Colorado Man Is The First In U.S. Diagnosed With “Mutant COVID”

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    According to the mainstream media and their fear-mongering propaganda campaign designed to get the public in line to be vaccinated, the “scary mutant COVID” strain is in the United States.  A Colorado man is the first to be diagnosed with this newer, more contagious variant, says the “expert authoritarians.”

    The man, who lives in Elbert County, is in his 20s, with no travel history and no close contacts yet identified, state officials said in a Tuesday news release, adding that a news conference Wednesday morning would provide more details. The man remains in isolation, and contact tracing continues.  Does anyone else see a problem here? If this thing is “highly contagious,” shouldn’t it be easy to figure out where it came from if he has no travel history?

    Of course, mainstream media cannot be bothered to ask any questions of the ruling class, who desperately needs to enslave the public before more people figure out what’s truly happening.

    Time Magazine reported that this is the strain found in the United Kingdom that had the ruling class masters there use force and violence to lockdown people under a system more dystopian than even George Orwell could have imagined. Colorado Governor Jared Polis didn’t miss his cue either. Polis did what all the rulers have done, and took to promoting the Big Pharma vaccine and more tyranny. He added there’s now an urgency to vaccinate Americans.

    The variant is likely still rare in the U.S., but the lack of travel history in the first case means it is spreading, probably seeded by travelers from Britain in November or December, said scientist Trevor Bedford, who studies the spread of COVID-19 at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

    “Now I’m worried there will be another spring wave due to the variant,” Bedford said. “It’s a race with the vaccine, but now the virus has just gotten a little bit faster.” –Time Magazine

    This is gearing up the public for what’s coming. Be prepared to be banned from traveling across state lines if you cannot show proof of vaccination for the COVID-19 scam.


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      1. As you said the msm cannot be bothered to ask questions.Their only job of course is regurgitating the covid lies ad nauseam and scaring the sheep.Since the numbers of people seeking out the “protective” vaccine are not to the liking of the evil overlords,they of course ramp up the fear to the next level with the first case of the “mutant” strain in the U.S. We all know how the scripted events will continue with the nonstop fear. Prepare for more “celebs” to get and “die” from covid.More and more senators/politicians will continue to come down with and submit to the”virus” as well.Basically,we’ll see more and more of the “famous” get covid/new strain on a daily basis.They have to put on one hell of a show on the tv/msm to frighten the masses into running to get their salvation at the end of a poisonous syringe!

      2. Well,they say the guy had no travel history,but,of course this is a mutation of covid so it doesn’t matter.Virus is so damn intelligent.Remember guys:You don’t find covid – covid finds you.?

      3. Within hours of this virus becoming a news item — keeping the patents in mind — it was already known to consist of several species, artificially joined, at particular snippet points.

        Which one vaccine should you have created.

        What happens, when your cells are engineered to grow the protein spike, identifying themselves as foreign.

      4. All the “new strains” of this virus will be reported as more virulent, more lethal, more dangerous in every way, harder to treat. Don’t be surprised if there are ongoing several new strains “discovered”, with more terrible consequences. This will only serve to make people feel more helpless, more frightened, and keep people off-balance, hence demanding more gov’t intervention. Each new discovered strain will of course require even more special precautions and special gov’t mandated measures, eventually to the point everyone is in some kind of a lockdown mode, moving or fixed. Some measures will border on the absurd as the State seeks to fully utilize this virus as a tool for social control including not allowing citizens to discuss it publicly, and mandated vaccines for everyone. Though this “pandemic” has been with us almost a year, with an incoming J-B administration, an increased ramp up of control, in orders of magnitude, has just begun. As for the State, lost jobs don’t matter, lost income doesn’t matter, closed small businesses don’t matter, the massive negative impact and cost to the economy don’t matter. Ultimately, all that matters to them is POWER, never forget that.
        The solution is for citizens to stop believing the authorities, demand a stop to all the BS, call out the authorities on every bit of misinformation and propaganda they put out, refuse to comply with any un-Constitutional edict, and general mass disobedience. Essentially take back your G*d-given power. It’s not hard, it’s not complicated, just do it.
        To quote H. L. Mencken, “The whole aim of politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

      5. “Mutants of the Monster”

        Black Oak Arkansas

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