Concerned Officials Warn: “North Korea Could Explode a High-Altitude Nuclear Device Over the United States”

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    North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric over nuclear weapons and the possibility of war with the United States and its allies makes almost no plausible sense considering that their long range missile capabilities are lacking and their military hardware is reportedly outdated when compared to the militaries of developed western nations. While the communist regime does have millions of soldiers at their disposal, the notion that North Korea will start and win a war against the U.S. seems outlandish.

    So, either Kim Jong Un’s recent actions are a part of internal posturing to keep the North Korean populace compliant through propaganda, or the young leader has been empowered by an ace up his sleeve that the North’s enemies do not yet fully understand.

    The idea that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea may have a secret weapon of sorts may sound far-fetched, but not everyone considers it an impossibility. With the U.S. deploying naval assets to the region and Chinese troops mobilizing en masse at the border, there is a distinct possibility that a military clash of some type is in the works.

    In December of last year, the DPRK launched an orbital satellite, which left many wondering about its payload. Could it be that this ‘space launch vehicle’ is carrying a star wars type nuclear weapons package?

    Some U.S. officials seem to think so, and they’re sounding the alarm:

    U.S. officials quietly are expressing concern that North Korea could use its “space launch vehicle” to explode a high-altitude nuclear device over the United States, creating an electromagnetic pulse that would destroy major portions of the U.S. electrical grid system as well as the nation’s critical infrastructures.

    The concern is so great that U.S. officials who watch North Korea closely are continually monitoring the status of the North Korean “space launch vehicle,” whose status could suggest a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States.

    They are aware of the three-stage missile North Korea launched last December that also orbited a “package,” which experts say could be a test to orbit a nuclear weapon that then would be deorbited on command anywhere over the U.S. and exploded at a high altitude, creating an EMP effect.

    This concern recently has been reinforced by a little-publicized study by the U.S. Army War College that said a nuclear detonation at altitude above a U.S. city could wipe out the electrical grid for hundreds, possibly thousands of miles around.

    The impact would be catastrophic.

    “Preparing for months without a commercial source of clean water (city water pressure is often dependent on electric pumping to storage towers) and stoppage of sewage treatment facilities will require net methods of survival particularly in populated areas,” the military study said.

    The May 2011 study, titled, “In the Dark: Military Planning for a Catastrophic Critical Infrastructure Event,” concluded that there is “very little” in the way of backup capability to the electric grid upon which the communications infrastructure is vitally dependent.

    Full report at WND

    Two years ago the North Koreans detonated a nuclear weapon that experts claimed had such a low-yield it posed no significant threat. However, EMPact President Dr. Peter Vincent Pry has a different assessment. He suggests that, while the blast may have been weak, if detonated at high altitude over the United States, the gamma rays emitted are powerful enough to disable the national power grid across the lower 48 states.

    According to experts, a blast of this nature detonated 300 miles above the state of Nebraska would be a life-as-we-know-it ending event:

    “Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity.”

    EMP Blast Effects - USA

    This begs the question: Is it possible that the payload on North Korea’s ‘space launch vehicle’ was actually a Super EMP, or electro-magnetic pulse weapon, that is now awaiting a ‘go’ signal from Kim Jong Un?

    His arrogance certainly suggests he knows something we don’t. And with fellow North Korean rogue ally Iran recently claiming that 2013 will be the fall of the American empire, maybe this time North Korea isn’t just talking.

    Super EMP weapons exist, and in all likelihood North Korea has such a weapon. They also have a space-based delivery system that may be capable of  deploying it directly over the central United States.

    Such a scenario is an outlier, but certainly not an impossibility.

    Nuclear attack and electro -magnetic pulse weapons are two of the most dangerous man-made threats we face. Preparing for such an event is possible, but should it come to pass it would render all of our technological advancements over the last hundred years useless and would leave the United States no better off than a third-world nation.

    An expert panel that Congress created to study such an attack says it would halt banking, transportation, food, water and emergency services and “might result in defeat of our military forces.”

    “The consequences would be catastrophic,” said Joseph McClelland, director of the energy commission’s Office of Electric Reliability.

    “It would bring down the whole grid and cost between $1 trillion and $2 trillion” to repair, said Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md. Full recovery could take up to 10 years, he said.


    It only takes one madman with his finger on the trigger to change the world.

    One of these days someone’s gonna’ push the button.

    Image courtesy Richard C. Young


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      1. If you have not yet done so, it may be wise build that Faraday cage.

          • You are welcome. Anything to help get the word out.

            • Kim is crazy but he is not insane OR suicidal. Still,my red letter day is April 20th.

              • No, Kim is probably not suicidal, and North Korea would be roundly defeated, by the South Koreans alone, without any US Military help. The only trump card they have is The Bomb.

                On the other hand, perhaps they have reached a point where they nothing left to lose. And, knowing they will go down anyway, why not try to hurt thier arch enemy?

                This would most certainly be in the best intrests of the parasites, who want the US to go down, anyway. After all, thier control schemes don’t seem to be going as they desire. Recall, FDR let Japan attack Pearl Harbor, probably because he was told to. Don’t expect the current puppet to be any different.

                And, there was that video game…

                Anyway, why April 20th, DK?

                • Pick a card … any card!

                  • Folks, go outside and enjoy yourselves. Take a break from all this for a while. It is healthy to quit reading this fear monger crap for a week and enjoy your loved ones. You will feel so relieved. But still be prepared.

                  • WHY April 20th was the question …..pick a card isn’t an answer to that question

                  • I believe we all here can maintain a healthy balance between reading these threats and living our lives to the best we can give our families.
                    Heck, I just beat dh 4 of 5 Aggravation games.


                    Thanks to JayJay and ForReal for keeping it real and reminding everyone that this is the same US government saying this that told us Al Qaeda pulled off 9/11, Saddam had nukes, the Vietnamese shot at the USS Maddox, etc. etc.

                    Fool me once, shame on you.
                    Fool me twice, shame on me.
                    Fool me thrice or more, fuck me in the goat ass.

                  • i say may 12th ,i see the # everywhere ,on police cars ,my change i get back at the store ,i got a $20 bill out the atm a few months ago some one had wrote with a pen on it 5/12 ,a guy called me on a truck cab i have for sale the first three #s of his ph. were 512 ,i went to the LDS cannery in Davie ,wanna guess the address ,you got it ,and thats just the tip its all the time if i look at the clock its 512 ,yea i know its got to be some time ,but it sure seems like its getting beyond coinsedence

                  • It could be the suicide king.

                    It could be the beginning of the battle that will, not maybe, come to pass that was prophesied by David in Psalm 83. Then again, over a thousand years later by John in Rev. 9.

                    This war will happen and it will be the deaths of a third of men. Whether it is a third of all the earth’s population, or a third of all the population in the region of the Middle East, or a third of all militaries involved, will be left up to interpetation until it actually unfolds. Either way they will be killed by the fire,smoke and brimstone.

                    This is not the final battles that are fought by God and the King of Kings. Those are the Gog and Magog battles and soon thereafter the final battle called Armageddon.

                    Nothing anyone can do to change it or stop it, so why worry over it. Have a drink and a smoke. Make a batch of brownies and have a glass of cold milk and pig out while you still can.

                  • For Real? Go enjoy a healthy dose of Suicide. Thanks bud.

                  • I’m sorry, this whole story line is a bunch of shit, a distraction. The REAL story is—

                    “…The treaty will not control the domestic use of weapons in any country, but it will require all countries to establish national regulations to control the transfer of conventional arms, parts and components and to regulate arms brokers.

                    It covers battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large-calibre artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, and small arms and light weapons…”

                    Now think back at all of the mass quantities of battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large-calibre artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, and small arms and light weapons THAT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS JUST STOCKPILED ahead of the arms treaty!

                    Guess they don’t count now, huh?

                • south korea can not beat the north with out US help i was stationed there the north can be in souel with in 1hour

                  • Swampratt: So was I and all they really have is a lot of men, their equpiment is total crap. My first tour there was in 1983 and we landing at Osan AB, just south of Soule, and had to do a go-around because we and the ROK has just scrambled fighters to meet in incoming jet from the north. Turned out to be defector with a MiG-15, a POS from the Korean War. Yeah, that was 30 years ago and they now have a few, and I mean a few, more modern fighters, but mostly Korean and Viet Nam era stuff. Same goes for their tanks, pure crap.

                  • swampratt you a fellow 11b 3rd ID hoo ah

                  • Gregory8….Were you a wolf?

                  • …seems to me that that is their problem,meaning the souths….theyve had over 60 years to prepare…I mean for petes sake “WE” are preparing for “WHATEVER”…seems to me if you are in a situation like SK youd have done some prepping?…naw just sit there sucking off the tit of foreign aid and blowing all that peace dividend your economy could be putting to good use preparing to defend yourself from a known aggressor….we have to stop this propping up and protecting people who dont care enough about themselves to help themselve…its just a gigantic international version of our domestic welfare program and it screwed up!
                    Time has come to turn America back to her founding principles of liberty/personal responsibility/independence and any entity here or abroad that trys to set up any disfunctional co-dependentcy type relationships…we need to put a stop to it,enough!

                • Just me says
                  The only trump card they have is The Bomb.

                  Dont forget who their allies and neighbors are, the Chinese and Russians dont exactly love the USA and Iran has a few tricks up its robe as well

                  Scarry shit

                  • The bigger question is Would China want North Korea to hit the US? They (the Chinese) seem to like the status quo. I don’t think they or the Russians for that matter would risk WWIII over North Korea. There would have to be a bigger prize than Korea for that risk I would think??

                  • I’d say China is pulling the North Korean’s strings for a reason. If China wants a war with the US, then what better way to do it, than get North Korea to start things off conventionally by attacking South Korea and Japan. The US would be obliged to fulfill there treaty obligations to come to Japan and South Korea’s aid. Militarily the US would have to pump several hundred thousand troops into South Korea and Japan very quickly. It’s pretty obvious that China would ‘grudgingly’ then side with North Korea ….. But that was probably the plan all along. Draw America into a huge regional war on the opposite side of the Pacific, in Chinas front yard. The US would be fully committed to a massive regional Asian war that could very quickly expand up into Alaska and down into Northern Australia.
                    We might have vast amounts of high tech equipment to fight such a war and a belief that we hold the superior upper hand, but a conventional conflict in this region would be disastrous for the US today. China has come a long long way from what they were Militarily in the 1950s and 60s. If they teamed up with the likes of Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia we are all screwed. Doesn’t matter how many Aircraft Carriers and nuke subs we have, it’ll all come down to frontline grunts fighting on an scale and intensity that hasn’t been seen on the battlefield in 2 or 3 generations.

                  • Let’s say the North launches a nuclear missile and the USA shoots it down. Seoul is in the sights of a hundred thousand artillery pieces. Will the USA retaliate knowing that Seoul will be obliterated?

                    The Chinese are amassing troops on it’s boarder with NK in support of NK. Will the USA risk losing access to the cheap factory workers by engaging in a war with China?

                  • To answer all theses question russia china and possibly
                    our wonderful president want america out of the way
                    using NK has a fall guy using an EMP over the united states would put us out of the way and with a shortage of ammo for the public that could set up and invasion
                    by russia and chnia theyve been planning it for years
                    build a faraday cage and get ready idont like to hear people say i have all the ammo and im not giving it up
                    there are lot of people out that dont have aclue whats
                    going on theyve been blinded and fooled to long this is for real when will have to band together when it happens

                • Why the reference to FDR when Bush/9-11 is much fresher in peoples’ minds?

                • He can do what China may want to do. However, Russia and China are in pretty good shape these days and a death blow to their arch enemy would be applauded, I think. No radiation and a crippling blow to the West at the touch of a button. Don’t you love technology?

                  • China wants the USA. They want us, but don’t want to destroy us. So if they have the NKoreans hit us with an EMP Weapon, they can invade the US Mainland quite easily. As far as conventional forces, the Chinese have a population of over a billion and have MASSIVE numbers of conventional forces. Once they have the NKoreans knock out the US Electrical grid and just about everything else electrical/electronic, it will be a cake walk for them. Then they can come in, take over and occupy and my guess is that 90% of the population won’t even notice because they are sheeple, walking around with their eyes glued to their I-whatevers…I-Pos, or pads or whatever they do these days like they are hypnotized!!!!! and as long as the trains and buses run, they will probably just wake up, yawn and go to work, leaving the rest of us to try and regain our freedom. I got into an argument yesterday with a Black, twenty-something at Lowe’s. He was wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt. I asked him if he knew that Che was a murderer who killed thousands and regarded Blacks as subhuman and wanted them all eradicated at least from Cuba. He cursed at me, said some nasty things and walked away. Young people today did not live through the Cold War and think that communism and fascism are “cool.” They will be in for a rude awakening!

                • Guys this is a desperate attempt by a narcissist to get the Obama’s off every tv 24/7. You know they aren’t behind because Air Force 1 won’t work and they can’t be on the Jimmy Fallon show.
                  It will be rough but no Obama on tv is a huge perk.

                  • Notice the rancid aroma of neo-con bull manure, wafting off of this story? Since Iran is on the neo-con list of nations they want to manipulate the USA into attacking and destroying, to the exclusive benefit of Israel and to the severe detriment of both the USA the the rest of the world – who will suffer massive financial damage, starvation, chaos and economic collapse as a result of the skyrocketing price of oil that would come from any such military attack, and which could easily escalate into WW3 and result in nukes raining down on the criminal rat excrement particles inside the D.C. Beltway, when Russia and Red China decide that it is time to exterminate these war mongering, psychopath neo-con monsters who’ve hijacked the USA.

                    However, much to the dismay of the psychopath neo-cons, Iran isn’t threatening anyone – except to promise that if they are attacked, they will respond and decimate the blood thirsty SOBs in Israel. Which they would be perfectly justified in doing, by the way.

                    So, this hype about North Korea appears to me to be neo-con Plan B: Use the media to portray the stooge in charge of N. Korea to be a raving madman, establish a link between him and Iran and then use the guilt by association template to snooker the stupid, nose picking gullible American couch potatoes into thinking that we need to support going to war against Iran, and once the N. Korean stoogle-lunatic sees us kicking Iran’s butt, he’ll decide that we’re too tough and he’ll quiet down and behave himself.

                    And, as a reward for his role playing in this neo-con effort to kick off WW3, a big, fat, juicy wad of our tax payer’s dough (borrowed at interest from the jewish bankers) will be direct deposited into Mr. Stooge’s personal bank account.

                    This concludes today’s lesson on how to read the laces on a neo-con fast ball.

                • You forget history. China will go to the assistance of N.K, just as during the “Korean Conflict”.

                • Not good in any way. When you think about it, what would North Korea have to lose? We have cut them off from many of the people who have been giving them food. We owe them nothing unlike China and our monetary system is of no concern to them. I don’t even believe for a moment that we would retaliate in any way unless it was a small conventional attack. We could not afford it and the Chinese would back N. K. play all the way. Then China and most other countries would no longer use the American dollar as the worlds currency which is what they want anyway as seen by the China – Australian agreement a few days ago.


                  • Very correct!

                    And, so was this comment by anonymous:

                    “We might have vast amounts of high tech equipment to fight such a war and a belief that we hold the superior upper hand, but a conventional conflict in this region would be disastrous for the US today. China has come a long long way from what they were Militarily in the 1950s and 60s. If they teamed up with the likes of Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia we are all screwed. Doesn’t matter how many Aircraft Carriers and nuke subs we have, it’ll all come down to frontline grunts fighting on an scale and intensity that hasn’t been seen on the battlefield in 2 or 3 generations.”

                    The Bush, FDR, conspiracy crap is just that: crap! Crap out of the muddy minds of conspiracy nutters who see America (& “the Illuminatti, NWO elites in evil capitalist clothes, Bildrburgers…” Et al.

                    Get your heads out of your four points of contact: the enemy is NOT us, the enemy is them and they’re steeped in the ways of dialectical materialism, that means communist-like-but-worse for those of you on Rio Linda!

                    America is on the verge of collapse and defeat….and guess what? It’s not going to be done by the Alex Jones’s usual suspects.

                    These NWO conspiracy theories are red herrings interjected into our perceptions by the masters of deception and perception management via active measures: Russia, China and their two-bit players, NKorea, Iran, et al.

              • DK,

                April 20 has been the nasty day for government-made disasters. Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine.. I just don’t like that date, and don’t look forward to 18 days from now.

                • Actually….those events occurred on April 19th I believe.

                  • I have been saying this for about a week now, or about ever since all this N korea saber rattling has been going on….if in fact it really even is and not our govt feeding americans propaganda. But what I have been talking about is that I find it more than ironic that the book One Second After was wrote by someone who has ties in the govt and the book was endorsed by scumbag Gingrich and in the book it was implied in the end that it was N korea hat hit us with an emp and now lo and behold, look what we have…too much BS

                  • Columbine was April 20, but yes the other two were on April 19.

                  • EXACTLY……just doomers making any date fit their needs

                  • The only thing i know is that the long range weather forecast shows a warming trend for the week of April 15th thru the 20th. That gives me hope for the garden drying out so i can plant beans and tomatoes.

                    We got 1st round Squash/Cukes/Tomatoes growing in containers on the window sill right now. This weekend, after opening day of trout fishing, we will start about 20 containers of green beans in our growing frame. With a risk of frost until May 15th, we only put in below ground veggies, until about may 1st.

                    I’ve seen people get antsy, and put their gardens out on Good Friday and before. Only to loose everything in May to a killing frost.

                    Dad got all gung ho one year and planted all his potatoes in early March, with an early spring, with 70 degree days. They come up beautifully and full until a late killing frost in early May, that killed everything down to the dirt. Some came back, but was pretty much all that work and money for “seed taters”, shot to hell.

                  • @dont tread
                    Have you tried the Agribon row covers???
                    They make them in all sorts of thickness, if you haven’t tried them might be worth looking into.
                    I buy mine from Peaceful Valley in Ca but think you can get them from Johnnys Seeds in maine,
                    We dont get the frost like you guys but the cover vill get corn germinating for me a month or so before i could without,
                    Just curious

                  • Thanks Kula,

                    I’ve ordered from Johnny’s. I’ll check ’em out.

                • April 22=Lenin’s Birthday

                  April 20=Hitler’s Birthday

                  April 22=Earth day.


                  • The world has been around for millions of years and there are only 365 dates on the calander. My guess is you could pick any date on the calander and find multiple events that happened on that day.

              • Everyone seems to be assuming that it will be North Korea building, launching and detonating the warhead when TPTB have plenty of other ways to accomplish this task and blame it on Kim. N. Korea’s capabilities have little to do with this scenario.

              • Quit smoking that daggoned dope and get back to work!

                Standing by in SC out

              • If it is possible that they wold try this and I had to pick a date I would go for either April 15th Kim Il-sung’s 101st birth day, or April 11 Kim Jong-un’s first anniversary of taking power in the DPRK.

          • This is where my physics are lacking, as for what I understood for a long time that the explosive yield on an EMP device would have to be at least 500 kilotons, or a semi large hydrogen bomb. Not that North Korea could not build one. I was taught back in school that an EMP would not be strong enough from an atomic bomb such as a Hiroshima level of strength that would be 10-20 kilotons. That the altitude was of course important, but the blast at a high altitude would have to be enough to cover the above map. Maybe someone out there could clarify this, because I won’t pretend to know something that I don’t.

            Faraday cages are not difficult to build and if not North Korea, that massive object that heats up the solar system we call the Sun sure could, and has nailed the planet with an EMP. I do think that Porky of North Korea or Iran is capable of at least a limited EMP, and that is reason enough to prepare. Besides this, when you prepare for anything it gives you a good feeling of some sense of security, and that is highly positive in a very negative world. 🙂

            • @ BI

              Go to the website for the book “one second after”, in the middle of the page and click on site # 1. I had a lot of the same questions, and this explains it pretty clear. Actually, the smaller nukes are the more devastating as far as an EMP is concerned. It has a lot to do with the material that surrounds the nuke. Pretty interesting read.

              Hope that helps. I really like the science behind the earthquakes that you provide. I live near the New Madrid so Im always interested in what you have to say.

              • Hey guys, this might be a stupid question but…
                What are we talking about besides the take me back to the mid 1800s from no infrastructure etc,
                Fallout if the EMP was generated by a nuke???
                Blast wind burns everything up like in the terminator scene?
                Just curious what other gnarly crap we might be looking at.

                • @ Kulafarmer. Fallout is basically what is generated by the ionizing effect of ground and dirt and other structures being blasted by the nuclear weapon. Only nukes close enough to the ground will generate much fallout. There are miniscule amounts of fallout generated by the blast itself. The real fallout comes from dirt. Blast winds from such a high altitude explosion would have to be from something the size of an asteroid to reach the ground. The main purpose of an EMP is to knock out technology and everyone’s lifelines to this technology. By the way, nothing is a stupid question when you want to know something that many other people likely want to know also.

                  • Thanks BI, wasnt sure what sort of particle matter the bomb would eject, and figured the reason the winds radiating out were so intense was partially to do with the blast up against a mostly immovable object (earth)
                    I think i can deal with going back in time without technology, its just that nasty radiation glow and contaminated everything that worries me.

                  • From a weapon designed to create maximum EM Pulses and detonated in space, there would be no fall out.. unless you consider a 90% reduction in population from disease, violence and starvation to be “fall out”. But no radioactive material would reach the earth. The electromagnetic pulse would be technically, harmless to humans and animals.. but it’s certain death to non hardened electronics.

                  • When I was teaching sailing my common response to,
                    “I know this is a stupid question but…”, was, “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask”…
                    I can’t and won’t take credit for that. I know I heard or read it somewhere but it is soooo true…kudos for bring it up.

                • Howdy Kula,

                  Ummm, I need to correct something here…sorry BI. The instant a device is detonated the entire mass of the weapon is vaporized and irradiated as well…this is under the best of circumstances some few hundred pounds of material which is driven outward from the blast at ferocious speed, blasting into anything which it runs into…for a couple of miles. Also, if the blast IS near to ground it may well be the case that what is there gets irradiated as well. Of course, anything that close is blasted away from the epicenter and scattered broadly and can therefor add to the problem of fall-out…

                  Having said that, the device used would be multiple hundreds of mles up above and were it a single device the effect woulkd be scattered over a VAST area…the consequences (fall-out) of which would probably be negligible at ground level.

                  BI, remember, you yourself noted a bit ago that a coablt-cased device would be a horror but that would NEED to be near to the ground to have an effect (dissipation), alterantely VERY many would effect saturation over a wide area. THAT would likely be the end of ALL life and NO one is stupid enough to play that game…not even ‘Lil Round Boy’

                  Till later guy’s…


                  • @ JustOneGuy. As usual I get ahead of myself, I was referring to the difference between an air burst nuke that is designed to much more inflict blast destruction over a wider space of area, and the ground bursts that are usually reserves for hardened targets. While ground bursts that are close enough generate plenty of initial radiation like in Hiroshima, the fallout is tiny in compariso to ground bursts that kick up millions of tons of soil and other material. This is why they have these fallout maps around missile silos that are thousands of rads per hour as opposed to just a few rads per hour around sites that air bursts would be more likely used. At hundreds of miles up, you are correct that anything ground level would be near to nothing.

                    By the way another quake on another plate boundary at the southwest Indian Ridge, at 5.9 or 5.8 it was the largest quake recorded in this area. It means the African plate is really moving and why the Canary Islands are probably flaring up with volcanic activity. This very dense plate will almost certainly create some very large earthquakes, likely on the Australian plate and possibly the Pacific plate. Good old Indonesia and Sumatra may be in for some bad times ahead. Mexico is still very much in danger. By the way, what about the solar activity? Increasing earthquake likelihood?

                  • HI BI,

                    Tank’s Friend…after ALL those various ridgeline quakes in BOTH basins I was beginning to wonder. Hey, did you notice the ‘cluster’ starting up around Japan…north end of the main island, off the coast…what up with that?


            • Some years ago, Popular Science (or Mechanics?) ran an article about EMP bombs, saying it would only take about a 500Lb bomb, without any radioactive material, to EMP a medium sized city.

              • I’d Call B.S. on that statement @justme.

                Facts sure don’t back you up on it.
                Plus the USA has tested Bunker Buster bombs up to 20,000 ton of TNT, in the Nevada desert.

                Plus the Hiroshima bomb was an Air burst Explosion, and the electronics, on the Bomber, and Photo plane were not wiped out by any EMP.

                • How much solid state circuitry was on that B29?

                  • 🙂

                • I worked for the Navy as a Nuclear Machinist Mate and did some work before discharge in 97 for the Govt research group that culminated in the Senate report on EMP. There will be no radioactive fallout from an EMP discharge in space over 20 miles up. NOw the disaster on the ground will be much worse… it won’t be 1800’s try more middle ages since the people in the 1800’s knew how to farm, treat wounds, make soap, etc and other than most of the people who pen on these hallowed halls of cyberspace, the sheeple out there have no idea that food comes from farms and not grocery stores.
                  I have said before on this site that an EMP is the worst case of all the problems facing us. Not invasion, NWO, obama being elected to a third term, or Nancy Pelousy running out of botox. An EMP will kill 19 of 20 people alive in this country currently within a year from my research. Forschen had it right in the book “one second after” but he was optomistic in my opinion.

                  As to the post above the B29 had no solid state and an EMP in atmosphere is only good for about 400 yards since the gamma radiation doesn’t have the Van Allen Belt to stir up by the Coreolis Effect to create the MASSIVE electrical current that will be picked up by any wires or metallic items to fry the hell out of circuts.

                  Best of luck all… now to look for a new job.

                  • Are you referring to disseminating too much knowledge to be detrimental to your employment…
                    I try to avoid those hazards when I can.

            • I’ve said this before. A microwave oven IS a Faraday cage, if the casing is properly grounded. It is designed to keep microwaves IN and can also keep them OUT. I think an EMP is a larger wave than a microwave, but double-check that as I’m not certain.

              I took an old microwave that didn’t work right anymore, broke the two flat prongs off the plug, leaving the second (round) ground prong intact. If you plug it in or ground it to your plumbing, it is the best chance you have at protecting the contents. It is my understanding that it would take something really disastrous to breach it.

              I’d feel saver with this than one of the cheap products sold on ebay…at least I KNOW what mine is made of.

            • I think that the EMP threat from North Korea is very real. The EMP nuclear device is of different design than the Hiroshima or Nagasaki bombs that were built for physical destruction. These devices are tailored to emit a pulse and the physical explosion is smaller while the pulse is much larger than conventional nuclear devices. Porky wouldn’t have to cover the whole nation with the blast radius, just a good section of electrical infrastructure and the rest of our dilapidated power distribution system would probably fall like dominoes. By the time FEMA got around to fixing it most of the copper would probably be gone.

          • Mac; A large ammo box would be cheaper and easier.

            • ammo boxes have a rubber seal to keep them watertight. You need to remove the rubber seal and insure that you hanve a metal to metal seal all the way around the lid to make it an effective faraday cage. Also a ground wire.

        • I don’t think faraday cages will help when 100 plus nuclear power plants in the US go Fukushima. With millions of cooling rods stored on site and loss of cooling, water – the plant is the small problem.

          • And the worst part is, there would be no warning because there would be no sirens or radio alerts, or emergency alert system, etc. It would just be quiet for a while and then a tremendous explosion. People not right next to the facility would have no idea and I’m smack dab in the middle of three of those sons of bitches.

            • We are 35 miles from one of those SOBs, same age and cooling system as the Fukushima plant. This is one of my greatest concerns, because all the fruit and nut trees, gardens, and water collection don’t mean squat in a radioactive zone…

              • TVA has become one of those alphabet soup agencies that has personal and up close effects if multiple nuke plants Fuku belly up at once . And the ones around me are mostly GE Mark 1. Same as Fukushima Dai-ichi .
                I can’t help but say I doubt all of them would escape any emp and not run into trouble .

        • just use a metal trash can.


          • should the can be grounded some say it should some say not

            • I believe the consensus from people who seem to be experts is that a Faraday cage does not need to be grounded. Grounded or not, a charge or current on the outside cannot penetrate the cage. The only time a Faraday cage would need to be grounded is if you had protected power entering the cage so that the equipment inside could operate.

              Any holes in the Faraday cage must be smaller than the wavelength of the EMP. Screenwire may be good enough, but I would trust a metal trash can more. I have seen a demonstration of a cage made of screenwire, but it was tested with a simple radio. The radio frequencies are probably of longer wavelength than the EMP, so testing with a radio is an indicator but not absolute proof of protection.

              If the lid doesn’t fit the trash can perfectly, I would use some aluminum foil as a gasket and tape the lid down so it wouldn’t accidentally come loose. I would also double wrap each item in plastic and foil for extra protection. That would enable you to remove or insert an item without risking everything else if an EMP hit at that exact moment.

              I have a netbook computer, 2TB hard drive with everything I want to save, radios, and a digital camera all wrapped and ready. I also have a solar setup just for powering the computer system. The camera is for documenting what happens for the future.

              Maybe next week will be dry enough to work on my garden. The garlic I planted last fall is looking good. It never died back this winter.

          • I’ve had my metal trash can sitting idle down in the basement for the last 12 months. It is time to go down and bring that baby up and fill it with all the essential items I’ve been meaning to put in there! This article was the kick up the backside that I needed. I was beginning to write off this joker in North Korea as just another blowhard idiot. Now, maybe, not so much…..

          • So if you put your sensitive electronics in a trash can will they be protected?

          • Whatever you put in the trash can must be first put into something like a cardboard box, bubble wrap or something. Then you also have to make the trash can is sealed.

            • isn’t it grounded by sitting on concrete? Or maybe a copper wire wrapped several times around a handle and run into the ground or a copper rod driven in a few inches. I owned an old house, early 1920’s that had a copper rod driven into the ground outside the foundation and ran into the old fuse box. That is how the entire house was grounded for years. Then we upgraded to a breaker box and the electrician still grounded it to an earth ground. Just food for thought, I’m a carpenter, not an electrician.

        • If you aren’t handy enough to build a cage a simple galvanized trash can will do. They come in all sizes and make sure you ground it.

          My faraday cage consists of a gang box I used on work sites. I took metal mesh sheets and with epoxy sealed all the holes. I then grounded the box to my well water pipe going through my foundation.

          I have found if you prepare for life after an emp event then by default nearly every shtf scenario is covered.

        • If this happens our economy collapses. If our economy collapses a whole host
          of developed counties that are holding on to our coat tails are going down too.
          I’d like to think that a sub or carrier somewhere in this world not affected by the EMP would take revenge – but I doubt it. After all its only electronics.

          • it’s from the onion, dillweed.

              • @Sixpack,

                That is pretty awesome. When I read it the other day I wondered two things: 1. Who built the entrance without dying and 2. If they have thrown so many animals in there why has it not filled up?

                If this kind of stuff intrigues you then Google “sounds of Hell” I don’t know how true it is but the sounds make the hair stand up on the back of my neck.


        • I’ve been curious what all think on my aluminum horse trailer, I guess curious what types of metal constitute a “Faraday cage”?

          • Aluminum is fine, but a horse trailer isn’t exactly tight. You would need to find every single tiny hole and fill it with metal. And don’t forget the floor needs to be solid metal also.

            I was just thinking about why someone would need anything bigger than a trash can to store electronics, and it occurred to me that a large monitor would be nice to have for teaching purposes after a recovery starts. I need to take my extra monitor and wrap it.

        • Folks let’s be real about this. To take out all technology in the US you would need an EMP of unrealistic capabilities. That being said, they could strike the power grid in Virgina and cause a cascade failure in the NorthEast. However, only technology that is running and with in the affected area would be harmed. Communications vehicles ect outside the area would still work. So while the threat of an EMP attack is real, let’s not panic. Stay prepared, but keep your wits!

        • Why don’t we blow up this orbital satellite above NK?

        • Now this is my Faraday cage talking to your Faraday cage, what you got in there, Twinkies?

        • While you’re at it why not just build a regular cage and get in it where you can crouch and hide from imaginary EMP strikes that North Korea couldn’t launch on us if they had to. These people probably don’t have a functional commode in the country much less a weapons capability to do such a thing. Meanwhile, Barry Obowela is destroying the whole country while pretending that the NORKS are a threat to cover up his doings.

        • I don’t think this threat or perceived threat is fear mongering: it’s looking at a worse case possibility, the only way to look at things. It’s called contingency planning. The thing that concerns me is the treaty still in force between N.Korea and China, the same one used in 1951.It’s one thing to deal with N. Korea, another to deal with China AND N. Korea! Another thing that concerns me is the mistake of underestimating one’s enemy. Two cases come to mind. One, Pearl Harbor. Two, the attack by American troops on Hessian troops ON Christmas evening. both considered unlikely at the time. If the North Koreans have an EMP weapon up their sleeve, I think they’d have the will to use it. I mean during Korea in 1951, the enemy threw hundreds upon hundreds of troops against U.S. troops, so many weapons couldn’t kill them fast enough. Result: objective achieved. One last thing, a lesson of history: ignore the mistakes of history and a person/country is doomed to repeat them.

        • Ha! Just 6% plutonium in a down wind & 2 billion will be kaput…6% can fit in the palm of your hand…..oops Fukushima already beat NK.
          This is what happens when you do “hollywood” politics in high kabuki style and send DENNIS RODMAN as your envoy to a dangerous nothing to lose nation that has excess to 6% plutonium…hmhm…..sorry Kimmie we don’t need your help annihilating civilization or whats left of it….we are doing a great job of it ourselves but thanks for the off……& least this smoke & mirror has deflected the CYPRUS heist & jihadist ‘chemical’ attacks at the gates of Damascus……scales are falling off far & wide…….

      2. This would be a life ending event for the Norks.

        • Maybe them Koreans have Yellowcake?

          Better go put a boot up their ass just to be safe!

        • I think if it did it would knock most out like stated but you never know how much power (experts know or really close) is needed to knock everything out. There is that chance that some things would not be effected as well. That would be the end for them and crazy times, if your traveling make sure you got extra gas and get your butts home if your car still works or throw some sort of skates, skateboard or bicycle if you have to get home and out of shape and your stranded. BUT THE SADEST THING. OBAMA IS GOING STATE TO STATE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUN RIGHTS, NEXT IS COLORADO AND CONN. What a piece of shit. No mention from our F up’d leader.

          • I just posted a remedy for that right above.

          • Boycott Colorado, commie leader of the country.

            Nothin’ in Colorado but Stalinist commies and they’re going wild with their commie leader about to show them how to shoot baskets.

        • Second that, Unclebill. One SSBN will ensure no raiders will be boarding boats for a trip along the Aleutians. They’d be cauterized.

      3. This is very possible.
        All the factors are there.
        You never know. Will you be able to live with out power. I know people now who cant even live with out a cell phone. I agree with the 9 out of 10 people passing after the lights go out. People are not self reliant and have no skills now. They rely on the government for everything. People just get handed everything now its crazy. Good luck to all and i hope the US can stop this before it happens.

        • they want it 2 happen

        • After a few tours over in south east Asia ( west Pac ), I believe people tend to blow this one up a bit more than they should. Please let me explain

          1) if my cellphone gets turned off, GOOD! Then no one can bug me about wanting some of my preps.
          2) banks would stop functioning! GOOD!, we would finally see those scumbags out of work as well.. hee haw!
          3) my car won’t work! I believe most people don’t have a buyout retreat, so where le you go and why would you leave your house during those times
          4) cops won’t be able to response in time of crisis! GOOD, they don’t anyways and during that time, they would probably be more interested in if you have prepps or not…
          Last but not least,

          5) it would cause a mass riot or civil disobedience! REALLY folks, this is going to happen regardless of EMP bomb or not!!!!

          This site is great, I don’t pay too much attention to the story, I prefer to read what and how others view it as… Remember, knowing thy neighbor and what he or she thinks holds it weight in gold as well.

          Puff Puff Pass

          • How sweet.

        • Lil kim better leave my TV alone! THAT’S where I draw the line!

        • I’ve read that newer experiments suggest that even newer cars may not be as seriously affected as previously thought. The big problem would be fuel scarcity. Gas could be hand pumped from underground tanks at stations, but how quickly and how much? The electrical grid would probably be heavily damaged.

          Even a limited EMP event would crash USA economically. Right now it wouldn’t take much, and there is a laundry list of possible triggers.

          Few among us are really self-sufficient. Without food production on an industrial scale, most of us would die.

          Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S. That organization causes untold human misery, and was FDR’s worst socialist scheme.

        • I grew up during the depression. We didn’t have electricity until I was 12 years old.

          Didn’t need it. It was a great life.

          Coal oil lamps, Singer – pedal sewing machine, wool clothing, pot bellied stove for coal and wood, wood burning kitchen stove with oven, steel traps, box traps for rabbits, Jersey cow, chickens, rabbit hutch, hogs to fatten, large garden, .22 single shot rifle, 12 gauge single shot ‘Nitro Hunter’, and a close family.

          Who needs Faraday, but if you want a magnetic-field-free area all you need is chicken wire and a ground rod.

          Semper Fi

          • I agree accept the people that are not prepared will be knocking at our doors. People that are in the cities will walk to the farms and you better be able to defend what’s yours. This will not be a fun time. I pray that our Military can take out this enemy regime before they blame the coming event on NK.

      4. They do not even need a rocket to deliver the payload. For mere $500, a few Mexicans will carry it across the Southern border.

        • I know you’re teasin but a wide area effect EMP requires high altitude airburst.

          • In that case, it’ll take a few more Mexicans

          • Actually, hes partially right!
            They could use an airliner and just go all Gangnam style at 40k ft with a nuke or big ass payload of high explosives.

          • Hot air balloon or helicopter?

        • Now, that’s funny…I think!!

        • They probably already have.

        • All ready doing it. 30,000,000 invaders carrying yellow cake, commies all.

      5. now a days anything is possible…. mmmmmmmmm

        • What this all really is way More likely to mean.

          #1= Scare tactics to alarm usa folks that fragile elec grid is way past due to redo it all at cost of Two trillion $$(which means final cost is Triple or more!).

          #2= neocon Rinos in cahoots with lib kommie dems hand Hobammy a Massive 2000+ page imigration “reform” bill to sign and grant full amnesty to what is really more ike 30-40 MILLION 3rd world illeagls already Here.

          #3= ASAP after Hobammy, along with the usual suspects neocons and dem lib kommie crews, make mucho ado all over TV stations with many claims of sucess and prosperity for all of america due to said amnesty plans. Hobammy makes additional anouncement that to Thwart N.Koreas plans to destroy the usa elec grid with an EMP-Nuke, He hobammy has a swell plan hidden in details on pages 1995-98 of the 2000+ page amnesty bill laws.

          That hidden plan is for hobammy and his dem lib kommie union pals and polititions to begin imeadiatly to hire EVERY former-now new usa citizen, mexican immigrant to become hired on as elec. grid rebuild work forces! And due to such massive forces of workers and labor needed for an entire 50 state national grid redo, hobammy and the dem lib kommie party are happy to announce they will also begin the process to allow an additional 100-MILLION More “Relatives & familys” of the orig 40-million mexican New usa citizen work force!…Once that 140 million work force of entirely mexican workers are put to work, Unions and dem party leadership kommies will begin to hire as many tens of millions of African Black citizens as needed to fullfill the much needed super-force of grid workers nationwide.

          #4= The Point where tens of millions of still asleep WHITE Americans begin to realize, Hobammys chief economic advisor-Robert Riech was not joking when he went before a us senate committee to tell 22 us senators that hobammys stimulus Cash MUST Not allow for one single dollar to be spent to hire ANY Whiteys folks Period.!

          #5= All depends on how many Whites awaken and finally become Racially Aware, and if they truly care enough about their kids and grandkiddies futures or not?

          Just another “Yellow Cake”-“WMD’s” etc false flag scare tactic to get Major usa support for, dems-Hobammy-Unions-Mexicans(140-Million or more, likely) and african blacks, to pull off the largest-most costly-most devestating Swindle ever yet perpetrated upon White Americans since LBJ’s “Great Society” efforts 50 yrs ago!

          Mexican low life-low skilled-illiterate-3rd world scum along with an already Matching force of “equal” to them, african blacks get JOBS paying UNION scale($35-40 per hr) Plus big bennifits pakg’s, Banksters Reap massive windfalls of $$$ profits, Neocon & dems pols get largest Bribes in usa history…While 200 MIllion White decendents of the orig euro-christian-White founders of the once greatest nation ever known to mankind since time began….Get EBT cards and Foreclosed Homes so new middle class mexican and african scumbags can now Buy those homes dirt cheep!…With all affirmative action program bennifits to fully assist the new “Citizen Mexicans” “Adjust” to better lives and $$$$, Lots of $$$ for them.

          Wake Up Whiteys! Racial Awareness is a GOOD thing as you soon will be Forced to realize, like it or not.

          You may not be interested in Racial issues…But be assured Racial issues Are interested in You! Just ask any number of racially aware africans/mexcians or jewsih folks if you require more proof.

          It is just a coincidence that Liberals only push for Multiculturalisim in Only White Nations?…If Multicultic Diversity is the real answer/solutions to worlds problems as libs claim always?…Why aren’t dem Lib komies demanding Multicultic Diverstiy on ANY other nations or races of people except in White nations?…What about Asain nations?…Africa?…Central and South americas?…Korea?…Japan?…If it will be the major needed solution to fix the worlds troubles?…Why do they only push in on WHITES?

          I bet if Hillery or pelosi went to africa to announce plans to Import 100+ MILLION whites and another 100 Million Hispanics or Chineese into Africa to “Fix” problems there…I bet all I own every african black in africa would see that as a certain sure Plan to Destroy africa and the black african race already there eh.

          Celebrate White History Month during month or April! Oh wait! we do not get any Pro-White months or holidays!

          • It had been so peaceful here lately.

          • @Angelo Mysteriouso,

            I know going into this that I am going to get a bunch of red thumbs on this but Angelo makes some really salient points. I am not a racist and like to think I am a realist and the un-pc of it all is that there is a lot of truth to what he is saying.

            Who uses the system more based on percentage of population versus the white population? Answer: Ethnic minorities, that’s who. Who pays the taxes to support all of these programs? The rich white guys. Who voted Obama into office a second time? Answer once again is liberals, banks, corporations that benefit from the enlargement of social benefits and of course the minorities who demand and take advantage of the system.

            So kudos to you Angelo for being brave enough to tell it like it is. And for all of you who red thumb me, do it, I have never had a post poorly rated and probably about time I did. I am just keeping it real.


            • BigB, I didn’t vote Angelo up or down because I felt that what he wrote was only partly correct but Angelo had very interesting and valid points which will change my viewpoint from here on.

              For me, the problem with this article isn’t about the threat of EMPs in general, but with this article about “concerned officials” and the “source” noted. WND is theoretically calling North Korea a threat to us because of their ability to use EMPs. This stance comes from only 1 article — a WND piece — which is pure speculation. That article is little more than the typical sensationalized stuff that comes from that website. Often at WND, a small factoid or two are arranged in an article to lend substantiation when there really is no direct substantiation there at all. It’s highly manipulative storytelling, hoping to convince readers that the article is legitimate and backed with real research. Reading over that WND article shows that “U.S. officials” are just straw-gmen with no associated agency or department.

              The thing is, the above EMP image was created by Gary Smith, for a presentation to Congress. Smith was the Director of Johns Hopkins APL and has researched and presented valid info on the high altitude EMPs (HEMPs).

              I am convinced that EMPs/HEMPs could be destructive enough to create collapse and ruination for us, but those facts have no bearing on the perceived or real dangers that North Korea believe they pose to us.

              • @Zoltanne,

                I agree. I think you are right. I must be in a real conservative “kill them all” mood today. 🙂

                • BigB, nah….it’s not a mood swing. It’s reality. But let’s call it “social justice”. Then the SWAT teams won’t jump on our rooftops and Obama’s preacher-man won’t talk trash on Easter Sunday again.

                  Most of the working class has caught onto the sham. It’s time to start correcting the wrong …. some day, the GimmeDats will get their due.

            • The reason he gets the red-thumbing is not so much any of his specific points, but because Angelo is a well-known trouble-making troll, wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, and racist prick. It’s not particularly “brave” to go stereotyping entire races and then scapegoating them, nor trying to build up your own particular race in order to puff up your unearned and therefore artificial self-esteem. Race-hustling for whites rather than for blacks makes you just as rotten a racist as the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

              The reason white people don’t have special days and weeks and months set aside for us is that politically correct crap like that is for losers. Winners don’t need a racial history month because they get to write the history books used all-year-round. In fact, special times being set aside like that are kind of patronizing and condescending if you think about it, in the same vein as affirmative action and every other kind of “reparation” for outdated grievances: i.e. let’s show how wonderfully superior members of our race (especially myself) are by being really generous (with someone else’s money) to the people who are and shall always be inferior to us!

            • Angelo automatically gets a red thumb from me – I am done reading the garbage he writes.

              • In the end we will all realise we are screwed.

      6. One would only hope that the leaders of North Korea realize the magnitude of the response from the US Military to the PRK that their ‘cooking-off’ a high altitude nuke over Nebraska would call down upon their sorry asses. Perhaps they know and just don’t care?

        My advice to all is to get right with God just as quick as you can, then get your shit together as best you can. The assholes running this world seem bound and very determined to kill off about 90% of us in one way or another. God Bless & good luck to all who stop by here.

        • US will not respond to any agression from N Korea because we can’t exactly shoot a nuke at them when they share a border with Russia and China. Our only hope would be these 2 countries see how much their economies depend on ours and they strike back. Barry will apologize for us being mean to fat boy and then offer some cash to smooth things over.

          GOD Bless and buy more bullets….Just not the ones I need for my AK

        • One would only hope that the leaders of North Korea realize the magnitude of the response from the US Military to the PRK that their ‘cooking-off’ a high altitude nuke over Nebraska would call down upon their sorry asses. Perhaps they know and just don’t care?

          How can we respond if we are totally dead in the water?????

          • This is why we have a nuclear armed (and powered) Navy. Just one of our ballistic missile subs would ensure mutual destruction.

        • If they attack us in any way Obama will offer to hold talks again. Or maybe he’ll offer to reduce our nuclear weapons stockpile.

        • But from what I have read the US electronics are not shielded against emps . So if a high altitude pulse go off s o goes our strike capabilities

      7. Horrifying Thought of the Day:

        All that stands between us and being thrown back in time to the 1800s is the whim of that crazy little fat guy in North Korea – the one who had himself named “Sexiest Man Alive” a few months ago.

        • I think he got the idea from William Hung from American Idol who sang himself into sexiness a few years ago.

        • All that stands in front of us? How about anti rocket systems. The minute fat fuck starts the launch process it will blown up. Let’s not be hysterical.

        • This has little to do with Kim. If TPTB want this to happen, they will make it happen and blame it on whom ever best suits their agenda. Our boogieman fixation runs deep. We have been trained well.

        • I thought putin was the sexiest man alive (HA!)

        • I think Rodman voted for Kim in that contest.

        • Must be a typo 1800s ? More like the 800s.

      8. This no longer becomes “academic”….All their ducks are in a row…
        With Iran’s help…Shahab 2-3
        And believe it or not Venezuela, they still deliver heavy crude to Texas for refinement ..

        As I’ve stated in previous posts…
        Iran has tested just such a delivery system over the Caspian Sea…

        As best as I can see…it’s a matter of timing…
        And maybe with a little help from… God knows who…

        • What many have not taken into account is that NK doesn’t need a long range delivery vehicle. One of the plans I’ve seen that could happen is one to three small boats in the Gulf of Mexico with short range missiles on them armed with small nuke warheads. These three small boats could launch their missiles to an altitude of 200 to 300 miles above the U.S. equidistant apart which would completely wipe out all of the U.S., most of Canada and all of Mexico. After launching, the three boats would be scuttled and no one would have a clue who or what country actually attacked the U.S. Very viable and who would the U.S. retaliate against?

          • The uranium from a nuclear blast is unique in its properties and processing and can be tracked to the region it was obtained from. It’s typically the smoking gun in a scenario like this.

            • ah yes…think THEY will tell us…not a chance…
              THEY will blame it on whoever they care to.
              I agree, we could know.

        • A few years ago Iran tested a missile our media toted as a feeble attempt to send a payload into orbit. The missile exploded a few hundred miles up and all the experts on tv claimed the test was a miserable failure.

          But those who know delivery systems of high altitude nuclear detonations have said that Iran’s test was a complete success if they were in fact simulating a missile delivery capable of unloading a nuclear payload for a emp.

          • Actually Wolf, they did many tests from different size ships.

            • Yea they were practicing launching missiles from ships just like the scenario of an emp attack in osa. Scary stuff.

        • That heavy crude is “sour” with lots of sulpher. Only a few refineries in the world can process it and OURS are closest. They need US more than WE need them.

          Cut them off.

          • The point simply is a single missile 200 miles up over central US… 800 mile radius most everything electric and electronic from the Rockies to the Appalachians is toast…

      9. Daisy

        Or the whim of those that decide he is brilliant false flag material.

        Take care

        • Bingo! We have a winner.

          • Besides, I wouldn’t put it past Barack Djangles if he launched it himself and then blamed it on Pudge.

        • Exactly! My first thought when the noise started…

        • Good to see yer voice, B the Brit. Hope you got to move from the city area to a place you can garden.

          • Don’t Tread

            On my way in the next few weeks…just waiting on the lawyers. Near the see, low population and a few hundred yards of garden…I can’t wait.

            Take care

        • ahh Burt..think you nailed it on this one..

          I’ve been thumbs downed on this nuclear threat all along but I’ll state it again..

          All of the NASA space shuttle missions for the last 30plus years were for military placement of a star wars capable weapons systems throughout our earthly realm.(under the guise of space exploration for the masses).there are weapons placed that have the actual technology to light your cigarette (or blunt) from space..yes this does exist and has been in place for quite some least since the early 80’s.

          Nuclear weapons are now over 65 years old and vast advancement of superior tech has surpassed those aged nukes..

          There is no chance in hell of a nuke launched successfully over the continental US by the pudgy one unless perpetrated by the same cabal, or similar, that pulled off 911.

          That scenario is plausible….


        • So good to hear from you again, Burt the Brit! I have missed you!

          • Hiya Southern Gal

            Busy packing and measuring and wondering what the hell I was thinking of taking on a house that hasn’t been cleaned since 1940…the place is the pits but has massive potential.

            Hope alls well with you

            Take care

      10. This scenario of an electro magnetic pulse weapon taking out the entire US electrical grid is completely plausible with the drastic repercussions narrated in a fictional book called “One Second Later”…Read it! Bad news if you are diabetic or have chosen to live in the state of FL

        • I loved “One second After”. Plausible, yes, but also a really gifted writer who weaves a great story. I’ve read plenty of SHTF fiction (currently reading “Lights Out”) and OSA really draws you into the plots, the characters, the action. Highly recommended!

          • Read both One Second After and Lights Out, couldn’t put either down until finished. Really absorbing and informative reading. Makes one wonder if any of us will survive.

            • Read the Bible and couldn’t put it down. Makes one wonder how all the “un-saved” will survive.

        • Please explain “or have chosen to live in the state of FL”. What’s unique about the Florida living choice that would make it bad news?

          • Leslie Anne ~

            The main reason I can think of that people would say Florida is a bad place to live would be the higher risk of natural disasters, particularly hurricanes. A tsunami would be devastating as well, since it’s a peninsula.

            Aside from that, it seems to me the long growing season would be a definite bonus. One of the first EMP-fiction novels was set there – you should check out “Alas Babylon” (by Pat Frank) – great book!

            ~ Daisy

            • I’ve bugged in for the last few hurricanes and greatly enjoyed the experience. I served in the Red Cross when the last hurricane went through Miami and was overjoyed at the destruction it wrought. However, I was really bummed out by what happened to New Orleans. The voodoo shops, the goth scene, the French language, the Mardi Gras parties, and the jazz all made it a magical city. The bayou is fast disappearing along with the Cajun people thanks to drilling for oil, which should be banned around there. Save the rednecks!

              We’ve had a lot of crops ruined the last few winters by cold snaps. Florida flora can’t tolerate even a brief exposure to 50 degree weather. The fauna here are also cold-sensitive and retreat from the beach. They are world-renowned for their curves and bronze colour.

              • One winter I left the frozen MidWest to vacation in Florida. I heard many apologies for their “cold” 50 degree weather and I just laughed. My sons still thought it was warm enough to go swimming.

            • Don’t forget the friggin 2 pound mosquitoes! I visited there many times and the mosquitoes come to mind first. I think they are only second to the Alaskan outback in June.

              • Yep, went down there huntin’ and watched a mosquitoe molest a turkey. They ain’t mosquitoes, they’re air sharks!

            • I’m in Wisconsin right now and we have tornadoes here (one dumped an oak tree on top of my old house). I could slip on the ice and break a hip and die…or slip on the ice and knock myself out cold and die from hypothermia as I lay there. With all the snow-n-ice my car could slide off the road and I could die. Another car could slide into my car and I could die. Any time I step outside provides all sorts of weather-related ways to die in Wisconsin. Oh, and the bears. Bear could eat me…hahaha 🙂

              Hurricane/tsunami is less likely to kill me than Wisconsin 🙂

              So, are there other reasons not to choose Florida?

          • It is highly likely, if/when the New Madrid fault explodes and releases the great lakes; that Florida would be under water in a matter of days.

            With limited ways out of FL, to higher ground, a few massive pile ups on the interstates, and its hanging to coolers and airing up the cheap pool floats.

            Keep the ammo dry, in case of pirates and sharks.

            • DON’T TREAD: “Florida would be under water in a matter of days”
              PLEASE; Your better than that.

              • Just going by what the re-drawn Naval maps show, in case of such an event. Won’t affect me either way. I live in the mountains and have no family or close friends in FL. I’ll get my vitamin C from tablets and Tang in a SHTF event, so lack of orange juice won’t bother me.

                Hope it never comes down to finding out what holds merit with the flood thing.

        • @ HD: Not everyone who lives in fl is retired. There are still many of us who do things right and there are still parts that are not on the beach. The Seminole Indians survived 3 wars in the swamps down south. FYI- there are still small (Miccosuki) tribes that live in the Everglades without power… They are deemed crazy or stupid, they dont seem so crazy after reading this, huh? That’s the only thing I really disliked about “One Second After”… IMHO, not all in fl will be doomed!!!!

        • HD74Man……..> I live in FL, do you know something that I don’t? Please share. Do I need to move out of FL? Sorry, haven’t read the “One Second Later”.

        • Why Florida?

          • Why Florida? Much of Florida would go under if Atlantis rose as the tectonic plates shift; but the Great Lakes would not impact Florida.

            I would however, not want to be South of the Great Lakes in the Mississippi Valley if the New Madrid splits a channel through the Chicago River to Lake Michigan.

            Get some elevation my Peeps, wherever you are located, if you can. It won’t be pretty when it happens.

            • I need an explanation about Florida because I currently live in Wisconsin and have only visited Florida once (in the winter) by New Smyrna Beach. Considering I left minus-10 temperatures in Wisconsin for that vacation–I didn’t see being in Florida as a negative. Both my adult daughters and my brother are considering relocating to Florida and since they’re the only real family I have, I tend to want to be where they are. So, I need concrete reasons why Florida would be a godforsaken place to relocate.

              • family is good (most time) but big city, no good.

              • Florida is great. The nutjob preppers think there’s going to be a giant earthquake or some such nonsense.

              • @Leslie.. Personally, I think a lot of Florida’s “bad rap” came from the book, One Second After.. the author was really down on Florida.. citing, frankly a lot of silly reasons. The author probably has family that lives in Florida and he wants them to move.. dunno.

                But, in Florida: 1) you won’t freeze to death 2) potable water is seldom deeper than 15-20 feet ( I have 2 wells ) 3) you can grow food ( of some sort )virtually all year 4) there are vast areas that are sparsely populated ( I live 1.6 miles from the “end of civilization”.. 1.6 miles and there is no one and I mean no one for over 35 miles to Lake O ) 5)Solar panels work fantastic here 6) no state income tax ( just in case it don’t hit the fan ) 7) for the most part, Florida has reasonable laws 8) ready access to rivers / lakes / ocean for fishing 9) lot’s of game 10) very reasonable gun / ammo laws. That’s just off the top of my head.

        • Or like your dog. 🙂


      11. If you take one bit of information away from this I recommend: “Such a scenario is an outlier…” meaning it is not likely to happen.

        I will not loose a minute’s sleep. We all know that Russia has hundreds or thousands of nukes ready to launch in a minute (and has had them for most of our lives). Ditto that for China. Why get up in arms about Backwards North Korea having one satellite?

        Why haven’t Russia and China done anything? Mutually assured destruction. Even if N. Korea has an EMP how is it in their interest to become a wasteland of radioactive glass?

        In summary it is not a new threat, it is one (whether we realized it or not) that we have lived with every day for decades and decades. If it happens, I’ll do a better inventory of my families food, Load up our BOV just in case, clean and load every weapon, and have some good heart to hearts with my beautiful wife and our closest friends.

        Maybe we’ll survive and maybe we won’t. Just like getting on the highway with 10,000 texting kids in this crazy part of the world.

        Do the right thing…

        • If most everything electrical and electronic is toasted here…how would you know we retaliated?
          That’s pretty big leap of faith…no disrespect intended…
          THEY… would use this…

          • Like I tried to say. This is not a new threat. There may be one more new minor player on the scene but we’ve been in the game for decades. If an emp burst is such a winning play someone would have already used one on us (or we on them). Sure I’ve read One Second After, but the shaky premise there was that the launch occurred from an unknown source. Tracking a ballistic from N.K. to the US during heightened tensions while they are threatening to do something like this. Its just suicidal. It is possible… but an outlier.

            You are correct, I very likely wouldn’t know a thing. But you heard my plans: none of them included hearing or believing radio reports or imagining “We” had won. It will all be about taking care of my family. My biggest concerns will be the folks on my block not the NKs.

            Not sure who THEY is (ever).

            • With all that’s been going on, from financial and political to earth changes, THEY,(TPTB) will take advantage whenever possible.
              Allowing an EMP to be used against us, although extreme, would certainly further the goal of subjugating the population. Instant justification for martial law and all that that entails…just look at all the recently updated EO’s…
              However their endgame goes down I agree with you…taking care of family is priority #1…

        • The Russians and Chinese are not as crazy as Iran or N.Korea. Although I think Iran is the one to be worried about. They have told the world that they will destroy us and Israel as soon as they are able.
          We have numerous anti missile batteries all over the world, but they aren’t 100% effective.

          90% fatalities might be generous. Any city over 10k will be more like 100% after the gangs and then the fires. Only 1 to 3% prep, plus less than 2% of the population are farmers, of which not many will survive because whomever comes out of the cities will wipe them out. Another 1%, give or take, are off grid or far enough in the boonies that it won’t matter. Plus for optimism add 5% that are tough enough to make it. Don’t want to be a complete downer, but this doesn’t add up to 10%.
          molon labe

        • I tend to agree, this is not a new threat. What is new is the overall context of the situation. TPTB want America to go down, sooner rather than later, they are going to use this “new threat” somehow.

          If it does happen, as unlikely as that is, I kinda don’t think you’ll have much time to inventory things, and talk to people.

          • Why wouldn’t I have much time? What will I be doing? I won’t be panicking, or trying to get something from the store, I won’t be trying to get a few dollars from the ATMs. I won’t be looting. Like I said, I’ll do a better inventory of my food, load every weapon, and have some important meetings. I’m not going to try and bug out with two little ones under 3.

            Other than that we’ll be blacking out our windows, praying and keeping each other safe.

            Then we’ll cook lots of meat (like most everybody else will be doing), but we’ll smoke, salt, and dehydrate too.

            • I agree with you, it is very unlikely. But, if such a thing did occur, we would’nt get any warning. Your first warning may be the power going out. Or if you lived under the potential target area, the sky may get really bright for a few seconds. That would be all of the warning you would get. Not much time for reflection, at that point.

              • I was talking about after the power was out. After its all said-and-done what is there to do? We’ve done our preparing for years, we’ll do our best to keep calm and keep a low profile.

            • Dumb Dude–you have mentioned the only thing I have not done regarding prepping.
              How are you treating your windows?
              I have 8 double windows and 2 single ones.
              Thanks in advance if someone answers…and, no, I won’t be putting that outrageously expensive film on them.
              When it says, ‘free quote’, you can’t afford it!!

              • I have some room darkening curtains we bought at a big box store. We put them on one window and saw that they worked very well. So we’ll just be using those. They aren’t very cheery, but they do keep out hot sun and cold drafts as well as the light.

                I have heard some drastic folks who have talked about black house paint and a roller. I didn’t even know about the film. I just don’t want jealous eyes seeing our few LED lights through the windows at night. Nothing too spectacular, but if you’re trying to keep that low profile, being in the dark from day one should be helpful. You will seem to be less prepared than everyone around you.

                • Oh, thanks, I was looking for an inexpensive way to secure the windows from looters.
                  I guess it will be plywood..4 X 8s.

                  • JayJay,
                    Plywood is a good way to go, but for me the drawback of plywood is that doesnt’ let any light in, isn’t quickly removable, and no way of knowing if someone is on the other side.
                    You may want to consider using steel pipe and creating a makeshift gate over each window (on the inside). TAkes longer to install but gives you the benefit of security and visibilty of the outside.

                    – 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ scedule 40 steel pipe (Any scrap yard has this and will sell it to you cheap)

                    – 3/8″ threaded rod

                    – Wood anchors for 3/8″ rod

                    – Split ring supports (sized to the pipe) w/ 3/8″ thread

                    Install one anchor, short rod, and split ring on each side of window at 6″ from bottom, with pipe spanning the width of the window. Install the next assembly 12″ higher, and so on. Basically you are installing cross bars at 9″-12″ intervals.

                    It takes some time to do all this but it is very secure and can be removed from the inside quickly if you need to escape thru the window.

        • @DumbDube:
          Your argument that it doesn’t make any sense for Kim to do that is precisely my argument why it is quite plausible. You were using your reasoning. You cannot reason with unreasonable people. Kim (like his father and grandfather) is a narcissist. His brain is wired differently than ours. What’s “reasonable” to us is NOT the same as what’s “reasonable” to him. We can’t apply our thought processes to him successfully- period. His brain is quite literally wired differently- and there’s no changing that. He knows that the only thing keeping him in power is the fear his own people have of him. So, he’ll do anything to save face- including possibly using an EMP.

          • Please I am a DumbDude “Duuuude!” not a “dube” please give my ill informed crackpot rantings the respect they deserve.

            I’ll give you the fact that they are narcissists and that they are akin to tightrope walkers working without a net. They play very dangerous games. And yet they have refrained from starting the war back up for what, 63 years?

            I’d argue that one of the only things keeping him in power, besides the fear, is US restraint, which will disappear in seconds with an attack like that. Because generations of these guys have kept their power they must also understand that.

            But I sure as hell don’t have a lick of insight into the workings of the north korean government other than that most human beings on this planet don’t want to have themselves and everybody they know turned into a pile of radioactive ashes.

      12. Sorry about this one, but I ain’t buying. The US military is probably snickering in their command and control centers on how delusional NK is about projecting any kind of missile beyond it’s borders with any predictability or reliability. The NKs are probably at more risk of the missile falling back on their own country………unless….China is the real puppet master here and has been exporting that capability/technology, which ironically, it stole from US in the first place. But hey, any thing for the military- industrial complex to make a buck.

        With “intelligence” as it is, one can’t assume anything.
        If China not behind the curtain, then US can exaggerate this crisis for ulterior motives…like a diversion to build up military force to thwart China.

        This day and age, it starts small, with a US base in Darwin, Australia or a return to Philippines Subic Bay. Gone are the all out invasions like Hitler of Poland in 1939 and then later in operation Barbarosa of it’s former “ally” Russia @ 1941.

        • Well look at it this way.

          North Korea does in fact launch a few missiles. We shoot them down.

          THEN What?

          Do we just go about business as usual like it never happened?

          Do we turn them to glass?

          Conventional bomb them?

          Do we engage on the ground?

          How does China and Russia react?

          The situation could easily spiral out of control. A single shot or mishap could have dire consequences. Tensions around the world are on a hairline trigger as is.

        • This whole thing is made up to cover Obama’s behind as he and his minions continue their destruction of the country. North Korea couldn’t get a missile to reach over here if they had to. It’s all part of the distraction by the PTB to get your mind off the real problem: BARRY OBOWELA.

      13. These officials are really using code for, “The US is ready to attack itself yet again to further it’s agenda toward total destruction and full spectrum tyranny by exploding an EMP device 300 miles above the center of the United States.”

        That is what they should say, but they won’t. That’s what people should understand, but most will deny it just the same as they deny 9/11 was used to further this same tyrannical agenda. Many will believe the bullshit official story and attack people that point out the obvious, just like their social conditioning tells them to.

        This time it will be some puny, do nothing regime to take the blame, instead of 19 guys with box cutters and some kidney failing boogie man pushing around a mobile dialysis machine in a cave and then ends up recording himself watching television reports about himself in a walled compound on the outskirts of one of the most secure and largest bases in Pakistan. Yep, suckers fucking suck.

        • I was immediately thinking about 9-11 and Pearl Harbor, events which in my opinion, (and I am not usually a conspiracy theorist by nature) the US “let happen” or “looked the other way” as an excuse for war, or outright lying to the public about so called weapons of mass destruction to invade Iraq.

          But even I hadn’t considered a “self destruct” approach via a “let happen” EMP event as you suggest, but thanks for throwing that angle into the mix.

          • War with Korea is not going to happen b/c Korea is not a threat to the Petrodollar.

            • Petrodollar is on the way out, anyway…

            • If only it were that simple. You have no idea who or what you’re dealing with. In order to understand the means/method, one must understand the end/goal.

        • Very well said, Joe. This has definitely crossed my mind as well.

          The only reason I question this at all is that everyone will be in the same off-grid boat. The “elite” aren’t known for sacrificing their own comfort just to screw with the rest of us.

          I’m not ruling it out, of course, but this would be far less convenient for them than just offing a few thousand of us through a fake terror attack that took out some buildings in NYC.

          Even though they will be prepared to a far greater degree than someone with a regular income, it’s still going to affect them.

          Do you think that they are so desperate to push their agendas that they’ll do something that causes them hardship too?

          ~ Daisy

          • I don’t know that it would cause themselves so much hardship, Daisy. According to videos I’ve seen, they are actually preparing for all this… they have places in South America, they have enormous underground facilities in Va., I don’t know… just a thought… some say they want this to happen so as to reduce population. (?!)

            • Grasshopper wrote, “they have enormous underground facilities in Va”

              Where would those be?

              • Again, I ask, “Where would those be?”

                There are 2 known hardened underground facilities in Virginia. One is at Culpeper and one is at Mt. Weather. The Culpeper facility was transferred from the Federal Reserve to the Library of Congress about 15 years ago. The Mt. Weather facility, about 13 acres, is the other hardened facility. (There are some underground facilities in and around Virginia, in DC and WV, but we’re speaking about Virginia here.)

                In Virginia, there are underground mines which include roadways. The largest, I think, is the Kimballton mines, a proposed site for the DARPA Deep Underground Science Engineering Laboratory — in Kimballton, Giles County. It’s a lime facility and is associated with Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

                I’m asking for facts. What “enormous underground facilities”? I’d like facts, not heresay or Youtube videos with a trucker running his yap in front of a road going into a tunnel. That proves nothing. Heck, I live in mountainous regions — you know how many scenes I could replicate to make my own Youtube video to play with conspiratorial nonsense? lol

            • The one way to know if this is going to happen is that the rats will disappear and go to ground. I personally have a friend that worked a project where a 25 foot diameter hole was drilled one mile deep and 25 miles horizontal. This was done several years ago. I would say they are ready to ride out what ever happens to us in total luxury. Surely you have seen the videos going around the net of these tunnel networks.

              • Ever heard of the “The Highway that leads to Nowhere”.

                My wife’s uncle was the late Senator Robert Byrd of W VA. Most reports about it say it was just about Federal Money going for his state. Not true.

                The fourlane highway was built for TPTB/elites to escape into the underground cities built during the 70’s and 80’s, under the steep mountains. Planes and choppers can land on the highway.

                Believe it or not. They are there.

          • I think there is a certain type of person that exists in this world that is capable of literally any level of whatever they can conjure to use as a means to end. Some psychopaths just want to set the world on fire for the sake of watching it burn. However, the lunatics running this show probably have shielded everything and for them, they wouldn’t feel a thing.

            They want 90% population reduction, this is the best way to reduce the US. Stalin starved the Kulaks, the Turks murdered and starved the Armenians, Mao bashed skulls and starved the Chinese, we diseased and starved the natives, just to name a few incidents of genocide via starvation. I think they’re not only capable and ready to do it, I think they giggle about the thought of it whenever it crosses their minds. Evil exists.

          • An emp event of this magnitude would also knock out every nuclear power plant.

            It would be very unlikely it would be a false flag used to just cull the herd.

            Over a hundred nuclear power plants and they’re storage tanks would all be melting down rendering the entire northern hemisphere if not the planet irradiated for thousands of years with little support for life even for the elites.

              • I agree, I don’t think that a massive emp detonation is likely just for the whole issue with the nuclear plants. That being said, I could envision a localized emp being more likely. Something that could take out a large city and its surrounding areas. How hard would it be to modify a cargo plane or jumbo jet to carry a nuke. Fly it over any city and its done. Figure at 5 miles altitude it would still cover a large area. Cause instant chaos. It would be easier than trying to launch a nuke 300 miles up or coordinating multiple launches from some type of boat.

          • “Do you think that they are so desperate to push their agendas that they’ll do something that causes them hardship too?”

            They will accept a certain amount of risk and temporary loss to gain MORE wealth and power. Yes, FDR et. al. allowed the Pearl Harbor attack to get us into the war b/c he thought it was the only way to get us into the war in time to keep Nazi Germany from taking over Europe. 9/11 we were just caught with our pants down. Do we yet know the truth about all that happened? Nope. Were there more perpetrators? Almost certainly. And there’s no telling who they were, Iraqis, Iranians, Chinese, … we may never know (the Feds probably know). Did the gov’t decide to collapse the WTC after they saw it was lost to keep the damage to surrounding area to a minimum, thereby sacrificing the lives of many trapped survivors? I don’t know, but they very well may have. And I can tell you that the our country is now full of foreign special forces squads who came across our nearly open borders.

            Nevertheless, TPTB would NOT perpetrate or knowingly allow to happen an EMP or nuclear strike. They have too much to lose and too little to gain. The ultimate outcome is too unpredictable. What will TPTB either perpetrate or allow to happen? A CYBERATTACK! this is almost a dead bang certainty. In fact, former FBI Director Panetta already let the ‘cat out of the bag’ when he warned of a “Cyber-Pearl Harbor”. Its completely controllable, can be launched internally with the cover of not just “plausible” but almost total “deniability”, can take care of TPTB’s financial liabilities to all or any of the non-members they wish, can tailor a utilities (electrical grid, power production, water, oil/gas, natural gas, etc.) disaster in any way that would be to their advantage.

        • This is starting to smack of Iraq
          and their “Weapons of Mass Destruction”
          bullshit we were led to believe then.

          • @ OutWest. Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were either disposed of as an agreement to the cease fire after the first Gulf War or they went to Syria. Hussein did gas his own people, several thousand died, so he did at one point have weapons of mass destruction. The second Gulf War hussein being the idiot that he was never thought after he got rid of them he would be attacked, did not have any, it was an excuse to conquer Iraq. Libya’s qaddafi was stuid enough also to get rid of his weapons of mass destruction that were a deterrent and ended up dead like hussein. This was done so Libya would regain full diplomatic relations with the world.

            Assad in Syria and fat boy’s father, as well as other dictator, saw what happens when you get rid of your trump card, they end up being hung from a rope or shot in the head without a chance. North Korea if anything has beefed up their weapons of mass destruction considerably. Countries with nukes and other weapons that can kill masses, hence the name weapons of mass destruction, have a much lesser chance of being attacked. This is one reason why Iran is desperately seeking nuclear weapons, to have that trump card. The five memebers of the worthless un security council were by no coincidence the first five countries with nuclear technology and weapons.

            When I think of the biology storehouses of death and extinction of the human species that lies in laboratories in North Korea it gives the worst chills. As a matter of fact what lies in wait in Chinese and Russian labs, the U.S. also. Germs are so frightening because you can’t detect them easily, they can be on any surface, floating around in the air, in anyone that is contagious but has no symptoms yet. Then how easy it is for a germ to get loose accidentally or on purpose. Just one person it takes at one large crowd gathering and wave after wave it grows exponentially much like the chain reaction that goes on with an atomic bomb.

            That fat Porky piece of swelled up pyschopathic manure that lets his own people starve to death and eat plaster off the walls like some termite while he sits in luxary, sitting on the switch to let God knows what on the world.

          • OutWest- EXACTLY on target here. Back in November of 2001, GW Bush was looking for a regime change with Hussein. New York saw two very LARGE buildings collapse, due to 19 ragheads from IRAN, not IRAQ, drive 3 planes into sensitive targets. Either GW couldn’t SPELL IRAN, or just forgot to use the letter “Q” in his statements, or that event was a blatant excuse to eradicate Hussein from the “big picture” with his attempt to end the “petrodollar”.
            Fast-forward to 2013, this false flag event is “Uncle Tom’s” version of GW’s to eradicate, by regime change,…… Porky’s regime! The US has, for approximately 60 years, wanted DESPERATELY to eliminate North Korea’s regime to perpetuate the petrodollar by incorporating the entire peninsula into our system for the sole purpose of making CHEAP cars and electronics! What I mean here is, SOUTH Korea is at present, making very CHEAP Kia vehicles for the US. AND cheap electronic goods…. THIS event by “Uncle Tom” is a blatant attempt to keep the status quo for America.
            Another by-product of this article is that by painting a bleak picture for us in the States, we continue to use the words …… WHAT IF! I’ve noticed the mass majority here use these words religiously to describe their frustrations…… my response is…

        • “These officials are really using code for, “The US is ready to attack itself yet again to further it’s agenda toward total destruction and full spectrum tyranny by exploding an EMP device 300 miles above the center of the United States.”

          that was the theme for the TV program JERICHO

          and as I have mentioned before
          Operation Gladio and Northwoods

          someone in our government stays awake nights
          thinking up stuff like that

        • Ever see the TV series “Jericho”?

        • Good assessment.

        • A thousand thumbs up. False flag emp in order to usher in the nwo.

      14. JMHO and you what opinions smell like.. I consider this a very real threat. He’s got a lot to live up, ego wise, look at his father. His dictatorship will be unparalleled in its brutality against the N Korean citizens and I wouldn’t doubt that he wants a shot in history books for taking down the U.S.

        The US will have to tread lightly though don’t need another proxy war– especially w/ China.

        • Absolutely agree. Wouldn’t put it past our gov’t to let it happen to further their agenda.

          • When all else fails, they always take you to war to distract you.



          • We’ve been at war since 911.

            • yes, we’ve been at war since 9/11, but the general population of the US looses sight of that. The ptb need something that is front and center everyday.

      15. Folks, just pray it does not happen. Though it is more likely than not.

        It may just be the reason to impose martial law with all the ammo the PTB is buying, and all those liners and camps all over.

        It’s time for some foil and Mylar bags. but more into self reliance and protection. I would suggest camping out for a few days with the kids just to get a taste of nature with just candle light and fire strikers. Let me know how you fare out.

        Keep preppin’, God be with you all.

        • I’ve been stressing this for more than a decade…pre 911…
          I was just the crazy uncle in the attic…
          When this is thrust upon millions of people…all at once…
          It ain’t gonna be a sleepover…God help us…

          • I say bring it on. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, and we know it’s comming anyway.

            We just found 11 cases of used qt. canning jars for 44 bucks and bought another 10lbs of dried beans.

            With the good Lord’s help, we will have the jars all filled by the end of the summer, from our gardens.

            No stressing here, just anticipation for a “new life”.

            • What a great find! Grow and fill — you rock! 🙂

        • Just wanted to say god be with you as well.

      16. The media has been FLOODING every outlet with “terrifying” news of North Korea being on the verge of attacking…

        The question is, what are they attempting to divert your attention away from?

        • UN Small Arms Treaty being signed..

          • UN Arms Trade Treaty bans firearms ownership for those 55 and older!

              • Just another “squeeze the trigger” reason for me.

              • good find, 🙂 Times like these a little levity is always a good thing…

                I’m shocked young Eisen has chimed in on this…HAHAHA 😉

              • The article is an April Fool’s joke … posted at the bottom of the article. 🙂

                • A lot of the commenters on that site didn’t notice the big April Fools at the bottom of the article.

                  I wonder how long the article will be quoted from.

                  • I also read a few of the comments… 🙂
                    I guess that box wasn’t big enough…hahahaha

        • Realist
          I believe that is absolutely correct

      17. I’m more inclined to worry about false flag events; however, that doesn’t stop me from watching the live satellite tracking of the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 (launched 12 December 2012 by North Korea) on the satellite tracking site (Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3’s sat # is 39026) and getting a bit antsy when it’s over the US.

      18. You people don’t seem to understand. You say that if North Korea dumps an EMP on us we will somehow turn that country into a pile of radio active glass. Really? Explain how that’s going to happen when an EMP crashes all electronics and the back up systems that go along with it. Maybe we can all band together and throw that nuke over there!!

        • We have soldiers in South Korea who would be impacted by nuking North Korea.

        • Oh I guess you think operators of the missile silos will be running around with an extension cord looking for a place to plug it in? They never considered this possibility?

          How about the B2s that are already in Korea, How about the nuclear subs all over the world’s oceans.

          If ch10 doesn’t work for you I guess I’d be willing to with monikers with ya’.

          • I think you are referring to the B 2 Spirit “Stealth” Bombers.

            There are twenty of them and they are stationed at Whiteman AF Base in Missouri. They can fly 6000(9600 kilometers) nautical miles before refueling and 10,000 after one refuel mid air. With each ones capability of a 20 ton bomb payload, and nuke hauling capability, it is one awesome flying machine we own.

            I’ve witnessed a couple in flight and it is an awesome sight. With a wingspan of 172 feet and high subsonic speeds, it would be a dream to take a ride on, much less fly it.

            • Just to add, about the B 2 Bomber.

              A guy by the name of, Joe Pappalardo, a writer for Popular Mechanics magazine, not only got to go for a ride in one but also got to fly the darned thing.

              After much training, he is probably the only civilian ever to go up in one. Only 543 persons ever got to, prior to his flight on Dec. 7th, 2012. More people have been into outer space than have flown in one. WOW.

              I could imagine the thrill of having your hand on a throttle of four engines with nearly 70,000 lbs. of thrust.

              It is a good story of his visit to the Base and flight, with a cool video of Take-Off. Turn up the speakers and let her fly.


              • Don’t Tread– after the “retirement” of the SR-71 Blackbird, do you or anyone else think for a New York second we DO NOT have at our disposal SOMETHING a little more advanced than the Blackbird to traipse around the world, flying in TOTAL secrecy? The B2 Bomber is old news. Along with ANYTHING in our arsenal that is public knowledge. Same goes for “Area 51″… we know, so therefore, that installation is a moot point. OPSEC! dammit! Our piss poor government has a practice to “keep ’em barefoot and pregnant” in which some of us know better than “sleep with the enemy” to avoid getting PREGNANT! The barefoot part is more difficult to avoid, since our wages are locked in by the policies.

                • So right you are, curious

                  It would boggle the mind to see what TPTB have stowed away. I just think most people don’t even have a clue as to the awesomness of the B 2; even after 22 years in service.

                  After all, we, the Americans, own them; and with a total investment of over Three Billion dollars in each bird, they have proved worthy to the test of time.

                  With the ability to carry two 30,000 lb. “bunker busters”, I think we will probably need them to disrupt/destroy the Iranian Nuke facilities, underground.

            • Yeah after I posted this, I fact checked myself on my fuzzy memory of a news story from a day or two ago.

              A B 2 or 2 was flown over Korea and dropped some inert training dummies. I didn’t know it then returned to Mo. I later saw that they didn’t stay in Korea but returned. I figured no one would catch me on that…

              What can one expect from a DumbDude…

        • This eventuality has been prepared for for years by the government. Not only do we have hardened broad-spectrum communications facilities located around the world (and off the world, for that matter), we also have weapons located around the world — in this case our nuclear-armed submarines would be our likeliest means of counterattack.

          But unless Kim Jong-Un is acting on China’s behest, I think the worst we might see is a more conventional attack on South Korea.

        • how we gonna do it ???

          US submarines have enough nuclear weapons
          to turn the planet radioactive

        • That is what OUR TRIAD defense system is for. Have you ever heard of OUR nuclear submarine fleet? ONE nuclear sub can reduce the entire NK to residue.

          Any conflict will be limited to NK shelling SK islands with SK eliminating the gigantic statues of Kim’s dad and granddad. It will also provide the US with the excuse We need to eliminate NK nuclear sites and reduce the NK military to a single brigade with small arms.

          Kim is crazy. He is NOT insane.

          • On another note, it IS time to take this jackass out. Never let a crisis go to waste. There is a silver lining in every mushroom cloud.

            If his dad and granddad weren’t revolutionaries this dip shit would be ice fishing on the Yalu River.

        • The US Navy, in the Pacific region, will not be affected by an EMP burst over the US. On carrier has enough nuke power to glass North Korea…

        • The u.s. military has been prepared for nuclear war since the cold war. We perfected emp protection for our communiccations decades ago. There is no way n.k. could take out our ability to retaliate.

          Remember this police state is built on public fear. The more scared people are the more rights they can subvert.

          I spent 2 years in s. Korea and yes we can Nuke them with ground blast nukes becausse of how mountainance it is.
          If China is massing troops on the border its because they don’t refugees in their country. Or us on their border. This crap has been going on since the 1970s when purveys grandfather was the head idiot in charge. These exercises happen every year at this time. The exercise was called Team Spirit. And every year just like clockwork the stupidity and talking smack begins.
          This year because of our idiotic president we are feeding the troll. Maybe the useful idiot in n.k. has been found to be useless. And now we have decided to get this burr out of our hide.
          If anything they are trying to get us to spread too thin like the mistake Hitler made. Or they pulling a Reagan on us to get us to spend way more on the military like Reagan did to the Ussr.

        • CH10:

          My understanding is that we have boomers out there at depth with orders to launch if they loose contact w/command and control.

          Maybe we have some retired submariners here who can tell us if this is accurate.

        • A nuclear EMP wouldn’t get submarines or most major weapons systems, although USA in now stupid (cheap) enough to be buying off-the-shelf gear. USA and USSR hardened their major systems for decades.

      19. I read this book awhile back which talked about underground nuclear bunkers. It said that in Sweden, where there is real democracy, the citizens voted on this issue and a law was passed to make it mandatory for all houses to have underground bunkers in case of nuclear attack. Everyone has this protection in Sweden.

        In the United States we have been told by our leaders that such measures would be ineffective, nothing could really protect us from nuclear bomb. However, according to this book, the elite in America have these enormous underground facilities which are so large you could go skiing– all this for top politicians, should they need to get out of harm’s way of nuclear disaster.

        I forgot the name of the book but it basically talks about the hypocrisy in various countries and the difference between fake democracy and real democracy.


          • “…A Republic, if you can keep it.” -Benjamin Franklin

            Sorry, Ben, Thom, George, et al, our country was sold out by a guy named Woodrow, about a hundred years ago.

            A Republic, we were not able to keep.

        • True democracy is fickle mob rule. Our Founders knew this and decided on a constitutional republic instead.

          Over in Sweden you can’t own a gun or carry a knife for that matter. You also can’t say anything inflammatory about anybody without threat of arrest and prosecution.

          The government is full fledged socialism and your not really free if the state limits all your choices to they’re narrow few and you can’t say what you want or defend yourself.

          • Canada also does not have the freedom of speech. America, Costa Rica, and Switzerland are the world’s only decent countries. And America is fast becoming a giant gushing asshole.

            • Are we back to hearing about your anal leakage again. I though you were taking your meds.

      20. Well one thing is sure. Being aware isn’t boring. Prep like your life may depend on it and you will be as ready as you can be.


        PS don’t forget your gun insurance.


        • Hey, Dick– WHAT GUNS??? mine were LOST! I was out on my homemade redneck trimaran built with 3 – 6 inch pvc pipes, “fishing” with all my guns, and I’ll be damned!- the whole mess SANK! Am I stoooopid or what? somehow, I forgot to use the right tool for the job.. should have used my fishing poles to catch fish! dummy me…..


        I subscribe to these guys to keep an eye on them.

        They are a bunch of commies who want to carbon tax your butt and steel your 401k and ira.

        Keep your friends close and the commie’s closer.

      22. If we’re EMP’d, I probably wouldn’t have to go to work anymore–at least for a long time…always a bright side 🙂

        • Probably not, however; unless you have gravity fed spring water, there is always the water toting and purifying and heating.

          If you live in a cold place like we do in the winter, there will be a shit load of firewood to get up and have stacked nearby.

          Just sayin’.

      23. You need to have potassium iodide stored for a nuclear attack so you don’t get thyroid cancer.

        • When you die of radiation poisoning/cancer, at least your thyroid will be good to go.

      24. No if you’ve been on these sites…they already have you tagged as a prepper.
        Also…folks will blow you in. Yeah, we’ve all spoken to our close friends about prepping.

        WHEN…the TSHTF goes down…
        That day… you need to move all your preps off site.

        If the grid went down…and it messed up the food creation and delivery sys.
        Folks will panic buy.

        Let me put that in caps…
        This will trigger negative info. on the preppers…
        Followed by the govt. raiding homes with the help of the Patriot Act.
        Ironic..the most patriotic and prepared people will be targeted.

        Your next prep…is to have a safe off site location where you can transport your preps to.

        Do NOT underestimate the public and close friends and colleagues.

        We are entering the age of the communist state where it was a sport to rat your friends out.

        I’m just saying…

      25. This thought occurred to me when N. Korea made the launch.. it was the first thing I thought of. Question is, does anyone know the orbit of the “payload” that they delivered into space ? If it is geostationary above N. Korea, then we are debating a nonstarter. If it is in a non geostationary orbit that takes it over the US even occasionally, this may be a very real cause for concern.

        Anyone know ?

        • Lady of the Lake said:

          “…live satellite tracking of the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 (launched 12 December 2012 by North Korea) on the satellite tracking site (Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3′s sat # is 39026) and getting a bit antsy when it’s over the US.”

          So not geostationary according to her. I guess we could check it out for ourselves. Learn something new everyday…

        • oUCH, if you go to (www.)* and look up the orbit of satellite tracking #39026 you can see the realtime location of the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 satellite that was launched on 12 December 2012. That satellite is the likeliest candidate for containing a small-package nuclear weapon.

          *Don’t want to put it as a link and get lost in moderation.

          • Just curious….if we can track where it is, do we have the technology to just go ahead and take it out?

            • My memory is that they’ve successfully tested both laser type weapons and kinetic energy weapons to knock out targets in space.

            • Yes wWlt.

              • Which begs the question….”Why don’t we just do it?”

                • Walt: I think WE are just giving them enough rope to hang themselves. The more successful they are, the more they will start to believe their own propaganda. Then they make a mistake and cross a red line….

                  Boom!!! 🙂

                • Walt,
                  because it’s not a threat…
                  From my research on the topic,the smallest emp weapon is in the 3 to 400lb range. That sat is estimated to be less than 100lbs… It’s very similar to the one the iranians put up some years ago named “Omid” I believe.

          • Thanks Lady.. sheesh.. it does cross over us.. nice.

        • And this particular satellite isn’t geostationary, and it does cross over the US at times.

      26. The US Government poses more Danger to the American people than the Koreans ever will.

      27. if there is an EMP attack it’s a flase flag!

        • Kim Dung Un couldn’t mount a EMP (evaporated mouse pellets) attack on the US. It’s all being made up to cover up other real stuff that is going on .

        • “False Flag” or not, we’re still toast if it happens. From the tracking site provided by Lady, it seems like it will be over the central part of the nation sometime around the 15th ( ish ). It appears to be about 430 miles up.. again, “ish”. Seems like it fluctuates.

          • That’s about right, oUCH. I try to keep an eye on all “satellites of interest,” including our own.

            And keep an eye on the altitudes of satellites. One thing I don’t like about our friend Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 is that its altitude has been quite variable. Right now it’s up at around 350 miles, but I’ve seen it go much lower than that — around half that height. That’s a curious attribute, that big a variance in the altitude of an unmanned, theoretically light-on-controllability satellite.

            • Lady,
              It’s in an elliptical orbit…apogee and perigee will change over time before it ultimately comes down.

              When the Iranians put up “Omid” it had a similar orbit but not quite as high on apogee.
              Just before it came down, some 1 or 2 revolutions,, it’s perigee came as close as 100,000 ft, over South America headed northeast and then went out to over a hundred miles…
              I was shocked when it didn’t burn up at that altitude traveling at that speed…but it did on the next rev or two over the south pacific.

              • Jerry, yes, it is, but its altitude variance seems inconsistent with just an elliptical orbit — that characteristic is what made me start paying attention to it. Sometimes it seems to drop down randomly, then go back up, more than its normal orbit would dictate, and it’s usually somewhat quick about it. I watched it drop over 100 miles once, and within ten minutes it was back up to 330 miles, when it should have been stable at the point of its orbit farthest from earth’s surface.

                Mainly it’s just an interesting little satellite. I really don’t think it’s anything to worry about, but it’s given me some enjoyment speculating about it.

                • When I was tracking Omid it also had extreme fluctuation in it’s orbit…I think it just indicates an unstable orbit to begin with. Which might mean it won’t stay up very long…a month or two, or it could be just weeks…
                  We should start a pool on when it’s coming down. 🙂

          • oUCH, actually it will be over us and in fairly optimal central-US locations more frequently than that. Over on the right side of the tracking page, there’s a button that says “5 Day Predictions” — take a look at that. It will show you where it will be and when in relation to your ISP address location (mine shows as south of Chicago, although I really live well to the east of there by a few dozen miles).

            • Yes… cool site. I thank you for bringing it to my attention. I have a new bookmark..

              The fluctuation in altitude could be caused by an actually failed launch and delivery couldn’t it ?

              Perhaps it was actually released into “orbit” too early and perhaps while the propelling rocket was still accelerating.. that might just place it in an odd spherical orbit, a decaying one, that could possible have it “bouncing” in height. I guess a look at altitude records from Dec > now would show whether or not it’s orbit is stable or degrading. With it having a “bounce” in it’s orbit; if that bounce has not been obviously degrading; then it was purposefully placed in such an orbit and is under control. If that “bounce” has been getting measurably, overall “lower”, then it was likely a flubbed launch. IMO.

              • oUCH, its orbit has been pretty stable — speed, altitude range, orbital period. I’d guess that it’s a successful launch, although not knowing if it’s really a weather satellite (as it was supposed to be) or not I can’t say if it’s able to perform its specific duties. But it’s been orbitally stable. All satellites have an altitude range, but this one hasn’t always been as consistent as is normal… sometimes it’s dropped lower than I’d expect, but it’s always gone back to its usual 300+ miles pretty quickly. The first time I saw one of its drops I thought it was a goner, but it zipped back up to its more typical altitude and has mainly stayed there, with occasional drops. Usually you’ll see it up around 300-350 miles up.

      28. 9/11 was a real wake-up call. And you know what they say. “Wake me up once shame on you and steal my covers shame on me we won’t get waked again.”

        • 9/11 was a completely insignificant false flag. We deserved to be attacked on 9/11 after all the bombing and killing we do around the world.

          • i knew it. he just couldn’t get through one topic of posting without removing his head from his ass long enough to stick his foot in his mouth.

            Feel free to quote me on that.

          • Whippersnapper-
            false flag…probably so.
            bombing and crap we (US Gov) do around the world…yep
            But, to say ‘We deserved to be attacked…’ You totally lost track of who was killing whom. The PERPS (likely) were US Gov (or working with them). THEY should be the target! Not the innocent people killed in the towers!
            And, above all else, to call the deaths of about 3000 HUMAN BEINGS ‘insignificant’ is utterly breathtaking in it’s ignorance. Or is it that you are completely devoid of compassion? Only the most infantile of our race demonstrate such a lack.
            Simply AMAZING! Go to the woodshed, boy!
            One more thing- many of us here have gotten into the habit of skipping over your comments, not even bothering to uncover them. I only read this one because of don’t tread’s response. Keep it up and soon you’ll be talking only to yourself….
            You can redeem yourself, but it won’t be easy. You know how. You’ve been told. If not, well, it gets lonely being the smartest, most prepared, most intellectual, most ignored, ass wipe on the playground. Choice is yours…

            **Yeah, I fully expect a ‘screw you okie’ response from you. Prove me wrong….

            • Uncle Okie,

              1. SOP think that the petrodollar, the dollar world reserve currency, and economic sanctions have no real effect on these countries. You’re wrong. They are devastating. People starve to death in foreign countries because of us. The towers were symbols of American evil. Of course they were targeted.

              2. One does not make ideological or policy decisions based on mass hysteria. 3000 people died in a country of 320 million. That is totally insignificant. To devise fusion centers, NDAA, the Patriot Act, and DHS based on this completely inconsequential aviation incident just shows how flighty, self-absorbed, ill-informed, and dim-witted you wrinkled old bastards really are. Do you ever think this stuff through, Okie?

              3. I have a lot of compassion and bravery on a personal level but that is inconsequential when having a debate about politics.

              4. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think of my posts or if you read them or not. I’m not here to be the fucking prom king. I’m here to tell you NARP dingbats abouts the facts of life. I try to get you to think. It’s a hard job.

              • Eisen–

                When was the last time you got a wedgie?

                • More like how many years since he got laid last?

              • Still not feelin the love, are you, Whippersnapper?

                1 and 2 are irrelevant. That’s not where the communication broke down. Speaking on behalf of all the wrinkled old farts in the world, let me say: A lack of diplomacy on your part does not constitute a lack of comprehension on our part. It doesn’t matter what you said. Or if it was true. Or vital to the survival of humanity. Or tomorrows lotto numbers, or anything else. The messenger’s inability to connect with the intended audience, rendered the message irrelevant. Yelling louder won’t fix that.
                3- I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one.
                4- My opinion of you isn’t important. True enough. But, how you are percieved by the majority of readers here IS. And, even more importantly, responding with insults and invective casts doubt even on the veracity of your claim to be here for the purpose of sharing information. I’m beginning to suspect otherwise.
                I’m giving you an in-school suspension and taking away your recess privileges. One more infraction and you’ll go see the principal!

                • Howdy Smokin,

                  “… responding with insults and invective casts doubt even on the veracity of your claim to be here for the purpose of sharing information. I’m beginning to suspect otherwise.”

                  Ummm, Yep. Given the continuous stream of invective – both overt and implied – might could be….

                  Eis, you’re losing it….and us as well…


        • If you want to see what an EMP attack would look lide, look no further than Detroit or Chitcago.

      29. According to Drudge Report, they’re really going after the guns now– Connecticut outlawing guns, some politicians calling for $100,000 gun insurance, etc. and last night I read they want Sheriffs arrested who refuse to go along with Obama’s Gun Grab.

        I hated Bush with a passion, couldn’t stand to look at him on the news and now I feel the same repulsion toward Obummer sh– He’s a horrible person and I can’t stand him anymore! I don’t even want to look at his wife’s photo or HIllary Clinton– none of them care about us –“the People”– or even the Constitution… I really can’t stand any of them anymore. Treason is not an admirable quality.

        • Grasshopper,
          10,000 insurance. Thats what their proposing. They kept the price down so all the inner-city gangbangers could afford the premiums.

          • $10,000 fine if you don’t buy insurance.

          • A way to get everyone nationally registered through the side door is all that is.

        • Grasshopper,

          Hell, i couln’t stand to look at any one of them from day one. Ever since Reagan, we have had nothing but pure evil in the Whitehouse (minus their children).

          The day of reckoning is fast approaching. Their likes will have a big party for a while longer, until their leader is released by Michael the Archangel. Then they will have an even bigger party for a few months; and then…. sudden destruction. Hooray!

        • Compared to Obama ol goofy George was a saint. Wait till 2016 when Hillary who is a high energy and even bigger psycho Than Obama is elected president. We ain’t seen nothing yet. The question is why do we put up with it?

          • @
            John W.
            “……why do we put up with it”?

            Only reason I can think of is; because there are too many of them, and not enough of us.
            The not enough of us, are the ones that see thru their bullshit and lies.

      30. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) assumes we have a leader in the U.S. who is willing to push the button. I can hear it now… “In the interest of the survival of mankind, the United States cannot initiate a global thermonuclear war which would destroy our environment and millions of innocent human beings who have no stake in this conflict. I am therefore announcing our surrender to ___________ (Fill in the blank). The United Nations will implement the orderly transfer of sovereignty.

        • Had’nt thought of that, but you could very well be right. They want us all dead anyway, so selling us out like that would not be an issue for them.

        • @ KentuckyPlowBoy. Best comment I have seen in a long time about BO. This one is a classic. Please everyone give Kentucky above as many green thumbs as possible.

        • @KentuckyPlowBoy,

          Awesome Comment!! So true and would be so easy to do.


      31. I believe that China is behind all this sabre rattling because Oblabla is late on the credit card payment. Heard today that China and Australia are set to get off the dollar as their reserve currency. That just might be the start of the total collapse of the FRN, as if it needs any help.

        • They are giving him the crisis to provide him with the cover to do what he wants. If he comes out smelling like a rose which he will then he is golden for the rest of his term or maybe terms.

      32. Maybe this is why all the Hupta about North Korea– an aside to distract us as they sneak our gun rights away… wouldn’t doubt it.

      33. Sorry to burst the daydreaming, but North Korea does not have the capacity to fire a missile that far. Does anyone here understand that there is a big difference between having a nuclear bomb, and having a nuclear warhead that you can fire accurately?

        “Super EMP weapons exist, and in all likelihood North Korea has such a weapon” –Really? Why “in all likelihood”, Mac? Why would a country that can produce almost nothing have a super EMP weapon? And a way to accurately send it to the other side of the earth to detonate on cue?

        • Maybe the Fat Bastard bought one from China?

        • this country that “can produce almost nothing”

          has produced a couple of nuclear weapons

        • It would seem to me, that if they can orbit a satellite, then they should be able to put a small nuclear device into orbit.

          To create an EMP, you detonate a nuclear device at high altitude, since the effect of an EMP is line-of-sight.

          I could be wrong, but I would think the engineering for delivering a nuclear weapon on a specific target and simply orbiting one would be very different.

        • @Tenet,

          If you can put some thing in space and track it you can pull it off. They have and they can.


      34. With the current release of red dawn, does this new threat seem a little phony? This looks like the type of media hype that I saw describe false Lybia events, Syrian events… If this is such a threat than why all the sudden does our country not strike first like it always does. Why are we not manning the defenses. Did Sadam, Bin Laden declare war? We a country (Iraq) that had nothing to do with 911, if we are attacked it will be from another stand down order. Don’t be fooled into thinking any country who had a 911 would let any country make a threat like that and not do something right away? Keep your eyes out for a patriot act ndaa spanking.

      35. could we please stop giving these idiots all over the world ideas on how to fry us?

        • AMEN! LOL.

        • They’ve been hashing this crap out for decades, nothing you can think up, that thier paid, fanatical, think-tanks have’nt already dreamed up.

      36. I have lately been on the intense dangers of biological weapons from North Korea because bio-weapons scare the hell out of me and something that is an extreme threat to the survival of human beings if and when released. There is though the aspect of North Korea with its nuclear weapons, and that are COBALT BOMBS.

        A cobalt bomb has been classified as the ultimate dirty bomb. While cobaltite is rare and North Korea would find it expensive to purchase, a nuke can be salted with Zinc 64 which would be twice as strong as Cobalt 59 at first. Cobalt 60 the radioactive byproduct would be much stronger years down the road. Zinc would still be cheaper and easier to obtain. Such a dirty bomb would let loose a death dust as far as the wind takes it after a nuke was detonated. Lots of square miles. A regular dirty bomb is simply radioactive materials to be spread by a conventional explosive.

        Such a salted nuke could make very large areas of land totally dead for many years and not livable for decades. North Korea or some terrorist with a cargo ship could make an entire area into a radioactive wasteland with such a dirty nuke. A huge major port such as in Los Angeles or Houston after such a dirty North Korean nuke going off would be made into a true graveyard in which even the plant life would mostly dead. Here is a couple of articles to further read about dirty nuclear bombs.

      37. ch10, most of our forces and weapon systems are outside of the US. Electronics have to be within range of the EMP burst before they can be fried. The military has supposedly already shielded all of their weapons systems’ electronics, anyway. However, I agree it would be best to try to prevent it beforehand if at all possible. There are other players who could try it like Iran, Russia, China, etc. Looking for enemies? Take your pick. There’s a whole world that would love to see us fall. If anybody has a EMP weapon in orbit, it needs to be neutralized before anything can happen. Otherwise, the scenarios outlined in “One Second After” or “Lights Out” will become reality. In OSA, last chapter, it was estimated only 30,000,000 people were still alive in the US 1 year after the EMP event and that was only an estimate. Nobody had any idea about a true figure. braveheart

        • Shat da ferk up Brave turd !

      38. Random Thoughts:

        a) I thought I’d heard the payload on the NK satellite was too small to house a nuke. Anyone else hear that?

        b) NK does nothing w/o its Chinese Overlord’s permission. In my opinion, we need to be asking what the Chinese are up to.

        c) If NK did launch an EMP attack against the US, it would only be if China was offering its nuclear deterrent to protect NK.

        d) The interceptors based at Ft. Greely could knock down anything launched from NK. I’m sure we have ABM capable ships in the area as well.

        e) I’ve never eaten dog.

        f) The situation still scares the crap out of me. EMPs are #2 on my list of reasons to prep. (#1 is economic collapse).

        g) Bet you didn’t know this:,30379/


        • I especially like “e)”never eaten dog”. Hope I never have to.

          You know it’s been one hell of a turn of events if people are saying; “Maybe the preppers ate your dingo”.

        • Yes, Mal: And because dog is a delicacy in NK they sent up a pair of goldfish instead. Hey! That’s what I heard! 🙂

      39. The proposal for gun owners insurance will never fly. Not one insurance company anywhere will write such a policy for anyone and even if someone did, I will never buy it. Whoever tries to break in on me better have their insurance paid up. If they get in, it will end tragically for them. braveheart

        • Time for your meds Ralph boys !

        • This insurance thing got me thinking. If Obama can pass a “tax” on health care, I can now almost see him passing a national annual “permit tax” ( almost like a hunting/fishing permit) on top of the usual permit fees applied at the local level to be collected by gun range owners, gun sellers, and not unlike a new ammo tax, a gun purchase tax, and justified as needed to pay for “gun safety” initiatives and the like, when really would pay for the gun ownership database and other unrelated government pork projects. The real objective is to make gun ownership unaffordable to the masses. Health insurance is already becoming unaffordable , the promise of “Obamacare” coverage for all not withstanding.

          Think about it. That is how Chief Justice Roberts passed what was clearly an unconstitutional health care mandate that even the proponents hadn’t thought of. Make it a tax, since that is “constitutional” as of 1913.

          Of course this would not be described as “registration” but the reality is it would be a blatant back door to registration (the precursor to confiscation). After all, to tax something, it implies that you must have it registered. If not registered, then the FEDS get you on TAX evasion. Easier to prosecute.
          Hmmm, isn’ this how they nailed even Al Capone?

      40. Chantilly Lady, I’ve read that report before. It really is some food for thought, not to mention absolutely frightening. braveheart

      41. Bread and circuses… or better yet Kabuki theater. Watch the other hand. Or in the world as we know it today – Multi-fingered hands.

        It’s like the game of ‘whack a mole’. Pick a poison and drink slowly because indigestion is a side-effect.

        Mac, I love this site – true fact, but I think many are Running With Scissors on ‘run here, run there’ comments. I spend much time on discerning fact from fiction from just plain dumb speculation.

        I landed here to keep an ear on the ground – and you do a spectacular job of putting the news out;…. but, somehow it seems to be lost in translation of prepping for X.

        OKay, I’m just ranting because it’s become too tiresome to look for actual good suggestions & helpful information in the quagmire of BS speculation. I hate long good-byes, but I truly believe this site has become a sound board rather than originally intended. I suppose if attracting 500+ comments per post is the objective, then I would shake your hand and say ‘excellent’. I realize you don’t condone, represent, police the participants that comments, but it’s becoming very diluted off topic.

        Best wishes to all… ~..~ TG

        • I hope you stick around, TG. You’re one of my favorite posters. If you choose not to, it was very nice getting to “know you” while you were here.

          ~ Daisy

        • Fair enoughTrail Guide.

          OK, lets get back to practical issues re EMP: I have noticed some ammocans that are 4 times the size of the the 50calibers. They are metal, rubber gasket and have a snap down lock on both ends instead of a hinge as seen on the 50 cal cans.


          What are these used for in the military? grenades?

          With the rubber seal theoretically acting as a vapor/water/air barrier, will the “space” caused by this rubber casket compromise the integrity of these as EMP proof containers?

          Thinking of keeping most of my radio , computer, memory and other electronics in these. Perfect size, durable, water proof, and if the gaskets are in good shape and you throw a dessicant in it and apply a film of silicone grease on the seal, should be OK, right?

          • EMP cannot get through a metal window screen, so as long as your spaces were smaller than those you might be fine. But I am thinking the rubber gasket space would be too large and nullify your protection.

            • Howdy PP.

              The priciple of a Farday cage relys on the actuality of Maxwells equations applied to a conductor. All resident excess charge (including a time-varying charge ) MUST reside on the effective surface of same (topologically)

              Translated this is the reason that ANYTHING that is funadamentally of the AC persuasion is ALWAYS of the stranded conductor sort…DC DOES transmit through the BODY of a conductor, hence to transmit it you always use SOLID conductor.

              That said, the efflux fromam EMP is broad-banded, icluding, but not limited to radio, microwave and EVEYTHING else. “Chiclen wire’ would stop anyhting with an average wavelength of greater than or equal to the spacing between the strands of wire BUT NOT something that was smaller than that. This is a situational question inasmuch as it depends on what you are expecting; for a nuke you’d PROBABLY be alright with chiken wire…maybe…if you WEREN’T relatively near to the blast itself. But do you want to risk a critical asset to the chance that you – or me, or anyonme else – has misread the facts? That said, I’d go with the average trashcan with a relatively close fitting lid (metal).

              A commonm misconception is that an EMP – either originating from the Sun or elsewhere – would neccessitate a ground strap to local ground…NOT so by the observation above with respect to Maxwell’s equations…any excess disturbance would pas around the continuous surface of the conductor and thence from one end and out the other…the interior would ‘see’ no net flux…period. In the case of a Solar event of HIGH magnitude you would WANT to not only cut the ‘mains’ at your local dsitribution panel but ALSO physically CUT the ground strap which passes from all such to local ground, Why?

              During the Carrington event some few hundred years ago (1859) the natural ground voltages were seen to RISE from the standard floating value of relative zero to SEVERAL hundred volts!! Were your house STILL connected to such the voltage would ride up the ground line into the panel potentially frying everything still connected to same through the grounded plugs in the walls of your home.

              Hope that helps everyone’s understanding of this thing…there are a WHOLE lot off misconceptions floating around ALL over with respect to…


            • It requires a long wire to induce a large current to have an EMP effect. Anything that is not plugged in will be fine. A steel ammunition can will block any EMP which will not be an issue anyway with a free standing device no hooked up to any antenna type device i.e. a long wire inductor the power grid.

          • Most likely you are thinking about 40mm cans. They hold ammo for the MK19 grenade launcher.

      42. Ah, Kim Jong Un, He’s that cute little pudgy dictator over there in Korea. So cute and cuddly. Grandma would’ve loved to pinch his little pudgy cheeks.
        Maybe he should go on Moochelle’s weight loss program.

      43. I wonder if he listens to the ACDC tune about having Big Balls?

        • HAH!

          …GOOD ONE Ug!


      44. This is just more hype.. Nothing more .. Life is to short people.. Stop worrying and enjoy this summer .. It’s here again.. AND SO ARE WE!!

        So.. Don’t miss it.. You won’t be able to have this summer Again.. And that is a fact!!

        All theHaters just give me the thumbs down..But don’t forget that my middle finger is always up!

      45. Sure hope those Faraday cages sit idly by for a long time. An EMP event is possible, but very unlikely from NK; at least on the mainland. Hawaiian Islands is a more possible scenario.

        I’m more worried about a screwed up teacher being allowed to carry a handgun at a school where my grandkids are.

        The thirty five that were busted in Atlanta for changing student tests scores in order to get a bonus; would not hesitate to leave their handgun in an unlocked drawer for a handful of benjamins. At least that is how low of a human being I would catagorize them.

        That is just another reason for me to say, teachers should teach and not be security personnel also. A full time, trained, person; man or woman, with a gun and a night stick. The night stick for any dumbass student that makes a move towards that guard, to try and get their gun.

        How would a teacher, a five foot 110 lb. woman fend off a couple of dumbass thug/bully students that made a move to get her gun away from her?
        Locked up you say? Kids have a way of getting into things and pulling pranks. If a student with a gun were in the same room with the teacher that had theirs locked away, and the student started firing; what’s the teacher gonna do? Say hold it, hold it, I need to unlock my desk where my gun is stored?

        Naw, i think this “teachers with guns” thing needs to be thought thru a bit more. Just sayin’.

        • I say we arm all the “lunch room ladies”

          remember those ??
          the ones with the permanent scowl etched on their faces
          and the hair nets ??

          I still have nightmares about the one who patrolled
          my elementary school lunch room

          she was the female version of Freddie Krueger
          before there was a Freddie Krueger !

          • ‘lunch room ladies’ !!! Oh…my…aching sides! Think I cracked a rib laughing so hard! The memories…the flashbacks…the nightmares! Damn, Satori, you aught to put a warning on your comments!

            • sorry Okie

              didn’t mean to bring back bad memories

              our lunch room lady was named Marjorie

              she’s got to be about 200 years old by now

              but I swear I still see her skulking about in Walmart from time to time

              my therapist said there is nothing he can do for me

              just gonna have to deal with the nightmares

              I still get cold chills every time I see a hairnet !!!

        • don’t tread
          Thumbs down or not, I have to agree with you again.
          Teachers shouldn’t have to multi-task.
          How many people would put their life on the line
          for their various forms of employment?
          Not Joe French-Fry slinging burgers down
          at Mickey Ds, I’m sure.

          • I expected the red thumbs. People are too quick to make a judgement without thinking things thru. I don’t have anything against teachers but, some people are just too damn touchy and take what I am saying out of context.

            I’m sure there are many teachers out their that would put their lives on the line to protect their students if need be. What i am saying is that, they shouldn’t have to.

            I truly believe there are too many risks and variables that need to be considered before arming teachers. I’ve read that over 60% of the population is on some kind of prescription medication. Are teachers willing to expose their medical history and current drug usage? I don’t want my grandkids around any teacher on any type anti-depressant medications, much less one with a gun stuck inside her pantyhose.

      46. Ah, yes…a flash bang sizzle, then everything goes dark. Not Hardly! Just protect yourself. I’m selling galvanized 30gal trash cans at $400 apiece. Lids at no extra charge. So far, only the gov is buying. But, what the heck, it was my money to begin with. Might as well get some of it back from them.
        If any of y’all are interested, you can order the Okiefried Auntie EM(p) model Farraday cage at 10% discount if you say you hate the government….

        • Smokin….I’ll take 7 of them. But I don’t hate the Govt so you may want to charge me an additional 60%. Now, I’m dissapointed with the Govt and believe we USA have an agenda that none of us will like, except the commies.

          Its us that is allowing all of this to pursue on. To tell the truth, I lost hope in 2012 after elections.

          But what can we really do on a World Order level? If the USA is asleep, what can a few citizens do that knows what is going on?

          • Ugly, nah, you get ’em at my cost (about $8). The excess profit is only for trolls and gov agencies. 🙂
            And, you bring up some interesting questions. I don’t really know what we can do, other than what we already are. Keep preppin the best we can. And, even though it seems late in the game, keep trying to wake up anybody that’ll listen. All the best to you, Ug. Don’t let the daily dose of crap news get you down. You have many friends here. Keep the faith!

            Sometimes it helps to sort of unplug for a day or so and relax. The crash will probably go on without us.
            So, for me, it’s back to the vortex-
            I got the new Kelly Clarkson/Vince Gill song playing over and over on youtube. “Baby, Don’t Rush….oooh aaah oooh aaah…” If this ain’t the coolest…the Smooooothesssst… the best damn swishin’ swayin song out right now, I’ll eat my hat. (the new Stetson, not the old one with the mud and diesel stains)….

            (okie sings karaoke, badly) ‘Stoppin’ every minute, Just because you’re in it, Wishin’ every day was Sunday….ooh, aaah I don’t know the words….oooh aaah’

      47. I’ve got the electronics i want to save in a galvanized metal trash can from Home Depot for $20.

        • Try climbin in it braveheart and while holding your breath for 3 minutes, wrap a HOT towel around your head and dial 911 to see who gives a shit ?

      48. Should North Korea do such a thing, the US would not only nuke North Korea but China as well. WW3 would start and end on the same day. The world as we know it would end.

        • I think that might depend on whether the president would remain as commander in chief. I don’t think he would ever give such an order. He seems much more like the apologize to China and Drone N Korea over many months type of guy.

          If on the other hand the Generals took control – which I do believe is a real possibility, I think you might be correct.

          Either way the little guy will be screwed, screwed, screwed. And it won’t much matter to my family.

        • Please. Who do we have as president? As yet he is still doing fund raisers in the Bay Area. He quite frankly could not care less. Plus I am sure he has already discussed the game plan with the NKs and Chinese.

      49. Is the N. Korean satellite supposed to be dropping in altitude about 2 miles a minute?

        • That’s about normal for it, ptmama. But it does have a wide altitude range for a theoretically low-control satellite. That’s the reason most analysts thought it was out of control soon after it launched and would crash, but it’s still up there doing whatever it’s doing. That altitude range has kept it on my radar since the launch, though — it’s an unusually wide range.

      50. Faraday cage will not work for gamma rays

        • Gamma rays are merely higher frequency radio or light waves. Higher frequency means shorter wavelength, which in turn means that the Faraday cage must have no holes as large as that wavelength. That wavelength is so short that the Faraday cage should be solid metal, as in a trash can lid, not a screenwire cage.

          In short, a proper solid Faraday cage will work for gamma rays.

      51. Sorry, I aint buying it, that mook isnt capable of blowing his nose right,.

        Now , ..something happining on purpose and it getting blamed on him? now that I would buy

      52. What if the real enemy is not the N. Koreans, the Iranians, the government, Oblama, democrats, terrorists, etc? What if the real enemy is well hidden and is feeding off of all of this conflict, war, fear, hatred and anger? What if the human race was never meant to be divided? What if we are the ones fueling this fire?

        • So what is the real enemy? ETs ? Demons? Preppers? You should write science fiction/thriller short stories, I’m hooked.

          • Every known ancient culture, as well as most of the current cultures, have specific references to entities outside the visible light spectrum. They have a number of different descriptions… demons, jin, overlords, gods, archons, etc, and a host of specific names to go with them. The purpose of these entities seems to be, to keep the part of us that we call the “spirit”, locked in time and space via our own consent. Their method is straight forward… get us to fixate on good and evil over all else. Even more, to accept evil in order to have good. Self-ness and survival becomes the dominating symptoms in such a paradigm.

            This spiritual conditioning makes us highly vulnerable at physical death to accept whatever story they want to tell us in order to feed our spirits back into their paradigm loop. Some say this has been going on for millions of years, but one thing is certain, this is not a progressive timeline that we are on, with starting and ending points. This can be demonstrated with the evidence of advanced cultures that existed all over the planet in times past and then seemingly vanished.

            This program runs completely on consent. Nothing is done to you that you have not consented to. They plant the ideas and deceive us on a multigenerational scale, but that’s fair play to them. That is why it is called con-sent. With their persistent and methodical influence, they raise up cultures (like in a Petri dish) that will eventually annihilate themselves and others. This cycle seems to create an energy that is their food. When one cycle ends, another is begun.

            ET’s? No… they will show you so-called extraterrestrials at some point if necessary, but the real key to galactic travel was never to overcome distances with crafts and ships, but rather to overcome time and hence, space. Because they exist outside of time, this has never been an obstacle for them.

            Their primary tool of control is currencies, which eventually leads us to applying abstract values to all that has been created, including life.

            They are analogous to a cancer and they seem to be attempting to destroy or completely highjack the original order and more specifically, us with it. To them, there is something very powerful and dangerous about us even though we can’t see it or have “forgotten” it.

            • What a crock.

            • Hello,

              I agree with DumbDude, I’m hooked.

              I had a personal experience that might interest you. I was stuck midway on a hill and could neither continue up nor did I feel it was safe to go back down the way I came. While sitting there wondering what the hell to do, I had a vision. In that vision I was a being of pure light and was shimmering, bunt somehow also looked very much like a silverfish (you know the bugs you see in bathrooms) upright on its tail. I was with many others. There was a feeling of clear apprehension and persuasion but really with a spirit of camaraderie and in a playful sort of way. The best thing I could relate it to was when a group of children stand at the side of a pool all daring each other to jump in the cold water. You know how they’ll pretend to all go together and then no one actually jumps. Well it was a bit like that.

              Anyways I was there like this silverfish and playing this game and then got up the nerve to just “dive in”. I moved beyond a surface and it was absolutely shocking, a total rush and, super intense like nothing the silverfish me was feeling at all. It all seemed to happen in a flash but thinking back on it I could get a deteriorating memory of being born, living and loving, the pain, passion, sorrow, loss, and ecstasy of an entire human life. But it also seemed timeless as I was back across the surface and back with the silverfish again in a mere instant. And just then the vision was over and I was on the hill again.

              I was pretty blown away by the vision, but on coming to, I just laughed at myself and easily maneuvered down the hill, back to the group of folks I was with.

              I don’t think about it often, but I will never forget that.

              It sounds a bit like what you are talking about, but a lot less sinister.

              Absolutely true story, I promise I’m not yanking your chain.

              • Thanks for sharing FarOut. Great story and not an isolated one. Each experience, like yours, seems to be tailored for the individual, and are happening with greater frequency. Don’t know what it all means exactly, but I do know that once a person chooses to “let go” of their be-lie-f system (which is usually a mishmash of teachings from other humans) and seek the answers no matter where the lead, the standard explanations and material paradigm become worthless in explaining almost everything.

      53. This article is bullshit. North Korea doesn’t have the capability to explode a nuclear device over the US any more than the man in the moon shits in the woods in Alabama. They MAY have developed nuclear capability and then again, they may not. I have my doubts. They are experts at brinkmanship and have bullshitted every American ruler since the Korean war ceasefire that they were getting ready to annihilate the imperialist capitalist Americans in a flaming sea of fire. These “concerned officials” are nothing more than zionist shills trying to scare the shit out of stupid Americans while they are all zoned out jacking off watching american idol. This is disgusting warmongering bullshit and nothing else. The people you all need to be really really afraid of are all the psychopathic assholes running our government. They are the one’s that are running all around the world killing people and will initiate something horrible on Americans. The North Koreans are simple people living in 19th century conditions. Their government are sick fucks just like ours but they do not have the technical or industrial infrastructure to launch nuclear weapons around the world or to fight a conventional war for very long.

        • @ CrabbeNebulae. If you don’t believe the missile capacity, this is understandable, but the seismic records all over the world, not just the USGS, of their nuclear tests don’t lie. They have nukes. Anyone capable of developing nukes is capable of developing an absolutely horrifying biological weapon(s). This and other articles are not fear mongering, they are allowing people to read the possibilites of what that fat Porky could do.

          You look at these cults like in Japan that wanted to use biological attacks to kill as many as possible, and would have if they had the facilities to develop such. North Korea is regarded for one to have every chemical weapon ever made, as in intelligence magazines such as Jane’s. Biological weapons are not that difficult make, and if these manure traps in the Middle East can go it, so can the Koreans. The North Korea regrime begun way before smallpox was contained finally in 1977, and you can bet they have this. Other viral agents are just not that difficult to obtain from outbreaks around the world. The technology is there for the most basic graduate student in microbiology to create awful bugs, just not the industry behind them. North Korea has this industry in force, probably even more put into this than anywhere now in the world per capita.

          If people are not frightened by an EMP, or nuclear weapons, they should be deathly afraid of bio-weapons. Go into a store and pick up a 5 lbs bag of flour, if that was full of anthrax it could kill about 100,000 people if properly dispersed. While everyone is so freaken concerned about Mexicans coming to work in the U.S. they allow this porous open border in which terrorists and/or state sponsored terrorists can easily smuggle in enough anthrax to kill tens of millions. They smuggle dope all the time in and the texture and how it is hidden is really no different than a bio-weapon. By the way some terrorist doesn’t need a crop duster to spread this sh&* if they know anything about air patterns and temperature inversions of a metro area.

          North Korea is not a country to be taken with a grain of salt, not when they have such a storage of the deadliest pathogens known to man. Their mountains are also rich in uranium ore, which means they likely have many more nukes than what the media tells us, 8-10, yeah right. Nuclear bombs have always been the equalizer in war and something again not to be taken with a grain of salt. Their buzz rockets are definitely something to question.

          • Thanks @Be informed. I stand by my assertion. GO BACK AND READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF THE ARTICLE. Then re-read the article and see how it slowly segues into a bunch of fear mongering, warmongering bullshit based on nothing more than boogy man theology suggesting all kinds of shit that could happen using North Korea as the perpetrator. Don’t let your imagination carry you away. All the crap they talk about and suggest that North Korea could do this that or the other is typical propaganda to paint the North Koreans as the biggest boogy man on the planet. The fact is that America is the biggest boogy man on the planet and America has these capabilities, North Korea does not. This shit can happen, but it won’t be the North Korean’s that do it. It will be your friendly American zionist controlled shit fucks trying to set up an excuse (false flag) to kill 20 million innocent people who have done nothing to them and whose government they have been trying to control for the last sixty years but have been unable to force to their knees to suck some zionist dick. Most Americans have no clue what the North Koreans have except what the zionist shills scare them into believing. A few citizens may figure out that North Korea has a million man army with a large contingent of WWII possibly upgraded variant artillery and other equipment, a dilapidated 1950/1960’s airfarce, and a coastal defense Navy with a whole bunch of amphibious landing craft, missile patrol boats, midget submarines and few old reverse engineered Russian attack submarines. They don’t even know for sure what it was, that the NK’s allegedly launched into orbit, if anything. It’s my understanding based on what other more technologically advanced countries have done (America included) that have launched satellites into orbit that they don’t launch sophisticated weaponry into orbit on the first try because they can’t. They have to crawl before they can walk so to speak. The whole idea of North Korea launching some sophisticated nuclear or biological weapon system into orbit on their first successful launch is totally absurd! The top level assholes in our government are playing American ignorance and fear like a fine tuned fiddle and they are doing everything they can to scare the shit out of all of you so they can attack another country that is no threat to anyone but themselves. All of them except those at the very top are as brainwashed about North Korea as the North Koreans are about America. North Korea does not have a monopoly on brainwashing their citizens!! The one’s at the top are totally blinded by power and their own self importance that they will do anything to destroy the North Koreans even if they have to fuck up their own country to do so. These psychopaths have no respect for the Korean people (North or South) any more than they have respect for the Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistani’s, or American citizens for that matter, and they have done everything they could to destroy and degrade the South Korean people, their culture and traditional values and way of life. They have infected the minds of South Korean government bureaucrats with the smell of money and power as well as the ROK (Republic of Korea) military brass. The ROK generals and admirals are just as addicted to power and their own bullshit image as the Americans. Most of them are just like a bunch of monkey’s running around sticking their chest out like they are fucking important, playing monkey see monkey do, being disgustingly subservient following orders of American generals. I did not just read this in a book. Just saying.

            • @ CrabbeNubulae. The one thing that worries me the most about myself, others around me, and the people on this site are germs and not being able to defend against it. Those people are starving over there and like any dictator they don’t care about their own people and are capable of just about anything IF they have the weapons to do so. North Korea has nukes, but the biology part is what is most concerning because it is a poor man’s nuclear bomb and then some. I see these new natural pathogens popping up all over the planet in humsn, animals and plants. Something engineered under ideal conditions to grow and strenghten to the most virulent it can be is beyond frightening. This can get loose from any country under the attack of war accidentally.

              I have seen them get better and better at rocketery, but I doubt that they could get something to go the 5800 miles, but I am not exactly sure of this. As for the U.S., I think the total lack of trust of at least the 1% of preppers and those that own guns kind of proves that many issues you bring up with his close ties with many people in their beliefs. The world is in some major league decay and we all need to prepare as much as possible when the true free fall begins from whatever reasons. Free fall as in SHTF and then some. It sure seems like one morning or even during the day it will begin.

        • “North Korea doesn’t have the capability to explode a nuclear device over the US any more than the man in the moon shits in the woods in Alabama.”

          STARK-RAVING hilarious Crabbie…the BEST one-liner I’ve heard in a coon’s age…Tip o’ the Hat!! 😉

          In truth, No…they don’t, the Iranians don’t either. They’d SURE like everyone to THINK they do, but even with the existent academic knowledge that is out there is is a MONMENTAL task to develop both the weapon AND the transport capable of projecting it across the distance involved….the shear number of specific ultra-accurate, no-fail systems involved is HUGE. Admittedly, one could beleive that ‘all of it adds up’ but it doesn’t…not NOW, it doesn’t. Give then another 5-7 years and they might manage it IN TANDEM with each other.
          That of course presupposes that NK is STILL around through that time and truthfully, we have reason to beleive that – internally – they are in BAD shape. I posted through on that at the bottom of this forum.
          That NK has nukes is beyond question, BI and I have both seen the signature pulses that were recorded a while back ago.

          Again though, BI IS right on the ‘bio’ that’s absolutely sh_t-scary stuff…scares me! Still that’s likely to be why we are showing the force we are right now and getting things in position around them…to stop it from getting loose outside of NK if that place goes ‘tit’s-up’ chaos after a Fall. Everything else that the gov is doing is just for putting on a good show in front of the general public…makin’ the most of it.

          Incidentally BI, we’ve started having what looks to be the start of a new ‘cluster’ up around to the east off the coast of the northern Japanese main Island…is that correct? What do you think Friend?


        • Hard to believe you got all those thumbs down. Obviously most posters on this site are not preppers but dumb shits like most of the population.

          • The thumbs down tells me there are a bunch of government shills trolling these boards using thumbs down to discredit the truth. There are too many people on this board that post truthful comments about political issues who subsequently get “red thumbed” into oblivion. Just saying.

      54. EMP over America from NK:
        I don’t have a clue about this subject and I don’t think anyone here else has either. Yes i did read “One second after” Started me prepping. Be honest please

      55. Un has created his own exiled state. What happens after he’s chewed off his own feet?

      56. Putin to Russian officials: close foreign accounts

      57. @ Everyone. Did some measurements on the flight path of an ICBM on the globe, can’t do this accurately on a flat map, and found out what it would take. The distance between middle U.S. and North Korea is about 6100 miles, the standard distance of most USSR ICBM’s of the 1960’s and 1970’s. However because the Earth is rotating, any ICBM travelling from west to east will gain some miles while in flight. At the latitudes that the missile would be travelling the planet is rotating about 600-700 mph. ICBM’s are normally in flight for about 1/2 hour. So the missile will gain about 300-350 miles.

        IF the planet was still the distance would be 6100 miles, but it isn’t and that extra 300 or so miles makes the ICBM necessary to travel only 5700-5800 miles instead of 6100 miles. This may seem small, but when you are talking about North Korean buzz rockets it can be the difference, weight for one thing. So an EMP is possible and with lower yield warheads from an article I found about this that I sent earlier that Mac has to approve first.

        I still say that Porky would use a much, much, much less traceable virus to hurt the world than use an EMP as first choice. But who knows, Porky could do anything and an EMP would be a lot more spectacular to Porky’s ego and North Korea than a super bug released at various airports. Of course North Korea would look like one of the dead asteroids after such an EMP attack. This is why someone that would want to survive would go the sneaky and coward method of blaming Al Qaeda or Hezbollah for such a bio-attack and even infect his own people to prove it.

        This was really a good article Mac, I looked up some information and really learned something today. Now if you or someone else could figure out what is going on in Porky’s mind over there, that would be a gold medal winning article. Unfortunately, only that weirdo Dennis Rodman has any contact with Porky. They say Porky loves basketball, he sure looks like a basketball, maybe Michael Jordan or someone else with a mind other than “tapeworm” Rodman would like to try to go over there and figure out little fat boy.

        • @ Satori. Once again you catch something before almost any of us have a chance to read about it, thank you. What I want to know about H7N9 is how deep into the respiratory system is this virus. The other bird flu was very deep, and thus not hardly as contagious to others. Shallow flus that are more in the nasal and throat areas are very contagious as what we see each flu season. If this germ is shallow and virulent, we all have some serious manure coming to us. Maybe Merree or someone else could find the depth of the H7N9 virus in the airways.

      58. The truth’s own mother wouldn’t recognize it anymore. NK has been saber rattling for so long for the explicit reason that when the actual action takes place, no one will take their crying wolf seriously.

        You know what to do. Fly low and stay cool.

        Citizen Pariah

      59. DOES uss liberty , uss maine , gulf of tonkin , 9/11 OR 3/11 etc etc RING A BELL FOR ANYONE

        funny how quickly every one forgets who it is that actually is the persons who are physically attacking ameriKa …

        YOUR OWN DAMN BANKERS (FREEMASONS) (industrial war complex) AND GOVERNMENT (CIA / FBI / US MILITARY ) AND ISREAHELL (ISREAL) who is attacking ameriKa and killing her puppet presidents who buck the oligarchy system .

        north korea isn’t the threat … its your own ZOG FASCIST wanna be RED MARXIST COMMIE government thats the threat !!!


      60. I HOPE THEY DO IT FOR REAL … there’s a congressman who lives just a mile from me on a nice sweet ranch that i’ll be visiting when the SHTF .


        • Nina let see if that comment gets your office from the served service.

          Oh forgot about the ocean that desperate you and them.

          • Visit from the served service.

            • Secret.

        • the secret who ?

          you mean the family rothchilds nwo zog trained dogs and thugs ?

          ooooh i’m shaking in my slippers and man thong .




            A brief little history lesson of the (British) Secret Service that serves in AmeriKa as the Family Rothchilds Enforcers and Assassins with a open license to kill on AmeriKan soil at will anyone who poises a threat to the NWO and Global Banker Family Rothchilds Global NWO EMPIRE Plans , even AmeriKan Puppet Prez’s .

            The ‘Ugly Secret’ Of world War Two


            the AmeriKan traitor Prescott Bush created the Secret Service in AmneriKa after WW2

            The Rockefeller, Carnegie and Harriman families had been long term financial backers of eugenics programs which let inevitably to the Nazi concentration camp experiments. The Bush family had invested heavily in industrial plants before and during WWII .

            George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany .

            His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz .


            Crimes of the Prescott Bush dynasty


            • posted correction …

              the AmeriKan traitor Prescott Bush created the (MODERN) Secret Service in AmeriKa after WW2 .

              the original secret service was created by A real American President Abe Lincoln to later transform become the NWO ZOG FREEMASON controlled MAFIA ENFORCERS ASSASSINS ORGANIZATION it is now today .



              • Now you’re sounding desperate and behaving like that JQP guy.

                Wouldn’t be compensating for something there, would you, Wee Willy Winky?

      61. Hell, the people of N. Korea live without electricy NOW, don’t they? I welcome the change of pace! Let’s get this party started!

      62. Shoot it down, eff em.

      63. An EMP would hurt the banksters a lot more than it would hurt me.

        Please people… cut the crap with the MacGyver build a Faraday cage, plant some seeds, tie fishing line to shotgun triggers stuff.

        • @ 22winmag. An EMP from any country or especially the Sun like back in 1859 would cut power to the water pumping stations that bring water to our homes for months or longer. That is a whopping problem for almost everyone.

          • Howdy BI,

            As usual I’m late to the party 😉

            I see we’re playing the NK ‘what-if’ game again…I wouldn’t sweat this one too much…neither they nor the Iranians have got ‘what it takes’ in this case. Most of what we see now is an attempt to ‘ring-fence’ NK inasmuch as it appears that – internally – they are about to collapse. We placed some really nasty little sanctions against them some bit ago…beyond the normal (I’ve got a link here somewhere…) and at this point they are in BAD shape. Having said that, I agree with you on the issue of the ‘bio’ that’s a SCARY one. And that too would serve to explain our interest in them as well at this point…to not let any of that out of the country in the event of chaos. Curiously, it appears that China is massing troops alonmg the border in an odd fashion…like they are thinking the same thing… containment…not aggression.

            You are not incorrect as to the size of the weapon involved – I saw your speculation above – but there is a modifier involved. IF they KNEW exactly how it was done the equation would change by a factor of 4…it’s the exact composition of the casing materials as you would expect…and THAT’S something that is way above most people’s pay-grades as it were.

            Anywho, gotta go for a bit..I’ll check in later Y’all


            • Don’t know if you’ll see this JOG, no biggie if you don’t. A year or two ago I had an odd Idea that the whole stratospheric nuke EMP effect could be being oversold as a brilliant misinformation campaign to get a rogue nation or terror group to waste their one precious nuke. They set if off up there and… little fallout, no major casualties, and only minor electrical disruption. It would be an absolutely brilliant ploy if it worked.

              What do you think? Could they be overselling some of the ionizing atmosphere E1,2, or 3 effect? Or is it the sort of think that can’t be fudged.

      64. Ok, no more importing of Kimchi!

      65. Judging by their past rocket attempts id say they’d nuke them selves before getting to us but there still is a good chance that wont happen. Be Prepared Stay Alive.

      66. You know… something’s really fishy when you have both a movie and a video game predicting this exact event years in advance.

        Just sayin’.

        • James Cameron’s “Dark Angel” was made around 2000. It features ubiquitous drones, facial recognition, a Depression caused by “The Pulse” (an EMP)in 2009, widespread poverty, military exoskeletons, and a police security state all extant in a fictitious present in 2019 or so. This is the background of the series.

          The best science fiction is a playground for the mind. People with a wide knowledge base are able to take obscure developments in the present and extrapolate them to the future.

          It isn’t necessarily a conspiracy.

          • “Wag the Dog”, 1997. About Albania.
            NATO bombs Yugoslavia (on behalf of Albania?): 1999

            About North Korea, I think TPTB already decided their fate. Its just a bad place from what I saw in a video on an escaped prisoner. Evil leaders imprison children born in prison and children of children born in prison. Torture, starvation, etc. Bad people. Bad place. I think the sooner the government of NK is eliminated, the better for all good people.

      67. Well, not ALL of our technological advancements over the past 100 years would be wiped out…

        Nuclear submarines wouldn’t.

        Last I checked they carried enough ordnance to take out something like 60 plus major cities, too.

        If this isn’t some kind of BS media thing… then all I can say is Kimmy better think a bit harder.

        • The problem is that Seoul is so close to the NK border. The South has little room for error as conventional artillery will devastate Seoul in an hour.

      68. McDonald’s hamburgers just keep getting smaller and smaller.
        The bun exceeds the meat patty by an inch all the way around.
        You gotta lift up the freakin pickle to find the meat part.

        McDonald’s french fries look nothing like the commercial.
        The cardboard holder is getting smaller
        and they don’t even fill the darn thing up!

        McDonald’s milkshakes aren’t even milkshakes anymore either.
        The thing they call a milkshake looks like some Starbucks frappe that got rejected.
        Whipped cream and a cherry? In a clear plastic cup thing?
        That’s no way to serve a McDonald’s milkshake.
        And it is puny! Puny small. The large size is puny small.
        Puny small milkshake in a clear plastic Dixie Cup for like $3 or $4 dollars.

        This shit is real. Right here. Right now.

        You want doom?

        I got your doom!

        It’s at McDonald’s!

        • Eewwww gross, who would put that shit in thier mouth? let alone thier childrens mouth.

          • Those that don’t work for their money??
            Those that don’t know how to cook?
            Those that don’t know how to save a dollar or two?
            Those that don’t prep for hard(er) times?
            Those that don’t know a thing about nutrition?
            I could go on and on.

            • You self-righteous holier than thou,
              “I have never would never eat at McDonald’s”
              are what makes me sick.

      69. The day the EMP happens a U.S. ballistic sub would pop up and unleash enough scunion to end all life in the DPK.

      70. We need to send some scotch & DVD’s over….oh, wrong one. We need to send some doughnuts & Bon bons. And a mirror.

      71. Eisenkreuz, in #1398641 you said 9-11 was insignificant. Can you explain that? That was a definite false-flag carried out by TPTB to destroy this country, another step on the road to the NWO. 3000 Americans were killed for no good reason that day. There’s no way a group of Muslims armed with nothing more than boxcutters took over 4 aircraft and flew them into their targets. The government’s official version of 9-11 is full of holes and left too many questions that remain unanswered to this day. I’d like to see you say it was insignificant to the survivors and families of all those killed on that day and see what happens next. So F#$% you, Eisenkreuz!

        • 3000 dead in a country of 320 million is completely insignificant and does not warrant the end of freedom in this country nor the mass hysteria that it wrought. There is a very good reason why the rest of the world hates America and if you would study more you would know better. Your comment about the victims and families just shows you are blinded with emotion and incapable of thinking things through rationally.

          I have been saying that the families of the tower victims and the dead children from Conn. who have been campaigning to take my rights away and leave us vulnerable while the DHS is stockpiling ammo to murder us can go fuck themselves and I’d love to say it to their faces. I’d love to get on TV and tell America to go fuck itself too but I don’t think it would do any good because you old people still won’t get it.

          • Hey, Einy, This “old, sagging, asymmetrical assed, gummer” would absolutely ENJOY having your visit. If only for a few minutes… please? I happen to be older than I would like to be, but I still have all my faculties to whoop a little boy’s butt. I’m very sorry your parents treated you in a manner that you feel was not beholding to your self-perceived vast intellect, however, I suggest you visit a psychologist to get in touch with your true feelings. Possibly, your parents should have not had a politically correct attitude towards your upbringing, to give you the respect towards your elders that you desperately need. Do you see and understand that the true problem with you has been your parental lack of controls? Shame on you AND your parents for bringing into this messed up world a frightened little child, who cannot seem to ENJOY the fact that it was “old people” who brought you here to Earth. OH.. and BTW, I DO “get it” and choose to accept that in which I cannot change alone. If perhaps you are a cool-aid drinker to “Uncle Tom’s” Hope and Change rhetoric, I suggest ending the drinking spree and vomiting to clear your palette.

            • WHEW!!!,

              SLAPPED DOWN, STOMPED ON….Game. Set and Match!



            • My rants make a point. Yours is a waste of reading.

          • It was the symbolism of attacking corporate America the WTC. Do you think that had three thousand Americans out enjoying themselves been killed that the response would have been anything like what was done? Not a chance.

      72. The philosopher said that capitalism is the prelude to socialism (barter); he often played Monopoly when he was a kid – noting that finite dollars were in the system, and that some dominant player would accumulate them all. Game’s over! Barter is the emerging economy for the common man. Why is the rest of the world aiming it’s big guns at US citizens? They’re not – they’re aiming at the politicians and central bankers guiding global economic control. Foreign policy has already transferred the wealth of dependent nations… guess who is next? Who is on your side? Which side are you on? Is your enemy a Korean? An Iraqi? An Iranian? Where does he live? Inside the border or outside? Hint: Don’t sweat the foreigners.

      73. Kim Jong Un Visits The Psychiatrist-

        Ghost of Sigmund Freud: So, Mr Kim, may I call you Kim? What seems to be the problem?
        Kim: You can call me Shiela, I like long walks and fresh flowers… The problem is, no one outside of The Democratic People’s Republic likes me.
        Freud: You mean only the people in California like you?
        Kim: No! I mean North Korea.
        Freud: Oh! Right! So, why is that a problem?
        Kim: I just want to be loved for the demi-god that I am. In my country I am the sexiest man alive. The smartest. The bravest. The women all know there’s a real stud-muffin under this burr haircut. But elsewhere… especially in the west, they make fun of me. they ridicule me and call me names.
        Freud: What sort of names?
        Kim: The worst comes from a website in America. Some idiot on there keeps calling me Kim Does-This-Dress-Make-My-Dictatorship-Look-Fat?
        Freud: Any others?
        Kim: Yes! He calls me Kim Jong The Fuzz-Topped Fairy. And Kim, Kim, Not-So-Slim! It makes me furious!
        Freud: And how do you deal with these feelings of anger?
        Kim: Usually, I have a few people shot. But it rarely soothes my anger.
        Freud: Why is that?
        Kim: Because, the only people I can shoot are in North Korea! What I really want is a way to vent my rage against the west. To smash the dogs of America!
        Freud: I see…(scribbles on his pad). So, Sheila, er….Mr Kim- have you thought about an EMP. It might calm you down.
        Kim: Yes! Yes! That’s it exactly! A bomb, detonated above America would crash their entire grid. An electro- magnetic pulse weapon would send them back to the stone age! Thank you, doctor! That’s a marvelous suggestion!
        Freud: Actually, by EMP, I was thinking of an Extra Marshmallow Pudding. Have a second helping after each meal. The added carbs will take the edge right off that anger issue….

        • Thanks for the laugh, Oak. I’d expect nuthin’ less.

          On the names for KJU. I’ve used several. My latest is “Him Dung Fun”.

          What has anyone else got?

          • don’t tread
            Put a Pickle, Ketsup, and a Sesame Seed bun on his head
            and he could masquerade as a “Quarter Tonner”

      74. SNOKIN!!



      75. I say the US does an EMP False Flag.

        • @ scott,

          …caught that, did ya? 😉


      76. 86% of the sheeptards think that the TSA should not allow knives on the planes. The last thing we would ever want is to be able to defend ourselves from hijackers, you know. The people cry out for more tyranny.

        • My mother, a second generation sheeptard on her father’s side, always told me not to wrestle with Eisenkreuz, you’ll just get dirty and the Eisenkreuz just likes it. Anyways against my better upbringing… let me ask… when will you be starting your shooting spree, and where will you be posting your manifesto? Your hate comes out in such random bursts its like a mix of philosophy, politics, immaturity, nihilism, and delusions of grandeur. Its amazing that someone can be so mixed up, confident, and insulting all at the same time. As long as the rest of us were making wild predictions with little information about future events, I thought I’d join in and calling you out as the SHTFPlanner-most-likely-to-be-in-an-institute-for-the-criminally-insane-in-the-next -year.

          And half the time, I don’t even disagree with what you say, I just don’t like who you are.

          • I don’t plan on any shooting spree. I am a pacifist and oppose war, the military, police brutality, nuclear arms, and the DHS. I am in the early stages of writing my manifesto in two parts: one volume on politics-economics and one on survivalism. I am not a criminal; nor am I insane.

            • Yepper, He was crazy when he got here, but he’s All Right Now! ;0)

            • Can you repeat that with a Dick Nixon accent?

            • EisenK – I’d agree that survival prepping is essential considering the economic climate. I also agree that prolonged violence is not on the path to a peaceful coexistence – violence begets temporary, totalatarian control, but ultimately begets more violence. The trampled-down, over-cliched, rarely promoted, golden rule is the only way to live together. HOWEVER, if the violent come to the shire, I will defend. jpl_texas

        • Howdy Satori,

          Thanks for the info Friend…I haven’t had much time today to ‘browse’…it’s a big help. I DID see a smidgin on this…somewhere…briefly. Makes me wonder what ol Mother Nature is cooking up….makes me a bit nervous. ;(


        • Thank you for the articles on H7N9. They are worth reading since they summarize most of what is being made public about H7N9.

          This influenza strain is interesting because H7 type viruses have not usually been adapted to mammals. When influenza viruses jump species, the chance of an epidemic increases. I imagine that medical teams around the world will be watching this.

          There are several worrying aspects to this H7N9 outbreak. The first is that it has been previously rare outside avian populations. This means that it has changed in some way to make it easier to adapt to mammal populations. Will it continue adapting or will it fade out? We have no way of knowing right now.

          It is also a concern that all the cases are from different cities. They haven’t found a common link between the cases. This might mean that the infections are widespread in the avian population and hasn’t been noticed. It might also mean that there is another reservoir outside of domestic poultry that is spreading the virus. Only one of the victims had daily exposure to chickens.

          Of course, there is no vaccine for H7N9 strains since they haven’t been considered a threat to humans.

          The good news is that the virus does not appear to spread from human to human. There was a man and two sons who became ill but the sons did not test positive for H7N9. They did test positive for pneumonia while the older man appears to have had H7N9 and then contracted pneumonia.

          I suspect the dead pigs are a distraction in this case. There have been outbreaks of other swine diseases that have been killing pigs recently. However, the problem with swine farmers just dumping dead animals into the rivers in causing a whole different set of problems.

          Currently, I think this strain of influenza has a low likelihood of creating a human epidemic. If it should mutate and begin transmitting person to person, then then risk would change dramatically.

          • G’Day Merree,

            THANK YOU for ‘weighing-in’ here…as it is the case with all such things, it’s ALWAY better to ‘see’ somesuch through the eyes of those who are tuned to that as a regular part of thier life, medical proffesionals as it were. At a minumum the ‘jargon’ is more easily understood by all such.

            If I may, a question. Could perchance you explain to me – IF you know, that is – WHAT exactly made the “Spanish Flu” of the last century so devastating to those who contracted it? Was it an issue of multiple organ involvement…was it – as are some variety’s – hemorraghic with respect to the tissue of the lungs? I dunno here, I’ve never been privy to the particulars, only the FACT of it’s awful activity and mortality.


              • DumbDude is not so dumb. He is right on the money.

                There are scientists who have reconstructed the 1918 influenza virus to study in the lab. (BeInformed, another thing to worry about). They first injected mice. The immune system went crazy trying to fight the infection but it was soon over reacting and spinning out of control. The lungs filled up with virus infected cells, body fluids and, most significantly, immune cells. The immune system was so active that it continued generating cells to fight infection for five days after the mice died!!!

                This is what is considered a cytokine storm. The immune system is so aggressive that it ends up killing the person instead of the viral infection. This type of cytokine storm occurs in other infections too. SARS s one illness that can initiate such a response.

                This regenerated influenza virus has been tested in macaque monkeys and the same immune response was seen. The monkeys were actually euthanized because they were suffering so much from the respiratory failure it caused.

                And then, in what I consider enormous stupidity, scientist decided to test both the 1918 influenza virus and a medication thought to prevent the cytokine storm in humans. The volunteers developed the same type of cytokine storm and went into respiratory failure. I believe many of the test volunteers died and the test medication did not work.

                What to do if one of these illness become pandemic? The usual precautions of staying away from others, wear a respirator, good hand washing, sterilize everything.

                There are a few medications and foods that seem to be beneficial. These are free radical scavengers and antioxidants- red beans, black beans, berries, nuts , cinnamon, coffe and tea, and (Daisy!) dark chocolate. Vitamin E and C might be helpful and it would be worth trying colloidal silver, if properly made. For the medically inclined ace inhibitors(a type of antihypertensive) might be beneficial but steroids are of no use and may weaken the body.

                Hopefully we will never be faced with dealing with an event like this.

                • The stupid bastards dug up some of the flu victims that had been buried in the perma frost. They found viable virus and started making more of it. Now we have that to worry about.

                  • Reposted…Repeatedly…!!!

                    Howdy John, Nerree, DbD,

                    My thanks here both to DbD and Merree…as said, it’s always one who has SOMe professional involvement who WILL be able to shine the light! JW IS right, some few years ago the morons sent teams to the Northern reaches of Alaska and Canada to EXCAVATE samples from those who had contracted the virus HERE and later died THERE…does anyone now wonder why I’ve taken the stance I have about those ‘at the top’…the entire notion that somesuch should EVER be brought back borders on certifiable insanity, or so it seems to me…

                    Merree, Thank You Hon’ Such as that I doubt I would have been able to ascertain on my own. My most recent analysis of the “Woeld As Ir Is”, coupled with this information from you convinces me that my recent DECISION IS correct…the only safety I see is an absolute removal of one’s person (and one’s loved one’s) from Humankind; thus and only do I see any safety in the greater sense.

                    DbD…I caught your question above..your surmise is quite good..with some caveats. I was having a WRETCHED time getting a response in to you thereon, I’m NOT sure if it was the ‘Net, the NSA ( 😉 ) or WHAT…in frustration I posted THAT response in to Mac, asking him to post it in from me, to you. I hope it clarify’s things sufficiently Friend…

                    Remember, Everyone…’Together, We are MORE than the SUM of our parts…together STRONGER than DEATH! THIS place demonstrates that unequivicably…

                    Mo matter what comes in the days ahead, a NEW DAWN will come..remmeber what you see here, now…this IS the pattern of the New…TOGETHER. Thank you All, again…


      77. Building an outhouse this weekend for sure now.

        • I already have a two-seater from the 1930s. I just have to remove the garden tools, put it over a hole, and replace the 1960s roll of toilet paper that’s still in it.

          In case anyone doesn’t know, having two seats means having a smaller seat for children so they don’t fall in.

          • Have a working one on my place too! It will be the “place to go” when SHTF. Not gonna take a chance on the septic tank filling up and backfilling into my house due to overuse. Right now it’s a conversation piece & there are corn cobs lined up on a shelf to be funny, but will be soon lined with stacks of coffee filters which are much softer than corn cobs! 😀

          • We had a three seater when I was growing up. No electricity, indoor plumbing, our heat was a wood stove and a pump on our long porch.

            The 3rd seat was for me because I was always afraid of falling in. My Mother always had to hold on to me.

            MY job was to empty the “slop” jars, until I got caught half way to the outhouse with the “johnny pot” by my boyfriend.

            Nuff said!

            • You must be a southerner to know what a slop jar is.

              Over 40 years ago I was working in a hardware store. A little old black lady came in and was trying to describe what she wanted. She didn’t think I was old enough to know about it. I said “You want a slop jar.” She was so happy that I knew what she was talking about. It was odd that the ones in the store were not called chamber pots. They were called combinets.

              I just checked out an online dictionary, and it said a combinet was a lidded, handled pail, usually enamel, that was a combination chamber pot and slop jar. I was surprised to see slop jar in the dictionary. Learned something new.

      78. SmokinOkie, that was definitely on target. keep it coming. braveheart

      79. :Scene – Old Man In Belly Of Oil Tanker In Movie “Water World” Rowing His Boat To God Knows Where Just Before A Lighter Is Thrown Into Belly Of Said Beast: ‘Thank God’ he exclaimed! And that is my exclamation as well, thank God indeed.

        -Mojo Nixon, Hijacked handle from within the phys-op regime…….

        • @ Mojo,

          AN interesting thought…I’m about there myself…


      80. if they would go ahead and let western european royalty put a couple of oil wells off their coast all would be ok.
        there were no oil wells off the coast of vietnam before that “conflict”. or none owned by the afore mentioned. imo.

      81. @ JustOneGuy. You asked about the activity in Japan, most of this is from the 6.0 and are aftershocks to it. You want to see something go to the USGS map site and turn it on for 30 days 2.5 size of bigger. Then turn the slider of magntiude to 4.5 to 10. You will notice all the quakes along the Antarctica plate boundaries with other plates. I have not seen this much activity before, especially around the Scotia plate east of Argentina. Also notice the activity on the African plate, this is highly unusual also. I am very sure that this means something of very large size is coming and the plates are showing this energy and stress build up.

        • Howdy BI,

          Thanks for the heads-up on that, going to look right quick! Incidentally, remember the figure I posted here , the number…it’s important…nuff said.

          Back to the seismic…I can FULLY beleive your assesment thereon. Over the last 10 days or so we’ve seen activity – broadly down the length of the Atlantic ridge, the Indian ridge (including the vicinity of the triple point), activity along the various point off the west coast of South Am…the Sandwich regions…it just SEEMS to go ON and ON…Friend, I don’t EVER remember seeing so much ALL at one time…Yes, I can WELL believe!
          As alaways, Thanks for your insight’s into all such, “WE are (here) greater than the SUM of our Parts!” I have been priviledged to meet those I have here, especially yourself, only seldom do we actually ever meet others in the World who are truly ‘like-mined’…and both very grateful as well as comfortable here. I will miss that very much…

          Anywho, going over to USGS to ‘play with machine’ a bit…Adios’ Friend!


      82. THE GLOBALISTS ARE TAXING Cyprus savings accounts.

        Words almost cannot describe the seriousness of this. Cyprus proposed to simply STEAL money from those with savings accounts in its banking system to help fund a bailout of its banks. The theft was presented as a “levy” or “tax,” but the act of confiscating someone’s property without permission is THEFT no matter how you word it.

        Indeed, the very fact that this option was even considered, indicates several MAJOR issues. They are:

        During times of Crisis, personal property and common rule of law will be discarded if deemed necessary by the political and financial elites.
        Germany has reached the limit of its willingness to aid Europe.
        The IMF and ECB are essentially out of options and funds.
        European leaders are growing truly desperate.

        WHICH MEANS ZOG AMERIKA is growing truly desperate.


      83. I think it might be useful to discuss the difference between masks and respirators in dealing with airborne contamination. Most people do not realize the difference and preppers ought to consider having both types in their supplies.

        Masks, such as surgical masks, are really just used to as a barrier against contaminants. The surgeon wears a masks to prevent his infecting the patient, not to protect the surgeon from the patient. Sick people may be asked to wear a mask so that they won’t infect others. Health care workers also use a mask to prevent contamination from large size droplets such as blood or sputum.

        The masks are not very good for protection from small airborne contaminants, like influenza virus. This is not what they are designed for. To be protected from viral particles, you need a respirator.

        Respirators are designed to protect the wearer from particle contamination. They need to be personally adjusted so there is a tight seal all around the face. Any gaps could allow infectious organisms to pass through. The alternative is the large hood type respirators that don’t need to be fitted. An N95 classified respirator would cover most airborne pathogens.

        If you’re faced with an epidemic, the face masks are better than nothing at all. However, an N95 repirator would be much better. They do make some types of respirators that are reuseable but most of the time disposable respirators work well. There are many sites on the Internet that sell masks and respirators.

        • To add.

          A mask respirator will not seal if you have a beard and you must know how to perform a seal tight check.

          • “Fit Test”

            clean shaven below the corners of mouth

        • @ Merree. They do sell N-100 respirator masks, they are much more expensive than the N-95, but most of these survivalist sites sell them. In highly concntrated areas where germs would really collect such as an elevator I would not trust a N-95 mask. Of course the best course of action is to avoid public contact during a bad pandemic and having enough stored up at home so someone would not have to go out.

          By the way the New Madrid is firing up right on schedule after those earthquake swarms on the Mid Atlantic Ridge a couple of weeks ago. 2.7 and 3.1 so far. Anyone around the New Madrid should look for some more limited activity until the next earthquakes on the Mid Atlantic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north and 54 to 60 degrees north.

        • Although most here already know of what you say…
          It’s great to be reminded… thank you…
          Needless to say but will anyway, I’m certainly covered…
          However, I do have a question…
          I recently was able to get a case of N100’s real cheap.
          In your opinion what, if any, is the difference between 95’s and 100’s?

          • that “?” was for Merree

          • The N number refers to the percent of particles filtered out by the mask. So theoretically the N100 filters out all particulates while the N95 allows 5 percent through. However I suspect that N 100 is probably more like N99.999.

            The main idea is to avoid others during a pandemic, use good hygiene, and save the respirators for when you must be around others. If you can afford the N100, they provide an extra amount of protection. Each person needs to decide whether they want that extra edge and price is a major part of that decision.

            Slingshot, VRF good points about beards. Anyone with a beard might want to try respirators out ahead of time until they find one that works for them. These items are easy to get right now but would become scarce during an actual pandemic.

            • Merree.

              Do fitering canisters,the ones used where toxic chemicals like Tricoethanlyne, Toulene, Methal-ethyl- keytone, keep out the nasty bugs? All have absorbing agents and you can only tellif the canister is still good is when you begin to smell the chemical. I am talking about the ones approved by OSHA or MINE agencies.

              Who manufactures the chem/bio gear for our troops?

            • Merree…

              That certainly makes sense…should have know that…
              thank you.

          • Except for me. Is a painter’s respirator like at the hardware store any good? Or does one need to buy a medical device of some sort. Thanks!

            • The filters themselves are often Identical, but the seal is inferior and some contaminants can enter through the mucus membranes around your eyes. I used to work cleaning hazardous waste 20 years or so ago and we were only allowed to wear full face masks.

              • I was referring to the differences between a full face mask and mouth and nose “painters” mask only. We always used MSA (mine safety a?) masks. I have never looked closely at the ones in the hardware store, but from 6 feet away they look just like the ones I staked my health on. I just peeked at the home depot site and they do carry a few MSA models those with the Organic Vapor P100 cartridges would be handy to own.

              • Will swimming googles work with painters respirater?

                Assuming a tight fit andlast chance episode.

              • @DumbDude.

                We are into some serious shit here and many don’t know about decontamination procedures. Many think just because they have a mask type they go out in the field. Did you ever consider when you come back and bring that nasty stuff into your safe place.


                • Maybe I can find an article on decontamination for the site. It does take special procedures to put on protective gear and then to take it off without spreading the contamination. It is not easy to do without practice.

                  Many of the masks at places like Home Depot are good for keeping out large size particles but would not be very useful against biological agents, or even small particle chemicals. Most places that sell equipment will tell you what protection they provide. It is important to also ask how long the protection will last because the system will wear out over time.

                  I didn’t think about how complicated all of this is when I first posted it. It really deserves an article of its own. I will see what I can find.

                  • I know you’ll come thru…let me thank you in advance…

                • Yep, I was a little concerned, but I was a 20 something year old and single, so I was thinking more about the happy hours after work. Also, I was the guy in charge of safety and monitoring so I felt I had a handle on it. We wore multiple layers of tyvec or saranex suits, booties, and hoods and you do dry and often also wet docontaminations while leaving the “hot zones”.

                  Most of the time what we were working with wasn’t too much worse than what other guys worked with in factories, dry cleaning, electro plating, refineries, etc. It was just all stacked up in one illegal dump and leaking all over the place.

                  I don’t think any regular guy is going to be able to outfit himself for real prolonged chemical threats. Thats when its bug out time.

                  Yeah I’d work for weeks and months in those places, but we went though hundreds and thousands of disposable suits and threw out our mask filters every few hours. I’m a prepper and I remember a lot of that hazardous stuff, but I don’t even try to keep me and my family safe from that sort of thing – just like I have no plan for how to deal with an asteroid crashing into my house. You’ve got to weigh the cost versus the risk and some things you just have to decide ok I can’t afford to prep for that in the odd 1 in a million chance it ever happens.

                  Happy days are here again…

        • I mentioned it before on previous post, but no meaningful response. Why is it has no high end CBNR masks in stock. Someone buying them up.

      84. this pseudo administration has never let anything that remotely resembles a crisis go to waste, ergo this NK crap is what i believe to be an “enhanced version” of NK rhetoric and sabre-rattling… am i going to quit prepping..? don’t be stupid… but this is yet another false-flag event just waiting to happen… steady, boys, steady…. eyes front, mind on the primary task… focus…

        pray for the best, prep for the worst…

      85. Why is it all these kwayzee stories seem to loop back to Alex Jones and Infohors.

        Why is it all these kwayzee stories all begin with “Concerned Officials Warn”, and why is their NEVER any Names, Dates, Places or Authority on them.

        We can’t tell you who actually who said that or what department, it’s a secret because of National Security, but we can tell you somebody probably did say it at some point.

        So now you have all these Umerikans running around, well It must be true, a Concerned Official said so, and he was very Concerned.

        Fool me once…Shame On..Shame on You, Fool me twice…can’t get fooled again.

      86. I fully agree with a recent poster who said that he has been following this site for some time, but has decided to dial back his attention due to the plethora of nonsubstantive comments and fear mongering.

        This site has/had the potential to be quite interesting in terms of making information available on topics like self reliance, personal responsibility, common sense preparation for emergencies that could come from any number of sources including natural disasters, etc.

        However, there seems to have developed a disproportionate display of comments that are, essentially, one personality feuding with another and others then seeming to join in and pile on. There is no value in such idiotic and unintelligent sparring, which simply overloads the Comments section and makes it more difficult to sift for actually interesting and helpful comments. Better screening of submitted comments would be welcome.

        Also, deliberately skewing the wording of news reports in order to, apparently, propagandize for one’s own motivations does not contribute to the credibility of this site. I believe this was recently pointed out by a poster named “Tenet.”

        Fear is the single most powerful human emotion there is. It has the ability to make people do things that are not necessarily, or not at all, rational. It can make people agree to things that they otherwise would not.

        Good luck with this site and hope to see it improve.

        • You couldn’t leave, could you, you phony bastard.

      87. Well let’s hope the missile interceptors work like they are supposed to … in the meantime … continue to prep

      88. History channel, National Geographic or Discovery channel had a show about the presidents doomsday plane. Another air force one that can survive an EMP. In the scenario a terrorist explodes a EMP device over the east coast knocking out the power grid. But this knocked out power only for the east coast the Mississippi river was the dividing line. The show talked about secret locations the president would go to during the emergency. I just remember that the show had Obama in it. To me this show seemed like a how-to take down America training video. Wish I could remember the exact name of the show and channel. But I do know that they said this plane was one of four air force ones. I know it is just a show but it seems like here lately more of these shows have been on TV.

        • You don’t need power to play golf. obama will not miss a beat.

        • Just heard from a friend that DHS is training German troops in south Texas. Must be a whole brigade according to his sources. Oh Yah, and they all have UN insignia…

          • as i am in the heart of South Texas. . . does your friend have a location more or less?

            • My bud is here in town and his friend works in southern Texas and sees these guys drilling. Sorry for being unclear but I do not know first hand. I believe he said El paso.

      89. China reports another death from H7N9 bird flu

        this story contains a troubling statement or two

        “One expert warned of the risk of a pandemic if the source of infection is not identified, saying H7N9 had likely crossed over from poultry.”

        “”If we don’t eradicate it pretty quickly, this virus will become endemic and spread across China and beyond China,” he added.”

        • Thanks for posting this link. I did this with my garden last year and also thought something was wrong with my soil this year when I saw NO WEEDS in Spring! It is amazing and so much simpler than tilling and regular garden methods. A little more work up front but well worth it for the long run!

      90. China has too much money invested in the US to support North Korea…if anything, they may move in and stabilize the country and take it over…since right now it is a buffer between South Korea and Japan, allies of the US. It may be that CHina is to a point where they believe this fat kid it too much of a threat to regional stability and decide to set things straight.

      91. Something funny…Obama admin is weakening USA military to super low levels, and now he sending big ships and fighters, b2 bomber, what up with Obama admin for which purpose change face?

      92. @Mac,

        How come there is no SHTF shirts or hats available? I’ll bet wearing one would start some real interesting conversations.


      93. Maybe he’s waiting to announce the anti-drone hoodie that helps you beat Big Brother’s spy in the sky 😉

        (Link just posted at Drudge)

      94. What’s your point?

      95. Utah’s ‘Mountain Man’ captured after five YEARS on the run for stealing from mountain cabins and taunting police

        Troy James Knapp, 45, was last spotted in Sanpete County, Utah Oct. 2012
        Police tried to track him down repeatedly but he has evaded them for years
        The armed recluse has been burglarizing cabins and eluding capture
        Knapp told one hunter who came across him that his name was ‘The Mountain’

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      96. Seriously, Stop teasing and just let it happen already. The “9 out of ten” people who would die off are the very rich, who cannot do anything for themselves and the very poor, who are too dependent upon the gubament too do anything for themselves. THe rest of us that survive will build a nice society and learn from the mistake of today….

      97. Question for all of you longterm preppers that I think I remember being discussed before. We just had solar installed and do I remember we need to store extra controllers or some such in the case of an EMP? Are there other things we need to store in the Faraday box to insure the solar will still work?Thanks.

      98. Our nuke power facilities operate on electronic controls. There are no provisions to scram reactors in the event of a significant EMP strike. The cores would melt down and everyone would be affected.
        Even the back up gen sets use electronics for their fields and protection controls.
        I hope that the good men and women of Solar Warden are tuned in or we will all be history if history is ever written again on this rock!

      99. @ ALL!!

        For What it’s worth, up at Business Insider,

        “ANALYST: US Military Expects North Korean Missile Launch”

        I quote,

        “A prominent arms analyst has told an Australian think-tank that U.S. troop movements
        west of the peninsula indicate that a North Korean missile launch is imminent.”

        Looks like Lil Fat-Ass is about to commit suicide after all! Well, one less Dictator in the World is a GOOD thing!


      100. would someone wake me the hell up ?
        I swear I am living in a nightmare

        Homeland Security Demands “Obedience” in Message to Agents

      101. IMPORTANT!!

        I can’t speak to the veracity of this but , this, just up at Business Insider will be followeed by a link

        An article JUST up at Business Insider indicates that NK is ‘going stupid’, the relevant link and a summary wil be out of moderation soon (I think)

        A few ‘snippets’ here from the article,

        “The United States, Australia and other allies appear to be taking important policy decisions on the basis of the imminent deployment of the KN-08.”

        “This measure from Kim Jong-Un follows significant troop movements on behalf of both the U.S. and China. Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon recently reported that troops have begun staging in two of China’s northeast provinces….

        …Those provinces both align with known nuclear sites inside North Korea.”

        “Meanwhile, the U.S. has moved an advanced radar and two Aegis class destroyers off the west coast. The $900 million SBX radar array has been compared to the Iron Dome in Israel, only MUCH more accurate — and the Aegis-class destroyers are particularly adept at knocking
        missiles out of the sky.”

        The capitalization of the word ‘much’ in the last section above is my own…Yes, they ARE, beleive me.


        “Though Gertz and other analysts tend to believe China’s troop movements are in support of North Korea, recent calls from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to top military leadership in China indicate some level of cooperation.”

        “Lil Round Boy” is about to commit the whole of North Korea and all it’s People to a collective suicide if this is true…

        and d-dat’s, d-dat, d-dat’s ALL foks!!!


      102. If it is possible that they wold try this and I had to pick a date I would go for either April 15th Kim Il-sung’s 101st birth day, or April 11 Kim Jong-un’s first anniversary of taking power in the DPRK.

      103. Eisenkreuz, you’re taking my remarks out of context. I’m against this entire NWO agenda just like you and everyone else here. you said you wanted to tell america to get F#$%&*. may be you need to get F#$%&* and find a country you like and relocate to it. you’re just another f#$^&* troll. Do what you want; i’m going to stand up and fight when the time comes. braveheart

        • America is still the best country. All the others are even worse. But thats no excuse to sit back and let America become shit. I didn’t say I won’t fight if I have to. I really need to get *&^%$#.

          “maybe”, not “may be”


      104. I’m not too worried that their “space vehicle” is a weapon of any kind, because it has been tumbling out of control since it achieved a half-ass orbit. The only harm that might come from it is if a piece would survive re-entry, and that’s highly doubtful.

      105. I notice where I own land, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, we’re off the EMP map.

      106. Well, an EMP cant touch sub launched missiles . China, Russia and the rest of the world would be well advised to factor that into their calculations .

      107. It sucks in the summer BUT you wont freeze to death and you can grow food almost year round. It’s to Go to place. Just stay an hour drive away from Tampa, Orlando Miami Jacksonville. All target cities

      108. Although an EMP device would not, itself, produce radiation; that doesn’t mean that an EMP attack couldn’t easily result in a nuclear disaster.

        Nuclear reactors require electricity to run. Without power the reactor’s cooling tanks would rapidly heat up and dry out, resulting in a Fukushima-type meltdown…except it wouldn’t be ONE reactor…it would be ALL of the nuclear reactors in the US. They would go kablooey, and there would be no viable way to contain them. Scary stuff, indeed.

      109. I worry about an EMP. What military response would we make? Nuke them? For all the damage it will cause indirectly an EMP doesn’t kill anyone. Do we nuke them for that? Bomb them? We don’t invade since we will need every solder back home ASAP. And if we don’t nuke them, they invade the south, if we do, then we likely harm the south anyway…

      110. Heads up! Or down, whichever works…

        N. Korea approves nuclear strike on United States

        By Jung Ha-Won (AFP) – 5 hours ago

        SEOUL — North Korea dramatically escalated its warlike rhetoric on Thursday, warning that it had authorised plans for nuclear strikes on targets in the United States.

        “The moment of explosion is approaching fast,” the North Korean military said, warning that war could break out “today or tomorrow”.

        Pyongyang’s latest pronouncement came as Washington scrambled to reinforce its Pacific missile defences, preparing to send ground-based interceptors to Guam and dispatching two Aegis class destroyers to the region.

        Tension was also high on the North’s heavily fortified border with South Korea, after Kim Jong-Un’s isolated regime barred South Koreans from entering a Seoul-funded joint industrial park on its side of the frontier.

        In a statement published by the state KCNA news agency, the Korean People’s Army general staff warned Washington that US threats would be “smashed by… cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means”.

        “The merciless operation of our revolutionary armed forces in this regard has been finally examined and ratified,” the statement said.

        Last month, North Korea threatened a “pre-emptive” nuclear strike against the United States, and last week its supreme army command ordered strategic rocket units to combat status.

        But, while Pyongyang has successfully carried out test nuclear detonations, most experts think it is not yet capable of mounting a device on a ballistic missile capable of striking US bases or territory.

        Mounting tension in the region could however trigger incidents on the tense and heavily militarised border between North and South Korea.

        The White House was swift to react to Pyongyang’s latest “unhelpful and unconstructive threats”.

        National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said: “It is yet another offering in a long line of provocative statements that only serve to further isolate North Korea from the rest of the international community and undermine its goal of economic development.

        “North Korea should stop its provocative threats and instead concentrate on abiding by its international obligations.”

        US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel earlier said Pyongyang represented a “real and clear danger” to the United States and to its allies South Korea and Japan.

        “They have nuclear capacity now, they have missile delivery capacity now,” Hagel said after a strategy speech at the National Defense University. “We take those threats seriously, we have to take those threats seriously.

        “We are doing everything we can, working with the Chinese and others, to defuse that situation on the peninsula.”

        The Pentagon said it would send ground-based THAAD missile-interceptor batteries to protect military bases on the island of Guam, a US territory some 3,380 kilometres (2,100 miles) southeast of North Korea and home to 6,000 American military personnel, submarines and bombers.

        They would complement two Aegis anti-missile destroyers already dispatched to the region.

        The THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) is a truck-mounted system that can pinpoint an enemy missile, track the projectile and launch an interceptor to bring it down.

        The new defensive measures came as Pyongyang stopped South Korean staff members from entering the Kaesong complex, a shared industrial zone funded by Seoul but 10 kilometres inside the North.

        Pyongyang said the 861 South Koreans already in the zone could leave.

        The move cut the last practical cooperation between the rival powers and was seen as a dramatic escalation in the crisis.

        South Korea’s defence ministry said it had contingency plans that included “military action” if the safety of its citizens in Kaesong was threatened.

        China, the North’s sole major ally, appealed for “calm” from all sides, and Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said he was worried the situation could spiral out of control.

        Describing the Kaesong ban as “very regrettable”, South Korea’s Unification Ministry urged the North to normalise access immediately.

        Around 53,000 North Koreans work at 120 South Korean plants at the complex, which was still operating normally Wednesday.

        Tensions have soared on the Korean peninsula since December, when the North test launched a long-range rocket. In February, it upped the ante once again by conducting its third nuclear test.

        Washington has deployed nuclear-capable US B-52s, B-2 stealth bombers and two US destroyers to South Korean air and sea space.

        This week, the North warned it would reopen its mothballed Yongbyon reactor — its source of weapons-grade plutonium. It was closed in July 2007 under a six-nation aid-for-disarmament accord.

        The US-Korea Institute at John Hopkins University said Wednesday that a satellite photograph seen on March 27 appeared to show construction work along a road and near the back of the reactor was already under way.

        Experts said it would take at least six months to get the reactor back up and running, after which it will be able to produce one bomb’s worth of weapons-grade plutonium per year.

      111. North Korea is not going to do any thing it is just a ploy to make us commit so much resources and MONEY to a possible threat. Full well knowing that our military is forced to do massive cut backs. This will cause us to spend millions of dollars to mobilize ships, missile interceptors, troops. jets and bombers. What better way to hurt your enemy by threatening action force them to act and spend a ton of money doing so.

      112. On, not one hijacker was from Iraq nor Afghanistan but 15 of the 19 were from Saudi Arabia. Under GWB watch the national debt went from $5 to $12 trillion dollars from 2001 to 2009 according to the congressional budget office to the General accounting Office. The same GWB told Al Gore during the presidential debate in 2000 on budgetary matters ” it’s fuzzy numbers.” GWB should never have been voted. I voted against him it was moral thing to do when he wasn’t as qualified as Dan Quayle on how could’nt spelled ” potato.”

      113. Excuse me for having a different opinion, but this whole North Korean thing seems just a little contrived. If we walk backwards and look at what started all this, it was a bomb test in December that took WDC by surprise. That led to UN condemnation, which led to sanctions, which supposedly set off this little boy sitting in his daddy’s chair in North Korea. It’s all been mostly words so far, with some missile preps that I presume have been verified by intel. Nothing really life and death threatening, other than Lurch deciding to call it dangerous, with Chucky boy at the Pentagon chiming in for support.
        I remember playing Stratego as a kid and one of the strategies was to get your opponent to spread their army too thin and defending too many fronts. In our real world, it also means this country spending money that we don’t have.
        What’s going on, really? Is this really, as some have suggested, actually a round-about attack on our currency, to weaken it through even deeper indebtedness to the point that no one wants to use it? Thank goodness right now, at least, the 10-year Treasury is strengthening, but what happens if this Korean thing goes down and we end up, for whatever excuse, getting bogged down in a military action costing far, far more than any planners expected? What happens to the dollar then?
        China has already cut currency deals with Brazil and Australia. They now will be trading with each other directly in their own currencies, instead of using dollars.
        What gives? What should we Americans really be watching closely? Is it Korea or is Korea just a distraction for something far more threatening to us and our way of life?

      114. Ok heres the deal. For decades the US military has been well to known to have been hardening their electrical systems and electronics against EMP’s. This will make them pretty much immune to the effects. Therefore they will have a huge motive to allow such an attack, maybe even help in it’s execution covertly, as a means to an end of controlling the suddenly prehistoric population. We electricless and electronicless sitting ducks will be at the mercy of the completely electrified government and their fully electrified military, they will do whatever they want with a captive population.

      115. Consider the remake of Red Dawn and the EMP. China stepped in and said “No, remove us from the script and replace China with North Korea. Then the storyline will be more accurate!”

      116. If our “media” would just shut up and quit making this thing way more substantial than what it is, there would be no problem. It would just go away. That and our “leaders”, along with that new nutjob in China. By sending B-2’s and other billions worth of hardware over there…we’re just making an awfully stupid, dangerous situation. The North Koreans don’t have anything newer than 1950’s equipment and a few days worth of gas and oil.

      117. FWIW: N Korea’s satellite will cross over the geographic center of the US on April 10th, the same date the N Koreans say they can’t guarantee the safety of the diplomats in N. Korea.

        Tracking website:
        Select “show all passes” then check map on the one starting on 4/10 at 8:38

        They’re nuts, and may well be going for “suicide by cop”

      118. Time to start building those homemade Faraday cages. Jeez… I think we would suffer less damage as a nation to get take a hit on one our cities rather than a nuclear air burst. At least the destruction and chaos would be very localized relatively speaking. It would definitely be horrifying, tragic, and probably cause our economy to sink into a depression overnight. But, to have a major portion of the U.S. no longer have any electronics or power grid would be beyond comprehending. Neither one is a good choice. Hopefully the idiot is just posturing like his father.

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