Commodities Collapsed Just Before The Last Stock Market Crash – So Guess What Is Happening Right Now?

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    This article was originally pubished by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. Michael is the author of The Beginning of the End and his latest book, designed to guide people on preparing for the inevitable, is called Get Prepared Now: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming and How You Can Survive It.

    commodity-crashIf we were going to see a stock market crash in the United States in the fall of 2015 (to use a hypothetical example), we would expect to see commodity prices begin to crash a few months ahead of time.  This is precisely what happened just before the great financial crisis of 2008, and we are watching the exact same thing happen again right now.  On Wednesday, commodities got absolutely pummeled, and at this point the Bloomberg Commodity Index is down a whopping 26 percent over the past twelve months.  When global economic activity slows down, demand for raw materials sinks and prices drop.  So important global commodities such as copper, iron ore, aluminum, zinc, nickel, lead, tin and lumber are all considered to be key “leading indicators” that can tell us a lot about where things are heading next.  And what they are telling us right now is that we are rapidly approaching a global economic meltdown.

    If the global economy was actually healthy and expanding, the demand for commodities would be increasing and that would tend to drive prices up.  But instead, prices continue to go down.

    The Bloomberg Commodity Index just hit a brand new 13-year low.  That means that global commodity prices are already lower than they were during the worst moments of the last financial crisis

    The commodities rout that’s pushed prices to a 13-year low pulled some of the biggest mining and energy companies below levels seen during the financial crisis.

    The FTSE 350 Mining Index plunged as much as 4.9 percent to the lowest since 2009 on Wednesday, with BHP Billiton Ltd. and Anglo American Plc leading declines. Gold and copper are near the lowest in at least five years, while crude oil retreated to $50 a barrel.

    This commodity bear market is like a train wreck in slow motion,” said Andy Pfaff, the chief investment officer for commodities at MitonOptimal in Cape Town. “It has a lot of momentum and doesn’t come to a sudden stop.”

    Commodity prices have not been this low since April 2002.  According to Bloomberg, some of the commodities being hit the hardest include soybean oil, copper, zinc and gasoline.  And this commodity crash is already having a dramatic impact on some of the biggest commodity-producing nations on the globe.  Just consider what Gerald Celente recently told Eric King

    We now see that the Australian dollar is at a six-year low against the U.S. dollar. What are Australia’s biggest exports? How about iron-ore and other metals.

    If we look at Canada, their currency is also now at a six-year low vs the U.S. dollar. Well, Canada is a big oil exporter, particularly some tar sands oil, which is expensive to produce.

    We also now have the Brazilian real at a 10-year low vs the U.S. dollar. Why? Because it’s a natural resource rich country and they don’t have a strong market to sell their natural resources to.

    Meanwhile, the Indian rupee is at a 17-year low vs the U.S. dollar. This is because manufacturing is slowing down and there is less development. If the Americans aren’t buying, the Indians, the Chinese, the Vietnamese — they’re not making things.

    All of this is so, so similar to what we experienced in the run up to the financial crisis of 2008.  Just a couple of days ago, I talked about how the U.S. dollar got really strong just prior to the last stock market crash.  The same patterns keep playing out over and over, and yet most in the mainstream media refuse to see what is happening.

    Something else that happened just a few months before the last stock market crash was a collapse of the junk bond market.

    Guess what?

    That is starting to happen again too.  Just check out this chart.

    I know that I must sound like a broken record.  But I think that it is extremely important to document these things.  When the next financial collapse takes place, virtually everyone in the mainstream media will be talking about what a “surprise” it is.

    But for those that have been paying attention, it won’t be much of a “surprise” at all.

    When the stock market does crash, how far might it fall?

    During a recent appearance on CNBC, Marc Faber suggested that it could decline by up to 40 percent

    The U.S. stock market could “easily” drop 20 percent to 40 percent, closely followed contrarian Marc Faber said Wednesday—citing a host of factors including the growing list of companies trading below their 200-day moving average.

    In recent days, “there were [also] more declining than advancing stocks, and the list of 12-month new lows was very high on Friday,” the publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

    “It shows you a lot of stocks are already declining.”

    Others, including myself, believe that what we are going to experience is going to be even worse than that.

    We live in such a fast-paced world, and most of us don’t have the patience to wait for long-term trends to play out.

    If the stock market is not crashing today, to most people that means that everything must be fine.

    But once it has crashed, everyone is going to be complaining that they weren’t warned in advance about what was coming and everyone will be complaining that nobody ever fixed the things that caused the exact same problems the last time around.

    Personally, I am trying very hard to make sure that nobody can accuse me of not sounding the alarm about the storm that is on the horizon.

    The world has never been in more debt, our “too big to fail” banks have never been more reckless, and global financial markets have never been more primed for a collapse.

    Amazingly, there are still a lot of “experts” out there that insist that everything is going to be okay somehow.

    Of course many of those exact same “experts” were telling us the same thing just before the stock market crashed in 2008 too.

    A great financial shaking has already begun around the world, and it will hit U.S. financial markets very soon.

    I hope that you are getting ready while you still can.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End. Michael’s latest book, Get Prepared Now!, explains the coming crisis and how you can survive it.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

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      1. Goody Goody. Maybe the price of gas will get lower? I hope the article is correct. Im tired of the wait Im 64 and don’t think in ten more years if In still alive ill be much count. Bring it on let the culling begin.

        • Yeah, Michael mentions the drop in gas prices. Not so, it has gone up 29 cents, nearly 12% in the last 3 weeks where I live. No middle eastern crisis, in fact everything is fixed with Iran and now they will contribute to the glut of oil on the market which means a further decline in gasoline prices.

          • the price of gas has almost nothing to do with supply and demand. OPEC is dollarized, its denominated in USD, and the price of oil is inversely commensurate with the perceived “strength” of the US dollar.

            google the USD index, and compare it to the price of oil.

            • You are a little behind the info power curve. We do not get any Iranian oil therefore it can’t affect our domestic price. The fact that oil retreated below $50 per barrel yet the price of gas went up is pure (unsubstantiated) collusion. Calif. refineries are deliberately controlling the supply to keep gas prices > $.75 per gallon. Iran, Russia and India unhinged their oil from the dollar earlier this year. In October the IMF will declare the Chinese Yuan a world reserve currency. The dollar currently holds 65% of that SDR pie. After October, the Yuan will hold 50% of said pie. The U.S. oil is simply gauging the public while they still can…has nothing to do with the price of oil nor the value of the dollar on the clobal market.

              • Oil is a global commodity. Whether we get a particular drop of oil from Iran or from Texas doesn’t matter.

                By the way, the price of gasoline has dropped here in NC. The last I bought was $2.39 a gallon. The taxes are as much as 65 cents per gallon (depending on the state), so the price can’t go a whole lot lower. The gouging was happening when the price was closer to $5.00 a gallon.

                • The Baltic dry goods index has dropped below the resistance point set in the 2008 crash.

                  Big news not covered by the media!

                  • If this is true and commodities prices has gone down, then why are the grocery stores selling chicken-in-a-can for $1.50 and a whole chicken for $6-$8 each? Bell peppers for a dollar…EACH?

                    And local farmers, etc…are asking about the same for theirs too.

                    • World trade is collapsing, food inflation is not stopping though.

                      People may stop buying STUFF (toys and gadgets) at the stores, but food they still must buy or go hungry! They will buy cheaper foods to save money. Doctors are reporting morbidly obese mothers with malnourished children who are literally starving. Mom is buying processed food from Wally World and the kids lack critical vitamins, minerals and proteins. Empty calories are resulting in well fed kids that are starving.

                      Lots of people are getting scared, I think the cats finally out of the bag.

          • Off topic but its the first I heard about this incident where some cop named joseph weekley shot a 7 year old girl in the head while she was sleeping on the couch during a swat raid in the wrong apartment nevermind being warned by a neighbor that children were in the home and of course was never held to account. If this is true and I haven’t researched it fully but it is disgusting. I will put the link under, and also the website itself, I just came across it the other day but so far seems to have some pretty good prepper info and other things on it but anyways for those that would like to check it out here it is:

            ht tp://

          • Down 15 Cents Central NH

        • Beans, Bullets & Bullion.

      2. The manipulated stock market is the only thing the coward pussy boot licking fascist filth Zombies have to hang onto now in the collapsing shithole of the world. The coward Zombie boot lickers still have their dreams of retiring on a beach or hitting a white ball around, as the fascist filth wallow in their ignorance, fantasy, and lies about their “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. When the manipulated stock market crashes the coward Zombie boot lickers will just dive further into “divide and conquer” division and distractions, because the TRUTH about this evil filthy vile Orwellian Corporatist Controlled Fascist Police State shithole is just too much for the chemically altered brain dead dumb down waddling fat ass toxic waste dumps to grasp.

        • I like how you put that, Ron! 🙂

        • Excellent Ron.

        • You’re my kind of guy, Ron! But take heart, my friend, for the fascist/collectivist/statist shitstain oligarchs and their filthy cowardly pussy-ass zombie boot-licking glory-holing sacks o’ shit as well as the dumbed-down toxic waste sheeple will soon be facing their day of reckoning! And they will surely rue the fucking day, so say we all.

          • Thank you all for being awake and aware of the fascist boot licking chemically altered Zombie filth infesting our collapsing fascist shithole. The day of reckoning is already here as the disease ridden dumbed down Zombie filth watch their friends, family, and children become more disease ridden, depressed, and dying early from the SOFTKILL GENOCIDE being carried out by the Corporatist Fascist Globalist NWO shit stains of pure evil.

      3. The only way for us to be saved, is for this nonsense to collapse. Then turn off your TV and take part in the Great Purge. No purge, no future. Rage against your enemies until their seed is wiped from the face of the earth.

      4. All I’ve done the last two months is prep, prep, prep…. Put in fruit trees and a bigger garden. Worked on my meals list so in another week or two at most I can put in a big long term food order with solid meal plans.

        Been working out and finding how much that has changed my calorie needs. We are all eating more so we need to put aside more.

        Looking at getting a cow. Hadn’t originally planned on that but I think it’s wise. We have plenty of room.

        Getting to know our neighbors better and that is building my confidence to bug in.

        Motorhome has been in the shop getting a thorough going over for my trip. It’s in great shape so I think I’ll stick with that instead of buying a trailer. To get around when we are out of town we might buy a couple of electric bikes. If you haven’t riden one, you really ought to. They can go upwards of 40 miles without a recharge. Very quiet too. Just need to figure out solar charging for them before we commit. We will buy used, our friends own a shop.

        I’ve also been stocking up on sewing supplies….needles, thread, solid fabrics for repairs. I’ve sewn a few things we needed….quilt and kids clothes so I’m not out of practice.

        Lastly, canning. Summer is a great time to can and I aim to can as much as possible.

        I’m not sure when it’s gonna blow but I will keep preparing like its next week. I hope not but having more time means I will be better prepared and I can prep for a larger group. I’m hoping to add preps for a couple more adults but I’m not sure I’ll get the time. We have some friends who have a ton of skills but I don’t think they have prepped much. I’d like to ask them to stay here if it comes to that. She has so much gardening experience and just helpful knowledge and he’s a skilled carpenter. They’d be a huge benefit to us and us to them as they are in a tiny place, in town.

        My husband and I use to work for BHP. He will probably call some long time friends and find out if there’s layoffs after he reads this….

        • Keep up the good work. It’ll pay off.

        • Anon

          I believe that is going to happen this time. Keep prepping. Also I gave you a list on a post a few weeks ago. It was regarding your trip. May God be with you and yours.

        • good stuff there, anon, thanks for helping OTHERS here on the site! just remember, there’s gonna be a BUNCH of people show up at yer place you hadn’t counted on!//….the three B’s for ALL of them, even though they resisted your overtures before the collapse, will be very beneficial to ALL of you.

        • Heres something i just had trouble with in my garden, direct seeded a bunch of stuff and it all got munched on before it could get over 2″ high,,,, that could be real bad!

          • Snails and fruit flies are my biggest problems. How do you deal with them?

            • The snails are not so bad anymore, have toads,,,
              The fruit flies i have not figured out how to control yet,

              • I was thinking doing Orchid land trick of screening the entire garden for flies and doing a salt “moat” for the Snails. My toads are well behaved, they run like hell when the mower gets close and they don’t come back. Coqui’s, don’t seem to be a problem as they only seem to make noise and thankfully my hearing sucks.

            • snails-put out a saucer of beer, they will go in, but won’t go out…

            • rellik,

              An elderly neighbor told me about this. Try adding some wood ashes around cabbages, hostas, and other leafy items that snails like. The wood ashes provide a barrier of protection. Snails do not like to cross ashes. Reapply some ashes every few weeks.

        • Great work Anon!
          Busy canning season here too. Love it!

        • Been slowly prepping for 7 years. Had to get creative with storage since don’t have basement. My spidey senses are on keen alert right now. Too many crazy, unexplainable events occurring in the world financial markets and geo-politically. Sept/Oct concern me.

        • Get the cow, it’s not as hard to do as I would’ve thought. A jersey cow would be a great choice if you want milk, it’s so creamy and delicious we could never drink store milk again. We’re up to 3 cows now, one is in milk, the second we hopefully just got pregnant (it only cost $30 for a guy to come out and artificially inseminate her), and the third is a six month old calf from the first.

          Plus if you try it and decide you don’t want to keep milking them you can always eat them instead.

          You only need about an acre of pasture per grown cow, a place out of the wind to milk them (we do it by hand into a 3 gallon stainless pail, actually our oldest 2 kids usually do it for me) and a way to get hay for the winter.

      5. the stock market collapse of 2008 lasted basically 15 months from top to bottom and 85% of all stocks follow the market.

        if you add to that, that now stock buys and sells are even more done by programs and/or techinical indicators than anaylsis; imo; the crash should go faster and deeper than 2008. since i think its just going to be a herd of sheep over the cliff at the first signs that the fed banks cant hold it up, you could see a beteer than 50% drop within 6 months.

        i’m in mostly cash now and already have shorts compensating for my long poisitions now. i fugure august, september and october(typical down months) should see a minimum 10% correction. i would say greater but the fed banks may not allow a correction to occur. yep, the fed screwed things up real good.

      6. I think this will be much worse than a stock market correction. Banks go under. Pension funds collapse, etc. Social unrest to put it mildly. Get extra medicine or be prepared to stand in very long lines in all kinds of weather for stuff that may very well be gone when you get to the front of the line. Be prepared to shoot line jumpers.

      7. Maybe all this 2015 talk about the collapse coming is correct?

        I just hope that everyone is ready! Or close as they can get.

        I see silver is down under $14.50 going in a little while to buy some more.

        New solar panel came in. Next week going to buy another deep cycle battery and inverter.

        Garden is producing things and I’m working my dehydrators to death.

        Waiting for some more 6.8MM brass and slugs coming in, and when they do be back at the reloading bench.

        I bet you can’t see that I’m PREPPING.


        • SGT, since you were in law enforcement and are an avid gun enthusiast, do you see TPTB making reloading illegal?

          My brother desperately wants to get reloading equipment and learn how, however I think it will be a waste of money as the powers that be do not want anyone capable of making their own ammo.

          Any thoughts? Others are welcome to chime in too.

          • buy all the supplies you need now, if you can, before TPB stop all shipments. Remember when caps were scarce? Get ’em while you can. Same with 30 round mags(NOT CLIPS…man that pisses me off to hear the news call them high capacity CLIPS!!)

            • Carolina-That is one of my biggest pet peeves too. When the media calls a magazine a clip. Young guys say this too because the cRap music they listen to.

          • smooth

            I know you didn’t ask my opinion but here it is.

            If they did that, well then it’s time to start shooting, and sarge may wanna dump that uniform, because that is no different than going door to door and taking away your 2nd. But of course nobody will, they will never take guns all at once they will just nickel and dime us with legislative laws until there is nothing left. They’ll outlaw this and that, people will say “I’ll never turn in my guns or never stop carrying them”. Of course until they get caught with one at a traffic stop. Then they’ll go to jail, they may get off with fines and probation, but if they get caught again they will be facing serious jail time. Now ask yourself, do you think they’ll keep carrying then? And this happens all the time in plenty of states across this “great” union. Our bill of rights goes only as far as we are willing to go to protect it. And rights applied for are rights denied (or privileges for the privileged). We have gotten so use to asking for permission and being turned down, I wonder if we’ll ever really do anything about it. I mean heck this is 2015, we live in the modern world, where peace and love abounds, democracy reigns supreme, tyrants no longer exist, and men no longer have any reason to kill each other. All that being said, I don’t necessarily think they will try to outlaw that anytime soon, but then again, stranger things have happened. It wouldn’t take but 1 “terrorist attack” using gun powder to get the masses to clamor for major restrictions on the everyday reloader.

            • Thanks for the reply Richard. I agree that an infringement of that magnitude (banning reloading) would definitely be a cause worth shooting over.

              I like you, am unsure if the people will actually rise up and do anything. Years ago I thought a revolution or uprising was imminent, now I do not even think most people care. As long as the ebt, kardashians, and sports are around, no one cares.

          • S.C.
            I would get into reloading. If TPTB try to make it illegal it will take some time. To answer your question it is YES!!!!

            But if you have lots of powder and primers stock piled you will be able to load for a while. Now if the Shit Hits The Fan you will be able to do what you want.

            Here is what I think. Stock plié slugs or make them, Powder and Primers just like you would food. Brass will be laying around so that wont be a problem. I would put away the powder and primers just like I do my food. In air tight containers.

            The cost on reloading is all up front. Remember WTSHTF you can’t go to your local gun shop and buy AMMO.

            Just a little insight. I load 20 different calibers, and believe me it has saved me money. One that I load 7X57 Mauser. Box of ammo around $40.oo buck for 20. I can load 100 rounds for around $50.00 to $60.00. Also I have worked up loads for each of my guns that shoot better than factory.

            If you have any more question I would be happy to help.

            Now I have to get back to cleaning my truck. (just found out yesterday I had $3,100.00 hail damage to her).


            • I don’t reload. All they have to do is limit primers and we are “stuck”. I stay away from 5.56X45 but tend towards 7.62 be it 39mm
              51mm or 63mm because all the worlds nut cases make it in the millions.
              I think “Black market” and not Sports authority or Cabelas as a source when SHTF.
              Your choice of 6.8mm is interesting. It is accurate, but rare so ammo will be expensive.
              Sorry to hear about your truck.

              • “R”
                Thanks, one of those things Hail the size of Baseballs. God has a wicked fastball I’m telling you. The roofer just left. New Roof $7,000.00.

                6.8mm. You are right about finding brass. I can tell you it is one of the easiest round I load. The 270 (.277) bullets are out there I like the 110Gr. I use Barnes Triple Shock on deer. The largest was about 150 LBS. 110 Gr. soft points on Yoaties. and V max on Groundhogs, or as my nephew calls them greenhogs. Some of the damage I have seen on the deer, well let us just say a 5.56×45 does about 1/2 the damage, and 6.8MM does about 3/4 the damage a 7.62X51 does. It is my choice. Just remember all my guns fell into the hole when we had our last earth quake.

            • Sgt. Dale,
              If you have a couple of local scrapyards around see if you can sort their brass piles for cases.. I did the one’s locally and ended up with 6 five gallon buckets of assorted brass for $3/#.. I haven’t even gotten half of it done yet in almost a year. With metals prices dropping you may get it cheaper now.. I financed my scrap runs by cleaning the stuff I didn’t have dies to reload and sold it at gunshows and Craigslist. $10/50 cases in rifle, $5/50 in pistol calibers.
              Keep your powder dry.

            • Thanks a lot for the reply SGT, I do appreciate the knowledge as I do not know nearly as much about firearms as many of you on here. I know far more than the average American, but some of you guys on here are pros.

            • Sorry to hear about the hail damage SGT.

            • Sgt. Dale,

              Sorry to hear about the hail damage to your truck.

              Last week weather warnings were for possible hail in the storms. We didn’t get the hail in this area, but had two severe storms (Monday & Tuesday) with lots of rain, strong winds and flooding.

              Take care! Be safe!
              KY Mom

          • I’ve been reloading for over 32 years, it saves lots of $ and if you cast your own bullets it saves even more. Go to and I would recommend the Lee starter kit $120, Lee dies are cheaper and easier to use. If you go with casting bullets get the 6 cavity molds. I can cast 3000 bullets in a couple hours.
   has good prices on antimony blend alloy for hard bullets for rifle and high power handgun. I did get a progressive loader for 9mm and all the goodies to convert it for everything else too. I can do 300-400/hr on that monster (Lee loadmaster).
            A can of powder does 1700 rounds of 9mm on average for $23. 55 bullets for .65¢/# of lead, etc. Reloads are cheaper, more accurate and you can tailor them for any situation.
            I make a 50gr 223 bullet and use a 6gr charge of pistol powder to get a 22 magnum equivalent round for small game and the cases have been used over 30 times each…small game and training newer shooters.. Bolt action 223, it won’t cycle an AR… But I don’t own one.
            Hope that helps.. Good luck.

            • MM2NUKE-Thanks for the information. I will definitely take all you, SGT, Relik, and Richard have to say seriously. Thanks again!

              • SC, your welcome.
                During the 2nd Obama ammo shortage I made loads for the local PD for range practice since they couldn’t get any.. I made a lot of contacts and they’ve started requesting custom loads for their snipers on the force.. I just ask for powder or primers in trade to cover the cost.. Good guys and girls there and all are on our side.

      8. Can you say “deflation”? Hold on to what you can get.


        • Female doctors in Toronto appear to be following the values of Satan:

          On July 21, 2015 approximately 09:35am to 09:55 am on the premises of the Ryerson Medical Centre, one of the physicians Dr. Sabeena Bala Chopra Registration #87545 uttered some unethical remarks which could put the safety of her patients, in particular, disabled patients and and minors at risk.

          Two appointments before July 21 2015, Dr. Sabeena Chopra was with a patient. This patient informed Dr. Chopra many times of allegations of childhood sexual abuse when he was a child. The patient was also diagnosed by a Psychologist of having a learning disability and possible developmental disorder which made his maturity level as one of a young teenager.

          However, Dr. Chopra decided to go into the Ryerson Medical Centre that day with a low cut top which exposed a questionable proportion of her breasts to the patient. The patient informed Dr. Chopra that he was feeling unwell with her breasts showing like that, and he encountered a sexual feeling which came back to the days he was sexually violated by allegedly his Grade 2 teacher.

          However, Dr. Chopra looked at the patient and told him, “What are you going to do about it?” and then she suggests that he take chemical castration measures to “lower his sex drive” . Kindly note that chemical castration is only done on repeat violent child molesters, and even in that case, many courts in the United States have viewed this to be unconstitutional as cruel as unjust punishment violating the 8th Amendment.

          On July 21, the patient tried to explain to Dr. Chopra that she acted recklessly. However, Dr. Chopra insisted that she has the right to dress how she wants in her medical office when dealing with patients.

          The patient then asked Dr. Chopra if she would dress like that in front of minors, in which she responded by implying that shouldn’t be an issue.

          Dr. Chopra persists with the patient that “she will find a way to make him less traumatized by her breasts” and the patient became very concerned because if she is showcasing her body in a sexual way to her patients and then using her authority as a physician to chemically castrate them and sedate them with other drugs, it is better to be safe than sorry and report her to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons because her medical practice involves children, and children will not have that power to report inappropriate incidents such as those.

          A complaint was lodged to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, pending investigation.

          In the United States of America, local law enforcement would already be involved because a Psychiatrist who specializes in child psychology should know better than to expose her breast areas to adult victims of child sex abuse, blame the victim and then use her authority to drug the patient so that he/she would not complain about her.

          The Ryerson Medical Centre has received copies of the complaints, but the clinic has not responded because it appears that the clinic condones such behaviour by their Physicians.

      9. If you like snuff try putting together your own blend for better health. Find organic tobacco. American Spirit cigarette organic will work if you can’t find loose organic tobacco. Put the tobacco in your empty Grizzly can. Add xylitol for sweetness. Make sure it comes from non gmo source such as hard wood trees. Add flavor such as organic vanilla extract. Stir it up and enjoy.

        • Charles King, some people can’t tolerate xylitol. It can cause nausea, headaches, diarrhea, etc. I’m one of them. Do you think pure non GMO Stevia would work?
          Check out the Wisp portable wind turbin. 25 watts and there is one that’s 100 watts. We are trying to get one of both to take to Nigeria with us. I’ll try and do a review on them if we have a network to connect to.
          Have a good one.

          Keep your head on a swivel people.

          • Turbine not turbin.

      10. House passes bill to prevent mandatory GMO labeling

        “Food companies would not have to disclose whether their products include genetically modified ingredients under legislation passed by the House Thursday.”

        “The House bill is backed by the food industry, which has fought mandatory labeling efforts in several states around the country. The legislation, which passed 275-150, would prevent states from requiring package labels to indicate the presence of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.”

        “The country’s largest food companies say genetically modified foods are safe and that labels would be misleading. They say a patchwork of laws around the country would be expensive for companies and confusing for consumers.”

        cnbc dot com

        • So the house just usurped the state’s rights….and the people’s rights. Time to clean up the house.

      11. And where did you go to business school ? This is crap.

        ALL DONE.
        If shit collspses, I will move to the country with the mistress.

      13. Commodities have not collapsed, the paper prices are fake and so are the prices per ton as shown on tv. Commodities such as copper and brass, lead and aluminium are all going through the roof. I end up with lots of copper and brass, stainless steel and aluminium through my work and we are getting unbelievable prices here in Melbourne Australia for scrap, eg, the paper price per ton of copper is about 7000 a ton but try to by a ton of ingots at that price, no way as we are getting 8000 to 9000 a ton for scrap copper, the real buying price should be 15000 to 20000 dollars a ton of copper right now, someone is manipulating paper prices much lower than they really are, same with aluminium, we are getting above the ingot ton price for a ton of aluminium scrap, the misparity can only mean that one ton of aluminium ingot is actually more like near 4000 dollars a ton, never before have we ever got much more than half the ingot price for scrap, but since about six months ago a misparity developed that I’ve never seen before and we are now getting more for a ton of scrap than the ingot ton price, this is for all the above metals except iron. Demand is unbelievable, last week my son went in with 100 kg of iron with a tiny bit of brass , aluminium and stainless wrapped and attached therein which always fetched 30 cents a kilo before and immediately got dollar a kilo for it. this price misparity never has happened in all the forty years I’ve done scrapping, somethings happening to metal prices, something weird, and the scrap smelterers are greedy for it and you can sense it that they have buyers wanting every last bit they can put into ingot and are paying the higher prices and its happening only to the poor mans gold, eg, copper, brass, lead , aluminium and tin and historically these have always been used in coinage since time began.

      14. Commodities went down? Gold went up from 900 in 2007 and so did silver. Commodities like that were down in 2001. I believe oil was higher too. I do not remember commodities going down before that- I remember them being up but copper might have gone lower.

      15. The crash is coming in September; October at the latest; capitalism, again, will be blamed; Bernie Sanders will be the next president; then the final collapse and the end.

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