Complete Disaster Non-Preparedness: DC Grocery Stores Out of Food, Gas Unavailable, Grid-Down As Summer Heat Rages

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Headline News | 438 comments

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    We’ve seen it time and again over the last decade. An emergency strikes and panic grips the city or region for days or weeks on end.

    We saw a complete breakdown of emergency response and law & order during Hurricane Katrina. The 2011 Snowpocalypse on the east coast led to runs on grocery stores and empty shelves within a matter of hours. Widespread blackouts during Hurricane Ike left large sections of the Houston power grid down for up to four weeks. In all these cases gas was almost impossible to find, what was in your pantry was what you had until food distribution resumed, local water was not safe for consumption, and government response was limited to reinstating essential services first and foremost.

    The bottom line, as Jesselyn Radack of the Government Accountability Project notes, is that after billions have been spent by Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and local law enforcement, we are no more prepared today than we were the day before September 11, 2011.

    After a short but unusually severe thunderstorm that roared through the D.C. area on Friday night, the entire Washington Metropolitan Area was thrown into chaos.

    Three days later, countless traffic lights are still out, hundreds of thousands of residents are without power, including myself, grocery stores and gas station are closed for lack of power, and the federal government is encouraging employees to telework.

    [SHTFplan Editor’s note: Brilliant recommendation from the best and brightest – to “telework” when the grid is down. ]

    Is this the work of a terrible terrorist attack? No, it is the complete disaster non-preparedness a decade after 9/11. Despite the fact that billions if not trillions have been spent since 9/11 on counter-terrorism and so-called “homeland security” measures, one of the major terrorist targets, the nation’s capital, cannot cope with a severe thunderstorm.

    I received a message from PEPCO that most D.C.-area residents may not have power until next Friday at 11:00 pm – a full week after the storm hit. With temperatures this week set for the mid to upper-90s, that is a long time for residents to be with air conditioning, or fans, or refrigerators.

    Two years ago, the Washington Post’s comprehensive examination of the billions of taxpayer dollars spent on “homeland security,” “Top Secret America” reflected that the D.C. metropolitan area was burgeoning with infrastructure, though apparently none of it focused on keeping the D.C.-area up and running after a severe thunderstorm.

    I am not the only D.C. taxpayer wondering, where are billions in “critical infrastructure” protection and “homeland security?” They are not going toward obvious solutions like putting power lines underground.

    The D.C. area’s responsiveness to unexpected events has not improved, but taxpayers’ pockets have been drained to create an entire secret city of “national security” in northern Virginia. Making sure citizens have food and power in an emergency should be a top priority, not a distant second to security theater like taking our shoes off before getting on an airplane.

    (Pictured: Run on grocery stores; Snowpocalypse 2010)

    Once again we are provided with ample evidence that not only is the government ill-prepared to handle a large scale city-wide emergency, but the residents of this nation are completely oblivious to the fact that if the shit hits the fan, no one will be there to provide assistance.

    When Houston was hit almost head on by Hurricane Ike in 2008 the residents of the entire metropolitan area were shocked. Never mind the mass chaos as millions tried to flee the region, with drives to neighboring cities taking upwards of ten times longer than they normally would. Power for 90% of the city went out, and for some areas, including where we lived, power was not restored for almost a month. Suffice it to say our community was anxiety ridden, frustrated and tempers were flaring. When gas became wholly unavailable and the generators stopped running and we were overtaken with near 100 degree heat during the day, the situation for many became untenable.

    FEMA’s own web site calls on Americans to have a two week supply of emergency items, yet most citizens have only a three day supply of reserve food available – whatever’s in the kitchen when disaster strikes is what they’ve got until things get back to normal.

    Even after these recommendations from the very people who are tasked with responding to emergency and disaster situations, not a single resident in our community that we were aware of had emergency supplies on hand when Ike hit – even though many had gone through countless hurricanes before and knew what to expect.

    After Katrina, Ike, the various earthquakes, wildfires, snow storms, “Derechos,”  power outages, and tens of billions in taxpayer funds supposedly appropriated into infrastructure, security and emergency response, it’s simply incredible that we are so unprepared as a society.

    Imagine, for a moment, what happens in a scenario that affects not a single city, but an entire multi-state region, or, perhaps the entire nation. And imagine that the event(s) is so widespread that government is totally overwhelmed – food transportation stops, refineries can’t get gas to local areas, water and power utility workers stay home to care for their families, law enforcement is faced with widespread looting, the internet becomes inaccessible as do all avenues of communication due to blackouts, and grocery store shelves remain out of stock for weeks or months.

    Such a scenario may be unlikely, but certainly possible – and the resulting effects on the population and our way of life would be nothing short of complete and utter pandemonium, especially for those who have failed to prepare.


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      1. No, say it ain’t so! This can’t happen in America. Yep, that’s what the Sheeple said.

        • and the “Bleat” goes on…. la di da di di

          • The “government is encouraging employees to telework when the gird is down.” LOL!

            I bet there are lots of folks without power who wish they had a solar oven.

            In this heat I am glad I have a solar oven. It is easy to use. You can bake or fix anything that you could in a regualr oven. So far I have fixed pinto beans, chili, cup cakes, cake, and homemade soup. The food doesn’t burn on the pan.

            I got mine for $255 at (

            • KY Mom – do you have to move it around to follow the sun or do you just stick it outside in the sunniest part of the yard?

            • Yes, absolutely true KY Mom. I have two solar ovens and a solar cooker (parabolic dish). Excellent in terms of preparing for unexpected events both anthropogenic and natural.

            • How well does it work during overcast conditions? In emergency situations, it seems like a 20 pound tank of propane and a simple gas burner would cost much less and work much better. but what do I know?

            • Ky Mom: I built my solar oven for less then $10. I have used it the past 3 years.

              Most Americans will NEVER be ready for a crisis. That is why I moved to a place where I wouldn’t have to worry about their crisis.

            • Daisy,

              If you are baking something and want the temperature to remain steady, then it is advised to turn the oven every couple hours toward the sun.

              If you are slow cooking something, such as pinto beans, then just turn the oven a few times during the day.

              Food Storage Made Easy also has a powerless cooking video on youtube.

              Powerless Cooking Class: Global Sun Oven

            • Mona,

              You go girl! 🙂

              Making solar ovens could be a great barter item when the SHTF. If anyone is interested, there are sites on the Internet that show how to build your own.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

            • You can boil water with a fresnel lens. These are available for free in any rear projection TV. Search Youtube for videos. A less powerful cooker can be made from a satellite dish. A large dish makes a powerful parabolic cooker.

            • I’d like to put your buns in that sun oven:)

            • Aren’t they great! I’ve cooked whole chicken in mine, potatoes, stew, red beans and rice, cornbread. They are basically an outdoor crockpot; fix it and forget it. As for partly cloudy days, as long as the morning sun is strong it has cooked fine. When the days are too cloudy, we grill. Saves our wood, charcoal, and time.

              The oven has cooked well in temps as low as 40 but bright and sunny. Have to use the reflectors, but it still worked fine. Haven’t tried it any cooler yet, but planning to this winter. Don’t usually turn it, just point it south.

            • Emergency essentials has solar ovens on sale this month for 199.95 and that’s the complete kit with pans, reflectors, etc. It says you can pasteurize water, but haven’t tried that yet, either.

            • Here’s another thought on prepping for when the power goes off: BUY A GAS RANGE! When our electricity went out last winter, we were the only ones in our immediate neighborhood that could make coffee, heat soup, etc. Apparently everyone else had an electric stove. We just turned on the burner, put a lit match to the center and voila! Flame for cooking AND heat for the kitchen. Just a thought…

            • Good call for us in a basement suit. I will stick to my Coleman and 20 bottles of propane.

          • Im here in DC. Guys, its not that bad. Come on now, sheesh! Doesnt matter is its DC or rural kentucky, if the power is off, you don’t get gas!

            I would say DC people are the most prepared out there, we have so many natural and manmade disasters, people are getting prepping down to a fine art.

            Thats where I am at. I probably have more practice with disaster scenarios here than most people posting on this board (exclude our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma, they could teach us a thing or two).

            • LMFAO, DC people are the “most prepared”??? I lived in NOVA most of my life and got out while the getting was good. Washingtonians aren’t prepared for squat, I really have no clue where you’re coming from! It is the most educated city in the world (~43% degreed) and the dumbest in terms of wisdom and common sense. It is an urban oxymoron. When the dollar craps the bed, the overwhelming majority of the populace — who are in looting professions such as lobbying and “defense” — will be LUCKY to get across one of the two major bridges into and out of that shithole.

              Prepared??? I can literally only think of one city less prepared than DC in America, and that’s LA.

            • I live in NOVA, as well. Yes, allot of the grocery stores are low on refrigerated and frozen foods. They all lost power too, and the result was allot of spoiled food. I went to the local grocery store yesterday afternoon, and it was still pretty barren. If you cannot go a few days without milk, you have bigger issues. No problem as far as TP.

              I lost power for a total of maybe 12 hours. So, we didn’t have it as bad as some folks.

        • I forgot to mention that I live in Florida. Our area was spanked with a lot of rain last week and my street was tanked. We live a stone’s throw from a swamp and were getting concerned by the rising water, even though we are the highest ground in the area.

          Anyway, I had 1000 sandbags I bought 2 years ago, while my neighbors had none. The power was cut off and I had a gas generator, solar briefcases, lanterns, a hand crank generator and more, while most of my neighbors had nothing. The roads were completely blocked with high water and nobody could leave, which wasn’t a bother because I was well stocked on food, water and supplies, while my neighbors were losing most everything in their refrigerators.

          On the first night without power, I lent several lanterns to neighbors, gave away sandbags and helped where I could. This left me feeling like I’m one of the few people in my neighborhood that is ready for a disaster. I’ve even had conversations about Hurricane preparedness with several neighbors, yet they have since bought not even a good lantern.

          So, with this uneasy feeling left in my gut, I think it’s time we move the hell out of here. When some serious shit comes down, I will be unable to be so generous.

          • The sad part is that, since the storms, they now know that you are prepared and things might get even worse for you come next storm or disaster. I hope you have guns, friend.

            • I am well prepared on all fronts. Yes, you are right. None of them knew I had anything until the flood. Now, they know some and I was reluctant to reveal anything. However, I’ve always had a hard time with not helping others. I couldn’t just stand by and watch others suffer, so I showed some of my cards. I’ll probably pay the price later, but hopefully we will have moved before then. Thank-you for the concern.

          • I will bet you one of those neighbors have their own lanterns now. The rest will just stick their heads int he sand and continue like it is business as usual. I even talked to my pastor about maybe teaching a survival/prep class at church. I have talked to him about my feelings for awhile now. He looked at me like I was the crazy person in the room and told me to ask the associate pastor about it. That look he gave me was enough to turn me completely away from teaching a class. Maybe I will get some more ambition to try it again later.

            • I’d be pushing for a new preacher then… or find somewhere else to go.

              That subject, for believers, is entirely Biblical.

            • I wondered about asking my pastor what he thought about the same thing. I was worried he would give me that look too so i haven’t yet. This doesn’t make me feel good about mentioning it.

            • Jim 1:42pm: Many patriots have dropped out of churches, knowing they are phony, and go online/radio for “church”. Gelding pastors are 501c3 gov. puppets and too cowardly to stand up and warn the sheeple. Others have told me what you just posted..they refuse to warn the members, just want to draw a salary and keep the money coming in. One lady wanted the church to start a garden on the property for the members, etc. Pastor said no. News with Views writers (Dave D. Greg E. C. Baldwin and others) have said the same thing about the churches.

            • I pastor a small congregation and have TRIED to get people thinking about preparedness… you all should DEFINITELY speak with your pastors about holding a class!

            • Well, Jim (another Jim), he didn’t tell you No. Tell Associate Pastor Billy Bob Joe Raymond that he seems like a very knowledgeable person and you were wondering what the Bible says on physical preparedness as well as spiritual preparedness. Could probably work those 4 lepers from 2 Kings 7 in to the conversation (they weren’t content to just sit there and die). If he tells you the New Testament says take no thought for the body, (kindly) tell him that’s talking about the spreading of the Gospel not for Tuesday power outages (or hurricanes on any other day).
              How big is the Church you attend? Ask can you have the class once a month after Sunday night service or after Wednesday night service. Hey, if they’ll let Sister Off Key sing a “special,” they should let you try to help as you feel gifted by the Spirit. Perhaps the gift of exhortation is yours.

            • Pastors and the men of God including any Christian man have been muzzled for far too long! Let me be bold and say that if any pastor or Christian man does not preach or teach the truth of Liberty from the pulpit or to others for fear of their next pay check or for any other reason, they are NO pastor or man of God at all, but a stooge. In fact here is an example of what true pastors and men of God believed and lived out within their own lives:

              “The Reverend Peter Muhlenberg was a pastor in the Black Robe Regiment and a colonel in the militia. He is the historical figure after whom Reverend Oliver in the movie “The Patriot” is modeled. The story is that Muhlenberg had begun a sermon from Ecclesiastes “To everything there is a season, and there is a time for war and a time for peace, and now is the time for war!”. As his fiery sermon ends, he throws off his clerical robe revealing a Continental Army uniform. Then Muhlenberg marches out of his church, taking 300 men with him.”

              He knew what the right thing to do was, and he DID it! What excuses do the modern day pastors have? NONE! May God forgive them, because I will not.

            • hey there ‘nother Jim:

              no disrespect towards your pastor, but isn’t there something about a “shepherd minding his flock”? And didn’t shepherds of sheep or goats protect their flocks from bad weather and predators? Isn’t that what that analogy (parable?) supposed to be about?

              Just thinking out loud here, but maybe you should become a lay preacher and gather a flock of people who are ready to see the world as it is, rather than the way others WANT them to see it, others who are not working in the common man’s best interest.

              stand strong until freedom dawns

          • Yep. IF something really, REALLY bad happens, all your neighbors will know who to go after. You.

            • We have had several power outtage causing snowstorms here in the last few years, and there’s something satisfying about the neighbors I told to be ready for a big storm (they laughed at me)watching my Christmas tree blinking all night while my pellet stove keeps things toasty while I watch a movie. NO-ONE has had the moxy to come over to stay warm, although the offer has been there. Too proud to admit they’re stupid, I guess. It will possibly happen again this year, and once again they’ll freeze. I never understood the “once it’s over, I won’t get ready for next time” mentality!

          • @joerepublic. “I think it’s time we move the hell out of here. When some serious shit comes down, I will be unable to be so generous.”

            When you figure out where to go please let the rest of us know. We’ll go with you.

            • Iceland

            • Pitcairn Island.

            • Falkland Islands

            • That has to be one of the all time best comments on this site.

            • Haha! So true!

            • right where you are, and remember what Robert DiNero told ray Liotta in “Goodfellas”

              A) never rat on your friends

              B) always keep your mouth shut

              Share with people who have woken the hell up. Don’t share with those who haven’t. Simple as that. Sound harsh? Not at all…. look, if you try to hold up a drowning man, it does no good if he takes you down with him. If you teach him how to swim, you’re both better off.
              Likewise, giving a man a lantern does him no good if he still can’t see the light

              stand strong until freedom dawns

          • Joe Republic: Be careful, because now folks know that your got your stuff squared away and will look to you, perhaps even demanding, that your ‘share’ the next time something happens. I now too live in N. Fla. but lived through Andrew in Miami in 1992. We had enough food and water to last at least two weeks, along with lighting and alternate cooking. Living 1 block off of a main line we had power back in 3 days. Some folks I know didn’t have power for a month, some even more. Did you get the nerve of some of these folks in the article wondering what the government was doing? Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch, mostly D.C. parasites and the others who live of their crumbs. They expect ‘mommy and daddy’ to come and wipe their butts. These clowns are absolutely clueless and are going to be the first to die if something big comes their way.

            • Ya’ll can move a little north to GA….I could always use some well equipped neighbors.

              I know what you all mean. I too have lived through and seen first hand the disaster that hurricaines can leave behind.

              How soon some forget.

            • Perhaps I should clarify. When I said that this situation couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch, I was speaking of the able bodied clowns who expect the government to do everything for them. For those who are incapable; the elderly, the very young, or ill, I believe it’s our duty as decent human beings to help them in any way we can. However, I will not lift a finger to help the improvident. That would only make me an inabler and I refuse carry someone else’s weight when they are able to do it themselves.

          • I read a comment by you where you are almost apologizing for wanting to help others. That is nothing to apologize for, it shows that there is decency in you and it is probably one of the reasons you starting prepping. I am sure that you will find away around it.

            Ad Gloriosum et Dei æterni

          • JoeRepublic

            It’s even more disturbing that significant (majority) numbers of people in a hurricane prone state like Florida are not prepped. Imagine the level of preparedness in states not inherently prone to natural disasters?

            I’ll bet after AC the biggest complaint from the masses was no TV.

          • Most of your neighbors probably think “oh well, that is the big 20 year event around here”. No need to prepare. It sucks you had to show your cards.

            • That’s very common rationale after a disaster. Some will prep for next event, most won’t. People are so burnt out from the disaster, eager to get back to normal, that they don’t want to then think about sacrificing more time, money & energy getting better prepped for yet another. They rationalize that they’d paid their dues, and the more record breaking the event was, the farther off any repeat, in their minds.

              – Shane

          • where are in fla?i moved several years ago,,upstste south carolina

            • I think that was a good choice, Old School.

          • How many did you get back?

          • @joerepublic, I also am in FLA. I hunkered down for the blow, and rode it out. My group was ready for an extended period of no services, but we never lost the grid. We are also in an elevated area that is not prone to flooding, but we would have had several main roads cut if the waters rose.

            I don’t envy your situation. You are surrounded by zombies who now know you prep. Fortify yourself in your location with sturdy doors/windows and better ordnance, find a BOL somewhere else, or bail from the area if your situation permits. If you don’t, next time the useless eaters will be demanding you redistribute your wealth; and they might not care how they get it.

          • And buy you a darn boat–seems the only thing you didn’t have–gotta cart those neighbors around ya know!!
            Moving, if able, seems a great option.
            We can’t but are role playing..ring-da-ding-ding…did you hear something? nope..ring-da-ding-ding..are you sure?
            Okay, me neither…pass me that second piece of chocolate cake, wouldja dear?
            Oh, and some more coffee.

          • Unreal how dumb people can be. If you live in Florida you have to be prepared. Land of hurricanes and floods demands it. At least they could buy a bunch of the little solar powered yard lights which put out a pretty good beam and a few days of MREs. Six bucks a piece for the lights and beats stumling around in the dark especially with all the nasty critters that call Florida home.

          • Joe,
            You did the right thing when so many did nothing. You are a stand up guy! But I have to say, get out as soon as possible. The next time, people will think it’s their right to expect something from you. “Why prepare when we can go to Joe house”. My family will pray for you!

          • Left the beach for the hills. Took a while to get used to frozen shrimp and dyeing hair (no more sun-bleached). And don’t try to chum up a bass to catch something bigger; that’s about all you get. Other than than, come on up! Can always use are few more like minded neighbors. KY is pretty, too. But hear it snows up there….

          • Forget the lantern, I need an Iphone. 🙂 Please tell me you can smell the sarcasm.

          • JoeR: Dude, I moved my mother to Margate Florida in 2005. Just in time to experience hurricane Wilma. I went though a few “mild” hurricanes, as I lived in Ft. Lauderdale and Melbourne Fl. Wilma was the worse one I’ve ever been in. The eye passed directly over us. After Wilma, there wasn’t any power, phone or gas. So I told my mother and aunt to both pack a 3 day bag, were going to Melbourne for a few days until Broward county comes back to semi-normal. Dude, on the way to Melbourne via the Florida Turnpike then I95, then US 1, was a freaking disaster. The billboard signs were blown out for 105 miles from Wilma. No one was able to get any gas, or food until we got near Ft. Pierce, over 100 miles away. And they were just getting the power back on in St. Lucie county. So almost anywhere you go, including here in NJ, after Hurricane Irene, 95 percent of the people maybe more, are NOT prepared for any emergency, let alone a disaster. Human nature: It won’t happen here, and I’m better prepared than you think. AND I can get to The Home Depot before you can. Always wait until the last possible minute to get prepared. We’re doomed dude. D O O M E D

        • The sheeple won’t even know or hear about this. It doesn’t show up in the crawler or pop-ups of the latest episode of Glee…

        • And now THEY get to control our healthcare….

          • @zoltanne:

            ……control being the optimum word..just sayin’

            • That’s what it’s all about BadAmerican. And we should hammer the real reason over and over again until 90% of Americans “get it”!

          • Google “Capps Law”
            It is a collection of items inserted into several bills over several years by Congresswoman Lois Capps and is considered a ticking timebomb. Amoung other things it says the government can cut off or deny care to seniors or those with cardiac problems diabetes etc. It can also change your taxes/”allow the government access” to a greater percentage of your retirement income. Check it out there is more.
            As for the story above, I think one paragraph says it all. It asks where all the money went that was spent on preparedness. It went into building the Gestapo Headquarters and equiping and training those who will be used against this nation. If you are protecting your home you face out and look for those who seek to get in. You do not face in and look at your family. Our government is facing in. They are looking at us.

            • If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it

          • Zoltanne,
            No,they get to control us which was the intent all along. Think of the power this gives them. Life or death.

        • Joe you are dead on…..this why we prepare. It isnt because the world will end. Its the storms,earthquakes,floods,volcano eruptions,hurricanes,tornadoes,blizzards,droughts,solar storms,economic collapse,polar shifts, and war…..did i forget anything?hahaha…so we arent the nut jobs that MSM protray us to be.

        • Man thats a good post there Joe!

          • Me and my boyfriend, city dwellers that we are, looked at this as a practice case. We have many lessons learned for when something big hits.

        • FEMA was the problem during and after Katrina. They turned away hundreds of First Responders, thousands of people with much needed supplies, and tens of thousands of people willing to help that brought their own generators and chainsaws.

          • FEMA turned away internatonal offers of help. One country (Israel?) offered a ship for temporary housing. It was turned down and a cruise ship was rented. I’m not sure it was Israel who offered this, but remember their offer being turned down. One thing that struck me was that many countries really could not afford to offer help, but offered things they could not afford anyway. I remember hearing about food from Italy that was left out in the sun to spoil.

            • Quite a few countries sent food and water over for Katrina. Lots was returned, back to sender via the planes they arrived in. Some planes weren’t even allowed to unload!! Lots of stuff was brought in and later destroyed. Why? Because some of it didn’t meet FDA approval!!!

              It’s ironic though. When the US sends emergency aid to countries in need, some of it, is out of date by a couple years! But it’s still accepted gratefully even if it is 5 or 6 years out of date.

            • @ go blue banana: its every bit as outrageous as those asshat mayors in NYC and Philly saying its against the law for you or I to feed the homeless because what we get might not meet their nutritional standards. Gotta love it: supposedly they’re the “liberals”, but somehow I’m the bad guy if I buy a hungry man a Big Mac

              stand strong until freedom dawns

          • S Wirth,
            Let’s not forget the famous words of our country’s leader at that time ” Your’re doing a great job, Brownie!!” Now that’s leadership.

            • Katrina can be laid at the feet of the mayor of New Orleans and the gov. of the state. Bush told them to evacuate and had assets in place to assist. they turned down the help. Bush may have made some mistakes but this was not all his. The moron mayor refused to use school buses for evacuations since he thought they were not good enough. So the were left to get flooded in a parking lot. Too dumb to even move them. Out dependent class. Funny Miss. which was hit harder never whined and rebuilt themselves in a year. residents of NOLA are still whining and demanding help.

          • Medical units and surgical teams were stopped in Arkansas and Alabama post Katrina; they weren’t allowed into Louisianna to help because the first responders, doc’s, nurses, etc. weren’t licensed for that state!! Trucks with people, supplies, tents, etc were never permitted across state line to help.

            • True, I’m Physical Therapist in Alabama, offered my services, but could not because I’m not licenses in Louisiana.

        • @ JoeRepulic. You know what is so pathetic? After this and a week of anguish how many people do you think will finally get it and start preparing for the next event, just as bad or worse? Answer 1%.

          I have had lesser events where I live, and ONLY after multiple times of losing power did a fraction of the neighbors finally get it, and go out and purchase an electric generator. I have seen how people that have literally run out of food, and for a short while they will keep a little extra in the house. Then after a year it is the same old pattern. ONLY if the fear of extreme misery is put into most people will they start preparing. It is something that shows just as you said, “The Sheeple said”.

          I could go on and on about prepping and the necessities of it, but instead I will say something brief. Most people have been conditioned to expect that society will always be there and when it is not there, it is ONLY temporary and will fully recover with time. Most people will literally have to go through a Haiti type of disaster to wake up, and if and when that happens in this country it is likely it will be too late for most to learn that lesson. I say just like the old adage of birds of a feather flock together, surround yourself with people that share your values and ideas, they will be the ones that will share a post apocalyptic world with you.

        • right and just look at all the unprepared suffering .

        • Where is FEMA?

          • Right on Brian, damn, haven’t heard squat from them. Shouldn’t they be out there handing out some water or standing there fanning an old lady who lost her air conditioning?

        • We lost power in the northeast for 12 days, two days before halloween. It was miserable. No water, no toilet flushing, food went bad, blah, blah, blah. The ‘officials’ told us 5 days at most. Ha, ha, ha! It was freezing at night, we had our fireplace. I feel for all the people without power. It is a miserable experience. However, it is a wake up call, To get prepared. Hope you have your power soon!

        • It is pretty unreal to lose power for a few days. We, in the northeast, lost power for 11 days. And it was freezing at night. Thank God, for the Canadians who fixed our pathetic power grid system. They were so professional, organized and knew what the hell they were doing. I was embarrassed at our pathetic excuse for what we call workers! If my husband could find a job in Canada, I would move there in a heartbeat.

          • I live in Central Canada and our light and power crews are top notch. We had a city transformer blow and the entire city was without power, they had it up and running in 2 days. Even the Quebec ice storms were up and running quickly considering the amount of damage.

        • You can tell you’re not from East Coast! The Washington Post called it Snowmagaddeon!

        • Yes, it’s the same every year. The electricity goes out for days at a time and people are surprised and unprepared. I just don’t get it…

          We have stocked up about 6 months worth of food and personal hygiene supplies. My best friend is a consultant for a company that sells freeze dried and dehydrated food at great prices. We love the food so much we use some of it every day, even without having an emergency. They sell everything from freeze dried mushrooms, freeze dried beef and even cheese. The freeze dried fruit is unbelievably good. My daughters just eat it as a snack right out of the can. Anyway, … Just check it out Who knows what coming our way next. Natural disaster or TEOTWAKI – it’s time to get prepared!

        • Can you say, “PsyOps” boys and girls???

      2. I see these smaller events as warnings for the bigger events coming down the pike.

        Those blessed with basements can escape the heat by staying there.

        • No doubt. And only some 3 million Americans are “preppers.” That leaves roughly 300 million plus with total dependence on someone else if the SHTF.

          It won’t be a pretty sight if it ever comes to that.

          • So true Mac, and those are sobering numbers. I have visions of Americans turning on fellow Americans and screwing each other over in the name of survival. Reminds me a bit of After Armageddon, that video from the History Channel you clued us in on a while back.

            • When the food runs out… people will turn to basic core survival needs… we’ll become animals… There is no doubt in my mind.

              Heck, i get moody if i don’t eat lunch…. imagine skipping breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 3 days…

              Just thinking about it makes me want to go make a smoothie right now.

              • On a side note – I love smoothies…. My wife recently got me a gift so that I can continue to make smoothies Post-SHTF: The GSI Outdoors Handcranked Vortex Blender…. total sweetness.

              • Great call there beefcake… we’ve got the washboard and soaps and such, but that seems like a winner right there!

            • Sounds awesome Mac, I am heading your way with lots of supplies. Seriously, I am getting discouraged with the people around me. I have been trying to talk to family for months about trying to prep a little bit. My brother owed my dad 100 bucks a month ago, but couldnt pay him until this month because he ran out of money. Now he is on his way to spend 5000 dollars on a camper that he might use twice a year. Foolish.

            • A good quality “wringer” such as for a mop is a good item for wringing out clothes (like jeans) when washing clothes in a SHFT situation.

              We found them at Sam’s Club.

            • Beefcake,
              We’ve had a Wonderwash sink Hurricane Ike.
              I did a review on it for Lisa at Survival Mom.
              We’ve used it for years, during power outages and camping with very good results!

            • We had major storms and flooding in Northern Minnesota 2 weeks ago. Closed down some expressways and killed some animals in the Duluth Zoo. Before the water even went down we had looters coming into the area taking other people’s stuff.

            • Right On Mac. Most Americans have not lived with real hunger. Anyone who’s young enough to have missed out on the hunger-fest that was the 1970s, don’t trust ’em. They don’t know how long a person can get by on how little, and they’ll freak out.

          • You are never going to hear about all of the home invasions just like after hurrican Katrina. It was 4 against one and all I had was a bolt rifle. Thank God they backed down. But many were not armed and they were not so lucky. There was NEVER anything on the news about this. God Bless everyone!

            • This is why a lever-action can be good. Although, with training one can learn to work a bolt gun pretty fast. Good you got through it.

            • Reality Man

              No one wanted to be the 1st.

              I believe if your outgunned aim directly at the leader and tell him, “Attack and the outcome is debatable but one thing isn’t; you’re guaranteed going to die”. Even with a .410 single shot a few, ‘”persuasive words and a gun” are all that is usually needed.

              Oh after it’s over get more gun.

            • I assume you upgraded to an auto-loader. (Happiness is a warm gun.)

            • The real problem home invaders were the cops and NG who went to all the white areas confiscating guns from homeowners. Don’t think it won’t happen again. God damn CHP was involved in that.

          • There is a difference between not eating for one to 3 days and not having any food in sight. When you have nothing and nothing comming, the animal instinct and fear come out in even “the best” people.
            Remember the post a while back that detailed Bosnia under seige. Even longtime trusted neighbors could not be trusted because you did not know how much or how little food they had on hand for their families and starvation is a powerful motivator.

            • In the book about surviving the economic collapse in Argentina the author said you quickly learn to say NO a lot. Regardless what anyone wants the answer is NO.

          • Mac,

            I have been wondering, I hear alot about an overbearing Federal Government but what about overbearing local governments stepping in and “requisitioning” preparations for “the needs of the community”. I am new to this site and I wanted to know if this question has ever been addressed. Maybe I am off base on this one but I see this as a more immediate threat to preppers then the US Gov. What are your thoughts?

            • Centurion, thanks for visiting!

              Yes, I think this should be a concern, especially for those people living in areas where their local governments are sympathetic to the cause of redistribution.

              There is a book called “One Second After” about an EMP attack and how one community handles it. It’s quite an interesting read, and they deal specifically with this issue. One solution the town comes up with is to allow those who have their own food to consume their own food, while others are essentially put on ration cards. However, anyone on a ration card that is found hoarding food would then have their food confiscated. It is quite an interesting challenge for a local government.

              Insofar as preps go… All I can really say is that you should (and it looks like you do) expect anything, thus, assume you will have your food seized. That being said, the only way to prep for such a scenario is to have multiple food sources and caches.

              Best wishes,


          • @ mac slavo

            honestly, I don’t even consider myself a prepper: I’m an American. I see life as being partly a roll of the dice on a daily basis, and the only sane response is to have stuff in reserve for the times when things go wrong. The fact that somehow you and I and others here are in such a small minority is proof of how far we have strayed from the basic common sense that built this country.

            stand strong until freedom dawns

      3. The picture shows lots of stuff in the background; more like the shop owner blew out his frozen/cold stuff due to a lack of power maybe. These “events” are significantly over rated and media hyped.

        SHTF is more than a temporary event. This is temporary.

        • Agreed Jim. This is short-term… a few days, perhaps a few weeks max – with government support along the way as they bring up the grid, utilities and distribution is restored. But long term TEOTWAWKI.. yikes — a scary prospect!

          That pic is from the “Snowpocalypse” of 2010 and was sent to me along with several others from an SHTFplan reader. They were definitely clearing out the shelves that week on the East Coast.

          I saw the same thing in Houston during Ike. In addition to just-in-time crashing, the grocery stores either didn’t have generators or ran out of fuel, so they either tossed the cold foods or they were snatched up. But the dry goods were totally gone as well — not a box was left on the shelves.

          In 2005, when Rita hit the Houston area we stilled lived in Dallas…. It was madness there as well because the weather reports suggested that Rita would still be a Cat 1 when it went over Dallas…. I happened to be at Target that evening shopping for random things and, I kid you not, every single flashlight, cooler and battery pack was gone…. DALLAS! 200 miles away from the coast!

          Turns out we had some showers and that’s about it… kind of funny, really…

          But I am fairly certain that after the flashlight shopping spree, the majority of those people never thought about preparedness again.

            • Mike, that’s a fantastic story and article you put together. Thanks for posting the link!

            • Good job. Nicely done. Sister moved from Jersey(Summit) two years ago. Sure do miss some of the food. North Carolina just does not do bagels or cheese steaks worth a damn.

          • Hi Mac Salvo,
            Simialar story from the people’s democratic republic of Austin. I had to stop by the store for a bag of catfood and some mayonaysse ( I dropped my jar the day before ) while Katrina was causing the evacuation of Houston.
            The shelves were BARE! I was standing there laughing my head off. A lady asked what was so funny. We are 600 feet above sea level and people were freaking out thinking we were going to flood. The storm arrived and didnt even cause any local power outages or street flooding(and shoal creek will flood if someone spits in it)

          • Mac,

            You know the funny thing about all those flashlight buyers? After the storm was over most of them returned the electric torches to Target, Wally or wherever. I work retail and I see it happen whenever TSDoesNotHTF as expected.

            • This doesn’t surprise me one bit!

            • @ Sales Associate. This why this country is totally doomed, at least the 99% of the population are. Those 99% of the population are going to have an extreme difficulty purchasing food when the shelves are barren, on top of that using credit cards that they totally depend on for ALL transactions when the communications are down. It has almost become an evil deed to prepare for that 99%. This is why it is absolutely essential that the 1% that do prepare are well armed, to the teeth, for the 99% that decide that the prepper’s house is now “THEIR” supermarket.

      4. Oh yes, just a taste of things to come. The Americans suffering now are the same one’s that would go out on a boat without a life jacket. And of course the government is Ill prepared. This is by design. When they set their ultimate plans in motion they don’t want us to be unaffected by it. They want us to suffer. As far as all the money spent since 9/11, that was nothing but a robbery.

        • thats a silly comment. How can the government prepared for winds and an electrical storm of the likes never seen before?? The governments not infallible or all knowing.

          Dominion Power, however, did an excellent job with getting power up to 50% of customers within a day.

          • The national power grid is a convoluted, frail, outdated mess. The utilities should bury the lines — it would be cost-effective when calculated against these massive outages and time/money lost. Instead of opting for better service, they decide on “Smart Grid” implementation. But no worries now. By the time they figure all of this out, the S will have already hit and there won’t be e-power anyway.

            • Good idea, but what happens to those underground lines during an earthquake?

            • Either they flex as designed or break in a major upheaval. Above-ground lines go out in wind, fire, and lesser earth tremors, so burial is a good option.

        • @ silver fox: spot on my friend… I think that when people talk about the government, they forget that there is NO SUCH THING AS “THE GOVERNMENT”. Its just a bunch of guys who wanna spend your money so they can run your life. And think about this: people like Anthony “flash my junk” Weiner have always been a big part of government. Or how’s about that idiot from Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee, the one who thought we had planted the flag on Mars… apparently she can’t tell the difference between a planet and the Earth’s moon.

          It’s not just their vindictiveness or arrogance, its their plain old “DOH!” stupidity that keeps me vigilant

          stand strong until freedom dawns

      5. I’m in the middle of this and thankful to have power restored quickly here in town, but talk to people every day who have no power including my retreat neighbors. The noticeable difference I see here in West Virginia is we aren’t on TV whining and complaining like I saw in New England last winter. Despite most people knowing someone with power where they could stay, they are toughing it out at home. Some have generators, but more are pitching tents in their yard for sleeping as nighttime lows are in the sixties.

        There was a photo on the front page of Sunday’s paper of a line of cars waiting at the only open gas station in the county north of us. Restaurants that have power are doing brisk business, but no more people than usual at the grocery because few have refrigeration and those with backup cooking also have food storage.

        • Thanks for the on-the-ground report Pastor! Best wishes to you and yours…. I have a sneaking suspicion that you are good to go and using this as an opportunity to field test some of your preps…


          • You’re welcome. When one knows what to do and has the resources it becomes a nonevent. If I did not have screw-in anchors and ratchet tie-downs the metal shed I am building would have been gone. One of my neighbors found a trampoline in his yard. It felt good to flip on the scanner and listen to the play-by-play on the weather band knowing my family would be OK.

        • pastor,

          I live in New England. not all of us were whining. We were hit with a tornado june 2nd last summer. no power for a week. followed by a microburst that blocked us in due to electric wires and trees down. Again no power for 5 days. then october snow storm that took down almost every tree and again no power for 7 days. I was actually glad for the opportunity to test my preps. Best of all now my spouse is totally on board with prepping. Our town is all on well water too.

        • They are sleeping outside?? Goodness, I don’t know if I could do that in an urban or even suburban area. That seems so dangerous….

          • Me neither, but children do it here with their parents when they are young and with their friends when they are teenagers. Other people travel from all over to hike, hunt, whitewater, and camp so why wouldn’t we? We are more concerned about bears so we hang our food in a tree. Almost all violent crime victims here are related to the perpetrator.

            • Oh! Are you in a more rural area?
              We live outside a very small town. Out here I could do it and not think twice. Somehow I thought you meant a large city or very packed suburban area.
              I am in Missouri so I think about if I were living in St. Louis or even anywhere near it!

        • Good on yer PP.

          Yeap, it just means those poor, poor, people have got to live like I do for a bit, the poor babies.

        • @prepared pastor. I live in WV and am looking for other like minded individuals feel free to contact me lbaflying@yahoo

        • LOL PP I live a mile from that store, not that I needed gas, or anything for that matter. The traffic was so bad first they got a couple of volunteer firemen to direct traffic then the state police. Apparently our little store was the only place in the county to get gas over the weekend. I have a little generator kept full at all times and five, 5 gal cans also kept full. Also had 3/4 of a tank in my truck. I breezed through the 6 days my power was out. I still have friends locally without power and can’t even convince them to come by for a shower. Yep we’re tough here in WV. Me, personally, I’d be taking someone up on that shower. The one good thing about a power failure in the summer is one doesn’t mind taking a cold shower!

      6. i see this going on around me and im sorry but if you cant go 2 or 3 days without electric without panicing because your so unprepared,you might as well give up now because youll never make it in the future so why even try

      7. And this is the strategy, those with the means to leave will leave and the rest will scratch by like they always have in the past and “Just in the nick of time” the gubmint will show up with scraps and the “where’s my check crowd” will applaud the current admin as their saviors. This is how it always goes until the day the gubmint don’t show up and that is when the finger pointing and then the problems will begin.

        This is why opsec for your preparations is so important. I was in the past trying to educate a few about it but I stopped and now I prep for my family and keep my big trap shut, because the day will come when “they” will come to demand

        • Amen US Centurion. My big trap is shut also. Everyone we try to convince will come for us when the SHTF. Prepare for yourself and your deaf blind loved ones. Any one else, maybe send them a well worded “CONFIDENTIAL” letter and hope for the best.

          • My deaf, blind love ones, lol! It is daunting preparing for the aggressively ignorant but they are my aggressively ignorant loved ones so they are my burden and I am their keeper. Thanks for they kind words SilverFox

            • Of course, although we are preparing for our loved one’s who refuse to see they will not be sitting on their ass and eating my food. They will be the ones doing the lions share of the work. Digging a new toilet if it get’s to that, tending the garden(that’s hard work there not use to), pumping the well etc etc. Oh yes, prepping for the blind and the deaf has it’s perks.

          • Feel bad for young children since they suffer because their parents don’t have foresight.

        • Have just recently found this site–thanks!! We are becoming very quiet about our preparedness as friends and family just roll their eyes or laugh at us!! BUT often make the comment “ we will know where to come if there is trouble”. This is disturbing as it is sooo easy to make no effort but run to the prepared later.

          • @Canadian Prepper…Hey, good to see another Canadian on the site(but think there are a few of us) I found the same as you(when talking to others about preparing) but they only got one chance with me…..I tell NO one now what I’m doing…although I think lots of people are doing some prepping quietly, as I notice when I am shopping that others are buying in large quanities(some of the same items I am “stocking” up on.

            I found 2 cast iron fry pans this week-end at a yard sale, but they wanted $15.00 for each of them….I could not justify that (even though the lady said “these are made in Canada….not China!” I have 2 anyway, and want to make bannock on an open fire…….anyone out there ever tried it or have any tips? Thanx in advance

            • It’s even worse here in Northern Europe. I haven’t told anyone of being a prepper and trying to achieve some level of independency from the grid, etc. Over here in Northern Europe you get labeled, laughed at, rididuled if you are a prepper. The people have absolute faith in the Eurocrap and a secure future. Hardly any audience for non mainistreem media.

              Glad that my wife supports me, although she has never seen the true size of my preps (she thinks we only have food for 1 to 2 months..)

            • There are more of us than you might think!


              – Stoosh

          • Also residing in Canada – I’ve stopped preaching the prepping gospel too. And discussing home defense? Oh my gosh, my Canadian friends find the very idea “eccentric”. I just go about my business quietly now as well.

            Glad to see you both here! 🙂

            • We are out there Diasy. Im spending the fiat like mad. The wife works in healthcare so if her job is gone chances are the whole thing has gone to hell.

          • Welcome Canadian Prepper !!!! 🙂

          • “BUT often make the comment “ we will know where to come if there is trouble”.”

            One thing you can say them is “Don’t come over without an invitation, and you don’t have one.”

        • Or turn you in for hoarding.

      8. Be Ready…

      9. I saw that Newt Gingrich tweeted about the book “One Second After” and stated that this is just a minor example of what would happen in an EMP event. Within a week of that type of event, when people are starting to realize that the power isn’t coming back on they will become very desperate when they realize that a box of rice crispies and a 12 pack of Coke isn’t going to take them too far.

        • On a side note. Before he quit the race, he was calling for the ability to recall federal judges and everyone thought he was stupid.

          After the Stunt that Roberts pulled last Thursday, he doesn’t look so stupid now…..

        • Great book NP! I had my wife read it to get her “mind right” about prepping.

        • “One Second After” good book.

          • We just bought a ’74 chevy pickup. I am stoked.

          • Another good one is Lucifer’s Hammer (Niven and Pournelle), I read that in 7th grade and have been collecting books on rebuilding civilization ever since. I buy old books from library sales for a quarter each and hit garage sales in town (University of Nebraska @ Kearney about 3 miles away) for old textbooks and manuals.

            Go Navy (and take the Army with you, but leave the Marines… We Like Them) -Rocky Horror Picture Show

        • Newt wrote the forward for the book. Surprized the hell outta me.

      10. Wondering whether or not this is enough of a wake-up call – or – more likely – people will quickly forget? Our modern technological megalopisis swaths of humanity are again shown to be incredibly vulnerable – which is no surprise to all of us “preppers”. One little storm is no big deal – but look at the chaos which ensued.

        I grew up without ac, and even today use it sparingly as it irritates my lungs. Just drove my home in the Texas Hill country to California this week – and as I passed through Phoenix, it begged the question for me as to why anyone would choose to live in the middle of a desert with temps of 110 in the shade? Can’t imagine what life would be like there if the grid goes down.

        Grateful to be 60 plus years old. We had no ac when I grew up, and even today, use it sparingly. Just got used to being hot. As a kid, spent many of my summers on the family farm, where for a few years, we had no electricity. Imagine that. We all got by just fine.

        In any event – dependency is not a good thing – and we have become a nation of dependents for the most part – doubtless a major reason why our once great country is in sad decline. This gross dependency is the reason why the sheeple keep supporting a system assuured to enslave and degrade. Looking forward to the day when the whole central banking Ponzi scheme finally collapses – and we can begin to learn to stand on our own two feet once more.

        • Yep

        • I’m 42 and for the first time in my life I actually envy people older than me.

      11. The sheeple will always be what they are. Nothing we can do or say will convince them otherwise. I have been hit head on by three tropic storms this year and came out fine. But I would have been prepared for the long haul had it been necessary. I am prepped to the hilt; food, NEW generator, water and more. And I am prepared to fight to keep it.

        • The people who are hungry, thirsty, hot and miserable in this disaster are the same people who will be hungry, thirsty, hot and miserable in the next disaster.

        • Don’t need to fight if you look broke dick. Hide your shit and keep a couple cans only in view. Look like you never bathe and make your home look like it has been ransacked. I plan on doing some rather creative things to my home to give this impression. Remember that perception is reality.

          • buy good quality clothes and sew on pathches and freyed edges to them so they look old and ratty. Garage sales and Salvation Army clothes so you can blend in and buy extra socks and shoes again making them look worn out (duct tape around them, just look at a teenage skater punk’s shoes or any teenage boy)
            I have several changes of clothing that are a size too big or two so they hang on me like I have lost alot of weight to fit in with the rest of the sheep (also hides the body armor and holster)
            The reason we will make it is that we have common sense, brains, real world education and we make do with what we have and not wait for the FEMA/Government Cheese handouts.

      12. Not only is this country slowly burning, and storms beyond imagination crops are failing drought but a plague lqp 79 also the bubonic plague a case in oregon he is ICU and another case of a flesh eater in china and the flesh eating disease in the south.

        • …flesh eating disease???
          …..I think it’s time for a google search…

          • Mersa.

            • I had this in my nuts. I’m not shitting you. Got it from the hot tub in the fitness center.
              Luckily the boys are engineered to stretch. Got as big as a baseball. The doc. had to slit it to drain. Laid in bed for a week, oozing like a snail. Was on a strong anti-b.


              PS. PREP I DID….

              Russia has some funky bio agent that makes it so you cannot uptake water.
              The only ways to keep from drying up is an enigma.
              Scary times.

              My gut tells me….govt. is prepping for the dollar crash. The chem trails fucked up the weather….crop failure to come.

              Good luck folks.

              ps. Keep your mouth shut about your preps. We’re too close now.
              Every family for themselves. Liberals…go ahead and thumbs down.

              Darwinian socialism…..the smart will survive. Big nuts and all. ha

            • Mersa is “baaaaad” shit. My brother-n-law got it a major hospital in Charlotte, NC, last September. He died from it one week later. He was 52 and tough as nails. It had him unable to stand or speak after four days.

            • MRSA

          • @ HecatesMoon, it’s there. A girl in GA is fighting it.

          • necrotizing fasciitis.

      13. as i said before i just started prepping. i told my sister what i am starting to do, but i really haven’t told anyone else. and my sister told a friend of ours that i am a prepper. well he turn out to be a sheeple that don’t want to wake up. i couldn’t even get him to understand the reasoning behind storing up food and goods that you use. by the end of the conversion he said well i will just steal what i need. and i said that leads to rule #3 in preeping “Guns and Ammo”. and on a side note that doomsday preppers is becoming a headache. they are picking the some of the most extreme cases and show casing them. making all of us look like nuts. in the last couple of weeks when i talk to friends and family they use that show to justify there reasoning why the think prepping is for nuts. so i have been do more defending prepping then anything because of the show. but some of my friends and family is starting to listen to me, because they know i don’t do things without good reason.

        • where can i find information on how to properly store gas for long term and and amount of gas is recommended?

          • For as long as I can remember, I have been storing gasoline for up to a year untreated in a sealed plastic gas can in the shade. My generator is over twenty years old and I use it every year. At the end of each summer, I turn off the fuel and let the carburetor run dry. When the engine dies I top of the fuel and it starts right up the following Spring.

            For longer term storage I use Pri-G fuel stabilizer. How much to store is a personal decision based upon your plans. I keep enough in town to fill all my equipment and my jeep completely up in case I need to head for the retreat and find my vehicle is out of fuel. I only use it at the retreat for when I want to run power tools or the rotor tiller, and have both solar and wind power so my needs are not as great as other people who may need a gasoline generator to run their water pump, etc.

            An arbitrary amount you might start with is twenty-five gallons in five plastic gasoline cans and decide from there how much more you will need.

            • Prepared Pastor,

              The best way to store gasoline is in STEEL cans, plastic cans are oxygen permeable. O2 leads quickly to gum and varnish formation (the gas will smell acidic like silicone sealant). Current gasoline (with 10% ethanol) goes bad pretty quickly, even with Pri-D. I’ve stored and tested old gas (Amoco Clear 93), -NO- ethanol, with a double dose of Stabil, and in good steel jerrycans it still burned fine after 8 years. Sears sells a true gasoline in steel 1 qt cans under the Craftsman brand for about $5 /Qt, but it’s shelf stable in cool storage indefinitely and can says good for 2 years after opening. There are also 40 and 50:1 pre-mix oil versions for 2 cycle engines. The same stuff is TruFuel at Wallys, but in the east Wallys just seems to have the 40:1 per-mix oil version. Yep at $20/gal it’s pricey, but if you need it in 5 years, gas may be selling for that price… You’ll have trouble finding the old heavy gauge NATO steel jerrycans, but Sportsmans Guide does have light steel (china) cans for not too bad a price – I bought 8, and they do hold pressure.
              PS: Per Rawles, I also have a bunch of Stihl 2 cycle oil stored w/O2 absorbers in 50 cal ammo cans, to keep my chain saws running.

            • Prepared Pastor

              I put almost 30 years in an oil refinery and while storing gasoline from the point of view of usefulness is important what is often overlooked is fire safety. Sources of ignition including the exhaust pipe of the generator when used and especially people smoking around 25 gallons of gasoline is a big concern. Too many have too little respect for gasoline. Smokers that are visitors are too addicted to often concern themselves with safety because as they say, “Familiarity breeds contempt”.

              I seen people smoking while pumping gas.

            • Harvard,
              Since you mentioned Rawles, you should read his latest book, Survivors, where he explains in detail how to store gasoline long-term sealed in plastic containers without fuel stabilizer.

              Even if he had not verified that other people are doing it the same way, I would not change thirty years of successfully storing fuel without having to rebuild a carburetor on a mower, motorcycle, rotor tiller, or generator.

            • Kevin,
              Being a pastor, I do not smoke, cuss, or chew, or go with those who do. Seriously though as I disclosed in my article on CERT Teams which appeared on this site on June 4th, I am a former firefighter and what people don’t understand is that the range at which gasoline will ignite is quite narrow (1.4-7.6). I agree that people often act foolishly and have even seen someone put out a lit match in gasoline, but not once in my career did I respond to a structure fire caused by gasoline being stored in a shed or garage or other appropriate place.

            • Old gas wil destroy your vehicl especially if it is fuel injected. I learned this the hard way. It will also make a vehicle hard to start and run with no power. Don’t know what to tell you but old gas is just as bad as no gas. Most likely the best thing is keep gas stored but keep using it up and replacing. No more than three months.

          • look into the products Pri-D and Pri-G for storing of various fuels
            much better than Stabil

          • @OmegaGK,

            We store 40 gals of kero and 25 of Gas in our barn. We use Stabil, but also hear good things about Seafoam.

            Enough Stabil can stretch gas for 18 mos-2 years.

        • I think when it comes down to it, those 99% of people who aren’t prepping are going to have no choice but to scavenge for food, and that includes looting and robbery – likely armed.

          I can’t say I am 100% confident in my home defenses, as I do think that for those living in communities, it will come down to neighborhoods setting up defense, patrols, roadblocks and such, but I am certain that if I do go down, it won’t be without a fight.

          Your friend will be one of many who is totally unprepared and the only post-collapse strategy they have will be to steal from those who did prepare. And, as we know, if there is one group of people who are heavily armed and prepared to defend what’s their’s in a post-collapse world, it’s the American Prepper.

          I’m confident that the majority of people on this web site are planning for exactly this contingency (and that explains why ammo sales and gun sales are through the roof!).

          Thanks for visiting OmegaGrayKnight!


          • Reading about all this weather-related mess, I keep thinking of the elites with their home security systems, motion detectors, hot lines to the LEO, alarms. I wonder if anyone found themselves locked out when the power failed on their armed systems? I also wonder how many of these folks refuse to own a gun or own one they have shot maybe twice at a range, if that.

            We are taking care of a geriatric dog who may not make it past this next winter. We won’t get a second dog until he is gone. It would be too traumatic for the poor old guy. He would have a seizure out of jealousy. But a large dog who regards us as his pack is a great early warning system.

          • Mac, as much as I don’t want to be in a situation where I’ll be firing on my fellow Americans. I am prepared to do so for my families safety.

          • @ mac slavo
            RE: gun and ammo sales through the roof… all too true! Gotta say, when balding, four eyed computer nerds formerly from the northeast like me are feeling compelled to “arm up”, it is definitely a frightening portent.

            stand strong until freedom dawns

        • “i will just steal what i need.”

          He may find himself as one of the dead bodies on someone’s front yard too.

          I recommend leaving a few used shotgun shells and brass laying around the front door and driveway as a polite hint for people not to press their luck.

          • Scout

            Your post gave me an interesting thought. What happens to all the Meth-heads, Crack Smokers, and I.V. drug users in a SHTF world? They might be the most dangerous people around.

            • Those people will not survive in the long run. They will try to, just as desperate as people who are clueless about what is coming, but they care more about today’s crack fix than tomorrow’s meal.

        • @Omega
          There are some good people out there worth trying to wake up. Don’t waste your time on Zombies, mutants and the comatose. Let them go on to be TSA agents, or work for FEMA. Fact is, you could start a business, directing these people to TSA and FEMA, then charge a “finders fee”.

      14. Great article Mac….

        …a real live, up to date, Mother Nature Smackdown is always a precious reminder as to why we prepare.

        …and as always, our representatives in big gooberment can be depended on to show us the way…….not!!!!

        …lead with the left, then finish with your RIGHTS..BA

        …be safe…stay the course…Texas Proud…BA

      15. My mother and stepfather were in the thick of it with no power in Montgomery County, Maryland. On Sunday, after talking to them, they decided to leave. Instead of coming to our place, they chose a vacation to her brother’s at Hilton Head. Guess she didn’t want to work around here. lol

        Here’s part of an email she sent this morning:

        “I’ve never spent as miserable a night as the night before we left. 90 degrees and no air circulating inside. When I read the next morning that we couldn’t expect relief for 7 days, I had to get out.

        On the way down here, we passed convoy after convoy of utility trucks with cherry pickers, on their way to the DC and Fairfax area. We must have passed 75+ trucks all headed north.

        I emptied the freezer and fridge before we left. We only have the freezer in the fridge so it wasn’t like we had a big one. Still, I hated to lose everything. It was already thawing. I had just bought a big family pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts and lost every bit of it. I thought about frying them the evening before but it would have added more heat to the house. More heat we didn’t need.

        The neighborhood was like a war zone. We drove around and saw the big trees down and also the above electric lines that were down. I can see how they said it would be 7 days to get the power back on. Transformers blew up and the poles they were on were burnt to a matchstick size. “

        • “When I read the next morning that we couldn’t expect relief for 7 days, I had to get out.” ….. I hope she doesn’t drive a Chevy Volt.

        • Z, I can appreciate what your Mother experienced with the heat. After Katrina we went for a week in 90 degree heat. In Mississippi we may be a little more experience in dealing with the heat but it’s still not fun.

          • When I was kid no one had AC. That was true also for schools and most businesses. I can remember the movies with the We have AC signs on them. LOL. We made it and it was hot and muggy all Summer. People are wimps now. Use an outhouse in hot weather and you will know true misery.

            • some of us aren’t so much concerned about AC or “saving the pork chops in the freezer”…some of us have serious medical conditions which require medication that is kept refrigerated. That much being said, that’s why some of us not only have generators, we have UPS backups from American Power Conversion, and energy efficient dorm fridges from Nu Cool. The UPS are always fully charged, and they can keep yer meds (or beer, or whatever) cool for a long damned time before you need to kick on the generators

      16. People are completely unprepared and most… 95%ish.. do not think ahead.
        For example, my wife and I and the boys (7 and 9) visited the air show in NH last weekend, it was hot in the 90s and sunny bright. We parked our lawn chairs under the tail of a C-5 toward the back of the advancing shadow knowing that as the sun goes over the shadow would advance. EVERYONE else who sat under the tail placed their chairs near the front of the shadow. The shady area quickly filled with people. The folks in front couldn’t move back as the area filled in with others. Sitting in back, we moved our chairs back every 20 mins or so and stayed in the shade, no one was standing behind us in the sun. The “smart” folks who got the best seats…. also got the best sunburns. It was common sense for me to put my family in the safest spot.
        It’s also common sense for me to have food, water, fuel, silver and a gun at home just in case we lose our shade and the region suddenly heats up and we can’t move.
        A shady spot is really no big deal, but it’s a clear example of the mass’s inability to think.
        I have been told by my acquaintances that silver is in a bubble, the dollar can’t crash, it’s impossible for the stores to empty or the gas pumps to be down etc, etc, etc.
        We’ll see.

        • love the shade example

        • We attended many air shows…umbrellas..and a few times we took our large pool ummbrellas that attach to chairs, like the sports chairs..awesome.

        • Noah prepared before the flood. People were laughing at him too.

      17. This weekend was a great test for the future. We lost power for 15 hours and i know thats not alot compared to some people. I learned alot about what i had prepped. Making some changes but over all Im real pleased with how i had everything setup. I would like to thank this web site, and all the people that leave comments. I woke up 1 year ago and im thankful i did. I had no problems and my family didnt freak out they felt comfortable and safe. We even had a open disscussion about my we did right and what we did wrong.I know the people on this site that lost power are doing ok and I pray for the unprepared.Again, thanks Mac for a great web site!

        • Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

      18. Stepping back from the immediate “crisis” in the DC disaster, the bigger picture is a failed government. Again. Mac voices his frustration well, but many people just don’t realize the enormity of the government failure as it relates to infrastructure and the LACK of cohesive delivery systems to citizens, businesses, and government. But isn’t it ironic: We have a government imposing systemic regulations and rigid laws on compliance, yet they themselves cannot follow their own rules or “advice”.

        No wonder many people see how incompetent the government is.

        No wonder many people question the billions of taxpayer dollars that have been squandered or stolen.

        Yet if We The People try to hold them accountable, hold their feet-to-the-fire, they will retaliate in multiple ways. If Congress demands the accountability, the government will merely increase expenditures thus perpetuating more of the same.

      19. D.C…..?

        Moahahahah..say it aint so..

        sorry to the “real” people in D.C….(this is in no way directed at you)

        but to the jackasses (we all know and love ) Moahahahah..

        next time you call a prepper a terrorist remember this day and what you DIDNT have..assholes

        • Maybe we can watch Pelosi’s plastic-face melt.

          • I’d pay to see that..maybe not as much as I will be paying in additional Taxes for others health care, but I’d still pay to see that…although in some cases I think her face has already melted once, and thats what we see today

          • @Zoltanne I don’t like Pelosi either, but when you speak of watching her plastic face melt, I assume you are talking of her multiple surgeries. There is no plastic used in plastic surgery. The term plastic comes from the Greek word meaning small. Small incisions, small sutures, so as not to leave a noticeable scar, are what constitute plastic surgery. Just passing on general info with no malice intended.

            • Swift….rofl! I didn’t mean it literally!! But it’s the nicest way I could say something w/out raising the terror-alert level at this site. Or having men in black pay me a visit, eh? 😉

              I think the Botox has had its effect on Pelosi, though, and she’s actually past due for the facial let-down, doncha think?

          • @Zoltanne: I think I already did… no wait, that was the zombie targets at the local range

        • @VRF
          Assholes? Why are you being so polite? Didn’t your grandad teach you that some things don’t require sugar coating?

          • sorry, I was feeling kind for a second wont happen again i swear.

            oh and BTW Holder and Obama dont care if their Gun running gets you killed..they obviously dont care about Brian Terry or Zapata (sp) are all in their crosshairs, its part of their plan that those Mexicans died, because it soon could be people in border states getting killed..when you arm up the cartels as Holder and Obama have you are looking down the barrel of a war
            are you ready?

            • The one thing that Alinsky Radicals can’t deal with is punch in the face. Damm I wish more people saw things this way.

      20. Myself, I experienced a very minor SHTF moment with out electricity for 3 very hot days here in the midwest.

        After the storm, we went out to get something to eat, but most places were closed because they had no electric or just packed full of people, and you would be waiting for a long time.

        We did eventually found a place to eat but waited for a while before we were served., which was ok since we had nothing to do that evening.

        I live out in the country, so I used a bucket of water to flush the toilet, washed my hands with clean water that I had stored back and hand sanitizer to clean as well.

        I had several coolers to put all my frozen food in and topped it off with ice, which was probably one of the hardest items to find.

        I have no generator.

        At this moment, I am going through a lot of cleaning because of the mess this storm brought on.

        This was a learning experience. 🙂

        • Listen up to all preppers that went through this very bad storm…, here is your chance to tell all those folks out there that you told you were prepping that you lost all, or some of your preps and don’t have the financial means to replace them. 😉

          This what I am going to tell them.

          keep prepping! 🙂

          • Eagledove

            Over here we have had rain almost constantly for five weeks now, my garden is gone, all veggies drown and rotting, the house has flooded, not deep, just an inch or so, but twice last week alone. The wheat barley and corn is rotting on its stalks in the fields, prices are going to skyrocket through this. My area has never flooded before, ever. At the bottom of the road, down a slight hill cars up to their roofs in water, just floating there, I genuinely have never seen anything like it is this area. there is more to come apparently.

            on a lighter note, Severn Trent water and several other water companies have just removed the drought notices and the government have informed us that hosepipe usage is no longer banned!

            take care

            • Pacific Northwest???

            • Oh, burt..UK..didn’t notice the author–so busy reading.

            • Burt.,

              Seems like the Earth is going thru some severe changes, though natural, which I never experienced so much in so little time. There will be more to come.

              I think we have approx. 8 billion people on Earth, in which puts a lot of stress on it’s natural resources.

              Tearing down of trees, turning up land, more cement cities to reflect heat and what ever we put into the air.

              Moderation is the key, but with the ever growing population, something is going to give. 😉

              I would gladly take some of your water, if I could for our fields.

              Have a great day Burt! 🙂

            • OOPS ., I used wrong icon for moderation. 🙁

          • @ EAGLEDOVE. The planet IS going through some major changes. Just had a 6.2 five hours ago off the coast of New Zealand, this is not that big but shows something a lot more severe. New Zealand is a boundary zone between the Austalian-Indo plate and the Pacific plate, and this region has been experiencing much increase in earthquake activity. On a globe or looking at it in a three dimensional view one can see what is happening. The Pacific plate is on the move big time and it is almost like it is New Zealand is being thrust upward by the battle of forces going on between the Australian and Pacific plate. The Pacific plate is the heavyweight and will overpower its smaller competition.

            The Pacific plate of course wanting to move northwestward means that those other areas that are locked are going to snap and follow this motion. This New Zealand earthquake and the many before it on a symptom of what is happening. Try to imagine 20-30 million individuals without any sewers, water, trash pick-up, power, or food because of the San Andreas breaking. Not just for a few days like the above article, bit for several weeks, months, or event years if the civilization lasted that long. The longer the San Andreas remains locked the bigger the earthquake will be. I would say for every 5 years since 1985 the amount of energy added to the size of the earthquake has jumped 1/10 of a full point. In 1985 it might have been just a 7.8, now it will be at least a 8.1.

            On top of the San Andreas, no one should ever forget that all that pressure that is thrusting at New Zealand that there is a super volcano down there. 🙁 🙁

            • @ Be informed;

              I am very fortunate that I don’t live so close to the moving plates. The only thing I have near me is a fault line that is not very active.

              I believe it is Yellow Stone in the U.S. that contains a huge caldera, that if it does explode, would take out most of the U.S.

              Thumbs up and have a good afternoon. 🙂

            • Yellowstone gets all the play here in the states as to being the big event but truth be told the area of Mammoth Lakes Calif. is far more likely to be the big one. Beautiful place too, hope it stays quiet.

      21. i find it sad that sheeple refuse to open their eyes, i have a sister who enjoys her upper middle class life, she also thinks that because this is the U.S. nothing that bad will happen that the people cant fix.. even though she knows how bad things are with the ecomony and the increase in natural disasters on a world scale, sorry people but this kinda stuff isnt just happening here its world wide and getting worse every day.. people like my sister play the game of sticking the head in the sand and hoping the monster will not see them, (because after all if i cant see you them I KNOW you cant see me)

        i have long held the belief that this country is 1 event away from absolute collapse and or distruction, so its not a matter of if or when but how many hours untill it happens… maybe im being a bit negitive here, but this country has been on borrowed time for way to long, bring it in and get it over with, im tired of waiting

        • I’m not only the black sheep of my family, but my wife’s family as well. They drive new cars, I drive a old diesel truck. They live in a McMansion with an underwater mortgage, I refuse to sell my free-and-clear fortress of solitude to make a down payment on one. I stay home with my kids while they institutionalize theirs in daycare. It’s no wonder children have no problem putting their parents away as that is how they were treated.

          The worst part is they have no idea how much I have accomplished in making sure my immediate family has a warm place to stay, food to eat, and hot and cold running water indefinitely. This must be how Clark Kent feels.

          • PP;
            Got that feeling totally. Except with moving into a McMansion, (for my two girls) I have often questioned myself, if I have done enough, not enough, etc.
            I guess we will never know until we come out as winners, survivors, the smart ones, but I can say that all that I have done over the years, has not cost all that much in the secure feelings I get in knowing I am taking care of my family. “Which is what a WISE man should do”, in general terms of the Bible quotes. You are doing what is right in many others eyes also. Bless your upcoming son…

          • hahahah Prep Pastor “This must be how Clark Kent feels.” Is it a challenge to stick to your secret identity? hehe
            I can relate to the black sheep label and I was once the jewel which seems to make it harder for my family and close friends. I had change-the-world career aspirations – Stockbroker, and then a very well-paid ‘whore’ for the credit card issuing/acquiring banksters. I saw them regularly make little programmer’s ‘oopses’ like charge 500,000 merchant accounts a 20 cent batch header fee one day (an obsolete fee to transmit their daily transactions) but dooon’t woorry… every one of them that calls customer service will get their 20 cents back. The statements are impossible to read and merchants have a business to run; even those who actually open their own mail aren’t going to spend 30 minutes on a call to retrieve 20 cents. Big banks make many little highly profitable ‘mistakes’. The banks are organized criminals and scarcely even attempt to hide it .. To make a short story realllly long.. I realized I was contributing to bankrupting the American family, working for crooks, and keeping company with evil people. I stopped caring about money, cashed out, quit my job, sold my house and car. My family does NOT understand and thinks I need to be on meds for depression over going insane. LOL Only my children are happy about it because they don’t have to worry about anything but getting here, where I have absolutely prepared a place for them.
            I am typing to you from a homestead right now. I haven’t watched television in two years, drive an old truck, collect travel trailers and small wood stoves for my underprepared family and those He might choose to send. Am sitting at the mouth of a fairly large cave with a hidden spring inside typing this to you. The only air conditioning I need flows out at 58 degrees year round. I choose not to live in the cave because it requires lighting 100% of the time spent inside. Am building a 30′ geodesic dome on a 4′ earthship foundation with salvage steel tubing at .15 cents a foot and free tires. I raise chickens, rabbits, garden year-round, and filter the water I drink from the spring. Composting toilets, gravity water pressure from tanks upon piles of pallets, and shower with a pitcher in the travel trailer I currently call home. Every girl should have a great water pump or two and 400′ feet of pro grade water hose. I am about broke from the financial standpoint but could stay on this acreage for several years without leaving. I also invested in freeze dried food storage, cases of V-8 and lots of other good food, small propane operated appliances and many propane tanks of varied sizes (filled them), deadly projectiles, silver impregnated Katadyn and Doughlin (sp?)candle filters (which will treat 13,000 gal before they have to be taken out, scrubbed, and put back in), 5 gal food grade buckets that say “LOWES” which I added spigots and installed the stick filters into. I collect rain water but I can’t remember the last time it rained.
            My point in typing all this is to try to help people to understand that if there is equity in your house SELL IT. If you drive a fancy car SELL IT. If you have a 401k, Roth IRA, stocks and bonds, LIQUIDATE THEM. You will have NONE of these things when the dollar is replaced – and it will be.
            It seems 1/3 of SW MO is for sale and most of NW AR and I’ll tell you this too – this area is filling up with Christian preppers. It is amazing. There are thousands of caves here – come get your’s. If you will do these things I will share every morsel of knowledge I have with you and connect you with the people who have taught me most of what I have learned. I have space for people who can’t buy land but have a great work ethic and the ability to take care of themselves. Getting off grid can be pretty expensive but getting out of the cities is not that difficult. If a person is not quite ready to live this close to the land, small town living is much much less costly than living in or near a big city.
            If the Holy Spirit doesn’t move people – there is little hope for any of us to affect a change in them. Of that I feel certain. I really believe most of the successful preppers will turn out to be the Christians and that most of the bad seed will be killed long before they make it out here to the sticks – some by their own neighbors and some by mine. No joke – this is the very last area a marauder should find himself; many kind, God fearing, but extraordinarily well-armed people around here. If marauders make it this far there will, at least, be the spoils of their adventures.
            I am just starting to feel like nobody is listening to us – sorry for the diatribe but in reading these posts and others from this site I decided to ‘purge’ because of kindred ‘spirits’ and sound minds. Thanks for letting me vent.

      22. Mac, have you heard from Manos recently. I may have missed a post from him recently, but it has been awhile since I have seen any news.

        • Jim ~ I heard from Manos last week. He didn’t say a whole lot, just that many more people from his company had lost their jobs and that he was receiving yet another pay cut. He also said that he was not getting too many opportunities to get on the net. I do not know if that is because the service is intermittent or if he is busy. He also told me that home phone services had been interrupted – again – no details. I responded and have yet to hear back.

          It seems like it’s going from bad to worse – I’m sure he is very thankful that he had the foresight to prepare.


          • @ Daisy;

            Thanks for the update.

      23. Tri-fuel quiet generator. Propane and/or natural gas will keep the essentials going. Diesel generator, even better. Bigger is not necessarily better. Buy quality or three cheap generators. The choice is yours to think ahead.

      24. Look out with the stuff happening in the east and midwest and when we all recover from this. It will happen again for sure and that maybe just maybe an excuse to declare marshall law, for the safty of the childern. We are from the goverment and we are here to help you. Please feel free to reliey on us for all your needs. Do to the the conditions the fall elections will be posponed till ( I ) or we feel that they may proceed. Most of the sheeple will say ok. Along those lines if all of us preper’s think more people will start prep’n now, I think you can forget it. Do not help these people only your family, it will hurt you in the long run if you do. It’s tough to do, but you have to have the mind set and do it. Thats just me
        Live Free and be safe

      25. hahahahahahahahahaha, another reason the government doesn’t scare me. A weekend event and they can’t even get that right. I have to say it brings a smile to my face, due to the pure entertainment of watching the government fail at even menial tasks.

        • Good info. thanks.

      26. I will sleep good tonight knowing our government will use ALL resources needed to fly food,water,alcohol,prescription drugs and cocaine in for the congress, president and those just-us-es.

        • HANG THE MOTHER’S! Good God how I hate the mooks in Washington! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

          • @Jeff Davis Now yer talkin. Your earlier post on merely punching Alinsky types in the mouth, left me worried you might be going soft. Glad you cleared the air.

      27. Has anyone heard how many or which ones of the Nuclear Power Plants are trying to run on back up generators right now?
        Hope they got gas and in tact pipes and wires.
        Why do people mostly forget these sleeping Dragons?

        • There are none in West Virginia. One more reason to live here. I have not heard from any other states.

      28. I am so glad the article mentioned the underground facility in northern Virginia for the ruling elite, yet no help for the people. The people around Washington are not the only area that will suffer. The whole country (unwashed masses) have been put at risk by Continuity of Government. Even as the Federal Government let the Department of Civil Defense die, roughly beginning in the mid-sixties, the money was diverted to protecting the elite. The slow response to Katrina was directly attributable to FEMA spending the vast majority of it’s money on Continuity of Government, rather than preparing to assist the common people in the event of a disaster. Their own budget figures pointed out the truth of what really happened. The government does not care about you, except at tax time. Learn to take care of yourselves. That includes policing your own property, or banding together to police your own neighborhood.

        • Think about it. Who is more useful in time of need, Nancy Piglousey or a car mechanic. Tough one I know.

      29. It wasnt raining, when Noah built the arc

        • And there are some who believe it had never rained before.

      30. Hey kiddies, calm down.

        I’d say that 90% of the power outages were caused by falling power lines on poles and towers.

        Why can’t we bury those ugly power, cable, and telephone lines?
        It would likely reduce the incidence of cancer as well. And reduce deadly traffic accidents too.

        Notice how in the best neighborhoods, the cabling IS buried.

        • I don’t know Matt, think about all the moles that would end up with cancer then. Come to think of it maybe I need to bury some electrical wires in the ground.

        • MattS;
          I design catv and fiber optic systems for a 40 hour job and have a business doing the same on the side. Burying underground has many advantages, but cost four to five times more than running aerial. If you have a 100 miles system at one cost, going underground you can only cover 20 miles for the same cost. Most high dollar neighborhoods will have underground, so no one sees the lines in the air. They also have armored cable for the chewing rodents, but it costs more.

      31. We purchased a gas generator and have not put any gas in it yet. I read a while ago to purchase gas without ethanol and run it in the generator. Does anyone have some input? Where can you get it? Thanks.

        Y’all Beware!

        • We only store non-ethanol gas. If it has ethanol in it, it only lasts for a few months. You will have to call around to find it. Look for a local, Mom & Pop type gas station. The non-ethanol gas will be labeled & is always the highest grade – i.e. most expensive.

          Even non-ethanol gas has a limited shelf life. I would not put gas in the generator until you use it unless you plan on running it routinely.

          We keep about 20 five gallon metal jerrycans filled with gas. Every other month we empty them into the cars over the course of a week & then refill them. That way we always have 100 gallons of fresh gasoline.

          If it were me, I’d take the gas generator back to the store, buy a diesel one and then buy a couple 55 gallon barrels of diesel fuel which you can store for years – and its more stable. Just my 2 cents.

        • Check on the Hess stations in your area. It seems to be the only non-etnenol gas in my area of NC

        • here in MN it’s called off road fuel for classic cars, motorcycles, and small engines. The main thing to be sure to buy is to get non oxiginated fuel. You surely do not want to buy any fuel with alcohol in it as it doesn’t last over a month or so. I use Stabil in the fuel and it is still good after a year

        • I’d advise to not put ethanol gas in any of your small engines..generators, push mowers, riding mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers.
          We learned by using it in our new generator..gooked it up..repairman fixed it(we bartered the cost!) and now only pure gas goes in all our equipment and dh uses ONLY pure gas in his trucks.

          JMO..but experts on prepper sites say we messed up using ethanol gas..lesson learned here.
          By the way..I started it yesterday on the second pull..start your generators once a be sure they are working now, not later when needed most.

          • Yes, I’m a girl–get over it.

        • You can get gas with out ethanol at any marina….if you’re close to one

      32. Hmmmmm Washington DC.

        Home to over paid oppressive federal government workers, sleazy college students who want free birth control so they don’t go broke buying it themselves and a huge bunch of moochers who exist only because of welfare & food stamps.

        Sorry, not feeling to sorry for all of you. You should have been prepared. And those who were are just fine.

        I noticed that obama has left DC & jetted off for vacation again – I think that is vacation week number 32 since he took office just 3 long & miserable years ago. We are probably better off with the loser being out of pocket for another week anyway…..

      33. [SHTFplan Editor’s note: Brilliant recommendation from the best and brightest – to “telework” when the grid is down. ]

        Hahahaha that’s the funniest thing I heard all day, great article and perfect example for others who I am trying to get more involved in prepping. Don’t need a global collapse or catastrophe to prep for, sometimes it’s the little unexpected things life throws at you that you need to be ready for.

        Not to go off topic but about the article the other day with Alex Jones when he was taking calls from leo’s and military personnel does anyone here have first hand knowledge with leo’s or current military personnel that can confirm what the leo caller was claiming? Any other knowledge about training occurring in other states / areas, was just curious for more info and sources other than Alex Jones, don’t get me wrong the man has a lot of indisputable evidence, but years ago I did read a fable called The Boy Who Cried Wolf, so never hurts to get as much info as possible from as many sources as possible.

        • 9-1-1 system fails. Beautiful. This is something I can use when the anti-gunners talk about dialing 9-1-1 and letting the police handle a situation, I am fully capable of taking care of myself. Systems fail; Ruger does not!

          • Even with the best of intentions and full financing and training and a functioning 9-1-1, the police cannot be everywhere at once. They’re supposed to be there to “protect and serve”, not function as your personal bodyguard. Your first line of defense is yourself

            stand strong until freedom dawns

      34. Mr. Blutarsky,

        Thanks for the quick info on non-ethanol gas.

        Y’all Beware! Will search for a diesel now and sell / barter the gas unit.

      35. Too bad the picture above is dated 2010. Any sheeple “surfing” would see that and think that it doesn’t happen often enough to be concerned.
        God Bless, everyone!

      36. My deepest sympathy for the District of Criminals… looks like they were caught with their panties down again. What a joke homeland security prepared to protect everybody from nothing when a simple weather problem can send them to the crying room. May God bless everyone who is awake and prepping for their families; special shout out to you Mac for holding the lantern high. I’m sitting on my mountain with no AC, never had a dishwasher or microwave, got my kerosene lamps ready, moths of stored food, eating every day from the garden. I weep for what I see happening to the good old USA. The collapse is here – be surviving now or roll over folks.

        • I carry my dishwasher with me every where I go.

      37. If the SHTF and the fan isn’t turning due to the grid being down…what then?

        We lost several trees (firewood–already cut), lost power for 29 hours (used this as a prep for a real SHTF scenario) and watched the golden horde pour out of NOVA to the woods of WVA…which means we thought of our denial of access planning (we’re rewriting the plan)…

      38. i can’t believe i use to be a non-preppper…what was i thinking?

        • You weren’t thinking but now your awake!

      39. Govt workers just telecommute to work!!! God what a brilliant idea!!!!! Is that liberal speak for when the power is out and you can’t get to work where the power is also out that YOU WILL STILL GET PAID!!!! Or is it as I fear that out present govt. is just that stupid that they think people can telecommute WITH NO FREAKIN POWER!!!! Kind of sounds like the french rev when people had no bread and Marie Anttoinett said well just let them eat cake instead. God help us everyone if we do not vote all those idiots out of office.

        • “Vote”? Little late for that…

      40. Y’all Beware
        I bought a Honda 2000 gas generator for $900.00. I keep it filled with gas. Just buy some gas stabilizer at Loews or Home Depot for $5.00 bucks and pour in the desired amount,it will stay good for a year. I crank mine up every three weeks for about 3 or 4 minutes to keep it in running order.


        • i work on honda generators for a lining and i own a eu2000 also. dont do what your doing. what happens is that the gas in the fuel bowl evaporates and leaves a film. by starting it every 2 or 3 weeks you reload the fuel bowl and increase the varnish build up. your right about using stabil but after running the unit here is a drain screw on the fuel bowl, drain all the fuel and you’ll be good to go.mine sat for a year with treated 93 octane and started fine 3 weeks ago. great choice with the 2000 mine will run fridge and freezer on about 1 gal aday

          • Mark,
            Is that the super quiet one that retails for about a grand? If it will give you that much power on a gallon of gas I am getting one. You only need to run a freezer a couple of times a day to keep things frozen. Or it could be used to keep some deep cycle batteries charged and get power from an inverter. Thanks for your insight.

            • john
              its a great little unit and it will also run a small room air conditioner(not the window unit)although not every thing at the same time. i would also recomend getting a couple of things to go along with it, a temp alarm for your freezer that shows internal temp that way you only run your gen when you need to, also a little unit called a am/watt load tester. use the load tester when you have power and plug in all the things that you are going to need during power outages and make a list of the loads that way you maximize your power freezer draws 400w at startup and 100w run load which allows the gen to basicly idle after startup.i paid about $15 for the alarm and the amwatt was $25 at home dep.people forget that getting fuel during a emergency is a problem and that large non inverter type generators are going to consume lots of gas. a 3500w gen runnning at half load is going to burn at least 5 to 10 gal a day and who wants to go hunting around for fuel. between my 24gal gas caddy and 2 vehicles that i always keep full i figure im good for a couple months if needed and use my gen wisely.

            • a couple of other tips
              use good 12ga extension cords not over 50ft, i have 2 brand new that i keep for the gen only.
              when storing your gen run the gas out and completely drain your carb and dry out the tank.i used this method and my old gen sat from hurricane adrew unit charlie (not sure how many yrs)put fresh gas in it and it started on the 2nd pull.
              also if someone you know has a non inverter gen thats been sitting for a long time and it wont put out power its probably lost its residual magnetism.what you do is first check the breakers and put a meter on it to make sure its a gen issue if no power is found get a 12vlt battery an 2 insulated wires. connect the wires to the battery and as quick as you can just put the wires into the 110 outlet and pull them out. this is whats known as “flashing the field” after doing this use you meter to recheck for power output.DO NOT do this to the eu series gens or any inverter generator and you will damage it

      41. Wally

        You and me both.

        take care

      42. We went 3 days without power from this storm, which turned out to be great practice. With my hubby out of state on business, I learned how to use those preps that he usually handles alone.

        However, the biggest lesson I learned during this storm: My immediate neighbors are desperately unprepared for even the slightest inconvenience.

      43. All:

        I live in the Northern Virginia area and was affected by the power outage. But hey, no problem I am prepared, right? On day two our generator died and my fiancée who can fix anything could not fix it.

        My biggest take away from all of this is even if you think are prepared, you may not be. Have plan B, C and D ready. This was an excellent “dry run” for us and exposed a lot of issues when I thought we were “ready”.

        I have already contacted a contractor about Solar energy for the house and purchased another generator to replace the one that died.

        New to prepping and realized that I still have a lot to learn…

        Be safe and keep prepping.

        • Southern Gal
          A trip of 10,000 miles starts witha single step.

      44. WAKE UP CALL NO# 167 how many little disasters does it take to wake one up! You are the only one who can take care of yourself and family!!PLUS Move out of all cities now while you can!

      45. In 9/2011 southern California lost power for less than 24 hours. This happened toward the end of the work day. It was insane how ridiculous people handled it. One coworker had drove in on fumes, planning to get gas after work, but she couldn’t because the pumps didn’t work without electricity. Water was effected because pumps were needed to get water uphill, which also led to problems with sanitation. We were all told to boil anything coming out of the tap. People flocked to Home Depot and Lowes to get generators. Traffic was hilarious. It was stand still…it could take you an hour to go a mile or less, thus I just waited at work for the traffic to die down. I was the only one with extra snacks and water in my class which ended being used pretty quick due to hungry children. People flocked to the grocery stores carrying as much water as they could. It was comical. That night, instead of using candles, we used the solar landscaping light in our house (which by the way was super successful) but this forced all the neighbors to go out and meet each other. It was short lived but got lots of good reminders and served as a sort of “wake up” call for me.

        * I keep water and food in my car, always
        * I don’t let my tank get down to 25%
        * Got more solar lights
        * keep pantry stocked, always
        * Got more candles
        * Now know my neighbors, got the community connection
        * keep more water on hand

        Because I am an avid camper, all those necessary supplies never changed, but seeing how ill prepared my neighbors were was shocking.

        What I have noticed: Most people do not know how to handle a situation…they panic. They see blood and they freak. Their daily norm gets messed up and they freak. The water stops, they freak. Electricity out…FREAK! How many people honestly know how to hunt, fish, garden, sterilize water, etc….they don’t. Most people haven’t even gone camping. It’s scary, but I can tell you this much, if you have all this gear and you have never used it, then you are not prepared. I strongly encourage everyone to try out their gear, practice a scenario by going camping without cell phone and luxuries. Dig that latrine. Sterilize that water. If you’ve never done it you are NOT prepared.

        Be safe, be prepared.

        • I was naive about how helpless people actually are until I got married and moved to town. My neighbor had to hire someone to disconnect his old drying and connect a new one. He spent an entire week attempting to get ten posts from an old garden fence out of the ground. I sneaked over there while he was gone, attached a block of wood to each one, and lifted them out with a hydraulic jack. The funniest part is he did not realize why he was able to finish in one more evening. I realize these are not survival skills, but a barometer of how he cannot do anything for himself.

          • PrepPastor: not everyone is naturally good with tools or mechanically inclined…I should know, I’m one of those fellers! That much being said, I don’t just give up, I practice. And when I don’t know how to do something, I ask people how to do it or I look it up.

            There’s never any excuse for not trying

      46. The article saks:…”After so many Billions spent on Homeland security, where did ALL That MONEY go to?”

        I do not have any link handy now, but am certain most all here know how to do fast web searches and find all the proof required as to this IS where as much as…IN: 2010(?) Aprox. 87% + of Hundreds of millions of $$$ if not Billions of Taxpayed cashola went to secure and shore up various american cities Synogougs(jewish) along with even Many jewish owned buisness’s and even some wealthy jews Homes!

        Armorproofed Steel doors-Bullet proofed Windows-Parking lot enhansed security measures-and many other measures is where all that Tax funded cash went!

        But wait!! In 2011(last year numbers avail for) a Whopping 97+% of ALL Domestic Homeland sec agencys money dedicated to secureing infrastructures has once AGAIN been handed over to….MORE Jewish concerns as in Prior years!!!!!

        How much went to Any other religions or groups etc?…ZERO Dollars!!…OY VEY!!…Why did barely 1+1/2% of entire usa population recieve so much for so few?

        What was it them Dem Libs et al said on “Wall of seperation in 1st ammendt” Whenever it concerns americas Christians?…Or any other religions?…ZERO!

        Totals so far for yrs it has occured where cash grants for homeland safty etc has happened=Several Hundred Millions dollars(just 2010 & 2011= aprox $300+ Millio$$) and That was Just for ONLY Jewish orgs etc! 97+%!!!!!!!

        Pay Up Christians and atheists and Islamics etc!!…YOU get000000000Zero!

        • If you do not like that isreal has not signed the nuclear non poliferation treaty.

          You might be an anti-simite.

          If you dont like isreali soldiers killing children, and apartheid of the palestinians.

          You might be an anti-semite.

          If you dont like the kosher tax(bribes to rabbi’s) on the food.

          you might be an anti-semite.

          If you say hay, 50 million people died in WW2 why dont the other 44 million get remembered?

          You might be an anti-semite

          If you say hay, most bankers are jewish.

          You might be an anti-semite

          If you say hay, isreal attacked the USS liberty.

          You might be an anti-semite.

          If you say hay, isreal had conditions to join the united nations, and they have not lived up to those comitments.

          You might be an anti-semite.

          If you say pallord should never be released.

          You might be an ant-semite.

          If you say hay, we have alot of “duel” citizens in congress from isreal.

          You might be an anti-semite.

          If you say, F^ck isreal, america first.

          You might be an anti-semite.

          • well shit,..I just picked up another title.

          • “Learn how to talk, then learn how to teach”
            – Nez Perce

            To group all people of Israel into one big garbage heap is not fair or intelligent. I find your post to be insulting and ignorant. By the way, it is spelled (hey) not hay as in horse hay. Much of your information is biased and twisted to fit your agenda. We are doing nothing to help Israel anyhow, so why does it matter? This president is an anti-semite along with you.

            I am sorry to sound rude, but your post in my opinion, is extremely narrow minded and offensive.

            • Attack my spelling. Bust down anything else.

              Not to sound rude or anything.

              Oh, you cant.

              ‘we are doing nothing to help isreal”


              Do your homework.



              “trust the american government”??-

              “Ask any native american”.-unknown

            • NEXT!!!!

            • Ohcumgache,
              By their fruit you will know them.

              Sorry Kevin, in my opinion He’s right. Sure, some Jews have alot to answer for, but not all. I had a Jewish guy save my life in Viet Nam. The Air base I was stationed at took some rounds and I got wounded. I would have bled out if not for my buddy from NY, Airman Ben Beckof.

            • God bless beckof.

              His sacrifice for you.

              But your post addresses NONE of the above grievances.

              What does his sacrifice have to do with the nuclear non-proliferation deal?

              No disrespect, just askin.

            • NEXT!!!

            • I am not a child, I think for myself. No man can think for me.

              Chief Joseph – Nez Perce

            • Okay…Okay!!

              If you do not like that Zionist Israel has not signed the nuclear non poliferation treaty.

              You might be an anti-simite.

              If you dont like Zionist isreali soldiers killing children, and apartheid of the palestinians.

              You might be an anti-semite.

              If you dont like the kosher tax(bribes to rabbi’s) on the food.

              you might be an anti-semite.

              If you say hay, 50 million people died in WW2 why dont the other 44 million get remembered?

              You might be an anti-semite

              If you say hay, most bankers are Zionist Jews.

              You might be an anti-semite

              If you say hay, Zionist Israelis attacked the USS liberty.

              You might be an anti-semite.

              If you say hay, Zioinst isrealis had conditions to join the united nations, and they have not lived up to those comitments.

              You might be an anti-semite.

              If you say pallord should never be released.

              You might be an ant-semite.

              If you say hay, we have alot of “duel” citizens in congress from isreal.

              You might be an anti-semite.

              If you say, F^ck Zioinst Isreal, america first.

              You might be an anti-semite.

              Better?? all Jews are not Zionists; but all Zionist are Jews.

          • Kevin,
            O.K., you’ve got an opinion and a bone to pick with the kikes. BFD…next!

      47. Up here in Minnesota we have major storm events every year, they’re called Winter!

        In fact we have three seasons, early winter, winter, and late winter.

        During our 2 weeks of summer, we only get hail storms and tornados, so that’s not too bad.

        Hang John Roberts! (Sorry, it’s become sort of a tick with me this weekend) Hang John Roberts!…there I go again. Hang John Roberts-Hang John Roberts!

        • @jeffdavis:

          …it is called SUPREME tourette”s syndrome…

          …………………………….just sayin’….lol..BA.

          • EXCELLENT

      48. LOL, I’m mean, in all seriousness, LOL…


      49. Off topic(as usuall)

        It appears that the Supreme Court’s upholding of the PPACA precisely because it is a tax has created a new Constitutional issue.
        The PPACA originated in the Senate, and the Constitution requires that all tax laws originate in the House.

        From the doc, over at silverdoctors.

        • kevin,
          I read about this also. I’ve just given up on a answer to this.

          Damm, with DC’s ass in a crack from this storm, a small group of motivated Patriots could put the Ship of State back on it’s course right quick……just say’n

          • @jeff- this kills obomney care, and the distraction it creates.

            The big issue is if the 9th fed court makes all the deligates to tampa vote their conscious.

            RON PAUL 2012!!

        • That would be a concern if CONgress actually gave a ****–they don’t, Roberts doesn’t, and the fraud administration doesn’t.

      50. I will GUARANTEE you that THEIR basements are fully stocked … with/thanks to YOUR tax dollars ………… Where do you suppose much of that equipment is disappearing to?
        “after billions have been spent by Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and local law enforcement, we are no more prepared today than we were the day before September 11, 2011”

      51. What a shock, the government is ill prepared. Well now, this IS news. Do you really think those Washington bozo’s would actually spend money on preparations, training and execution drills? No. They over fund DHS, they buy weapons, armor, ammo, service support and combat service support (for themselves), drones, camps and razor wire, but not a single thing to be found for you when you need it. FEMA, tons of money thrown at them. What do they do with it? Renovate the camps and put out contractor bids to the privateers. Saying the government isn’t prepared for anything involving actual help in a disaster, is like saying the grass is green. To which the proper response is, “no kidding, tell me something I don’t know”.

      52. First time poster, long time reader. Thank you all for all the good info you have passed on to me and mine. this is the first site I go to every day. I left the country in 2004 because I thought it was going to get bad here. I came back for two reasons. First there are no people in the world that I have met like Americans. There are good people everywhere but Americans a different and I like their “differert”. Second, if America falls to what is coming, there is no place in the world to stand up to “them”. I am back for the fight. My generation let a lot of this stuff happen, it is up to my generation to fix it. I am not sure what I can do as I am Viet Nam era, but by the graces of God, I will do all I can.
        On another note, convert your gas generators over to propane with a tri fuel carburator. Propane has an indefinite shelf life and no contminants. Rent a 1000 gallon tank for about $30 a year and keep it full. If it all goes south, don’t worry about the rent. Get two if you can afford it. Underground tanks are better for op sec. Take care and God speed.

        • welcome home rufus! I got this:

          Make your stand right where you are, there’s no where else to go.

          in my head a few years ago and can’t get it out.

        • Welcome Rufus:

          …+1 on the propane….it and kerosene are the only fuels I store for long term….

          …long in the tooth means short on the trigger, you will do what is right when called upon….

          … safe…stay the course…welcome…BA.

        • We have a 500 gallon tank…frankly, I have no idea how to protect it..from jealous, unprepared, vicious smartasses with bullets.

          • 2ft thick Rammed earth
            thin plywood
            4″ pillow filler
            things that you don’t want broken.

            The RE takes the force out of anything less than a military FMJ round and the plywood and filler stop spalling.

        • Welcome home!…the “vietnam era” guys may be older but theyve lots to give yet,Im in that lot myself and this govt had better not dismiss them…America aint dead yet and niether are we….remember we have them right where we want them,and they dont even know it 🙂

      53. my wife and I also live in New England On June the first we had a tornado then the micro burst, hurricane, then the October blizzard,We have been preppers for about seven years,we also have chickens,rabbits,and a big garden.We never skipped a beat lots of stored gas and food,was just a pain in the ass,we not only survived we thrived.

      54. I am reminded of a Spanish proverb:

        “Lo que separa la civilización de la anarquía son solo siete comidas.”

        Civilization and anarchy are separated by only seven meals.

        So, about lunch time on the third day, all hell breaks loose.

        • That must be where the “Nine meals to chaos” theory came from…

      55. It not going to get better , get all the gas you need and a generater to keep kool and run frig . Winter can be just as brutal .

        • Gloria! You must be from Minnisota too?

      56. @ Everybody. You know that if the United States is not hit with a nuclear war, the upcoming collpase for whatever reason I feel will resemble the movie “The Postman”. For whomever has seen this movie it totally depicts what will happen to this country when the government no longer functions. I watched this yesterday and this movie, along with of course the TV series Jericho, really hits someone that prepares with a deep sense of inevitability of what is to come.

        When you watch a movie like The Postman, whether it is a deadly pandemic, an economic collpase, natural Earth calamity, war elsewhere, resource depletion, whatever to cause civilization to go down the drain, you can visualize some hard core realism in a world like this. You can see survivalists/preppers establishments of walled off enclaves, with gangs of thuds and the desperate preying on people outside these walled off towns. You can see abandonment and empty cities. From a preppers point of view this movie sures hits home that much more each time someone sees it. Same thing with Jericho. This time though it really hit me like a wheelbarrow of bricks, almost a panic sense.

        Here is the question that I personally would like to ask everybody. I have personally seen the movie “The Postman” a few times, but upon watching it yesterday I received this eerie feeling that has never hit me before that this is coming in spades to all of us. Am I just overwrought with trying to prepare and get others ready out there that I let this movie get to me? OR do you think I am actually sensing something in the immediate future and it is so close now, that this is why the movie hit me so hard yesterday? I wonder IF anyone else out there has watched The Postman, Jericho, or even some of the other post end of civilization movies and also got a different feeling than when they saw it years before. Just wondering if others out there have been affected by these movies and TV shows recently.

        • @informed- funny story.- I worked at that location(at medaline falls, WA) got charged by a buck that was cooling off in one of the exast tunnels of the existing mine.

          As agent 86 from get smart used to say-“he missed me by that much”!!!!!!!

          • meant exaust tunnels.

            for secerity reasons, I cannot say, before, durring or after the filming.

            Hint- the locals said kostern was an A$$HOLE!!!!

            • meant, security, and costner!!!

            • @ Kevin
              I was one of those locals at the time!
              But I never went out of my way to meet Costner.
              We used to camp on that lake at Boundary Dam and fish up river.
              So you are or used to be a Washingtonian?
              And as far as the movie goes, well just know, that 16 years of dirty snow, before the sun came back, after a nuclear holocaust…
              The ground and water and all game would be sooo toxic…
              You wouldn’t want to eat it.
              Hey Tom Petty was pretty cool in that movie though!

            • @halfkin-Its a shame about that area, cement plant closed,logging closed, and other things closed.

              The only thing up there for those people to do is cook dope.

              Really sad!!!!!!

            • No, I just worked there. Good fishin, thats for sure!!

            • True that Kevin about the dope labs,
              One of the reasons I am not in those countys anymore,
              Yet I have found, the the meth crap is almost everywhere you go…
              What do you think about that plague?

            • @ kevin and others. Going beyong the intellect that sometimes clouds a gut feeling, here is what I feel the strongest about what will happen that will hit the world with a SHTF knockout punch. With number one as the most intense feeling and each thereafter less so.

              1. Super volcano. This is not an odds on favorite as much of this actually is the strongest gut feeling. I feel it will be in the southern hempishere.

              2. Massive solar flare. X-50 or above suddenly, almost without warning.

              3. Andromeda strain virus out of Africa. Logic would say India or Bangladesh, but I feel Africa.

              4. Tectonic collisons of most of the plates that act like a domino effect and fail to relock up.

              5. World War 3 starting in Taiwan or North Korea, or NATO accident with Russia.

              6. Total collpase of all the economies due to sudden resource shortfall.

              7. Something to do with space, rouge comet or something.

              Now for the logical 7 top events that will bring about the near end or end of civilizations.

              1. Super virus, way overdue, will happen someday even if other events happen first.

              2. World War 3. Starts in the Middle East and spreads from there.

              3. Economic catastrophe. This is will start in Europe and then spread to Asia and finally to the U.S., all in one week.

              4. Worst terrorism imaginable. None of this 9/11 isolated event, but Jericho level or worse. Bio-weapons are the worst.

              5. New world order takes control. Probably through some excuse to “secure” the safety of all the countries from some made up threat.

              6. Climatic shift. As happened before countless times, and more quickly that people realize. Mass starvation, and possibly temperatures that people cannot tolerate.

              7. One after the other series of events. A bunch of moderate disasters that finally takes its toll on the population and everything comes crashing down.

              7 feelings that could be totally whacked out, or 7 logical thought out probablilties. What do all of you think is the most likely calamity to hit us?

            • @informed-

              I think we will do it to ourselves first.

              I’ll go with WW3,manmade virus, or economic/resources.

            • @halfkin-

              Plague is the perfect word.

              Tweekers can be dangerous thats for sure.

        • It isn’t hard to see the writing on the wall.

          Be the ultimate prepper: take care of what you can here on earth and get right with God to take care of eternity.

          • “His part we can not do; our part He will not do.”

        • When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

        • @ Be Informed

          Dude I could give you some smartass answer, but I think you mind is just accepting what you intellect already knows to be true. It’s just “getting real” for you.

          • @ Jeff Davis. It is very interesting because years ago I put away because I felt that “someday” it will be the ONLY way to survive. Now it is a vastly different feeling, like there is no time left. It is a feeling that knaws at you, then when you you see something, even fiction in nature that relates to it the feeling is just not much more enhanced. Even when Jericho was running, I sure enjoyed that series, there was a feeling that the events were still some time away. Now it seems like all the pieces are coming together.

            What is so incredible that I have noticed is that people all over the place are absolutely not concerned about the economy like they say there are, only that jobs might take a worse turn, not that the dollar could fall or even the debt. People are not concerned about the Middle East that is as bad as before the 1967 war. People are not taking anything seriously, it is like the coined analogy, people are acting like zombies. It is almost if you bring up anything to them about the world, most of them will only patronize you and listen politely.

            Something happens like this and just look at how many that could afford a generator don’t have one, let alone fuel to run them. You would think someone would be concerned over the refrigerator and freezer. You know what response I got? My insurance will cover all the food loss. Well how about the food that the person needs for the week or two that might not be available anywhere? It is creepy how unprepared the vast population is and the total unwillingness that they even will consider it.

            I just was wondering if you and others feel differently now as opposed to a few years ago about what is coming? I sure do, and I am looking everywhere for deals to add to the stockpile, especially garage sales. Church garage sales are fantastic for finding dirt cheap survival items.

            • Have been reading a while first time to post. I have been prepping for a while but just here lately have felt more of an urgency to get ready, still some things to do ( always finding more that needs to be done) Even my teenage daughters are feeling it normally when I talk about getting prepared they go the other way but just the other day we were in the car and had the oldest one writing while I was driving trying to make a list of things we do not have yet they were helping and getting very serious about it so I think they even see we don’t have much time left.

            • @ BeInformed…I agree with looking for things at garage sales, and find myself looking at everything with “prepping” in mind. Sometimes though, I think we should have a list of items that we SHOULD be looking for. Could you compile a list of items that all of us on this site may be overlooking? This is just a suggestion, and maybe someone else out there could help out on this one.

            • @BI

              I have been feeling that pressure building hard and fast for awhile now. It used to knaw at me now it seems more like chewing. The push to be ready for the coming changes drives me,that feeling that everything is about in place never leaves me. I am constantly looking for that last piece to show itself. The quiet voice that warns and tries to persuade us is no longer a quiet voice but a shout and pounding in the heart that not much longer now and to be ready. I tried in my younger days some 30+ years ago to explain what was happening they thought i was nut job then and most probably still do. I gave up trying to convince people. I watched and waited for the signs to show themselves and people to wake up. At least there are some awake now and I pray that there are at least a few more each day. I went to the mountain several years ago to pray and seek guidance about what I knew to be coming. After four days I got my answer the chance to change the coming changes was past and there is no stopping it. And it is now very close at hand.

              Keep praying, keep prepping and hang on it’s about to get real bumpy.

            • @ Canada Canuk. You bring up an excellent point of what someone should look for at garage sales, flea markets, or whereever excellent super deals are available. First everyone should thin about live without power and what could you purchase to make your life more tolerable without modern conveniences. I of course look for candles because they are so cheap and serve so many purposes, especially light at night. There are many other items.

              Pots and pans, preferably heavy stainless steel or cast iron that can be used over a hot fire.

              Cookware and bakeware, just like pots and pans over a hot fire, think of use in primitive conditions, maybe even cooking in a type of brick oven. Plenty of useful things to cook with go for 25 cents at yard sales that people don’t see the value of.

              Absolutely anything camping that is still usable, these items are a must.

              Hand tools, as many people ONLY want power tools. Look for items like good condition bolt cutters and hack saws, anything that can made jobs easier.

              Shovels and other Earth moving devices.

              Repairing items, fix it kits that can fix what you cannot replace easily, especially look for items to help your vechicle to keep going to where you need to go.

              Really hard to find, but a manual sewing machine.

              Containers to keep your important items clean and dry, people sell these all the time, Tupperware, Rubbermaid, etc.

              Old games to use when cabin fever and boredom set in, these are usually less than 50 cents each.

              Books, there are some good ones out there, especially old survival type books with valuable information and especially cookbooks.

              Wire, all sizes, sold mega cheap and invaluable when you need it.

              Self grooming items, you would be surprised how few of these people have in reserve.

              Blankets and other items to keep people from freezing.

              Ice coolers are sold at most garage sales and can also be used to keep canned goods from freezing as well as keeping items safe, dry, and temperature friendly.

              Clean water storage barrels, even if it is just for washing things off with, water you want to store and if the container is clean you can get it for a fraction of the cost of it brand new.

              Shelves. You can get something to help keep your supplies better organized for 1/10 or 1/20 or less the cost of something new.

              Weapons. Yes people sell all sorts of self defense items that you can use.

              Dinnerware and other items for eating. It is a good idea to have a stockpile of disposable plates, knives, forks, spooons because of being able to wash or not wash dishes. Still having extra items to eat with is nice to have.

              Clothes and weather gear. Again not being able to wash your clothes could be a problem for awhile, and having some reserves would be a good idea. Having extra rain gear is not a bad back-up either.

              Those that drink coffee, a coffee percolator that only needs heat and coffee grounds to brew coffee with, not even a paper coffe filter is necessary. Go with the stainless steel as aluminum ones aren’t as good.

              Tarps, people will often sell unripped tarps that can be used to cover everything for cheap.

              Rope and chain. These are expensive at hardware stores and usually inexpensive at garage sales.

              Buckets, metal best, plastic are ok also. Many uses.

              Metal boxes to store important electronic items in just in case of an EMP event. Just make sure the items are insulated against the metal sides inside the box.

              Good cutting and chopping devices. Manual that will serve its purpose over and over again, especially with trimming wood down to size for fire. Everybody should have a good hacket and axe and some garage sales sell these and they are in good condition.

              Flashlights that have the old standard bulb can be replaced with a high intensity LED bulb. Some people will sell a $100 flashlight for a few dollars without realizing that it can be refitted with a new bulb for a couple of dollars to maybe $5.

              Inother words, just think about everything that you use on a daily basis and then think savings. Think about the lack of everything people have become use to and think 1900 or before that and what would someone need back in the 1800’s to function. People discard items all the time that they consider junk that are extremely useful after the society collapses. Everyone should find survival items, and the more money you save the more you can purcahse of something else.

            • Don’t forget the online classifieds like Craigslist and Kijiji.

              I just scored 145 canning jars with lids today by replying to one of those ads – $40!!!! The lady also threw in some paraffin and extra snap lids and gave me some great advice!

            • Be Informed,

              I have also felt an increasing urgency “to prepare” in recent months. I keep feeling something bad (can’t say exactly what) is coming this way soon.

              Take care. Keep praying and prepping!
              KY Mom

      57. I was gald to see this post. I am in NC and i got a bit of this storm, it was scary cuz hubby is outta town for work. WARNING to all girls, not at all easy to be alone if any shtf. the storm was very odd. i clled hubby who is far upstate and he noticed something very odd too. the clouds did not swell or move, it was as though somebody lireally painted the sky with storm clouds. i lives all over this country and NEVER saw anything like this. this sure opened my eyes to some tweekin i need to do. my generator is in a barn which mine as well be 800 miles from the house and during an unpredicted storm how does a a woman alone get it near house? Hmmm something to think of. Yes the lights blinked and fear went through me for the AC it was 115 here and not including heat index. Somethings i will not know what to do without. must store more gas FAST only had 15 gallons and that will get me knowhere fast. thank God for my pool as i treat only with bleach, ahhh drinking water. have a back up filter system to use during power down to use with generator. Keep tweeking those preps keep thinking keep sharing anyadvice on how to move this generator. think wet ground so no wheels will work. Us alone ladies need to rent a man during shtf LOL

        • I know EXACTLY what you mean about being alone if the SHTF. I couldn’t get our generator close to the house let alone hook it up. The fiancee is going to have to educate me QUICK.

          Like I said in the earlier post…it really made me realize how unprepared I really am and especially if something happens when I am here alone. It was a real wake up call and good training for what I need to do and learn!

          Hopefully one or more of these smart folks will come up with a solution on how to move your generator 🙂

          • Build it a covering/lean too/ventilated – shed now AND move it beside the house!

          • As I wrote earlier..dh put the repaired generator in the shed..not good; we moved it to the garage yesterday and it started for me on the second pull.
            So, it must be fixed; but ladies, start them every month so you KNOW they will work when you need them most.
            I’m a girl.

            • I even write on a paper taped to the gen when I started and let it run for 5 minutes.

        • I would think havin the gen on a sled with ski type skids might work, especially if you have a riding mower that could tow it.

          You’ve really made me think…we have all the right tools and supplies, but like you, I’ll likely be home alone (well, except for the 3 grandkids I babsit a lot). Hubby, grown son, daughter and son-in-law ALL work in the oil field and could be anywhere from 5 to 100 miles from home during the day. I’ve never pulled out the gen or started it and hooked it up on my own. We have a solar gen, but I’ve never set it up by myself either!

          Thanks for your post…I’ve added a very important TO-DO to my list!!

        • Justincase and Southern Gal!

          I understand how you feel. My husband used to travel a lot with his previous job.

          If you don’t have a shed near the house, Sam’s Club sells some large deck storage boxes. A generator would fit in them. You could place the “deck box” on your porch, deck or somewhere close to the house.

          Take care.
          KY Mom

      58. It’s obvious … half a billion rounds of .40 S&W, 175mil rounds of .223 … new armored fighting vehicles … mobile, bullet-proof pillboxes … spy drones. The money is spent preparing for war in the homeland.

        • @ Big Perm

          Yup, yup, and 100% YUP. Time to strike is now, it’s always better to get off the first punch in a fight.

      59. To comment on the idea of neighborhood defense and alarm systems… Im thinking one of those hand crank air raid sirens could waken even the largest organized neighborhoods. To say if looters or gangs were spotted around or inside the perimeter. Maybe im wrong but if i was aggressing a group of houses. That noise would deter the hell out of me. Even if they dont know your location. Your definitely not sneeking up on anyone the rest of the night.

        If that comes off as far fetched, then i spose a whistle would be almost as efficient and a bit cheaper… Lol

        • In our retreat neighborhood we are using sirens from alarm systems. They are already 12 volts and when paired with a car battery one can summon the neighbors with the flick of a switch. The trouble we are having is finding enough different sounds to tell which home is being attacked.

          • Get a doorbell and a morse code book.

            • IE: you can tell which engineer is on duty by the way they sound the horn at the RR crossings.

          • Do it the old fashion fire whistle way. For ex. 1 whistle for a certain location, 2 whistles for next location and so on and so on. Just a thought.

      60. i am disgusted at the ones whining and complaining about the heat and the lack of power…they are idiots who have not prepared for these things and have never given any thought to being ready and prepared just in case..i do have great sympathy for the very young and the very old, but for those who should know better and should be more self reliant-nope….anyone who does not have the common sense that God gave them deserves to be hot and thirsty.

        • Those whiners p*** me off..can they stop and show a little consideration for hundreds who lost everything in Colorado??
          Oh, right, they don’t know about Colorade..or Ky and Tennesse..Texas droughts.

      61. Obama calls Mexico’s president-elect, but White House statement mum on cartels..(look up story)

        I liked this comment on the article so I thought I’d include it

        “Obama on his knees apologizing for the disruption in gun supply”

        • Dont you think that guy looks like the mexican romney?

          Faceman full of $hit.

          • IF that guy is the guy I THINK he is, been up in the mountains for a few days!!

      62. Interesting how a storm knocks out this nation’s Capital; but then, the parasites are’nt really interested in ensuring the sfaety of common citizens…

        On another issue, July 4th, Independence Day is here. That day, in 1776, The Declaration of Independence was signed and adopted, giving birth to The United States of America.

        Much has been written and said about the Founders of the nation, lately they are very maligned. They layed thier lives and thier fortunes on the line for your Freedom. And today, for thier efforts they are called “slavers” and “terrorists” by the parasites who now infest the government.

        Funny is’nt it, how those in power have redefined “terrorism”? When it is they who have the ultimate terror arms. They can spray you with poison, poison your food, water, medicine. They can throw you in corporate dungeons to work a slaves, though they won’t call it what it is.

        They can create deadly viruses, which they will likely use as some thier “doomsday weapons”, they can gas you, taze you, riddle you with bullets, drop bombs on your head from drones, even nuke you if they want. Because you are a threat to thier security. They are the ones who will destroy the World if they don’t get thier way.

        We have gone a long way down the wrong path from a nation of good intelligent self-reliant people, who were content to avoid unneccessary conflict, to a nation of fat, lazy, cowardly morons, who say nothing as our Military is used as the strong arm for NWO parasites.

        Sometimes I wonder if the Founders did’nt waste thier time and efforts. We certainly need REAL LEADERS like them today.

      63. Is there any truth to the rumor that when you sign up for Obama(doesn’t)care, and fill in you occupation as “Mexican Drug Runner” the Gubermint will give you a new AK-47?

        • Yes J D along with free health care, dental, eyes and a new SUV of your choice. MY NAME HOESA HEMANSE (lol)

          • Jose Jimenez, Gringo…

            • I am sorry for the way I misspelled the name Jose Jimenez, thank you for correcting me.
              LIVE FREE and BE SAFE

          • Jose Jimenez.

      64. You know it and I know it the goverment dosen’t give a rat’s a-s about you or anyone else but the few. TPTB will and have taken care of themselves, do not forget that, when they say vote for me. This should tell everybody that you are on your OWN, even when things return to normal. Get in their face when they ask for that vote. Ask one guestion, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE THUNDER STORM HIT? Why all this money spent for homeland defense, and you can not get a bottle of water to the people. What gets me is they spend million’s to get elected to a $300,000 dollar job, it dosen’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. They are all crooks. They must like the title of TPTB!!! LIVE FREE OR DIE STANDING TO KEEP IT

      65. DC = Home of the Welfare.

      66. Reposting for those who missed it-

        obammy “surrendered” his law license in 2008 because he lied on his bar application???


        His wife had to “surrender” hers in 1993 or stand trial for insurance fraud?


      67. The people are soft and haven’t faced hardship,try living on the street for a year, walking 5 miles for a bologna sandwich, taking showers from a garden hose in the back of the doctors office after everyone has gone home. Sleeping on roofs to avoid insects, police and scumbags. Working day labor jobs for $ 5 bucks an hour. Until that point they will remain clueless and soft.

        • “suspicious package” makes them shut down this protest.

          The thing to get from this is NOT the racial deal.

          What the PTB do on a micro level, they do at the macro level.

      68. “The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;” — Proverbs 30:25

      69. There is nothing I can do to help! My daughter lives in WV. and was hit with the storm. No power, no generater, no chain saw and as soon as the LP gas is gone no way to cook. It’s really hot so cold showers aren’t so bad.

        The fact that they are having such a hard time in a suburban shelter and will be in trouble in a few days if the power doesn’t come back on. They would never survive if the had to bug out. They would be the ones dragging a suitcase with jewelry and everything else the don’t need, yet very limited on ammo, food and water.

        I hope this is a teachable moment. 813 miles away there is nothing I can do.!

        • Yes there is. PRAY!

      70. A relative of mine from the DC metro are just left after a short visit. he’s planning on leaving for a vacation trip later this week. Gas is already over $4.00 a gallon, iffff you can get it. I’m betting he doesn’t get a chance to leave town after getting home.
        he calls me a doom and gloomer, and thinks I watch too much tv, and listen to too many wack jobs. His time is coming, and I look foward to rubbing it in his face. Maybe he will get his chance to “see the light” after he’s unable to get gas to leave town.

      71. This incident points out a flaw in our thinking about electricity generation generally. Imagine if half of the homes had solar power on their roofs. They would still have power for at least six hours a day. That’s enough to charge your batteries and keep your refrigerator running. The centralized model for electricity is inherently flawed. It requires a vast infrastructure which can easily be brought down by a natural disaster. Then you have a huge disaster. If half of the homes had solar power the people without solar power could get to know their neighbors. With the current system everyone is dependent on BIG GOVERNMENT to come to their rescue. Bad solution!

        • The current system was in place before solar was available. It would take a major nationwide disaster to create an opening for such a change.

          In Europe, electrical system voltages are pretty uniform as they had an opportunity to do this when their continent was levelled in WWII. US electrical systems voltages are all over the map.

        • Steve Moyer… This is definitely a good idea. You can build your own panels with everything you need from ebay at less than $1.00 a watt. Sandwich the cells between two old panes of glass. There are videos that show you how. It is not hard.I have around 200 watts now (looking to make more) grid tied with an inexpensive China inverter.You merely plug it into an outlet and it slows your meter down when producing. I also have a charge controller and batteries for when the power is out. I got a chance to try it out last year when Irene came through. A deep cell battery and inverter will run my computer,my TV and my deep freeze for short periods of time (separately of course).I also built a solar water heating panel with pex and tied it to my water heater with a 12v computer pump so I can make hot water when the grid is down and preheat the water when the grid is operating.Also did a copper coil in my wood furnace for winter. This is a work in progress as I had a steam blowout last winter. I need to install another TP valve to prevent this blowing out.

      72. If hot days had genitals, Pistole and J Napolitano could handle the problem.

      73. Greetings Everyone!
        That was a awful storm to be sure.No matter what the cause.
        The aftermath was a preview of coming attractions for everywhere in one form or another.
        I no longer EVER mention “prepping” to anyone I know.And KEEP my mouth shut when others around me turn to the subject.
        That includes EVERYONE,period…
        i was laughed at by family,indirectly called “unfaithful Christian” at church(I have since found a different place of worship).Nevertheless,I press on(God help those churched folks,cuz I’ll be out of supplies when they come acallin’).
        when the local version of SHTF happens I hope to be nearly ready as I can.
        There will absolutely be massive death and suffering among the sheeple.It can’t be helped.I won’t even begin to “help” others.It would only lead to my own destruction at the hands of the desperate sheeple and the roaming “boyz from the hood” thugs.They WILL get more than they bargain for should they try.I also read the author’s book about Argentina’s suffering and expect our current “crazy clown congress” to screw us up the same fashion.This downdraft could last for some decades,or more.
        Those sheeple that are willing to learn have the net and can find this place like I did.
        On a lighter note,could we perhaps have a article on different brands of generators as to quality,power,fuel and pricing?I’m not talking all-inclusive,but a general overview.
        I should be nearly ready by January,fully so by this time next year.I hope it doesn’t “drop by” before then.
        Thanks again for your work on this site Mac!
        Best to All
        hope you can keep cool and have food and a place to sleep!

      74. I’m from the lower part of Virginia, and we had a massive blackout, as well. Dry ice was completely gone within a matter of hours the day after the blackout. Regular ice was extremely rare. McDonalds was CHARGING for icewater. And only two days after, people were screaming, yelling, honking horns at each other madly. And there was even–to my knowledge–some looting (two days!!!). It’s sad how fast my city caved in. How fast everyone started acting like animals. If SHTF in the future and I get ear it’s gonna be long-term, I’m getting the HELL out.

      75. 2 million without power in Indiana-Ohio, still….

      76. Sorry Gray Fox Green, I cannot be that cold when it comes to others no matter what they think of me. I know how I look like to my friends and relatives and may be they are right. But we all have our own thing and prepping is mine. I will give to others till I die or am killed. It is the same reason I will never be rich. I can’t be ruthless enough. Not criticizing your attitude, probaly just the reverse. Wish I could not care a little less.

        • Brian:
          I understand your outlook and on this site there is more than enough room for the “two sides of the coin” viewpoint.I don’t like being a “hard” person,but when you get “flash mobs”,and the stories of how inept our “ABC” groups are,it makes for hard times ahead.Brian,I hope things work out for you and yours in the times matter what path you take.Bloomberg TV had the head of Blackrock Group on today and even he’s pessimistic(-2% growth US at best)on the future.When ALL the top heads of RSB bank(I’ not quite sure of the name,but am sure of the story)are leaving due to massive fraud,we have reached the edge of the cliff….
          Best to All here!

      77. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Obama- (doesn’t)-Care is a weapon designed to transform the U.S. from a free country to a Communist one.

        Most folks don’t understand this fact, which is why the Fed’s are getting ready for Civil Unrest. They know that when Americans do feel the chains being placed around their necks, they will explode!

        Couple OC with all the other goodies which are in place by the likes of Soros and to quote Keil Reese in The Terminator, “We are this closes from going out”!

        Now is the time to act. Most preppers figure that they will run and hide, maybe fight to protect their preps. That will not stop what is coming. Think about it, the Communist Party controls a population of 1 billion in China alone. They are experts at what lies to feed, who to arrest or kill off, and when to spread fear.

        What we need is an army. We need to “push back” strong enough that somebody in DC sees the danger in what they are doing. The only thing that they understand is, “Political Power comes from the barrel of a Gun”.(Mao)

        Now is the time!

        May the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob bless all of his Childern and destroy His enemies.

        • P.S. See you in The Camps

        • My friend, quit wasting your breath. The majority of the people on here are wannabes. They talk big, type in capital letters, and curse like a drunken sailor. But they haven’t a clue!

          This site has the same old people on it all the time and are convinced they are doing something by prepping and commenting about stupid shit.

          There are other sites where your passion and clear understanding of what needs to happen NOW would be wanted and accepted. But this is not one of them.

          God’s blessings to you as well.
          “This is where we fight! This is where they die!”
          —King Leonidas

          • You forget your ‘t’, Anton.

          • And the “good” King died as well….
            Sparta was a totalitarian state of the first order.
            This is still a REPUBLIC,if one in bad shape due to corruption everywhere in the halls of Congress…
            Happened in Rome,Athens and other nations.What we’re going thru is unpleasant,but not unique.
            Just my opinion on the topic,I’m sure there are different viewpoints as well.

          • WTF are you posting here for. I’ve been visiting for three years and posting for the past year. There are quite a few regulars that post, but many, many more, that just visit and read. We all get a little excited and pissed once in a while, but most that visit and communicate are just average people sharing information and telling stories. Some are funny and some are biblical and some are just good conversation. I like it! It is probably the best site available. Mac is gracious enough to let everyone speak their mind as they see fit. Can’t find that everyday.

            • GrayFoxGreen says to don’t-tread:If your statement:”WTF are you posting here for” is directed to me then the same may be said about you.It’s unfortunate start to what seems to be a most reasonable set of statements that follow….
              Perhaps you failed to finish reading to the end of what was said.I agree that Mac is most certainly gracious in allowing seemly disparate views to co-exist here.Even the vulgar ones.Perhaps we may be at the starting place of a better Republic than we have ruling at present.Change is coming!
              Best to All

            • @
              No way my friend. The reply was to Anon666, as he was making negative remarks about the “majority” of people on this site and to the site itself. If you look closely, you will see that my reply lies within his banner/borders, not yours.

            • @ GFG
              No way was my comment directed at you. It was to Anon666. Sorry I forgot to direct it specifically. I didn’t like how he was being negative towards this site and the “majority” of the visitors/members. I haven’t read any of your posts that I haven’t liked,GreyFox.

          • Anon,
            There does seem to be certain “types” on many survival sites. Those that think a “nice garden” and a supply of canning jars is the answer. Those that think, “If only Ron Paul was President” this will all go away. Also alot of , “I’m afraid, I’m alone, I’ve got to do something?” types.

            Maybe I’m not getting thru, you might be right. How can folks go on believing these bullshit ideas about Zionist Bankers, and “The Corps” when a full blown Marxist takeover is happening before their eyes. It’s as real as what is happening to the economy.

            Like I said, either see you in the trenches or the Camps.

            • In the trenches, you can guarantee.

              I used King Leonidas’ quote because of his fighting spirit and his willingness to die for what he believed. GrayFox sees it differently and that’s OK.

              Mr. Davis, you and I are not alone in our thinking. And none of us will be spending one damnable night in the camps!

        • They may be eady for that. An Australian soldier stationed at Fort Lewis, WA said there are 15,000 foreign soldiers so stationed b/c our constitution forbids our solderis to be used against civilians and the gov is expecting to need help for something coming down soon.

          • Nice, while some may refrain from shooting at our own soldiers, foreign soldiers will not be afforded this luxury.

      78. Grid Failure and Real Collapse

        that storm was good for one thing
        it certainly has generated a lot of good articles
        I’ve forwarded several to family and friends
        sometimes a seed or two will take root on what was formerly
        barren ground

        virtually all of us were non-preppers at one time

        • Satori

          I put in almost 30 years in an oil refinery power plant that exported to the grid. I have been retired for several years but I know “the grid” was weak for some time. Apparently deregulation was unkind to the transmission side of power generation as all of the focus was on the dollars in dollars out generation end. The “fat” of some overcapacity in transmission left over from the pre deregulation days has been used up. Wheeling power over greater areas post deregulation has dug into the overall capacity factor too.

      79. TRUNEWS.COM What you do in the physical will only be temporary and eventually become worthless. Put your treasures in heaven.

      80. Anderson came out. I’m shocked.

        • That’s news? thanks for regurgitating about something that doesn’t effect anyone.

      81. For those that have lived through a heat wave with out power would you mind sharing more information about how you managed in the heat? What type of clothing did you wear? What did you do to stay cool? Did your eating habits change due to the extreme heat? Did your schedule of activities change? Your experience and input would be greatly appreciated for those of us who are just learning.

        • Just take off as many clothes as is acceptable at your house, get a generator unless you can’t afford it. Rent one if possible. If you don’t have a portable A/C then run fans with the generator and keep your refrigerator and deep freeze running with the generator too. If no generator then open all windows to have a cross breeze. You can put 3/4″ foil sided foam insulation sheets on the inside of your windows that do wonderfully to reflect the heat out and reduce the temp in the house by at least 10 degrees. Perform as little activities as possible in the heat of the day and DRINK WATER even if you don’t feel thirsty. Water will keep you cool and replenish your body more than you may know. Eat several meals instead of 2-3 heavy ones. The more fiber and more veggies during this time the better. Protein and carbs are the worst to have during this time.

          I’m sure there’s many other things but those will give you some ideas I’m sure. 🙂

      82. Outside of medium sized town here. On Saturday – 4 hour plus lines for gas. Power still out for much of area. National Guard going door to door starting in town for wellness checks. Wallyworld open but not much to be had. Other stores opening back up now (Tuesday) but limited on some things. No ice to be found anywhere. Hot weather to continue. Can’t wait till the power goes back on and I can buy up some of the generators “slightly used”.

      83. The following website I found very interesting in my preps. We are one man made attack or solor flare away from SHTF. Please read and prepare accordingly. Makes you wonder if all those trillions of dollars of debt are going to protect the elites a$$ and not so much the tax payers a$$ in an event they know is comming, but won’t warn you against.

        • That report is excellent GetterdonePrepper. Very informative.

      84. Oh, we’re about to go to war in the Near East. I guess Commrade Obama needs a distraction, so WWIII will have to do. Right out of the FDR playbook.

      85. Since so many people rely on the “state” for a hand out, I am declaring tomorrow July 4th “Dependence Day”! Besides what are we independent from? What a sham. It’s call the “American dream” for a reason, because you have to be asleep to accept it. Wake up!

      86. If one random thunderstorm can cause such chaos, imagine what a planned, systematic, widespread attack could do. Or a massive, X level solar flare. Having been through the Blizzard of ’78 in Boston, the 1998 Ice Storm in Maine and a few minor hurricanes before and after, you learn to keep a good larder, especially things that don’t need to be cooked. Testing radios, lanterns and flashlights several times a year is second nature now. Be as self-reliant as possible; help is not going to be there, except from like-minded preppers. The article about disaster medicine is a good one; learn more than the basics and not have the expectation that help will be on the way. It’s closer and closer every day. Misneach, fianna. Misneach.

      87. Here is the thing, as I see it. Oasshole got elected and the Tea Party started. No effect. 2010 elections the Left gets creamed, still no effect. Scott Walker kicks butt, no effect.

        70% of the people are against Obama(doesn’t)Care, no effect. What do you think Barry going to do now that this Bill gives Him total power?

        If you got a dog that won’t listen, you give it a swat. So what do you do with a Government that won’t listen to 70% of the people?

        Washington is taking us for granted. They are counting on just the sort of response that I’m getting here, no effect.

        Rush/Beck/Sean/Levine will rant for a week, Savage for a month. We’ll blog!

        In the end, we’ll all walk like good little boys and girls into our cells as they strip away any wealth that you and your family has. Some will fight back then, but it will be too late.

        • What part of the country do you call home Jeff?

      88. A coward dies 1,000 times, a brave man but once.

      89. This latest storm-ONCE AGAIN-repoints our course to preparedness. I have tried to get friends/family on board and most don’t want to discuss it because preparedness as a subject is: depressing, frightening, silly, or too expensive. (Their quotes). My cousin in Pittsburg thinks “if something awful happens, I will go to my son’s place.” This is a very nice farm in Pennsylvania that is 120 miles from her and probably has 1 week of food ahead and a pump that won’t work without electricity. Good luck! I have issued an invitation to one friend to be at my place with dogs in tow. Otherwise, OPSEC is the name of the game. Once, when stocking up on canned things at Costco, a woman did comment that I must be one of those “prepper people”. I rotate answers like “I bake for the local senior center”: “I run a day care”; or “I am shopping for the food bank”. Get addresses of these places and stick to your story. I remembered my grandmother’s canning, but who really taught me to “prepare” was my mom-nurse extraodinaire, fearless in the face of city riots (my first was LA’s 1964 riots), and always ready to defend her own in floods, earthquakes, or fires. YOU are your family’s first line of defense!!
        I would like to get onto some property, but that is still a while off. So, I try to batten down the hatch in my small rural community the best way possible. Stay safe, stay prepared, stay vigilant, and stay loaded.

        • Stealth – re your OPSEC – we’re with you. We alternate visits to discount stores in different cities so as not to call too much attention to ourselves. Several weeks ago one cashier commented on the 20+ cans of veggies we were purchasing and hubby told her about our church’s food pantry. (Yes, our church really has one but we were shopping for our OWN pantry that day).

      90. How can Jeff Davis think He is so ready for civil war2, then state “How can so many believe in BS crap such as Zionist bankers etc?

        90% of All worlds central fed banker orgs/persons ARE Jews pal! Try looking for Proof prior to makeing assinine statements based upon Emotional ties to jews or bankers etc.

        Then Jeff says we Must revolt Now!!! Cause it is really a Marxist takeover! Yes I agree it IS marxist..BUT…Go READ at OTHER websites and see just Who them original Marxists were. Of aprox 497(? close enough) persons who RAN entire Russian Kommie revolution and KILLED-MURDERED From 100 -to-150 MILLION Mainly WHITE Christians and Patriots in Russia-Poland-Ukraine(7 to 10 Million Starved on PORPOUSE! in less than 18 months! In Ukraine alone) Of That leadeship of nearly 500 persons Jeff guess how Many were JEWS?…ALL but aprox 13 persons were JEWS Jeff!

        Karl Marx=JEW! Leon Trotsky=Real name Lev Bronstien=JEW! Marxists aint a Jerw invention Jeff?…My my my! You Sir is who needs do some quick homework instead of spewing non-sense to coddle/protect them ever/always/Victems(jews) who whine forever that a Nazi is hiddin behind every damn blade of grass worldwide, and it is ONLY poor victem Jews we should care about!

        How many Holohox museums etc are there Just in the usa? Well Over a Hundred and more built yearly..

        How many Holohox museums have You Jeff ever heard of to honor OTHER dead fols who Far out number jew-victems?

        Nation Wreakers is what they are. History Proves it if you do the real historic research. I cannot believe how Jeff and many others here and elswheres can think They are soooo wide awake and Never trust MSM etc…Yet That is xactly who they trust for all info on past jew claims of victemhood etc!….”Always Verify first right?…Unless is anything about Jews?…Then believe whatever MSM et al say?!!”

        Ben Franklin tried to add into the us const a clause to Bar jews from usa citizenship but didn’t get enough votes. He stated “Gentelman they(jews) if the world tommorow could hand them Isreal, which they rant on and on of loseing 1800 yrs ago and being a homeless race etc, If world handed isreal over to worlds jews with a free deed and Paid in full title, Barely 1/2 OR Less of worlds jews would be persueded to move to Isreal!…And Here is reason Gentelman…They(jews) are but Parasites! Much like a Vampire which we know cannot live on each other.

        Therefore at least a full 1/2 worlds jews Must always live in Other nations where they can Rob us of Our prosperity. And I (ben franklin) tell all of you this here and now…We have before us a golden opertunity to head the creation of a New nation as we see it should be.

        A once in a Millenium opertunity and if we fail to bar citizenship to them we wont see it, but in 200yrs or sooner, Yet to be born americans will be plaugued by hords of them and they will take over first BANKS!! Then all forms Media-then Govnt at every level.

        And them yet born americans in 200 yrs will Curse You men in your graves for not doing what could have prevented it all. And future americans then will be enslaved by their banks and govnt as HISTORY shows occures in all nations them parasite jews has infiltrated.

        Ok now go ahead call me an antisemitenaziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejews!…But I recommend you First CHECK Tru facts and History before spewing it out. Besides Truth & Facts aint Rassist or antisemitic…It is simply the truth and need no lies nor fables to stand on its own.

        And if truth hurts for them what been brainwashed by Rabis-Pastors(jewdeo chritian types which is an oxymoromic claim at best) Perhaps it is YOU who believe Un-truth simply cause been Told to.

        I also Agree not all of any group is bad etc…It is just some groups seems that it IS them 99+% who fucks it up for the rest eh.

        • Well Angelo (sounds like Kevin) he’s not a Jew-hater first of all. Secondly I think if you read all of his post instead of just what you wanted to, he said the crap you are so interested in spewing is secondary to what the REALLY important task at hand is. IOW, he is focused on what we can do NOW to stop the tyranny while others here are focused on their hate or agenda. Seems to me that Jeff is a pretty intelligent guy and his focused messages prove it.

          • @
            Stop the tyranny? You must have not read and comprehended the “good book”. We can’t stop it! It’s too late!..It should have been stopped 100 years ago when it started(in the USA), but the people(majority) are doing what they did then. Looking for more. More money and more stuff. More indulgence and pleasure from greedy dealings. The “tyranny” is so intrenched with evil it will only be stopped when Christ returns. Prepare on an “individual” basis, and stop bitchin’ about those of us that are trying to prepare for the worst.

      91. oops Typo! Above post where it reads “fols” Should read ” Honor Other dead FOLKS”!!

      92. I want to thank all of you. You folks have given me a place to visit and share ideas. For a long time now I have felt alone in my thoughts and in my prepping. Who ever Mac is I thank you for what you have done and continue to do. When I stated earlier this morning that I would give as much as I can I meant it and still do. But believe me giving is the thought. No one will take it away from me. For you folks hoping for the end of times let an old vet just say that what we have today beats the hell out of just how bad it will be when the shtf. If you have never seen combat you can’t understand that almost anything is worth putting up with. With that said I do declare that we are getting to the enough is enough point. I wish it were not so. I am continuing to prep for the worst and will hope for the best.

      93. Thank you Anonymous for your great heat advice.

      94. and i bet the masses will still ignore the signs, and not learn the lessons, a percentage will begin to prep as a result… a smaller percentage of that number will take lessons to heart, while the ‘rest’ of the preppers will be fooled by many companies who jumped onto the prepping business band wagon to make a quick buck off of the newly converted preppers. . .

      95. Johnnybee,

        Thanks for the Honda generator info.

        Y’all Beware!

      96. Tomorrow may just be the last day we celebrate America’s Freedom.

        God Bless.

        Y’all Beware! Not saying what I’m gonna do.
        I’m just gonna do it!

        • No plans to celebrate it. We are NOT a free country anymore. Anyone who thinks we are is not living in reality.

          • Reminds me of my little saying-
            You think you’re FREE???
            You only have choices.

      97. “I am not the only D.C. taxpayer wondering, where are billions in “critical infrastructure” protection and “homeland security?” They are not going toward obvious solutions like putting power lines underground.” –from the article–

        No….the billions for “critical infrastructure protection” are going toward surveillance drones, the hiring of pervert pederast TSA agents, NSA snooping and other such means to further strip us of our liberties and privacy.

      98. Noticed last nite that power is on at the Nationals’ ballpark, thank you very much. Priorities must be maintained, after all.

      99. Former electric utility experience. Born in the USA. Shame on us. Shame on me. Shame on elected and appointed officials! Simple plan.

        1.)Everyone, no exceptions must store drinking water.
        I use ‘clean clorox white plastic jugs’ and store them
        in milk crates. In the heat, no water, people die.
        2.)Rotted and ‘NOT VIBRANT GREEN’ trees are hanging over
        the power lines. Hire more tree trimmers from the
        UNEMPLOYED. This is done on 3rd shift at midnight to
        avoid traffic jams.
        3.)How many ‘pine cones’ filled with oil equals a half
        stick of dynamite in thermal energy terms? Clean all
        pine trees around electrical equipment like transformers.

        4.)ANY TREES near major roads MUST HAVE
        a.)bracing for prevention
        b.)bracing has proper ground anchors

        5.)High velocity wind areas (next to open fields) or
        HIGH OUTAGE AREAS (only 5% or 1/20th of locations)
        should be UNDERGROUND. – Employ workers for infrastructure

        6.)even your computer chip has EXTRA PATHWAYS. When you
        drive you figure out three ways to get to your destination. BUT THE POWER COMPANY has few or LITTLE
        alternative paths.

        7.)GUESS WHAT? the POWER SYSTEM depends upon the natural
        gas supply to gas turbines. But the natural gas pipes
        depend upon ELECTRIC POWER for the valves and the sensors.
        Do you remember the BIG gas pipeline explosions in California? UPDATE THE NATURAL GAS pipeline system!

        8.)no power. no cellphone towers. no 911. no police.
        no help. no memory of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.
        no need to think about voting out the incumbent??
        including emergency generators.
        Emergency generators can be rented. Everyone gets
        only three TEXT MESSAGES. If you exceed the limit,
        in this emergency the GOVERNMENT KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE AND

        9.)THE SWISS are curious people. Some say STRANGE and
        even STUPID. Any problems, they already have the
        destructive means to take down the bridges/tunnels/easy
        way to start up the tank traps.
        Water ponds/and water supplies in water reservoirs are
        distributed and not completely CENTRALIZED.

        10.)the cheapest and easiest solution. ABANDONED and
        foreclosed HOUSES with swimming pools are EVERYWHERE.
        swimming pool – make it clean water with less chlorine.
        pay the UNEMPLOYED to take care of the pool during the
        six months HOT SUMMER MONTHS.

        11.)abandoned HOUSES swimming pools breed mosquitoes.
        look up the rapid SPREAD of WEST NILE DISEASE.
        People open their windows with NO a/c. Then they get
        MOSQUITO DISEASE. Look up west nile, dengue fever –
        history in the USA swampland that is the South.
        the GREAT South for i live here.

        12.)solar – but the government has no clue in investing
        in Solyndra? – not able to stop the chinese imports at
        below cost. not able to make it cheap enough the average
        homeowner to implement.

        13.)don’t buy a generator for it is dangerous.
        Buy a marine battery (deep cycle). A used battery charger
        is OK. charge your car battery and the spare marine battery for lights and a light fan.
        Storing gasoline in your garage when you leave and you
        come back and your house is burnt down is BAD.

      100. Read it and weep! The American sheeple are NOT prepared for anything but failure!

      101. Fitting that it happened in D.C.
        And, no, they still don’t get it.

      102. A major inconvience. I have seen no articles about store shelves being emptied? Maybe throwing out parishables but stores emptied and complete disaster? Agreed we are all preppers but I for one like to see the sheep suffer a little bit. If not just to wake them up. This is not a COMPLETE DISASTER! It’s a storm and heat wave. Enjoy the show.

      103. Concerning EMP attacks – Several years ago a friend of mine had an opportunity to talk to someone in the CIA, someone she knew personally. Of course, she couldn’t get anything specific out of him, but two things he finally did tell her was this:

        “You don’t need to worry about terror attacks or an EMP attack.”


        “Your health is going to be your best asset.”

        I know that you will take this with a grain of salt (and you should since you don’t know me or the others spoken of) but I consider it to be very valuable information for planning!

        So my advice would be to spend the extra money if you can to eat as organically as possible, take care of yourself and get in shape or stay in shape, take care of any health problems now, and put health care high on your list of priorities for prepping. That includes serious first aid kits, the kind where you can do suturing yourself if need be, antibiotics and herbs.

        • @
          The last person I will be looking to for advice on making future plans is a G-man. There are a few good people working for the government. But, that’s a mighty few. Same as all levels of LE.

      104. Gotta add my 2 cents worth, sorry. I agree with prepping 100%. BUT one thing I realize that everyone preps with the same thing and are forgetting the most important stuff. Generator is great but sooner or later gas for generator runs out, unless you can rigg it to run on solar or water ur going to be out of luck when there is no fuel to be found. 1 down. Those canned foods are great but, they too will run out because we are used to having 2-3 meals a day and when you got kids the pop tarts, fritos will be the 1st to go and all that will remain on shelf is brussel sprouts, spinach and that yucky stuff kids hate. 2 down. Solution, learn to can, purify water, because even the powdered stuff needs to be mixed with water(although eating powdered cake mixes isnt that bad—but eating powdered taters, wellll…) Coleman stoves are great but do a count-cook only with colemans for an entire day, see how much propane it uses up, then multiply for a months time, can u store that much?when they run out where will u be?? So learn how to cook on open fires, the way the colonists do and here in S.Italy some of us still do. Dehydrate foods, make beef jerky.
        But remember even a well stocked pantry is of no use when a tornado or a flood either blows all ur preps or drowns them.We cant prepare for all disasters, just some, but having old fashioned techniques that colonists or the western wagoneers had will help you cope better.Because if u have to evacuate like they had too during the course of the latest wildfires, all those preps when up in smoke and many had little time to gather anything and ended with the shirts on their backs. Hate to be voice of doom, but sometimes we think of best case scenarios, start thinking worst case and then re-think prep mode. Can you survive? Oh but one thing I suggest that will never be lost is the Bible and your faith, THAT—no one and nothing will take away, because when all ….hits the fan, that may be all we will have left. Blessings!!

      105. In n.e. KY. friday I saw in less than 6 hours severe panic in the sheeple, to a no problem attitude. preppers became targets for some very foolish sheeple. and trouble happened.

      106. To the person who shared and now feels he has to move. Have a fake garage sale. Get crap stuff from anywhere and just a few good things Adverise formally or by workd of mouth that you are having a yard sale of emergency supplies. You may lose a little money on some things, but you will gain peace of mind. Talk it up with neighbors you helped about how you got rid of everything because you are going to move. Then, change your mind about moving. Next time, use your lanterns and don’t let people see you have electricity from generators and such and lots of supplies. Now that you have revealed yourself, sort of make like a turtle and retreat a bit. Pretend you have nothing if someone comes for things next time. Get some #1 flashlights and cheap batteries. Yes, it sounds mean. But, it is not really. They had their chance to prepare. Remember the ten virgins in the Bible?

      107. We need more CCTV cameras. Thats money well spent !

      108. 1. September 11 was not in ‘2011’ if memory serves (unless another happened while I was sleeping)

        2. Makes me glad I’m a prepper

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