Coming To America: The Complete De-Platforming of all Voices That Don’t Worship Democrats

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    This article was originally published by JD Heyes at Natural News.

    The Democrat Party has joined the globalist Left in their quest to wipe out all remaining bastions of freedom and liberty throughout the West which, if they are successful, will plunge the world into chaos, war, and destruction.

    In Europe, freedom fighters like Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin are fighting Leftists in Britain and throughout the European Union as they attempt to build political opposition to what is very obviously an anti-libertarian and anti-democratic campaign of suppression and censorship.

    Robinson, demonized by the European Left as a “far-right extremist” who has been attempting to speak the truth about the virtual invasion of anti-Western Muslim “refugees” from war-torn segments of the Middle East, was jailed in 2018 for essentially expressing his views.

    Since his release, he continues to be targeted for censorship and silencing by EU and British government authoritarians as well as the social media giants — so much so that he now feels his only recourse is to become a Minister of the European Parliament (MEP) in order to retain a platform. 

    Jake Lloyd of Infowars notes: “He and others are doing this in an attempt to take over the EU from the inside…”

    “Now, you might not know that,” Lloyd continued, “because, within hours of setting up an account to represent his campaign on Twitter, it was removed. Why it was removed, nobody knows. No explanation has been given.”

    In other words, Robinson was treated just like American conservatives, pro-constitutionalists, and supporters of our “America First” president, Donald Trump.

    “This is following the trend that’s been happening on social media for quite a long time,” Lloyd said, noting that his own employer, Infowars, was systematically removed from Twitter, YouTube, PayPal, and other big tech platforms last year ahead of the 2018 elections.

    For Robinson, it’s his warnings about Muslim destruction of Western culture that landed him in hot water throughout Europe, not just in Britain. In the U.S., Trump supporting Americans who oppose Democrats and their obsessions — abortion, gun control, high taxes, and demand for conformity — who are under assault.

    The globalist democratic Left has become UN-democratic

    But also, a man who describes himself as a classic liberal — Sargon of Akkad, or Carl Benjamin — has also been targeted by the Left because he’s not Left-wing enough.

    “He doesn’t toe the line for globalist organizations like the EU or the United Nations,” Lloyd noted, adding that Benjamin has also launched a campaign to become an MEP.

    “They’ve attacked him in a lot of ways much like they have Tommy Robinson,” said Lloyd. “They’ve also removed his campaign account — he’s running as a member of UKIP, the United Kingdom’s Independence Party — for no real reason.” (Related: Two months after de-platforming the Health Ranger, Twitter bans James Woods for exposing the treason of the deep state coup against Trump.)

    The silencing of political opponents, Lloyd noted, is nothing new, as it’s been happening throughout world history. But typically, suppression of speech, political points of view, and expression have been associated with authoritarian governments and tyrannical leaders like kings and dictators — not havens of democracy like Britain and the U.S.

    Lloyd said that in Benjamin’s case, “he has made some controversial comments in the past,” though in reality, they’re really not that controversial that he should be banned from the public square.

    Indeed, America’s founding fathers were so offended by such tactics that, in the very first amendment to the Constitution, they recognized an inalienable right for humans to speak, think, and express themselves freely — without having to be ‘approved’ for certain speech while other speech is banned because it’s been deemed ‘offensive’ or ‘wrong-headed.’

    Despite complaints by consumers and platform users throughout the Western world, however, the social media behemoths aren’t budging: Like Democrats and the global Left, they are demanding groupthink, conformity of speech and thought, and the quashing of dissenting voices. 

    They are anti-Democrats, in other words, and they won’t stop until they shut down all opposition.

    “Free speech is a myth. Technically we’re allowed to say what we want and won’t get arrested for it, but we constantly have to self-censor our speech, including our political opinions, for many reasons. You’re allowed to express some opinions, so long as they’re the right opinions. But if you lose your ability to pay your bills as a result of your honest and open speech, then you’re not really free.” –I Am Turtle Boy, book description


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      1. Just goes to show how stupid democrats (lower case deliberate) are. They probably believe supporting the invaders and occupiers will put them in charge and keep them there. They’ll find out the hard way it doesn’t work that way: they will learn they were just useful, though never grasp they have been idiots.

        It’s all been done before. When the Russians took over half of Europe (more accurately, handed to them by FDR), they found useful idiots everywhere, small men and women looking to be part of something big. When their usefulness ended, they could live in a ditch for all the occupiers cared, and that’s if they were lucky.

        • civil war is coming to the USA, it will happen in 2020 area…..around summer time…you already have antifa using guns now…..get ready , pick up your guns…we are in the age of chaos and confusion…..this will last for a few years…..get ready…….

          • My guess is attacks on left wing targets will increase and ensue in 2020.

            The election will get stolen by the Democrats in November 2020. Hard war will commence in 2021 and Democrats/Marxists/Socialists will institute Martial Law in summer 2021, ruling by edict, Republicans will be completely ignored.

            MSM willbe a wing of the ruling elite. Marxist takeover will be complete by spring 2021 when the Democrats steal both houses and the white house.

      2. Whether someone is “far right” or “far left” depends on where you stand on the political spectrum. The important issues are about increased Government taxation/spending, increased Government incursion on personal freedoms(what’s left of it), increased Government control, and globalism. Anyone who is for greater Government taxation/spending is on the other side of the spectrum from me regardless of what it is for.

      3. I has setup a Twitter account two months ago. Set up who I was following but made no posts at all. By the end of the day I was banned for 30 days for violating their rules. I kid you not. One of the persons I was following was Donald Trump. Because I was following the Donald? I dumped Twittter… gone…

      4. We the people need to help ourselves. Boycott all MSM and their advertisers.

        Every site we visit we need to leave the message:

        ” The Main Stream and Social Media are the enemy of the people”

        • Exactly jarkataman. Good post. Your first statement alone says it all – “we the people need to help ourselves”. Expect nothing but what you can do, have and are willing to do.

        • They have certainly proven themselves to be the enemy of the people. They are the real fascists in this country today.

      5. Why do we say the political left (Progressives, Liberals, Demonrats) want to stop the free discussion of ideas? Here are some examples. BLACK LIVES (only) MATTER – they seek to silence anyone that challenges their assumptions by yelling “racist.” Current university students (OK, not all of them) – try to bully and silence speakers that challenge their “snowflake” world view. Muslims want to silence (and eliminate) those that have different religious traditions. Like Reagan said “So much of what they accept as fact just isn’t so.” (NOT AN EXACT QUOTE)

      6. Liberty requires self-reliance. If conservatives truly embraced liberty they would have worked to build their own platforms years ago.

        • MG,
          Right on!
          However by its very nature, self reliance and conservatism is anti government. So by their very nature they don’t form organizations. If you are anti government, you won’t do well in our modern American society, as way too many people rely on the government. A media organization that is opposed to the government simply cannot be allowed.

          • relik, did you get the reply I left for you the other day about midnite controller fans? The little fan at the top goes out so keep a spare or two. They will send you a free replacement if it goes out but in the meantime you will be running hot. I just leave the case open to help cool it.

        • I’ve built a hell of a weapons platform that’s years in the making. I do bet it will count for something.

      7. Republicans are cultural Marxists, boasting of their diversity hires, forced vaccination, and “common sense” gun control. (Someone’s common sense.)

        Your choices for energy and calories and gate rapists are just as subsidized as the Democrats.

        Why must the low guys on the totem pole bicker to the point of adrenaline in the air, fight in the streets, while their champions are colluding over fancy dinners.

        • “Your choices for energy and calories and gate rapists….”

          Okay, I have to ask: WTF is “gate rape”?
          Is this when the guy doesn’t even drag the victim inside the house, or what?

      8. Any leftist/globalist who targets me will have a war on their hands. Surrender is not an option.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          Their political influence which generates into rules and laws targets all of us. We achieve victory by holding them back which in reality isn’t victory at all, its defense. The “Progressives” carry the social / political banner of eventual one world for the NWO Globalists. They have allied with the Neo-Cons supporting the militaristic foreign policy. The two political separations are Globalist v Nationalist as Democrat v Republican simply do not have the differences they once had.

        • Facebook is for faggots! Thats why.

          • Agreeded

      9. The noose tightens with every passing day. Nobody can fight against the beast and live to tell it.

      10. There is the constitution. You supposedly have rights.
        These are rights given by God, Not by men.
        But you have NO rights when CRIMINALS run the system.
        They do not care about constitution.
        Your rights mean nothing, because the criminal politicians use violent heavily armed enforcers with guns to arrest and murder you.

        NOTE: You only have rights if you are ARMED, and are willing to defend the rights given by God and stated in constitution.

        There are more of us than them. That is why politicians will not stop until YOU are disarmed. They want to remove your ability to say, “NO”.

        Police have become rogue bullies that rape, rob, murder, lie, falsify evidence, plant evidence. Police/Politicians, also take bribe money from drug cartels as a protection racket. All of south Texas.

        “When Police break the law. There is no law. Only the fight for survival.” This is where America is heading, at a break neck pace. Maybe we are already there?

        Police recently murdered more children in Oklahoma. But of course national media blackout. Guess the okie Police were bored with shooting unarmed people and family pets? Like all psychopath anti-social criminals, police started with lesser crimes and worked thier way up.

        YOU are responsible for ANY and ALL rounds you discharge. Why doesn’t this apply to Police?

        Do not comply with leftist “laws”. Non compliance.
        LEAVE leftist controlled states. Opt out.
        Vote with your ass, “Leave high tax commie states.”

        But of course you will do nothing.
        You Amerikan people will put up with, and take anything the lefties/commies/politician criminals/goon Police, dish out.

        Police shoot unarmed people.
        Police Shoot your family pets
        Police body slam 90 pound females, just because they mouthed off.
        Police Beat people and kill unarmed people in handcuffs.

        In Dallas, a cop even shot an unarmed man in his own home.
        In Ft Worth the cops shot an elderly man because he was cleaning his guns in his own garage. And this is in “gun friendly” state.

        If the criminal politicians and police are doing these criminal acts now.
        – – – – – – – – –
        Just imagine what the goon Police will do when everyone is disarmed. Just imagine what “laws” lefties/commies, will enact when everyone is disarmed.
        – – – – – – – – –
        comments like this almost always censored on most websites. I’ve been banned and deplatformed because I speak the unpleasant truth.

        NO America was not always like this.

        Police used to be the good guys.
        Politicians once protected the American people and our borders from invaders..
        American soldiers once defended free people from fascist and communist tyrants.
        Media used to be a watchdog. They reported facts.

        But all that has changed. How do you like your new “Normal”.

        Myself? I’m leaving. I will not live under leftie fascist communism. Grandma saw what happened in Germany. They left and escaped the camps. I’m doing the same thing. Leaving before they round Americans up into camps.

        I will live in peace and be left alone. If not. I will relocate. After Trump leaves office, Amerikka will be unfit for free God fearing people.

        Trump is last American president. All others will be leftie commie anti American like the traitor obama. They will bring you more “change”.

      11. :David-Wynn: Miller was 100% correct.
        Only DEAD people possessing a Birth Certificate can be what is termed ‘de-platformed’.
        Whosoever learns of, and studies, Quantum Grammar can never be silenced in any way (except murder).
        There is also NO SUCH THING as Right or Left in politics, there is ONLY; “Do What You Are Told, Or Lose Your Seat”.
        Join politics and it’s a case of “Sit Down, Shut up, and Hang On For The Ride Of Your Life”.
        That’s the rules, there are no more.
        In reality there is only RIGHT & WRONG, meaning, Wrongdoers, and people who try to RIGHT the WRONGS.

      12. Headline needs correction.

        America: Shut Up and Obey Your Socialist Master

      13. The people/public servants “within” Our Government Are Not Our Government. They are in the positions they are in to “Uphold, Protect & Defend…” Our Form Of Government – A Constitutional Republic. If they have committed Fraud when talking their Oath of Office – There Is A Severe Penalty For Treason – Death.

        It Ultimately boils down to Our Citizenry Taking Full Responsibility for maintaining Their GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS And Holding their public servants Accountable.

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