The Military’s New Microwave Heat Ray Gun: “We Can Shoot First and Ask Questions Later” *Video*

by | Mar 14, 2012 | Headline News | 203 comments

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    “We can shoot first and ask questions later. Normally you can’t do that.”

    Military Spokesman

    While originally designed for military application, the Pentagon denies these microwave Active Denial Systems were ever used in the mid east theater of war. Apparently they were deployed to Afghanistan, but military commanders decided against their use on civilians because the weapon would reportedly make the war for hearts and minds more difficult to win.

    The Los Angeles Police Department then took possession of some of the non-lethal heat ray guns, saying they would be used in their prison systems to quell inmate disturbances, but later changed their reason for acquiring the weapons, saying that they would be used for helping to combat crowds.

    What’s most alarming, as Alexander Higgins points out below, is that recent anti-terrorism and anti-assembly laws coupled with deployment of these weapons by local law enforcement agencies suggests a new and alarming trend in the United States.

    In America, the war is not about winning hearts and minds; it’s about crushing dissent and free expression, and destroying any ability for the people to peaceably assemble or to petition government for a redress of grievances in a free and open forum.

    Via Alexander Higgins Blog:

    Days after the first news of the military’s microwave heat ray surfaced we get our first in-depth media reports on the new technology developed to crush protests.

    Previously I reported on the military making preparations to crush the Occupy Wall Street protests.

    That report began by pointing out Pentagon plans to deploy 20,000 troops within the US to deal with civil unrest.

    Then I pointed out the horrible provisions in the NDAA, such as authorization for the Military to be deployed to attack any nation in the world without congressional approval, including inside the United States.

    Furthermore, I warned the bill allows the military to treat American Citizens – such as Occupy Wall Street protestors – as terrorists by labeling them as threats to national security, and detain them indefinitely in military prisons or even secretly target them for assassination.

    That was followed by pointing out the Feds have already charged a man as an enemy combatant supporting terrorism just for uploading a video to Youtube.

    Of course the threat of Occupy protestors being labeled as a terrorists were realized when leaked documents revealed the police classified the Occupy Wall Street as a terrorist group alongside Al-Qaeda.

    I ended that report with a video clip from an analyst warning that the Army has been put on standby to be mobilized against Occupy Wall Street protestors at any moment.

    Then, just few days ago we received word of the military’s first plans to deal with  protests during events of civil unrest – a microwave heat gun crowd control cannon.

    That article described the technology in writing and showed a heat gun cannon in action.

    Now we have our first corporate media reports on the Army’s new pain ray gun with more details and the military plans for using the weapon.

    Fox News Reports:

    More on how it works:

    Future protests organized in the streets of major cities may very well be met with a jamming of all internet communications in a target area to restrict real-time flow of images and video across the world, direct targeting of protesters by non-lethal weapons like the microwave heat ray guns and LRAD acoustic systems, and the unwarranted arrest and detainment of those in areas deemed of interest to national security.

    Hat tip Prepper Website, ArchAngel


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      1. LOL…I`m not going to say it…But I think we out number them, something like 1000 to 1…Thank God, we have 100 million armed law abiding army of our own…

        • I happen to be good friends with a local gunshop owner…since january first just in oregon there have been almost 50,000 registered firearms sold…lol makes me feel quite warm and fuzzy inside knowing i did my part and contributed my tax refund to that number!

          • I was just in to see two buddies of mine who both own firearm shops..they are both very very I ordered another .45 this one with 14 rounds mags!

            I told them, I shouldnt miss out on making them more busy, and when I come to pick up my new .45, I might just buy that nice S&W M29 .44

          • The day oboob got elected I bought an AR. My buddy bought a .38 Smith snubby, neither one of us knew that the other was going shopping that day.

            • Do you remember the orange soda in cans marked AuH2O distributed during the 1964 campaign?

          • Oregon person
            *I hsve s heckofA time
            when my ham…
            Get aLLL bent outa,
            SHAPE 🙂

        • We haven’t even begun to get a glimpse of the technology that will come out “in their hands” that will render us incapacitated in a blink of an eye. I wish it wasn’t the case, but my small arsenal will be obsolete soon, unless one has access to the various forms of “Super Ammo” that are sitting in the research laboratories and are being tested in the field, i.e. the middle east (and other hot spots).

          Soon, it won’t be safe to go outside. And shortly thereafter that, it won’t be safe, anywhere.

          • Yep, We need a revolution, and fast. We are running out of time.

            • You start. The last step of a Communist take over is always violent civil unrest. As Beck says, “Top down, bottom up, inside out”. ANY violence, at least before the Nov. elections, will end our Republic. Stay Frosty cowboy, many of us feel the same way as you.

          • Yes, we are talking tip of the iceburg here folks.

            Gone are the days of batons and rubber bullets. The advantages of social media helping to quickly organize people are being countered.

          • Let’s hope the People are smart enough to avoid fighting the goons who operate such weapons and instead go directly to the politician and officials who ordered their use.

            • Why should they worry about us? After all we’re just the “little people”. Oh wait, “The meek will inherit the earth”….now who said that again?

            • Aunt T:
              Please be careful with our much abused English!

              Although it certainly has such overtones, especially in our wacko age, “meek” does not mean specifically weak, cowardly, or even unmanly.

              Meek in the Christian sense used to mean something more like our modern “self-control”.

              Remember those old Warner Bros cartoons and that big galoot, Baby Kewpie character? “Awe, you shouldn’t ought a done that, now I’m gonna have to get angry!”

              So meek means “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” so to speak.

            • The people calling the shots are hidden behind walls of protection and secrecy. It will be virtually impossible to get at them and they know it. That is why they are so arrogant plus the knowledge that most people up until the end will try and believe in the system. Most of us were raised to be loyal Americans and we try to be that even though the current crop of psychos calling the shots hate us and wants to destroy us. Things will get interesting when Obamacare kicks in and peoples family members are denied help while illegals get to the front of the line. Maybe then the sheep will wake up.

            • AU H20: The fascists have already taken over and they use idiots like Beck to keep you distracted. Communists or socialists would pretend to give a shit about you. Know your enemy.

            • “Meek”, as refered to in the bible, means humble. So I stayed humble long enough to give my two=faced,pew-warming,Obumonut-loving,queen-bitch of a mother-in-law,enough “rope” to hang herself. My wife truly saw her for what she is, a lying troublemaker, and I won. She no longer pops up unannounced,if at all, and the phone doesn’t ring off the hook with her nosing in our business. It feels great being humble; especially when you know you are in the right, and that the “attackers” are gonna pay. It aint cheap either and it last forever.

          • European American,

            Agreed. As people are waking up, you can bet they are working overtime to crank out more hardware. It will not take long before it is impossible to protest anything, by technology or “laws”, or be targeted after the fact.

            “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”- JFK

          • ~EA~

            You know, this is the 3rd post you’ve authored that’s caused me to…..think!!! KUDOS, sir!!!

            ************(tongue-in-cheek-humor mode “ON”)************

            …and naturally, off I went on a tangent(the math/science/techie folks will understand).

            ….and it suddenly occurred to me, that the gurus of our “WEAPON DESIGN AGENCIES/CORPORATIONS”……must be pure unadulterated, sexually frustrated SADISTS!!!

            I mean…WTF!!!
            ….why stick w/ the PAIN INDUCING weaponry mindset/application….?????????

            …if I were given a near “unlimited budget” & the huge scientific muscle/brainpower available to govt & tasked with developing/producing the ultimate crowd control “GIZMO RAY BEAM”…

            …I’d make damn sure it would induce “MULTIPLE BROAD SPECTRUM ORGASMS”….out to at least 2 kilometers w/ at a 120′ broadcast radius!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            ….Honestly folks, I’ve been +1/2 around the world in my +50 years here on planet Earth….& I’ve never met nor heard of anyone wanting to ‘FIGHT’ after the “Big-O”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            …but, I digress……!!!!

            *****************(humor mode “OFF”)******************

            My apologies to sensitive persons & prudes…..

            ….Its bourbon night again & well…..I just couldn’t resist.

            GOOD NIGHT ALL….KEEP SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Do “they” have technology that makes 150gr@2800fps obsolete? If not, my arsenal will still work against thier contrived technoscary stuff.

            Would you rather have a heat gun, a sound cannon or an M1A? I know which one I’d pick.

          • Blinding lasers.

          • EuroAm: Everything the military makes is based on simple physics. So, people can do the same as protective (passive) counter-measures. For example: the heat generating devise to disperse crowds by “heating them up”. A shield size piece of thin plywood covered with insulation and overlayed with the woven aluminium to insulate homes and buildings. This insulating aluminium reflexts 90% of the heat. The cost would be under $50.00 and an hour’s work. 50 to 100 people show up with these and a mult-million dollar piece of high-tech equipment is rendered useless by a peaceful crowd. This same passive homemade devise is also usefull against their very expensive “Blinding” technology. These are simple solutions for troubled times. Just remember, the more complex the technology becomes, the easier it becomes to defeat it because complexity breeds vulnerability.

        • Any piece of sheetmetal will reflect it. It is only good against people who are unprotected. Remember the beam is reflected not once but twice out of the generator.
          Yes, Tin foil hats and clothes will actually work here.

          • I can see a good oportunity for someone here to start making chain mail again. Or at lease woven wire clothes.
            You know. For the well prepared prepper.

        • If I were you, I wouldn’t try any thing too smart. If you do, I’m sure they will hit the panic button which will increase the frequency 100 fold and roast you like you’re in a microwave oven. Don’t think they’re just going to let you shoot them with your pop gun.

          • Like Joe said, a piece of sheetmetal would make an excellent deflector/reflector. Just like the one they use to aim the device.

        • LOL love EM weapons vs powder guns ever put a fork in a microwave
          Oowne questuon ? What happens when you microwave a bullet
          Now load your gun and put it in the microwave for one minute. Watch what
          Houappens, now imagine your gun is in its holster next to your chest.

      2. Let them try and use it. Those bastards can still bleed.

      3. I suggest that people learn the names and locations of the suppliers of these weapons and others like them. They might want to express their displeasure directly with them.

        • Obviously, that information is classified for National Security reasons.

          Corp security requires that the location of its weapons factories be hidden from the enemy (the People). This war is no different than the ones in the Middle East, except the People here are close enough to actually attack the criminals.

          • Ever heard of a company called Ultra??? Located in Shelby NC. Not so classified.

      4. When are we suppose to believe them?

        • Well, I’ve been waiting for “them” to take care of our oil dependency since 1973. I’ve been waiting for term limits since 1980, a balanced budget, a real declared war, where actually try to win, real money backed by gold and silver since 1965? When can we believe them? We can trust them to raise their own pay every so often late on a Friday, and our taxes.

      5. the smaller version is produced by raytheon which used by police departments.
        Waltham, MA

      6. Sure they’e gonna say they are harmless, and won’t have any (side effects),that way they cover their ass from the get go. It will just heat up your Beanie Weenies for you.

        • ~Anonymous~

          Good point!

          But I’ll guarantee…somewhere on that machine’s control panel…there is a rotary dial that allows the operator to set the power output to…..

          …..deep fat fry mode!!!!!

          • We can always take their childrend and deep fry them in retaliation. They can’t all protect their relatives. Tit for tat.

        • Frank & beans!

        • Rays of this nature – just slightly more powerful – have been proven to cause brain aneurysms.

          Once we figure out how to protect ourselves against the current power level, they’ll just crank those suckers up and blow up protesters’ brains.

          I call bullshit on the classification of “less lethal”.

          • Daisy:There are several Counter-measures
            available for non-lethal attacks.
            The best of all is Prayer.
            return to sender works for me:)

        • She stated rather firmly that there would be no side effects. “It was tested.”

          Why don’t I believe her?
          Why don’t I feel any safer.
          Why am I going shopping?

          I can just imagine the next assembly of protestors with all of them carrying aluminum garbage can lids.

          • I suspect it has only been tested on healthy young adults. What effect would it have on an elderly person with heart disease? What if a person falls and cannot get out of the beam? Does it have an effect on items worn by the person (for example, damage to medical devices)? What about people with metal implants for medical reasons? There are many questions left unanswered.

            Also- Who is the woman in all the videos? Does anyone know anything about her? I’m just curious as to whether she was involved in creating the machine or just promoting it.

            One thing I’ve been doing lately is re- reading Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”. I started this mostly because I think it is influential in how China deals with the US. I definitely see patterns there.

            But I think it is good strategic advice for citizens too. To paraphrase- it does not matter the size of the opponent. When opponents use resources to build massive defense systems, it drains resources from other areas and creates separate areas of weakness. These areas of weakness are vulnerable to attack and an opponent is wise to focus on the vulnerable areas and ignore the strongholds.

            I am not advocating any physical unrest but it seems to me that protestors could send decoys in from the front to draw the beam towards themselves while others moved in from the sides to disable the truck. Would it possible to deflect the beam back to the truck? Would it be possible to use radio controlled aircraft to disrupt the action?

            Since it is a heat weapon, I wonder if it was focused on a food item if it would cook it? If so, that could create a very strong anti-weapon propaganda recording. I’m sure, with time, others can come up with additional ideas.

      7. Wouldn’t this be one of the times a tin foil hat would come in handy? Aluminum foil long johns wouldn’t hurt either, well they would hurt some. Maybe mylar would be better.

        • I dunno….foil doesn’t work well in my microwave.In reality, they are cooking you like a hot dog with these microwaves

      8. How many people have died from “stun guns”?

        • You mean “murdered”, while being subdued by the men in blue?

        • “Terrorist stalking in america”
          is a fun 1 reguarding the
          above conversation.
          Its a good Zombie Guide..

        • Amnesty International has documented over 334 deaths that occurred after the use of tasers.

          more like 430 or more, the world over…

          they stop the heart muscle with a electric pulse… like a defib machine does with a electric shock.

          its simple knowledge this occurs… in my book they are lethal force… and will be meet with lethal force from me!

          amerikan and other law enforcement agencies don’t like braggin about killing unarmed civilians and gross negligence!

      9. I’m making a tin foil body suit. Those bastards are going to be sorry.

        • i’m going to make mine out of pop secret popcorn (with xtra butter)

      10. Seriously; This is a perfect example of our constitutional rights being infringed upon.Rights ,what rights. They’re making up the rules as they go.No wonder everyone is buying weopons and ammo.I love that show SONS OF GUNS !!

        • NO. It is an example of our God given rights being unacknowledged by the corp.

          • That’s twice that I’ve agreed with you today.

          • No: It’s a sign they are getting afraid of us. In the end they still forget one thing. It’s the United States Army: Not Goldman Squid’s Army

            • Well said!

            • The United States is NOT authorized by the Constitution to maintain a standing army in a time of peace. The Republic formed by and under the Constitution is at peace. The corporation United States, owned by Goldman Sachs among others, is at war and its army is an unlawful assembly of brainwashed mercenaries paid for by foreign interest to occupy the Republic.

              Regardless of the name, it’s members have sold out to the corp and will follow orders. They will follow the orders because they will be overdosed on propaganda before being given the orders. They will believe you are the enemy.

            • Let’s just hope it is not the Army of who is signing the check or who ever has staged an event to get opinion on their side. Enemies Foreign and Domestic has that as a theme. A little over done but in the realm of possibility.

            • Could have fooled me.

        • Have you noticed the exotic military weapons and platforms Sons of Guns makes for law enforcement? A de-facto swift boat with belt fed machine guns and an armored car with a model 1919 belt fed and granade launchers was recently featured.

          It’s nothing more than propaganda to make it acceptable for law enforcement to be armed like the military.

          When a government as wealthy as the US feels a need to have such items to protect them from their own citizens something is seriously wrong.

          • Gas has doubled, 50 million on food stamps, 9%+ unemployed, gun sales thru the roof, folks moving from cities to farm country or buying retreats. Survival blog, Commander Zero, Zero Hedge, TEOTWAWKI blog, and this one with growing followings. Local Milita’s and defense forces being organized, OWS, Obama’s face on “Old Glory”. Black markets sprouting up, petty crime going up. (Dogs and Cats living together…hat tip to Ghost busters), the FED stealing our buying power and crashing retirement for anybody close to age 60+. Hell, they had better get some crowd control!

      11. Mommy, can I go out into (public) the neighborhood with my water-gun now? The block bully keeps bombarding me with his water-ballons. Im getting pretty fed-up with all the pushing around Ive taken! Huh mom, pretty please?!?!? Il just give him a good enuf’ soaking, just enuf’ to remind him ‘he’s NOT in charge’.

      12. I’m sure someone with smarts will figure a way to bounce them back at the police.C’mon you young techies, you know you can do it.


        • @JRS:

          This device was created for riot-like situations consisting of undisciplined, unarmed, poorly led rabble.

          To “take it out”, one well placed rifle round to the LNB in front of the big @ss octagon shaped dish will cripple it. That part is a low end frequency/noise blocker that aids in the creation and concentration of the microwaves that are ‘fired’ from the dish.

          Any decent deer hunter can cripple one.

          I only offer up this solution because I like word problems.

          Have a great day,

          • True, or one well placed round nto that “optic” you see in the center of the “dish” bang there and its done.

        • A parabolic dish properly angled and made of the proper materials could do just that. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every gimmick security tool there is an equal and opposite countermeasure, and most of the time, it isn’t that damned complicated. Look at how the multi-billion dollar drones were compromised by a $26.00 piece of software in Iraq. Just sayin’.

          • yup, just like the radar detectors , and how they ramped up with more and more types and detectors, to thwart the police radars and laser speed guns

            game of the manufacturers..sell the cops one thing, sell the public the other..rinse repeat




        AINT LIFE A BE-ACH!!!

      14. Comming to a local law enforcment agency near you, SOON!

      15. This is info has been out awhile if you want to know more about tech checkout DARPA’s website and Defense Tech mostly covers advancments in cyber and air warfare but generally covers everything including what China is doing. besides that the firearmblog will report new weapons available for civilian purchase as well as what the U.s. military is ordering and who they are making contracts with but that isn’t posted for long before it comes off the blog. Recently DARPA beat the record speed for robots with the Cheetah, thats another somewhat threatening device.

      16. It is a given fact..

        that TPTB’s technology is at least 25 years advanced to what is available to the public knowledge


        if this heat microwave is rolled out now..

        just imagine what other ‘toys’ they have in store for us..


        • possee. My friends brother-in-law works for the DOD and I spoke to him at a party and he said the same thing you did. There are weapons that have never seen the light of day and won’t until they are needed. He also said we have weapons that we could have used to win the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan without suffering one casualty or firing one shot. The fed government has a policy in place for continuity and it has no qualms about using them on its own people in the event of a civil uprising. There are plenty of Patriots who would stand and deliver if the time ever came but we all need to realize that the scum in power are dug in like ticks on a hound and it would not be a walk in the park.

          • Every Freedom movement must have a political wing to accept the surrender of a Rogue administration. Join The Patriot Party, Constitution Party, or America First!

            90 million gun owners in America can change the direction of this country without firing a single shot.

            Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote! If your liberties mean anything to you at all, NOW is the time to engage.

            Not after the fact.

            • Hi DK-Last i read it was
              150 million 🙂

          • ~BRW~

            Overall……we’re in agreement! Kudos sir!

            Relative to specifics…it depends upon who attacks first!!!

            …..& the nature/priority/importance/successful elimination, of certain priority target(s)….[think leadership/”C” cubed].


            There are trained pros lurking/observing here.

            They occasionally/infrequently post, they are recognizable to their brothers…per their lexicon.

            They are on our side!!!

      17. so they roll this out for domestic crowd control

        police departments nationwide federalized with body armor and riot gear

        tanks..automatic weapons recruiting openly for detention/internment specialists

        the boys must be gearing up for some serious civil unrest

        • Does’nt the recruitment brochure say its a force of “good” now?? Oh waite, thats the navy.

        • exactly , this has got to be obsoloete or they wouldnt show it to us.

          i wonder what effect a fire hose would have on this rig?

      18. It’s good to hear they care about afganistans hearts and minds. I wonder if a$$holes like FATBOY(that cop who pepersprayed handcuffed occupy protesters) gives a rats a$$ about OUR hearts(american spirit of rebelion against authority) and OUR minds(the constitution) I THINK NOT. When that sound cannon came out(looks simular to this), some engineer posted a design of a shield that reflected soundwaves back to sender(sorry, no link, can’t find, might have been removed from web, help me out people and look around). MAYBE, that design could be modified, and made out of another material, to send heat back to sender( for you trolls- the right to defend one’s self is god given, not man given). When the next round of multi-trillion dollar bailouts happen, every large “lawenforcement” department will get a couple of these things.

        • FATBOY peperspraying helpless protesters. HEY FATBOY-sad to hear you lost your house to forclosure, it couldn’t have happened to a better person!!

      19. do you remember Blackwater?
        well instead of working for the US government, they are now not working for this government, they are working for whom ever will pay.(and im talking like 500 million bucks).they are not loyal to anyone but the money..
        They could be deployed here, for the same reasons they were deployed there.
        when they run into our armies it could get interesting..or when they end up on our shores working for some other counties interest could be a very deadly senario.

        The middle east is getting tired of the US forces over there..blood shed could come here in the form of mercinaries hired by that government or the rich in the middle east to even the score, are you ready for that?

        • I’m not mocking, but didn’t I see that plot on “Jericho?”

          • and thats why it will catch “some” of us by complete surprise

        • VRF- I cant say but I know for a fact that they do save the military millions of dollars a year each year and im talking less than 50 guys. I know this for a 100 percent fact. They are not what they used to be. I can tell you that they are very responsible and can answer many of your questions if you would like.

          • Oh I understand that, but they do work for who pays them the know, highest bidder type stuff, and at this point the highest bidder is not the US Government.

            Currently they are working for a government over in the middle east, not for our government.

            Im not as concerned about there personal adgendas( t6he individuals themselfs) as I am the persons( or governments) who holds the purse strings to the group and their adgenda.

            we all know money talks..I seen it talk

            • (t6he) is a typo…= the

            • Last I heard they are renamed, and are working for the UAE

              and isnt Erik Prince wanted by our government?

              I guess it just makes one wonder what their true objective is, especially when they really seem to have no loyalty to any country..just money

              maybe im seeing this all wrong, maybe …maybe not

              I guess its the old saying..keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

          • eric: Please, do elaborate.

        • Blackwater.
          Who’s law do they operate under? Civilian, Military, Foreign, or Diplomatic? How much different are their rules of engagement? Consider them as foreign combatants on US soil? A lethal force to be used by the FBI, CIA,
          DEA and other alphabet soup gang. Extended hand of Delta force?

          • Look up

            thats what they are named now.( for how long I dont know)

            Im not really sure what laws (if any) that they op under

            maybe some google searching might bring it out..but they are a very secretive group..

            Operating income…unknown
            Net Income..Unknown
            employees ..unknown
            9 divisions

            Dont get me wrong, Im just not sure of their convictions or who their loyalties are with..Im thinking its Money, and I havent been proven to otherwise

            I sure wish they worked for the Citizens of this country if we needed them..rather than against far we been lucky..but who knows what kind of money it would take for them to come fire on us if thngs got crazy here..I sure hope that never happens

            I do respect their positions, and the respect is out of what they do, but also fear of what they could be capable of

            Its hard to know who’s side they are on, when its money that seems to be the motivator..not country loyalty
            heck, im not even sure they are all american mercinaries at this point anylonger..

            just a lot of unknowns can make one uncomfortable i guess

            adgenda ,, objective,, targets?

            • Sorry forgot to answer one of your questions..they are a “private military contractor” security contractor

            • That is my my point! We have no agenda, objectives or targets. We are ragtag assemblies with hardly any understanding of our supposed enemies. What are your rules of engagement. Then after all the crap is over, And I do Mean this, there will be those who were cowards calling for the heads who fought because they thought the battles were unjust.
              So who are are real enemies?

              Is it the Bankers?
              Is it our Politicians?
              Is it the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF?
              Is it local Law Enforcement?
              Is it our Military?
              Is it your next store neighbor who has his head up his six o’clock so far, he will never see the light of day. Maybe even turn you in to the authorities?

              Somewhere down the line we have to make a decision and then a committment and that is going to be damn hard when you put everything on the line.

            • vrf – they are private contractors or as we used to call it solders of fortune.
              who do you think the government will use to help collect guns?there are alot of these groups around the world.

              sick hired killers

        • Blackwater is now owned by Monsanto and has been renamed “XE Services”.

          • black water , xe services is now named ACADEMI Inc and does work for Monsanto now!

            Academi[2]—previously known as Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide—is a private military company founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark.[3][4] Academi is currently the largest of the U.S. State Department’s three private security contractors. Academi provided diplomatic security services in Iraq to the United States federal government on a contractual basis.[1] Academi also has a research and development wing that was responsible for developing the Grizzly APC along with other military technology. The company’s headquarters is in Arlington County, Virginia.

            • Thanks, NinaO, you answered all my questions. 🙂

          • not any more it is called Academi now Daisy..

            • Thank, VRF. Do you know if it changed ownership again, also?

            • Im not sure Daisy, With them now working for or with the UAE, as secretive as they were even when they worked for the US gov. and in the USA (katrina)
              there wasnt much known about many aspects of who they were or where they were or how many of them.
              but last I heard they still went under the “Academi” name
              But there could be different “groups” or corp names like Xe, and maybe there could even be a section that is still called or are still the same group as the blackwater contract mercinary group.

              make no mistake , some of what came out of the hurricane situation down in the gulf as far as how the human population were treated wasnt good, and some may have thought what they saw were army reserve or military was not, it was this “private contarctor”

      20. I guess we’ll have to change the phrase, “From my cold dead hands” to “From my 3rd degree burned dead hands”?

      21. just pick’d up my new s/w mp15 .223 2day..{IM HAPPY] ill just shoot the f’n thing,,, and you will see alot more shooting in the street soon,,, the protest’s will get bloody next time around> the sheeple don’t have a clue,, I talk to alot of people about this stuff and it’s a very short conversation!!!!!!!!!!!

      22. at a 100 million a pop, the time these buggers and built and deployed there will be no government left to pay the soldiers to use them on the people.

        I think we should take on of those things and put it in congress, and everytime they do something unconstitional we zap em with it.

        • when 100 million becomes the cost for 3 MRE’s im going to buy one

      23. Stock up on old time camera film. It won’t be long before selective denial of technology will be employed. They may select an area or individual(s) that would be prevented from using communication devices including cell and internet. Actually it’s quite possible for it to be a condition of release from captivity once your designated an enemy of the state.

        The old movable type printing press and kodak camera may become quite useful in the future.

        • YUP! One step ahead of you there pal. Got a collection of cameras, darkroom, zoom lenses and the ability to use them ALL! Intel is vital and being to gather, develop and employ intel is even more important.

          • Archer25

            Well good move. Now relocate your stuff. It’s not important that we know what you have; that is actually counterproductive; it’s only important that you know what you have.

      24. This little gem is exactly what the government needs and is a perfect weapon to compliment to the new anti-protest/anti-rally bill that was passed (HR 347).

        One by one, day by day, we lose Freedom. I can’t believe it is happening and I DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP IT!!!!

        If you are in the military or you are ex-military or have friends/family who are in the military – check out Their members pledge to NEVER take up arms against the American people.

        • Mr.B- You know what makes me sick? The taxpayerfunded-southernpovertylaw-forprofit spew their bs saying oath keepers are terrorists. The big gov/corp don’t like people to obey oaths. The oath the politicians take, is as empty and non-binding to them as the promises they make to the american people.

          • Heck, I’m not sure that our sitting President even TOOK the oath of office! Remember, it was done “behind closed doors” when he messed it up during his “coronation”.

            I think the rest of them crossed their fingers or their toes when they took their oaths. Including some of the anti-contitutional Supreme Court Justices who have publicly proclaimed their hate for our Constitution (think ginsburg).

            • the fact that he took his oath behind closed doors should have been the biggest red flag ever to fly..and at that point this country and ALL of its citizens should have outed him..

            • Selective memory can be unhelpful. Justice Roberts screwed up the first oath administered by changing one word (which would have rendered Obamas oath void). Obama knew and asked for a second, accurately worded oath, to be administered. I strongly agree with most of the sentiments expressed here, but misinformation is what the “other guys” do to us. We need to be accurate AND level headed.

            • Shortsupply- provide link to that 2nd oath taking. YOU CAN’T. Why didn’t they film it???

        • It does not matter – the govurmint has already made agreements with Russia and Canada to provide military “support” for quelling unrest in Amerika.

      25. You should be happy. Would it be better if they were willing to use lethal force immediately? Or would you like it better if they didn’t enforce the law and let the idiot criminal occupiers break all the laws they want?

        • Congress shall make NO LAW………………..the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. I guess I read that wrong!!! I guess it says—–Congress shall MAKE LAWS to…………….. regulate and approve or deny free speach area’s and permits, and to deny, with any force necessary the peaceably assembled citizens petitioning their grievances.

          • What a great idea! Maybe we should try that in our country?

          • Too bad it don’t apply in Amerika!

      26. The scoops are coming!

        • IT’S PEOPLE!!!

      27. Heh, they would hv to hv a BUNCH of these and one hell of a perimeter to keep me from getting over on thier flank. If I get out of the HEAT range pattern and get in from the side, they would get some HEAT of thier own. Besides, Im not ever gonna get close enough for this thing to reach me.

        • I would LOVE to know how to make one and fry their fat asses as they try and “control” my brothers and sisters!

      28. What is the weapon of the free people? To exercise civil disobedience by refusal to comply. And this will be met with abuse and likely death – just like in the cases of civil rights revolutions in India (against Britain) and for blacks here in the US. The free people will never win a violent, weapons based war – you can only refuse to comply, even in the face of death. Liberty and freedom requires bravery in the face of tyranny.

        • Not bad for a Texan. Really, this might be the most inteligent thing written here for a long time.

          • I phrased that wrong h2O,Not tryin to insult. I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree myself.

        • jpl- I disagree. HAVE YOU HEARD OF THAT LITTLE WAR CALLED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION???????????????????? JFK-“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable” @h2O- I believe JFK is a little more intelegant then you, I tend to believe him. I’m not calling for violence or anything people, I’m just saying.

          • I think that we both agree that the times “they are a change’n” . I believe our Founding Fathers had it correct. 1st. The Boston Massacre, (unarmed), 2nd. The Tea Party- resist but no one got killed. 3rd. When they came for the guns, Lexington and Concord! 4th. Bunker/Breeds Hill.
            No offense taken, JFK was President, heck he had better been smarter than me.

          • kevin, AU H2O,
            1. Not a “native” Texan. (ha)
            2. My view on the Brits and American Revolution is that the real “end all” was that King George was essentially in bankruptcy – couldn’t sustain Britain or the war in the colonies. I admire the colonists for their bravery, but I think the fact that Britain was out of resources kept them from reloading. The depth of resources on the king’s side today is great and can eradicate quite a few free people. One thing I see helping is the returning soldiers who admit the folly in these policing/dominating escapades around the world – there may come a time when even the king’s men refuse to draw sword on free people !!!

          • Sad to say but that will soon be our only alternative…

      29. One thing I’ve noticed is that many on the survival sites post under the same name like forever. If these sites are being monitored, yes I know about Ip addresses and email ect., most sites will allow you to change your name every so often, (Just to mix it up a bit)
        Guys might used girl names, folks from Idaho might post as “Mississippi Mike” or “Chicago Joe”.

        I know a guy who will buy a handgun, wait 3 days, sell it back to where he got it, then return 3-4 days later and re-buy it. Then maybe he’ll do it again, maybe not? Sometimes he’ll take it to a gunshow and sell it there. Either way, unless the BTAF agent is really sharp, they can’t be sure if he owns the gun, or if there was a papperwork error.
        Another ploy is to report anything which is going into the ground or behind a wall as stolen. Then if somebody comes looking for them, well you have a police report to prove that you don’t have them anymore…..of course there is always the “boat accident” story….
        just say’n

        • AU: That would be very bad legal advice. Filing a false police report is a crime. Then they will tack conspiracy on to that. Could get someone a few years in jail if the guns are found.

          A better idea is to just refuse to answer any questions, not unlike the non-response that was given at a DUI checkpoint.

          • No shit sherlock

      30. … just remember everyone … the imf nwo.cfr u.n. soldier slaves u.s. army / piggies in blue, have too go home and sleep eventually … just wait till your suppressors nwo thugs enslavers go home. get em’ when their sleeping!

        you all know in your own communities who is the local police, sheriff dept, national guard, town mayors, etc etc

        these are the people who will be/ are training to ENSLAVE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!

        wait till they go home… catch them alone.

      31. I think the banners protesters carry should be lined on the back with aluminum foil. Where does the reflected energy go?

      32. The time for standing up to tyranny is now or never!

      33. I’m not saying for this to happen but a high powered shot to the dish or the main engine will render it done and out of service, I hope that does not happen but if people are getting burned literally from this someone is going to have to save lives. you know what i mean

        • All you need is a rather large sheet of lightweight material, say 8′ tall and 6′ wide – with handles made on the back for holding, and slightly curved so that when they aim the Heat Ray Gun, you reflect it back onto them and create a new Toaster race of men…

      34. I wonder how many TV dinners this thing can heat up at once?
        maybe it should be used to feed the hungry rather than oppress the or suppress the hungry

          • another dam soup Nazi.. were surrounded

            thats ok I wanted the Hot Italian sandwich anyways

            • Meat Ball!

          • Feed the poor, if you can, or they will feed on you. WE have some responsibility to feed the sheep. It’s also an opportunity to spread the Gospel.

            Obedience is better than sacrifice. Gratitude is better than praise.

            • Yup, you are right – obedience TO GOD is better than sacrifice… as to obedience to bullies, NOPE!

          • What will happen to the 45 million plus, on food assistance, if the Repubs get elected and cut everyone off “cold turkey”. Gonna get nasty, and real quick.

            • prep for it

            • The retards can rail against food assistance for the poor if they want, but they have been partners all along with the demtards in creating the problem.

              They will not cut these people off once they are in power. It is just a distraction.

              There are only Globalists and Patriots in office; and damn few Patriots. In the end there can be only one.

              Make YOUR list. Know your enemy. Engage.

      35. Answer = ALUMINUM FOIL will reflect and protect from this type of radiation…. Quite possibly it can be directed back to the weapons user…

      36. This heat weapon has been around for sometime. The escalation of weapons to be used against the public is astonding. Bean bags, pepper spray, rubber bullets, sticky foam. The militising of Law enforcement to use armored vehicles, I would expect M60E3 machine guns mounted on traversing rails soon. Did you know that Delta Force have done operations in major cities. They told us on on local news station. Actually this is small potato’s compared to the practicing of searching House to House,by the military and the video evidence of large plastic caskets made by a Georgia plastic company. They hold four bodies each. Nice for each family. With all the drones, Night vision, infra red and who know what else, I think alot of us are going to die. We are not organised and I will tell you there are plenty of idiots that are going to charge into battle. We should get some long sticks and put hotdogs on them. Hold them out our windows to heat them up when they come for us. Early warning device;0)

        • … and just be polite when you give them your PMs, lead first!

      37. I agree, they can turn the power up on that thing and fry you. Its all about the jerk pulling the trigger. The government is getting very creative with microwaves these days. Just think of all the weather issues there creating with the HAARM in Alaska.

      38. The Battle of Athens, Tennessee, America: Restoring the Rule of Law

        The Battle of Athens was an armed rebellion led by WWII veterans and citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the tyrannical local government in August 1946.


      39. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” -John F. Kennedy-

      40. along related lines

        South Park blasts the TSA as only they can
        (warning-not for those with delicate sensibilities)

      41. I could be wrong but it sounds like just a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil would be a suitable shield.

        • Pb blanket and oven probe up the gazoo.



          • I’m not shocked that you’re not shocked. Sun tan anyone?

            • Is that a double negative? That means you ARE shocked! A-ha!

            • I’m shocked that you think I’m shocked!

            • I see you shocked and raise you an upset and a perplexed! Take that!

        • What would be cool is some way to reflect it back at them.

        • It sure is, however you must make sure to have grab handles on the back side so that NONE of your skin is showing or that will “burn” (even through clothing)

      42. What annoys me most is that we are paying for our own oppression via our taxes.

        I can’t think of a single person I know on any side of the political divide that thinks it’s “ok” to use this kinda stuff on people expressing their right to protest.

        I don’t have to agree with the OWS brigade to allow them to state the their case peaceably, neither do I have to agree with the tea party rallies. I do however think that people have the right to state their case when they object to the government’s actions.

        Practice morse code and carry whistles, (Though be aware they also have sonic weapons). Think VERY low tech warning signals to allies in the event of trouble. Brainstorm now with your prep group as it may one day save your life.

        Low tech is the only way to outsmart uber high tech stuff (as the Afghans have shown against successive invaders). Dogs/geese are definitely needed for early warning of house to house searches as it that bicycle and tent.

        I loathe violence having seen my best friend get shot thru the head aged 10, but I do believe in honest self-defence. The stakes are being raised to the point of no return, and we are being lowered to less than animals.

      43. What’s that saying, when you make peaceful protest impossible you make violent protest inevitable.I wonder how those microwaves react to flying lead. We used to call equipment like this pop up targets.

        • Tomcat

          JFK was the origin of that statement; “If you make peaceful change impossible you make violent change inevitable”. On November 22nd 1963 the power elite showed the world what they thought of that and a host of his ideas.

        • yep, as long as you let them catch the lead before you catch the heat…

      44. Marx,Engels, and Lenin is now Clinton, Holder, and O’Bummer. (Are the Czars out tonight?)

      45. Can we test this on some road kill first?

      46. So, you block the tech we go back to flyers and person-to-person communication in the immediate vicinity of these weapons. You up the tech, we put you on YouTube microwave-dropping some vet with a protest sign and a pacemaker (do they consider that “collateral damage”?).

        We really need the various forms of social media. Nothing says time to choose a side like real news without the usual MSM filters. This isn’t Modern Warfare; real people injured and dying don’t respawn, nor do they just fall over and lie there neatly. I doubt many of the gung-ho mercs and losers they’ll find to volunteer for this type of crowd control have ever actually seen someone with serious trauma.

        I have a cell phone with camera, a sketchbook and a keyboard. I will use them just as I would any type of weapon to defend anyone being attacked for having what our current government deems an unacceptable opinion or lack of the correct indoctrination.

      47. ok pff subject but i haad the unfortanate ( no words can describe this) event of needing to go to the social securuty office. I had to replace a card. now i have never been to this office and not in one at all for ten years prior to the 9/11 event, my how things changes. It was EEEEEAARY, i went in and as soon as you walk in to the hallway was an officer (not pleasant in any way) I said hello and he looked at me with distain. I then went to a computer to take a number. I then went to the “waiting room” A LCD tv was on the wall with a constant blue screen background with a continuouse play of gov infomertials playing. all sorts of stats would show in the corner, how many people buy this product, how many people had the flu. how many times we fart, etc. A soothing music playes, like when you are at an aquerium, that music with water sounds and bubble sounds..weird. I was waiting for us to be pointed toward the trains to go to a camp….I was really afraid and I had my suaghter with me, I felt so vunerable with her there too. I was then called and went to the bullet proof window, I spoke kindly to the men who assisted me and we chated about documents etc. He said things will be tighter now that homeland security was going to be overseeing things soon. OK NOW imagine how eeery it got for me. OH and the TV also showed thta no behavior such as being disagreable would be tolerated…yep no right to disagree anymore….just a warning to what really is coming to all. I maybe crazy bu the feeling of dread in that place was not something I can put into words.

        • God helps them who helps themselves. Acquire knowledge and hardware… God, grub, guns…

        • I know what ya mean, I had to go to the magistrates and pay a ticket for seatbelt violation, they didn’t like being called Nazi’s and commies. I thought it was funny, but they weren’t laughing. This is not my dad’s America.

      48. I know a dude, who has purchased 3-5 Mossberg 500’s each year since the mid-1980’s. He’ll sit on them for 2 years, then give them away to folks who don’t have a gun, can’t afford a gun, or want an unregistered gun. First he makes sure that their not scumbags, or retards.

        When he gave me mine, I asked him why he did this? He replied, “I can afford to do this, I love America, and the more unregistered guns out there, the longer America will be around”. He went on to say, “It’s my way of fighting back”. Truth, as God is my witness.

      49. Listen to what this old man has to say about the causes of the riots (and note how the MSM broadcaster tries to twist what he’s saying). This was London summer 2011 (

        He points out this is a global phenomenom. They may start with “the blacks” or “the poor” but eventually they are coming for us all. Only those with membership of the elite will be immune. (You can’t buy pyschopathy).

      50. This isn’t exactly about this article, but maybe it is. Has anyone read the article on the net (reported by ABC {All Bull Crap}) about the Feds warning about reprisals for the shootings in Afghanistan; they talk about threats to the “homeland.” I find that language very disturbing. Shades of fascism roaming the land. I come to this site for reality, sanity and security.

        • ~CelticNana~


          …come on madam!!!

          …….say it…whisper it…or just plain admit it!!!!

          *****a lively dose of entertainment too!!!!! RIGHT???*****

          –(disarming/honest grin)–…welcome!

          • Absolutely! There are opinions and comments here that you won’t find anywhere else. Lots of like-minded people (and a few who confuse and baffle) but in the main, it’s like a neighborhood pub; good ideas, good conversation and the comforting knowledge that we are not alone. Slainte!

        • Anything they can say to generate fear is fair game to them. It would not be surprising to hear the say the “threat color code” is almost red, or whatever.

          Maybe they will use the next “threat” to justify the next level of weapon beyond the “heat ray”.

        • CN: I saw that article and initially, thought it was another knock on Patriots, but the reality is that OUR brilliant government opened the doors to millions of radical Muslim “refugees” over the past dozen years or so in the spirit of “multiculturalism” and now regret that decision.

          Thus these new “citizens” need to be killed under NDAA on American soil or deported. Any real Americans killed or wounded in the process would just be “collateral damage” under a reasonable ratio from 30,000 drones over the USA.

          These “New Americans” are not gonna be happy when WE level Iran.

          • Take the time to get to know some of these “citizens”. They truly understand the global impact of what’s happening and have lost any normalcy bias.

            In my prep group we have an experienced goat herd, a vet and several peeps who know how to handle themselves in SHTF situations, both Rural and Urban. The ultimate goal is to live in peace and raise our kids/grandkids in a quiet, decent manner.

            Some refugees are shipped in just to cause trouble, but some smart, sensible individuals slip through, much to my amusement. They are the smart sensible types you want watching your back. Learn to tell the difference between the agitators and the smart, silent types. Clue – the ones you need to learn from do not draw attention to themselves as they work hard to support their loved ones.

            They’ve seen SHTF, lived through it once, learned lessons and come out the other side. The “enemy” is not the smart hardworking yugoslavian, E.European or afghan refugee.

            The ptb tend to repeat the same tricks, over and over (divide and conquer being a favourite technique!. Those who have been on the recieving end once aren’t so easily fooled again and have a LOT to teach the rest of us. Very few risk their OPSEC to write blogs like ferfal.

      51. The Plan:
        For years, Britain had a spiffy trade deal with Iran regarding their prodigious oil fields. The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company was basically a giant money machine for the Anglo half, while the Iranian half got shafted. That all changed in 1951 when Iran nationalized the AIOC and the Iranian parliament elected Mohammed Mossadegh as Prime Minister. Mossadegh was relatively secular, something that pissed of Iranian clerics, but he was also very nationalistic. When Britain tried to regain control of the AIOC, he gave them the finger. Tea was spilled, crumpets were dropped and monocles everywhere popped out in shock.


        You can guess what happened next. Jolly old England went to its ally, the United States, and convinced President Dwight D. Eisenhower to help overthrow the democratically elected leader of Iran and install a pro-West monarchy. Together the CIA and British intelligence services funneled guerrilla troops, anti-Mossadegh propaganda and tons of bribes into Iran.

        • How did that work out?
          In the short term? Great! The mostly ceremonial position of Shah (king) of Iran was restored to its former imperial glory, but this time as a puppet of the West. The White House and Tehran became BFFs, and as long as the US government overlooked the numerous human rights abuses happening in Iran, all was well.

          Until 1979, that is, when a pissed off Iranian populace finally revolted and replaced the monarchy with an anti-West Islamic Republic. One messy hostage crisis later, and Iran and the US were no longer BFFs. But hey, at least the US learned a very important lesson about overthrowing the governments of unfriendly Middle Eastern countries.

      52. for some reason my link to YOuTube disappeared

        here’s the SouthPark episode on the TSA

        Sunday school teachers BEWARE
        you may find this offensive

      53. How did that work out?
        A good rule of thumb: never trust a man named Smedley to run your hostile military coup for you. Besides being no fan of fascism, Smedley Butler was both a patriot and a vocal FDR supporter. Apparently none of these criminal masterminds noticed that their prospective point man had actively stumped for FDR in 1932.

        Smedley spilled the beans to a congressional committee in 1934. Everyone he accused of being a conspirator vehemently denied it, and none of them were brought up on criminal charges. Still, the House McCormack-Dickstein Committee did at least acknowledge the existence of the conspiracy, which ended up never getting past the initial planning stages.

        Though many of the people who had allegedly backed the Business Plot also maintained financial ties with Nazi Germany up through America’s entry into World War II. But at least the United States never ended up becoming a fascist dictatorship (unless you ask Ron Paul supporters).

        • The Plan:
          In 1933, group of wealthy businessmen that allegedly included the heads of Chase Bank, GM, Goodyear, Standard Oil, the DuPont family and Senator Prescott Bush tried to recruit Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler to lead a military coup against President FDR and install a fascist dictatorship in the United States. And yes, we’re talking about the same Prescott Bush who fathered one US President and grandfathered another one.



      54. This what we see you think they have one hand held?I bet ya.

      55. I bet that if a skilled ninja could stick his bubble gum over the lense you see in the middle of the dish, it would blow up the entire rig..very spectacular..
        like 4th of july 6′ off the ground..a 25 cent (for now anyways) gum ball would shoot this multi million dollar project to a heap of junk on the ground


        anyone bring the beer?

      56. hope it does not get so bad that I need to have my constitutional rights adjudicated at the Hague. please help me harry reid and pelosi….please..

      57. I’m sure everybody has had the idea, “Phasers on stun Mr. Spock”! “Yes Captain”.

      58. Typical stupid Gov idea. Will work once at a cost of millions. If it gets so bad they call out the Army for anything more than an earthquake or storm; It’s a revolution. They will use that on an honest protest once and it will be a war. It’s as stupid as thinking they can use Canadian or UN troops. They use UN troops to violate my Constitution and that’s it. That’s bringing a microwave oven to a gunfight

      59. It says something about the Los Angeles PD that they would adopt a weapon for use against civilians that the US military wasn’t even willing to use on enemy soldiers.

        The LAPD is one of the most corrupt and brutal police departments in the nation.

        • luckily the word stupid also applies

      60. Just think about it, you’re paying for this with your hard-earned tax dollars! You’re forced to pay to be beaten down like a common criminal, compliments of our illustrious politicians. And all the while they continue to enrich themselves so that they and their offspring will enjoy all the best, and I mean the best, that the planet has to offer. They’ve got you looking under every rock for terrorists, while they’re sitting in the lap of luxury, laughing so hard that they’re holding their stomachs. So maybe we should just keep on voting for the democratic and republican parties. I’m sure that will straighten things out. Won’t it?

      61. All you need is a big mirror to send the heat back.

      62. 10 packs of Mylar Emergency Blankets $7.89 at

        Stock up.

        Yes, aluminumized Mylar reflects microwaves!

        • I own the Mylar company! Out of the blues someone or agency decided I would be the next TI (target Individual)15 months ago. I live in CA, If you think the evil enemy isn’t right here in the good old USA I can tell you he is. 24/7 I am hit by non lethal Microwave (they..who ever they are, call it non lethal I can tell you its not! I’ve been in ER once and really injured 3 times since. They stalkers or perps will set you up to try and destroy you. I’ve never experience anything like this in my life. I’m told I will never be free from this stalking, harassment and m’wave hits, I wish it on no one. So those in here that laugh about tin foil hats, I can tell you mylar (tin foil) saves my life each and every day. It is now estimated that world wide there are now 3billion of us, and growing daily. Forget your guns, this weapon has light speed beams for distance that is unbelievable, it can put you to sleep instantly, and keep you awake for ever, our own defense contractors are killing us via our own g’ment for control over its populations, its us versus them. victims versus stalkers and perps, who usually are your very own neighbors! They are given these weapons to use them on you 24/7 and believe me, they do! They will follow you where ever you go, and harass you, you will not escape. So, if you think any of this is weird and funny, think again. I knew about the m’wave from work, never thinking it would be used on me! Each day they recruit more of us, so those omaking fun in here, you could be next!

      63. As cheesy as it seems to us now, the old movie “Red Dawn” is actually a very good basic “primer” on the basics of civilian opposition, (or “insurgency”). Watch it again now, in 2012. Ignore the ‘plot’; pay close attention to the strategies employed by the “Wolverines”.

        It’s all about “retreat, re-group, and random attacks”. When the SHTF, any of us who remember that simple little movie CAN draw extremely valuable strategy ideas from it. If you’ll watch the movie again and pay really close attention, you’ll realize that the “Wolverines” used some of the same tactics that are outlined in “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

        Basically; when the SHTF, and Fed Forces first “bust out” with all of their various techno-weaponry… the BEST strategy will be to IMMEDIATELY RETREAT. For all practical purposes – DISAPPEAR from the face of the Earth. The single most effective weapon of a “civilian opposition”, (in this completely imaginary scenario), is PSY-OPS. RELENTLESSLY mess with your enemy’s HEADS. Make them WORRY about WHERE you are.. WHAT you’re doing… and WHAT target you’re planning to attack or eliminate first. Remember the Russians/Cubans in “Red Dawn”? The beautiful simplicity of the Wolverines’ tactics? Any military strategy expert worth his salt will tell you, that even if “Red Dawn” may seem to be ridiculous at first glance.. it DOES contain absolutely solid, useful, and proven strategies for dealing with an occupying force. If the (imaginary) Fed declares martial law for no apparent reason; haven’t they just become an occupying force in OUR country? See where this is going?

        While your enemy worries, and struggles with constant anxiety and paranoia about where their “prey” (you) is hiding.. you should be able to easily observe their movements from a safe distance, simply because there will be a LOT of them to watch/see. This is a very effective way to USE the sheer numbers of your enemy AGAINST them. Don’t over-think what you’re doing; that’s at least as bad as under-thinking what you’re doing. Keep it simple! Just use your common sense at ALL times, and keep your wits about you even if you lose some of your “buddies”.

        Stay as camo’ed as possible at all times; stay in small groups; keep moving, and keep yourselves hidden when resting; disable enemy vehicles whenever possible; always try to strike when/where you can cause the MAXIMUM amount of damage to enemy equipment; take out “big-wigs” whenever possible to cause maximum confusion; steal any of the enemy’s ammo whenever you can.

        START NOW to THINK like an insurgent; go through scenarios in your mind. Ask yourself those tough “moral” questions NOW – before you actually have to make those kinds of decisions. MENTALLY prepare yourself for the most extreme warfare situations you can imagine. DEDICATE yourself to your cause, before it even BECOMES your cause. All of you KNOW what I mean here. I mean, if we DO find ourselves in a position to fight an (imaginary) enemy here, on our own soil… would we EVER let ourselves be LESS successful than the Iraqi or Afghan insurgencies??

        I don’t THINK so, homies.

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