Concrete Nuclear Dome Is LEAKING RADIOACTIVE Waste Into The Ocean

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 14 comments

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    Danger of nuclear war illustration with multiple explosions

    The nuclear waste dome on Runit Island northeast of Australia is leaking. The site is pouring nuclear radioactive waste from 43 tests directly into the ocean.

    Between 1948 and 1958, the Enewetak Atoll was used by the US government to test 30 megatons of nuclear weapons, which is the equivalent to 2,000 Hiroshima blasts. More than 8,000 people later worked hard to clean up that island, shifting 110,000 cubic yards of radioactive debris into a 30-foot-deep crater, which was later sealed in a concrete dome to prevent contamination.

    Paul Griego, who took part in the cleanup and blames the radiation for a host of health problems, said the dome was never fit for the purpose of containing radioactive waste. Although the dome is 16 inches thick, and 350 feet across, Griego says it’s nothing more than a “gigantic radioactive toilet.”

    “We were given an impossible task – cleaning up the radioactive fallout from 43 nuclear bombs. When I first arrived, the dome’s blast crater was open to the ocean – it continued to be full of sea water even after it was sealed off from the ocean. During my 10-hour work day, I witnessed the water level in the crater rise and lower as the tide came in and out,” says Griego.

    The dome is now weathered by decades of exposure to winds and rain, and the radioactive material inside. It’s feared that rising seas and storms could see all the radioactive material pour into the ocean. “No attempt was made to drain the crater or line it before the radioactive waste was dumped into it. The coral that created the island is porous and the shock from numerous nuclear weapon tests had also fractured the coral,” Griego said. “From the first day forward, the water has flowed out of the lagoon with the tide, creating a gigantic radioactive toilet that is flushed about twice each day into the Pacific Ocean.”

    And the storms are only making matters worse. “I believe the dome could be just one typhoon away from a breach,” Griego added. Rama Schneider, who drove radioactive waste from island to island in an amphibious vehicle during the cleanup, said it was no surprise that the dome was failing. “Standing on any island at that atoll is akin to standing inches above sea level – and that was in 1979,” said Schneider.

    Girard Frank Bolton III, who worked as a draughtsman during his 14 months on the atoll and drew the construction documents for the dome, insisted the damage to the structure was minimal. But he also agreed with Griego that harmful radiation was nonetheless being washed out of the crater, into the lagoon and ultimately, into the ocean.

    “The dome was designed to slow the migration of radiation not to completely stop it,” Bolton said. “Also, since concrete is porous, the wave action and tides are continuously pumping radioactive water in and out of the structure.”


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      1. Jesus H. Christ and Mary. I mean really. SO between this radioactive leaking cesspool of a toilet and don’t even talk about the situation with Japan and all of that. My God, the entire world is going to suffer and have to pay a very steep price folks. WTF, what a true cluster. Incompetence is what they are GREAT at guys.

        • Really! Jesus, Mary? Radioactive mouth!!!

      2. So? Either it’s being washed out quickly, in which case after 40 years it’s mostly gone, or it’s not. in which case who cares? Anyone care to calculate the number of tons of radioactive stuff is in the earth naturally? It’s huge also, so what. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! When in danger or in doubt run in circles scream and shout! But never, ever get any data and rationally look at it. Years ago they said half of all radiation energy from a bomb was released in one to two minutes after the blast. How much is left after 40 years?

      3. More liberal Radiation porn.
        They do not quantify anything.
        “blames the radiation for a host of health problems”
        for whom, how many affected, what kind of problems?
        I tire of this constant ” the sky is falling”, we are
        all going to die from radiation poisoned oceans, when
        there is not facts and data as to what danger
        really exists. I’m in the middle of the pacific ocean
        we get stuff from Japan floating through all the time,
        and the Anti radiation tester people haven’t found any
        increase radiation levels yet.
        It especially irks me when they complain about things
        that can’t be fixed because of past mistakes such as
        Pacific bomb test sites, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Hanford,
        Kara Sea, et al.

        What is the point? Prevention of future problems by
        disarming? BS, the genie is out of the bottle.
        I worry more about medical/industrial radioactive material
        getting in the hands of a terrorist.

      4. Don’t worry. We’ve survived Godzilla and all his enemies so far. What’s a few 13 tentacled octopi or some 7-eyed fish more? All kidding aside – when you take into account Fukushima and this together; along with all the other nuclear test sites in the Pacific….. no wonder the ‘ring of fire’ is waking up. Best thing we can do is hold weekly ‘name a gigantic sea monster attacking Tokyo’ contest. Winner gets and all expense paid vacation to the North Korean version of Disney World.

      5. The Australians are leaking radioactive waste water into the ocean? Oh, for crying out loud. Big freaking deal.

        The Japanese have been doing it for almost a decade. See anything different? All the radiation waste water from Fukushima (plutonium processor too), was supposed to doom the entire west coast of the U.S. Another big whoop. We’re still here. Another big zero.

        The Hanford Nuclear Waste Site has been leaking radioactive water (plutonium for crying out loud), into the Columbia River for decades; even longer than the Japanese. Hear any complaints from the folks in Portland, OR who get their drinking water from the river?

        Hear any complaints from the salmon? No, of course not. The salmon populations have been collapsing for decades. Still plenty of salmon on the grocery store shelves.

        • Oh…. that explains why the west coast is all liberal. Nuclear fallout causes mental illness.

      6. I vote we only have one disaster a week ???
        What say you???

      7. Watch the nuclear bomb movie hosted by William Shatner.

        • Some of Bill’s best work.

      8. This is just a little off topic but where I live (lower southern Virginia) there has been an incredible amount of chem-trailing again today. Just before dusk I could count at least 12 massive letter X’s and other geometric shapes that cannot form naturally. There were at least 3 aircraft involved and before it became too dark one of them made another trail through an intersection of an X so that it became a huge asterisk. One could also see another passenger aircraft make a contrail which soon evaporated to contrast with the chem-trails. These geometric shapes are plainly and obviously not the conventional water vapor contrails; there was no trail evaporation occurring. Instead, a milky-like opaque hazy cover spread across the sky to block sunlight and the night view of the sky. One can see the sprayed chemicals are chemically inert to the atmosphere; they do not combine with the air to where it becomes invisible, nor breaks down into its basic constituents to dissipate upon contact with the atmosphere, this can prove the chemical compounds are man-made. Added the fact this haze stays in the sky for at least a day afterwards, this is not a natural phenomenon. Have you ever seen a contrail is the same general location 24 hours after it was left by an airplane? Man-made chemical compounds and toxins are being sprayed and are defacing the sky and poisoning the atmosphere. No doubt the costs incurred and resources required to spray on a vast scale over the developed world shows it is gov’t sponsored. No local, state, or federal gov’t entity seems to be be allowing this to become an issue and appears it will not be so long as the populace is asleep or ignorant or apathetic or merely distracted. Eventually, the compounds settle on the ground to only poison the soil and ground water tables, to work it’s way insidiously into the environment and food chain. The general population has absolutely no idea what is really going on. I strongly recommend everyone contact their representative (for all the good that will do) to at least make this crime against humanity more well known.

        • Unless your comment involves some POS chem-trailing plutonium-laced radioactive waste water then, man, you are way off-topic. Get with the program.

      9. Seafood anyone? You won’t even have to cook your shrimp on the grill;you catch them already cooked!! For those who don’t believe in hell, if you were to live forever, humanity is turning earth into hell!

      10. If you read a little more comprehensively you will understand the connection is the poisoning of the environment; you’ll have to pardon me if I disregard your instructions to get with the program as you see it.

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