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    This article was originally published by Tom Beck at Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    For three weeks, we’ve been explaining HOW CRUCIAL it is not to be PARALYZED BY the incessant fear and drama of those who are comparing 2020 with 1929 – it really isn’t.

    There are REAL FORCES in motion, both in China and the USA, the two largest economies, which are GROWTH-ORIENTED.


    People are just NOT DOING their homework; the recovery is underway from this not-so-bad pandemic. The FORCE OF INERTIA behind this willingness to STAND FIRM and live with the disease is great; the masses do not want to be quarantined a SECOND TIME.

    The fact of the matter is that we’re seeing an INSANE AMOUNT of selling and the only reason is that there’s an election in the pipeline; it’s not the second wave that is spooking markets. I want to remind everyone that the ECONOMIC MACHINE is bigger than any one president and it’s bigger than any one administration.

    Entrepreneurs ADAPT; they adjust to trade wars, tariffs, taxes, interest rates, worker unions – they can PRETTY MUCH absorb all shocks. Just about the ONLY THING they can’t do is face DRACONIAN LAWS, but we’re not there yet…


    Judging by the number of hedge funds closing their doors, we believe this is a HUGE MISCONCEPTION on the part of the value-investing veterans, who equate this to a bubble.

    In a world where $13tn is STUCK IN NEGATIVE-yielding bonds, there’s so much MORE UPSIDE for businesses, stocks, commodities, and just about anything!

    I implore you to realize that the bubble is in GOVERNMENT DEBT and that the rest is PEANUTS compared to that.

    Today, a presidential debate is happening and afterward, the world of investing will have MORE CLARITY on the identity of the leader of the free world in the next four years, but don’t think that STOCKS WILL crash or surge, solely due to that.

    I’m positively convinced that a recovery is well IN MOTION and that the level of breakthrough innovation that’s occurring is UNDERESTIMATED.

    Stay LONG; it’s the natural position to be in.


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      1. Nuclear waste is the most immediate and pressing issue affecting the earth, ignoring the issue is as fatal as it could get, not merely for westerners, or all people, but for all of life on earth as well as the earth itself.

        Why didn’t the psychopathic goons that demanded money for the covid hysteria demand money to solve the problem of nuclear waste storage at least for the next century? The containers that nuclear waste are stored in have a limited life span due to heat decay. Is it possible for robots to solve the issue? Individuls that are working in the nuclear waste industries lives are not only in extreme danger, but they have th most horremdous life imaginable working 84 hours a week while suffering the barbaric effects or radiation sickness.

        Some have wrongly proposed disposing all of the earths nuclear waste in an underground cavern in Austraila in Aboriginal lands. This is just a terrible idea with deadly consequences. Austrailia has underground fires that have been burning for thousands of years in some regions. We do not know if volcanoes or earth quakes could develop there in the future either. The earth and Austrailia as it is today is unlikely to be the earth and Austrailia of the future, because the earth is a live dynamic planet constantly undergoing change. Also, the nuclear waste is going to rise to the surface, because it releases heat and heat rises, even underground, and volcanoes are an expression of heat rising from beneath the surface of the earth.

        Andrea Iravani

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