Colorado Moves To Bypass Electoral College To Stop Trump: Will Assign Electoral Votes To Popular Vote Winner

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Headline News | 95 comments

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    (Pictured: 2016 Electoral map by county)

    Certain political elements within the United States simply can’t deal with the fact that our Founders created a voting system that ensured limitations on mob rule stemming from a handful of cities throughout the country. To protect the rights of all Americans, including those living in smaller rural counties, they came up with the electoral college, a method by which all Americans from varying backgrounds and ideologies can be represented during a Presidential election.

    In 2016, Hillary Clinton officially won the Popular Vote, garnering more total votes than Donald Trump, but because of an Electoral College victory, Trump ultimately became President.

    Every time a Republican happens to win a Presidency, Democrats argue that the Electoral College is an archaic election method not representative of a democratic government.

    Up until now there was nothing they can do about it, but Colorado has come up with a plan that, at the very least, will likely wind up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    In the next election, Colorado aims to assign all electoral votes to the winner of the national Popular Vote, rather than then to the individual who brings in the most votes in their State, essentially invalidating the will of their own State citizens. Somehow, this makes sense to Colorado governor Jared Polis:

    “I’ve long supported electing the president by who gets the most votes,” Polis told The Hill. “It’s a way to move towards direct election of the president.”

    Colorado will become the 12th state to join the national popular vote interstate compact. Those 12 states and the District of Columbia, which has also passed a popular-vote bill, account for 181 electoral votes, just under 90 shy of the 270 votes a presidential candidate needs to win the White House.

    The compact will not go into effect until the coalition includes states that add up to 270 electoral votes or more. Once it does go into effect, states that are part of the coalition would award their electoral votes en masse to the candidate who wins the national popular vote.

    Source: The Hill

    Eleven more states are currently working through similar legislation. If successful, some 261 electoral college votes would end up being decided by the national popular vote rather than the traditional electoral voting system used in previous elections.

    While the U.S. Constitution establishes the Electoral College as the method by which a President is elected, it does not specify how each state chooses to assign its Electoral votes.

    This will likely lead to Constitutional challenges from both sides.

    Our view: This is how a Republic dies, should the Supreme Court fail to uphold current laws surrounding how votes are assigned and calculated.

    The electoral map above shows exactly why Democrats, once again, have to move the goal posts to win.


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      1. This is without doubt illegal and against our constitution.
        The state Republicans need to challenge this in count

        • The founding fathers clearly intended the electoral college to eliminate larger states from controlling the country.
          This is just more commie tactics that I pray will fail or we are toast

          • Lol no the commiecrats will be toast because if they do this then it will spark the much needed civil war

          • The same shit goes for states/counties. Most all states are controlled by the county with the largest city. Hence that POS city runs the whole state. Every county should have 1 vote and the majority wins. That would put an end to all kinds off BS commie crap!

            • Gee Brainless, why don’t we just make you King, them you can have all the psych meds you need.

              • Does the retard ranch manager know your on his computer?

                • ?oof

                • Oof

              • @SM:

                jizzzfart for a name……priceless…..lolol.

                Watch out for those glazed donut panties.

                Be safe….sticky dust in the wind…..what a putz.

          • It’s taking us down the path to where we will be forced to kill all these traitors. I’m all for it.

        • Why no article here on Colorado gun registration?

          Sticker on my truck says it all:
          big and yellow, “We Will Not Comply”.

          Guess this article is why the communist politicians wanted the guns registered first?

          California communist moved to Colorado. Remaking Colorado into broken dysfunctional communist California.

          Is it legal per federal voter laws to change election tally methods?

        • In effect the “popular vote” of the State determines who gets the electoral votes which are then handed over to support whoever gets the most popular votes which disenfranchises the State voters.

      2. Idiots are slitting their own throats ensuring that their votes will no longer count!

      3. The Supreme Court will strike it down. Nice try, State of Commierado.

      4. First this violates Article IV section 4 of the US Constitution which states that all states shall have a Republican form of government.

        Then of course it violates all mention of the Electoral College in the US Constitution.

        Then it violates their own state constitution provisions.

        How could any governor sign such legislation and how could any state attorney advise signing it???

        • Colorado would have to amend their state constitution through a rigorous process and then would certainly have federal issues and most likely SCOTUS would get involved.

          htt ps://

          They cannot just pass a law to reassign the vote and bypass the electoral college.

          • They can do anything they want however it will be fast tracked to the US Supreme Court. I see this as indicative of the polarization that is of such a nature that the US is politically two countries. It’s not beyond the scope of possibility that one day, in the not too distant future, State secession is likely. This trend of breaking apart of the larger political entity started with the mismanaged USSR and its following suit with Brexit and the Yellow Vests who are the amoeba of it in France. The actions of Colorado is a tribe agglomerating power that will threaten the others. This is not unifying but rather its opposite. I also suspect that the 10th Amendment, likely the most ignored using the over broad interoperations of the Interstate Commerce Clause Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 will get significant US Supreme Court attention.

            • After the War of Secession, and the slaves became freemen, some had firearms from serving as soldiers. But hasty laws in the former Confederacy then were written to strip the 2nd Amendment from these new freemen.

              That was eliminated by federal laws and the existing discussion of the freeing of the slaves. This set a legal precedent that whenever there is a conflict between federal and state law, the federal law overrides the state law.

              I reckon that will be the ultimate deciding factor. Otherwise any state could strike out at will portions of the Constitution.

              As far as I can tell, Colorado is violating their own state constitution as an amendment has to be passed first and ratified by the citizens of Colorado.

              • The 14th Amendment was ratified which in theory gave the feed slaves the status, and therefore the rights of a citizen; unfortunately due to poor wording the determination of citizenship was determined by location of birth. This unintended consequence is at the core of illegal immigration. While it’s obvious that the 14th Amendment ties the entire Bill Of Rights to the States because it is illogical that somehow only some and not other parts could be codified incorporated the USSC never specifically determined as such. This will be the cornerstone of a future 2nd Amendment case.

                “No ones life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”

      5. Reading this article I think its only a matter of time until the leftist conquering of America is complete. Its nearly finished already, having infiltrated and taken over almost every public and private institution. If leftists (illegal immigrants, felons, addicts, and the mentally ill) can’t be barred from voting, I think in a year or two America can only be saved by martial law or civil war.

        • Johnny, as much as I hate to say it, I do believe you are correct.

        • Gee, this sounds like what happened in Germany in the 1930s. I wonder if the next person who tries to fix the problem will be considered to be just like Hitler.

      6. Clearly smoking too much dope in Co they are brain dead. At first I thought this article said CA which would’ve been even less a surprise.

      7. The solution is simple…..any state that violates the United States constitution shall have all federal funds from all sources eliminated/voided for “breach of contract/compact”, period. As well, their electoral college votes shall be reduced to 1, and their representatives and Senators expelled for violating their oath of office. Then the State’s apportionment of representatives shall be reinstated to allow for 1 house member/no committee assignments allowed/no allowing for that member to hold any leadership position in the house of representatives. As well, their 2 Senate seats shall be remain at zero until such time as such unconstitutional law is removed/voided/repealed. Furthermore, any Secretary of the State who certifies any such nonsense shall be immediately removed from office and tried for sedition.
        The only way to make this crap go away once and for all, is to make the consequences very painful for the state…..Senator’s are to be removed because they are supposed to represent the State not the people of the state. That is why their removal/expulsion shall remain so as long as the State continues to violate the constitution. By leaving one representative the people of that state can’t claim there is taxation without representation.

        Bottom line, no President has the courage to do anything close to what I’ve outlined and to all who might say that my proposal is “unconstitutional” I say in response…..the treasonous can no longer hide behind the constitution, while using the constitution to destroy the constitution.

      8. First of all, hillary didnt win the popular vote —even with all her cheating with dead voters and rigged machines. “The reason that the Constitution calls for this extra layer, rather than just providing for the direct election of the president, is that most of the nation’s founders were actually rather afraid of democracy. James Madison worried about what he called “factions,” which he defined as groups of citizens who have a common interest in some proposal that would either violate the rights of other citizens or would harm the nation as a whole. Madison’s fear – which Alexis de Tocqueville later dubbed “the tyranny of the majority” – was that a faction could grow to encompass more than 50 percent of the population, at which point it could “sacrifice to its ruling passion or interest both the public good and the rights of other citizens.” Madison has a solution for tyranny of the majority: “A republic, by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect, and promises the cure for which we are seeking.”

      9. Seems a little weird that a states electoral vote allocations are to be determined by votes from outside the state!
        That means essentially America will be ruled by a few big cities.
        I have that problem in my state in that the entire state is ruled by one county and we have 5 counties(There are no cities here as the county is the lowest level of government).
        Those laws in those states mean the big cities will rule the entire country.
        Easy fix, destroy about 9 High Voltage Transformers. I’d bet you could accomplish that with fewer than 200 people and a coordinated attack.

        • This is why we have the Electoral College. The Founding Fathers feared that states with lower population would have less representation and thus the rural folks within a state ie homesteaders would have the least representation versus the port cities which had the most.

          That is why the USA is a Republic and always will be unless we have a Constutional amendment that passes 2/3 of the state legislatures.

          • Maranatha

            “One man one vote” or “tyranny of the masses” has ushered in the greatest tyrants in history. Alexander Hamilton, writing to Thomas Jefferson from the Constitutional Convention, argued the same fears regarding the use of pure direct democracy by the majority to elect a demagogue who, rather than work for the benefit of all citizens, set out to either harm those in the minority or work only for those of the upper echelon. Self described “experts”, successively and intentionally deprived over the last five decades of US historical education have now made it possible to buy into the concept of a direct democracy.

            TPTB, the real owners, have been setting the stage for this for multiple decades at the very least. The “brass ring” they feel is almost within their reach.

            • Who is this so-called tyrant?

              • Hitler for one. Beware when the group gets fired up chanting anything.

                • This is why I now distrust your disingenuous comments. Speak plainly. You hate Trump but lack the courage to say so.

                  • How do you come up with that leap of logic? A mass of people roaring at Nuremberg to Hitlers speeches, each have that “One man (and woman) one vote” is frightening. The key to make that real power is direct democracy.

                    I voted for Trump as my 2nd choice, my first is been Rand Paul who I hope is offered and accepts a VP position 2nd term. Pence is 100% Establishment. He is the LBJ to JFK.

                    • That is a weird analogy comparing Pence to LBJ???

                      I’ve gone on record consistently praising Sen. Rand Paul. The only person who can run and win is Pence amd with him, Christians have their greatest advocate probably in American history as he is staunchly a Christian.

                    • Pence is a Neo-Con. He is no Trump ally. He is a Free Trader. He is a hawk that believes in overthrowing nations. His positions on these issues are not aligned with Trump. He is “The Establishments Insurance Policy Of Last Resort”. Rand Paul as VP would protect Trumps six as they say. All “The Donald” needs to do is say privately to the Banksters and Globalists, “If a lightening bolt strikes me you get HIM!”. Think I pose a Nationalist Problem? LOL. He might even bring his old man out of retirement.

                    • Dude! She is a retard and a fraud! Don’t waste yer time with her! I love ya bro and your posts. Keep it coming but ignore the trolls crap! SHE IS A TROLL!

            • K2,
              Do you know what happened in a Democratic Greece to a man named Socrates? By a democratic vote he was ordered to death, just because
              they did not like his philosophy.
              Democracy only works if you have an ethical, moral people.
              I don’t know of many moral or ethical people in Government.
              I’d hate to think what they would do to most Libertarians and Conservatives if Democrats had “direct Democracy”. Just a thought.

              • rellik

                “Democracy only works if you have an ethical, moral people.”

                I don’t think direct democracy could work on any political subdivision above a very small town even if you had moral people. I default to the wisdom of the Founding Fathers that first put everything on the line, many were well to do and had a lot to loose, needless to say including their lives. They spent about 13 years looking at previous governments in history, debating their merits and pitfalls and then got together creating the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights (which itself was debated if it was necessary). To quite casually dismiss their observations and end result after so many, indisputably honest (there were no contracts, job offers, stock tips or other distractions) spent so long is intellectually (or likely the lack of) dishonest. Interestingly, it is a “living document”. The Founders knew they weren’t infallible and times may change. Taking a page from their other creation, The Declaration Of Independence (see below) they incorporated an Amendment process that required both broad base support and with it considerable debate. They didn’t make it easy for good reason.

                Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

                Only a goofball, or a group with a nefarious intent, can advocate the bypassing of the US Constitution.

      10. Wow! Next thing they’ll outlaw Twinkies.

        Those who see/hear the Train coming will get out of the way, and it’s coming fast. The others will weep and gnash their teeth.

        Civil war is planned to break up the U.S. by the FSB, regardless what the three stooges/Russian dupes of this sight say ( Nakita2, BraveFart, and Brainless)

        Watch out fur dem hogs, until He returns.

        • Another Secession of States is likely as the polarization has put two theories in separate locations so removed that there exists little to no common ground. The larger entity breaking up has been the world wide political trend since the USSR dissolved. Brexit is another example. I suspect that the 10th Amendment, the most ignored surpassing the 2nd in that regard (thats a high bar) will occupy US Supreme Court docket time. Ignoring the 10th in word and intent has set the stage. States were meant to be virtual independent political divisions that came together for trade and mutual defense. The 14th Amendment then tied in the Bill Of Rights into their respective governance of their citizenry. All of this is an inevitable result since the US Supreme Courts ultra broad interoperation of the Interstate Commerce Clause.

      11. The Democrats are pushing for three things to succeed in destroying the Republic.

        1. Lower the voting age to 16.
        2. Turn US territories like Puerto Rico into states and thus gain Senate and House seats.
        3. Allow illegal aliens the right to vote in local, state, and national elections.

        How could any Christian or prepper or patriot be a Democrat? The Democrats hate babies, minorities, the 2nd Amendment, real journalism, and Christians.

        • Hmmm just like you hate:
          COMMON SENSE

          So really you have no ability to critisize anyone but yourself?

          • The only defense you ever have is quoting some crap from the buybull or calling names or skirting the subject never an intelligent answer. You act like a democrat woman to the T!

          • Gee does capitalizing your text make you more powerful?


            You are failing. Prove your assertions.

            • See what I mean? (I doubt it because yer brainwashed and narrow minded). You prove everything I said all the time! What an idiot you are jesus I swear….A lot of people say the same thing but you ignore it because yer an ignorant blabbering idiot.

              • You are genius whatsoever.

                So far, you have contributed one valuable comment to use fork truck batteries. That’s it.

                My comments consistently have proof. Where is your proof?

                • Hey stupid, I have been here for 8 years now and have posted a LOT about prepping, security, comms, construction, all manner of things. Go back in the archives and see for yourself dumb ass. I don’t like repeating myself to prove anything to some nutjob like you. The proof is in the past LOOK IT UP! Little miss sally come lately wants proof lol. I will wait here while you look up the proof you want missy.

                  • In the last year, your most frequent comments have been about making ethanol. You also have consistently badmouthed the USA and Christianity and the Bible.

                    I am not impressed whatsoever. What a huge waste of time. The most common aspect among prepers is patriotism and Christianity.

                    Frankly you bore me and offer almost nothing of value regarding ancestral skills.

                    • Once again a stupid reply. I will be just fine, you will eat shit, my years of posts prove it…. but then, you are a newbie that knows it all…. listen little girl, you don;t know shit!

        • The Republicans, controlled by the Neo-Con wing are only marginally preferable. The NSA spying, evisceration of US manufacturing and wars for Wall Street have been to the determent of “We The People”. The two real political party’s are not Conservative or Liberal but rather Nationalist or Progressive. The Progressives have all of the Democrats and unfortunately in some regard a significant amount of the Republicans. The Neo Cons cross into the Democrat zone as Hillary Clinton on Foreign Affairs and trade cannot be distinguished from their supposed rivals the Bushes.

      12. I am finding it very hard to care anymore. This must be a parallel dimension in the multiverse and I made a wrong turn somewhere. After all, I am pretty much alone in believing virtually everything around me makes no sense and is dragging us all straight to hell and judgment. I keep waiting to wake up from this nightmare, but no such luck yet. Time for another break for what passes for reality on this side of the dimensional abyss.

        • I have a sign on the inside of my gate “You are now entering the asylum” to remind me that outside my little space the whole world is Batshit crazy.

          “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

          ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
          “We live now in an era where normal values have been displaced. The good is called bad, the bad – good.” –
          Anna Politkovskaya.
          John Adams concurred:  “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

          • Ah! A fellow member of the asylum. Welcome. We are few but staunch. We can still tell the difference, though not many, if any, desire to hear it. A cushion, sir or madam? Prop your tired feet up. Sit down and rest a spell. May I offer you refreshments? (Passing the hot buttered popcorn)


      13. I would completely support Kentucky seceding from the USA. Without the Electoral College, it’s been estimated that the largest 100-200 urban regions would entirely determine the presidency.

        Lincoln illegally forced the Civil War when the Southern States merely wanted to secede.

        Look at what the UK is facing due to the EU.

      14. When are the traitors that start this stuff, going to be charged with treason…???

      15. Maranatha

        The “Civil War” wasn’t one at all; you’re correct, it was a war of secession.

      16. In Hollywood, Spike Lee makes a movie about the KKK which is touted as a true story.
        David Duke is portrayed as a violent leader of the KKK; which so outraged one of Duke’s guest speakers that he suggested to Dr. DUKE to sue for libel.

        Trump is being compared to Duke because Trump has voiced many of the same concerns about immigration as Duke did in the sixties and seventies.

        Trump is the real target. Interestingly, in reality, David Duke was the victim of a plot to kill him by “bashing his head in”.

        Dr. Duke has always preached non-violence, and has never been involved in any plot to harm anyone. The plot of the movie is pure fiction.

        It makes one wonder where artistic license becomes a licence to lie.

        Spike Lee’s movie has been called a desperate attempt to make up for his scathing depiction of j-ue music managers taking advantage of black performers.

        It seems that Donald Trump has really made a bad impression on the j-ues in Hollywood.

        That is not necessarily a bad thing for Trump, as Hollywood has become a symbol of everything wrong in the US of A.


      17. PROOF

        ht tps://

        ht tps://

        ht tps://

        • I very consistently provide evidence for what I post.
          1. If it’s medical.
          2. If it’s about ancestral skills.
          3. If it’s historical.
          4. If it’s about abortion.
          5. If it’s about the military.
          6. If it’s Biblical.

          My critics do not do this in general but just make unprovable claims.

          • If you were limited to making 5 posts a day, you might have to do something productive.
            Like get a job. Instead you monopolize this site like you own it.
            Take a vacation. You have to be mentally ill to make all those posts. Check yourself.
            People are sick of your constant editorials on everything and anything.

            • 10-4 on that! She is mentally ill!

            • Maranatha exhibits the characteristics of a Control Freak.
              Always judging and criticizing other posters
              Always correcting other posters
              Always wanting to get the last word
              NEVER admits to being wrong

          • Maranatha posts much too often.
            Point of being spam.

            Too long. Too many posts. Too often.
            An expert on ALL things.
            A bible thumper that is rude and insulting to others.
            Not the way of Christ.

            You can be helpful without insulting or denigrating others.
            Everyone has an opinion Maranatha.
            An opinion is like an ass. Everyone has one.
            Yours isn’t that special.

            People listen to other people they respect.
            Not to know it all’s with thin skin that insult, instead of help.

            Why is this allowed on this web site. While other interesting posts are censored, shadow banned.
            – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

            If you want to know why world is way it is. Go to youtube and search for RAND corporation. KBR\Haliburton, RAND, CFR, Tri Lateral, Bilderburgs, are destroying America, destroying the world economy, starting wars and nuclear wars.

            AI-Robots-5G-Technology Control Grid Matrix are going to control you, then Kill you and your family.

            Learn-Listen-Train-Prepare, NOW.
            Trade your worthless federal reserve debt notes for gold-silver-Food-Seeds-Ammo. If you want to live.

      18. Ok prove any of your buybull shit. Besides the common sense knowledge of human nature.
        Ok abortion is a neccesity because things would be waaaay worse here without it (fact).
        The military fights for the globalist cabals interests (fact).
        History is written by the victors of wars (fact).
        The rest has merit but you pollute it with all the other shit…

        • Nope. You have made your own claims. Prove your claims. The burden of proof is on you if you even know what that means.

          • Anyone can look in any topic, say the most recent one on Yellowstone, and see lots of scientific evidence with links.

            The same is true on hypersonic missiles.

            The same is true on Russian sub penetration of US waters.

            The same is true on various CBD oil claims with medical links. Or discussions on antibiotics or emergency medicine or wild medicinals. Or basic prepping and cooking. Or various ways to use shelters. And on and on.

            When I discuss the Bible, I will point out references and parallel passages and Hebrew and Greek.

            If I discuss the error and malevolence of Satanic Atheism or Luciferians, I provide links.

            Whenever I discuss the evils of new gun control, I provide links.

            I would bet I have provided more valuable verifiable information than 90% of posters in the last year.

            • You retard, most all of my prep posts have links. But then that was a few years back. You want links to my old posts? WOW you are a special kind of stupid! Go fuck yourself you loudmouthed moron. Seriously, you have got to be about the most dumb ass retard here! With all my heart… FUCK YOU IDIOT!

              • You are poor excuse for a human being. Basically you are admitting to making garbage posts for the last year.

                Why in the world would I read your old posts as you openly hate Christians? You are part of the problem.

                You want people to go to Hell and you think lying about me is going to stop me? Weird.

                • Lying? The proof of your hypocricy is right here. I don’t hate christians, I hate assholes like you who won’t stfu about it. You waNT THE PLANET DESTROYED FOR YOUR bs YAHWEH? Anyway back to reality… People see you for what you are… maybe stop ignoring it.

                  • You are a hopeless reprobate right out of Romans chapter 1. You are bound for Hell as you boldly hate Jesus Christ and anything to do with the Bible.

                    • Whatever your masters book tells you I guess. God forbid you think for yourself… thats a sin right? Do as your told and never question anything or you will go to hell! Damn woman, yer about as stupid as it gets and you can’t even see it lol 😛

        • You believe in time, cause, and effect, but not a first cause.

      19. Genius,
        Let it alone man , it’s a rabbit hole.your getting sucked in. I started down that hole and realized it for what it was.
        M isn’t like hcks. There’s no fun to be had. Where the hell is that boy when you need him. L now there’s an argument I’d pay real money our not hcks and M pass the popcorn lol

        • AB, ya your right. But it just irritates me her BS. I suppose any real thinker can spot the BS a mile away. Ya I miss HCKS! I hope yer doing well friend. Your posts are great! Real life stuff! Come on down and thaw out (errr wait were freezing too)! maybe a post on what we can build with snow blocks?

          • Right. Like mixing up mud brick with refractory brick. Like mixing up chinking with mortar.

            What a bunch of weird amateurs.

            • Well then, maybe get you own BS blog at steve quayles site? Im sure they want to hear your shit. Do you really think you are teaching us something when you pollute every bit of it with propaganda? Ley me tell you something…. before your insane ass showed up we actually had a great forum with a lot of info and very little fighting. The comment section was full of info on everything. Then your stupid ass showed up and took over and destroyed it. Like you were some saviour for the allready knowing? Look little girl, most of us have been here for YEARS! You aint sayin shit we don’t already know so don’t act like you are some god sent asshole to tell us all about it! We teach the newbies in a good way and have patience. YOU march in here and try and be the dictator of everything! You are an ignorant retard of the highest level. GET LOST and let us get back to what we were before,,,,, a good site for comments on prepping…

              • You are a cretin. I mostly just read the articles and comments until I got disgusted by the filth you wrote.

                By no means were you the only one daily attacking Christians and the USA and veterans.

                It’s quite bizarre to see that on a prepper site.

                • All the atheists were perfectly happy because they rarely got challenged on their demeaning comments aimed at Christianity. So then when I started making comments, they were offended that a Christian would reply back.

                  Well I am glad to offend you by posting about the Bible.

                  If anything, it looks like the site traffic is up since I started posting.

                  • Ya traffic is up because of your non stop posting stupid? Are you the most braindead idiot in the world? 90% of the posts here are yours you moron! Of course it went up, we used to have intelligent comments until you broke in with your jesus this and that taking up 90% of the forum. Just more PROOF of how stupid you really are!

                    • Listen here woman, get back in the kitchen and cook us up sum taters ok! Put yer bra back on cause nobody wants to see those saggy babies! Go to another site that wants to hear your hypocrite BS and change your diaper please! You have literally destroyed this site with your bullshit and nonstop posting ok. Fuck off and get lost you religious freak from hell! Go be a preacher in KS handling snakes and shit and hope you get bitten. People with a lot of intelligence were here… your stupid shit has driven them away. Thanks asshole! FOAD you moronic POS!

                    • Right, Genius thinks his slurs are intelligent posts. Well moonshine has a history of poisoning the brain.

          • Believe it or not I’ve actually tried to do the igloo thing. We have the wrong snow pac for it I think.
            Now just to be clear I used the term chinking and mortar interchangeably.
            My mistake. I hadn’t realized it till now.
            So let’s put that baby to bed.
            I actually found a few wood burning stoves around that 60-70 lbs mark. I’ll be loading it up Thursday and if the weather holds till Saturday I’ll dust off the snow shoes and pull it in on a sled cover it up till spring. If it works out well I’ll load up again and drag some tools in as well. I figure it’ll take 2.5 days to get in there and out again.

            • Man AB, yer a rugged individual! Good luck!

              • Come play in the snow lol
                The older I get the harder this stuff gets lol

      20. Colorado is attempting to demonstrate what happens when the citizens (the only people that should be voting) have failed to study the Founding Documents, (Constitution, Declaration of Independence), the Federalist Papers, etc.

        The 17th Amendment, regarding the election of Senators, was changed from the original method which guaranteed the protection of STATE’s RIGHTS. Now the fools want to negate the idea of representative government (democracy) to allow a simple majority within a state takes all the electoral votes scheme.

        Darn! What do we expect from snowflakes and treasonous fools.

      21. Holy Mackeral!, This issue is worse than I originally understood. These fools want to cede their vote to the whims of the OTHER STATES. The pathetic cretins that are bringing this to Colorado should be tarred and feathered. Worse yet, they should send the fools to the failed state of California.

      22. This is another example where people moving from a liberal state into a once conservative state and turning it into a shithole. People leave because conditions in their state(s) have become intolerable and unpleasant in many ways. Because taxes are too high, or there are official excessive fees for everything, or it is extremely difficult to have a family business due to overwhelming regulations, high crime, high cost of living, anti-2nd Amendment environment, high unemployment, businesses leaving for more business-friendly states, heavy-handed gov’t, and on and on. But when they settle in the new state they quickly start voting for the same things they had in the previous state, turning it into another shithole.

        • Bill

          “This is another example where people moving from a liberal state into a once conservative state and turning it into a shithole.”

          This is occurring in Florida too. So far they’re being generally held in check but little by little, hopefully not by “leaps and bounds” the NY, NYC, Chicago are increasing in sufficient concentration to pollute the politics. The 2nd Amendment, once inviolate, is under threatening political attack.

      23. Thats funny. The electoral college was the libtards best friend in 2012, and now they want it gone.

        BTW, Jared Polis is a gay, nature nazi, super-communist, who will unsure Colorado never goes red again. This state IS Kommiefornia.

        Looking to move to Wyoming or Idaho now.

        • Not Idaho.

          ht tps://

        • Idaho is a fuckin police state from hell! Think AZ or UT or MT or NV if you want to move.

        • ColoradoKid, Wyoming is as free as it gets so come on up, just pick your location carefully.But I do think half of our Politicians are RINO’s. Trekker Out

      24. It used to be based on sortition and timocracy.

        But, now, we are run by mad cat ladies.

        Timocracy required candidates to be able to feed their constituents, in order to be eligible.

        Sortition picked at random.

      25. The Presidential Election is not a popularity contest. If NY, CA, WA were allowed to run the country we would have four more Years of Hand Puppet Obama Clown Show. But I vent.

        There is a reason the Framers put the bar so high for altering settled legislation. What is legally dangerous is that some people are of the belief that they can change settled law to conform with their opinion. 12th Amendment Article 2 Section 1 can be changed with 38 States agreeing. Personal opinion is not Law. Desiring to alter law outside of the legal process is tantamount to open rebellion declared by people who swore an oath to the Constitution. Once again as with guns and free speech our enemies reveal themselves when they attack written law. This is Lawyerthink in the 1st degree. The wisdom of the Founders on display once again.

        “The Electoral College is embodied in the Constitution in Article 2, Section 1, and in the 12th Amendment. … Though the term is never used in the Constitution itself, the electors that choose the President at each election are traditionally called a College.”

      26. This isn’t going to work the way they think it’s going to work, heh heh heh heh

      27. My god people are stupid. It is NOT against the constitution for the electoral college NOT to vote with their state. In fact it has happened often. Any google search will turn up a list of times this has happened. They are called “Faithless Electors”. The Supreme court has ruled on this as well. AND, if that wasn’t enough, every state has different rules…for example Nebraska has 2 electoral votes, one of which goes by popular vote and the other by district votes. Every state is different and has different rules. Not to mention that the original Electoral college in the Constitution was never meant to be what it is and has been amended 2 times in US Constitutional amendments to what it is today. Just saying….

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