Communist Vows He IS Coming For Your Guns

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 65 comments

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    Democrat (Communist) and presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke said on Labor Day that AR-15 and AK-47 owners will have to give up their firearms if he is elected president.  The Communists and political masters are coming for your guns, and are no longer mincing words about it.

    In a video that O’Rourke posted on the topic on Twitter, he said, “I want to be clear: That’s exactly what we’re going to do. Americans who own AR-15s and AK-47s will have to sell their assault weapons. All of them.”

    But he’s not saying he’ll actually take them away…yet.  He wants people to sell them back to the government –  their masters.  He may attempt to send law enforcement to confiscate if not enough of the slaves actually surrender their guns. This is just one piece of his promise to remove your legally owned and morally acquired property for the crime of never committing a crime. Gun owners would be punished for the actions of others if comrade O’Rourke has anything to say about it.

    According to a report by Breitbart, O’Rourke’s talk of AR and AK owners giving up or selling their guns is a continuation of his campaign pledges to do a forced buyback of certain categories of firearms. And it is only one aspect of his overarching gun control plan. On August 31, 2019, the day of the shootings in the Midland-Odessa region of Texas, O’Rourke admitted to not knowing the facts, then pushed gun control anyway with fear propaganda. O’Rourke proclaimed, “This is f*cked up,” then went on to sell shirts emblazoned with the slogan for Moms Demand Action.

    For years leading up to this election, Communists and democrats (although I repeat myself) have promised conservatives they aren’t coming for their guns in an effort to win votes.  This time around, they are finally admitting that they will attempt to take your guns and if you don’t comply, force, violence, and possibly death will be your punishment.

    The masters are laying down edicts and demanding the slaves listen and obey their commands. The real question is: will they obey?

    When someone looks out at the world and sees all manner of suffering and injustice, stretching back for thousands of years and continuing today, he invariably blames such problems on someone else’s hatred, greed, or stupidity. Rarely will someone consider the possibility that his own belief system is the cause of the pain and suffering he sees around him. But in most cases, it is. The root cause of most of society’s ills–the main source of man’s inhumanity to man–is neither malice nor negligence, but a mere superstition–an unquestioned assumption which has been accepted on faith by nearly everyone, of all ages, races, religions, education and income levels. If people were to recognize that one belief for what it is–an utterly irrational, self-contradictory, and horribly destructive myth–most of the violence, oppression, and injustice in the world would cease. But that will happen only when people dare to honestly and objectively re-examine their belief systems. “The Most Dangerous Superstition” exposes the myth for what it is, showing how nearly everyone, as a result of one particular unquestioned assumption, is directly contributing to violence and oppression without even realizing it. If you imagine yourself to be a compassionate, peace-loving, civilized human being, you must read this book.


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      1. None of the rugged individualists reading are going to know where any of the parts or pieces come from, without a state interest.

        • Top off your Ammo:
          * Net article states that the evil empire, destroyer of small town America businesses, aka: WalMart. Are no longer going to sell pistol ammo.
          * Banks, credit card companies, Dick’s Sporting goods, and other communist minded control freaks, have decided that you should Not be able to defend your family.
          * They have dictated that you are to be unarmed, vulnerable sheep. They ALL want you unarmed so as the government-corporate-bank-money lenders-criminal, WOLVES, can all feed on you easily. You are what’s for dinner. These wolves will eat you alive.
          * You will be unarmed.
          * You will be compliant, “Get those flu shots.”
          * You will be a good NWO commie embrace the illegal invader take over, or you are “Red Flagged” and “fusion centered” according to threats by Texas governor Abbott.
          * You will be unemployed because AI and Robots will take your jobs away.
          * You will be cooked on the inside with 5g radiation,
          * Soon you will take your chip children of the beast. Employees in Wisconsin acually wore “We Got Chipped” t-shirts after they were implanted with chips like dogs.

          Hell is on your doorstep. Top off Ammo. Get right with Jesus Christ the Son of God, Now. Otherwise you will be decieved by the Beast. Hell is upon us all.

          • well said!

          • Who are you buying it from. Nobody asks this.

        • All Commies deserve lead nutrients @ 3200 fps.

          • Best he better have all his personal affairs in order.

            • Walmart is discontinuing sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber, discontinuing sales of handgun ammunition and discontinuing handgun sales entirely in Alaska.

          • definitely not 22 ammo at 3200 fps

      2. “The real question is, will they obey?” I can answer that. Not only no but hell no! I, for one, will not surrender anything I own and will stand against them. Beto O’DORK can go f#$& himself!

        • NFA- Nobody fought
          GCA- Nothing happened
          First AWB- Business as usual

          So when they come around this time do you think anything is going to be different?

        • Deplorable Renetard will outrun ’em in his 1960’s Sanford & Son pickup truck. He’ll make it to the BOL (his sister’s trailer) in time to let out his gimp for a little playtime.

          • DOM. Is this a new troll or an old troll with a different name? Either way just go blow it out your ass.

        • Silver up nearly $1 today, now at $19.27. Going to $24 shortly. Hope ya’ll got sum. Up nearly $4 in a month and a half. I said it here before, when the Sh!t is about to hit the fan you will see a sudden flip on the shorting of PM’s and this will springboard upwards fast. So something is brewing like a Financial collapse, massive debt, big recession, and inflation going to hit. Safeguard all your exposures and get your debt paid off and go live free. Ignore these commies. Why even post their nonsense? Its all to get attention like a baby with a rattle. Whooorahhhh

          • Yup, just bought $1k of silver a few minutes ago. Glad I did, but wish I would have bought a week or so ago like I planned. I have a strong feeling the next 18 months are going to be a wild, Clown World driven ride. “Hold on to yer butts…”

        • Buy some 6″ PVC and end caps now – be prepared

          O’ Dork is saying and trying everything to get noticed.
          The Demorat Party has evolved into a communist party.
          I am also disgusted with the “conservatives” for being wimps and not fighting back HARD.
          Trump can not do it by himself – although he is not doing to Bad


            I suggest ANY politician that approches the 2nd for any further infringements for ANY reason get his affairs in order.

            • “When they come to take away the God given, Constitutionally protected, 2nd amendment right, if everyone would provide them with a shining example and clear definition of the 2nd amendment, it would need no other investigation, usurpation, further debate, or additional understanding.”

      3. The strategy has been the gradualism of, “boiling a frog”, first getting registration and then confiscation. They are in effect, “tipping their hand” in glee as they believe that the brass ring is within reach. This over exuberance is not beneficial to their cause. One can see that their emotions instead of logic are indicative of their (lack of) mindset. This is a polite way of saying, “Yes they’re dumb”. They have more in common with children than adults.

        • Wonder how their appetite will be when their rate of attrition is 3-4 per outing?

          I would bet less than half show up for work. Funny thing about violating everybodies rights, all of a sudden you are not very well liked in your own community.

          Where do their kids go to school? Wife shop? Parents play cards? Brothers kids go to school? Lots to think about eh,

          When someone is totally willing to violate your rights and family, will you care what flavor that revenge takes?

          100 heads

          • Nailbanger, they have no idea of the hell that will be unleashed upon them when they try anything they’re proposing and it will be much much more than 100 heads.

          • Nail,
            You are describing 4GW.
            “I would bet less than half show up for work. Funny thing about violating everybodies[sic] rights, all of a sudden you are not very well liked in your own community.”
            A ambulance chasing lawyer sued over and beyond what insurance covered and ruined a well thought of member of the community, a person who made a driving mistake, and hurt a homeless drunk, some time back in Texas.
            Sometime after a white van drove past the lawyers house and shot him dead as he sat on his front Lanai( porch) watching his kids play. They haven’t caught the shooter and nobody saw anything.
            That is the future of Democrats, nobody sees, hears, or says anything.

            • Rellik, the dems are bringing it all on themselves. That and even worse will be their future. It’s coming.

          • They do not just want your AR or AK…and, they will probably bring waves of 3rd world troops, at that point.

            Side note: SHTF site not regularly updating, is this a browser issue, or something else?

            • Justme, I’ve remarked on it several times with no response. I have to hit the refresh button before, during, and after, in order to see all articles and comments. Something ain’t right.

            • JustMe, those blue UN helmets will make some of the best targets. Must get awful hot wearing those things. I’m sure they could use some ‘ventilation’.

            • 3rd world troops??? We know where our extra ammo and arms will be coming from.

            • Remember Obama wanted to start the Nations Defense corps. As well equipped and well funded as the regular army. These types would be the one enforcing the socialist ajenda

            • It is called being a FED Honeypot. Censored.
              They don’t like people like you or your comments.

              You obviously haven’t had enough vaccines, had enough flu shots, been irradiated enough with cell phone, eaten enough processed food, watched enough TelLieVision, or been properly converted by the Anti American communist professors at esteemed centers of higher learning.
              You are obviously a Deplorable.
              Texas governor Abbot would likely call you a “white nationalist” and Fusion Center/Red List you. You will now be a targeted individual and your social credit score will be down graded. Your employer will be notified by e-verify that you don’t think correctly.

              Welcome to your new Internet.
              Welcome to your new Amerikka.
              You will be silenced so you offend no one.
              Your weapons will be confiscated for “your safety.”

              Now don’t you feel “safe.”

          • He is still considered an adult, in this country, and his family name is still good.

            I don’t believe there is literally a culture of honor, here.

          • @ Nailbanger, What you are describing is a Kentucky feud. When the commies come for the weapons The Fourth Turning will be on. Don’t forget who started it.

        • Kevin2, agreed but if they don’t back off they’ll get themselves killed. No one has any obligations to any of them whatsoever.

          • I’m a pacifist that chooses to run, hide and talk to avoid violence that I have found feeds on more and more violence. I’ll will however defend myself and loved ones. My point was political not violence. They’re announcing at election time their goals which may motivate the gun owning voters or just make the politicians believe that they’ll be motivated. Either way it works. Political power isn’t what you have but what the politicians thing you have. This battle will be won or lost on both the soapbox and ballot box. It’s a battle for public opinion and the talk about confiscation gets no more anti gun people behind them but is more likely to wake up into voting / political action the middle of the road gun owners, the “silent majority”.

            • As I said the progressives are like children and Beto shows political naiveté. The “smart, screwed, cunning” among them, like Bill Clinton smile, reassure, pat on the back “I feel your pain”. His wife, a loudmouth, a braggart announced her mean spiritedness by bullhorn and lost an election. Being a crook didn’t help either.

              Every gun owner should talk to their hunting only friends. In NJ back almost 3 decades ago S-166, the semi auto ban included .22 tube feed rifles. That got a lot more people out to the poles. We said, If they can ban them think your over under is safe? The Democrat governor lost and so did State Assembly and Senate. The successor (Whitman) didn’t have the political HP for repeal but did get quite favorable “interpretations” from the future Republican appointed Attorney General. It also stopped a handgun ban in its tracks.

              This battle has a long way to be played out in the political arena. Numbers are on on our side as many elections are won or lost on less than 10% of the vote. Politicians are also very insecure. If they see 12% going the other way believe me, most pay notice. It’s what they do as few really have any integrity on anything.

              • The problem with your solution, is that there will ALWAYS be liberal assholes that will someday get elected again and try to take our rights away. The only solution I see if from the rooftops, NOT the ballot box.

                Either we get rid of liberals permanently, or this will keep being a recurring problem. They have been slowly chipping away at our rights since before I can remember. Where does it say in our Bill of Rights some people can only have 10 round mags? Where does it say they can take away our guns, WITHOUT due process (see red flag laws). The sad thing is, there can be only one way- one outcome. Otherwise we will wake up one day and we have become Londonistan…….

                • DMONIC

                  Your idea is madness, government by violent intimidation equals no government, anarchy. Think Yugoslavia post Tito. The US body politic is just scratching the surface of their political power which used in primaries would change the political landscape. What is the percentage of reelected House members? It’s about 90% and the two political party’s pick the chosen successor. Like it or not Trump was a threat to the Establishment and he got elected. The structure of the system functions. Unfortunately too many forgot to bring on vital support in both Houses. We need “Joe The Plumber” types to challenge incumbents in the primaries.

                  The battle is for the hearts and minds and will be won or lost on the soap box and at the ballot box.

                  • America was like Yugoslavia before we won the Revolution in the 1780’s. Remember your history books, the supporters of king George had to move to Canada, when their side lost. Population exchanges will be necessary, xo areas are majority oneway or another. About three countries, if california seperates from washington DC.

                    What would our leftist foes do if they had complete power? They would destroy everything we hold sacred. Our property, our kids, our guns, our faith, our lives. What they have recently vowed to do, we must take into account in our responses.

                    Reversing the brainwashing of millions is impossible. The polarization is complete. Antipodal ethics. People only learn through disaster.

                    Secession is the only way people. Seperation. DIVORCE. Do you stay in a hellatious marriage that is dangerous where the other party promises to enslave you? Or do you physically get out with your lives, your families intact. Do we really have years to play around here trying to convince Communists how wrong they are?

                    What if I said there were wolves just outside your door who were waiting for your kids? There are, they’re called Democrats. You’d get mad then and fight, you betcha.

                    This IS Zero Hour. You couldn’t get better warning than Democrat candidates vowing what they are vowing. We have been thoroughly warmed. They aren’t kidding. Just sayin’

            • What if the tactic is to be so far left and so radical that DJT wins again and with no fear or re election he is the one to shoe in red flag laws. Maybe the tactic is that of a trojan horse. To let the so called leader of your enemy do your dirty work. I am starting to wonder because there are lots of indications this might be the case……we shall see…..

      4. Well, the good news is,
        You can always take at least one of them with you on the way out!

      5. And now, Drudge reports, the Texas shooter had previously been judged mentally unfit and unable to purchase firearms legally. I wouldn’t want to be the private party that sold this guy the gun. Unless he stole it. The shooter had just been fired from his job. He lived in a building with no water or electric. His employer called the police. The shooter called the police and the FBI before going on the rampage. New laws won’t help. We know that. But too many people don’t know. There is a mental health crisis in this country. No one wants to spend the money to house the sick. These shootings are connected to the dysfunctional nature this country. A country in rapid socialist decline.

        • Problem is too many people are stupid!

          They want the gubermint to give em safety and security in exchange for giving up liberties they dont exercise because they are morons.

          • Nailbanger, you nailed it again. That’s only one reason I finally got out of Memphis because of the same type of people you said. Too many dickheads out there these days. No more of that for me.

        • In Texas it is LEGAL to sell a firearm YOU OWN. Its Called a private sale. who ever sold it to him is not in trouble. That weapon could be a third or fourth purchase before it ever was in his possession. Besides, when you buy a weapon, the gov shouldn’t know wo has what. Registration equals confiscate.
          Now how convenient that the shooter had mental problems, says who?? what Dr.?? and now it was bought by private sale, no background check. plays right in to the democrats hands of GUNSHOW Loopholes… You are being played… It is always just one more law will fix .. always just one more law.. so that makes the 20k gun laws now on the books worthless. They did not work, we need one more law to fix it…

        • The problem with that is- WHO decides you, me or anyone else is “mentally unfit” to own a firearm? If there were no previous signs, the person wasnt being treated previously, etc- how do you single out people and tell they they are denied their God given rights? If they are mentally unfit to own firearms, should they also lost their 1st Amendment right? Howabout the 4th- 5th????

          WHERE does it end??? Most people in the “profession” of psychology are LIBERALS. Doesnt that give a douchebag liberal the power with a stroke of a pen to DENY our God given right to bear arms?

          Think about THAT for a moment.

      6. By his own admission, he cannot run for president, or any government office for that matter. His stance is absolutely contradictory to swearing an oath to “Defend the Constitution”. Very similar to a devout Muslim… oil and water!

        • If a presidential candidate makes promises and guarantees and runs on a platform to replace, denounce, subjugate, or eliminate the Constitution in which his Oath of Office demands he take then he has negated his candidacy. There should be immediate uproar and lawsuits to deny him a ballot listing. Where is the righteous media?

          If a white candidate decided to forego all the religious or racial equality laws as a campaign promise would the media and millions be rioting. You betcha. This is about control. Total control as the fiat currency collapses.

      7. We need to rebuild and staff much more mental hospitals where these idiots should be housed. Less gun crime and fewer of them on the streets like in San Fran and L.A. The streets surely would be a lot cleaner. Not giving up anything to the dems/left!

        • Who’s going to pay for the NEW buildings to house them. And food, clothes and medical care too! And of course those employees will have to be government employees with union pay benefits and retirement also! Cloward and Piven, over load the system till it collapses. Mental health screening? Oldest commie trick in the book. Nobody passes the mental health screening, no guns for you!

        • Jim, the libturds had the bright idea of shutting down mental health facilities back in the 70s and 80s thus turning loose all of those people onto the streets. It would take a miracle to bring back such facilities. Maybe the nutcases will end up eating each other? one can always hope.

      8. Soon the most dangerous and deadliest job in the US will be those trying to physically confiscate your guns. Employee turn over will be immense. Every incident is a suicide mission. And don’t wait for the knock on the door, get your No Trespassing signs up and blast away if they cross the line.

      9. Hey Robert; Oops “Beto”,
        The saying is “Don’t pick a fight with an old man, he will just kill you”.
        No threat intended from me, just passing on some wisdom, which you Democrats sadly lack.

      10. The good news is: Robert Francis probably has less of a chance than me of being elected POTUS.

      11. Haven’t been by for a few days. Glad to see that you are now using the correct term (communist) to describe these communists. Thanks. Keep up the good work! Going back to lurking again.

      12. What a surprise. Another Commie pinko fag agitator porking out at the public trough. A total waste of oxygen. Texas must be so proud.

      13. Bob – go for it. I dare you.

      14. Hahahaaa!!!!

        Oh PLEASE, total military and Law enforcement in this country amounts to less than 2.5 million individuals…as opposed to 200 MILLION plus of US. Beto proposition is ludicrous on the face of it. I can easily describe the path any such action would take.

        The PTB would -neccessarily – come to the conclusion that all they could exert influence over given such limited resources would be the metroploitan areas…beyond that they would find a gun behind ever blade of grass. Granted they have formidable ‘force multipliers’ at thier disposal however those self-same systems require virtually unlimited and uninteruoted logistical suport to effectively function, yes?
        Indeed they do. Please remember the central salient involved in war and all forms of dominance by force, specifically that “He can destroy a thing, CONTROLS a thing”.
        Cities require an uniterupted flow of food, energy, transportatiin or they become isolated ebclaves without effect beyond thier own confines.
        So often I have heard people here say that “We can’t possibly contend with the high tech military the US fields”….really, does no one here have three function brain cells? I wonder.
        Cities are brought to a standstill wgen fuel wuits flowing, when power lines cease to function, when food supplies are interupted. Sun Tzu said wis, “Fight the enemy where they are NOT’. Just so.
        Remember as well that the incredibly compkex weapons of war utilized on the modern battlefied are incredibly sensitve to conditions derived from thier design parameters….confronted with something that the designers did not consider during development they fail almost instantly.

        Consider the following example. Apache helicopters are inbound to assault you. Typically they fly low hugging terrain…this is a fatal mistake since any individual with with a 10 gauge shotgun packed with a Bolo-type round shooting upward into the rotors of such will bring it down almost instantly….especially if the ends of the Bolo have snall explosive charges attached to the three ends.
        Another example…an M1 Abrans is a truly formidable piece of gear yes….until it’s hit with rounds containing pressurized poly-urea foam muxed wuth a blackening agent, the net effect beung a total blinding of EVERY targeting sensor on the vehicle roughly permanently until deoit msintanence can deassemble the entirety of the entire sensir suite involved.
        Furthermore, the Germans found in WWII that fixed wung aircraft were hideousky susceptible to big bittle rockets attached to spools of high tensile abrasive wire…when those aooeared over head simply send up a few dozen and scratch one ‘fast mover’.
        There are – with few exeptions – low tech, exremeky effective responses to nearly everything the armed firces of the US possess, not that I’ advocating such here…just oointing out how easily high tech can be neutralized by very primitive means.

        IF the MORONS currehtly constituting the political class think they can disarm us simply because they pass some IDIOT law, thinking yhat we’ll niceky roll over for such utter bullshit then they had best re-evaluate thier strategy(s) profoundly. It is akso the case that once your adversary succeeds in licking you down in fuxed positions (here, the cities…) then the War is lost. History is very clear on this specific point…think the USSR in Afganistan; once the Muhjahadeen had forced them into refended fixed position enclaves the confict was no longer viable.

        Please start learning to think tactically Folks…there are SO msny items if your day to day life that can be re-purposed in unexpected ways…EXTREMELY effective ways if these fools want to step up thier game to unlawful and unconstitutional. Remember, ANY Law odious to the Constitution is automaticall null and void.

        Dwell on these things…


      15. I very rarely comment on these sites, but do follow several. Just wanted to inject some optimism (if you can call it that), should bad come to worse. I have a grandson that just recently finished a tour in Korea. These soldiers are well informed on what is going on. I asked him, percentage wise, what the feeling was about all this threatened confiscation of firearms and if our government decided to use the military to achieve their goals. He rounded it off to 85 percent of our soldiers would uphold their oath to protect the Constitution of the United States and would not follow orders to the contrary. And he has talked to many a soldier. I find it very heartening and honorable that a lot of our young people are not fooled by the propaganda. Just thought I would say something. God Bless

      16. They’re certainly welfare state authoritarians. Socialists want government ownership of the means of production. Many capitalist states are also authoritarian, socialists have no monopoly on that. This election cycle Bernie Sanders has went from a proponent of the welfare state to a socialist as he is now championing government ownership / control of the energy sector. Welfare states with a disciplined population that doesn’t “game the system” can thrive as is seen in Northern Europe (with their indigenous population) socialist states stifle productivity and innovation and in doing so stall progress. Even proponents of socialism misuse the terms.

        Here are the accepted definitions:

        Welfare State = High taxes paying for “cradle to grave” government handouts. Private ownership of the means of production is still maintained.

        Socialist State = Government ownership of the means of production.

        Communist State = The advancement of the previous Socialist State into a “Classless Society”.

      17. Molon Labe

      18. Mercy, will we ever think and act like free men and women? Liberty’s enemies have one common denominator: they are urban-dwellers. Why start a war with evil? You are free. Walk away from Sodom. Yes, that includes Washington. Let God deal with evil.

        Just one example, look at what Gandhi started with just a ‘Salt March’. Imagine what a ‘Firearms March’ could do. We need to walk away. If pursued, we shoot the bastards and throw them in our septic tanks.

        Voting is a fraud. Ridiculous you say? Can you cite one example where voting made you free? Bill Buppert was correct, ‘The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession’.

        • Words of beauty, real gems. Kudos. Amen!

      19. The left probably knows that physically taking weapons would be difficult. What i expect them to do once they get into power is to weaponize the IRS as Obama did and TAX weapons, ammo, hunting licences etc. Oh you can have all the guns you want but the tax is 1000 dollar per weapon per year.. This will fund all their
        favorite lobby groups , compliant federal agencies, and other traitors they wish to reward.

        No Threat just a promise. You want a Revolution try taking our guns and you will get ONE BY GOD!!!!

      21. Oh,screw Walmart,Beto,and all the other gun grabbers. !

      22. We have been ordered to become ungovernable by demturds. That includes all stupid ideas by demturds. All democrats are weapons of mass destruction and should be eliminated from my country. Send them to Epstein’s island and then blow it up,accidently of course.

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