
                seen’ you in a bit Brother 😉 Hey good NEWS, I hear that there will soon be a HUGE sale on COUNTRY-WIDE on 1 inch hemp rope…

                …I’ll try to dig up my links for ‘Hangmen’s Noose’, as SOON as I find them I’ll post it in for EVERYONE HERE! 🙂 😉


                • Kulafarmer

                  Thanks bud, been busy,
                  In my preps are a couple full spools of 12mm static haul line, makes nice noose and anchor lines and doesn’t stretch too much! And. Its recyclable!

                • Paranoid

                  I have 600 feet of yellow poly rope, very scratchy, have been saving it. will trade for two front row tickets.

                  Md. LaFarge

                • Its Not Me

                  I can get a good deal on hemp seeds, will it grow fast enough to make our own rope?

                  ’cause you know those types will bitch about it not being a new rope we hang um with..jus-sayin…lol

              • brrrrrrrp

                2700 dhs tanks and 2 billion bullets are for the idiots that riot

                • LT

                  Mr. brrrrrrp, you are woefully misinformed.

              • Bob

                My neighbor is a low-level bankster. They ALL live somewhere, and their neighbors probably know what they do for a living. Ic case of a bank run, none will be safe, even from people who lose money to a different bank. Right or wrong, guilt by association will be the rule.

                To all bank employees; when you go to work, I suggest keeping a pack handy with some bum clothes and something to make yourself look dirty and unkempt. Those “Chase” or “Key bank” golf shirts are actually bullseyes. “I’m just a teller” won’t go over very well.

                • stcroix

                  you’re so tough bob.
                  so a teller, trying to make a living and support his/her family would/should be a target?
                  get a hold of yourself tough guy, people like you are what’s wrong with this world

                • Its Not Me

                  No he’s right, thats good opsec..

                  because the crazed masses wont care if you have a teller job,, they will associate them (little people) with the crisis at hand and do unspeakable things because they feel they are part of thier problem.

                  I know its hard for some people to see how that plays out, but you have to be smart and think outside the box on this

          • KY Mom

            They have rigged the system so that many people now receive payment in fund transfers. Many paychecks, social security, etc. are all paid via direct deposits. Then, many banks limit how much money people can withdraw daily.

            Many places now even REQUIRE that insurance payouts be deposited in a bank. We received a home insurance payment after the tornado damaged our roof last spring. We were not allowed to cash the insurance check, but HAD to deposit it in the bank. Once it was deposited, we went straight to the store and bought roofing supplies and lumber. We still had to wait a couple weeks for the supplies (ordered) to arrive and to schedule the roofers.

            The whole system has been set, so banks have this free use of other peoples money…and most people have no say in the matter.

        • Anonymous

          But, but.. Lazy minorities…. But, ‘Obamacare’
          But , butbut.. Unprepared, lazy non-preppers, suckling the govt teat!!!
          How can they call it a ‘tax’ if it ain’t bein misappropriated to pay for baby formula an food stamps in the ghetto?
          It ain’t tax, it’s THEFT.
          Those damned Europeans.

          • The only thing left..

            See why they want to disarm us.

        • Capitan Tormenta

          U are correct. If you have and use a SS# the supreme court says you have contracted to be in the system and U volenteer to be a 14th adment. citizen totally under the United States, Inc. They own YOU!

          If U really want an interesting explaination go to:

          “The Greatest Story Never Told” by Al Barcroft

          A short read but hightly informative.

          • okiefeller

            how you supposed to get hired without a ssn?

            • Facebook Page

              Work outside the system. Have your own business and skill.

            • HisArmsWide

              And SSN’s are now assigned at birth.

              • Facebook Page

                If the parents allow it.

                • Its Not Me

                  I dont think they give you any options..hell they wont even let you take YOUR own kid (baby/infant) out of the hospital until THEY say your car seat is approved and installed shit

                  and this aint new..over 14 years ago I witnessed this for myself with my own child.

              • durango kidd

                SSN aat birth …. Is that the “O’Bummer Rule”?

                • Bob

                  IRS requires a SSN in order to use a child as a tax deduction. Midwives and home births will become more common. FBP is right about self-employment. The banksters and .gov are forcing more of us “off the books”. The IRS requirement preceedes Obama by years.

                • Bob

                  RFID will probably first be required on newborns, for their “safety and security”, of course.

              • jojo

                Assigning newborns a social security number at
                birth has proved interesting. Children born to
                illegal aliens are “new” American citizens. The
                non-citizen illegal parent, usually the father,
                has been caught using the childs SS#, possibly
                through e-verify.

      • Paranoid

        Anybody hear if the bankers that lent all that money and got all those bonuses; had to pay any back, or got fired, or jailed? Didn’t think so. Is it just me being Paranoid; or does anyone else think we are being set up to be FXXXed?

      • Anonymous

        “Restrictions have been imposed”. Translation: Capital controls. If you only have $1K, you certainly can’t afford to give away $100.

        • Paranoid

          WOW You sure don’t understand Bankers: The Draft of the actual letter you are going to get already reads: “Dear X customer: We have reviewed your account and determined that the small amount of money you have in it indicates one of two things. 1 You are hiding your real money elsewhere and deserve to lose this, you disgusting tax cheat. OR 2. If this is all you have; you are to poor to survive the coming bad times and may as well starve mow. Therefore, you cash has been transferred to us and your account closed. You owe us $25 for the cost of closing your account. Sinc.etc.”
          Now you understand.

      • possee


        It’s just a matter of time..

        If, and when, the sheep realize their fiat frn’s are becoming worthless at a rapid rate..that is when the shtf will occur..just as in 2008..

        Until then, everything will be normalcy bias as usual..

        As is your prior articles..the propaganda continues unabated and the majority continue to believe in the false paradigms..nearly all will pay no attention nor will the msm even convey this at all..

        Our politicians will still be babbling about sequester and some such ad nauseum as rome self destructs on a daily basis til it all tips over..

        I only wish we could have a time line..which is absurd yet absolutely necessary ..

        dream on..


        • Bob

          The look on the faces of Boner, Pissosi, et al when the helicopter does not arrive and they realize that their reservation at the underground Shangra-La has been cancelled.

          • JustOneGuy

            @ Bob,

            Truly, I hadn’t THOUGHT of that…


            Oops, sorry…I was temporarily overcome…


            Really…I have to go now…my Heart!, I CAN’T BREATHE!



            • don't tread

              Or better yet; they make it to their “underground” Shangra-la, and the earth begins to rumble and crumble around them and God takes them to the “bad side of the gulf”, in Purgatory.

              We never have to deal with the likes of evil again. Hell has a special place reserved for liars and thieves.
              Lawyers and politicians, Banksters and Corporate Gurus, will make the place as crowded as our prisons.

          • TrailGuide

            @Bob… I do believe I would give up a few FakeReserveNotes just to have a picture of some faces as the ‘special just for you loyal commi-servants’ drones arrive and aren’t for their transport. What a wonder of the thoughts that would ensue as their pea-brains try to grasp what went wrong….”but,but, we did everything ask, master”.

            Thanks for prompting me to take a short break in my normal thinking about liars, thieves, crooks.

            ~..’ TG (I think I’ll go start a few more seeds in celebration of: SHTF is once again confirmed as baked in)

          • Shootit

            The pilot went to pick up his family and friends.

        • 230 JHP


          “I only wish we could have a time line..which is absurd yet absolutely necessary.”

          I agree with you. Since you don’t have a timeline I suggest that you create your own. As in, this is going down NOW, take action NOW, do everything possible NOW, because as this story clearly illustrates you may not have the time, not even a couple of hours to react. You may not have the time to make a last run to the grocery store, the bank for cash and contents of your safe deposit box, and the gas station. The people of Cyprus, and all of the foreigners with money in Cyprus’ banks, went to sleep on Friday night thinking all was well. They woke up on Saturday to a financial hell.

          Just ask yourself now, “If I only had a 1 hour notice, a five minute warning, what would I like to have in place in order to be good to go? Like Samuel Johnson said years ago, I will live every moment as if I only had one hour left to live.

          Good luck, hang in there. All you can do is give it your best effort.

          • kimintn

            like daisy said, shtf doesnt care if you were gonna go to the atm in the morning…

        • Journalist

          Here is my timeline: 2015. There is a very rare series of two solar and two lunar eclipses in that year and they occur on Biblical Jewish holy days. It is also the 7th year from the last collapse.

          • Feisty Old Broad

            I cannot help but believe that the ‘time’ is almost upon us NOW….


      • crash and burn

        coming to a country near you!

      • OutWest

        “Mother should I trust the government?”……Pink Floyd

        • HIGH noon

          “In GOD I TRUST” Everyone else I want cash

          Stay Brave

      • tom kauser

        Ownership has its own reward. Freedom is another word for give me what you got? Expat markers cut and run to Iceland!

      • Big B

        Buy tangible goods now at todays prices

        google Alpha Strategy PDF and read that book, physical goods give returns not bank accounts and paper wealth,

      • Red Leader

        Unless you have it in your possession, you don’t own squat!

        Why keep money in the bank? It’s not like you are getting any interest. Just keep enough in the bank to pay your bills every month.

      • buggymak110

        That’s why i prep!!!!

      • ready to go

        great comment cowboy!

      • .02

        The “restructuring” of Detroit is a euphemism for a slash and burn policy of destroying city jobs, cutting wages and pensions, gutting social services from sanitation and firefighting to health care and education, and handing over city assets to private bankers and speculators. The very social forces responsible for the city’s present state are utilizing the crisis of their own making to step up their plundering of public resources and further redistribute the wealth from the bottom to the top.

        • Tom

          The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

          Hegel’s dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. Problem: Reaction: Solution! The globalist agenda is moving along at breakneck speed. The only way to completely stop the privacy invasions, expanding domestic police powers, land grabs, insane wars against inanimate objects (and transient verbs), covert actions, and outright assaults on individual liberty, is to step outside the dialectic. This releases us from the limitations of controlled and guided thought.

          Problem: Reaction: Solution

          When we understand what motivated Hegel, we can see his influence on all of our destinies. … Hegelian conflicts steer every political arena on the planet, from the United Nations to the major American political parties, all the way down to local school boards and community councils. Dialogues and consensus-building are primary tools of the dialectic, and terror and intimidation are also acceptable formats for obtaining the goal. The ultimate Third Way agenda is world government. Once we get what’s really going on, we can cut the strings and move our lives in original directions outside the confines of the dialectical madness. Focusing on Hegel’s and Engel’s ultimate agenda, and avoiding getting caught up in their impenetrable theories of social evolution, gives us the opportunity to think and act our way toward freedom, justice, and genuine liberty for all.

      • durango kidd

        I wouldn’t want to be the Cyprus government official who signed off on that deal. I predict he will die accidentally, under mysterious circumstances. Much like those 47 people around and about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

        That said, Cyprus is not the USA. WE had the collapse. WE are in “recovery”. At least as much as an economy can “recover” when its factories and jobs are still being off shored, and at a blistering pace.

        Whats with the strange fog Mac? 🙂

      • Bob

        Why would the banksters/politicians even bother to confiscate anything from us when all they have to do is print up more? (Federal Reserve)

      • Carolina Girl

        “Fixin’ to”, LOL you’re speaking my language!!!

      • disector

        They have been telling us all that it is raining outside when we all know they have been pissing down our backs for years. If they take it by BS tax or inflation dose not matter. They have been taking and taking for years and I don’t they are going to stop any time soon.

        • AnonLegion

          nice skid row quote.

    2. pale rider

      Have we been preaching GET IT OUT NOW from all banks no matter what they are, GET OUT NOW. If you stay in then you lose everything.


      • JustOneGuy

        Howdy PR,

        “I told you so” is a DISH best served while GIGGLING…

        …BUT, I could BE wrong…What do You think Bro?


        • pale rider

          JOG: How about laughing all the way to the bank; and we change it to laughing all the way HOME from the bank.

          So many people live by what the bank statement says, sad so sad.

          NOMI_____MOLON LABE_____KTLTW

        • Paranoid

          Hagar the Horrible once told his kid: “The secret of happiness is being happy with what you get.” “So when you are getting, get enough” I just wish I knew what enough was.


        The phrase molon labe (Ancient Greek μολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé; reconstructed Ancient Greek pronunciation [molɔːn labé]; Modern Greek pronunciation [moˈlon laˈve]) means “Come and take”. It is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.

    3. Just In Case

      Are you kidding me! How can this be done. It looks like they rob us before we get it and now you are saying they are going to rob us after it is in our account. I think I am going to get sick!

    4. Mclovin

      Jesus Saves, but governments only withdraw.

      • JustOneGuy

        Howdy McLovin,

        Now THAT’s one of the BEST I’ve heard in a while! 🙂

        • Facebook Page

          I was hoping we all could of had a night of fun open forum night.

          Guess not. I think it may be time to Suit Up.

          We know it total bullshit They say it contained. Where did we hear this before.

          Its a unique one time deal. Where did we hear that before.

          I would say this Might be one of the first open in the air shot the ECB/Fed has ever taking.

          And I do not believe this w as just decided on last night.

          Nina start digging this will affect you all there too.

          Daisy please do a piece on Herb replacement for OTC and more direct toward womens needs please. Yes I say please.

          • ;0p

            PISS OFF DOUCHE .

            • Facebook Page

              Nina Your boss won’t pay to do real research.

              Strange a real shot has been made towards the people and you only have that to say.

              When it gets real you all have no idea what to do. You yes you are so fucked.

              • ;0p

                yawn .

          • Bob

            The banksters’ live-fire exercise in a small country.

          • Feisty Old Broad

            The Herbal Medicine-Makers Handbook by James Green

          • the cooking mom

            Valerian to smooth her out, black cohosh for hot flashes.

            Keep preppin’

      • OutWest

        God is coming—and man, is he pissed!!

        • mclovin

          I would be too with 7 billion illegitimate children

          • Journalist

            Actually McLovin, he told Noah’s family to replenish the earth. We have fulfilled that command and now He needs to give us new instructions. He is pissed at the unbelief!

      • brrrrrrrp

        government only destroys

    5. Freemason666

      FASCISM –

      makes alot of sense


      for the CRIMES LIES FRAUD THEFT of the criminal fraudulant political royal class .


      IS IT REAL MONEY ???

      GOT PHYZZ ???

    6. Eisenkreuz

      O SHIT


      • Facebook Page

        OK you get this one too.

    7. Its Not Me

      Boy this could really get the fur sure way to fire off the revolt

      • RickInOregon

        The Cypriots elected the government, milked all they could out of it and danced when the party was raging and now their regretting the hangover. It will happen to us when the creditors can’t profit from lending us anymore and then demand payment. Iceland’s decision to stiff the bankers is looking smarter and smarter everyday.

        • Bob

          The fed is buying the bulk of Treasuries. How long before they decide they don’t want anymore?

    8. Prepper Website

      I saw this earlier today. Wow! The question is, how are the people of Cyprus going to take this? Lying down? How much of their reaction will show other countries what to expect from their citizens?

      • Cede or Bleed

        That’s why it happened in Cyprus. Lower population, so limited size of reaction. If raiding people’s accounts works in this test bed trial, the other more populous countries will implement it too after studying the reaction.

        • Kulafarmer

          They most likely cant have guns there either

          • Shootit

            The number of registered guns in Cyprus is reported to be 104,661. 30 are handguns.

      • Coolio


        It’s all going down… I really don’t care any more.

        I’m just waiting for all these greedy boomers to die off.

        I’m already hearing of them passing….music to my ears.

        Money is an illusion.
        If you have a roof over your head, food and love…you have it all.

        I was working in the home of an extremely wealthy guy… Worth about $50m.
        He was in a chair, on oxygen…he told me he’d give it all up to be me… young, healthy and more time. One of the fuckers who smoked and give me second hand smoke.
        My parting words to him after I got paid was…..

        He agreed. Later…he died that week.

        The only true wealth is peace of mind, health, and time.
        Prep. up…then relax and watch it all go down.
        Listen to music, enjoy your backyard lifetime vacation…screw Disney debt.

        • Makati1

          Boomers die off? Well, you have a few decades to wait. Sorry. The boomers are just now starting to retire, and most of them are still better off than you are. There are at least 72,000,000 of them or almost 1/4 of the Us population. At current life expectancies, most will live another 15-20 years or more. They are going to live longer than the current financial system, and maybe longer than the Us exists.

          • Facebook Page

            Why do you think Bio Culling has been brought up so much.

            All that wealth transfered and taxed and only the working profit class left.

            Think it though people think it though

          • Coolio

            They hold all their wealth in paper assets… HA…I know one person with $1M. I keep about $100k in PMs. When they crash the dollar we will be switching places from a wealth perspective…

            Yes…for 20 years…I get to watch them drop like flies.
            We keep a running bet who we think will die next…keeps life interesting.

        • Feisty Old Broad

          @cool….you are a figment of your own imagination….you ooze the talk but would never walk the walk….


        • SmokinOkie

          In keeping with my new resolution to be more intolerant of stupidity, I offer this to Coolio (Where’d ya get that name, Oakland?) and to NewJersey below, and all the other miniscule minds who have so little going on in their lives, that hating “Boomers” (whatever the hell that is), seems to be their only pasttime. If any of these pimply-faced boys would ever go out and get laid (for the first time in their lives), they’d probably begin to grow up.

          **Public Service Announcement To All Boomer-Haters**

          I’m a typical middle-aged American. I raised 3 boys. They all work full time, pay their own way in life, and don’t ask anybody for anything. A couple of them are soft-hearted enough to even help out their slacker acquaintances. You know, the idiots like you (who can’t fix a car, think about anything but themselves, or stay sober long enough to hold a job).
          None of my boys are trouble-makers. They never have been. But any ONE of them could whip your skinny ass in a hot minute. Don’t think so? Just try dissing me or their mother in front of them and find out.
          I also have a daughter. Yes, she’s beautiful. (takes after her mother) But, don’t even ask. She’s married. And even if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t give the time of day to a loser such as you. And, like her brothers, she is fully self supporting. And she could whip your ass, too. Don’t think so? Just ask the thug who tried to strong-arm rob her. She left him crumpled on the sidewalk, bleeding and laying in a puddle of his own piss. And, NO, she didn’t use her gun (even though she ALWAYS carries).
          Now, Mr Boomer-Hater, remember this: When the S truly HTF, don’t plan on sitting back and celebrating while my generation dies off. You’re barking up the wrong tree if you think blaming the previous generation will somehow benefit you. By the way, every generation since Caine and Abel have been pissing and moaning about the oldsters screwing everything up.(those boys, remarkably, had a legitimate case)
          Young people have always looked backwards to try and find fault. Most people eventually grow up, and grow out of that. Maybe it’s time some of you did.
          Also, many of us Boomers are not all that frail. Mentally or physically. Plenty of us still have enough sand in our craw to carry on after the crash. Best keep that in mind when insulting my generation.

          • Ugly

            @Smokin….sounds like you did a great job raising your kids and family. My goal is to get back to the simplier things in life. And to follow the Man Upstairs more. Keep truckin! America stops when truckin stops….

            • SmokinOkie

              Thanks Ugly. I pass 99% of the credit to their mother. And they are great kids! And the funny thing is, they’re all pretty average in most respects. They have no more inborn ablilties than most of their generation. So, while I jack-slap Eisen occasionally, I do recognize the failures of some young folks today, as being their own personal responsibilities, not the entire generation. I just wish he’d recognize the same for us old geezers. 🙂

          • Eisenkreuz

            Uncle Okie,

            What the hell do your kids have to do with the fact that you’ve helped to destroy the greatest country in the history of the world? The logos to pathos metamorphosis shit you old bastards invariably attempt to lose when you know you’re wrong doesn’t work with the ‘Kreuz.

            And what makes your little princess any better than anyone else’s rugrat? You wish your had a son-in-law like me, old man. God made me to be reliable. Not to be nice.

            • SmokinOkie

              I shall deign to answer you but once, whippersnapper. The point was two-fold
              One- I AIN’T THE ONE WHO SCREWED THINGS UP! Some people in every generation are scum. MOST of us are not! We raise our children to be responsible adults and, for the most part, we succeed. Hence, they succeed. Deal with the scum, not the entire generation.
              Two-While you sit on your ass whining, my sons are working, creating, doing and enjoying life while they succeed. One recently got his plumbing Contractors license. Not Journeyman license- Contractors license. Just last week (yes, March 11th to be exact) he opened his own business. He employs two others besides himself. And, in a weeks time, he’s finished $6,000 worth of work and has signed and locked in over $20,000 more. Already looking to hire a third employee. What did you do last week, whippersnapper?
              He’s well under 30 years of age. Much closer to your generation than any other. He knows all about the globalists/nwo and he’s well prepped. But he’s also having a blast, working, living, succeeding. How’re you doing in those departments, you impudent little twit?

              PS- He’s got a smokin hot wife.
              PPS- I’ve seen the Contractor’s licensing manuals he memorized to pass his tests. YOU would struggle to understand most of it.
              PPPS- He was sailing his paid-for boat in the gulf before you ever had your first wet dream.

              You are hereby DISMISSED.

              • REB

                Hurray for Okie(sound of thunderous appause)…Okie you just cant fix stupid,even with facts, truth,wit and brains,I cant imagine how boring and miserable some people must be to come to a forum of people attempting to share imformation and life experiences with others who want to better themselves and then dissing them….sad…but not worth the effort to address them with any meaningful dialoge…they dont want to learn they just mock and ridicule…must suck to be so shallow of a loser that instead of offering something useful and uplifting(or just being quiet)they gotta run off at the yap and say something mean or stupid just to say something…again sad….I(all of us) know a few of these type who are all mouth but no substance who when the SHTF(or not) will become very dangerous to the people around them…maybe worse than the average crook or the clueless…when the time comes I think itll be prudent to burn a round in their faces right off…why give em a chance to harm us or someone else?..sounds mean but itll sound even meaner if as you bleed out you get to watch these losers hurt someone you love!
                Anyhow as you say Okie it wasnt you and it wasnt me(funny aint it these same weasels get upset if someone blames a whole race or religion for something but thell blame a whole generation for their screwed up existance)who messed things up but you know itll be us and others like us who fix it…Americans of all races and backgrounds and generations who love liberty and are willing to stand up for what they say they believe!
                So even though you may be casting your pearls before little swine who will trample on them(those of us who get it will be there to scarf them outta the mud,the pearls that is)you do make a great case…thanks! 🙂

                • Eisenkreuz

                  What would I have to learn from you?

                • don't tread

                  Yep, “the kreuz is a little pip-squeak” with a keyboard. Probably queer as a three dollar bill and couldn’t make a pimple on a prepper’s ass, much less an ass-hole.

                  He and his kind are in for a rude awakening soon. I would hate to be in their shoes.

                • Fee Fie Foe Fum

                  You are a troll
                  You get a red thumb
                  You keep it up
                  That lip will be numb

              • SmokinOkie

                In retrospect, that was pretty harsh. All he did was call me an old bastard, tell me I’m metamorphosizing my logos into pathos and it’s shit,(whatever that means) and blame me for helping destroy the country. Maybe I should have been kinder to the little asshole. Then again, NAH!

              • Eisenkreuz


                The country has become a democracy; saying most of you are good is a non-sequitor because at least 51% of you would have to be bad in order for this to exist.

                I happen to know something about plumbing. And I’ve been sailing all my life.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  I knew you were a turd herder! Eisencooters here, shitter’s full!

                • Paranoid

                  As to what you may have to learn Eisen: I suggest as a small start: Politeness, courtesy, general manners, after you learn those somebody might be willing to teach you the rest. You always say how smart you are, that’s very questionable; only a very stupid or immature person calls as many names as you do, or tries to smart ass people. You haven’t even figured out: 1. No matter how tough or smart you are if everyone thinks you are an ass, you are. 2. They will get you in the end.
                  Hi Okie, my brother was Born in Fort Sill

                • Grippentrog

                  Eisen. You are a 28 year old sailor, bush pilot, financial wizzard, wealthy, student, and now a plumber. Wow are you full of shit.

            • Jim

              What a total negative ass! Its all about you !you’re like Obama,its everybody else’s fault. Go find a boulder to crawl under and talk to yourself,nobody hear that I can see have any interest in your self delusion.

            • Grasshopper

              Eisen, your ignorance is disgusting! to blame ONE generation for all your woes is stupid! I’m not responsible for your problems and to blame me (or my generation) just shows how STUPID you are! WITH THIS ABSURD PREMISE OF YOURS, THEN YOU –YES, YOU!– ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NEXT GENERATIONS’ PROBLEMS… NOT US, JUST YOU! IT’S ALL ON YOUR–EISEN’S– SHOULDERS. NOW, GO F– YOURSELF!

              • Anonymous

                Who spent the money? Actually, you ARE responsible. What kind of nonsense are you telling me? Whose fault would it be? Ignorance of what? You are going to have to pay for the debt you created. Cyprus made that clear.

          • RandomTangent1957

            @ SmokinOkie : as usual you are spot on! I have some friends in their mid 80’s that could teach us all a thing or two !

            • SmokinOkie

              Hey there, RT. Great to see you’re back.! And, yep, the best thing we can all do is keep learning.

        • Paranoid

          If all true wealth is peace of mind and all that. Why are you so mad at the boomers, all we took was your money SUCKER, I’m a baby boomer and you can KMA. I hope to see you slaving away in poverty for years. Because I invested your money in silver, and will leave to to your betters. Ta Ta

          • OutWest

            C’mon guys
            You’re being baited by the troll again!
            If it looks like an ass, walks like an ass,
            and brays like an ass, it’s probably Eisen.

    9. C Howard Fields

      Ben Dover
      There will be no end …
      C Howard Fields

    10. revelationspain

      Fucking Bastards! Nothing else need be said.
      No white flags only empty shells RP

      • Eisenkreuz

        It’s the peoples own fault. They deserve to be robbed.

      • Grasshopper

        That’s funny, Revelationspain, I had just said the same thing out loud as you wrote (“fucking bastards”) after seeing the website Prepper sent us to (picture of poor people trying to withdraw their money from bank ATM machines).

        • slingshot

          Politics make strange bedfellows and it may apply to revolutions.

    11. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      and this is how the “crunch” begins

    12. pale rider

      How to use iodine to sterilize water. Put 4-8 grams of iodine crystals in a
      1 oz. glass jar (must have glass or bakelite stopper otherwise the iodine will
      react with the plastic or metal stopper and destroy it.) Actually 0.1 gram is
      adequate for the job, but using a larger amount of iodine creates a saturated
      solution much quicker.
      Put in 1 oz. (1 tablespoon or 3 teaspoons) of water (at least room
      temperature, body temperature prefered).
      Close stopper and shake for several minutes. You now have a saturated
      solution. A saturated solution is when as much solid has disolved in a liquid
      as it can.
      Carefully pour off 10ml (10cc, 2 teaspoons) of the saturated solution.
      REMEMBER, the iodine crystals are VERY TOXIC! The reason that adding more
      water than needed is suggested is so that you need not tip the bottle over too
      far thus spilling some crytals.
      Add the 10ml (2 teaspoons) of saturated solution to 1 liter (1.06 quart) of
      Let stand at least 15 minutes at 77 degrees F. or higher. Make sure all
      of the interior surface including lid get treated.

      How to use ionic iodine to counter radioactive iodine contamination.
      KI (potassium Iodide) (reagent grade is best)
      one pound of KI = 3,500 doses = treatment for 35 adults or children for 100
      Purchase crystalline or granular KI (reagent grade).
      Fill a glass jar 60% full of KI (2 oz. of KI in a 2 0z. bottle *dark glass*)
      Fill with water (90%)
      Shake for two minutes.
      Some of the KI should remain undissoloved (proof of saturated solution!)
      1 drop of saturated solution = 28 to 36 mg. of KI
      130 mg KI per day (4 drops) for Adults (FDA recommended daily dose), 65 mg
      per day (2 drops) for infants under 1 year.
      Radioactive iodine has a 8 day halflife, so 80 days = .1% (1/1,000)
      Period of dosage, start dosage beginning of first warning of a radioactive
      iodine release from nuclear reactor accident or nuclear bomb detonation,
      continue until at least 10 days beyond most recent release of radioactive
      Iodine 131 is recommended minimum, 100 days would be the most conservative
      method of treatment. Having only doses for a day or two is VASTLY better than
      none at all.



      • sixpack

        True, but here in oregon, we can’t buy crystalline or granular KI (reagent grade) iodine anymore. They tried to stem their own meth war by making it a controlled substance.

        I think they knew what they were doing and the original reason was a hoax.

      • Grasshopper

        Ummm… no thanks, Pale rider (glad I didn’t buy any iodine!)… I’ll just boil my water for 10 minutes and run it over activated charcoal. Hmm… now where the heck do I get the activated charcoal (gets rid of heavy metals like lead, mercury or whatever).

        • John W.

          Iodine is sold for disinfecting cages. Feed stores and avian supply houses should have it. We use it on our bird cages.

    13. Springer

      Thank goodness a ban run or holliday is not possible here in the US… here we have, “Intitlement Reform Measures” which are really quite harmless… (sarc/on)

      • Johnny Creb

        You know, like old age pension: you pay a portion of your PAYCHECK, that you WORKED for into it for 20-30-40 YEARS, and then you are ENTITLED to a pension.
        Or say, in my country… Medicare: you pay $78-$162 PER MONTH into it from your PAYCHECK, that you WORK for, then when you’re sick, you go to the clinic, or hospital. Because you are ENTITLED to healthcare.
        Welfare is something altogether different. Don’t let the talking heads on the teevee confuse you.
        Welfare is a system most modern or progressive countries have in place so that a citizen can remain housed and fed in the event that they cannot or do not work. It’s generally not enough for one to live off of, providing impetus to go to work.
        Out of every $100 tax dollars in my country, about .39 cents goes towards Welfare.
        Good day

        • Anonymous

          We were lied to JC. We thought it was money we were working for but it is just a debt instrument known as the Federal Reserve Note. The Fed giveth you paper and taketh your labor and wealth. Hang some bankers.

          • Grasshopper

            About hanging bankers… I kept wondering why no one in Greece or Spain did that to the political elite once they found out they were in cahoots with the banksters… Old Pompidoo or whatever the guys name was (leader of Greece) sold out his country for a few million dollars… why didn’t anyone assassinate him.. never could figure it out. Then dawned on me: the citizens over there are disarmed aren’t they? that’s why they are being crushed by their own government; they’ve been lied to, robbed, and do nothing about it.. because they CAN’T. They have NO WEAPONS. Only the elite have weapons.

        • Eisenkreuz


        • Bob

          I think the average SS recepient breaks even on contributions in less than five years. You didn’t pay nearly enough into Medicare to cover your medical care either. None of us did (unless we die early). I think a large portion of lifetime medical expense is typically incurred in the last six months of life. The people who dreamed up these programs would probably be surprised the programs have lasted THIS long.

    14. Its Not Me

      If your county or state has a “gun buy back” program

      take them the biggest POS you can find..

      like a rusty old Black powder rifle..usually all they ask is if its a functioning firearm..well if the trigger slams the flint lock or hammer it functions..take it to them and get your money, than spend it on ..buying ammo (if you can find it) or a newer gun…lol F-em

      • Springer

        Easy on BP, there INM… there deadly as heck, with NBC…(not the news ch)

      • Anonymous

        Don’t give ’em that flinter ! With the primer famine in full swing, it may be the only gun you will be able to fire pretty soon!

      • Facebook Page

        I am in AZ right now. And was doing my thing that took into a small hardware store in a nice little town. Way Out. Bought what I needed and looked down and he had fell cabinet of ammo…. Lots of 22 357 9 45 308 3006 300 name it. When I left he had none. Hadn’t heard about prices going up. He did say the big cash sale would help. That felt good but I couldn’t believe what I got at many year ago prices.

        • The Old Coach

          He won’t be able to replace that ammo at any price. Local folks who need some won’t be able to get it from him. Did you really need it?

          • Facebook Page

            Locals were not buying. Much of the 22 was 2005 stock. All of the boxes had layer of dirt and the tape was dry out on the case still in cardborard. He needed the cash and no was bringing him any. Guy next to me actually asked me why would anyone buy that much ammo. I started talking and his eyes glazed over.

            No i didnt need it i will keep some and 5 times my money on the 22lr alone.

            7.62 x39. 2.99 a box. Cases of it.

            • joe villinger

              I’ll take two cases, please…………..

              • Facebook Page

                18 a box plus shipping

        • durango kidd

          Preppers, patriots, and veterans should move to Arizona. WE have guns, ammo, and metal money.:-)

          • Facebook Page

            But the border problems will be the worst here. And for the most part it is and aging population in the nice places and the homeless in the desert is starting to grow like crazy . Many family groups setting up long term camps on the roads out to the mines.

            • Johnny Creb

              Yeah, that and….
              It’s Arizona.

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            Arizona is a rabid Police State! I left in 2010 because of it.

            • durango kidd

              You were probably an illegal. Some of them can read and write English. Just saying.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              For any of you out there holding the notion that DK’s Arizona is NOT a Police State run by criminals, just check this out.


              BTW…most of this criminal conduct occured under “Conservative” governance.

              These are people who presume to rule over DK’s Arizona.

              With “Conservatives” like this, who needs Liberals?

          • SD Mule


            You forgot to add:
            “and a boatload of illegal mexicans!!!”

            • durango kidd

              SDMule: Actually most of the illegals (more than 300,000) have left the State for greener pastures in California, Washington, and Oregon.

              They don’t stay in Arizona any longer than they have too, or until they can catch a ride to Chicago and parts northeast via the Catholic Church under ground railroad.

              Don’t worry WE can round up the strays. As far as the “kidnapping” is concerned, and the rest of the crime for that matter; its primarily Latino on Latino.

              No crime in my neighborhood. 🙂

          • Jasmine

            Yes, AZ, the state that gave us Gabby Giffords, Janet Napolitono, and John McCain, has the city with one of the highest kidnap crime records, Phoenix. The one and only good thing in AZ is Sherriff Joe, period, end of discussion.

            • Eisenkreuz

              I always cursed luck that Giffords didn’t die but lived on to be an activist. You SOP thumbed me down.

              Now we see Mark Kelly buying an AR as he testifies that other people shouldn’t have ARs.

              When will you SOP learn that all these socialist assholes are exactly the same. One standard for them. A different standard for everyone else. I can only hope that more dems are attacked by wackos. It’s good for the country.

              • Mountain Trekker

                Thanks Eisenkraut, I love that title. SOP– Superior Older People. Trekker Out.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Sherrif Joe is nothing more than a dictator in waiting.

              The Feds hate him because he’s a threat. A rival thug!

              Sherrif Joe could care less about the “Rule of Law.” He thinks he IS the law.

              Sherrif Joe is a Nazi, Statist monster with a badge who’s in love with himself…kinda like the rest of the scum across this country who presume to rule over us!!

              “Period, end of discussion.”

              • John W.

                Guess you did not like the baloney sandwiches and pink underware. It is just a matter of a few years before all the Southwest is taken by Mexico.

            • durango kidd

              The legal framework that I mentioned in my original post could be beneficial to preppers, patriots, and veterans to reinforce Constitutional values that are, by and large, still sacred to the population here, if not local Democrats.

              Come to a conservative State and be a Conservative.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Hey DK…

                Surely you must be aware of the fact that there are plenty of “patriots” in AZ who love licking government boots just as much as a Flagstaff “liberal” does.

                Both the Right and the Left in AZ love their Government.

                Being a patriot, I bet you would swap spit with Clarence Dupnik if no one was lookin.

              • Tupak

                Of course, come to where there is little water.

          • Feisty Old Broad

            Oddly, I received a package in the mail this past week from the folks in Texas….huge catalog, map etc…..UNSOLICITED by me. Don’t know how or why my name was on their list of recipients???

            • the cooking mom

              It’s a “sign “!!!
              Come to Texas!!

              Keep. Preppin’

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                F-that Cooking Mom.

                Texas is worse than Arizona.

                Austin is a NWO/UN hub.

                G W Bush is still on the loose and allowed to roam free(without charges).

                And then you have the flaming Facist Rick Perry as Gov.

                Gee…I wish I was in TexAss!

              • John W.

                Texas days are numbered. It will be just like California in ten years. The whole state will be just like Austin. Twenty five years ago calif was like Texas is today. Just wait for the next amnesty to make things right.

    15. Eisenkreuz

      In Cyprus:

      Andy Georgiou, 32, who grew up in Liverpool, said: ‘We are struggling, we can’t access money and we need it to buy petrol or food. It’s appalling. All without any warning.’



    16. Eisenkreuz






      • Facebook Page

        You guys and girls suck there to wishing all to be loss to the people who just wanted to save a few dollars. You all can be dickheads even more than normal.

        • sixpack

          no, just one or two of us here.

        • Coolio

          No sorry…we are wide awake and know the true nature of human nature. You just got suckered in to the kumbya fest.



          Yep.. just like a fema camp… I’ll be watching people being dragged in.
          Their next end game is to destroy the dollar so you default on your property pmt or tax.

          It’s all about extracting maximum value from the sheep.

          My gig is to be a master of database technology and I’ll be working for these dirt bags.
          It’s a living and will keep me out of the camps.

          Get your thumbs down.

          Until I see a clear resistance..then I won’t be joining shit.

          Now you are all going to laugh at this..
          I’m a white guy.
          I listen to rap music.
          The rappers know the true nature of humanity…and they watch after their own.
          They know the polite, educated …. elite are nothing but gangsters.

          Time to get hard…. be a hard ass and take no shit from anyone.

        • Paranoid

          Face; quit kidding, Eisen couldn’t be a bigger dickhead if he tried. And I think he does anyway.

          • Facebook Page

            Your right. It just felt good to call him a dickhead.

            • Eisenkreuz

              you’re not your

              • Facebook Page

                Good one…

                If you stopped being a dickhead you. Would be amazed at the respect you would receive on your original thoughts

      • Jim

        Eisen what we don’t need is you. By the way, you ‘ll be one of the first to go down just because you’re intolerant and a total ass. nobody will mourn.

        • Paranoid

          Wrong! everyone that didn’t do it will mourn, they got there to late.

    17. Eisenkreuz





      • Johnny Creb

        Losers with nothing of worth or value just love to see someone else lose.
        It feels like a gain to them, or maybe they figure they’re inching a little bit closer to having some ‘friends’ to rub shoulders with down there in the gutter.
        You should try some real butter with that popcorn.

        • Eisenkreuz

          I’m a wealthy man. And I worked hard for it.

          • Grippentrog

            At 28? You are a fraud. Eisen. You have no core and no life. You said you are a student. Now you say you were wealthy at 23 years old. Bullshit. Keep your lies straight.

            • Anonymous

              But he only has a limited supply of 3×5 cards to keep his “history” straight,and mommy won’t buy him anymore!

            • Grasshopper

              Eisen is nothing but a dirty old man!

              • Ugly

                I have thought that our young friend Eisen could be older that he portrays. My guess is he is in his 60s based some of his past writings.

                • Anonymous

                  I’m close to the 3-0.

                • Anonymous

                  It’s possible Ugly,but he’d have to be a certifiable lunatic. Why would somebody in their sixties be raving about boomers destroying everything?

          • Paranoid

            Perhaps, But you are an egotistical ass and I’m sure that came easy.

            • Grippentrog

              Eisen googles crap then posts his bs. Eisen doesn’t really care about truth or integrity.

          • John W.

            You sure don’t post like a welthy man. More like a loser who justs wants everyone else to take care of them and full of envy for those who have done well.

    18. Patrick Henry
      • Bob

        I hear Russians like to shoot people in the face so they see who did it. Permanent disfiguration seems to be popular also, so you can tell your friends.

        • sixpack

          We could only be so lucky that the KGB would relieve us of the IMF…but we CAN dream.

          • Merree

            I’m just wondering how long until we start seeing some massive cyberattacks?

      • Johnny Creb

        Am I missing something here?
        Last I checked gold was over $1600.

        • Rick:)

          The manipulated “paper price”, daily reported as the Price of Gold.

          It has been in the mid-high $1500’s for a couple months.

          You’re correct, you can’t “buy” physical at that “price”.

          Notice all the “quotation” marks? Because EVERYTHING about the “price” of gold is a manipulated fiction, at our level. Get all you can at this “price”. It’s like Facebook going into that hardware store and buying ammo at 2005 prices.
          Wish I had more FRN’s to spare.

          • Shootit

            Don’t forget your silver.

      • Eisenkreuz

        The central banks have assassinated several presidents. The mafia isn’t going to do anything but be thankful they didn’t get ripped off for more.

    19. pale rider

      Depending on where you are and which of these are locally grown,
      here’s a breakdown of fruits/veggies with more than 20% vitamin C:

      Fruits % Vitamin C


      Apricot 20 %
      Blackberries 50 %
      Cantaloupe 80 %
      Carrabolla 30 %
      Gooseberries 60 %
      Grapefruit 110 %
      Grapes 25 %
      Honeydew Melon 45 %
      Kiwifruit 240 %
      Lemon 40 %
      Lime 35 %
      Orange 130 %
      Papaya 150 %
      Pineapple 25 %
      Plum 20 %
      Prickly pear 25 %
      Pummelo 130 %
      Raspberries 40 %
      Strawberries 160 %
      Tangerine 50 %
      Watermelon 25 %


      Vegetables % Vitamin C

      Bell Pepper 190 %
      Broccoli 220 %
      Brussels Sprouts 120 %
      Cabbage (green) 70 %
      Cauliflower 100 %
      Collards 30 %
      Green cauliflower 90 %
      Hot chili peppers 170 %
      Mustard Greens 100 %
      Okra 20 %
      Onion 20 %
      Potato 45 %
      Radishes 30 %
      Red Cabbage 70 %
      Rutabagas 90 %
      Spinach 25 %
      Summer Squash 30 %
      Sweet Potato 30 %
      Tomato 40 %
      Yellow Snap Beans 20 %


      • durango kidd

        Broccoli also contains high levels of SULPHANE, an extremely powerful antioxident. A bag a day keeps cancer away.

        What is also important to know is that these fruits and veggies also have other beneficial substances that provide antioxidents unique to their particular character. Colors are important. Greens for example have chloryphell. Yellows, blues, and red other benefits.

        Don’t forget the coffee, tea (black and green), and supplements like milk thistle, olive leaf, spirulina, restravol, and flax or chia seed extract.

        Its ALL good!

      • Johnny Creb

        God. I can’t stand rutabagas

      • kimintn

        rosehips, too. make it into tea.

        • the cooking mom

          Just. Did!!! Herbals work!!

      • Jenn

        @ pale rider: many thanks for sharing your wisdom!

      • Plum Tuckered Out

        Thanks PR. Another great source of vitamin C is pine needle tea – and it’s delicious. It should be easy for many of us to find when SHTF.

        I don’t post here often, but I have to say, I LOVE all the info I get here. And it’s a safe place for me to “rest” when the world is scaring the heck out of me. And WOW, I’m not ashamed to admit – I’m scared.

        Thank you ALL for the tips and ideas.

    20. JustOneGuy


      The playbook is always the same for desperate goverments isn’t it?

      I wonder how long it will be until something similar begins to occur here…


      • Gods Creation

        Already has. Have you tried to withdraw a large amount of money lately. Withdraw from an IRA.

        The gun has been pointed, they have not yet pulled the trigger because it would startle the sheep into action…and the gun owners too.

        • Facebook Page

          I have made some large withdraws lately and have not had any unexpected delays.

          Most of my best producing stuff had a 25k limit every 7 days without prior notice and then I just wait 7 days. Paid for the transfer and 24 hr later. Everyone check the withdrawal rules from when you sign up. There a reason delays in some 401/ira investment account that are actually there for your protection.

          But I have noticed that my personal bank has step up making sure that the cash transaction reports are fill completely out when I need cash. That is new. Always had to do them but the girls always just knew what to put down. Now even my favorite teller go though the questions.

          • HisArmsWide

            Only issues I’ve had over the last 4 months of siphoning out my accounts is asking for a lot of small bills. When I wanted 8k in 20’s it required a 24 hour notice for them to transfer that many to my local branch from the main branch. Other than I’ve had no issues with pulling money out. That was the biggest transaction and done recently as I’ve been growing more and more concerned about something exactly like this. Unfortunately we’re late to the party, just getting started mid last year so I’ve had to accelerate things at times faster than I’d like.

        • Anonymous

          You mean a REALLY large amount like $4K ? (LOL) My wife did that and the teller went to talk with some of the branch’s top brass. One would have thought she was trying to withdraw $1MM.

          • Facebook Page

            That was because it was over the young tellers limits. Oh was she delayed 10 minutes while they got it out of the vault tellers secure cart.

            And most branches do not keep that much cash on hand….. My bank I have a standing order every week. But if I come needing an extra 5 to 10K. Sometimes they can’t do it right away.

            I made a transfer of 3/4 of a million a few weeks back and it was misplaced in transfer account for a few day. Now that did cause so stress.

            • Johnny Creb

              Yeah, I just withdrew $250k today. Teller didn’t bat an eye.
              Then I came home and jumped on the forum here, because I’m rich.

              • Mountain Trekker

                You know us really wealthy people, don’t deal in cash, we just use numbers. Trekker Out

                • Facebook Page

                  We use cash to pay gold producing land. Trip to vegas’. Drucken poker games at Beligi.o. And I buy gun ammo. Food cash only Big trucks. And if these are not the minimun amount your trying to protect. You annt got anything tp reaally protect.. So your fucked anywas. Any johny. My mecedes i bought when those crsackhead torn my up out on the road costted that much. So a most branches 250k in not an uncommon withdrawel.,m v

              • don't tread

                Yea I did the same; withdrew a half a mill., pulled it right out of my ass in large bills linked together like sausages.

                LOL. If I had that kind of funds, it sure as hell wouldn’t be in a bank. I would have it invested in my future, and others. The biggest ministry and building anyone has ever seen in these parts. Our congregation would hear truth and not some man’s traditions that make void the word of God. We would have a retreat with hundreds of acres, and outdoor shooting ranges, and activities that appealed to everyone. Our fellowship meetings would rival the best family reunions of days past. Our baptisms would take place in cool stream pools of water, that would kinda take your breath at first. Not some indoor heated pool. When you get baptised with the blood, it needs to be in an evironment that stays with you for life. Just sayin’.

                Money doesn’t buy happiness and salvation, but it sure helps the journey along.

            • JRS

              I’ll be back……OK…I got my boots on now.

              • MEAN JEAN

                Don’t forget to roll up your pant’s legs, they might get soiled too!!!!!

      • The Old Coach

        Sooner than you may think – there’s Dems that have been proposing confiscation of IRAs and 401k accounts for two or three years running now. It happened in Argentina.

        • sixpack

          I keep the exact amount of my projected monthly spending + $5 in my account. The rest is “unavailable”. I just completed every one of my mandatory prep categories, but adding more if I can.

          I’m as ready (financially) as I can be.
          I’m as ready (physically) as I’m ever going to be.
          I’m emotionally ready.

          Now I pause to reconsider my situation and emergency plans again.

        • SD Mule

          There are Dems in Argentina???

          • Eisenkreuz

            Argentina is ruled by socialists.

            • The Old Coach

              The SAY they are socialists. They’re really just kleptocrats.

            • yourmotherwaswrong


              Argentina may be ruled by socialist but by many measures, it is freer than the USSA.

              The government is small and they generally leave the citizens alone.

              Argentinians enjoy a level of liberty we lost decades ago.

              • Eisenkreuz

                I don’t think so.

        • John W.

          There is a hidden little item in Obamacare assessing a 3.8% tax(Clapp amendment) on all accounts not just on the sale of a home. They are going to fuck us hard and deep.

          • MEAN JEAN

            I tried to look this up and couldn’t locate it. Can you post a link to the Clapp Amendment please?

    21. High Noon

      Cyprus is about the size of a postage stamp on your living room floor. We will see if it is contagious to other EU counties. Pay attention, this idea could come here.



      Stay Brave

      • Lowtolerance

        Lots of Russian money in Cyprus, so they say. Gonna be interesting, this one.

        • Freemason666

          Da’ Russians are gonna start collectin’ “Tongues and Thumbs” from Europes Illuminati Banker Criminal Royal Political Mafia Class … this All just got ALOT more interesting !

          ” GO RUSSIA !”



          • Freemason666

            Incase some of you prep folks don’t know this … RUSSIA is Fully modified red commie gestapo Controlled by THE RUSSIAN MAFIA – KGB .

            And Russians Hide Billions of their russian monies gold from the Russia State Commie FedGov in Cyprus because of the relaxed Greek Banking Standards .



            • Bob

              Interesting how, when perpetrated by anybody other than banksters/governmente, money laundreing becomes a BAD thing.

          • SmokinOkie

            Now, THAT was good!

      • Bob

        I have a friend who’s not worried at all. She has nothing in a bank account. She keeps everything in several safe deposit boxes. It was hard to keep from laughing.

        Another friend is giddy that his 401(k) is invested in the top-earning fund in USA.

        Dow Jones at an all-time high. Time for a culling.

        • Lady of the Lake

          Bob, you might want to persuade your friend to take everything out of those boxes. Nothing inside a bank is safe these days.

          • Lady of the Lake

            That or call her an ex-friend and don’t answer the phone when the SHTF, ha.

    22. The realist

      If you really think about it..We own absolutely nothing.. The Banks own it all.. And the Government owns us all!!

      Even if you own your home and don’t have a mortgage .. Just refuse to pay the property taxes..You’ll find out that you really don’t own that house.. And will be ousted from it when the Govt sells it for the past taxes!

      We can all keep commenting on how we can prep and beat the system IF and When the SHTF..

      I’m really Not Convinced its going to.. Why?

      Do you really think Big Govt and the banking Elite want to let the dollar collapse and the world as we know it just collapse? I don’t think so!

      We, As the dumb asses that we are are their best asset…we all make a contribution to them every day of our lives.. Just by waking up.. We go to work.. Make $ .. To pay our bills.. That Mostly go .. To pay the bills.. banks and governmental taxes ..

      Again.. We own nothing and they own us all..

      • 10mm

        I disagree.Yes they want a dollar collapse.The ASIAN Trade Agreements among those countries outside the dollar,BRIC agreements all shun the dollar,because they know and are preparing.The due diligence was done yrs ago.

      • Kulafarmer

        I know for sure that i own that modified bushmaster in my lockup!

      • John W.

        In California if you are a senior you can get away with not paying the property tax. They just collect it when you sell the home or die.

    23. Eisenkreuz





    24. BK

      Deposit insurance has just been shown to be worthless.
      Gold and silver bashers take note.

      • Eisenkreuz

        You’re missing the point. You need to have cash IN HAND during the collapse. Nobody is set up to barter with gold and silver. That’s foolish. PMs are to maintain the wealth of the rich. Only. Focus on your preps. You can’t eat gold.

        • Facebook Page

          Ok you all came up with another good one. Whoever was in control earlier was being a dick.

        • ROY

          Mr. Eisenfreuz, I have been posting for a short time and have read your posts. I am also one of the old people you often mock. Your corrections are sometimes interesting and I actually enjoy them. (not the spelling or the punctuation corrections). My point is, you sound like a bright person and seem to have a grasp of a wide number of facts.
          I would be interested in your ideas and I believe you would be taken seriously if you quit trying to anger people. You make wide slaps at older people, police officers, most laws etc. You could make the same points without trying to make people dislike you. You often write one line statements that are intended to throw blood in the water and it works.
          I believe you are actually a decent person. As I said, I think you have a good mind and you should be included. ( not down voted regardless what you say). If you really believe in helping, try saying your ideas in less harsh ways. You have marginalized yourself to the point of not being considered.
          Hope you consider what I have said. Either way, hope you are well and I look forward to reading your comments.

          • Eisenkreuz


            With all due respect, I learned about the Fed in my third grade math class. I’ve been a survivalist my whole life. I’ve been trying the “go-along to get-along” shtick with you SOP for a long time and it does not work. I’ve been made fun of and called a weirdo and a conspiracy theorist for many, many years by you old bastards. All that finally changed in 2008. You have lived in a dream world all your lives and you’re just now waking up and acting like you’re so outraged at what the government is doing. I have every right to amuse myself by pounding sand up your holes.

            • ROY

              Hello. I did not ask for or deserve your comment. My generation made mistakes and also did great things. Your generation? I am sure you will say that the average 30 year old male is still living at home ( with my generation) is in fact the fault of my generation. No doubt you have been made fun of for prepping. I think we all have. If old folks gave you a hard time, it wasn’t the people here.
              As far as “go along to get along”, have you read the other posts? Few have the theme of conforming. I would characterize them as the opposite of what you said. As far as pounding sand, I don’t know why you feel the need. Of you do believe what you say then help rather than belittle.
              The point of my original post was you can add to the discussion or disagree. You could do both in an intelligent way and actually change minds. No one considers what you say because of your taunts. No need to pound sand with us. We are not stupid and we get the idea. Not to say everyone understands everything. That’s where you could add thoughts. I am not mad, I just think you are bright and would like you to join conversations with less condemnation.

              • Eisenkreuz

                It wasn’t directed at you personally. Since you spent a lot of time writing to me I’ll try to be nice for awhile.

          • don't tread

            Easy on the Mr., Mr.

          • John W.

            He is a worthless dickhead. Being nice to him is taken as a sign of weakness. He deserves every insult he gets. He is living testimony to the result of using cheap condoms.

        • BK

          The point I was making was that deposit insurance doesn’t insure anything when it can be circumvented by the “authorties”.
          Barter can occur very quickly, all it takes is two parties agreeing to an exchange.
          It happens every day in school lunchrooms.
          Nothing foolish about it.
          Of course you can’t eat gold, nor can you eat gasoline or ammunition.
          However, gold and silver are excellent forms of portable wealth that have saved the purchasing power of people in general, not just the rich.
          The gold or silver coin doesn’t distinguish between rich or poor, it simply serves as a store of value.

    25. clyde

      Most of the big depositors in Cyprus are Russian “businessmen”. Might not sit too well with them to just take 10 % of their money. I wonder how the Cypriot president feels getting of the plane from Brussels, knowing he just stole billions of euros of the Russian mobs money. I bet we haven’t heard the last of this by a long shot.

      • Journalist

        Is it really the President who stole it or the international banking system? Presidents are generally controlled by the latter and don’t have much real power.

    26. SidDavis

      I don’t get it that government should have priority over citizens. Things go to crap, because of what governments have done, and governments then uses power to take what they wants, leaving the average person bent over holding his ankles. And still most of the citizenry thinks the government is going to save them, or that we must have government to rule our lives. The reality is that those who control the government, politicians and those who pull their strings, are the ones that are trying to save themselves, and don’t care diddly squat what happens to the rest of us. You might say they are the original survivalists.

      Instead of trying to help people by taking less of their wealth, government increases taxes and takes more. Look at what Obama and the rest of the crooks in Washington, DC did; they raised taxes and kept on helping out those who pay big time political contributions.

      How stupid can such a huge block of the public be? People complain, and then send back the same crooks term after term to do more of the same-o-same-o.

      • Eisenkreuz

        The basic tenant of libertarianism is the government may be defined as that institution which has a monopoly on the use of force.

      • MayBeSo

        @ SidDavis,




        On the NOSE!

      • you're in dreamland

        It’s been like that throughout history. Nowadays we call a nation’s leader a president, premier, or prime minister, but they still like to execute the same royal prerogatives as kings, emperors, and pharaohs. The royals piss away all their money (that they took from you in the first place by calling it a tax or a levy) in expensive wars or massive ego monuments, so they come back to the people to get more. To a nation’s leader, his subjects are a cash machine. It’s always been like that and always will be. Best not to be at home when the royal tax collector comes a-callin’. 😉

    27. REB

      Got nuthin in their banks fer em to steal 🙂

    28. Eisenkreuz

      This is TPTB testing the waters with a country no one cares about before they bring it here. And I say:


      • Facebook Page

        Tonight you can just fuck off. Give it a rest. Let have a night of fun. Someone needs to overload the power unit in your shit computer.

        • amused

          o chill u post pig, go bitch somewhere else

      • Johnny Creb

        Yeah, lets go back to living in the stone ages!!!
        Or if that sounds a bit harsh, Wild West !
        Somalia, anyone?
        Yes, how dare the average citizen want things like healthcare and social security for their tax payments and pay deductions!
        Paying into an old age pension for 30 years and then expecting your government to ‘pay your way’ when you’re too old to work anymore?
        Don’t you people know it’s the 21st century, and we should all be living like John Rambo?
        No government. Just pay me whatever you think is fair for my goods, services , or work, and let my buy my guns and cheap ammo and gas, and I’ll govern myself.

        • Facebook Page

          I want my flyin g car they promused me

        • Rick:)

          I simply would like a system that;

          1) Doesn’t subsidise the most unproductive among us.

          2)Politician is not a career.

          3)If we must have a miltary, EVERYBODY, no exceptions, is required to serve in some capacity, for a period of time. EVERYBODY.

          4)Our “retirement” plan is not a Ponzi sceme.

          5)NBA,NFL,MLB,NHL players are not the the most valued and highest paid examples to our society.

          Oh well, you get my point. Some of us only see the chance to get closer to our vision of Nirvana through a complete breakdown and destruction of the status quo.

        • Eisenkreuz


          • Rick:)

            Re-read it, moron…. and take yor meds.

            • Rick:)

              well, maybe thet wasn’t directed my way. sorry. don’t forget the meds….

        • Kulafarmer

          I could go for wild west,

          • BigB

            I could go wild west. It’s just that the furniture was not real comfortable. Beds with rope webbing as support? Couche’s/Sofa’s/divan’s (whatever you call them depending on where you live) only had like an inch of padding. No recliners? No wonder people died younger back then.

      • Legion7

        EK is right. Watching the news here about a bunch of SEIU flackeys protesting that their medical insurance costs are going up by nearly double and they will have to pay what the rest of us do. Sorry union jagrods! You voted in the people that voted for 0bamacare. Now you’re upset because you are getting reamed too?! I have seen the “recommended voting list” that tells these idiots who to vote for (all lib dems, of course). My wife and I both bust our humps and pay 1700 a month in childcare. I don’t take handouts, but I watch all those that do. I’m laughing right next EK on this one.

      • John W.

        If they have a worthless asshole tax you better be worried.

    29. Eagle eye

      Lets test this somewhere small first and hope no-one notices…….

      I’d call that a fail.

      I’m off to chat to the minister for finance about how much money we keep in our bank account. It is about to drop dramatically.

    30. hyperinflation by 2014 John Williams

      “OPEN ENDED QUANTITATIVE EASING”…. good buy dollar.
      Hello Weimar Germany style inflation.

      This is why Obama signed the NDAA..lock your ass up forever bill.
      Why the TSA and DHS stock up on ammo….
      and why Fema placed massive emergency supply orders.
      Lindsey Williams also mentioned his connections are speaking of what’s coming.

      Bad times are coming.
      The most secure people on the planet are the Hillbillies in my opinion.
      They live deep in the country…can hunt game, garden, have well water and their trailers are paid for.

      The best thing you can do is prep up mentally and know that times are changing.

      Obama…the last president of the United States as you knew it.

      Funny thought….and you know I’m joking here…. Never starve…too many boomers to eat. ha

      Really…I keep cases of bird shot and feed the wild life.

      • JustOneGuy

        Howdy ‘2012…John’,

        Funny you mention that…

        ……see “Man on the Inside” posted below,



      • PenCRNA

        Okay, I’ve tried to keep up with all that goes on, but I’m feeling stupid right now. What is the NDAA?

        • Jelly Filled Minds of Men

          NDAA is the “No Donuts Activity Area”

          East 42nd Street to Fifth Ave. — Bloomberg signed it into law.

      • you're in dreamland

        The NDAA everyone refers to here stands for the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. This act is a standard act that Congress votes on every year to authorize military spending, etc. NDAA 2012 was signed in the wee hours on New Year’s Eve because it included a shocking clause that Obummer didn’t want to get around: the right to incarcerate US citizens suspected of terrorism without a trial and without any legal representation whatsoever indefinitely by the military. In other words, NDAA 2012 violated the Constitutional rights to a speedy trial by a jury of one’s peers. And if you want to know who the DHS considers to be a terrorist, all preppers are on the list, as is probably anybody who posts on this site. So theoretically (for now, hah) we could all be held by the military indefinitely for daring to store food, distrusting the current regime, and even for possessing what the DHS documents call a “night flashlight”.

    31. New Jersey says..

      My greedy boomer mother, who inherited over $1M has all her money in cash in the bank. She never shared a nickel even when the kids were born…not even to help buy a box of diapers. We were not looking for a hand out…but when she was married, her Dad bought her a house, care and much more.

      Heck…a can of corn would be welcome from this lady.



      My generation is living in the age of dollar collapse.

      This is despite three college degrees and a working wife…we scrape by, having to pay inflated houses prices because the boomers drove up prices.

      We’re going to sit back and watch that generation die off with a smile.
      Funny, even the grand kids hate the greedy, nasty entitled bitch who never worked.

      • bugfy

        What’s a boomer mother? Anyway, sounds like you should just shoot her and collect her money. Why mess around? It’s what you’re really getting at, isn’t it?

        Worthless whelp bitchin about them boomers again. Your generation ain’t showed me shit boy!

        • Facebook Page

          Because their parents were to busy with free love and didnt teach them shit

          • Eisenkreuz

            You “me” boomer bastards are such great parents. All you ever think about is the country you’re going to leave your children.

            • The Old Coach

              Hey Mac – I read and post on a (gun-related) site that has an “ignore” setting on the user’s setup page. You can go there and set the site to not display any post by a selected user when you’re logged in. How about it? Sure would go a long way toward dealing with Iron(headed)Cross here.

              • admin

                we may have this capability once the user account system is in place. i will definitely look into it! thanks for the suggestion!

                • Kulafarmer

                  Mac, thanks again for the excellent site, some good folks here, fun to pass the time or vent and discuss

                • eeder

                  you just never get it, do you mac? what side are you on again pal?

              • Eisenkreuz

                You’ll miss me when I’m gone.

                • Anonymous

                  Would you care to give odds on that?

                • Facebook Page


                • YouCrackMeUp

                  Dude, no one is going to “block” you. Your posts generate more thumbs than everyone else combined. Who cares what color they are — it is obvious people are hooked reading what you’ve got to say.

                • John W.

                  Miss you? Like a case of the clap. Worthless dork that you are.

      • Feisty Old Broad

        @new jersey….I pity you for all the hatred you hold in your heart….all for the sake of money. I imagine there are two sides to yours/your mothers story(s)….and YOU have taught your children to hate as well…..

        May God Help US All….

        • Feisty Old Broad

          PS….You have 3 degrees (who paid for them?) and “a working wife” and yet you are “scraping” by? I cannot believe you would wish for all to collapse just to
          “get even” with your mother….eh, doesn’t matter at all to you how that would affect millions of other people? What a selfish,greedy, and vindictive lil boy you are…..

          • Eisenkreuz

            Go pound sand, grandma. We desperately need the collapse. It should have been done years ago. Stop complaining.

      • Eisenkreuz


      • Freemason666

        It’s a simple fact …

        Boomers = ” It’s All about Me Generation !”

        The sooner they all die off the better off AmeriKa and the world will be .

        @nj use your imagination to solve that problem of yours 187 .

        • Facebook Page

          Using that 187 gangster rap crap tonight.

          • Feisty Old Broad

            Sad to say this, but the enemy is within the gates….poised and ready. There are so many consumed with hatred and ignorance ……Only Faith and ‘Guts’ will see US through the trials to come….I will be of what use I CAN be, for as long as I WILL be… will take extreme focus to be able to defend this Republic from the ‘enemy within’… against brother ring any bells? I have said it before and will say it again…this will be a battle to the death – good against evil….and True Leaders need to rise to the occasion NOW
            just my humble opinion
            Be Well in Body and Spirit, Be Aware, Be Ready

            And, above ALL, keep LOVE within your heart…

        • Goatse

          I know a lot of boomers, don’t trust any of them deep down.
          Closeted bigots, most of them. Grinning and trying to act all liberal and loving with a heart full of hate, collecting guns and thinking ‘gangsters’ and welfare recipients are gonna come and steal their canned food and fake flowers.
          Grandpa/Grandma: get it thru your head, we don’t want anything you have!
          Christ, last time I tried to help an old lady cross the street, she thought I was trying to steal her purse… Wtf? Do I look like I need $13 and some cough drops to you, ya old bag?
          These people have watched too goddamn much TV. They think anyone who doesn’t look and dress like a Mormon wants something from them. Fuck it, you old half blind, bitter, scared, over medicated losers are on your own. When the shit actually goes down our job is to do the rough and tumble business, yours is to teach and deal with the children, don’t you get it?
          It takes a community!
          Seems half the folks around here just want to form gangs at the end of the day.
          Y’all are the freakin gangsters!

          • don't tread

            Well, goatse; we have to “gang up”, to keep the likes of you asstards from warping the minds of our grandchildren.

      • JRS

        You should educate yourself about the FRN, inflation, compound usury and currency debasement. You can use the internet or maybe read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. Even if your mother’s wealth was in gold or silver and actually worth something, why do you suppose you deserve it? Envy and wrath are but two of the seven deadly sins.

      • Not so Much

        “She never shared a nickel …. We were not looking for a hand out”

        And yet your post is dripping with all the greed, envy and whining of someone that believes you deserve HER money.

    32. Going Ghetto...

      Coolio… enjoy the words to “all I had for dinner was a can of corn”

      The bankers made us all poor.

      I hope it all collapses.

    33. mallardhen

      I have a question??? If ir really goes down and the banks close and all else inplodes; I am not asking how, but who do you pay your bills to such as mortgage, credit card, utilities, etc. to????????????

      • Feisty Old Broad

        @mallardhead….I have no clue what/how/when ANYTHING will happen, but I think the least of our concerns will be paying our normal, regular bills. I think all will be shut down for who-knows-how-long….?

        • Feisty Old Broad

          I am sorry I misread your name mallardhen! Eh, old eyes here…

      • Eisenkreuz

        LOL that’s what an economic collapse is. Complete chaos where nobody knows what’s going on.

        • Anonymous

          Oh but all these hard working patriotic honest folks just wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they skipped a payment! That would be akin to taking a handout, or cheating the system.
          Can’t you just see them now? Out there risking life and limb to refuse any ‘free ride’
          Come on now!

        • PO'd Patriot

          Yeah it’ll be the newest dance craze called, “The Eisenkook Scoot”.

      • Facebook Page

        Someone will always buy up the credit paper for pennies on the dollar. And will find you for the payments.

        Write the check and send it to the last address if they don’t withdrawal it from your funds leave it. Then deal with the new paper owner later.

        Utilities go pay in cash at the office.

        Credit cards screw them. Unless you are in a recourse state.

        • JustOneGuy

          NOT when EVERYONE is Armed…and WAITING…hehehehe

          Sorry FBP, but this time I couldn’t resist Bro…that
          ineffable faith you keep demonstrating in the system WILL get you killed….I’d RATHER not see that frankly…

          Stay Strong dude, you’re gonna need it…sooooon.


          • Facebook Page

            I have no faith in the system. But human that in the end will see the value of those paper debts will have guns too. Might just be your fucking neighor thsat bought the paper on your farm when they actuioned off a local banks assets. And he just wait til the right moment

            These paper holder will not care they will just sit back and sweep in. I have made so much fucking money buying paper it is insane. That why i go to az and vegas to waste it away

            Hard assets only. Owe no one.,.. Remember a note and a deed of trust is the same if not better on owning the land and the equipment on it.,

            The system will fuck you. But remember unless the flesh neating zombies save use there will still be a man or woman standing there with the note to hard asset coming to g. et there profits. And they will have guns and lots of people to help.,

          • Facebook Page

            And remember neightors dont interfere when its not there land on the line. And having the the old man next door showing up with a shotgun aint going to make bit of difference

            • Eagle eye

              facebook page, come up my driveway with your shitty little attitude and you WILL leave as devil shit. Those little suckers can clean up a full grown cow carcass over night. An asshole like you should be morning smoko for them.

              • Facebook Page

                Buy they get to the ones that will resist they will have the breach tactic down..

                I not referring to the current system. I talking about the bank we create later under gold. They will still want their value from the deeds and notes. What everyone is just going to forgive and forget what they are owed.

      • MayBeSo

        @ mallardhen,

        Ummm, if it all ‘implodes’ there will be

        No Taxes,

        No Bankers

        No Bills

        No Gooberment

        What’s the problem…looks GOOD to me?!

        • sixpack

          As long as there is a database of Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, there will be SOMEBODY around to collect on it, you can bet your ass on that. It might be weeks, months or even years, but SOMEBODY will be at your door with their newly updated hand out.

          The only way there won’t be a mass asset grab after the collapse, is if someone kills off all of the bankers before they can recover their books…then destroyed the records.

        • Eisenkreuz

          You don’t understand anything. Governments don’t go away in a societal collapse they just clamp down harder.

          • Not so Much

            And yet you’ve proclaimed boldly how many times above that you want it to collapse? AND you claim to be libertarian..

            “You don’t understand anything”. You are a certified nutbag.

            • John W.

              If there is a full blown collapse most of those looking forward to it will be among the no longer living. Civilized societies populations are not set up to do without all the things they depend on and need. Just think of all the people who have to have medication just to stay alive, there are millions of them. Some of them might be you or those you care about. Think about that when you sound so eager to collapse the system.

              • Not so Much

                You responded to me. It wasn’t me wishing for a collapse. I’m fully aware that the elites will use this economic collapse to replace the constitution with a one world communist govt.

            • Fee Fie Foe Fum

              Fee Fie Foe Fum
              You are a troll
              You get a red thumb

              Just look in the mirror and what do you see
              An empty reflection, not what it should be

          • High Noon

            Your Right!!

      • lastmanstanding

        you don’t…it will become survival of the fittest.

        mh…they started this system of debt and death. We played by their rules whether most of us liked it or not. Most of us thought that by hard work and sacrifice that we could over come it…little did we know that they set it up so that we could NOT conquer it.

        If they shut it down, we should take that as a signal.

        Based on what is going on with real estate, inflation, rising cost of insurance, limiting access to your own money, more taxes, cost of doing biz, etc, etc…walk away and get ready for their final move.

        They are moving as fast as they “cautiously” can…we all know what is going on, we just don’t know when.

        I’m afraid the last stand is coming soon…please don the full armour of God and stand ready to fight the devil that has infiltrated our nation,and is destroying our families,humanity, and this beautiful planet.

      • Paranoid

        Look at what goes on in Greece and Argentina a lot of places have gone down. The pattern is similar, and far to long to answer here. Simple answer is; If you are the first to go you lose it all. If you can hold out awhile the PTB finally figure out that there is no point in taking you house, it’s not worth anything

        • Merree

          No one knows for sure what will happen because this is the first time this problem has had a full global scope.
          The closest bet is to look to the 1930s to 1940s.

          First comes economic chaos. Followed by massive war and destruction and then years of rebuilding. (If we survive- this is also the first major crisis with humans also having the ability to destroy our entire planet.)

          People will find scapegoats to blame and whatever group becomes labeled as a scapegoat will probably die in large amounts. The youngsters here are blaming the baby boomers. Interesting, they pick the baby boomers as a group and not the bankers and politicians who have manipulated everything. They don’t separate out the people who wanted things different but were outnumbered by the masses of sheeple. They don’t try to acknowledge that some of that “old” generation actually have some ideas in common with them.

          Could it be because they have made money off of the same PTB that are supporting this crisis? They talk about the money they have made in large amounts. Doesn’t this reflect that they are skimming money off they very system that they are claiming to want to see die? Hey, guys, look at the mote in your own eye before trashing the boomers on this site.

          • Feisty Old Broad

            They blame the “Dr. Spock” parents who raised yet another generation of “Dr. Spock” parents……


          • Eisenkreuz

            The blame for all this rests squarely with the people. Not with the government or the bankers. The people had every opportunity to stop this crap and just didn’t care. I will never believe that the vast majority of you guys weren’t asleep until at least 2008.

            • High Noon

              Tough love

          • Zoltanne

            Merree, actually the “hate Boomer” crowd was created by the Progressives and is just another one of the divisive tactics they use to divide-and-conquer.

            A number of Progressive politickers and professional writers have been targeting Boomers for about 15-20 years, knowing it was a large group of people.

            One example comes from Paul Begala (ugh!) and his tyrade was “The Worst Generation”, written in 2001. It starts out with: “I hate the Baby Boomers. They’re the most self-centered, self-seeking, self-interested, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing generation in American history. As they enter late middle age, the Boomers still can’t grow up. Guys who once dropped acid are now downing Viagra; women who once eschewed lipstick are now getting liposuction…”

            Generalizations like this are ridiculous. The same could be said about Paul Begala and his forehead. Oh wait! I mean his associates.

            The “boomer hate” crowd has recently landed hear. There are several democrat/Progressive forums that send these idiots here to stir it up. They’re trolls, here to divert, disrupt, and hopefully destroy another website that doesn’t cater to the Progressive ideology.

            I did a bit of digging and located this little gem, too, dated 1993 from FORTUNE Magazine: “Why Busters Hate Boomers” by Suneel Ratan: “HATE TO BREAK this to you, boomers, but among twentysomethings gathering in bars, coffee houses, and Lollapalooza festivals across America, bashing you folks has become the new national pastime.”

            Maybe it’s time we enact legislation on “hate speech” for Boomers now. Amazing that those Progressives who embrace diversity and tolerance are anything BUT.

            (Both of those articles are available on the WWW.)

            • Eisenkreuz

              I bet you would like to ban free speech like Canada does.

              Who is raiding the accounts in Cyprus? THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY.

              Who is fighting them? THE COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST PARTIES.

              The main reason you are getting blamed for creating this mess is bacause you deserve to get blamed for creating this mess. You’re a sheeple, blathering on about didactics.

          • Frank Bliss

            Those fine young American youth who profess their hatred of the boomers, are the most brainwashed generation ever. All the scandals of the elites, the control of banking, the press and drug routes etc. by two religious aristocracies pales in comparison to the collective sins of these neckbeards ancestors. These basement dwelling trolls appear incapable of logic and priority assessment.

            • Eisenkreuz

              Yeah you’re winning the war on coherency there bud.

              • Anonymous

                Hey Poopentrouser, your generation has a date with destiny coming up. You’re going to have to face it alone.The problems you have stem from the fact that you were all led to think your “special” little snowflakes that deserve an award for merely showing up.You might as well throw in the towel now,your generation is toast.

      • HisArmsWide

        Depends on how bad it gets I would think.

        But barring a total and complete collapse it’s a safe bet that someone somewhere will continue to hold your paper and want payment on it.

        It’s why so many folks say as part of your prepping lifestyle to be out of as much debt as you can. Because the chance of a total collapse where that debt will disappear is unlikely. But a collapse where you won’t be able to pay that debt and thus get repossessed on is high.

    34. Piper Michael

      The prophecy of David Wilkerson comes to mind…
      That when a country in Europe crashes, we have two weeks…

      Gonna be hard for them to grab my coin collection…

      • Facebook Page

        That statement has been coming up alot lately

      • Journalist

        Piper, I thought that is when the Euro crashes, not one little country.

        • Kulafarmer

          Im wondering what sort of bank runs are starting up as we speak?

        • Piper Michael

          The first ‘country that goes bankrupt’.
          There are a LOT of candidates… should we hold a raffle?

      • John W.

        The game changer will be when all The Muslim immigrants in the European countries start some serious rioting. That will be the end game.

    35. Watchdog

      It’s war BITCHEZ… Never leave money in the bank.
      Take it out, stuff it some place in small crispy bills
      Buy Gold & Silver… Believe me you’ll be glad you did.

      Stay Alert, I have a cousin in Italy with a family of 5 who can’t get but 300 euros a week to live on for the last month. No money left in the banks.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Please repost you cousin’s remarks here if you can. We thrive on information in this comunity.

    36. Mr Potato Head

      Has anybody ever been in a fight, and saw the punch coming? You have that brief ” oh shit, this is going to hurt some” moment. I think we have all been waiting for the impact for several years. The only thing we can hope for is a glancing blow. And the only way we can hope for a glancing blow, is to keep prepping. When the velocity of money returns to the U.S.; as we lose our reserve status, it is going to hurt. Normalcy bias be damned it is going to hurt.
      Potato out

      • Feisty Old Broad

        The artificial inflation of the stock market along with inflation in durable goods spells diaster….soon. I am not a financial wizard (more like a financial garden gnome) but even I see what they are achieving through artifice…..logic dictates that a gov’t cannot continue to “print money” without anything to back it up… essence, OUR gov’t are counterfeiting money….they are printing money which does not have any true value….in another week or two, the stock market will plummet….but those who “got out in time” will be far wealthier due to the recent upsurge…..I believe it all to be more manipulated now….


          • Freemason666

            isn’t it time you changed your depends and went nighty night .

        • Bob

          This is the kind of event they have been setting up for, so when the 401(k)s go splat, the gooberment and banksters can ride to the rescue. The masses will beg to be saved.

          • Journalist

            Yeah, all the way to the FEMA camps for the homeless.

        • High Noon

          gov’t cannot continue to “print money” without anything to back it up

          It’s worse than that. Fed buy $85B of bundled Bonds from the banks each month by adding zeros to a computer. The banks take this computer money and buys $85B in Treasury Bonds and Bills to finance our debt. Money never gets printed and doesn’t get into the money supply. They just add and subtract zeros on a computer. That’s why we haven’t seen hyper-inflation yet.

          • High Noon

            Fed. going to print some Computer Money this PM. If anyone has something to sell for it, please call.
            Phone Number is: BR-549 ask for Junior Samples. He works for Federal (HeeHaw) Reserve, Washington D.C.

          • lastmanstanding

            Money never gets printed…BINGO!!!

            A bunch of us in my com have been looking at dates on frn’s for nearly a year…2009 is the newest note that you will find.

            Remember the days that you had to be careful that several bills were stuck together? Never again.

            HN is correct. Add/subtract zeros, whatever will work for them, not you….they don’t want you to have frns…to much freedom and anonimity with them.

            • Paranoid

              Good lord, they don’t usually print a new series of note unless the signatures change. IT has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHEN THE NOTE WAS PRINTED. They made the 1964 Kennedy half dollar for 3? years.

              • lastmanstanding

                when was the last time that you got a brand new bill mr. know it all.

                with all of the printing going on, new paper should be all over the fucking place.

                If they were printing it.

              • you're in dreamland

                I got brand new bills today when I removed most of the money from my bank accounts. Unfortunately, I have direct deposit so I have to keep a token amount in the account to keep it open, or else I would have closed the accounts altogether. Get it out NOW folks, and hide it where they can’t confiscate it in a form they have to come and get in person. Start with food and bullets, end with precious metals. Make it hard work for them to confiscate.

            • Journalist

              Good observation! Never thought to look at dates on FRNs.

            • HisArmsWide

              You do realize that the ‘money printing’ going on has nothing to do with printing physical money?

              WHen was the last time I got new money? 3 months ago when I emptied my savings account and pulled 8k out in 20’s. Several of the bundles were nothing but brand new bills.

              • lastmanstanding

                thanks for that info…what were the dates on the new bills? I have not seen bills dated newer than 2009.

                That was my point…’money printing’ going on has nothing to do with printing physical money.

        • Piper Michael

          I think maybe the stock market has the potential to skyrocket… temporarily. Why?
          Flight to safety out of Euro’s, we are best looking horse in the glue factory…

          This could be the ‘trigger event’, but will be more sure if the stock market starts zooming, but, this is not a ‘default’, merely a THEFT to prevent a default…

          Wait for the D word before totally panicking, otherwise, step up the preps to the point of pain.

      • sixpack

        I’m hoping for a full-fledged ducking maneuver, myself…

      • slingshot

        @ Mr. Potato Head.

        You got that right!

    37. 22winmag

      10% of zero is zero. I don’t keep any of my wealth (just part of which is money) in a bank. The sheeple in Cyprus should have seen this coming. The people in the next Eurozone shit-and-piss country to have this happen should see it coming.

      The “reposession” of the Cypriots electronic bank deposit money was easy. It was done with a few mouse clicks. You can bulldoze the banks and it doesn’t change anything. On the other hand, if the bad guys here is ‘Merica try to “repossess” our physical goods, guns, ammo, food, precious metals, and so forth, the crooks will be met with a firestorm of gunfire.

      • Eisenkreuz

        It matters if you bulldoze the banks.

        • Journalist

          Better yet, fry all the computer records

    38. OhioReader

      I’m trying to log on to Fidelity, and it says “server error”. I was looking at my account 2 hrs ago and now I cannot log on! Ugh…

    39. Bob


      Definition of Fidelity: They screw nobody but their customers.

      • sixpack

        In other words, they are looking to see how much mafia money is available to confiscate, to see if it will be worth their time. Anything they inadvertently get from the little people will just be the cherry on top.

    40. Ugly

      The Log (Ugly’s Log Spray)

      Folks, do not let these times let you down. Yes Bankers can take your money. Life Insurance Agents may never pay. Mutual funds may go south. CDs gone. Homes gone under MERS.

      But lets be thankful. We live in America! The land of the free! The home of the brave! We have opportunity under socialism!!!! Lets give thanks to those that have helped us. I didn’t want anything that I earned anyway. Thanks Mr Marx!!!!

      Lets be thankful and I want to give thanks back to those that have made us so happy. I have developed a spray that preserves even one of our most cherished moments, yes, The Log.

      We have all had that moment. When done on labode, who does not look? We all look! And we all have had that moment when we said Wow! look at that Log! We would like to photo, but don’t–we just send it to its place.

      Now, with Ugly’s Log Spray that Log can be preserved and sent to those that you would like to give thanks too. Yes, your Central Banker. Your Life Insurance dude and many others that have allowed you to live under their rules. It is our way to give Socialism a big thankyou!

      Directions are simple. When you discover The Log, simply retrieve from labode and place on paper provided in Ugly’s Log Spray packet. Let Log sit on paper for 4 minutes. Then start spraying Ugly’s Log Spray over Log as you slowly turn the Log to make sure all areas are covered. Let sit another 5 minutes, and bingo! it is preserved and ready for shipping….


      ..Central banker from NY–“Yeah, I was depressed after I took the $14B bailout. But then in mail, I recieved well over 150 Logs preserved with Ugly’s Log Spray. It cheered me up. My guilt was over”.

      ..Mutual Fund Guy–“I promised people millions and that did not happen. I was devastated. Then I recieved over 300 Logs from Ugly’s Log Spray. I knew I was forgiven. Thanks investors. Thanks for The Log”.

      You may purchase Ugly’s Log Spray at:

      [email protected]

      Thanks and thanks for your business.

      • JustOneGuy


        Dat’s some funny ‘LOG’ dude!!

        OKIE!!!…SMOKIN!!!…Look out Bro, the next gen is coming up…and they’re TUFF!! 🙂


        PS: this is associated…just think about the meaning of ‘How’s it hanging’ in the context of your new spray,

        • SmokinOkie

          Ug is one funny guy! I can tell, his mind works in mysterious ways (takes one to know one)

      • sixpack

        I think I’ll just put it in a paper bag, twist the top and set it on their porch…you all know the rest.

        • PO'd Patriot

          I remember doing that a couple of well deserved times.

        • you're in dreamland

          Ahhh, the shitbomb. I can think of a few bankers (well, all of them, actually) who deserve that. And some rope burns around the neck.

      • Archivist

        I used to call out to my wife and say “call the sewage plant and tell them there’s a big one on the way.”

        By the way, did you know that if you eat too many Little Debbie Devil Squares in one day, your next “visit” will make you think you’re bleeding to death? I now know the cakes are chock full of red food coloring.

      • Feisty Old Broad

        Ya just gotta love the humor of men…..but I smell what you’re steppin’ in there, Ug!

        fob….laughing all the way to the bathroom with the phone in her hand “logging” into the website to order NOW…so she can get a second can of spray free! Just pay the additional shipping….

      • Feisty Old Broad

        Ya just gotta love the humor of men…..but I smell what you’re steppin’ in there, Ug!

        fob….laughing all the way to the bathroom with the phone in her hand “logging” into the website to order NOW…so she can get a second can of spray free! Just pay the additional shipping….

        • Feisty Old Broad

          Ah…so sorry for double clicking there…..crap! THAT did not need to be said twice….ouch!

    41. Kettle Moraine

      First of all, our leaders won’t tell us it’s coming. It’ll be another crammed through bill on a Friday night. And then a banking holiday on Monday. By the time everyone figures it out they will have stolen from your savings and retirement accounts whatever percentage they figure you should give.

      Just another thing to watch out for. With the diversity on this forum, we will know before anyone else that it’s going to happen.

      Losing reserve currency status, precious metals confiscation, Iran or N. Korea blasting someone, emp or cme, bacterial nightmare, natural disaster, the list is endless. We are definitely getting closer to not just regional, but total global chaos!!.
      molon labe

      • Kulafarmer

        It will be a massive cyber heist, so will say the banks and the gov will concur and say they are investigating, will be un “recoverable” but the gov will be on the case, will say they will notify everyone when they have any leads. Meanwhile all your money will have been electronicly transferred to the fed,

        • JustOneGuy

          Howdy Kula,

          Yep, I think you JUST about got it nailed down flat.

          My delight will be when the PTB find that they have 295,000,000 REALLY “unhappy camper’s” coming to visit them …and all of them carrying assault weapons and LOTS of 1 inch hemp tope with a ‘funny’ loop on the end…

          OMG, I don’t have anwhere NEAR enough POPCORN for this EVENT…I have to get to the store PRONTO TONTO!!!

          Truly, glad to ‘see’ you back…we missed you there for a bit!


          • Kulafarmer

            Hit Costco and grab that big box o Orville Rs pop c and a few two packs of turkey jerkey and your set, well maybe a big bag of pistchios too. Itll be interesting for sure.

    42. bugfy

      Its coming folks and that damn quick. As Romans 4:27 says ” Be there goeth amoung you they’ll flails crying why do the heathen rage? Knowest thow that he return etch as it shall handle his terrible swift sword”

    43. pinchinaloaf

      here they just print more money, they wont want ours caus they will make it worthless before you can use it all

      • Eisenkreuz


    44. Old timer

      Since the sheeple are so dumbed down,I think that the banksters made a mistake by not taking more of their money, but then there is always next time.

      • Rick:)

        Watched that 5 times, and still don’t get it. Going back for #6…..

      • Bob

        Sorry, did she SAY something?

    45. armed citizen

      a few years ago I owed the IRS money, I called for a payoff and she told me how much money I had in the bank over the phone. my check is direct deposited and removed in cash the same day. I keep nothing that my friend S&W can’t keep an eye on.

      On another note, heard about executive order signed last week that when existing stocks of reloading supplies are gone, no more sales to the public. anyone heard of this?

      • Johnny Creb

        Lame handle dude.
        Are you a volunteer neighborhood watch guy too?

      • JustOneGuy

        @ armed,

        Not a thing…and given the disdain that the manufacturer’s are showing of late for the GOV…
        now that THEY realize what’s in store for THEM in the NEW ORDER of things I’d have to day, ummm, ‘Not Happening’ Bro.
        Truly, the manufacturer’s KNOW what side thier bread is buttered on…think about it. Plus, I’m seeing stocks of powder going up big time lately.


      • The Old Coach

        Not true. According to Hodgdon they are still shipping powder as fast as they can get it and package it. Other suppliers are saying the same. Primers are still showing up in stores, (and being bought up within hours). Still, it’s going to be a long, long famine. The pipeline had enough in it for a year or more at normal turnover rates. It emptied in a couple of weeks. The producers first have to refill that pipeline, but with the drain valves open at the retailer end, it can’t be done quickly, and maybe not at all.

        This is what it was like in WW2 when all sales to the public were cut off (1942) and didn’t resume until 1946. Guys were making their own bullets from fired .22 shell cases. Hunters went to using black powder flintlocks. Guys were offering to trade perfectly good Lugers for a few dozen large rifle primers.

        I’m telling grasshoppers looking for .22 ammo – “just be thankful it’s just ammo and primers, and not food and water”. One in ten gets the hint.

        • JustOneGuy

          Howdy OC,

          Not disputing ANY of that Brother. As said the PIPELINE emptied rapido-mundo…

          I find it interesting what you stated about the WWII situation, thanks! However, THAT was in a time when People TRUSTED the GOV in general….tain’t happenin’ nowadays as you ARE well aware. That said, given that The Feds have “SHIT the Bed” in the eyes of most of the CEO’s of the Industry….to say nothing of the opinion of most People – WRT – the IDIOT CONGRESS of these here United States I’m NOT really sure that they’ll EXACTLY get the same kind of co-operation that they did…back then, Eh?

          To be sure…it’s a’ comin’ but this time it won’t be the one-sided PATRIOTIC response that characterized things in days of old…People have begun to wake up to just what a SCAM this shit REALLY is, and has been, and WILL be if they keep on keepin’ on like they have in the past…let’s FACE IT, America was just a money-making MACHINE for a bunch of ass-wipe BANKERS that don’t deserve the air that they are BREATHING….an absolute WASTE of SKIN. Have A good One Brother!


    46. braveheart

      It will be interesting to see how this turns out with the IMF trying to rip off the Russian Mafia. Don’t be surprised if the President of Cyprus and the Chairman of the IMF suffer “accidents”. I can’t believe this won’t have a domino effect in the rest of Europe. I only keep enough money in the bank to pay a couple of bills every month; the rest I keep in a safe at home. This may come to our shores in just a matter of weeks. Can anyone say “American Spring” or “American Summer”? Everyone get everything you can now. Party time is coming sooner than we thought.

      • 10mm

        Spring/Summer at best.DHS insider (Rosebud)pegs it in spring,no latter than summer.

    47. pinchinaloaf

      they will just print out of our accounts, eventually they ill get it all anyway

    48. braveheart

      Eisenkreuz, although you make some valid points in 50% of your posts, stop insulting people on this site. I can tolerate it if you were referring to nonpreppers and even agree with that. once the balloon goes up, there will be hell to pay and the nonpreppers won’t last long at all. It will be a holocaust. Except for the trolls, everyone here are preppers and we exchange useful information on various survival-related subjects in order to give each other the best possible chance to get all the way through SHTF. You’ve already proven that you can carry on a decent conversation so i know you’re NOT a troll. stop the insults and we’ll all have a better impression of you.

      • SmokinOkie

        Good advice, braveheart. Personally, I’ve suspended the young whippersnapper from school for a few days (or til he grows up).

        • PO'd Patriot

          I think the bailiff needs to whack his pee-pee!

      • Im just SaYin

        You invite insult when you try to ORDER people around. And then you get pissed when people disagree with you or someone YOU think is likeminded like you. Eisenkreuz is not a bad person , he’s just had a tough childhood from dealing with bishops. Isuggest you start your own web blog so you can have only ONE SIDED people to listen too… …Like the Communist regimes have. Do you agree ?

        • Anonymous

          You are eisenkreutz.

          • Eisenkreuz

            I only post as Eisenkreuz. You people have these stupid conspiracy theories about me.

            • Facebook Page

              Be cause we are right and that handle has not creditably anymore.

        • Paranoid

          Eisen may not be a bad person, but you act like an ass enough you are one.

          • Facebook Page

            Yes that handle is bad people.

          • Anonymous

            If one man tells you you’re drunk,you can tell him he’s wrong. If 10 people tell you you’re drunk,you better lay down and sleep it off.

      • Eisenkreuz

        I’m one of the most knowledgeable survivalists here. I’ve been doing this all my life, although I’ve only been studying financial collapse since 2008 like everyone else. I was and Eagle Scout in WVa and I was trained by some of the original survivalists from the 1970’s. I’m and ocean sailor and a bush pilot.

        We need to get ORGANIZED. We need come up with a SHTF ham band plan for the radios so we have our communications when we need them. I’m studying for my general class but I’m not the radio expert. One of the Elmers on here needs to tend to that. We need to have a VISIBLE presence in America so when SHTF the idiot populace sees that we are the real leaders, not TPTB, and our political ideas need to be followed. I’m not the best public speaker but I’m improving. There is no leadership in our community. We need someone who can articulate our ideas to the public.

        • Grasshopper

          “an”; not “and”

        • SmokinOkie

          Eisen, I will show pity on you yet again. It’s my Christian duty, regardless of any personal rancor toward you.
          When you begin a comment with “I’m one of the most knowledgeable survivalists here…” you automatically set a tone which repels people. It does not attract them.
          I’m not saying you have to suck up to anybody, but you MUST learn to communicate on a human level. That means considering the expectations and, yes, the emotional defenses, of your intended audience.
          If you know anything about human psychology, you know that everyone has certain mental barriers which they erect when confronted with a particular stimulus. Learn not to trigger those defenses while, at the same time, getting your point across. It’s simply a matter of being ‘diplomatic’. Once that is achieved, and you have their attention, lay out whatever idea or opinion you want.
          You often lose your audience in the opening remarks. That’s too bad because, even when you have a good point, the readers are now in defensive mode and are focusing on the percieved offense (or the trigger, whatever it was) and they DO NOT absorb the larger comment. Nor do they want to. You have alienated them.
          Again, I say, nobody (including myself) is telling you to kiss ass. But, if you really want to be taken seriously, you must learn to communicate in a manner that doesn’t piss off your audience from the very start.
          You state in a comment above (way back there) that God didn’t make you to be nice. Being nice is not being a candy-ass or tossing out phony compliments that are insincere. It does mean holding back enough of your anger, and properly communicating the anger you do express, in a way that makes people want to read your stuff, not skip over it.
          If you are unwilling to do that, then human interactions at all levels, not just here, are going to remain difficult. You could be the person with the absolute best ideas in the world. You may honestly have a cure for every problem. But, if you can’t communicate those to others, you will be irrelevant. More so than if you had no ideas to bring to the table.
          Perhaps it’s time to focus less on WHAT you know, and more on HOW to relate that to others.

          PS- As for our comments to one another, I really don’t get upset. I think of us as a couple of guys tossing verbal grenades at each other. Mostly, in a good-natured way. Not everybody here sees you that way. Once you have established yourself as being able to genuinely connect with others, the grenades won’t have so much collateral damage. Till then, maybe wait to pull the pin on a few of them. (the ones aimed at me- keep tossing them. I have kevlar wrapped emotions)

          • Eisenkreuz

            I’ve gotten several comments recently about you people wanting me to hold your hands.

            • Shootit

              You must miss your mommy? Get a job.

          • PO'd Patriot

            SO, you’re pissing up a rope. Eisenkook is unreachable and will most likely become a collaborator once the curtain falls. I’m pretty sure if he removed his shirt there would be a bruise the size of a softball from his thumb where he pokes himself when he says, ” I, I am, Me, and so on. Let him spout off, heck, even f@%k with him some just for shits and giggles. His rants about stupid ol’ people are only words. Hope all is well with you, BTW. Cheers-POP.

            • Merree

              I think Eisenkreuz is just young. He has knowledge but is still gaining wisdom.

              I find he has a lot of beneficial comments, some of which get obliterated because they’re presented in a way that irriates the majority.

              So, Eisen, you say you are learning leadership. Part of leadership comes from learning to say irritating comments in a way that gets past the opposition’s defenses. Very few leaders succeed by mowing over the people who disagree with them (although a few dictators found that to be a workable solution). Leadership comes from learning to control one’s emotions and to channel them in constructive ways. Sometimes I just laugh because you are spewing emotions the way Kilauea spews lava. At least you keep things interesting.

              • Anonymous

                Wow! You must be blissfully ignorant or new to this site,there’s no third alternative.

            • SmokinOkie

              Thanks PO’d Patriot. I am starting to think it’s an exercise in futility. (except when it is just for fun!)

          • Piper Michael

            You assume you’re dealing with a human being?

            I no longer speak to subhuman trolls, meds or no meds. The 50% of the time it says things that are human like, is only to suck us into responding. This is the way of demons, that inhabit the body of the troll. They mix truth with untruth.

            • Anonymous

              Guys, there is no such thing as a troll. If you don’t agree with someone, just move on. You guys are tediously sensitive.

              • Anonymous

                Hello Poopentrouser!

        • Grippentrog

          You are completely full of shit eisen. You sound like an insecure teenage boy. Making up your past and your cred is fun to watch. Now you are a sailor boy, pilot, wealthy, survivalist, 28 year old, financial genius, and self described rapist. ( if you count your advacating having sex with women whether or not they want to). Your words. You are nothing but a Walter Mitty little puke.

        • Jonny V

          Eisen…..Blowhard idiots like you are the reason I no longer post on this site. Aside from the fact that the Feds probably watch here, retards like you with nothing to contribute but popcorn fart after popcorn fart are really debilitating. Your lack of knowledge and experience, coupled with your way over the top aggressive mouth, are simply breathtaking. Do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up you idiot civilian puke.

      • Zoltanne

        I made a front-end software app in so I scan/ignore some of the bs here. Poof, trolls vanish!

        • Highspeedloafer

          How can I get one, it would sure make the sight more fun to read.

          • Zoltanne

            Highspeed, I wrote it. Maybe there are some commercial ones? (Or if Mac put this into a different style of forum, we could use an “ignore” feature. Oh wouldn’t that be grand?? hint, hint!)

        • Another Comment

          Did I make your list?

    49. The Rifleman Nex tDoor

      I’m pulling the max out of the 403 and other accounts starting Monday. Fuck the fed, fuck the federal reserve, fuck the banks and fuck corporate America

    50. Norse Prepper

      I fear the canary in the mine is wheezing.

      Prep hard people!! The clock is ticking faster!

      God Bless,

      • Grasshopper

        The canary is not wheezing, Norse Prepper. The darn canary is DEAD!!

    51. Man on the Inside

      Next they will want a chip or maybe a fingerprint from my right hand or a eye retina scan to move money, buy food, get paid….. Oh yea,… to clock in or out at work I do use a finger print… Ground, Grub, Guns, and Gold as one comment said. There is trouble coming and again read my screen name. Please get prepped up, and pay off dept or do like David Ramsey said … sell everything you don’t absolutely need. I know at I here at meetings, and watching what our government is doing, and the DOW. This is a house of cards that will make 2008 look like a dress rehearsal.

      • JRS

        Care to share inside man?

        • the cooking mom

          I think he just did. We’re putting it in high gear starting 3 days ago.
          Refiling, recharging EVERYTHING! $2 left in the bank. Everything cleaned, washed
          Ready to go.

          Keep preppin’

          • ROY

            I would like him to share about the type of meeting and who attended. Speaking in general terms about “meetings” doesn’t help. Is it police related? Was it a political meeting? Was it a church meeting? I am interested in his statements but it’s easy to declare you were at a meeting and you have inside knowledge when you really don’t. I am not saying he is lying. I am just curious about his basis of knowledge.

            • Man on the Inside

              If I was to ever state that then others who read this would have questions for me a work… its called OPSEC. I hate that it is this way but I know that unless there is a dramatic change in the way our goverment functions and the FED operates with our banks we are crusing for a brusing. I though it was a just tin foil hat stuff but at some point you see the patternes and I am not the only one at work. It sucks to have to keep a low profile and even laugh at “Prepers” at work but thats is just how it is now. Just please pray to your God, hold your loved ones close and Prep like there is no tommarow… (there will be). It is biblical to take care of your family. There are more of us prepaired than them and all of the govermnet. 2014 and 2016 elections are coming and mabey there will be some hope there. If you realy want to help run for a local office. But do some thing than just blog. You don’t need a new Bass boat…. you WANT a new Bass boat pay off some bills, prep up and mabey a new firearm or two. They make great valintines, and birthday gifts. God love ya and stay safe…

        • Man on the Inside


          What I here in meetings and briefings, what I see, where training is going and what I then see our goverment who I have served for 32 plus years, scares me and makes me sick. Couple that with the house of cards our finantial instatutions are built on and we have a very grim future. You can’t print money for ever. it did not work in germany in the thirties and it won’t work now. Just ask Cyprus… a storm is a coming and my guess is 12-20 months…. get busy….

          • AceAgent

            Where were these meeting? How many people were there? Were they armed? Please list the names of everyone that you can remember attending. Big reward!

      • BigB


        To what end. I know that you are not puffing and huffing here. I agree and think a blind man can see what is coming. I just don’t get the why? Power? Control? Rip the system apart and destroy the wealth? Kind of lessens the reason for power and control.

        Why would a person or power to be group want to control an Ethiopia when they could control a prosperous United States? Things could be done to correct the situation here but for some reason no one in a leadership position will do it.

        I just don’t get it. It is the one piece of the puzzle that I just can’t figure out. I know I am not ignorant nor am I just stupid. The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe, just maybe some of the posters that get so many thumbs down and who I will not name may be right.


        • don't tread

          Howdy BigB.

          I don’t have all the answers, and especially for everyone. I have most of everything I need to understand the,”why”, part.

          I’ll take a stab at placing that piece of the puzzle in for you.

          First, to understand the end you must understand the beginning. The only way to explain it is from a biblical perspective. I will try to be as brief as possible.

          Once Satan realized He was condemed to die; and we are talking about a complete “snuffing out” as the flame on a candle, permanent; he began working his spiritual influence on those with the same type problems he has. Pride, arrogance, greed, power hungry, and controlling to name a few. It all adds up to an evil mindset.
          See, the more people he can get to follow him, the more it boosts his warped ego. Kinda seeing the picture?

          There are demonic spirits at work with Satan’s, and they are from all those fallen angels; and possibly from all the souls of the hybrids/giants that were born as a result of the copulations of fallen angels and flesh women. That is still up for discussion.

          Simply put, TPTB/World political & educational Leaders, including some claiming to be religious/corporate thugs/banksters have sold their soul to the devil. They are possessed and doing the bidding of Satan. There is a point where you can cross into that demonic realm and never get back without divine intervention. Many have.

          The next question is; why would they do that? Power, greed and more love of self than compassion for others and their Heavenly Father; even than, for their own children.

          Look at the past and all the bloodshed and suffering at the hands and orders of all the communistic tyrannts. They were plain evil.

          Next question. Why now? Satan is getting ready to be booted out of Heaven by Michael the Archangel; who has been holding him there since the time when Christ walked the earth. Satan knows he has but a short time to do everything he can to “control and manipulate” people on earth as he plays the “role” of Antichrist. His little workers, are and have been, setting the stage for his return for many years.

          For those that live and think worldly, and not spiritually; for those that scoff and say that’s bullshit and not reality; I feel sorry for. They are soon going to get a big dose of reality. It doesn’t matter if they are still alive in the flesh or have given up the ghost, they “will”, everyone that has ever been created will, be a part in some way. All will be fully aware and see the truths of what I have just said.

          I don’t care what anyone says about me or the truths i put forth. I only have to answer to the Big Two, the Father and the Saviour. Happy trails!

          • BigB

            Thanks Don’t Tread. I think I get what you are saying. Hmmm, have to let that swirl a while in the noggin. First blush though it is as good an answer as I have heard.


    52. Johnny Creb

      What a twisted little subculture.
      Salivating at the thought of masses of strangers starving to death and worse.
      We’re y’all picked on in school, or was it God that somehow did you wrong?
      What kind of person’s retirement fantasy revolves around shooting hungry people who want to ‘take your food’?
      Fucked up country you’re living in.
      Not that mine is any better, mind you.
      Me, I’ll be agonizing over whether I should eat my dog, or let it rip another looter to shreds.
      Because I’m nonviolent and I love animals.

    53. JustOneGuy

      Posted ,,,

      Solar Report,

      The passage of the initial IP shockwave has been recorded by NOAA at the ACE satellite located at the L! Lagrande Point,

      Space Weather Message Code: WARSUD
      Serial Number: 127
      Issue Time: 2013 Mar 17 0533 UTC

      WARNING: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse expected
      Valid From: 2013 Mar 17 0545 UTC
      Valid To: 2013 Mar 17 0645 UTC
      IP Shock Passage Observed: 2013 Mar 17 0528 UTC

      Space Weather Message Code: SUMSUD
      Serial Number: 169
      Issue Time: 2013 Mar 17 0607 UTC

      SUMMARY: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse
      Observed: 2013 Mar 17 0601 UTC

      Deviation: 48 nT
      Station: Boulder

      At this time the PCP (Polar Covection has been seen to rise to over 180 Kv as detailed at the monitor site. Looks to be shaping up to be a great might for Auroral displays in the Northerm Hemisphere…


      • Rick:)

        I know this info has meaning and value. To YOU! It seems important. It sounds..well… important? for all I know, you just described the sunrise in some esoteric gobbliygook.
        Please, friend, and I don’t mean to f*&% with you, give a brief synopsis, in layman’s terms at the bottom of the post.
        Then dummies like me can start to put 2+2 together, and understand what the gobbilygook means.

        Sorry. The ability of the expert to put “it” into layman’s terms has always been the indicator of depth of knowledge, to me.

        • kimintn

          @ jog, gotta agree with rick. i know what i know, and dont understand what i dont understand. your reports seem important, but could you please take it down to “blonde”. much appreciated.

          • the cooking mom

            I’ve noticed that it means more dropped calls on my cellphone.

            Keep preppin’

            • Ugly

              All I need is 3 more photons and I can fly away.

              I am willing to barter 2 positrons + 3 nuetrinos for 3 photons. Any takers?

        • JustOneGuy

          @ All,

          Let me begin by saying, ‘Oops’,

          I AM REALLY sorry guys (and gals), I have a BAD tendency to ‘slip’ into jargon…the technical term for ‘gobbledy-gook’ 🙂 Forgive me here, if you will…

          I had every good intention of posting a ‘terminology conversion chart’ here when Mac was still talking about a permanent ‘Earth Changes’ forum several months ago and so I waited …and waited….the ‘short’ form of the answer to your question doesn’t exist..give me a bit and I’ll give you all the answers your looking for by this evening, by 6 PM CST…it does take a bit to respond… S’Ok Y’all?

          JOG…ON IT!

        • JustOneGuy

          @ Rick:), et al

          Howdy Rick, sorry I’m late…family matter at hand,

          What I am refering to in the foregoing is quite a bit of stuff! Not knowing EXACTLY what it is that perplexes you (understanably!) makes my response rather long… here goes… For starters, the basic thing being refered to is a CME generated the day before yesterday (early AM) by a relatively small Solar flare. As it happens the spot group from which it was generated was relatively small itself as such things go…but it was VERY near to the center of the visible disk which we see here when looking at the sun. It happens that when this is the case that even a relatively minor eruption on the Sun’s surface CAN have an inordibnately powerful effect here on the Earth once the mass involved transits the intervening space between us and it.

          Ir is the case that what we’ve sen here is just that, a more powerful than expected effect here on the Earth. The maximum magnetic deviation from ‘true’ reached to 52 nT (nano-Tesla, a measure of magnetic field strength equalt to 10,000 Gauss) at a point slightly before the time that the preceding was posted (couple hours) Thankfully, this was NO ‘Carrington Event’ by any stretch of the imagination …THAT reached a level which we BELIIVE was in excess of 1300nT…we’re not sure inasmuch as the instrumentaion then was poor to say the least. Al these magnetic phenomena have the potential to affect the Earth, just like the old example of a bar magnet and a coil which a lot of older folk did many years ago as kids. The filed which the Earth generates interacts with the changing fileds of the Sun and local events and produces a torque on the DEEP core of the Earth…a ball of Iron and other much heavier elements which is – by scientists inference – spinning quite rapidly at all times. When that happens it is the case that fluid turbulaence around the core proper manifest itself nder our feet as tremors as energy is transferred from the spinning core to the surrounding mantle thence, the crust under our feet…

          Additionally, I mention a “GRB”, that is a Gamma Ray Burst signifying the – literally – most incomprehensibly powerful events in the known universe, none of which, thankfully are NEAR us…for the moment at least…
          either the merger of two, existant black, holes, the merger of a binary pair of Neutron Stars or the occurance of a “”Hypernova” It is the case that as yet we have not quite pinned down all the exotic particcle reactions in the universal zoo as yet but it is possible, probable even, that these events generate and then radiate quanta which materially affect the behaviour of the Sun and the Earth, both.

          In the case of the sun it seems that there exsits a correspondence between the occurance of such and the transient exciteablity of the Sun…this relationship is not yet clarified in any realistic sort of way at this point for the reasons mentioned above. Also, it seems to be the case that there exists an eery relationship between the occurances of GRB’s and SOME of the larger tectonic events which we have witnessed historically …such as the Sumatra megaquake in 2004. Thus, we have some small interest in the occurances of such as those. The Light Curves I refered to previously are the instrumental record of the intensity of the observed visible spectrum originating from such…yes, we can swivel telescopes onto the bearing detected and observe as to whether or not any visible light was emitted from the region following the ‘Trigger’ event which is sensed by instrumentation onboard various satellites in Earth orbit, the SWIFT satellite is just onesuch of these. These types of satellites are very purpose-specific and typically track only very high enegy events – mostly in the high X-ray and Gamma-ray energy bands. These are recorded at a Repository for such in Leicester, England and are accessible on-line to any researcher, as well as the general public at any time…subject to a short delay during the initial period in which same is first recorded, typically 6-24 hours. If that is not sufficiently well-directed at the questions in your mind, let me know…both BI and I are usually more than happy to explain things, broadly even.

          Hope that helps…thanks for the reminder Y’all! 😉


          • JustOneGuy

            A mild OOPS here guy’s (and gal’s) I was Really tired previously…

            The ACE satellite sits at the L1 ‘Trojan point’, where it moitors a large number of solar parameters and is effectively our ‘Early warning system’ for any incoming CME’s from the Sun, a place directly between the sun and the Earth whereat the gravitational pull of the Earth is EXACTLY counter-balanced by the pull of same from the Sun. An object placed there with an approprite velocity (in the direction of the travel of the Earth in it’s orbit around the Sun) WILL automatically remain at this point without further intervention. There are several such points in the near Earth frame most of which are occupied by various instrument packages with which we monitor a WIDE variety of phemnomena. Specifically the STEREO platforms (A and B, respectively A~Ahead, B~Behind, the Earth in it’s orbit) are located a large distance from us – here – being at roughly the corners of a huge triangle at approximately 120 degree’s ahead/behind.

            Multiple other points exist as well, all in near proximity to the Earth. These points are the simple solutions to the equations of Celestial Mechanics which are equilibrium points therefor. If there yet remmains anything which is not clear…then ask…it is rare that I will not take the time to respond. My siblings and I were raised to ALWAYS respond when addressed, excepting ONLY that the address be rude or uncivil. Have a good night you all!!! 🙂


            • Rick:)

              “brief synopsis”…. “layman’s terms”.

              ex.. A relativey small sunspot emmitted a burst of energy that may have a larger than expected impact here on Earth…. and pretty lights in the northern skies.

              Thanks for your work Professor 🙂

            • kimintn

              @ jog – thanks for taking it down to “brunette”… and

              @rick – thanks for being fluent in “jog” !!!

    54. JustOneGuy

      Early Morning Solar,

      As of approcimately 03:09 AM CST the onserved peak values as reported by are as follows;

      Polar Cap Potential 218Kv
      SW Density 10/cc
      Speed 620 km/sec
      Pressure 6+ nP
      Interplanetary Mag Field 18nT
      Polar Angle 40 Deg South

      At approximately the same point in time the Boulder Mag station was reporting 44 nT as the observed deflection from true. These values are somewhat larger than aniticipated for such a low magnitude genitive event, ie an M-1.2 Flare

      Additionally, the GRB recorded on the 15th AM was – by the respective Light Curve posted at the LC Repository in Liecester, England is clearly the largest such event monitored since 22 Sept 2012. The timing of this GRB and the M-1.2 flare is sufficiently coincident as to be somewhat suspicious…cause and effect here are not clear.

      For those here who follow Auroral activity, try checking in the AM at SpaceWeather for the latest pictures from this evening,,,they should be spectacular.
      Goof luck getting your 401k’s cleared on Monday, I’ll be praying for you all.

      Leave $50 in your accounts and GET THE REST HOME!!!


      • Kulafarmer

        Been sorta quiet as far as seismic action lately, just an observation, sort of like the sun, been sort of quiet as well, a bit troubling,

        • JustOneGuy

          Howdy Kula!

          Yep, been thinking the same thing here, MYSELF.

          Specifically, we just had a big GRB (Gamma Ray Burst) detected the day before last…this MIGHT be germaine to the whole affiar. In 2004, when the Sumatra mega-quake detonated there WAS A GRB involved. THAT of course makes what is going on now – in my mind – a little ominous…there’s been too long a period without sufficient “Stress/Strain” relief in the form of more and larger seismic releases…time will tell Bro, heep your finger’s crossed…I AM.


    55. scared

      Very scary stuff. Not sure what i’ll do but it’s nervewrecking to think something like this could happen. God save us all.

    56. Frank Thoughts

      Step 1: Put on some Jimi Hendrix: Listen to the chaotic licks and absorb the satanic vibe and chaos.
      Step 2: Now that you have absorbed the real feeling of the global economy and our current situation, you will be properly ready to address your financial situation.
      Step 3: Escape hatches and back doors: you need multiple options in every category you can muster. Don’t just put all your wealth in gold (something governments have confiscated throughout history). Remember the story of the happiest Jews ever: those who paid Hitler the exit fee and got out of Germany in ’36. Now is the time to pay the exit fee and get out.
      Step 4: Act: you need an algorithm for every eventuality. Inflation higher than monthly income? Do steps 1,2,3. Government announces new fee on bank accounts? Do steps 1,2,3. And so one.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Jimi Hendrix for the collapse soundtrack? Ok, I can dig it.

    57. Rob

      Those dummies in the EU and IMF should realize that it is very dangerous to start a bank run stampede. Once the trust in the banking system vaporizes, the Euro and later the US dollar and pound will collapse when the contagion crosses to the PIIGS nations and then to the UK and across the pond to the United States.

      When that happens we either see a Wiemar type hyper-inflation as the FED cranks up the printing presses or we descend into another Great Depression. Protect yourself. Buy gold and silver now.

    58. Prepping Preacher

      “If you have the majority of your net worth allocated in bank accounts, money market funds, retirement plans, stock markets or the host of other ‘safe’ assets recommended by your financial adviser, then you are playing Russian roulette.

      And in this version there’s a bullet in every chamber.”

      It isn’t russian roulette when 100,000,000 strong also have a weapon with each chamber loaded.

      “When they come, they will take everything they can.”

      Well, they can certainly TRY, if they like…..

      molon labe

      pray for the best, prep for the worst…

    59. Survival Slut

      Just got back from Italy, business trip. People are so poor there. Really nice old buildings covered with Arabic and Italian spray paint calling for “Occupy Revolution”. Everyone works at half speed. I’m sure that the Italians are going nuts over this.

      Next trip Paris/London next week, we’ll see how they are reacting?

      • Free AMERICAN

        Nice name can we meet up after shtf?

      • Patriot One

        Actually most of it is on immigration. Years ago Italy didn’t have much immigration, but with the birth rate so low and an aging population they needed worker bees to prop up the pensions. Answer immigration. Now they are hating life and the grand children have almost a 39% unemployment rate.

        As for poor, Italy is the third richest country in the euro zone, but the standard of living is no where near ours. But hey the food at the gas station in Italy is better then most Italian restaurants here in the US.

        I still have a lot of family there mostly in Bari and Rome. They are all looking to move assets out of the euro zone.

        Just out of curiosity you write like a worldly person. Why the name?

    60. Satori

      this has the potential to be a black swan event

      be sure and watch Europe on Monday when the banks open
      if this spreads….

      and apparently it could have been a whole lot worse

      Cyprus state broadcaster CyBC reported that German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble had proposed Cypriots lose 40 percent of their bank accounts although they were not responsible for the economic debacle that was caused when a previous Greek government, in a frantic bid to reduce its debt, imposed 74 percent losses on investors and bondholder. Sarris said the IMF agreed with Germany.”

      40% ???
      are you freakin’ kiddin’ me ???

      time to start hanging the banksters from the nearest lamp post

      if bank runs start in other European countries
      there may be a bank holiday
      a total collapse of the whole fraudulent,stinking mess

    61. Times Up

      ————-NEWS ALERT————–

      IF YOU HAVE Central Bank money, you know the cash in your wallet, it’s all ready ALL worthless! So, no need to run on the Bank. Why risk your life trying to force the bankers to give you paper that, is more worthless than a xerox copy of!

      The whole thing was concocted to just panic you after they played their financial shell games. You have already been ripped off by the Banks & Government when you bought into all their PONZI schemes! They didn’t “lose the money”, it was simply transferred to other financial institutions.

      You can’t lose money! Someone is ALWAYS on the receiving end! It just so happens in all cases….they ALL happen to be Jewish owned financial institutions…who would have guessed?

      So, now you need to “calm the fuc down and think” of how to deal with ALL the people that have caused this premeditated problem. Remember, it was very planned out and your reactions were all taken into account.

      Panic will get you shot by the gaggle of “protectors” of the traitors, who caused all our financial problems! There are no men in charge who, have character, morality, a sense of fairness, or loyalty to country and the people who elected them….period. Just scheming, liars and common thieves who, happen to have the support of Governments…that’s why they don’t ever get thrown in jail….but, you do!

      Be calm.
      Plan with others.
      Be orderly.
      Be focused.
      Be united.
      Your God is on your side.

    62. Satori
    63. ;0P


      The last time the Russians Invaded a country they Stole EVERYTHING when they returned home … AND I MEAN EVERYTHING – EVEN THE TOILETS WHILE THEY WERE STILL BEIN’ USED BY THE SOVIET GEORGIANS !!!

      * the Russians also rolled up with mobile Nuke tipped rockets .

      They Don’t Play WAR Very Politiely !!!


    64. M

      Russian law enforcement seizes huge amount of heroin in afghanland.

      Western banksters seize russian money in cyprus.

      I have nothing in the bank really. Cause I am so going to win a fortune playing scratch off lottery tickets . It is the best investment strategy ever .

    65. Its Not Me

      Financial armegeddon?…the next 911?

      wake up!

      back out of their system as soon as possible

      • Its Not Me

        another reason why the ammo shortage, the gun grabs, the DHS ordering 2 Billion rounds of non geneva convention allowed hollow point ammo, armored vehicles.

        when they pull the plug on this..its going to get nasty fast.

        those are the 3 months they talk about , when us preppers lay low, and let the sheep get slaughtered, and the bankers run.

        bunker time is coming.
        than the war.

        when people lose their financial support, the hate comes out hard, I sure hope they focus on whos responsible.

        I know one things for sure, you aint moving fast enough.

        • slingshot

          Invest in Sandbags!

      • ROY

        I see your point and agree. I would add that 3000 people died on 9-11. I think a collapse would be much worse. More people will commit suicide and kill others over nothing. The country is on the mental health brink. There are people holding on with the use of anti-depressants and other drugs. Add chaos and a crisis and lack of drugs and imagine the outcome.
        There will be disease hospitals won’t be able to treat. Our “neighbors” are great people until you add stress to their lives. They will melt down and start eating each other like rats.
        I ran a kids sports league for a number of years. I lost respect for a lot of my neighbors during that time. I watched grown men throw tantrums because their kid wasn’t on the right team. Imagining how this type of person (and there are many) would react when hungry or cold. It’s going to be ugly.
        We are caught between sharing our ideas and knowledge and having people know who to kill for food. The few I have tried to talk to, laugh at me. I am done trying and believe I am only telling weak men where to go in a crisis. I also believe they will do ANYTHING to deaden the pain they will find themselves in.

        • Eisenkreuz


          The cold hard reality is that if anyone knocks on your door in an economic collapse it’s not going to be cannibals or zombies or looters from across town. It’s going to be your friends, family, and neighbors.

          That is what you’re arming up for, whether people realize it or not.

          I wouldn’t tell a soul that you’re a prepper unless you’re absolutely sure about them.

          • JustOneGuy



            I AM well-pleased… is always…’in the manner’


          • ROY

            Eisenkreuz. I agree and have made sure I have enough for family and true friends. There is not need for them to be aware of my prepping until then. I get your point and agree that strangers won’t be a big issue based on not having a clue about me. If the collapse lingers then more folks will figure out we have preps. Having a means to defend yourself is insurance rather than a sure thing.

    66. pale rider

      Pine needles contain 5 times the vitamin C found in lemons.

      Think of it as a herbal tea. A handful of pine needles, or 1/4 cup fresh
      chopped needles steeped in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes provide 100% of
      the U.S.R.D.A. of vitamin C. Pine soup (or tea) tastes like the pine forest
      smells, or add a squeeze of lemon and a little honey to liven it up a bit.

      In the southwestern deserts of the U.S. grows the Pinion Pine. (California,
      Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.) Every few years when comes an
      abundant rainfall, the trees produce a bumper crop of cones bearing the
      delicately flavored seeds. They can best be foraged by raiding the messy
      looking nests of wood rats, who hoard many of the seeds.

      Certain Indian tribes used to peel young shoots of pine and use them as a
      green vegetable. The colonists used to make a candy out of these same shoots
      by boiling them in a heavy sugar syrup until they were nearly transparent and
      thoroughly crystalized. Ojibway indians made use of the young staminate
      catkins (little pine cone like growths, covered in soft brown scales and
      growing at the terminal end of the needle clusters) by cooking them with a
      chunk of meat. Don’t throw on the steak yet. Some varieties of pine have a
      heavy turpentine flavor. Try some by just boiling before you ruin a piece of
      meat. When you find a tasty variety, then throw the steak in with them for a
      really good experience.


      Don’t make the mistake of trying to eat the dead outer layer of the pine tree
      bark. It is the moist white living inner bark (cambrium layer) we are after.
      The cambrium is located just underneath the dead outer layer and it is here
      where the tree`s girth growth occurs. The best way to get a supply is to peel
      off some large chunks of bark, being careful not to girdle the tree lest you
      destroy it, the carefully fillet the moist layer of cambrium clinging to the
      inside of that. You can prepare it immediately or dry it for later use. If
      dried, be sure to soak a couple of hours before cooking.

      Late spring is the best time, when the tree is richest in sugars. Use the
      largest trees possible. Width is more important than height, the wider the
      tree, the thicker the cambrium layer. The best way is to find a logging
      operation and obtain permission to peel the stumps. This is where the
      cambrium is thickest and best, and you can get the most food with the least

      Boil for a half hour, or until the water turns red from resins. Change water
      and boil a second time for a half hour. Change water and boil a third time
      for a half hour. On the last boiling, the bark will be fairly tender and the
      water will only be light pink. The “bark” will have a color like fresh ham,
      with a texture exactly like cooked turkey breast. The bark has no particular
      flavor at all, which makes it an excellent meat substitute with the proper

      After the last cooking and draining, add four cups of chicken stock ( made
      by dissolving four chicken bullion cubes in four cups of water) and
      simmer for one hour. To half of the pine chicken add some chinese noodles,
      some green onions, a dash of soy sauce, and a beaten egg to make a superb
      “Pine Ramen” soup.

      From the other half, remove the pine bark and set aside. Melt 1/4 cup of
      butter in a skillet and add 4 tablespoons of white flour to make a thick
      past. Into this add 2 cups of pine chicken broth, adding slowly and
      stirring in to a nice lumpless gravy. Take an uncooked pie shell and heap
      it full of the leftover pine bark. Add cooked potatoes and carrots, a
      coarsely chopped onion, and a handful of peas. Cover it all with the
      gravy, put a pie shell lid on top, and cook in the oven at 400 for about 40
      minutes, or until nicely browned.

      When I gave a slice to some relatives one of them remarked that the chicken
      was very good, but where was the pine bark. Nutritional analysis reveals
      that this bark is high in carbohydrates and is an excellent source of

      The medicinal value of the pine goes beyond the vitamin C in it’s needles.
      The White Pine (Pinus Strobus) is officially recognized in the U.S.
      Pharmacopia. The cambrium layer of the bark is an effective cough remedy,
      and still finds it’s way into cough syrups. To make your own, put a
      tablespoons of crushed pieces into a jar with 2/3 cup of boiling water.
      Cover with a loose plastic lid (not metal) and let steep for 2 hours. Add
      a half cup of brandy and seal. Let the infusion sit overnight. In the
      morning strain out the bark and add 1 cup of honey to the liquid. Seal and
      use 2 tablespoons at a time, as needed.


    67. Its Not Me

      Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public

      The company says it won’t knock drones down, but will stop them from ‘completing their mission’

    68. ;0P


      Each survival situation will have considerable aspects that will alter the order in which tasks need to be
      accomplished. A general guideline is to think in blocks of time.

      First 24 hours. The first 24 hours are critical in a survival situation. You must make an
      initial estimate of the situation. Enemy, weather, terrain, time of day, and available resources
      will determine which tasks need to be accomplished first. They should be following.
      (1) Shelter
      (2) Fire
      (3) Water

      * find resources to regulate body temp and hydrate .

      Second 24 hours. After the first 24 hours have passed, you will now know you can survive.
      This time period needs to be spent on expanding your knowledge of the area. By completing
      the following tasks, you will be able to gain valuable knowledge.

      T ools and weapons. By traveling a short distance from your shelter to locate the necessary resources, you will notice edible food sources and game trails.

      T raps and snares. Moving further away from your shelter to employ traps and snares,
      you will be able to locate your shelter area form various vantage points. This will
      enable you to identify likely avenues of approach into your shelter area.

      P athguards. Knowing the likely avenues of approaches, you can effectively place
      noise and causality producing pathguards to ensure the security of your shelter area.

      R emainder of your survival situation. This time is spent on continuously improving your
      survival situation until your rescue.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Bugging out is a very bad idea.

        Settling traps and snares requires specialist knowledge and years of practice.

      • Facebook Page

        Good for you you remeber copy and paste again. Good Nina. NOW SITTTTT.

    69. Patriot One

      Look folks bailouts, obamacare,nationalization of other industries, NDAA, Agenda 21, Cap & Trade, gun control and many of the EO’s are nothing more then setting the stage to take your stuff.

      TPTB don’t give a shit about anyone. This is government gone wild. This is government going into self preservation mode, it’s tyrannical and dangerous!

      Think about what you actually receive from government vs. what they take from you and your family. Even social security is a scam because if you had that same 15.6% in your own IRA you would have a much bigger income then social security is giving you.

      It’s all about control. Control of your behavior, your money, your healthcare, your rights to self defense, fuel, private property and more.

      But what makes this time so dangerous is the TPTB are going to attempt it GLOBALLY!

      If you think I’m right tell me. If you think I’m just another nut job, tell me where I’m wrong!

      • JRS

        You are right. Governments, corporations and banks are all predatory legal “fictions”. Humans are their food.

      • Eisenkreuz


        • Grippentrog

          “You people” eisen? I must disagree with ROY. All you do is say stupid shit and lie.

      • New Jersey says..

        Here’s the way I see it. I love it when some bonehead says I’m a conspiracy nut.
        These are the same folks who lost their shirts in the 2008 market crash while my metals went up. Also, the masses don’t prep up…so they make it easier on us…less competition.

        So… just keep doing your thing…think for yourself and let the bible guide your ways.

        I only have a few decades left…so I’ll just backyard vacation…. instead of trips to disney debt land…it will be steaks and lobster on the bbq, relax in the pool. Listen to music in the hammock and enjoy the $10k in rent from the upstairs I get.
        Pet the dog sleeping in front of the safe of PMs. Shine up the weapons and live what’s left of a free life.

        They will go after guns…that’s why I never got any semi auto high powered..
        I just keep the shot gun handy and can cycle more ammo from an ammo bag than anyone.

        It’s all going down…in the final days of the boomers…the socialist will steel all they can from you. So you need to hide all you can.

        Years ago I had some cash ..I was going to buy pm…but some fuck talked me out of it.
        Today I would have been up 5 fold.

        Today the real slavery is credit card debt.
        Teach your kids not to use them….

        Final thought.. I have a friend who came into money.
        Traded in the market and did well.
        But still…what did he do with this life… he built nothing, learned nothing new
        and today he has the emotional growth of a 15 year old. He’s a mean loser. He thought money would gain him respect. It did the opposite. When we gather…everyone is talking about their life work experiences and what they achieved. He just sits there and looks at his drink. ha HE FORGOT TO LIVE LIFE… WORKING IS GREAT WHEN YOU HAVE A CAREER AND NOT JUST A JOB.
        It’s not all about money. It’s about personal growth and becoming all that God intended you to be.

        Remember that money is not really the way you “keep score”…it’s how you feel about your life in the end. Money is just the numbers in that bank account and look how they can steal them. The elite engineered that “keeping score” by the bank account to keep you slaving for their system. It’s sounds trite..but Money is the root of all evil. Greed.

        Be true to yourself.

        Who is richer…the “poor” fisherman who loves his fishing life and his loving family..or the “rich” millionaire who’s family hates his greed and lies.

        The “poor” were the greatest generation who lived for their kids and worked hard.
        The “rich” are the boomers…. all they do is take and they give nothing back.
        You watch…they will steal everything from generation X to save their old asses.

        Funny thought… when they are in the hospital dying…go in and say “Hi”…bring a magazine and sit there and ignore them and watch TV.

        That’s my plan…watch it all go down. See ya!
        On their graves I will plant wisteria… eats tombstones….an old Irish slight…
        Dead…and forgotten.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you eisenkreutz

      • PO'd Patriot

        Patriot One, you are right. Like it has been already said, “the mask is off”. Some out there refuse to acknowledge it. Some saw behind the thin veneer early. I believe that before it comes upon us rapidly there will be fits and starts, some big, some small. Keep your face into the wind and your eye on the skyline.

        • Patriot One

          Thanks PO’d Patriot. Years ago I wrote about financial contagion and if you watch the MSM today they are doing their best to say its been contailed. The fact is nothing has been contained they just closed the banks till wednesday or thursday.

          Remember Cyprus is a huge money laundring place for Russia and they are pissed. So part of this is for the IMF to poke a stick in Russia’s eye. The people of Cyprus are just pawns.

          Let’s face it though the stupidity of the IMF to attempt this is beyond comprehension. Forget the fact that Cypress could sink into the sea and no one would notice in the global scheme of things, but to risk financial contagion to all of southern europe over Cyprus is insane.

          The mask is off, Governments and central banks around the globe want your stuff and money so they can keep funding their illusion of UTOPIAN Socialism.

          My advice would be to keep your money in your possession, because possession is 9/10th of the law. If they have possession they make the law. Its that old golden rule theory.

    70. Loss

      I wonder if you can claim this as a loss on your taxes. You had an asset…you put it in trust..they stole some of it… sounds like a loss to me.

      It’s simple…
      Keep your wealth hidden from the government.
      The way I see it… serves all these greedy interest people right.
      They all wanted to get their compound interest.
      I keep all my money in silver.
      Silver I bought for $15 is now $28.74. If you spread out the gain…that’s a 22% anualized return….I’m sure my calcs are wrong..but simple math…says I’m up.

      Here’s a funny one.
      I have a Discover card at 9%.
      I have a few k on it from auto repair.
      They called me and wanted to convert my card to a 15% and the fuck on the phone
      tried to tell me it’s calculated differeently. ha.
      I had a finance class on this shit… what’ a fucking liar.


      Trust in Gods money… silver.

      Hey…I don’t trust my brother…why would I trust my government.
      Think about that one.

      Trust no one in life…. think for yourself.
      Work hard for the sake of working.
      Live a reasonable life.
      Don’t buy into the Disney dream debt vacation….did that once….never again.

      In my old age.. I’ll have a safe full of silver and sell off a few coins a month.

      Yeah, let it all collapse….. I don’t care.
      I’d get buy.

      Hey, I had to pay twice what my house was worth because of the boomer wave.
      Logic says…now they will fuck me out of something else…
      So I don’t give them that chance.

      • Journalist

        Actually, the IRS will tax income even if you have no access to it. Can’t claim it as a loss until it all goes through official channels, whatever that may be in a case like this.

      • On being poor these days...

        Hey…why all the thumbs down here….He’s right!

    71. possee

      A few facts to ponder..

      The geo-economic ponzi scheme is unraveling ..
      like dominoes..
      Wall street is leveraged into the quadrillion range worldwide..

      JP Morgan has 90 trillion in derivatives alone.
      JP Morgan also is the issuer of EBT Cards in the U.S.
      49 million on food stamps.

      DHS employs over 200,000 .
      DHS total umbrella 2.2 million(including first responders)
      DHS procures enough ammo for a 30 year prolonged war.
      (according to military analysts..source: Forbes)
      DHS procures 2700 MRAPS
      DHS initiating domestic drones nationwide.

      Your thoughts/conjectures..


      • Eisenkreuz

        It’s 2717 MRAPS.

        • Facebook Page

          All going to the marines.

          • possee

            Of the nearly 9,000 delivered MaxxPro units to the military, the Department of Homeland Security is taking delivery ( through the U.S. Army Forces Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico VA, via the manufacturer – Navistar Defense LLC) of an undetermined number of the recently retrofitted 2,717 ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.

            • Facebook Page

              No they are not… DHS got 16 used ones. they have on in Phoiex. They get school kid tours in it.

              The 2717 are for the marines The unit are being made waiting on equipment and replacem.ents. This take a few year

              • Eisenkreuz

                The same pattern plays out every time. TPTB get caught red handed doind this stuff, they make up some explanation, and people fall for it every time.

      • Shootit

        Like I said in n earlier post. CPI & BDI Indexes are forecasting economic trouble. Giant Low Pressure forming over the Pacific Ocean. The CORP. is prepping to cover it’s arse.

      • OutWest

        There you go again, confusing us with the facts!
        As the situation goes from SNAFU to FUBAR, what we see
        as total chaos in our lives, is seen by the PTB as a
        long-term plan falling nicely into place. They know that
        eggs have to be broken to make a perfect omelet.
        The PTB wants to assume the role of the bee-keeper and
        reap the benefits of all the honey!
        For them to do so, “We The Sheeple” must be broken down into respective units of work order and discipline, i.e.
        queen, drones, and workers, for utopian harmony of the
        The perfect order (NWO) of the hive requires that there
        be no deviation from this austere and ridged oligarchy.
        That means no independence of wealth, class distinction,
        freedom of thought, movement, or self-actualization can
        occur within the bounds of this order, without their
        direct and explicit permission.
        At least, this is where I’m seeing it heading……

        • possee

          Those damned facts again..

          Here’s what zerohedge surmises..

          Could The “Cyprus Fiasco” Occur In The United States?

          closing statement..

          “And remember this: there are no longer any rules, and any assets, any “wealth” saved, stored, and hidden is now fair game in the global forced wealth reallocation “game.”..”



          • possee

            and from another corner..

            This just in from Jim Willie via silverdocs
            (I suggest everyone read this article)..

            Jim Willie: The Collapse is At Our Doorstep!

            *Editor note: Willie’s prediction that a European triggered complete collapse is at our doorstep is looking extremely timely with Europe staring a banking crisis in the face in the wake of the Cypriot depositor haircut announcement.”

            Worth the read folks..


            • Kulafarmer


              • possee